Permaculture Design Certification in Costa Rica
72 hour intensive course: March 6th . 20th 2012 www.p3permaculture.ca

Implementation (optional): March 21st . 26th 2012


Contact Info . P3 Permaculture . Graham Calder . (506) 8668.8001 . info@p3permaculture.ca

Join us for this 72 hour Intensive Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) at Finca Fruicion, Costa Rica. Nestled in a delightful piece of tierra in the south pacific of this vibrant country, they steward 21 acres of emerging permaculture. With food forests, aquaculture ponds and a collaborative community, they host this PDC proudly. The course facilitated by Graham Calder is a broad curriculum demonstrating the principles, patterns and practices of permaculture design. It utilizes a variety of perspectives from local self sufficiency to international aid. The course is forged to give a foundation for restoring, rebuilding and reconnecting human ecosystems. W h a t i s P e r m a c u l t u r e ?

PDC: $1,190- $1,490* (CAD) 293,000* (CRC) Precio para los Ticos
$300 Deposit (subtracted from tuition) 73,250 Depósito (tomados del costo)

Practicum: $590 - $690* (CAD) 123,000* (CRC) Precio para los Ticos
*Accommodations, food included. { Transportation not included } *sliding scale at your discression

Location: Finca Fruicion 20 km SW of San Isidro del General, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica. Tel. (506) 8668.8001 FincaFruicionCR@gmail.com Contact us for Child Care


A solutions-based design science focused on developing positive approaches to transition, food security & climate change adaptation. It uses sustainable principles observed in nature to guide the design of thriving communities, in preparation for an abundant future.

and communities at large.ca . This course will be following these topics laid out by Bill Mollison in his book Permaculture: A Designers Manual.8001 FincaFruicionCR@gmail.8001 . Using the Principles of nature to design solutions to our greatest challenges.ca Specifically we will focus on energy systems.  We will learn how to integrate these principles in the design of our gardens. (506) 8668. (506) 8668.ca Contact Info .Enjoy fresh local ethical vegetarian meals every day! Practice yoga and meditation in the rainforest! Create your life vision with our regular goal coaching sessions! Bring your Children to our Conscious Kids Camp! { { L • • • • • • L • • • • • e a r n h o w t o : Establish natural crop fertility Develop ecological food production Build soil fertility Design water catchment Design sustainable settlements Strengthen local economies e a r n a b o u t : Edible forest design Passive solar homesteading Auto fertile and no dig gardening Earthworks and soil repair Alternative energy production Contact Alana for details Tel. we will observe and mimic the natural principles that drive ecological systems to be self-sustaining. water security. food systems. Graham Calder . homes.p3permaculture.com Or Info@p3permaculture. social economies. During this course. www. info@p3permaculture. P3 Permaculture .

he then received an apprenticeship with Geoff Lawton at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Since then. others and our land.com Graham Calder Brought up on 75 acres of subsistence farm. She recently discovered Permaculture and completed her PDC in Nova Scotia in 2011.p3permaculture.  Finca Fruicion has a thriving volunteer p ro g r a m . her approach to life emphasizes healthy relationships with ourselves. info@p3permaculture. and eco-retreats with permaculture. He now seeks to enhance the application of the people care ethic within his courses. Marie Claire Gagnier Introduced in 2007 with a soothing hatha yoga class. Marie Claire’s life took a passionate turn.  Cooperative memberships are available. In the coming year of 2012. (506) 8668. P3 Permaculture Design. She fuses elements of vinyasa. Inspired by the healing powers of laughter and Mother Earth.FincaFruicion. and restorative yoga. Lebanon and Bali. and children’s animation. Graham was in the garden before he could walk. She now integrates yoga. Finca Fruicion strives to provide solutions for traditional cattle ranching and sun grown coffee. while her teaching blends simplicity and ease. Finca Fruicion also aims to learn from the locals and create respectful. P3 Permaculture .Finca Fruicion Finca Fruicion is a permacultural cooperative nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica. her eclectic practice blossoms through exploring bliss and stillness. Graham Calder .ca . he will be traveling to teach in Nova Scotia. their community. meaningful relationships that inspire the pueblo towards becoming an eco-village. ! www. and the environment.8001 . Indonesia. This is done through sponsoring local farmers and supporting community groups. With a Ba in Human Environment. goal coaching. This family oriented projects focuses on cultivating a culture of wellbeing that includes oneself.ca Contact Info . Set amidst deforestation. along with basic pranayama and meditation. encouraging reforestation with productive yields for humans and animals alike. minor in ecology from Concordia University.  www. After having founded his social enterprise in 2009. he completed his PDC with Pacific Permaculture. It was there that he also took his specific P D C Te a c h e r Tr a i n i n g Certification and an Earthworks certification. power.

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