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Executive Summary
• • • • • The Bi Stable Reeled Composite (or ROLATUBE) Company Formation 1997, Privately Owned Location: Lymington, Hampshire – Design and Manufacturing in house Unique to Rolatube Technology, Global Patents Numerous applications across multiple sectors • • • • Space, Defence, Homeland Security, Humanitarian and Disaster Response Nuclear, O&G, Civil Engineering Consumer & Retail

Business Model:

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Route to Market through Partners by sector and region
Technology Licensing to Partners by sector / application / region Establishment of Manufacturing Facilities, under license, with partners in selected regions Provision of Technical Support to Licensees
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html Warwick Advanced Manufacturing Group Surrey Glasgow and Strathclyde Loughborough Southampton DSTL: UK Defence Materials Centre (MAST STC) • https://www.eng. Nuclear University Linkages: – – Imperial Cambridge • – – – – – – http://www-smartinfrastructure. O& • BRC technology offers the possibility of reducing costs and increasing functionality across a range of industry sectors 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 3 .Introduction • • • • Unique Technology – the Bi Stable Reeled Composite (BRC) aka Rolatube Patents (international and on going) Established in

The Technology : Bi-stable Reeled Composite (BRC) or Rolatube • • • • • Coil-able structural members Passive. self extending or self retracting with no moving parts Numerous base material options Majority use thermoplastic matrices Curved and Straight • • • Min and Max Diameter/Length Range of cross sections Can be combined to form shapes 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 4 . cameras. Rubbermaid Newell. Samsonite. Big Flags Luggage Handles. Awnings Small Flags. Lowes. Component Parts and so on RTL Materials Ltd Sporting and Safety Equipment Screens (see Applications Across Multiple Sectors Sector Defence & Security Also Disaster Relief and Humanitarian • • • • • • Some Applications by Sector Elevation of sensors. Black and Decker. NASA etc Space Lead Systems Integrators Collaborative Work with Universities British and French and other national nuclear authorities Nuclear Plants such as Sellafield Nuclear Engineering Companies Oil and Gas Companies Nuclear Oil and Gas Civil Engineering • • • • • Note Cambridge University Consortium Companies like B&Q. Survey Sticks etc Window Civil Engineering companies Utilities Companies Consumer / Retail / Sport 07/02/2012 • • • • • • DIY: Tape Measures. lighting Embedded Antenna Systems Tactical Mobility Systems Deployed Shelters and Structures (structure. Plumbing Rods. Unilever etc Various Retail and Sporting Companies 5 . communications.eng. embedded cabling) Deployed Solar Systems (support and deployment system) Unmanned Ground Vehicles (actuators / booms) Customers Armies & Blue Light Organisations Government Agencies Defence Businesses ‘Primes’ / Systems Integrators Security Companies United Nations NGOs Space • • • • • • • • • Actuator Arms Deployment System for Solar Sails and Cells Booms on Space Robotic Vehicles Space Structures Nuclear Reactor Inspection Systems Nuclear Spent Fuel Pond Inspection Systems Nuclear Actuators Condition Monitoring / Acoustic Leak Detection system for fixed and flexible pipelines / flow lines and risers Coiled Tubing for a variety of down well applications Smart Infrastructure Retrofit to existing and ageing infrastructure to monitor condition Deployed to monitor ground movement to inform engineering plans for projects (such as crossrail) Deployed to inform both on new build and also to inform of impact of new build on old infrastructure (such as crossrail on underground pipe network) Build into new build infrastructure to provide real time condition data Space R&D with European Space Agency. Sun Blinds.

com/watch?v=BNfxvdRWTkQ 07/02/2012 4m (6cm when rolled) Deployment Boom for Satellite Solar Sail Kwick Screen – using rolatubes for easy pull out / push in screen system 6 RTL Materials Ltd . easily rolled by hand Can have simple cassette mechanisms Can self-deploy in a highly controlled manner More compact than alternatives No joints .reliable Product Examples Roll Up / Collapsible Combat Ladder System Some of the Application Areas • • • • • • • • Communication/lighting & surveillance masts Deployed Solar Arrays Deployment & access booms Shelter structures Satellite Solar Arrays Bridging and Ladders Screens Tape measures/survey rods/plumbing rods Roll Up Mast Systems eature=player_embedded http://www.Hand and Self-Deployed Rolatubes Brief Product Description • • • • • Rigid

