Biography of an Ancient
By Nesenty


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Atlantis Biography of an Ancient By Nesenty


A retelling of life on Atlantis by an Ancient who was there


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Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty


According to many writers, philosophers, and many others Atlantis was a great civilization in the Atlantic somewhere. Where it's exact location is, is widely disputed by those in search of it. Some claim it is in the gulf, around the Bermuda triangle, others still claim it was near Greece, some say it was the bridge between Europe and the America's which is the closest anyone has come to pinpointing the location. I guess before I go any further, I should introduce myself. I am Nesenty, an incarnated life that first set foot on Atlantis when it was still just an island with what you might consider tribes people on it, before it was the grand city people would write about thousands of years later. I was not born on Atlantis, in fact, I wasn't even born on this planet the first time around. I come from the Pleiadian's, a star system which many legends have spoke of, some call it the 7 sisters, others claim it is where they came from. I am part of a Galactic Federation, comprised of many thousands of star systems throughout the universe, both in the Milky Way galaxy and outside of it. I was sent with a team of emissaries to Earth, which also included the royal family of our home, the king, his wife, and their two children. We came in peace, as we always have, we came to teach and help your species along. Others had come before, when Earth was first beginning, your species, along with the other species on Earth are star seeds. Genetically engineered with the genetics from many species throughout the universe. You are the library of what was, what is, and what will be. But that is for another story, the story of your beginning has been hidden from you and it is not yet time to release it as some of you are still not


Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty

ready to hear it. This story, is to bring your genetic memories and spiritual memories of Atlantis to the surface of your minds through the telling of my memories I hold. I will begin, at the beginning, when the order first came to send a team to interact with Earth. I was younger when the first order came, I had heard the stories and seen the writings of the living library, what had happened, and feared it was lost forever. I never expected an order from the ruling council to come down, especially not to us, even though we were the closest in comparison and could arrive the quickest. The night before departure was planned, I was standing in the garden outside of what could be considered a castle, where I lived as I was a personal bodyguard for the son of the king. I remember looking at the grass, looking at the trees, the night sky. The grass was so pure, the trees so welcoming, the warm breeze so comforting. I couldn't imagine ever leaving my home, even though I had traveled with the family many times, it was never as long as what was coming, I always left in my own body and came back with it. This was different, to interact with humans once again required we forfeit our current physical bodies, let our consciousness's be removed, transported, and placed in that of a human who's genetic DNA and brainwave activity was somewhere near compatible with the information we carried. I didn't sleep that night, as I am sure anyone could understand, our scientists and medical personnel were excellent at what they did, but there was always a chance something could go wrong somewhere, I mean, what would happen if the human genetics were not capable of sustaining our being, not only would they die, but what would happen to us? The following morning I reported as requested to the lab, where a solid marble table lay before me, with scanners and extraction technology all around, I was one in a long list of military, scientists, medical personnel, and many others to be extracted. I stripped down and lay on the table, feeling the cold stone against my body, watching as the scans began, slowly from my feet over my legs, my stomach, the further up it went over my


Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty

body the harder it got to keep my eyes open. By the time it reached my chest my eyes were shut, and I felt as if I was losing myself, losing something important. As the scanner made its way over my neck and over my head, it was as if I was in a stasis pod on a long journey, I was asleep but I was awake at the same time. I could not hear what was going on around me, but my dreams kept me company. My consciousness had been taken out of my body using a laser technology none of you have ever seen or heard of, it separated the spirit body from the physical form we occupy. My body was then taken and placed into a stasis pod, which would keep it on ice, so to say, keep it healthy, give it nutrition and for all intense and purposes keep the body alive while the spirit traveled. My spirit was now contained in a crystal of the correct capability to hold an immense amount of energy, it was taken and placed into a container, specifically marked for who I was, packaged carefully and readied for transport to Earth. It was taken from the lab to the ship awaiting the rest of the passengers. Our pilots were the best, they would be responsible for hundreds of lives, both contained in the crystals and the scientists and medical team who was accompanying the emissary team to conduct the transfer procedure of us out of the crystals and into humans, and the humans spirit out of their bodies and into crystals. For lack of a better work, we would be possessing, or taking over the bodies of those with the correct genes needed to sustain us. All passengers still in their physical forms were the last to board the ship, which was resting on the ocean surface near the castle. Us, in the crystals were already loaded and secured for transport. Within the day, all were on board and ready. Citizens were gathered at the waters edge to send us off, as the pilots started engines and ran checks on system functions, they would wave to those still awake to see them. Once systems had been checked and confirmed to be working properly, thrusters would be placed on stand by as hyper drive was activated and a window was opened in space between the surface of our planet and the sky above our


Those left behind would not know if we made it for some time to come. But there was something else. it was as if we had been sleeping. It was different. which allowed me to understand who they were.Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty waters. but for now. their language. The peace that would come over this small place. they were ours now. They would later be given their bodies back. we would be transferred into them. their family history passed down through genetics. for lack of a better word. But I do know reconnaissance was done. When in actuality. I was able to hang onto the genetic memory of the person who had occupied it before. the chance they would gain. the feel of my new body was indescribable. Once this had taken place thrusters would be activated and the ship would disappear in a matter of seconds. abducted and scanned to see if they had what was needed in them to support us. we had no other way to make initial contact with the citizens of Earth with without frightening them. would be a price that the humans would pay for. it seemed as if I had only slept a night. I opened my eyes. one by one. it is the truth. Loved ones would be lost to the people of Atlantis. something missing. not until the ship arrived and sent information back relaying the progress of the mission to them. They would sleep well for years to come in some cases. I cannot tell you how long the trip was. they would then be scanned as we were. from the most restful sleep I had been able in to get in a long time to the sight of the scientists and medical team standing over me. When they were found. I say wake us up. is a price anyone would give their life for. where they were from. and to the ruling council of the federation. after the initial scans and proper subjects were found to transfer us into. the stories I had IV . we owned their bodies. how they loved and lived. they would wake us up. As cruel as that is to say. subjects were. and then them into the crystals we had occupied. it felt frail but at the same time strong. placed into a temporary holding system. but the wisdom and information. because to me.

“Nesenty.” the technician said.” He told me as he and a few others adjusted me to a sitting position. I would be moved into a room with beds.” He explained it to me as he had obviously explained it to many others. When you wake up that feeling your getting of something being wrong will pass. laid on a soft bed and left to rest. Give it some time. V . it was missing the essential part of what made it what it was.Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty heard. sleep a little bit. and slept. The body needed to reacquaint itself with its new occupant. this body needs to adjust to your brainwave activity and your energy. I closed my eyes. and the writings on our temples said this species was capable of many things and was once a conduit for all species and the rest of the universe. a 12 stranded being. felt as if it was missing what it was designed for.” I looked at him. “can you hear me?” “Yes. The body I was in. as he learned over me. “Don't try to do too much right now. “We're going to move you over somewhere where you can be more comfortable and get used to this body.


Book One The Beginning .


we would be beamed down to the Earth's surface.” Which did make sense. the king. you will also notice other places on the body where the hair will no longer grow. they Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 1 . onto the beach near the natives surrounding ocean. When night came. still felt the body was odd. as was the skin on my own body. a dark tan and our hair was white. myself. the personal bodyguard of each member of the royal family. and one or two others with who where like librarians. it would cause side effects including loss of hair. I. Their skin. Surmadra. and it didn't out right and kill them. but when I woke up I had my first glimpse of some of the others who had been transplanted. With us. A doctor would later explain it to us as “a side effect on the bodies at taken on your energies. For the night. Something just didn't seem right. the hair pigment being lost. it was new. we also had one or two scientists. it was best we wait until morning to initiate contact. Most reconnaissance had been done while we rested. a medical team. besides Nucuranda. if our energy was too high for the human bodies. wait until sunrise to make first contact. but they all had some similar features. his wife and their children.Book One: The Beginning Chapter One I'm not sure how long I slept. we could only hope the bodies would be able to sustain us now that it had adjusted. but I can say it was probably just that it was not my body I was in. For a few hours everyone would be reacquainted with who was who and how they felt. different. I wasn't sure who was who. some workers (what you may consider construction workers). we would make camp on the beach. the natives were a primitive culture.

as if he had known already that visitors would be coming. He saw us. only to bring tidings of friendship. obviously welcoming us for the time. It was a functioning group. they watched us carefully. the first of many we would meet on this planet. The king presented himself to who we presumed was their leader as he held himself differently and seemed to command the respect of the others.” “Come with us. None carried weapons or approached us in a way that could have been taken as violent.” He waved towards in land. but he soon returned with others. dropped what he was carrying and hurried back the way he had come. everyone knew what they needed to do and who was to do what. a few went down to the waters edge to collect something to eat.Book One: The Beginning knew the stories and the history of planet Earth. a fisher man was coming down to collect this mornings catch for the village. we will speak more of this far away land. We awoke with the rise of the sun. Walking into the village was a shock. it was unbelievable Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 2 .” The king spoke gently to the other man. we are not here to hurt anyone. “From a place far away from here. As we were sitting there and having breakfast. “We come in peace. farther then any of your scouts have traveled. reserving judgment for later. Having access to the genetic memories allowed for communication to go smoothly because it allowed us the ability to speak their language fluently. Not quite the first meeting we had in mind. “Where do you come from?” This man asked. not seeming the least bit surprised by our presence.

We have many friends from many different homes. The village leader listened carefully as the king explained that he had brought with historians. It was not until we were seated that he asked any more questions. the king began. who come to trade.” Nucuranda. “Tell me of this land from where you come. to help your people expand into what they have been before. and shamans to help in the friendship we were pursuing.” He paused. We live in harmony with that which is around us. “is one of peace. Huts made of sticks. to help keep the peace. waters that run throughout the lands. is one filled with wonders we hope to bring to your people.Book One: The Beginning people lived as they did. it was a surprise to see all dressed similar. his wife. a strap. We are one with our surroundings.” “Where does it exist?” “We come from the stars you see in your night sky.” He prompted. It is as green as you have here. to you. “We come to bring what we have. And even though we were still in the clothing the bodies had worn when they were taken. “Our home. cloth wrapped around the breasts of the women. on the walk from the beaches to the inner village. watching the expressions change from intent listening to what could be taken as shock on the villagers faces. covering the lower parts of the bodies. but never in my life had I believed people still lived as this anywhere. his children. and shoeless. Gesturing towards the ground where cloth lay the leader sat down. a loin cloth. It was to be expected. clear sky's such as yours. welcoming the king and the rest of us to do the same. Children running naked. not to anyone in particular. The king had introduced his family. dirt floors. the leader remained unmoved. darting between our legs. In barely nothing. roofs of thatched grass.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 3 .

we will gather what we need and then build the central gathering point where we will stay until we begin on homes. the ones who left us and promised to return?” “Not us specifically. speaking in our native tongue. yes. take your team and gather what healing plants you see. yes. the prince around as if I Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 4 . “There is no need. Asana. Make yourself at home. “Go. anyone you wish to help is available to you.” “In part.” “You are welcome to stay as long as you like.” I knew my part. of a day when the sky's turned black and what once was.” he pointed at three of the constructors he had chosen to bring.” The leader stated as he walked off. but our ancestors. Nefriti. “You.” The king interjected before anyone was called to help. was never again.Book One: The Beginning “The stories that have been passed down?” The leader looked directly at our king. follow Kelshoro. seeming that he preferred to think on what was said before continuing. Ostro. when the hall is built we will begin treating those who need it. find the stone which you will need. I will have a few of my people help to gather the wood and grass for your buildings. “As you see fit.” “So you are the ancestors my great grandmother and father told me about. Akima. “Of which stories are you referring to?” “Of a day when all were one.” The leader put an end to the conversation.

and the more the stones were moved without physical labor. warm eyes that never showed any hint of anger towards anyone. she would have been tied and gagged until she could control herself. she would need to rest. as she did so the dirt on the ground began to shift under everyone's feet. He was around my age. emptying her body of the energy she had. Raising themselves one over the other and laying on top of the other. His younger sister. Closing her eyes she raised her hands upwards. swirling and raising up. The more that was gathered. when I had first met him he had taken it as a blow to the ego to have a younger person watching over him. he took after his father and mother. always getting into something.Book One: The Beginning was his shadow. He would make a good king someday. most of the time. I stood behind the prince. watching for any sign of panic in the natives. 3 walls had been raised. a little older. he had a big heart. who was younger then I. up a good ten to fifteen feet. Akima had done what she could. if I had my way. leaning against one of the trees. Akima stood in the center of 4 stone piles. he had no problem with the fact that I was female only that I was younger. It was one of the simplest jobs one could ask for. the piles of stone around her began to shake and raise themselves. rough as the edges were I knew they would be smoothed out. Next were the pillars that would be formed in front of the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 5 . the more of the village that gathered. moving them without touching them. Laying a hand above them and then the stones would float as if on a boat in the water along side them. Throughout the next few hours. Elaya. our people would gather stones of all sizes. the boy stayed out of the way and out of trouble. Within a few minutes. The one who needed ten babysitters. It was nearing afternoon when the entire village had gathered and the stones needed were in piles near the areas they would be used. she was the wild card.

firm stone that would stand thousands of years to come. I heard the gasps from the natives. In the next few hours. listen intently trying to learn then return to their daily routines. reaching down she took a handful of dirt from the ground. The dirt rose. the pillars and the steps. no one could complain. The children seemed to run everywhere. She would stand in the center of it all. and the steps that would lead down. sit. probably explaining what was going on. The natives backed up further. he would lay the stones up for the pillars and for the steps. he stood in the center and raised his hands. between everything. watch. one that could be looked through as if it were glass. speak to those working. but would keep the people inside dry. the children laughing as if it was a game. but no sign of panic beginning in them. She did amazing work.Book One: The Beginning walls. still watching intently. A few times I thought one or two of them would be Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 6 . Smooth. for a smooth stone floor from the back wall. The villagers would come. flatter stones would be gathered and put in. That was for Ostro. Within a few minutes the dust began to settle and what was left was something familiar. Following similar actions as Akima had done. swirling as if a tornado had begun. she was well trained and sought nothing short of perfection. raising her arms in a quick motion upwards. the ground shook as the stones hit. and saw the king standing next to the village leader. bring the stones up and letting them fall into place. inside. the beginning of a building that resembled our buildings. Once the steps and pillars were in line. in much the same fashion. one of our top laborers. letting it slip through her fingers as she looked upwards. to the steps between the pillars at the front which faced the ocean. Nefriti had also managed to employ a ceiling of energy. Nefriti would smooth the walls.

” I tried persuading her. but you forget this is a strange land. Looking at me with an amused look he said. she must have been 6 or 7 by her size. “You know it wouldn't hurt you to relax a little. I watched from my position against the tree. don't do that. handing her a flower which halted the watering of her eyes and she smiled at him. I don't have to worry about getting a good nights rest. Kelshoro.” “So you think.” I glared at him. The prince would get involved. “Come on. the people here have been changed. I looked down at her. leaning over towards her. shaking his head and placing his hand on my shoulder “well if you feel that way.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 7 . you will be awake all night and they'll eat you first. laughing the entire time. I didn't know what she wanted. looking down this little girl was looking upwards at me. boredom was the last word I would use to describe what I was feeling as it was beyond being bored. She grabbed my hand and tried to pull me away from my post. trying to sidetrack the children out of the building. It's not like children are going to eat you alive you know. “for all you know they could plan on eating us tonight while we sleep. I felt a tug on my cloth that was wrapped around my hips. glaring down at her I asked “what?” Without considering to gentle my voice towards her. And then it came. the prince. Within moments her lip was trembling and I feared the cry's that would come. running off to show everyone what he had given her. who was watching as the event unfolded walked up.” He burst out laughing. not sure what to say or do.Book One: The Beginning crushed by the stones as they were laid in for the floor. her eyes watered and she wailed.

I sent him a mental image of his body with a pike run through it being held over an open fire pit with the children standing all around him throwing spices on him. His response was only a wave of his hand back towards me as he walked back to where he was telling stories to the little cannibals. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 8 .Book One: The Beginning He walked off before I could say anymore.

some had different shades of yellow hair. there was us. playing games with the children. small. But it was still a possibility. something that small and that easily upset couldn't possibly do anything to anyone twice their size. Shaking my head I let the notion of them being barbarians or cannibals go. and some of them even had black hair. it was still almost an exact opposite of what they were. I remember they were naturally tan. or us in them. I found myself wondering if they were really cannibals. kinda makes one wonder where they all came from. what had happened and how things changed.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Two Standing there. different colored hair. Watching the natives. Little barbarians with smiles to trick you. for the moment. and even though I understood what had made the hair on our heads go white and the other hair on the body vanish. big. it wasn't so much something you could get by working out in the sun because the children looked just as tan. It was a diverse community for the most part. Their hair was more diverse. We had taken over the bodies. Gaining his trust so they could lead him off alone and string him up from a tree. watching him interact. and no one had any tan lines that I had noticed. and why we were here now. tall and short. I knew what this planet once was. but there were quite a few of the little things running around. Their eyes ranged in different shades of blues and greens. The eyes themselves had seemed to stay the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 9 . telling stories. but the bodies were native to this land. enticing him in for the catch. They seemed much too small to do it on their own. And then. others had brown hair.

he didn't hold himself above as more important then his people. I had tried not to watch her most of the day. saying that the owners of the bodies were safe. he seemed to have a hitch in his gate. in more then one way. he appeared too relaxed. He hardly even took notice of what we were doing unless a crowd gathered. how he spoke. he did the jobs they did right along side them. the king had informed the village leader of what we had done. A new body. the many colors of the water. He had accepted it without question. now almost at the bottom of what some would consider the food chain. and surrounded by people she didn't know. But he seemed just as our king. he would stop and laugh with the children and talk to the older people of the village. he ignored us. I believe by this time. but I wasn't about to let that secret slip. It had fallen from what it once was. something I couldn't put my finger on if it had bit me. he may be the one who needed to be watched. they were equal to him. so I blocked the image of what I had seen that one time Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 10 . I surely didn't envy her bodyguard. something she could toy with. In the simplest of terms that he would understand. He was the leader in how he carried himself. too calm. There was still something off about him. a slight difference in how he walked as if he had a stone jabbed up into his foot. to gain possession of their bodies. not the least bit bothered by the fact we had abducted his people.Book One: The Beginning same. or at least he didn't show it. as he seemed to accept everything else. He carried himself well. Now that man. back straight. but I sensed a difference in him. knowing she was probably up to no good. but this man didn't seem to be surprised by much. too knowing for what this species had become. And there was the princess. removed them from their bodies and taken over. head high. Watching him as he went about his day. Moved in to his village and started to set up home. he definitely had his hands full. in a dream state while we occupied their physical forms. how he commanded the respect of the others.

games. trying to do what they saw him do. The man and his stones. and his games of trying to pull the prince card were just that. he didn't hold himself at a higher level then any of his people.” I patted his head and walked off. they know and they understand. I knew him better then that. Laughing to myself I looked back over at my job. they can do everything we can do or did you forget we're in their bodies. each of the five children around him following suit. “Yes they will. “If you think so. Slowly lifting his hands the stone would float and work as if it had a string tied to the bottom stone as it would come up under. daring me to challenge him. somewhere inside.” “Yes they do. The children laughed and giggled. standing over him. shaking my head I walked over to him.” He stated as he stood up to look down at me. he would have El's hands for it. If we can do it. “You know they're never going to get it. the genetics are still there for them to be able to do it. then he would place the palm of his hand on top of the stone and his other hand on top of the other. If our commander ever discovered it. He would move his top hand down under the bottom stone and make them dance. trying to emulate their teacher.Book One: The Beginning back into it its box for safe keeping. as he often tried to intimidate me. He would take a stone. watching him try to teach these human children how to control the secrets their mind held. and place it on top of another one.” I told him. but they do not understand what you do. If he Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 11 . “Possibly. They know. as if his stature alone was going to make me bow down.” He looked back at me. children remember what the older people do not.

this body needed to find a place to empty itself. do you have a specific building that the amenities are located in?” “Just find a bush. What was wrong with these people. Sighing. I go off a ways to make sure none of the children run up on me. “personally. my lower stomach was feeling as if it had a stone in it. I did not see one place that looked at if it held amenities for emptying oneself. giving up for the moment of finding a decent place. I walked around the tree line on the outskirts of one side of Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 12 . be it water or food. I might help them bind him to a tree just for the sheer entertainment of it. Who in their right minds would find a bush to use as a room to empty themselves in. and quick.” Turning she went back to weaving a basket. “Good day. She looked as if she was young. who was I to stop him. she could have been older.” I started slowly so as not to frighten her. I was utterly disoriented with the idea.” She turned.” she looked around as if all the brush was apparent to me. Giving up. things went in. but then again these people aged differently then us. was not something that was very different then our own bodies. maybe even younger then what I thought she might be. If I had thought the children were barbarians then the adults were worse. I finally approached a woman. “Where do you release yourselves. and things had to come out. smiling at me. “Hello. But right now.Book One: The Beginning wanted to hang out with the little barbarians. Thinking about emptying oneself only made it more apparent and just how big the stone had gotten and how bad you had to find a place to go. Did these people have no idea how uncleanly it was to squat at a bush and go. And this. But in all my watching and searching today.

beyond pissed by this time that he had been eavesdropping. wondering how he knew as he sent me a mental message “I know because it was obvious to anyone who was listening how disgusted you were with the idea of using the outdoors to empty yourself. Squatting down and resting my hands on the branch in front of me. are you sure you can get that body to put the hole needed into the ground?” I looked blankly at him.Book One: The Beginning the village. I sucked up the disgust and let the body do its thing. I would do it myself. I could see it wasn't as round of a hole as I had intended. As I was tying the cloth back around my hips. obviously amused. work always went faster when more then one did it.” I stared at him. “I don't know what your talking about. glaring at him. I felt my hand warm from cool to something that felt as if it was on fire and then the ground shook under our feet. found what seemed to be a clean enough branch laying on the ground and proceeded to untie the cloth around my hips. I began to move the stones from where they were into a pile near the area that would suffice for now. holding my hand out towards the area I planned to build on I stared at him. and it proved I was quite Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 13 . I decided if no one else seemed bothered enough by this to build a place for this exact reason. “Are you sure you can handle putting it in?” He looked at me. “The relief station. I began to look around the area for any extra stone and a place that seemed far enough away for a crude relief station. Returning to my position of watching over the prince and his audience of miniature people. but it would do. Looking. The prince saw what I was doing and began helping to move the stones.” I dared him to voice it. Spotting what I was looking for.

building three walls around the hole. “Yes. motioning for me to look at the hole that was now becoming something for the kids to throw stuff into. chasing them all off while being laughed at. “Come on kids. I raised my hands. but you might want to get the building up before the kids begin to make a game out of this. I walked over to the girl who I had spoken to before. which I then mentally moved over the top of the little shack.” He sent the mental note as he walked off calling to the children. “Hey! What do you think you are doing!?” I went towards the group of children gathered obviously trying to fill my hole back in.Book One: The Beginning capable of making this body do as I wanted it to. “Hole need filled no fall in!” On little boy yelled back at me as he put his hands on his hips. Picking him up as he kicked and punched at the air I handed him to the prince and went back after the other children.” I swear I could feel the hair on my head standing straight up and I could not understand who could put up with miniature people. After everything was in place. I'm putting something around it so you all need to go bother someone else!” “No! Hole fill in!” The boy persisted.” He laughed at me. I hurried to gather some wood. They got into everything! Focusing my energy and annoyance on the stones near the hole. “You sure know how to make friends fast.” I told him via mind note. I can say you put a hole there. “Hole in. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 14 . “Oh no it doesn't. I think I see someone who needs some playmates.

” She said as she got up and walked into her little hut. “Yes. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 15 . hang on a second.Book One: The Beginning “Do you have a long piece of cloth I can use?” I inquired. bringing out a shred of cloth that seemed wide enough and long enough for the purpose I would use it for.

saw the sun beginning its decent for the day. During the feast. I took a last piece of wood and brought it inside. they're cooking it up now. it would provide good shelter for them in case of rain until we had more buildings up. scouts have brought back vegetation enough for the entire village. “See you got it all up. and that was to finish this so I would hot be baring my bum for the world to see again. I could relax that my personal events would not be something to entertain the world with again. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 16 . the relief station was complete. over the hole in the ground. Once melded together. The entire village fit comfortably inside. Nodded and followed him back to the hall which had been erected earlier in the day. preferably with relief stations in them for each family. mentally visualizing the wood becoming one with two of the walls. the village leader stood and spoke of the prophecy which had been passed down through generations.” “Just in time too.” The prince stood on the outside when I exited. I had one purpose in mind.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Three Walking back to the relief station I had started with the cloth in had. we're gathering in the hall. After securing the cloth to the wood top. “Yes I did.” I looked around.

he held our kings hand and sliced down his palm. Stories were passed around. in the days of our ancestors. A darkness fell over the sky's long ago. and the feast was returned to. We welcomed others not of our kind into our homes as we do tonight. cutting down the palm of it.Book One: The Beginning “Long ago. laughing at myself I laid down. my people. now we were to teach what we could and help Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 17 . for the sky's surely shine us in what is to come with our friendship. placing their hands together they were now considered blood brothers. A land where we can once again be proud to call our home. This man who stands before you and at my side. is my brother. and his people are our family. promising to return once again and help to bring peace back to our lands. of the rains that come when the wind howls. and our visitors left. The mission had begun. the mans hand had healed. about the travelers who come sometimes. I made a position within reach of the prince should he find himself being eaten by the cannibals. and made successfully. Children began to fall asleep in parents laps. A land where our brethren does not bleed one another. Of day to day life. When the village leader reached for a clean cloth to wrap their hands in. “This. The ancestors of the ones who sit with us tonight were the visitors.” And he placed his uncut hand over the village leaders and when he removed it. a few of the villagers returned carrying blankets back for us. Looking out of the ceiling at the stars as they shown bright in the night sky.” With that statement he pulled a knife out. our king shook his head. reaching his hand toward our king. may you take as a sign of good fortune.” He looked at the crowd gathered. they are the ones who will return our land to what it was before. First contact had been made. there was peace. And as the crowd began to dissipate. The queen healed the king. the fire dwindling to nothing but smoke and extinguishing itself. “let me. Unrolling one that was handed to me.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 18 . I knew the task that lay ahead would be a long one.Book One: The Beginning the people to remember. they may not see the end outcome. one that would last longer then some of the villagers would live. To plant the seeds for what the future would bring to this world. but they were the beginning.

” The thought came in as Kelshoro started to wake. I have nothing against camping. maybe even those kids. thinking to myself “this was another change that was going to need to be made. they're your job.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 19 . children of the species should come first. “Hopefully they are not as lazy as you.” “I agree. a bed would need to be implemented. rolling up the blanket I had slept on.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Four I awoke as the sun was rising. “I agree.” “You and those kids.” “So how bout it. We should get some beds made for the kids to start with.” I looked him over and shook my head. and they relax more often. and go collect some lining for the beds?” He asked out loud. not the kids. “Works by me. but staying here as long as we planned on staying.” He stated. but I'm watching you. they have more of a sense of humor then you do. “This hard ground is no place for anyone to be sleeping.” “That's fine. we get a group together. “What? Its a vacation. laying there with his hands behind his head.” I started shaking my head.

“You must tell me where you are going before you go.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 20 . I thought to myself “great. up with the rise of the sun and down long after it has set. Children were still sleeping it seemed. cool yourself. he falls in a pit and it'll be my head paying the price.” The annoyed voice came from behind me.” “Good lord Nesenty. “if you weren't so wrapped up in keeping your head attached to your body you might have sensed me behind you. beginning to plan out the days work. taking note of the animals in the area. watching for any sign of disturbance. the plant life.” “Do not wonder off. I picked up the blanket I had rolled up and set it against a wall. I didn't spot my job on first glance.Book One: The Beginning “No. you don't have to stand over me like a shadow. coming out of those huts of theirs. it's a mission. “Will you be ok for a few minutes? I gotta make a run and check out the surrounding area.” “I have more common sense then to walk into a pit that my eyes can see.” I told him. which means being ready for anything. People were just starting to arise. I walked off. not even giving him a thought to think on while I was gone.” He grumbled as he sat up. wondering if he had wondered off on his own. After stopping at the relief station I proceeded to walk around the perimeter. so I know where to find your broken body at. Looking back he was just now starting to get to his knees to roll his up. On my approach to our building I saw that our people had all awoke.” “Relax already.” “I am surrounded by our people.” He announced sounding a little annoyed.

I had grabbed a few blankets before leaving camp to collect and carry the grass.” The walk to the beach was a silent one. it's not my problem I can hear them.” The prince commented on my thoughts. more proper bedding could be made later. I asked “Have you gathered your group to collect the lining.Book One: The Beginning Ignoring his ego. back where we had spent our first night. “We're going down by the shore. with any luck the prince remembered to bring a knife as well or he would find himself using a sharp edged stone to cut with because I was not about to give him mine.” “If you weren't listening you wouldn't know they weren't Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 21 .” “It will be softer then the stone. The grass here was green. Arriving at the beach we walked to our left.” He walked off towards his father. the grass would become dry and when things become dry it becomes brittle and tends to poke a person. “What is it with you and eavesdropping on people?” I stared at him. “Your right. Speaking with him briefly before coming back to where I waited. “If you don't block your thoughts. But it would suffice for now. Over time that would change. the grass there will work fine. I had a knife with me as well for the cutting. so when the children awake they can be escorted to where we will be if they want to help. or do you plan on doing it yourself?” “I'll leave a message with my father. it will suffice for now. it was soft to the touch.

He was always around somewhere. followed by Taki. he made sure he was appointed on the force of over seeing the continued training of the guard. determined not to be covered in wetness from her eyes again. Rolling my eyes I allowed the subject to come to an end. the part we would use would be a foot to two feet in length. Looking down I noticed the little girl who I had made whine a day earlier standing there looking at me. When I joined the federation training. sometimes I wish your mind was always blocked.Book One: The Beginning blocked.” She nodded. You worry too much. He had remembered to bring a knife. I had known him since I could remember. “Do you want to help?” I asked. leaving the roots and a good 2 inches left to regrow. He was a kind man.” “Trust me. we would cut at the base of the grass.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 22 . when a group of about 5 children came running down. “Mhm. when I was appointed to being a bodyguard.” He said as he walked towards the grass. Taki was a friend of mine. We had cut a good ten square feet a piece. “Go pick it up and bring it over here. Piling the cut grass aside and out of the way. he had a temper that followed him but somehow he always seemed to turn his annoyance into something of humor. he joined. “See that blanket over there?” She looked over where I motioned to. as if he was watching over me.

Book One: The Beginning She ran off like someone had set a fire to her bottom. Piling it beside us as Taki got the children moving grass from the piles into the center of the blankets. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 23 . but failing as she began to get her feet tangled in the end of it. “Would you stop teasing the man?” Kelshoro cut in. “What are you talking about?” I questioned him. The prince would mind the children back to the village. the blankets were over flowing. Having cleared an area of fifty feet a piece. moving one over his shoulder and leaving the other for me to carry. It had taken us most of the first light and into the high hours to clear it and carry it back to the village. Standing up I was ready to go pick her up and carry both her and the blanket over when Taki did so and set her down next to me. “Try not to hurt them by sending them on jobs that require they carry something bigger then they are.” He gave me a warning glance before walking off for the other blanket. Taki tied the ends of the blankets together. spreading out the blanket on the ground and beginning to lay the grass in the middle of it until the little girl picked up on what to do. “If you don't get it. picking it up and trying to run back with it. He picked up what they dropped and kept them on course of what they were doing.” I told him. “Are you sure you can handle it?” I called after him.” The subject was dropped as we continued to cut down grass. “I will mind mine. I am not about to explain it to you.” “Mind your own troubles. We would leave the tied blankets on our stone floor just inside the pillars.

Parents were very willing to give up the bottom blankets for the cause.Book One: The Beginning Collecting cloth to wrap the grass linings in would be the next process. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 24 . There were about ten children in all. The grass would be enough for all of them to have soft beds tonight. We carried the cloth back to our building of stone where we had left grass bundles. ranging in age from a year or so to what appeared to be eight or so. leaving them the cover blankets which they used to stay warm at night with. we would use the blankets that the children slept on to wrap the grass in.

or food and water to be placed. back home it was common to have a few tables inside the barracks for whatever reason the persons occupying them would use them. and the last look like an education center. Entering what had appeared to be an education center I took note of the group of librarians inscribing the walls with the native language and cross matching it to the widely spoken language of the federation. I got up and walked over to them. as if the language had been passed down from when we were here before. at home that would be where beds would be placed in. Hitting stone was never fun. at home they would house various weapons used for training. another resembled the training area. for personal items. sections in two of the walls were already hallowed out. Knowing exactly what was left to be done I left this building. it appeared very close. One looked almost like a barracks we had back home. A few of the letters Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 25 .Book One: The Beginning Chapter Five Looking around while eating on some of the local fruit I noticed how a few more buildings had gone up. on closer inspection of the barracks it looked as if they were just finishing it up. In the center of the building a table had been erected. the dirt would be a bit softer. books. Walking over to the training area I took note of the fact they left the floor a dirt one. On a wall more of those shelves were hollowed into them along with taller sections. On another wall there were shelves hallowed out. Satisfied that they had erected it close enough to what was available at home I walked back out.

the prince as well as Taki should be done eating by now and with any luck most of those children would stay out of the way. “stop dreaming and come help.” He sent a warning glance my way. “Taki. It was an easy task as one only needed to wave their hand over the stone with the intent of what was to be put there. I walked back over to the hall that had been built the day before to where we had left the grass and cloth for the beds. but it was close enough they would understand us if we spoke in their language. The language used by the federation was implemented long ago so those of different races and species could understand one another no matter the native language. Others were inscribing the history of this world on a different wall.Book One: The Beginning and words were different. there was no longer any pounding into the stone for days at a time to create the writings. interestingly so. The prince was already spreading out the blankets that had been given to us by the parents. “No. but it wasn't the task. I can see why it held his attention.” I called towards him. “I would never eat the animal. or the language used by the federation. It was colorful. Taki on the other hand was watching some bird in a tree. Both Taki and Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 26 .” “Bite your tongue. I decided it was time to finish the beds. and if you stare at it long enough it's going to think you might want to eat it. along with the legends and prophecies they knew of.” “Have you ever seen a bird like that?” He turned towards me.” Picking up one of the blankets full of grass I walked to the first cloth that had been laid out and untied the end.

and as fast as it had started it stopped. then folding the shorter ends over. Concentrating on the branches weaving in and out of the others and then when the ends would meet they would become one with no break in between. he tried to teach her how to do it mentally. but once they laid them down and felt how soft they were. No seam showing. two at a time and carried them to the huts where we knew the children lived. and wanted to know how to make them. refusing Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 27 . He could make friends with anyone. Each of the parents had a kind word or a question of what it was. I spent the rest of that day following the prince around. he was also very adept at having the patience to try and teach them something they may never understand. At one point I thought she almost had it. You talk about a public relations specialist.Book One: The Beginning the prince helped me to spread out the grass in the center of each of the cloths evenly. we picked them up. they melded into one piece. they were more then happy to accept the gift. waving a hand over part of the net and it would go together as one envisioned it. he was it. Taki grabbed the second blanket and we finished with the rest of the cloths that would turn into beds soon. it was around 2 inches thick. He would go from hut to hut just talking with whoever was there. no rough edge. leaving them with the parents to place where they wanted. it may have been a trick of the light or a trick of the eyes. After finishing. Spreading the grass out over the cloth. While helping one woman weave a basket. we then wrapped the end of the cloth over the edges until the sides from the length were touching. With another. Running our hands over the edges. but for a second I thought I saw the end of one of the branches begin to move. We proceeded to do this to each of them until they were all done. with no success the prince continued to help him tie ends together. a young man who was making a net out of vines the prince tried to show him how to control it with his hands. Splitting up we began to put them together. helping with whatever they were doing.

