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1. The following is character of intermittent claudication leg pain with walking 2. in 1ry VV : edema and pigmentaion are frequent presentation 3. For a patient with AF and acute ischemia, treatment of choice is embolectomy 4. Trendelberg test +ve/+ve incompetent VV and incomptent perforators. 5. Most common symptom of acute iscemia pain 6. CIA stenosis90% short segment , the best treatment is PTA 7. Patient with small umbilical pulsating swelling the best intial investigation 4 diagnosis is US 8. Which of the follownig is true about the source of P.E DVT of the LL 9. Superficial v. thrombosis can be manifisted by all ex. P.E 10. Young age patient with recurrent P.E,, treatment is IVC catheter 11. Commonest site for impaction of an embolus common femoral a. bifurcation 12. Chronic occlusion for femoro-popliteal a. most presenting symptom is pain in the calf muscles aggravated by exercise &relieved by rest 13. Female with past Hx of DVT, adequately treated with heparin,still is at risk for developing: post phlebitic syndrome 14. Old age male with normal distal pulse with no history of cardiac or vascular disease with painful toe ( blue toe syn.),, what is the cuase : athero-embolism 15. Lymphedema of arm can be caused by all except : - lymphangioma - radioRx - breast- cancer - axilary v thrombosis 16. Pateint e aortoiliac & femoropopliteal oclusion Rx: bypass at both sites of occlusion 17. All are true about Virchow trid except : HTN 18. All can cause 2ry v.v. ex.: prolonged standing 19. All of the following are true about perforators except: drain skin direct to deep system 20. All are true about v.v. ex: intermittent claudication 21. Leriche syndrome : bilateral claudication in the buttock and thigh 22. What's true about pulmonary embolism : the commonest source is D.V.T 23. Sudden onset of 2ry varicose veins,,first step of examination abdominal examination 24. All are risk factors of ATH except Diabetes Insipidus 25. One of the following is true about Venous pump: The musculofascil anatomy and physiology of calf ms 26. T or F about intermittent claudication a- occurs at rest (false) b- associated with venous guttering (false) ( bcoz NOT every claudication is dt ischemia) c- Coronary bypass imporoves it (false) malhash 3elaka asasan d- improved by regular exercise (True) e- may preceed critical limb ischemia (true) 30. About lymphedema precox 1ry lymphedema 31. About chronic ischemia ATH is early in DM pt.

32. In 1ry varicose v.v.: leg pain and oedema on walking 33. The most SAFE and CLINICALLY applicable Ix for DVT: Duplex US 34. All are true about perforators except connect LSV with SSV 35. AAA can present with all except Deep pelvic pain 36. Burgers disease is Inflammatory vasculopathy of small and medium sized a.a. of young male smokers 37. The most effective method to control external bleeding in arterial injury Direct local compression at the site of injury 38. The commenest site of AAA: below the origin of renal a.a 39. Arterial injury may prsent with: a- hge b- Thrombosis c- AVF d- Pseudoaneurysm e- all of the above 40. As regards Burger's disease, all are true except : a- exclusively in males b- exclusively in smokers c- at earlier age than ATH d- has a progressive course e- affects the veins distal to popliteal a 41. One of the common presentations of primary varicose veins edema + pigmentation 42. Which doesn't describe IC a- worsen at night b-may be indication of bypass 43.Longterm sequaele of DVT a-PE b-stasis ulcer c-decreased arterial perfusion 44. Manifestation of chronic ischemia except : edema 45.Earliest manifestation of CVI edema 46. 60 years old female has AAA the most important investigation preoperative: a a-cardiac profile b-renal profile 47. The most imp. Inv. In DVT duplex 48. Old male with IC on walking & on duplex :occluded femoral a. and reconstitution of popliteal =distal run off : - First line of treatment is :vigorous excersice and drugs 49. In patient with bilat leg edema and eczema -trendelnburg +ve /+ve: Incompetent SFJ/VV 50. AF with ischemia of LL embolectomy 51. Partial tear of artery no signs of distal ischemia 52. Primary VV :leg pain and edema on standing 54. Trendelnburg test assess SFJ 55. 1ry VV a-male and female are equally affected b-deep sys is affected c-edema and pigmentation are frequent presentation 56. 18 yrs male patient during muscular exc complained of edema ,pain and ecchymosis in his leg: a-DVT b-plantaris tear

57. true or false : a-peroneal a is a branch of ant tibial a. F b-peroneal a is present in the post. Compartment of leg F 59. which of the following is true : a-Safenous opening lies 3.5cm below & med to PT b-there is no conections between long saphenous v and short safenous v. above the ankle 60. cardiac female ptn did catheterization by femoral approach and after monthes she complained of LL edema and VV &audible murmurs your Diagnosis AVF 61. lymphedema percox : a-occurs in 1st decade b-1ry lymphedema c-caused by microfilaria 62. -DD of saphina varix is Femoral hernia 63. After labour a female ptn complained of LL edema ,pain & she was diagnosed as DVT after treatment she is at risk of PPS 64. In Aortoiliac obstruction (leriche) there is : a-retrograde ejaculation b-claudications in buttocks and upper thighs 65. Treatment of patient with short segment CIA occlusion PTA 66. -The following is true about chronic ischemia :it occurs in younger DM patients 67. Female patient with sudden appearance of pulsating abdominal mass the initial investigation is abdominal US 68. Leriche syndrome bilateral claudication in the buttock and thigh 69. The most sensitive body part to ischemia is nerves 70 . Pulmonary embolism : the commonest source is D.V.T 72. Sudden onset of 2ry varicose veins,, first step of examination is abdominal examination for suspicious of intra-abdominal malignancy 73. First investigation in case of abdominal mass : is ultrasound 74. Abdominal aortic aneyrusm ,, in the patient work up before surgery you must check cardiac functions 75. Most common symptom of acute ischemia pain 76. Short stenotic segment of common iliac artery ,90 % stenosis ,and the patient complains of short distance claudication treatment PTA 77. Intermittent caludications leg pain on walking 78. A female patient with history of DVT and on Oral contraceptive pills is in risk of Post phlebitic syndrome 79. Trendlenberg test +/+ : incompetent perforators ,incompetent saphenofemoral junction 80. a male patient with atrial fibrillation : do embolectomy 81. One of the common presentations of primary varicose veins : edema + pigmentation