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Indoor Air Quality Energy Recover Service Air Cleaning & Odor Control Industrial Ventilation Evaporative Air Cooling

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Air Equipment Under 15 TR Air Cond. Eqpt. Under 15-200 TR Air Cond Eqpt. Above 200 TR Unitary Refrigeration System Industrial Refrigeration System

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Clean Room Pipe, Valve & Fittings Sound & Vibration Control Control & Instrumentation Other (please Specify)

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PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES OF YOUR COMPANY (Use following codes to indicate choice) Consulting Engineering Service Architectural /Engineering Services Contractors Manufacturing of HVAC&R Eqpt. Distributing/Wholesaler of HVAC&R Eqput Papers Submitted: Yes No 01 02 03 04 05 Manufacturing Rep/Sales Engineers Firm Industrial Firms/User HVAC &R Eqpt. & services Research Institute 08 Education Institute Others (Plz. Specify) 06 07 09 10

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REFERENCE (Preferable by ISHRAE member) I know the applicant by__________(personal/business) association for approximately______________years.To the best of my knowledge, the above information is correct and as such. I recommended the applicant to be elected to membership. Additional comments:______________________________________________________________________________________ Reference Name/Address:___________________________________________________________________________________ Membership Number:______________________________________________________________________________________ Signature:_____________________________________________Date:______________________________________________ CERTIFIED BY APPLICANT The undersigned certifies that all statements are correct and agree, if elected by Society, that he/she will be governed by its Bylaws and Rules of the Board as long as association contributes and, further, agrees to promote objectives of the Society as far as shall be in his/her power. FEES(These fees are collected towards the contribution of corpus funds of the trust) Member, Associate,Affiliate Student Registration Fee : RS. 3,000/---Annual Membership Fee : RS. 1,500/-** RS. 350/(** For 5 Years @ Rs. 300/- per year) Total Rs. 4,500/Rs. 350/Transfer Life Membership fee from other Chapter: Rs. 250/Account Payee Cheque (Outstation drafts only) to be drawn in favour of ISHRAE HEAD QUARTER Payment Details: Cheque/Draft Number:______________ Drawn On:_________________ For Office Use: Admit Reject Amount_____________ Date:________________ Membership Grade

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Annexure MEMBERSHIP-OPTION & QUALIFICATONS Qualifications Membership of the society shall be open to all those, who are representatives of Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Manufacturers, Users industry, Educational and Scientific institutions, Sales & Service Representatives engaged in the field of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Ventilation and other related services. At the time of admission in any specified category of membership, a member shall have adequate experience any combination of the following: 1. Approved completed education beyond High/Secondary School or equivalent 2. Work experience 3. Engineering Registration whenever applicable in India. Categories of Members The membership in the categories of Member will be given on annual basis initially for five years after which he could apply for Life membership. The other categories of members such as Associate, Affiliate and Student member will be on annual basis only. They could apply for life Membership only after their membership in upgraded to the category of Member. The decision of CWC / BOG regarding enrolment of new members / up-gradation to various categories of membership shall be final. Life Members A member in good standing could apply for LIFE MEMBERSHIP only after continuous membership of five years as a Member. Fellow Member A Member in good standing after continuous membership of at least 10 years could apply to the chapter for upgradation as Fellow of the chapter after furnishing his bio-data and given details of services rendered to the chapter / society. Member At the time of his admission a Member shall be a graduate of an engineering curriculum accredited by the Government of India and approved by Board of governors or CWC of Chapter and a minimum work experience of two years for enrolment as a member Associate Member An associate Members shall possess an Engineering degree, engineering diploma or certificate course of ITI or recognized by Govt. of India with courses in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration and shall have interest in the advancement of the Societys aim and shall be in a position to co-operate with heating, refrigerating air conditioning or ventilation engineers in the advancement of the knowledge relating to heating, refrigerating, air-conditioning or ventilation engineering and its application. The Associate Members in good standing could apply for up-gradation as a member as indicated here below: a) b) c) d) Engineering degree after two years as Associate Member. Diploma engineering after five years as Associate Member. Certificate after eight years as Associate Member. Affiliate Member after eight years as Associate Member. composed of

Affiliate Member A person without any formal qualification in engineering, but affiliated and interested, broadly, in the field of HVAC and refrigeration. Affiliate member could apply for Associate membership after five years as an Affiliate Member in good standing. Student Member A student at time of his application for membership into the society shall be attending as engineering curriculum accredited by the Govt. of India and / or approved by the board of Governors / Chapters Working Committee.