Blessed is the food we take into ourselves. One day.” It reminded me the history of the world. The king himself provided the blessing over the lot of it. May it bring us the strength needed to continue. Raising his hands up to encompass all that was present. even though nothing remained of it. we are no longer able to live in this city. no one knows if it is right. they come back. but built of dreams. a storm came. The demons of old rise up and begin to take what is not theirs. And once a visitor of the sky's came and the storm followed. It remained in my memory until the day I left Atlantis. this visitor who brings the storm with them. “In the days of before.Book One: The Beginning to do it for him. people would say it was the sky's who brought it to us. stories again were passed around.” Throughout the feast. But my grandfather told my father that in the days of his father. and that his father had passed onto him some years ago. fruits and vegetation had been gathered and was being cooked. People would tell of this city. not built of stick and stone. And every now and then as years pass. may it bring us the health to raise us up. he began “Blessed is the Earth who provides for us. Now we are no longer children of the sky's. or a tale made to discourage the traveler. no one remembers what happened. we were children of the sky's. the visitor came once and many of our own vanished in a single day. Talking with an older man he told me the story that his grandfather had told his father. never to be seen again. may it provide the nutrition our bodies desire. Towards the setting of the sun everyone was gathered in the hall again. but over the few years that would pass after this storm. There was a great city. I didn't tell him Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 28 . and more then likely beyond that time until I came back. It has been many years since they have visited.

spreading the seeds throughout the world that would usher the next stage of the world into being. The king announced that we would all stay in here for the night. but once building was closer to being completed. And even though my commitment was to the prince's safety. I simply listened. but you do have orders to protect the life that is there. none of us were alive when it happened. that this was a place to be protected if it meant our lives. It was as if he was speaking again. that we would help them should they want it. This mission is not to engage unless you are engaged. to other peoples. So many stars could be seen. I knew from the briefing we had received from our commander when the order came down. The species there do not remember what happened so long ago. the others will not be Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 29 .Book One: The Beginning that. We left them once. Closing my eyes. “Where you are going. The species on this land were to be protected if it was at cost to our own lives. we would resume our quarters as we had at home. I went back over the orders that were given to us that night before we were taken from our own bodies. they started to dissipate into their own directions and huts. it is still under the control of the ones who took it before. promising that we would return to them. do not start a war that may lead to the loss of life. Unrolling my blanket and laying down. The island that has been chosen will become our territory. I watched through the ceiling as the stars passed. This was going to be a location that would bring in many from different worlds. After everyone had finished with the nightly meal and finished telling stories to one another. But the fact that they had passed down the stories by telling them to one another over and over again. we were told they would be the messengers who would carry on the knowledge to other lands. I knew others would be coming at some point. and it remained so close to what had happened was enough to convince me that this “visitor” would return again. it would be a place of knowledge. but record was kept.

Book One: The Beginning

given access to what we build and they will not be allowed there, if you must engage them to prevent this, do so. Prior commitments in the course of rules of engagement are to be disregarded, you are each assigned a task, that which if peace remains you are to continue with that task, if threat presents itself, you are to forgo previous tasks and prevent an outcome no one wants.” He had gone on to explain to each of us personally what our positions there would be, all of which was a basic outline of what we did on our home world, but as he explained it he made it clear that all of what we knew here would not be held in account should a threat pose itself. The threat was to be taken care of before our assignments that we had been given here. As I understood it, if I let something happen to the prince in the time of peace, I would pay the price, but should peace be taken away, his life was to be given up just as easily as my own if it meant protecting the species on the island. I still wasn't sure what happened to our consciousness's in the event of the body dying, I never got the straight of that, but it was not a concern for anyone else obviously, so I let it go. Letting myself drift off into a sleep the body much needed.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

Chapter Six

It was a week later, a dozen more buildings had been built, family groups had been moved into a few of them. Single women who were of age had been moved into a section of one building, single men of age into a separate section of the same building. Beds had been made for each person in the village, including ourselves who had moved into the barracks. Sentries were giving positions for night watch as well as others during the day, they would work in shifts always watching the seas and surrounding areas. Some of the huts had been taken down and the wood and grasses used for something else. One of the artists that had been brought with had gone back to the ship and acquired the laser that was used for markings on the body. Each of our own were given the mark of the federation which we always had on our right arms. Villagers were interested in the various designs that could be accomplished using this machine, which was strange and foreign to them. They would compare it to what they used to mark the bodies, which was a sharp stick or stone dipped into dye they made, everyone could agree that our way went faster and was less harmful to the body, they easily gave up the old way of doing it, a few had been taught how to use our machine and were now actively either redoing their old work or giving someone a new design in various colors. I had grown up with this around me, it was strange to see someone act so impressed and easily entertained with something I had known all my life, but knowing how they lived it wasn't that hard to believe. I was down at the beach this afternoon, bathing the wretched smell of the body off me in the ocean waters. Watching

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

as the fish and dolphins would swim near me, brushing up against me, they could sense I was different. Walking up out of the water to where I had left my cloths after washing them I saw Taki and a few others I knew standing there, apparently going to do the same thing I had just done. Picking up and tying one cloth back around my hips, I reached for the other one and as I was tying it around my chest, I heard Taki call to me. “How was the water?” He asked. “It's nice, refreshing, gets rid of the stench that has built up.” I smiled at him, “You might want to stay an extra time, last time I got near you, you smelled of rotten rit.” I compared him to one of the fruits from home that when it rotted, it would smell an entire building up. “Funny.” He said as he walked closer. I watched him glance down and then saw the look come over his face that startled me. “What?” I asked, tired of his staring. “Your bleeding.” He looked at me as if I had done something stupid. “No, I'm not.” “Yes,” he pointed down towards the cloth wrapped around my hips, “you are.” Looking down I saw what looked like a fresh blood stain on the cloth. “What did you cut yourself on? And do I ask where did you cut yourself?” He questioned me.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

“I have no idea.” I paused a second to think, “I don't remember cutting myself, there was nothing sharp in the water to get cut on.” “Where's it coming from then?” He asked as one of the others came over to see what was going on. “Do I look like I know?” I shot an annoyed glance at him. “What did she do?” One of the others asked, his name was Kie, he seemed as confused as everyone else. “I didn't do anything.” I stated. “She probably hit her head on something.” Taki offered with a quiet laugh. “I did not hit my head anywhere on anything.” I argued. “Then why don't you know what happened?” Asked Kie. “Because I don't, I couldn't even tell you where it's coming from.” I said as I watched a blood drop trail down the inside of one of my legs. “Then go look.” Kie laughed at me as if it was obvious to go see where it was bleeding from. Taking his advice, since it seemed the only way to determine if it needed treated or not, no matter what had happened, I walked towards one of the rocks near by and sat down. Pulling the end of the cloth up and looking both of my legs over I saw no mark, nothing that would lead one to bleeding. Pulling the cloth up higher I noticed that between my legs on the back, where the cloth was under me it appeared the cloth was bleeding.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

“Figure it out yet?” Taki called over to me. “The cloth looks like it's bleeding!” I yelled back at him. “Cloth does not bleed,” he returned, turning towards Kie, “come on, she has lost all sight as well as memory.” They walked over to where I sat. “See, the cloth appears to be bleeding?” I gesture for them to see what I was seeing. “I see a lot of blood for no mark on you.” Kie looked at me as he said that. Taki was down on one knee looking my legs over from my feet up. “No marks at all.” He stated when he got to my thighs, “but something is definitely bleeding...” “And a lot at that.” Kie broke in. “Well why are you looking at me?” I asked as they both looked me in the eyes. “I didn't do it!” “Put this under you, see if it stops the bleeding.” Taki handed me a piece of cloth he had carried with him. I lifted myself up and slid the cloth under my rear, thinking it might stop the other cloth from bleeding. We waited a few minutes and then it started to pool with blood as well. “Well, it's not the cloth,” Kie thought he had to let everyone else know what was obvious. “Its you Nesenty, you should go see one of the medical team.” Taki added.

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Book One: The Beginning

“It is not me!” I stood up. “Do we have to carry you bodily to the medical team, or will you go on your own?” Taki threatened me. “I can manage my way just fine to whoever knows what is going on.” I glared towards him. “Then go already.” Kie told me, waving me away. “We have a stench to wash off as you did. Hopefully we do not get bit or scraped up and our cloths do not bleed as well.” Grabbing a hold of Taki's arm he said, “come on, she can find her own way.” They walked down to near where the water was, dropping the cloths from around their hips and carrying them into the water with them to wash. I started towards the village, looking down every now and then to see if the cloth was still bleeding. I stopped and tried holding it between my legs once to see if pressure would stop it, the blood spot just grew in size on the cloth doing that. I tried using my hands to put pressure on the cloth, but it did nothing to stop the spread of the stain. I walked a ways more, was almost to the village when I tried using some dry grass to soak up the bleeding from the cloth, it kept bleeding though. I hurried into the village, finding the medical team in the education building. “I need some help.” I stated as soon as I entered. They turned towards me, the one who was in charge was the first to ask, “what's going on?” “I took to bathing down in the water, when I came out, blood was staining the cloth and some going down my leg. I looked myself over and found no cuts. Kie and Taki also looked me over finding nothing. It appears the cloth is bleeding of its own.” I relayed what had taken place.

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Book One: The Beginning

The medical team looked at me blankly, then Shoho who was in charge came over, she walked around me looking me over. Then she bent down and looked my legs over, as I had already done as well as two others. “Take the cloth off.” She instructed. I removed the cloth from around my hips and handed it to her. “It appears the back of it is what is bleeding, that is where it pooled when I was sitting.” She looked the cloth over, every inch of it. And then it was as if something had suddenly come to her as her face took on an expression of humor. She chuckled as she turned towards me, “it isn't the cloth. Its you. Your body more so.” “How?” I asked, not completely believing what she was saying, how could I bleed with no infliction. “Humans, female humans, go through fertility cycles.” She began, “at the end of the cycle their body sheds what is not needed if no child has presented itself.” She handed me a clean cloth, longer then the other I had, “wrap this around your middle and between your legs, change cloths when this one begins to stain bad.” “Do you care to explain further?” I asked, not happy with the answer I had gotten. “Human females have cycles, similar to what we used to have before we evolved to the point of not having these cycles. During part of the cycle they can be with one another in mating, male and female, and sometimes a child presents itself inside the woman. If this happens, then she does not go through an end of a cycle and shed what is not needed. If a child does not present,

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

this,” she pointed down on me, “happens. That hole down there, it is where a child is born, it is also where humans mate, and every 28 days, one month, the body sheds if the mating did not end in a child.” “You mean this is going to happen again?” I asked, not liking the sound of what she was saying. “Yes, it will happen every 28 days. That is the length of a human females cycle. In days 7 to day 20, the chances of a child from mating are highest. Avoid mating rituals in that time. Between days 21 and 28, as well as while you are shedding, mating rituals will be safest to perform without risk of a child presenting inside.” “I don't plan on mating at any point. But can't I stop this?” I argued. “No, its how their bodies function.” She tried to put it gently to me. “Fine.” I gave up, throwing my arms up as I walked off to wash the cloth that I had thought was bleeding, with the one she had given me now wrapped around not only my hips but between my legs as well.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

Chapter Seven

“Where you been?” Kelshoro asked as he jogged to catch up to me. I was currently trying to get someplace without anyone around to think over what Shoho had told me, I was not in the mood to play interrogation with anyone. “No where.” I snapped at him. “Hold on,” he grabbed my arm, “whats going on?” “Nothing I can not handle.” I finally stopped. “Then why do you look as if there is fire somewhere?” “Because I want to be by myself.” I was glaring at him, which didn't seem to phase him at all. “Why?” He persisted. “I can make it an order.” “Because this body sheds every 28 days.” I finally told him before he did make it an order. “What do you mean, sheds?” “I mean the thing bleeds, apparently for 7 days. And it goes through mating cycles.” I wanted to find a hole to crawl in. He stood there for a moment, staring at me, and then he

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

burst out laughing. “What is it you find funny?” I asked, when he failed to stop laughing, I continued, “the fact that I bleed without infliction or the fact that the only way to stop it is to mate with something and grow child inside?” “All of it.” And his laughing had led to watering of the eyes. “What is wrong with you? Your eyes water, you laugh, how will you like it when it turns its affliction on you?” I threatened him, it wasn't true, but it may make him think before he laughed again. “What do you mean? Everyone gets this?” “Go talk to Shoho she will explain your mating rituals and your shedding.” I told him and walked off before he figured it out. I needed a quiet place to sit and think, and if that meant he thought he would be next, so be it. Walking towards the outskirts of the village where some trees lay, it looked as if that was perfect coverage for finding a quiet place. The hustle around the village was beginning to get to me, for what reason I was not sure, but the noise and the people moving around was beginning to give me a bad case of annoyance, with everything. The children screaming and laughing, the women calling to them, the men pounding stones and wood hitting the ground, even my own people talking with one another was creating a raw feeling to my nerves. I found what I was looking for not twenty steps away, an area covered in grass, small, surrounded by trees and bush. It cut out the noise and sights, and smells of the village enough to let ones mind hear itself.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


I continued to walk towards the hall. if there were any more surprises in my path. For now. looking over my shoulder I saw Taki. The second option would be my first choice. I took note of the animals who were now coming closer to the village. as was any species. the sound of talking rising the closer I got. Stories were again being told and shared. of the life people had experienced seemed to be the choice of subject tonight. waiting for the village to head to their own quarters before I approached the king. I sensed someone standing behind me. I could go to a woman of the village and ask them. sitting there as if they were waiting for something. feel what it had felt.Book One: The Beginning Sitting there. an option I would use if the need arose. would be speaking with one of the village women. then if I needed further information. know what it had known. I had to return to the village. Sitting down on the steps. The second way. I thought of what Shoho had told me. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 40 . watching the village as it stilled as the sun went down. Even if he would not understand the why of it and what had brought it on. he would understand the need of it. it should be settling down now and the noise should be quieting. a far more quicker and easier path. I would take my leave of the king and someone else could assume watch over his son until I worked through this. surely he could understand the need of quiet and the need of time to think. The first way. but it had not occurred to me that this was an event that happened often. would be to look into the body's cell memory. Walking back to the hall where I knew everyone would be gathered. I would use it until I could understand no more from it. it made me question just what went on through these cycles. Animals were nothing to be feared unless threatened. As the sun began to descend I came to the conclusion the only way I was going to know exactly what this body went through was one of two ways. I could have done that to begin with before going to Shoho about the bleeding.

nothing I care to talk of right now. it came to an end when we all walked in and said he had talked to you.Book One: The Beginning “Where have you been?” He sent the thought to me. Shoho laughed and repaired the fear you had instilled. the female of the species bleeds for 7 days. “Ran into him as he was heading for the education center to talk to the medical team. “Thinking. “Cheer up. “because the prince was convinced we would all get it. I needed quiet.” I sent back. “Natural for this species.” “HA. “Thinking about what?” He said aloud as he sat down next to me. shaking my head. yes. tis good news.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 41 . concern lingering in the feeling of it. “What Shoho said.” I chuckled.” “When did you talk to him?” I asked.” I sighed. looking at him as if all hope was lost. Basically got a run down of what you had said. “So its just the female of the species?” He asked. and mentally I got the rest. at least you did not hurt yourself and forget what happened. Once a month.” “The bleeding?” He posed it as a question as well as a statement. It sounds pleasant enough. it is.

Almost as if I had just confirmed the sky was actually blue. “Wanted to hear it from your words. “I will ask for leave when I get alone with the king. will you watch over the prince in my stead?” “Of course.” He shrugged. So as not to be surprised by any other events in my path again.” he paused looking me over. “It would be something to consider.” “Well here's your chance to talk to him. know that you were joking and this is not a joke she is in on. “I would like to take leave of my position until I can gain access to the memories this body has. the king and his wife.Book One: The Beginning “Then why do you sit asking me?” I was getting that annoyed feeling again. Once they were close enough to make a mental connection. use the cell memory to find out what else goes on with this body before something comes into my path.” He motioned for me to look behind us. I will stand in your place until you are ready to come back. an obvious answer to something that had been a concern of someone elses.” I explained. It is a female affliction. why ask for time if it is nothing of worry?” “I want to regress the body. he had a relieved look on his face. So none of us is surprised again by something these bodies go through. the queen were coming this direction.” “Then be satisfied. “but why? If you know what the bleeding is from.” I patted his shoulder. you have heard it from my words. Taki will take my Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 42 . I explained myself. “Maybe it is something we all should do.

walking another hundred or so feet into the trees before going to my left. hope for the best outcome. take as long as you need. They were asleep now. As I left the barracks and proceeded to the edge of the village where I had come from. how would they react? We would have to wait until that time came.” He told me while standing up. where will you go?” He asked.” “You have it. taking my place while I find out what other secrets this body holds.Book One: The Beginning place watching over your son. depending on how long I would be out here. into nature. after I had taken the left direction. A hundred steps in front of me. “Thanks be to you Taki. a water spring would be a good place to find.” “Anytime. Nothing else needed to be said.” The king responded mentally. “Out into the trees. I smelled water. different colored. and some blankets to stay warm. I did just that. smiling down at us as they walked by. walking to the barracks and collecting my blankets and a knife. I could easily slip into the barracks and gather what I needed before leaving here for whatever time was needed. taking his leave for the night. over the space of ten feet of pooled Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 43 . shorter than them. I came upon the water I had smelled.” “Take a weapon. if they woke tomorrow with beings taller than them. how the people would accept beings who did not look as they did. I found myself stepping through the tree line when I looked back in front of myself. The village was going to sleep. I watched the stars again. Wondering how long it would be before the others arrived. I will find a quiet place to take this body and find out what it holds. I saw the water fall in front of me. slowly adjusting my eyes in the darkness. I could hear the water flowing from somewhere.

I on the other hand. it needed to be washed. of animals that came to it to drink from it. The feeling of sleep setting in was on the verge of taking over. of the vegetation surrounding it. but the calming effect this pool had on me was one of absolute peace. where it went from here after the waterfall emptied into it I did not know. I slept well into sunrise. letting the body feel what the water felt. yes I had just woken. As I looked around me. The cloth around my hips was almost solid red. It was as if the Earth herself had placed this specific body of water there to help those who found it. it had a peaceful feeling to it. I waded into the water until it was over my chest. letting the water wash over me. I could sense the vibrations of the water. bush. and what appeared to be the shape of flowers surrounding the area. I saw tall grass. where salt would cleanse it. The water against my skin felt cool. it could cleanse even the most vile of energies from someones body. I let the body drift into a state where the physical became one with the consciousness. I awoke to what was less then a happy situation. as if nothing bad had ever touched it. This would be as good a place as any. short grass. I stepped into the crystal clear water of the pool. rolling the other and placing it under my head I let the body drift into a deep sleep. The water could raise ones vibrations. the energy flowing through it. going down next to the waters edge I laid out the blanket on the ground. letting its energy cleanse mine. as did I.Book One: The Beginning water. Leaning back. having never slept better since setting foot on this planet. with the sound of water to sooth it and silence all other sounds. I allowed myself to float in the water. Stripping all cloth from my body. It was accepting of me. The cloth could wait until it could be washed in the sea water. Letting its memories of what it had Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 44 . trees. an energy flowing in it that calmed ones soul. needed a bathing immediately. Closing my eyes I let its energy mingle with my own.

years old.Book One: The Beginning been through wash over me. that our high energies and our ages may wear on these bodies and they would fail sooner was a concern that would need to be taken up with the medical and science teams. I felt the blood flow from it as it shed what was no longer needed. but he was still considered to be in his mid-life area. At the age this body was. By the feelings the body had. on a hot day. still attending school for the young. he never would give us an exact age. how did they experience life in such a short time. I was older then that at 130. When I went back of course. I wondered to myself. I was still living with family. It was young compared to what my own body and being was. I felt the age of the body. I felt the contraction of the organ that held this blood as it ejected it from its being. These bodies. how did they live in such a short time. to full awareness again. I felt the sun on the body. The thoughts of how these people could live in such short life spans brought me out of my peaceful state. My own body. it was only twenty-six seasons. I felt the skinned knee it had gotten years ago. my being was a young one compared to others. the ocean waves washing over it as it strained to swim against them. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 45 . and that had taken a good twenty years to reach the position I was now holding. because being in this place was something I was not ready to give up. it would only normally live a hundred years at most. It was a concern. It wasn't until I was nearing 80 that I had decided to train for a military position. our commander was a good four-hundred years old.

I remembered everything the body had to share. Its heart. A team of ten. We had a few back home. as well as a healing center. you could hear in everything around you. And the healing center. The natives huddled near the buildings. Its life. you could feel. The Earth spoke to the life on it. The others would be military. watching as they walked in. I knew. not only would energy healers be present.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Eight I spent the next six days and seven nights out by the waterfall. looking up in front of me was the first team to arrive in natural form. It was becoming a city. you could see in the life that was around you. It provided a place where you could observe the changes in space around you. to watch the reactions of the natives as they walked in. he was the leader of the planet. it communicated on a level of its own. I was sure would be just as the ones at home were. An observation center had gone up. the one in the front was Margol. from the planet Argos. he sat on the council of the federation. More homes had gone up. it was still just as busy as it had been when I left it. what the observation center held. in approximately two weeks since our arrival. Its breath. without having to investigate. crystals would run the machines as well as be used by the energy healers. Caught in my own thoughts it took me by surprise when I sensed a change. as well as healers and historians. Walking back into the village. but there would be machines to diagnose and heal on the physical level. and more. a village made of sticks and grass had turned into a functioning city. They were Aragons. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 46 . I stopped where I was.

not hard. The older villagers just watched them. I watched as a child ran up to Margol. was afraid you were going to miss it. Our king and Margol would make their way to the hall that had been built on that first day. stopping here and there.” I pushed Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 47 . honor it was a welcome to the first of our brothers. I didn't want to leave my sanctuary.” Taki had come up behind me. since our king had welcomed them. just watching. Smiling at her he stood up as our king went up to him. Hand to elbow in a gesture showing friendship. our own followed greeting the Aragons as old friends on the way. her happiness. she had no fear of him. they were curious. looking the Aragons over from there feet up to as far as the little ones could see. I stood back. The children were running in and out. trust. It was raining. and they had come to trust him. “You came back just in time. the village followed. with the new senses available to me.Book One: The Beginning carrying themselves with such pride. He stopped where he was. and it was enough to bring my eyes to watering when her tears of joy fell. but soft. I could feel how the Earth was responding to this. And it was enough to convince the villagers they were safe. not afraid but cautious. It was the beginning. one by one they started to relax. watched how they interacted with us. Creating multicolored sparks from his fingers which turned into a flower he gave her.” “Almost did. the natives had accepted that others would be coming. “They sent word last night that they would be coming. and in them was the feeling of welcoming the visitors to help her children. They no longer seemed afraid. It was a good day today. bent down on a knee and began his tricks. others that did not look as they did. I could feel her love. to come forward and gather around.

“I'll be along when I get there. the king is going to introduce them in the hall before the sun is in the middle of the sky. in a way they were. “but then who would I pick on?” “Best get moving. pushing me back as he walked off towards the crowd. When Sakie looked up to where I was. He embraced one as if they were brothers. those two had spilled each others blood in training.” He told me.” He took his answer and walked up the steps with the others. making his way through I watched him smile at the villagers as he made his way to where the Aragons were standing. they were close enough to being brothers. left and then came back to train with us. he waved me over. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 48 . sending him the mental message.Book One: The Beginning him. I waved back. Sakie had studied with us when we were growing up.

as well as the ones I was wearing. we come in all sizes and forms. back behind the people standing around. our friends who will be coming as the Aragons. Some will look similar to yourselves.. in their natural forms. “. but no one will do that until you show that you are ready and more have arrived. or like yourselves. others may be small like your children. and caught the end of what appeared to be the start of the introduction. others may look like large animals that are around you. As you can see for yourselves. it means that we come in peace to you. If you see this mark. We used your form to make first contact as to not frighten you. we may bring in large machines that have allowed us to sail to where you live. This mark is what signifies the carrier as a friend of ours and a friend of yours. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 49 . “As you can see. but as we have shown you that you are safe with us. I leaned against one of the pillars. At some point in the future. none of his people will be using human form. I would catch the introduction and then head down to the ocean to wash the cloths I had carried back with me. he does not look like us.. all of the Aragons carry the same mark on their arms as we have marked ourselves with. I started to make my way that direction.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Nine Once most of the crowd had gone into the hall.” Our king was speaking.” And just to have more effect. but none of us will harm you. he pointed to the mark of the federation on his own arm. you can know that the carrier is safe.yesterday when the moon was up that his people and he had arrived and would be coming into the village this day after the sun rose. the villagers looked and seemed to accept the explanation he was giving. and then to the one on Margol.

I backed out of the hall and proceeded down the stairs. was the Aragons whom the children seemed to take quite a fascination with. walking for the other end of the village and down to the ocean water. showing them what was where so they would know. were as always. obviously knowing that I had lost that notion after living with them for a time. After the cloths were clean. it was no surprise Taki found him to be safe enough to leave alone. although the prince was surrounded by trusted companions. but the salt in the water did cleanse it when it was rubbed between your hands while under the water. returning to their work for the day. The prince was currently giving them a layout of the buildings and land around. cooking food. washing my body using the sand again. only now along with the prince. Walking back out of the water I grabbed two of the cloths. I tied the ends of each together to prevent them from floating off while I washed one. I let the sun dry both them and myself on the walk back to the village. following the prince around. What I found was not surprising as the villagers had done just the same as they did with our arrival. I didn't see Taki or Sakie with them though. “Still think the natives are cannibals?” I turned to see Taki standing behind me with his arms crossed. The salt in the water washed most of the blood and dirt away from them. he still had Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 50 . what was left I washed using the sand from the floor of the ocean. Hair was another thing. it didn't take kindly to being scrubbed with sand. Scrubbing the sand into the cloth and then the cloth together. scrubbing it over myself and letting the water rinse it away. letting the water rinse away the sand.Book One: The Beginning Not seeing any reason to stay and listen any longer. washing others in water they had brought up from the sea. Untying the cloth around my chest and my hips I carried them into the water along with me. Weaving cloth and baskets. I set them onto the shore and went back into the water. wrapping one around my chest and the other around my hips. And the children.

” Taki was filling Sakie in as they followed me to the barracks. Turning to Sakie.Book One: The Beginning the nerve to ask. “Made the first ones eyes water profusely until the prince gave her a gift.” Taki added in. Sakie just laughed at us both.” I told him. “She thought they were going to eat the prince when we first got here. “Of course I do.” He shook his head at me. “Well.” “Your loss of limb and breath if you leave yourself open to them.” “Sounds like she's making friends already. why would that change?” I responded by folding my arms over my chest. knowing I was never the first one to adjust to new surroundings with ease. might be best to keep an eye open at all times.” Sakie smiled as he said it. they haven't eaten anyone yet. “And that is not the good part.. I told him “Be careful when you sleep.” “Not to mention they might eat you. spinning around to stick my Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 51 .” Taki began. but I cut him off because I knew where this was going. Even scared one of the little ones and then argued with another one. brushing past them both for the barracks. those miniature ones like to jump on you. Made the second one become steaming mad when she yelled at him. “Do not say it.” I told him. “As little as they are they could not eat much before I woke to rid them away from me. would stand over him like his shadow..

Placing his hand to his heart as if he had no intention of doing what he was about to. When he failed to stop laughing I stomped onto his foot with my own and planted the palm of my hand against his forehead before walking the rest of the steps to the barracks. laughed. “Knock it off Sakie or you will be next. “I told you not to say such!” Sakie looked from me to him. I put my fist into his stomach. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 52 .Book One: The Beginning finger into his face. “Do not say what?” He acted innocent. tried to make comment on the first part about a mating cycle and proceeded to laugh until his sides obviously were paining him as he wrapped his arms around himself and bent forward.” I threatened him.. “Say that you now have a mating cycle which leaves you.” Before he got the words out..

” he said aloud.” When we both looked at him like we would string him up.” He offered back. “would the two of you just mate and be done with the bickering. comparing him to a smelly rodent that we have on our planet. he began to laugh again.” I sent back.” I threatened.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Ten Once inside I put my things away and no sooner had I done that. “Janga. putting both of his hands onto his chest before dropping down to his knees.” Sakie was no longer laughing. “Oh by the sun. “I told him the rest.. “You wound me. obviously making a joke at both of our expenses.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 53 ..” Taki sent mentally. “Keep it up and you will see what wounded feels like. “What do you think?” I sent to Taki. He sat down on the table in the center of the barracks and watched us. standing with my hands on my hips. “How about we tie him to the table and beat the laughter out of him. staring back at him. “We could tie him to the table and let the children have him. I heard the laughter behind me again.

as if we were to do what he had suggested. acting off each others thoughts we wrapped our arms around the others arms. we can bleed the laughter from him. “There.” I stated as I climbed off of his stomach.” I told him.” He tried to turn and walk off towards the opening. and his arms pinned with mental intention as Taki took one arm and then the other. Walking towards Sakie. tying them to the legs of the table. Standing up he moved slowly to our right. maybe you need one of your own kind to oversee it is done correctly. “Not this time. Taki grabbed one arm as I restrained the other.” I looked at Taki and smiled. “Now.Book One: The Beginning “Just the threat of such would stop the laughter.” With the execution of the process of ending the laughter settled. using the weight I had to keep his back against the table. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 54 . “We've already done that. “But we want you. smiling. “Would you care to stay and oversee that it is done correctly?” Taki asked him. Sakie had an expression of fear mixed in with the retching look one gets before emptying the contents of their stomach. the bickering is a side effect of doing such.” He sent the mental instruction. he struggled against the ropes but was going no where. He then proceeded to tie Sakie's feet to the other legs. Extending a hand Taki mentally brought the ropes that had been made to his possession from across the room.” I offered as we pulled him back down to the table. I climbed up onto Sakie's stomach. Sakie's face turned into one of being on the verge of retching. “Hold him down.

as if the thought of such actions was the most humorous thing he had ever encountered. As his laughter began to die down we heard the princes voice behind us at the entrance. you will not!” Sakie yelled at us. but it did not last long as he burst into laughter again.” Taki offered.” He looked from me to Taki. ignoring the panicked look on Sakie's face.Book One: The Beginning “What is your choice of today for this job?” Taki put towards me. you know such. get a bowl to collect it in. “Yes.” Taki added in. “He has been overcome by loss of sanity. we had to tie one down to keep him Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 55 . “Come on. I was jesting. “It is just what it looks like!” Sakie yelled from behind us.” I told him. positioning ourselves to hide Sakie who was tied to the table. “Not what it looks like. “We might forgo the bleeding of you if you forgo making suggestions of the likes of what you did. what is with the talk of bleeding one dry?” Sakie argued with us. and I do not wish to know of what the two of you have done. “What are you doing?” Both Taki and myself turned. looking at him.” I told him. trying to keep his face serious. “And a cloth for his mouth so we do not frighten anyone. “By the stars. your mating cycles are none of my concern. Trying to keep my own face serious. “We should start at the feet.

And it is not his fault if someone scared him to the point of losing sanity with the idea of mating. My sanity will remain intact.” I turned around glaring at him. “You have Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 56 . “And bleeding him would solve this?” The prince looked at Taki and I as if he was not in the least convinced. “Listen to your prince. the prince. “I am not one who is about to bleed another.” Taki answered.” “If anyone has been overcome by loss of sanity. “And if I am not tied to this table I cannot witness mating rituals. one would not be tied to a table. “it is not his fault you are in this body and now have cycles. he cannot hurt himself. if he cannot laugh. “It may. Taki had remained silent during this exchange.” the prince ordered. he is a smart man. trying his best not to laugh at the situation or what had led to the current situation. “He continues to laugh until pains in his side bend him over.Book One: The Beginning from hurting himself. he cannot laugh.” The prince was smiling by now. 'tis you!” Sakie yelled to anyone who would listen. “Let him go.” “Why is he suffering from loss of sanity?” Inquired Kelshoro. nor any other part of a cycle.” Sakie added in before he began to laugh again.” I offered.” Sakie tried to argue the point. “If one would shush ones mouth. if he cannot function.

” Taki offered. Crawling into it I laid back with my hands behind my head. “Children!” The prince called at us. but stop the foolishness!” And at that he turned and left the building shaking his head as he went. “Shush!” I warned him.” Sakie looked at the two of us. “So much for my peace of mind I held this morning. Taki chased him out the entrance. staring at him. I'll untie you. “And I supposed you do not deserve this either?” Planting my elbow into his side. “Wasn't my idea. “Hold still.Book One: The Beginning nothing to say?” I asked him. and then to his feet to untie those binds. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 57 . if you must. rubbing his wrists. Sakie sat up. “Are we done with the premating ritual?” He said through laughter as he jumped and ran from the building. “Let the man go. Moving to untie the binds that held his arms to the legs of the table.” He glanced at me before looking away. closing my eyes for a brief nap in the mid day before I could let my mind slip back into hurried mess of thoughts I had. “It's your fault you know.” I thought to myself as I made my way to my bunk. leaving me to steam in my own pot of annoyance once again. “It wasn't?” I asked. go separate directions.

I pulled upwards on the sticks.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Eleven I had a brief nap in the barracks.. I reached over and took hold of both of the twigs they were wailing around. “What are you doing?” The little boy. it almost looked as if they were sparing. holding on to them. I asked. “I wonder how old they are?” I thought to myself.. somewhere near an age of understanding instruction. while failing horribly.” Walking towards them.. whether it be fear or curiosity. I think. at reproducing that training. “Boo. coming out in time to witness two of the children of the village.” I quietly said to them. or woman in this case. I made a quick stop at the relief station... lifting the children up to their tiptoes. they didn't seem to notice me. they looked. to figure out that they had been watching some of the training take place today and were attempting. I stood there for a moment. It didn't take a wise man. I would hope. just watching as they flung them around without any obvious point of direction. waking in time to get to what would be the feast for the night. worth a try before they injure themselves.. with sticks. who looked a fraction older then the other Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 58 . Both looked up at me. On my way over there. Nothing crossing their faces to hint at what they may be thinking. speechless.. which worked to my advantage. In almost a whisper. well I couldn't put my finger on what they were doing. “We begin training when we're young..

” I waited until they had moved to the positions I had told Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 59 . you.” Again the eldest of the two seemed to be the one to answer all of my questions. He made a sound that almost reminded me of croaking before he answered. “stand over there. They looked down towards the ground as if they were going to be scolded. Fine I thought.” “Someone should be teaching you if your training.” I paused looking the branches over. ensuring that I would be understood by both.” “How old are you?” I proceeded with figuring out just how old they were. then he looked to the other little boy. “Before either of you start using these. “I am 7 seasons. “twigs. he is 7 seasons in a few moons.Book One: The Beginning was the one who answered me. “We training.” pointing to the other one. “over here. “What are you called?” “My name is Sigh.” I told them. “Do you speak?” I looked at the other one.” Pointing to the older one.” “Do you understand what I am saying?” I wanted more then a one word answer out of him. “Yes. “his name is Fish.” He answered with his one word again. “Yes. You need to understand that one must anticipate the opponents next move.” the one who answered me before said. if he only wanted to give me yes answers then he could answer yes to each of my instructions.

feel your own energy moving and feel the energy of the other person moving. “Playing with the cannibals now are you?” The prince called to me from a few steps back. start moving your hands. “You want to sense the energy coming from the other person. close your eyes now. I couldn't teach.” I raised my hands up in front of me.Book One: The Beginning them. “now. let alone teach them who needed more instruction then I could possibly give. Both of you. they began fumbling over their own Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 60 .” I looked over my shoulder at him. rolling my eyes before closing them and dropping my head down. “Ok!” They answered together excitedly before turning and running off towards the hall. stand with your feet a few inches apart. feel their energy moving before they move. When I tried to tell them how to sense the other. “Why don't you two head over to the hall. like this. “I saw them swinging the twigs here around. Sighing. as they started moving their hands around.” I showed them by assuming the position myself.” Kelshoro scurried them along. I stood there just watching them fumbling around their own feet. “Closer to waiting for them to figure out what I said. find your parents and get something to eat before the sun sets. “So. I thought I would help them before they hurt themselves. “Put your hands up like this. use it to anticipate where they are going to move their hands. I had no idea what I was doing.” I waited for them to start following the directions I had just giving. palms facing out. my palms facing outwards. I noticed how they were fumbling about. tell me what you were trying to get them to do?” He said as he turned back towards me.

one I was not completely prepared for. “This morning. she was with child for almost a season. it wasn't something I had encountered on my journey through the memories of this body. for quite an interesting story. again.” She told me. There was sharing of stories. should they not start now while they are young?” “Give them a few more seasons. “They are a little young for that. “Yes. her mother bore her in the healing center. do you not think?” “Their lives are short. “Bore her?” I asked. When I failed to make a comment she proceeded in giving me the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 61 . Only now there were three separate cultures to share stories from three separate worlds.” I summed up the last few moments in quick succession. “Really? How was that?” I asked. as there was every night since I had been here. looking at me as if I had completely missed the point of the conversation. lets get something to eat. “We just welcomed a new girl into our village.” We walked into the hall.Book One: The Beginning feet.” She started the conversation. I sat down with one of the village women. oblivious to what she was starting to tell me.” He told me. “Come on. and this morning we welcomed her to our village. to find that the entire village had gathered. along with the Aragons and our people.” She told me.

