Executive Summary 1. 2. 3. 4. Introduction -200 Job Flexibility and its types -400 Importance of job flexibility -500 Helps in costing cutting related to -1200 4. a. Turnover 4. b. Health care 4. c. Overhead 4. d. Labor 4. e. Quality 4. f. Legal fees 5. Discussion 6. Conclusion 7. References -200 -200

Executive Summary

the discussion draws its conclusion in favour of job flexibility which is the need of the hour. With this bird’s eye view. retain skilled employees. It is the prime duty of the organization to nurture a conducive atmosphere for the employee in order to establish efficiency in work. leave and quality. The essay then centers on the different types of job flexibilities that would support an organization in creating a healthy rapport with its workforce making them dedicated and accountable in terms of time. The important asset of an organization is its employees. and increase the . retain skilled workforce and at the same time help the organization forge ahead with high productivity. Adequate care must be taken to make sure that the strategies followed are effective enough to strike a balance between the employer and the employee.This essay discusses about flexibility in general and in particular about job flexibility among organizations and how it turns out to be a boon that blesses both the benefactor and the beneficiary in striking a balance between work and life. It highlights the cost cutting factors that are associated in terms of flexibility which at the same time brings in a lot of cash inflow to the organization. It further advocates the importance of flexibility with which an organization can win the support of its employees. Benefits INTRODUCTION An organization is a place where there is a culmination of strategic plans to be targeted. Each organization adopts different work plans to suit the workplace and the work condition.

“when there is good match between the rewards offered by a job and the needs of the employee. when and where the target is to be reached and set the time clock to accomplish the task and decide on the man hour and power that is necessary. For example subsidized meal. Temporal flexibility focuses on varied working hours as that of full time and part time. Functional flexibility. Compressed work week 6. Multi Tasking. visiting and out sourcing. Meal flexibility 3. 2011] Apart from Atkinson’s model flexibility can be classified under the following heads 1.[Atkinson. temporal and Locational. then positive job attitudes will result”[Sara A. 2. Numerical flexibility refers to flexibility in the number of staff such as temporary. Flex leaves 7. Flex time 4. 2004]. Flex location Equipment flexibility gives an opportunity for the employee to be facilitated with easy handy equipment that support and make his work easy as in the case of telecommuniting. Part time jobs 5. By this an organization could decide on how. flexibility is of five different types based on functional. One such condition is flexibility at work. Meal flexibility enables an employee to be confined to his work spot instead of utilizing much time at home and around hunting for his best meal and in the bargain he runs short of his work employee is given flexibility in his task apart from following the traditional limitations. . Flex careers 8. Financial flexibility is in sequence with performance scale as that of profit sharing and loss of pay.productivity and at the same time allowing the employees to maintain a work life balance. JOB FLEXIBILITY AND ITS TYPES According to Atkinson’s Flexibility Model (1984). permanent. Equipment flexibility. financial. Locational flexibility works in terms of flexible workplace as in telecommunicating and work from home. numerical. Example.

IMPORTANCE OF FLEXIBILITY “Flexibility is the ability of a firm to respond to varies demands from its dynamic competitive environment “[Bhattacharya. an organization has to adapt innovative recruitment plans attractive incentives. Safe guard esteemed workforce. Every organization is driven to a situation to keep their team of skilled workers satisfied and well equipped to meet the new challenges. It is only a flexible condition that can bring about a union among the work styles to organize a team effort of an organization. months or even annual leave. children and parental care. The growing need in technology and outsourcing trends has now created a tuff completion in the global arena of business to retain a skilled set of workforce. If it falls short to realize the worth its personnel Elevate spirits and work contentment. 2004] The importance of flexibility is felt to draw the aptitude of the employee.Flex time enables the an employee to choose his time of entry and exit from the workspot with a stipulated hours of working this may be considered on daily bases as well. Flex careers. exit and reentry into the same career as in terms of sabbaticals and so on. Each field is now interlinked and the organization faces with a brain drain. Part-time jobs serves handy for those employees who can handle work with in a small period of time based on weeks. In order to retain a committed workforce. main location of his workplace through satellite or from home. 2005]. For example. Compressed work week corners the number of working hours within a week that may be allotted to an employee and is given a liberty to spread the number of working hours over the week depending upon his convenience Flex leaves creates a comfort for employees to decide on their time of. “Flexibility is a management tool that can help get the job done. The fast moving world is stressful and also leaves behind a psychological impact on the employees of any organization. It is shear interest that can bring about commitment. It is . Most of them often stumble and able to strike a balance between work and life. Flex location gives an option for an employee to work either from his regular workplace. employee benefit plans and working conditions which would suit a varied generation of workers who have different working styles. not an employee perk or accommodation”[Friedman. leave due to urgent family issue. No hard and fast rule can create accountability at work. based on their personal issue this does not tie down an employee to stick to strict rules of leave. This gives room for categories like seasonal employees and part-time scholars who indulge both in research and work. this gives an opportunity for the employee to have multiple entry points.

