Types of Female Orgasm

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Alexander:Did you know that women can experience many different types of orgasm ? How would it feel to be such a good lover that you know more about her body than she does ? Interesting question: how much do the vast majority of women know about this exciting subject ? Not much at all, let me tell you. And I had hundreds of women answering this question. Later, I was teaching those women things about their bodies they never knew. And everyone was very happy afterwards ! I don’t even talk about asking men this question. As a man, you are lucky if you know that women can have an orgasm at all. But, of course, there are a few men around who know a lot about this. How do I know ? I learned from them. The rest of male population is predominantly ignorant, and feel quite OK about it. What’s the origin of this problem ? The answer is simple, yet unexpected at the same time: there is strong fear of female sexuality in our society. But I digress. Let’s get back to the subject. Note to women:

For some women. there are very few men around to teach women about the wonder called the female body. Some women may prefer a light touch. That is why the clitoris is so responsive to certain kinds of touch. being one of the most nerve rich. After an orgasm. Its sensitivity varies greatly from woman to woman. Let’s begin with one orgasm you most probably know: 1. Metrosexuality has become a fashionable word. Looks like you were cheated. The Clitoral Orgasm:This orgasm is the result of clitoral stimulation. and give your woman a few minutes of rest. This kind of female orgasm can be given: Orally. imagine all the nerve endings in the penis poured into an area as small as a pea. However. you mixed liberation with good portion of hostility.Most women only know two of the types of orgasm their bodies are capable of. and this was great. I shall tell you how this happened: you took back many of your rights. (Whether or not they have actually experienced them is another question). And this is taking place in the post-Feminist world.. Let’s add some love and knowledge to the world of relationships and sexuality. Ripping off men's masculinity has been a great success . The clitoris is the most senstive area of the female body. If you are a guy.. let your partner do it for you. ladies. Knowledge dissolves ignorance. the clit may become extremely sensitive. Always use her own natural lubrication or a water-based lube. you should know that. . And this requires going a bit deeper and finding out what types of orgasms there are. Becoming a Sex Master starts from knowing exactly how to satisfy her. Nevertheless. Others may require much stronger stimulation. it’s good for the economy. it’s so sensitive that touching the clitoral glans directly is often uncomfortable or irritating. But in fact. The clitoris is so important to receiving pleasure that sexual arousal is always felt there on some level. Ask any woman and she will confirm this. but guide him as you would guide a blind man driving a bus on a busy street. it’s not the same for everyone. As a good lover. This includes precise knowledge of how to give her an orgasm. Love dissolves fear. Intensely pleasurable feelings start within the clitoris and send waves of pleasure throughout the body. but women are missing quite a lot. Note to men: So few men are good lovers. My advice to those women who complain that their partners have no idea of how to give it: “Lady.” With a hand. to the point of being painful.

this is a kind of female hard-on. varies greatly from person to person. or it may powerfully explode through the whole body. This kind of orgasm takes longer to achieve.With sex toys. but many women describe it as “less deep” than others. I use a lot of special Tantric sensual massage techniques for stimulating this area of woman’s body. In other words. The G-Spot OrgasmThis orgasm begins in the G-Spot. Nevertheless. of course. and may actually push out anything that was stimulating the vagina. but more deeply felt. 2. The Vaginal Orgasm:This kind of female orgasm begins in the vagina and either stays focused in the pelvic and lower stomach areas. this process is very similar to male arousal. Many women describe it as a very . In fact. They feel it as a pressure that slowly grows and explodes deep inside the vagina. The golden rule here is.” and if you touch it. and may stay there while climaxing. The only difference is that it all happens inside a woman’s vagina. The uterus. How does it happen ? During sexual arousal. Those contractions are quite strong. “Ladies always come first. A good lover will communicate with his woman and find out the best position for her to reach it. How does this kind of female orgasm feel to a woman ? This kind of female orgasm takes some time to build. This orgasm may also lead to female ejaculation (see the next section on squirting). and even anus may begin to contract. This. and rhythmic thrusting is often the best way to get there. Use lubrication here too ! How does this orgasm feel to a woman ? A clitoral orgasm can be very intense. pelvic muscles. the tissue surrounding the urethra becomes engorged with blood and the Paraurethral / Skenes glands produce and fill with prostatic fluid. This area on the front wall of the vagina becomes that same mysterious and sensitive spot … the G-Spot. As a result.” How does this kind of orgasm feel to a woman ? Many women describe it as “less intense” than a clitoral orgasm. or spreads from there. and good clitoral stimulation adds a lot to your sex life. it feels firm. it is extremely pleasurable. How to reach it: There are different ways of stimulating the G-Spot. A Sex Master will take care not to ejaculate too quickly. the urethral sponge becomes “erect. Rhythmic pushing or circular friction movements are the best for achieving this kind of orgasm. 3.