Book One: The Beginning entire story. “Feeling alright?” Came Taki's concerned voice from behind me. Her tightening became quicker and lasted longer. early. let alone experience. The image I had gotten in my mind was something I thought no one should have to see.” “What brought it on?” “A woman inside felt the need to explain the process of which a child takes coming into the world. I am the woman they call on when bringing children into the world. She came to the healing center after sending her sister for me. “Always sneaking up on people are we?” I looked up for a second at him as he knelt down next to me. This morning. within a few marks of the sun she had bore her baby girl. Hurrying over to the bush near the building I let go of all the contents I had just consumed. before the sun rose she began to leak the water which brings child forth. “Since last night the tightening of her stomach has been upon her. “Are you sick?” “Not any more.” She smiled at me as she finished her story. Sitting down I rested my head on my knees. I have helped to welcome all the children you see here.” Was the only thing I could come up with to say as I stood up and left the building before I emptied my stomach in front of everyone. Retching one or two more times before I was spitting acid before it all stopped. I was feeling as if I was going to retch what I had been eating just a moment ago.” I rolled my eyes laying Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 62 . then when the bleeding came her body began pushing. “Thanks to you for sharing.

Book One: The Beginning my head back onto my knees. and very angry at the same time.” I relented. I slowly rose to my feet.” He began. He patted my back. I let my Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 63 . “At least it does not come once a month. return to the barracks.” He tried changing the subject. get back into your position tomorrow with the sun. She looked as if she was one of the cannibals you joke of in correlation to the children. I will make my way to the barracks for the night.” “I walked in on that one. “Yes.” “Catch up with you on the morrow. but at the same time looked as if she was on her death bed.” “I would take my own life if it did such. which I was thankful for. “The woman looked to be in quite a deal of pain. “I agree. “The little girl from this morning?” He asked already knowing. “You go back to your feast. take your time seeing that the prince makes it to his quarters. feeling sick all over again.” I grunted in response.” He said.” “Maybe you should call this a night. standing up and returning to the hall. Taking a deep breath and ensuring I would not be emptying any more of what was not there. Making my way through the nearly remodeled village to the barracks where I was living for an endless amount of time to come.

the way they chose to bring children into this world. I let the thoughts go. It could be any number of natural wax's that could be available on Earth. basic. Crawling into my bunk. and most likely be widely welcomed as it could quicken tasks. and the blanket available to cover myself in. could these people possibly over come the limits that had been placed on them? Could they learn to use the abilities that came naturally to them? That was something that could wait until the marrow to explore more. I would turn my back to the light of the room and the commotion the others Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 64 . once of stick and grass. It was weaved together evenly and neatly. it was enough to drive one to loss of sanity. Not to forgo the changes in myself.Book One: The Beginning mind fill with everything that had happened and changed since coming here. it must have taken some time to do by hand. Their huts. Candles had been made. and the light on the table. Entering the barracks I took note of the lighting that had been placed in each of the corners of the building. teaching them to mentally create items with the resources available to them would be something that would come in handy. mating cycles. but far more advanced. although after watching how they worked and lived. a hard life for anyone. Thinking on them over much would not help a situation of anyone. the way this body works on the inside. the idea of bleeding monthly. I can see how they would welcome a change that would make their lives a little easier. out of what. the most simple lives of these villagers had been turned upside down and remodeled to fit our traditional cities. For now. I looked over the material the bed lining was covered in. had become buildings of stone with corners to raise heat in the chill of the nights and months to come. as well as being modeled to allow the cool air into the buildings during the warm days and months of the season. But that brought me back to the problem at hand. Finding myself standing at the entrance to the barracks already. and they had accepted the change readily. Almost as if they welcomed the change. I was not sure as it was something different then what was available on our planet.

Book One: The Beginning would bring with them when entering the barracks for the night. I would sleep facing the wall for the night. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 65 .

as if air had been knocked out of someone. all laughing.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twelve When I woke up the next morning. “Back to work finally?” I shrugged. a mix of waking themselves up and washing away anything that was on their face. he tried to move the children off of him as he greeted me. with one child dangling from his arm and the other hanging on his back he managed to walk to the opening. It wasn't more then a few seconds before I heard the grunt. resisting the urge to haul them off of him I stood there. “you coming?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 66 . let alone have the children sitting on him. splashing in the water before running off in another direction. He finally managed to come to his feet. They had buckets of water outside of the homes. standing outside of the building. A couple of them ran towards where I was. I made my way over to where I knew the prince slept. it was obvious. I watched the natives begin to stir and come out of their buildings. and I recognized the sound of his voice. not expecting him to still be in bed. stopped long enough to look me over and then ran inside. to untangle the arms and legs flung all over him. some with children following behind them. I watched as he tried. bending over they splashed their faces. without success. feeling no need to give him an answer. The children had no problem attempting to copy the older people. Turning towards me. Looking over to where I stood. walking inside. intent on keeping my feet firmly planted to the floor.

long enough to laugh out an “alright.” “When aren't you working?” “While I sleep. Hanging on him. “Do you ever laugh? Even smile?” Kelshoro looked at me. who managed to turn and run a ways before they tackled him to the ground. there was no reason to.” Before he began wobbling around. came running up. I had yet to say a word to him. who saw the troop heading his way. running off after another victim. hoping Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 67 . in your terms?” “When I'm not working. We were not five steps from his building when the other children. “When?” “When something humorous happens. “Yes.Book One: The Beginning Pushing away from the wall I had unconsciously leaned against I followed behind. it wasn't as if they were carrying sticks around and intent on damaging him. dangling from the other arm.” “And when does that happen.” I was purposely being obnoxious. he only stopped. he may have learned his lesson if they had. unbalanced with the extra appendages he had acquired. thanking the stars it wasn't me they were clinging to. capable of walking.” Was my only answer. sitting on his feet. he didn't look as if he wanted help and there was no need to step in. None of it seemed to bother him. Cocking my head to the side and looking at him. One of the Aragons. Although that might not have been a bad thing. Another five steps and they seemed to work as a hive when they let go.

you are working. “Are you sleeping now. or are you going to follow me?” “I'll be outside. “Do you eat?” “When I'm not working.Book One: The Beginning he would give up this line of questioning quick. “Can I go in by myself. “So when you sleep you find things funny even though you cannot see them?” He persisted. Coming back out he found me still standing where I had been when he entered. “So when you sleep with one eye open. and you eat while you sleep because you are not working.” “Your impossible. tossing it my direction before grabbing another and biting into it. you sleep with one eye open and mouth as well.” He said shaking his head. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 68 . walking towards the relief station. while sleeping and eating with both eyes open at this moment?” He questioned me. moving the cloth briefly to enter and letting it fall back into place.” I answered. ignoring me he continued to find his way to the hall where he grabbed a red. “I sleep with one eye open. taking a bite of the apple. and yet. you sleep with your mouth open as well?” “Apparently.” “So you only laugh when you sleep. round shaped fruit. with both eyes open?” “Yes.” I told him.” Shaking his head again he went in.

joking with one another. I smiled. “will also be water. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 69 . using the dirt at his feet he drew in the ground. “and the bottom here.” he drew a line. continuing to smile. Taking note of the city growing around me. sharing stories with one another. I followed behind. “You smiled!” He pointed his finger at me. instead of continually scavenging for the food we use each night.” The librarian explained. and then a row of vegetation. The builder started talking once they quieted down.” I told him. water flow. the water will warm with the sun during the day and provide enough warmth through the nights when the air cools down. we'll grow it in one central place. people were working. one row here. it's what will feed the rows of water. explaining as he went. “No I didn't. standing there with one of the librarians and one of the builders. “will be a row of vegetables or fruits. knowing it would irritate him further. When we got to the education center I noticed a few of the village men. At the top here.” “Enough!” He said forcefully.” “Since it does not get to a severe cold point here. just began walking towards the education center. Then the next row. He made no further comment. talking. “where the side begins. “we'll create two kinds of rows. The next will be a water flow again. a couple of the women as well. will be irrigation.Book One: The Beginning “Yes. it will continue back and forth.” pointing again. we will be able to grow all through the year. “We're going to implement growing plants into this environment. here” he drew another line.” He stepped outside the education center.” he pointed it out.

“Where are we going to do this?” One of the men from the village asked. as well as a few of us have started it from the rear in. “Tomorrow. “We have trees all around us. there is. creating a larger water way from one of the fresh water streams that run through this island. “the trees. will do most of the work though. the children can help plant and pick the vegetables and fruits. The men and woman. use it towards making other things. we plant around. that flow will be redirected towards the vegetation as well as be allowed to flow on to where it normally would. “I would like to learn to do what you do. some of the Aragons.” The prince looked at her. but I do not Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 70 .” The prince explained that the natural flow of the water would continue as well as provide the water for the growing of the plants.” “Actually. We take some of the bush down. unless you would like to try and learn to center your energy and use it to help put in the water ways or clear the bush in the area.” The prince added in. “What do you want us to do?” One of the women asked. as well as the carrying and tending of it.” The prince explained. there is not a clear enough space for a large area such as you have explained. by days end they should have cleared the area up to near the city's end. they can provide shade so the plants do not get burnt by the sun. we will put in the water ways. of all kinds. overseeing the children planting and picking.” “We've already began work on clearing an area. “Nothing for now.” The builder offered. bush growing all around us.Book One: The Beginning “And we will all work the field.

hopefully awake something in you.” She said. “That's what the historians are here for. I of course. The prince followed behind them. followed behind the prince. “if you want to begin now there are a few of the historians inside here. The builder grabbed a sack he had and headed towards where they were clearing the land. as well as the librarian to oversee the telling of the history of the peoples of Earth.” The prince smiled at her. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 71 . intent on learning what they could so they would be able to share it with the others of the village.” The 4 villagers that were present proceeded on inside. they can start by explaining your history to you. they will teach you about your past. either they or any one of us can help to teach you to focus your energies and control them. after they do so. and anyone of us can help to teach you how to control your energy when your ready.Book One: The Beginning understand it. as if speaking for the rest present as well as herself.

your life spans closely related our own.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Thirteen The historian had been listening in on the conversation. where species. This creation in your blood. When we moved into these bodies. They gathered to discuss the creation of a living library. Along with the creation of this living library. in essence. of peoples would live on long after they died out in their own homes. Back when you were created. you walk up right. your blood was made so that it could function on a level beyond what you do now. you were made to function as we do. can activate it once again. you have hair. blocked from being used. This species. “Many. is still present but it is now. yourselves. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 72 . the history of this planet. one that would be living as well who could. he began reciting more from memory. This species. there was a gathering of several kinds of peoples. but also acknowledging that it was written on the walls as well. many years ago. this blood was activated. or races. is yourself. commune from one species to another if the need arose. would be ones who would be a part of each race here. there would be created a communication device. or blocked from being used as you said?” One of the men broke in. You. so he wasted no time asking why we had come in. it would have something similar to tie it to the others present.” “How was it removed from us. allowing us to be able to use it at the level intended. as your memories of all that was. More years then can be counted and marked for. you speak many different tongues in different places. and function at the level you were made to act on. but not fur. humans.

we stood by and watched as the remaining species on Earth alive were changed. They recreated a species that could suit them. You were recreated to be less then what you are. it was not our land to decide the fate of. they can be passed on through teachings and we hope parentage. that red water. even though we had created it. we left. This other race became hungry for power. as I had said. but instead be born with them. began to war with this planet and all of the species. our ancestors were here. We watched. But. races present on it. once awake. is made up of many small stones that you cannot see because of how small they are. they forgot to completely remove the blood that allowed you to do this. they are sleeping for a long period of time. this is what some of those abilities are doing. But.Book One: The Beginning “A long time ago. enough lives were lost that they cannot be counted. those that are awake and those that are asleep inside. control over others. living with you. that we would return again. “How can it be that this Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 73 . In the end after many days. is smaller then what you see. You know how a wild animal sleeps for long periods of time. Promising no matter the outcome. This other race. took the living communication device that had been created and changed their blood. “Blood. there was peace. You see the red color it is when it flows from your bodies. For a while. removing any memories that may be carried on through parentage. These stones carry the abilities. which allows for reactivation of it giving the right situation. and did nothing to stop what happened. “How can blood hold so much and it not be able to be used?” Asked one of the women.” The historian explained. The other race. Along with another race who stood outside of our friendships with others. leaving it sleeping inside of you. and someone to show you how to do this. As this was not our planet.” The historian continued. removing the ability to communicate with other species. meaning that we hope your children and the children of your children will have no need to relearn them.

“Just going to watch and make sure the children are staying out of the way. so that someday you can be all that you were meant to be. there was nothing I could do to teach them as I did not completely understand it myself. It was Taki. it is enough to say that it can be fixed. “you going to learn something?” I asked him. “Why? I have you. That is why we have come back here now. I was only concerned with the fact that it did function when needed. what need do I have a weapon?” He looked at me.Book One: The Beginning happened? It would take me many years to explain it and show you the process in which it goes to get any direction. and more then willing to relearn what they had lost. but they were up to something.” He told me. It took them a few moments to notice Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 74 . science was not something I studied. Kie. I couldn't make out what they were saying completely. they seemed satisfied with it. watching what was going on in front of him. or path. following behind him only a step or two. “Might not hurt to refresh your memory as to how to use a weapon. The prince made his way around to where the training facility was. just stopping as he stepped through the opening to the training center. I left with the prince as the librarian and the historian began to try and teach them how to access that blood which was sleeping. I had no desire to learn how each individual cell of a body functioned.” He made no comment. to help start the process.” I told him.” That was the extent of the explanation giving to them. “For the day I am busy and the children decide to eat you. and Sakie all debating on some thing.

” I told him. “Slow down. stopping to answer him.” Kie added in. you do. “a chance to prove just what you were saying. if you insist on speaking of a challenge. watching them. or you would not have said such a few moments ago.” “I do not.” Sakie butted in. Not liking the sound of this I began to turn and walk off. “Why?” I asked as I walked back the few steps to where the prince was. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 75 .” Taki offered the explanation.” “Aye. I didn't get far before the prince turned “where are you going?” “Away. “Now. “Here we are.” Kie said. acting as a bridge between all present. “he needs a refreshing. “Yes. waving for me to come back. explain what it is that needs challenged.” He told me. I followed behind him. I caught enough to understand it involves Nesenty and Sakie.Book One: The Beginning us standing there. “I caught enough of what they were talking of to know you may be interested. Practicing his ability to cool a group down. make it to the one you talk of. what else is there to it?” “Sakie has been away a long time.” Taki motioned towards me. who said what?” The prince. He walked inside.

“May I remind you.” Sakie offered.” Kie interjected. “It will also provide learning opportunity to the villagers. it was not on my to do list at present. that we have all trained and honed skills since then. “And I reminded him that it has been a many years of training and honing of skills she has endured since then. knowing what the prince was thinking as he smiled at the idea he had. “And you?” The prince looked at me. “Of course.” By this point.” Taki explained. It was not my intent to teach the humans of this world. it will show them how they can function on a level beyond what they know. and even though Sakie needed reminding. I reminded him of the last visit to our home he made when he landed flat on his back on the stone of our floors. and also that they can learn what you all have trained for.” He answered without falter. “Do you accept?” Kelshoro looked at Sakie. that if he landed flat before he would do so again. I rolled my eyes. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 76 .Book One: The Beginning “Sakie mentioned that if he had not been tied to the table he could have taken Nesenty without difficulty. a challenge.” The prince offered before I had chance to disagree or agree to such. I was rubbing my own forehead and ready to gouge a sharp branch into my own eyes. “Be there then. I was still weighing my chances of getting out of this and just hitting someone over the head. which will settle a debate.

gain your wits. you may begin. “It is settled then.” I said finally. yes I will give it to him. Rest for a while.” The prince stated it as he walked off to leave and do as such. “If he needs a beaten. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 77 . I will send word to the workers clearing the areas about. When everyone is near. do you accept?” The prince pushed. and gather the ones near.Book One: The Beginning “Nesenty.

None had a thing to say so I went on.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Fourteen I glared at his back as he left the building. do you really want to go through this again?” “I've brushed up on what I know and learned a few things I didn't know then. chuckling at his own memories.” I said.” Taki told him. “The last time we tried this. you complained for 2 suns that your back hurt. she still outranks some of our elders. “Yes. I could hear them talking amongst themselves. “And as much of a youngster she may be. not listening to hear them. “What started this?” “Well. “And I am one of the top from my home.” Sakie informed us of his new position. to anyone willing to answer. they were just a noise in the room. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 78 . I was telling Kie about what we did to Sakie and one thing led to another.” Offered Kie. “Fine.” Explained Taki. Giving up I turned back to the others. “Did it ever occur to any of you to ask me about this first?” I asked.” Sakie offered in his own defense. walking towards the far wall to relax my mind and let it slip what it did not need out of it. but she still ranks as one of the top five from where we come from. it should be a fair match.

The event. he returned no smile. my fist going into his side.” He told us. He only followed the gesture with an inclination of his head. where his sister and mother were I wasn't sure. It will end when one is in a position that no longer allows for action to be taken.” Said Sakie. which only made my own grow. Not waiting for him to respond I pushed my hands forward.” He stood next to his father. When he looked back up I was in front of him. or as a learning opportunity. he did the same. “To settle a dispute between some. raising my hands in front of me with my palms facing towards him. “I'm ready. backing out of where I had gone in my own mind. Sending energy past where they stopped in front of me. Walking to the middle of the room I waited for Sakie to come to me. He brought his knee into my side while Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 79 . When I stood up the prince started speaking again. turning slightly I brought my elbow into his stomach. Inclining my head I smiled at him.Book One: The Beginning A little while later the prince returned. hold the children and waited with Taki and Kie. you may take as entertainment provided. but it didn't matter. gaining his balance before he fell over. “everyone is here. I backed up slightly. “You ready?” I asked. The energy hit him square in the chest pushing him backwards. I simply held my hand up. they have agreed to a challenge with one another. The prince motioned for everyone still standing outside to go to the side where it was just pillars and informed them to stand back a ways.

Which he did do. Bringing the one that was underneath the x formed by them. He moved backwards enough to allow himself room to bring his hands up. He brought the other leg up in a wide arc. he raised his using both hands to block contact from me in front of him. allowing me to bring the other around to his other side. He dropped the pieces putting the full force of his strength into the palm of his hand as he moved it to land a blow at the base of my chest. Jumping backwards before he could bring himself into bodily contact with me. putting as much force behind my elbow as I could as I brought it into contact with his temple. Landing on my feet as he swung it sidewards. I brought it around slamming it into his side I could hear his bones crack under the force it struck him with. making contact they made a cracking sound. bending backwards it allowed for his leg to clear over my head. As the two I carried made contact with the one he held. I brought the two I carried up and around my body bringing them down making contact first with the left into his shoulder and then with the right into his hips. I turned my body. He was closer to the wall which held the training weapons. Moving my hands outwards from my sides I mentally brought two short wooden sticks into my hands just in enough time to cross them over my head as he brought his down. I moved quick enough to avoid the next blow he brought. grabbing a long wooden stick he jumped towards me. Bending my arms so my palms touched the floor above my head I used the motion of my body to throw me back upright. pushing energy towards me which threw me into the wall a few feet behind me. making contact with my side hard enough to knock the air out of me as I felt the ribs in my side crack with the pressure forced into them by the stick. sending me off balance as I went backwards. I brought my arm up. just as he was bringing his fist into contact with my face. intent on throwing me over backwards.Book One: The Beginning wrapping an arm around me. he Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 80 . his snapped in two. striking him in his leg. moving my arms around my chest which brought it in a motion to completely turn as he brought his wood down to where my body had been. He moved to his side slightly. I went towards him swinging the two at him.

I moved another from its place into my own hand. We went back and forth like this for a while. I dropped mine and brought my elbow up into the side of his head. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 81 . Backing up I quickly brought a hand upwards. concentrating the energy on him as he rose from his feet. slamming my hand back down towards the ground he fell with it. He followed suit by bringing another into his hand. his legs going over his head until he was in a standing position. but not before he swung his leg around knocking my own out from under me so that we were both laying on the floor. throwing energy towards me where I stood when he was standing again.” I told him. a few making contact with the other. passing him and landing itself into the wall.Book One: The Beginning brought his leg up following with his foot into the same position which landed me face first onto the stone floor. “So you say. I threw the two I was holding aside as I stood up. the force of his body left a crack in the stone he hit. I moved. he bent over backwards just before it came in contact with his face. We laid there. acting as if I was agreeing to it without committing myself. Mentally moving one of the knives from the wall into my hand I threw it towards him. arcing my leg towards him as he crouched down to avoid being kicked in the head. When he dropped his. Standing over him I looked down. bringing ourselves into reach of the other we held the knives to the others throats. knocking him over. In quick succession we had the same idea. pain throbbing in the ones that were not bleeding. it was a stand still to see who would continue the motion to draw more blood from the other then had already been spilled or who would back down. “Truce?” He offered first. but not before one of the energy spirals hit my arm. Bending his arms over his head to touch the stone he flipped backwards. blood coming from our various open wounds.

Book One: The Beginning The prince walked over. “You got her?” “Yeah. looking down at us both. “They have decided to end it here.” Taki responded as Kie went to help his limping friend to out of the training center and to the healing center where he could receive treatment. catching my breath.” I told him.” I called after him while I remained laying there. Again we just stared back.” Sakie called back to me. “Good exercise. Taki and Kie walked over. “You can heal me just as easily as any of the medical team. “Who wants to make a trip to the healing center?” Kie asked as he burst out laughing. not the least bit amused. He helped me to my feet and down to the shore. I hope you enjoyed the entertainment for the day. I'm going to the ocean. I got her. “I'll go. fully intent on letting the salt water clean the wounds out before they were healed shut. He gave up on getting an answer and walked off. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 82 . smiling down at us. he asked. We both just looked at him. “You wanna get up or just lay there and bleed all over the floor?” Taki asked me.” He said as he laughed to the crowd that had gathered.” Sakie said as he lifted his hand to Kie in a gesture made to someone when wanting help to stand up. you can come with. “have you come to an agreement?” he asked. As Kie helped him up. “You too.

they are keeping a bucket of the ocean water in the healing center for cleaning wounds before closing them up. After I was convinced the wounds were clean enough I stood up. just didn't think it would hurt like it does to clean them out. “I'm fine. I untied the wraps around my chest and waist.” He said as he reached down bringing water up to them to clean them out. handing them to Taki and letting him hang onto them for me.” I said taking a breath and holding it as I dove under the waves. walking towards the shore and to where Taki was sitting on a rock watching me. As the salt water started to hit the open wounds in various places on my body. wadding into the water. “Well you can be sure Sakie feels just like you do.” I told him.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Fifteen Once down at the shore. When I came back up he was making his way back to the shore line. “This will be faster. giving up on helping me clean the wounds since I found it faster just to submerge my entire body into the water.” He smiled. “What are you looking at?” I asked him Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 83 . “You ok?” He asked stopping beside me. “You got a couple cuts on your face. it stung as if someone was digging around in the wounds. because Taki came in the water to where I was. My face must have scrunched up with the strain to keep from complaining of the pain as they were washed out.

“The parents may never trust us around them again.” I laughed. we may influence them to act as we do. “along with taking care of the broken ribs I have and any other internal damage I can't see. “You'll fix that. and it was called at a tie so now one proved anything. neither of which I think happened well.” He joked.” “You entertained the children.” I informed him of what he was going to do. they were laughing and yelling the entire time. he moved the leg off his lap and picked up the other and set it in his lap to begin working on it next. I'm surprised either of you could walk after it was done. He was healing the bruises on my legs at the moment.” “With the way you two went about it. Completing the first leg from the foot up to where my thigh met my hip.” “Was not my idea. sitting down next to him with my wraps in my lap. they were probably entertained by people hitting each other. even though I can feel the bruises starting everywhere.” I paused. “Your wounds are still bleeding. the pain disappearing as his hand moved over the area.Book One: The Beginning when I was close enough to say it without yelling. pulling one into his lap and running his hands above them a few inches. From the ankle again Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 84 . want to blame someone you can blame the prince. you can heal them shut which will take care of the bleeding. it was his idea to entertain the village as well as settle who was better. “I think we frightened the villagers more then entertained them. perfectly content with that outcome. even though he was probably right.” He told me. bouncing in their parents arms.

he moved them so that one was behind me near my backside and the other was in front of me above my hips. We had been taught to block our minds when we wanted to and he obviously did right now. His hand slid down the side of my face and he smiled at me. Opening his eyes he saw one that he had missed. I could feel his energy as it heated up and dissolved the pain I was feeling. From where he had left off with my legs up to my neck and jaw. “All healed. Keeping the distance between his hands and my body. making sure to cover every inch that may have some injury to it. not as if some part of them was missing. Placing his hand over it he let it touch the wound. one of his legs in front of me and the other behind me. The pain had almost entirely subsided from my body when he stopped. a cut that was on the side of my face near my temple. “turn sideways like I am so your facing me that way I can get to the open wounds on your face as well as any damage to the brain. it was useless. He left his hand there.” I did so and he continued to work his way up from my neck and jaw to the top of my head and back down. Moving back and turning away from me to let me replace the wraps on my body with a little privacy. He would move his hands down and in circles. including my arms in his sweeps over my body. closing the open wounds as his hands passed over them.” He told me. He moved so that he was sitting sideways. At this point he stopped. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 85 . I stared back trying to get into his mind to see what he was thinking. My legs felt whole again. sealing it shut under his hand.Book One: The Beginning up to where my leg connected with my hip. Moving them upwards slowly. looking at me.

the rough stone that was around us. the feel of the sand between our toes. we were both young. there is no sense thinking about that. new body. and I knew just what he was thinking about.” I told him.” I sent him through a mental connection.” He told me. I could see that far off look in his eyes. “Me being nice and me using you for my own reasons are two completely separate things. He turned back around slowly to make sure I was entirely and not just trying to annoy him.” I told him.” He sent back.Book One: The Beginning “Nothing you haven't seen before. glaring at him to make the point go further. the sound of the water. because honestly. sliding his hand down the side of my face and watching me. Now was not the time to think of this. “Yes. It was a long time ago. we had just begun our training. He had touched me much in a similar way as he just had. but there was always other people around when you decided to get naked. no one needed to think of this. glancing over his shoulder. The way it felt. I was replaying the time in my mind.” “Even so. “All covered.” “No they aren't because normally one leads to the other. not happening. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 86 . “You know. It was a very long time ago.” I laughed at his actions of courtesy. they are connected. “Doesn't mean I can't think about it once in a while and remember there was a time when you were nicer.

“remind me to carry a large branch around with me to hit her with every now and then.” “Want to go again?” I asked him. letting the subject drop from both mental and verbal communication. “do you realize how many bones you broke on my being?” “Probably about as many as you broke on me. “All fixed up?” I called to him.” I answered.” He gave in.” Kie only nodded.Book One: The Beginning “I can understand that. if he hadn't planted the seed of curiosity in me that would now fester until near explosion. “Your smiling!” The prince exclaimed at me. Arriving back at the village I noticed Sakie coming out of the healing center. I rolled my eyes and slugged him as he walked past me for the planting of that seed. “Pain makes you smile. He laughed at me and walked back to the village. “Yes I am. Sakie winched at the thought of that. “She submerged herself in the salt water just to prove how much she likes pain as well.” I smiled at him.” he turned to Kie who was standing next to him. leaving me to follow behind him. But by the stars. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 87 . “Yes.” he called back. refusing to get in the middle of this.” Taki added. “She likes pain more than I do.

I had a list of questions. instead of forgetting like you did the last time. and this only added to things that he did that made him strange. and Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 88 .” He told me. Thinking no more on it I turned back to the group talking behind me.” “I will try.” “I'll find someone else to scare for the remainder of the day. “What are the plans for the rest of the day?” I asked the prince. And then I noticed Kie wondering off towards one of the women of the village.” He promised. “Mind if I not watch over you?” I asked. the one where I knew the woman I had gotten the cloth from was.” I waved as I walked off for one of the buildings. I watched him while the others talked amongst themselves. I'll see you at the hall this night. “Fine by me.Book One: The Beginning “Maybe another day. and then she started smiling and burst into laughter. He walked over to her and started whispering in her ear. you'll just scare them anyway. “I'll be staying in the village. helping to teach some of the children in the education center. I think my ego took a little bruising that no healer can fix. “Maybe you will remember this the next time around. I intended on gaining information from her that I was unable to gain from the body in exchange for trying to teach her to mentally make cloth with available materials around herself. The man was a strange one.” He laughed. I figured I would offer to start teaching her.

I wasn't quite sure where the strings came from. We had the ailments we received from practice healed.” “Ah.. if it was possible for them to do two things at once.” “I am happy to hear you are both ok. or how someone did not go blind doing such work. “Good day. with another string tied to the end of it. which she was weaving in and out of the strings that were tied to the branches. an expression of slight concern on her face.” She stopped. “I'm good. hoping not to mess up her mindset for the work she was doing. still paused in her work. Looking at it. so is Sakie. On both ends there was a decent sized branch. and most of the time are harmed.” I said to her. what they were made of. It looked harder then what I had thought it was.. maybe she would raise my hopes for this people. Taking care of two things at the same time. She didn't have to find a word to finish the question though. so that we are prepared to continue through pain. prepares us better for the time we may actually have to do those things and be harmed. possibly thousands of strings were tied to at both ends.” She commented. “We find that training in an environment where we could actually. blankets or Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 89 . Taking note of how she was currently doing it. I knew what she was referring to. did you need more cloths.. trying to find the right word to finish her question. wraps. I found her working on a new piece of cloth when I walked in. which hundreds. In her hand was a small sized twig.” she looked up. That was quite a show.Book One: The Beginning while she was working on trying her hand at the first task begin asking the questions. “how are you feeling since.. “Good day.

what I wanted to try and teach you was to do it mentally. “Works for me.” I encouraged. but it moved. “and I had some questions I was hoping you could answer. just slightly. It moved. “You have the materials here that you are using to make the cloth with. then looked to me. “now visualize it being complete.Book One: The Beginning something?” She asked.” I watched and waited for her to do so. Let us start with trying to make this project go faster for you.” And within a few seconds. You want your energy to turn that visualization into action.” I had no sooner explained it to her and out of the corner of my eye I saw the small twig begin to shift on the ground. what you visualize in your mind will happen in the physical. literally jumping up from sitting.” I said as I sat down next to her. “You did it!” I almost jumped. “I will answer your questions if you answer mine. And I will accept any help that is offered for making these. pulling me up to my feet before Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 90 .” I told her of what I would do for her first. “No. energy can be manipulated. If you close your eyes. actually I came to try and help you with your work. and being more then excited that she did! “By the sun!” She exclaimed. “Yes you did! You did it!” She grabbed my hands. “and visualized the strings weaving in and out as if you were doing it by hand. “I did it!” She looked from me to the blanket and back again. “Your doing it.” She seemed to think about this for a moment or two. Everything is energy. she had a complete blanket. her hands on her mouth. which would hopefully make it go faster and it would be less work for you.” She smiled. hardly expecting that she would be able to do it.

Book One: The Beginning throwing her arms around me. I put my hands on top of her hands. nearly knocking me over with her excitement that had her jumping up and down while she hung onto me. the blanket was finished. Just at that moment. the small twig was weaving in and out and with a shimmering to it. “As many as you want. “You don't have to go through that work. closed her eyes. just visualize it being done. I realized I had never even asked her name.” I told her. She began untying the blanket from the branches and moving to tie more string to the branches. get it started and then visualize it being finished. you have just completed something I didn't know if you would be able to or not. “Well done!” I told her. but what is your name?” I asked.” “Ok!” She answered excitedly. and you did it faster then I thought you would. “Oh.” I told her. and within seconds the string was stringing itself to the branches. if you could. partly to get her to calm down a little. And she sat back down. “Well Aree. “This may not be the best moment. my name? It's Aree. “I got it! I really got it!” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 91 .” She resumed her hoping just as soon as she gave me her name. partly because I wanted to know. “Can we do another?” She asked.

or will you resume your body?” “As long as I am in this body..Book One: The Beginning “Yes. right?” She nodded. You know how Aragons look? They look different. but we can do the questions now if that's ok with you?” She said it as a statement. “will you always look like this. knowing she probably had a thousand questions or more. we didn't want to scare you. “Do you. “Yes.” She paused. he has not found me and I have not found him. where you come from?” Not the question I was expecting.” I was smiling at her. but alright. you do. get to know her a little. “My mother died when I was born. that works fine by me. “I am going to do a lot more tonight. but also as a question. My father. “Where we come from.” I told her. we only took this form to meet you for the first time. “No. then asked her question.” “Your turn. he disappeared a few seasons ago and no one knows what happened to him. it will heal. our bodies look slightly different then yours do too. well. or more. do you always look this way? I mean. you go ahead and start with the first one. chewing on her bottom lip.” She smiled. and after I leave this body the proper owner of it will resume it and if they wish to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 92 . “How come you live by yourself? Not with your parents or a mate?” I figured I might as well ask something personal about her. “Ok.. I have not chosen a mate yet.. as you do now until you pass on into the next life. excited at the first promise I had seen from the human kind since I had arrived..” She paused.

it will last as long as they want. How old are you?” “This body. or how old am I myself?” I asked for clarification. but at a slower rate then yours does. probably twice her age. How old are you?” “I am older then the oldest woman in the village. It will age. hoping it would settle her mind some.Book One: The Beginning continually have ailments healed. she was 26 seasons.” She watched me. when I go home. I will give this body up and be sent home and placed back into my own. memorizing what I said it seemed. “I know how old she was. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 93 . “How old are you?” “I am 17 and almost a half seasons.” I told her. At some point.

you must have a companion or some sort. we live for so long. Do you have a mate?” I almost laughed at the question. I am not sure. no. “Not in the terms that your people have mates. two who have donated blood to make us. And how that chunk of land. live with the ones who donated parentage. to this island?” I was curious as to how they had wound up on a chunk of land out in the middle of nowhere. Before she could question any more into it.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Sixteen “And your next question?” She asked me. but still be stationary. several in fact. by the scans I had seen of the island. we have parentage. reminding me it was my turn. “Where we come from. but then remembered these people tend to mate and make family groups. It is acceptable to have more then one mate in ones entire life. not satisfied with my answer. none of which I know by heart. “Do you know how your people got here. I Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 94 .” “Then in what terms? Surely for your age.” I tried to explain it in terms she might understand. we do not mate for life. but are raised by the entire population for most. seemed to float almost.” She prodded. “I am not sure. but the truth in how we came to be here on this land. We are raised in something close to your family groups. There are stories.