the prime duty of an organization to look after its employees basic needs. part time jobs. 2008] . This is possible when the employer gives leverage to the employees to complete the task. Cost cutting is one of the major issues that all organizations look forward to be benefitted. Upholding a sturdy understanding of the work life balance.”[Cadoret. An organization can be benefitted to the maximum using the talents of the employees protecting the work force with a job satisfaction and elevating their spirits this will in turn increase the productivity and enable the employees to work stress free through flexibility. relationships held by the employee within and outside of the organization. or the cost of errors. an organization must incorporate thoughts of plans incorporating work life and personal life as well as create a wide range of choice and opportunities in work culture. and lack of progress on continuous improvements while a new person is learning the ropes. Flexibility is one of the major constraints on costing cutting related issues. “The cost of turnover formula also does not consider lost relational capital. i. The following quote clearly tells about the important role handed by the employee towards Turnover. Flexibility yields a better turnover for the company at the same time satisfies the employees and reduces absenteeism due to commitment. HELPS IN COST CUTTING Any organization works for a good cash inflow which is one of the key performance indicator that the organization targets. setting flexibility at work. internal inefficiencies. lost ground in customer satisfaction.e. Develop yield and to lessen pressure or exhaustion. This creates flexibility in the organization to fish out for a skilled workforce at a low cost outsourcing employment from any part of the world this is one of the major ways that MNC’s make cutting edge in the global scenario. Further this would create a congenial atmosphere among the employees and keep them duty bound to accomplish the targeted work. Turnover An organization’s yield depends on the 100 % dedication shown by its workforce. a. An organization which has adopted a flexible policy can enjoy the full benefits of employee contributions by providing a choice for its workforce in terms of: 4. this difference can be significant. many of the organizations follow the trends of outsourcing. seasonal workers and so on. This in return will create a commitment on the other hand and will force the employee to work with accountability. For the key employees. Steady progress and joint efforts are the magic spells that can be shared among teams this will enable to reduce the anxiety among the working conditions and work towards a better yield. In order to achieve this at the world business level.

Health care Insurance is of the medical flexibilities offered to the employees to balance the unexpected life conflicts. Leave rules and biased decisions and employee harassments and in humane . computers. lights. b.” [Casner-Lotto. Several researches support this view point. Such employees need to be kept abreast of the goal settings of the organization and retain the confidence of the workforce. telephones and so on. d. 2011] 4. “Merck reduced overtime in the payroll division by 50% by expanding use of flexible work arrangements. In other words the overhead cost is also reduced when the office equipments are not put to full use due to the absence of the employee like that of air conditions. This in other words helps the organization to identify those skilled employees. This in fact reduces the work stress among employees who in turn are made to express their loyalty to the organization. Quality Quality of work of an organization is credited by its workforce. It is the vital duty of the organization to protect its employees.” [Ghafoor Khan. An employee can stay back at home and yet carry out his work undisturbed and leisurely. 2000] 4. 4. Legal fees Those organizations that plan for human capital strategies may have to adopt flexible policies that relate to gender differences that induce legal issues. “Stress and work family conflict negatively affect the employee performance and flexible scheduling has a positive effect on employee performance. f. printers. e. The banner of a branded company is stamped by its innovative and trend setting employee who produces quality work. Health care A stress free atmosphere is what is expected by every employee. Labor costs Flexible human principal line of attack can reduce labour cost for the same expected output by avoiding poor concentration and lending an option for those interested in overtime. Several companies have opted this for eg.4. Overhead Tele communicating favors the cost cutting factor of flexibility of an organization as well as its employees. recognize and respect their patronage for the organization. Health gyms and yoga is also advocated by certain organization as a sign of good gesture towards their workforce. 4. c.

Organization must offer workplace flexibility not just to be benevolent. Discussion “It’s incumbent on the federal government to lead by example. but commit to doing it because it’s actually good for business” .treatment may incur legal issues that would affect the employee’s association with the organization.

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