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Contracts Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Affinity Animation (CtL:WM) Knowing Touch (CtL:WM)
Brief Glamour of Repair (CtL)

Level 4

Level 5

Instant Expertise (CtL:WM)

Touch of the Workman's Wrath (CtL)

Inanimate Communion (CtL:WM)

Animate Device (CtL:WM)

Command the Inanimate (CtL:WM)

Artifice (CtL)
Blessing of Perfection (CtL) Unmaker's Destructive Gaze (CtL) Tatterdemalion's Workshop (CtL)

Board (CtL:SaD) The Honest Eye (CtL:SaD) Sense Element (CtL:WM) Creeping Dread (CtL)
Trespasser's Spoor (CtL:WM)
Knowing the Competition (CtL:SaD)

The Living Game (CtL:SaD) Communion (CtL:WM)

The Game Master's Table (CtL:SaD) The Cheater's Gamble (CtL:SaD)

Primordial Voice (CtL:WM) Distant Connection (CtL:WM) Elemental Servitor (CtL:WM) Darkness (CtL)
Night's Subtle Distractions (CtL)

Elemental Ally (CtL:WM)

Balm of Unwakable Slumber (CtL) Boon of the Scuttling Spider (CtL) Touch of Paralyzing Shudder (CtL)

Den (CtL:WM)
Trapdoor Spider's Trick (CtL:WM)

Cuckoo's Ruse (CtL:WM) Elements (CtL) Control Elements (CtL) Fang and Talon (CtL)

Blessing of the Burrow (CtL:WM)

Collapsing the Entrance (CtL:WM)

Cloak of the Elements (CtL) Armor of the Element's Fury (CtL)

Tongues of Birds and Words of Wolves (CtL)

Calling the Element (CtL)

Tread of the Swift Hooves (CtL)

Become the Primal Foundation (CtL)

Beast's Keen Senses (CtL) Pipes of the Beastcaller (CtL) Forge (CtL:RoS)
Trivial Reworking (CtL:RoS)
Discreet Conjuration (CtL:RoS)

Cloak of the Bear's Massive Form (CtL)

Rewritting the Image (CtL:RoS)

Hidden Reality (CtL:RoS) Flickering Hours (CtL:RoS)

The Madness of Crowds (CtL:RoS)

Paths of Desire (CtL:RoS)

Leaping Toward Nightfall (CtL:RoS)

Hours (CtL:RoS)
Restoration of Dawn Beauty (CtL:RoS)

Frozen Moment (CtL:RoS) Maddening Eye (CtL:RoS)

Thief of Days (CtL:RoS) Moon (CtL:RoS) Touch of Bedlam (CtL:RoS) Oath and Punishment (CtL:WM)

Lunatic's Knowing Glance (CtL:RoS)

Lurking Insanity (CtL:RoS)

Pursuer's Sevel League Leap (CtL:WM)

Sense Tainted Vows (CtL:WM) Inexorable Pursuer (CtL:WM) Relentless Pursuit (CtL:WM) Cruel Vengeance (CtL:WM)

Omen (CtL:RoS) Vision of Strife (CtL:RoS) Tread Lightly (CtL:WM)

Glimpse of Fortune's Favor (CtL:RoS)

Reading the Portents (CtL:RoS) Vision of Disaster (CtL:RoS)

Tying the Knots of Fate (CtL:RoS)

Separation (CtL:WM)
Evasion of Shackles (CtL:WM) Breaching Barriers (CtL:WM) Elegant Protection (CtL:WM)

Phantom Glory (CtL:WM)

Opening the Black Gate (CtL:WM)

Shade and Spirit (CtL:WM) Ghostly Presence (CtL:WM) Dread Companion (CtL:WM) Haunting Intercession (CtL:WM) Waking the Dead (CtL:WM) Stone (CtL)
Might of the Terrible Brute (CtL)

Ogre's Rending Grasp (CtL) Display Grandiose Might (CtL) Gluttonous Feast of Health (CtL)

Red Rage of Terrible Revenge (CtL)

Thorns and Brambles (CtL:SaD)

Bite of the Wooden Fang (CtL:SaD)

Leechweed (CtL:SaD)

Briarpath (CtL:SaD)

Shield of Thorns (CtL:SaD)

Hedgewall (CtL:SaD)

Vainglory (CtL) Mask of Superiority (CtL) Songs of Distant Arcadia (CtL) Wildwalker (CtL:RoS) Nature's Curse (CtL:RoS)
Splendor of the Envoy's Protection (CtL)

Mantle of Terrible Beauty (CtL)

Words of Memories Never Lived (CtL)

Wild (CtL:RoS) Viridian Embrace (CtL:RoS) Common Dream (CtL) Pathfinder (CtL) Babel's Curse (CtL:DitD) Mindfinder (CtL:WM) Fickle Fate (CtL) Read Lucidity (CtL:DitD) Riddle-Kith (CtL) Light the Path (CtL:SaD)
Reflections of the Past (CtL:ER)
Calling Wind and Weather (CtL:RoS)

Calling Nature's Wrath (CtL:RoS)

Forging the Dream (CtL)

Sense the Inevitable Doom (CtL:DitD)

Phantasmal Bastion (CtL) Entropy (CtL:DitD) Gift of the Skald (CtL:DitD) Four Directions (CtL:WM)

Cobblethought (CtL) Hero's Stand (CtL:DitD)

Dreamsteps (CtL)
The Center cannot Hold (CtL:DitD)

Finding the Flow (CtL:WM) Inequity of the Center (CtL:WM) The Hundred Steps (CtL:WM) Harmony of Portals (CtL:WM) Hearth (CtL) Favored Fate (CtL)
Temporary Sanity (CtL:DitD)

Beneficient Fate (CtL) Lucidity (CtL:DitD) Gift of Lucidity (CtL:DitD) Mirror (CtL)
Transfigure the Flesh (CtL)

Fortuna's Cornucopia (CtL)

Triumphal Fate (CtL) Thief of Reason (CtL:DitD) Chrysalis (CtL)

Armored Clarity (CtL:DitD) Oddbody (CtL)

Skin-Mask (CtL) Read the Web (CtL:SaD)

Glimpse of a Distant Mirror (CtL:ER)

Potential (CtL:SaD) Martyr's Will (CtL:SaD) Reflections (CtL:ER) Reflection's Grasp (CtL:ER) Smoke (CtL) The Wrong Foot (CtL) Nevertread (CtL) Shadowpatch (CtL) Court Eternal Autumn (CtL) Last Breath Isaac (CtL) Gift of Warm Breath (CtL) Son of the Hearth (CtL) Jack's Breath (CtL) Witches' Intuition (CtL) Cupid's Eye (CtL) Baleful Sense (CtL) Withering Glare (CtL) New Lover's Kiss (CtL) Ulf's Heart (CtL) Touch of Winter (CtL)
Tale of the Baba Yaga (CtL)
Shift the Foundation (CtL:SaD) Tenacity of Hope (CtL:SaD)

Mirrorwalk (CtL:ER) Murkblur (CtL)

Stealing the Solid Reflection (CtL:ER)

Light-Shy (CtL)

Brother to the Ague (CtL) Riding the Falling Leaves (CtL) Eternal Spring (CtL)
Warmth of the Blood (CtL)

Tears of Autumn (CtL) Mother of all Deaths (CtL)

Yesterday's Birth (CtL)

Eternal Summer (CtL) Noonday Grasp (CtL) Eternal Winter (CtL)

Riding the Devil's Jawbone (CtL)

Solstice Revelation (CtL) The Lord's Dread Gaze (CtL)

Fallen from the Timbers (CtL)

Witch's Paradise (CtL)

Fleeting Autumn (CtL)

Heart of the Ant Lion (CtL)

Scent of the Harvest (CtL) Mien of the Baba Yaga (CtL) Pandora's Gift (CtL) Sundown Eyes (CtL)
Waking the Inner Faerie (CtL)

Fleeting Spring (CtL) Growth of Ivy (CtL) Goblin's Malignance (CtL)

Wyrd-Faced Stramger (CtL)

Fleeting Summer (CtL) Friendless Tongue (CtL) Fleeting Winter (CtL)

The Flames of Summer (CtL)

The Dragon Knows (CtL) Smoldergrip (CtL:LoS)

A mere Vessel for Loss (CtL:LoS)

Slipknot Dreams (CtL) Battle Bright (CtL:LoS) Fear is Nothing (CtL:LoS) Barrow-Whisper (CtL:LoS)

Faces in the Water (CtL) Punishing Summer (CtL:LoS)

Crown of Clashing Fire (CtL:LoS)

Fallow Fields, Empty Harvest (CtL)

Every Sorrow a Jewel (CtL)

Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun (CtL:LoS)

Scorched Earth (CtL:LoS)

Sorrow-Frozen Heart (CtL:LoS)

Grief is Stronger than Death (CtL:LoS)

Remorseless Strike (CtL:LoS) A Cold Hand on the Heart (CtL:LoS)

Arcadian Commandment (CtL:LoS) Oathbreaker's Honesty (CtL:LoS)

Spell-Bound Autumn (CtL:LoS) Warlock's Gaze (CtL:LoS) Smith's Wisdom (CtL:LoS) Verdant Spring (CtL:LoS) Font of Inpiration (CtL:LoS) The ineffable Gift (CtL:LoS) Impassioned Blow (CtL:LoS) Golbin Generic (CtL)
Dream Rendering (CtL:SaD)
Calling the Guardian (CtL:RoS)

Spur the Crowd (CtL:LoS)

Verdant, Roiling Heart (CtL)

Burden of Life (CtL) Delayed Harm (CtL) Goblin Midwife (CtL:GM)

Grace Falsely Shed (NH:GF)

Call the Hunt (CtL) Goblin Oath (CtL:RoS) Good and Bad Luck (CtL) Royal Oil (CtL:SaD)

Blood-Binding (CtL:RoS) Goblin Ward (CtL:SaD) Lost and Found (CtL) Mad Trespass (CtL:SaD) Sleepwalker (CtL:SaD)

Shooter's Bargain (CtL)

Sight of Truth and Lies (CtL:RoS)

Diviner's Madness (CtL) Fair Entrance (CtL) Fool's Gold (CtL)

Sandman's Bargain (CtL:SaD)

Trading Luck for Fate (CtL)

Mirror, Mirror (CtL:SaD)

The Blessing of Forgetfulness (CtL:RoS)

Sacrifice (CtL:RoS) Goblin Fortune (CtL:RoS) Fortune's Favor (CtL:RoS)

Fortune's Swift Blessing (CtL:RoS)

Fortune's Bane (CtL:RoS)

Trading Beauty for Love (CtL:RoS)

Distracting the Hounds (CtL:RoS)

Recalling the Lost (CtL:RoS)

The Fatal Transformation (CtL:RoS)

Goblin Transformation (CtL:RoS) Healing Sacrifice (CtL:RoS) Seven-Years Gift (CtL:RoS) Mantle Mask (CtL:DitD) Daunting Force (CtL:DitD) Changing Minds (CtL:RoS) Wyrd's Eye (CtL:DitD) Wyrd (CtL:DitD) Nothing Hidden (CtL:DitD) Courts and Entitlements Entitlement
Ancient and Accepted Order of Bridgemasons

The Fatal Clause (CtL:DitD)






Army of the Red Badge (CtL:AN) Bishopric of Blackbirds (CtL) Bloody Nail Militia (CtL:AN)
Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage (CtL:LoS)
Choir of the Vermilion Song (CtL:WM) (South Court)

College of Worms (CtL) Court of the Solstice (CtL:LoS)

Disciples of the Whirlwind (CtL:WM) (Tornado Season)

Duchy of the Icebound Heart (CtL)

Echoes of the Long Winter (CtL:WM) (Dead Season) Found Path of the White Hill (CtL:WM) (Sun Court)

Guild of the Sacred Journey (CtL:LoS)

Harvest of Hurricanes (CtL:WM) (Wet Season)

Knighthood of Utmost Silence (CtL)

Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue (CtL:LoS)

Knights of the Widow's Walk (CtL:ER) Legacy of the Black Apple (CtL:LoS) Magi of the Guilded Thorn (CtL:LoS) Magistrates of the Wax Mask (CtL) Margravate of the Brim (CtL)
Oracle of the Glacial Axe (CtL:DitD) (Dusk Court)

Sacred Band of the Golden Standard (CtL)

Satrapy of Pearls (CtL) Silent Murder of Doves (CtL:AN)

Stupa of Constant Armor (CtL:WM) (North Court) Sword of the White Tiger (CtL:WM) (West Court)

The Adjudicators of the Wheel (CtL:SaD)

The Barony of the Lesser Ones (CtL:LoS)
The Bloody Rose of Salvation (CtL:SaD) (Dawn Court)

The Bronze Beylik (CtL:WM) The Charmed Circle (CtL:ER) The Duchy of Truth and Loss (CtL:LoS) The Eternal Echoes (CtL:LoS) The Family of Silent Nights (CtL:DitD)
The Foresummer Brigade (CtL:WM) (Dry Season)

The Guild of Goldspinners (CtL:LoS) The Hedge Wardens (CtL:DitD) The Hound Tribunal (CtL:LoS)
The Knighthood of the Dragonslayer (CtL:WM)

The Legion of the Iron Wall (CtL:SaD)

The Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches (CtL:LoS)

The Lost Pantheon (CtL:LoS)

The Office of Vizieral Counsel (CtL:ER) The Order of the Hallowed Garden (CtL:SaD) The Order of the Oneirophysics (CtL:LoS)
The Orgy of Growth (CtL:WM) (Short Spring)

The Phantom Tong (CtL:WM)

The Pilgrims of the Endless Road (CtL:SaD)

The Safe Harbor Society (CtL:AN) The Scarecrow Ministry (CtL)

The Serpent Trident (CtL:WM) (East Court)

The Squires of the Broken Bough (CtL:DitD)

The Tolltaker Knighthood (CtL) The Twilight Gleaners (CtL:DitD)

Wayward Road of the Black Rock (CtL:WM) (Moon Court)

Fetch Traits Catches Level 1

Blood of my Blood

Level 2 Mumblety Peg (CtL:AN)

Level 3 Snowmelt (CtL:AN) Echoes Attuned to the Wyrd (CtL)

Level 4 Banishment (CtL:AN)

Level 5 Fragile Creation (CtL:AN)

Wyrd 1 Enter the Hedge (CtL) Heart of Wax (CtL:AN) Match (CtL) Normalcy (CtL) Revoke Catch (CtL:AN)
Secondhand Blessing (CtL:AN)

Wyrd 2 False Seeming (CtL:AN) Feast of Shadows (CtL) Hall of Mirrors (CtL:AN) Mimic Contract (CtL) Obscured Dreams (CtL:AN) Shadow Boxing (CtL:AN)
Shadow's Warning (CtL:AN)

Wyrd 3 Amplify Curse (CtL:AN)

Cracks in the Mirror (CtL:AN)

Wyrd 4 Craft Fetch-Beast (CtL:AN) Death of Glamour (CtL) Myriad (CtL:AN)

Oathbreaker by Proxy (CtL:AN)

Wyrd 5 Call the Fae (CtL)

Craft Second Fetch (CtL:AN)

Shadow Attack (CtL:AN) Shadow Step (CtL)

Mirror Trap (CtL:AN)

Strengthen Mask (CtL:AN) Summon Shard (CtL:AN)

Hedge Bounty Goblin Fruit Amaranthine (CtL) Cocorange (CtL:GM)

Flower-of-one-hour (CtL:LoS)

Balefruit (CtL) Coralscalp (CtL:GM) Fuguespores (NH:GF) Nightcap (CtL) Wyrmthumb (CtL:RoS)

Bloodbane (NH:GF) Coupnettle (CtL) Gallowsroot (CtL) Promise Leaves (CtL) Oddments

Brumbebulb (CtL:RoS) Dactyl (CtL:GM) Hera Pear (CtL:RoS) Slumberberries (NH:GF)

Buglewort (CtL) Fear Gortach (CtL) Jarmyn (CtL) Stabapple (CtL)

Jennystones (CtL) Wineberry Blush (CtL:DitD) Scarthistle (CtL:RoS)

Tovil's Ooze (CtL:RoS)

Walking Gertrude (CtL:RoS) Seemings and Kiths

Beasts (CtL)

Broadback (CtL), Chimera (CtL:WM), Cleareyes (CtL:WM), Coldscale (CtL:WM), Coyote (CtL:WM), Hunterheart (CtL), Nix (CtL:WM), Riddleseeker (NH:GF), Roteater (CtL:WM), Runnerswift (CtL), Skitterskulk (CtL), Steepscrambler (CtL), Swimmerskin (CtL), Truefriend (CtL:WM), Venombite (CtL) , Windwing (CtL) Antiquarian (CtL), Gravewight (CtL), Illes (CtL:WM), Leechfinger (CtL), Lurkglider (CtL:WM), Mirrorskin (CtL), Moonborn (CtL:WM), Nightsinger (CtL:WM), Palewraith (CtL:WM), Pishacha (CtL:WM) , Razorhand (CtL:WM), Skogssa (CtL:WM), Tunnelgrub (CtL), Whisperwisp (CtL:WM) Airtouched (CtL), Apsaras (CtL:WM), Ask-wee-dah-eed (CtL:WM), Blightbent (CtL:WM), Di-cang (CtL:WM) , Earthbones (CtL), Fireheart (CtL), Levinquick (CtL:WM), Manikin (CtL), Metalflesh (CtL:WM),

Darklings (CtL)

Elementals (CtL)

Sandharrowed (CtL:WM), Snowskin (CtL), Waterborn (CtL), Woodblood (CtL) Fairest (CtL) Bright One (CtL), Dancer (CtL), Draconic (CtL), Flamesiren (CtL:WM), Flowering (CtL), Gandharva (CtL:WM) , Larcenist (NH:GF), Minstrel (NH:GF), Muse (CtL), Polychromatic (CtL:WM), Playmate (NH:GF) ,Romancer (NH:GF), Shadowsoul (CtL:WM), Succubus/Incubus (CtL:WM), Telluric (CtL:WM), Treasured (CtL:WM), Weisse Frau (CtL:WM) Bloodbrute (CtL:WM), Corpsegrinder (CtL:WM), Cyclopean (CtL), Daitya (CtL:WM), Farwalker (CtL), Gargantuan (CtL), Gristlegrinder (CtL), Oni (CtL:WM), Render (CtL:WM), Stonebones (CtL), Troll (CtL:WM) , Water-Dweller (CtL), Witchtooth (CtL:WM) Author (CtL:WM), Artist (CtL), Brewer (CtL), Chatelaine (CtL), Chirurgeon (CtL), Drudge (CtL:WM), Fatemaker (CtL:SaD), Gameplayer (CtL:WM), Gremlin (CtL:WM), Miner (CtL:WM), Oracle (CtL), Pamarindo (CtL:WM), Smith (CtL), Soldier (CtL), Thusser (CtL:WM), Woodwalker (CtL)

Ogres (CtL)

Wizened (CtL)

Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Geist Groups Archetypes Advocate



Celebrant (G:tS) Pilgrim (G:tS) Thresholds The Silent (G:tS) Geist Powers Ceremonies The Stricken (G:tS)

Gatekeeper (G:tS) Reaper (G:tS) The Torn (G:tS)

Mourner (G:tS) The Forgotten (G:tS)

Necromancer (G:tS) The Prey (G:tS)

Level 1 Cigarette Dawn (BotD) Final Vision (G:tS) Finding (G:tS) Krewe Bonding (G:tS) One Last Song (BotD) Pass On (G:tS) Reverse Bargain (G:tS)

Level 2 Distant Vision (G:tS) Distant Voices (G:tS) Lifting the Scales (G:tS)
Listening to the Spectral Howl (G:tS)

Level 3 Dead Voices on Air (G:tS) Dedicate Charm (G:tS) Funerary Tools (BotD) Lemure's Lure (G:tS) Loosen the Coil (G:tS)
Moment of Absolution (BotD)

Level 4 Bind Anchor (G:tS) Danse Macabre (BotD) Ghost Drinker (BotD) Ghostly Guardian (G:tS)
Mending the Mortal Coil (G:tS)

Level 5 Crash the Gates (BotD)

Create Deathly Passage (G:tS)

Faces in the Smoke (BotD) Finding the Crossroads (G:tS)

Dumb Supper (G:tS) Fetter's Binding (G:tS) Sepulchral Gateway (G:tS) Spectral Captivity (G:tS) Unbinding (G:tS) Wings of the Moth (G:tS)

Message from Beyond (BotD)

Warding the Household (G:tS)

Mortis Mask (G:tS)

Spectral Photography (G:tS)

Speaker of the Dead (G:tS) Plasmic Manifestation (G:tS) Plumbing the Depths (G:tS) Quicken the Dead (G:tS) Reading the Echoes (G:tS) Warding Circle (G:tS) Keys Cold Wind (G:tS) Primeval (G:tS) Tear-Stained (G:tS) Manifestations The Boneyard

Grave-Dirt (G:tS) Pyre Flame (G:tS)

Industrial (G:tS) Stigmata (G:tS)

Passion (G:tS) Stillness (G:tS)

Phantasmal (G:tS) Stygian (BotD)

The Caul


The Curse (G:tS)

The Marionette (G:tS)

The Oracle (G:tS)

The Pit (BotD)

The Rage (G:tS)

The Shroud (G:tS)

Hunter: the Vigil

Compacts and Factions Ahl al-Jabal
(VtR:AB) (HtV)

Martyrs Competitors, Libertines, Pursuit Five Stars, Quorum, Suits Department Alpha, Department Charlie, Department Whiskey Children of Leary, Spirit-Seekers, Watching Eye Dynasts, The Children of Gaia, The Hand of the Mother Amazons, Graces, Pleiades Archangels, Chain Gang, Street Angels Army of Truth, Record Keepers, Secret Keepers Cataclysmists, Open Minds, Rationalists Sportsmen, Trappers, Vigilantes Boston Rules, London Rules, Melbourne Rules Faithful, Hopeless, Merciful Advance, Penitents, Scholars Cautionaries, Experimentalists, Orphic Temple Conciliators, Exorcists, Redactors Home First, Politicals, The General Strike Conspiracies and Factions

Ashwood Abbey

Barret Commission (HtV-NS) Division Six (HtV:WF) Illuminated Brotherhood (HtV:SS) Keepers of the Source (HtV:WF) Maiden's Blood Sisterhood Night Watch
(HtV-NS) (HtV-NS)

Network Zero (HtV) Null Mysteriis (HtV) The Bear Lodge (HtV:SS) The Hunt Club (HtV:S) The Long Night (HtV) The Loyalists of Thule

The Promethean Brotherhood The Talbot Group (HtV:SS) The Union (HtV)

Aegis kai Dory (HtV) Ascending Ones (HtV) Knights of Saint George (HtV-WF) Les Mysteres (HtV:SS) Malleus Maleficarum The Cainite Heresy
(HtV) (HtV-NS)

Scroll, Sword, Temple Jagged Crescent, Knife of Paradise, Order of the Southern Temple Congregation of Foras, Congregation of Malthus, Congregation of Vasago Spirit-Chained, The Children of the Loa, Transcended Mysteres Order of St. Ambrose, Order of St. Athanasius, Order of St. Longinus Extremists, Fatalists, Revolutionists Field Research, Recruitment, Retrieval Denial, Reconsiliation, Truth Operation ADAMSKI, Operation FORT, Project TWILIGHT Field Liaison Department, Neuro-Cognitive Research Team, Operations Department, Paranormal Research and Detention Department, Special Projects Department, Violent Crime Research Team Dread Powers

The Cheiron Group (HtV) The Lucifuge (HtV) Task Force: VALKYRIE (HtV) Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit (HtV:S)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3 Generic

Level 4

Level 5

Agonise (HtV) Alter Memory (HtV: NS)

Absorb Knowledge (HtV: Bbbb)

Agonise (HtV) Alter Memory (HtV: NS)

Beastly Command (HtV: NS)

Agonise (HtV) Alter Memory (HtV: NS)

Beastly Command (HtV: NS)

Agonise (HtV) Alter Memory (HtV: NS)

Beastly Command (HtV: NS)

Agonise (HtV) Alter Memory (HtV: NS)

Beastly Command (HtV: NS)

Balefire (HtV)
Beastly Command (HtV: NS)

Balefire (HtV) Clamber (HtV:Bbbb) Confuse (HtV) Control Emotion (HtV: NS) Dement (HtV) Destiny (HtV:Bbbb) Drain (HtV) Dread Attack (HtV) Extacy (HtV) Enhanced Senses (HtV: NS) Fury (HtV) Gremlinise (HtV) Hypnotism (HtV) Impress (HtV) Lurker in Darkness (HtV) New Face (HtV) Read Aura (HtV:Bbbb) Ride Corpse (HtV) Sleep (HtV) Strange Form (HtV) Terrify (HtV) Unholy Attribute (HtV)

Balefire (HtV) Beastly Summons (HtV: NS) Clamber (HtV:Bbbb) Confuse (HtV) Control Emotion (HtV: NS) Crushing Blow (HtV) Damnation (HtV) Dement (HtV) Destiny (HtV:Bbbb) Drain (HtV) Dread Attack (HtV) Extacy (HtV) Enhanced Senses (HtV: NS) Fury (HtV) Gremlinise (HtV) Hypnotism (HtV)
Ignorance of the Flesh (HtV:Bbbb)

Balefire (HtV) Confuse (HtV) Control Emotion (HtV: NS) Dement (HtV) Destiny (HtV:Bbbb) Drain (HtV) Dread Attack (HtV) Extacy (HtV) Fury (HtV) Giant Size (HtV) Gremlinise (HtV) Hypnotism (HtV) Impress (HtV) Lurker in Darkness (HtV) New Face (HtV) Sleep (HtV) Strange Form (HtV) Terrify (HtV) Unholy Attribute (HtV) Unholy Grace (HtV: NS)

Balefire (HtV) Confuse (HtV) Control Emotion (HtV: NS) Dement (HtV) Destiny (HtV:Bbbb) Drain (HtV) Dread Attack (HtV) Extacy (HtV) Fury (HtV) Gremlinise (HtV) Hypnotism (HtV)
Ignorance of the Flesh (HtV:Bbbb)

Clamber (HtV:Bbbb) Confuse (HtV) Control Emotion (HtV: NS) Dement (HtV) Destiny (HtV:Bbbb) Drain (HtV) Dread Attack (HtV) Extacy (HtV) Enhanced Senses (HtV: NS) Fury (HtV) Gremlinise (HtV) Hypnotism (HtV) Impress (HtV) Lurker in Darkness (HtV) New Face (HtV) Shadow Harvest (HtV) Sleep (HtV) Strange Form (HtV) Terrify (HtV) Unholy Attribute (HtV)

Enhanced Senses (HtV: NS) Enhanced Senses (HtV: NS)

Impress (HtV) Judgement of Guilt (HtV) Lurker in Darkness (HtV) Mist Form (HtV: NS) New Face (HtV) Sleep (HtV) Strange Form (HtV) Terrify (HtV) Unholy Attribute (HtV)

Impress (HtV) Lurker in Darkness (HtV) New Face (HtV) Sleep (HtV) Strange Form (HtV) Tendrils (HtV) Terrify (HtV) Unholy Attribute (HtV) Dominions (HtV:SS)

Clarity (HtV:SS) City Eyes (HtV:SS) Malfunction (HtV:SS) Terrible Strike (HtV:SS) Unnatural Senses (HtV:SS) Warning Growl (HtV:SS)

Commandment (HtV:SS) Nightfall (HtV:SS) Ruin (HtV:SS) Shallow Heart (HtV:SS) Slip Away (HtV:SS) Warrior Ideal (HtV:SS)

Command Fire (HtV:SS) Death Grip (HtV:SS) Gridlock (HtV:SS) Primal Fear (HtV:SS) Talons of Guilt (HtV:SS) Mysteries (HtV:WF) Tier Zero Lore (HtV:WF)

Beast Control (HtV:SS) Fracture (HtV:SS) Graveyard Chill (HtV:SS) Savage Rending (HtV:SS) Shadow Hunter (HtV:SS)

Discordant Howl (HtV:SS) Devastation (HtV:SS) Savage Fury (HtV:SS) Terrible Might (HtV:SS)

Gaze of the Wise (HtV:WF)

Mystic Shield (HtV:WF)

Evil Eye (HtV:WF)

Resolute Spirit (HtV:WF)

Unravel (HtV:WF)

Tier One Disease (HtV:WF) Blight (HtV:WF) Glimpse (HtV:WF) Destiny (HtV:WF) Innocuous (HtV:WF) Lust (HtV:WF) Fever (HtV:WF) In the Cards (HtV:WF) Hand of Fate (HtV:WF) Dreamcatcher (HtV:WF) Temptation (HtV:WF) Corruption (HtV:WF) Foretelling (HtV:WF) Crystal Ball (HtV:WF) Fortune (HtV:WF) Fickle (HtV:WF) Hearth (HtV:WF) Clean Sweep (HtV:WF) Passion (HtV:WF) Aphrodisiac (HtV:WF) Tier Two Health (HtV:WF) Dull the Pain (HtV:WF) Static (HtV:WF) Gaia's Breath (HtV:WF) Commune (HtV:WF) Ouija (HtV:WF) Remedy (HtV:WF) Psychosis (HtV:WF)
Whisper of the Wind (HtV:WF)

Plague Rat (HtV:WF) Prophecy (HtV:WF) Oath Crafting (HtV:WF) House Rules (HtV:WF) Compulsion (HtV:WF)

Ravage (HtV:WF) Omen (HtV:WF) Karma (HtV:WF) Hallowed (HtV:WF) Obsession (HtV:WF)

Mend (HtV:WF) Mind (HtV:WF) Telepathy (HtV:WF) Nature (HtV:WF) Primal Tongue (HtV:WF) Shadow (HtV:WF)
Darkened Countenance (HtV:WF)

Purge (HtV:WF) Telekinesis (HtV:WF)

Biological Imperative (HtV:WF)

Miracle (HtV:WF) Erase (HtV:WF) Shapeshifter (HtV:WF) Unseen Stride (HtV:WF)

Darkling Grasp (HtV:WF)

Banish/Summon Demon (HtV:WF)

Twilight (HtV:WF) Ephemeral Chain (HtV:WF) Necromantic Slave (HtV:WF) Command Appearance (HtV:WF) Aspect of the Banshee (HtV:WF) Tier Three Elements (HtV:WF) Apotheosis (HtV:WF) Hermes' Stride (HtV:WF)
Awaken the Power Within (HtV:WF)

Elemental Harmony (HtV:WF)

Immersion (HtV:WF) Space (HtV:WF) Omniscience (HtV:WF) Supernal (HtV:WF) Siphon (HtV:WF) Time (HtV:WF) Postcognition (HtV:WF) Transmutation (HtV:WF) Iron (HtV:WF) Endowments

Casting the Towers (HtV:WF) Guardian's Wrath (HtV:WF)

Dimentional Push (HtV:WF) Nix (HtV:WF) Backflow (HtV:WF) Copper (HtV:WF)

Spatial Window (HtV:WF) Superiority (HtV:WF)

Temporal Reprieve (HtV:WF)

Translocation (HtV:WF) Blood Potency (HtV:WF) Stasis Field (HtV:WF) Gold (HtV:WF)

Opportunity (HtV:WF) Lead (HtV:WF)

Silver (HtV:WF)

Level 1 Etheric Rounds (HtV) Hot Rounds (HtV-NS)

Level 2 Etheric Goggles (HtV)

Frequency Pulse Emitter (HtV:SS)

Level 3 Advanced Armory G.M.F.T.S. (HtV)


Level 4 Etheric Goggles (HtV) Etheric Tracker (HtV)

Level 5 Etheric Rounds (HtV)

Logehamarr Personal Flamethrwer (HtV-NS)

Equaliser Grenade (HtV)

Tranq Rounds (HtV:S) Witch Buster (HtV)

Huginn Visor (HtV-NS) The Bleeder (HtV) Tranq Rounds (HtV:S)

Huginn Visor (HtV-NS) Odin Reticle (HtV-NS) Screamer Pistol (HtV:WF) Tranq Rounds (HtV:S) V.D.S.B. (HtV)

G.M.F.T.S. (HtV) Mjolnir Cannon (HtV) Munin Serum (HtV) Tranq Rounds (HtV:S)

Mjolnir Cannon (HtV) Tranq Rounds (HtV:S)

Urban Response Vehicle (HtV:SS)

Benediction (HtV) Armor of St. Martin (HtV) Blessed Protection of St. Agripina (HtV)
Cast into Swine/The Miracle of Gadarene (HtV:SS)

Castigation (HtV) Abaddon's Call (HtV-NS) Abyssal Bondage (HtV:WF) Calling Forth the Pit (HtV) Familiar (HtV) Familiar Betrayal (HtV:SS) Gaze of the Penitent (HtV) Guilt's Bloody Trail (HtV:S) Hellfire (HtV) Infernal Visions (HtV) Mandate of Hell (HtV) Mark of the Beast (HtV:SS) Prima Dictum (HtV-NS) Sense of the Unrighteous (HtV) Shackles of Pandemonium (HtV) The Mark of Lucifuge (HtV-NS) Tongue of Babel (HtV)

Rites of Denial (HtV-NS) Aggravate (HtV-NS) Befoul (HtV-NS) Behold (HtV-NS) Deny (HtV-NS) Evade (HtV-NS) Invoke (HtV-NS) Mark (HtV-NS) Obligate (HtV-NS) Pilfer (HtV-NS) Prohibit (HtV-NS) Question (HtV-NS) Reflect (HtV-NS) Unmask (HtV-NS)

Epipodian Safeguard (HtV)

Fiacre's Staff/Benediction of the Rose (HtV-NS)

Fortitude of St. George (HtV) La Langue des Saints (HtV-NS) Loyola's Fire (HtV-NS) Mantle of Orleans (HtV-NS) Revelationes Coelestes (HtV:WF) Sanctification of the Blessed Virgin (HtV) Song of Daniel (HtV-NS) Saint Agathius' Call (HtV:S) The Apostle's Teachings (HtV) The Binding of St. Amabilis (HtV:SS) The Boon of Lazarus (HtV) The Hands of St. Luke (HtV) The Shepherd's Blessing (HtV) True Sight of St. Abel (HtV) Vade Retro Satana (HtV)
Wrathful Sword of St. Michael the Archangel (HtV)

Elixir (HtV) Crocodile Tears (HtV) Eye of Ra (HtV)

Hunting Sight of the Asp (HtV-NS)

Breath of Ma'at (HtV) Justice of Ma'at (HtV:S)

A glimpse of After (HtV) Mind-Talking Drug (HtV) Goetic Gospels (HtV:WF) The Gospel of Agares (HtV:WF)

Amun's Water (HtV) Balm of Chronos (HtV:SS)

Breath of the Dragon (HtV)
Incense of the Next World (HtV)

Blood of the Cobra (HtV) Mesmeric Vapors (HtV) Nehebkau Tears (HtV-NS)

Elixir of the Fiery Heart (HtV) Bennu-Bird Feather (HtV)

Vapors of Mercury (HtV:SS) The Tallyman's Eyes (HtV:WF)

The Lie of the Heart (HtV:WF) Crocodile Armor (HtV:WF) Agares' Goshawk (HtV:WF)

Envy's Barb (HtV:WF) Vicious Cycle (HtV:WF)

Flagellant's Denial (HtV:WF)

Demon King of Nothing (HtV:WF)

The Gospel of Amon (HtV:WF) Stolen Vice (HtV:WF)

Gluttonous Devourer (HtV:WF) Maddening Whispers (HtV:WF)

Magpie Secrets (HtV:WF) Poison Baubles (HtV:WF)

The Gospel of Beleth (HtV:WF) Servitor of Sloth (HtV:WF)

Rites Promethean Brotherhood (HtV:WF) Rite of Hecate (HtV:WF) Rite of Hecate (HtV:WF) Rite of Hecate (HtV:WF) Rites du Cheval (HtV:SS)
Ephemeral Disguise (HtV:SS) Elemental Rebuke (HtV:SS) Spiritual Guidance (HtV:SS)

Rite of Hecate (HtV:WF) Clinging Leech (HtV:SS) Voodoo Doll (HtV:SS)

Rite of Hecate (HtV:WF) Deny the Moon (HtV:SS)

Wearing the Baron's Hat (HtV:SS)

Skin of the Loa (HtV:SS)

Light as a Feather (HtV:SS) The Hands of Raphael (HtV:SS) Teleinformatics (HtV:S) Interview (HtV:S)

Just one more thing (HtV:S) Psychometry (HtV:S) Network (HtV:S) Anger Patch (HtV)
Voice of the Banshee (HtV-NS)

Polygraph (HtV:S) Scene Read (HtV:S) Deep Background (HtV:S) Devil's Eyes (HtV) Ectocrine Gland (HtV:SS) Lover's Lips (HtV)
Weapon of Last Resort (HtV)

Synchronization (HtV:S) Investigation (HtV:S) Speed of Thought (HtV:S) Research (HtV:S) Bookworm (HtV:S) Thaumatechonology (HtV) Berserker Splice (HtV:SS)
Biliary Tree of the Cynocephali (HtV:Bbbb)

The Talon (HtV:S) Postcognition (HtV:S) Tag (HtV:S) Agoniser (HtV:WF)

Regenerative Nodule (HtV)

Tactical Co-ordination (HtV:S)

Hall of Mirors (HtV:S) Omnicompetence (HtV:S) Banality Worm (HtV) Hand of Glory (HtV)

Weapon of Last Resort (HtV)

Cortical Adaptation (HtV-S)

Twitcher (HtV)

Evil Eye (HtV-NS)

Personal Defense Swarm (HtV)

Quick-Step (HtV)
Voice of the Banshee (HtV-NS)

Natures Professions Academic




Athlete (HtV) Engineer (HtV) Occultist (HtV) Socialite (HtV) Undertakings Rippers

Cop (HtV) Hacker (HtV) Outdoorsman (HtV:SS) Soldier (HtV)

Criminal (HtV) Hit Man (HtV) Professional (HtV) Technician (HtV)

Detective (HtV) Journalist (HtV) Religious Leader (HtV) Vagrant (HtV)

Doctor (HtV) Laborer (HtV) Scientist (HtV)

Avenger (HtV:S) Legend (HtV:S)

Brute (HtV:S) Mask (HtV:S)

Charmer (HtV:S) Scourges Psycho (HtV:S) Tactics

Freak (HtV:S) Mutant (HtV:S)

Genius (HtV:S) Maniac (HtV:S)

Arson (HtV-NS) Bloody Improv (HtV:S)

Controlled Immolation (HtV)

Bait and Switch (HtV:SS) Cannibalism (HtV:S) Corral (HtV) Dentistry (HtV)

Battle Hardening (HtV-NS) Cauterise (HtV-NS) Corruption (HtV:WF) Disarm (HtV:SS)

Beat Down (HtV:S) Compression (HtV:WF) Cripple Claws (HtV) Disappear (HtV)

Behavioral Science (HtV:S) Confuse the Scent (HtV:SS) Defile (HtV:SS) Distraction (HtV:WF)

Deprogramming (HtV)

Divide and Conquer (HtV:SS)

Domesticate (HtV:SS) Exorcism (HtV) Harvest (HtV) Interrogation (HtV:WF) Man can Lick too (HtV:S) No Escape (HtV:S) Roadkill (HtV:SS) Stalking Horse (HtV-NS)

Draw and Quarter (HtV:S) Exploit Tell (HtV:S) Headshot (HtV:WF) Invisible Fence (HtV-NS) Measurements (HtV)
Pack of Bloodhounds (HtV:S)

Effigy (HtV:SS) False Pretenses (HtV:S) Helter Skelter (HtV-NS) Keep 'em Awake (HtV:S) Moral Support (HtV) Profiling (HtV) Shadowing (HtV:WF) System Shock (HtV:WF)

Eviscerate (HtV-NS) Grisly Scene (HtV:S) Identification (HtV) Lobby (HtV-NS)

My Brother's Keeper (HtV:SS)

Excision (HtV:WF) Hamstring (HtV) Impale (HtV:S) Lobotomise (HtV:S) Net (HtV) Revel in the Kill (HtV:S) Stalking (HtV) Thin the Herd (HtV:SS)

Resonance (HtV:SS) Silver Bullet (HtV:SS) Tar and Feather (HtV-NS)

Ruination (HtV:S) Stakeout (HtV-NS)

Mage: the Awakening

Arcana Spells Initiate Counterspell (MtA)
Ectoplasmic Shaping (MtA)

Apprentice Animate Shadows (MtA) Corpse Mask (MtA) Decay (MtA) Ectoplasm (MtA) Entropic Guard (MtA) Final Sight (MtA:GotV) Ghost Summons (MtA)
Grant the Grim Sight (MtA)

Disciple Death (MtA) Arm Ghost (MtA:ToM) Control Ghost (MtA)

Curse of Withering (MtA:ToM)

Adept Enervation (MtA)

Ghost Familiar Pact (MtA:S)

Master Create Demesne (MtA)

Devouring the Living (MtA)

Forensic Gaze (MtA) Grim Sight (MtA) Instill Mortality (MtA:ToM) Pain Harvest (MtA:ToM) Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Shadow Sculpting (MtA) Soul Marks (MtA)
Speak with the Dead (MtA)

Haunting (MtA) Revenant (MtA) Rotting Flesh (MtA) Scourge Ghost (MtA:ToM) Slay Own Aura (MtA) Soul Binding (MtA)
Suppress Other's Life (MtA)

Destroy Mana (MtA)

Grant Ghost Familiar (MtA:S)

Destroy Ephemera (MtA) Destroy Object (MtA) Devouring the Slain (MtA) Entropic Shroud (MtA) Ghost Gate (MtA) Ghostly Object (MtA)
Healing the Dead Mind (MtA:M)

Grant Lifespan (MtA:LtA) Quell the Spark (MtA) Quicken Ghost (MtA) Secret Marriage (MtA:ToM) Steal Lifespan (MtA) Summon the Dead (MtA)

Lighten Anchor (MtA:ToM) Quiet Grave (MtA:B) Soul Jar (MtA) Suppress Aura (MtA) Touch of the Grave (MtA)

Twilight Shift (MtA)

Hollow Victory (MtA:B)

Orpheus' Lament (MtA:GoG)

Quicken Corpse (MtA) Restore Corpus (MtA) Sculpt Ephemera (MtA)

Sever the Sleeping Soul (MtA) Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)

Summon Shadows (MtA) Suppress Own Life (MtA) Transfer Anchor (MtA:ToM) Fate (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Friendly Face (MtA:S) Interconnections (MtA) Exceptional Luck (MtA) Fortune's Protection (MtA)
Granting the Sybil's Sight (MtA)

Alter Oath (MtA) Bad Penny (MtA:ToM)

Bestow Exceptional Luck (MtA)

Coincidental Travel (MtA:SL)

Break the Chains (MtA) Create Demesne (MtA) Forge Destiny (MtA)

Destroy Bindings (MtA) Forbidden Fate (MtA:SL)

Luck Blessing (MtA:MT) Quantum Flux (MtA)

Reading the Outmost Eddies (MtA)

Heroic Effort (MtA:AA) Platonic Mechanism (MtA) Shifting the Odds (MtA) Swearing an Oath (MtA) The Evil Eye (MtA)
The Perfect Moment (MtA) Zone of Extremity (MtA:ToM)

Blessing (MtA:ToM) Cursed Object (MtA:ToM) Eleggua's Notice (MtA:MT) Fabricate Fortune (MtA)
Grant Fortune's Protection (MtA)

Fortune's Fool (MtA:AA) Probable Cause (MtA) Sanctify Oaths (MtA) Sever Oaths (MtA) Unfettered (MtA)

Forge Doom (MtA) Forge Godsend (MtA) Geas (MtA) Great Curse (MtA) Swarm of Locusts (MtA) True Love (MtA:GoG)

Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Sacrifice Fortune (MtA:ToM) Synchronicity (MtA:ToM) The Sybil's Sight (MtA) Winds of Chance (MtA)

Instill Malediction (MtA:ToM)

Lucky Coin (MtA) Monkey's Paw (MtA) Occlude Destiny (MtA)

Sense Strength and Weakness (MtA:GoG)

Shared Fate (MtA:FC)

Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)

Superlative Luck (MtA) Forces (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Influence Heat (MtA) Influence Light (MtA) Influence Sound (MtA) Nightsight (MtA) Outter Music (MtA:B) Read Matrices (MtA) Receiver (MtA) Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Tune In (MtA)
Activate Police Band (MtA:B) Bestow Unseen Shield (MtA) Bestow Invisibility (MtA)

Adverse Weather (MtA)

Bestow Burst of Speed (MtA)

Aether Net (MtA:FC) Control Heat (MtA) Control Light (MtA) Control Sound (MtA) Control Traffic (MtA:ToM) Electronic Eye (MtA:FC) Eyes of the Matrix (MtA) Fireproofing (MtA:LtA)
Friction Reduction (MtA:ToM)

Call Lightning (MtA)

Burst of Speed (MtA) Change Weather (MtA) Containment (MtA:M) Control Velocity (MtA) Firebolt (MtA:AA) Firestarter (MtA:LtA) Friction Knife (MtA) Gravity Shift (MtA:AA)
Influence Magnet (MtA:ToM)

Alter Frequency (MtA:GotV) Complex Transmission (MtA:FC) Control Fire (MtA)

Curse of Electrical Rebellion (MtA:ToM)

Bestow Levitation (MtA) Call Lightning (DoD:MtA)

Complete Invisibility (MtA)

Control Electricity (MtA) Complete Invisibility (MtA:RotE)

Control Gravity (MtA) Create Demesne (MtA) Create Sunlight (MtA) Earthquake (MtA)
Electromagnetic Pulse (MtA)

Cutting Scream (MtA:AA)

Empowered Voice (MtA:AA)

Floating Step (MtA:GoG) Instill Shock (MtA:ToM) Light Mastery (MtA)

Optimise Kinetic Attack (MtA:GoG)

Eradicate Radiation (MtA) Flight (MtA) Increase Gravity (MtA) Magnetise (MtA:ToM) Nullify Gravity (MtA) Radiation (MtA) Velocity Mastery (MtA)

Influence Electricity (MtA) Influence Fire (MtA)

Invisibility to Machines (MtA:FC)

Invisible Fire (MtA:FC) Kinetic Ripple (MtA:AA) Levitation (MtA)

Quench the Invibible Fires (MtA:FC)

Personal Invisibility (MtA) Sound Mastery (MtA)

Stay the Invisible Fires (MtA:FC)

Invisible Object (MtA) Kinetic Blow (MtA) Transmission (MtA) Unseen Shield (MtA) Analyse Life (MtA) Bread Alone (MtA:ToM) Cleanse the Body (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Forgo Rest (MtA:FC) Body Control (MtA) Control Base Life (MtA) Organic Resilience (MtA) Puissant Skill (MtA:M)