We use a vine to burn. all living things can speak. manipulate the energy of something to have it finish quicker. You should live with them. All children of your mother. and not off of their bodies. “You mean. “Yes. your sisters. We always keep one fire going somewhere. they are related to us?” She asked. If you Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 95 . Why do your people sometimes kill the animals around you and consume them?” I asked her. the planet. looking almost horrified. from several different kinds of plants. Your kind was created to communicate with them on this planet. they are food. “what do you make candles out of?” “Candles are made from wax from plants. “Yes. but I had seen some of the villagers carrying bodies back and cooking them. since being here. A great number of things. The Earth speaks to you daily. so can you. Move objects. so as to light other fires or candles from. from concentration.” She genuinely thought that.” “They can talk?” She questioned further. “Because they are your brothers. they were created when your kind was created. to live with them. the plant life is the Earth's way of providing for you. “Why wouldn't we. we had only eaten fruits and vegetables. all of which you can learn to do yourself with time. Earth. We can also create fire.” I explained to her.Book One: The Beginning asked. What else can you do? With making things or doing things with your mind?” “We can do a lot. as you've done.

It was not meant to be consumed.” I smiled at her. looking at me a little excited again. it is getting close to that time. I agree. But you will have noticed none of my kind or the Aragons have eaten meat. I. we can.. “I'm so sorry! That makes me feel bad. taking the life of another being is only to be done in protection... you can hear the animals speaking to you. “Yes. letting her know it was ok. and everywhere else. “Really.. The animals here are samples of what is on other planets. Humans do not. reaching down to help her up.” “Oh my. Can we do that on the marrow?” She asked. Just as they do where we are from. I'll make arrangements to take you out and show you what your world has to offer. but you should leave it for others. you didn't know. its ok. Maybe even try sitting in the bush and listening to what the animals.” I stood up. We should go to the hall.” she paused. I can teach you to listen if you want?” “I would like that. not to eat off of. “it is almost time for the sun to go beyond the ocean. You will just have to be more conscious about what you consume and if you can talk to the others of your kind.” I patted her on her back as she seemed to need consoling. If you find something dead already. and the Earth mother have to say. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 96 . “Thanks to you!” She leaned over and hugged me.” She gasped. it is ok to use what it has to offer.Book One: The Beginning listen carefully. “It's ok.” “Yes. some of which you may live to see visit here. larger versions of the small animals throughout the bush and trees here. some of the animals will eat dead meat because they need it to survive with.

” “Is there specific vegetation I will eat at times?” “No. sitting down next to him. Color foods. just always remember to bless the food. “she has began to mentally prepare cloths without physical labor. and something different in each color if there are different things available. “How so?” “The girl I was with.” “Thanks be to you. “Yes.” She told me. “Can you show me what to eat to make sure my body gets everything it needs without meat?” She asked as we walked up the steps.” I looked in her direction. stopping just before we entered. at different times of the day. Just as an idea to keep in mind.Book One: The Beginning We made our way over to the hall where everyone was already gathered.” With that.” I told her. “I will speak with you again on the marrow?” “Yes. we will speak again on the marrow. “You should eat a variety of vegetation. each has there own nutrients which will keep the body functioning at the level it needs to.” I looked Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 97 . “How did you this after noon?” He asked when he saw me. eat something of eat color. I left her to her own thoughts and proceeded over to where I saw the prince. asking it to meet with your own needs before consuming it.” I told him. “The humans have more potential then I had expected. just sitting down with food.

“Only if you believed you could take it. I see many a things. She caught on rather quickly actually. knowing just what I was referring to.” He glared at me. “Really? Passing your approval?” “Yes. 'twas the faeries.Book One: The Beginning back at him. not chosen a mate because they have not found one another. “Good to hear.” I informed him. “Seeing things now are we?” He smiled.” He prompted me to tell him about the girl I had spent my after noon with.” He joked with me. passing my approval.” I gave him a knowing look.” I told him. “No. I may have need of your tongue if I did not. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 98 . whispering in ones ear?” “Of course. “things that are small and buzz around ones head. she lives by herself. I stuck out my tongue for a brief moment before smiling.” I summed her up into a few sentences. “And it was you to instruct her?” He sounded doubtful. “You have my word. “She's 17 and her name is Aree. as you know. “Things you will keep silent of.” I gave him an indignant look.” And just to annoy him. “Tell me more about this girl. Both parents have made the trip to the next life.

” I told him. He caught onto my thought. or take Taki with you if you go. letting him know I wouldn't be standing over.” He concluded. leaving it up to me to test her abilities further. what do you lay it to?” “She's young. she understands it is there. “Stay in the village tomorrow.. has had things vanish from her life. nor be eaten by the small cannibals. I want to take her out into the bush and trees when the sun arises over the sea in the morn.” He gave me a knowing look but blocked his mind from me. “Quite possible. or tried to test her any. it may help them to accept the changes that will come as more arrive. She may.Book One: The Beginning “And her ability to catch on so quickly.” I sent back.” I told him the conclusion I had come to.” He stopped eating and looked at me. “I will not fall into a pit.” He sent mentally to me. “does she have any potential at being a healer. in the chance he fall into a pit and be eaten by the children. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 99 . or a seer?” “I have not encouraged her to do such..” “It would be a good move to place one of their own in a position with us. spends enough time by herself to sense that which is around her even if she does not see it. But I will take Taki with me if I leave just to ease your worries. “I will. doing as we do. “Watch him to be sure he does not fall into a pit as well.

but I never believed it could have ever been a different way. I grabbed my sword and left the building. it sounded more like. We were an old people. of when my people were still young. “and go to the barracks before I have need to remove your tongue. the sound an army would make when proceeding in order of rank to a battle. as it was not one of our making. I scanned as far as I could see as I went. Rounding the last building that lay across from the hall. I had heard the historians talk at home. picking at it the entire way. at least the ones I had met.” I held up my bowl. I made my way back towards the hall. read the stories.. Hearing the thudding noise again. when our world was still new. heading towards the hall Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 100 . Stopping to let my eyes adjust to the setting light of the sun. I scanned the immediate area. it still didn't seem possible that we had once been as they were. keeping still to the shadows cast by the buildings.” Picking up my bowl which held some of the local fruit I walked out of the hall and into the barracks. single file. it wasn't thudding as if something was striking the ground. following along the wall. That we had been different then. I could pick out the scrape marks inside of it. probably by the sand either from the beach shore or maybe even from the sea floor. Once inside the barracks I began to look the bowl over. hanging tight to the sword. marching. I looked towards the direction of the sound. unable to place the sound. It looked as if someone had taken the time to carve it out of the wood of a tree. probably made by a stone. wait. the outside had been smoothed. and so advanced compared with the peoples of Earth.. And there was a group. Hearing a noise outside of the barracks. it seemed they would take so long and didn't seem as a very efficient way to do anything. The way these people did things seemed so slow.Book One: The Beginning “I think I am going to take this. without sign of an intruder. that they had done things in a similar way.

I took note of the clothes they were Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 101 . I heard Taki begin to gather the others inside. When the first was directly under me. Looking. hanging tight to the sword. Sending a mental note to Taki who was always open to me for the most part. It wasn't until then that I took note of the mark they carried on their right arm. sending me backwards. The leader had obviously sensed me as they brought up their own.” Came the response. The voice sounded. Intent on ceasing the band marching towards the hall. he would know what it meant.” That was all I would need to tell him. jumping up. turning slightly and planting a foot into my stomach. “Take arms. “I did not notice your mark. waiting. standing straight. “I would not have attacked had I known who you were.” I told the leader. bringing the sword down before me. grabbing onto the branch and swinging my body over it. they were federation. actually looking for the first time. held by both hands ready to strike down the first in line. I stood up. blocking mine from completing contact with their skull. Before I could act they had brought a leg upwards. Moving out of the shadows and between them and the hall full of people. almost feminine. looking above me there was a branch to a tree. I brought my sword up to my side. I brought my feet up under me. sending the villagers to the back side.Book One: The Beginning on the side where a wall was between them and the occupants who were still making too much noise for someone to pick up on what was coming towards them. I stopped in the center of the path which the band coming this direction would have to take.” “At least you are vigilant in your duties. I dropped from the branch.

” He laughed. They slowed their pace some. “Who are you?” I asked. “And our most cautious of them all. I am sure the king will want to know you have come down. you too are taking heed in a new land. “Nesenty. and a few of the others. “I see you had enough time to raise your own group. “Come. “It is good to see you as well. “Taki!” She opened her arms up as he walked towards us. our own kind. along with some of the Aragons coming. and some others.” “Yes. “I am sure he will be glad to know we all still own our heads. I transferred your consciousness. Kie.. “intact as it may be. “the stories I could tell you. “We had not sent word we were. They looked. Sighing.” I called at them. I did not know you were coming.” I had recognized her voice finally placing it. “I am glad to see. not trusting my own eyesight. “It is San. liked.” she looked past me.” Turning around I put a hand up.. not the least bit angry with me for trying to separate her head from her body.” he looked at me. “San.” Looking behind me I saw Taki.” She joked..” I waved her on a head.” She hugged him as he walked up. I was there when you first came to. “I sent a message to Taki before I knew who you were.” She said.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 102 . at least one is on guard at all times..” Her voice held amusement in it.Book One: The Beginning wearing. forgive me.

“We will trade off on days then. being serious.” He joked with me. he whispered.” I glared at him. because since we have been here. “I did not see the mark. “Then you have a number of days coming to jump at. “Trying to eliminate a threat are you?” He nudged me as I came up beside him. Leaning over. tonight we announce ourselves to our king and retire. “You will be taken the heads of many of our friends before our time here is done if you are as jumpy all the time.” I tried to shrug his arm off of me.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “you must relax or you will wear on this body and harm it before its time. as it could happen. and it was not until I looked at them really did I notice the clothing they wore. and the next you may jump while I relax. you have relaxed most of them.Book One: The Beginning “You can do that with the sun tomorrow.” I told him. or who they were.” “I am going to harm you if you do not remove your arm from its current position.” She patted his shoulder as she walked past him.” I pushed him away from me. one day I will be jumping at a snapping of a branch while you are relaxing yourself. even though I knew he was serious. “And you will lose your head if you are not careful on watching around yourself. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 103 .

and visibly relaxed. San and the group that had come with her were the first to enter. standing between the pillars that were at the front of the hall. he came along. still standing aside and watching though. watching the reactions of the natives as they again. placing her hand to his elbow as he did her.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Seventeen Taki looked down at me. What news you bring us?” He extended his hand in greeting. “San!” The king called. were presented with beings that did not look entirely like themselves. Now lets catch up with the others before they begin to make stories of why we are behind. Taki and I stopped. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 104 . Once we caught up. San took it. “Tis good to see you here. they backed away. then removed his arm from around my shoulders. watched intently to see how we reacted to the new comers. pulling on his arm as I started to walk off. “Come. This time he did not stand while I tugged. as if to decide if I was serious or not. it was but a few steps to the hall. “Better?” “Yes. “Is news I am happy to report.” I instructed him.” I told him. The reaction was predictable. followed by the group Taki had brought with him when he came out. “Why not give them something to talk of?” He stood still. And then their leader noticed the mark they carried on their arms. Another ship has arrived.

The king looked back at us.” “They are our kind. “She did nothing that was not expected.” Then she smiled. greeting him in the manner she did the king.” The king told San and her group.” He smiled at her. “You will require rest before the rise of the sun.” He looked around himself.” The leader stepped forward. I am a Pleiadian. These others with me. from where we come. to face the locals. looking behind her to where Taki and I stood. “My name is San. “Yes. “Of course.” And she laughed. “is good company you keep who stays at the ready. are also Pleiadian.” San told the prince. we will meet tomorrow and hear what news you have brought us. “This is our natural form. “What did you do now?” The prince spoke up. nodding towards us. “You are Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 105 .Book One: The Beginning they will be coming down within the next days. and what she did she should have done. greeting San and the others. “are you hungry?” “No we ate before coming. “but first I believe introductions should be made. chuckling as he did so.” “I was beginning to wonder when they would show. Tis the Syrians.” “It is a good day when we welcome more friends. looking to the natives standing near by.” She agreed.” She turned around. such as those who have taken on your forms.” The king explained.

if we find need of another building when the Syrians arrive we will construct another building.” The king told San.” I inclined my head.” “Thanks to you. as well as anyone standing near by. I did not realize they were coming.” I told the king. waiting to make my apologies to the king. turning to his people.” He told me. Taki waited with me. “None of us knew they were coming.” The leader said. you acted on little information and acted accordingly. “Kie and the others will show you to the barracks. “I believe we will call a good night to our friends and retire.” San spoke for all of the group. I hung back. is late and we are all in need of rest. there is room enough for all there. “I apologize for my rash actions. then miss the signs of an intruder who may not be a friend. “we will speak more with the rise of the sun on the marrow. The leader said his good byes and retired as well from the hall. going to their homes for the night. seeming to ensure that I did not remove heads from anyone who may be about. “I would rather have you ready to engage a friend that you do not recognize.” The villagers needed no more encouragement as they began leaving.Book One: The Beginning welcome to our home. When the hall was nearly empty.” “Of course. placing a hand on my shoulder. Every now and then looking back to see what we were doing.” San told him before turning and following Kie and the others to the barracks. I approached him. “Rest well my king. acknowledging what he had to say Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 106 .

the Aragons. intending on sleeping through the ship landing upon his head. As were the others. He just rubbed his arm where I had struck him as he followed behind me. and even if they appeared violent. and looked like a hunting party most of the time. the Pleiadians bunking with us. First a meeting being held.Book One: The Beginning before turning around to be escorted to the barracks. and at some point the Syrians would show. we would have need of another building. they tended to travel in packs. and taking Aree out to teach her to feel consciously. I yawned. and not small packs at that. We now had the ones we had come with. I knew when the Syrians arrived. they were gentle and kind beings unless provoked. finding our bunks and crawling in them for the night. Even as big as they were. expecting to be struck again. I slugged him as I walked past him. ready for another day. knowing it would be a long day. turning back around and heading for the barracks. who slept in here with us. Stretching the body. Making my way out of the building and over to the hall where I knew the meeting would be. We walked in. “Will we sleep tonight or am I to expect waking if you hear noise?” He ducked as I turned around.” I told him. “You would sleep through ship landing on your head. As the sun began to just crest over the tree tops. readying for work. they would frighten the people who did not know them. I could hear the voices of some of the natives already outside. You have no worries for being woke if I hear the ship land on you. Taki seemed as if he did not dare leave me alone. and our own kind. it was not long before others Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 107 . I was crawling out of the bunk. no matter the mark they carried. Hopefully they would not form packs like a hunting party.

“What is the meeting about?” She asked me. as her work was made easier she had more time to do other things. No more where the huts. followed by a few of the elders in the village. Finding a place to sit against the wall. May be on other ships that are coming and the time she expects them from the last time she heard from them. leaning against the wall behind her. “good morn. “We hide nothing from you. The king. any may attend the meetings. “Sit. soon more would be fashioning items mentally rather then by hand.Book One: The Beginning were doing the same. but buildings of smoothed stone. waiting for the talk to begin.” “I was not sure if I was allowed to come or not. arrival. I watched as most of the Aragons. and my own kind came into the hall. his wife. you are welcome here as are all of your people.” “As the sun shows it is a good day.” I patted the floor next to me. other then more of our friends. including attending our meeting.” I informed her. may be on weather scans of your planet Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 108 . And a handful of the natives had arrived. it resembled more a city now. most sitting somewhere on the floor.” She stated as she seated herself. so she would relax some. a few standing outside. When she approached she greeted me. Although it was not much of a “village” any longer. The leader of the village was just entering when I began the steps up. they were sitting as well as standing by. I waved towards her. “San will no doubt have more information. and both of their children were already at the hall waiting for the rest to arrive. Aree was one of them. and with the luck I had with Aree. and your future friends. motioning for her to come sit by me as she looked a little lost.

she continued.” She looked at me. we will leave and I will take you out just as I promised to do on yester day.” I nodded my head. “Is there other on your mind?” “Just excited by the days events that are expected. and what is to come. what is to come?” “I dream sometimes. of things that will happen. I must tell you. we did not want to frighten you should you be met with beings of another race. that is what you look like where you are from?” She asked. what may be talked of in this meeting. “and what do you mean. “First. Any number of things could be discussed. pointing to one of the group who had arrived last night. “And you took our form because your kind feared we may react bad to what you look like?” “Yes.Book One: The Beginning that are heading in this direction.” She admitted. Those who are coming.” I looked over at her.” I patted her knee. if it seems to take a long time. but they are gentle beings.” I told her. “I speak of the arrival of others. “no worries. it does not come for a set of suns. while I watched her pick at the floor a little. she looked a little disappointed. “Yes.” She looked up. again nodding my head. There is no reason to be frightened of them. may look frightening and act in a manner that could frighten those around. and what you say you will teach me. in a few days.” “So. “Sometimes it comes quick. when she found the expression on my face to be interested. as if to judge if I would think she had a loss of sanity or not.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 109 . Other times.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 110 .” I tried not to laugh. and they walked both upright on hinds. We expect quite a few of our friends to come and there are some who look as you say. “Ah. She returned the smile before the king began to speak. but a smiled slipped through. and on all fours. “It was of here. will do no harm to you. All of which. others looked similar to my people. that may come to pass.Book One: The Beginning “What was the dream about?” I asked her. Some looked like felines who walked upright on hind legs.” I breathed easy. there were more buildings. big teeth and hands.” She looked at her hands which were now resting on her legs. “Yes. encouraging her to talk more of it. a lot of different looking peoples. and even some looked like the canines who roam around in the trees.

If there had been any problems arising. whom arrived on the previous night. You have met two races in recent days. But most of all they have been asking how things are going. who come from Argos. would like to update us all of the happenings and messages sent since we have been here. for everyone involved. the Aragons. There is not much to report on. Within the day. “now. Others have sent word that they are just embarking on the trip to visit and help in any way that they can. it has been an exciting time. They are friends and are a very good people. this will be the first time either has happened. mostly at the natives to make sure his message got through to them before continuing. “Good morn. How the people are. You have noticed that they are a very calm and gentle people even though they may look different then you. And you have met us. you met others on the previous night. while a few of us have assumed your form. We have been keeping an eye on the clouds and movements of others around your planet. one or two sets of suns. letting San step up in front of everyone. they will not harm you.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Eighteen “Today.” He looked around the hall. who are in our true form. How the land is. Many of you have either met some of them or heard of them. there are more close by who should arrive within a few weeks. the Syrians will be arriving. Many look forward to hearing reports of how things are going here and how they have been since our first arrival. even though they look different. but that other than the Syrians. Pleiadians. the Syrians will be making their way here and into the city. San. at this moment there seems to be a storm Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 111 . but for some of you.” He stepped aside.

I am sure everyone here has been through a storm before. she always seemed to be slightly concerned and deep in thought over something. “You ready to leave?” I asked Aree. as well as destroy anything left outside. in preparation for the arrival of the Syrians. Take food and fresh water with you to last through the coming storm. Now. “Thanks to you San we are well warned of what is to come. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 112 . The storm should arrive within 2 suns. so I will not bore anyone with a list of rules to follow. So. For those native to this land. “Is that all?” She seemed confused by the direct and short meeting. or we can use the hall if it is large enough. everyone remain inside the buildings. you have gone through storms I am sure. It is expected that it will bring with it rains that will turn paths into rivers.” As he did not continue talking. it was apparent the meeting was over. I would like two volunteers to remain on post to watch for them. either all of us gathered into one place or in our separate sleeping areas. our buildings will provide more shelter and a safer place to stay in while the storm is over head.” I smiled at her. everyone can gather in one building. When they are spotted. would one of you go to them and lead them back here. “Yes that is it. and would the other come ahead and let us know how far out they are. but there will be a difference this time. either another building can be erected. there is expected to be winds which could shake the trees and bush around. If you would like.” She looked back at the king after having finished what she wanted to say.Book One: The Beginning building over the oceans around you. I will be asking that by the setting of the sun on the marrow. If there was more he would have said such.

It may make it faster to teach you since your energy will attract other energies. You are overflowing with it. the energy around you will sense that. “Sorry. your consciousness.Book One: The Beginning “Where are we going?” She asked. and into the night if needed.” “And everything has this energy?” She was curious to learn everything she could. “Out behind the hall. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 113 . into the bush and trees. is pure energy and it overflows outside of the body. hopefully we will come upon a spot that is clear enough to sit down. the curiosity showing in her face. my energy?” She asked as I caught up and we continued walking in a slower fashion deeper into the bush. we have all the time of the sun. Your energy is excited as well.” I finished for her.” “When can we go?” “Right now if you want to.. “I can tell.” I called to her. she just stood up and waited for me to get up before almost sprinting out and down the steps.” “Excited. “that is flesh and blood.” “What do you mean. I am just. which is good. what is inside. be attracted to it. “Your body. I almost had to jog to catch up to her as she rounded the corner heading out towards the back of the hall. “Slow down. She slowed down and stopped. your spirit.. it is just a vessel. We can do this many times.” I touched her arm.” She didn't bother giving me an answer verbally.

the sky. it wasn't completely beyond them to reach it again. the plants. They crave. other people. they want. the animals. you will learn to let the good in and keep the bad out. to the tallest tree you can see. It would be a good spot.Book One: The Beginning “Yes. breathing deeply. feel the peace that was here. but she alone had convinced me that this species had something that they still hung onto from the past. having found the perfect setting to begin her lessons at. not right away. are not good people. It had a line of bushes around a grassy area. it was enough to pass it on to future generations. Everything has an energy. which can make you feel bad. She was willing to learn to enhance what she naturally had an ability for. A lot of this energy is good.” I stopped. But some of this energy. hear voices that sounded like whispers in the trees. She was a promising example of what this species could be. hear the faint sound of water in the distance. and around the bush were trees. Even if only a few possessed the abilities of old. You will learn to block those energies from affecting you. that also provided promise for her and for her people in my mind. to learn to listen to what is around you as well as silence it to hear what is not visible. They have bad energy. surprisingly to me. from the smallest stone under your feet. they destroy to get things that do not belong to them. it creates good things. the ground. as in some people. She was standing there with her eyes closed. You could hear the sound of the animals around. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 114 . does good things. I could tell just from her posture that she could sense the calm. Aree had stopped when she noticed I stopped. but it will come over time.

” “What is this?” She asked. hopefully that excitement would last beyond the first few lessons so she would work on it more. “Sit down. “We call it sanghai. doing just as I said and showed. “Now close your eyes.” “What does that mean?” “It means be quiet. Breath in deep and let it Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 115 . showing her how to sit.” I sat down. “cross your legs like this and put your hands upon your knees like this. it was easier when she relaxed and went with doing as she was told. close your eyes. I have not done it since I have been here. not in this way at least. We do this with each rise of the sun at home.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Nineteen “You ready?” I asked her after giving her a few minutes to relax. “It is a way to quiet ones mind.” She was starting to irritate me with all the questions. “Now.” She followed instruction well. “What first?” She was getting excited again.” “Do you have a name for it?” She was interested in every detail.

only feel and now hear. “Now hear the animals.Book One: The Beginning exit your body slowly.” I stopped again. giving her a moment. Feel the air around you. Letting her do this for a moment or so before I moved on. see it as it moved it's ears. “Now hear the wind in the trees. Maybe employ it at the learning center if we had luck here. “now tell me. making sure her eyes were closed and she was doing as she was told. “You are fine. but I do not know what it is. in the bush. Remember.” “Let your mind go for a second. See if your mind will see what you feel. not by you but by another. What you see in your mind. trying to sound encouraging but it came across more of an order then encouragement. I knew because she jumped. what animal is near by? Do not look.” She started. watching. feel their energy.” I knew there was a long eared wild animal near by. let it come to you. I would have to begin doing it again. her face crunched up a bit. feel. do not hang onto it. I had a vision of it in my mind. “I don't know. describe it to me. “Do not think.” We sat this way for a time. sense it. it was in the bush to my right. if she could sense it. both eyes coming open and looking around herself.” I explained to her. It allowed for a fresh start each sun rise. mostly for her as it was I could sense what was around me without doing this.” I told her. “Relax yourself and do not try so hard.” I peeked. I could still see her in my mind. this is sensing their presence. feel the sun above you. is what Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 116 . small as it was. and let your thoughts exit with each breath that leaves so that your mind is empty. I was now watching her in my mind. feel the ground below you. she could mentally see it. but it was a good practice to have. as if trying to concentrate too hard. I could see it sitting there. “I feel like I am watched. and then it came to her.” She visibly relaxed. do not think. Do this for a three count.

” I told her.” “Why did the seeing frighten you?” I persisted on getting an answer. keeping my eyes closed. what did it look like?” “It was small. was yourself. your spirit will not thud you so. I jumped. “Yes.” She explained.” I told her.” I opened my eyes and looked at her through them.” I watched her. and you may use it to see other worlds without ship to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 117 . making sure she accepted what I was saying before continuing.” I smiled. “Yes. keeping my eyes shut. I thought it was a dream until I looked where the animal watched and saw myself sitting.Book One: The Beginning is around you. “How?” “The same way you just saw that animal to my right.” “That something hitting your body. I can see your movements even though my eyes are shut. covered in fur. “Why did it frighten you?” “The animal did not frighten me. You let your spirit wonder. “If you learn to do this well. big ears. “It was like my eyes left my body. small nose and tail. Then it felt like something hit my body. “You are watching me?” She asked. they were watching the animal. and were not prepared when it returned. I saw her looking at me. “now tell me. and you across from me as you are. it was the seeing.

you can trace where he is. it would push her to do it.” She looked on the verge of watering from her eyes. again promising myself I would have Sakie hit me again.” I tried using her fathers loss against her. then she seemed to suck it up as I was not showing any mercy for her or humor in what I had said.” I told her.Book One: The Beginning travel. They are also people who can see while awake. hoping she would understand it. You may use it to scout even. “Like. even if it hurt her. if he is somewhere. do it while awake also.” I explained to her. You say he was lost a few seasons before. bring information to your people before anyone can see it nearing them. “A seer is a person who can see what will happen before it begins. “You mean. you are a seer in your dreams when you sleep. faster then a man can run the information. Think of it as dreaming awake. either what will happen or what is happening in another place. I will go for him. “It can also be used to help locate a person who is lost. “If you find him and trace his location back to yourself. take note of the area and it will narrow down where to look.” “A seer?” She was curious again. “You would do that?” She looked ready to begin watering again. you can find him. your father. if he is living. I can go get him?” “No. you can find him in your mind. you can tell me.” I told her. not willing to let the most promising of the species thus far run off. “You have my word. If you are good enough. back to your body. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 118 .” Almost biting on my own tongue I wanted to let Sakie hit me with a stick again.

” She sniffed. The people were about their business. maybe I should.Book One: The Beginning Before I knew it.” This had her bursting into laughter as she wiped her face with the back of her hand. now she was adjusting to the new sensations. And I am ready to go back. “Yes. I had yet to learn his name. Walking back to the city. she was practically on top of me. She had unlocked the ability. or even sensed it. helping her to stand. a scout brought word to us a few minutes ago. I rolled my eyes. “we don't want your people believing I beat on you. she was sensing the world around her as if for the first time. although leader was good enough in my mind for now.” The king answered. she was watering on my shoulder. her arms around my neck. I stood up. I will do it when I am not working. the prince was standing with his father on the steps of the hall with the leader of this place.” I smiled at her. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 119 . “They are coming. “Should you not prepare the natives?” I wondered if they would run if they did not know. “You ready to go back? Will you continue to try this?” I watched her stop the watering. We had been gone only a while. Stepping up onto the steps I sensed something was coming. moving a hand to pat her back before pushing her off me. “Dry yourself before we do. there was silence between us. but returning it was as if we had only just left. “They are here?” I asked to either the king or his son.

they will be here soon. they were never ones for a quiet entrance. Aree had been quiet during this exchange. Stopping at the foot of the steps. Shaking my head. and we waited. rather then jumping from branch to branch or building to building. I stood up. “What do they look like?” She asked once seated beside me. straight to us as the one sitting the branch let out a howl. they would not be pounced on. the movement. They actually walked to us.” The king answered simply again. Turning around I sat down on the steps to wait. Who. She accepted my answer. almost seeming as if they did not want to frighten people. “Your here. were all standing still as if they thought these beings saw by movement and if they did not move. or branch to building.” Was the kings only statement.Book One: The Beginning “They were told. I watched as one sat on a branch in one of the trees. But anyone near Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 120 . by the way. but I knew better. they looked more like the hunting party I had expected then the gentle beings they were who took a moment to consider the fear they could put into the people around us. he was calling the others to hurry up before he went back for them. as did those standing near me. One by one you saw the entire group drop from the trees with a thud as their feet hit the ground. it amazed me they could sneak around as well as they did when they wanted to. “You will see when they arrive. It wasn't long before we heard the cracking of branches. They planted their feet on the ground and were actually walking quietly towards us and the others around us. watching to our left the trees and bush in which they would be coming from. but she sat next to me.” I told her. Our scout running the ground into the city. Some may see it as a war cry.

what one could consider a laugh from them. the kind words of welcome?” “Lost on beings with a more quiet way of traveling. “They will come around. feeling the need to assert a little authority.” He responded with a look of pride. it was Salus. His name I knew. “Welcome. “Why do you insist on scaring people?” The prince asked.” I told him before laughing. they will get used to it. “It is how we travel. “Yes. Where is the welcome party? The warm hugs from old friends.” I told him.” I told him.Book One: The Beginning could feel his annoyance at how they entered. I heard him start laughing as well as I walked away. and walking off. “And they will all run in the other direction when you move. the leader of this pack responded. we are. Giving him a hard stare before I patted his shoulder overly hard. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 121 . At this he began to laugh.” The one in front. going down to him to look him in the eyes.

“or you can Taki. “What did you do now?” I yelled at them.” I looked at Kie. If I must bleed it from you. crossing my arms over my chest and giving them both a hard stare. I heard him call. Both turned around to see me standing in the opening. Walking in I found Taki and Kie talking in a corner. Kie was looking a little uncomfortable. Taki stopped in front of me. I will not heal you and I will not help you. staring down at me. “I can not tell you. and I may help you.” “Either you can tell me. but they both knew I would follow through on a threat. knowing I might be out numbered. I will not hurt you. neither one approached speaking. His face had embarrassment written all over it. and both blocked their minds from me.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty As his laughter died out. “nice to see you as well!” I waved my hand over my shoulder and headed for the barracks.” I gave them their options. I leaned against the wall next to me. it did not require one be a scientist to recognize that they were conspiring over something. “If you tell me easily. they looked guilty. they had learned that the hard way. it is not my worry. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 122 . Almost visibly squirming under scrutiny. Taki came towards me.

bending forward to grab my legs. whatever they were hiding had to be good. I struggled the entire way. Taki moved behind me. I must stand behind you so he does not harm me. I threw my head backwards again while I thought he was distracted. one of you will tell me. “Grab her legs man!” He yelled at Kie. wrenching my arms to try and loosen them from Taki's grip. He swung his arm around my neck as Kie came up.” He sent to my mind.” I returned. Taki had my back leaning against his chest. taking me with him just enough to get my feet up from the ground. I brought my knee into his face. Taki threw himself backwards into the wall. who stood still. not trusting either of them at this Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 123 . “If I tell you. Taki moved to my side. He had me at an awkward angle in a strange position that had taken me off guard as I did not expect it. They carried me out the opening and down the path that lead to the ocean. if they looked any guiltier they would puddle onto the floor. positioning both my wrists into one of his hands. Kie took the opportunity to grab my legs. holding my legs still between his arms and his body. stepping away from the wall and dropping my arms to my side. I threw my head back trying to nail Taki in the face with the back of my head as Kie stepped away from his position. if it is simply done or if you both bleed until you tell me.” I wasn't backing down. took a deep breath and grabbed my arms.Book One: The Beginning Either way. watching it go down. I began to struggle. my head held to his shoulder while Kie kept my feet tucked under one of his arms and his other arm wrapped around as well. Pulling them behind my back so that the elbows touched one another. wrapping his arms around them. causing him to stand once again. leaned closer so his mouth was near my ear. I felt his hands move around behind me. then brought my foot to his stomach knocking the wind out of him. “Stand behind me then.

“And what is with the dumping of me into the ocean!?” I yelled as I made my way towards them. would someone tell me why we must throw one another into the water?” I asked.” Taki answered. as neither of them had closed them on the way down. When it did I threw myself with it at the both of them. “and how do you like games?” They spit the salty water out of their mouths.” I saw Kie begin to laugh. bracing against each wave that broke at my back. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 124 . “Now. They were standing still. and had me restrained in their grip. “A laugh for Kie. I began to wonder if something had possessed them. bracing for the next wave as they walked towards the shore. As they walked into the water. taking them both down into the water with the wave. they were blocking their minds from me. I stood up. you may help with this matter. Sitting up. as water rushed over the top of me with a wave coming in. turning his head to see over his shoulder and look at me. “walking back to the beach.Book One: The Beginning point. And then as I felt their bodies relax a little. bodily hitting Taki and then Kie. I looked at them both.” Taki turned around. waiting for the next wave to come. they threw me into the water. “Just what do you think you are doing!?” I yelled towards them. “We will tell you. “Why?” I asked as I walked up to them. My rear making contact with the sand under the water. I stopped a few steps from them. was controlling them somehow. “What does it look like?” Taki stopped. He needed such.

” Taki stopped. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 125 . Where we would bed one another without second thought. they do not. I did not ask her. remembering the woman he was whispering in the ear of. “You are male.” Looking back to Kie who was still sitting in the water. wondering just what he was speaking of. you will not have cycles.” I finally blurted out.” I stared at him.Book One: The Beginning Taki didn't answer. And then Kie sighed.” Kie said to anyone who was listening as he stood up.” “It did not occur to me at the moment of the thought. looking back at me. the few steps it was. they just looked at each other. then corrected himself. “The woman I saw you talking to a few suns ago?” I asked.” Kie answered finally as he sat down on the sand of the beach. “He means he needs assistance with the wooing of one. looked at me. Standing up and walking towards the shore. “Obviously not since you can not answer the question. “Yes. neither had a thing to say. “He should have known better.” “Did it occur to you to ask Meka if she wanted to mate with you? Not just advance on her?” I looked at Kie.” He admitted.” “And she is one violent specimen of a female. “These people do not function as we do. “I have female trouble. then back to Taki.” Taki put in as he stood up.” “No. She struck him when he tried to advance on her. and neither did Kie. I almost laughed. “her name is Meka. “for this kind.

I began laughing until my eyes watered. “And you believe you have knowledge of this?” I looked at Taki again and again began to laugh.” Kie explained. trying to discourage this action. And after she struck me I have doubts she would go with me anywhere. “Would the two of you stop the bickering with one another!” Kie yelled at us. “Ask another female how to go about this. “And you have more knowledge then I do?” Taki took offense. “Take her somewhere alone. “I did not say me..” “Do either of you even know how this kind mates?” I asked.” Taki interjected. After taking a few breaths to be able to speak again. “I am the one having female troubles and the both of you act as if you are the ones discussing the proper way to go about coupling with one another.Book One: The Beginning “I was trying to give him instruction when you came in.” “Nigh..” Taki looked at me.” I stammered out. “If neither of you will assist me. bring food with and talk to her. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 126 . “is it even possible for our kind and theirs to. at which they both looked at me. I have tried gifts. “It should be physically compatible.” I put in. my laughing had ceased and Taki could not think of words to respond. “We are in their kinds bodies.” Which brought me to the next problem.” Taki put in as if a muse had struck him. At this. I will assist myself!” “Bring her a gift.” We both stared at Kie. as if for some back up. to mate. I meant a female of their kind.

