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FEATURES  Automatic Power Control CW operation driving current up to 400mA  Wide supply voltage from 2.8 to 6VDC, provided (VDD-V(LD))xI(LDA)<0.5W  APC TTL modulation frequency up to 20KHz, with adjustable duty cycle  Rapid soft start after power-on  Simple power adjustment via the external resistor  Control loop accuracy up to 2% with changes in temperature  Permanent shutdown with excessive temperature and pre-set current limit  Wide monitor current range from 10µA to 0.5mA  Worldwide laser safety regulations compliant, including TUV, JQA, CE and FDA  Variable package type available, including Known Good Die, SOT26 and SOP8  Support N and P type laser diode package APPLICATIONS  Laser Leveling  Bar Code Reader  Laser Measuring Equipment  Laser Medical Equipment  Diode Pumping Laser Driver BLOCK DIAGRAM

Soft Start




Comparator Control Logic Over Current / Over Temp. Protection Circuit VSS





eGismos.com 2 EG-080617LDD2-V01 .EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! APPLICATION CONNECTION  KGD Pinout  SOT26  SOP8 ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www.

EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! PIN CONFIGURATION (For EDL2. Name Function 1 MDA Photo Diode (PD or MD) Anode 2 GND Ground 3 SS Soft Start Ramping Control 4 LDA Driver Output (LD Anode) 5 VDD +2.eGismos. applicable to KGD and SOP8) No.com 3 EG-080617LDD2-V01 .8-6V Supply Voltage 6 PRO Max Driving Current Control for Protecting 7 OSC Built-in Oscillation Output 8 EN Enable or TTL signal Input ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www.

applicable to KGD and SOT26) No.EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! PIN CONFIGURATION (For ED2J.com 4 EG-080617LDD2-V01 .8-6V Supply Voltage 3 SS Soft Start Ramping Control 4 LDA Driver Output (LD Anode) 5 GND Ground 6 MDA Photo Diode (PD or MD) Anode ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www.eGismos. Name Function 1 PRO Max Driving Current Control for Protecting 2 VDD +2.

Method 3015.5W. The power supply is regulated and adapted for the laser diode used by an external resistor at PD. such as over current in the laser path with a lack of feedback. The monitor current acts as a reference and is regulated independent of the influence of temperature and supply voltage (range: 10µA to 0. if Vop of a given laser diode is 2. or 3VDC. the allowable Iop and VDD combination can be 6VDC. The rule of thumb is (VDD-Vop)xIop<=0. permitting a restart. excessive temperature and over current and a soft start which regulates the power and protects the laser diode when the power supply is switched on.5VDC.eGismos. a quick power lockout is activated.EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! DESCRIPTION The EDL2 High Power APC Laser Diode Driver is a driver and controller for laser diodes in both continuous wave and up to 20KHz TTL modulation operation which requires only few external components. Max. For example. Given the tiny package size. the maximum allowable power dissipation over EDL2 is recommended to be less than 0. The driver includes integrated circuitry protecting against destruction by ESD.5kS Tsoldering Soldering Temperature 260°C for 10 seconds (SOIC)* Tj Ts Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range -40 -55 150 125 °C °C *See IPC/JEDEC Standard J-STD-020A for Surface Mount Devices.com . HBM 100pF all pins discharged through 1. In the event of failure. It is designed to meet the stringent worldwide laser safety regulation. The shutdown continues until power is reapplied.5mA).5 -100 Typ. with Iop of laser diode less than 110mA. TUV. 7 600 500 6 -4 1 Unit V mA mA mA V kV ESD Susceptibility at MIL-STD-883. Symbol VDD I(VCC) I(LDA) I(MDA) VR VD Parameter Voltage at VDD Current in VDD Current in LD Current in PD Reverse Voltage Conditions Min. The broad power supply range of 2. The strain on power packs and batteries is relieved and the laser class is retained even in the event of a disturbance. CE and FDA etc. The driver also filters the laser diode power supply for transients. with Iop less than 400mA. for example. 5 ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION EG-080617LDD2-V01 www. JQA.5W. -0. requirement and the harsh industrial operation environment.8V to 6V and the integrated reverse battery protection allow for battery operation with a minimum of two cells. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Beyond these values damage may occur. device operation is not guaranteed.