Invoke Password (MtA:FC) Summon Astral Being (MtA:S) Sensory Deprivation (MtA:ToM) Telekinesis (MtA) Telekinetic Strike (MtA) Turn Projectile (MtA) Life (MtA) Banish Plague (MtA) Body Mastery (MtA:M)
Control Median Life (MtA) Curse of Predation (MtA:ToM)

Thunderbolt (MtA) Transform Energy (MtA) Unseen Hand (MtA)

Accelerate Healing (MtA:AA) Animate Homunculus (MtA:ToM)

Animal Degradation (MtA) Animal Minion (MtA) Contagion (MtA) Doppelganger (MtA)

Create Demesne (MtA) Create Life (MtA) Evolutionary Shift (MtA) Fantasia (MtA)

Heal Flora and Fauna (MtA) Chemical Imbalance (MtA:ToM)

Healer's Trance (MtA)

Pulse of the Living World (MtA)

Purify Bodies (MtA) Self-Healing (MtA) Self-Purging (MtA)

Transfer Base Features (MtA)

Degrading the Form (MtA)

Enforced Silence (MtA:GotV)

Enfeeblement (MtA) Life Force Assault (MtA) Many Faces (MtA) Shapechanging (MtA) Skilled Triumph (MtA:M) Supreme Honing (MtA) Transform Other (MtA)
Trigger the Lizard Brain (MtA)

Ghastly Metamorphosis (MtA:ToM)

Hone Another's Form (MtA) Greater Shapechanging (MtA)

Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Sense Life (MtA)

Simulate Basic Needs (MtA:B)

Gaia's Hold (MtA:AA) Healing Heart (MtA) Honing the Form (MtA) Induce Vertigo (MtA:B) Organic Shield (MtA) Palsy (MtA:GotV)
Physical Reconfiguration (MtA:SL)

Hereditary Change (MtA) Human Minion (MtA)

Multitudinous Form (MtA:GoG)

Transform Base Life (MtA)

The Life of the Senses (MtA:MT) Visions of the Living World (MtA)

Regeneration (MtA)
Ultimate Degradation (MtA)

Ultimate Honing (MtA)

Scent of Nature (MtA:GoG)

Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)

Uplift the Species (MtA)

Sustain Body (MtA:AR)

Transfer Median Features (MtA)

Transform Median Life (MtA)

Transform Self (MtA)

Trigger Automatic Function (MtA:M)

Two Faces (MtA) Matter (MtA) Alter Conductivity (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Crafter's Eye (MtA:FC) Craftsman's Eye (MtA) Dark Matter (MtA) Detect Substance (MtA)
Find the Hidden Hoard (MtA)

Alter Accuracy (MtA)

Deceptive Appearance (MtA:M)

Alter Integrity (MtA) Alter Raiment (MtA:GotV) Animate Object (MtA:SS) Armor Piercing (MtA) Backbite (MtA:GotV) Jury Rig (MtA)
Manufacture Oil or Jelly (MtA:ToM)

Alter Efficiency (MtA) Anihilate Matter (MtA) Duplication (MtA:M)

Lesser Transmogrification (MtA)

Alter Size (MtA)

Anihilate Extraordinary Matter (MtA) Construct Homunculus Form (MtA:ToM)

Eyes of the Earth (MtA)

Loosen the Threads (MtA:GoG)

Create Demesne (MtA)

Greater Transmogrification (MtA)

Shape Liquid (MtA) Steel Windows (MtA) Transmute Water (MtA) Unseen Aegis (MtA)
Weaponise Object (MtA:AA)

Reconfigure Object (MtA) Shape Air (MtA) Transmute Air (MtA) Transmute Gold (MtA)

Bundle Enchantments (MtA:ToM) Secret Compartment (MtA:B)

Raw Creation (MtA)

Self-Repairing Machine (MtA)

Discern Composition (MtA) Temporary Repair (MtA:FC)

Ring Sight (MtA:RotE)

Manufacture Spray (MtA:ToM)

Perfect Lock (MtA:GotV) Plasticity (MtA) Repair Object (MtA)

Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)

Transmute Earth (MtA) Mind (MtA) Ajna (MtA:MT) Aura Perception (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Etheric Lens (MtA:MT) Know Virtue (MtA:KST)
Mask of Normality (MtA:ToM)

Alter Aura (MtA) Beast Control (MtA) Delayed Rest (MtA:GotV) Emotional Urging (MtA) First Impressions (MtA)

Astral Entrance (MtA:AR)

Astral Interdiction (MtA:AR)

Astral Imprisonment (MtA:AR)

Astral Invitation (MtA:AR) Augment Other Minds (MtA) Casual Brutality (MtA:GoG) Befuddle (MtA)
Breach the Veil of Memory MtA)
Construct Homunculus Persona (MtA:ToM)

Control Waking (MtA:GotV) Augment the Mind (MtA) Aura Cloak (MtA) Bestow Skill (MtA:FC) Bolster Virtue (MtA:KST)

Create Demesne (MtA) Dream Network (MtA:AR) Network (MtA)

Call Augoeides (MtA:MT) Confuse Language (MtA:B)

Merge Mind (MtA:B)

One Mind, Two Thoughts (MtA)

Gain Skill (MtA:FC) Inspire (MtA:GotV) Memory Hole (MtA) Mental Shield (MtA) Misperception (MtA)
Moment of Doubt (MtA:GotV)
Opening the Lidless Eye (MtA)

Curse of Dementia (MtA:ToM)

Dream Bridge (MtA:AR) Dream Traveller (MtA) Hallucination (MtA) Living Library (MtA:SS) Love Spell (MtA:ToM) Psychic Projection (MtA) Psychic Sword (MtA) Psychic Violation (MtA:LtS) Purge Oneiros (MtA:AR) Read the Depths (MtA) Severed Sense (MtA:GotV) Skeptic (MtA:AA) Skill Mastery (MtA:FC)
Summon Astral Archetype (MtA:S)

Nightmare Journey (MtA:LtS)

Incognito Presence (MtA) Curse of Ostracism (MtA:ToM)

Diplomat's Protection (MtA:SL)

No Exit (MtA:B) Possession (MtA) Psychic Domination (MtA) Psychic Genesis (MtA)
Psychic Reprogramming (MtA)

Ring Sight (MtA:RotE)

Sense Consciousness (MtA)

Denial of Senses (MtA:GotV) Gleaning the Crowd (MtA:MT) Directed Havoc (MtA:ToM)
Disrupt Concentration (MtA:AR)

Third Eye (MtA)

Enforce Paradigm (MtA:ToM) Opening the Dream Space (MtA:AR) Shadow Projection (MtA)

Eternal Now (MtA:M) Facade (DoD:MtA) False Fame (MtA:ToM) Goetic Evocation (MtA) Goetic Inversion (MtA:I) Imposter (MtA)
Induce Hoarding Instinct (MtA:ToM)

Sin Eating (MtA:GoG)

Temenos Sanctuary (MtA:LtS)

Perfect Mnemonic (MtA:M)

Phantom Thoughts (MtA:AA)

Twilight Temple (MtA)

Playback Vision (MtA:MT) Stammer (MtA:B)

The Presence of the Teacher (MtA:MT)
Transmission of Brilliance and Energy (MtA:MT)

Greater Beast Control (MtA) Seal Other's Oneiros (MtA:AR)

Voice from Afar (MtA) Willful Process (MtA:M)

Know Thyself (MtA:GotV) Mental Wall (MtA) Multi-Tasking (MtA) Passion Link (MtA:GotV)
Precious Malediction (MtA:ToM) Preserve Astral Object (MtA:AR) Preserve Astral Space (MtA:AR)

Lift the Astral Barrier (MtA:AR) Shape Soul Stone (MtA:ToM)

Suppress Wisdom (MtA:ToM)

Supreme Augmentation (MtA)

Telepathic Control (MtA) Triumphant Will (MtA:M)

Psychic Assault (MtA) Read Trends (MtA:GotV) Seal Oneiros (MtA:AR)

Shackled Morality (MtA:GoG)
Shroud of Disinterest (MtA:ToM)

Sleep of the Just (MtA)

Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)

Summon Esoteric (MtA:S)

Summon Morphean (MtA:S)

Telepathic Alarm (MtA:ToM)

Telepathic Eavesdropping (MtA:GotV)

Telepathy (MtA)
The Inescapable Question (MtA:LtA)

Thought Forms (MtA:MT) Transfer Will (MtA:ToM) Universal Language (MtA)

Will of Fire (MtA:LtA) Prime (MtA)

Analyse Enchanted Item (MtA) Activate Enchanted Item (MtA)

Armor of the Soul (MtA)

Astral Tass Conversion (MtA:AR)

Awaken Hallow (MtA)

Bodyguard's Blessing (MtA:AA)
Curse of the Fallen World (MtA:B)

Concealing the Dragon's Path (MtA:GoG)

Counterspell (MtA) Detect Banisher (MtA:B) Discern Phantasm (MtA) Dispell Magic (MtA) Inscribe Grimoire (MtA) Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Supernal Vision (MtA)

Cleanse Aura (MtA:I) Counterspell Prime (MtA) Locate Node (MtA:MT) Magic Shield (MtA) Paths of Power (MtA:GoG) Primal Flow (MtA) Sigilisation (MtA:SS) Squaring the Circle (MtA) Supernal Script (MtA:M)
Thunder Meditation (MtA:MT)

Create Complex Phantasm (MtA)

Celestial Fire (MtA) Create Tass (MtA) Disguise Spell (MtA:ToM) Dissolve Tass (MtA)
Ephemeral Enchantment (MtA)

Create Demesne (MtA) Create Hollow (MtA) Dead Zone (MtA) Halt the Flow (MtA:B) Scorched Earth (MtA:B) Siphon Mana (MtA) Universal Bane (MtA:B)

Ephemeral Image (MtA:SL) Controlled Dispellation (MtA) Delusions of Grandeur (MtA:B) Disenchant Item (MtA:ToM) Ley Flow (MtA:SS) Marionette (MtA) Phantasmal Weapon (MtA)
Pierce Magical Shield (MtA:B)

Disguise Resonance (MtA) Eyes of the Awakened (MtA)

Fortify Oath (MtA:AA)

Fortify Phantasmal Item (MtA:ToM)
Girding the Champion's Faith (MtA:MT)

Poison Mana (MtA:B) Primal Transfer (MtA:LtA) Siphon Essence (MtA) Siphon Integrity (MtA)
Supernal Dispellation (MtA)

Transform Aura (MtA) Unseen Spy (MtA)

Hallow Bond (MtA:SS) Imbue Item (MtA) Imbue Mana (MtA)

Instill Exclusiveness (MtA:ToM)

Supress Hallow (MtA)

Suppress Enchantment (MtA:M)

Item Failsafe (MtA:ToM) Last Testament (MtA:ToM) Ley Lines (MtA) Ley Shift (MtA:SS) Magic Wall (MtA) Mana Leech (MtA:ToM) Mystic Shackle (MtA:ToM)
Payment in Power (MtA:ToM)

Tainted Source (MtA:B)

Phantasm (MtA)
Reset Platonic Exemplar (MtA:ToM)

Subvert Ownership (MtA:ToM)

Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)

Target Interloper (MtA:ToM)

Thunder Meditation (MtA:MT) Transform Other Aura (MtA)

Space (MtA) Angle Vision (MtA:GotV) Correspondence (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Finder (MtA) Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Apportation (MtA)
Bestow Spatial Awareness (MtA)

Avoidance Tactics (MtA) Ban (MtA) Double Shape (MtA:ToM)

Arcade (MtA:RotE) Astral Reaches (MtA:AR) Co-Location (MtA) Pocket Realm (MtA) Portal Key (MtA)

Create Demesne (MtA) Dimensional Axis (MtA) Hide Space (MtA) Labyrinth (MtA) Worlds Collide (MtA)

Conceal Sympathy (MtA) Destroy the Threads (MtA) Follow Through (MtA)
Intrusion Warning (MtA:GotV) Expanded Volume (MtA:GotV)

Spatial Awareness (MtA) Spatial Map (MtA)

Locate Source (MtA:M) Scrying (MtA) Track Projectile (MtA:AA) Untouchable (MtA) Ward (MtA)

Eyes of the Building (MtA:LtA)

Safe Keeping (MtA) Suspension (MtA) Teleportation (MtA)

Instill Elusiveness (MtA:ToM)

Interpose (MtA:AA)
Maintained Sympathy (MtA:AR)

Multispatial Perception (MtA)

New Threads (MtA) Portal (MtA) Ranged Blow (MtA)

Spatial Malediction (DoD:MtA) Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)

Spirit (MtA) Alien Spotter (MtA:B) Coaxing the Spirits (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Exorcist's Eye (MtA) Gremlins (MtA:ToM) Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Second Sight (MtA) Spirit Tongue (MtA) Analyse Spirit (MtA:M) Bug/Soul Jar (MtA) Cowing the Spirit (MtA:AA) Ephemeral Shield (MtA) Gossamer Touch (MtA)
Grant the Second Sight (MtA)
Invitation to the Orishas (MtA:MT)

Alien Highway (MtA:B) Control Spirit (MtA) Exorcism (MtA) Familiar Pact (MtA)
Greater Spirit Summons (MtA)

Bind Spirit (MtA) Create Fetish (MtA) Grant Familiar (MtA) Medicine Bag (MtA) Overshadowing (MtA:MT) Road Master (MtA) Sacramental Chain (MtA) Spirit Guardian (MtA) Spirit Possession (MtA)

Control Gauntlet (MtA) Create Demesne (MtA) Invoke Twilight (MtA:AR) Materialise Spirit (MtA) Shape Spirit (MtA) Spirit Court (MtA) Spirit Manse (MtA)
Summon Royal Avatar (MtA:S)

Harm Spirit (MtA)

Instill Homing Instinct (MtA:ToM)

Lesser Spirit Summons (MtA)

Peer Across the Gauntlet (MtA)

Numinous Shield (MtA) Reaching (MtA) Restore Corpus (MtA) Restore Lost Soul (MtA) Raise Spirit (MtA) Spirit Guide (MtA:MT) Spirit Road (MtA) Spirit Steal (MtA:AA)
Summon Astral Being (MtA:S)
Summoning Talisman (MtA:MT)

Place of Power (MtA) Read Spirit (MtA:AA) Spirit Pact (MtA:ToM)

Spiritual Bulwark (MtA:ToM)

Time (MtA) Counterspell (MtA) Momentary Flux (MtA) Perfect Timing (MtA) Precise Dating (MtA:M) Ring Sight (MtA:RotE) Temporal Eddies (MtA) Temporal Wrinkles (MtA) Tempus Fugit (MtA:GotV) Time Limit (MtA:ToM) Akashic Reading (MtA:MT) Augury (MtA) Flip of the Coin (MtA)
Glimpsing the Future (MtA)

Acceleration (MtA)
Borrow from the Future (MtA:ToM)

Chronos' Curse (MtA) Create Potentiality (MtA:S) Erase History (MtA:LtS)

Precognitive Ordeal (MtA:GoG)

Create Demesne (MtA) Duplicate (MtA:AA) Faerie Glade (MtA) Future Legacy (MtA) Rewrite History (MtA) Stop Time (MtA) Temporal Lifeline (MtA:FC)

Divination (MtA) Shifting Sands (MtA)

Strike in the Perfect Moment (MtA:GoG)

Guide to What Is (MtA:MT) Shield of Chronos (MtA) Temporal Dodge (MtA) Temporal Flow (MtA) Worst Moment (MtA:B)

Present as Past (MtA) Prophecy (MtA) Temporal Pocket (MtA) Temporal Stutter (MtA)

Library of Time (MtA:GotV) Summon Astral Being (MtA:S) Temporal Shift (MtA)

Attainments Level 1 Inner Temple (MtA:SL) Diabolist's Circlet (MtA:SL) Bokor's Mark (MtA:ToW) Yamagini Kaze (MtA:AA) Aetherial Cleansing (MtA:S) Way with Words (MtA:FC) Mask the Hunger (MtA:AA) Dreamwalking (MtA:LtA) Harbinger of Fear (WoD:SoM) Temple Inviolate (MtA:LtA) Seeker's Eye (MtA:M) Soul Gauntlet (MtA:GoG) The Master's Hand (MtA:LtA) Dreaming Doorway (MtA:FC) Understanding the Katsina (MtA:S) Oath of Synthesis (MtA:SL) Planting the Seed of Rebellion (MtA:ToW) Security of the Lost (MtA:LtA) Level 2 Ascended Adepts (MtA:SL) Palace of Memory (MtA:SL) Bene Ashmedai (MtA:SL) Daimon's Measure (MtA:SL) Bokor (MtA:ToW) Call to Service (MtA:ToW) Brotherhood of the Demon Wind (MtA:AA) Tazeini Bazei (MtA:AA) Choir of Hashmallin (MtA:S) Aetherial Avatar (MtA:S) Cryptologos (MtA:FC) Universal Language (MtA:FC) Devourers of the Flesh (MtA:AA) Life Feeds on Life (MtA:AA) Dreamspeakers (MtA:LtA) Call Upon the Dreamborn (MtA:LtA) Dreamers of the Black Sun (WoD:SoM) Horrifying Spasm (WoD:SoM) Echo Walkers (MtA:LtA) Form of the Nephilim (MtA:LtA) Eyes of Ain Soph (MtA:M) Seeker's Aegis (MtA:M) Followers of the True Soul (MtA:GoG) Return to the Diamond of Self (MtA:GoG) Forge Masters (MtA:LtA) Primal Tempering (MtA:LtA) Imagineers (MtA:FC) Meme Complex (MtA:FC) Katsinam Suukya (MtA:S) Calling the Katsina (MtA:S) Keepers of the Covenant (MtA:SL) Emissary of the Past (MtA:SL) Liberatores (MtA:ToW) Strengthening the Spine (MtA:ToW) Logophages (MtA:LtA) Knowing the Unknown (MtA:LtA) Righteous Theft (MtA:LtA) Casting Off the Shackles (MtA:ToW), Eidolon of Union (MtA:SL) Becoming the Katsina (MtA:S) Manifest Idea (MtA:FC) Primal Forge (MtA:LtA) Soul of Tazanteotl (MtA:GoG) Seeker's Mastery (MtA:M) Seeds of Loyalty (MtA:LtA) The Screams of the Dying Sun (WoD:SoM) Dreamself (MtA:LtA) The Sweetest Savor (MtA:AA) The Hidden Word (MtA:FC) Aetherial Exaltation (MtA:S) Akumano Ken (MtA:AA) Bokor's Chain (MtA:ToW) Pandemonium's Mirror (MtA:SL) Transcended Form (MtA:SL) Level 3

Lords of the Inanimate (MtA:SL) Commanding the Inanimate (MtA:SL) Blind Spot (MtA:KST) Barrier Breaking (MtA:ToW) Snake Skin (MtA) Body Temple (MtA) Gazing Through the Cracks (MtA:M) Inevitable Ending (MtA:KST) Magic Circle (MtA) The Stains of Sin NH:U) Soothe the Beast (MtA:LtA) The Knowing (MtA:M) Hidden Meaning (MtA:LtA) Skein of Heaven (MtA:SL) Shading the Pattern (MtA:ToW) Heroic Armament (MtA:S) The Subtle Dance (MtA) Finding the Stone (MtA:LtA) Touch the Fire (MtA:LtA) Refresh the Waters (MtA:LtA) Etheric Communion (MtA:LtA) Shepherd of the Craft (MtA:SL) Mimir's Voice (MtA:KST) Wasted Potential (MtA:KST) Neocologists (MtA:ToW) Spirit's Caress (MtA:ToW) Orphans of Proteus (MtA) Beast Gift (MtA) Perfected Adepts (MtA) Chi Force (MtA) Reality Stalkers (MtA:M) Cracking Open the Flaws (MtA:M) Scelesti (MtA) Abyssal Command (MtA) Beginnings and Endings (MtA:KST) Unholy Lash NH:U) Skald (MtA:LtA) Pride Goeth Before (MtA:LtA) sassbaaaaxxaabbzzsaSingers in Silence (MtA:M) The Calling (MtA:M) Sphinxes (MtA:LtA) Without Knowledge= (MtA:LtA) Stewards of the Celestial Orrery (MtA:SL) Celestial Diagram (MtA:SL) Storm Keepers (MtA:ToW) Direct Storms (MtA:ToW) Stygian Heralds (MtA:S) Heroic Presence (MtA:S) Subtle Ones (MtA) False Presence (MtA) Tamers of Earth (MtA:LtA) Surveying the Stone (MtA:LtA) Tamers of Fire (MtA:LtA) Catch the Fire (MtA:LtA) Tamers of Rivers (MtA:LtA) Mold the Waters (MtA:LtA) Tamers of the Cave (MtA:LtA) Etheric Doorway (MtA:LtA) Tamers of Wind (MtA:LtA) Etheric Configuration (MtA:LtA) Tap the Wellspring (MtA:LtA) Become the Fire (MtA:LtA) Stepping Behind the Stone (MtA:LtA) Occlude the Mind (MtA) Heroic Soul (MtA:S) Weather Making (MtA:ToW), Supernal Clarity (MtA:SL) Off the Path (MtA:LtA) The Keening (MtA:M) Hearing the Kind Piper (MtA:LtA) Power in Pain NH:U) Shadow Circle (MtA) Tame the Flaws (MtA:M) Perfect Body (MtA) Beast Form (MtA) Unnamed Attainment (MtA:ToW) Released Potential (MtA:KST) Honor of Transmutation (MtA:SL)

Hear the Wind (MtA:LtA) Mainspring (MtA:GotV) En Passant (MtA:AA) The Perfected Conversation (MtA:GotV) Not a Number (MtA:FC) Nothing Up my Sleeve (MtA:SL) Celestial Telescope (MtA:KST) Goetic Projection (MtA:LtS) Virtue's Past (MtA:S) Time Out of Joint (MtA:LtS) Teisara Akh (MtA:LtS) The Eye and the Fist (MtA:LtS) The Unobvious Answer (MtA:GotV) The Enlightened Skin (MtA:LtS) Fear's Icy Hand (MtA:LtS) Attune (MtA:LtS) In the Dark Wood (MtA:KST) Pound of Flesh (MtA:S) Cogitation Convergence (NH:U) Fifty-Fifty (MtA:S)

Grasp at the Wind (MtA:LtA) The Austere (MtA:GotV) Cog in the Machine (MtA:GotV) The Awakening Gambit (MtA:AA) Mysterious Rook (MtA:AA) The Bearers of the Eternal Voice (MtA:GotV) Gilded Speech (MtA:GotV) The Blank Badges (MtA:FC) The Quiet One (MtA:FC) The Carnival Melancholy (MtA:SL) The Slow Hand (MtA:SL) The Celestial Masters (MtA:KST) Everything is Stardust (MtA:KST) The Clavicularius (MtA:LtS) Goetic Bulwark (MtA:LtS) The Concord of Serpents (MtA:S) Inharmonious Rhapsody (MtA:S) The Cult of the Doomsday Clock (MtA:LtS) Bid Time Return (MtA:LtS) The Daksha (MtA:LtS) The Androgyne Condition (MtA:LtS) The Daoine (MtA:LtS) Slings and Arrows (MtA:LtS) The Eleventh Question (MtA:GotV) The Chance Answer (MtA:GotV) The Fallen Pillar (MtA:LtS) The Willing Victim (MtA:LtS) The Fangs of Mara (MtA:LtS) Glimpse of Madness (MtA:LtS) The House of Ariadne (MtA:LtS) Discovery Meditation (MtA:LtS) The Illumined Path (MtA:KST) Safeguard the Path (MtA:KST) The Legion (MtA:S) Abyssal Metamorphosis (MtA:S) The Morphean Continuity (NH:U) Benefice of Hypnos (NH:U) The People of the Hour (MtA:S) Catch as Catch Can (MtA:S)

Friend of the Wind (MtA:LtA) Major Enhancement (MtA:GotV) Grandmaster's View (MtA:AA) Spoken Reality (MtA:GotV)
Nothing is True, Anything is Permitted (MtA:FC)

Nostrum Remedium (MtA:SL) Light Long Dead (MtA:KST) The Binding Seal (MtA:LtS) Manumission's Fetter (MtA:S) Off the Clock (MtA:LtS) Homo Superior (MtA:LtS) Doom of Promise (MtA:LtS) Timely Answer (MtA:GotV) The Unshackled Soul (MtA:LtS) Throw Wide the Gates (MtA:LtS) Geomantic Medidation (MtA:LtS) Light of Wisdom (MtA:KST) Body and Soul (MtA:S) Morphean Rhapsody (NH:U) Stacking the Deck (MtA:S)

The Pure Sovereigns (MtA:SL) Blood of Silver (MtA:SL) World in a Grain of Sand (MtA:LtS) Marked Cards (MtA:SL) Blossom's Whispers (MtA:KST) Angelic Sight (MtA:LtS) Good Fortune (MtA:SL) The Spiral Dance (MtA:LtS) Memoriam (MtA:LtS)
Superluminal Information Transferance (MtA:LtS)

Flesh of Gold (MtA:SL) The Pygmalian Society (MtA:LtS) Arrows of Desire (MtA:LtS) The Reality Makers (MtA:SL) Ace Up the Sleeve (MtA:SL) The Roses of Eden (MtA:KST) Tree of Life (MtA:KST) The Scions of God (MtA:LtS) Divine Command (MtA:LtS) The Sisterhood of the Blessed (MtA:SL) Exclusive Benediction (MtA:SL) The Sodality of the Tor (MtA:LtS) Drawing Down the Moon (MtA:LtS) The Stone Scribes (MtA:LtS) Unearth the Stone (MtA:LtS) The Threnodists (MtA:LtS) Correlated Enlightenment (MtA:LtS) The Transhuman Engineers (MtA:LtS) Dissolation (MtA:LtS) Thread Cutters (MtA:LtA) Preserve the Thread's Measure (MtA:LtA) Thrice-Great (MtA:LtA) Planetary Portal (MtA:LtA) Timori (MtA:B) Quintessal Harvest (MtA:B) Tremere Liches (MtA) Wicked Claim (MtA) Uncrowned Kings (MtA) Albedo (MtA) Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M) Truths Best Unknown (MtA:M) Votaries of the Ordained (MtA:GotV) Doctoring Fate (MtA:GotV) Walkers in Mist (MtA) Mist Haven (MtA) Whipping Boys (MtA:KST) Pain is Skill (MtA:KST) Wraiths of Epochs (MtA:M)

Incarnation of Diamond (MtA:SL) Eternity in an Hour (MtA:LtS) High Stakes Prize (MtA:SL) Tree of Knowledge (MtA:KST) Hand of the Elohim (MtA:LtS) Accidental Auspices (MtA:SL) Immanent Divinity (MtA:LtS) Name-Taking (MtA:LtS) Non-Locality (MtA:LtS) Activation (MtA:LtS) Sever Thread (MtA:LtA) Orb of Firmament (MtA:LtA) Quintessal Theft (MtA:B) Supernal Theft (MtA) Rubedo (MtA) Eternal Dreams (MtA:M) Fate Defends Itself (MtA:GotV) Paths into the Mists (MtA) Pain is Perfection (MtA:KST)

Connection (MtA:LtS) Sense the Fraying Thread (MtA:LtA) Celestial Beacon (MtA:LtA) Plundered Lore (MtA:B) Hideous Stipend (MtA) Nigredo (MtA) Indelible Intimation (MtA:M) Soldier of Fortune (MtA:GotV) Peer into the Mists (MtA) Pain is Strength (MtA:KST)

All Things Lost (MtA:M)

Never Forward (MtA:M) Conjunctional Spells

Shadows of the Past (MtA:M)

Spell Abyssal Perception Acidic Spatter

(MtA:GoG) (MtA:AA)

Requirements Death 1 + Prime 1 + Space 1 + Spirit 1 Life 2 + Matter 3 Prime 4 + Spirit 4 Death 1 + Fate 1 + Space 1 Fate 3 + Time 3 Matter 3 + Spirit 3 Prime 4 + Time 3 Fate 4 + Death 3 Mind 2 + Space 2 Death 5 + Fate 2 Forces 3 + Mind 1 or 5, optional + Space 2 Matter 3 + Mind 4 Fate 2 + Forces 4 + Time 2 Death 2 + Prime 4 Mind 3 + Prime 3 Life 4 + Space 1 (Hoodoo mentor) Matter 3 + Prime 1 Death 1 + Matter 1 + Space 1 Mind 4 + Spirit 4 Death 3 + Mind 3 + Spirit 3 Matter 4 + Mind 4 + Spirit 4 Matter 4 + Mind 4, optional Prime 3 Prime 1 + Time 2 Forces 2 + Space 1 Life 2 + Prime 2 Mind 4 + any Arcanum 3 (Kabbalah mentor) Death 4 + Fate 2 Prime 2 + Spirit 2 (Templar mentor) Fate 2 + Time 2 Matter 3 + Spirit 1 Life 4 + Mind 2 Matter 1 + Prime 1 Death 3 + Life 3 Death 2 + Prime 1 Life 2 or 3 + Spirit 3

Arcanum Prime Matter Spirit Fate Time Matter Prime Fate Space Death Forces Mind Forces Prime Prime Life Matter Matter Mind Spirit Mind Mind Prime Forces Prime Mind Death Spirit Fate Matter Life Prime Death Death Spirit

Activate Spirit (MtA:GoG) Aim for the Dead (MtA:B) Alternate Scenario (MtA:GoG) Animate Object (MtA:SL) Annihilate Spells
(MtA:B) (MtA:LtS)

Assuming the Name

Astral Beacon (MtA:ToM) Attonement (MtA:LtA) Autonomous Servant (MtA) Autopilot (MtA:ToM) Bag of Winds
(MtA:LtA) (MtA:ToM)

Bestow Ghostly Sight

Bestow High Speech (MtA:M) Bind the Wayward Body (MtA:MT) Books of Metal (MtA:LtA) Breach Point (MtA:AA) Call Eidolon
(MtA:B) (MtA:GoG)

Call Shadow Person

Chimerical Conjuration (MtA:AR) Chimerical Manifestation (MtA:AR) Chronicle Resonance (MtA:ToM) Circuit Television (MtA:FC) Cleanse Aura (MtA:I) Climbing the Tree Cloak of Decay
(MtA:MT) (MtA:AA)

Communion with the Messenger (MtA:MT)

Conditional Trigger (MtA) Control Object (MtA:SL) Control Reactions (MtA:GotV) Copy Grimoire Corpse Flesh
(MtA:M) (MtA:AA)

Corpse Unmasking (MtA:GotV) Create Fetish Tattoo (MtA:ToM)

Create Ghost (MtA:M) Deathless Oath


Death 5 + Mind 4 + Time 2 Death 4 + Fate 2 Death 5 + Life 2 Mind 3 + Time 3 Life 2 + Mind 2 Prime 5 + Life 3 Forces 4 + Prime 4 Mind 1 + Prime 1 Fate 2 + Forces 2 + Space 2 Forces 1 + Mind 2 Mind 3 + Space 3 Death 2 + Prime 1 Death 3 + Prime 3 Death 2 +/or Spirit 2 + Mind 2 Prime 5 + Spirit 5 Mind 2 + Space 2 Forces 3 + Prime 3 Life 3 + Mind 3 Space 4 + Spirit 3 Prime 1 + Time 2 Prime 4 + Spirit 4 Matter 1 + Time 4 Life 2 + Matter 2 Death 1 + Matter 1 Mind 3 + Space 2 Prime 3 + any Arcanum Forces 2 or 3 + Mind 2 or 3 Fate 2 + Mind 2 + Time 2 Life 3 + Mind 3 Forces 4 + Mind 5 Forces 4 + Life 4, optional + Matter 4 Matter 2 + Space 1 Suitable Arcanum at 2 (Taoism mentor) Suitable Arcanum at 4 (Taoism mentor) Matter 4 + Space 3 Death 2 + Matter 1 Matter 5 + Prime 3 Mind 5 + Prime 5 Fate 2 + Time 1

Death Death Death Mind Mind Prime Forces Mind Fate Mind Mind Death Death Mind Spirit Mind Prime Life Space Time Spirit Time Life Matter Mind Prime Mind Fate Life Forces Forces Matter Any Any Matter Death Matter Prime Fate

Deathlike Journey (MtA:LtA) Defer Conscience (MtA:AA) Delayed Rest (MtA:GotV) Desiccate (MtA:B) Destroy Spirit
(MtA:S) (MtA:S)

Detect Alien Mind

Dialing the Lucky Number (MtA:FC) Directory Enquiry (MtA:RotE) Disinhibiting Sympathy (MtA:GoG) Dislodge the Soul (MtA:LtA) Dissipate Unreal Construct Don Spirit Mask Dragon's Call
(MtA:ToM) (MtA:S)


Eagle-Eye View (MtA:AA) Energetic Tass (MtA:ToM) Enforced Silence (MtA:GotV) Ephemeral Co-Location (MtA:S) Ephemeral Postcognition Essence Gift
(MtA) (MtA:S)

Eternal Object (MtA:GoG) Evidence Shroud (MtA:ToM) Eye for Destruction (MtA:ToM) Eyes of the Master (MtA:GotV) False Signature False Speech
(MtA:AA) (MtA:ToM)

Fate's Justice (MtA:FC) Feral Reflex (MtA:AA) Fiery Servant (MtA:LtA) Fiery Transformation (MtA) Find the Cornerstone
(MtA:LtA) (MtA:MT)

Five Cycle Counterspell

Five Cycle Spell Theft (MtA:MT) Fold Object (MtA:AA) Forensic Invisibility (MtA:B) Forge Thaumium (MtA) Forge Tulpa
(MtA) (MtA:FC)

Fortunate Timing

Gauge Essence (MtA:S) Ghostly Archive


Death 1 + (Life 1 +/or Spirit 1) + Prime 1 Death 4 + Spirit 3 Fate 4 + Space 2 Mind 4 + Spirit 4 Mind 4 + Spirit 4 Mind 5 + Spirit 5 Death 4 + Matter 4 Life 2 + Spirit 3 Mind 2 + Space 3 Space 3 + Spirit 1 (Taoism mentor) Life 2 + Mind 2 Life 3 + Mind 2 Life 3 + Prime 3

Prime Death Fate Mind Mind Mind Death Spirit Space Space Mind Life Prime Mind Mind Mind Fate Mind Mind Mind Forces Time Spirit Mind Spirit Fate Space Matter Matter Matter Matter Prime Death Mind Life Forces Forces Space Forces

Gift of Fortune (MtA) Goetic Doppelganger (MtA:GoG) Goetic Evocation (MtA) Goetic Manifestation (MtA:GoG) Haunted Shell
(MtA:GoG) (MtA:GoG)

Hone the Pack Spirit

Hostile Space (MtA:S) Ho-t'u Dance (MtA:MT) Hurried Rest (MtA:GotV) Image of Striking Beauty (MtA:SL) Imbue Animal

Implant Subliminal Message Incospicuous Object Induce Sleep (MtA:M)

(Forces 2 or Matter 2) + Mind 3 Matter 2 + Mind 2 Life 2 + Mind 3 Fate 5 + Space 2 Mind 3 + Space 1 + Time 1 Death 2 + Mind 4 Mind 3 + Time 2 Fate 2 + Forces 4 + Mind 4 (Kabbalah mentor) Fate 2 + Prime 2 + Time 5 Fate 2 + Spirit 5 (Forces 3 + Matter 3), optional + Mind 4 Space 4 + Spirit 3 Fate 2 + Mind 2 Life 4 or 5 + Space 5, optional + Matter 5 +/or Mind 1 or 3 Life 2 + Matter 3 Life 2 + Matter 3 Forces 2 + Matter 3 Life 2 + Matter 3 Prime 3 + Space 2 Death 3 + Life 3 +/or Mind 3 +/or Prime 3 Fate 2 + Mind 2 + Space 2, optional + Time 2 Life 3 or 4 + Time 3 or 4 Fate 1 + Forces 2 Fate 1 + Forces 2 Prime 2, optional + Space 2 + Time 2 Death 2 + Forces 2


Infectuous Curse (MtA:ToM) Kinesthesia (MtA:AA) Knowing the Dead (MtA:M) Know the Truth Lashes of Fire
(MtA:LtA) (MtA:MT)

Legacy of Power (MtA:SL) Living Land (MtA:GoG) Living Library (MtA:SS) Look Within the Gauntlet (MtA:S) Loyal Possession
(MtA:FC) (MtA)

Manifold Presence

Manufacture Drop (MtA:ToM) Manufacture Medication (MtA:ToM) Manufacture Powder (MtA:ToM) Manufacture Salve (MtA:ToM) Marked Power
(MtA:B) (MtA:SL)

Martyr's Bequest

Memory Oath (MtA:GotV) Metabolic Suspension (MtA:M) Modulate Frequency (MtA:AA) Modulate Speech (MtA:SL) Moving Target
(MtA:GotV) (MtA:AA)

Nullify Combustion

Otherworldly Armory (MtA:SL) Otherworldly Instrument Oubliette (MtA) Outer Channel (MtA:S) Past Life Regression (MtA:MT) Path in the Skin (MtA:ToM) Perfect Mask Petrification
(MtA:GotV) (MtA:LtA) (MtA:ToM)

Matter 3 + Space 3, optional + Spirit 3 Death 1 + Spirit 1 Forces 3 + Mind 4 + Space 5 + Time 4 Space 4 + Spirit 4 Mind 3 + Time 3 (Theosophy mentor) Life 2 or 3 + Prime 3 Life 4 + Mind 3 Life 4 + Matter 5 Space 5 + Matter 3, 4 or 5 Life 3 + Mind 1 Matter 2 + Space 2 (Theosophy mentor) Time 2 + any Spell Prime 3 + Counterspell Mind 3 + Time 3 Forces 1 + Mind 2 + Prime 1 Fate 2 + Prime 1 Forces 2 + Life 2 + Matter 2 + Time 3 Mind 3 + Time 2 Matter 3 + Space 3 Space 3 + any Arcanum Fate 2 + Matter 1, optional + Mind 2 (Death 1 or Matter 1) + Mind 2 + Time 3 Life 3 + Prime 4 Fate 2 + Death 1 Death 3 + Matter 3 Life 1 + Matter 1 Prime 2 + Space 2 Forces 4 + (Life 3 or Mind 2), optional Prime 2 + Spirit 3 or 5 Death 3 + Matter 3 Death 3 + Spirit 5 Fate 1 + (Life 1 or Mater 1) + Space 1 Fate 2 + Space 4 (Life 2 to 4 or Matter 2) + Space 5 Mind 4 + Space 4 Death 2 + Fate 2 Forces 3 + Prime 2 Forces 2 + Prime 1 + Space 1 Prime 3 + any Arcanum

Spirit Spirit Space Spirit Mind Prime Life Matter Space Life Space Time Prime Time Mind Fate Time Mind Matter Space Fate Time Prime Fate Death Matter Prime Forces Prime Death Spirit Fate Space Space Mind Fate Forces Forces Prime

Phased Strike (MtA:AA) Physical Reconfiguration (MtA:SL) Precipitation (MtA:MT) Prepared Spell (MtA) Price of Hubris Prophetic Dream Pyretic Shield
(MtA:B) (MtA:ToM)


Querulous Minds (MtA:GotV) Rapid Fire (MtA:AA) Read Trends (MtA:GotV) Reassembly (MtA:M) Repel
(MtA:AA) (MtA:M)

Reveal Enigmas

Review History (MtA:M) Scour Other's Pattern (MtA:ToM) Scribe Final Name (MtA:LtS) Self-Repairing Zombie (MtA:AA) Sense Poisons and Drugs Sense the Threads
(MtA:B) (MtA)

Sensory Deprivation (MtA:ToM) Shadow Chess (MtA:ToM) Shadow Forged (MtA:AA) Shadow Slave (MtA) Sharpshooter's Eye Shatter Space
(MtA) (MtA:ToM)

Shrink/Expand (MtA) Silver Threads (MtA:AR) Sniffing the Winds of Fate (MtA:GotV) Sorcerer's Retribution (MtA:GoG) Spare Sleepers Spells Cloak
(MtA:B) (MtA:ToM)

Spirit Steal (MtA:AA) Steal Body


Fate 2 + Spirit 3 + Space 2 Death 5 + Life 3 Matter 4 + Mind 5 Fate 1 + Death 1 Death 5 + Prime 3 + Spirit 3 Life 3 + Space 2 + Spirit 3 (Life 3 or Matter 3) + Prime 4 Death 5 + Life 5 + Mind 5 + Spirit 5 Forces 3 + Matter 3 Prime 5 + Space 3 Life 2 + Spirit 2 Fate 3 + Mind 2 + Prime 2 Fate 2 + any Spell Prime 3 + Time 2 Mind 5 + Matter 5 Spirit 3 + Time 3 (Entheogenic mentor) Fate 2 + Matter 4 (Kabbalah mentor) Death 3 + Matter 3 Mind 2 + Time 3 (Life 1 or Matter 1) + Tme 1 Space 2 + Time 2 Matter 4 + Mind 3 Death 1 + Prime 3 (Santeria mentor) Fate 2 + Forces 4 + Time 2 Fate 3 + Death 2 Death 4 + Time 2

Spirit Death Mind Fate Death Spirit Prime Life Forces Prime Life Fate Fate Prime Mind Spirit Matter Death Time Time Space Matter Prime Forces Fate Death Matter Mind Life

Stone Servant (MtA:ToM) Study Final Name (MtA:LtS) Summon Chthonian (MtA:S) Summon Cryptid (MtA:S) Supernal Augmentation Supernal Dissection
(MtA:AA) (DoD:MtA)

Supernal Hack (MtA:M) Supernal Sense (MtA:ToM) Sustenance (MtA:GoG) Tangle the Threads (MtA:AA) Target Exception The Book of Self
(MtA) (MtA:M)

Temporal Phantasm


The Divining Spirit (MtA:MT) The Golem (MtA:MT) The Metal Dead (MtA:GoG) Time out of Mind (MtA:FC) Time's Mark
(MtA:ToM) (MtA:AA)

Track Projectile

Transubstantiation of Content (MtA:M) Tribute of Iron (MtA:MT) Trojan Horse (MtA:B) Uncover Final Name (MtA:LtS) Undying Zeal

Verminous Metamorphosis Virtual Voyage (MtA:FC) Vital Balance (MtA:GoG)

Life 3 + Matter 3 Forces 2 + Mind 4 Death 4 + Life 5 Legacies and Orders

Apostates (MtA) Banishers (MtA:B) Guardians of the Veil (MtA:GotV)

Logophages (MtA:LtA), Scelesti (MtA), The Legion (MtA:S), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M) Logophages (MtA:LtA), Scelesti (MtA), The Legion (MtA:S), Timori (MtA:B), Unforgotten Scions

Logophages (MtA:LtA), Scelesti (MtA), Subtle Ones (MtA), The Austere (MtA:GotV), The Bearers of the Eternal Voice (MtA:GotV), The Eleventh Question (MtA:GotV), The Legion (MtA:S), Thread Cutters (MtA:LtA), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M), Votaries of the Ordained (MtA:GotV) Logophages (MtA:LtA), Scelesti (MtA), The Legion (MtA:S), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M) Brotherhood of the Demon Wind (MtA:AA), Devourers of the Flesh (MtA:AA), Logophages (MtA:LtA) , Perfected Adepts (MtA), Scelesti (MtA), The Awakening Gambit (MtA:AA), The Legion (MtA:S) , Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M)

Seers of the Throne (MtA:RotE) The Adamantine Arrow (MtA:AA)

The Free Council (MtA:FC)

Dreamspeakers (MtA:LtA), Imagineers (MtA:FC), Logophages (MtA:LtA), Scelesti (MtA), The Blank Badges (MtA:FC), The Celestial Masters (MtA:KST), The Legion (MtA:S), The Morphean Continuity (NH:U), The Roses of Eden (MtA:KST), Uncrowned Kings (MtA), Unforgotten Scions

The Mysterium (MtA:M)

Logophages (MtA:LtA), Reality Stalkers (MtA:M), Scelesti (MtA), Singers in Silence (MtA:M), Sphinxes (MtA:LtA), The Daksha (MtA:LtS), The Legion (MtA:S), The Stone Scribes (MtA:LtS), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M), Walkers in Mist (MtA), Wraiths of Epochs (MtA:M) Bene Ashmedai (MtA:SL), Keepers of the Covenant (MtA:SL), Logophages (MtA:LtA), Lords of the Inanimate (MtA:SL), Scelesti (MtA), Stewards of the Celestial Orrery (MtA:SL), The Carnival Melancholy (MtA:SL), The Celestial Masters (MtA:KST), The Clavicularius (MtA:LtS), The Legion (MtA:S) , The Pure Sovereigns (MtA:SL), The Reality Makers (MtA:SL), The Scions of God (MtA:LtS), The Sisterhood of the Blessed (MtA:SL), Thrice-Great (MtA:LtA), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M) Legacies and Paths

The Silver Ladder (MtA:SL)



Logophages , Scelesti (MtA), Skald (MtA:LtA), Singers in Silence (MtA:M), Storm Keepers (MtA:ToW) , Tamers of Wind (MtA:LtA), The Awakening Gambit (MtA:AA), The Blank Badges (MtA:FC) , The Carnival Melancholy (MtA:SL), The Daoine (MtA:LtS), The House of Ariadne (MtA:LtS) , The Legion (MtA:S), The Morphean Continuity (NH:U), The People of the Hour (MtA:S), The Pygmalian Society (MtA:LtS), The Roses of Eden (MtA:KST), The Sisterhood of the Blessed (MtA:SL), Timori (MtA:B), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M), Walkers in Mist (MtA) Bene Ashmedai (MtA:SL), Brotherhood of the Demon Wind (MtA:AA), Cryptologos (MtA:FC), Dreamers of the Black Sun (WoD:SoM), Followers of the True Soul (MtA:GoG), Liberatores (MtA:ToW) , Logophages (MtA:LtA), Mimir's Voice (MtA:KST), Reality Stalkers (MtA:M), Scelesti (MtA), Sphinxes (MtA:LtA), Subtle Ones (MtA), Tamers of the Cave (MtA:LtA), The Bearers of the Eternal Voice (MtA:GotV), The Clavicularius (MtA:LtS), The Legion (MtA:S), The Reality Makers (MtA:SL) , The Threnodists (MtA:LtS), Timori (MtA:B), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M) Bokor (MtA:ToW), Forge Masters (MtA:LtA), Logophages (MtA:LtA), Scelesti (MtA), Stygian Heralds (MtA:S) , Tamers of Earth (MtA:LtA), The Celestial Masters (MtA:KST), The Cult of the Doomsday Clock (MtA:LtS), The Legion (MtA:S), The Stone Scribes (MtA:LtS), Thread Cutters (MtA:LtA), Timori (MtA:B) , Tremere Liches (MtA), Uncrowned Kings (MtA), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M), Votaries of the Ordained (MtA:GotV), Wraiths of Epochs (MtA:M) Ascended Adepts (MtA:ToW), Choir of Hashmallin (MtA:S), Echo Walkers (MtA:LtA), Eyes of Ain Soph (MtA:M), Hotspur Brigade (WoD:SotUK), Logophages (MtA:LtA), Perfected Adepts (MtA), Scelesti (MtA), Stewards of the Celestial Orrery (MtA:SL), Tamers of Fire (MtA:LtA), The Daksha (MtA:LtS) , The Legion (MtA:S), The Pure Sovereigns (MtA:SL), The Transhuman Engineers (MtA:LtS) , Thrice-Great (MtA:LtA), Timori (MtA:B), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M), Whipping Boys