“What?” Taki and I both said at the same time. at least that I have seen. grow in the female. look close to our own.” Kie mumbled. the way you argue it would be only matter of time before it happened. proceed as normal if she could understand the process. it is not just talk. And even if they did not. Unless one plans to switch to their beliefs it will not work. From what I know. “Do not even consider it. “Everyone knows. that is their choice.” Taki argued. bed. And yes. take the other to bedding.” He smiled at me. it could work as such. “She could. Second.” I pointed my finger at him. when they mate. And they form family groups.” I told him.” He laughed a few more times and coughed out a few breaths of air.Book One: The Beginning “There is only a single way to find out. talk. and then proceed as normal. they all could. “The two of you. But it is not likely to happen. “And no.” Taki told me. it could not work as such.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 127 . just so you know.” “It was just a suggestion to find out. and her screams bring it forth. they mate for a lifetime. their bodies may be close to what ours are. children come from the mating. You cannot push her choice.” “Shush!” I yelled at him. “And if it does. “and their parts.” “She could switch to ours. but this does not mean they go about it in the same manner. “First we are not finding out. As Kie has found out. Kie began laughing and fell onto his back laying on the sand.

nearly swallowing my own tongue. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 128 . “from either of you!” I left them sitting on the beach with each other. “If it is possible.Book One: The Beginning “I wonder where they put this subject into the mission statement. looking to me hopefully. And ask of the procedure it is to. I missed it as well. even though it was unlikely it had been in either.” I looked down at him. then to Taki. “You will?” Kie sat back up. walking the path back to the barracks to plant my head into a stone before I offered myself for any others needs as I had done with Aree and Kie. “If they put it there or in the briefing. to do the mating.” I admitted...” Taki stated as he sat down. “I will talk to Aree. see of the proper actions one must take to achieve the interest of another... I will not hear more of this.” I choked out.

suns. Blocking the world out around me so I could have the tiniest bit of peace before rejoining the living world. letting it cool me from the outside in. weeks. at some point I would need to stop and count when we came til now. How long had I been here already? Three sets.” I turned around to find Salus standing in the entry way. I would provide them such. one could only hope that by the stars this would improve. Shaking my head as I walked into the barracks. I would have declined the mission given the chance.. “that was quite a welcome from you. This city needed a way to track their days. and laid my head against the stone of the wall. Once I figured out where we were in time. or was it four sets of suns. weeks? Was it more? My days have begun to run together. Never in my years had I expected to witness the likes or be in this situation. months.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty-one All the way back to the barracks I was debating whether Aree would know anything about this and if I could ask her or if I needed to find a more experienced woman. Leaving my head lay against the cold stone of the wall I pulled my palms up to rest next to it. the natives were human and lacking what they were made for. years. I didn't hear anyone come in while cooling myself until he spoke. moons. If I had known before.. “What did you expect when you act like you do?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 129 . The Aragons were here. I turned. and my own people were debating the possibilities of mating with another species. figure out how long we have been here before I lost all sanity and sense of time. the Syrians had presented themselves in the usual fashion.

a far cry from hairless. “I am as I am.” I leaned my back against the cold stone.” “You could use some though. not about to run down a list of names for him. he may be twice my size. running his hand over it as if checking for smoothness. “Why do you insist on lack of civility?” He stared at me.” I told him.. wondering why he was here. and look frightening.” He looked down at me as he walked by. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 130 . and it is a functioning fine. “You could have found all this and more by asking the king.Book One: The Beginning “At least a hello..” “I did learn some from them but they seemed. Although soon they may have little choice as more are expected to be presenting in short time. the natives. but this species was far less harmful then they looked. tis nice to see you once again. “Who else came?” “Quite a few. “No. not as of yet. “I do not need it.” He stepped forward.” I stood my ground. “And have they. others are in natural form either here or on our ship.” He paused. seen the ships as of yet?” He stopped at the table.” He leaned against the side. or even the prince whom I know you spent time with before coming here. “When you present yourselves in a fashion less barbaric I may give you greeting that can be seen as less barbaric. “might help you make a few friends. some are in the natives bodies as I am.” I was watching him. as if expecting me to come to my mind and have something civil about myself.

” I moved away from the wall a little. I kept eye contact as he slowly backed out of the building. as well as has completed tasks of fashioning mentally without the need of physical labor.” “They are further away from what they were then we suspected then?” He asked. sitting on the edge of the table. “or taught to use it again I suppose.” I had asked myself the same question he just asked many times.. “otherwise occupied with the locals. “They can be trained. he headed off. probably to regain his pack into some order before they decided whether to sleep in the woods as animals do or to occupy a barracks as 'civil' beings would do. Twill take time. Far from what the stories say about them. Turning.Book One: The Beginning as if trying to find the right word. “I have found one whom shows promise. remembering the recent bout with Kie and Taki. It was still possible.” he paused. trying again unsuccessfully to intimidate me. She is a seer. even though he stated it more as a comment. watching my reaction. but tis possible. “What do you think of them? What have you observed?” He turned back around.” “As are a few others.” He walked towards me. “They are primitive. they can still be passed on to future generations whom may be able to once again use it. but the genetics are still there. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 131 .. “Yes. and always came to the same conclusion.” I said.

trying to get her to sit down and relax some. she may not be the one I should ask.” She finally looked at me as she moved towards the table. “I am not sure what help I will be. finally stepping across that invisible line she was debating over.” “Oh.” “If I can help. standing there as if unsure if she could come in or not. “You can come in. “Just got a feeling that you wanted to talk.” She said.” She looked as shocked as if someone had just told her they had a third eye.” I started as she sat next to me. “and how the mating works. she showed up in the entry way to the barracks. we hide nothing. “It may make you uncomfortable. “I am not sure you would welcome what I want to ask.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 132 . “Do you know why?” I asked.” She was holding her hands together in front of her.” “I had a feeling I should find you.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty-two Before I could decide whether to go find Aree or not to ask her about the women.” I told her. it does not matter. She still looked a little unsure. “I was wondering about your peoples culture. “everything is open to your people. sitting on the table.” I patted the table next to me. she seemed timid.

Most do mate for life. “Yes. He does not know the customs of your people. how do you. as I believe. “How do we couple?” Now she was looked as if she was the one holding back on laughing.” I closed my eyes. and we want to know the following. yes.” I took a breath. I tried to explain to her the situation. “What do you mean?” She actually looked confused by my statement. I agreed to ask someone for him. mate for life with one another? And if it goes to the point of bedding. I saw her cheeks become red and watched as she tried to keep from laughing.” I hoped she did. it is not seen as a requirement but it is recommended. is there a certain way one must go about it? Any commitments required beforehand? Do you. we are from a different land. To the second.” I laughed this time. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 133 . still trying not to laugh as I shook my head. “I have friend. “when you want to gain someones friendship in that way. trying to pretend I was not having this conversation.. “You forget.. there are a few who do not. no there is not commitment required. it is a process. And is it not obvious how it is done?” She tried to keep a straight face through answering. who has interest in mating. One must be friends and care for another. and the requirements of it. the process in which two people come together may be different. only that it is done at the will of each other. whom I knew somewhat. “To the first. having this conversation with another of the native women would be harder then having it with her. then you can help. Smiling so I did not laugh.” I choked on the last part of the questions.Book One: The Beginning “If you know the process.

Book One: The Beginning At this she laughed. I have seen her speaking with Kie.” “Who is it?” She was curious. made me feel better.. it is not that different. “As he deserved. I was sure she would get the idea.” I told her.” Her cheeks were bright red by this point. she did not know how to react. “Kie. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 134 . which is not much.” She looked at me as if I had grown a second head. “I understand. From speaking to her to putting his mouth to hers..” “As I hear. “thanks to you. I believe I have answers for him. It was just best to find out first. one of the things I did like about her.” “That is not how you go about it?” I asked. And it was not expected by her. there is touching before and it goes slowly. “he went about it wrong.” I told her. laying back on the table until her eyes watered. just for clearification.” I waited to see her reaction. She began to laugh. “From what I know. the male parts go into the female parts. but not where others can see. which made the conversation seem less uncomfortable. her curiosity of everything. she struck him. “Meka will act as if she is not interested but believe when I say she is.” “She's never.” she said sitting up. “Tis how you go about it. “it is a thing to be done when alone. He has found interest in Meka I believe her name is. which as bad as it is.” I let it trail off.

” I told her as she made her way towards the entry way again. gentle with such. which only made me laugh. proceed slowly. she looked at Kie and began laughing again as she looked away from him. “I will go. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 135 .” She burst into laughter at the idea as she stood up.” I looked at her and smiled. I want to practice what you taught me before it is time to bed down until the sun rises again. He looked towards me with a look of irritation written across his face. obviously through with the conversation between us. if you need help come get me.” “Ok. As she was walking through it Kie and Taki were coming in. I will tell him such. And one must be. “and give him a good striking before I send him off with his answers. thanks to you again.” “I understand. I laid back on the table trying to hide my face in my hands as I laughed hard making my eyes water and sides ache. not unexpected and not in view of others.Book One: The Beginning “No.

Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty-three “What does she know?” Kie asked.” I said between breaths I was taking to try and stop the laughter. “What is everything?” He stood over me with Taki standing behind him.” I looked up at Kie who looked as if his head would explode.” I started laughing all over again as his face crumpled up. the confusion of mating. Meka. but once we were speaking and I told her twas you she put it together. “You told her all?” Taki asked from behind Kie. relax some. “Everything.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 136 . you must go slow. “she did not know what I wanted to talk of. “Yes to both. and she said you deserved to be struck.” I stood up. so you must go slow with her.” I reasoned. “She knew.” “Aree told you this? They have talked?” Kie's face lightened a little. “she has never done such with another. “You. not sounding the least bit amused. Tis not something you do in front of others. “Meka likes you as well. and you do not go from speaking to placing your mouth on hers. Is done when alone. slapping my hand along the side of his head.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 137 . Begin again!” “Yes.” I glared at him. Some do mate for life and tis recommended but not required.” Taki called after him as I pushed him out the entry way. we are always in wrong. “But what do I say?” He tried to stop himself from being pushed out.Book One: The Beginning “And what else?” He wanted anything else I had learned.” “Do not even think such!” I cut him off. “Tell her you misunderstood before but now you have learned better of yourself. “Was just thinking we should provide him insight into all aspects. moving him forward out of the building. “now. “It is done as we do it. I will learn on my own. Taki slapped him on his back.” “T'will never happen. is no female troubles.” I watched his face relax as he took a deep breath. “He will learn on his own. “Go now.” He looked to me. wont you?” I looked at Kie. “but yes.” He smiled.” He laughed as I swung at his head again. for the sake of others. about us. see to your needs. “accept blame for your actions.” I told him.” I pushed against his back. just misunderstanding. knowing he was irritating me with his persistent references. “see.. “Would be more humor in witnessing the bickering after is done between you two..

He walked over to where I was. Walking a few more paces before watching an elderly man Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 138 .” He whispered. planting his lips against my cheek before I could swing at him and running off. squatting down to where she sat. I could feel her eyes on me for a good set of steps. just waiting to see if I would help as I had offered. I would never be rid of him. She looked up at me for a moment before handing me the unfinished bowl and stone she was using for the scrapping of the inside. I smiled at her as I waved my hand over the unfinished bowl. Not saying a thing to me. handing it back to her finished and smooth on the inside as well as out. staring down at me. He was a child still. She watched me as I stood up and walked off. I stopped when I came across an older woman trying her hand at bowl making. and doing things he should not be doing.Book One: The Beginning “And you!” I pointed my finger at him from the entry way. I closed my eyes. “What did I do?” He tried to look innocent. always into things. I made my decision as I walked out of the barracks intending to go to the hall for the feast tonight.” I instructed him. maybe t'was time I began to play his way. confusion was a tool best used when trying to send another into fits of sanity loss and disabling them from acting coherently. At the current rate. “May I help?” I asked her. “There will be no more talk of such matters that pertain to the two of us. “as you wish. shaking my head at the idea that I had been friends with him for the last 100 and more years. it could be the last one before the storm came.

and just as I was about to set foot onto the steps of the building I heard the Syrians coming. they are hot. as you can do as well. “Your hands.” I told him standing back up. Stopping again. Stopping to watch what happened. Salus was standing at the tree line and the others were dropping out of the trees as leaves fall off Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 139 . “Spend time in the learning center and be gentle to yourself. “Thanks be to you. I watched as he raised his hands up as if to say he was at fault. running them down until I sensed a change in the energy his body was putting out above his foot.” He told me. I could tell she accepted his apology. I knelt down beside him. and even if I could not hear them and he was mentally blocking anyone who may eavesdrop. “Always when healing.” He told me.” I told him as I wrapped my hands around his leg. “Tis healed!” He exclaimed. concentrating on his ankle until he put weight onto it. She hugged him.Book One: The Beginning trying to balance himself on a branch. resting his hand on my shoulder he used me for support.” I added in as I walked off. Moving on the few steps to the hall I caught sight of Taki standing near the prince. seeing if he would be struck again. He must have sensed me there because he looked my direction and when I closed my eyes briefly in acknowledgment he smiled. I was almost to the hall when I noticed Kie talking to Meka between buildings. “I was going to healing center to see if they could help.” I replied. “No need to.” “Any one of us can do such. which he returned. He showed obvious signs of having injured his lower leg. I closed my eyes and envisioned his body healing itself.

Shaking my head I made my way up the steps. only glancing at them. and into the hall itself.Book One: The Beginning in cooler times. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 140 . past the prince and Taki.

The elder of the children looked to be a few seasons old. This was the woman who had recently bore a child. the man looked young and so did the woman. A family sharing contents of a bowl.” “Let them finish eating. And then there was the older woman whom I had helped with the bowl just coming in. along with us Pleiadians. yet they found themselves to be civilized. suckling while her mother ate this and that. The Aragons were spread out amongst the natives. “people need to shelter. The Syrians were not ones to use bowls as others did. I was debating when and how to begin the games. gathering bits of food as he walked. I watched the people around me. I chuckled. looking Salus in the eyes to make sure the order was clear. they were civil and very organized for what they were. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 141 .Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty-four Once inside the hall I found a bowl and filled it with fruits and vegetables. followed by the elderly man I healed. Salus shrugged and walked off.” The king said.” He looked around at the people. Salus stopping to talk to the king. in the fathers lap picking through the food in the bowl. it will be a hard one. The baby in the womans arms to breast. The others will not be coming tonight. finding a place to sit against a wall. they had two children. they picked at more of their food and held it. only picking at my food. Coming into the hall right now were the Syrians. then we will send provisions with them. “Storms about an hour out.

” I leaned against his arm. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 142 . “I have known you all your life and not once have you made comment on mates of any around us.Book One: The Beginning I watched as the prince stopped next to his father. which made him jump slightly before relaxing back and eating at his food. “Feeling good. slight confusion on his face. “They make a nice pair. “Am sure.” He looked at me. I looked up to see Kie and Meka walking in. popping a berry into my mouth. scrunching his eyebrows together for a moment before taking the offer and coming over. looking at me I waved him over. they were speaking quietly to one another. he gathered vegetation and placed it into a bowl.” I smiled at him. pointing towards them.” I nudged him. “has something come over you?” “Why must something come over me to voice a notice?” I looked at him. smiling at him. “You sure?” He said between bites.” At this he physically turned his upper body to face me. “Are you feeling a'right?” He asked.” I told him. “In this form he looks a match for her. He looked at me. cocking my head to the side. And Taki. looking me up and down as if some visible sign would give away what I was about.” “Never tis to late to start. sitting down next to me. smiling at him. “Because this is not you.” “Who?” Taki looked up from his bowl. “Kie and Meka.

I placed my hand on his arm. counting on us to gather the provisions he was promising and deliver them to each building. Smiling to myself.” He stared at me. “I will see you in the barracks. It wasn't long before the announcement came. I am recommending you retire to your bedding's and remain there until it passes. we will be along shortly. “Whats wrong?” I finally asked.” I told him.” As the natives started to gather up their belongings and Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 143 . drawing their attention just by looking at them.” He finished standing up. “The storm that was spoke of by San is approaching and should reach the city soon. Take what you have in your bowls and go.” He said as he went to stand up.” And he walked off. “everything tis good. squirming in his seat and moving slightly away from me. enough to last two suns of water and vegetation. the more uneasy he became. Waiting for the announcement of the storm to come. it is strange. I went back to watching the rest of the people in the building. It will be a hard storm.” He looked around to those of us who were not natives. The more I smiled. not touching his food.Book One: The Beginning “You need to visit the healing center. “you know what to do. We will be bringing provisions before the sun sets completely. “Everything is not good. “You inform me. I only smiled back at him. may last a sun or more. I do believe you are ill. He sent a mental note to all of us. glancing back over his shoulder now and then as if I would jump on him as an animal does it's prey. anticipating everyone's reactions. the king stood in front of the people.

I wished to make sure she was set. Thanks be to you for the offer. exciting the hall and returning to their homes. The rest of us began to gather vegetation into blankets. If the storm is as Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 144 . Some moved a hand over the containers. handing her a blanket of food. “Would you want to stay in the barracks with us?” I asked her. as she lived on her own. water was already in large stone containers that had been fashioned earlier in the day. I will use this time to practice and will work to better the skills. “You will be safe here.” She smiled at me. The rest of us filled the blankets. I moved on. and since the stone had been smoothed into one solid piece. carrying three or four of them filled with food to the buildings. moving them out from the hall. It was the home of a family group.” She stated as she backed into her home. “Tis alright.” I told them handing the blankets to them.Book One: The Beginning families. without doors. The homes were safe. The homes were made of stone. making gusts of wind hard to pass into it. delivering the other two blankets of food to the next home to Aree's.” I told her. it would not be torn down by bad weather. “If you are sure. I made a point in stopping where Aree was. “I am. a woman and man with one child. “Thanks be to you for the delivery of this. as were all the buildings. The water had already been brought to them. But fashioned so that the entry way was a hall that split into two directions at the end of 5 paces. and I knew they would be moving them into the buildings.

“Always on the watch?” Taki asked as he stopped to stand beside me.” I told him. I stood outside of the entry way. “If you say such. watching the deliveries be made all around. with his father and mother and sister. The Syrians were entering the barracks they had been giving. picking up one of the blankets and moving back into the building. “Be safe. I caught the faulter in it. it will be good to have with us.” The man said as the woman took their child in one arm. “his excuse was to see that all were safe Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 145 . and still am. “where is Kie bedding through this?” But I did not require an answer. “Always must be.” His voice was not as sure as he would have me believe.Book One: The Beginning your leader says. the rest were just now coming. “Feeling more of yourself?” Taki asked. “With Meka in the building where the single kind are staying. Looking around I didn't see Kie.” Taki chuckled. Heading for the barracks.” I told him. I knew already. following behind me. entered the building they occupied. not giving hint otherwise. waiting until I was satisfied that they had entered their building I turned and walked into our barracks.” I told him as I walked off. most of the natives had already retired to their buildings. some of the Aragons and Pleiadians had already entered our barracks. watching as the prince. “I was myself before.

The huts we had seen when we had arrived were not something that would survive a small storm. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 146 . “Is expected to bring with hail in the winds. trained to survive. eyes closed. It would be a simple task to last through an Earth storm after the training we had all survived. not trying to hide his amusement. It was the natives I was concerned for.” I looked at him.” He said. I was going to take peace in the sound of the rains as they came with the ocean waves creating a sound all there own in the distance. It would make a good sound to sleep to. Maybe they fled into the trees and bush. Taking comfort in them as I always did at home. swirling of the ocean. it would provide slightly more protection then the huts they had been living in. listening to the sounds outside. For now. laying on my back with my hands behind my head. I crawled into my bunk. I let the subject as well as all speech go.” “I doubt that tis the reason. how they had survived as long as they had was a mystery. trying to keep my face straight. “But tis a good excuse.Book One: The Beginning and proper.” He said. “How bad do you suspect this will get?” I asked for his opinion. Twill be bad. It would be something to speak with Aree about once this passed over. looking around to see most of the occupants of the barracks were seasoned warriors. not to mention a bad storm as the one that was coming.

Then it would pick up again as it passed through. I laid there. the stars until it cleared. it had not moved completely over the city yet. storm before the storm. could last all night and into the marrow. and if I didn't move closer to the edge of mine he still wouldn't see me. And then when the storm passed and the after effects set in. anyone could tell that. it was not a change of good energy into bad. The storm was close. the moon. The wind was howling. but of the feel it brought with it. A change in how you can feel the air around you change. one could imagine the strength it was blowing with. depending on the size of the storm. We would know as it did. The center of the storm could stay overhead for sometime. “You sense it too?” Taki leaned over. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 147 .Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty-five In the middle of the night. you wouldn't hear any sound for a time. blocking out the sun. I woke to the sound of hail striking the building and surrounding ground. they could last a good set of days. the hail would come harder. the energy would become thicker. from a warm to a cool air. everything would still. We were on the outskirts of the storm. the wind would blow with more strength. the center would be quick compared to them. everything would return to normal. if it continued inland. his bunk was above mine so he had to look over the side to see down to me. The energy in the air had changed. and when it was over. listening to it with my eyes closed. Feeling it blow slightly into the building. This. not as long as the precursors or the after effects though. but one could also sense it. And then as it was directly overhead. it sounded as thunder overhead. the energy would be almost physical.

I just wanted to listen to the coming storm outside. And others that follow will get worse. “Hm.” I said it as much to myself as to him. listening to the sounds outside that were warning of the storm following close behind it. when the Earth was still new and our ancestors were here with Earths population as well as others from the federation.” He was talking about all those years ago. and then it would die down again. they will not have to persist alone as they have in past times. We are here once again.” “It will. We would be here for that.. leaning my head over to the edge to look at him.Book One: The Beginning “Tis coming close. I closed my eyes.” I told him. and Earth continued to go through many more cycles. “It will be a bad one. He seemed to understand as he rolled back into his bunk completely.” He commented on the increase in storm activity that would happen over the following years. “Will be some time before they reach their peek and begin to die down again. but the body didn't seem to want to rest any longer. along with many others.. Earth had cycled through more than once then. Then we left. all of which the humans and other species had survived. “Twill be different this time. It would be another hundred or so years before Earth would come to the peek of her cycle. stil some paces out. with all present. Getting down I stretched and looked around. but tis coming fast.” I agreed. this will be no different. “Humans and the other species have survived such before. There were a few of the Aragons and Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 148 . and even some not from the federation. Without the sun.” was the only reply I afforded him. it was hard to tell what time it was. I was not in a mood to talk.

He was as fascinated with watching the sky as I had been. knowing he would take the offer. The wind was strong. The others seemed to have an easier time of it. you shouldn't stand out in this.” He looked back at me catching the joke. “You know me. some others had found a few pebbles to play a game with over on the other side of the barracks. outwardly if nothing else. back rigid as if bracing himself against the wind.” I shrugged. waiting. Shrugging I turned and walked back inside. they seemed content to sit it out. I do. I was already getting anxious. just watching. “Want to go swim?” I smiled. I looked back in time to see him nod his head. silently waiting for what I knew was coming. I could see how one could lose sanity if left in a room for too long. and I could sleep no more.Book One: The Beginning our people sitting at the table. take them away. “Want to trade positions?” I asked him. Which is why I remind you. he stood there. it would easily pick up a person. I wouldn't set foot out there in this. he wanted to see just as I had but didn't dare set foot out the entry. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 149 . Not that I could blame him. there was little to do that did not involve trouble. I just watched. stepping back I let him by me. I could still hear the coming of the storm outside. Standing there. “Aye. standing half in half out.” Sakie was standing behind me.” I could hear the humor in his voice. looking around myself. watching the sky with rolling clouds and freezing rain coming from it. Standing there. the outside was blocked off by the approaching storm. “No. curiosity got the better of me when I walked over to the entryway. “You know. you should not stand in this.

looking up to see the dark clouds rolling as they rained cold water and ice down. The waves were gaining force and size. I watched as a tree not to far from the barracks shook and heard the cracking noise it's base made as it first leaned and then broke. Looking further out I saw what was coming. The wind had picked up. The lightening surrounding it. watching everyone around me. I walked out the entry way and out. Deciding that the best thing to do would be to watch the storm come in. seeing what the people I had seen before closing my eyes. Sitting down I closed my eyes. I got up and went to the side wall. I looked back once more just to see if anyone else had the same idea I did. not a one of them seemed to be interested in watching the storm.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty-six Giving up. fallen to the ground with a thud that shook the dirt under my feet. the dark clouds rolling in every direction around it. water gushed away from it creating the waves hitting the shore now. and it pulled water to it and up into it. I walked from where I was standing near the barracks down to the path that would lead to the sea and made my way down to the ocean. “MAMA!” I heard the scream. rested my hands on my knees and let myself begin to roam in the between. doing their thing. Covering what appeared to be half the sea as it twisted and turned. and it was huge. listening to the storm move in. I looked around myself. I went over to the table and sat down. the thunder announcing its approach. becoming unruly. Moving back towards the entry way. It was a hurricane. not being able to pinpoint if Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 150 .

Book One: The Beginning

I heard it from where I was or where my body was, I moved back. Running back up the path into the city, screeching to a halt when I saw the little girl I had scared that first day standing in between two buildings. Looking around I didn't see her parents or anyone else, she had probably wondered off and out of her home. I looked back behind me, it would be a matter of minutes before that storm hit and ate up anything and anyone outside. My eyes came open back in the barracks, standing and sprinted towards the entry way. “Where are you going? The storm is coming in!” Taki grabbed my arm before I made it outside. “I know, I have been watching it. There is a little girl out there!” I told him, pulling my arm loose from his hand and going out the entry way, blocking my eyes with my arm from the dust and dirt blowing around. “There she is!” Taki was right behind me, pointing towards the girl who was now huddled up against a wall. We went towards her, Taki reached for her as we heard the crack of lightening, followed by the thunder immediately. Turning around we saw the tree it had struck, smoking from the base up as it begin to tip down, falling towards us. Instinct told me to move, but training told me to create a break between the tree and myself, putting up an invisible wall of energy preventing it from crushing us. Looking behind me I saw the little girl in Taki's arms, he nodded at me before he made the jump from the ground to the top of the building next to us. Moving backwards, I let the wall come with me, lowering the tree to the ground. Once it was down I made the jump to follow Taki, from roof to roof until we reached the girl's home, dropping down from the roof to the ground near the entry way we almost took out her parents who were coming out.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

“Get back inside.” I told them as I motioned for them to move. Taki followed us inside with the little girl still in his arms. We were soaked from head to toe, dripping water down onto their floors. I could tell the mother had been weeping and the father looked distraught. “You need to keep her inside.” Taki handed the little girl over. “The storm will be here soon.” “Thanks be to you.” The mother croaked out as she took her daughter in her arms. The father only nodded at us, his eyes said enough. “Just make sure you stay inside, against the back wall preferably.” Taki instructed them as I turned to walk back outside. I heard the father mumble something to him, and then he was standing next to me. “Ready to go back out?” I smiled at him, knowing he didn't want to. He just pushed me out first. “Want to go down to where I was watching it come in?” “Not on your life.” He told me, shaking his head as we started walking back towards the barracks. I don't know if it was the sound of the thunder so close again, the light as it struck the tree, or being pushed down as Taki wrapped his arms around me that got my attention more. I was crunched under him as he knelt behind me with his arms around me, his head against the back of my head. He had put up a wall of energy between us and the tree that came crashing down. “Get out.” He grumbled to me.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

Moving forward on my hands and knees, I looked back before standing up, watching as he pushed the energy from his back up into the tree, tossing it back and off of him. Moving at a quicker pace and not wasting time talking and dawdling around we moved inside the entry way of the barracks just as the storm began to hit full force into the island. “Anyone got a cloth to wipe off with?” I called, not to anyone particular. “And a few wraps?” Taki seconded my thoughts, dry off and change. “Out playing again?” One of our own brought what we had asked for. “Of course,” Taki replied sarcastically, “you should know we can't miss a chance at nearly being flattened to the ground.” “And, we love to get wet.” I laughed. The one who had brought us the stuff just shook his head, turned and walked away, I could picture him rolling his eyes as he did so. We stripped in a hurry, dried, and wrapped the dry cloths around ourselves before coming into the barracks completely. Laying the wet cloths out on the floor to dry before sitting down against a wall, Taki was sitting next to me this time.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

Chapter Twenty-seven

“Storms going to get bad.” He commented, leaning his head back against the wall. “Yeah, probably worse then they are used to.” I responded, thinking about the little girl. “Should get some sleep,” Taki looked at me, “we both could use some time to let our bodies re-energize.” I knew he was right, we had used a lot of the energy contained inside these bodies, they should be allowed to rest. I could watch the storm from a dream state. “Yes.” Was the only response I gave him, knowing him, he probably picked up on my thoughts. I pushed to my feet and headed for my bunk, crawling into it and collapsing into it. No sooner closing my eyes and finding myself standing in the barracks, watching the others. That body was definitely tired as fast as it slept and as easy as it was to come out of. Looking behind me I looked at the body I was occupying, it was not sorely built, it could use more muscle on it though. I turned back to face the center of the barracks in time to see Taki getting ready to get into his bunk, he must have sensed me there because he stopped before walking through me and seemed to look at me. I moved slightly to the side and watched as he smiled slightly, moving forward and up into his bunk. I walked back towards the entry way, intending on going back out to watch the storm come in.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

“You call this resting?” I heard come from behind me, it was Taki, he had assumed the dream state as well. “Yes, the body is resting.” I looked back at him, stopping briefly, “no one said you had to come.” “What? And leave you unattended, all by yourself, unsupervised...” I heard him call as I walked back outside. “That is the worst plan ever.” “Its not a plan, if your going to complain all the time we are out here you can stop and go back now.” I told him, not willing to argue with him. “You are the most...” He began. “The most what?” I turned towards him, glaring at him. “The most sweet flower there ever was.” He smiled, knowing it would bother me. “Don't!” I pointed my finger at him. “You are no fun Nesenty.” He shook his head, “even in the dream state you do not relax. What happened to the little girl I grew up with? Who laughed as she beat on me? Who knew how to just be?” “She grew up, as you should have.” I looked at him, turned, and thought of the beach, as I knew it looked. With its sun bleached white sand, its green-blue waters rolling in, the storm clouds moving in. When I opened my eyes again I was standing at the waters edge. He had been right, I was different. He could remember me

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

when I had been sweeter, nicer. It had changed over the years, we had all changed some over the years. Where he held onto his child like happiness, I had hardened mine out, locked it away. I understood the danger of letting emotions pass, it created a liability that could be used against you. He would do good to learn and lock them away as well. I saw the clouds, they were rolling as the water was, turning under one another, growing in size. The rain was coming down in blankets of water and ice. The sounds of animals had completely dissipated, they had found shelter no doubt from the approaching storm. I heard a soft hum, and looked beside me, Taki had decided on the shorter route as well. “Took you long enough.” I scolded him. “I needed break from you before I came down.” He looked out over the ocean, “a few breaths of peace and relaxation before I put myself in your presence again.” I let the discussion come to an end, looking back out over the water. It was beginning to swell into walls of water, more chance than not it would feel as if a wall fell on you when it struck. Further out you could see the cone which would bring the most destruction with it. Its winds were already affecting the change in the waters, as well as the environment around us. It would come upon the city in no time, hopefully there would be no more people outside, they would be safe inside as long as they remained there.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

Chapter Twenty-eight

Standing there, watching the storm come, I couldn't help but enjoy the show. There is a difference between destruction of nature by nature, and a destruction of nature by outside forces. They both harm beings, but where one destroys nature beyond recovery, the other simply clears it where new can begin. What was coming, would destroy itself, but in the aftermath new life would begin. New plants, a new look on the world around you. I couldn't help but think of what I knew about this planet, the history. What had come before was worse then this storm, it destroyed what this planet once was. It was a storm in it's own way, a storm that still left citizens of this planet feeling the after effects. Picking up on my tension and thoughts, Taki laid his hand on my shoulder, “you know it will get better.” He told me. I just shrugged, not commenting on what he had said. I knew what he was thinking, what he felt, it was the same as I. The only difference in what we thought and felt was that he had hope, he believed it would get better in time, that everything would return to what it once was. Whereas I, questioned if it would happen, and believed there was only one way of it to come about. The one who destroyed the library, burning the history through the ages, would have to be eliminated and even then things may never be what they once were again.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

The storm would pass, and over the next few days we would help rebuild areas of the island. The children, under the prince's guidance seemed to be picking up on what we did and how it was done. About a week after the storm I caught one of the children moving stones with his mind, not far mind you, but he was doing it. Over the next few weeks I would come across more and more children in the city moving things with their mind, from stones to planks of wood. In the month since the storm, more ships had arrived. More representatives were present, I could count at least twenty different star systems present. Another two barracks had gone up, the area that food had been planted in was coming to life, the children had moved from moving things with their minds on their own to a teachings center. They were in groups, being taught to work together, combine their energies to accomplish a goal. Some of the adults had even began using the abilities that came naturally to them. One day, as the sun was setting, a group of us were down at the beach watching the waves come in. Taki of course was next to me, when wasn't he watching over me. I elbowed him in the ribs. “What was that for?” He asked rubbing his hand over his side. “Because I can.” I sent him mentally and smiled. “Really?” Was what he sent back. “What's wrong with Kie?” I sent him, figuring he might know since they were always plotting something. “What do you mean?” He asked aloud, glancing at Kie a few steps from us.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

“He looks...” I paused, looking Kie over to try and describe what I saw, “I do not know, just not at ease.” “Kie!” Taki called him to, waving at him to come over by us. “What is on your mind?” I asked when he was not a step from us. Sakie had managed his way down to the beach just then as well and came over. “I have a situation.” Kie kicked some of the sand and dug his toes into it. I stared blankly at him, expecting him to continue without prompting. When he failed to do so I asked, “and what situation may it be this time?” “Be nice.” Sakie patted my head, moving his hand just before I struck it. “Lets hear it.” Taki added. Kie sat down in front of us, looking at his feet, then at the sand. “On with it.” I was regretting ever pointing it out, I did not enjoy pulling information that I had a feeling I did not care to know anyway. “Yes, tell us what ails you so we may help.” Sakie sat down nudging Kie as he did so. “You all know of the villager I was,” he cleared his throat and I got an image in my head of the two of them arguing, “she tells me...” He stopped.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book One: The Beginning

“You didn't!” I scolded him. “Who didn't what?” Sakie asked, obviously feeling as if he had missed something. Taki remained quiet. Kie looked at his hands and I knew he had done it. “You should have known better!” I had picked up on the situation from the image of them arguing in my mind. “I did not think...” He started. “That is it, you did not think!” I pointed a finger at him. “You knew these bodies were different, they are not evolved like ours.” “What tis going on!?” Sakie interrupted my scolding. “He is expecting child.” Taki calmly said, glancing from Sakie to Kie, as if for confirmation. “Tis true.” Kie looked down again. Sakie's mouth looked as if it would fall off, Taki simply shrugged. “And you did not realize you could cross? You are in their bodies, it is logic that it could combine.” I continued to scold him in a softer tone of voice. “She said much the same.” Kie admitted. “And you argued with her for what reason?” I asked, wanting to know what was said in the image I had gotten. “Because I did not think at the moment. T'was a surprise.” He tried to defend himself.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


I tried to explain I was not understanding her and she insisted I leave. not that. “and do not think of it because I do not want a mental picture. Her eyes halted there watering and she began yelling at me. its mine? An honest question. She told me a child was growing inside her. “it could have been you in his place.” “You have no brain!” I yelled at him..” I stopped him before he could go any further. When I failed to say words her eyes began a watering. “You knew it was a possibility. “No. how did the argument begin?” Taki was sitting next to me chuckling because he realized how uneasy the mere thought of what happens with these bodies disturbed me..Book One: The Beginning “Do not start. much as I do most days.. She told me I was only one she was seeing in any way.” I stared at him until he could not look me in the eyes any longer. to that she struck me. “she told me I had lost my sense of mind. How did it start?” “When the storm came through.” Before he could go on I reached over and slapped him along the side of his head.” He began. I do not want to know that. I asked why.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 161 . “You deserve such!” He rubbed the side of his head and continued.. “I went to see her. “Nesenty. I asked her who helped in this. The argument. She struck me again and began looking angry. I then said. Even if it was a surprise tis not a reason to argue with her.” Taki looked at me.

“What are you looking at me for?” I looked at each of them. “You've remained silent since finishing with the scolding. “no. After a few moments Taki spoke up. and if I did I would not question my own loss of mind when something came of it. When we all looked at him. I couldn't. I would not mate. he looked at us as if we should know why but went on.” Kie commented. you should know how to fix the disagreement with his mate.” “You do not know how to fix it?” Taki teased. “Should you try making her happy again?” “That may help her not to strike me again.” “Your female.” “Then a celebration is in order?” Sakie asked to anyone willing to answer.” Sakie added. “And see the medical team to make sure the child is ok. “Do not expect me to be able to tell you how to fix that which you should not have done to begin with. shouldering me slightly.” Taki agreed. and soon the others were as well. After Sakie's question we were all silent for a while.” Sakie looked at me.” He paused as if thinking of a way Kie could fix it.Book One: The Beginning I glared at Taki. “to make sure the mating of the two of you will not be a problem. “Before any celebration I think Kie should work on his situation.” “T'would be a smart idea. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 162 . “No advice from you?” Kie directed his question to me.