Bowman) (2.5 to 4m) (4) Section 2.5 to 4 m) (3) Fireteam ECM Range Extension (2.5 to 4m) (2) Fireteam Comms Range Extension (PRR.1.12kg 1 x Set Ladder Rungs .0.5m Ladder (antennas and cameras can be mounted on the ladder) (5) Section Stretcher Poles (6) Section 2m Gap Cross (7) Shelter Supports (8) Mousehole Charge Prop (9) ‘Cleared Route’ Guide (10)Cam Net Support The Kit: ROLATUBE Section Kit System System Characteristics Total weight .18kg Ancillaries . Ti rungs and steel wiring 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 7 .2kg Operational temperature range -50 to +80oC Construction Material Pole and caps Thermoplastic construction Ladder Thermoplastic rolatubes with .5m rolatubes .3kg 1 x lightweight stretcher (NSN 8465-99-138-9928) 4 x 2.each 1.3kg 4 x End caps . CLR.0.25kg 2 x Camera mount .Section Rolatube Multiuse Kit Kit either distributed amongst the section / squad or carried with tactical vehicles Delivers Multiple Capabilities : (1) Fireteam Camera on a Pole (2.

Section Rolatube Multiuse Kit • Surveillance: • Hand held at 2. • Ladder Fittings: • The Top Rung assembly of the ladder also allows for the fitting of cameras and antennas 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 8 .5m (or 4m using 2 x rolatubes) • Comms and ECM: • End Cap has 30mm spigot hole • Designed to fit all UK Mil platoon and squad comms systems • ECM attachments possible • Mast can be handheld of guyed • Guyed at 2.5m (or 4m using 2 x rolatubes) • End Caps for Pic Rail or universal cam mount fittings • Other cam fittings possible • Guyed at 2.5m (or 4m using 2 x rolatubes.

6kg with 3.5kg payload RTL Materials Ltd 9 07/02/2012 .Section Rolatube Multiuse Kit 5m x 5” Double Skinned Mast designed for Base Surveillance Camera Systems 5.1kg with 2kg payload 5m system 2.5m system: 12kg with 20kg payload 3 m and 5 m Tactical Masts New 8m Mast for use with Fractal Antenna Weights: 3m system: 2.

Section Rolatube Multiuse Kit Stretcher: • 4 x rolatubes • 1 x UK Issue Lightweight Stretcher • (NSN 8465-99-138-9928) • Doubled up rolatubes feed into the sleeves of the stretcher providing rigidity enabling carriage of the stretcher by 2 pers Mousehole Charge Support: • Shown here as a prop for a simulated mousehole charge • Also other dems / EMOE utility 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 10 .

or within.• Roller Cage: Designed for all diameters and lengths • Provides ease of deployment and retraction • Allows mast to be locked off at varying heights • Can be pegged to the ground • Can be bolted to the sides . vehicles 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 11 .

flexible antenna that can be shaped into a cylinder and fit inside the inner diameter of a Rolatube Item 30-2Ghz roll up antenna Weigh t 2 lb Dimension s Extended 2m x 3” Dimension s Rolled 5” x 5” Tech Specs Freq: 30 Mhz to 2 Ghz Power Pattern: Omni Power: 50+ watts continuous Polarization: Linear / Multi-Polarized VSWR: <3:1 at feed Gain: -5 dBi nominal low. 0-2 dBi hi Material: Fibreglass Guy Points: Mid and Top IR Signature: minimal Temp Tolerance: -50 to +80 degrees C 8M Rolatub e Mast 12 lb 8m x 3” dia 8” x 10” 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 12 .Embedded Technology: Roll-up Convertible Wideband Antenna 8 m Rolatube mast + 30-2 Ghz Fractal Antenna = Roll-up Convertible Wideband Antenna Mast A flat.

data cables. connectors and other devices Lower part count. antennae. video and control lines Smart Structures – embedded LAN and Power within the structure of deployed / temporary / emergency facilities Various Antennas embedded within Mast Systems Special Operations Camera Boom 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 13 . smaller package size No slip rings/sliding conductors – continuous cable connectivity. fewer vulnerable exposed cables. completely sealed systems Product Examples • • Some Application Areas • • • • • • • Antennas embedded within roll up mast systems Embedded sensors on sonar bouy arms Integrated cabling for inspection devices Integrated cabling for communications & lighting masts Actuators with embedded power and control cables for end effectors Camera booms with integrated power.Rolatubes with Embedded Conductors. Sensors and Antennae Brief Product Description • Laminar composite nature of rolatubes allows inclusion of power leads.

