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Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project

Report of the First Half of the Year January-June 2008

Elizabeth Ongoro Masha. However there was relative calm in the 2nd quarter and project activities were carried out effectively without hitches. Project Goal and Specific Objectives The Koch FM’s Mobilizing Community Participation in Governance project has specific objective to empower the Korogocho community to actively participate in governance and policy formulation processes from the grassroot to the national level. Induction of Village Based Forum Facilitators. At the same time communities will be Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project. Mbole Introduction The Koch FM’s Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project in the 1st half of this year saw the implementation of various activities which included. The spirit of partnership continued in this period which saw Koch FM interacting with other partners and instrumental individuals like the area member of parliament Hon. Community Outreach Department . drought condition.Koch FM Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Organization Project: Submitted by: Report period: Submit to: Koch FM Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Tom Mboya January-June 2008 Wasye. etc.) In the 1st quarter of the year there was tension occasioned by the violence which was witnessed in the country upon the disputed presidential elections of December 27th 2007. Mobilisers and Ropporteurs • Mobilising for and Conducting 8 Village Based Forums • Making and planting 2 Community Notice boards • Launching the Community Notice boards/Celebrating Koch FM’s 1st Anniversary These activities were carried out in Korogocho and this report provides a detail to project activities and resulting outputs. Daniel Moschete and village elders. Fr. Chief Ms Risper Atubukha. Highlights of the 1st Half  Local prevailing conditions (Weather. security. Project activities are aimed at engaging key stakeholders including Korogocho Community in active/popular participation in governance and management and monitoring of the Constituency Development Fund [CDF] and the Local Authority Transfer Fund [LATF].

The team was given background of project activities. Community Outreach Department . Accomplishment of the 1st Half Narrative summary of the accomplishment The project accomplished a number of results as planned in the beginning of the year namely: I. Mobilisers and Rapporteurs The objective of the 4 day activity was to impart facilitation. II. The activity saw the convening of 15 K-Crew members. mobilisation and report writing skills for K-Crew members who would be the implementers of the planned activities. The induction of the Village Based Forums’ (VBF) Facilitator. The forums reached a total of 410 people in the entire 9 villages of Korogocho and produced the recommendations below. The team was taken through the following topics. The partnership between NCA and Koch FM was explained and the need to focus on project issues emphasized. use and monitoring of the funds. • Workshop preparation and facilitation • Community Participation • The Devolved Funds • Mobilisation • Monitoring [the devolved funds] • Workshop/Activity Report Writing The team also discussed on projected impacts and developed a VBF work plan. 1. its objectives and result areas. Mobilisation for and Conducting the Village Based Forums (8) Village Based Forums were a one day activity which provided a platform for the community to not only get information on the devolved funds and especially Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and Local Authority Transfer Fund (LATF) but also find means of how they will participate in the management. A report of the induction is available and can be forwarded to you should you request.engaged in a participatory and interactive radio programme to share experiences and ideas on socio-economic and governance issues. which they asked us to forward to the area member of parliament and we managed to successfully give the recommendations to the MP during the official launch of the Community Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project. The K-Crew Team managed to undertake [successfully] the 8 VBF as planned.

This will not only give them a feeling of “it is one of our own” but will also give the representatives moral authority and legitimacy to speak on behalf of the people. II. b) Monitoring and Evaluation • That there be Frequent Consultations and Accountability Forums. Community Outreach Department . All the VBF were well documented and each has it’s report which we can also give if requested for.Notice boards. The Accountability Forums should be atleast twice a year c) Economic Empowerment • Priority should be given to the people living around the project area when employing the people to implement the projects.i The Recommendations: a) Management and Decision Making • That the intention of the funds is to improve the living conditions of the people and it is the people who knows best how and what they need for positive change • That they appreciate the decision to have sub committees of the thematic areas but they would be comfortable if they would elect the committees directly. • That the people are the ones who should identify and prioritize the projects to be implemented by the Constituency Development Committee (CDC). The sessions will be used to give feedback to the people on the progress of the projects and financial status. This will not only provide them with income but also give security to the projects d) Legislation • That the area MP should move a bill in Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project. This will promote community ownership of the project.

This major activity was also attended by Paul Mbole of Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and representatives of other partner organizations like Umande Trust. The Community Notice Boards are Koch FM’s strategy to take information closer to the people. Pamoja FM and Ghetto FM just to name but a few.e. The groups and the elders of the two villages welcomed the project and are very much supportive. The one day event also saw Koch FM rewarding various community groups. She promised to work on the recommendations. National AntiCorruption Campaign Steering Committee. Ground Preparation for Planting of the Notice Boards (FGDs) In order to have the community living around the places where the notice boards were to be planted appreciate and take care of the boards. The participants were entertained by a pool of 20 groups of artists. III. The notice boards were strategically planted in two villages namely: Grogan “A” and “B”. Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project.000 people. World Vision. The event provided a good platform for the partners to share ideas and experiences with the community and also gave the area MP an opportunity to commit herself to the people in regard to the VBF Recommendations. The event provided us with an opportunity to give the VBF Recommendations to the MP. A position will be reached at in the 1st month of the third quarter. Proposal for people to use the boards at a fee has been forwarded and Koch FM and the community groups (which will be in charge of the boards are yet to agree on the idea. The discussions attracted participation of eleven groups i. Production and planting of 2 Community Notice Boards The 1st half saw production and planting of two [out of intended 8] community notice boards in Korogocho. Community Outreach Department . The K-Crew and the artist had an opportunity to have a deserved dinner at the end of the event where they also discussed future cooperation. The boards will also be used as community focus group discussion points and information dissemination centres. IV.the house to amend the CDF Act to provide for direct election of the CDC by the people. six in Grogan “A” and five in Grogan “B”. V. Launch of the Community Notice Boards & Celebration of Koch FM’s 1st Anniversary The event that was graced by the area MP Hon Elizabeth Ongoro attracted participation of over 5. Hakijamii Trust. the period saw undertaking of two focussed group discussions in Grogan “A” and “B”. organizations and personalities for their good work in the community. She promised to look at the recommendations and act appropriately. She further congratulated Koch FM for the good work and invited the station manager and activities coordinator to his office for further consultations on the recommendations and the way forward.

