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This Subject deals primarily with the concept of the Collective Consciousness.

It is an almost Universal belief (Nazis Notwithstanding) that Hitler was Evil, maybe even the Anti-Christ. And, as difficult as it is for Truly Enlightened beings to understand, just about everyone on the planet follows this belief. It is because of this universal belief that most people dont care about the suffering masses, or the outright oppression of minority groups, and the general feeling of Anger by the underclass. People also couldnt care less about the survival needs of anyone but themselves and their closest loved ones. Most people fail to see that they are destroying the Earth, the mother that gave their Earthly bodies life. All of this simply because their actions seek only to enhance their quality of life. So, how does Hitler fit into all of this? Well, via the collective consciousness. The Hitler experience was made possible as the result of group of consciousness. Most people think that Hitler manipulated his fellow countrymen with his famous rhetoric. However, this so conveniently perfect for people who want to lay the blame on him. In turn, the Germans would have the perfect patsy to draw blame, and attention away from them. Remember this; Hitler could do nothing without the cooperation and support and willing submission of millions of people. The Germans must assume a tremendous amount of blame for the holocaust. So do, to some degree the rest of those whom if did nothing else, allowed themselves to remain neutral, like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. This See No Evil mentality continued until it reached so massive a scale that even the most cold-hearted isolationists were no longer able to ignore the situation. It was indeed the collective consciousness that provided a perfect environment for

the proliferation of the Nazi movement. With that, Hitler seized the moment, but he did not, however create it. There is a lesson to be learned here. A group consciousness which speaks constantly of separation and superiority produces a loss of compassion and is inevitably followed by loss of conscience. A collective concept rooted in strict nationalism ignores the plights of others, yet makes everyone else responsible for yours, thus justifying retaliation, rectification and War. Auschwitz was the Nazi solution to an attempt to rectify the Jewish problem. The horror of the Hitler experience was not that he perpetrated it on the human race, but that the human race allowed him to. The most amazing thing was that a Hitler came along, but also so many others went along. The shame is not only that hitler killed millions of Jews, but following that, millions of Jews had to be killed was stopped. The purpose of the Hitler Experience was to show Humanity to itself. Hitler went to heaven because in actuality, he did nothing wrong. Hitler simply did what he did. Lets not forget that no one was calling Hitler wrong for several years. It after they had begun reaping what they sewed that the people began to turn against the man who They had given the power to commit those war crimes. Then the world finally decided that Hitler was wrong. Better put; The Worlds people made a new assessment of Who They Are, and Who They Chose To Be, in relationship to the Hitler experience. Hitler held up a yardstick, a parameter, a border against which we could measure and limit our ideas about ourselves. Jesus Christ, by the way, did the same thing on the other end of the spectrum. But again, why did Hitler go to heaven? Because he did not think he was doing something bad. In reality, Hitler thought he was actually helping people. This is what people fail to comprehend. No one does anything wrong given their model of the world. If you believe that Hitler acted in an insane manner and all the while was aware that he was insane then you understand very little of the complexity of the human experience. He thought he was doing Good for his people, and his people thought so too! That was the insanity of it! The largest part of the Nation agreed with him! It is not God who judges the actions of Man here in this lifetime. It is up to man. God simply observes what is so and experiences who and what he is through your consciousness.