Mastigos (MtA)

Moros (MtA)

Obrimos (MtA)

Thyrsus (MtA)

Devourers of the Flesh (MtA:AA), Dreamspeakers (MtA:LtA), Imagineers (MtA:FC), Katsinam Suukya (MtA:S), Keepers of the Covenant (MtA:SL), Logophages (MtA:LtA), Lords of the Inanimate (MtA:SL), Neocologists (MtA:ToW), Orphans of Proteus (MtA), Scelesti (MtA), Tamers of Rivers (MtA:LtA), The Concord of Serpents (MtA:S)The Fallen Pillar (MtA:LtS), The Illumined Path (MtA:KST), The Legion (MtA:S), The Sodality of the Tor (MtA:LtS), The Brothers of Sadr-UdDin (WoD:SotUK), Timori (MtA:B), Unforgotten Scions (MtA:M) Masques

The Beloved (MtA:SL) (Charity) The Devout (MtA:SL) (Faith)

Avenging Son (MtA:GotV) (Wrath), Holy Concubine (MtA:GotV) (Lust), Lancet Master (MtA:GotV) (Greed), Lord Incarnadine (MtA:GotV) (Pride), Prince of Feasts (MtA:GotV) (Gluttony), Silver Cestus (MtA:GotV) (Envy), Weaver of Whispers (MtA:GotV) (Sloth) Brother Smoke (MtA:GotV) (Gluttony), Cave Shadow (MtA:GotV) (Sloth), Flame Tender (MtA:GotV) (Envy), Heretic (MtA:GotV) (Pride), Skull Priest (MtA:GotV) (Wrath), Vermillion Stole (MtA:GotV)

(Greed), Wounded Monk (MtA:GotV) (Lust) The Exactors (MtA:SL) (Prudence) The Fools (MtA:SL) (Hope) The Magistrates (MtA:SL) (Justice) The Unbowed (MtA:SL) (Fortitude) The Viziers (MtA:SL) (Temperance) Binder of Night (MtA:GotV) (Gluttony), Eye of Mars (MtA:GotV) (Wrath), Golden Hand (MtA:GotV) (Greed), Good Death (MtA:GotV) (Envy), Lord Chain (MtA:GotV) (Lust), Sceptre (MtA:GotV) (Pride), Shieldbearer (MtA:GotV) (Sloth) Bright Mantle (MtA:GotV) (Pride), Crooked Staff (MtA:GotV) (Envy), Innocent (MtA:GotV) (Greed), Lord Talon (MtA:GotV) (Wrath), Master of Dust (MtA:GotV) (Gluttony), Hearthkeeper (MtA:GotV) (Lust), Untended Forge (MtA:GotV) (Sloth) Adamant Judge (MtA:GotV) (Envy), Diamond Triangle (MtA:GotV) (Pride), Factor (MtA:GotV) (Sloth), Lord Asp (MtA:GotV) (Wrath), Sighting Tower (MtA:GotV) (Lust), Silver Key (MtA:GotV) (Greed), Whip (MtA:GotV) (Gluttony) Apprentice Forge-Coal (MtA:GotV) (Envy), Grey Cloud (MtA:GotV) (Sloth), Hound of Flowers (MtA:GotV) (Lust), Jade Seeker (MtA:GotV) (Gluttony), Master Tarnish (MtA:GotV) (Greed), Prince Ragged (MtA:GotV) (Pride), Stone Sentinel (MtA:GotV) (Wrath) Crown of Eyes (MtA:GotV) (Wrath), Lord Scar (MtA:GotV) (Lust), Opener of Ways (MtA:GotV) (Greed), Regent (MtA:GotV) (Envy), Runefold (MtA:GotV) (Sloth), Twins of the Ring (MtA:GotV) (Gluttony), Untwisted Branch (MtA:GotV) (Pride) Orders Apostates

Disciples of the World Dragon (MtA:KST), Emilio's Last Ride (MtA:B), Lone Hunters (MtA:B), Phageans (MtA:B), Shepherds (MtA:B), The Bonfire (MtA:B), The Carnival of Innocents (MtA:B), The Huntsmen (MtA:B), The Militant Auditing Division (MtA:B), The Translators (MtA:B), Timori (MtA:B), Venus Valley (MtA:B) Inheritors (MtA:GotV), Inheritors: The Xoran Fragment (MtA:GotV), Messianics (MtA:GotV), Messianics: Omphalos (MtA:GotV), Ordeal Keepers (MtA:GotV), Ordeal Keepers: Ariadne's Chosen (MtA:GotV), Prophets (MtA:GotV), Prophets: Harbingers (MtA:GotV), The Faceless (MtA:GotV), The Faceless: The Id (MtA:GotV) The Black Tower (MtA:AA), The Black Tower: The Hand of Fate (MtA:AA), The Council of Dragons (MtA:AA), The Council of Dragons: The Adamant Crown (MtA:AA), The Crucible (MtA:AA) , The Crucible: The Arisen (MtA:AA) Freedom Fighters (MtA:FC), Open Source Movement (MtA:FC), TELM Trust (MtA:FC), Tesla's Children (MtA:FC), The Cutting Edge (MtA:FC), The Wrights (MtA:FC), Yesterday's Tomorrows (MtA:FC) , Yesterday's Tomorrows: Lamplighters (MtA:FC) Archaeomancers (MtA:M), Archaeomancers: GOPHERS (MtA:M), Archivists (MtA:M), Archivists: The First Scribe (MtA:M), Bricoleurs (MtA:M), Bricoleurs: The Feynman Collective (MtA:M), Egregori (MtA:M), Egregori: Thusu Basaru (MtA:M), Reclaimants (MtA:M), Reclaimants: The Great Take (MtA:M) The Ascended (MtA:SL), The Pentacle Supernal (MtA:SL), The Powerbrokers (MtA:SL), The Powerbrokers: Revolution Permanente (MtA:SL), The Sublime Architects (MtA:SL), Theurges (MtA:SL) , Theurges: The Metaphysical Research Society (MtA:SL), Proximi Families

Banishers (MtA:B)

Guardians of the Veil (MtA:GotV)

Seers of the Throne (MtA:RotE) The Adamantine Arrow (MtA:AA)

The Free Council (MtA:FC)

The Mysterium (MtA:M)

The Silver Ladder (MtA:SL)

Acanthus (MtA) Mastigos (MtA) Moros (MtA) Obrimos (MtA)

Priamyds (MtA:SL)

Merovingians (MtA:SL)

Thyrsus (MtA)

Promethean: the Created

Groups Lineages Constructs



Galatea (PtC) The Unfleshed (PtC:SN) Refinements Aurum (PtC) Mercurius (PtC) Lineages and Athanors

Osiris (PtC) Ulgan (PtC) Centimani (PtC) Plumbum (PtC:MO)

Pandorans (PtC) Zeka (PtC:SN) Cobalus (PtC:MO) Stannum (PtC)

Tammuz (PtC) Aes (PtC:MO) Cuprum (PtC)

The Extempore (PtC:MO) Argentum (PtC:MO) Ferrum (PtC)

Constructs (PtC:MO) Frankenstein (PtC) Galatea (PtC) Osiris (PtC) Tammuz (PtC) The Extempore (PtC:MO) The Unfleshed (PtC:SN) Ulgan (PtC) Zeka (PtC:SN)

Any, depending on core Lineage and Refinement Basilisk (PtC), Caladrius (PtC:SA), Griffon (PtC:PB), Lion (PtC), Manticore (PtC:SA) Dove (PtC), Gorgon (PtC:SA), Seraph (PtC:SA), Swan (PtC:PB), Unicorn (PtC) Ant (PtC:MO), Dragon (PtC), Eagle (PtC), Eel (PtC:SA), Honeybee (PtC:SA), Owl (PtC:PB), Sphinx (PtC:MO) Cerberus (PtC), Crab (PtC:SA), Humbaba (PtC:SA), Pelican (PtC:PB), Phoenix (PtC) Any, depending on personality and Refinement Caucasian Eagle (PtC:SN), Chi You (PtC:SN), Golden Maiden (PtC:SN) Chimera (PtC), Crane (MtA:AR), Dragon (PtC:SA), Fox (PtC:PB), La Llorona (PtC:SA), Raven (PtC:MO), Salamander (PtC:MO), Toad (PtC) Cockroach (PtC:SN), Machine (PtC:SN) Lineages and Bestowments

Constructs (PtC:MO) Frankenstein (PtC:MO) Galatea (PtC:MO) Osiris (PtC:MO) Tammuz (PtC) The Extempore (PtC:MO) The Unfleshed (PtC:SN) Ulgan (PtC) Zeka (PtC:SN)

Any, depending on core Lineage Spare Parts (PtC:SA), Unholy Strength (PtC) Heart of Stone (PtC:SA), Mesmerising Appearance (PtC) Corpse Tongue (PtC:SA), Revification (PtC) Unbreakable Will (PtC:SA), Unholy Stamina (PtC) Blood Conversion (PtC:SN), Dreamsharing (PtC:MO), Endless Night (PtC:MO), Rage (PtC:SN), Unflappable (PtC:SN) Silence Disquiet (DoD:PtC), The Scrutiny (PtC:SA) Ephemeral Flesh (PtC), Orphean Song (PtC:SA) Radioactive Affinity (PtC:SN), Re-Animator (PtC:SN), Victim Shadow (PtC:SN), Transmutations

Level 1
Forging the Master's Tools (PtC)

Level 2 Degradation (PtC)

Level 3 Alchemicus (PtC) Dissolve (PtC)

Level 4 Alteration (PtC)

Level 5 Flesh to Stone (PtC)

Identification (PtC)

Fortification (PtC)
Temperature Modification (PtC:SA)

Transformation (PtC) Benefice (PtC:MO)

Persistant Change (PtC) Resize (PtC:SA)

Spark of Life (PtC)

Helping Hand (PtC:MO)

Many Hands make Light Work (PtC:MO)

Apportion Harm (PtC:MO) Share Pyros (PtC:MO)

My Brother's Burden (PtC:SA)

Able Worker (PtC:MO) Consortium (PtC:SA)

Protective Boon (PtC:MO)

Inviolable Unity (PtC:MO)

Common Perception (PtC:MO) The Community of Power (PtC:MO) The Fortified Compact (PtC:MO)

Never Too Far (PtC:SA) Detect Impurity (PtC:MO) Stress Cracks (PtC:MO)

We are One (PtC:SA) Contamination (PtC:MO) Fever Dreams (PtC:MO) Guilt Trip (PtC:MO)
Remove Inhibitions (PtC:MO)

Unspoken Words (PtC:SA) What's Mine is Yours (PtC:SA) Eyes of Madness (PtC:MO) Transfer Torment (PtC:MO) Plague of Desire (PtC:MO) Quell Torment (PtC:MO)

Confession(PtC:MO) Drain Emotions (PtC:MO)

Corporeum (PtC) Autonomic Control (PtC) Swift Feet (PtC)

Ingrained Reflexes (PtC:SA)

Athletic Grace (PtC) Human Flesh (PtC) Deception (PtC)

Perfected Reflexes (PtC) Rejuvenation (PtC) Serpent Strike (PtC)

Hard Body (PtC) Rarefied Grace (PtC)

Regeneration (PtC) Uncanny Dexterity (PtC)

Chameleon Skin (PtC) Color of Man (PtC) Mimic's Voice (PtC:SA)

Incognito (PtC) Leave no Trace (PtC)

Body Double (PtC) Silent Steps (PtC) Disquietism (PtC)

False Tracks (PtC) Mask (PtC)

Deep Cover (PtC) Vitreous Humour (PtC)

Alembic (PtC) Scapegoat (PtC) Soothe Disquiet (PtC)

Alembic (PtC) Rabid Rage (PtC) Tension in the Air (PtC)

Alembic (PtC) Iago's Whisper (PtC) Progenitor's Curse (PtC) Soothe Disquiet (PtC) Electrification (PtC)

Alembic (PtC) Mass Hysteria (PtC:SA) Nameless Dread (PtC) Safe Sojourn (PtC) Blackout (PtC) Regulator (PtC)

Alembic (PtC) Quell Disquiet (PtC) Shape Disquiet (PtC) Soothe Disquiet (PtC) Divine Lightning (PtC) Lightning Therapy (PtC)

Feel the Spark (PtC) Jolt (PtC)

Insulator (PtC) Shock (PtC)

Arc (PtC) Generator (PtC) Power Sink (PtC:SA) Iradiation (PtC:SN)

Conceal Radiation (PtC:SN) Flashburn (PtC:SN) Reduce Radiation (PtC:SN)

Blast (PtC:SN) Blue Flash (PtC:SN) Irradiate (PtC:SN)

Fallout (PtC:SN) Irradiate (PtC:SN)

Lord of the Roaches (PtC:SN)

Elevate Bugs (PtC:SN) Homunculus (PtC:SN) Irradiate (PtC:SN) Talking Tumor (PtC:SN) Logos (PtC) Waters of Lethe (PtC)

Azothic Bomb (PtC:SN) Brain Blight (PtC:SN) Irradiate (PtC:SN)

Reduce Radiation (PtC:SN) Reduce Radiation (PtC:SN) Swift Malignancy (PtC:SN) Sicken (PtC:SN) Mesmerism (PtC) Fixed Stare (PtC) Flight Instinct (PtC) Firebringer (PtC) Suggestion (PtC) Lullaby (PtC:SA) Metamorphosis (PtC) Atavistic Instincts (PtC) In Vino Veritas (PtC) Imaginal Friend (PtC) Pygmalion's Caress (PtC)

Mask of Medusa (PtC) Natural Weaponry (PtC)

Blessing of Tethys (PtC) Redundant Organ (PtC)

Clayflesh (PtC:SA) Procrustean Shape (PtC)

Shape of the Barghest (PtC)

Guise of Proteus (PtC) Homunculus (PtC)

Chimera (PtC)
Unassailable Fortress (PtC)

Pandoran (PtC) Armor (PtC) Bizarre Weaponry (PtC) Manlike Stature (PtC) Scurry (PtC) Sebek's Gift (PtC) Small Stature (PtC) Armor (PtC) Balsam Flesh (PtC) Beastly Assimilation (PtC) Bizarre Weaponry (PtC) Demon's Call (PtC)
Flux within the Shade (PtC)

Acid Phlegm (PtC) Armor (PtC) Azothic Furnace (PtC:PB) Bizarre Weaponry (PtC) Ceration of Form (PtC) Clockwork Servant (PtC) Detach Limb (PtC) Fever Dreams (PtC) Flux Attunement (PtC:PB) Hundred Hands (PtC) Pandora's Lament (PtC:PB) Perfected Bezoar (PtC) Plague Cibation (PtC) Scurry (PtC) Tentacles (PtC) Wall Walking (PtC) Wings (PtC) Saturninus (PtC:MO)

Armor (PtC) Bizarre Weaponry (PtC) Crucible of Flesh (PtC) Inertia (PtC) Malleate (PtC) Manskin (PtC:PB) Perfected Bezoar (PtC) Scurry (PtC) Shrink (PtC) Swallow (PtC) Visceral Cording (PtC:PB) Wings (PtC)

Armor (PtC) Azothic Furnace (PtC:PB) Bizarre Weaponry (PtC) Mantle of Lordship (PtC) Perfected Bezoar (PtC) Plague Cibation (PtC) Sanguine Victory (PtC) Scurry (PtC) Titanic Form (PtC) Unholy Repast (PtC:PB) Vaporous Form (PtC)

Frog Tongue (PtC) Great Stature (PtC) Horde in Unity (PtC:PB) Lithargous Body (PtC) Perfected Bezoar (PtC) Scurry (PtC) Tarflesh (PtC) Tentacles (PtC)
Unholesome Visitations (PtC)

Zeus' Benediction (PtC:PB)

Azothic Awareness (PtC:MO)

Azothic Awareness (PtC:MO)

Refined Masquerade (PtC:MO)

Azothic Awareness (PtC:MO)

Azothic Awareness (PtC:MO)

Azothic Awareness (PtC:MO)

Cleansing Ritual (PtC:MO) Subtle Damping (PtC:MO)

Fire-Reader (PtC:MO)

Efficient Grounding (PtC:MO) Refine Bestowment (PtC:MO)

Slow Awakening (PtC:MO) Humour Attunement (PtC:MO) Magnified Potential (PtC:MO)

Magnified Potential (PtC:MO) Pyros Refinement (PtC:MO)

Sensorium (PtC) Bloodhound's Nose (PtC)

Discriminating Tongue (PtC)

Aura Sight (PtC) Nightsight (PtC)

Ephemeral Gaze (PtC) Firesight (PtC)

Circle of Eyes (PtC)

Hearing the Inner Voice (PtC:SA)

Clairvoyant Senses (PtC) Piercing Sight (PtC)

Sensitive Ears (PtC) Translator's Eye (PtC) Spiritus (PtC:MO)

Essence of [Material] (PtC:MO)

Rarefied Senses (PtC)

Bane of Ephemera (PtC:MO)

Ephemeral Infusion (PtC:MO) Ephemeral Infusion (PtC:MO) Ephemeral Infusion (PtC:MO)

Essence of [Material] (PtC:MO)
Glimpse of Mortal Memory (PtC:MO)

Mask of [Type] (PtC:MO) Tainted Azoth (PtC:MO)

Cloak of [Type] (PtC:MO)

Essence of [Material] (PtC:MO)

Shadow Alchemy (PtC:MO)

Twilight Summons (PtC:MO)

Ephemeral Infusion (PtC:MO) [Material] Shield (PtC:MO)

[Material] Warding (PtC:MO)

Sense of [Type] (PtC:MO) Vitality (PtC) Defenestrating Blow (PtC) Hyperion's Flight (PtC) Cyclopean Rage (PtC) Might (PtC) Might (PtC) Pulverising Blow (PtC)

Fist of Talos (PtC) Might (PtC)

Battering Ram (PtC) Bludgeon (PtC)

Shoulders of Atlas (PtC)

Might (PtC) Titan's Fist (PtC:SA) Vault (PtC)

Might (PtC) Rampage (PtC)

Striking the Gates of Tartarus (PtC)

Stupefying Blow (PtC) Titan's Fist (PtC:SA)

The Wrath of the Hecatonchire (PtC)

Weapon of the Gods (PtC)

Thunderclap Blow (PtC) Titanic Vigor (PtC) Titan's Fist (PtC:SA) Titan's Throw (PtC) Vulcanus (PtC) Firebrand (PtC) Sense Flux (PtC) Sense Pyros (PtC) Sense Refinement (PtC:SA)
Electroshock Recharge (PtC) Animate Firetouched (PtC)

Crucible of the Will (PtC) Pyros Imp (PtC:SA) Steal Pyros (PtC)

Drain Pyros (PtC)

Sublimate Phlogiston (PtC)

Share Pyros (PtC) Sigils on the Wind (PtC:SA)

Fire Grasp (PtC)

The Greater Need (PtC:SA) Trigger Firestorm (PtC:SA)

Vampire: the Requiem

Blood Powers Blood Abilities Blood Potency 1 Blood Potency 2 Blood Potency 3 Blood Secrets Blood Potency 6 Will of Blood (VtR:M) Blood Potency 7 Blood Surge (VtR:M) Gifts of the Alu (VtR:AB)
Addiction Immunity (VtR:AB) Transcend Amaranth (VtR:AB)

Blood Potency 4
A Dream shared in Blood (VtR:M)

Blood Potency 5 Blood Hunter (VtR:M)

Blood Sense (VtR:M)

Build Brood (VtR:AB) Blood Potency 8 Loose Alu


Blood Potency 6 Level 1

Blood Potency 7 Blood of the En Level 2


Blood Potency 9 Level 4

Blood Potency 10 Reshape Soul (VtR:AB) Level 5

Level 3 Coils of the Dragon (VtR:OD) Coil of Banes (VtR)

Conquer the Red Fear (VtR)

Surmounting the Daysleep (VtR)

Sun's Forgotten Kiss (VtR) Coil of Blood (VtR)

Mortal Burns (VtR:OD)

Brave the Day (DoD:VtR)

Blood Seeps Slowly (VtR) The Man Wakes (VtR:OD)

Blood of Beasts (VtR) A Taste of Life (VtR:OD)

Perspicacious Blood (VtR) Orphaned Blood (VtR:OD) Coil of Flesh (VtR:OD) The Face of Man (VtR:OD) Coil of Mind (DoD:VtR)
The Bruise of Life (VtR:OD)

Devouring Worm (VtR:OD) Unblinking Serpent (VtR:OD) Inscrutable Hydra (VtR:OD) Retaliating Wyvern (DoD:VtR) Invincible Dragon (DoD:VtR) Coil of Slumber (VtR:AM)
Awakening the Beast (VtR:AM) Planned Emergence (VtR:AM) Slumber's Conservations (VtR:AM)
The Sleep of the Early Years (NH:IS)

Denial of Morpheus (NH:IS)

Stir the Blood (NH:IS)

Coil of the Beast (VtR) Chastice the Beast (VtR) Enliven the Face (VtR:OD) Lure the Beast (VtR) Salve the Mind (VtR:OD) Exhaust the Beast (VtR) Coil of the Soul (VtR:OD) Quiet the Soul (VtR:OD) Esoteric Coils (VtR:OD) Anoushka's Ladder (VtR:OD) Rise above Thirst (VtR:OD) Shape the Flesh (DoD:VtR) Soul Mask (VtR:OD) Pneuma (VtR:BB) Aeon's Crux (VtR:BB) Appetite for Weakness (VtR:BB) Beast Sense (VtR:BB) Feet of Clay (VtR:BB) Fire in the Head (VtR:BB) Hirillu (VtR:BB) Incite Katharos (VtR:BB) Pneuma Transfer (VtR:BB) Scent of Socius (VtR:BB) Undying Beast (VtR:BB) Divorce the Clan (VtR:OD) Talon of Change (DoD:VtR) Craft the Bone (DoD:VtR) Way of the Locust (VtR:OD) Marrow of the Spirit (VtR:OD) Investments (VtR:BB) Sarx (VtR:BB) Belial's Feast (VtR:BB) Flesh Spider (VtR:BB) Hands of the Beast (VtR:BB) Mantle of the Adversary (VtR:BB) Mark of Hunger's Prey (VtR:BB) Rotting Touch (VtR:BB) Unfeeling Skin (VtR:BB) Veil of Flame (VtR:BB) Walk the Walls (VtR:BB) Warp Corpse (VtR:BB) Unique Vampire Powers Aswang (NH:WD) Common Shapeshifting

Saddle the Beast (VtR:OD) Free the Beast (VtR:OD)

The Open Cage (VtR:OD) Body Familiar (DoD:VtR) Echo of the Soul (VtR:OD) Soma (VtR:BB) Blood calls to Blood (VtR:BB) Blood Curse (VtR:BB) Blood of the Beast (VtR:BB) Blood Rage (VtR:BB) Hide within the Beast (VtR:BB) Led by Thirst (VtR:BB) Master's Will (VtR:BB) Predator's Allure (VtR:BB) Strike of the Adversary (VtR:BB) Way of the Marauder (VtR:BB)

Unnatural Vigor


Halimaw (NH:WD) Claws (NH:WD) Clapping Trance (NH:WD) Claws (NH:WD) Weapon Mastery (NH:WD) Cihuateteo (NH:WD)
Rite of the Crossroad (NH:WD)

Flight (NH:WD) Sigbin (NH:WD) Create Amulet (NH:WD) Tik-tik (NH:WD) Flight (NH:WD) Baykosh (NH:WD)

Shapeshifting (NH:WD) Ghuls (NH:WD) The Wild Ride (NH:WD)

The Beatiful Stranger (NH:WD)

Jiang Shi (NH:WD) Dust on the Wind (NH:WD) Healing (NH:WD) Sucking Bite (NH:WD) The Strix (NH:WD) Common Powers Owl Eyes (NH:WD) Aura Distortion (NH:WD) No Surprise (NH:WD) Devil's Deal

Mask of a Thousand Faces (NH:WD)

The Hidden Grave (NH:WD)

The Infernal Flight (NH:WD) Thief of Knowledge (NH:WD)

The Wicked Visage (NH:WD)

Mnemovores (NH:WD)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (NH:WD)

Steal Memory (NH:WD) Ragged Men (NH:WD)

The Gathering Cry (NH:WD)

Uncommon Powers False Find (NH:WD)

Shadow Parliament (NH:WD) Grotesque Ejection (NH:WD)

Hollow Bones (NH:WD)

Terrible Rush of Wings (NH:WD)

Indomitable (NH:WD)

Sudden Surprise (NH:WD) Rare Powers

Dread Frenzy


Shadow Junction (NH:WD) The Beast's Rebuke (NH:WD) Vice Manipulation (NH:WD) Blood Sorcery

Level 1 False Scent (DoD:VtR) Shrouding Veil (DoD:VtR) Consolamentum (VtR:BB) Convenenza (VtR:BB) Endura (VtR:BB) Reconsolatia (VtR:BB)

Level 2 Sand of Dreams (DoD:VtR) Straight Arrow (DoD:VtR)

Level 3 Cauldura

Level 4 Devouring Acid (DoD:VtR)

Level 5 Blood of Elders (DoD:VtR)

Deathmark (DoD:VtR)
Haqim's Vengeance (DoD:VtR)

Choronzon (VtR:BB)

Cihuateteo Rituals (NH:WD)

Blessing of the Obsidian Mirror (NH:WD)

Blessing of the Sacred Grass (NH:WD)

Eyes of the Jaguar (NH:WD) Cruac (VtR:CotC)

Rite of the Cursed Bead (NH:WD)

Rite of the Gathering Storm (NH:WD)

Rite of the Wild Whore (NH:WD)

Balancing the Four Humors (VtR:N)

Amenet's Pursuit (VtR:ClM) Beloved Deodand (VtR:CotC) Barrier of Blood (VtR:Co) Cernunnos's Horn (NH:WD) Cheval (VtR) Crimson Woad (DoD:VtR) Eyes of Skadi (DoD:VtR) Gora Mukhi (VtR:AB) Harai (VtR:CotC)
Doorways of Eye and Mind (VtR:AM) Final Service of the Slave (VtR:CotC)

Blade of Tu'at (VtR:ClM) Blood Price (VtR)

Drink Dry the Earth (DoD:VtR)

A Child from the Stones (VtR:CotC)

Blood Witness (VtR:Co)

Confidence in Adversity (VtR:CotC)

Deflection of Wooden Doom (VtR) Bleeding the Tarantula (VtR:N)

As One (VtR:CotC) Blood Blight (VtR)

Call the Forgotten (DoD:VtR) Curse of Ahasverus (VtR:N)

Consecrate the Grove (DoD:VtR)

Drops of Destiny (VtR:CotC) Genius Loci (VtR:ClM) Pangs of Proserpina (VtR) Rigor Mortis (VtR)

Fire the Cauldron (NH:WD) Eye of the Norn (VtR:CotC) Crone's Renewal (VtR:CotC)
Flower of Demeter (VtR:Co)
Eternal Guardian of the Dark Moon (VtR:CotC)

Fires of Inspiration (VtR:CotC) Dreaming the Other (VtR:CotC)

Hag Mask (WoD:SoUK) Heimdall's Valor (DoD:VtR)

Inscribe the Curse (DoD:VtR)

Fount of Wisdom (VtR:CotC)

Feeding the Crone (VtR) Heart's Curse (VtR:CotC) Hi-No-Mon (VtR:CotC) Ianus' Blessing (VtR:AM)

Hi-No-Mairi (VtR:CotC)
Lust for the Hidden Ancestor (DoD:VtR)

Rituals of Pencance (VtR:AB) Hawthorn Barrier (VtR:BtC)

O-Harai (VtR:CotC)

Mark of the Huntress (DoD:VtR)

Selene's Blessing (DoD:VtR)

Taste of Knowledge (VtR:CotC)

Imperious Call (VtR:CotC) Maiden Skin (VtR:CotC) Maya (VtR:CotC) Mononoke (VtR:CotC) Painted Fears (VtR:CotC) Path of Thorns (VtR:CotC) Prey's Blood (VtR:ClG)
Rite of the Bloody Crossroads (WoD:C)

Rain (VtR:CotC)
Servant from the Hidden Realms (VtR:CotC)

Mask of Blood (VtR:CotC) Sacrifice of Odin (VtR:CotC)

The Thrashing of Apep's Coils (VtR:ClM)

Regression (VtR:CotC) Roving Hut (VtR:CotC)

Strum Inktomi's Strands (DoD:VtR)
The Rite of Going Forth by Day (VtR:ClM)

The Boyar's Caul (VtR:BtC)

Trace the Strand of Atropos (DoD:VtR)

Song of the Blood (VtR:N)

Sup of the Traitor's Grail (DoD:VtR)

Willful Vitae (VtR)

Visage of the Crone (VtR:CotC)

Taste of Destiny (VtR:CotC)

The Cuckold's Bridal (DoD:VtR)

The Hand of Seth (VtR:ClM)

Tiamat's Offspring (VtR:CotC)

Rex Sanguis Sacrorum (VtR:AM) The Mother's Blessing (VtR:BtC)

Rite of the Circle Path (WoD:C)

Tickblood (VtR:ClG)
Touch of the Morrigan (VtR)

Soul's Work (VtR:CotC)

Succulent Buboes (VtR:CotC)
The Heliolater's Warning (VtR:N)

Veiled Curse (VtR:CotC) Vernet Ritual (VtR:M)

The Hydra's Vitae (VtR)

The Mother's Eye (VtR:CotC)
Wisdom of the Soul (VtR:CotC)

Culter Mithras (VtR:M) Coin of Betrayal (VtR:M) Level 6

Companion of the Sun

Glance of Weakness (VtR:M)

Sword of Slaughter (VtR:M)

Fire of Lies (VtR:M)

Arrow of Thirst (VtR:M)

Level 7
Shadow of the Patriarch (VtR:M)

Ghul Occultism (NH:WD) Alchemy (NH:WD) Aura Sight (NH:WD) Guilded Cage (VtR:BtH) Paths of the Prey (VtR:BtH) Aura of the Monolith (VtR:BtH) Eye of the Pyramid (VtR:BtH) Red Light (VtR:BtH) Law of the Beast (NH:IS) Green Light (VtR:BtH) Taste the Land (NH:IS) The Lord's Ire (NH:IS) Gather the Herd (VtR:BtH) Lithopedia (NH:IS) Direct the Land (NH:IS) Kin to the Land (NH:IS) Territory's Mark (NH:IS) Merges Sorcery (VtR:AB) Control Anger (VtR:AB) Venomous Bite (VtR:AB) Blood Scourge (VtR) Celibacy (VtR:LS) Invisible Vice (VtR:AB)
Plant Venomous Bite (VtR:AB)
Lock the Guilded Cage (VtR:BtH)
Metropolis of the United Diagram (VtR:BtH)

Curse of Ill-Fortune (NH:WD)

Luck Magic (NH:WD)

Tie to the Land (NH:IS)

Servant of the Land (NH:IS)

Antidote (VtR:AB) Theban Sorcery (VtR:LS)

Venom Mastery (VtR:AB)

Master Rage (VtR:AB)

Bird of Sin (VtR:LS) Curse of Babel (VtR)

Anoint the Spear (NH:WD) Blood Fire (VtR:LS)

Call of Amoniel (VtR:LS)

Damned's Day (VtR:LS)

Blandishment of Sin (VtR) Display of the Beast (VtR:LS) Fires of Vengeance (VtR:LS)
Fobiddance of Blood (VtR:G) Imprecation of Sin (VtR:LS)

Crown of Thorns (VtR:LS) Damned Radiance (VtR:LS) Messenger's Mark (VtR:N) Liar's Plague (VtR)

Hauberk of Blood (VtR:LS) Fobiddance of Blood (VtR:G) Hands of Decay (DoD:VtR)

Gift of Lazarus (VtR)

Night of Hell (VtR:LS) Piece of Mind (VtR:AM)

Lash Beyond Death (VtR:LS) Mark of the Damned (VtR:LS)

Paladin's Absolution (VtR:Co)

Lightning Rod (VtR:AM) Prison of Denial (VtR:LS)

Resistance of Discipline (VtR:LS)

Legionnaire's Blessing (VtR:LS)

Sacred Haven (VtR:N) Purifying Light (VtR:FotC) Spear of Faith (VtR:LS) Stigmata (VtR) The Invisible (VtR:AM)

Rain of Blood (VtR:LS)

The Fruitful Womb (NH:WD)

Sinner Song (VtR:LS)

The Angel's Touch (VtR:RfR) Theban Inscription (VtR:LS)

Malediction of Despair (VtR)

Micah's Hope (VtR:RfR) Paraoh's Paces (VtR:LS) Scrivener's Eye (VtR:N)

The Blessing of Judas Thomas (VtR:FotC)

Song of the Prey (VtR:LS) The Martyr's Miracle (VtR:RfR) Transubstantiation (VtR) Wrathful Judgement (VtR)

Sanctity (VtR:LS) Trap of Slumber (WoD:C)

Wings of the Seraph (VtR:N)

Vitae Reliquary (VtR)

Sanguine Exaltation (WoD:C) Sanguine Clarity (VtR:AM)

The Hand of Hades (VtR:FotC)

Vision of the Will (VtR:LS)

Whispers through Time (VtR:AM)

Valeren (DoD:VtR) Obeah (DoD:VtR) Sense Vitality (DoD:VtR) Anael's Grace (DoD:VtR) Corpore Sano (DoD:VtR) Peacemaker (DoD:VtR) Serpentis (DoD:VtR)
Eyes of the Serpent (DoD:VtR) Tongue of the Asp (DoD:VtR) Skin of the Adder (DoD:VtR) Form of the Cobra (DoD:VtR) Heart of Darkness (DoD:VtR)
The Arrow of Tartarus (VtR:RfR)
The Black Barrier of Hades (VtR:FotC)

Euterpe's Song (DoD:VtR) Mens Sana (DoD:VtR)

Renewed Vigor (DoD:VtR) Sanctuary (DoD:VtR)

Touch of Asklepius (DoD:VtR) Gaze of Serenity (DoD:VtR)

Veneficia (VtR:RfR) Apollonian Sight (VtR:RfR) Call to [Deity] (VtR:FotC) Vodoun (VtR:AB) Ghede (VtR:AB) Death Echo (VtR:AB)
Kalfou's Misfortune (VtR:AB)
The Blessing of Cybele (VtR:FotC) The Blessing of Antaeus (VtR:RfR)

Ghede's Touch (VtR:AB) Kalfou's Oath (VtR:AB)

Create Zombie (VtR:AB) Kalfou (VtR:AB) Ill Omen (VtR:AB) Papa Legba (VtR:AB) Legba's Curse (VtR:AB) Combination Powers Blood Oaths

Return to Dust (VtR:AB) Curse Object (VtR:AB)

Leech Understanding (VtR:AB)

Cheat Death (VtR:AB) Vodoun Doll (VtR:AB) Create Gris-Gris (VtR:AB)

Spiritual Intermediary (VtR:AB) Universal Translator (VtR:AB)

Name Blood-Tell Oath (VtR:I) Bloody Tandem (NH:IS) Oath of Blood Alliance (VtR:I) Oath of Blood Focus Oath of Blood Loyalty
(VtR:I) (VtR:I)

Requirements 3 dots in Disciplines Blood Potency 3 + Auspex 4 + Majesty 3 Covenant Status 1 Blood Potency 3 + Covenant Status 1 Auspex 3 + Majesty 4 Auspex 2 + Dominate 2 + Protean 1 Auspex 3 + Majesty 3 Auspex 3 + Dominate 3 + Nightmare 2 Majesty 1 + Covenant Status 1

Cost 5 21 4 5 20 10 12 12 12

Oath of Blood Knives (VtR:I) Oath of Blood Service (VtR:I) Oath of Burning Blood (VtR:I) Oath of Infaq (VtR:BtC)

Oath of Running Blood (VtR:I) Oath of the Awliyah


6 dots in Disciplines Blood Potency 3 + Covenant Status 1 Blood Potency 3 + Covenant Status 1 Auspex 3 + Dominate 2 + Protean 2 Devotions Requirements Protean 2 + Resilience 2 Auspex 3 + Mortualia 3 Dominate 3 + Folderol 3 Majesty 4 + Phagia 3 Auspex 2 + Cruac 1 Animalism 4 + Dominate 4 + Majesty 5 Auspex 4 + Obfuscate 4 Auspex 2 + Cruac 1, Kinnaree Mentor Dominate 2 + Nightmare 2 Celerity 1 + Protean 2 Dominate 1 + Majesty 4 + Vigor 1 Dominate 4 + Luong Feng 4 or Amphivena 4 + Resilience 4 Majesty 2 + Obfuscate 2 Animalism 4 + Protean 4 Dominate 5 + Majesty 3 Obfuscate 3 + Taurobolium 1 Dominate 1 + Vigor 1 Auspex 5 + Mentat 3 Auspex 3 + Linagem 5 Protean 3 + Resilience 2 Essentiaphagia 2 + Soul Mask Celerity 2 + Resilience 5 + Vigor 3 Protean 1 + Vigor 1 Craft the Bone + Protean 3 Animalism 3 + Dominate 3, Melissidae Mentor Resilience 3 + Vigor 1 Auspex 1 + Resilience 2 Animalism 4 + Obfuscate 2 Luong Feng 5 + Vigor 3 Celerity 2 + Vigor 2, Caporetti Mentor Auspex 3 + Obfuscate 1 Cruac 1 + Nightmare 2 Obfuscate 2 + Protean 2

6 12 10 12 Cost 12 16 21 21 10 42 30 9 12 12 18 27 12 25 24 12 5 27 24 15 9 39 5 18 18 15 15 15 25 12 9 12 12

Oath of the Bloody Hand (VtR:I) The Oath Unsworn (VtR:I) Name 22 Solid
(VtR:C) (VtR:OD)

Abdo Cordis

Absorb the Mind (DoD:VtR) Apalling Lure (VtR:BtC) Arcane Sight (VtR) Army of Beasts (DoD:VtR) Army of One
(VtR:C) (VtR:AB)

Asura Yuu Thi Nay Aversion Curse


Barrier Merge (DoD:VtR) Barring the Bone Gate (DoD:VtR) Basilisk's Touch (DoD:VtR) Behind the Throne (VtR:C) Beloved Pet
(VtR:BtH) (DoD:VtR)

Best Intentions

Blessing of the Captive Eye (VtR:BtL) Blink (VtR:C) Blink Away (DoD:VtR) Blood Beacon (VtR:AB) Blood from the Boards Blood of the Wraith
(VtR:ClG) (VtR:LA)

Blood Shield (VtR:AM) Bobcat Climbing (VtR:N) Body Armory (DoD:VtR) Body Colony (VtR:BtL) Body of Will Break Vinculum
(VtR) (VtR:AB)

Brute Cannot Betray (VtR:C) Burial Grounds (DoD:VtR) Burrow (VtR:AB) Butcher's Hook (VtR:ClM) Call of Courage Camouflage
(VtR:CotC) (VtR:ClG)

Chains of the Spirit (WoD:SoM) Child of the Night


Majesty 1 + Obfuscate 2 Animalism 1 + Beast Sense Auspex 5 + Obfuscate 3 Majesty 2 + Nightmare 2 Animalism 1 + Protean 3 + Resilience 3 Amphivena 3 + Protean 3 Protean 3 + Resilience 1 Auspex 3 + Obfuscate 2 Dominate 2 + Essentiaphagia 2 Majesty 1 + Taurobolium 2 Celerity 3 + Sakti Pata 5 Nocturne 3 or Obtenebration 2 + Vigor 3 Nightmare 1 + Resilience 1 Celerity 2 + Resilience 2 + Vigor 2 Majesty 2 + Obfuscate 4 Resilience 3 + Vigor 4 Animalism 2 + Belial's Feast Master's Will + Majesty 1 Auspex 4 + Dominate 4 Majesty 1 + Nightmare 2 Majesty 2 + Spoiling 2 Protean 4 + Obfuscate 4 Auspex 1 + Dominate 1 or Majesty 1 Auspex 5 + Insomnium 5 Dominate 2 + Majesty 1 Luong Feng 2 + Vigor 3 Luong Feng 4 + Vigor 4 Auspex 3 + Meminisse 1 or Obfuscate 2 Majesty 2 + Obfuscate 2 + Taurobolium 2 Auspex 4 + Dominate 2 Majesty 2 + Nightmare 2 Auspex 4 + Dominate 2 Auspex 1 + Spoiling 1 Auspex 1 + Celerity 1 Auspex 2 + Coils of the Dragon 1 Auspex 4 + Animalism 4 + Majesty 5 Majesty 1 + Obfuscate 3 Body Familiar + Dominate 2 Majesty 3 + Nightmare 4

9 6 24 10 21 15 10 15 12 9 21 21 or 18 8 18 18 30 9 6 21 9 10 24 5 33 10 18 27 12 or 15 18 18 12 18 6 6 10 42 15 18 21

Clairvoyance (DoD:VtR) Churchtower Gaze (VtR:BtH) Circle the Wagon (VtR:AB) Claws of Amphisbaena (VtR:CotC) Claws of the Deep
(NH:IS) (VtR:C)

Cleansing Impression

Compel Spirit (VtR:OD) Consent of the Magna Mater (VtR:BtL) Dance of Kali (VtR:AB) Dark Minions (DoD:VtR) Dauntless Spirit Defiant Child Deja Vu
(VtR:C) (NH:WD)


Destructive Might (VtR:AM) Discerning Palate (VtR:BB) Disquieting Mien (VtR:BB) Dodona (VtR:BtC) Double Barrel
(VtR:LA) (VtR:OD)

Draught of Revelation

Drawing Upon the Mask (NH:IS) Dream Drinking (VtR:M) Dream World (DoD:VtR) Dress to Impress (VtR:NWR) Earthshock
(DoD:VtR) (DoD:VtR)

Earth Sword

Encode Vitae (VtR:ClM) Enliven the Flesh (VtR:BtL) Exegesis (VtR:BtC) Eye Catcher (NH:IS) Eye of Shiva Eye's Blood
(VtR:AB) (VtR:OD)

Eyes of the Beast (NH:WD) Eyes of the Dragon (VtR:OD) Eyes of the Forest (DoD:VtR) Faking It (VtR:BtL) Familiar Infestation
(DoD:VtR) (NH:IS)

Feed the Hungry Eyes

Flesh of Iron (VtR:N) Flick


Protean 3 + Resilience 1 Celerity 3 + Vigor 5 Celerity 5 + Vigor 3 Obfuscate 3 + Resilience 3 Celerity 2 + Resilience 2 Ortam 1 + any Devotion or Discipline Coil of Blood 2 + Vigor 3 Celerity 2 + Nightmare 4, Caporetti Mentor Animalism 2 + Protean 3 Protean 5 + Resilience 3 Dominate 2 + Majesty 2, Carnival Mentor Auspex 5 + Preemptive Reflex Obfuscate 2 + Protean 5 Dominate 4 + Obfuscate 3 Nightmare 4 + Obfuscate 4, must have been in torpor Majesty 3 + Protean 1 Auspex 1 + Celerity 1 + Resilience 1 Auspex 2 + Praestantia 2 Celerity 2 + Resilience 1 + Quicken Sight Amphivena 3 or Protean 4 + Valeren 5 Animalism 3 + Dominate 4 + Majesty 5 Dominate 2 + Obfuscate 4 Animalism 5 + Dominate 4, Melissidae Mentor Auspex 4 + Dominate 4 or Nathazra 1 Animalism 3 + Resilience 2, Melissidae Mentor Animalism 3 + Resilience 1 Celerity 1 + Vigor 1 Dominate 1 + Resilience 1 Dominate 1 + Resilience 1 Dominate 3 + Resilience 2 Auspex 1 + Celerity 1 Celerity 1 + Majesty 3

12 27 27 21 12 3 15 18 18 27 15 30 21 20 27 12 10 12 15 24 or 27 39 24 21 24 or 21 12 15 6 9 8 15 10 12 18 45 10 8 6 33 9

Flower of Death (DoD:VtR) Fooling the Sleeping Beast (VtR:AM) Forced March (VtR:C) Fragrant Devotions (VtR:BtL) Free your Blood Freeze Bones
(VtR:OD) (VtR:AB)

Fury of the Beast (VtR:LA) Gargoyle's Watch (VtR:AM) Gawk (VtR:BtL) Ghost Run (DoD:VtR) Ghost Walk Gimme 50
(VtR:AB) (VtR:C) (VtR:AM)

Glimpse of the Abyss

Glorious Chrysalis (DoD:VtR) Guardian Vigil (VtR:C) Hair-Thin Dodge (VtR:VII) Hair Trigger (VtR:C) Hatch the Viper Heart of the City
(DoD:VtR) (DoD:VtR)

Hidden Agenda (VtR:AM) Hive Induction (VtR:BtL) Hive Nexus Gestalt (VtR:C) Honeycomb Heart (VtR:BtL) Hounds of Blood Husk
(VtR:C) (VtR:ClV)

Ignore (VtR:C) Immutable Mind (VtR:C) Indomitable Aura (VtR:BtH) Infallible Aim (WoD:C) Instant Adoration

Instantaneous Transformation Inward Focus (DoD:VtR) Iron Facade (VtR) Iron Muscles (VtR:C) I See You (VtR:ClN) King of the Mountain Knockdown

Celerity 2 + Protean 4 Celerity 3 + Protean 5 + Resilience 3 + Vigor 3 Obfuscate 2 + Resilience 2 Resilience 1 + Vigor 1 Auspex 1 + Obfuscate 1 Majesty 5 + Resilience 5 Luong Feng 1 + Vigor 1



Knowing the Stranger (VtR) Languor's Denial


Auspex 4 + Obfuscate 4 Resilience 3 + Vigor 3 Animalism 3 + Dominate 2 Auspex 1 + Resilience 3 Mentat 2 + Vigor 4 Cruac 3 + Theban Sorcery 2 Auspex 1 + Obfuscate 3 Dominate 3 + Spoiling 3 Dominate 2 + Resilience 2 Majesty 1 + Obfuscate 2 Auspex 3 + Celerity 1 + Obfuscate 1, Moirai Mentor Animalism 1 + Dominate 2 + Protean 4 Fortitude 1 + Obfuscate 2 + Vigor 2 Obfuscate 2 + Coil of Blood 1 Dominate 3 + Obfuscate 4 Animalism 1 + Obfuscate 4 Dominate 4 + Majesty 5 Amphivena 3 + Resilience 3 Auspex 4 + Dominate 3 Auspex 1 + Majesty 1 + Protean 5 Majesty 3 + Predator's Allure Auspex 3 + Dominate 2 Dominate 3 + Resilience 1 Mentat 2 + Resilience 3 Auspex 4 + Dominate 3, Melissidae Mentor Majesty 4 + Protean 1 Majesty 5 + Protean 4 Majesty 1 + Vigor 1 Auspex 5 + Obfuscate 2 Auspex 3 + Dominate 3 Protean 4 + Resilience 1 Praestantia 1 + Vigor 1 Melpominee 1 + Vigor 3 Cruac 4 + Eros 4 Majesty 1 + Obfuscate 4 Auspex 3 + Vigor 1 Majesty 1 + Nightmare 2 + Obfuscate 2 Dominate 4 + Majesty 2 Majesty 1 + Obfuscate 2