” I stared at him. “Closing ones mouth may help with that. Do what you are told to do. “Now we have discovered this is not possible.” I pushed him. “but I do not want to fix what is not my problem. obviously finding it entertaining that his problem had caused bickering to resume once again. but what of my mate being angry with me?” He persisted. brushing the sand off my bottom. “You will need to figure out what she wants and do such.” I stood up. He started to laugh. “well I am your friend even if you are not mine.” I walked off and headed towards the path that lead back up into the city without saying more.Book One: The Beginning “I could if I had the want to fix it. “I will consider this. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 163 . “Not to do it again. what of the current situation?” Kie smiled at me.” By now Kie was smiling a little. So will you give us what you think would help the problem?” “You to keep body organs wrapped tightly against your own. “Not even to help a friend?” “Who say you are a friend?” I glared at him.” I raised my eyebrows at him.

So the answer is no. “yes I can and even if I hear the question the response is still no. as if he was trying to convince me otherwise with his eyes that were shining as the stars do while trying to fain a look of sadness. Turning and looking up at him I put my hands on my hips. “What ever it may be. One of which does not know when to shut ones mouth and the other has placed himself in a situation which he cannot correct easy..” I answered before he could ask anything. I could tell by the smile on his face I wanted nothing to do with what he was thinking. the answer is no. shine it a little.” He stopped next to me. which means trouble for all involved because you have been planning with the other two.” I cut him off.” “No.” “Just hear me out.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Twenty-nine I went to the barracks to sharpen the blade on my sword. “What?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 164 .” I shook my head.. I was just placing my sword back up when Taki walked in. You are smiling. most of all relax in the quiet. “You can't say no until you hear the question. knowing what was about to leave my lips would be something I would regret. “By the stars I will be paying for this. “No.” He looked down at me.

” He swallowed.” I pulled a knife out from under where I slept.” “Do you think such?” I cocked my head to the side.” Taki put the tip of his finger on the blade of the knife and pushed it down gently. “maybe someone else can assist us. “what are you planning to do with that?” Now it was my turn to smile. “Why can he not fix this himself or find out how to fix it?” Taki went to say something but I held my hand up to silence him. “someone with more patience and one who can understand. he should be the one to fix it. fiddling with the knife in my hands. “he got himself into this... She can relieve him of the affliction that has caused such situation and rid herself of the burden which he is.” he paused and looked at me. I know what will make his mate feel better. “and less bloody way. my mind was blocked. could you talk to Kie's mate or another female and see what he could do to right this?” I looked around him and saw both Kie and Sakie looking through the entryway. And if he cannot fix this.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 165 . “maybe a less painful. then at me. of handling the situation is more acceptable. Taki looked at it.Book One: The Beginning “Well it's actually two parts.” He smiled at me as I closed my eyes wishing I could take back what I had just asked.” “He can be staked out and fire set to him. “Yes. watching me as he backed up another step.” My face was blank. “The first is. Taki must have thought I was serious because he backed up a step. “I am going to give it to his mate.

Sitting down on the floor next to the bunks I relaxed.Book One: The Beginning “That is a good idea.” I agreed with his comment. I laughed until my eyes watered and my sides ached. closing my eyes and just was for a time. placing the knife back under where I slept I began laughing harder. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 166 . Once I was sure they were all well away I started to laugh.” He backed up another step before turning and leaving the barracks. “As for your second part of questions?” “Another time perhaps.

apparently. you could see light through the hanging limbs. “Make it quick. But the ones that stood out to me at home were always the ones that seemed to be a mix of the trees here on Earth. The buildings were smooth.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Thirty As I sat there. the buildings. tall.” He said. How the grass was so soft. “What are you doing here?” I heard the voice from behind me. The way the land looked. Bringing my hand up I noticed that my spirit form had changed to take on the resemblance of the physical form I occupied. “Visiting. they hung. Reaching out a hand in my mind I could touch the stone. such a variety both back home and here. a wide range of greens. “What are you doing here?” They repeated. and was different then the grass here. The tree's. Turning around I saw one of our people. And they grew a fruit.” I told him. I began to let my mind wonder. the people. They were similar to Earth's Willow's. your not supposed to be here. they had a smell of vanilla that filled the airs... having to look down slightly at me as I had to look upwards at them. shaped similar to a pear that grew here. firm. but they were not as full either. feel it. cool to the touch. whereas the grass back home had a slightly blue tint to it. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 167 . that tasted so sweet. The grass here was green. eyes closed. Remembering my home.

“Nesenty. Where were you just now?” He was curious.”. Making my way down the hall and turning into another I walked to where I knew my body would be being held in stasis. Walking into the chamber where they kept the bodies I looked at them as I passed. “There is a small disagreement taking place.” I told him. but I also saw the prince standing next to me. I decided to take a quick look back at my former body. but I knew she was froze in that position and would remain that way until she was defrosted when I returned.. “I was back home. stopping when I came in front of my own. well.. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them again I was back on Earth. “Nesenty. Seemingly floating in the stasis chamber. I looked at her. When I looked at him he looked worried. it was more of an accident Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 168 . I looked to my right where the hand was. “Whats wrong?” I asked as I came to my feet. from her feet up to her face. not intentionally. Reaching my hand out I touched the glass around her. Before I had a chance to do anything else I felt a hand on my shoulder and the faint sound of someone's voice.. there was a momentary blur of both worlds together.Book One: The Beginning giving me a stern look before he walked off. I saw myself in the stasis chamber. see how it was holding up. nothing overly urgent.” He said again. it was cold. “You went back?” “Yes..

knowing he spent most of his time trying to teach the children here.” He arched his eyebrow. he continued. “It is not my problem if you want to be eaten by the miniature cannibals.” He looked at me. He smiled. besides I might want you to stand in front of me if I try to settle it. “Yes. perhaps you should come with me. it is. daring me almost to disobey the orders I had been giving when I took the job of watching over him. “One of your friends is under attack. “Middle of the city. “What did they do to her?” “You assume they did something?” The prince was Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 169 . When I failed to respond to him.” The prince followed behind me. in front of the hall.” “What is it about?” I wanted to know before I went. “Which one is it this time?” I had a pretty good idea. do your job.” He acknowledged. “But for now. “I want you to come with because you might be able to settle the disagreement.” I didn't phrase it as a question but as a comment as I headed for the entry way of the barracks.” I told him.Book One: The Beginning then on purpose.” “Meka is going at them.” “I will have to try that later. amusement showing in his face. You know. “Taki and Kie.” He smiled.

” The prince stammered out as he realized he was caught off guard by the news. Stopping I shook my head and closed my eyes. he tried to help and failed miserably as well. “fix this.” At that statement I began to laugh as I walked. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 170 . I brought my hand up.Book One: The Beginning obviously not in on the situation. I walked around the corner of one of the buildings to see Kie and Taki trying to block the stones and vegetation being thrown at them while Meka yelled. “What is it you find funny?” The prince prodded for more information. striking Kie in the back of his head first and then repeating the process with Taki. “I will make it an order if I must..” “She is with child. but I would prefer you just tell me of your own.” “I.” I glanced at him. “I see no reason why they would. now he try's to fix the situation he has gotten himself into.. and since Taki is involved. “Tis Kie's.” “As you say my prince. Walking between them and going towards Meka I smiled at her.. “Well. seeing the look of confusion.” The prince nudged me. I did not know. sighing at the thought of them trying to fix anything. He made her eyes water this morn. trying not to give it away just yet. it means he failed at doing so. inclining my head slightly before I turned and walked over to where they were. And if she is attacking.. I shook my head and he pushed harder for the information.” I smiled at him. “Don't you?” I asked. Her eyes were watering again.

feeling her energy change from one of anger to sadness. “Stay!” I walked with Meka a ways before I said anything. That is when I became angry with him because he does not understand still. But when I told him we would have a child he seemed to question if t'was his child.. as if it was my child alone. from the beginning. that he was not thinking farther then the moments he visited. He stared at me as if I had spoken falsely.” She paused as if looking for the right words. I must know what the situation is. so I allowed it to happen. “If the situation is to be fixed.” “What is there to understand.. tis my child and his.” “He is a man. at first he did not seem to know our customs. sit. I could feel it as it radiated off her. it must Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 171 .. She sniffed. they do not try to understand unless made to. Kie then tried to tell me that he would help raise the child as he knew how.” I motioned for her to come with me. “Come. Then he seemed to understand some of what our customs were. Then he comes back with his friend and his friend tried to tell me Kie did not understand what he was doing.Book One: The Beginning out of anger this time. “What did he do?” I asked her. no?” I began trying to explain to her. “Men do not think beyond what they know.. After a few moments she began again.” I pretended not to know so she would more easily talk to me. Over a short time he visited more and became more. “.like us. “A time ago he showed interest in mating.” she began blubbering through sniff's and her eyes began watering again. As she came near I turned back to Kie and Taki. “he says. gently trying to avoid more watering of the eyes. I told him it would be of both our worlds so it must be raised as both..” I stopped walking. “here..

Where we come from. continue with carrying your child and let him come to you..” I told her.. watching her waters stop flowing.” “How do I make him learn?” “By letting him come to you.. “our customs are far different from your peoples. “When he comes to you.” “I.” She sniffed again. “Your customs are more of a permanent kind. He will Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 172 .” I smiled at her.” She argued as she sat down.. But your own actions may require that you ignore him but at the same time understand him. But have patience with him as he is not of your people and he must be made to learn. even if it has two parents. “If you are to both raise this child you are right that it must be of both worlds. you form groups of parents and children. and teach him when he does not realize he is being taught. And we do not have children as you have children.” “And he did not realize. and probably still does not. set him to work as you work.” I began.” “What should I do?” She asked. they are seen more as contributors then parents. talk to him of your day of his day. A child is raised by an entire village. ignore his lack of understanding. of what you did of the child that comes. we very rarely mate for life. You mate for life.” I looked at her. “But.Book One: The Beginning be raised with both customs. an entire people. As he learns he will understand your customs more and he may come around to your peoples beliefs. you create and carry child inside your bodies. “Maybe do nothing. sitting down next to her. but t'will take time. “I did not realize it was so different. watching the shock come over her face.

getting the idea of what I was asking. She seemed to relax some against the tree behind her. to check on the child. Patting her on the back I tried to ignore the emotion she had coming in her energy.. “I will inflict some teaching of my own on him for you. So you may see our healers.. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 173 .” Meka sat back and put her hand on her stomach. “Will be some time.” I felt annoyance come over me. I watched her as her face relaxed. “I am in need of someone to teach. As the sun began to leave the sky I stood up.” “I understand.” I smiled at her. knowing she did not realize what I planned to do to them. I could feel a calm energy coming off her. make it a suggestion that he spends time with you and is there when the child comes.” No more was said between us. “How much longer do you have until. And I may inflict my own teaching on Kie. “and Taki for their behavior. She smiled.Book One: The Beginning learn..” She reached her arms around me. he is male it may take forever for him to fully learn..” I pointed at her stomach.” “So you have time to teach him. “Remember. many moons until the child comes. “we should return to the city.” “You will?” She looked at me as she got off the ground. even if he does not realize it.” I smiled at her. closing her eyes and breathing the air in.

” I motioned for her to go in. Go on. “thanks be to you for today. stopping in front of the center. “Will you be okay on your own from here?” I asked her. glaring at them both as they came to their feet.Book One: The Beginning Walking back into the city the prince looked at us from the steps of the hall. walking back the way we had come.” After I saw her walk into the building I turned. “Yes. I nodded at him before he got up and walked inside of the hall. Taki and Kie were sitting outside the barracks as we walked by.” “Tis not a problem. most of all the two perpetrators who needed schooling. standing as we walked in front of them. I stopped ten steps from them.” She smiled. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 174 . Blocking my mind from those around me. going to the barracks where I knew Taki and Kie were. “you and the child will be fine. I motioned with my hand for them to sit back down and continued to walk her to the medical center.

“It is his concern.” Taki tried to explain.” Began Kie. Both of you need to remain quiet. a worried look coming over his face. “give me excuses for your actions.” Taki tried.” I walked towards them.” Argued Taki. “You either.” I told him. He is in the current predicament because he got himself into it. It is his concern..” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 175 ..” I interrupted him.” I looked at him. “We need to remain out of the situation.. not you.” “But.. nor I.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Thirty-one “We didn't. Least of all from us.” I tried to explain to him.. “But he needs help. “Do not. pushing them both towards the entry way of the barracks. “That is correct. “Go inside. “No. he does not. this is his situation. “Tis none of your concern. He needs to fix it. of which you involved yourself.” “Is she mad?” Kie asked..

. “You are not helping. does not try to listen.” I looked at Kie. She has her people. one does not deserve to claim it.” Kie began. It is her child. and if one can not accept it to begin with. to speak with her without trying to change her.” I slapped the palm of my hand against his cheek leaving a red mark. “to help her. she needs calm. “NO! 'Tis not only her child. Not someone who does not try to help her. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 176 .” “But what of Meka?” Asked Taki. It is mine as well. “Meka will be fine. to listen. “Until you are ready to accept what you do and create. you will stay away from Meka. help when she needs it. happy people around her.” “'Tis my child too!” Kie was beginning to lose what patience he had. “Nothing. “You do not act as such. If you are to remain in our customs. You want to remain in our customs.” I glared at him to intensify what I was saying.” “And the child?” Taki continued. you need to keep bodily extensions to yourself.. She is with child. “No but.Book One: The Beginning “Then what am I to do?” Asked Kie. However she decides to.” I told him. “But. People who are willing to listen to what she speaks.” Yelled Kie. “The child will be raised her way.” He headed for the entry way.

.. “Caught on to what?” He looked confused. my arms crossing over my chest.” Stated Taki.. “Or what?” I stopped laughing.” I patted the side of his cheek. “To find Meka. “neither of you caught on..” I looked at him. resisting the urge to laugh. “If you can not figure such out.. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 177 . We stood as such for a good amount of time. “You will tell me what it is you speak of.” He yelled back as he stormed out of the barracks.” I smiled at him.. then the voice came from the entry way.” He stammered trying to return my glare.Book One: The Beginning “Where are you off to at this time?” I shouted at him. I remained silent and in my position. “Or. “Whoa. “Why do you smile?” “Because. “Nice start to fixing a situation. glaring at him.” began Taki. “T'will do for a start. what is all the ruffled fur over?” asked Sakie to anyone willing to answer. then I do not need to tell you..” I started to laugh.. Will only confuse you more. Or I will be forced to do something. glaring at him. His face looked on the verge of explosion as his fists balled up at his sides.

“they were engaged in an argument for an entire sun. I didn't say a word to him.Book One: The Beginning “I second the question.” Stated the prince.” Explained the prince. “I remember when last I visited your home. and then did not speak for a set of suns. “They've been in this same position before?” Inquired Sakie. “after they brawled out the frustrations in the training center they were friends again. only to face the others righting themselves from almost being knocked over with the force with which he left. looking towards him. we only stared at one another. just glared at him. Sakie and the prince watched us for a few more moments. “What was it this time?” Asked the prince.” He laughed. “More then once have I caught them trying to back the other down with looks alone. no one would go into the room they were occupying.” Added the prince. We didn't move.” Sakie got a look of remembrance in his eyes. Taki threw his arms in the air and made a growling sound before turning away and pushing past them and out of the entry way. frozen in our positions. “how long do you think they will be like this?” “I do not know. but if they remain in such a heated stare no one will want to enter this building. A few moments of time passed before Saki spoke again. It has lasted two moons at one time. I moved my head to watch him leave.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 178 .

walking outside before I could hear more of the conversation...” Laughed Sakie. As well as several other people who tried to pull them apart.” “Aye. “Warn people to leave them. “I remember that. I dropped my arms and shoved my way between them. that the two had struck the commanding officer as he tried to break up the fight. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 179 . Turning. One of our new trainees came running to me.Book One: The Beginning The prince began to laugh. I had heard enough. stating that there was a fight going on. they did. my memory of the argument was already beginning to take hold of my mind.” I caught the beginning of the prince's order before I was too far to hear it.

” I looked at him briefly and then back at Taki who was fuming. rigid when I watched him go. replaying the moment he walked out all over again.Book One: The Beginning Chapter Thirty-two My blood was boiling as I walked towards the path that would lead me to the ocean. I felt a wave of surprise and heat wash over me as Taki had looked at me. I almost laughed at the sight in my mind. we both looked. but almost the exact reaction from him that had taken place moments before. his hands flying into the air as he stared down at me before turning and leaving. We had been caught standing in the garden back home. His back had been stiff. his growling tone. momentarily forgetting who we were. “Are you of certain?” The other had asked. Taki's reaction was to glare at the man for interrupting us. but I thought Taki's mood would be worse than my own.” “T'was nothing. “what are you doing?” He had asked. “Nothing. His face crinkled up in anger. Another wave of memories washing over me as the water washed over the shore. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 180 . The look he had held in his eyes was confusion. watching one another. I was leaving. Another from our class had come out to find us.” Had been my answer. my reaction was to smile and play innocent. another time. “it sure looked more than nothing when I stepped out. another place.

leaving me standing there with a confused trainee. Opening my eyes back up. things rumbling and exploding as he passed them if he did not knock them off physically. It had become a normal reaction to expect from him. “Fine!” Taki had growled out through his clenched teeth. He had only just stepped inside when I heard the crash of pottery. His back had held a hard tone to it.. and each time was just as funny as the time before. “What do you think?” He sent over the mental connection. Walking inside I stopped at the entry way and watched as he walked down the hall. “Leave him be. “What's his concern?” The trainee had come to stand next to me.” He had started. Containing my laughter I walked over to him. feeling his emotions.. half out of the water. Looking around me at the beach I spotted Taki sitting half in the water. remembering glimpses of the other times he had stormed off destroying things as he went. I took a moment to sense his energy. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 181 .Book One: The Beginning “The commander wants you both present. the laughter began to bubble to the surface.” I warned him. knowing it was safer for Taki to be alone. “Calmer?” I asked once I was standing behind him. the anger had subsided only to be replaced by something else. Glancing over his shoulder he looked up at me. his fists in balls at his side. Turning and stomping off.

“Why are you amused?” He was blocking his mind from me.. perfecting the skills they want us to have.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 182 . anger. “Because you are oblivious. You allow for no liabilities for yourself.” “I mean beyond humor. “frustrated. sadness.” “Of course I feel. you are exactly what they want and hoped for when they trained us. Sometimes I wonder if you feel at all. His laughter began to quiet down some. His eyes looked distant. “You are. “You are up to something.. but were gleaming.” “Those are emotions that we cannot afford. caring for someone.” “And you aren't?” “Not at the level you are. “You have managed to put into place all of their lessons.” Sighing he took a deep breath.Book One: The Beginning “You are not angry with me.” Turning slightly and pushing up onto his elbow..” I got serious.. “I happen to think your outbursts are very funny. Therefor you are calmer.” Smiling at me he shook his head. I am not angry with you. I am amused.” His smile grew until he was almost laughing. “those emotions can lead to disabilities when you least expect them. real feelings.. but not angry.” I sat down next to him.” I smiled at him. “no. Pain.” “I am not. looking him over. but not up to anything..” He began laughing and laid back in the sand.

“But for a moment in time they can be forgotten. liabilities that cannot be afforded to those of us who could at some point be in a position where danger is present. “They are not as far away as we may want to believe. The danger can be forgotten. the sneer that he had held as his hands dripped with the blood of those he had killed.” Glancing at the sand below him he looked sad. “they are out there. “Time can stand still for a few moments. If you can feel sadness. bringing my own to the surface. Closing my eyes I let him transfer his memories to me. The waters that ran red with the blood. you can be tortured into admission. Just pieces of what had happened.” I closed my eyes. Memories of when time stood still. the sounds of the animals had died out and the sound of the water falling was distant. the evil that had washed over the land. As the memories Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 183 .” I opened my eyes back up looking at Taki who was watching me. “Yes.Book One: The Beginning “Disabilities?” Laughing again. it can be used against you.” “They do not even know we are here. where everything and everyone can cease to exist besides yourself. he tried to bring back other memories. the danger is real.” Placing his hand on the side of my head soothingly. the trees only a silhouette in the background. If you care for someone. probably invading my thoughts. remembering the memories that had been transferred to us.” I motioned my hand towards the ocean. Those are disabilities. then that person can be taken from you and used against you as a weapon. If you can feel anger. you can be twisted.” I tried to explain. The moons were bright in the dark sky. “if you can feel pain.

“No. a different time. your a disease. “confusion is not a game I like to play. twist them up so they do not know if they are coming to you or being driven away from you.. “you know what I say is true. “'Tis no different.” Grabbing both of my arms as he glared down at me.” I yelled at him. “Your like a disease you know that?” “What?” I let him turn me around to face him. bending at the elbow Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 184 . it seemed as it stopped.” Grabbing my arm he tightened his hold..Book One: The Beginning continued to surface I felt his hand move from the side of my head to my shoulder. “See?” “That was a different place. but here it cannot. Bringing my arms around in between us I moved them upwards. bringing me to a stop just short of the trees.” “It cannot be stopped here. “Nesenty. Maybe there. “You. pushing his hand away from me as I stood up. You rot everything you touch. trying to erase the memories from my mind.” opening my mouth to yell at him.” standing up and walking behind me as I headed for the tree line.. Play games with no one knowing the rules.” I told him harshly.” “You. he silenced all sound as he pressed his mouth against mine. we are still us..” Trying to convince me. I opened my eyes to see him watching me intently. the first signs of a smile beginning to surface on his face. Time can be stopped.

knocking both of us to the ground. trying to push my energy onto him and show him what I felt. reaching his hand out to where my arm was as I turned to grab his wrist with my hand. causing his head to go to the side. “Don't ever!” Beginning to laugh. Not about to succumb to the overwhelming feelings building inside I shoved myself further into him. Wrapping his arms around my back. Tightening his grip. “That is enough. “You happy now?” Laughing he put his hands on the sides of my legs.” “It will hurt worse if you persist in the current line of action.” Glaring at him I refused to back down. “don't fight me. Moving with me he wrapped an arm around my shoulders as I brought my elbow up into his nose. the tolerance I showed.Book One: The Beginning and ramming them into his arms breaking his grip. he rubbed the side of his face.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 185 . When I failed to strike him again he took another step towards me. almost daring me to attack him. holding me so I could not strike him again. The annoyance. I continued to glare at him. “Really?” He took a step closer to me. half smiling. No longer laughing he stared at me.” He looked down at me as blood began to trickle from his nose. “That had a sting to it. Pushing him away from me just before slapping him. the humor of the situation. he pulled me into his arms. pushing up into a sitting position under me.

watching as the ship hovered lower in front of the hall. no longer a mess of several energies but of one calm steady flow. Not fifty paces into the trip he stopped.” He went into the tree line. I felt the wave of energy come off of him. reaching his hand down to help me up. recognizing it as a scout ship. slowly bringing itself down until it sat on the ground. The sun had set. taking the path through the trees back into the city. Breaking through the bush line around the city we came to a stop. “Think there is something wrong?” I asked as I let him pull me to my feet. “It should not be this close to the city. loosening his arms long enough to let me untangle my own. the stars shone. I wrapped them around his neck and bit down on his lip. The Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 186 . The sound of the waves breaking against the sand brought me out of my sleep to what was around me.Book One: The Beginning He moved his lips against mine again. I looked towards him. the moon a bright white color in the clear sky. His energy felt warm. closing his eyes. about to ask him if he thought we had been away long enough when the hum of a ship buzzed the trees near us as it flew by. He was at peace. I followed behind him. “We have to go back. looking for our home. the sense that something was wrong. feeling the smile come over his face. Looking up we saw the side of it. heating everything around it so that when a breeze blew it left you feeling chills running down your body. they were not supposed to start bringing them in til next week.” Taki said as he jumped to his feet. watching the different stars. he listened to the vibrations around us before sprinting into a run. Taki was laying next to me.

” The officer took him. Margol walked up to them. Before turning their attention back to their commander who was now whispering in our king's ear. I slapped the palm of my hand against the back of his head.” Margol looked the other over. restrained. Glancing at Taki next to me. The other stared. and finally in his middle.” the one who held the prisoner glanced down at the other. to the tree line. lashing him to the tree first by his hands around it.” Walking off I went to the prince. as well as Kelshoro approached them. The villagers had gathered as well as the rest of us. hard and cold. watching and listening but not interrupting. standing to either side of the opening as another brought one of the others out. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 187 . “What is that for?” He rubbed his head. at Margol. standing near enough to him if he should require assistance. head down. a feeling of displeasure settling over those gathered.Book One: The Beginning door slide open and two of the Aragons stepped from the door way. “Why do you come in like this?” “We found him. but did not speak. then at his feet. placing a hand under his chin he lifted his head so the other would look him in the face. “I told you. I watched as Taki went to where Kie stood. with the other two Aragons who stood near by following. smiling at me as if I amused him. “on the opposite side of the island. “Tie him to a tree. “why are you here?” Our king.


Book Two Peace .


” “What would you have me do?” I awaited my orders. “I would not look down upon you for it. “As you say.” I glanced to my side at him. “Nesenty. one of the others will bleed him. “I want you to go inside his mind.” Said the king as he came to where we stood.” He looked his son over.Book Two: Peace Chapter One “Everyone need clear of the area.” Speaking loudly. giving him the chance to leave. I watched as they nodded their heads. I want you present. our King made his orders clear to the crowd that had gathered. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 1 . Then he approached Kie and Taki. including Sakie. he wanted the villagers gone before the other was made to talk. Margol went to a few of his militants. you may go. I knew he didn't mean his own people. watching his face turn from curiosity to one appearing he was sorry for asking.” I walked towards the man tied to the tree.” Explained the king. turning and running off towards the training center. make him speak. but tis something you must acquaint yourself with. If he blocks you. “If you prefer not to stay. “What do you think will happen?” Asked the prince. distract him. “We're going to force information from him.

The other looked at me with disdain..” I told him. “Does he require encouragement?” asked Kie.” “Ni. “Will you two remain on terms. “Akasha. a lower class citizen in the eyes of his lord. Those cold. he was a pawn.” I told him. But how loyal was he? Would he die before he broke? He hissed. behind me. He looked away from me.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 2 . Stopping a few steps from him. growling the words out.” Kie looked from Taki to me. knowing he would understand me. He watched me. glancing at Taki. over his legs and torso.” I spoke his language. from his feet. finally looking him in the eyes. almost as a rabid being would do. “do not belong here. He wasn't royalty. dead eyes that looked as if they had been slit through. watching them as the second eyelid slid over and back. smiling at him.” he spoke slowly. I looked him over. essa lo prata. he looked down on me as if I was a parasite. “Your kind. They dropped the cloth they carried on the ground near the prisoner. feeding off of those at my mercy. I could feel Taki and Kie returning and coming to where I was. “We wait until Margol and Nucuranda are here. the scent that was carried on the winds. “or do I need to separate you. informing him that his kind were not welcome.Book Two: Peace leaving father and son alone to talk in private. sneering at me. his tongue flicking out now and then as it drew in the taste in the air..

I saw the black pit of his soul.. if one iss found.. colder than this ones.” I heard the orders in pieces that were given to him. report. Stopping long enough to look at me before throwing his body forward. His eyes were pitch black. flowing onto the floor. He had a robe draped over him. as if he had one.all of you. but in my mind towards the other.. catching flashes of his memory of who gave them to him. “.. heard the screams of those he had met. the slits that were the pupils.” Nucuranda signaled me to begin. the separate lids.there is increasssed acti-vity in the seeass.... “Nesenty. “We are sir. “. remain in contact... scout. merging my mind into his body.” Taki answered. hearing the tree making a cracking sound as he did so.. The tree splintered down its trunk as he pushed Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 3 .. felt the burning fire inside of him. “Are we prepared?” Margol asked. refusing to meet my stare.. his chair.Book Two: Peace “Who needs separating?” asked Sakie as he walked up. you have your orders..” All of a sudden I was thrown out of his mind. “No one. des-stroy any who are.” Sakie answered his commander. I saw one of the others sitting in a chair made of smooth bone white stone. opening my eyes again I saw him thrashing against the tree. the beat of his heart... not physically. oth-erss find the ones respon sible. growling as he threw his head back. His scales shown white against the gold color of the robe. Moving myself so close I could hear his breath coming. Seeing them in front of me as I moved.. Closing the remaining distance between us. Closing my eyes I concentrated on the eyes I had seen.

” Nucuranda motioned to the others standing near by. Moving away from where I stood I grabbed Kelshoro by the back of his neck. Draconus sent them and they will report back.Book Two: Peace himself away from it again. forcing him upright as I physically hauled him off.” attempting to squirm out of my grip he ordered. I looked to our king who had closed his eyes as Margol patted him on the back.” I told anyone willing to listen. act as such.” I let him go with a shove. you do not do such in front of those in command. “Are you sure?” asked my King who was standing behind me. removing its head.” I looked back at him. “You are to inherit the thrown. “they are connected mentally. “Let go of me. wrapping first an arm around the tree and the prisoners throat. Behind me I heard a retching sound. turning I caught the sight of Kelshoro. “He is not alone. I watched as Sakie went behind the tree. I watched as Taki covered its eyes and held its torso still just as Kie took the jagged edged knife that was as long as his forearm and sliced above where Sakies arm was. bent over in half as his guts heaved out of his mouth. I caught the feeling of disbelief at his son's actions coming from him. “Unhand me. then placing his hand over the others mouth. “Kill him.” “If you must empty your bile because of actions.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 4 .

“you are still young.” Margol pitched in. “did you find out where Draconus is?” “No sir. “I suggest we be prepared at all times. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 5 . Sakie held the head.” His eyes softened as he looked at him again. My king turned towards me. towards the water's of the sea.” I looked at him. his mouth closed tightly. I only accessed fragments of his orders. straightening his stance. Leaves guards on duty with each of you. Glaring at me as I backed away. “but the mental connection ensures all of them know we are here.” “You will work in shifts. watching as he glanced behind me at his son who was now returning. Carrying the body between them into the trees. wrapped in the cloth. but my guess is they will return to their lord and report to him.” Nucuranda said as he moved towards his son.Book Two: Peace He stood there.” I looked to my side where Kelshoro had come to stand.” “Then we can expect he will come personally at some time. placing his hand on his shoulder. turning and returning to my post to catch the others wrapping the body in one cloth and the head in another. nodded at his commander before running in the opposite direction. “I agree. They were ordered to destroy what they found.

heading to where he slept. uptight. “Yes. give him time to think over what I had said.” I acknowledged him. The facade he put on. by your own choice. it was visible in the way he looked at me and the way he stood. leaving him where he was. Giving up.” He didn't care for my answer. You. “I have spent many years training and have been given others memories. “you coming?” He looked over at me for a second before walking off again. he was still young and naive.Book Two: Peace Chapter Two “You are younger then I. He was not the leader he would be yet. I was prepared. strong. keeping him within a safe distance from me. I walked off. “did not bother you?” “No. have led a life that is sheltered.” he pointed towards the tree where the prisoner had been.. I would go to the steps of the hall. I watched the way he held himself. “That.” Quickly glancing back to the tree and then back at him. Slowly he turned around. the appearance he put on was just that. momentarily glancing up to see where I was before returning his gaze downwards again. Stopping near where I sat. his hands dangling at his sides.” Looking at me the prince stated the obvious.. the appearance of a leader slowly fading til his shoulders had slumped down. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 6 .

” I told him as I jogged off into the barracks. Stay here. “Sure you did not forget anything?” He looked me over. if he was amused he did not show it. “I mean. taking offense to the tone in which I had stated the previous comment.” “What do you mean?” Asked the prince. I am sure I will find some with your sister.Book Two: Peace I stood up. And if I fail to have enough. grabbing my sword and a few knifes. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 7 .” I smiled at him. Smiling to myself I realized I may had just pushed him to the point that he would arm himself. and heading back out to where Kelshoro stood. “yes. following a few steps behind him until we were passing the barracks. she is always armed. trying to lighten his mood with the fact that I now had various weapons on me. “All ready. I am sure.” He grumbled under his breath as he turned and walked towards where he was staying. then I would not only be worrying of others harming him I would have to watch him from himself as well.” I smiled at him. “unlike others. Mentally counting the knifes as I pointed as each of them. “I need to grab some stuff.

I waited until he had gone in and sat on the edge of his bunk before looking around the room. Walking towards where he was going. “Yes.” I smiled. Entering the building I followed him to a break in the hall way. my hands in my lap fiddling with one of the knives I had. to the left was his room. “You going to sit there all night?” Asked the prince. All walls were solid. no point of entry from the outside other then the door way.” “Fine.” “Will you sleep?” “No. Satisfied I moved back to the door way. laying Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 8 .” “Do you want a cloth to wrap around yourself so as not to get cold?” “No.Book Two: Peace Chapter Three “You coming?” He glanced over his shoulder at me as he continued to walk towards the building he bunked in. leaning my sword against the wall near me and sitting in the opening with legs crossed. “Right away.” I heard him grumble as he shifted behind me.

Book Two: Peace back and preparing to sleep. It would only be a matter of time now until the others came.” I told him as I turned to face the back of the wall.” “Makes the job easier. I moved my stuff out of the building along with myself.” He smiled. back into the barracks. “He's still asleep. though everyone was sent away they must have known something happened. “You are not in a pleasant mood.” I looked back. leaving my back exposed to the rest of the room. By now we had defenses set into place. Through that next month I worked the night shifts. the noise of the city was loud enough to wake the dead. Crawling into my bunk it wasn't long before Taki poked his head over the side. staying with the prince while he slept and sleeping until the sun was in the middle of the sky. “he will probably remain that way for a time to come. Leaving the barracks the sun was high in the sky. It was empty. devoid of all occupants. A month since the first other showed themselves is when the first sign of them showed again. Waking to silence in the room.” Said my replacement as he moved into the door way. I rolled back over looking around the room. “Shush. guards at every entry to the city as well as Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 9 . “What do you want?” I glared at him. I remained in my position throughout the night. No one seemed to be bothered by the activities that had taken place the night before. until another came to relieve me just before the sun began its rise.

The commanders are all heading there to hear what he has to say.” Kie stood next to me. It hovered for a moment before lowering down to settle on the ground. except for the leader. “the hall is being cleared of the humans. “Or he was blind and walked into it. turning slightly to land between the hall and the tree line. the three commanders who had stayed on their ships came out. Ignoring my first instinct to take its head off I hollered for the others near by.” Taki chuckled. “Or the most probable reason is he brings a message. Inside the hall every member of the council was present. the oldest of them all sat in the middle of the line. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 10 . Leaning against one of the pillars I watched as the other was taken in front of them and left standing there as the guards backed away some steps.Book Two: Peace others in the trees around the perimeter. Just then Sakie walked up.” I glanced at Taki and Kie. As the entry slid open. “Why have you come to us?” The oldest council member asked. turning I saw one being escorted into the center of the city and to the hall by one of our guards and one of the Syrians. The sun was coming close to setting when the commotion started. immediately walking into the hall just as the other passed us. which means he is coming on his own. dust being turned up from underneath it.” I pointed to the two guards. “see they are not restraining him.” Just as Sakie finished catching us up on what was going on a scout ship buzzed over our heads. “He was a brave one to come right to the city. I sensed one of the others behind me.

inside and out.” said Margol.” He proceeded out between the pillars and out of the city the way he had come. I looked at them for a moment before returning my eyes to the other. “Tell him we are not leaving. He wantss you to come to him. Those who have assignments will position themselves with those assignments. “See the humans moved into the barracks. Walking towards us at the entry way.” He motioned his hands out the hall. “To discusss your retreat. He wishes to meet with the council. “Why?” asked Nucuranda. almost slithering from one side to the other as he spoke. “You will be des-stroyed.Book Two: Peace “Tis it not obviouss?” The other snarled out. And if he wants to remain intact he will leave the island.” said the eldest as he moved from his seat to address everyone at once.” His tail moved.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 11 . If Draconus wants to engage he will fall once and for all. “place guards with them. leaving the hall. “He will not come in your sity.” “He could have come on his own.” stated the other as he turned his back to the council. watching him as he left. A commotion had set up in the hall. The rest will be throughout the city. We will remain here. the council members were discussing what they would do.” The eldest spoke again. looking behind him. “Draconus sends a message. he stopped momentarily. He may just come to speak. The Syrians and Delas will position in the trees and bush. “My lord comes now. do not engage them until they make the choice though.

