Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. I quit such an odious subject as soon as I can.

It comes as a great shock to discover that the flag to which I, we have pledged allegiance, along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to us. But still I¶m a citizen of this very motherland. How could I leave her to such pithy politicians and all those immoral and unfaithful persons who have sold their wisdom for a few pennies? I...could not help reflecting in my way upon the singular ill-luck of this my dear country, which, as long as ever I remember it, and as far back as I have read, has always been governed by the only two or three people, out of two or three millions, totally incapable of governing, and unfit to be trusted.

This single word has taken the whole nation into a girth of omnipresent darkness of innocence and injustice to every soul not in alliance with money or power. The whole society has been inoculated with this senile act that none of us is daring to think of a place where proceedings take place without any pain to poor and pious people. Think corruption and the first image that runs through ournerves is that of politicians. Enveloped in sheer white, lies a den of iniquity, with utmost priority to their own progenity¶s future on cost of the nation¶s present. The ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. But our present politicians are following the rule: ³you should have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn¶t happen.´ Politics, a pithy play of powerful people is being played by men without ideals and without greatness.

the hopes of its children. every undeserved person selected for a job without fulfilling the requisites. He is selected as a Junior Engineer in Water works . This nation It is spending the hard earned money of its labourers and farmers. a theft from those who hunger and are not fed.(famous for dacoits) to complete his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. With a passion to serve the nation in his heart. and most importantly the sweat of a common man. the genius of its scientists. every favour made to one¶s family on the account of power in his hands signifies.Every single black money that is made. those who are cold and are not clothed. Mahesh Chand Sharma is one of those few billion innocents who are a constant sufferer of the fire ignited by this weed. the smallest district of Rajastan. this young lad becomes the first person from Dhaulpur. in the final sense. a pious mind towards his work.

Every panellist asks questions to their maximum possible knowledge of the subject and he answers each of them. Sharma.´ ³Haven¶t those persons sitting in the panel understood that I won¶t make them happy.E):Please be seated Mr. Interview Chief Mechanical Engineer (C. ³Sharma ji! You still want to be an ADME.M.Sharma smiles in contempt at him and enters the hall in the same fashion as he has done for the last 5 times.´ Mr.[Makes a devilish laughter as he finishes] Panellist 1: What are the upper limits for proper functioning of the induction motor in an engine? Sharma: Sir. Pannelist 1:Don¶t try to act over smart. remembering the Goddess Saraswati and touching the answer sheet to his forehead. He competes for the Railway Recruitment Exam and secures 4th rank in Northern Zone. and 55kmph if it is an electrical engine manufactured in India. the induction motor will be running smoothly till the engine attains a speed of 65kmph for a diesel engine manufactured by General Motors. 7 transfer cases 5 failed attempts«for Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer Arrives in the examination hall for his 6th attempt. they both smile at each other. meets the peon in between. Haven¶t you understood till now that you can¶t be an ADME until you make those persons sitting in the panel happy.Department at an age of 22 but quits his job to be away from the under-the ±table activities prevalent over there. at this age! Go home and lead a comfortable life with youc wife and children. We¶re bored to see you again. .

if you are interested. we¶re considerate towards you. Tell us. The water drunk by CME has been gulped. You didn¶t even contact any of us prior to the inreview. ³Ne«Ne. rest 8 candidates have sent some special thing to all our quarters to impress our wives and children while you were busy calculating the efficiency of an engine. Research Design and Standards Organisation .Next´ He stammers to the peon standing and watching the scene. but just login as a contributor to the profit that we all are going to make in future. He has understood that today he has been discarded by Mr. Mr. digested and appears as sweat on his face. CME throws Mr. Sharma: Sir. Sharma¶ file of his past achievements and research works and takes glass of water in a grand style as if celebrating his victory over his dupe. This time. We¶re not asking you to bribe us. Sharma.CME:Accha Sharma. a common man. And« and it has become an investment business where you will be benefitted in long run. Sharma walks out with an indefatigable face and a smile on his face.. This post endows you the powers o my dear friend that will lead you to a far more luxurious life than before. Do you know. Thank You. I would better remain on this side of the table. you¶re different from other candidates. I¶m seeing for last 5 times and one simple thing is not getting into your head that this whole system has a bug running right from the core to its outermost level. Even we¶re sitting on this side of the table after passing through your situation. A mysterious silence conquers the room much the same way in a losing team¶s dressing room post-match. We are trying to make you understand this simpe thing for the last 10 years but you¶re such a dumbass.

Ignorance is an evil weed. but which no society can afford among its citizens. greed and ruthless desire for self-advancement on cost of degradation of public/organisation assets and productivity This society needs a drastic change in its framework« The commitment . Roots of Corruption Peer pressure« selfishness. Man is a history-making creature who can neither repeat his past nor leave it behind. which the society may cultivate among their dupes.

. we step into a shining India.Any great nation or any great personality will have one thing in common«the commitment to their work« Someone is committed to take his pomeranian daily on an excursion at 6am regardless of the weather outside«. P. We never know if there can be a corruption free state. the mother and the teacher. customers rather than only an individual or a family then only a great nation is formed« Quoting one of the brightest minds in Indian politics. when our young minds care of our own motherland without being tempted to serve the foreign nation for a few pennies. when our farmers can dare to raise their fields without any help from the unscrupulous zamindars." The first step or the revolution has to be ignited at home. blinding the people at the pinnacle level. it shall be the day when we step out of the Rs. We never know if there can be a corruption free state. Abdul Kalam. Dr. A. 30 poverty line. They are the father."If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds. glorious as our past has been. it flows like a dust storm from the bottom. Then. but if it ever happens. but if it ever happens. I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. J.someone is committed to say ³I Love You´ to his spouse every morning before going to work« When our commitments benefit a larger scale of people.