WHAT IS GOD? Written by Baron Eugene Fersen God is All Life, Intelligence, Law and Love.

He is the Life which sustains the whole Universe, the Intelligence which guides the whole Universe, the Law which protects the whole Universe, and the Love which holds together everything in a sense of Harmony. The Father of the Universe is the One who Creates, Constitutes, Governs, Sustains and contains All. The word God does not mean anything to a person unless he has a preconceived idea of it. The Masons called God, the Great Architect, the Great Builder. It is difficult in present world conditions to believe there is a God. Yet we must believe that the fundamental Principle of Life exists. Plants in the Spring are regenerated. Science has proven there is energy, and energy is Life. Everything in the Universe pulsates, or moves, and that is Life. Life is a word coined by us to explain the functioning of energy. Energy is the foundation of life, and is Life. No one can deny there is an extraordinary Intelligence, which has constituted everything in its place. No one can deny, even in this lawless community which we call Humanity, that Law does not exist. Laws cannot be abolished. We have to recognize them. All evil in this world is due to violation of Laws. This violation causes friction, and in friction there is always loss. Proper working of Laws has no friction. Laws still work, but we are not in tune with them. The Power which we call Love is sustaining us, holding us together. Remove the Power from our body, and the body dies. Remove It from our heart and we become cold, hard-hearted.

Only Infinity KNOWS Itself. and Infinity is God. we will always be exploring God. The word Infinity means no end. . no Spirit will ever understand Infinity and Eternity. so complicated. This will always be very interesting. Also Eternity is God. The concept of God is so colossal that our human mind can only touch a fraction of it. Through the whole of Eternity. then we would merge with God. Modern people are so sophisticated. No Being. that they want complicated answers. and learning more of It. We must approach It from all sides.We cannot explain the Unexplainable in a way. The simplest things are usually the greatest. If we were to finally grasp God.

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