Shaking his hand off my arm I moved forward.” “And what would you do?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 12 . “I'm proficient. “You. nor my father.” “Exactly.” Taki glared at me. “I could help. But as long as I sit you. which he caught.Book Two: Peace Chapter Four Moving away from the pillar I went towards where I had spotted the prince standing. Show some restraint. “You are not my mother.” I turned my head to see Taki.” “No. “In your room.” I pointed at the prince who was picking up a stick. Do not start a war by picking his men off as they come into the city. I glimpsed him laying his head against the pillar before I moved my attention back to in front of me. glancing back long enough to give him a small smile. “Watch yourself.” He looked at me like a child trying to defy their parent. before I got two steps away I felt a hand on my arm. I should be here. watching me almost as if he expected me to spit fire. you said it yourself. you will listen when tis in your best interest.” I stopped in front of him.

“is at my expense and when trouble comes. noticing that he failed to move. I burst into laughter to the point my eyes were watering. simply funny.” “I find little funny. “I have known you many years. he squinted. the look you held when you asked for a weapon.” I tried to restrain my laughter.” “In your room where I only have one entry point to watch and three walls around you.” I chuckled finally able to breath some and speak less. Kelshoro looked at me..” I went to move. “but you.” glancing to my side at him. His eyebrows were furrowed together. stopping in his steps. “Come. I can help. do not make me carry you. When I straightened back upright I looked at him. and his lips had almost turned blue from the pressure he was exerting pursing them together. Fool would you look Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 13 . was..” Stated Kelshoro. with as much seriousness as he could put onto his face.” “You think I have never held blade?” He looked at me. having to contain another spout of laughter when I saw his face. we will find you something.Book Two: Peace “I do not know. and have yet to see you with any more sharp then a knife to slice the fruit. “Come. “What?” “Give me a weapon.” He elbowed my arm. “The one time you smile. after our previous discussion.

“This is puny. unless you want to cause yourself to bleed. If you lose thy head.” I shook my head.” He chuckled at my comment.” I motioned for him to go in front of me. I will lose mine. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 14 ..Book Two: Peace slung over my shoulder carried off as a disobedient child. Been entertaining oneself?” “And if you tell such to others. I handed him one of the knives I carried. “Oh but it is.” I grabbed the handle. “I. or his. “and I have become fond of this head.” He held it up by the blade between his fingers.” he grinned sheepishly. I will be forced to place flowers on your head. doubting he even understood the words flowing from my mouth. not the blade.” “I thought I noticed it was braided. “And tis sharp.. I was testing you. “Should be held by the handle. “Why is the.” He moved forward. gently easing it out from between his fingers and turning it so that he could grab the handle. “Tis not your concern..” began the prince.” I smiled at him.” “If you say such. even the strings that tend to grow from it. one with a short blade should he stab himself it would not create internal damage to him that would require healing.. obviously feeling slightly better.” “I know that.

he looked over once sneering in acknowledgment at me. continuing to watch them as they continued through the city. He seemed to have a permanent snarl on his face. I stood in my spot. he had to be twice my size in height.. it was obvious in the way he handled it.” “A. There in front of us was none other than Draconus and his pack of blood thirsty lizards..Book Two: Peace “Come.” He stammered out as he turned and began walking quickly the last few paces for the entry way. we must hurry. He stood tall. almost as if he had pride. a few of his warriors looked over as they passed. pushing my back against the princes chest. “If you do not move now. if we moved now I could have him inside before Draconus spotted the prince. Assuming my position in his door way I looked at him.” I moved in front of the prince as I told him now.” I nodded for him to look in front of us. watching them also. I. We were a set of paces from the entry to where his room was. meeting others of the federation standing near buildings. carrying himself with purpose. When I was sure the last of them had been flanked by well and none were straggling behind I moved back.. almost thin but I knew he was stronger then he looked. He wore a gold colored draped wrap. inside where I walked to the prince's room. Yeah.. trying to make him move as he seemed to be frozen to his spot. It hung over his left shoulder and hung almost to the ground in the front and wrapped around his back over the front of him. I will harm you. “Akita. his build was a lean muscle though. watching as he looked over the knife I had given him. shaking my head I turned my attention back to the outside of his room.. He had no idea what to do with it. knowing he would know what I meant. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 15 . Holding my sword to my side I stepped back. I stood in the door way and watched as Draconus and his pack marched by..

” Draco began. “I have been here..” My king stated. I will not.Book Two: Peace Chapter Five As I stood in the doorway I closed my eyes.” “What would your father have said if he knew what you had done?” One of the members questioned.” “Neither do you.” Said Nucuranda as Draco came to stand in front of the council. “You look like your father.. “Why have you come?” Draco looked around at those gathered in the hall. knowing they were heading to the hall to meet with the council. weighing his options visibly. I killed him.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 16 . ass-suming control of the legionss. watching as they stood as Draconus walked in. Concentrating on the hall I sent my mind there to watch the transaction that would take place. It be-longs to me. “He sat on the council at one time. so I would be prepared for what could happen. you disgraced him by the actions you have taken on this world. ssinse your kind a-band-doned thisss planet. yous forget.” One of the council members stated. “He was-sa weak. I stood by the wall. He bowed to your wishess. “My father is-sa dead. near where the council was. “You do not be-long heres.

whether it was from rage or a chill no one could know. be-longs to me.. we will fight for them.. you will bees. thiss world.” he looked at Draco to make his point stick. he would see you thrown in a prison of your own creation for trying to control this world. or war?” “Neither. th-iss way. Or you do. “Enough!” He ordered as he slammed his fist into the table. You for-get. “I am willing to leave yous bee.Book Two: Peace “Then why are you here? You are seeking approval from us. followed by his guards. Their potential is worth the lives of many. do not grow crystals or teach them of these pasts.” The small one.” He turned and walked from the hall. he had been quiet all through the meeting until now.. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 17 . If any of your kind set foot here again. “if I want you dead. It was created as the library of all who have existed before. belongs to the entire universe..” the Syrian blurted out. what do you have to gain?” “'Tis best to keep yours petz under control. you still stay off of it.” Draco snickered as the hall's occupants grew restless.” “What type of bargain could we ever have with you. You s-stay on thiss island. who was the highest ranking member of the council finally spoke. “Be it then.” Draco sneered at the comment. for now. What could we gain from a bargain with you? Or more so. you vile scaly excuse for a. “we will not engage in such antics. I want a bar-gain. and I wipe the island clean.. If your father was still alive. and I am tempted to do the same..” Draconus shook slightly. My king looked at everyone before he spoke. “we will remain on this island. But I agree with the actions we took many years ago to let them fight for themselves. “This world.

“What did they say?” “He is leaving. watching the relief go over his face.” I turned to look at him.Book Two: Peace I stayed for a moment.” He glared at me. just sat there. watching the council as they sat back down. but said nothing. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 18 . you may want to take some lessons. “Someday you might have to defend yourself. Sending myself back to the body I occupied I opened my eyes in time to hear the prince behind me. quietly. the island is ours. thinking to themselves. looking towards the wall.

Book Two: Peace Chapter Six A week after Draconus came to the island I was watching practice go down at the training center.. "Would you teach me?" "Teach you what?" I looked at him as he came closer. "Train me." he began as I started to walk off. A number of children had gathered while our own were training and the instructor thought it was okay to begin teaching the children. falling over from loss of balance. He peeked around me into the training center." "It looks like an uncontrollable mess. "What kind of training?" I finally managed to asked." He almost whispered it out. "Look for yourself. "looks like play time." I nodded behind me. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 19 . Shaking my head I turned to walk away only to come to near collision with the prince. He looked so serious it was a bit unnerving to think of him with a weapon in his hand.. Watching them move unevenly. "Would you. "What tis going on?" Kelshoro asked. Watching him I almost laughed at the idea." I ground out between my teeth. not moving together it seemed like a lost cause.

although it gave me the opportunity to inflict some much needed aggression onto him without others seeing I had done it. "Are you sure?" I asked him. "Fine. "okay. Sitting on the steps. To not get sick at the sight of someone dying.Book Two: Peace "To fight." He jogged to catch up. Shaking my head I couldn't believe I had just agreed to train him. "Both." He walked off without saying another word to me. tonight it'is. "About you training me or possibly inflicting pain on me?" He tried to smile. standing up and moving inside the building with him following closely behind me." I stopped. you could begin it. never follow Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 20 . I want no eyes to see you harmed." He stepped back at the last statement. Swinging my arm back I stopped inches from his face. As the sun began to disappear and people returned to where they slept I walked out of the barracks and to the training center. looking around him as if to make sure he was not being watched he walked quickly to where I sat. giving him one final chance to change his mind. waiting for the prince if he would show. watching the looks on his face wash from one to another." "You need more help than I could offer. watching the sky lose the color and stars come into sight." I began walking off again. "Come to the training center tonight after everyone goes to sleep. "But. "lesson one." I smiled at him. turning towards him. His figure came from where he stayed.

form a pyramid with your hands.Book Two: Peace close enough for someone to get you off guard. finger to finger. "You could have hit me!" He accused. Turn your palms upwards. to block out the pain and move the energy around you. both knees bent. Thumb to thumb. Feel the energy in front of you. eyes forward. Breathe through the movement. "suck it in and do not lean forward. Move the other direction." He looked as if I had struck him. When you move into yourself. Bring your hands down. As he yelped "pain reminds you that you are still breathing. Bend your knee slightly. in through the nose. weight centered between them." He agreed. as if his ego had been bruised. Do not breathe out Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 21 ." "Alright. Breathe out and move your hands forward. a deep long breath. "Move your hands in front of you. "release your hands so the palms face one another and move over the top of the knee. forcefully." As he did so I struck him in the back of his thigh. raise up using only your leg muscles and bring your hands up pulling the energy with them." I tapped him on the right leg. you breathe out through your mouth. a long firm wooden stick. do not unbalance yourself. palms towards the ground." I hit him in the back. and you would have stood there while I did so. In front of your chest. "back straight at all times. Legs slightly apart forming another pyramid between them. "We will begin with what I first learned. "Yes. When you push energy away from you. Placing all of your weight on that leg but not moving the other. "Stand with your back straight." Bringing the staff against his stomach so that it made a thwarting sound as it struck him. bending the knee as you move your hands over it. Do you have no instinct to duck? Move before you are struck?" I watched him move out from behind me. I could have. you breathe in." I told him as I reached for a training staff.

moving faster with each rotation. moving through the motions as if it was only him there. palms together above your head. to the middle forming a pyramid with your hands. he was no longer feeling the staff strike him. shin is straight up and down. it teaches you pain can be blocked. "is even with the floor." I hit him again across his back. Move your hands to your right as you bend the knee. to the left. the stomach. no one else. hard enough that I was sure there would be a welt there when the sun rose. Striking him in the back. lift your body with your legs. "you can stop. left. Blocking the world out around him. arms outstretched to the sky." Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 22 . Rotation after rotation. moving again to the right. Pain does not exist unless you give it the power to hurt you. knees bent so your thigh" I slapped the staff against his thigh." He complained. standing in front of him leaning on the staff. the chest until he stopped groaning and losing his breath when struck. so they form again the pyramid. "Now. straightening your legs. "Is all the hitting of me really necessary?" He asked. nothing else around him. I stopped." "My legs are hurting. beginning to move out of the pose he was holding. "Yes." I walked in a circle around him til I was standing in front of him. "Do not move until you are told. up. strike after strike. showing him that he could hold his breath when he was hit. remain in this position." I struck him again in the chest as he breathed in." I repeated it over and over again as he did it. it is supposed to hurt until you do not give it the power to do so. Breath out from your mouth as you push the energy away from your body. down. not thinking.Book Two: Peace when you are hit. "Block it out. When he looked as if he would fall over from tiredness. just acting. Pretty soon he was doing the rotations without me having to remind him of what came next.

Some pain is good. his rage wouldn't let that happen. turning back towards him. obviously beginning to feel the pain again.Book Two: Peace "How long have we been doing this?" He asked as he tried to stand upright. there was no reason for him not to feel it now. glancing back at me I could feel the rage coming off him. "The pain will remind you that you are alive. Your body will ache. balling his fists up." "My head?" "Your head. much like the children here yester day. It will be there until you learn to ignore it. try to sleep before your head begins pounding. he would not like being seen as a failure. a third of it remains. He moved as if he had no legs left to stand on for the entry way. work with it. And until you learn to ignore it. but I was not about to heal him. failing at doing so he sat on the floor. you are not to be healed. He left. Will feel as if you have been struck by a falling wall." "Why wouldn't I?" He asked. T'will be pounding when the sun returns. you will have bruised flesh covering your limbs and torso." I put the staff up. "By the sky's outside the night is almost over. limping almost as he crossed the streets to where he stayed." Watching him as he stood up he seemed unstable. We were done for the night. sounding confused. you will feel it throughout your life. the pain would be a good reminder for him. You must learn to go about your day with it. But his rage would push him to do just as I had said. "You should go to bed. "but do not see a healer. a healer cannot always fix it." I watched him sitting there. block most of it out and work with the remnants that are left. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 23 .

I had signed up less than a week before for the training. the princes rage would get him through tomorrow and back here tomorrow night. the limping. The only thing that kept me from turning around was the fact that I knew he could stop me. the rage I had felt for the instructor had made it possible to fight through the day. the way I had taken my instruction on in the final training. I slept for hours. never once waking to eat or drink. Pain will remind you that you can function. one is useless. It didn't stop. I walked out of there ready to rip his head off of his shoulders as he laughed at the limping walk I had. moving my body away from the blows which only landed me harder.Book Two: Peace I remembered the first time I had done this. The prince would survive if for nothing else then the hope to see me in a face plant on the floor." It was as right then as it was now. After I was upright and the room spun around me a good number of times I began to breath through the worst of the pain. my only hope was to block the pain from my mind. seen them walk out after a day of this. The instructor took pupils one at a time. learn that it did not exist. firmer ones. the bruises. I couldn't move my limbs without a throbbing pain going up my body and sending my head spinning. the look on their faces. When my day came. remembering what my instructor had said. breath through the blows and movements. falling forwards so my face was planted into the stone floor of my room. I got nauseous and emptied my stomach acids onto my feet. I had heard the yelps and the whimpers in the training center. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 24 . Crawled to the chair that was in there and pulled myself to my feet. one day at a time. My head felt as if I had put it through a stone wall. and when I finally woke my body was screaming. if for nothing else then a belief that he could someday take me on. that you can breath through it. much the same as the one I suspected he had. I would have swore the instructor had broken every bone in my body by midmorn. the body marks. It got me through the day. "if one cannot function. I went back to the barracks for what little sleep I could get. I had reacted much to my own protection.

His father has called for one of the healers. "What did you do?!" Taki came back inside.. leaning with my hands on either side of the bucket. no really. "I mean the prince is in his room bent over with his head between his legs and looks as if he has been attacked. Pushing a few of the people standing in the entry way out of the way and forcing my way to his room.. not harm him." I started laughing." I responded as I turned over to face the wall. the king standing over his son. "I told you last night what I did." I answered as I laid back.Book Two: Peace As I was crawling into my bunk Taki leaned over the side of his and asked accusingly "what were you doing?" "Beating Kelshoro." He took a step towards me. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 25 ." Before he could finish what he was saying I ran out of the barracks and to the building the prince was. When I got there I saw the healer just coming from the other direction.. I'm going to sleep. putting my back towards the bunks opening to make sure he knew the conversation was over." "You are in so much trouble. "you do realize that you are supposed to protect him. looking at me. "Ha. "What do you mean?" I looked up at him. As the sun rose into the sky again I was washing my face in a bucket of water we kept in the barracks. his mother and sister in the hall. Relaxing a little before the rest of the city began to wake. what were you out there doing?" "Just what I said..

sounding displeased with my response. This day will be painful on him. I began with what was taught to me first." he coughed and winched as the pain was sent up his side to his head. anything near him. no skills. "He wanted to be trained. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 26 . but after it." "What are you talking about?" Asked the king. the bruises will fade. to anyone willing to answer as the prince bent in half and threw up on his father. "I did this to him. "She's true. She did what I told her to do." he whispered out ". "Because I am useless." The prince murmured out as he tried to stand.. "Because. the queen and the princess watching me along with the rest of the people gathered. "Do not heal him. he needs to feel it. "She is protecting me by teaching me to protect myself. the pain he will block I am now.." "You did what?!?" The king yelled at me. She will train me.. The king looked at me. I have no training. the floor. He must get through the day with the pain." "What will you have me do?" The healer questioned. "And why should I not?" She demanded." "Why in the world would you ask for it?" The king demanded of his son as he helped to hold him upright. "I asked her to. she is. he will function better." I stated as the healer tried to get by me.Book Two: Peace "Stop!" I ordered. leaning against his father." I looked at the prince and then at his father....

You will be fine by tonight's lesson." Kelshoro's mother was shaking her head. "You. Relax until the room stops spinning around you." "Where are you going?" He asked as I went to leave." I glared at her as her face paled at the thought before she left the building as well. throwing her hands into the air as she did so." The king pointed at me as he left his sons room. drink." I smiled again. After he was able to sit up without looking like he was going to fall over he looked at me. not able to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 27 . "The nausea will pass." She began laughing again." His father said as he looked down at his son. "Back to the world outside. "He brought this on himself. "You sure did a job on him." He moved his head to look at me only to have pain shoot up his entire body bringing another wave of sickness to himself. learn to go about your day without concentrating on the pain. by your hand no less.Book Two: Peace "Leave him. you will see. As do you. his wife following behind him. stay with him. "He needs to learn. "you just wait." His sister leaned against the doorway as I moved in to sit the prince in his bunk." I smiled at him. Your head will split open in agony and your body will adjust to the feeling of pain. "what do you mean tonight? What could you possibly do to me after the night before. then eat. The healer turned and left the building. "Never did I think I would see such. closing her eyes as his younger sister laughed uncontrollably.

which only brought a smile to my face again." "And what'will you do to him this night? Another round? More rotations? Or do you plan to follow our training?" Kie asked. head bent over. "I will follow our training. again bending forward as the sickness rose with the rage building inside him. so they understand what they require of those under Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 28 . stomach acids on the floor. "And she enjoyed it and the after effects. I did not strike hard enough to damage organ. She knew what t'would do to him. Walking back outside only to make it a few paces as Taki cut me off.. along with Kie and Sakie." he began. "I wish I could have seen last night. "Tis nothing any of us has not been through." Kie put it. I left him there. the room spinning around him." Kie stated as he followed behind me." I told them as I walked around Taki who seemed to think by standing there he would stop me. "Maybe all kings and their heirs should be put through it." "Like. no longer able to keep the smile off his own face. You are not my life. He will be sore tonight. the bruises will heal." I looked at Taki. The bones will mend themselves. smiling at him. "You beat him!" Taki accused me.. knowing he was laughing inside.Book Two: Peace control the humor I found in the situation. "I have my own duties and training to do. "The pain will subside as he blocks it out. and even more so in the morn to come." Sakie fought back laughter as he attempted to defend my actions. "He will survive.

"To ignore outside forces makes them better able to handle themselves should we not be present. There was silence all the way to the training center. all wrapped in a package that looked to be arrogant. "Tis protecting them by teaching them to ignore outside forces. the instructor was no where to be seen. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 29 . and I do not favor being beat like you did your prince. his personality fit their race even. "He felt it better to take the youngsters to the beach. "Where is he?" I asked those with me. planners. preferably without the speech that I suspected was coming. not harm them.Book Two: Peace their command. I have kept up on my end of doing this. I had my own skills to refresh." I joked as I walked to the center of the room. As we walked into the training center. we found it empty of other occupants. Taki and Kie walked with me.. Thinkers. by all accounts." He smiled at the thought of what he knew happened on the previous night. T'would make better leaders. "Not joining us today?" "I will watch. "Still trying to train the raft of ill disciplined humans." "We are to protect them." Sakie leaned against his shoulder against the wall. laughers. stronger stomached ones. Taki had walked to the wall that held the training weapons. as well as Kie." Taki told me." He was an Aragon. no one suspected them of any ill deed." Sakie started explaining.. softer for them if they fell. fighters.

switching offenses and defenses from each other. they looked like a fan going around even though it was movement in both directions from my wrists. "Are we done here? Because I could use some nourishment. Kie and Taki moved around me. never both in front. but always one on either side. creating a thud sound that echoed off the walls. retrieving the training weapons from Kie and myself. lifting his shoulders slightly. "Serves you right!" Sakie laughed when Kie winched at the pain of shin meeting stone. We fought each other." Taki answered. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 30 . we are done. working off the partners thoughts for most of the morning." "Yes. Closing my eyes.Book Two: Peace throwing a sword to Kie and a set of them to me. Swinging a leg around Kie thumped against the floor as Taki brought his sword against my back. Swinging them around at my sides. who shook his head in agreement. I had thought he fell asleep at his post of babysitting us. Kie came from behind. feeling where they were and where they would be before they moved. When we were done Sakie was seated against the wall. "Maybe we will teach her not to harm her job again." I smiled at him. two on one. or one in front and one in back of me. ducking as Taki came at me. "If you think you could do it. putting them up where they belonged." He looked at Kie. having watched the entire thing without joining in. but he moved before he could be struck by Kie's leg. bringing his sword down as I moved.

" "And watch my composure or you will beat me again. I will strike you. until you are familiar with it. "My body still aches from the last time. To do that. But he did return. You will begin each training session with these movements. maintaining that important balance." "I don't know if I can do that again. moving through the rotations. Shrugging my shoulders I turned and walked inside." He sounded off his opinion. he was not used to being uncomfortable. breathing. Block the discomfort out. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 31 . "I did not think you would come. If you fail to keep composure." "And it will continue to ache until you become accustomed to it." I told him as I stood up. you must repeat it. so you must watch yourself." He stopped a few feet away. I watched as his shadowy figure left his building. "We will begin the same as we did the night before. I got it.Book Two: Peace Chapter Seven After the sun had set in the sky I had my doubts whether the prince would come to the training center or not. again checking around him as he made his way towards me. over and over." He moved into the beginning pose without my telling him to do so. Sensing the energy. the mere fact that he had turned the healer away was surprising. "You think so little of me.

feel it in your hand and feel it as it moves. It is a training weapon as it can harm your partner. Your body begins to move with it. the movement of the staff moves your hand. Working its way up your arm to your elbow.. solid wood. as if it was your hand moving through the air. "You knew that was going to happen?" "No. "No. looking at me as if I had done it on purpose. "This. watching him try to refrain from quieting me. as it very well could be the very thing between life and death. as your arm moves. "Move it.Book Two: Peace I let him do a dozen rotations before stopping him. apparent enough. maybe not die. your defense. bring it around your head. His weapon needed to become that important to him that it meant life or death. I handed him the staff. Your elbow moves with it." I showed him basics to moving it. It IS your arm. "is a staff. it is one fluid movement of your arm. It is part of you. It IS part of you. When your wrist bent. but it will not kill or cause loss of limb." He interrupted. his staff bent with his wrist and plopped against the top of his head. You drop it. you die. it is an extension of your body. your wrist. side to side. Up to your shoulder. going slow enough for him to follow instruction." I showed him how to swing it above his head. not for sure. retrieving another from its place. you might as well have dropped your arm. let your wrist begin to bend with it." Well. around." I smiled. or yourself." I held the staff in front of him." I explained each step as I showed him. "As you bring your arm up this time. Made of firm. but he did not need to know such. you let your wrist bend when it should have been your shoulder and elbow." I laughed. As he followed my instruction and did as I did. you drop it. "When it is in your hand." "But. down. up. your staff lost its balance and one Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 32 . "but when you moved it. your hand. "As it moves. it is your arm. the staff moves.. Rubbing his head he stopped moving.

"Do not just dangle them. around as his wrist turned." I gestured towards his head.Book Two: Peace end came down and. your body now has extended into your weapons. slipping here and there in the pattern he was following. up.. the elbow. weapons inches above the floor. moving them in much the same fashion as I had at my sides. control them. "When I step Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 33 . Stepping back and verbally walking him through it again without helping him. arms dropped to my sides. I watched him go through it a few more times. do not stop to think. Do not drop them as they are your life line. down.. he had it down. down in front of him. causing the weapons to appear to be spinning. "Again. and the other would do the opposite I turned to make sure he was doing it. "Follow my movements.. "Again. it will become how you move. I brought one in front of me and one behind me. it is in the wrist. I let the weapons pass a breath away from my legs." Moving my arms front to back as if I was playing. He kept clunking himself in the legs. "Now." I shook my head as he hit himself in his shin. they are your body." I took the longer staff away and handed him two short ones. assuming the pyramid position. you will have one in both hands. Beginning to move them so one would swing in back. you do not have to think to do this. I began turning my wrists as I kept up the movements. On the third rotation he did it himself. he did not complain though. now facing him. Side to side in front of him. smiling at him. Sure he was following my movements.. By the time he had done it the 5th time. taking hold of his arm and showing him how to move it with the extension. This time without me to show you. the shoulder. along my side. it will be you." I walked him through the movements verbally this time. he began again. behind me." I stood 10 paces in front of him. over his head and around. back and forth.

"As you bring them around like this. step with your right foot. intending on watching him. "Alternating the sides. "Now. be aware of your body." Showing him what I meant. As I began to back up. the second being the force behind your movement. but once he had it. watching him try to get the movements down without fail. he had it and I doubted he would forget it after tonight." I stopped moving. he spun the left arm around in front of him. I spun the right arm around in front of me. I stepped with the right. above your head." Stepping towards him with my left leg. spinning the left side around. turn your hips. spinning the right in front of him. he followed by coming towards me. the movement of your arms are momentum. "when you get there. bring them down to the left but instead of towards the ground bring them to your side. "Back up. thus resulting in a stronger movement. they will help to turn you. stepping with my right." I showed him by raising my arms. I brought them down to the left. taking a step with my right. where it is. do not stop the motion. Stepping back with his right leg." I looked over my shoulder. you step back." I showed him by imitating the motion I wanted. It took him a few paces to learn it. I brought the weapons down to the left until my left arm was stretched out to the side and my right thumb touched my ribs. he watched closely. Striking in the opposite direction as your lower body allows for the force of your upper body to be pulled into it. He stepped back with his left.Book Two: Peace forward. "as you take the next step bring them down. always bringing your weapon down on the opposite side allows for two actions. "Then walk back again in the same fashion. Your right foot will pivot as will your left. do this movement to the other side of the building." Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 34 ." stepping with my left leg I brought them down to the right. The first being that you do not strike yourself. where it is going. "Bring them both up in the next step." Raising my arms before I moved again.

how he breathed. for this to become how he walked." I answered as I dropped my head into the bucket of water inside the entry way." I told him as I placed the wooden staffs I held back on the wall. how he talked." I looked at him. He needed to move without that." I called after him. The sun was beginning to rise when I finally stopped him. "At it again?" Taki announced as I walked into the barracks. weary. without thinking about it." I raised an eyebrow." He turned. "Good. laughing as I made my way out after he had left." He put his next to mine.Book Two: Peace I stood back. out as he brought them down and stepped." "You are evil. "I think I will be thinking about that the rest of the day." He smiled as he looked over his arm at me. with any luck. "I was not thinking clearly at the time. "Maybe sleep would do you good. his posture looked tired. In as he brought the weapons up. "You are done. It is engrained on the back of your eyelids by now. "I did not have to hit him this night. watching him do as I had instructed. I could tell when he thought about it by the hesitation in his movements. Having him do it until he did it without hesitation. he would break for a split second before moving. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 35 . When he got back to where he was standing in front of me. intending to leave before I threw any other offenses at him. if you return after the sun sets again I will know it is hopeless. "again" I told him. "You will not forget it then. "You requested it.

"He will be asleep in his room. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 36 . Do what I say. leaning against the side of my bunk as I crawled into it. "He is learning." I smiled as I made my way to my bunk." I turned over.Book Two: Peace "I should hope not." Said Taki as my head came above the water again. When the sounds died off in the building. or be beat for disobedience." "And you will be here I assume?" "Of course. if you should feel the need to check on him. ending the conversation. Listening with my eyes closed as he chuckled and left the building. intending on sleeping as long as my job was in his room sleeping." He laughed. "May the sky fall down on anyone who does such. and the sounds began outside I fell asleep.

". It was cool. "Why don't you come with? You haven't bathed in days. both of you!" I looked Taki over. but not cold. I would have been clean still!" "Would the two of you cease the noise!" I yelled at them as I rolled out of my bunk. It would be time to eat soon. If not for you. Running into the water and diving under just as they came down.. You need to bathe.T'was your fault!" Kie finished. and the sun would follow shortly after by setting over the horizon. You are beginning to wreak. "Was to." Taki answered him with a chuckle." I walked out into the bright sun. Go to the beach. "I was planning on it." I looked at Kie. "Race you. he was covered in the bile of who knows what and moving towards the bucket of water. "You are not bathing in that. The water was refreshing.Book Two: Peace Chapter Eight I woke in the barracks to the sound of Kie and Taki arguing. The fact that you smell as horrid as a rotten corpse does however matter. "Who did what does not matter." Taki pushed me towards the entry way. but the two of you need it worse than I do." I glanced at them before sprinting into a run down the path that lead to the beach. "Was not.. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 37 . "No!" I moved towards him. he had some of the same vile contents on him.

wrapping a cloth around his waist. working at night. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 38 . some young boy from the city was running down to the beach where we were. whether he was ready or not.Book Two: Peace Swimming out until I could no longer touch the floor of the sea. "Kie!" Someone screamed. He had been doing well the past few months. Swimming for a time. There was a variety of sea going animals everywhere you looked. relying on the others to watch him during the day. He had just passed the test last night. waiting for them to catch up. impatiently waiting for the boy to come to him. He no longer complained when he got hurt or struck. watching the sky. tonight he would get his chance at taking myself on. listening to what was around me. I decided it was time to get out before I wasted what energy I had. looking around we spotted who had yelled. I had slept most of my days away these past few cycles. that I would need for tonight when I met Kelshoro at the training center again. the vibrational changes in the air that signaled someone approaching him. Tonight would be his test. "You in trouble?" Taki asked as he went to stand next to Kie. Walking back up to the shore line I laid down on the sand. I floated on my back. improving nightly in his skills. The life in the ocean did not fear us. where I had blindfolded him and made him work off of the energy around him. still arguing over who was at fault. they would swim right up to you and bump against you. a rainbow of colors swimming under the waters surface. Kie stepped out of the water. Sitting up and watching Kie and Taki in the ocean. he seemed happier as well.

catching his footing from the blow Taki had landed him. "She. She will have the child.Book Two: Peace "Not as far as I know... not understanding what the boy was talking about. "I. looking at Kie as if he should have known.. leaning over with his hands on his knees. breathing as if there was not enough oxygen in the air. she sent for you!" I watched as Kie's face turned white. ah. "Where?" Again the boy looked at Kie as if he had grown a second head. "Who?" "Meka!" The boy screamed as he stood straight up. watching as the boy took the last few steps to reach where we were.. he looked as if he would fall over any second. she says t'will not be long.. "In your home! You must hurry." Kie shrugged his shoulders." Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 39 .. his mouth hung open as he stared at the boy." Taki slapped him on the back knocking Kie off balance." I voiced my opinion of the situation from where I sat on the sand. "Looks like your going to meet the child you made. Kie's eyebrows creased. "You must have done something. Sighing deeply he dropped his arms from their crossed position down to his sides. "She is having pains. she is having pains. The boy came to a screeching halt not a pace away from Kie. "Well? What is it?" Kie prodded. " Kie stammered as he stumbled forward." The boy stammered out. Oblivious to the situation occurring. unmoving.

to which he was struck over the head. he agreed soon after that t'was the safest choice. As content as I was watching Kie look as if the world had suddenly turned upside down. she had insisted they have a home with walls and roof and both be inside of it.Book Two: Peace I remembered Kie had moved with her into a building they shared not long ago. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 40 . He had tried to persuade her it was not needed. his standing around looking helpless was beginning to annoy me.

obviously amused at how gullible Kie was at the present moment. "You think we should go?" I asked Taki." Standing up and brushing my backside off. She cannot do much damage to you if she is in pain. not knowing were to go from there. we will be along shortly.. "He thinks we are. laughing. "you must be brave. "T'would be good for you.Book Two: Peace Chapter Nine "Should you not see to your mate. "I think you should as well. "Go.." He smiled at me." I commented to anyone who still had ears to hear with." "And you?" "What about me?" "Would it not be beneficial to you as well?" He nudged my arm with his elbow." Kie began. Finally moving into a jog behind the boy as he sprinted back up the beach towards the city. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 41 ." Kie shot a look at Taki that pleaded for help and held a tone of annoyance in it before he walked behind the boy who had come running down not a moment before. "But." Taki pushed at him.

I am not one who carries child." I watched his face go from humor to irritation. As her facial expression returned to a more normal state she let go of Kie's hand. his eyes watering and hand turning white under the pressure that Meka was squeezing it. "Do you not wish to go to the healing center?" Taki asked her. I see no need to be present. but looked to be quite angry. Her breathing steadied and she laid back against a soft pillow that had been made out of cloth and feathers. You may need to understand your position in the birthing of children. He did not wait to hold it to his stomach. He looked to be in a great deal of pain as he held his arm with his free hand. Seeming to relax for a moment." I resisted the urge to laugh at the situation. "Neither will I. but only because I believe she will need someone to hold Kie down as she beats on him." Kie spoke softly. "Already made her angry I see. "She wishes to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 42 . "No!" She glared at him." "No. The woman did not appear to be in pain. You. but you enjoy the company of those who do. He was on his knees. "I will go with. hard enough to push him away from me.Book Two: Peace "I will never be in that position. are going so you understand the results of your actions. or anyone else present who may answer. and was glad I did so when Meka glared at me. "The baby will be born here!" "I already suggested such." Kie had gotten there a good time before us and was already seeming to assist in the bearing of his child as we walked into the home." I shoved back. protecting it from her.

she seemed to have water running from between her legs as a cloth was becoming damp. Your staying if I'm staying. bringing him forwards. "If you will. staying!" Meka had turned her glare on us as her face once again returned to normal and she let go of Kie.." Meka's sister walked over. "The pouch that the baby is in is filled with water." Taki tried to turn and leave. Must break before the baby is born. recognizing him now as the sister's child. I spotted Meka's sister moving about." the sister motioned to Kie... I looked back and his eyes seemed as if someone had pulled them wide open." I grabbed a hold of his arm. "sit on the stool. she moaned as her stomach looked to tighten. are. "Your watering!" Kie ground out from between his teeth. "'Tis nothing. he was staring at Meka's legs.." He did not get to finish as her face scrunched into one of anger again as she grabbed at his shoulder. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 43 . Nails on her fingers were digging into Kie's shoulder blade as he yelped and blood seemed to trickle out a little from under her nails. anywhere but at the scene in front of me. "You both. stopping to stir a bucket of water sitting over a fire. Looking around. "I don't think so. gather clean cloths.Book Two: Peace do this with friends and her sister." "I think I'll wait outside. Following his stare I saw what he was talking about. She does not want the healers here to assist.. Nearby was the boy who had run down to the beach to get Kie. he looked frightened to be in the same quarters as Meka..