21 24 15 12 21 17 15 15 10 9 15 21 12 6 24 15 30 15 28 27 12 15 15 18 15 15 30 10 15 21 15 5 15 27 33 12 15 18 9

Leader of the Pack (NH:IS) Lessons in the Steel (VtR) Levitation (DoD:VtR) Liar's Mark (NH:IS) Liberated Mind Liquid Memory
(VtR:AB) (VtR:OD)

Love Like Blood (VtR:N) Makeover (VtR:BtL) Manteia (VtR:ClM) Man to Beast (VtR:BtH) Mark of Shadows Masked Blood
(NH:IS) (VtR:OD) (DoD:VtR)

Mask of a Thousand Faces Mass Control (DoD:VtR)

Mask of the Beast (VtR:N) Medusa's Scales (VtR:CotC) Memory Theft (VtR:AM) Mercurial Form Mesmeric Taint
(VtR:AM) (VtR:BB)

Message in a Bottle (VtR:C) Messenger's Blessing (VtR:ClV) Mind Shield (DoD:VtR) Mock Mind (VtR:BtL) Monster's Call Mythic Form
(NH:WD) (DoD:VtR)

Night Life (VtR:ClD) Occulted Spirit (VtR:C) Pallinode (VtR:BtC) Partial Transformation (VtR) Perfect Weapon Persistent Echo
(VtR:VII) (DoD:VtR)

Philter of Love (DoD:VtR) Picture Perfect (VtR:ClD) Playback (DoDVtR) Playing the Part (VtR:ClN) Poisoned Chalice
(VtR:N) (NH:WD)

Predator's Camouflage

Predator's Gaze (DoD:VtR) Predatory Growl


Nightmare 3 + Protean 1 Animalism 1 + Dominate 2 Auspex 1 + Celerity 5 Blood Potency 7 + Majesty 5 + Nightmare 5 + Lithopedia 5 Celerity 3 + Mentat 2 Chastise the Beast + Resilience 1 Luong Feng 1 + Majesty 1 Auspex 5 + Instituionalise 5 Animalism 4 + Dominate 5 Auspex 1 + Celerity 1 Celerity 2 + Vigor 2 Majesty 1 + Resilience 2 Cruac 3 + Protean 3 Protean 4 + Resilience 4 Nightmare 2 + Obfuscate 4 Nightmare 1 + Protean 5 Dominate 3 + Resilience 4 Protean 4 + Resilience 2 Protean 3 + Resilience 1 Dominate 1 + Resilience 1, Melissidae Mentor Dominate 3 + Nightmare 2 Dominate 5 + Resilience 5 Auspex 2 + Protean 2 Nightmare 2 + Protean 2 Auspex 3 + Majesty 4 Spoiling 1 to 3 + Vigor 1 to 3 Celerity 3 + Nightmare 3 Animalism 3 + Auspex 3 Auspex 5 + Obfuscate 3 Animalism 1 or Dominate 1 + Auspex 2 Auspex 2 + Protean 4 Celerity 3 + Nocturne 3 or Obtenebration 2 Dominate 2 + Nocturne 5 or Obtenebration 5 Nightmare 2 + Vigor 3 or Celerity 1 + Protean 4 Blood Potency 6 + Auspex 5 + Lithopedia 3 Dominate 2 + Protean 4 Celerity 1 + Melpominee 5 Celerity 1 + Protean 2 Celerity 1 + Nightmare 2, Caporetti Mentor

10 7 24 45 18 7 6 33 30 5 13 9 18 24 18 18 24 20 12 5 15 33 10 12 18 6, 12, 18 18 20 27 9 12 21 or 18 24 14 24 21 24 12 9

Preemptive Reflex (VtR:AM) Prince's Wrath (NH:IS) Projectile (DoD:VtR) Promethean Guard (DoD:VtR) Pull of the Earth
(DoD:VtR) (DoD:VtR)

Pulse of the Canaille

Puppet Master (DoD:VtR) Quicken Sight (VtR) Quicken the Slumbering Vitae (VtR:BtH) Rallying Blood (VtR:I) Razors of Kali Regeneration
(VtR:LA) (VtR:C) (VtR:AB)

Repulsive Mien

Repulsive Vapor (VtR:RfR) Resilient Mind (DoD:VtR) Rhino's Hide (VtR:C) Rime of Salt (VtR:BtC) Royal Jelly
(VtR:BtL) (VtR:I)

Rumour of Dread

Sacrifice (DoD:VtR) Sample the Earth (VtR:OD) Sanctum of Fear (VtR:N) Sanguine Seance (VtR:AM) Sanguine Strength Searing Wind
(VtR:OD) (VtR:RfR)

Scent of the Beast (VtR:N) Seeing Double (DoD:VtR) Seek the Brahmin (VtR:AB) See the Reflected Form (VtR:C) Shadow Cloak
(DoD:VtR) (DoD:VtR)

Shadow Double

Shadow Heart/Shift the Dark Heart (VtR:BtH)

Shadow in the Land (NH:IS) Shape Mastery (DoD:VtR) Shattering Crescento (DoD:VtR) Shelter of Slumbering Sands Shiver

Shout (VtR:C) Sleepwalker


Celerity 1 + Dominate 2 Dominate 2 + Insomnium 3 Animalism 1 + Auspex 2, Melissidae Mentor Auspex 3 + Celerity 1 + Dominate 4 Auspex 4 + Scent of Socius Majesty 3 + Melpominee 2 or Mimetismo 2 Auspex 2 + Obfuscate 2 Auspex 1 + Cruac 1 or Folderol 1 Majesty 1 + Resilience 1 Dominate 4 + Resilience 1 Auspex 4 + Folderol 1 Animalism 2 + Dominate 2, Melissidae Mentor Celerity 1 + Vigor 1 Resilience 3 + Vigor 3, Impaled Mentor Majesty 3 + Nightmare 1 Celerity 1 + Vigor 1 Animalism 4 + Dominate 3, Melissidae Mentor Animalism 4 + Majesty 1 Auspex 4 + Dominate 2 Majesty 2 + Stigmatica 2 Auspex 4 + Obfuscate 3
Blood Potency 5 + Nightmare 1 + Protean 4 + Resilience 3 + Vigor 1

10 15 6 24 15 15 12 5 8 15 18 18 6 18 12 6 15 15 18 15 21 30 10 6 15 27 12 30 18 15 21 12 12 21 9 10 40 9 21

Small Witness (VtR:BtL) Soma (VtR:BtC) Song of Bonded Blood (VtR:BB) Song of Serenity (VtR:BtC) Spectral Sight
(VtR:AB) (VtR:ClM)

Spirit Senses/Sight

Stalwart Heart (VtR:C) Stalwart Servant (VtR:N) Steal the Mind (DoD:VtR) Sting (VtR:BtL) Stone Cling

Strength from Pain Sudden Breakup


Sudden Strength (VtR:C) Swarm Communion (VtR:BtL) Swarm Control (NH:WD) Syncope (VtR:BtC) Tears of Blood
(VtR:BtH) (VtR:AB)

Telepathic Network

Terrible Flesh (NH:IS) The Beast's Brew (NH:IS) The Bottled Command (VtR:OD) The Cutting of the Strings (VtR:ClM) The Dark Decree
(NH:IS) (DoD:VtR)

Animalism 1, Obfuscate 2, Telamon Mentor Dominate 1 + Spoiling 1 Auspex 3 + Obfuscate 2, Moirai Mentor Blood Potency 9 + Dominate 5 + Majesty 4 Auspex 3 + Obfuscate 1 Auspex 5 + Majesty 5 Auspex 4 + Cruac 2 Animalism 2 + Auspex 1 + Obfuscate 2 Dominate 5 + Protean 2 Animalism 1 + Protean 3 Dominate 2 or Majesty 2 + Resilience 2 or Vigor 2 Nightmare 3 + Obfuscate 4 Domus 2 + Majesty 2 Auspex 2 + Dominate 2 Auspex 5 + Majesty 5 + Obfuscate 3, Moirai Mentor Resilience 1 + Vigor 2 Auspex 3 + Meminisse 4

The Feather's Flight

The Glory of Ra (VtR:AB) The Hekau (VtR:CotC) The Herd is Measure (VtR:AB) The Hidden Master (VtR:BtC) The Jungle's Sting
(DoD:VtR) (VtR:I)

The Knight's Example

The Loathsome Foe (VtR:ClN) The Lovely or Loathsome Web (VtR:I) The Message (VtR:ClV) The Methusaleh Effect (VtR:ClM) The Rejected Malady

The Restoration of Things Lost

The Ritual of Nourishment (VtR:ClM) The Shadow's Revelation


Auspex 3 + Obfuscate 1 Auspex 3 + Majesty 2 Nightmare 2 + Phagia 4 Majesty 1 + Nightmare 1 Nightmare 1 + Vigor 2 Auspex 4 + Majesty 1 + Celerity 1, Moirai Mentor Auspex 1 or 5 + Protean 2 Cruac 4 + Deimos 4 Celerity 2 + Protean 2 Dominate 1 + Majesty 1 + Nightmare 1 Majesty 2 + Obfuscate 4 + Taurobolium 5 Protean 2 + Stigmatica 3 Auspex 4 + Dominate 2 Mentat 2 + Vigor 2 Animalism 5 + Protean 1 Animalism 4 + Protean 2 Auspex 1 + Resilience 1 Blood Potency 6 + Animalism 4 + Protean 4 Protean 4 + Resilience 1 Dominate 5 + Obfuscate 2 Animalism 3 + Protean 1 Celerity 1 + Praestantia 1 Dominate 2 + Majesty 2 Protean 2 + Resilience 1 Majesty 4 + Nightmare 4 Protean 3 + Resilience 2 Nightmare 2 + Vigor 1 Resilience 2 + Vigor 2, Impaled Mentor Majesty 1 + Nightmare 2 Protean 3 + Sablunario 3 Blood Potency 4 + Nightmare 3 + Protean 3 Obfuscate 2 + Protean 2 Celerity 5 + Resilience 3 Disciplines

12 15 21 6 9 15 9 or 30 27 12 10 33 20 21 15 18 15 5 24 15 15 12 5 12 9 24 15 9 12 9 15 18 12 27

The Warding Flesh (VtR:BtC) The Wolf's Maw (WoD:SoM) This Aweful Grip (VtR:ClN) Timed Message (VtR:ClM) Torpid Awareness Tortured Heart
(VtR:C) (DoD:VtR)

Trackless Step (VtR:RfR) Threefold Attack (WoD:C) Trangression of Attis (VtR:BtL)

Transubstantiation of the Starved (VtR:BtH)

Touch of Deprivation Unaccounted Strength Undiminished Rage




Undying Familiar (VtR:ClG) Unflinching Eye (VtR:C) Unholy Skies (NH:IS) Unnatural Contortion (VtR:ClG) Unseen Master
(VtR:C) (VtR:NWR)

Unspoken Missive

Vaporous Step (VtR:VII) Veridical Tongue (VtR) Vitae Bloat (VtR:C) Whisper Campaign (NH:IS) Whisper of War Wicked Grasp
(VtR:AB) (VtR:ClN)

Will to Endure (VtR:OD) Witch Lights (VtR:BtH) Wolf-Man (WoD:SoM) Wretched Bite (NH:IS) Yielding Soil Zephyr
(NH:IS) (DoD:VtR)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3 Common Animalism (VtR)

Level 4

Level 5

Feral Whispers (VtR)

Obedience (VtR)

Call of the Wild (VtR)

Subsume the Lesser Spirit (VtR)

Leashing the Beast (VtR)

Celerity (VtR) Touch of Shadow (VtR) Mask of Tranquility (VtR) Obfuscate (VtR) Cloak of Night (VtR) Resilience (VtR) Vigor Limited Ars Speculorum (VtR:M) Wry Optics (VtR:M) Spirit of Breath (VtR:M) The Fear (VtR:ClV)
The Contagion Principle (VtR:ClM)

The Familiar Stranger (VtR) Cloak the Gathering (VtR)

Catoptomantics (VtR:M) Stolen Breaths (VtR:M) Mad Insight (VtR:ClV)

The Pleasure of the Text (VtR:ClM)

Panopticon (VtR:M) Breath-Drinking (VtR:M) Vaulted Lungs (VtR:M) Dementation (VtR:ClV) Gaslighting (VtR:ClV) Detournement (VtR:ClM)
The Eye Behind the Glass (VtR:ClM)

Childermas Surprise (VtR:M) Quicksilver Shoes (VtR:M)

Spirit-Thief (VtR:M) Fractured Mind (VtR:ClV)

Drink with Thine Eyes (VtR:M)

Dementia Praecox (VtR:ClV)

Face of New Flesh (VtR:ClM) The Soul Transplant (VtR:ClM)

Hamartiaphage (VtR:M) Knowing the Sin (VtR:M) Cloak of Wickedness (VtR:M) Read Soul (VtR:VII) Whispers of the Chamber

Sin Lash (VtR:M) Psychogenics (VtR:VII) Psychic Surgery (VtR:VII) Spoiling (VtR:OD) Tenure

Consume Mind (VtR:VII) -

Psychic Dampening (VtR:VII)

Movement of the Mind (VtR:VII)

Home Ground

Voice of the Castle (VtR:I) Watching the Bounds (VtR:I) Master of the Demesne (VtR:I) Signature Auspex (VtR)

Heightened Senses (VtR) Command (VtR) Awe (VtR)

Monstrous Countenance (VtR)

Aura Perception (VtR) Mesmerise (VtR) Revelation (VtR) Dread (VtR) -

The Spirit's Touch (VtR) Continence (NH:WD) Dominate


Telepathy (VtR) Conditioning (VtR) Summoning (VtR) Shatter the Mind (VtR) -

Twilight Projection (VtR) Possession (VtR) Sovereignity (VtR) Mortal Fear (VtR) -

The Forgetful Mind (VtR) Majesty (VtR) Entrancement (VtR) Nightmare (VtR) Eye of the Beast (VtR) Praestantia (VtR:VII) Protean (VtR)

Aspect of the Predator (VtR)

Haven of Soil (VtR)

Claws of the Wild (VtR) Unique Abjurism (VtR:AB)

Shape of the Beast (VtR)

Body of Spirit (VtR)

Buttress the Soul (VtR:AB) Breeze (DoD:VtR)

The Light of Truth (VtR:AB)

Cleanse the Mind (VtR:AB) Aeolis (DoD:VtR) North Winds (DoD:VtR) Amphivena (VtR:CotC)
Arms of the Amphisbaena (VtR:CotC)

Banish the Summoned Servitor (VtR:AB)

Break the Weave (VtR:AB) Raging Storm (DoD:VtR)

Cover of Mists (DoD:VtR)

Winds of Fury (DoD:VtR)

Serpentine Rapport (VtR:CotC) Serpentine Union (VtR:CotC)

Medusa's Venom (VtR:CotC) Body of the Gorgon (VtR:CotC) Breath of Death (VtR:AB) Choking Cloud (VtR:AB) Bloody Bezoar (VtR:AB)

Asphyx (VtR:AB) The Cough (VtR:AB) Sanguine Analysis


Taint (VtR:AB) Vitae Distillation


Burning Touch (VtR:AB) Bhumisparsa (WoD:SoM) Blut Alchemie


Internal Athanor (VtR:AB) Vitae Transmutation (VtR:AB) Blood Tenebrous (WoD:BoS)

Under the Skin of the World (WoD:BoS)

Pulse of the Invisible (WoD:BoS)

Blood is Life (WoD:BoS) Skewer (VtR:ClM) Contaminate (VtR) Skeleton Key (VtR:AB) Shuffling Porter (VtR:BtC) Comhdaich Coillteil (DoD:VtR)

Road from Perdition (WoD:BoS) Drawing in the Devil (WoD:BoS)

Bloodworking (VtR:ClM) Fingertongue (VtR:ClM) Diagnose (VtR) Govi Trap (VtR:AB)

Mortician's Appraisal (VtR:BtC)

Bloodshell (VtR:ClM) Cachexy (VtR) Inflame (VtR) Carrefour (VtR:AB)

Vv Passageway (VtR:AB)

Fleshdart (VtR:ClM) Plague-Bearer (VtR) Open Baye (VtR:AB)

The Predator's Request (VtR:BtC)

Erupting Quills (VtR:ClM) Accelerate Disease (VtR) Shift Threshold (VtR:AB) Ultimo Respiro (VtR:BtC) Duathar a Cheo (DoD:VtR) Barbed Words (VtR:I)
Stolen Blood, Stolen Life (VtR:BtL)

Cattiveria (VtR:BtC)
Ectoplasmic Manifestation (VtR:BtC)

Constance (VtR:LS) Geosgail (DoD:VtR) Clarity of Infection (VtR:I) Cotterscraft


Damh's Leum (DoD:VtR)

Penalty of Discourtesy (VtR:I)

Lasair Spiorad (DoD:VtR) Courtoisie (VtR:I)

Fair Warning, Fairly Given (VtR:I)

The Importance of Conversation (VtR:I)

Crochan (VtR:BtL)
Swift Flows the Blood (VtR:BtL) Blight of the Fisher King (VtR:BtL)

Bitter Humours (VtR:BtL) Deimos (DoD:VtR) Phantom Pain (DoD:VtR) Despond (VtR:BtL)
Dark Night of the Soul (VtR:BtL)

Restoration of the Maimed (VtR:BtL)

Smell the Sin (DoD:VtR) Self-Doubt (VtR:BtL) The Web Trembles (VtR:I)

Hell's Kiss (DoD:VtR) Doomed to Fail (VtR:BtL) The Web Speaks (VtR:I)

Affliction of the Damned (DoD:VtR)

Melancholy (VtR:BtL)
The Spider's Cocoon (VtR:I)

The Earth Rejects Thee (VtR:BtL)

Domus (VtR:I) Loyal Web (VtR:I) Embrocation (VtR:BtH) The Living Web (VtR:I)

Masaha (VtR:BtH) Scent of Venus (DoD:VtR)

Hunger for Essentia (VtR:OD)

Lebhonah (VtR:BtH) Lover's Kiss (DoD:VtR) Draw Ectoplasm (VtR:OD)

Mashkeh (VtR:BtH) Eros (DoD:VtR) Satiate the Beast (DoD:VtR) Essentiaphagia (VtR:OD)
Essentia Diffusion (VtR:OD)

Berith (VtR:BtH) Cupid's Bow (DoD:VtR) Mnemophagia (VtR:OD)

Taharah (VtR:BtH)

Ghost Consumption (VtR:OD) Exorcise the Beast (VtR:OD)

Eupraxia (VtR:OD)
Blessing of Eupraxia (VtR:OD) Absolve the Man (VtR:OD) Grace of Eupraxia (VtR:OD) Refuge of Forbiddance (VtR:OD)

Folderol (DoD:VtR) Truth Sayer (DoD:VtR)

Moonlit Preservation (VtR)

Looking Glass (DoD:VtR) Crow's Harvest (VtR) Gorge (VtR:BtL) Overwrite (VtR:AB) Outcast Haunt (VtR:C) Lucid Dreaming (VtR:BtH) Social Censure (VtR:BtH) The Fitting Time (VtR:I) Mortify (VtR:BtC)

Aura Absorption (DoD:VtR) Protection Ward (DoD:VtR) Riddle Phantastique (DoD:VtR) Getsumei (VtR) Corpse Skin (VtR) Gustus (VtR:BtL) Befoul (VtR:BtL) Hypnagogia (VtR:AB)
The Realm Between (VtR:AB)

Channel of Hasu-Ko (VtR) Convocation of Holoke (VtR) Disgorge (VtR:BtL) Spirit Guide (VtR:AB) Stupid Savage (VtR:C) Blissful Sleep (VtR:BtC) Panopticon (VtR:BtH)
Face of the Moment (VtR:I) Puissance of Flesh (VtR:BtL)

Pound of Flesh (VtR:BtL) The Void (VtR:AB) Feeble Shadow (VtR:C)

Dreams of the Many (VtR:BtH)

Tabula Rasa (VtR:AB) Mad Lord (VtR:C)

Travails of Morpheus (VtR:BtC)

Impurity (VtR:C)
Depraved Succubus (VtR:C)

Insomnium (VtR:BtH)
Chain the Slumbered Mind (VtR:BtC)

Intitutionalise (VtR:BtH) Halls of Power (VtR:BtH) Tatemae (VtR:I) Degradation (VtR:BtC) Intime (VtR:BtC) Off Limits (VtR:BtH) Kamen (VtR:I)
The Wave is the Man (VtR:I) Lord of the Manor (VtR:BtH)

Masking the Beast (VtR:I)

Blessed Detachment (VtR:BtC)

Kingjan (VtR:BtC) Kiss of Oblivion (VtR:BtC) Licencieux (VtR:BtC)

La Touche Illusoire (VtR:BtC) Douleur Agreable (VtR:BtC)

Wave of Apathy (VtR:BtC) Insensate (VtR:BtC) Blood Lies (VtR:AB) Shi Tou Wu Qi (DoD:VtR)
Siren's Beckoning (DoD:VtR)

Jardin d'Agrement (VtR:BtC)

Linagem (VtR:AB) Affinity for Blood (VtR:AB) Sanguine Secrets (VtR:AB) Tu (DoD:VtR) Liu Shui (DoD:VtR) Binding Ties (VtR:AB) Luong Feng (DoD:VtR) Bu Xing (DoD:VtR) Melpominee (DoD:VtR)
The Missing Voice (DoD:VtR) Phantom Speaker (DoD:VtR)

Distant Mastery (VtR:AB) Ye Hua (DoD:VtR) Virtuosa (DoD:VtR) Necrosis (VtR:LS)

The Thief of Minds (VtR:ClM)

Madrigal (DoD:VtR) Memento Mori (VtR:LS) Brush of Death (VtR:LS) Meminisse (VtR:ClM) Sever Ties (VtR:ClM) Mengilai (NH:WD) Unhinged Wail (NH:WD)

Twilight Sight (VtR:LS) Create Ties (VtR:ClM) The Hidden Voice (NH:WD)

Consult with the Dead (VtR:LS)

Blood from Bone (VtR:LS)

The Exhange of Things Past (VtR:ClM)

Dipping in the Pool (VtR:ClM)

Curse of Babel (NH:WD)

Shattering Cry (NH:WD)

Invisible Tongue (NH:WD)

Mentat (DoD:VtR) Premonition (DoD:VtR) Certain Sounds (VtR:BtC) Exsuscito (VtR:OD)

One Thousand Havens (VtR:LS) Stomach of the Starved (VtR:LS)

Polarise (DoD:VtR) Impersonation (VtR:BtC) Intermuntio (VtR:OD)

Calculate (DoD:VtR) Mimetismo (VtR:BtC) Cacophony (VtR:BtC) Mortualia (VtR:OD) Alitum (VtR:OD) Nahdad (VtR:LS)

Bend the Matter (DoD:VtR) Echolocation (VtR:BtC) Munimen (VtR:OD)

Phase Shift (DoD:VtR) Rural Assault (VtR:BtC) Reminiscor (VtR:OD)

Wanderer's Sense (VtR:LS) Nathasha (DoD:VtR)

Sense the Predator (DoD:VtR) Fangs of the Spider (DoD:VtR)

Crawler's Walk (DoD:VtR) Nburu (VtR:AB) Synthesis (VtR:AB) Nepenthe (VtR:BtH)

Asha's Embrace (DoD:VtR) Hungry Swarms (VtR:AB)

Arachnid Grace (DoD:VtR)

Dark Spirit of the Forest (VtR:AB)

Silent Passage (VtR:AB)

Fragrance of the Hal Gil (VtR:BtH)

Defiled Presence (VtR:AB)

Inflict the Empty Soul (VtR:BtH)

Crave the Caress (VtR:BtH) Kiss of the Hal Gil (VtR:BtH) Nocturne (DoD:VtR) Shadowdancing (DoD:VtR) Obtenebration (VtR:BtH) Shadowstrike (DoD:VtR) Ortam (VtR:BtL) Perfidy (VtR:I) Familiarity Fear (VtR:I) Phagia (VtR:BtC) Bloody Cache (VtR:BtC) Ralab (VtR:CotC) Into the Void (DoD:VtR)
Perambulam in Tenebris (VtR:BtH)

Blessed Drowning (VtR:BtH)

At home in the Darkness (DoD:VtR)

Extinguish (DoD:VtR) Shadow Craft (DoD:VtR) Indiscretion(VtR:I) Rasping Flesh (VtR:BtC) Haven of Flesh (VtR:CotC) Gift of Indra (VtR:AB) Borrowed Limb (DoD:VtR) Share Pain (VtR:LS) Guided Steps (VtR:C)

Shadow Wraith (DoD:VtR) Shadow Form (VtR:BtH) Animus (VtR:I)

Blood Compulsion (VtR:BtC)

Night Sight (VtR:RfR)

Essence Vitale Absolue (VtR:BtL)

Passion Fugue (VtR:I) Mortal Balm (VtR:BtC)

Sweeten Sin (VtR:I) Gnashing Maw (VtR:BtC) Pact of Allure (VtR:CotC) Halahala (VtR:AB) Brother's Blood (DoD:VtR)
Penitence Through Pain (VtR:LS)

The Infinite Chalice (VtR:CotC) Of Will Undivided (VtR:CotC)

Unholy Avatar (VtR:CotC) Yama's Benefice (VtR:AB) Gift of Innocence (DoD:VtR) Know Pain (VtR:LS) Stars in Alignment (VtR:C)

Sablunario (WoD:SoM) Sakti Pata (VtR:AB) Rudra's Blessing (VtR:AB) Sanguinus (DoD:VtR) Heart to Heart (DoD:VtR) Scourge (VtR:LS) Endure Pain (VtR:LS) Serendipity (VtR:C) Turn of Phrase (VtR:C) Perfect Timing (VtR:C) Shihai (VtR:BtL) Prescience (VtR:C) Weakness of Flesh (VtR:LS) Beating Heart (DoD:VtR) Durga's Kiss (VtR:AB) -

Roots to the Earth (VtR:BtL)

Embracing the Invisible Other (VtR:AB)

Sate the Tiger's Hunger (VtR:BtL)

Trap the Tiger's Fury (VtR:BtL)

The Outside Eye Within (VtR:BtL)

Calm the Stalking Tiger (VtR:BtL)

Spiritus Sancti (VtR:AB)

Eyes of the Inner Archon (VtR:AB)
In the Presence of the Holy Spirit (VtR:AB)
Communion with the Higher Realms (VtR:AB)

Accepting the Mantle of the Divine (VtR:AB)

Stigmatica (VtR:BtH) The Scourging (VtR:BtH)

Will against Wyrm (VtR:OD)

Palms of Blood (VtR:BtH) Serene Ferocity (VtR:OD) Evil Eye (VtR:BtH) -

The Dolorous Nail (VtR:BtH)

Crown of Thorns (VtR:BtH) Spear of Longinus (VtR:BtH)

Suikast (VtR:OD)
Taste of the Dragon (VtR:OD) The Dragon's own Fire (VtR:OD) Burn the Dragon's Blood (VtR:OD)

Sunnikuse (VtR:BtH) Jinx (VtR:BtH) Conciliation (VtR:BtH) Geek Trick


Calamity (VtR:BtH) Taurobolium (VtR:BtL) Tezcatl (VtR:BtH)

Twist of Fate (VtR:BtH) -

Gift of the Crow (VtR:BtH) Siamese Twin (VtR:BtL) Extrapolate (VtR:I) Shackle the Soul (VtR:BtC)
Flight of the Warlock (VtR:OD)

Life's Reflection (VtR:BtH) Focus the Aspect (VtR:BtH) The Smoking Mirror (VtR:BtH) The Show Contortion
(VtR:BtL) (VtR:BtL)

Spider Crawl (VtR:BtL) Web (VtR:I) Insert/Delete (VtR:I) Xinyao (VtR:BtC)

Rubber Skin (VtR:BtL) Edit (VtR:I)

Guiding the Conflagration (VtR:BtC)

Scan (VtR:I) Clear the Path (VtR:BtC) Eye of Blood (VtR:OD)

Link (VtR:I)

Stoke the Flames (VtR:BtC) Sympathetic Call (VtR:BtC) Zagovny (VtR:OD) Witch-Cloak (VtR:OD) Witch's Gaze (VtR:OD) Ghoul Families

Blood Minions (VtR:OD)

Family Angustri






Asmundarson (VtR:ClM) Bellsmeade (VtR:CotC) Brigmans (NH:IS) Bulls (VtR:I) Crassus (VtR:G) Campesino (WoD:SoM) Doulosi (VtR:BB) Gravenor (VtR:G) The Alley Men (VtR:G) The Children of Nirriti (VtR:G) Vampire Groups Clans and Bloodlines Daeva (VtR) (Succubi) Amara Havana (VtR:AB), Amrita Bhaga (VtR:AB), Anvari (VtR:BtH), Asnam (VtR:CotC), California Xiao (VtR:BtC), Children of Judas (VtR:BtL), Chrysalise (DoD:VtR), Daughters of Cacophony

Vampire Groups

, Diaboli Nocturni (DoD:VtR), Duchagne (VtR:BtC), En (VtR:AB), Erzsebet (VtR:ClD), Eupraxus (NH:IS) , Gulikan (VtR:BtL), Kallisti (VtR:I), Kimnaree (VtR:AB), Kuufukuji (VtR:BtL), Malintzin (WoD:SoM), Maxtla (WoD:SoM), Mortificers of the Flesh (VtR:LS), Murales (WoD:SoM), Nelapsi (VtR:BtH), NetjerAnkh (DoD:VtR), Parvuli Angeli (DoD:VtR), Platina (WoD:SoM), Septemi (VtR:AB), Shao Luong (DoD:VtR), Spina (VtR:I), Sta-Au (VtR:AB), The Carnival (VtR:BtL), Therion (VtR:BB), Tianpan Xiao (VtR:BtC), Toreador (VtR), Zelani (VtR:C) Gangrel (VtR) (Savages) Abhi Dhivana (VtR:AB), Abhi Jina (VtR:AB), Anavashra (VtR), Annunaku (VtR:I), Anubi (VtR), Barjot (VtR:C) , Bohagande (VtR:BtH), Carnon (VtR:CotC), Chichimeca (WoD:SoM), Children of the Morrigan (VtR:CotC) , Dead Wolves (WoD:SoM), Empusae (NH:IS), Ferion (DoD:VtR), Filhos de Bruja (VtR), Larvae (VtR:RfR) , Les Gens Libres (VtR:AB), Lhiannan (DoD:VtR), Los Bucolicos (WoD:SoM), Mabry (VtR:ClG), Matasuntha (VtR), Moroi (VtR:OD), Mortificers of the Flesh (VtR:LS), Mystikoi (VtR:AB), Nepheshim (VtR:LS), Oberlochs (VtR:BtH), Sta-Au (VtR:AB), Shepherds (VtR:AB), Taifa (VtR:BtC), Tanners (WoD:SoUK), The Hounds of Actaeon (VtR:ClG), The Mara (VtR:CotC), Therion (VtR:BB), Tinkers (DoD:VtR), Vedma (VtR:OD) Adrestoi (VtR:ClV), Aja Dhrsta (VtR:AB), Annunaku (VtR:I), Apollinaire (VtR:AB), Architects of the Monolith (VtR:BtH), Beni Murrahim (VtR), Bron (VtR:BtL), Canda Bhanu (VtR:AB), Cassius (VtR), Corajoso (VtR:AB), d' Antraigues (DoD:VtR), Deucalion (VtR:C), Dragolescu (VtR:OD), Geheim (VtR:AB), Granuaile (DoD:VtR), Gorgons (Euryale, Medusa, Stheno) (VtR:CotC), Icarians (VtR:LS), Las Cocas (WoD:SoM), Licinii (VtR:RfR), Macellarius (VtR:BtL), Malkovians (VtR), Malocusians (VtR:I), Melissidae (VtR:BtL), Mortificers of the Flesh (VtR:LS), Nahualli (VtR:BtH), Phenomial (DoD:VtR), Rotgrafen (VtR:BtC), Sons of Cade (NH:IS), Sotoha (VtR:I), Sta-Au (VtR:AB), Therion (VtR:BB), Veracruz (WoD:SoM) Agonistes (VtR:BtC), Alucinor (VtR:BtH), Ananta Naga (VtR:AB), Angustri (VtR:OD), Bak-Ra (VtR:AB), Brothers of Ypres (VtR:AB), Canda Bhanu (VtR:AB), Csalad (NH:IS), Cuiatl (WoD:SoM), Hiranya Naga (VtR:AB) , Iltani (VtR:AB), Jade Skirts (WoD:SoM), Khaibit (VtR:BtH), Kiasyd (DoD:VtR), Kuufukuji (VtR:BtL), Libitinarius (VtR:OD), Lynx (VtR:I), Mnemosyne (VtR:ClM), Morbus (VtR), Mortificers of the Flesh (VtR:LS) , Norvegi (VtR:ClM), Osites (VtR:LS), Players (VtR:BtL), Qedeshah (VtR:BtH), Sangiovanni (VtR:BtC) , Sta-Au (VtR:AB), Tenebrae (DoD:VtR), Therion (VtR:BB), Tismanu (VtR:OD), Yoal (WoD:SoM) Acteius (VtR), Adroanzi (VtR:AB), Azerkatil (VtR:OD), Baddacelli (VtR:BtC), Burakumin (VtR), Calacas (WoD:SoM), Caporetti (VtR:AB), Cimiterie (VtR:NO), Galloi (VtR:BtL), Gethsemani (VtR:BtH), Heroinomana (WoD:SoM), Lamiae (DoD:VtR), Licinii (VtR:RfR), Lygos (VtR:ClN), Mayarap (VtR:AB), Mezquinos (WoD:SoM), Moroi (VtR:OD), Mortificers of the Flesh (VtR:LS), Morotrophians (VtR:BtH), Nathran (DoD:VtR), Noctuku (VtR:BtC), Nri-chaksha (VtR:AB), Order of Sir Martin (VtR:AB), PitHaunts (WoD:SoM), Pullignus (DoD:VtR), Rakshasa (VtR:BtH), Sancrouere (DoD:VtR), Sta-Au (VtR:AB), Telamones (NH:IS), The Cockscomb Society (VtR:ClN), Therion (VtR:BB), Usiri (VtR:AB), Yagnatia

Julii (VtR:RfR) - Vemtrue (VtR) (Founders - Lords)

Mekhet (VtR) (Shadows)

Nosferatu (VtR) (Haunts)

Unique Vampires

Baykosh (NH:WD), Bhuta (NH:WD), Cihuateteo (NH:WD), Cymothoa Sanguinaria (NH:WD), Formosae (NH:WD), Ghuls (NH:WD), Halimaw (NH:WD), Jiang Shi (NH:WD), Larvae (NH:WD), Mnemovores (NH:WD), Penanggal (NH:WD), Ragged-Men (NH:WD), Sigbin (NH:WD), Tama Aswang (NH:WD) , The Rizzeti Bacteria (NH:WD), The Strix (NH:WD), Tik-tik (NH:WD) House Alexander (VtR:VII), House Dubrov (VtR:VII), House Grigorovich (VtR:VII), House Irinavici (VtR:VII), House Marisovich (VtR:VII), House Petrovnavich (VtR:VII), House Semeonovic (VtR:VII), Mortificers of the Flesh (VtR:LS), Sta-Au (VtR:AB), Therion (VtR:BB) Covenants and Factions Samhara , The Corpus Delecti (VtR:BB), The Followers of Seth (VtR:ClM), The Horned Hand (VtR:BB), The Mercy Seat (VtR:BB), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Nameless (VtR:BB), The Pandaemonium (VtR:BB),The Roaring Serpent (VtR:BB), The Scarlet Rite (VtR:BB), The Teeth of Yamatu (VtR:BB), The Throne of Smokeless Fire (VtR:BB) Bodhisatcracy (VtR:C), Carthian Atheism (VtR:C), Collectivists (VtR:C), Hives (VtR:C), Humanism

VII (VtR:VII) (Betrayed)

Belial's Brood


Carthian Movement (VtR:C)

Vampire Groups

, Individualists (VtR:C), Narodnaia Volia (VtR:AB), Oppositionists (VtR:C), Paranormal Phenomena Investigation Cadres (VtR:C), Radical Collective Coteries (VtR:C), Rabotage Artists (VtR:C), Samhara (VtR:ClM), The Anti-Obstructionist Army (VtR:C), The Conscionauts (VtR:C) , The Final Civilisation (VtR:C), The Cult of Self (VtR:C), The Love Company (VtR:ClM), The Middle of the Road (VtR:C), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Moulding Room (VtR:ClM), The Night Doctors (VtR:C), Zen Carthianism (VtR:C) Childer of Haqim (DoD:VtR) Circle of the Crone (VtR:CotC) Cult of Set (VtR:BtH), Samhara (VtR:ClM), The Followers of Seth (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Moulding Room (VtR:ClM) Amanotsukai (VtR:CotC), Covey of the Three Roads (VtR:CotC), Cult of Artemis (VtR:CotC), Cult of Ceres (VtR:CotC), Cult of Cybele (VtR:BtL), Cult of Inanna (VtR:CotC), Cult of Set (VtR:BtH), Cult of Sulis (VtR:CotC), Cult of the Magdalene (VtR:CotC), Daughters of the Goddess (VtR:CotC), Hunger of Tantalus (VtR:CotC), Livian Heresy (VtR:LS), Lovers of Artemis (VtR:CotC), Narodnaia Volia (VtR:AB) , Odin's Chosen (DoD:VtR), People of the Land (VtR:CotC), Semioticians (VtR:CotC), Sipan (VtR:CotC) , The Disciples of Silence (VtR:CotC), The Followers of Seth (VtR:ClM), The Hag (VtR:CotC), The Love Company (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Moulding Room (VtR:ClM), The Second Descent (VtR:CotC) Guardians of Innocence (DoD:VtR), Healers of Wounds (DoD:VtR), Preservers of Knowledge (DoD:VtR) , Signalmen (NH:IS), Sin-Eaters (VtR:M), The Love Company (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM) Acharit Hayami (VtR:LS), Banu Shaitan (VtR:LS), Crimson Cavalry (VtR:LS), Dammitic Creed (VtR:LS) , Essene Catholics (VtR:LS), Exorsists (VtR:LS), Exotheists (VtR:LS), Godslayers (VtR:LS), Hardliners (VtR:LS), Iblic Creed (VtR:LS), Livian Heresy (VtR:LS), Mendicants (VtR:LS), Messianic Spear (VtR:M), Monachal Creed (VtR:LS), Monastics (VtR:LS), Neo-Reformists (VtR:LS), Proselytisers (VtR:LS), Samhara (VtR:ClM), Sin-Eaters (VtR:M), Society of Cyprian (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Moulding Room (VtR:ClM), Tollison Creed (VtR:LS), Unifiers (VtR:LS), Westminster Creed (VtR:LS) Alchemists (VtR:OD), Angelics (VtR:OD), Arahats (VtR:OD), Cthonians (VtR:OD), Damascene Rite (VtR:OD) , Devourer Worms (VtR:OD), Devoted of Hermes (VtR:OD), Eleusinians (VtR:OD), Impaled (VtR:OD) , Liches (VtR:OD), Mesmerists or Parapsychologists (VtR:OD), Modern or PseudoScientists (VtR:OD), Narodnaia Volia (VtR:AB), Oriental Rite (VtR:OD), Orbis Cruentus (Sworn of the Dragon) (DoD:VtR), Palatine Rite (VtR:OD), Philadelphian Rite (VtR:OD), Ritualists or Spiritualists (VtR:OD), Signalmen (NH:IS), Sin-Eaters (VtR:M), Sworn of the Axe (VtR:OD), Sworn of the Dying Light (VtR:OD), Sworn of the Ladder (VtR:OD), Sworn of the Locust (VtR:OD), Sworn of the Mysteries (VtR:OD), The Dragon's Breath (VtR:OD), The Followers of Seth (VtR:ClM), The Love Company (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Moulding Room (VtR:ClM), Theosophists or Pseudo-Psychologists (VtR:OD), Wallachian Rite (VtR:OD) The Cult of Augurs (VtR:RfR), The Lancea et Sanctum (VtR:RfR), The Legio Mortuum (VtR:RfR), The Peregrine Collegia (VtR:RfR), The Senex (VtR:RfR) Cherubim (VtR:I), Die Nachteulen (VtR:I), Octopus (VtR:I), Samhara (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Most Honourable Order of the Thorned Wreath (VtR:I), The Most Noble Fellowship of Artemis (VtR:I), The Most Noble Order of the Fallen King (VtR:AB), The Moulding Room

Disciples of Asklepius (DoD:VtR) Lancea et Sanctum (VtR:LS)

Ordo Dracul (VtR:OD)

The Camarilla (VtR:RfR) The First Estate (VtR:I)

Unaligned (VtR) VII (VtR)

Narodnaia Volia (VtR:AB), Sin-Eaters (VtR:M), Society of Cyprian (VtR:ClM), The Followers of Seth (VtR:ClM), The Love Company (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Moulding Room (VtR:ClM) House Alexander (VtR:VII), House Dubrov (VtR:VII), House Grigorovich (VtR:VII), House Irinavici (VtR:VII), House Marisovich (VtR:VII), House Petrovnavich (VtR:VII), House Semeonovic (VtR:VII), Samhara (VtR:ClM), The Followers of Seth (VtR:ClM), The Moirai (VtR:ClM), The Moulding Room (VtR:ClM)

Werewolf: the Forsa ken

Aspects Level 1
Alarming Alacrity (WtF:WatP)

Level 2
Alarming Alacrity (WtF:WatP)

Level 3 Common
Alarming Alacrity (WtF:WatP)

Level 4
Alarming Alacrity (WtF:WatP)

Level 5
Alarming Alacrity (WtF:WatP)

Parallel Gift (WtF:WatP)

Parallel Gift (WtF:WatP)

Parallel Gift (WtF:WatP) Duguthim Common

Parallel Gift (WtF:WatP)

Parallel Gift (WtF:WatP)

Hidden Power (WtF:P) Longevity (WtF:P) Mimic (WtF:P)

Natural Weaponry (WtF:P)

Camouflage (WtF:P) Darksight (WtF:P) Forgotten (WtF:P) Heavy Bones (WtF:P) Immune to Pain (WtF:P)
Inhuman Reflexes (WtF:P)
Metabolism Control (WtF:P)

Camouflage (WtF:P) Extra Limb (WtF:P) Firewalk (WtF:P) Gauntlet Slip (WtF:P) Mind Reading (WtF:P) Sharp Senses (WtF:P) Tough Skin (WtF:P) Wallcrawling (WtF:P)

Camouflage (WtF:P)
Inhuman Reflexes (WtF:P)

Blast (WtF:P) Liquify (WtF:P) Mind Reading (WtF:P)

Life Drain (WtF:P) Tough Skin (WtF:P)

Poison (WtF:P) Tough Skin (WtF:P)

Nest Jelly (WtF:P) Primal Fear (WtF:P) Sharp Senses (WtF:P) Tough Skin (WtF:P) Water Breathing (WtF:P)

Unique Innate Aspects Enzuk Umada Distribution (NH:W) Dory tou Lykou

Forest Visage (NH:W) Scentless Tracker


Limited Movement (NH:W)

Ur Khubhar Ur Khubharlu (NH:W) Ferals Aww!!! (WoD:CB) Bare Necessities (WoD:CB) Beast Magic (WoD:CB) Birth Blessing (WoD:CB) Blend In (WoD:CB) Catwalk (WoD:CB) Clamber (WoD:CB) Clever Monkey (WoD:CB)
Electroreceptors (WtF:WatP)
Extraordinary Specimen (WoD:CB)

Aww!!! (WoD:CB) Beast Magic (WoD:CB) Burrowing (WoD:CB)

Carnivore's Puissance (WoD:CB)

Asthmatic Reaction (WoD:CB)

Aww!!! (WoD:CB) Blank Burrow (WoD:CB)

Castigating Brand (WtF:WatP)

Aww!!! (WoD:CB) Catwalk (WoD:CB) Clamber (WoD:CB) Clever Monkey (WoD:CB) Hound's Honor (WoD:CB Mother's Fury (WoD:CB)
Near-Beast Form (WtF:WatP)
Nine Lives/Ressurection (WoD:CB)

Aww!!! (WoD:CB) Bare Necessities (WoD:CB) Beast Magic (WoD:CB) Beast Surge (WoD:CB) Brave Escape (WoD:CB) Burrowing (WoD:CB) Catwalk (WoD:CB) Clamber (WoD:CB) Clever Monkey (WoD:CB)
Durga's Blessing (WoD:CB) Feral Collective (WtF:WatP)

Catwalk (WoD:CB) Clamber (WoD:CB) Clever Monkey (WoD:CB) Hivemind (WtF:WatP) Hound's Honor (WoD:CB Hybrid Forms (WoD:CB) Mother's Fury (WoD:CB) Pack Bond (WoD:CB) Quills (WoD:CB)

Catwalk (WoD:CB) Clamber (WoD:CB) Clever Monkey (WoD:CB)

Culling the Weak (WoD:CB) Durga's Blessing (WoD:CB)

Pack Bond (WoD:CB) Quills (WoD:CB) Spinebite (WoD:CB) Spirit Animal (WoD:CB)

Earthbond (WoD:CB) Echolocation (WoD:CB) Exoskeleton (WoD:CB)

Gross Eater (WoD:CB Hound's Honor (WoD:CB

Invisible Marking (WoD:CB)

Foretelling (WoD:CB Fortune's Favor (WoD:CB

Grave Misfortune (WoD:CB

Fortune's Favor (WoD:CB Hound's Honor (WoD:CB Hypnotic Allure (WoD:CB) Leap (WoD:CB) Mercy's Touch (WoD:CB) Mimic (WoD:CB) Mindmap (WoD:CB) Mother's Fury (WoD:CB)
Near-Man Form (WtF:WatP)
Piggyback Passenger (WoD:CB)

Skin Double (WoD:CB) Spinebite (WtF:WatP) Spirit Animal (WoD:CB) Stash (WoD:CB)
Swarm/Flock Form (WoD:CB)

Stash (WoD:CB) Territory Bond (WoD:CB) The Wild Cry (WoD:CB) Totem Bond (WoD:CB) Truth Sense (WoD:CB) Unspeakable (WoD:CB) War Heart (WoD:CB)
Weaver's Wisdom (WoD:CB)

