2011 2)The Allahabad Address of Dr.

Muhammad Iqbal was a synthesis of several schemes and proposals presented by the Indian Muslims for the solution of Hindu-Muslim issues.Give an historical account of all these schemes and proposals. 3)Discuss different socio-political and religious issues among the Hindus and Muslims,which ended with the 'parting of ways' among them. 4)Critically evaluate the socio economic and religio-political effects of the Khilafat Movement on the life of Indian Muslims. 5)Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first Governor General of Pakistan.How do you analyse his administration as a trend setter and a role model for the good governance in present day Pakistan? 6)Trace out the originality of thoughts of at least five Pakistani social intellectuals.Also give a detailed account of their thoughts. 7)Give a historical survey of Pakistan's relations with Turkey. 8)Separation of East Pakistan was a very tragic incident not only for Pakistan but also for the entire Muslim world.Keeping in mind the socio-political causes of this incident,highlight the role played by foreign countries in the separation of East Pakistan. 2010 2.Critically evaluate the causes for the decline of Muslim Rule in India. 3. Compare and contrast the manifestoes of All-India National Congress and All-India Muslim League at the time of their establishments. Do you think there were some common points between the two parties? If yes, how they differed with each other later on? 4. Lucknow Pact, 1916 in considered the culmination of Hind-Muslim unity. What circumstances led to the historical fact between the Hindus and Muslims? Discuss its main points and also analyze the causes of its failure. 5. Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946 is considered by some quarters as the best alternative for the partition of India in 1947. Discuss its main recommendations and also analyze why it failed to get the approval from the major political parties of India? 6. Amongst many reasons Joint versus Separate Electorate, Language issue and quantum of representation of different federating units of Pakistan in the parliament played main role in the delay of constitution making. Critically evaluate the aforementioned issues highlighting its role in the process of constitution making. 7. Kashmir is a major bottle-neck between Pakistan-India friendly relations. Trace out the history of Kashmir problem with focus on dirrent suggestions for its solutions from different quarters. Also come up with your own recommendations for its amicable solution.

Discuss .7 Shaikh Mujeeb 6 points became Magna Carta for Awami League.2 Shah wali Ullah has played a very significant role in the reawakening of Muslims of India. Q#7) The LUcknow pact provided a commitment to Hindu-Muslim unity but it soon failed.6 Why parliamentary democracy could not succeed? What circumstances led to the 1st Martial Law? Q.4 What circumstances led to the partition of Bengal in 1905? How it affected Hindu-British and Hindu-Muslim relations? Discuss in Detail Q.8 Right from beginning Pak-Afghan relations could not be established on friendly terms. Give your analysis Q#6) Can you support with historical facts that british quit India because it was not possible for them to stay beyond 1947? Critically comment. 2009 Q. Q. Discuss congress rule in provinces and its impact on AIML. Do they had any commonalities or they were totally different in all respects? Critically evaluate. Discuss and Evaluate its background and Contents. Compare the ideological and social trends highlighting some important aspects of the General Zia ul Haq and General Pervez Musharaf eras in the history of Pakistan.8. Discuss and evaluate Q.5 Congress rule during 1937-1939 provided an opportunity to all India Muslim League to reorganize . Q. Write a comprehensive note on his service for the cause of Muslims? Q. what has affected the relations of two brotherly neighbouring countries? Make a critical analysis. 2008 Q2) "Aligarh Movement created rewakening among Muslims to provide a political plateform through Education network" Analyse the statement Q3) Why the Indian National Congress could not provide sufficient guarantee for the muslims to safeguard their rights? Discuss Q4) Do you agree that Minto -Morley REforms (1909) proved a watershed to recognize the rights of minorities in India? How did it help Muslim League to demand separate home land for muslims? Q#5) The fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam was befitting response to Nehru Report.3 Syed Ahmed Brailve was a man of action rather than rhetoric his movement after initial success failed.

7 Write short notes on any TWO ofthe following: (a) Contribution of Quaid-i-Azam as first Governor General of Pakistan (B) Basic DemocraCies (C) Causes of separatIon OT'East PakiStan 2006 1. Estimate the contribution of Shah Waliullah towards the regeneration of the Muslim of SouthAsia. Trace the genesis of the Khilafat Movement? What were its effects on the history of SouthAsia? PART ± II 5.Q#8) Write short notes on any TWO of the following a) Simon Commission b) Constitutional Act of 1935 c) Allma Iqbal as a Visionary d)Cabinet Mission Plan 2007 1. 2. Q. . Q. What role did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan play in the reawakening of the Muslims of the sub-Continent? Discuss. Examine those provisions of Nehru Report which effected the Muslims. Analyze the circumstances that led to the foundation of Muslim League.2 The Khilafat Movement Spearheaded the Pakistan Movement and provided the necessary weapon through which a political war to identify the Muslims as such could be waged. Describe the causes and effects of the separation of East Pakistan.5 TRACE the history of Constitutional Development in Pakistan since her inception ANALyzing the problems faced by the country in search of Democracy. What is meant by the Aligarh Movement? Critically examine its services to the cause of education. Pakistan¶s relations with China have proved to be a blessing for peace in the region.6 Critically review the relations of Pakistan with India with special reference to the Kashmir Issue. Discuss.3.4. 3.Q. Q. What were its main objectives? 4. What was the Muslim Reaction to those proposals? Q. Q." Discuss. Critically examine the justification of 'Pakistan Resolution' in 1940. 6.

"Pakistan has always tried to foster good relations with the Muslim countries. Elaborate "Two Nation Theory" in the light of the statements of Allama Iqbal. 4. Give the detailed account of the Indian National Congress policies against Muslims from 1937 to 1 939. "The solution of the Kashmir problem can bring peace and prosperity in both the countries of Pakistan and India.7. (a) Khwaja Nazimuddin (b) SEATO (c) Basic Democracies 2005 1. 7. 3. PART-II v 5." Explain. __________________ . 2. Write down the fourteen points of Quaid-i-Azam and its importance towards the creation of Pakistan." Comment. 6. Give a brief account of the services rendered by Navvab Mohsin-ul-Mulk and Nawab ViqaruI-Mulk. Write short notes on any Two of the following:(a) Objective Resolution "' (b) Islamic provisions under the Constitution of 1956 (c) Contribution of Quaid-i-Azam as first Governor General. Write short notes on any TWO of the following.

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