TOPIC  CHAPTER ONE ACCEPTING THE TERM STOCK  CHAPTER TWO 1.1. All About Stock. OVERVIEW OF STOCK EXCHANGE 2.1. Introduction To Stock Market 2.2. Participants Of Stock Market FOUR  CHAPTER THREE APPROACHES OF OUTLINE OF BSE BSE SENSEX 4.1. BSE Sensex.. 3.1. Profile Of BSE. 4.2. Objectives BSE. 3.2. History Of Of Sensex. 4.3. Criteria For Selection And Review Of Scrips.. 3.3. Products And Services. 4.4. Equity. Sensex Calculation.  Derivatives .  Debt. 3.4. Role Of BSE. 3.5. Functions Of BSE.  CHAPTER FIVE  SIX INDICES REGULATORY AUTHORITY  CHAPTER SEVEN  EIGHT 5.1. SEBI. 6.1. Classification Of Indices CLASSIFICATION OF MARKETS VOYAGE OF SENSEX 6.2. Compliance Of BSE With SEBI. 7.1. Sensex Journey 8.1. Primary Market.1K To 21K.  CHAPTER NINE  CHAPTER TEN 8.2.  Book Building Issue. Sensex Reverse Journey. FACTORS INVESTER GUIDEAFFECTING BSE 8.3.  Difference Between Fixed Price & Book Building Issue. Biggest Falls And Gains 9.1. Scams 10.1. Secondary Market. Mistakes. 7.2. Common 8.4. Correction.Trading 9.2. FIIS Trading. 10.2. Do’s & Don’t’s In The Market.  Settlement.  Arbitrage Trading. 33 – 43 38 - 37 44 - 51 52 62 26 - 32 10 25 5 -9 PAGE.NO 1-4

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 CHAPTER ELEVEN CONCLUSION 72  CHAPTER TWELVE BIBLIOGRAPHY 73 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project on “IMPORTANCE OF PACKAGING” is considering all the aspects of packaging in past. from the past to present & use of modern technology in the future packaging. . It also relates the performance of Packaging Industry with the growth of the nation and the economy. This project tells us about the packaging & the different material used for packaging. In this project my main purpose is to study the packaging industry in India. present & future of packaging. As packaging is one of the important “P” in marketing mix and to study on such P in the market.

LTD” (TCPL) & “PARIKH PACKAGING PRIVATE LTD” is covered. It regulates & trains the packaging industry for there development of such industry. agricultural & horticulture. beverages. food processing. .While considering the packaging industry in India there are different segments like pharma & drugs. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT The main objective is to study the packaging industry in India. The Packaging methodology & performance in these areas is also mentioned in this report The project also covers the role of government in packaging activities that includes the service tax on packaging activities & other regulations on packaging activities. After this the live case study on packaging industry which is “TWENTY FRIST CENTURY PRINTING. To know the importance of packaging. To know the performance of packaging industry & there contributions in Indian economy.e. “Indian institute of packaging” (IIP) is covered in depth. The institution frame by the government i.

Secondary Data: .To know the government regulation in packaging activities. To know the future aspect of packaging. METHODOLOGY The Data is collected from Primary as well as Secondary sources. To be practical in the field of packaging. Primary Data: The Primary Sources of Data includes the information collected by way of interviewing & face to face discussions with various executives of 21st Century Printing Limited (TCPL) a well known enterprise in packaging Industry. To have knowledge about the institutional frame by the government. To become a part of this industry in future. India.

journals. Some sort of secondary data was also gathered by visiting to India Institute of Packaging (IIP) where I was provided with various brochures & magazines.The Secondary Sources of data includes books. internet news articles & also various websites. magazines. These books were collected from various libraries like our college library. . Indian Merchant Chambers and also the British Library. The journals & publications were also collected from the same sources.