07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 14 .

repeatedly Integrated cabling Nuclear Reactor and Pond Inspection Some of the Application Areas • • Industrial Inspection Actuators • • • Aerospace Communications/surveillance and lighting Materials handling Boom Motorised Camera mast on EADS Astrium Mars Rover Vehicle 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 15 .Powered Rolatubes Brief Product Description Product Examples • • • • • V simple mechanisms No Need to constrain coil Low power consumption Can be driven accurately.

liners for corrosion/leak remediation.000 PSI. Current demonstrated crush strength 750 PSI 16 . structural protection. water exclusion Irrigation: closing of the seam can be modified to allow controlled leakage Rehabilitation of leaking pipes – deployed within pipe and sealed on site 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd • • • • Continuous welding and de-welding Demonstrated burst strength 1. Product Example Coiled Tubing: Rolatube being sealed to form full pipe on O&G test drilling platform Some of the Application Areas • • • • • Oil and Gas: low to medium pressure pipes. umbilical services Utilities: leak remediation. rapidly deployed insulation jackets. low & medium pressure piping Electrical: conduit on-a-roll.300 PSI Expected to take this to over 5.Rolatube Pipes and Liners Brief Product Description • • • • • BRCs bonded along an overlapping seam – pipes & pipe-liners of high integrity Very long lengths of pipe shipped in compact form. deployed rapidly at the point of use Burst strength at level of conventional pipe Welded seams can be reversible Range of material choice – glass/PP & PE function at temperatures where traditional extruded pipe fails.

Rolatubes with Embedded Condition Monitoring (CM) Brief Product Description • Optical fibres can be embedded within rolatubes at manufacture • Well developed techniques allow measurement of strain. • Embedded fibre optics can provide integral condition monitoring of both the rolatube and any associated structures Product Examples Acoustic Leak Detection – Rolatube strips with embedded fibres placed onto fixed infrastructure. Some of the Application Areas • • • • • Fixed Surface Pipelines – flow and tamper monitoring Flexible Sub Sea O&G risers and flow lines Perimeter / Route Security Monitoring Smart Infrastructure Geo Sensing Flexible Flow Lines and Riser Condition Monitoring: Shown here on bend test rig. • Special rolatube carriers can have effectively zero impact on underlying structures. 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 17 . vibration and leak detection • Placing the fibres in rolatube carriers allows ease of emplacement. flow. temperature.

coupled with the possibility of replacement at end-of-life or for upgrading Product Example Rolatube with embedded fibre optics installed to conduct geo technical survey Trial at UCLH new cancer ward site in central London: installation compared to orthodox fibre optic system. Geo-technical. and temporary placement for monitoring response to special events 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 18 . Smart Utilities Brief Product Description • • • • Rolatubes carrying embedded sensors allow easy handling and placement of previously fragile fibre optic systems with minimal training Can be new-fit or retrofitted Can carry multiple sensor systems on the same sleeve Provide high levels of redundancy. major sewers. reduced a four hour installation time to less than ten minutes Some of the Application Areas • • • Sub-surface work: tunnels.Rolatubes with Embedded Condition Monitoring (CM) Civil Engineering. foundations. pilings. geo-technical surveys Above ground: monitoring the performance of bridges and large buildings – “structural health monitoring” (SHM) Allows easy retrofit to existing structures.

Rolatubes as structural members for solar arrays. gap crossing and shelters/structures Brief Product Description • • • • • Rolatubes have the strength to provide the support elements for structures and shelters The ability to roll up the structure provides both logistic (weight / volume) and speed of erection / take down Embedded power and network cabling provide the means for the structures to be smart Combining with flexible / roll-able solar screens provides power Strength and nature of rolatubes lend themselves to small gap crossing and bridging solutions solution Product Examples Roll Out Solar Power System Some of the Application Areas • • • • • Temporary shelters (disaster response) Deployed military facilities Temporary camps for remote Civil Engineering / Mining / O&G Projects Deployed Solar Arrays Bridging Solutions Simple Bridge with 2m span showing load carriage 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 19 .

Continuously manufacture as a volume product. • • Highly cost-effective. Welded or bonded to form closed pipes or liners. Embedded optical fibres to measure strain. Forming a wide range of shapes and sections. as retro-fit devices and built into structures. cables and other devices embedded within their structure. temperature and leakage. Simple. Powered masts arms and actuators. • • • • • • • Easily to deploy by hand. Applicable to a solving broad range of problems in many industries.Bi Stable Reeled Composites (RolaTubes) • • • Compact. 07/02/2012 RTL Materials Ltd 20 . With antennas. Rugged.

com RTL Materials Ltd 07/02/2012 21 . Ontario Jim Leonard Milspec Consulting Ltd A Member of the Primex Group of Companies 613-920-1915 Ottawa.rolatube. Ontario Alan Sarsons Primex Project Management Ltd. 613-2618898 www.Points of Contact Canadian Distributors Trenton.

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