Researching/collect ing information on CDF projects in Kasarani 3.3. Mobilisation for the VBFs Records/Data on CDF projects available Participants prepared and given invitation to attend the Forums Venue identified/booke d and all the logistics prepared Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project. This is the total number of people that attended the 8 forums 2. Community Outreach Department . It attracted participation of 20 KCrew members ii) Action plan for the Village Based Forums and the production and launch of the community notice boards was developed iii) Responsibilities for the facilitators. Induction of the K-Crew Team The entire KCrew equipped with full information about the project including expected output Plan of action and allocation of duties and responsibilities i) Induction exercise was successful. Quantitative Summary Table Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project Activity as in the Indicator Comment This section explains reasons Log frame & why there is a difference timeline between the planned and the ( all activities earmarked for the 1st half of the year ) achieved activities in design. (For both the over performance and the underperformance) 1. approach etc. mobilisers and rapporteurs were defined Managed to get records of the past projects/allocations/st atus/ CDC members and more on CDF A total of 410 were reached.

Launch of the Community Notice Boards/Anniversary celebration The Boards planted The CNB officially launched by the area MP K-Crew. Village Based Forums 5. They provided space for the 2 Boards. Planting the Notice Boards 8. Korogocho Community and partners gather at the community centre for Anniversary celebrations Successes Achievements to date • 20 K-Crew Team inducted • Undertaking the 8 Village Based Forums without hitches • Getting peoples’ recommendations on Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project. Tendering for Community Notice Boards (CNB) 6. Over 5000 people witnessed MP receiving the recommendations of the VBF ii) The MP expressed her appreciation and invited Station Manager and Activities Coordinator to her office for further consultations on the recommendations 7. ii) Groups around the boards agreed on monitoring and taking care of the Boards The CNB were planted in Grogan “A” & “B” villages i) The events were successful.4. Community Outreach Department . Ground preparation for planting of the Community Notice boards (Focus Group Discussions) All the 8 VBFs undertaken Technical welders interested submitted their bid Village elder and groups around the area consulted on the usage of the board and place of mounting All the forums were successfully undertaken One bidder was selected and contracted to produce the two notice boards i) Village elders of Grogan “A” & “B” were very much supportive.

000 10.000 100. Communication 10. 8 Village Based Forums 2. Salary 12.• • • • • • • • Challenges management/participation in CDF Giving the recommendations to the MP in the presence of the community crowd MP accepting to come and officially launching the community notice boards MP giving invitation for further consultations Production and planting of 2 Community Notice Boards Organizing groups around the Notice Boards Celebrating Koch FM’s first Anniversary Responding to the expectations of the community. Transport 11. Financial Report Total amount received from NCA KES. 2 Focus Group Discussions 4.200 69. Generator fuel 9.000 2.000 3.000 90.000 2. Timely communication bearing in mind that we are not connected to the internet and has to look for such services elsewhere 4. Newspaper 7.000 Budget Items Expenditure 1.000 499. 2 Community Notice Boards (CNB) 3. Community Outreach Department . Total 5.100 211. 500.000 4. Printer tonner 8. CNB Launch/Anniversary 5.800 Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project.500 3. Studio Utilities 6.

He is also more than willing to furnish you with any other supportive document that you may require Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project. Please note that a detailed financial report will be forwarded to you by our finance manager.13. Balance 200 Note: This is a general report of financial expenditure. Community Outreach Department .

000 10. Community Outreach Department . Plan of Action for the Third Quarter Koch FM Mobilizing Community Participation in Governance Work plan for the third quarter Core result area Specific Estimate Month result/Activity d cost 7 8 9 (Kshs) Identifying the Evaluation 41. challenges.000 112.500 M.000 41. notices access point Compiled status report FGD reports Getting a place to plant the CNB and people to manage the board Improvement of presenters output Effective flow of project implementation 15.1.000 strengths.720 14.000 operations and CDF projects Public Audit of the CDF Taking Information closer to the people Organizing Community Notice Board vigilance group Presenters Capacity Building Administration Community Accountability Forum Production and mounting of 3 Community Notice Boards 3 Focus Group Discussions (FGD) 1 Day Training Salary Newspaper Electricity bill Generator’s fuel 76.V Evaluation Report Milestones Clarity on where we are coming from and way forward Clarification on emerging issues on the usage and management of the fund Forum report/VCD Community getting financial report from the CDC Community Notice Community having Board information.000 Training report Payment Voucher Voucher/Receipt Bills Receipts Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project.250 72. weaknesses and charting way forward Situational analysis of current CDC Monitoring CDF 68.o.000 3.

000 Receipts Vouchers/Receipts Receipts Receipts/Vouchers TOTAL BUDGET 479.Printing papers Transport Communication Studio Utilities 1.000 5.67 0 Koch FM’s First Half Narrative Report (January-June 2008) Mobilising Community Participation in Governance Project.200 10.000 10. Community Outreach Department .

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