Name: Dr. James Barrett

Born: 5th March 1969

Place of Birth: Toowoomba, Australia.

Contact: Segelflygsgatan 10 lgh 1301,
TEL: 073 080 1491

Languages: English, Swedish.

Expertise: Teaching, Research, Digital Production, Journalist, Information
Design, New Media Theory, Machinima Production, Installation
and Performance Art, Web Design, WordPress, Wiki Production,
Sound Production (esp. CuBase SX), Cultural Theory, Critical
Theory, English Literature (Digital, American “Beat”, Australian
Modern, Modernist, Postmodern, Postcolonial)

Digital Competencies:
Adobe Camtasia, Bootstrap Virtual Dub ZERT CML
Photoshop, Moodle, CuBaseSX, Audacity HTML, CSS
Illustrator Cambro/Zakai Wordpress Microsoft Office
InDesign Unity 3D Adobe Bridge Google Analytics
Second Life, Dreamweaver Adobe Flash WebTrends


June 2015 PhD Language Studies Department, Umeå University, Sweden
Thesis: “The Ergodic revisited : spatiality as a governing principle
of digital literature”

Sept 2013-2014 30 Points in urban strategy and theory at Mejan Arc, Royal College
of Art, Stockholm

Umeå Sweden. digital publishing. Umeå University. Toowoomba Base Hospital 1981-86: Oakey State High School. editing. social media etc. creative use of digital media. Queensland Australia Bachelor of Arts degree (journalism/media/Asian studies) 1987: Enrolled Nursing Certificate. 2004 Masters of Philosophy (English Literature). Solna Stockholm 2010-14 Adjunct at HUMlab. Umeå University. Umeå University . City College. copywriting. Sweden 2002-04 Umeå University Modern Languages/English A. 2 June 2004-06 Scholarship from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Scholarship fund for Modern Languages for PhD research in English at the Department of Language Studies and HUMlab. D2 . Umeå University 2000-01: Svenska För Invandrare (Swedish for Immigrants). Brisbane Queensland Australia Post Graduate Diploma in Religious Studies 1988-90: University of Southern Queensland. Queensland Australia Professional Experience: 2017 Teacher with Språkcentrum. Gettinge Group.com/ Consulting firm that provides services related to media and language (design. Komvux (Community College) Umeå Sweden 1995-96 Desktop Publishing Diploma. writing for the web. language learning and narrative. web design. research in virtual worlds. Sydney Australia 1991: University of Queensland. Stockholm Stad Consultant Project Coordinator Fisksätra Folkets Hus 2016 Private Consultant in Media and Language 2015 Founded Mediadaption: http://mediadaption. Further studies in pedagogy. C. database management. .teaching language and media courses.) 2014-15 Digital Content Design. B.Fifteen points in advanced pedagogy. Web design and multimedia design.

Supervisor of final term undergraduate paper.Appointed to HUMlab as twenty percent of PhD position 2006: Appointed to the staff of Umeå University as a Doctoral Candidate.Wrote and led Australian Studies course for the Language Studies Department at Umeå University .com/ Guest on empyre soft skinned space email list.Guest seminar lecturer at Luleå Cultural Center speaking on Spel/Konst: Vad är skillnaden? (Game/Art: What is the Difference?) 2007: Appointed to the staff of Second House of Sweden.se/ 2010: . the official Swedish Government presence in Second Life. and Digital Literature and Narrative at fourth term level. on narrative and video games. I supervised D level students for their final essay.Wrote and led Culture and Society in English Speaking Lands course at Luleå Technical University 2009-12 Teaching English for Industrial Designers. with installation projects. . 3 2011: Arranger and facilitator for Social Media Cultures Workshop between Umeå University and University of Wollongong http://socialmediacultures. Sweden. .On the organizing committee for Digital Interaction Network (DIRN) workshop at Umeå University http://dirn. 2001: Circle leader in conversational English ABF Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Umeå. . . Literature and Culture) .umu. Sweden. Umeå University . 2008-13 Wrote and taught the course Cultures of Commonwealth English.Working with museum studies students in Second Life. .Supervision of C-level cultural studies students. Umeå.wikispaces.Liquid Narratives 2003-05: Appointed to the staff of HUMlab Umeå University working on digital pedagogy and culture projects. -Teaching and researching in HUMlab . I worked for the Swedish Institute as an English language guide in the 3D online world Second Life.Teaching in the Department Language Studies (Language. a first year university course in culture and language for English studies students. .Appointed Student Outreach Officer for HUMlab. 2002: Relief teacher in English at Mimer and Waldorf Schools. June 2006 .humlab.

