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HRim in Starship Combat

Note: Stats presented here are to represent the

effectiveness of a HRim in combat with a starship. Since
HRim are Tech Level 28 artificially created life-forms,
they do not otherwise conform to the limits and rules
conventions of Starship Construction.

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Tonnage: Length: 700 to 1200 Lifespan:

1000 meters Immortal?
Maneuver: 7 Offense: 8 Defense: 7
Power: 11 Life: 7
Skill Pool Bonuses: HRim can get up to 3 Re-Rolls in
Offense, Maneuver and Power Systems.
Trans-Light Wave Speed: 5 Parsecs per day per
Maneuver Success.
Space/Time Senses: In-System(Deep Scan), 1
Gravitic Manipulation: HRim innately can generate
gravity fields, using them like both tractor beams and
weapons. (All Offense System results represent crushing
damage inflicted on an opposing vessel.)
Tractor Beam Capacity: 500,000 Tons (see Starships for
full rules on using Tractor Beams.)
Psionics: HRim are not per se Psionic, but have
"hard-wired" telepathic projectors used to communicate
with non-HRim. (range is limited to within a solar
system.) HRim save versus Psionics as an Iron Will Skill
of 9.

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Ramming: HRim can build up a cumulative number of

Defense System dice for every turn of Combat that it
withholds using it's standard Defense System. (To a
maximum number of turns equal to it's Defense.) The
HRim inflicts damage equal to it's Maneuver System die
Successes, and inflicts upon itself equal damage.
However, this damage is reduced by the accumulated
built up Defense System dice.
StarDive Capability: Maneuver Successes can be applied
to attempts to safely enter a star. (either for purposes of
evasion, or feeding.) Only 1 Maneuver System Die needs
a Success result for safely entering a star. In the event of
NO Successes, however, the HRim 1 System die per turn
it remains in the sun.
Nadir Pocket Access: though a HRim cannot utilize Nadir
capabilities, their gravitic manipulations allow them to
pull ships submerged within a Nadir Time/Space Pocket
back into normal space. The HRim needs to roll more
Maneuver Successes than the vessel that created the
Nadir Pocket. Note that HRim cannot access vessels that
have drawn themselves out of touch with normal
Space/Time, since for the HRim no time would have

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