Dear Diatribe; Tribe, do you get offended when I seem to turn to you out of boredom? If so, I am sorry.

Wait a minute. No I’m not.

Why the fuck do you come down on me like this when you don’t even exist. You are a rat-bastard fucknozzle. No matter what I say, he is equally

He is so forgiving. quiet.

I made one attempt to arrest Stoller’s moves before we left. I made a quick call to Miles and asked him to jump on a I ran into my hotel room I came onto the Stoller was as

video-conference in a couple minutes.

to boot up my second (non-Tribal) laptop.

video-conference and Miles was already there. well.

Before we left for the airport, I spent an hour in a panicattack/conspiracy theorist state. figured it out. go to breakfast. I believe that she just

She saw me go into the room saying I couldn’t I must have been getting on the picture phone. I tried saying

So I couldn’t say anything I was thinking. that I wanted to speak with Miles. “Miles works for me. lines to me.

“Is something wrong?”

Well, for our organization, and dotted

Are you satisfied with his work?”

Some straight-up chick shit right there I just wanted an update on SO/MED matters. “I just am as interested now.”

OK, Miles Go He gave a standard report. with Swanson. He is constantly on the phone

Swanson is jet-setting around the land and has a They don’t know

brigade of University of Chicago youngsters.

how to do enough yet, so he installs three universities at once, via-telephone, with their hands. “Oh, there is one message. Make that two.” He will

“Dr. Srikanth Patel has been detained in Delhi. not be able to make it to Charleston.

Dr. Rajeev Patel is

taking his room and leading the All-India Delegation.” Rajeev is Geeta’s dad. “OK, that is really odd. Geeta says that she needs to stay

in Chicago to hold down the fort.” I understand. I had not been told there was a fort, but that is neither here nor there. She hadn’t told me about that. “I think she just found out. there are three messages for you. I just found that out. Call your wife.” Maybe

I think that she figured it was implied within the first two messages. That call ended up being short. ready to deal with her father yet. tell Raj that she was pregnant. Unless you honestly tell me you are; I will not. We did have a laugh about it. getting a bit heavy for me. I was glad of that. It was I She just said she wasn’t They she asked if I would

I really wanted her to be there.

have a big production number to pull off. help with that sort of thing.

Love is supposed to

That was not as long of a narrative as it is my tendency to write. There was a lot of texture and nuance to my thoughts I had to write that one from memory.

during the hours involved.

I became fearful of writing Tribe in the presence of Dr. Stoller. Judy Stoller is the name she carries in Nashville. We

will see what Dr. Judith is called in Beantown. Tribal moniker: Skanks and Beans Are beans a big deal there? People generally mention seafood in relation to that city. She had the plane tickets and the hotel reservations I felt like I was traveling as a child. Now I am writing from my room at the Charles Hotel on Harvard Square. It is a real big place. It has a skating rink

in a courtyard during the winter.

I am about to dress for I thought that, at

dinner at a place called Dolphin Seafood.

least in the case of tuna, we were supposed to avoid dolphin.

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