Toowoomba. 1997: Tutor in English and History. life- drawing model. teacher. Queensland Australia . Sydney Australia 1995-96: Member is performance art group Senselesss in Sydney. 1995-96: Assistant Editor for Eddie magazine on The Rock and Roll Issue #9 (circulation 10 000 copies) 1995-97: Researcher for ‘Roy Morgan Research Inc. Sweden.Developed and applied a Quality Assurance program at the Accident and Emergency Department at Toowoomba Base Hospital 1990: Journalist for ´Times of India’ (Delhi. 4 1996-2000: Traveled and lived in Thailand. Australia.D. Bangalore) 1988-90 Announcer on community radio station 4DDB. the National Art School (NAS).’ Sydney Australia 1993-94: Journalist for ‘Australian Doctors Weekly’ 1992-93: Research Officer. Germany. I was part of the arts action collective Regeneration Culture Inc. and nightclub promoter. State Health Department. shipwright. I also organized art and performance events around Sydney including the Sydney College Fine of Arts (COFA). Department of Employment Education and Training. Spain. musician.O. the United Kingdom and Australia. Qld. 500 copies each print run) which was included in the National Gallery of Australia media collection.pdf . and Sydney College of the Arts (SCA). Morocco. Aboriginal Education Unit. Projects included a ´fanzine’ titled Gar Gah Gag (40 pages.academia. The Honk Relevant Personal Works and Online Sites: Academic Website: http://umu. Netherlands.R. with Andrzej Liguz and the Ministry Of Random Events (M. interior decorator. and youth worker. Jaipur. I was a visiting student during 1995 at SCA where I worked with performance and installation art.org/smash/get/diva2:810640/FULLTEXT02 Masters Thesis http://www.humlab. Ahmadabad. I worked as a farm laborer. Australia.A. Bombay.E).I. India.se/exjobb/files/Chrontope%20and%20Cybertext_Paper_.diva-portal.umu.E). 3 editions. nurse.edu/JimBarrett/About PhD Thesis http://www. 1989: Editor of the Student newspaper at USQ (then the D.

com/photos/didgebaba/sets/373734/ Films: “Sam’s Orkester” Front Film AB.com/ http://soundcloud.com/photos/didgebaba/sets/373729/show/ Television and Radio Work BBC Radio 4 Documentary of the Dial-a-Poem poets. Sweden 2002.gl/KG7RQh Third Floor Pictures Culture X Episode 2 .144. Sweden. 2013 Llinos Jones (Producer) https://goo.10.Extreme Living Singapore Bala Subramaniam (Dir.se/jokkmokk2004/ Seminar on Machinima: http://stream.aspx?Id=51505 “No Law 4000” Naiv Bild Productions.flickr.135/(hw1h3555hej2y545q22wlh55)/faktablad.com/acidfolk Images of 3D Worlds: http://www.humlab.imdb.se/?streamName=simsnarrativeengine Masters Thesis Seminar: https://www.tumblr.umu.flickr. 35 mm . 5 Personal Blog: https://medium. 2004.com/didgebaba http://soundcloud.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi8WXdDzQdY Music Online: http://freemusicarchive. Broadcast 2009 Silver medal winner at New York Film and Television Festival 2009 and 2012. Post-2000 Festivals and Performances: Images: http://www..umu. 2004 Vuollerim Kulturkraft 2002 Moonshake. 10 min. 25 mins Played murdered poker player in initial bar scene http://www.org/music/Nada_Baba/ http://poetwithtools. 2002. Umeå.com/watch?v=OBmaV7cOGas Moblogging Project: http://blog.youtube. 2005 Fatta Festival. 2004 Jokkmokk Winter Market 2003. London broadcast June 29.) Documentary on culture.humlab.com/video/wab/vi4099932185/ Music Festivals: Skellefteå Festival 2003.Actor and played on musical score http://193. Umeå 2005 .com/@JimBarrett Keynote https://www.