It releases negative emotions and fills a woman with light. erotic climax. Many women describe this orgasm as a kind of soft electricity bringing them to a sharp. and don't even realize where they are and what is going on around them. where a man is short-thrusting very deeply during intercourse. Note for single women: if you don’t have a partner or just want to experience this kind of orgasm on your own. go as deep as your fingers can reach. while some find it closer to an extremely strong vaginal orgasm. The Deep Spot Orgasm (The Posterior Fornix Orgasm)This kind of female orgasm is . here is the good news . bringing your partner to new heights of pleasure. This kind of female orgasm builds a very deep bond between a woman and her partner. I am serious. 6. so always ask your partner if she is comfortable with what you are doing. Simply said. In short. Keep this in mind when experimenting. this is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner front end of the vaginal tube. this powerful orgasm is achieved by using ancient Tantric techniques. but in this case. In other words. you just try to “scoop it out” with your middle finger. Squirting Orgasm (Female Ejaculation)This kind of female orgasm is so profound that it deserves a separate book of its own. and you can easily continue stimulation. Squirting makes other kinds of female orgasm look pale in comparison. deeply sensual pleasure. communication is the key here. euphoric energy and a feeling of fulfillment and peace. In any case. This kind of female orgasm can be given: With a hand.special.. your lover will love the fact that you even know about it. while some may not like it at all. it is perfectly possible ! 5. they are carried away for quite some time by the powerful wave of euphoric energy. I see it happening all the time.. The A–Spot Orgasm (The Anterior Fornix Orgasm)This kind of female orgasm is achieved by stimulation of an area deep in the vagina (about 7-10 cm. Basic missionary position. Using sex toys. or 3-4”) on the front wall. This is the most intimate and delightful thing your woman can share with you. the A-Spot does not become too sensitive. A few women find this orgasm very similar to the G-spot. It is the same wall where the G-Spot is situated. 4. After an orgasm. between the cervix and the bladder. Again. Use the same technique you use for stimulating the G-Spot. which builds until their whole lower stomach and pelvic area explodes. Often. Many women find the feeling incredibly pleasurable.

It is in the small area between the urethra and the vagina. Examples include orgasms experienced by many women during ordinary massage sessions. How do you treat it ? The same way you treat the clitoris. so very few women have ever experienced those sensations. The Skin OrgasmThis orgasm can be brought about by massaging certain areas of female body that are not directly connected to the sexual nervous system. sucking. The U-Spot OrgasmThis kind of female orgasm comes from the stimulation of a small area of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening. there is a powerful erotic response. Some women may feel as if they are having anal sex. 7. This depends very much on how sensitive their nipples are. The mouth orgasm can take place during any sensual oral activity such as kissing.” or. 9. make friends. The Oral OrgasmThis orgasm can be experienced by women who are very sensitive orally. Some women enjoy it a lot. They are: 8. face treatments at the cosmetologist.achieved by stimulating the area located almost all the way back in the deepest part of the back wall of the vagina. and many women feel a direct connection with their clitoris when their nipples are stimulated. Use both long and short strokes. The mouth plays a big role in the sexual nervous system. participate in discussions. or the tip of the penis. just before the cervix. . This kind of female orgasm get responses like: “I never felt like this before. A few more orgasms are not so common. get exclusive content. Many women describe the excitement as beginning in their lips and then spreading from the mouth to the genitals and all over the body. and you can even use two fingers if you like. The Breast OrgasmThis kind of female orgasm occurs during a peak of stimulation to the breasts. 10. Note: first find out what kind of feeling your partner has when you touch her cervix. or performing oral sex. licking. but not all of them can experience the breast orgasm. If this region is gently caressed with the finger. “What are you doing ? It’s amazing !” This particular area is not widely known. It's free ! Why wait for your life to get better ? Join the Cliff's List Community now ! Almost any woman can experience all of the above listed female orgasms. and some do not like it at all. Direct stimulation of the Deep Spot can cause very intense orgasms. Many women feel increased sexual excitement when their nipples are stimulated. and so on. the tongue. using “Come Hither” motions. Learn the art of seduction with others. This kind of female orgasm can be given with a hand. The nipples connect to nerves in the female genitals.

videos. or sexual behavior exhibited in front of others. Promo Alex MayAttention Men of Montreal: Who else wants to attend a private “Sexual Mastery” seminar with Alex May live on February 26th and 27th ? 30 Early Bird discount tickets available to Cliff's List Members only ! Be sure to mention that you heard about this offer on Cliff's List ! Share this on: • • • • • • • • • • • Average: 0 Your rating: None • • Login or register to post comments Τρα χ κ β α χ κ ΥΡΛ . Examples of such stimulation are movies. The Mental OrgasmThis kind of female orgasm can happen during visual and auditory stimulation. Women become so turned on that they can actually experience an orgasm from this excitement alone.11.

