Dear Diatribe; Stoller had her brother meet us at the restaurant. started in the bar.

real fancy lady. She ordered for me. We

It made me feel like a

For both of us, she ordered a Bombay Martini “Sangeeta said you like these.” I am naturally

up, with extra olives.

I have enjoyed this elixir in the past. weaning off of the drink now. what little edge I have.

Too busy, too scared of losing One is

Martinis are like breasts.

never enough, three is too many. oversized.

The glass appeared to be Maybe it was Sam

She got some kind of beer back.

Adams, or some kind of local brew. Ben Stoller showed up about twenty minutes after us. drinks Bud. He works in IT at the Medical School. He

He said he

had met Miles and Scott.

I was given little impression to Did I mention he drank He was a guy

describe this twenty-something lad. Budweiser?

I long to be a descriptive writer. He wears a shirt.

with some hair.

The female Stoller was anxious to keep my attention; Very oddly and overly anxious. It is probably sexist to say this,

but overly anxious can look like ovary anxious. She sported a purple dress. One of those which only has a I said that purple Very

(I think it is a strap) over one shoulder. is a royal color. well then

She corrected that this was mulberry.

She is my age or a couple years older. for our age.

She is attractive This was

She holds it far better than I.

reminiscent of a million TV and movie scenes where the girl with her hair up removes a barrette and glasses to reveal her beauty. She asked the cocktail waitress to get us a table for four. It would be a few minutes. Is a date joining you, Ben? He laughed. sister for more. he stayed in town. and twin girls.” “He sent me e-mail after he read about SO/MED. I was involved. He asked if “No, it’s her former man.” I turned to his

“My ex is a doctor here, not at Harvard, but He married my roommate; they have one boy

He saw the name Gerhardstein in some of the Tim thinks you are pretty cool. He can

Harvard web chatter.

sit with Ben, I will be with you. Ben complimented you, Tribe. little gadget.

Geeta will be fine with that.” He thought you were a nifty

He asked to fondle you and I acquiesced, I He started

handed you over along with the stylus behind my ear.

to play and sister demanded over 40 seconds of eye contact at that point. off. I am estimating, but I am sure that I am not far It is the

It was the first eye contact we have shared.

last eye contact we will share.

I was saved by Tim.

He is a dorky looking dude.

He did

have good things to say about what he had read. than what I expected.

He knew more

We have a lot of fans at Harvard, Gerhardstein and Judith here come from there. “You have some followers at St. Elizabeth’s as well. is where I am. had first heard. That

I looked up info on you at after I A colleague of mine, one who went to Tuft’s, It was seeing Gerhardstein’s name in an

told me about SO/MED.

article that moved me to look at the Harvard sites that alumni have access to.” I was really flattered. It was the first fully independent We are a little famous

source of news about what we are doing. with a few people; in a few places. smart.

Most of them are real

I think there is more money in dumb people, but who

needs money? Food was served. dish. I got some sort of Bouillabaisse-type of I think it was. I have no negative

It was all right.

memory of it.

Tim chewed my ear for a long time.

Do you remember this, Tribe? I actually used my voice to utter your name. named like the Jewish GxD. You should be I

TrXbe is what I should call you.

looked up and actually asked aloud, where’s my Tribe? “What is your Tribe”, asked Tim. you. It’s my little computer. I told them that it was

Tim was working it again, now at the end

of the bar. it.

He had finished dinner.

He had a thumb drive in

I got up and went to him. “I had a game to play on it. Just a shooter game called


Sorry; here you go.”

That’s fine; I am a little neurotic about it. I keep all my personal stuff on there. You owe me Tribe. I’ve got your back. That is where your

serial number and battery cover are. This morning I checked the history file. He is an IT guy and knows what he is doing. He cleared it. Why would he need That would

to do that if he were just playing a Shooter game? be the exact excuse if I asked. I won’t ask.

“I wanted to hide that I was just playing a game” That is what I would hear. My intense and long conversation with Tim allowed Judith to control the glass I held. martinis twice. I think she switched me out with full I wasn’t I

I have a few pounds around my waist.

what I would call inebriated. was getting really tired. We said our goodbyes.

There is plenty to suck it up.

I wanted to go back to the hotel. I walked back with Dr. Stoller. She

was in an energized and possible energizing spirit. “I think we got off on the wrong foot. It is my fault. All of a I

was part of the big thing when we came to Chicago.

sudden this nobody, office-husband, came in and took it all


That was me.

I think you will see next week that I am on

your side.” You said it just now. Why will it take until next week for me to believe it? “I want to say it with some action. Charleston. I am going to come to Let’s

I have some ideas on marketing the idea.

talk about it.” I thought of pushing it off until tomorrow, but she didn’t seem up for that. meeting. She said that we only had an afternoon “I might join you”; from her own

I could sleep in.

room I would assume. I thought I was probably looking a bit rough, but a hotel lounge is generally good for the fatigued. Bar Noir is a swanky joint. low chair at a bar table. Naughty O'Pear. Not this one. The

I sat down in a really comfortable She ran off and got me a drink called

It is, of course, a pear-flavored vodka mix. I don’t know why

Grey Goose vodka is the hooch of choice here. people spend a lot of money on vodka.

It is just what tasted

best out of a bathtub during prohibition. Tribal Title: Naughty O'Pear She spoke about talking the organization up with medical organizations and getting some press. to money. I mostly listened to her. She said that press leads I also starred forward in I don’t even I told

my fatigue and looked like I was paying attention.

know how much publicity we want right now in the states.

her that. Chicago.

I said I would set up a meeting when I am back in I advised her to discuss it with people in Charleston.

Then I begged off to bed. A half hour ago, she came into my room to wake me. 10:45. She dropped a shopping bag on my chest. It is

“Wear these to

the meeting”. shorts.

I pulled out a pair of Harvard University boxer

Thank you. Should I wear pants as well? “I am wearing a skirt, maybe you want to go that way”. That is a whole different lifestyle. It’s either gay or Scottish. “I didn’t have any myself. I had to buy them. Look!”

She pulled her sweats down from behind showing a thongcrossed lower back and bare ass. “Oops!” Then the front, which had “Harvard” printed below the waistband on the left. You bought dinner last night. I am grateful. No need for this. “The boxers were on sale, ten bucks”. I wasn’t speaking of my gratitude for the boxers, more for the thong. Her best shot at adorable follows. “Thanks, you’re cute”

We will be off to some kind of meeting or presentation shortly. We got along. I saw her panties, but we didn’t get I will get back to you on the

along too well.

That seems safe.

plane to Charleston.

Angela is there, Miles is headed down.


am going to spend the weekend there setting up with them. I ask our society. Just because she is female, does she

have to show me her panties to make friends? Absolutely It follows thousands of years of pantaloon-based friendship ritual. There is a sanctity that will not be violated.

At 10:52, I send this piece of Tribe to my wife and follow it with a 10:54 phone call to avoid any confusion. Stoller is weird!

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