se/performanceinstallationihumlab Audio Recordings Released: As ‘Nada Baba’ Nada Baba and Friends (S.josefbull. (mymwly 2005) World Didgeridoo Vibes Vol. Sweden 2003 http://admin.com/ As ‘Acid Folk’ KMPLX 6 (2015) http://www. (Foxy Digitalis 2005) The Human Hand. 6 Ålidhem Festival.kmplx. (mymwly 2005) Various Artists – Gold Leaf Branches (Digitalis 2005) Various Artists – Hand Rolled Oblivion (mymwly 2008) http://mymwly. part of Collected Works! 30 years with the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation. Umeå University. 2015. Umeå September 2007 Eine Kleine Disco Sound Festival.com/releases/KMPLX031 .com/Chaise-Longue-Didgeridoo De:Tune Järva Stockholm. News Items: TV4 (Sweden) August 2001 http://www. (Foxglove Records 2005) In the Service of Miss Cecily (Hashram 2011) Various Artists – Sounds Surround Us Vol.umu.humlab. May 2016.a show for Bethlehem . EMS and Tariq Atui Media Art Exhibition Casoria. 1 (2006) Various Artists WHNZ:18:COMI (WE HAVE NO ZEN 2010) With ‘6majik9’ In Mara’s Glove. http://www. 2.youtube.com/watch?v=t3OhcPkiN8c Installations/Performances (post-2000): Intimate Hunting Supermarket Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2017 Gathering Chaise Longue With artist Josef Bull .casoriacontemporaryartmuseum.Bonniers Konsthall. Sweden 2013 3 month project with Tensta Konsthallen. Italy 2007 Self-portrait .T 2016) Yidaki Mind Tree. (mymwly 2002) Ambient Time Arm.htm Moonshake Festival Umeå.digitalisindustries.com/watch?v=1MvyuM1WslY Didgeridoo as Compass.com/en/selfportrait. Umeå Sweden June 2011 Stockholm Music and Arts Festival 2014 Tensta Market 2014. http://www. Sweden 2005 http://www.O.H.youtube.show for Peace Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum.blogspot.com/ http://www.

Norway. the Netherlands. Germany).se/Kreativa-platser/) as a consultant on the project Med Början i Fisksätra (Beginning in Fisksätra). Key Activity 3 ICT. Cyprus. published. I participated in music performance and production with Tarek Atoui (Lebanon/France). France. Sweden. presented. collected data. 7 Poetry and Journalism Published In Two-Thirds North (Stockholm University) 2017 Minor Literatures (Web – USA) 2015 Blunt Magazine (Sydney) 1990-95 Eddie Magazine (Sydney) 1995-96 Scrollburger Magazine (Brisbane) 1990 Harvester: A Journal of Rural Arts (1990) Pine Meoquanee: An Anthology of Poetry (2005 USA) Digitalis Industries Australian Doctors Weekly (Australia 1991-93) City News (Brisbane Australia1990) Funded Research Projects (Participated In) Med Början I Fisksätra Fisksätra Folkets Hus 2017-19 Swedish Arts Council funded initiative Kreativa Platser (Creative Places - http://www. Social Media Knowledge Exchange Cambridge University 2013 The Social Media Knowledge Exchange (SMKE) is a collaborative project that aims to give postgraduate students and early career researchers in the Arts and Humanities opportunities for knowledge exchange with social media practitioners in academia. Portugal.kulturradet. Euroversity Umeå University December 2011 to November 2014 EUROVERSITY was co-funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Program. This project works to initiate and establish creative cultural production and skills acquisition in the suburb of Fisksätra though the establishment of Fisksätra Folkets Hus (a community culture centre) as a creative place. Italy. managed operations and advised for the project. My tasks include planning and coordinating for the various participants and events within the project. museums. . Euroversity is a network of 18 partners from 10 European countries (the United Kingdom. the Swedish Arts Council. documenting and publishing events and initiatives as well as continuing with funding applications and reporting back to the funding body. I am on the general board of review that will report back to the funding body with general recommendations upon the completion of the project. archives. My work continues with Tensta Konsthallen. Austria. recording at the EMS studio and played at venues and festivals during the year. I ran teaching sessions. and a third country partner from Israel. De:Tune Järva Tensta Konsthallen 2014 A 12-month project centered on culture in the Järva area of Stockholm.