Keen Sense (WoD:CB) Leap (WoD:CB) Long Life (WoD:CB) Mimic (WoD:CB) Mother's Fury (WoD:CB) Pack Bond (WoD:CB) Righting Reflex (WoD:CB) Spirit Animal (WoD:CB) Stash (WoD:CB)
Sun-Flecked Eyes (WtF:WatP)
Sweet-Voiced Fiend (WoD:CB)

Gross Eater (WoD:CB Hound's Honor (WoD:CB Jawless (WtF:WatP) Keen Sense (WoD:CB) Leap (WoD:CB) Long Life (WoD:CB) Magnificence (WoD:CB) Mindspeech (WoD:CB) Mother's Fury (WoD:CB) Partial Change (WoD:CB)
Pearl of Great Price (WoD:CB)

Territory Bond (WoD:CB) The Wild Cry (WoD:CB) Totem Bond (WoD:CB) Truth Sense (WoD:CB) Venomous (WoD:CB)
Weaver's Wisdom (WoD:CB)

Quills (WoD:CB) Pack Bond (WoD:CB)

Parallel Numina (WtF:WatP)

The Wild Cry (WoD:CB) Tiger Heart (WoD:CB) Toss the Scent (WoD:CB) Truth Sense (WoD:CB) Twisted Tongue (WoD:CB) Unsetling Eye (WoD:CB) Weatherskin (WoD:CB)
Weaver's Wisdom (WoD:CB)

Righting Reflex (WoD:CB) Rigid Scales (WtF:WatP) Shadow Bond (WoD:CB)

Slumber's Touch (WoD:CB)

Quills (WoD:CB) Righting Reflex (WoD:CB) Rigid Scales (WtF:WatP)

Sense of Familiarity (WoD:CB) Sexual Dimorphism (WoD:CB)

Spirit Animal (WoD:CB) Spirit Secrets (WoD:CB) Spook the Herd (WoD:CB) Stampede Rush (WoD:CB) Stash (WoD:CB) Swift Wing (WoD:CB) Tar Baby (WoD:CB) Territory Bond (WoD:CB) The Wild Cry (WoD:CB) Totem Bond (WoD:CB) Truth Sense (WoD:CB) Unspeakable (WoD:CB) Venomous (WoD:CB)
Weaver's Wisdom (WoD:CB)

Snatch and Carry (WoD:CB)

Spirit Animal (WoD:CB) Spirit Sight (WoD:CB) Stampede Rush (WoD:CB) Stash (WoD:CB) The Wild Cry (WoD:CB) Totem Bond (WoD:CB) Truth Sense (WoD:CB) Unnerving Cry (WoD:CB) Wallwalking (WoD:CB)
Warrior's Restoration (WoD:CB)

Weaver's Wisdom (WoD:CB) Bioluminescence


Favours Aquatic

Aquatic (WoD:CB) Echolocation (WtF:WatP) Fang and Claw (WoD:CB) Malodor/Musk (WoD:CB) Natural Armor (WoD:CB) Needleteeth (WoD:CB) Razorskin (WoD:CB)

Fang and Claw (WoD:CB) Flight/Wings (WoD:CB) Many-Legged (WoD:CB) Natural Armor (WoD:CB) Razorskin (WoD:CB) Size (WoD:CB) Webbing (WoD:CB)

Fang and Claw (WoD:CB) Natural Armor (WoD:CB)

Darksight (WoD:CB) Echolocation (WtF:WatP) Fang and Claw (WoD:CB) Natural Armor (WoD:CB) Water Breath (WoD:CB)

Fang and Claw (WoD:CB) Natural Armor (WoD:CB)

Hosts Adarusharu Innate Gauntlet Breach (NH:W) Sense Fear (NH:W) Stalking (NH:W) Azlu Innate
Cosmetic Alteration

Swarm Attack (NH:W)

Gauntlet Webs


Hollow-Rider (WtF:P) Common Coward's Edge (WtF:P) Unearthly Horror (WtF:P)

Swarm Discorporation (WtF:P)

Wall Climb (WtF:P)

Breach the Barrier (WtF:P)

Toxic Bite (WtF:P)

Predator's Shriek (WtF:P)

Hunter's Leap (WtF:P)

Preserve the Hollow Shell (WtF:P)

Preternatural Awareness (WtF:P)

Spirit Sight (WtF:P) Azarath Hybrids Additional Eyes


Additional Arms


Demonic Size (WtF:P)

Eviscerating Bone-Scythes (WtF:P)

Mutated Spider (WtF:P)

Egg Sac (WtF:P)

Azarath Joining (WtF:P) Chelicerae (WtF:P)

Hydraulic Muscles (WtF:P) Protected Abdomen (WtF:P)

Additional Legs (WtF:P) Boiling Spit (WtF:P) Chitin-Skin (WtF:P) Horned Abdomen (WtF:P) Malicious Blood (WtF:P) Pedipalps (WtF:P) Spinnerets (WtF:P) Stolen Skin (WtF:P)

Scorpion's Tail (WtF:P)

Swollen Abdomen (WtF:P)

Crawlers Hivemother (WtF:P) Strong Memory (WtF:P) Unearthly Allure (WtF:P) Beshilu Innate
Breach the Barrier (WtF:P)
Cosmetic Alteration (WtF:P)

Gnaw Gauntlet (WtF:P) Common Pied Piper (WtF:P)

Rodent Fur (WtF:P)

Swarm Discorporation (WtF:P)

Hive Call




Preserve the Hollow Shell (WtF:P)

Inflict Dread (WtF:P)

Scentless (WtF:P) Spirit Sight (WtF:P) Nihiluth Rats Broodfather (WtF:P) Feral Focus (WtF:P) Heart-Eater (WtF:P)

Rokhan Hybrids
Demonic Strength

Additional Tail


Mutated Rokhan (WtF:P) Poison Tumors (WtF:P) Slashing Claws (WtF:P)

Prophet's Vision (WtF:P)

Rokhan Joining (WtF:P)

Advanced Cancers (WtF:P)

Broken Claws (WtF:P) Burrowing Claws (WtF:P) Flea-Ridden Fur (WtF:P) Glowing Eyes (WtF:P) Infected Claws (WtF:P) Lashing Tail (WtF:P) Toxic Blood (WtF:P)

Halaku Doomcry (WtF:P) Hypnosis


Fickle Fate (WtF:P) Silent Thread


Tongues of the Slain (WtF:P)

Unyielding Strength (WtF:P)

Srizaku Sense Prey (WtF:P) Devour Morality (NH:W) Usudwirku Innate Growth

Swarm Discorporation (WtF:P)

Wind Lord (WtF:P) Uglathlu



Mycotoxins (NH:W) Namusiden Essence Sense (NH:W) Skinchangers Siten Uzu

Produce Namusiden (NH:W)

Animation (NH:W) Stepping Sideways (NH:W)

Duplication (NH:W)

Healing (NH:W)

Inhuman Resilience (NH:W)



Fox Transformation


Inari's Swiftness (WoD:S) Skinthieves

Avatar of Inari (WoD:S) Illusion (WoD:S)

Spirit Speech (WoD:S) Animal Speech (WoD:S) Bare Necessities (WoD:S)

Extraordinary Specimen (WoD:S)

Spirit Sight (WoD:S) Animal Speech (WoD:S)

Enchanting Affinity (WoD:S)

Bare Necessities (WoD:S) Out-of-Body (WoD:S)

No Talisman (WoD:S)
Rejuvenating Change (WoD:S)

Hybrid Form (WoD:S) Spirit Affinity (WoD:S)

Fast Healing (WoD:S) Humane Harvest (WoD:S) Hybrid Form (WoD:S)

Increased Essence (WoD:S)

Spirit Affinity (WoD:S)

Fast Skinner (WoD:S) Long Life (WoD:S)

Permanent Talisman (WoD:S)
Scentless Transformation (WoD:S)

Long Life (WoD:S)

Rejuvenating Change (WoD:S)

Skillful Change (WoD:S) Strong Instincts (WoD:S)

Sweet Voiced Fiend (WoD:S)

Sense of Familiarity (WoD:S)

Sense of Self (WoD:S)

Twisted Tongue (WoD:S) Shifting Modifiers -2 -1 Tell (WoD:CB) Feral Hare Heart

0 Common

+1 Resilient Form (WoD:CB) Extra Limbs (WoD:CB)


Limbless (WoD:CB) Skinthieves Skinchanger Injurious Change (WoD:S)

Restricted Change (WoD:S) Static Beast Shape (WoD:S)

Unhealing (WoD:S) Talisman Bound Totem (WoD:S) Talisman (WoD:S) Thieving

Vicious Skintaker (WoD:S)

Hunter/Killer (WoD:S) Gifts Milestone (TotM)

Farsil Luhal
Backstage Synchronicity

Hirfathra Hissu
Eyes of Death Wolf

Storm's Whisper

The Hunter's Bounty

Suthar Anzuth
The Destroyer's Jaws (TotM)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3 Auspice Crescent Moon (WtF)

Level 4

Level 5

Two-World Eyes (WtF) Sense Sleeper (WtF:LotF) Night-Eyes (WtF:B) Clarity (WtF) Pack Awareness (WtF)
Scent Beneath the Surface (WtF)

Read Spirit (WtF) Lover's Voice (WtF:LotF)

The Shadow's Secrets (WtF:B)

Gauntlet Cloak (WtF) Dreamer's Moon (WtF:LotF)

Nightmare Hunt (WtF:LotF)

Between the Weave (WtF)

Crash the Gates (WtF)

Howl of Nightmares (WtF:LotF)

Soul Singing (WtF:LotF) Darkened Moon (WtF:B) Rage Armor (WtF)

Unspoken Communication (WtF)

Eclipse (WtF:B)
Shroud of the Blinded Moon (WtF:B)

Gauntlet Wraith (WtF:B) Luna's Fury (WtF) Call of Glory (WtF) Bind or Sunder (WtF) Curse of Talion (WtF:LotF)

Full Moon (WtF) Attunement (WtF) Resist Pain (WtF) Snarl of Command (WtF)
Dancing Tongue (WtF:LotF)

Death Grip (WtF) Gibbous Moon (WtF) Rallying Cry (WtF) Half Moon (WtF) Aura of Truce (WtF) Judge's Moon (WtF:LotF) Pangs of Guiltt (WtF:LotF)

Fuel Rage (WtF) Anticipation (WtF:LotF)

See the Spirit Brands (WtF:LotF)

New Moon (WtF) Sense Weakness (WtF)

Soundless Strike (WtF:LotF) Warrior's Insight (WtF:LotF)
Shadow-Speaking (WtF:LotF)

Slip Away (WtF) See Heat (WtF:LotF) Battle Mind (WtF:LotF)

Shadow Discord (WtF:LotF)

Distractions (WtF) Stalker's Moon (WtF:LotF) Liar's Brand (WtF:LotF) Warrior's Moon (WtF:LotF) Hobbling Gaze (WtF:LotF) Witch's Moon (WtF:LotF) Luck-Eating (WtF:LotF) Common Blood (WtF:LotF)

Blend In (WtF) Stolen Scent (WtF:LotF) Bloodletting (WtF:LotF) Cage the Rider (WtF:LotF)

Ghost Step (WtF) Strike Blind (WtF:LotF)

Might of the Full Moon (WtF:LotF)

Poisoned Essence (WtF:LotF)

Blood Divination (WtF:LotF)

Shark's Scent (WtF:LotF)

Dead Men's Bones (WtF:LotF)

Clot (WtF:LotF) Bone (WtF:LotF) Freeze Marrow (WtF:LotF) City (WtF:LotF) Gridlock (WtF:LotF) Darkness (WtF:tR) Shadow Step (WtF:tR) Endurance (WtF:tR) Eternal Hunter (WtF:tR) Father Wolf's (WtF) Primal Howl (WtF) Halcyon (WtF:BotW)
Raising Doldrums (WtF:BotW)

Scent Weakness (WtF:LotF)

Sacrifice (WtF:LotF) Bone Carapace (WtF:LotF) Urban Chaos (WtF:LotF) Nightblind (WtF:tR) Legacy (WtF:tR) Spirit Pack (WtF)
The Will of the Winds (WtF:BotW)

Strip Carcass (WtF:LotF) City Eyes (WtF:LotF) Darksight (WtF:tR) Vigil (WtF:tR) Wolf-Blood's Lure (WtF)
Scent of the Wind (WtF:BotW)

Fracture (WtF:LotF) City Running (WtF:LotF) Moonlit Talons (WtF:tR) Rise Beyond (WtF:tR) Savage Rending (WtF)
Lightning Ward (WtF:BotW)

Word on the Street (WtF:LotF)

Aura of Dread (WtF:tR) Long Running (WtF:tR)

Father Wolf's Speed (WtF)

Cloud Cover (WtF:BotW) Tongues (WtF:tR) Anybeast (WtF) Warning Growl (WtF:tR)
Hunter's Fortitude (WtF:tR)

Information (WtF:tR) Sense the Flow (WtF:tR) Partial Change (WtF) Web of Scent (WtF:tR)
Bestial Fellowship (WtF:tR)

Babel Effect (WtF:tR) Mother Luna's (WtF) Silver Jaws (WtF) Pack (WtF:tR)
Brother's Strength (WtF:tR)

Steganography (WtF:tR) Skin-Stealing (WtF) Synergy (WtF:tR) Harry (WtF:tR) Expel (WtF:tP) Animate the Land (WtF:T)
Urban Awareness (WtF:BotW)
Echoes of Opposing Brilliance (WtF:WatP)

Twisted Words (WtF:tR) Primal Form (WtF) Unity (WtF:tR) Predator's Kin (WtF:tR) Cast Out (WtF:tP) Disrupt Essence (WtF:T) Vermin Riot (WtF:BotW)
Shared Battlemind (WtF:WatP)

Predator (WtF:tR) Savage Hunt (WtF:tR) Scourging (WtF:tP) Sense the Impure (WtF:tP) Lay of the Land (WtF:T)
Concrete Bolt-Head (WtF:BotW)

Relentless Focus (WtF:tP) Minor Sending (WtF:T)

Foot in the Door (WtF:BotW)

Purity (WtF:tP) Territory (WtF:T)

Sense of the Territory (WtF:T)

Urban (WtF:BotW) Windfall (WtF:BotW) War (WtF:WatP) Find Conflict (WtF:WatP) Notice Defeat (WtF:WatP)
Whispers in the Wind (WtF:WatP)

Weakness (WtF:tR) Reflection (WtF:tR) Form Lock (WtF:WatP) Shallow Heart (WtF:tR) Patronless Pack (WtF:WatP) Coward's Soul (WtF:tR) Wolfslayer (WtF:WatP) Return to Birth (WtF:WatP) Tribal Agony (WtF:tP) Stoicism (WtF:tP) Sense Guilt (WtF:tR) Visage of Fenris (WtF:tR) Shadow Coat (WtF:tR) Death Sight (WtF) Fever Dreams (WtF:tP) Warning Growl (WtF) Call Water (WtF) Fear of Death (WtF:tR) Loose Tongue (WtF) Eyes of Gurim (WtF:tP) Symptom (WtF:B) Sense Malice (WtF) The Right Words (WtF) Know Name (WtF) Speak with Beasts (WtF) Mask of Rage (WtF) Barbed Arrow (WtF:tP) Alpha's Aura (WtF:tR)
Worry the Prey's Heels (WtF:tR)

Hidden Self (WtF:tR) Human Health (WtF:WatP)

Wrack (WtF:tR)
Object of Piercing Clarity (WtF:WatP)

Pangs of Anguish (WtF:tP) Alpha (WtF:tR) Taste of Flaws (WtF:tR) Battle (WtF:tR) Savaging (WtF:tR) Blending (WtF:tR) Resist Toxin (WtF:tR) Death (WtF) Corpse Witness (WtF) Disease (WtF:tP) Glorious Agony (WtF:tP) Dominance (WtF)
Voice of Command (WtF)

World of Pain (WtF:tP) Lordly Will (WtF:tR) Primal Anger (WtF:tR) Mask the Hunter (WtF:tR) Word of Quiet (WtF) Lingering Bite (WtF:tP) Break the Defiant (WtF)
Invoke the Wind's Wrath (WtF)

All-Consuming Excrusiation (WtF:tP)

Alpha's Howl (WtF:tR)

Heartstopping Howl (WtF:tR)

Manytongues (WtF:tR) Ghost Knife (WtF) Virulent Rage (WtF:tP) Luna's Dictum (WtF) Manipulate Earth (WtF) Eyes of the Slain (WtF:tR) Sand in the Eyes (WtF) Gurim's Comfort (WtF:tP) Touch of Fever (WtF:B) Scent of Taint (WtF) Camaraderie (WtF) Traveler's Blessing (WtF) Plant Growth (WtF) Hone Rage (WtF)

Hide the Curse (WtF:tR)

Vengeance of the Slain (WtF)

Wasting Sickness (WtF:tP)

Tug the Soul's Strings (WtF)

Elemental (WtF) Command Fire (WtF) Ending (WtF:tR) Death Masque (WtF:tR) Evasion (WtF) Playing Possum (WtF) Fervor (WtF:tP) Trust in Gurim (WtF:tP) Fever (WtF:B) Fevered Visage (WtF:B) Insight (WtF) Echo Dream (WtF) Inspiration (WtF) True Leader (WtF) Knowledge (WtF) Sagacity (WtF) Nature (WtF) Forest Communion (WtF) Rage (WtF) Leach Rage (WtF) Rekindled Rage (WtF) Soured Rage (WtF) Beast Ride (WtF)
Nature's Vengeance (WtF) Lament of the River (WtF)

Bone Hex (WtF:tR) Double Back (WtF) Gurim's Might (WtF:tP) Fever Sending (WtF:B) Soul Read (WtF) Spirit Skin (WtF) Know the Path (WtF)

Images of Death (WtF:tR) Fog of War (WtF) Gurim's Bite (WtF:tP) Toxic Wrath (WtF:B) Omen Gazing (WtF) Victor's Song (WtF)
Communion with the Land (WtF)

Savagery (WtF:tP)
Predator's Presence (WtF:tP)

Unending Fury (WtF:tP) Ruin (WtF)

Heaven's Guidance (WtF:tR)

Challenger's Instinct (WtF:tP)

Embrace the Beast (WtF:tP)

Baresark (WtF:tP)
Condense or Expand (WtF)

Shaping (WtF) Straighten (WtF) Night Sight (WtF:tR) Feet of Mist (WtF) Crushing Blow (WtF) Bloody Moon (WtF:B)
Left-Handed Spanner (WtF)

Sculpt (WtF) Stalking (WtF:tR)

Scent the Supernatural (WtF:tR)

Shatter (WtF) Shadow Strike (WtF:tR) Shadow Flesh (WtF) Legendary Arm (WtF) Sickle Moon (WtF:B) Machinegeist (WtF) Shadow Ward (WtF) Killing Frost (WtF) Siphon Suffering (WtF:B)

Shadow Pack (WtF:tR) Vanish (WtF) Savage Might (WtF) Dark Moon (WtF:B) Create Technology (WtF)
Ward of Spirit Slumber (WtF)

Stealth (WtF) Blending (WtF) Mighty Bound (WtF) Gravid Moon (WtF:B) Nightfall (WtF)
Ward versus Humans (WtF)

Running Shadow (WtF) Strength (WtF) Iron-Bending (WtF) Tainted Moon (WtF:B) Broken Moon (WtF:B) Technology (WtF) Iron Treachery (WtF) Warding (WtF) Technology Ward (WtF) Weather (WtF) Deluge (WtF) Wound (WtF:B) Blessing of Pain (WtF:B) Unique

Ward versus Predators (WtF)

Call the Breeze (WtF) Wound-Born (WtF:B)

Silent Fog (WtF)

Lord of the Wounds (WtF:B)

Thunderbolt (WtF)
Communion with the Wound (WtF:B)

The Bone Bargain (NH:W) Firestick (WtF:LtS)

Yimidhirr's Musket (WtF:LtS)

Adder Smoke (WtF:LtS) Knocktalk (WtF:LtF) Lurker's Key (WtF:LtF) Sinful Thought (WtF:LtF) Lunar Martyr (WtF:WatP)

Smokestep (WtF:LtS) Grotto (WtF:LtF) Tunnel-scent (WtF:LtF) Opening (WtF:LtF) Create Opening (WtF:LtF) Retribution (WtF:LtF) Shrike's Larder (WtF:LtF) Silver Road (WtF:WatP) Leap the Moon (WtF:WatP) Lodges

Paths of the Ancestors (WtF:LtS)

Wombat's Curse (WtF:LtS) Tunnelwrath (WtF:LtF) Gauntlet Key (WtF:LtF) Shrike's Feast (WtF:LtF)
Five Faces of Luna (WtF:WatP)

Ratsquirm (WtF:LtF)
Word of Opening (WtF:LtF)
Shrike's Vengeance (WtF:LtF)

Stoneburrow (WtF:LtF) The Open Mind (WtF:LtF) Guilt's Lure (WtF:LtF) Silverpelt (WtF:WatP)

Luna's Grace (WtF:WatP)

Blood of Kings

(WtF:tP) (WtF:LtS)

Ivory Claws Hunters in Darkness Iron Masters, Storm Lords (possibly all Forsaken) Ivory Claws

Brotherhood of Eshu's Cap

Brotherhood of the Crossed Swords (WtF:B)

Council of Eagles (WtF:tP)

Cult of Bones (WtF:LtF) Eiwaz Mot


All Pure All Forsaken Iron Masters Fire-Touched Hunters in Darkness (possibly all Forsaken) Iron Masters Hunters in Darkness All Forsaken Bone Shadows All Forsaken Hunters in Darkness Blood Talons Storm Lords Bone Shadows Bone Shadows All British Forsaken Fire Touched Blood Talons All Forsaken (possibly everyone) Bone Shadows Bone Shadows (possibly all Forsaken) Hunters in Darkness Iron Masters (possibly all Forsaken) Predator Kings All Forsaken Iron Masters All London Forsaken Bale Hounds Cahalith and Bone Shadows (possibly everyone) Iron Masters Blood Talons Predator Kings Fire-Touched All Forsaken Bone Shadows All Forsaken Hunters in Darkness Storm Lords All Forsaken

Lodge of 66 (WtF:LtS) Lodge of Absolution (WtF:tP) Lodge of Arkadia (WtF:B) Lodge of Arms (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Ashes Lodge of Avalon
(WtF:LtF) (WoD:SoUK)

Lodge of Baital (WoD:SoUK) Lodge of Bloody Spears (WoD:SoUK) Lodge of the Carrion (WtF:TotM) Lodge of Cerberus (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Crows Lodge of Death Lodge of Doors
(WtF:LtF) (WtF:LtF) (WtF:LtF)

Lodge of Echoes (WoD:SoUK) Lodge of Fevered Light (WtF:B) Lodge of Garm (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Grey Hunters (WoD:SoUK) Lodge of Hallowed Halls Lodge of Harbingers
(WtF:TotM) (WtF:LtF)

Lodge of Harmony (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Ilia (WtF:LtS) Lodge of Kin's Blood (WtF:tP) Lodge of Kletby (WtF:LtS) Lodge of Lightning Lodge of London
(WtF:LtF) (WoD:SoUK)

Lodge of Mammon (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Mania (WtF:B) Lodge of Metal (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Night (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Night's Fear Lodge of Plague
(WtF:tP) (WtF:tP)

Lodge of Preators (WoD:SoUK) Lodge of Prophecy (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Quetzal (WtF:B) Lodge of Ruin (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Salvation Lodge of Scars
(WtF:LtF) (WtF:LtS)

Lodge of Scrolls (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Seasons


Iron Masters Hunters in Darkness (possibly all Forsaken) All Forsaken Iron Masters Blood Talons All Forsaken All Forsaken Hunters in Darkness (possibly all Forsaken) Bone Shadow Ithaeur, Iron Masters, Ghost Wolves Hunters in Darkness Ghost Wolves (possibly all Forsaken) Iron Masters Everyone Storm Lords Hunters in Darkness (possibly all Forsaken) Everyone Iron Masters Bone Shadows Bone Shadows All Forsaken Bale Hounds All Forsaken Blood Talons All Forsaken Storm Lords (possibly all Tribes of the Moon) All Forsaken Everyone Bone Shadows All Forsaken Blood Talons All Mexican Forsaken All Christian Forsaken Storm Lords Hunters in Darkness Iron Masters Ithaeur Everyone Everyone All Forsaken

Lodge of Songkran (WtF:LtS) Lodge of Stones (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Swords (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Tears (WoD:SoUK) Lodge of the Adder
(WoD:SoUK) (WtF:LtS)

Lodge of the Black Woods

Lodge of the Crossroads (WtF:B) Lodge of the Empty Den (WtF:TotM) Lodge of the Endless Moon (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Fallen Idol (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Feast
(WtF:LtF) (WtF:TotM)

Lodge of the Final Winter Lodge of the Firestick


Lodge of the Grotto (WtF:LtF) Lodge of the Hidden Hunt (WtF:TotM) Lodge of the Hundred Days (WtF:TotM) Lodge of the Hungry Ghosts (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Hunt Lodge of the Lake
(WtF) (WtF:LtS)

Lodge of the Lion (WoD:SoUK) Lodge of the Lone Wolf (WtF:TotM) Lodge of the Lost (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Maelstrom (WtF:LtF) Lodge of the Modernist
(WtF:LtS) (WoD:SoUK)

Lodge of the Morning Star

Lodge of the Reaping (WtF:TotM) Lodge of the Red Sands (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Rose (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Sacrifice (WoD:SoM) Lodge of the Savior

Lodge of the Shadow's Storm

Lodge of the Sleeping Bear (WtF:TotM) Lodge of Spires (WtF:TotM) Lodge of the Storm's Eye (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Thin Shadow (WtF:LtS) Lodge of the Union
(WtF:LtS) (WtF:LtS)

Lodge of the Willow Branch

Lodge of Unity (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Vermin's Shadow


All Forsaken Predator Kings Bone Shadows Blood Talons Storm Lords Iron Masters Hunters in Darkness Ghost Wolves (possibly all Forsaken) Ghost Wolves (possibly all Forsaken) Ghost Wolves Storm Lords Iron Masters Hunters in Darkness, Iron Masters (possibly all Forsaken) All Forsaken All Forsaken Ghost Wolves (possibly all Forsaken) Blood Talons All Tribes of the Moon Blood Talons Ghost Wolves (possibly all Forsaken) All female Forsaken Pack Tactics

Lodge of Voices (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Wendigo (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Winter (WtF:LtF) Lodge of Wires (WtF:TotM) Lodge of Wrath Savage Priests
(WtF:LtF) (WtF:tR)

Speakers of the Vine (WtF:tR) The Armee Sauvage (WtF:LtS) The Kshatriyas (WtF:LtS) The Lodge of Chemics (WtF:BotW) The Lodge of Coyote

The Lodge of Luna's Devotees

The Lodge of Saints


The Lodge of Silence (WtF:BotW) The Lodge of the Einherjar (WtF:TotM) The Lodge of the Shepherd (WtF:BotW) The Lodge of the Shield (WtF:TotM) Tower Hounds Valkyrja Mot
(WtF:tR) (WtF:B)

Bad Cop. Worse Cop


Can Opener


Captive Audience (WtF:tR)

Crowd Eyes (WtF:tR)

Dog-pile (WtF:tR)

Good Samaritan (WtF:tR)

Wishbone (WtF:tR) Rituals

Level 1 Banish Human (WtF) Blood Ogham (WoD:SoUK)

Demonstration of Obedience (WtF:tP)

Level 2 Banish Spirit (WtF)

Blessing of the Spirit Hunt (WtF)

Level 3 Uratha
Apples and Oranges (WtF:LtS)
Bestowing the Shadowbind Cloak (WoD:BoS)

Level 4 Binding of Locks (WtF:tR)

Blinding the Eye (WtF:LtF)
Bloody-Hunted Hunter (WoD:SoUK)

Level 5
Besieging the Shadow (WtF:T)

Community Spirit (WtF:TotM)

Drawing Down the Shadow (WtF)

Bar to Birth (WtF:BotW)

Beseech the Mother (WoD:SoUK)

Bind Human (WtF) Bind Spirit (WtF)

Blood Communion of Spring (WtF:tR)

Funeral Rite (WtF)

Honor the Benevolent Spirit (WtF:LtS)

Bone-Fires of Summer (WtF:tR)

Name the Quarry (WtF:TotM) Rending the Gauntlet (WtF)

Return to the Borderland (WoD:BoS)
Risen the Wardens, Closed the Gates (WoD:BoS)

Call Gaffling (WtF) Call Human (WtF)

Call the Cloudless Sky (WtF:tR)

Claws of Ashes (WtF:LtS)

Darkest Night of Winter (WtF:tR)

Howl of Ownership (WtF:T)

Rite of Blood's Revelation (WtF:LtF)

Call Jaggling (WtF)

Call the Empty Road (WtF:tR)

Eyes of the City (WoD:SoUK)

Rite of Condemnation (WtF:WatP)

Carrion Messenger (WtF:LtF)

Centering the Cairn (WtF:tR)

Courage of the Fallen (WtF:TotM)

Fetish Rite (WtF)

Forge Lunar Road (WtF:WatP)

Rite of the Border Citadel (WtF:T) Rite of the Final Moonrise (WtF:tP)

Rite of Contrition (WtF:tP)

Cleansed Blood (WtF)

Communion of the Flesh (WtF:LtF)

Rite of Dedication (WtF)

Rite of Fair Warning (WtF:TotM)

Eshu's Blessing (WtF:LtS) Expiate the Sin (WtF:tP)

Forging Arms (WtF:LtF)

Mark of the Death Wolf (WtF:BotW)

Rite of the Last Stand (WtF:TotM) Rite of the Silver Scar (WtF:LtF)

Create Talen (WtF:TotM)

Rite of First Blood (WtF:TotM)

Rite of Hallowed Ground (WtF:TotM)

Eyes of the City (WtF:LtS) Fires of Jarrah (WtF:LtS)

Fortify the Border Marches (WtF)

Eyes of Sagrim-Ur (WtF:TotM)

Mark of the Black Wolf (WtF:TotM)

Obon Temae (WtF:LtS)

Offering of Blood and Silver (WtF:tP)

Rite of the Spirit Clay (WtF:TotM)

The Oath and Fetter (WtF:tR) The Spirit's Silence (WtF:LtS)

Transfer the Spirit's Blessing (WtF:LotF)

Rite of Luna's Acre (WtF:tR)

Open Moon Gate (WtF:WatP)

Power in Words (WtF:LtS)

Questioning Rite (WtF:LotF)
Rite of Chosen Ground (WtF)

Rite of Penance (WtF:tP)

Rite of Renunciation (WtF)
Rite of the Avowed Soldier (WtF:WatP)

Fresh Scent (WtF:LotF)

Hallow Touchstone (WtF)

Rite of Ajogun (WtF:LtS)

Rite of Comprehension (WtF:LtF) Rite of Forbidden Flesh (WtF:LtF)

Invoke Kletba (WtF:LtS)

Mark of Change (WtF:TotM) Oath of the Rose (WtF:LtS)
Rite of Anticipated Forgiveness (WtF:WatP)

Rite of Corrosion (WtF:LtF) Rite of Dead Light (WtF:B) Rite of Desert Rain (WtF:T)
Rite of Hikaon's Trailf (WtF:TotM)

Rite of the Duel (WtF:LtF)

Rite of the Final Howl (WoD:SotUK)

Rite of Healing (WtF) Rite of Initiation (WtF) Rite of Offal (DoD:WtF) Rite of Purity (WtF:tP)
Rite of the Bone Club (WtF:LotF)
Rite of the Boundary Stone (WtF:LotF) Rite of the Grave's Bounty (WtF:TotM)

Rite of the Ghost Howl (WtF:LtF) Rite of the Silver Road (WtF:WatP)

Rite of Churned Earth (WtF:LtF)

Rite of Perdition's Price (NH:W) Rite of Permanence (WtF:TotM) Rite of Recollection (WtF:WatP)
Rite of Scorched Earth (WtF:tP)
Rite of the Slaying of Truth (WtF:TotM)

Shared Scent (WtF)

Rite of the Spirit's Promise (WtF:TotM)

Rite of Contrition (WtF) Rite of Dormancy (WtF) Rite of Purgation (WtF:tP)

Rite of the Blade Master (WtF:TotM) Rite of the Cairn Stones (WoD:SoUK) Rite of the Dizzying Wind (WtF:tR) Rite of the Hunter's Howl (WtF:TotM)

Ritual Mind (WtF:LotF)

Scent of the Einherjar (WtF:B) Rite of the Spirit Brand (WtF)

Rite of the Final Sunrise (WtF:LtF)

Rite of the Found (WtF:tP)

Rite of the Maenads (WtF:B)
Rite of the Moon's Love (WtF) Rite of the Moon's Veil (WtF:LtF)

Rite of the Alpha's Blessing (WtF:LtF) Rite of the Angry Streets (WtF:LtF) Rite of the Battle Brand (WtF:TotM) Rite of the Essence Fence (WtF:LtS)

Sorrow Masks (WtF:LtS)

Taste of the Ancestors (WtF:tP)

The Spirit's Silence (WtF:LtS)

The Tremulous Howl (WtF:BotW)

Rite of the Lesser Oath (WtF:B)

Rite of the Ruined Tongue (WtF:TotM)

Rite of the New Coat (WtF:LtS)

Rite of the Sleeping Seer (WtF:TotM)

Rite of the Greater Oath (WtF:B) Rite of the Shadowed Hunt (BotD)

Rite of the Shroud (WtF:B)

Rite of the Sin-Eater (WtF:B)

Rite of the Toxic Scar (NH:W)

Shadow Play (WtF:BotW)

Spirit-Lamps of Autumn (WtF:tR)

Rite of the Surrogate (WtF:tP) Rite of Twin Skins (NH:W) Skin of the Predator (NH:W)
Rite of Winter's Anguish (WtF:BotW)

Sacred Hunt (WtF) Sacred Vigil (WtF:TotM) Shackle Spirit (WtF:LtS) Shrieking Glyphs (WtF:B)
Subduing Hungers Rite (WtF:BotW)

Rouse the Fetish (WtF:LotF)

Scarlet Messenger(WoD:SoUK)
Speak with the Guardian (DoD:WtF)

The Spirit's Silence (WtF:LtS)

To the Cannon's Mouth (WtF:TotM) Wealth of Heroes' Health (WtF:WatP)

Strip the Soul Bare (WtF:tP)

The Spirit's Silence (WtF:LtS)

The Salon (WtF:LtS)

The Spirit's Silence (WtF:LtS)
To the Cannon's Mouth (WtF:TotM)

Waken the Fell Wolf (WtF:B)

Wake the Spirit (WtF)

Waters of Songkran (WtF:LtS)

Shifter Society Ferals Accords Den-Warden (WoD:CB) Heart-Ripper (WoD:CB) Root-Weaver (WoD:CB) Respect Sunn-Chaser (WoD:CB) Wind-Dancer (WoD:CB)

Cleverness (WoD:CB)

Ferocity (WoD:CB)

Insight (WoD:CB) Uratha Auspices

Loyalty (WoD:CB)

Passion (WoD:CB)

Cahalith (WtF) (Gibbous Moon) Cunning (WtF) Asah Gadar (WtF:B) (Bale Hounds) Meninna (WtF:TotM) (Hunters in Darkness)

Elodoth (WtF) (Half Moon) Glory (WtF) Farsil Luhal (WtF:TotM) (Iron Masters) Ninna Farakh (WtF:tP) (Predator Kings)

Irraka (WtF) (New Moon) Renown Honor (WtF) Tribes Hirfathra Hissu (WtF:TotM) (Bone Shadows) Suthar Anzuth (WtF:TotM) (Blood Talons) Shifter Species

Ithaeur (WtF) (Crescent Moon) Purity (WtF) Iminir (WtF:TotM) (Storm Lords) Thihirtha Numea (WtF) (Ghost Wolves)

Rahu (WtF) (Full Moon) Wisdom (WtF) Izidakh (WtF:tP) (Fire-Touched) Tzuumfin (WtF:tP) (Ivory Claws)

Bastet Royal Apes

Bahgrasha (WoD:CB), Balam (WoD:CB, Bubasti (WoD:CB), Cait Sith (WoD:CB, Hatara (WoD:CB), Klinkerash (WoD:CB, Qualm a ni (WoD:CB, Rajanya (WoD:CB), Suthanu Sua (The Colony) (WtF:WatP) Abathakathi (WoD:CB), Chacma (WtF:WatP), Hanumani Brahman (WoD:CB), Hugranjan (WoD:CB), The Order of the Luminous Way of Sun Wukong (WoD:CB), Tothians and Babi-Ahsh (WoD:CB) Bith Balag (The Brineborn) (WtF:WatP), Kimo'balo (WoD:CB), Melusinae (WoD:CB), Mendeans (WoD:CB) , Mimma Lemnua (WoD:CB), Olutakami (WoD:CB), Timber Rattles Cult (WtF:WatP), Whiskey Croc (WoD:CB), Yumni (WoD:CB) The Artifact (WoD:S), The Chimera (WoD:S), The Cursed (WoD:S), The Seventh Son (WoD:S), The Spawned (WoD:S), The Summoned (WoD:S), The Territorial (WoD:S), The Zoonotics (WoD:S) Adarusharu (NH:W), Azlu (WtF), Beshilu (WtF), Bouda (WoD:S), Halaku (WtF:P), Hal Usum (WoD:S), Kitsune (WoD:S), Nemur Sakar (WoD:S), Razilu (WtF:P), Srizaku (WtF:P), Thar Akuru (WoD:S), Umamu Suhi (Kanaima) (WoD:S), Uglathlu (NH:W), Usudwirku (Namusiden) (NH:W) Azubuike (WoD:CB), Iravati (WoD:CB), Jhaa (WoD:CB), Mhole-Rho (WoD:CB) Archunem (WoD:CB), Baitu (WoD:CB), Minjur (WoD:CB), Mistai (WoD:CB), Reynardi (WoD:CB), Wapathemwa (WoD:CB) Guster's Quarrel Pack (WtF:WatP,, Maerans (WoD:CB), Ngorongoro Hyenas (WtF:WatP), Riantes (WoD:CB) , Vargr (WoD:CB), Warrigal (WoD:CB) Carapache (WoD:CB), C'hi Hsu (WoD:CB), Kha Yaawk (WtF:LtS), Nanekisu (WoD:CB), Nidmuzug (The Unclean) (WtF:WatP), Sicarius (WoD:CB) Nanuq (WoD:CB), Storm Bears (WoD:CB), Yonah (WoD:CB), Alces (WoD:CB), Flidaisin (WoD:CB), Gudthabak (Baal-Hadad) (WtF:WatP), Takuskansa (WoD:CB), Uchchaihshravi (WoD:CB) Brythians (WoD:CB), Chervaliers Rapace (WoD:CB), Corvians (WoD:CB), Gentle Alada (WoD:CB), Surthu Athilal (The Distant Ones) (WtF:WatP), The Strigoi (WoD:CB), Vagahuir (WoD:CB)

Shadow Breeds

The Freaks The Spirit-Touched

The Land Titans The Laughing Strangers The Pack The Spinner-Kin Ursara Wind-Runners Wing-Folk

World of Darkness
Connections Faction Allied to Influenced by Part of

Black Moon (DoD:WoD) Cult of the Raven (DoD:WoD) Followers of Akhud (DoD:WoD) Illuminati (DoD:WoD) Templar Knights (DoD:WoD) Tiresian Society (DoD:WoD) Group Aegis Society

Task Force: VALKYRIE (HtV)

Childer of Haqim (DoD:VtR) Sodality of the Tor (LtS) VII (VtR:VII)

Guardians of the Veil (MtA:GotV)

Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit (HtV:S)

Circle of the Crone (VtR:CotC) The Cainite Heresy (HtV-NS) Ordo Dracul (VtR:OD) Malleus Maleficarum (HtV) Part of

Belial's Brood (VtR:BB) The Loyalists of Thule (HtV) The Long Night (HtV) The Cheiron Group (HtV) Allied to The Lucifuge

Lancea et Sanctum (VtR:LS)

Guardians of the Veil (MtA:GotV)

Influenced by Ashwood Abbey


Chapel of the Crafts (DoD:WoD) Forge Syndicate (DoD:WoD) Gemini Syn (DoD:WoD) Griffin Inc. (DoD:WoD) Trinity Network (DoD:WoD)

Null Mysteriis (HtV) The Union (HtV)

Maiden's Blood Sisterhood (HtV-NS)

The Silver Ladder (MtA:SL) Ordo Dracul (VtR:OD)

The Adamantine Arrow (MtA:AA)

Night Watch (HtV-NS) Null Mysteriis (HtV)

Network Zero (HtV)

Task Force: VALKYRIE (HtV)

Les Mysteres (HtV:SS) The Free Council (MtA:FC)

Fighting Styles Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mental Common Reason (VtR:RfR) Rhetoric (VtR:RfR) Dream Combat (CtL:RoS) Reason (VtR:RfR) Rhetoric (VtR:RfR) Dream Combat (CtL:RoS) Reason (VtR:RfR) Rhetoric (VtR:RfR) Changelings Dream Combat (CtL:RoS) Physical Common Core
Aggressive Striking (WoD:AR) Aggressive Striking (WoD:AR) Aggressive Striking (WoD:AR) Aggressive Striking (WoD:AR) Aggressive Striking (WoD:AR)
Combat Marksmanship (WoD:Ar)

Level 4

Level 5

Reason (VtR:RfR) Rhetoric (VtR:RfR) Dream Combat (CtL:RoS)

Reason (VtR:RfR) Rhetoric (VtR:RfR) Dream Combat (CtL:RoS)

Archery (WoD:Ar)
Combat Marksmanship (WoD:Ar)

Archery (WoD:Ar)
Combat Marksmanship (WoD:Ar)

Archery (WoD:Ar)
Combat Marksmanship (WoD:Ar)

Archery (WoD:Ar)
Combat Marksmanship (WoD:Ar)

Controls (WoD:AR)
Defensive Striking (WoD:AR)

Controls (WoD:AR)
Defensive Striking (WoD:AR)

Controls (WoD:AR)
Defensive Striking (WoD:AR)

Controls (WoD:AR)
Defensive Striking (WoD:AR)

Controls (WoD:AR)
Defensive Striking (WoD:AR)

Evasive Striking (WoD:AR)

Evasive Striking (WoD:AR) Flexible Weapons (WoD:AR)

Evasive Striking (WoD:AR) Flexible Weapons (WoD:AR)

Evasive Striking (WoD:AR) Flexible Weapons (WoD:AR)

Evasive Striking (WoD:AR) Flexible Weapons (WoD:AR)

Heavy Sword (WoD:AR) Shields (WoD:AR) Sniping (WoD:Ar) Throwing (WoD:AR)

Grappling (WoD:AR) Heavy Sword (WoD:AR) Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar) Light Sword (WoD:AR) Shields (WoD:AR) Sniping (WoD:Ar)
Spear and Bayonet Fighting (WoD:AR)

Grappling (WoD:AR) Heavy Sword (WoD:AR) Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar) Light Sword (WoD:AR) Shields (WoD:AR) Sniping (WoD:Ar)
Spear and Bayonet Fighting (WoD:AR)

Grappling (WoD:AR) Heavy Sword (WoD:AR) Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar) Light Sword (WoD:AR) Shields (WoD:AR) Sniping (WoD:Ar)
Spear and Bayonet Fighting (WoD:AR)

Grappling (WoD:AR) Heavy Sword (WoD:AR) Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar) Light Sword (WoD:AR) Shields (WoD:AR) Sniping (WoD:Ar)
Spear and Bayonet Fighting (WoD:AR)

Staff Fighting (WoD:Ar) Stick Fighting (WoD:AR)

Thrown Blade and Star (WoD:AR)

Staff Fighting (WoD:Ar) Stick Fighting (WoD:AR)

Thrown Blade and Star (WoD:AR)

Staff Fighting (WoD:Ar) Stick Fighting (WoD:AR)

Thrown Blade and Star (WoD:AR)

Stick Fighting (WoD:AR)

Thrown Blade and Star (WoD:AR)

Throwing (WoD:AR)

Throwing (WoD:AR) Aikido (WoD:AR) Boxing (WoD) Chain Weapons (WoD:Ar) Fencing (WoD:Ar)
Filipino Martial Arts (WoD:Ar)

Throwing (WoD:AR) Aikido (WoD:AR) Boxing (WoD) Chain Weapons (WoD:Ar) Fencing (WoD:Ar)
Filipino Martial Arts (WoD:Ar)

Throwing (WoD:AR) Specialised Aikido (WoD:AR) Boxing (WoD) Chain Weapons (WoD:Ar) Fencing (WoD:Ar)
Filipino Martial Arts (WoD:Ar)

Aikido (WoD:AR) Boxing (WoD) Chain Weapons (WoD:Ar) Fencing (WoD:Ar)

Filipino Martial Arts (WoD:Ar)

Aikido (WoD:AR) Boxing (WoD) Iaido (WoD:AR) Judo (WoD:AR) Krav-Maga (WoD:AR) Kung Fu (WoD) Langschweht (WoD:AR) Muai Thai (WoD:AR) Qinna (WoD:AR)
Sword and Shield (WoD:AR)

Iaido (WoD:AR) Judo (WoD:AR) Kendo (WoD:Ar) Krav-Maga (WoD:AR) Kung Fu (WoD) Langschweht (WoD:AR) Muai Thai (WoD:AR) Qinna (WoD:AR) Shurikenjutsu (WoD:AR)
Spetsnaz Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar)

Iaido (WoD:AR) Judo (WoD:AR) Kendo (WoD:Ar) Krav-Maga (WoD:AR) Kung Fu (WoD) Langschweht (WoD:AR) Muai Thai (WoD:AR) Qinna (WoD:AR) Shurikenjutsu (WoD:AR)
Spetsnaz Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar)

Iaido (WoD:AR) Judo (WoD:AR) Kendo (WoD:Ar) Krav-Maga (WoD:AR) Kung Fu (WoD) Langschweht (WoD:AR) Muai Thai (WoD:AR) Qinna (WoD:AR) Shurikenjutsu (WoD:AR)
Spetsnaz Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar)

Iaido (WoD:AR) Judo (WoD:AR) Kendo (WoD:Ar) Krav-Maga (WoD:AR) Kung Fu (WoD) Langschweht (WoD:AR) Muai Thai (WoD:AR) Qinna (WoD:AR) Shurikenjutsu (WoD:AR)
Spetsnaz Knife Fighting (WoD:Ar)

Sojutsu/Jukendo (MtA:AA) Sojutsu/Jukendo (MtA:AA) Sojutsu/Jukendo (MtA:AA) Sojutsu/Jukendo (MtA:AA)

