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Swathi K.R. Iyengar an inspirational entrepreneur for new and matured business and
service sector. Swathi K.R. Iyengar started his career at the young age of 17 yrs, he was
at one time working for 4 different establishments on the same day with active school job
in Chennai which he finished every day after noon, worked for a computer company
promoting their software and in house training, promoting over head projector, selling
those pancake size floppies of mind 80’s and selling portable generators which was
sought after by the companies that could afford during the festival season, due to frequent
power cuts. He thus proved that one can start to be an entrepreneur on freelance and
learn the trade and support oneself to travel and establish a strong identity of trust and
commitment in the market. Swathi, worked for 5 years before leaving India for the sole
reason to see different places and cultures.

In 1990 he moved to Hong Kong and east of Taiwan where he firmly established building
materials business and later into Electronics with active participation in manufacturing of
compact discs in china along with other sundry and household items.

Production: At one point of time Swathi was directly or contract manufacturing more
than 40 products of different usage and application under electronics and exporting to
Eastern Europe. Swathi stayed and worked promoting his company in Central and
Eastern Europe operating out of Vienna right after the fall of USSR. Compact disc
production opened new avenues and once there was a project that was about replicating
compact discs for cooking demo, which inspired him to quit his successfully operating
electronic business and work on developing food products, cooking being is passion this
industry suited is lifestyle.

Branding and Positioning: During his earlier days in Chennai (then known as Madras),
India or during his stint with Electronics, he firmly believed in Branding and Positioning.
Many times he was faced with a challenge of having a wonderful product in hand and
same is not being promoted well and positioned well to get the best of it. With ample
expertise in this and understanding C.I.A.( Customer Information Analysis) was the main
task he felt needed for any consumer product to become successful provided they carry
the quality with them. He also believes it is not necessary to have celebrity to promote
each and ever product like that happens in India but to place it well based on the
applications of the product to generate the sales.
Quality Control: Swathi believes quality pays in long term, thus never compromise on
the quality if one wants to play a long game in the market. It was a challenge in early
90’s to operate out of China due to constant quality snag he faced. Swathi used to stay at
the factories days and weeks to generate good output without compromising the quality.
He said many times wear the hat of a customer and think and not the hat of a cost cutting
accountant or a manufacturer. Those who are familiar with the products that came out of
China in early 90’s knows the problem of quality and issue of Made in China label that
was not all that well received by those looked for quality. That has changed today and
China is well poised along with Japan and Korea in quality.

Packing and OEM supply: Flexibility is the Mantra for this. Flexibility of the foreman
who is overlooking the job on the floor should be flexible enough to turn the products and
packing that is required by the client. No stone walling. There should be enough room to
think of what is required to promote the products that are manufactured in a unit and
think of customer friendly strategies and get the packing, OEM brand names done if
required in a very short time. To achieve this, good brain storming and team work is very
much needed.

Migration to Food Industry: Swathi was not happy with the wastages and environmental
degradation the companies that make electronic items brought in. Thus Swathi’s journey
into Food, and his concept of Abhudaya- Ethical Approach to Food and Life inspired him
and others starting mid 1990’s and the journey continues in bringing best quality food
into the market, with system of Fair Trade Practices in place.

Swathi has traveled extensively to more than 40+ countries and traveled within each
country to understand their bio diversity, food culture, standards of ethics, and business

Swathi has tremendous experience working and operating businesses in China, Central
and Eastern Europe and in South America. His knowledge on operating businesses in
China that is strong in production and meeting reasonable delivery schedule and fast
becoming the most sought after nation for production is vital for any start ups.

Swathi’s vision for country like India where there are many laborers who are below the
povery line and doing the job of assembling and packing for many consumer products,
need to be protected. That can only happen when proper guidance and work ethics are
imparted by organization like ours that promotes respect, dignity, fair trade to those who
carry out the work and highest quality that is demanded by the market along with fair
price to distributors and consumers should be goal and that’s exactly what his
consultancy strives to achieve. True to his entrepreneurship and his belief strong
products and quality should sustain the market growth he believes in win-win situation
for producers and consumers. It does not matter where the product is made, as long as
quality requirements are met and win-win situation exist, we can see these cottage
industries and its operators are fully benefited in a productive way.

Hospitality Industry: Swathi’s experience in Hospitality Industry is worth mentioning

here which he enjoyed and enjoys a lot. In early 2003 he was appointed as courtesy
ambassador for Swiss Bel Hotel. This was something new which Swathi never expected
to happen, though he has taken keep interest in Guest loyalty and Guest relation part of
any hotel industry and has been a strong critic of this section. It was decided by the
Director of Operations in Swiss Bel Hotel to have Swathi, a business man, traveler,
motivator, and trainer, purely for his International exposure and his knowledge on
different cultures, who wish to set a standard on Courtesy He also trained the hotel
staff’s on the pre-requisite of good Guest relations and avenues to promote guest loyalty.
Swathi terms this assignment as one of his best assignment after his first work at the
school and his food business.

Super Market: His knowledge on Branding, Positioning has helped companies in HK to

place the products on the shelf and generate attractive sales in a cost effective way. This
association continues even today with more than 100 products in gourmet super markets
look up to his constant advice and promotional synergies in tune with market demands.

Swathi is available in Chennai, India and in Hong Kong for any short term consultancy
services based on his expertise. He thoroughly believes in the new generation and to
bring their success coated with, moral and ethical values is mandatory. He has been
giving lecture presentation for college students in India to promote such standards and he
is convinced lot could be done to truly improve the life style combined with peace, and
sustainable development. He is also keenly interested in improving the productivity of
the rural production facilities and his expertise in many consumer products from
Electronics to Textile, from Packaging to Food products should be put into good use by
those in this industry.

* Sustainable Development * Preserving Bio Diversity *

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