The profile and skills for the telecom systems as well as the software testing are listed.

Systems Manager Coordinates and oversees project assignments with appropriate staff and/or vendors; participates in the research and evaluation of computer, network, intranet/internet and telecommunications technologies. Application Software Development Assists staff in the analysis and design of application software which assists in solving customer identified problems; tests the computer application software, ensures the output is appropriate; supports, supervises, and assists in planning, analysis, design, testing, and implementation of customized computer programs; assists unit/department staff in the use of Computer Assisted Software Engineering software; develops project work plans, timelines, and deliverables for each phase of a project plan; develops systems to oversee and enforce system integrity, security, application and standards; develops and enforces system, application, and customer documentation; coordinates with staff regarding installation of the application, production implementation, and assists in solving of any problems related to the output from the application. Local and Remote Area Network Participates in designing and evaluating local or remote network systems; directs staff in overseeing the operation of the network(s); participates in the testing and evaluation of network software packages; assists in installing and maintaining both software packages and operating systems; ensures network security and monitors access; reviews network traffic and utilization data modifying systems as necessary; performs research and evaluates new technologies in the network area; consults with computer vendors to assist in solving network problems; evaluates new hardware or software. Operation of Computer Production Systems Supports and assists in the operation of various computer production systems; meets with unit/department staff to analyze and determine printed and magnetic production output requirements; develops and implements operation procedures which meet or exceed standards; responsible for maintaining a computer operations billing system and assists in solving billing concerns. Support Functions Meets with unit/department staff and serves as liaison to plan, and analyze, hardware and software that provides service and support for the telecommunications systems; coordinates with staff and vendors regarding the installation and modification to the telecommunications systems; monitors security

characterization. consults with vendors as needed to assist in solving telecommunications problems. installation and supervision of subcontractors and liaison with customers Knowledge -Working knowledge of local and wide area networks.and access to various features of the telecommunications systems. -knowledge of computer hardware job control language. LAN gateways. design and code generation and implementation of software application programs. record storage for both local and distributed . monitors and assists in the telephone billing process. maintains supply inventory and records of telecommunications equipment. computer software packages. personal computer connectivity. -principles and methods of strategic planning with knowledge in information engineering and the principles of planning. computer software code generators. works closely and cooperatively with other Sacramento County Office of Education programs to implement access to the Internet. analysis. performance verification and interface testing ‡ Provide sales and marketing of technical expertise including preparation and support for bid and product development activities ‡ Assist in the quality management of the group ensuring adequate documentation including test plans. WiMAX etc) ‡ Conduct system and network performance analysis. researches and evaluates new technologies in telecommunications area. ‡ Lead a technical team in designing and implementing data/voice/video networks over VSAT and related system turnkey solutions (eg digital microwave. procedures and reports ‡ Build up the technical capability of the group including managing adequate technical training to system engineering staff ‡ Plan and manage the technical activities for various communication projects and providing task directions to other members of the team in line with the broader directions of project management ‡ Implement technical solution to resolve integration problems ‡ Perform and manage system integration. computer software utilities. computer operating systems. internetworking. data communications.

newspapers. . identifying cause/effect relationships. -prioritize requests. analyze.organize. implement simple to complex software application solutions. interpreting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Judgement Committing to an action after developing alternative courses of action that are based on logical assumptions and factual information and that take resources. and applying information presented in trade journals. schedule. interpret and apply technical data processing manuals and relateddocuments. relating and comparing data from different sources. ================================================ GENERAL SKILLS SKILLS AND ABILITIES Analysis Securing relevant information and identifying key issues and relationships. generate code. design. Skills and Abilities -Lead and/or participate in team development of computer software application programs. -read. -prepare clear and concise written communications and make oral presentations. -communicate effectively in bothtechnical and nontechnical terms. -plan. constraints and organisational values into consideration. and coordinate a variety of activities and projects.environments. and magazines. -keep current by reading. -research technical manuals and guides to respond to questions and solve computer problems. -establish and maintain cooperative working conditions with those contacted duringthe course of work.ability to learn new software packages andadapt to changes in technology. test. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

keeping abreast of current developments and trends in areas of expertise. and facilitation of. being aware of the effect of one's behaviour on others. modifying behaviour to accommodate tasks situations and individuals involved. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Individual Leadership Using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to inspire and guide individuals towards goal achievement. communicating expectations about tasks and deadlines. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Planning and Organising Establishing a course of action *or sequence of activities to accomplish a specific goal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Teamwork/Collaboration Active participation in. planning proper assignments of people and allocating resources.-----------Decisiveness Making timely decisions judgements. requirements and problem areas. taking actions when appropriate. committing to position ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Technical/Professional Knowledge Having achieved a satisfactory level of technical and professional skills/knowledge in job-related areas. team effectiveness. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . taking actions that demonstrate consideration of the feelings and needs of others. developing contingency plans focusing energy and time on priority goals.