Sword and Shield (WoD:AR) Sword and Shield (WoD:AR) Sword and Shield (WoD:AR) Sword and Shield (WoD:AR)

Supplemental Berserker (WoD:AR) Brute Force (PtC:SA) Combat Art (WoD:AR)

Formation Tactics (VtR:RfR)

Berserker (WoD:AR) Brute Force (PtC:SA) Combat Art (WoD:AR)

Formation Tactics (VtR:RfR)

Berserker (WoD:AR) Brute Force (PtC:SA) Combat Art (WoD:AR)

Formation Tactics (VtR:RfR)

Berserker (WoD:AR) Brute Force (PtC:SA) Combat Art (WoD:AR)

Formation Tactics (VtR:RfR)

Berserker (WoD:AR) Brute Force (PtC:SA) Combat Art (WoD:AR)

Formation Tactics (VtR:RfR)

Gladiatorial (VtR:RfR) Gun Mastery (DoD:WoD)

High Performance Driving (WoD:MR)

Gladiatorial (VtR:RfR) Gun Mastery (DoD:WoD)

High Performance Driving (WoD:MR)

Gladiatorial (VtR:RfR) Gun Mastery (DoD:WoD)

High Performance Driving (WoD:MR)

Gladiatorial (VtR:RfR) Gun Mastery (DoD:WoD)

High Performance Driving (WoD:MR)

Gun Mastery (DoD:WoD)

Mixed Martial Arts (WoD:AR)
Modern Army Combatives (WoD:DoW)

Improvised Weaponry (WoD:MR)

Improvised Weaponry (WoD:MR)

Improvised Weaponry (WoD:MR)

Mixed Martial Arts (WoD:AR)

Modern Army Combatives (WoD:DoW)

Spelunker (BotD)

Mixed Martial Arts (WoD:AR)

Modern Army Combatives (WoD:DoW)

Mixed Martial Arts (WoD:AR)

Modern Army Combatives (WoD:DoW)

Mixed Martial Arts (WoD:AR)

Modern Army Combatives (WoD:DoW)

Spelunker (BotD) The Slow Kill (NH:W)

Swarm Tactics (VtR:C) Police Tactics (WoD:13) Spelunker (BotD) The Slow Kill (NH:W) Two Weapons (WoD)

Swarm Tactics (VtR:C) Police Tactics (WoD:13) Spelunker (BotD) The Slow Kill (NH:W) Two Weapons (WoD)

Police Tactics (WoD:13) Spelunker (BotD) The Slow Kill (NH:W) Two Weapons (WoD) Supplemental Merits

Athletics Dodge (WoD:DoW)

Armored Fighting (WoD:AR)

Combat Awareness (WoD:DoW)

Ambidextrous (WoD) Fresh Start (WoD:I) Gunslinger (WoD) Heavy Hands (WoD:AR)
Small Unit Tactics (WoD:DoW)

Armored Fighting (WoD:AR)

Wong's Dim Mak (WoD:AR)

Brawling Dodge (WoD) Fast Reflexes (WoD)

Firearm Retention (WoD:AR)

Muso-Ken (WoD:AR)

Disarm (WoD) Entering Strike (WoD:AR)

Equipped Grappling (WoD:AR)

Fresh Start (WoD:I) Shield-Bearer (WtF:WatP)

Student of the Blade (WoD:AR)

Fast Reflexes (WoD) Fighting Finesse (WoD)

Ground and Pound (WoD:AR)

Weaponry Dodge (WoD)

Hard Head (WoD:I) Quick Draw (WoD:I)

The Weapon at Hand (WoD:AR)
Weapons to Empty Hands (WoD:AR)

Changelings Hedge Duelist


Hedge Duelist


Hedge Duelist (CtL:RoS) Innocents Karate for Kids (WoD:I)

Playground Dogpile (WoD:I)

Hedge Duelist (CtL:RoS)

Hedge Duelist (CtL:RoS)

Karate for Kids (WoD:I)

Playground Dogpile (WoD:I)

Karate for Kids (WoD:I)

Playground Dogpile (WoD:I)

Adamantine Hand

Adamantine Hand


Adamantine Hand (MtA:AA)

Adamantine Hand (MtA:AA)

Multi-Limbed Combat (PtC:PB)

Adamantine Hand (MtA:AA)

Multi-Limbed Combat (PtC:PB)

Multi-Limbed Combat

Multi-Limbed Combat


Multi-Limbed Combat (PtC:PB)

Shapeshifters Savage Fury (WtF:WatP) Tooth and Claw (WtF:tR) Wolfpack (WtF:WatP) Frenzied Assault (HtV:S) Blood Fury (DoD:VtR) Feng Chiuan (DoD:VtR)
La guirlande epineuse (DoD:VtR)

Savage Fury (WtF:WatP) Tooth and Claw (WtF:tR) Wolfpack (WtF:WatP) Frenzied Assault (HtV:S) Blood Fury (DoD:VtR) Feng Chiuan (DoD:VtR)
La guirlande epineuse (DoD:VtR)

Savage Fury (WtF:WatP) Tooth and Claw (WtF:tR) Wolfpack (WtF:WatP) Slashers Frenzied Assault (HtV:S) Vampires Blood Fury (DoD:VtR) Feng Chiuan (DoD:VtR)
La guirlande epineuse (DoD:VtR)

Savage Fury (WtF:WatP) Tooth and Claw (WtF:tR) Wolfpack (WtF:WatP) Frenzied Assault (HtV:S) Blood Fury (DoD:VtR) Feng Chiuan (DoD:VtR)
La guirlande epineuse (DoD:VtR)

Tooth and Claw (WtF:tR)

Frenzied Assault (HtV:S) Blood Fury (DoD:VtR) Feng Chiuan (DoD:VtR) Swarm (NH:WD)

Swarm (NH:WD)

Swarm (NH:WD)

Swarm (NH:WD) Social Common

Swarm (NH:WD)

Social Maneuvers (NH:GF)

Social Maneuvers (NH:GF)

Social Maneuvers (NH:GF)

Social Maneuvers (NH:GF)

Social Maneuvers (NH:GF)

Handicaps Derangements Mild Common Severe

Animalistic Dependency (VtR:ClV) Avoidance (WoD) Compulsive Bias (WoD:SoM) Decadence (MtA:I) Dehumanisation (WtF:BotW) Delusional Mania (VtR:ClV) Depression (WoD) Fetishism (WoD:As) Fixation (WoD) Grandiose Delusion (WoD:SoM) Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (MtA:I) Hypnagogic Hallucination (WoD:SoM) Inferiority Complex (WoD) Insomnia (WoD:As) Irrationality (WoD)

Animalistic Dependency (VtR:ClV) Fugue (WoD) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (VtR:AM) Depravity (MtA:I) Loss of Compassion (WtF:BotW) Delusional Mania (VtR:ClV) Manic-Depression (VtR) Melancholia (WoD) Masochism (WoD:As) Bulimia (VtR) Obssessive Compulsion (WoD) Schizophrenia (WoD) Anxiety (WoD) Cataplexe (WoD:As) Delusional Obsession (VtR) Dependent-Personality Disorder (VtR) Multiple Personality (WoD) Divination Obsession (VtR:ClM) Megalomania (WoD) Hysteria (WoD) Pyrophilia (WoD:In) Denial (WoD:As) Spontaneous Lunacy (WtF:BotW) Zealotry (WoD:As) Paranoia (WoD) Unguarded Dreams (CtL:DitD)

Magical Ideation (VtR:ClM) Narcissism (WoD) Phobia (WoD) Pyromania (WoD:In) Repression (WoD:As) Spirit Placation (WtF:BotW) Supernatural Fascination (WoD:As) Suspicion (WoD) Unbridled Confidence (MtA:AR) Vocalisation (WoD) Changelings Wanderlust

Hedge-Calling (CtL) Ghouls Hemophilic Compulsion (VtR:G) Identity Erasure (VtR:G) Immortals Homicidal Addiction (WoD:Im) Personality Shift (WoD:Im) Mages

Blood Fascination (VtR:G) Degenerative Fixation (VtR:G) Blood Addiction


Sanguinary Animism (WoD:Im)

Abyssal Compulsion (MtA:S) Delusional Witness (MtA:B) Depersonalization (MtA:S) Dissociation (MtA:S) Goetic Fracture (MtA:B) Mystic Personality (MtA:B) Occult Fugue (MtA:B) Prometheans Glossolalia

Rote-Action Repetition (PtC) Synesthesia (PtC) Vampires

Submission (PtC)

Aeon's Languor (VtR:AM) Erythema (VtR:tB) Inferiority Complex (WoD) Irrationality (WoD) Diogenes Syndrome (VtR:tB) Intermetamorphosis (VtR:tB) Irrational Defiance (VtR:ClV) Withdrawal (VtR:tB) Memory Obsession (VtR:ClV) Preferential Obsession (VtR:ClV)

Memory Obsession (VtR:ClV) Power Fetish Obsession (VtR) Preferential Obsession (VtR:ClV) Sanguinary Animism (VtR) Tongue of the Beast (VtR:BB) Vocalisation (WoD) Flaws Mental Addiction

Aphasia (VtR:tB) Waking Nightmare (VtR:AM) Physical Common Crippled (WoD) Dwarf (WoD) Hard of Hearing (WoD) Lame (WoD) Lost Kidneys (WoD:UL) Medicated (WoD:I) Mute (WoD) One Arm (WoD) One Eye (WoD) Poor Sense of Smell (WtF:tR) Poor Sight (WoD) Changelings Aloof (WoD) Behavior Blind (WoD) Deformity (WoD) Dishonorably Discharged (WoD:DoW) Embarassing Secret (WoD) Essence Vessel (WoD:BoS) Expectations (VtR:ClV) Monstrous Persona (CtL:DitD) Notoriety (WoD) Racist/Sexist (WoD) Speech Impediment (WoD) Social

Amnesia (WoD) Coward (WoD) Derangement (WoD) Forgetful (WoD) Headstrong (WtF:tR) Impossible Standard (VtR:ClV) Learning Disability (WoD:I) Nightmares (CtL, HtV:SS) Shadow Addiction (WoD:BoS) Shadow Aversion (WoD:BoS) Trigger (WoD:I)

Glamour Addict (CtL:RoS) Illiterate (CtL:RoS)

Cannibal (CtL:RoS) Cumbersome (CtL:RoS) Manifest Mien (CtL:RoS) Fragile Mask (CtL:SaD) Mages

Anachronism (CtL:RoS) True Tongue (CtL:RoS) Untrustworthy (CtL:RoS)

Abyss-Touched (MtA:S) Soul-Scarred (MtA:S) Prometheans Word of Life (PtC:SA) Shapeshifters Anthropocentric (WtF:tR) Conflicted (WtF:BotW) Hampered Skill (WtF:tR) Troubled Rituals (WtF:tR) Act of Upkeep (WtF:tR) Bad Location (WtF:tR) Bad Regeneration (WtF:tR) Hampered Skill (WtF:tR) Silver Allergy (WtF:tR)

Bad Bargain (MtA:S)

Act of Upkeep (WtF:tR) Crowded (WtF:tR) Disharmony (WtF:tR) Holywood Syndrome (WtF:tR) Lone Wolf (WtF:tR) Materialist (WtF:tR) Spirit-Stained (WtF:LtS) Weak Bloodline (WtF:tP)

Vampires Lost Love


Alien Grace (VtR:ClN) No Fangs (VtR:ClM) Sluggish Vitae (VtR:AM) Swollen Skull (VtR:ClN) Items of Power Artifacts Grimoires

Disquieting Tongue (VtR:ClN) Hungry Eyes (VtR:ClN) Potent Perfume (VtR:ClN) Ruined Mouth (VtR:ClN)

Dark Revolution (MtA:GoG)

Grimoire of the Exarchs


Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu (MtA:GoG)

The Ancient Lands Pentalogy (MtA:GoG)

Lark Demonde's Travels (MtA:GoG)

Last Days of Atlantis (MtA:GoG)

Le Livre Rouge (MtA:GoG)

The Book of Life (MtA:GoG)
The Ialdabaoth Codex (MtA:GoG)

Orpheus' Last Riddle (MtA:GoG)

The Book of Transformation (MtA:GoG) The Key of Brass and Flame (MtA:GoG)

The Blank Bible (NH:U)

The Electric Grimoire (MtA:GoG)

The Book of Cycles (MtA:KST)

The Hilderbrand Recording (MtA:GoG)

The Codex of Lies (MtA:GoG)

The Loquacious Grimoire (MtA:GoG)

The Lunar Way (MtA:KST) Rank 6 Abyssal Blood (MtA:S) Astral Bubble (MtA:AR) Dirala's Talon (MtA:LtS) First Tarot (MtA:KST) Ley Markers (MtA:SS)

The Tablets of U'mat (MtA:GoG)

The Tome of Power (MtA:GoG)

The True Soul (MtA:GoG) Rank 4 Astral Crystal (MtA:AR) Atroxi Crystals (MtA:SRT)
Coin of the Jester King (MtA)
Count Amary's Spectacles (MtA) Crystal Dream Bracelet (MtA:AR)

Rank 3Globe of Transfer (MtA:AR)

Shards of the Ladder (MtA:KST)

Rank 5 Abyssal Scope (MtA:B)

Amulet of Sekhmet (MtA:M)

Rank 7
Bane of the Hoard (MtA:GotV)

Bij Dava (MtA:SRT) Black Beauty (MtA:AA) Bottled Aether (MtA:AA) Chthonian Quill (MtA:S) Crown of Kings (MtA:GotV)

The Mark of Qazalak (MtA)

The Ring of the Dethroned Queen (MtA:RotE)

Crystalline Skull (MtA:SRT) Coin of the Ferryman (NH:U) Dreamstone (MtA:FC)

Konstantinovs Knife (NH:U)
Orb of Swift Dreaming (MtA:AR)

The Spotted Stone (MtA)

Dionysian Key (MtA:SRT)

Ferryman's Flask (MtA:AA)

Harp of the Highlands (MtA:MT)

Peacemaker (WoD:BoS) Permit (MtA:B) Saints' Medals (MtA:KST) Subtle Mirror (MtA:GotV)
The Book of Safe Journeys (MtA:MT)

Pearl of Obscurity (MtA:GotV)

Perpetual Motion Machine (MtA:AA)

Gabriel's Horn (MtA:AA) Gravity Well (MtA:AA)

Karnacki's Coffin (MtA:GotV)

The Hound's Manacle (MtA:AA) Queen Sorra's Jewelry (MtA:AA)

Seat of Kings (MtA:SL)

Shard of the Sun (WoD:BoS) Tanshien's Thorn (MtA:BU)
The Adamantine Banner (MtA:AA)

The Judge's Eye (WoD:BoS)

Mask of Aztlan (MtA:SRT) Orb of Amnesia (MtA:M) Profane Urim (MtA) Quicksilver Spear (MtA:AA) Rays of Dawn (MtA:AA)
Shard of the Mountain (MtA:AA)

The Red Ring (WoD:SoUK) The Robe (MtA:KST)

The Seal of Nar-Khedai (MtA:BU)

The Cyclopean Stone (MtA:AR)

The Aegis (MtA:AA) The Gloves (MtA:KST)

The Silver Hand of Nuada (MtA:LtS)

The Eyes of Salt (MtA:RotE) The Dragon Chained (MtA:B)

The Heart Full of Flies (MtA:RotE)

The Red Ring (WoD:SotUK)

The Rings of Astral Unity (MtA:AR)

Soma (MtA:MT) Soul Hammer (MtA:B)

Symbol of Negation (MtA:S)

Taroa's Book (WoD:BoS) The Belt (MtA:KST)

The Codex of Lost Pages (MtA:AR)

The Dragon's Eye (MtA:AA)

The Librarian's Rod (MtA:SRT) The Lord of Storms (MtA:GotV)
The Robe of the Dethroned Queen (MtA:RotE)
The Sceptre of the Dethroned Queen (MtA:RotE)

The Stole (MtA:KST) Rank 8 Celestial Urn (MtA:SL) Coin of Hiding (MtA:M)
Creeping Mirror Doll (MtA:GotV)

Rank 9 Altar of Hallows (MtA:SRT) Clockwork Heart (MtA:AA) Ochosi's Arrow (MtA:MT) Opener of Ways (MtA:SL)
Shadow and Light (MtA:AA)

Rank 10
Ring of the Unvoiced Herald

Rank 11 Seal of Solomon (MtA:S)

Rank 12+ Eye of Ahriman (MtA:M)

Metachronal Clock (MtA:M)

St. Peter's Key (MtA:B)

The Flying Saucer (MtA:AR)

The Chariot (MtA:KST)

The Star of Athichi (MtA:AA)

Grim Sanctum (MtA:SL) Imadrillan (MtA:BU) Kingly Regalia (MtA:B) Liar's Mask (MtA:SL)
Mestorian Bracers (MtA:SRT) Mirror of Revelation (MtA:M)
Pillars of Enduring Creations (MtA:M)

Vimana Engine (MtA:SRT)

Profane Thummim (MtA)

Shadow and Silence (MtA:SL)

Soulgate Tome (MtA:M) Supernal Scourge (MtA:B) The Circlet (MtA:KST)

The Crown of the Dethroned Queen (MtA:RotE)

The Cup of Life (MtA:AR)

The Doorway Beyond (MtA:AR)

The Null Bomb (MtA:FC) The Opal of Styx (MtA) The Rabbi's Cane (MtA:MT)
The Throne of the Dethroned Queen (MtA:RotE)

The Unmaker (MtA:GotV) Supernal Echoes Arcadian Ivy Rank 1 Killer Kite (WoD:BoS) Laser Pointer (WoD:BoS)
Le Parfum de Folie (WtF:tR)
Malfunction Firework (WoD:BoS)

Celestial Lightning Rod


Nightmarish Statue (MtA:S) Cursed Items (Gazhdum) Rank 3

Bitch's Broken Mirror (WtF:tR)

Primal Totem (MtA:S) Rank 4 Capetian Crown (MtA:MT)

Deadwood Fence (WoD:BoS)

Stygian Copher (MtA:S) Rank 5

Little Baby Burns (WtF:tR)
Reliquary of Blind Miguel (WoD:BoS)

Rank 2 Black Splinter (WoD:BoS) Blood Iron (WoD:BoS) Cyanide Cup (WoD:BoS) Dead Recorder (WtF:tR) Gunter's Collar (WoD:BoS)
Harp of the Highlands (MtA:MT)

Blarsemhel (MtA:AA) Blood Port (WoD:BoS) Death Sign (WoD:BoS)

Dominator's Leash (WoD:BoS)
Garage Door-Closer (WoD:BoS)
Shadow-Backed Mirror (WoD:BoS)
The Book of Safe Journeys (MtA:MT)

Laura's Doll (WoD:BoS) Roger's Ink (WoD:BoS)

Shackles of the Sleeper (MtA:AA)

The Consumotive Book (WoD:BoS)

Princess' Bell (WoD:BoS)

Squirrel-Killing Transformer (WoD:BoS)

The Die of Destiny (NH:U) The Open Door (WoD:BoS) The Golem (MtA:MT)

The Sirious Loop (WoD:BoS)

Ladykiller Scope (WoD:BoS)

Peeping Binoculars (WoD:BoS) The Cartright Emerald (MtA)

Waste Truck (WoD:BoS) Blessed Items Canon's LeMat (WoD:AR)

The Whispering Blade (WoD:AR)

Injustice (WoD:AR) Jungle Blood (WoD:AR)

The Yellow Sash (WoD:AR)

Black Dawn (WoD:AR)

The Sword of Dracula (WoD:AR)

Duelist's Bane (WoD:AR) XM-13 (WoD:AR)

The Hognose (WoD:AR)

Enchanted Items
Astrally Stabilised Item

Invisible Rifle Rank 7


Sharpshooter's Scope (MtA:GotV)

The Adamantine Banner (MtA:AA)

Toy Gun (MtA:GotV) Rank 6

Sharpshooter's Scope (MtA:GotV)

Rank 8 Durandal (MtA:B) Fetishes Arrathudum Black Phone (WtF:tR)

Razor Wire Knuckles (WtF:tR)

Ochosi's Arrow (MtA:MT)

Nizar's Tabuk (WtF:tR)

The Honorable Badge (WtF:tR)

Keys of Cages (WtF:tR)

Klaives Hate and Pain (NH:W) Biting Dagger (WtF) Carthu'Ama (WtF:LotF) Crone's Axe (WoD:SoUK) Gurim's Lash (WtF:tP) Heart Spear (WoD:SoUK) Karg (WtF:LotF) Bale Blade (WtF:B) Charging Bear (WtF:TotM)
Cuchillo de Hueso (WoD:SoM)

Bane of Power (WtF:WatP) Heritage Fang (WtF:B)

Moonless Night (WtF:WatP)

Fangs of the Bat (WtF:TotM)

Moonshunner (WtF:tP) Rage Warden (WtF:WatP) The Labrys (WtF)

Fulgent Talwar (WtF:tR) Fury Fang (WtF)

Lucky's Brother (WtF:WatP)

Magician's Edge (WtF:WatP)

Joint-Cutting Knife (WtF:LtS)

Thunder Klaive (WtF:LtF) Vorgarn (WtF:LotF)

Poisontooth (WtF:WatP) Shifting Fang (WtF:TotM)

Steel and Lightning (WtF:tR) Storm Gauntlets (WoD:SoUK)

Heartseeker (WtF:WatP)
Knock-Knock Stick (WoD:SoUK)

Lightning Chain (WtF:LotF)

Tearer-of-Silk (WtF:WatP) Turndagger (WtF:LotF) Wolf-Drinker (WtF:LtF)

Luna's Curse (WtF:WatP) Luna's Mercy (WoD:SoUK) Salt-Hewer (WtF:LtF) Sequoia's Spear (WtF:tR)
The Hand that Wounds (WtF:WatP)
The Jeffrey Family Klaive (WoD:SoUK)

Thunder's Atassa (WtF:LotF)

Moon Klaives Agalu Delal




Hadakhu (WtF:WatP) Spirit-Bound

Blackbird Mauser (WtF:LtS)
Black Blood Candle (WoD:SoUK)

Mumaizadum (WtF:WatP) Arrow Chain (WtF:LotF) Betrayer Skull (WtF:tP)

Biografia Perfeita (WtF:LotF)

Sidm's Doom (WtF:WatP) Alpha's Crown (WtF) Alphaskin (WtF:LotF) Cup of Life (WoD:BoS) Decay Tattoos (WtF:tP)
Herne's Black Lantern (WtF:tR)

Alert-me (WtF:WatP) Ayat (WtF:tR) Blessed String (WtF:LtS) Blessing of Vigor (WtF) Blood Rosary (WtF:LtF) Breath of Agony (WtF:tP) Chargebreaker (WtF:tP) Condor Idol (WtF:LtS) Cult Talisman (WtF:LtF) Cup of Life (WoD:BoS)
Eyes of the Unproven (WtF:LtS)

Backbiter (WtF:TotM) Bad Penny (WtF:LtF) Blunter (WtF:WatP)

Boundary Markers (WtF:tP) Charm Bracelet (WoD:SoUK)

Bond of Law (WoD:SoUK) Bone Spur (WtF:tR) Cat's Suture (WtF:tR) City Compass (WtF:LtF) Cup of Life (WoD:BoS)
Death Howl Stone (WoD:SoUK) Death Wolf's Howl (WtF:TotM)
Drowned Man's Pearl (WtF:LtF)

Bone Whistle (WtF) Cup of Life (WoD:BoS)

Effigy of the Hunters (WoD:SoUK)

Corpse Dowser (WtF:LtF) Cup of Life (WoD:BoS) Egelsbrand (WtF:LotF) Eyepiece (WtF:TotM) Fetidmusk (WtF:LotF) Fireflash (WtF) Fly Bottle (WtF:tR) Gnawdowser (WtF:LotF)
Ghosts of the Forest (WoD:SoUK)

Liar's Delight (WtF:TotM)

Longseeker's Eye (WtF:WatP)
Mile-Walker's Cloth (WtF:tR)
My Brother's Shadow (WtF:TotM)

Four-Fingered Charm (WtF:tR)

Gibbous Horn (WtF:LotF) Horn of Munin (WtF:LotF) Lightning Rod (WtF) Man's Hammer (WtF) Omnitool (WtF:TotM) Parasite Shard (WtF:tP) Peeper Jar (WtF:tR) Scar/Tattoo (WtF) Spirit Anchor (WtF:TotM) Spirit's Dream (WtF:TotM) Storm Rune (WtF:TotM) Tempest Cane (WtF:LotF)
Transportation Keys (WtF:BotW)

Salmon Charm (WoD:SoUK)

Everyman Hood (WtF:BotW)

Scar/Tattoo (WtF) Spirit Maze (WtF:LotF) Spirit's Dream (WtF:TotM) Storm Rune (WtF:TotM)
Tooth of the Death Wolf (WtF:LotF)

Fire Hammer (WtF:LtF) Four Faces (WtF:LotF) Gruel Pot (WoD:SoUK) Hero's Blood (WtF:TotM)
Hummingbird's Heart (WtF:LotF)

Eyepiece (WtF:TotM) Fear-Worm (WtF:TotM) Fortune Stone (WtF:LotF) Gauntlet Scar (WtF) Ghost Stake (WtF:LotF)
Guksu's Headress (WtF:TotM)

Hijaab (WtF:tR) Hungry Mask (WtF:BotW) Hunter's Spur (WtF:LtF) Kin Caller (WtF:TotM) Lightning Rod (WtF:LtF) MasterKey (WtF:LotF) Mercy Gem (WtF)
Money Spider Card (WoD:SoUK)

Transportation Keys (WtF:BotW)

Iron Tongue (WtF:TotM) Kanruth's Eye (WtF:LotF) Knothole (WtF)

Man's Best Friend (WoD:SoUK) Marriage Brooch (WoD:SoUK)

Wolf to her Den (WtF:TotM)

Map of the Pact (WtF:LtS) Mask of Life (WtF) Off-Switch (WtF:WatP) Packard (WtF:LotF)
Rune Stone of Balance (WtF:TotM)

Traveler's Blanket (WtF:LotF)

Memory Clout (WtF:LotF)

Mother Bog's Net (WtF:WatP) Nona's Blessing (WoD:SoUK)

Oath Hood (WtF:LotF) Pain Poppet (WtF:LtF)

Sacred Thread (WtF:LtS) Scar/Tattoo (WtF)

Packstone (WtF:LtF) Poisoner's Pen (WtF:LotF)

Protective Charm (WtF:TotM)

Prophecy Bone (WtF:LotF) Purity Jewel (WtF:LtS) Repellance (WoD:BoS) Restraint Torc (WoD:SoUK) Roar of Thunder (WtF:LtF)
Rune Stone of Balance (WtF:TotM)

Season Flute (WtF:LtF) Shadow Lure (WoD:BoS) Shadow Wings (WtF) Skinsheath (WtF:WatP) Soulsoother (WtF:WatP) Spider Gem (WoD:SoUK) Spirit's Dream (WtF:TotM) Storm Rune (WtF:TotM) Storm's Eye (WtF:LtF) Subtle Armor (WtF:TotM)
Synchronicity Box (WtF:LotF)

Rallying Drum (WtF:LtF) Rune-Klaive (WtF:LtF)

Shadow Jacket (WoD:SoUK)

Shrill Skull (WtF:BotW) Sirenhowl (WtF:TotM) Skullbird (WtF:tR) Spirit Drum (WtF) Spirit's Dream (WtF:TotM) Spirit Wings (WtF) Splinter Key (WtF:tR)
Staff of the Twice-Born (WtF:LtS)

Scar/Tattoo (WtF) Sekhmet's Jar (WtF:LtS) Shadow Box (WtF:LtS) Shadow Tarot (WtF:TotM) Skinsheath (WtF:WatP) Spirit's Dream (WtF:TotM) Storm Rune (WtF:TotM) Subtle Armor (WtF:TotM) System Key (WtF:tR) ThumBot (WtF:LotF) Timbre Rattle (WtF:LotF) Triumph Rune (WtF:LtF) Truth-Catcher (WtF:LtF) Vandal Spider (WtF:TotM)
Vermin's Flight Necklace (WoD:SoUK)

Talking Stick (WtF:tR) Tasbih (WtF:tR)

The Devil's Right Hand (WtF:TotM) The Rose Among Thorns (WtF:LotF)

Stonethrower (WtF:WatP) Storm Rune (WtF:TotM) Sunshield (WtF:WatP) The Four of Us (WtF:LotF)
The Serenity of Battle (WtF:LotF)

Timepiece (WtF)
Transportation Keys (WtF:BotW)

Woad Tattoo (WoD:SoUK) Wraith Claws (WtF:LtF)

War Maps (WtF:LtS)

Wallbreakers (WtF:LotF)
Wandering Jacob's Map (WtF:tR)

Willow Stake (WtF:LtS)

Wolf in Dog's Clothing (WtF:B)

Wolfsole Tattoos (WtF:BotW)

Talens Bitter Brew (WtF:tR) Broken Sand (WtF:TotM)

Dedication Cologne (WtF:TotM)
Footsteps of the Dead (WtF:LotF)

Blast Pod (WtF:WatP)

Cahalith's Thorn (WtF:LotF)

Blindfold Cloth (WtF:TotM)

Catamount's Teeth (HG:tR)

Bloodscent Tooth (WtF:LtF) Churning Smoker (WtF:tR)

Bloodwort Bag (WtF:LotF) Decay Dust (WtF)

False Hunt Stones (WtF:tP)

Dye of Shame (WtF:tP) Ghost Sticks (WtF:tR)

Keep-your-Distance (WtF:WatP)

Ethereal Shot (WtF:TotM) Ghost Salt (WtF:TotM) Moon's Allure (WtF) Shadowdust (WtF:LotF) Storm Arrow (WtF)
The Gift of Madness (WtF:B)

Face of Blood (WtF:tP)

Heart of the Wounded Bear (WtF:LotF)

Heritage Tooth (WtF:B) Obituary (WtF:TotM) Silver Dust (WtF:WatP) Suicide Pill (NH:W) Valetvalice (WtF:LotF) Wolf's Nose (WtF:BotW)

HidePaper (WtF:LotF)
Running Rabbit (WtF:BotW)

Myalarm (WtF:LotF)
Shibboleth Drops (WtF:LotF)

Salmon's Wisdom (WtF:LotF)

Skinner Mask (WtF:B)

Tea of Fourteen Precious Jewels (WtF:tR)

Soundthrower (WtF:LotF) Tell-Tale (WtF:WatP) Whistling Arrow (WtF:tR)

Sucker's Tell (WtF:TotM) Tooth Soap (WtF:tR) Wolfsbane (WtF)

War Draught (WtF:TotM) Wound-Binders (WtF:WatP)

Wisp Gum (WtF:tR) Imbued Items

Rank 2

Rank 3

Rank 4

Rank 5

Rank 6

Acquisitionist's Torch (MtA:M)

Camera Non-Obscura (MtA:LtS)

Aether Goggles (MtA:FC)

Band of Armored Thoughts (MtA:AA) Chalise of Consuming Vigor (MtA:M)

All-Access Pass (MtA:FC) Beast Mantle (MtA:AA) Book of Dreams (MtA:AR) Camera Tempora (MtA:M) Canopic Jar (MtA:GotV) Cash Dagger (MtA:MT)
Chalise of Consuming Vigor (MtA:M)

Adamantine Taser (MtA:AA)

Alien Cuffs (MtA:B) Band of Safety (MtA:M) Bonebreaker (MtA:GotV) Camera Tempora (MtA:M) Cracked Mirror (MtA:GotV) Doomsday Clock (MtA:LtS) Jaw Locker (MtA:GotV) Puppet Gum (MtA:GotV)
Ring of New Faces (MtA:GotV)

All-Gas Grenade (MtA:AA)

All-Terrain Mobile Energy Source (MtA:AA)

Cracked Mirror (MtA:GotV) Grim Specs (MtA:AA) Mind Protectors (MtA:B) Necradio (MtA:FC) Night Eyes (MtA:GotV) Scourge (MtA:B)
Sharpshooter's Scope (MtA:GotV)

Cracked Mirror (MtA:GotV) Bullet-proof Cotton (MtA:GotV) Destiny's Quill (MtA:AA) Enigma Sigil (MtA:M)
First Seeker's Censer (MtA:M)

Amulet of Enduring Body (MtA:M) Bullet-proof Cotton (MtA:GotV)

Amulet of Passage (MtA:M)

Atlantean Fire Crystal (MtA:LtS)

Archetype Altar (MtA:AR) Collector's Pocket (MtA:M) Back Box (MtA:AA) Black Ribbon (MtA:AA) Bottomless Bag (MtA:FC) Clarity Room (MtA:RotE) Cracked Mirror (MtA:GotV) Death Pointer (MtA:GotV)
Familiar Strangler (MtA:GotV)

Mulligan's Widget (MtA:SL) Network Card (MtA:FC) Nightmask (MtA:AA) Oath Writer (MtA:GotV) Omniscope (MtA:AA) Pirate Map (MtA:M)
Portable Thermostat (MtA:GotV)

Cloak of Isolation (MtA:GotV)

S.T.E.A.D. (MtA:B)
The Chime of Grief (MtA:AR)

Neverender Batteries (MtA:FC) Cloak of Many Colors (MtA:AA)

Cracked Mirror (MtA:GotV) Bullet-proof Cotton (MtA:GotV) Raiment of Return (MtA:AA)

Daredevil Keychain (MtA:GotV)

Whispering Glove (MtA:GotV)

Endless Clip (MtA:AA) Excavator (MtA:M) Flawless Barrel (MtA:AA) Ghost-Catcher (MtA:FC)
Implement of Understanding (MtA:M)

Clouded Crown (MtA:GotV) Rune of Witnessing (MtA:B) Sigil Mark (MtA:SS)

Talisman of Universal Safety (MtA:SL)

Portable Window (MtA:AA) Private Curtain (MtA:GotV)

Talisman of Timely Research (MtA:M)

TK Gloves (MtA:AA) Universal ID (MtA:SL) Universal Key (MtA:M) Universal Outfit (MtA:SL)
Wand of Duplication (MtA:M)

Freeman's Collar (MtA:AA) Ghost Shirt (MtA:AA) Goetic Mirror (MtA:AR) Hidden Sword (MtA:GotV)
Infinite Flash Drive (MtA:FC)

Improved Grip (MtA:AA)

Interfector's Mask (MtA:GotV) Kupas Earring (NH:U)

Thought Worm (MtA:GotV)

Universal Keycard (MtA:FC)

Light Eater (MtA:GotV) Lucky Boots (MtA:AA)

Plausible Deniability (MtA:SL)
Sharpshooter's Scope (MtA:GotV)

Writs (MtA:S)

Insult to Injury (MtA:AA)

Magical Silencer (MtA:GotV)

Phantasmal Prism (MtA:GotV) Junk Drawer Pockets (MtA:GotV)

Mana Bowl (MtA:SS)

Phantasm Lantern (MtA:AA)

Sleep/Wake Watch (MtA:AA) Spatial Binoculars (MtA:AA)

Portable Armory (MtA:AA) Restorer's Brush (MtA:M)

Scriber of Ownership (MtA:M)

Spirit Candles (MtA:GotV) Subtle Ring (MtA:B) Supernal Server (MtA:M)

Talisman of Timely Research (MtA:M)

Sigil Mark (MtA:SS)

Spectables of Discernment (MtA:M)

The Mask of Ages (MtA:AR) Sentinel's Shield (MtA:GotV)

Tin Whistle (MtA:AA)

Token of the Great Take (MtA:M)

Shivering Blade (MtA:GotV) Soma (MtA:MT) Sown Salt (MtA:B) Spirit Blade (MtA:GotV)
Talisman of Unnoticed Intrusion (MtA:M)

Unfriendly Knife (MtA:GotV)

Universal Key (MtA:M)

Universal Toolkit (MtA:AA) Supernal Wardrobe (MtA:SL) The Golem (MtA:MT)

Universal Key (MtA:M) Universal Outfit (MtA:SL) Vault Gauntlets (MtA:M) Rank 7
Band of Timelessness (MtA:M)

Rank 8 Area Wards (MtA:M) Durandal (MtA:B)

Rank 9 Puppet's Bauble (MtA:SL)

Rank 10

Rank 11 +
Translator Chamber (MtA:B)

Ochosi's Arrow (MtA:MT) Remote Searcher (MtA:M) Safety Box (MtA:M) The Truck (MtA:B) Universal Key (MtA:M) Universal Outfit (MtA:SL)

Mementos Charms Casket Jacket


Vanitas Battlefield Diorama Dead Jazz (G:tS) Roadkill Taxidermy (G:tS) The Germ Closet (G:tS) The Lament (G:tS) The Offering Table (G:tS)

Mechanical Memento

Gravedigger's Shovel

Kennedy's Final Ride (G:tS)

Cat's Eye Marble (G:tS) Charm Tats (G:tS)

Corpse Teeth Curios (G:tS)

Crime Scene Collage (G:tS)

Mirror Mirror (G:tS) Screaming Mace (G:tS) The Collar (G:tS)

The Girl's Marionette (G:tS)

Swallow-in-Glass (G:tS)
The Beaked Mask of Bile and Blood (G:tS)

McCall's Necktie (G:tS) Presley in Repose (G:tS)

Pulverised Porcelain of Pol Pot (G:tS)

The Coral Mask (G:tS) The Gold Teeth (G:tS) The Perfect Fifth (G:tS)

Dead Man's Wallet (G:tS) One Way Ticket (G:tS) Sugar Skulls (G:tS) Vanity's Vanity (G:tS)
Vanquished Timepiece (G:tS)

The Bournemouth Heart (G:tS)

The Notebook (G:tS) The Projector (G:tS) The Screwdriver (G:tS) The Thirty-Thirty (G:tS) Relics

The Derringer (G:tS) The Starlet's Ring (G:tS) Vidocq's Lens (G:tS)

Rank 0 Blood Compass (VtR:AB) Chamfort Letters (WoD:R)

Little Black Book (WoD:R)

Rank 1
Glass Mansion Blueprints

Rank 2
Antikythera Mechanism

Rank 3 Bronze Wheel (WoD:R) Hex Sign (HtV:WF) Icarine Servitor (HtV) Mask of Terror (HtV-S)
Mother of Vinegar (WoD:R)

Rank 4
Box of the Treaty Elm (HtV:SS)

Golden Mask (NH:IS) Hex Sign (HtV:WF) Lady of Salt (WoD:R) One-Eyed Kings (HtV) Skeleton Key (HtV)

Blood of Pope Joan (HtV)

Crystal Skull (WoD:R) Heart of Stone (HtV) Hex Sign (HtV:WF) Honjo Masamune (WoD:R)
Idol of Gevaudan (HtV:SS) Mother of Vinegar (WoD:R)
The Book of Dead Names (WoD:R)

Eye of Hubris (HtV) Hex Sign (HtV:WF)

Mother of Vinegar (WoD:R)

Rousseau's Notes (VtR:C)

The Bishop's Caricature (VtR:C)
The Declaration of Independence (VtR:C)

Scale of Scylla (HtV-NS)

The Glass Armonium of Chantal DeFay (VtR:ClM)

Ohtas (HtV:WF) Ringsel (HtV) Watchful Keris (HtV)

The De Graaf Manifesto (VtR:C) The Karalov Recording (VtR:C)

The Privateer's Pistol (VtR:C)

Witch-Candle (HtV) Rank 6 Dendera Lights (WoD:R) Dendera Reliefs (WoD:R)

Prayer to Saint Benedict (WoD:R)

Rank 5 Aegis Talisman (HtV)

Centurion's Gladius (HtV:WF)

Rank 7 Baghdad Battery (WoD:R)

Daniel's Slide Rule (WoD:R)

Rank 8
Frantic Flick Knife (WoD:R) Writ of Safe Haven (WoD:R)

Rank 9 Glass Mansion (WoD:R)

Writ of Safe Haven (WoD:R)

Dead Man's Face (HtV) Dory Talisman (HtV) Fateweaver (WoD:AR)

Ica Stones (WoD:R)

Writ of Safe Haven (WoD:R)

Terracotta Warrior (WoD:R) Writ of Safe Haven (WoD:R)

Hex Sign (HtV:WF)

Mother of Vinegar (WoD:R)
Phylactery of Commius (HtV:SS)

Seal of Sekhmet (WoD:R)

Shakespeare's Lost Play (WoD:R)

The Turk (WoD:R) Worm Pipe (HtV-NS) Tokens Normal Rank 1 Ace in the Hole (CtL) Book of Tales (CtL:RoS)
Driver's Little Helper (CtL)

Rank 2
Amber Demijohn (CtL:RoS)

Rank 3 Ashlight (CtL:AN) Baby Cat's Eye (CtL)

Book of Revelations (NH:GF)

Rank 4 Belian's Folly (DoD:CtL)

Biting Grotesquerie (CtL)
Bleakmoor's Black Pony (CtL:RoS)

Rank 5 Blood Pennon (CtL) Book of Tales (CtL:RoS) Dawnspear (CtL:SaD) Heavenly Stem (CtL:RoS) Jeweled Hookah (CtL:RoS) Kingslayer (CtL:SaD) Squall Knife (CtL)
The Cursing Box (CtL:RoS)
The Jerusalem Mile (CtL:RoS) The Keeper's Quirt (CtL:RoS)

Aspersorium (CtL)
Black Apple Pendant (CtL:LoS)

Heavenly Stem (CtL:RoS)

Hedgespun Raiment (CtL)

Book of Tales (CtL:RoS) Chaosium (CtL:DitD)

Book of Tales (CtL:RoS) Bugbear Mask (CtL)

Courier's Winged Sash (CtL:LoS)

Blood Poppet (CtL:RoS)

Bloodstone Cleaver (DoD:CtL)

Jack's Lantern (NH:GF) Tenebrous Mirror (CtL:SaD) The Bone Comb (CtL:RoS)
The Cracked Mirror (CtL) The Cursing Box (CtL:RoS)
The Jackdaw Trinket (CtL:RoS)

Chimaeric Armor (CtL:SaD) Chimaeric Armor (CtL:SaD) Heavenly Stem (CtL:RoS)

Hedgespun Raiment (CtL)

Book of Tales (CtL:RoS) Bug Cudgel (CtL) Chimaeric Armor (CtL:SaD)

Glacier Wind Rings (DoD:CtL)

Jeweled Hookah (CtL:RoS) Deadman's Mask (CtL:SaD)

Crowsbill (CtL:DitD)
Dead Man's Boots (CtL)

Hollow Heart (CtL:SaD)

Homespinner's Needle (CtL)

Drowsing Coil (CtL:SaD) Gildwheel (CtL:LoS) Heavenly Stem (CtL:RoS)

Hedgespun Raiment (CtL) Hedgespun Wardrobe (CtL)

Heavenly Stem (CtL:RoS) Jeweled Hookah (CtL:RoS) Mistress of Pain (DoD:CtL) Promise Stone (CtL:AN)
Raptor Gauntlets (DoD:CtL)

Jeweled Hookah (CtL:RoS)

Lantern of Ill Omen (CtL) Periwig of Orators (CtL:RoS) Ribbon of Nevermiss (CtL)

The Murmuring Coin (CtL)

Visage of Glory (CtL:RoS)

Hoarfrost Spine (CtL) Jeweled Hookah (CtL:RoS)

Minister Viburnum's Clepsydra (CtL:RoS)

Shaikan Reaper (DoD:CtL) The Curious Paw (CtL)

The Cursing Box (CtL:RoS)
The Guilded Torc (CtL:ER) The Hungry Arrow (CtL:RoS)

Sprung Door (CtL:LoS)

The Cursing Box (CtL:RoS)
The False Face of Truth (CtL:LoS)

Oneiroi Quill (CtL:SaD)

The Cursing Box (CtL:RoS)
The Diviner's Instrument (CtL) The Glimpsing Mirror (CtL:RoS)

The Hungry Arrow (CtL:RoS)

Waxen Violet (CtL)

Thorn and Ivy (DoD:CtL)

Wailing Harpy Glaive (DoD:CtL)

Thief of Dreams (CtL:SaD) Baubles Bloom of Health (CtL:SaD) Lachesis' Bones (CtL:SaD)
The Cauldron of Rebirth (CtL:SaD)

Nod's Sword (CtL:SaD) Plague Flute (CtL:SaD)

The Eye of Knowledge (CtL:SaD)

Pilgrim's Ticket (CtL:SaD) Legendary Tokens

Shears of Atropos (CtL:SaD)

Scepter of Hypnos (CtL:SaD)

Somnambulant Reaper (CtL:SaD)

The Apples of War (CtL:SaD) The Bell of Veritas (CtL:SaD)

The Kingmaker Blade (CtL:SaD) The Lovers Entwined (CtL:SaD)

The Vajra Shakti (CtL:SaD) Ink-in-Irons (CtL:RoS)

Promise Tokens Ampoule of Life


Black Nickel


Blank Check (CtL:RoS)

Finger Locket (CtL:RoS)

Scovury-Clovill Box Camera (CtL:RoS)

The Auroch's Horn (CtL:RoS)

Trifles Clayface (CtL:RoS) Spinnerthorn (CtL:RoS) Torchfly (CtL:RoS) Welkinstick (CtL) Merits Level 1
Ahranite Sorcery

Givertaker (CtL:RoS) Stingseed (CtL) Tumble Glass (CtL)

Glimmerbraid (CtL) Sweetblood (CtL) Twistring (CtL:RoS)

Gravenails (CtL:RoS) Thimbleblack (CtL) Utterbarb (CtL)

Hoarcotton (CtL:RoS) Thistlegift (NH:GF) Waspshot (CtL:RoS)

Level 2
Ahranite Sorcery

Level 3 Common
Ahranite Sorcery (DoD:WoD)

Level 4
Ahranite Sorcery (DoD:WoD)

Level 5
Ahranite Sorcery (DoD:WoD)

Allies (WoD)
Alternate/New Identity (CtL)

Allies (WoD)
Alternate/New Identity (CtL)

Allies (WoD) Animal Affinity (WoD:S) Anonymity (WtF:BotW) Armory (MtA:B)

City Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Allies (WoD)
Alternate/New Identity (CtL)

Allies (WoD) Armory (MtA:B)

City Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Animal Affinity (WoD:S) Armory (MtA:B) Barfly (WoD)

City Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Animal Affinity (WoD:S) Anonymity (WtF:BotW) Area of Expertise (MtA:FC) Armory (MtA:B)
Blood of the Oath of Ruin (MtA:I)

Anonymity (WtF:BotW) Armory (MtA:B) Barrister (BotD)

City Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb) Common Sense (DoD:WoD)

Contacts (WoD)
Cult of Things That Should Not Be (WoD:SS)

Contacts (WoD) Crafter's Sense (MtA:FC)

Cult of Things That Should Not Be (WoD:SS)