17:10 Alex May says: 1.16:35 tekniko says: I thought: 1) vaginal and I thought: 1) vaginal and g-spot orgasms were the same 2) deep spot and a-spot orgasms were the same 3) squirting was essentially a g-spot/vaginal orgasm at a different level of intensity • Login or register to post comments Wed. Also her sensations are completely different. 01/07/2011 . • Login or register to post comments Fri. I wish i could just get you guys close by and demonstrate. no they are not 2. It is a bit theoretical here. g-spot is different . no they are not 2. 01/06/2011 . two opposite places in her vagina 3. no they are not.6 comments Thu. no they 1. I just came beck from 1-0-1 where i was teaching the guy those 4 on a model. 01/12/2011 . she can have plenty of g-spot orgasms without loosing a drop of ejaculate.10:51 wildthing says: .

disgust and disdain. directly supports pineal gland in the brain. refers to these two female essences. All are liberated from some sleeping. Laurence Gardner. mentioned by the wife of Solomon in the Old Testament chapter The Song of Solomon. So the so-called squirting fluid should not be soaked up in towels for fear of causing an inconvenient laundry situation. Mainly men devoted to the just and wise leadership of their communities. The symbols of the lily and the rose. and other brain chemicals. and their protection from ignorant and power-seeking invaders. melatonin (enlightenment hormone. Realm of the Ring Lords. I don't have first hand experience with this aspect of Star Fire Essences. More references to the history can be found in the most astonishing book. helps cells reproduce closer to perfect). Menstrual blood was also an Essence cultivated and ceremonially drunk. Modern science confirms the high content of telomerase (fountain of youth. Ancient ordained leaders of humanity (and perhaps others of their communities who were granted knowledge of these mysteries) cultivated and drank this Essence of Woman in order to nourish extraordinary powers of mind and body. leaving us with a legacy of ignorance. Is that any of you? • Login or register to post comments Wed. and Amrita (India). But consider Sleeping Beauty. And here's where we get the idea of the blood-sucking vampire: church propaganda. Not sure how this is done. power and enlightenment in men. among other things. Ancient words for these sacred secretions were Star Fire Essence (European). by perhaps the greatest historian of our or any age. Roman Catholic Church demonized these essences and the practice of evoking and drinking them. 01/12/2011 . oppressed. since it is generally a flatish shape. And men produce a similar essence equally empowering to women. Cinderella and Rapunzel. imprisoned state by a courageous man.Drink the nectar The fluid that is ejaculated by a woman has been honored as a Sacred Secretion by those in the know. and so plan to go slowly and monitor carefully. seeking out others who are practicing.17:09 Alex May says: . I do believe there are further mysteries associated with this practice. but we can easily figure out how to harvest this most precious of elixirs. but Collected and Drank! I've read that the ancients used a fig leaf to catch the ejaculate. but am cautiously optimistic about experimenting. These are hidden symbols (called twilight language) for the re-empowerment of this sexual power in women to produce the most potent substances for the nourishment of longevity. the light-sensitive gland).

but am cautiously optimistic about experimenting"? • Login or register to post comments Mon.12:05 Roberto says: 11 Types of Orgasms Alex.. Please don't take offense if I pause to compare our reality maps for .. 08/18/2011 . Women can experience anal orgasms. It may be a lips orgasm because of the many nerve endings. I'm not too sure about the term. What do you exactly mean by "I don't have first hand experience with this aspect of Star Fire Essences. The u-spot can be included. and it's very right-on that you're looking outside the vag-clit oligarchy for sources of female pleasure. Isn't a womans' body. Thanx for sharing! I especially don't disclose this much because many guys are a bit turned off (to say at least) by the idea of drinking her ejaculate. There is a direct link from the butt.Very few people have come-up with a list of the types of orgasms a woman can have.Great info! Thannx for Great info. nipple (as you stated) and many more areas on a woman that go to the vagina. deep-spot (front wall and rear wall) and cervix orgasms. mouth orgasm. knowledge and teaching were taught about a mans' sexuality. women can experience 20+ types of orgasms. g-spot.19:01 unDeadLugosi says: Accolades and Additions I'm delighted to see how much thought and energy are being put into the female orgasm. From my experiences. • Login or register to post comments Thu. 01/17/2011 .Good for you! I believe vaginal orgasms consists of. foot. amazing! It would be great if more attention.

no sensuality . So I guess what I'm saying is that from my experience. no stroking.better understanding of the terrain.no fantasy. When an orgasm is small or unsatisfying. limbs writhing -when the orgasm hits then. and not worry about orgasms 'coming from' one location or another as when you're doing it right a woman seems to orgasm spontaneously in every nerve ending in her being. it is long and pure and godlike. it is generally because too little of the person was brought into the sensual/sexual experience. In my experience all orgasm exists on a continuum regardless of which body parts are involved in generating it. When a person has lost themselves completely to a sensual moment -. . A lovely experience to be sure. the next one is easier and fuller. nostrils flaired.then the orgasm they get is a mechanical opperation. pupils dialated. no visual or audio mood. breath panting. and the next until they basically lose the ability to form sentient thought and pass out beyond your ability to wake them. and all of a persons body and mind can be brought to bear into said creation. everyone should explore the sensual delight that Every Inch of a woman's body can bring her. If a person is 'jerked off' either with a fist around their cock or finger wagging on their clit . back arching. and the next. skin flushed. but why bother when it can be So Much Better. The great thing about fucking a woman is that each orgasm you bring them to leaves the ground work for the next (that and the fact that after #3 they tend to worship you as a god). Once you've lead them over the edge of the world once.eyes glazed.

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