Online Educa. http://remix-in-retrospect.html “Teaching with Machinima”. presenting at two of them. Paper: Virtual Worlds and Indigenous Knowledge : learning to tell stories and make positive change across cultures http://youtu. Cyberspace and Science Fiction.com/2011/05/online-virtual- worlds-and-literature. Holland. analysis). Prezi slides here: http://www. 8 libraries.12/30/2016 Helped organize and participated in three internationally attended conferences. Friday 23 October 2011 Invitation symposium on authorship and textuality. Pinocchio Goes to Church .The Religious Life of Avatars Umeå University 01/01/2010 . and the voluntary sector. Published within the frame of the project. I ran a two-day workshop.slideshare.12/31/2012 Helped write the funding application. Umeå University.com/ Frankenstein's Monster Comes Home: Digital Remix and the Ends of Origin Prezzi and the videos shown during the presentation National Forum for English Studies. Published within the frame of the project. presented at and participated in a conference and published within the project.se/mediaplaces2/v. part of pre-conference workshop. 1 December 2010 (conducted in Second Life) Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Conference Saturday 23 November 2010 Gothenburg.soulsphincter.blogspot. Oxford University Monday 12 July 2010. compiling data.php?virtual_worlds_as_media_places Slides: http://www. Germany. “Virtual Pedagogies in Practice”. I conducted research (interviews. Media Places Umeå University. analysis). Virtual Worlds as Media Places Video:http://culturetech.be/CRV-Eaej3dY (Publication by Stockholm School of Economics forthcoming) Media Places Conference. Hotel InterContinental Berlin. Amsterdam University. (Publication forthcoming) . Sweden: Panel Presentation: Online Virtual Worlds: (Re) Constructing Re- thinking Reviewing. Two 1-hour workshops presenting. discussing and demonstrating how machinima as made in Second Life can be used in educational contexts. Saturday December 11 2010. Paper: “Reading with the Body: Interpreting Three Dimensional Media as Narrative”. Sweden. Stanford University 01/01/2011 . HUMlab Umeå University. I conducted research (interviews. including a hands-on session. compiling data. Presented on Virtual Worlds and Literature. Academic Conference Presented or Participated In: Remix in Retrospect.net/didgebaba/place-in-virtual-worlds Visions of Humanity in Cyberculture.

umu.humlab.se/filmer/ Keynote presentation “Bodies. Södertorn College.se/seminarier/call. 2013.smke.org/jim-barrett-at-smke2013/ “The Folk of Digital Primitive” presentation in the Sonic Lecture Series at Centrum Gallery. http://larandeifokus.html -Presented the multimedia performance installation "Didgeridoo as Compass: Maps in Sound.au/interim. Poster created by Myself: http://www. Umeå University Department of Culture and Media. University of Cambridge.umu.php?id_file=178 Dynamic Maps.se/symposium2005/index. “Virtual Worlds and Literature” at National Forum for English Studies. 18-20 May 2011. . 17-18 January 2005. Sweden. September 2007.pdf 20 May 2005. A HUMlab workshop http://www2. 23 October 2011.htm Invited Presentations “Narrative as Interface: Digital Media and Pedagogy”. Berlin 8th July 2012. Space and the Virtual: A Narrative of Becoming” at There and Back Again: Cultural Perspectives on Time and Space May 22-23.humlab. Haninge. http://www.org. http://bit.umu.se/TT2005/program.se/summerschool2005/ Unpopular Culture. http://www2. “Frankenstein's Monster Comes Home: Digital Remix and the Ends of Origin” at Remix in Retrospect. Presented a paper "Prefacing Interaction: Copyright and Remix in Online Digital Literature" http://m3. Holland. Sweden.umu. Amsterdam University. Homage to the Spirit Maps of the Australian Aborigines" 2004 The Technological Texture: The Meeting between Humanities and Information Technology.sh.sh. On the DIY and network culture of net labels and the Free Folk music movement. Next Wave Festival 2004 (presented on building in Adobe Atmosphere 1.mos.se/seminarier/images/webposter.ly/14FFyU3 “Strategies for Developing your Social Media Practice” at the AHRC Social Media Knowledge Exchange conference.htm Roma Self Writing http://www.se/get_file. Sweden.htm From Vision to Practice: Language Learning and Information Technology 11-12 May 2005.umu.nextwave. Video presented at the Lärande i Fokus (Learning in Focus) conference at Umeå University 12-13 November 2013.mos. 9 M3: The Virtual 2007.jpg 2005 ICT and the Humanities Summer School Exploring Digital Artifacts http://m3.se/events/dynamicmaps. http://www2. Umeå University.0) Melbourne. Australia http://www. 2-3 July 2013 at CRASSH.humlab.