Cursed Item (WoD:BoS) Decorated (WoD:DoW) Deep Raport (HtV:Bbbb) Driver's Charm (WoD:MR) Enchanted Item (MtA) Equal Partner (DoD:WoD) Friend (VtR:CG) Ghost Ally (WoD:SS) Imbued Item (MtA) Mentor (WoD) Multi-Lingual (DoD:WoD) Parkour (PtC:SA) Relic (WoD:R) Resources (WoD) Retainer (WoD)
Shadow Contacts (WoD:BoS)
Shadowless Chambers (WoD:BoS)

Coder Clique (VtR:C) Contacts (WoD)

Cultural Language (WoD:Im)
Cult of Things That Should Not Be (WoD:SS)

Bureaucratic Navigator (WoD:As)

Contacts (WoD)
Cult of Things That Should Not Be (WoD:SS)

City Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Cursed Item (WoD:BoS) Decorated (WoD:DoW) Deep Raport (HtV:Bbbb) Driver's Charm (WoD:MR) Enchanted Item (MtA) Fame (WoD) Fence (MtA:B) Fleet of Foot (WoD) Friend (VtR:CG) Ghost Ally (WoD:SS) Goblin Merchant (CtL:GM) Higher Calling (MtA:ToW)
Holistic Awareness (WoD)
Homeward Bound (MtA:GoG)

Contacts (WoD)
Cult of Things That Should Not Be (WoD:SS)

Cursed Item (WoD:BoS) Decorated (WoD:DoW) Deep Raport (HtV:Bbbb)

Difficult to Ride (WoD:BoS)

Current Events Circle (VtR:C)

Cursed Item (WoD:BoS) Debate Club (VtR:C) Decorated (WoD:DoW) Dead Reckoning (BotD) Deep Raport (HtV:Bbbb) Demolisher (WtF:BotW) Direction Sense (WoD) Driver's Charm (WoD:MR)
Emotional Detachment (WoD:As)

Cursed Item (WoD:BoS) Danger Sense (WoD) Decorated (WoD:DoW) Deep Raport (HtV:Bbbb) Demolisher (WtF:BotW) Driver's Charm (WoD:MR) Easy Ride (WoD:BoS) Eidetic Memory (WoD) Enchanted Item (MtA) EOD (WoD:Ar) Fame (WoD) Fence (MtA:B) Fleet of Foot (WoD) Friend (VtR:CG) Ghost Ally (WoD:SS)
Good Time Management (WoD:As)

Driver's Charm (WoD:MR) Enchanted Item (MtA)

Encyclopedic Knowledge (WoD)

Friend (VtR:CG) Ghost Ally (WoD:SS) Giant (WoD) Hypnotic Voice (WoD:SS) Imbued Item (MtA) Informative (MtA:FC) Inspiring (WoD) Market Stall (CtL:GM) Mentor (WoD) Multi-Lingual (DoD:WoD) Noble Heritage (VtR:RfR) Null (HtV:SS)

Enchanted Item (MtA) Encounter Group (VtR:C)

Entheogenic Synesthesia (MtA:MT)

Hypnosis (VtR:ClM) Imbued Item (MtA) Iron Stamina (WoD) Make Do (MtA:FC) Mentor (WoD) Multi-Lingual (DoD:WoD)

Slave (CtL:GM) Staff (VtR:G) Status (WoD)

Stranger No More (MtA:GoG)
Territorial Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Fame (WoD) Fence (MtA:B) Fleet of Foot (WoD) Friend (VtR:CG) Ghost Ally (WoD:SS)

Hollow Soul (WoD:BoS)

Vision (MtA:FC)

Goblin Merchant (CtL:GM)

Interdisciplinary Specialty (MtA:FC)

Imbued Item (MtA) Informative (MtA:FC)

Ingratiating Wanderer (WoD:MR)

Mythologist (BotD) Natural Medium (HtV:SS) Occultation (VtR:ClM) Outsider Fetish (CtL:LoS) Parkour (PtC:SA) Pleasing Aura (WoD:BoS) Ractain Strain (MtA:I) Relic (WoD:R) Resources (WoD) Retainer (WoD) Saintly (WoD:BoS) Scientist's Sense (MtA:FC)
Shadow Contacts (WoD:BoS)
Shadowless Chambers (WoD:BoS)

Parkour (PtC:SA) Quick Healer (WoD)

Rational Explanation (MtA:FC)

Iron Stamina (WoD) Lab Section (VtR:C) Language (DoD:WoD) Low Tongue (NH:U) Make Do (MtA:FC) Meditative Mind (WoD) Mentor (WoD) Multi-Lingual (DoD:WoD) Natural Immunity (WoD) Occultation (VtR:ClM) Outsider Fetish (CtL:LoS) Parkour (PtC:SA)
Prized Possession (WoD:I)

Iron Stamina (WoD) Iron Stomach (WoD) Make Do (MtA:FC) Mentor (WoD) Multi-Lingual (DoD:WoD) Noble Heritage (VtR:RfR) Occultation (VtR:ClM) Outdoorsman (WoD:MR) Outsider Fetish (CtL:LoS) Parkour (PtC:SA)
Predator's Bearing (WoD:S)

Relic (WoD:R) Relic Creator (WoD:R) Reputation (HtV:Bbbb) Resources (WoD) Retainer (WoD)
Seventh Child of a Seventh Child (MtA:MT)

Shadow Contacts (WoD:BoS)

Shadowless Chambers (WoD:BoS)

Slave (CtL:GM) Spirit Ear (WoD:BoS) Staff (VtR:G) Status (WoD) Striking Looks (WoD) Sworn Officer (WoD:13)
Territorial Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Relic (WoD:R) Reputation (HtV:Bbbb) Resources (WoD) Retainer (WoD)

Shadowless Chambers (WoD:BoS)

Slave (CtL:GM)
Social Chameleon (VtR:ClD)

Quick Draw (WoD:I) Relic (WoD:R) Relic Analyst (WoD:R) Resources (WoD) Retainer (WoD)
Shadowless Chambers (WoD:BoS)

Spirit Ear (WoD:BoS) Spirit Tongue (WoD:BoS) Staff (VtR:G) Status (WoD) Strong Lungs (WoD) Stunt Driver (WoD) Stunt Rider (VtR:RfR) Sworn Officer (WoD:13)
Territorial Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Vision (MtA:FC)

Slave (CtL:GM)
Social Chameleon (VtR:ClD)

Slave (CtL:GM)
Social Chameleon (VtR:ClD)

Socially Small (WoD:S) Spirit Ear (WoD:BoS) Staff (VtR:G) Status (WoD) Steady Driver (WoD:MR) Striking Looks (WoD)
Support Network (WoD:Im)

Staff (VtR:G) Status (WoD) Strong Back (WoD) Study Group (VtR:C) Sworn Officer (WoD:13) Technophille (WoD:Ar)
Territorial Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Trained Observer (WoD:DoW)

Trip Sitter (MtA:MT) Tunnel Rat (WoD:C) Vision (MtA:FC)

Sworn Officer (WoD:13) Technophille (WoD:Ar)

Territorial Knowledge (HtV:Bbbb)

Theater Society (VtR:C) The Right Bar (VtR:C)

Tolerance for Biology (WoD:As)

Toxin Resistance (WoD)

Trained Observer (WoD:DoW)

Trained Observer (WoD:DoW)

Tunnel Rat (WoD:C) Wheelman (WoD:MR) Wholesale Wares (CtL:GM) Vision (MtA:FC)

Tunnel Rat (WoD:C) Well-Traveled (WoD:R) Whispers (MtA:M) Wholesale Wares (CtL:GM) Vision (MtA:FC)

Territory Common Ambush Site (WtF:T) Cemetary (WtF:T) Church (WtF:T) Criminal District (WtF:T) Empty Building (WtF:T) Highway (WtF:T) Utilities (WtF:T) Rural Caverns/Tunnels (WtF:T) Cliff/Ridge (WtF:T) Desert (WtF:T) Fallow Prairie (WtF:T) Farm (WtF:T)
Glacier/.Icepack/Tundra (WtF:T) Landfill/Garbage Dump

University/Presec School (WtF:T)

Hospital (WtF:T) Military Base (WtF:T)

Mountain (WtF:T) Spring (WtF:T)

Swamp/Marsh/Wetland (WtF:T)

Woods/Forest (WtF:T)

Ocean/Sea/Great Lake (WtF:T) Pond/Lake/Lakefront (WtF:T)

River/Riverside (WtF:T) Stream (WtF:T) Spirit/Supernatural Catalyst (WtF:T) Locus (WtF:T) Window (WtF:T) Urban/Suburban
Apartment Building

Locus (WtF:T)

Glade (WtF:T) Locus (WtF:T)

Locus (WtF:T)

Locus (WtF:T)



Big Box Store


Farm (WtF:T)

Factory (WtF:T) Houses/Housing (WtF:T) Mall/Strip Mall (WtF:T) Museum/Library (WtF:T)

Office Building/Skyscraper (WtF:T)

Park (WtF:T) School (WtF:T) Shop/Restaurant (WtF:T) Stadium/Arena (WtF:T)

Theatre/Opera House (WtF:T)

Territory Modifiers -2 -1 0 +! +2

Pure (WtF:T)

Contested (WtF:T)

Barren (WtF:T) Factory Farm (WtF:T) Neutral Ground (WtF:T) Notoriouis (WtF:T) Shoal (WtF:T) Shop/Restaurant (WtF:T) Verge (WtF:T) Wound (WtF:T) Fae Changelings Milestones

Arcane (WtF:T)
Essence Current/Ley Line (WtF:T)

Virgin (WtF:T)

Haunted (WtF:T) Media Center (WtF:T) Occluded (WtF:T) Poor (WtF:T) Rich (WtF:T) Sanguine (WtF:T)

Bloodied Ground (CtL:AN)

Broken Mirror (CtL) Level 2

Cuckoo's Egg (CtL:AN) Level 3 Common Generic

False Heart (CtL:AN) Level 4

Fetch-Bane (CtL:AN) Level 5

Shared Guilt (CtL:AN) Level 1

Age Reversal (NH:GF) Brownie's Boon (CtL:RoS) Court Goodwill (CtL) Devotee (CtL:ER) Fae Mount (CtL:RoS) Goblin Vow (CtL:RoS) Harvest (CtL)
Hedge Beast Companion (CtL:AN)

Charmed Life (CtL:RoS) Court Goodwill (CtL) Devotee (CtL:ER) Dual Kith (CtL:RoS) Fae Mount (CtL:RoS) Faerie Healing (CtL:RoS) Goblin Vow (CtL:RoS) Harvest (CtL)
Hedge Beast Companion (CtL:AN)

Arcadian Metabolism (CtL:RoS)

Arcadian Body (CtL:RoS) Court Goodwill (CtL) Devotee (CtL:ER)

Enchanting Performance (CtL:RoS)

Court Goodwill (CtL) Devotee (CtL:ER) Fae Mount (CtL:RoS) Goblin Vow (CtL:RoS) Harvest (CtL) Mantle (CtL) Manymask (CtL:ER) Prophet Circle (CtL:RoS) Sublime (CtL:ER) Token (CtL) Token Limb (CtL:DitD) Wyrdskill (CtL:ER)

Court Goodwill (CtL) Devotee (CtL:ER)

Disenchanting Kiss (CtL:SaD)

Dual Kith (CtL:RoS) Fae Mount (CtL:RoS) Faerie Favor (CtL:RoS) Goblin Vow (CtL:RoS) Harvest (CtL)
Hedge Beast Companion (CtL:AN)

Gentrified Bearing (CtL:RoS)

Glamour Thief (CtL:SaD) Goblin Vow (CtL:RoS) Harvest (CtL) Mantle (CtL) Manymask (CtL:ER) Prophet Circle (CtL:RoS) Token (CtL) Token Limb (CtL:DitD)

Hedge Gate Sense (CtL:RoS)

Hidden Life (CtL:RoS) Mantle (CtL) Manymask (CtL:ER)

Market Familiarity (CtL:GM)

Hidden Life (CtL:RoS)

Hobgoblin Trainer (CtL:RoS)

Hidden Life (CtL:RoS) Mantle (CtL) Manymask (CtL:ER)

Market Familiarity (CtL:GM)

Hobkin (CtL:RoS) Lethal Mien (CtL:RoS) Long of Days (CtL:RoS) Mantle (CtL) Manymask (CtL:ER) No Seeming (CtL:ER) Pledgesmith (CtL:RoS) Prophet Circle (CtL:RoS) Rigid Mask (CtL:RoS)
Second-Hand Skills (CtL:GM)

Market Sense (CtL:RoS) Perfect Stillness (CtL:RoS) Pledgesmith (CtL:RoS) Prophet Circle (CtL:RoS)
Second-Hand Skills (CtL:GM)

Narrative Master (CtL:SaD) Pledgesmith (CtL:RoS) Prophet Circle (CtL:RoS) Ritual Doorway (CtL:RoS)
Second-Hand Skills (CtL:GM)

Shared Sleep (CtL) Token (CtL) Token Limb (CtL:DitD)

Siren Song (CtL:RoS) Token (CtL) Token Limb (CtL:DitD) Token Maker (CtL:RoS)

Soul Sense (CtL:RoS) Token (CtL)

Token Limb (CtL:DitD)

Visionary Dreams (CtL:RoS)

Token Master (CtL:ER)

Unseen Sense (Talecrafting) (CtL:SaD)

Wisdom of Dreams (CtL:RoS)

Fatebound (all 3 dots) Bean Buyer (CtL:SaD) Fisher King (CtL:SaD) Amenities

Cloistered Spinner (CtL:SaD) Cowherd and Weaver (CtL:SaD)

Evil Stepsister (CtL:SaD) Mortal Enemy (CtL:SaD) Amenities (CtL) Archive (CtL:RoS) Battlements (CtL:SaD) Doors (CtL) Mobile (CtL:SaD) Size (CtL) Wards (CtL) Workshop (CtL:RoS) Kiss of Life (CtL:SaD)

Fair Prince (CtL:SaD)

Star-crossed Lover (CtL:SaD)

Mobled Queen (CtL:SaD) Amenities


Monkey Heart (CtL:SaD) Hollow/Bastion Amenities (CtL) Archive (CtL:RoS) Battlements (CtL:SaD) Doors (CtL) Mobile (CtL:SaD) Size (CtL) Wards (CtL) Workshop (CtL:RoS) Kith-Specific

Amenities (CtL) Archive (CtL:RoS) Battlements (CtL:SaD) Doors (CtL) Mobile (CtL:SaD) Size (CtL) Wards (CtL) Workshop (CtL:RoS)

Archive (CtL:RoS) Battlements (CtL:SaD) Doors (CtL) Mobile (CtL:SaD) Size (CtL) Wards (CtL) Workshop (CtL:RoS) Subtle Liqueur (CtL:SaD)

Archive (CtL:RoS) Battlements (CtL:SaD) Doors (CtL) Mobile (CtL:SaD) Size (CtL) Wards (CtL) Workshop (CtL:RoS)

Fair Folk Fae Pet (CtL:AN) Fair Haven (CtL:AN) Geists Generic Ceremonies (G:tS) Death Rite (G:tS) Flesh Fair (G:tS) Krewe Fate (G:tS) Krewe Status (G:tS) Memento (G:tS) Mythic Factors (G:tS) Ceremonies (G:tS) Death Rite (G:tS) Death-Touched (BotD) Flesh Fair (G:tS) Krewe Fate (G:tS) Krewe Status (G:tS) Memento (G:tS) Mythic Factors (G:tS) Ceremonies (G:tS) Codex (G:tS) Death Rite (G:tS) Deathsoul Initiation (G:tS) Flesh Fair (G:tS) Krewe Fate (G:tS) Krewe Status (G:tS) Memento (G:tS) Mythic Factors (G:tS) Ceremonies (G:tS) Death Rite (G:tS) Deathsoul Initiation (G:tS) Death-Touched (BotD) Krewe Fate (G:tS) Krewe Status (G:tS) Memento (G:tS) Mythic Aspect (G:tS) Mythic Factors (G:tS) Ceremonies (G:tS) Codex (G:tS) Death Rite (G:tS) Deathsoul Initiation (G:tS) Krewe Fate (G:tS) Krewe Status (G:tS) Memento (G:tS) Mythic Avatar (G:tS) Mythic Factors (G:tS) Reverance (G:tS)
Sending Forth the Aspect (G:tS)

Fae Pet (CtL:AN)

Haunt Accesibility (G:tS) Fluidity (G:tS) Residue (G:tS) Accesibility (G:tS) Fluidity (G:tS) Residue (G:tS) Accesibility (G:tS) Fluidity (G:tS) Residue (G:tS) Mages Common Dream

Accesibility (G:tS) Fluidity (G:tS) Residue (G:tS)

Accesibility (G:tS) Fluidity (G:tS) Residue (G:tS)



Dream (MtA)

Dream (MtA)

Dream (MtA)

Familiar (MtA) Ritual Synergy (MtA:ToM) Awakened Common

Abyssal Resonance (MtA:B) Abyssal Resonance (MtA:B)
Additional Familiars (MtA:ToW)

Familiar (MtA) Ritual Synergy (MtA:ToM)

Abyssal Resonance (MtA:B)

Abyssal Resonance (MtA:B)

Abyssal Resonance (MtA:B)

Ancient Echoes (MtA:B)

Atlantean Hiesychia (MtA:SRT)

Ancient Echoes (MtA:B) Artifact (MtA) Astral Adept (MtA:MT)

Body-Ravaging Magic (MtA:B)

Ancient Echoes (MtA:B)

Ancient Lands Awakening (MtA:GoG)

Ancient Echoes (MtA:B) Artifact (MtA) Celestial Name (MtA:LtA) Destiny (MtA) Dreamland (MtA:LtA)
Extemporaneous Affinity (MtA:B)

Ancient Echoes (MtA:B) Cartomancer (MtA:KST) Celestial Name (MtA:LtA) Destiny (MtA) Dreamland (MtA:LtA) Friend of Beasts (MtA:ToW) Gesture Lore (MtA:ToM) Glyph Lore (MtA:ToM) Identity Anchor (MtA:ToW)
Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA)

Cartomancer (MtA:KST) Celestial Name (MtA:LtA) Destiny (MtA) Dreamland (MtA:LtA)

Extemporaneous Affinity (MtA:B)

Artifact (MtA) Celestial Name (MtA:LtA) Destiny (MtA) Dreamland (MtA:LtA) Gesture Lore (MtA:ToM) Glyph Lore (MtA:ToM) Goetic Familiar (MtA:GoG) Lu (MtA:MT) Oathbound (MtA:AA) Otherworldly Lore (MtA:S) Rote Tattoo (DoD:MtA) Spirit Status (MtA:ToW)
Tendogakure Hyoho (MtA:GoG)
Tetsujin Undo Hyoho (MtA:GoG)

Cartomancer (MtA:KST) Celestial Name (MtA:LtA) Daimon (MtA:ToW) Destiny (MtA) Dreamland (MtA:LtA)
Extemporaneous Affinity (MtA:B)

Gesture Lore (MtA:ToM) Goetic Familiar (MtA:GoG) Guise of Death (MtA:S)

Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA)

Friend of Beasts (MtA:ToW) Geomancer (MtA:SS) Gesture Lore (MtA:ToM) Glyph Lore (MtA:ToM) High Speech (MtA)
Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA)

Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA) Law of Embodiment (MtA:ToM) Lu (MtA:MT) Oathbound (MtA:AA) Rote Tattoo (DoD:MtA)
Sleepwalker Retainer (MtA)

Feral Mien (MtA:ToW) Gesture Lore (MtA:ToM) Ghost Familiar (MtA:S) Glyph Lore (MtA:ToM)
Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA)

Lu (MtA:MT)
Magical Tradition (MTA:MT)
Manifestation Machine (MtA:FC)

Lu (MtA:MT)
Mana Self Sacrifice (MtA:B)
Manifestation Machine (MtA:FC)

Master Exorcist (MtA:ToW) Image of Perfection (MtA:LtA) Sleepwalker Retainer (MtA) Nimbus Sense (MtA:B) Oathbound (MtA:AA)
Otherworldly Eyes (MtA:ToW)

Spirit Status (MtA:ToW) Supernal Anchor (MtA:S)

Supernal Companion (MtA:S)

Masque (MtA:GotV) Oathbound (MtA:AA) Rote Specialty (MtA:B) Rote Tattoo (DoD:MtA) Skald Cant (MtA:LtA)
Sleepwalker Retainer (MtA) Supernal Resistance (MtA:B)

Long Shifting (MtA:ToW) Lu (MtA:MT) Oathbound (MtA:AA)

Predator's Innocence (MtA:ToW)

Potent Familiar (MtA:ToW) Manifestation Machine (MtA:FC) Rote Specialty (MtA:B) Rote Tattoo (DoD:MtA)
Sleepwalker Retainer (MtA)

Void-Scourged (MtA:S)

Rote Specialty (MtA:B) Rote Tattoo (DoD:MtA) Slayer (MtA:S)

Sleepwalker Retainer (MtA)

Spirit Status (MtA:ToW)

Supernal Resistance (MtA:B)

Void-Scourged (MtA:S)

Summoner's Soul (MtA:S)

Supernal Resistance (MtA:B)

Thrall (MtA) Level 6 Artifact (MtA) Celestial Name (MtA:LtA) Alchemical Lab (MtA:ToM) Athenaeum (MtA:M) Level 7 Artifact (MtA) Celestial Name (MtA:LtA) Sanctum Alchemical Lab (MtA:ToM) Athenaeum (MtA:M) Alchemical Lab (MtA:ToM) Athenaeum (MtA:M) Alchemical Lab (MtA:ToM) Athenaeum (MtA:M) Alchemical Lab (MtA:ToM) Athenaeum (MtA:M) Level 8 Artifact (MtA) Level 9 Artifact (MtA) Level 10 + Artifact (MtA)

Gauntlet (MtA:SS) Guardian Retainer (MtA:SS) Hollow (MtA) Library (MtA) Materials (MtA:SS) Portable (MtA:M) Security (MtA) Size (MtA) Summoning Circle (MtA:S)

Gauntlet (MtA:SS) Guardian Ghost (MtA:SS) Guardian Retainer (MtA:SS) Guardian Spirit (MtA:SS) Hollow (MtA) Library (MtA) Materials (MtA:SS) Scriptorium (MtA:M) Security (MtA) Size (MtA) Summoning Circle (MtA:S)

Guardian Ghost (MtA:SS) Guardian Spirit (MtA:SS) Hollow (MtA) Library (MtA) Materials (MtA:SS) Scriptorium (MtA:M) Security (MtA) Size (MtA) Summoning Circle (MtA:S) Acanthus
Graduate of Otranto (MtA:M)

Guardian Ghost (MtA:SS) Guardian Spirit (MtA:SS) Hollow (MtA) Library (MtA) Materials (MtA:SS) Scriptorium (MtA:M) Security (MtA) Size (MtA)

Guardian Ghost (MtA:SS) Guardian Spirit (MtA:SS) Hollow (MtA) Library (MtA) Materials (MtA:SS) Scriptorium (MtA:M) Security (MtA) Size (MtA)

Guardian Retainer (MtA:SS) Guardian Retainer (MtA:SS) Guardian Retainer (MtA:SS)

The Mysterium Mystery Initiation


Mystery Initiation


Graduate of Otranto (MtA:M) Mystery Initiation (MtA:M) Mystery Initiation (MtA:M)

Mystery Initiation (MtA:M) Thaumaturges Library (WoD:SS) Magical Nexus (WoD:SS) Sacrifice (WoD:SS)
Alchemy (External)

Curse of Ill-Fortune (WoD:SS)

Alchemy (External) (WoD:SS) Alchemy (Internal) (WoD:SS)

Longevity (WoD:SS)

Alchemy (Internal) (WoD:SS)

Divination (WoD:SS) Dream Travel (WoD:SS) Favorable Luck (WoD:SS) Geomancy (WoD:SS) Library (WoD:SS) Scrying (WoD:SS) Second Sight (WoD:SS) Warding (WoD:SS) Weird Science (WoD:SS)

Communion (WoD:SS) Countermagic (WoD:SS) Enchantment (WoD:SS) Evocation (WoD:SS) Invocation (WoD:SS) Library (WoD:SS) Luck Magic (WoD:SS) Magical Nexus (WoD:SS) See Auras (WoD:SS) See Spirits (WoD:SS) Soul Jar (WoD:SS)
Visionary Trances (WoD:SS)

Communion (WoD:SS) Countermagic (WoD:SS) Enchantment (WoD:SS) Evocation (WoD:SS) Healing (WoD:SS) Invocation (WoD:SS) Luck Magic (WoD:SS)
Psychic Projection (WoD:SS)

Soul Jar (WoD:SS)

Visionary Trances (WoD:SS)

Weather Control (WoD:SS) Weird Science (WoD:SS) Witches

Weird Science (WoD:SS) Familiar (HtV:WF) Gifted (HtV:WF) Gnosis (HtV:WF) Talisman (HtV:WF) Mortal Common Gifted (HtV:WF) Gnosis (HtV:WF) Gifted (HtV:WF) Gnosis (HtV:WF) Talisman (HtV:WF) Gifted (HtV:WF) Gnosis (HtV:WF) Gifted (HtV:WF) Gnosis (HtV:WF) Talisman (HtV:WF)

A little knowledge (WoD:As) Doubting Thomas (WoD:SS)

Enchanted Mortal (CtL:ER)

Beacon of Life (BotD) Indomitable (DoD:WoD) Locus-Drinker (WoD:BoS) Medium (BotD)

Residual Spirit Energy (WoD:BoS)

Gatekeeper (BotD) Indomitable (DoD:WoD)

Reality Blasphemy (WoD:SS)

Anti-Psy (WoD:SS) Indomitable (DoD:WoD) Medium (BotD)

Reality Blasphemy (WoD:SS)

Indomitable (DoD:WoD) Lucid Dreaming (CtL)

Psychic Resistance (WoD:SS) Reality Blasphemy (WoD:SS)

Indomitable (DoD:WoD) Initiation (VtR:AB) Lucid Dreamer (WoD:SS)

Psychic Resistance (WoD:SS)

Tech Infection (DoD:WoD)

Unseen Sense (Spirits) (WoD:BoS)

Tech Infection (DoD:WoD) Unbondable (HtV-NS)

Unseen Sense (Spirits) (WoD:BoS)

Psychic Resistance (WoD:SS) Reality Blasphemy (WoD:SS)

Tech Infection (DoD:WoD)

Reality Blasphemy (WoD:SS)
Unseen Sense (Spirits) (WoD:BoS)

Sin-Eater (VtR:M) Tech Infection (DoD:WoD) Unseen Sense (WoD)

Unseen Sense (Spirits) (WoD:BoS)
Unseen Sense (Talecrafting) (CtL:SaD)

Beast-Blooded Watched

Lunatic Glare


Kin/Wolf-Blooded (WtF:BotW)

Beast/Wolf-Blooded (WtF:BotW)

Watched (WtF:BotW) Wolf-Blooded (WtF:BotW)

Watched (WtF:BotW) Wolf-Blooded (WtF:BotW)

Watched (WtF:BotW) Body Thieves

Watched (WtF:BotW)

Amulet (WoD:Im) Unobtrusiveness (WoD:Im)

Amulet (WoD:Im) Steal Sense (WoD:Im) Vitality Drain (WoD:Im)

Emotional Urging (WoD:Im)

Theft of the Sublime (WoD:Im)

Luck Drain (WoD:Im) Morality Sap (WoD:Im) Sleight of Hand (WoD:Im)

Willpower Drain (WoD:Im)

Dampyr Reel it In (NH:WD) Boneless (NH:WD) Fae-Touched Seeming (CtL:ER) Ghouls Regnant (Favor) (VtR:G) Regnant (Power) (VtR:G) Regnant (Trust) (VtR:G) Initiation (VtR:AB) Inherited Ghoul (VtR:G) Regnant (Favor) (VtR:G) Regnant (Power) (VtR:G) Regnant (Trust) (VtR:G) Sexualised (VtR:G) Unotrusive (VtR:G) Hunters Endowments (HtV)
Professional Training (HtV)

Unmask (NH:WD)

Scourge (NH:WD)

Regnant (Favor) (VtR:G) Regnant (Power) (VtR:G) Regnant (Trust) (VtR:G) Source Sympathy (VtR:G)

Regnant (Favor) (VtR:G) Regnant (Power) (VtR:G) Regnant (Trust) (VtR:G)

Regnant (Favor) (VtR:G) Regnant (Power) (VtR:G) Regnant (Trust) (VtR:G)

Endowments (HtV) Favored Weapon (HtV)

Professional Training (HtV)

Endowments (HtV)
Professional Training (HtV)

Endowments (HtV)
Professional Training (HtV)

Endowments (HtV)
Professional Training (HtV)

Safehouse (HtV) Torture Suite (HtV)

Safehouse (HtV) Torture Suite (HtV)

Safehouse (HtV)

Safehouse (HtV)

Safehouse (HtV)

Torture Suite (HtV) Innocents Guardian (WoD:I) Iron Stomach (WoD:I) Mental Prodigy (WoD:I) Odd Jobs (WoD:I) Pet (WoD:I) Physical Prodigy (WoD:I) Social Prodigy (WoD:I) Tiny (WoD:I) Tough (WoD:I) Possessed Animal Familiar

Deep Pockets (WoD:I) Ego Boost (WoD:I) Strong Lungs (WoD:I) Team Player (WoD:I) Tough (WoD:I) Toxin Resistance (WoD) Unseen Sense (WoD:I)

Giant (WoD:I) Guardian (WoD:I) Inspiring (WoD:I) Pet (WoD:I)

Guardian Angel (WoD:I) Trivia Hound (WoD:I)

Animal Familiar


Animal Familiar (WoD:In) Psychics Common

Twilight Familiar (WoD:In)

Imp Familiar (WoD:In)

The Dragon's Tongue (WoD:In)

The Dragon's Tongue (WoD:In)

Believers (WoD:SS) Dowsing (WoD:SS) Dream Travel (WoD:SS) Precognition (WoD:SS)

Believers (WoD:SS) Dream Travel (WoD:SS)

Believers (WoD:SS) ESP

Astral Projection (WoD:SS)

Believers (WoD:SS) Dream Travel (WoD:SS) Postcognition (WoD:SS) Psychometry (WoD:SS)

Believers (WoD:SS) Dream Travel (WoD:SS)

Clairvoyance (WoD:SS) Dream Travel (WoD:SS) Precognition (WoD:SS) Psychometry (WoD:SS) Mediumist
Automatic Writing

Channeling (WoD:SS) Ghost-Calling (WoD:SS) Psychokinetic

Death Sight (WoD:SS)

Biokinesis (WoD:SS) Cryokinesis (WoD:SS) Plant Empathy (WoD:SS) Telekinesis (WoD:SS) Thermokinesis (WoD:SS)

Biokinesis (WoD:SS) Cryokinesis (WoD:SS)

Pyrokinetic Immunity (WoD:SS)

Biokinesis (WoD:SS) Cryokinesis (WoD:SS) Psychic Healing (WoD:SS) Telekinesis (WoD:SS) Thermokinesis (WoD:SS)

Biokinesis (WoD:SS) Cryokinesis (WoD:SS)

Psychic Vampirism (WoD:SS)
Pyrokinetic Immunity (WoD:SS)

Biokinesis (WoD:SS) Cryokinesis (WoD:SS) Electrokinesis (DoD:WoD) Psychic Healing (WoD:SS)

Psychic Vampirism (WoD:SS)

Telekinesis (WoD:SS) Thermokinesis (WoD:SS)

Telekinesis (WoD:SS) Thermokinesis (WoD:SS)

Pyrokinesis (WoD:SS)
Pyrokinetic Shaping (WoD:SS)

Telekinesis (WoD:SS) Thermokinesis (WoD:SS) Telepathic

Animal Empathy

Animal Rapport (WoD:SS) Mind Reading (WoD:SS)

Animal Empathy (WoD:SS)

Animal Possession (WoD:SS)

Animal Rapport (WoD:SS) Aura Reading (WoD:SS)

Aura Reading (WoD:SS)

Telepathic Rapport (WoD:SS) Thought Projection (WoD:SS)

Animal Rapport (WoD:SS) Mind Reading (WoD:SS)

Psychic Empathy (WoD:SS)
Telepathic Communication (WoD:SS)

Mental Blast (WoD:SS) Mind Breaker (WoD:SS) Mind Control (WoD:SS) Mind Reading (WoD:SS)
Psychic Empathy (WoD:SS) Psychic Illusions (WoD:SS)
Psychic Invisibility (WoD:SS)

Thought Projection (WoD:SS)

Purified Dream (WoD:Im)

Essense Reservoir (WoD:Im)

Dream (WoD:Im)
Essense Reservoir (WoD:Im)

Chi (WoD:Im) Dream (WoD:Im) Familiar (WoD:Im) Occultation (WoD:Im)

Shadow Sanctum (WoD:Im)

Dream (WoD:Im)

Dream (WoD:Im)

Occultation (WoD:Im) Ritual Crypt (WoD:Im)

Shadow Sanctum (WoD:Im)

Occultation (WoD:Im)
Shadow Sanctum (WoD:Im)

Slashers Atavism

Morbid Fascination


Murder Expert (HtV:S) Telltale Murder (HtV:S) Sleepwalkers

Damnable Certainty (HtV:S)

Hands of a Killer (HtV:S)

Telltale Murder (HtV:S)

Weaponry Monomaniac (HtV:S)

Living Grimoire


Living Grimoire


Astral Adept (MtA:MT)

Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA)

Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA)

Living Grimoire (DoD:MtA)

Lu (MtA:MT) Proximus (MtA)

Lu (MtA:MT)

Lu (MtA:MT) Sleepwalker (DoD:WoD)

Lu (MtA:MT)

Lu (MtA:MT) Sleepwalker (DoD:WoD) Prometheans

Acid Stomach (PtC:SA) Azothic Object (PtC:SA) Companion (PtC:SA) Elpis (PtC) Famous Face (PtC:SA) Lair (PtC) Repute (PtC) Residual Memory (PtC) Weatherproof (PtC:SA)

Azothic Object (PtC:SA) Device (PtC:SN) Elpis (PtC) Famous Face (PtC:SA) Fresh Corpse (PtC:SA) Hideous Anyway (PtC:SA) Lair (PtC) Pilgrim (PtC:MO) Repute (PtC) Residual Memory (PtC) Unpalatable Aura (PtC)

Azothic Object (PtC:SA) Companion (PtC:SA) Device (PtC:SN) Elpis (PtC) Famous Face (PtC:SA) Good Brain (PtC:SA) Lair (PtC) Repute (PtC) Residual Memory (PtC) Shabti (PtC:SA) Shapeshifters Common

Azothic Object (PtC:SA) Companion (PtC:SA) Device (PtC:SN) Elpis (PtC) Incorruptible (PtC:PB) Residual Memory (PtC) Shepherd (PtC:SA)

Azothic Object (PtC:SA) Device (PtC:SN) Elpis (PtC) Pilgrim (PtC:SA) Residual Memory (PtC)

Pack Affinity (WtF:tR) Pack Tactics (WtF:tR) Protectorate (WtF:tR)

Ephemeral Reckoning


Animal Magnetism (WtF:tR)

Ephemeral Reckoning (WtF:tR)

Pack Tactics (WtF:tR) Protectorate (WtF:tR)

Local (WtF:T)
Metabolic Control (WtF:tR)

Den (WoD:CB) Eyrie (WtF:T)

Nimble Defender (WtF:T) Pack Tactics (WtF:tR)

Short Cuts (WtF:T)

Pack Affinity (WtF:tR) Pack Tactics (WtF:tR) Predator's Gaze (WtF:tR) Protectorate (WtF:tR) Secret Paths (WtF:T) Scout (WtF:T) Synergy (WtF:tR)

Heal like Stone (WtF:BotW) Pack Affinity (WtF:tR) Pack Tactics (WtF:tR) Prophet's Voice (WtF:LtF) Protectorate (WtF:tR) Staunch Defender (WtF:T) Vicious Attecker (WtF:T) Ferals Common

Protectorate (WtF:tR)

Altar Stone (WtF:WatP)

Animal Companion (WoD:CB)

Altar Stone (WtF:WatP)

Animal Companion (WoD:CB)

Altar Stone (WtF:WatP)

Animal Companion (WoD:CB)

Altar Stone (WtF:WatP)

Animal Companion (WoD:CB)

Altar Stone (WtF:WatP)

Old Blood (WtF:WatP)

Bezoar (WtF:WatP) Old Blood (WtF:WatP)

Predator's Bearing (WoD:CB)

Old Blood (WtF:WatP) Prey Charm (WtF:WatP)

Socially Small (WoD:CB) True Breed (WoD:CB) Surthu Athilal Blessed Egg (WtF:WatP) Werewolves Primal Urge

Primal Urge


Primal Urge (HtV:SS) Uratha Ancestral Vessel (WtF:LtF) Legend (WtF:WatP) Totem (WtF)

Primal Urge (HtV:SS) Ancestral Vessel (WtF:LtF) Chain-Breaker (WtF:LtF) Fetish (WtF) Flayed Lune (WtF:B) Legend (WtF:WatP) Totem (WtF)

Primal Urge (HtV:SS) Ancestral Vessel (WtF:LtF) Fetish (WtF) Legend (WtF:WatP) Totem (WtF)

Ancestral Vessel (WtF:LtF) Auspice Blessing (WtF:tR) Howl Code (WtF:LtS) Legend (WtF:WatP) Strong Bloodline (WtF:tP) Totem (WtF)

Ancestral Vessel (WtF:LtF) Legend (WtF:WatP) Moon-Centered (WtF:tR) Synergistics (WtF:TotM) Totem (WtF)

Vampires Kindred Common Personal Animal Ghoul


Animal Ghoul


Animal Ghoul (DoD:VtR) Armor of Scars (NH:IS) Bad Breeding (VtR:ClV)

Bugman Network Membership (NH:IS)

Animal Ghoul (DoD:VtR) Armor of Scars (NH:IS)

Cacophony Listener (VtR:ClD)

Animal Ghoul (DoD:VtR) Armor of Scars (NH:IS)

Bugman Network Membership (NH:IS)

Armor of Scars (NH:IS) Bad Breeding (VtR:ClV) Cant Fluency (VtR:DC)

Cant of the Blood (DoD:VtR)

Armor of Scars (NH:IS) Bad Breeding (VtR:ClV) Cant Savvy (VtR:DC) Carthian Pull (VtR:C) Carthian Lawyer (VtR:C) Close Family (VtR:ClD) Connections (VtR:DC)

Carthian Pull (VtR:C) Connections (VtR:DC) Devoted (VtR:AM) Domain (VtR:DC) Haven/Temple (VtR)

Cacophony Listener (VtR:ClD)

Cacophony Listener (VtR:ClD)

Carthian Pull (VtR:C) Coil Separation (DoD:VtR) Connections (VtR:DC) Devoted (VtR:AM)

Carthian Pull (VtR:C) Close Family (VtR:ClD) Connections (VtR:DC)

Carthian Pull (VtR:C) Close Family (VtR:ClD) Connections (VtR:DC)

Devoted (VtR:AM) Doll Face (VtR:ClM) Domain (VtR:DC) Good Breeding (VtR:ClV) Haven/Temple (VtR) Herd (VtR)
Haunted Channel (VtR:ClN)

Devoted (VtR:AM)
Distant Sympathy (VtR:AM)

Crucible Ritual (VtR:OD) Devoted (VtR:AM) Domain (VtR:DC) Dream Visions (VtR:ClM) Ghost Eater (BotD) Good Breeding (VtR:ClV) Haven/Temple (VtR) Herd (VtR)
Haunted Channel (VtR:ClN)

Herd (VtR)
Haunted Channel (VtR:ClN)

Domain (VtR:DC) Haven/Temple (VtR) Herd (VtR) Hi-No-Ko (VtR:CotC)

Haunted Channel (VtR:ClN)

Domain (VtR:DC) Fontal Ritual (VtR:OD) Good Breeding (VtR:ClV) Haven/Temple (VtR) Herd (VtR)
Haunted Channel (VtR:ClN)

Haunted Hand (VtR:ClN) Initiation (VtR:AB)

Kindred Medium (VtR:NO)

Mandragora (DoD:VtR) Necropolis (VtR:ClN)

Of Rose and Thorn (VtR:ClG)

Haunted Hand (VtR:ClN) Initiation (VtR:AB) Mandragora (DoD:VtR) Necropolis (VtR:ClN) Patron (VtR:RfR) Rapport (VtR:AB) Requiem Diary (VtR:AM)
Speaker for the Eclipsed (VtR:I)

Haunted Hand (VtR:ClN)

House Membership (VtR:I)

Haunted Hand (VtR:ClN) Initiation (VtR:AB)

Kindred Medium (VtR:NO)

Patron (VtR:RfR) Rapport (VtR:AB) Requiem Diary (VtR:AM)

Speaker for the Eclipsed (VtR:I)

Initiation (VtR:AB) Lordly Pallete (VtR:ClV) Mandragora (DoD:VtR) Necropolis (VtR:ClN) Patron (VtR:RfR) Rapport (VtR:AB)
Remnant of Clarity (VtR:AM)

Haunted Hand (VtR:ClN)

House Membership (VtR:I)
Inhuman Resistance (VtR:ClG)

Lordly Pallete (VtR:ClV) Mandragora (DoD:VtR) Necropolis (VtR:ClN) Pack Blooded (VtR:ClG) Patron (VtR:RfR) Rapport (VtR:AB)
Remnant of Clarity (VtR:AM)

Initiation (VtR:AB) Liver-Eating (VtR:M) Lordly Pallete (VtR:ClV) Mandragora (DoD:VtR) Necropolis (VtR:ClN)
Night Doctor Surgery (VtR:C)

Swarm Master (NH:WD)

Tap the Torpid Mind (VtR:I)
The Enlightened Code of the Lawgiver (VtR:M)

Tap the Torpid Mind (VtR:I) Torpor Connection (VtR:I) Unliving Anchor (VtR:ClN)

The Red Path of Aeshma (VtR:M)

Requiem Diary (VtR:AM)

Speaker for the Eclipsed (VtR:I)

Torpor Connection (VtR:I)

Travails of the Unifier (VtR:M)

Tap the Torpid Mind (VtR:I)

Taste of the Strange (VtR:AM)
The Enlightened Code of the Lawgiver (VtR:M)

Requiem Diary (VtR:AM)

Speaker for the Eclipsed (VtR:I)

Patron (VtR:RfR) Rapport (VtR:AB)

Remnant of Clarity (VtR:AM)

Unliving Anchor (VtR:ClN)

Swarm Mind (VtR:ClG)

Tenacious Consciousness (VtR:AM)

The Red Path of Aeshma (VtR:M)

Requiem Diary (VtR:AM)

Speaker for the Eclipsed (VtR:I)

Torpor Connection (VtR:I)

Travails of the Unifier (VtR:M)

Tap the Torpid Mind (VtR:I)

The Enlightened Code of the Lawgiver (VtR:M)

Tap the Torpid Mind (VtR:I)

The Enlightened Code of the Lawgiver (VtR:M)

Unliving Anchor (VtR:ClN) Vitae Connoisseur (VtR:AM)

The Red Path of Aeshma (VtR:M)

Torpor Connection (VtR:I)

Travails of the Unifier (VtR:M)

The Red Path of Aeshma (VtR:M)

Torpor Connection (VtR:I)

Travails of the Unifier (VtR:M)

Unliving Anchor (VtR:ClN)

Vice over Virtue (VtR:AM) Zeal (VtR:AM)

Unliving Anchor (VtR:ClN)

Virtue's Twin (VtR:I)

Will of the Dynasty (VtR:I)

Domain Feeding Ground


Feeding Ground


Feeding Ground (VtR:DC) Interactive (VtR:DC) Location (VtR:DC) Reactive (VtR:DC) Security (VtR:DC) Site (VtR:DC) Size (VtR:DC)

Feeding Ground (VtR:DC) Interactive (VtR:DC) Location (VtR:DC) Reactive (VtR:DC) Security (VtR:DC) Site (VtR:DC) Size (VtR:DC)

Feeding Ground (VtR:DC) Interactive (VtR:DC) Location (VtR:DC) Reactive (VtR:DC) Security (VtR:DC) Site (VtR:DC) Size (VtR:DC)

Interactive (VtR:DC) Location (VtR:DC) Reactive (VtR:DC) Security (VtR:DC) Site (VtR:DC) Size (VtR:DC)

Interactive (VtR:DC) Location (VtR:DC) Reactive (VtR:DC) Security (VtR:DC) Site (VtR:DC) Size (VtR:DC)

Tenant (VtR:DC) Vassal (VtR:DC) Altar (VtR:CotC) Chapter Library (NH:IS)

Geomantic Nexus (DoD:VtR)

Tenant (VtR:DC) Vassal (VtR:DC) Altar (VtR:CotC) Chapter Library (NH:IS)

Geomantic Nexus (DoD:VtR)

Tenant (VtR:DC) Vassal (VtR:DC) Haven/Temple Chapter Library (NH:IS)

Geomantic Nexus (DoD:VtR)

Tenant (VtR:DC) Vassal (VtR:DC) Chapter Library (NH:IS)

Geomantic Nexus (DoD:VtR)

Tenant (VtR:DC) Vassal (VtR:DC) Chapter Library (NH:IS)

Geomantic Nexus (DoD:VtR)

Location (VtR) Occultation (VtR:ClM) Security (VtR) Size (VtR) Tomb (VtR:AM) Necropolis

Location (VtR) Security (VtR) Size (VtR) Tomb (VtR:AM)

Location (VtR) Security (VtR) Size (VtR)

Location (VtR) Occultation (VtR:ClM) Security (VtR) Size (VtR) Tomb (VtR:AM) Bleak Annals

Location (VtR) Occultation (VtR:ClM) Security (VtR) Size (VtR) Tomb (VtR:AM) Bleak Annals

Bleak Annals (VtR:ClN) Catacombs (VtR:ClN) Jail (VtR:ClN)

Labyrinth Guardians (VtR:ClN)

Bleak Annals (VtR:ClN) Caldarium (VtR:ClN) Catacombs (VtR:ClN) Jail (VtR:ClN)

Necropolis Spectre (VtR:ClN)

Bleak Annals (VtR:ClN) Caldarium (VtR:ClN) Catacombs (VtR:ClN) Jail (VtR:ClN)

Necropolis Spectre (VtR:ClN)

Catacombs (VtR:ClN) Hub/Hotspot (VtR:ClN) Jail (VtR:ClN)

Necropolis Spectre (VtR:ClN)

Catacombs (VtR:ClN) Dark Temple (VtR:ClN) Garbage Pit (VtR:ClN) Jail (VtR:ClN)
Necropolis Spectre (VtR:ClN)

Necropolis Spectre (VtR:ClN)

Sepulchers (VtR:ClN) Theatre (VtR:ClN) Trapdoor (VtR:ClN)

Sepulchers (VtR:ClN) Theatre (VtR:ClN) Trapdoor (VtR:ClN) Daeva Voyeur (VtR:ClD) Gangrel Savage Kenning (VtR:ClG) Undead Menses (VtR:ClG) Nosferatu True Worm (VtR:ClN)
Unyielding Mask (VtR:ClN)

