RRISD Grievance 1 – Erik Okerholm 2/3/2012

Is support of this grievance, I refer you to the following link to RRISD webpage, quote and image: https://www.roundrockisd.org/index.aspx?page=3876#charter “Objective The objective of the Citizen’s Boundary Committee is to ensure that campus boundary changes provide an optimum attendance pattern for each school affected while considering campus demographics, district growth, and the financial impact of the proposed changes, particularly in the area of transportation. The committee shall consider balancing enrollments for all elementary campuses around the Elsa England Elementary School area, and look at all high school campuses to relieve the projected growth at Cedar Ridge High School.”

Based on the above statement in the Boundary Committee (BC) Charter I do not feel the District has done the proper due diligence in preparation for this Boundary Discussion or Decision. You have broken your own policy by not having hearings at RRHS and WWHS, when in fact “all” high school (HS) campuses were mentioned in this Charter you published online. The fact that The Administration did not have a hearing at those schools should not preclude you (the Board or Administration) now from calling

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RRISD Grievance 1 – Erik Okerholm 2/3/2012
meetings/hearings at said schools in order to properly vet out all options to the Boundary Committee, Board, and District. All HS campuses were considered and affected when populating CRHS in 2009. The District stated it themselves, that ALL should be looked at again to relive the overcrowded school. Additionally and worth pointing out is the fact that a large majority of families and communities throughout the District are asking you for such changes and volunteering their HS students to move if given a choice and proper boundaries. These volunteers directly reduce the overcrowding at CRHS as well as realign the District into a more Vertical Alignment Middle School to High School Pattern, something mentioned by Administration and District leaders as the best thing for students. This is the Premise for the VA Plan. Get back toward vertical alignment and spreading capacity across the district, not just at one school. Slide 20 and 21 of the VA Plan Presentation of 1/19/12 shows this

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RRISD Grievance 1 – Erik Okerholm 2/3/2012

In addition to the extra hearings at the mentioned schools, I feel that The District and Administration should reiterate and clarify the Charter to the public, Boundary Committee, if reconvened, and/or The Board to relieve them and their analysis from the unfounded restriction of only addressing boundaries and student movement as they relate to CRHS, MHS, and SPHS. Unfortunately the BC and Board have expressed their interpretation of said BC Charter and their perceived restriction that is in direct conflict with the literal and accurate interpretation of the published Charter and ability to widen the scope of their analysis and recommendations in this boundary process. That is in direct conflict with what is best for the majority of communities, families, and more importantly the children of RRISD.

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