Umeå Museum of Visual Culture (Umeå Bildmuseet)and the Johannesburg Art Gallery. Gender and Space in Online Virtual Worlds. Humanities Faculty.edu. College of Fine Arts.be/article/view/794 October 2013. “Virtual Worlds.html Academic Publications Monograph Barrett.cofa. via Second Life. Swedish National Association for Librarianship ”Looking Through the Real: Seven Years in Virtual Worlds” 15th March 2010. James. Sens Public: International Web Journal. Department of Language Studies. 10 “HUMlab: Virtual Worlds Learning and Research”. Invited guest on <empyre> Soft Skinned Space Discussion List. Svensk förening för informationsspecialister.tenstakonsthall. 2015. 9 June 2011.se/uploads/111-HBSOTF. Umeå Sweden. Umeå University. Australia. On the topic of ‘Liquid Architecture’ June 2006- http://lists. Barrett. Haunted by Shadows of the Future: ARTEFACTS. Anne Alexander (ed. March 2014. http://www. James.php?article1035 . http://sens- public. Course Material Barrett. James. 32-35. University of New South Wales. number 2 (2013) http://www. Paris. Sweden 8 October 2008. Barrett. “The Ergodic Revisited: Spatiality as a Governing Principle of Digital Literature”.com/apbvrbsgxfxx/looking-through-the-real-seven-years-in-virtual-worlds/ “Computer Games/Art: What is the Difference?” (Spel/Konst: Vad är skillnaden?) Invited public lecture at Luleå Culture Centre. “Developing Your Social Media Practice”. 18th October 2007. 4th October 2007.unsw. Social Media Knowledge Exchange Handbook: Exploring the challenges of professional practice in social media. James.org/spip. "Biblioteket i en annan värld" . Nordic Virtual Worlds Network.authorship.au/pipermail/empyre/2006-June/msg00001. Stockholm Sweden.pdf Peer Reviewed Journal Articles Barrett. Sweden Spring Term 2006. Authorship: Vol 2. Royal College of Art. Prezi slides available here http://prezi. Department of Computer Science.Libraries in another world”.ugent. Doctoral Dissertation. Machinima and Cooperation Over Borders”. “The Computer Technician as Author” New Media Program. James. L’Association Sens Public 1:2013.) Cambridge UK: Social Media Knowledge Exchange. Umeå University. “Frankenstein’s Monster Comes Home: The ‘Two Cultures’ in Remix”. 2014.

Giovanni Vincenti and James Braman (Eds) Hershey: IGI Global. “Indigenous storytelling in educational contexts: digital media as a vehicle for cultural transmission and language acquisition. 6 (Issue 1) December 2016. and Education.) Umeå: Working Papers in Teacher Education. James. Stefan Gelfgren. Cyberspace and Science Fiction. Coppelie Cocq. . Understanding Machinima: Essays on Filmmaking in Virtual Worlds. 11 Barrett. Judith Molka-Danielsen and Mats Deutschmann (eds. Poland. Anthologies Barrett. Religion. James. 2010. Copeland (Ed. James. ”Spacing Creation: The HUMlab Second Life Project”. James.). 2010. Vol. Forthcoming Autumn 2016. Narratives of Creation and Space: Pilgrimage.) Leiden: Brill. Kinephanos | Médias et culture populaire. Musical and media connectivities: practices. Jan.). Robin Teigland and Dominic Power (Eds. Jenna Ng. The Projected and the Prophetic: Humanity in Cyberculture. James. “Reading with the Body: Interpreting Three-Dimensional Media as Narrative”. Barrett. Learning and Teaching in the Virtual World of Second Life. 2009. Stefan Gelfgren. Barrett. James. Barrett James. The Immersive Internet: Reflections on the Entangling of the Virtual with Society. Nr 55. Barrett. 2013. “The Pedagogy of Craft: Teaching Cultural Analysis with Machinima”. 2013. London: Palgrave-Macmillan. Studies in Writing series. Barrett. 2008. Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press. James. Jordan J. circulation. 2009. Stefan Gelfgren. Popular Scientific Articles Barrett.) Trondheim: Tapir Academic Press. Barrett. Politics and the Economy. “The Half-Imagined Past: The Audio-Depiction of 1960s Capitalism and Freedom in the Music of Wolfenstein: The New Order and Mad Men”. Jenna Ng. Warsaw. Aboriginal and Digital. Barrett. Kirk P H Sullivan and Coppélie Cocq (Eds. James. 2011. James. Format Magazine. “Virtual Worlds and Indigenous Knowledge: Learning to tell stories and make positive change across cultures”. References available upon request. “Learning Places: A case Study of Collaborative Pedagogy Using Online Virtual Worlds” Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom: Practical Approaches to Teaching in Virtual Worlds. “Rhetoric of the Holy in the Online Virtual World of Second Life”. interactions.” Indigenous Writing and Education.) London: Continuum. Karin Sporre and Gudrun Svedberg (eds. Changing Societies – Values. “En görandets humaniora: skapande i virtuella världar som pedagogiskt verktyg” Undervisning på tvären: student och lärarerfarenheter: den nionde universitetspedagogiska konferensen 25-26 februari 2009 Umeå: Universitetspedagogiskt Centrum. Jenna Ng (Ed.

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