Sepulchers (VtR:ClN) Theatre (VtR:ClN)

Sepulchers (VtR:ClN) Theatre (VtR:ClN)

Sepulchers (VtR:ClN) Theatre (VtR:ClN) Trapdoor (VtR:ClN)

Voyeur (VtR:ClD)

Unyielding Mask (VtR:ClN)

Inherited Resistance (VtR:ClV)

Inherited Resistance

Jiang Shi Living Anchor (NH:WD) Natures Adults Virtues Charity (WoD) Faith (WoD) Fortitude (WoD) Hope (WoD) Vices Justice (WoD) Prudence (WoD)
Temperance (WoD)

Greed (WoD)

Pride (WoD)

Envy (WoD)

Sloth (WoD) Innocents Assets

Wrath (WoD)

Lust (WoD)

Gluttony (WoD)

Brave (WoD:I) Friendly (WoD:I) Cowardly


Calm (WoD:I) Generous (WoD:I) Hyperactive


Creative (WoD:I) Honest (WoD:I) Faults Dull (WoD:I) Dishonest (WoD:I) Powers Dampyr Abilities

Dependable (WoD:I) Kind (WoD:I) Irresponsible (WoD:I) Cruel (WoD:I)

Fair (WoD:I) Optimistic (WoD:I) Egotistical (WoD:I) Brash (WoD:I)

Violent (WoD:I)

Greedy (WoD:I)

Aura of the Ordinary Level 1 Initiation (VtR:VII)

Seek the Wise Blood (VtR:VII)


Poisoned Veins (NH:WD) Magic Level 3 Ahranite Sorcery Restored Visage (VtR:VII)
Visage of the Nameless (VtR:VII)

The Penetrating Eye (NH:WD) Level 4 Sinner's Skin (VtR:VII) Level 5

Mantle of the Demon (VtR:VII) Shaddad's Vengeance (VtR:VII)

Level 2 Draugr Curse (VtR:VII)

Thirsting Dagger (VtR:VII)
Babble of Horrid Voices (WoD:SS)

Cult Rituals
Apprehend the Emphemera (WoD:SS)

All Eyes Serve the God (WoD:SS)

Baleful Tribulation of the God (WoD:SS)

Compel the God (WoD:SS)

Inexorable Pull of Entropy (WoD:SS)
Sacred Invocation of the Desacrated Line (WoD:SS)

As One with Those That Walk in between (WoD:SS)

Dead Voyage (WoD:SS) Elder Tongue (WoD:SS)

Gem in the Garden (WoD:SS)

Eye of the God (WoD:SS) Harbinger (WoD:SS)

Perverted Desire (WoD:SS)

Devouring Jaws of the God (WoD:SS) Deadly Form of the God (WoD:UL)

Betrayal of Memory (WoD:SS)

Dreams of Lust and Terror (WoD:SS)

Mark of the God (WoD:SS)

Primal Shudder (WoD:SS)

Minor Form of the God (WoD:SS)

Numina Common Animal Control (WoD) Clasp (WoD:BoS) Drain (WoD:BoS) Firestarter (WoD:BoS) Harrow (WoD:BoS) Living Fetter (WoD:BoS) Possession (WoD:BoS) Sleep Eater (WoD:BoS) Spiritual Vision (WoD:BoS) Empower Host

Berserk Stamina (MtA:AA) Berserk Strength (MtA:AA) Compulsion (WoD) Ensnare (WoD:BoS) Freeze (WoD:BoS) Heal (WoD:BoS)
Magnetic Disruption (WoD)

Blast (WoD:BoS)
Damnation's Path (WoD:BoS)

Camouflage (WoD:BoS) Dement (WoD:BoS) Final Strike (WoD:BoS) Hallucinations (WoD:BoS)

Left-Handed Spanner (WoD:BoS)

Concealment (WoD:BoS) Fearstruck (WoD:BoS) Ghost Sign (WoD:I)

Horrific Renewal (WoD:AR)
Mechanical Possession (WoD:BoS)

Fetter (WoD:BoS) Gremlin's Touch (WoD:I) Howl (WoD:BoS) Phantasm (WoD:I) Secretions (WtF:LtS) Speed (WoD:BoS) Terrify (WoD) Remolding (MtA:RotE)

Platonic Element (MtA:AR)

Regenerate (WoD:BoS) Soul Harvest (WoD:BoS) Stalwart (WoD:BoS) Grant Investment Tendrils (MtA:I)

Savant (WoD:BoS) Soul Snatch (WoD:BoS) Telekinesis (WoD:BoS) Abyssal Entities Regeneration (MtA:I) Arkhitekton (NH:U)

Sense Character (WtF:B) Spirit Venom (WoD:BoS) Unfetter (WoD:BoS) Sense Prey (MtA:I)

Spirit Sign (MtA:I) Arcane Scaffold (NH:U)

Reconstruct Body (NH:U)

Vessel of Power (NH:U)

Astral Entities Accelerate


Armor of Fantasy


Astral Sojourn (MtA:S) Derange (MtA:S) Fortify Material (MtA:S) Leave Dream (MtA:AR) Sense Weakness (MtA:AR) Take Memory (MtA:AR) Versatile Energies (MtA:S)

Binding Vow (MtA:S)

Destroy Ephemera (MtA:AR)

Countermagic (MtA:AR)
Emotional Urging (MtA:AR)

Create Anomaly (MtA:S)

Essence Conversion (MtA:S)

Cut Emotional Ties (MtA:AR)

Feed (MtA:AR)
Incognito Presence (MtA:AR)

Gauntlet Control (MtA:S)

Psychic Reprogramming (MtA:AR)

Ghostly Presence (MtA:S) Psychic Torment (MtA:S) Silent Worlds (MtA:AR) Trial (MtA:S)

Grant Influence (MtA:AR) Reveal Flaws (MtA:AR) Spirit Crown (MtA:S) Underworld Gate (MtA:S) Altered Structure (NH:U) Fetid Humors (MtA:S)
The Spaces In-Between (MtA:S)

Second Sight (MtA:AR)

Symbolic Camouflage (MtA:AR)

Sever Virtue or Vice (MtA:AR)

Terrifying Change (MtA:AR)

Usurp Vice (MtA:S) Inorganic (NH:U) Freezing Blast (MtA) Trill (MtA:S)

Clockwork Mechanisms (NH:U) Machine Strength (NH:U) Supernatural Tolerance (NH:U) Cryptids
Impossible Technologies (MtA:S)

The Color of Futility (MtA:S)

The Eyes of Madness (MtA)

Demons Babel

Create Pact


Fascination with Vengeance (MtA:AR)

Legion (WoD:In) Vestment (WoD:In) Claim Body (NH:WD) Frequency (MtA:S)

Manifestation Site (WoD:SoM)

Hellform (WoD:In)

Perfect Lie (WoD:In)

Abandoning the Haunt

Supreme Possession (WoD:In)

Utter Damnation (WoD:In) Ghosts Banshee Wail (BotD) Manacles (G:tS) One Step Behind (BotD) Sin Feeder (G:tS) Gnomon (NH:U) Temporal Eyes (NH:U) Lucid (NH:U) Supernal Sense (NH:U) Metathron (NH:U)

Attach (VtR:M) Indestructable (NH:U) Materialise (NH:U)

Sacrifice of the Dark Mother (NH:IS)

Clairvoyance (WoD:I) Ghost-Eater (BotD) Manifest Workshop (NH:U) Proxy (WoD:GS)

Consume Offering (G:tS) Create Clockwork Slave (NH:U) Dissembling Guise (BotD) Ghost Speech (WoD:I)
Manipulate Element (BotD)

Pathfinder (BotD) Sever (VtR:M)

Temporal Projection (NH:U) Take the Final Breath (NH:U)

Replay (WoD:SoUK) Anesthetize (NH:U) Breaking Point (NH:U) Fate Attunement (NH:U)
Aggressive Meme (PtC:PB) Command Pandoran (PtC)

Paralyze (NH:U)
Soul Stone Talisman (NH:U) Muse of Tragedy (NH:U)

Temporal Transplant (NH:U)

Qashmalin Awe (PtC:PB) End Disease (PtC:PB) Imitation (PtC:PB) Invoke Firestorm (PtC:PB) Plague Crow (PtC:PB) Raise Flux (PtC:PB)
The Rising of the Light (PtC:PB)

Blight (PtC:PB) Ersatz Mortality (PtC:PB) Immolate (PtC:PB) Manipulate Time (PtC:PB) Pray for Rain (PtC:PB) Recharge Pyros (PtC:PB) Ravaged (NH:U) Common

Burning Coal (PtC:PB) Ghastly Crew (PtC:PB)

Implant Delusion (PtC:PB)

Chariot of Fire (PtC:PB) Grant Vision (PtC) Impart (PtC:PB) Parthenogenesis (PtC:PB) Pyros Drain (PtC) Soothe Disquiet (PtC:PB)

Heal the Land (PtC:PB) Invoke Disquiet (PtC:PB) Pillar of Salt (PtC:PB) Rain of Frogs (PtC:PB)
Teiresian Metamorphosis (PtC:PB)

Mutagenic Blast (PtC:PB) Pyretic Chorale (PtC:PB) Resurrection (PtC:PB)

Abyssal Resonance


Thick Skin


Jonathan Marks (NH:U) Cleansing Flame (NH:U) Electric Surge (NH:U) Light Control (NH:U)
Memory Flashes

Healing Light (NH:U) Maria Finnley (NH:U) Sense Supernal (NH:U) Theodore Watkins (NH:U) Sonic Blast (NH:U) Reflections
Selective Manifestation

Snatch (VtR:ClM) Revenants Inspiration (WoD:An) Somnium Draconis (NH:U)

Voice Message (VtR:ClM) Spirit Prowess (WoD:An) Siphon (WoD:An)

Dead Eyes (WoD:An) Zombify (WoD:An) Atlantean Runes (NH:U)

Dead Skin (WoD:An)

Illusion of Flesh (NH:U)

Minor Miracle (NH:U) Spirits Common

The Stones that Bind (NH:U) Unnatural Construction (NH:U)

Abduct (WoD:BoS) Commune (WoD:BoS) Emotional Aura (WoD:BoS) Hibernate (WoD:BoS) Mass Claim (NH:W) Morphic Form (WoD:BoS) Pathfinder (WoD:BoS) Reassemble Soul (NH:U)
Sense Awakened Soul (MtA:BU)

Ban of Power (WoD:BoS) Corpse Ride (WoD:BoS) Fictive Form (WtF:B) Infiltrate (NH:U) Materialise (WoD:BoS) Mortal Mask (WoD:BoS)
Plague of the Dead (WoD:BoS)

Chain of Death (WoD:BoS) Desiccation (WoD:BoS)

Gauntlet Breach (WoD:BoS)

Chorus (WoD:BoS) Discorporation (WoD:BoS) Ghost-Eater (WoD:BoS) Maddness (NH:W) Meme Infection (MtA:MT) Omen Trance (WoD:BoS) Rapture (WoD:BoS) Sea to Shining Sea (NH:W) Sleep (NH:W) Threshold (WoD:BoS)

Claim (WoD:BoS)
Elemental Immunity (WoD:BoS)

Greater Influence (WoD:BoS)

Manipulate Element (WoD:BoS)

Innocuous (WoD:BoS) Material Vision (WoD:BoS) Necrosis (NH:W)

Poison the Totem, Poison the Pack (NH:W)

Merge (HtV:SS) Paralyse (NH:W) Reaching (WoD:BoS) Seek (WoD:BoS) Spirit Minions (WoD:BoS)
Transmogrify Victim (WoD:BoS)

Rebirth (WoD:BoS) Sense Influence (WtF:B) Telepathy (WoD:BoS) Whisper Chorus (WtF:B)

Revelation (WtF:P) Sense Territory (NH:W) Thieve (WoD:BoS) Idigam Common

Swarm Form (WoD:BoS) Wilds Sense (WoD:BoS)

Create Su'ur (NH:W)

Spirit Manipulation (NH:W)

Essence Attack (NH:W)

Essence Shaping (NH:W) Gamugur

Locus Manipulation (NH:W)

Manipulate Gauntlet (NH:W)

Divine Clay


The Light


The Mind of God (NH:W) The Ressurrection (NH:W) Gifmalu Igizalag

Liquify (NH:W) Ravenous Hunger (NH:W)

One Million Eyes (NH:W) Musughana Udu Luhal

Filth Form


Umum Wabalu Damu

Emotional Aura (NH:W) Zul Sanak Infinite Forms (NH:W) Temple Guardians Countermagic (MtA) Siddhi Level 1 Influence Spirit (WoD:Im) Distant Vision (WoD:Im) Spirit Projection (WoD:Im) Tread Lightly (WoD:Im) Exorcism (WoD:Im) Summoning Spirits (WoD:Im)
Ward Against Supernatural Beings (WoD:Im)

Level 2 Command

Level 3 Command the Rebelious Spirit (WoD:Im) Walking the Hidden Shortcuts (WoD:Im) Underworld Projection (WoD:Im) Twilight Shift (WoD:Im) Mass Banishing (WoD:Im) Call Spirit (WoD:Im) Ward Against the Living (WoD:Im)

Influence Beasts and Mortals (WoD:Im) Piercing the Distance (WoD:Im) Ethered Presence (WoD:Im) Projection (WoD:Im) Twilight Projection (WoD:Im) Shifting (WoD:Im) Breach Barriers (WoD:Im) Spiritual Defense (WoD:Im) Touch of Death or Life (WoD:Im) Summoning (WoD:Im) Summon the Wandering Shade (WoD:Im) Warding (WoD:Im) Ward Against Magic (WoD:Im) Vestments Envy (WoD:In)

Epicaricacy (WoD:In) Green Eyes (WoD:In) Hellhound (WoD:In) Liar's Tongue (WoD:In) Never Last (WoD:In) Your Pain, My Pleasure (WoD:In) Aura of Gross Indulgence (WoD:In) Camel's Hump (WoD:In) In Excess (WoD:In) Sinful Girth (WoD:In) Strange Regurgitation (WoD:In) Unnatural Consumption (WoD:In) Bribing the Soul (WoD:In) Greedy Insulation (WoD:In)

Anything You Can Do (WoD:In) Envy's Grasp (WoD:In) Mortal Shell (WoD:In) The Quiet Curse (WoD:In) Tainted Countenance (WoD:In) Without Merit (WoD:In) Gluttony (WoD:In) Gourmand Grotesquerie (WoD:In) Hungry Kiss (WoD:In) Iron Jaw (WoD:In) Sheen of Grease (WoD:In) Swallow (WoD:In) Voracious Bite (WoD:In) Greed (WoD:In) Blinded (WoD:In) Miser (WoD:In)

Denunciation (WoD:In) Envious Mouths (WoD:In) False Pretenses (WoD:In) Repudiate Faith (WoD:In) Sour Grapes (WoD:In) Steal Vitality (WoD:In) Beelzebul's Breath (WoD:In) Discriminating Palette (WoD:In) Feed on Pain (WoD:In) Regurgitate (WoD:In) Taste of Ashes (WoD:In) Toad Bloat (WoD:In) Capital Gains (WoD:In) Hired Hands (WoD:In)

Temporal Strength (WoD:In) The Acquisition of Wealth (WoD:In) The Haggler's Pact (WoD:In) Toad's Boon (WoD:In)

Moneyed Tongue (WoD:In) These Golden Hands (WoD:In)

Midas Touch (WoD:In) Mammon's Grasp (WoD:In) Middleman (WoD:In) Petty Theft (WoD:In)

Lust (WoD:In) Dark Side Theft (WoD:In) Incubus Theft (WoD:In) Intimate Knowledge (WoD:In) Mother May I (WoD:In) Prurient Perfume (WoD:In) The Embrace (WoD:In) Authority of Man (WoD:In) The Deadliest of Sins (WoD:In) Dominant Sphere (WoD:In) Jack of All Trades (WoD:In) Speed of the Steed (WoD:In) Supremacy (WoD:In) Bedsores (WoD:In) Cut Price Effort (WoD:In) Ease of Thought (WoD:In) Gray World (WoD:In) Instant Gratification (WoD:In) Something for Nothing (WoD:In) Anger Burs Hot (WoD:In) Fleet Feet of Purpose (WoD:In) Skillful Demands (WoD:In) Slayer of Men (WoD:In) Swift Intercession (WoD:In) Wrath of the Wrench (WoD:In) Cruel Ambrosia (WoD:In) Excite (WoD:In) Honeyed Tongue (WoD:In) Purgatory's Failure (WoD:In) Sleep Paralysis (WoD:In) Succubus Kiss (WoD:In) Pride (WoD:In) Armor of Contempt (WoD:In) Arrogance (WoD:In) Eyes of Above (WoD:In) Goeth Before Destruction (WoD:In) Lord of the Beasts (WoD:In) Voice of Thunder (WoD:In) Sloth (WoD:In) Enervation (WoD:In) Fester (WoD:In) Griefstruck (WoD:In) Maladroit Victims (WoD:In) Radius of Languor (WoD:In) Swarmskin (WoD:In) Wrath (WoD:In) Bonded Weapon (WoD:In) Fueled by Rage (WoD:In) Ira Furor Brevis Est (WoD:In) Might Makes Right (WoD:In) Surprise, You're Dead (WoD:In) Tooth for Tooth (WoD:In) Sample Equipment Cost 1 Clicker

Bloody Caress (WoD:In) Flight of the Seducer (WoD:In) Hard to Catch (WoD:In) Heartbreaker (WoD:In) Masochist (WoD:In) Pain is Pleasure (WoD:In) Chain of Command (WoD:In) Denial (WoD:In) Gloating Flesh (WoD:In) Icarus' Folly (WoD:In) Infernal Grandeur (WoD:In) Lightbringer (WoD:In) Creep (WoD:In) Idle Hands (WoD:In) Laze (WoD:In) Miasmat (WoD:In) The Immovable Object (WoD:In) Twisting Horns (WoD:In) Blood Frenzy (WoD:In) Boiling Blood (WoD:In) Burning Wrath (WoD:In) Inferno (WoD:In) Juggernaut (WoD:In) Spite (WoD:In)

Cost 2 Harness

Cost 3 Animal Training

Cost 4

Cost 5

Leash (HtV) Reinforcement (HtV)

Archaic Ranged Blowgun


Bow, compound


Atlalt (WoD:Ar) Crossbow (WoD:Ar)

Crossbow, arbalest (WoD:Ar)

Crossbow, repeating (WoD:Ar)

Bow (WoD:Ar) Dart (WoD:Ar) Hatchet (WoD:Ar) Knife, throwing (WoD:Ar) Short Bow (VtR:RfR) Shuriken (WoD:Ar) Sling (WoD:Ar) Sling, stave (WoD:Ar)

Crossbow, hand (WoD:Ar) Javelin, combat (WoD:Ar)

Javelin, competition (WoD:Ar)

Pilum/Spear (VtR:RfR) Trident (VtR:RfR)

Armor and Shields Flak Jacket (WoD:Ar) Leather Armor (WoD:Ar)

Improvised Shields (WoD:Ar)
Reinforced Clothing (WoD:Ar)
Bulletproof Vest, Accessories

Ballistic Shield (WoD:Ar)

Bulletproof Clothing (WoD:AR)

Ballistic Armor Wall (WoD:Ar)

Bomb Suit (WoD:Ar)

Dragon Skin Vest (WoD:AR)

Chain Mail (WoD:Ar) Gladiator Armor (VtR:RfR) Helmet (VtR:RfR)

Improvised Shields (WoD:Ar)

Lorica Segmeritata (WoD:Ar)

Bulletproof Vest (WoD:Ar) Chain Mail (WoD:Ar)

Dragon Skin Additional (WoD:AR)

Plate Armor (WoD:Ar)

Tribune Armor (VtR:RfR)

Sports Equipment (WoD:Ar)

Leather Cuirass (VtR:RfR) Riot Shield (WoD:Ar) Small Shield (VtR:RfR) Claws (HtV:S) Concealed Pouch (HtV:S) Filed Teeth (HtV:S)
Extreme Scarification (HtV:S)

Full Riot Gear (WoD:Ar) Lorica Hamata (VtR:RfR)

Lorica Segmentata (VtR:RfR)

Medieval Shield (WoD:Ar) Legionary Shield (VtR:RfR)

Body Modifications Claws (HtV:S) Filed Teeth (HtV:S) Drugs Bayer




Generic Hospital Drug (WoD:Ar)

Generic OTC Drug (WoD:Ar)

Codeine (WoD:Ar) Demerol (WoD:Ar)

Generic Prescription Drug (WoD:Ar)

Morphilite (WoD:AR) Morphine (WoD:Ar)

Percocet (WoD:Ar) Street Narcotics (HtV) Tylenol 3 (WoD:Ar)

Miranetam (WoD:AR) OxyContin (WoD:Ar) Stigma (WoD:AR) Street Narcotics (HtV) Tramadol (WoD:Ar) Truth Serum (HtV) Electronic Equipment

Cellphone (HtV)
Web-Based Analysis (HtV)
White Noise Generator (HtV)

Desktop Computers


Desktop Computers (HtV)

Bafflers (WoD:AR)
Centurion Initiative System (WoD:AR)


Headset Comm (HtV) Smartphone (HtV)

Headset Comm (HtV)

Portable Computers (HtV)

HUD Contact Lenses (WoD:AR)

Voice Disguiser (WoD:Ar)

White Noise Generator (HtV)

Sat Phone (WoD:Ar) Explosives

Desktop Computers (HtV) Portable Computers (HtV)

ANFO, 1 gallon (WoD:Ar)

Blasting Cap, electric (WoD:Ar)

Blasting Cap, non-electric


Blasting Machine (WoD:Ar)

High Explosive (WoD)

C-4, 1.25 lb, block (WoD:Ar)

Concussion (WoD)
Countdown Detonator (WoD:Ar)

Bottle Rocket (WoD:Ar)

Dynamite, 1 stick (WoD:Ar) Flashpowder, 1 lb (WoD:Ar) Firecrackers, tiny (WoD:Ar)
Firecrackers, M-1000 (WoD:Ar)

C-4, 5 lb, sheet (WoD:Ar) Det Cord, 10' (WoD:Ar) Fougasse (WoD:Ar)
Nitroglycerin, 1 oz (WoD:Ar)
Radio Detonator, short range (WoD:Ar) Radio Receiver w/ Blasting Cap (WoD:Ar)

Demolitions Kit (WoD)

Radio Detonator, long range (WoD:Ar)

Shredding (WoD) Single Destructive (WoD)

Gunpowder, 1 lb (WoD:Ar)

Incediary (WoD) Roman Candle (WoD:Ar)

Semtex, 1 lb (WoD:Ar)
Time-Delay Fuse (WoD:Ar)

TNT, 1 stick (WoD:Ar) Firearms .22 LR (WoD:Ar)

Generic Break-Action (WoD:Ar)

.357 Magnum (WoD:Ar) .38 Special (WoD:Ar)

American Derringer COP (WoD:Ar)

.44 Magnum (WoD:Ar) American 180 (WoD:Ar) Colt M16 (WoD:Ar)

Colt Single Action Army (WoD:Ar)

AA12 Shotgun (WoD:AR) ADS (WoD:AR)

Beretta Model 93R (WoD:Ar)
Colt Single Action Army (WoD:Ar)

A1 AW Covert (WoD:Ar)
AS-50 Sniper Rifle (WoD:AR)

Generic Derringer (WoD:Ar)

Barrett M107 (WoD:Ar)

Browning M1918 BAR (WoD:Ar)

Generic Holdout (WoD:Ar)

Generic Plinking Rifle (WoD:Ar)

Beretta Model 92 (WoD:Ar)

Colt M1911A1 (WoD:Ar)

Colt Single Action Army (WoD:Ar)

CZ Scorpion (WoD:Ar) Dazzler, rail (WoD:AR) Dazzler, tripod (WoD:AR) FN Five-seveN (WoD:Ar)
Generic 9mm Luger (WoD:Ar)

Daewoo USAS-12 (WoD:Ar)

Browning M2HB (WoD:Ar) Generic A-M Rifle (WoD:Ar)

Generic Zip Gun (WoD:Ar)

Dazzler, rifle (WoD:AR) FN P90 (WoD:Ar)

Freedom Arms Model 83 (WoD:Ar)
Generic 5.56mm Bullpup AR (WoD:Ar)

Intratec TEC-9 (WoD:Ar)

Luger Parabellum P08 (WoD:Ar)

Generic 9mm Luger (WoD:Ar)

Generic GPMG (WoD:Ar) Generic HMG (WoD:Ar) Generic SAW (WoD:Ar) H&K PSG-1 (WoD:Ar) Magpul Masada (WoD:AR) Saco M60 (WoD:Ar) XM29 OICW (WoD:AR)

Generic .40 S&W (WoD:Ar) Generic .45 ACP (WoD:Ar)

Generic Lever-Action (WoD:Ar)

NAA Black Widow (WoD:Ar)

RSA Makarov PM (WoD:Ar)

Generic .45 ACP (WoD:Ar)

Generic 5.56mm AR (WoD:Ar) Generic 7.62mm AR (WoD:Ar)
Generic Hunting Rifle (WoD:Ar)
Generic Semi-Automatic (WoD:Ar) Generic Silhouette Pistol (WoD:Ar)

Generic Big-Game Rifle (WoD:Ar)

Ruger 10/22 (WoD:Ar) Ruger Mark II (WoD:Ar)

Sharps Model 1A (WoD:Ar)

Generic Pen Gun (WoD:Ar)

Generic Pump-Action (WoD:Ar)

Generic Sniper Rifle (WoD:Ar)

H&K Mk. 23 (WoD:Ar) H&K MP5 (WoD:Ar) H&K MP5K (WoD:Ar) H&K MP7 (WoD:Ar) Hand Cannon (WoD:Ar) KAC Masterkey (WoD:Ar) KAC SR-25 (WoD:Ar)

Generic Target Rifle (WoD:Ar)

Simonov SKS (WoD:Ar)

Springfield Armory M1 Garland (WoD:Ar)

Glock 17 (WoD:Ar) Glock 26 (WoD:Ar) Intratec TEC-9 (WoD:Ar)

Mauser Model 1898 (WoD:Ar)

Walther PPK (WoD:Ar)

Musket, double (WoD:Ar) Pistol (WoD:Ar) Pistol, double (WoD:Ar) Pistol, single (WoD:Ar)
Remington Model 700 (WoD:Ar)

Musket (WoD:Ar)
P&R Medusa Model 47 (WoD:Ar)

Rifle (WoD:Ar) RSA AK-47 (WoD:Ar) RSA Saiga 12k (WoD:Ar) Ruger Mini-14 (WoD:Ar)
S&W Model 36 Ladysmith (WoD:Ar)

Magnum Research Desert Eagle (WoD:Ar)

Rifle, double (WoD:Ar) Rifle, heavy (WoD:Ar) Rifle, light (WoD:Ar) Revolver, heavy (WoD:Ar)

Spencer Repeating Carbine (WoD:Ar)

Revolver, light (WoD:Ar)

Rodda .557 Howdah Pistol(WoD:Ar)

Musket (WoD:Ar)
Pistol, pepperbox (WoD:Ar)

Taurus Model 22H (WoD:Ar)

Thunder-5 (WoD:Ar)
Winchester Model 1897 (WoD:Ar)

RSA Bizon-2 (WoD:Ar)

S&W Model 500 (WoD:Ar)

Reutech Striker (WoD:Ar)

Rifle, elephant gun (WoD:Ar)
RSA Dragunov SVD (WoD:Ar)

Stechkin APS (WoD:Ar)

Springfield Armory M1 Garland (WoD:Ar)

Steyr AUG (WoD:Ar)

Weatherby Mk. V (WoD:Ar)

Thompson M1928 (WoD:Ar)

Winchester Model 1873 (WoD:Ar)

Firearm Equipment Ear Protection (WoD:Ar) Light Mount (WoD:Ar)

Sights, Fiber Optic (WoD:Ar)

Bipods (WoD:Ar) Gunsmithing Kit (WoD) Reloaded Bench (WoD:Ar) Sighting Tools (WoD:Ar) Sights, Laser (WoD:Ar)
Stock, Collapsible (WoD:Ar)

Sights, Night Vision (WoD:Ar)

Sights, Night Vision (WoD:Ar)

Sights, Thermal (WoD:Ar)

Suppressor (WoD:Ar)

Sights, Telescopic (WoD:Ar)

Speedloader (WoD:Ar)

Hunting Equipment and Traps Bear Mace (HtV:SS) Caltrops (HtV:SS) Deadfall (WoD:Ar) Divination Tools (HtV) Jaw Trap (WoD:Ar) Fangbuster (HtV) Luminol (HtV) Projectile Trap (WoD:Ar) Silver Weaponry (HtV:SS) Snare Trap (WoD:Ar) Talcum Powder (HtV) Melee Weapons Bagh Nakh (WoD:Ar) Bayonet (WoD:Ar) Bowie Knife (WoD:Ar) Brass Knuckles (WoD:Ar) Catch Pole (WoD:Ar) Cestus (VtR:RfR) Chain (WoD:Ar) Combat Knife (WoD:Ar) Crash Ax (WoD:Ar) Escrima Sticks (WoD:Ar) Fakir's Horns (WoD:Ar) Bastard Sword (WoD:Ar) Battering Ram (HtV) Battle-Ax (WoD:Ar) Curved Sword (WoD:Ar) Flail (WoD:Ar) Gladius (WoD:Ar) Iron Fan (WoD:Ar) Katana (WoD:Ar) Katar (WoD:Ar) Keris (WoD:Ar) Khukri (WoD:Ar) Battering Ram (HtV) Great Sword (WoD:Ar) Halberd (WoD:Ar) Katana (WoD:Ar) Naginata (WoD:Ar) Wakizashi (WoD:Ar) War Ax (WoD:Ar)
WASP Injection Knife (WoD:AR)

Caltrops (WoD:Ar) Divination Tools (HtV) Energy Meters (HtV) Fangbuster (HtV) Kirlian Camera (HtV) Man Catcher (HtV:SS) Pit Trap (HtV:SS) Silver Weaponry (HtV:SS) Slick (HtV)

Dirtbag (HtV) Divination Tools (HtV) Fangbuster (HtV) Silver Weaponry (HtV:SS) Stink Tag (HtV)

Ghost-Hunting Equipment (WoD:Ar)

Silver Weaponry (HtV:SS)

Silver Weaponry (HtV:SS)

Zweihander (WoD:Ar)

Fencing Sword (WoD:Ar) Fire Ax (WoD:Ar)

Fish-Spine Sword (WoD:Ar)

Kusari Gama (WoD:Ar) Kyoketsu Shogi (WoD:Ar) Long Sword (WoD:Ar) Mace (WoD:Ar) Maul (WoD:Ar) Morning Star (WoD:Ar) Pilum/Spear (VtR:RfR) Punch Dagger (WoD:Ar) Rondel Dagger (HtV:S) Rapier (WoD:Ar) Razor Wire (HtV:S) Short Sword (VtR:RfR) Sword Cane (WoD:Ar) Trench Knife (WoD:Ar) Trident (WoD:Ar) War Hammer (WoD:Ar)

Ice Ax (WoD:Ar) Jittei (WoD:Ar) Jo (WoD:AR) Machette (WoD:Ar) Main Gauche (WoD:Ar) Manriki Gusari (WoD:Ar) Net (VtR:RfR) Nunchaku (WoD:Ar) Pocketknife (WoD:Ar) Poi (WoD:Ar) Quarterstaff (WoD:Ar) Ring Blade (WoD:Ar) Scythe (WoD:Ar) Straight Razor (HtV:S) Sap (WoD:Ar)
Shakuhachi Flute (WoD:Ar)

Sjambok (WoD:Ar) Strangle Wire (WoD:Ar) Stun Gun (WoD:Ar) Switchblade (WoD:Ar) Telescope Baton (WoD:Ar) Tonfa (WoD:Ar) Whip (WoD:Ar) Wooden Stake (WoD:Ar) Wooden Stick (WoD:Ar) Modern Ranged BB Gun, pistol (WoD:Ar) BB Gun, rifle (WoD:Ar)
Fire Extinquisher (WoD:Ar)

Ballistic Knife (WoD:Ar) Dart Gun, pistol (WoD:Ar) Paintball Pistol (WoD:Ar)
Ranged Stun Gun (WoD:Ar)

Dart Gun, rifle (WoD:Ar) Paintball rifle (WoD:Ar)

Fire Hose (WoD:Ar) Flare Gun (WoD:Ar)

Hairspray Flamethrower (WoD:Ar)

Spear Gun (WoD:Ar)

Nail Gun (WoD:Ar) Slingshot (WoD:Ar) Surveillance and Security Equipment Binoculars



Analog Polygraph (HtV)

Cryptography (HtV)

Cryptography (HtV)

Digital Recorder (HtV) EMF Detector (HtV) Flash Paper (HtV)

Inspection Mirror Kit (HtV)

Crime-Scene Kit (HtV) Cryptography (HtV) Digital Polygraph (HtV) Digital Recorder (HtV) Disguised Camera (HtV)
Electronic Sound Amp (HtV)

Bug Sweeper (WoD:Ar)

Civilian Identification (HtV)

Lie Detector (WoD:Ar)

Security System, Advanced (WoD:Ar)

fMRI (HtV)
Security System, Bleeding Edge (WoD:Ar)

Crime-Scene Kit (HtV) Cryptography (HtV) Identity Box (HtV) Lock Picks (WoD) Motion Detector (HtV) Police Badge (HtV) Press Pass (HtV)
Professional Makeup Kit (HtV)
Security System, Intermediate (WoD:Ar)

Keystroke Logger (HtV) Motion Detector (HtV) Multi-tool (HtV) Rear-View Glasses (HtV) Reverse Peephole (HtV)
Security System, Dummy (WoD:Ar)

Motion Detector (HtV)

Nightvision Goggles (WoD)

Passable Forgery (HtV)

Security System, Basic (WoD:Ar)

UV Ink and Lamp (HtV) Wi-Fi Sniffer (HtV)

Spyware (HtV) Thermal Scanner (HtV) Wiretap (HtV)

Thermal Camera (HtV) Tracking Device (HtV) Survival Gear

Survival Kit, Superior (WoD:Ar)



Climbing Gear


Active Camouflage (WoD:AR)

First-Aid Kit (WoD) Flare (WoD:Ar) Flashlight (WoD) Flashlight Baton (HtV) Glowsticks (HtV) Ladder, Caving (HtV)
Mace or Pepper Spray (WoD)

First-Aid Kit (WoD) Gasmask (WoD) NBC Suit (WoD:Ar) Potassium Iodite (WoD:Ar)
Survival Kit, Advanced (WoD:Ar)

Survival Kit, Urban (WoD:Ar)

Rescue Whistle (HtV)

Scent Eliminator (WoD:Ar)
Survival Kit, Basic (WoD:Ar)
Weatherproof Matches (HtV)

Utility Tools
Automotive Equipment (WoD:Ar) Automotive Equipment (WoD:Ar) Automotive Equipment (WoD:Ar) Automotive Equipment (WoD:Ar)

Blood Ring (MtA:GotV) Chainsaw (HtV:S) Claw Hammer (WoD:Ar) Duct Tape (HtV) Earplugs (HtV) EMT Shears (HtV) Fishing Gaff (WoD:Ar)
Hammer and Nails (HtV:S)

Belt Sander (WoD:Ar) Body Bag (HtV) Multi-Ladder (HtV) Power Tools (HtV:S)
Wheel Immobiliser (HtV)

Blowtorch (WoD:Ar)
Industrial Machinery (HtV:S)

Industrial Machinery (HtV:S)

Handcuffs (WoD:Ar) Keys (HtV:S)

Post-Hole Digger (WoD:Ar)

Power Drill (WoD:Ar) Screwdriver (WoD:Ar) Shovel (WoD:Ar) Sledgehammer (WoD:Ar) Window Punch (HtV) Vehicles Canoe



Communer SUV (WoD:Ar)

Armored Truck (WoD:Ar) Limousine (WoD:Ar) Observation (WoD:Ar) Racing Boat (WoD:Ar) Semi Tractor (WoD:Ar) Sports Car (WoD:Ar) Steamroller (WoD:Ar) SUV Limousine (WoD:Ar) Tour Bus (WoD:Ar)
Trailer-Tractor Rig (WoD:Ar)

Bulldozer (WoD:Ar) Business Jet (WoD:Ar) Excavator (WoD:Ar) Jet Trainer (WoD:Ar) Light Transport (WoD:Ar)
Performance SUV (WoD:Ar)

Compact Car (WoD:Ar) Day Sailer (WoD:Ar) Dirt Bike (WoD:Ar) Fishing Boat (WoD:Ar) Inflatable Boat (WoD:Ar) Kayak (WoD:Ar) Mountain Bike (WoD:Ar)
Personal Watercraft (WoD:Ar)

Forklift (WoD:Ar) Full-Size Van (WoD:Ar) Jeep (WoD:Ar) Light Pickup (WoD:Ar) Mid-Size Car (WoD:Ar) Minivan (WoD:Ar) Muscle Car (WoD:Ar) Semitrailer (WoD:Ar) Street Bike (WoD:Ar)
Trailer-Tractor Rig (WoD:Ar)

Delivery Van (WoD:Ar) Full-Size Car (WoD:Ar) Glider (WoD:Ar) Heavy Pickup (WoD:Ar) House Boat (WoD:Ar) Medium Truck (WoD:Ar) Off-road SUV (WoD:Ar)
Performance Mid-Size Car (WoD:Ar)

Racing Yaught (WoD:Ar) Service (WoD:Ar) Supercar (WoD:Ar) Transport (WoD:Ar)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (WoD:AR)
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (WoD:AR)

Skateboard (WoD:Ar) Street Bike (WoD:Ar) Subcompact Car (WoD:Ar)

Police Car (WoD:Ar) Power Boat (WoD:Ar)

Recreational Vehicle (WoD:Ar)

Twin-Engine (WoD:Ar) Yaught (WoD:Ar)

Single-Engine (WoD:Ar) Sport Bike (WoD:Ar) Sport Compact (WoD:Ar) Stunt Plane (WoD:Ar) Transit Bus (WoD:Ar) Equipment Modifiers Prototypes Breakthroughs
Advanced Rifling

Exotic Ammunition


Extended Range (WoD:AR)

Hail of Lead (WoD:AR) Non-Lethal (WoD:AR)

Heavy Bore (WoD:AR) Stability (WoD:AR)

Increased Capacity (WoD:AR)

Metaphysical (WoD:AR) Supersonic (WoD:AR) Bulky (WoD:AR) Malfunction (WoD:AR)

Miniaturisation (WoD:AR) Targetting (WoD:AR) Bugs Drifting Sights (WoD:AR) Relics

Stealth (WoD:AR) Ammo Hog (WoD:AR) Jammed (WoD:AR) 1 Bolster Territory (WoD:R) Buoyancy (WoD:R)
Confer Equipment Bonus (WoD:R)

Fire Frenzy (WoD:AR)

Hot Potato (WoD:AR)

2 Always Returns (WoD:R)

Ancient Source of Power (WoD:R)

3 Powers Bolster Territory (WoD:R) Buoyancy (WoD:R)

Confer Equipment Bonus (WoD:R)

4 Bolster Territory (WoD:R)

Confer Equipment Bonus (WoD:R)

5 Bolster Territory (WoD:R)

Bulwark of Sanity (WoD:R)
Confer Equipment Bonus (WoD:R)

Battery of Will (WoD:R) Bolster Territory (WoD:R)

Defend (WoD:R) Entrap Entity (WoD:R)

Defend (WoD:R)

Defend (WoD:R)

Defend (WoD:R)

Ephemeral Revelation (WoD:R)

Bulwark of Sanity (WoD:R)

Confer Equipment Bonus (WoD:R)

Ephemeral Attack (WoD:R) Exchange of Power (WoD:R)

Machine Bond (WoD:R)

Protection Charm (WoD:R)

Eye-Opener (WoD:R)
Manufacture Verge (WoD:R)

Facade (WoD:R) Fool's Gold (WoD:R) Gift of Swiftness (WoD:R) Giver of Breath (WoD:R)
Knowledge Seeker (WoD:R)

Defend (WoD:R) Dream (WoD:R) Entrap Entity (WoD:R) Forgettable (WoD:R) Hypnotic Effect (WoD:R) Luck Token (WoD:R)
Protection Charm (WoD:R)

Feral Blessing (WoD:R)

Gear-Tooth Prophecy (WoD:R)

Pulse (WoD:R) Revitalising Aura (WoD:R) Steal Skill (WoD:R) Unnatural Travel (WoD:R)
Voice of the Relic (WoD:R)

Nature's Wrath (WoD:R) Potent Success (WoD:R)

Protection Charm (WoD:R)

Gift of Swiftness (WoD:R) Gift of Vitality (WoD:R) Glimpse (WoD:R) Intoxicating Aura (WoD:R)
Investigatory Charm (WoD:R)

Pulse (WoD:R) Smite (WoD:R) Steal Skill (WoD:R) Stop Time (WoD:R)
Touch of Madness (WoD:R) Voice of the Relic (WoD:R)

Luck Token (WoD:R) Never Surprised (WoD:R)

Protection Charm (WoD:R)

Pulse (WoD:R) Resist Fire (WoD:R)

Social Lubrication (WoD:R)

Pulse (WoD:R) Sense Creature (WoD:R) Skeleton Key (WoD:R)

Voice of the Relic (WoD:R)

Luck Token (WoD:R) Object Killer (WoD:R) Potent Success (WoD:R)

Protection Charm (WoD:R)

Spring-Heeled (WoD:R)
Surprising Weapon (WoD:R) Voice of the Relic (WoD:R)

Pulse (WoD:R) Resist Fire (WoD:R) Revelation (WoD:R) Skeleton Key (WoD:R) Smite (WoD:R)
Spotlight on the Gods (WoD:R)

Swollen Might (WoD:R)

Touch of Madness (WoD:R)

Unbreakable (WoD:R)
Voice of the Relic (WoD:R)

Curses Beacon (WoD:R)

Confer Equipment Penalty (WoD:R)

Addictive (WoD:R)
Confer Equipment Penalty (WoD:R)

Confer Equipment Penalty (WoD:R)

Confer Equipment Penalty (WoD:R)

Confer Equipment Penalty (WoD:R)

Debilitating Loss (WoD:R) Derangement (WoD:R) Ill Effects (WoD:R)

Insidious Bargain (WoD:R)

Ill Effects (WoD:R) Leech of Life (WoD:R)

Ill Effects (WoD:R) Soul Inheritance (WoD:R)

Ill Effects (WoD:R)

Insidious Bargain (WoD:R)

Danger Magnet (WoD:R) Debilitating Loss (WoD:R) Derangement (WoD:R) Ill Effects (WoD:R)
Insidious Bargain (WoD:R)

Love and Hate (MtA)

Leech of Life (WoD:R) Reversed Luck (WoD:R)

Reward Temptation (WoD:R)

Vulnerable (WoD:R) Traps Positive Accuracy




Accuracy (HtV:S) Armor Piercing (HtV:S)

8-again (HtV:S) Accuracy (HtV:S)

Accuracy (HtV:S) Damage (HtV:S)

Area Effect (HtV:S)

Accuracy (HtV:S)

Armor Piercing (HtV:S) Bypass (HtV:S) Complexity (HtV:S) Concealable (HtV:S)

Continuous Damage (HtV:S)

Area Effect (HtV:S) Complexity (HtV:S) Concealable (HtV:S)

Continuous Damage (HtV:S)

Area Effect (HtV:S) Complexity (HtV:S) Concealable (HtV:S)

Continuous Damage (HtV:S)

Damage (HtV:S) Poison (HtV:S)

Damage (HtV:S) Knockout (HtV:S) Poison (HtV:S) Portability (HtV:S) Trigger (HtV:S)

Damage (HtV:S) Poison (HtV:S) Trigger (HtV:S)

Damage (HtV:S) Knockdown (HtV:S) Trigger (HtV:S)

Negative Innacurate (HtV:S) Size (HtV:S)

Strength Requirement (HtV:S)

Bashing Damage (HtV:S) Innacurate (HtV:S) Size (HtV:S)

Strength Requirement (HtV:S)

Innacurate (HtV:S) No Damage (HtV:S) Size (HtV:S)

Strength Requirement (HtV:S)

Size (HtV:S)

Size (HtV:S)

Two Handed (HtV:S)

Sorcery Bathing Ritual Modifiers 1 2 3 Bath Positive Day or Night (WoD:Im)

Any Hour, Any Day (WoD:Im)

Any Tub Will Do (WoD:Im)

No Tub (WoD:Im) Negative Moonphase




Attendants (WoD:Im)
The Stars Are Right (WoD:Im)

Specific Material (WoD:Im)

Attendants (WoD:Im) Unique Tub (WoD:Im)

Seasonal (WoD:Im)
Symbols and Carvings (WoD:Im)

Specific Material (WoD:Im)

Symbols and Carvings (WoD:Im)

The Stars Are Right (WoD:Im)

Blood Positive
Half the Population

Any Human


Some Human (WoD:Im) Negative

Left Alive (WoD:Im) Some Human (WoD:Im)

Preserved (WoD:Im)
Race, Creed or Color (WoD:Im)

Coat the Skin (WoD:Im) Age (WoD:Im)

Race, Creed or Color (WoD:Im)

Age (WoD:Im) Fresh (WoD:Im) One Source (WoD:Im) Effects Positive

Immersion (WoD:Im)

Drained to Death (WoD:Im)

Supernatural Blood (WoD:Im)

Some Human (WoD:Im)

To Spare (WoD:Im)

Striking Looks (WoD:Im)

Immune to Disease (WoD:Im)

Attribute Increase (perm) (WoD:Im)

Blood Manipulation (WoD:Im)

Attribute Increase (temp) (WoD:Im)

Immune to Poison (WoD:Im)

Immune to Disease (WoD:Im)

Immune to Poison (WoD:Im)

Immortal (WoD:Im)

Intoxicating Presence (WoD:Im)

Regeneration (WoD:Im) Negative

Return from Death (WoD:Im)

Quick Healer (WoD:Im) The Fading (WoD:Im) The Fading (WoD:Im) Life-Bound (WoD:Im) The Fading (WoD:Im) Frequency Positive Yearly

The Fading (WoD:Im)

The Fading (WoD:Im)

Five Years (WoD:Im) Negative Monthly (WoD:Im) Strict Timeline (WoD:Im) Preparation Positive Strict Timeline (WoD:Im) Strict Timeline (WoD:Im) Weekly (WoD:Im)

Chronicle (WoD:Im) Daily (WoD:Im) Strict Timeline (WoD:Im)

Quarterly (WoD:Im)

Any Biomass


Negative Infusions (WoD:Im) Pure Blood (WoD:Im) Infusions (WoD:Im) Still Alive (WoD:Im) Infusions (WoD:Im) Infusions (WoD:Im) Infusions (WoD:Im)