80 140 Unit °C K/W All voltages are referenced to ground unless otherwise noted. Max. soldered on PCB.com 6 EG-080617LDD2-V01 .8.2 30 3.100KΩ.9 27 Unit V mA µA V V us KΩ Permissible Photo Diode IMDA drive current = VMDA/RMDA 10 Current Photo diode monitor Voltage power control range Laser Diode Protection Monitor Voltage Soft start turn on delay Max Driving Current Adjustment Resistor LDA output protect current = (VPRO*1600/RPRO) @Css=1nF I(LDA) from 78mA to 360mA ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Operating Conditions: VDD= 5V. 6 400 500 1.EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! THERMAL DATA Operating Conditions: VDD= 2. Ta= 0-70°C unless otherwise noted Symbol VDD I(LDA) I(MDA) V(MDA) V(PRO) Tss R(PRO) Parameter Permissible Supply Voltage Permissible Laser Diode Current Conditions (VDD-Vop)xIop<=0. Max. all currents out of the device pins are negative..4 W Min.eGismos. VR= 2KΩ.. 2.2 1.4 W power control range (VDD-Vop)xIop<=0. All currents into the device pins are positive.8 5 Typ.6V Symbol Ta Rthja Parameter Operating Ambient Temperature Range Thermal Resistance Chip / Ambient Conditions Min. -20 SOT26 package. no additional cooling areas Typ.

4. 2. C3 TTL modulation duty cycle adjustment: R4. 3. 5.EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! LASER MODULE LAYOUT EXAMPLE Reference schematic design: 1. D2 Soft start turn-on delay control: C2 7 EG-080617LDD2-V01 ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www.eGismos.com . Laser output power adjustment: RS Max laser diode driving current limit: R2 TTL modulation frequency adjustment: R3.

EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! Reference layout design (for two layers PCB): ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www.com 8 EG-080617LDD2-V01 .eGismos.

C3 for desired modulation frequency 7. adjusting R3. go directly to the final step 6. remove R3. square wave. set EN High and leave OSC open. and connect TTL signal. higher C4/C2 ratio is suggested. Set max. adjusting D2. leads to extended High ratio. C2 + C4 should be in between 500pf~1500pF. R4.VERY IMPORTANT! 2.EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! Demo board operation procedure: 1. C4. 20K ohm is recommended <. For TTL modulation operation.95V @ Vdd=3V 11. Adjust RS to max value. The ratio of C4/C2 depends on target LDA current. For external TTL modulation signal input. Reversed biased D2 leads to extended Low ratio 8.45V. Set soft start delay time by adjusting C2 5. directly to EN 10.eGismos. for higher LDA current. For TTL modulation operation. C4 and D2 so QSC is floating. Decide the best Vop and Iop of laser diode combination by referring to allowable power consumption equation (VDD-Vop)xIop<=0. In order to stabilize LDA output current. The value of C4 affects both soft start delay time Tss and max.com 9 EG-080617LDD2-V01 . as shown in schematic. Forward biased D2.5W 3. Adjusting RS to obtain desired laser power output ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www. For continuous wave operation. EN pin is Schmitt trigger input with V_ih=~1. V_il=~0. 9. driving current limit for overcurrent protection by adjusting R2 4. R4 for desired duty cycle ratio. TTL modulation frequency.

eGismos.EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! SOT26 Package Drawing ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www.com 10 EG-080617LDD2-V01 .

com 11 EG-080617LDD2-V01 .eGismos.EDL2 We Treasure Innovalue! SOP8 Package Drawing ©2008 EGISMOS CORPORATION www.

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