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New Viper VLM Tray Scanning Material Handling System Can Provide Over 50% More Storage Density

New Viper Vertical Lift Module Tray Height Scanning System Designed to Automatic ally Determine Each Tray's Exact Storage Height for Increased Storage Density. February 11, 2012 -- The new Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM) automatic tray hei ght scanning system and tray design can provide more than 50% more storage densi ty while allowing organizations to lower their automated storage and retrieval s ystems acquisition cost. The new Viper Vertical Lift Module automatic tray height scanning system determi nes each trays exact storage height requirement down to a one inch increment aut omatically every time a tray is retrieved. The VLMs control system determines th e optimum storage position in the unit based on optimizing space and retrieval t ime. The new tray design uses a number of enhancements to provide increased levels of storage capacity. The Viper VLM tray now uses thinner side walls, flat bottoms and no dividers or support cross members in the open storage area. Likewise, the trays are available in two, three and four meter widths at very economical leve ls and ideal for order picking applications. The flat bottom design eliminates the need for tray liners which increase costs and take space. The thinner side walls provide more storage space. Unlike many o ther VLMs, the new Viper Vertical Lift Module VLM trays, up to four meters wide provide, a clear and unobstructed storage space. By eliminating reinforcement c ross members in the storage area of the tray users are able to receive increased storage capacity and far easier storage and retrieval management. The ergonomic material handling Viper VLM s rack constructed design allows trays to be economical at not only a standard two and three meter widths, but at an extra wide four meter width. The extra wide tray widths in the automated storage and retrieval system also provides more parts available for picking on each tray whi ch increases productivity while reducing labor costs. The Viper VLM s unique collection of features allows organizations to reduce man-hou rs by eliminating wasted walk and search time plus pick with more accuracy. A cl ick of a button or scan of a bar code activates the VLM and the ViperTilt angles the tray for easy picking, the adjustable work counter moves to that operators preferred work height, and the LaserViper illuminates the exact item to pick. Fast, simple and easy. Likewise, dual tray delivery can be utilized to pick from one tray and have the second tray waiting to be presented instantly for even faster throughput and productivity. From an electronic door sealing off the pick window to restricting access by ope rator and to only allow access to specific trays to specific operators. The clos ed nature of the Viper VLM makes it a natural for sensitive, costly and highly d esirable items. Likewise, logs and reports can track which operators accessed sp ecific trays and when to provide an additional deterrent. The Viper VLM reduces shrinkage and helps eliminate untimely inventory shortages. About Sapient Automation Sapient Automation is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval syst ems that reduce leading organizations requirements for labor, floor space and in ventory while dramatically increasing productivity and operational efficiencies with often a nine to 18 month Return on Investments (ROI). Industries served inc lude: manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, healthcare, institutions, retail and wholesale organizations. The Sapient Automation technologies include the Vip er Vertical Lift Module (VLM), Avenger Vertical Carousel, Hornet Horizontal Caro

usel, Shark Inventory Management Software, PickaMed Carousels and Spit Fire Pick Carts and pick to light systems. For information about the Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM) call 888-451-9711 or visit the Sapient Automation web site at Contact Information Ed Romaine, Chief Marketing Officer Sapient Automation 2398 North Penn Road Hatfield, PA 19440 USA 267-640-8172