anticipating customer needs. Taking action to achieve goals beyond what is necessarily called for.Sensitivity Taking action that indicates a consideration for the feelings and needs of others. and the community in which the individual will live and work are consistent with the type of environment that provides personal satisfaction. subordinates. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meeting Leadership (Facilitation) Using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to motivate and guide a meeting toward its objectives. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Customer Service Orientation Making efforts to listen and understand customers (both internal and external). and the organisation. being dissatisfied with average performance. being aware of the impact of one's behaviour on others. others. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Initiative Active attempts to influence events to achieve goals. self-starting rather than passive acceptance. giving high priority to customer satisfaction. the degree which the work itself is personally satisfying. originating action. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Work Standards Setting high goals or standards of performance for self. self imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed by others. modifying behaviour according to tasks and individual present. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Motivation Fit The extent to which job activities and responsibilities. the organisation's mode of operation and values.

compromising when appropriate. and evaluation performance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maximising Performance Establishing performance goals. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Control Establishing procedures to monitor the results of delegations. assignments or projects taking into consideration the skills. knowledge and experience of the assigned individual and the characteristics of the assignment. . Tolerance for Stress Maintaining stable performance under pressure and/or opposition (eg time pressure. others and organisation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Innovation Generating and/or recognising imaginative. creative solutions in work related situations. skills and potential effectively. utilising subordinates' time.Negotiation Effectively exploring alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain all parties'support and acceptance. relieving stress in a way that is acceptable to the person. Rapport Building Creating continuing compatibility. getting along well. job ambiguity). providing training. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Delegation Allocating decision-making authority and task responsibilities to appropriate subordinates. pro-actively developing relationships. coaching performance.

when given time for preparation (includes gestures and non-verbal communication). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oral Communications Expressing ideas effectively in individual and group situations (includes non verbal communication). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.Adaptability Maintain effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks. responsibilities and people. correct grammar and language or terminology that is adjusted to the characteristics or needs of the audience. Oral Presentation Effective expression when presenting ideas or concepts to an individual or to group. PRESENTATION @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ SOFTWARE TESTING . adjusting language or terminology to characteristics or needs of the audience. reports. letters or other documents with appropriate organisation and structure.I Written Communication Expressing ideas clearly in memoranda.

-Fluent in the use of software support products such as text editors.Interface with Product Team concerning test plans. . codes. . and operational software issues. . and email tools. test procedures. Develops and/or enhances test scripts and test procedures.Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools -Test Documentation standards . -Fluent level of proficiency in a computer operating system such as NT.Software development methodologies . -Working knowledge of project management techniques-Working knowledge of the system-engineering life cycle for large software projects. -Excellent verbal and written communication skills.Develop system test plans and interface tests. Unix. Skills. . -Working knowledge in . and/or enhances test programs based on system requirements. Python.Investigate and analyzes software problems and generate Operations Problem Reports as required. . . . . or VMS.-Design.Prepare test reports that summarize the overall test activity and results for a specific software build.Establish and/or maintains software benchmarks for performance analysis. . Knowledge. web-browsers.Provide user training (hands on and/or documentation) with delivered operational software. C++. -Proven ability to establish and maintain effective professional working relationships. -Expert in the use of software testing methodologies. . -Acknowledged technical leadership in test related activities.Perform regression test of software subsystems and individual Software Problem Reports (SPRs).Perform Test Coordinator duties for a specific software build or subsystem. and Abilities: -Fluent in the use of software development techniques and practices.Document regression test (maintains the subsystem test document) and individual test procedures. Tcl or Java. -Working knowledge of a high level or scripting language such as C.Provide training to other Test personnel in all software-related activities.

Project Management Tools . Has a strong understanding of the knowledge/skill area and is able to apply it very effectively.Ability to meet deadlines and deliver with high quality . Challenges others to think critically in solving problems. Problem Solving § Efficiently and creatively solves difficult. Understands functional and technical skills in closely related areas ( e.Configuration management . Accurately defines the amount and kind of information that must be gathered for problem solving. Facilitates or leads effective problem solving in meetings and groups. Anticipates and proactively works to circumvent roadblocks to solutions. as well as work in a team environment .Software Quality Assurance . complex problems that affect other groups. Identifies underlying or hidden problems or trends across groups..Ability to work independently.Automated software testing tools .g. Functional/Technical Skills § Considered a Domain expert. Seldom needs to ask others for advice in this area. both oral and written @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ WHAT THE INDUSTRY DEMANDS FROM THE FRESHERS.Good communication skills. hardware engineering)..Test environment/data development AND DEVELOPED Core competencies: . .SQL .Solid problem solving and debugging skills .

Focuses others to drive for results. Defines situations for self and others in ways that provide as much focus as possible in dynamic situations. Never completely satisfied. Dealing with Ambiguity § Takes effective action without having to know the total picture or having all of the facts at hand. .Drive for Results § Self motivated. intended results. Holds people accountable for meeting commitments and getting results. Readily and easily switches gears in response to unexpected events and circumstances. Refuses to be paralysed by uncertainty or ambiguity. Reinforces successful achievement of tangible. always looks for ways to improve the long-term results of the company. influencing them to persevere when faced with difficulties and setbacks. Capable of guiding others work assignments and problems in terms of results to be achieved.

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