" I looked at Kie who was behind her." She coached Meka. kneel here. supporting her. he looked dreadfully panicked.. "come. Support her weight. moving his arms so they were under her arms. "she will need someone to hold onto." Taki argued. He did as he was told. And I again found myself resisting the urge to laugh at him.Book Two: Peace you will help support her. will help the baby come faster. "I did not do this." "What do you think I was just doing?" The words fell out of his mouth as he turned his head to look at his shoulder. Never had I seen a man look so Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 44 . "breath. You will sit. Sweat was beginning to bead on his forehead as he looked down to what was in front of him." "You will sit down!" Meka yelled at him as her face twisted with pain. "No.. stroking her arm. "Relax and breath with the pains. Her sister was on her right side." She pointed to Meka's left side. gently smiling at her. moving the stool around for Kie to sit on. "You. The sister helped Meka to her feet and into a squatting position between Kie's legs. She seemed to be the only one present not disturbed by the situation." The sister persisted." She pointed at Taki. looking fearful for the first time as he lowered himself next to her. You will feel the baby's head and know to push. his eyebrows crushed together as if in deep thought. too soft for me to catch." "No. yelping in pain as she grabbed his arm. help hold her up. Sitting down on the stool he grumbled something in our own language. pointing at it as she stared at him.

." "What!?" I stared blankly at her. baby. place another hand under it's back as it comes out. "Move!" Moving slowly over to stand in front of Meka I looked at her sister. Dropping to my knees I closed my eyes as I reached my hands between her legs. I let Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 45 .." She cried." She watched me stand there.. "The baby. sitting with his eyes closed. he looked downright scared of the situation. looking at her sister she just smiled at me and shook her head in a positive motion. It was blood curdling and unnatural.. Meka's scream brought my attention back to the situation at hand. I opened my eyes again to see something white protruding out of her. "Catch.Book Two: Peace distraught and confused as this moment. "Nesenty!" Her sister hollered at me. fighting the nausea back down my throat. You must catch it so it does not hit the ground. Be gentle. "Its. I felt my eyes begin to jut out of my skull. "what do you want me to do?" Fighting the urge to retch at the idea of a child coming out of a too small hole. Put your hands under her body and when the baby's head shows. "DO IT!" Meka screamed at me as her stomach seemed to tighten again. Taki was no better. Meka's nephew was huddled in a corner of the home. 'tis coming. I assumed my face was as pale as those already drawn into assisting. coming.. "Kneel down in front of her. unmoving. looking at me as if she was encouraging me.. mixed with the liquid blood dripping. cradle it." She instructed.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 46 . Meka's sister moved around to my side. smiling at her. "Never again what?" The voice of the prince penetrated my thoughts. and as Meka groaned the baby slid out of her.Book Two: Peace my hand cradle the top of the white colored hair showing. I looked at my hands. making a whining sound. The baby began to squirm slightly. going around me. Kie seemed stunned. he had been standing in the same position just moments before doing the same thing I was now doing. as I looked back at Meka she relaxed onto Kie's legs. letting go of her sister and Taki. he did not seem to breath. The tension in the room stilled for a moment. covered in slippery. mortified in his position." I mumbled out as I wiped my mouth on the cloth wrapped around my torso. he did not move. slimy. moved as fast as he could in the close quarters. "Never again." She ran her fingers across her sisters cheek. Resting my other hand against its back I looked in the opposite direction as a gush of bloody liquid came out after the baby. Moving outside I barely made it out of the entry way as it came out. lifting the baby out of my hands and placing it on top of Meka's stomach. "Do you mind?" Taki asked hoarsely as he looked down at me. sticky chunks of blood and other bodily fluids and retched again. right below her breasts. he did not blink. out the entry way and I heard the sound of him emptying his stomach. Taki on the other hand. As the shock wore off I felt the bile begin to rise in my throat again. "You did good. Throwing up on top of Taki's feet.

Some things should not be witnessed. "I did not look... back towards the hall. "Come on. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 47 . now." "You two can return!" The sister's head poked around the wall. He was smiling. it was a wide turn of the pain that shown on his face moments before.Book Two: Peace "Meka just had her baby... attend a birth again. he looked at me as if almost afraid to talk to me. looking like a small version of a human. When I looked to where we had just been. her head rested against his shoulder as he looked down. "You. I watched him walk away. that quirky sideways smile he always got before he said something without thought. "At least I did not have to catch. Meka's sister handed me a cloth to wipe my hands off with. "It was horrible! Did not look human!" I tried not to sound mean. And then he smiled at me. It can not be that bad. now wrapped in a cloth. sitting with an arm around Meka's shoulders. "Tis a boy!" He exclaimed. I saw Kie leaning against a wall." I answered him. clean." Taki offered. looking up at us." The prince laughed as he walked off. The worst must be over. Barely touching the baby she held." Taki encourage me to follow him back inside. "Boy or girl?" The prince asked. watching us closely. Walking back inside. I looked at Taki who was beginning to get some of his color back. "I will never." Reaching over I slapped him along the side of his head.

watched me as I watched her baby. I watched him as he watched me." "Me either. his eyes the color of water. as he began to nuzzle at her she moved slightly. no. She did not say anything." "You going to have one?" Kie chuckled. glancing at me as he added. not sure what to do I looked at Meka's sister. "No. looking at me. He squirmed a little and settled down. "what's he doing?" "He is moving. "we will watch over you and yours. He was looking at his parents." I handed him back to Meka. her eyes returning to look at the baby in her arms. She moved slightly." Taki added his thoughts. mimicking the position she had held him in with my other hand under his back and his body along my arm. moving her arms so the child was held out away from her. a feeling of thanks radiating off of her. "getting comfortable." She looked at me like I should know.Book Two: Peace Meka looked up at us. his eyes were so clear and looked so much like water I almost got lost in them. I noticed the baby watching them. stepping back." Meka rocked the baby in her arms. He began wiggling in my arms. staring up at me it was as if he could see right through me. As I went closer. I couldn't help but smile at him. His hair was as white as the sand near the ocean. putting him Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 48 . twinkling. No. "I don't think so. "Would you like to hold him?" Meka looked at me. Reaching a hand behind his head." "Thanks be to you he is here. sparkling. smiling. no. A greenish blue. noticing what was around him.

but no doubt he would be in Kie's place at some point. watching them almost as if they would disappear if he looked anywhere else. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 49 . I followed Taki out of their building as her sister seemed to console her boy. She started laughing. Leaving them there. "I would agree to help anytime. but I do not think I could stomach that again. leaning her head back against Kie's shoulder. He must have been traumatized by the scene he had witnessed.Book Two: Peace to her breast as he suckled and his eyes began to close as he settled in to her warmth. Kie never once took his eyes off of her or the baby." I smiled at her. Falling asleep not long after.

It was time for the prince's final lesson.. and the sun had already begun its descent in the sky. He had come a long way since we started. and be able to use it without fear of harming hismelf. To be confident in his actions so he would not faulter when he needed his training and instincts the most. But there was only so much that could be taught through training weapons.Book Two: Peace Chapter Ten The birthing was over. he needed to understand how sharp a blade could be.. wider moves can be made. taking hold of my own sword. "it is in the wrist. "I believe so." As he began doing it. "You ready?" I asked him. as the wrist moves so does your blade. He understood the basics and did fine through practice. it does not resist. the meal had been served in the hall already. "Adding in the function of the elbow." Responding with a slight doubt in his voice. back and forth. but this moment would prove whether he retained the ability or not. Handing him the sword I caught myself watching his every breath. every twitch of his body. only harming himself a handful of times. "The sword is an extension of your own body. Showing Kelshoro how to use the blade without removing his own limbs was a task I was not looking forward to. it moves with you. "Do what I do. I sped the pace up until he was able to follow in front of his body. moving my wrist in circles." I looked at him to make sure he did not run. one wrong move and he could sevar his own limb from his body. Keep in mind the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 50 ." I started slow in front of my body.

As he continued to spin the sword again I began turning my entire body with the movements of my arm. but he felt me coming at him. slicing the blade sideways and back up. quick so it seemed to spin in a circle in front of me." I moved my sword in wide circles. matching blow for blow with his sword until mine was locked with his in a struggle of pure strength against one another. Pulling my arm back. Stepping with the right foot as I brought it over my head. He reacted quick enough to keep his shoulder in one piece. behind me. reaching up with my left hand which had been against my body's chest to grip the handle with both hands. both hands on the handle as I brought it sideways above my knee. I will kill you. to see if he was truly ready or not. "Attack!" I yelled at him. "If you do not attack me. He came at me. Dropping down I let go of the sword and swung a leg around. beside me as I dropped to my knees and let myself slide slightly. one slice through the air after another. watching him as he followed suit. Watching the prince follow me move for move. He pushed forward. I turned to face him. never stopping the motion of my arm. the anger inside of him showing in his facial expressions but he was still backing from me. Backing away from me. he continued to block it. Stepping forward with my left leg I brought my sword around from the front to the side. Moving towards him he didn't see me. forcing it fowards. doing what I did. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 51 . slicing downwards.Book Two: Peace sword is your arm. the sword my extension. he did not try to back me down. pushing me backwards. One swing. in front of me. which was what I was looking for. catching him off guard as he hit the floor." His eyebrows squeezed together as the last of his anger made it all the way up into his arms. its joint is your hand where you grip it. upwards and over my head. Going low. Standing as it swung upwards. As I brought the sword up from the bottom he blocked it.

you must be wary never to cross it. throwing me into the wall. "I don't know what came over me.. "We all react that way when we get our chance. shows you can use it to fuel yourself." "It felt like I had lost control of myself. your hatred for being beat on the last few months.. wrapping an arm around his neck as I brought his right arm behind his back.Book Two: Peace Reaching his arms near his head. He steadied his breath and relaxed in my grip." Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 52 . I looked up to see him coming at me still. twisting upwards until I felt the bone begin to crack. 'Tis good. turning to the side I rolled away before his foot was flat against the wall where my head had been. you use it. "As you should when you fight. I moved behind him. No concern for yourself or others." "It was your anger. his eyes bloodshot from the anger inside. holding him until he stopped fighting against me. my back slammed into solid stone. "Your done. feelings besides what fuels you. He fought with everything that had been building up these past few months. he pushed himself upwards." I smiled as I let him go. But always remember. Finally he pushed everything that was inside of him outwards. and as fine a line it 'tis in the sand. you should lose control of senses. Throwing my top half forwards as I put my hands down when my knees hit the floor." I told him calmly. you do not let it use you. There is a difference. just reaction." He described. coming at me with his fists.

"You could feel that you were not in control. Tis when you cannot recognize. If you ever cross the line. it just goes. not of your choice. watching me." Pausing." "That does not make sense. If the tides of the ocean rise and fall. you will not make decisions. you are in control even if it feels you are not. You say you felt as if you lost control. "When you feel that you can control the direction you go. when he failed to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 53 . decide left or right." I stopped. tis not logical to know when you lose control but are in control and when you lose control and are not in control. you will kill all. Yes?" He nodded. anyone. "It is not something you know so much as something you feel. that storm is not in control of where it goes. waiting for him to understand." He shook his head not understanding me. you will go right or left. that is when you have completely lost control. this person or that person. controlling the sea's of all living things through the vibrational changes. you realized you no longer felt anything but that anger. If the tides of the ocean bring a storm.Book Two: Peace Chapter Eleven "How will I know if I cross it?" Kelshoro asked. yes?" He nodded. when you can no longer feel that loss of control that you have crossed the line. not pick and chose between people. The moon is in control of those rises and falls in the tides. building great strength with each rotation they make as the moon cycles through. "You can describe to me how you felt. It is not controlled by anything. I tried to think of the best way to explain it to him. "Try looking at it this way.

you would not have stopped." "I get it. "HA! So this was a test. are evil." I agreed.Book Two: Peace acknowledge it. letting my neck rest by dropping my head in front of me. "you do not have to be watched every second as you should be able to defend yourself until help arrives. more so now than ever. you made the choice to stop fighting. I continued. always have my mind open if you are in need. What will you do with your time?" He tilted his head to the side. You cannot be trusted by yourself. But to pass my time. I will still watch over you. "I will probably still watch you." He pointed his finger at me. I think." He chuckled. I do not know what I will do. Had you let the anger control you. "When I pinned you.. you do not have to watch me every second. only more closely as you may now harm yourself." "You." Sighing." "But of course." "As have we all. now that you have trained me. shaking his head tiredly.. "I mean." Smiling as I told him that. you were in control even though you felt out of control. "I believe I have been too long without a good rest. to see if you had to watch me more closely or not... "Really though. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 54 . "What will you do now?" "What do you mean?" I looked up at him without moving my head.

least not that I have seen when you are standing over me. but seemly more human than the humans present at this time. and even though his was not technically a half breed. splashed water on my face and crawled up into my bunk. Kie's child would only be the first of many half breeds I thought to myself.Book Two: Peace I do not know. "But you will never know." He watched me crease my brows at his comment." I got up and walked out before he could try to continue the conversation with me. "Perhaps. You never sit still long enough to sleep with your eyes closed." I watched him debate with himself over the meaning of my speech for a moment." "Would be a sight. "I mean to say. Shaking my head at my own thoughts I walked into the barracks. many races had presented themselves. I had even caught a Syrian courting a human. Trying to work the knots out of it as I made my way across to the building. A lot had happened since arriving here. Become lazy. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 55 ." "Sleep?" Laughing as he said it. Human. I will be in the barracks. you do realize you sleep standing up with your eyes open. Rubbing my temple as I walked. closing my eyes and falling asleep without interruption. I stretched out my back. ships came into the city daily. do not but sleep and eat. Return to your chambers. do you not?" "Just to convince you I do such so you do not try to sneak out from under my nose. it did carry both the downgraded genetics of it's mother and the advanced genetics of Kie. Tis time for sleep now. crawl into your bunk and stay put until someone can follow you around.

forcing myself to wake when the others began to stir. My first opportunity to do something else came as Taki's legs swung over the side of my bunk from his." "I do not know. "Why?" He looked down at me. I poked my finger into the back of his knee. "what will you do now?". Make sure he still lives. maybe check on Kie. But Kelshoro's question came back to my mind." Laughing. pushing him out of the way Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 56 . bending his back to stretch the bones and muscles. "Or what?" I gave him a dirty look. just knock it off. "Watch it. as he always did things besides following a job around. "Or nothing. "What are you doing today?" I asked. I slung my legs out. it was a very good question because not even I was sure of what I was going to do.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twelve I slept for a short time. I needed to straighten out my suns from my moons." He grumbled hopping down. "Because I need something to do. adjust my body back to waking during the day and sleeping at night." He stretched out his arms above his head. The only way to do it was to force myself awake until the sun set again.

" "Well you are not useful.." I told him. "Maybe. "What t'will you do after checking on him?" "You going to follow me around all day?" He looked at me.. I couldn't." I followed behind him as he rinsed his face in the bucket of water." "She did look angry..Book Two: Peace as I stood up.. "What do you want me to do?" Shaking his head. what do you want to do?" "I do not know. tis not that hard to create life. wouldn't want to be in Kie's position either. I do not plan it out before." "I think we were all afraid for our own safety. scrunching his face up again. "who would have thought it was so life threatening to bring a child into the world." "I don't know what I am going to do until I do it. it may be one that gets me in trouble." "Could you imagine going through that. Happens by accident when you do not think about it." A serious look came across his face. "I believe he was more afraid for his own safety than worried about the birth of his child. that is why I asked you what you did. Must have been painful. it seemed more dangerous than the birthing of a baby. It may be a boring day. "I mean. from what I have heard." "Do you not have any exercises or things to do that bring Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 57 .

Book Two: Peace

you pleasure in doing them? Something for you to occupy yourself with? Something you did back home, that you could do here as well?" He stood with his hands on his hips, leaning his weight onto one foot, watching me think over my routine back home. "No, no not really. I train and meditate, I work, I eat, I sleep and begin again with the next sun." I had nothing I did back home that I had done here, or could do here. "You are in need of something exciting." He threw his arms in the air as he turned, walking out of the barracks. "You got something in mind?" I followed behind him, almost walking into him as he came to a halt just outside of our building. "No." He turned, looking down at me. "Maybe you should go check with the Syrians, I am sure they would be willing to teach you to swing from tree limbs like a wild animal. Or the Aragons, they may teach you to have a sense of humor. Or the Elik, I am sure they have something for you to learn, build a ship, a hyperdrive, something. Or maybe the human friends, if you have any, might be able to teach you to work with your hands instead of your mind." He prodded my head with a finger. "Use your brain, there is plenty around to do, you just have to look for it." Turning, he walked off leaving me standing there with nothing to do. I stood there, trying to think of something to do. After a good time I was still empty handed and decided to go about a normal day. I walked to the prince's chambers, standing beside his bed, watching him sleep, waiting for him to sense me there and wake up. "OH!" Came the startled voice as his face assumed a less than calm expression. "By the stars! Nesenty! What are you doing

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

here?" "Doing what I normally do. Watching you." I told him as calmly as I could, trying not to laugh at the expression on his face. "And here I believed I would wake to something other than your face for the first time." He sat up, his feet on the floor, rubbing his face. "But to my surprise, what do I find? You... again, you... standing over me as if I might stop breathing." "Tis my job." "You take your job too seriously. You need to relax." Cracking the bones in his back to release some of the ache in them he stood up. "You going to follow me around all day?" "Maybe." "Maybe?" He looked confused. "I might find something to do along the way and leave you be, until then, I am your shadow." "May the sun help me. You need to find something to do." He gripped my shoulders, turning me to face the door way, and pushed me out. "Go, before I have you escorted out of the building." When I looked at him, he simply waved his hand, "shoo, go, find something to do. Preferably, something you enjoy that does not involve standing over me."

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

Chapter Thirteen

After being shunned out of the prince's chambers, I proceeded outside the building. Sitting down on the steps, elbows on my knees, I rested my chin on the palms of my hands. I watched the city, actually stopping to look at the city and the people for the first time in a few cycles. The buildings shown white, the siding on the buildings were smooth, solid stone with a sand white color to them. The pillars in each of the entry ways large enough to be two humans tall, or more, and would take at least two, maybe three arm to arm to wrap around them. The market where food was brought into for bartering over with the growers was made of four pillars, one in each corner, a thatched back and two sides, the front of it wide open, with a thatched roof that let sunlight through but kept rain out. The streets were still dirt, but instead of having dust flying everywhere, it had been smoothed down to a solid ground, in some places stones had been placed to create a stone walk way. People were busy everywhere you looked, making wheels, carts by hand or through using their minds, or sometimes both. Cloths being made, dyed, hung to dry in the sun. Every now and then you'd hear the hum of a ship fly overhead, watching over everyone. Children still played, crawling around, screaming in excitement. You had wild animals that would now walk right into the city, play with the children, leave. Birds chirping, people exchanging good days and talk of something they had heard. It was maddening, everything was so unexciting to watch and listen to, it was enough to drive someone to jump off the side of a cliff somewhere.

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Book Two: Peace

Shaking my head, I stood, walking out of the city, finding the noise of nature to be a lot more comfortable to listen to. The jungles were still there, thinned in places by moving of the plants themselves, but it was still there. The waterway for the garden, out to the ocean, for boats to travel through were now like canals. From the garden the canals ran the borders of the city, around and out towards the ocean on the other side of the city. Filtered as the water was, it came from a fresh stream deep in the jungle, was run through filters to clean it of the muck and create safe drinking water, constantly moving, flowing. What was not used was run out into the ocean, replacing what we had taken at any given time, nothing effected the cycle of life here. It was built with the cycle in mind, in oneness with what was around us, a lot like home. Engineers from my home, along with other engineers from many other planets had argued tirelessly over how to do the construction so that it suited everyone. Spending a set of suns and moons in the hall, arguing over plans, debating what would go where and how it would blend with the island and the other construction. Even a few humans got in on the debating, after listening to our engineers they learned how to function. Humans were quick learners when they wanted to be, many of them had picked up traits and worked alongside us non-Earthlings now. The humans here were advancing, much faster then I had expected, both in their intellect and abilities, once they were introduced to it and shown how to do it, through practice they engrained it into their minds, their bodies. I walked without watching where I was going, with no destination in mind. In front of me was the garden, it was huge, much larger then I had thought it was. And it was a lush green color, every kind of plant and flower you could imagine shown there, it was a rainbow of colors flowing with each other as the ocean tides flowed together.

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Book Two: Peace

The garden was north of the city, the city was south of the garden, the sun rose each morning on my left, in the west, and set each night on my right, in the east. And if I went to my right, a ways inside of the jungle would be that waterfall that I had used to still my mind, still this body and learn what it had to share. The memory of it still fresh in my mind. The water flowing down into a gentle pool of water, the few outcroppings of stone near the pond, the tall green grasses and vines, moss growing everywhere, the huge trees, the clean calming scent there. I could almost feel the water washing over me again. Turning south again, I headed back towards the city. Crossing one of the many bridges that went over the canal, stopping and looking down. It was a good 50 paces wide, with clay sides, it had been blown out, dug down, smoothed, and a natural clay had been laid over the sides to help prevent loss of water but also to allow the water to seep out slowly into the ground. Continuing on into the city, it was much as I had left it earlier, the sun was passing the middle of the sky but people were still busy, children still played, chattering still surrounded you. Looking over my shoulder I caught sight of the Syrian wooing his potential mate. Just the idea of how that would happen had me almost gagging and laughing at the same time. The Syrians were a hairy bunch, much like gigantic dogs that walked upright, almost like the beasts that did both upright and on all fours. The idea of a human mating with one of them was not a mental image I needed, I did not really care to find out what the offspring would be either. If the birth of Kie's child was any indication, the birth of a half Syrian from one of the humans, small in comparison to them, would be deadly for anyone near by. Walking by one of the buildings that was set up for doing body markings, I watched as a human learned the trade. Using a laser to mark the teachers body, marking in circles, intertwining

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

with each other. He was carefully monitoring his thoughts as the technology could pick up on it, changing colors, flowing from one to another. In the other direction there was an Aragon arguing with one of the Elik and a Lyran over the proper way to construct a machine based off of energy of the user. I watched as a human child, no more then 7 or 8 seasons walked up between them unnoticed, hit the machine with a stick, pounding one of the outsides closed and watched as it started to hum to life, spouting colors every which way. The three of them were in a panic at first, ready to chase the child off until the machine began working correctly, the girl looked up at them and I heard her say "see!" And then she walked off, leaving the three of them speechless. Laughing I continued down the street, stopping at the market to grab a few pieces of fruit as I made my way to Aree's. I hadn't seen her in a while, I found myself curious as to how she was doing, what she was doing. Walking to her home I found her grinding plants, flowers mainly, in a bowl to make dyes for the cloths she made. "Good day." I said as I leaned against a pillar. "Good day be to you." She smiled at me, continuing to grind the vegetation into a powder. "Hungry?" I offered her one of the fruits I had. "Yes, starving actually." She took a bite, "I have not stopped to eat as of yet this day." "You realize you could make that powder the same as you make the cloths, using your mind?"

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Book Two: Peace

"Oh yes, I just prefer to do some things the way I used to." She took another bite, "kind of makes me feel more normal, more like my old self." "Just making sure." I watched her squat back down, setting her fruit beside her and beginning to grind away again. "I hear you delivered child." She stated it as a comment, but with a question somewhere in it. "I was..." I did not know how to put it gently to her, "caught in the position of being able to help." She laughed, stopping her actions momentarily as her head tilted back and she had a good throaty laugh. "I hear you did a good job. At least you did not drop the child." "Meka may have killed me if I had." I shrugged, trying to contain the bubbling of the laughter inside, "she looked as if she was ready to kill already. Tis best not to try and anger someone who is already on the verge of beheading your comrade." "Oh yes," she chuckled, "I heard about Kie's reaction as well. They say he acted as a baby, crying and whimpering when she took hold of him." "He did do that." I agreed with her. "She nearly had Taki's eyes watering as well. And she shouted orders you did not dare disobey." "I have heard sometimes, you create a new speech while you are having those pains. Lucky you still understood her." She smiled again, her eyes crinkling at the sides. "I hope to never find out." I was honest with her.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

"You do not want children?" She stopped, looking up at me as I sat down in front of her. "Not if I must go through that... even if the opportunity to harm someone without reason was to present itself." I laughed, "we do not bear our children in that way where we come from. Tis not something I would wish to experience. What of you, will you have children?" She sat back on her heels, obviously thinking of what she should say. It was a moment or two before she spoke, "I think I might like 2 of them. A boy and a girl. But before that, I need to find a mate that I can withstand being around." She smiled again, joking. "There seem to be plenty of eligible human males, as well as some..." I paused, trying to resist laughing again as I remembered the Syrian and his human partner, "...not so human ones." "Yes, but finding one you can bare longer than a few cycles is the trick. If you can not stand the sight nor smell of him for more than a few suns, you should not have children with him." She stated as she went back to grinding. "I suppose your right. Tis a not a necessary where I am from, but it may be useful to consider should I ever have a lapse in judgment and want child." I tried not to gag at the thought. "What about Taki?" She blurted out as she looked at me. My mouth must have hit the ground as I shuddered as if a chill had struck me. "Ah... I..." I stammered trying to find the words.

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Book Two: Peace

"You two seem to know each other well enough, can spend time together." She prodded for me to talk, smiling the entire time. "We grew up together. He is..." I tried to think of the right usage of words to describe him. "...he is... up for debate in friendship, but I am not looking for a mate." "If you say so." She went back to moving the stone around in the bowl, "but if you ask me, you two may make a fine child someday. Imagine the kind of person that child would be with his humor and your... what shall we call it, ability at denial?" She looked up raising an eyebrow. "Be careful where you speak." I gave her a warning glance. "You can deny it, you can look the other way, but you will remember what I said." She spoke as if she had already seen how things would be. "I will see you tonight at the hall?" I asked as I stood up, a little uneasy. "You will. Blessed day." "You as well." I walked out of there as fast as I could. Stopping to breathe as I watched the people beginning picking up the days work. Setting it aside for another day, talking with each other more, spending time again with each other without work between them. The sun was moving more to the west, beginning to make it's descent, allowing for the moon to ascend into the sky. The colors shown on the clouds above were a mix of pinks, purples, blues, oranges, yellows, reds... the normally clear blue sky itself was beginning to take on other colors as well, a lighter coloring as the

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

sun marched its way down.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


and by the time some of the people I knew here died. Behind the stone table there was an alter. for the most part. waking the sleeping genes up. But the difference showed when they killed. It would extend the lives of those living here. giving our technology. changing the vibrations in their bodies. we. watching the people come in. as well as every living thing on the island an upper hand. The people of the city had stopped eating meat. it would take on the memories as someone past. again out of stone. thanking the life that had been given. smoothed and polished. instead of killing out of spite or anger. At the back wall. we would have one. or injuring the animal and leaving it to die. leaving them behind for others to view. This body was young. even in their bodies. the body Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 68 . there was a table that had been erected. would outlive them. I had heard the rumors of what they were going to put on it. steps that rose up slightly to a pedistle. It would also control an immense energy. Where they had 10 years of aging. activating their full capabilities. but it was mainly the Syrians and Lyrians that ate meat now. A crystal was being grown in one of the labs on board a ship. It served for gatherings of the council as well as holding the food that was brought in. waiting for the feast to begin. they killed immediately. Taking on their bodies had adjusted their genetics. The crystal would inevitably hold the collective memories of the people here.Book Two: Peace Chapter Fourteen Sitting in the hall. it was who they were. they hunted. As it was now. the idea brought a smile to my face because I knew they were doing just what Draconus told them not to. They still ate some.

". I knew I would send more people to the next life before this body began to die from the inside out. Looking up at him standing over me. "How we would outlive them." He glanced at me. "That is a pleasant thought. He says the babe woke numerous times through the night. even in their bodies. but his life would not be as long as Kie's either because he did carry those genes that were still sleeping. "Where were you all day?" "Walking. If I lived 200 of their years in this body. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 69 . it was not something I looked forward to. "Inside. like Kie's son. he repeated himself. still breathing?" "Surprisingly yes. the body would still be young. would age at a slower rate than his mother. would scream as if to wake the entire city. the body would only age approximately 20.. when they were in their final days of old age. For all intense and purposes the body was still a child. The half-breeds. giving me an uncomfortable look. and every time it did so he was jumping up as if a war had begun while he slept." "What about?" He popped a piece of fruit into his mouth.Book Two: Peace would still appear young. "How was Kie. even though he was more advanced." I glanced at the humans around me." "And where were you just now?" He sat down by me.Nesenty?" Taki had been talking to me and I had been so deep in my own thoughts I had not heard him.. handing me a bowl of fruits and vegetables." Laughing he shook his head. Thinking.

" I shrugged as I ate my food. Looking up I saw Meka standing with the baby in her arms. not something that occurred everyday around here." "He will get used to it. He walked towards where Taki and I sat. but I could hope." I was not completely sure of the statement myself. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 70 . "I doubt that. some of the humans were looking the child over. Finally he started walking in circles and the baby started cuing as well as kicking the cloth wrapped around it off. trying to convince him there is nothing wrong." He chuckled. he looked tired. his head beginning to hang in dispare as he couldn't quiet the child. It seemed to be violent but I was almost positive that this was normal. she just smiled at him as he tried to move the child into a different position. nearly knocking Kie in the face a couple of times.Book Two: Peace "And the mother?" "Meka is fine. I watched as he shook his head as the baby started crying. flaring its arms around. Kie was coming back to where she stood with the food. he will learn to determine between his child and the cries of war. she spends her time coddling the child and trying to calm Kie down. Meka did not seem phased at all. setting the bowls down and taking the baby from her while she sat down. "Would you like to sit the baby?" He looked from Taki to me. "He may no longer hear afterwords though. obviously taking in that it had a full head of hair that was as white as his fathers. and worst of all if a war did start while he slept he would more than likely sleep through it. stopping a step in front of us.

he is normally hungry. he seems to leak periodically without warning. has not had such all day. at least this one can not sneak off. "bring him back when he begins to cry." He glanced over at me. He looked as if he would fall over any moment." "Can not be much harder than sitting the prince. I do not know." he laid the baby in my arms. "Something about time to feel him. even though he had done this to himself. do not worry. she has nothing to do. it stopped cuing and wiggling momentarily as it looked me over." He shook his head. barely covering it. Then I felt a hand on my chin. I looked at Taki who just shrugged and refused to meet my look. "she says we must wait 3 days before giving him name. The idea of the baby leaking on me was slightly disturbing. but seemed to be getting red in the face. If you feel something wet. As he handed the baby to me I asked. if I had broke him by touching him. Staring at me with those eyes that seemed to look through me.Book Two: Peace Laughing. wondering what was wrong. he was not kicking or swinging his arms around. he still looked as if he had not slept in days and it had only been one night. "Have you given him a name?" "No. Tis not my duty. tis just body fluids emptying out. brushing my hands on the cloth around my hips and moving towards Kie. I felt sorry for him. "No. head hung and walked back to where Meka was. Taki looked at him and shook his head." I stood up. looking down the baby had placed one of his hands on my chin. tis a confusing custom but I dare not argue with her. know him. his mouth opened and out of it came a scream that had me wanting Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 71 . My eyebrows creased as I looked at him. "but she may. he was tiny." He turned away from me." "Why?" I asked as the baby began to kick again. or so she says when he does that.

I felt the urge to kick him where he sat but did not dare do such as I may drop the child. that'is it. "See. "Looks like someone knows more than you. when she was but a baby. As he took the baby and rocked his arms from side to side the the child stopped screeching and began to cu at Kelshoro. "He is crying." The prince told me." Sighing I started moving my arms in a bouncing type of movement which just seemed to aggravate the baby as his fists balled up and he began to kick the air. "No." He accused me. "Try walking around." He began talking to the baby in a low.. I gave the baby to him without regret. She just does not understand you. Happy faces.Book Two: Peace to cover my ears. Rock. Tis worth a try to quiet the piercing squall he is making. look at that smile. no. turning another shade of red as he screeched. "What did you do to him?" Kelshoro stopped in front of me. you must have done something. watching me as I looked at him as if he had lost what mind he had. almost squeaky pitched voice. "I didn't do anything. Looking down Taki was ignoring it." The prince handed his bowl to Taki and extended his arms. tis not horrid. "Yes. she would stop crying when my mother or father did it. not bounce." I glared at him as the baby screamed in my arms. "My sister." Laughing Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 72 . rock him in your arms." He put his face near the babies and kept the rocking motion up as he walked away..

" "But he is no longer screaming and shattering the ears of anyone in the building. "It is foolishness. rocking the baby. twisting it's little face up into all sorts of forms and waiting for the prince to copy him. The baby is laughing at him." He raised an eyebrow at me. Giving up I sat back down and finished eating.Book Two: Peace Taki nudged my leg. making imitations of it's facial expressions and vocal noises. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 73 . Watching the prince as he walked around the building several times. The baby would remain quiet while he made the noises or faces and when he stopped jerk its arms and legs out cuing. never looking away from him.

” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 74 . said something. and he got up off the floor and came towards Taki and myself. rocking his torso back and forth. The prince was sitting on the table where the food was. I watched as Meka elbowed him awake. Mouth hung open. “maybe I should have him come over. Kie looked over and chuckled.” I commented. watching the baby who was still and quiet. “you just do not do what he wants. “May be a good idea. eyes closed. She looked at him.” Taki pointed in the direction where Kelshoro was with the baby. seemed to be sleeping against the wall.” Kie looked at me smiling. watch them while I sleep.” I almost laughed because he had not seen the humor that had taken place. “Oh he likes you just fine. it seemed as if she was watching the prince with their son. he opened his eyes with a jerk and looked around. head leaned against the wall behind him. bowl in his lap. the baby seems to like him. “Over there. “The prince has him.Book Two: Peace Chapter Fifteen Watching Kie and Meka. Kie on the other hand. “Where is the baby?” He glared down at me.

“You will have to come check on me in them morning. “I do believe he has dug a hole and buried himself up to his head in it. walking towards the prince. watching as Meka shook her head looking to where we were. she seemed to be very happy. You do as he wants or he screams and tries to strike you or kick you.” I told Taki. She walked over to where we were standing and smiled at us. turning and walking after her. “He did it to himself. who nuzzled against his mother.” I pushed on his arm. very much so.” he added in a softer tone as Meka walked away. Then she turned her focus on Kie and glared at him.Book Two: Peace “Already taking after his mother?” Taki questioned. watching as Kie followed Meka out of the hall. “I plan on sleeping through the night. chuckling.” He looked from Taki to me. moving him out of my way as I began walking away. he moved back slightly. “What will you do tonight? Since you have no lessons to give the prince and your job does not require you to stand over him while he sleeps. always smiling at someone or smiling for no reason. watching Kie also. “Don't want to take some lessons from him on how to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 75 . They exchanged pleasantries and Kelshoro handed the baby over. “Yes.” Taki commented. He stood there as we got up.” Kie explained. “I guess we are going home. finally again having my days straight from my nights.” Taki agreed. “That he did.” He looked down at me.

” “That is the problem. “never thought of that.” He smiled as he pushed me slightly off balanced as he walked passed me. you aggravate me over and over and you must be struck over and over. not my own.” “I said 'others' actions. means my head would explode by morning from the noise it makes.” pausing a moment before he went on. between training Kelshoro. “Does not hurt to learn though.” “That's why I must continue hitting you repeatedly. I wanted nothing more than to lay down and sleep until I could sleep no longer..” “Hm. I learn from others actions.. “No need to.Book Two: Peace soothe a baby?” Taki followed me. I am not having one of them.” “No I wont. It would damage my mind. Males do not think. sleeping part of the day and rising to watch over Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 76 .” He argued. It had been a busy few months. before you know it you will have yourself in a hole with Kie. “Yes it would.” “How so?” “It would probably involve sitting Kie's offspring. which from what you said and what it did when it was handed to me.” I glared over my shoulder at him. He ran ahead to the barracks while I took my time walking there.

Book Two: Peace him part of the day. You could not even hear the ocean tides hitting the shores of the beach from here. But I lacked the energy to do such actions and decided on just turning over and going to sleep. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 77 . It was the perfect sound to fall asleep to. I felt the sudden urge to hit him. that oh so pleasant silence that came at night. even the animals outside became quiet. then the birth of Kie's child and having to change my sleeping routine around. By the time I got to the barracks. if for no other reason then to make a point. and began to crawl into my bunk Taki was already snoring in his bunk. washed my face. Closing my eyes I listened to the silence.

Taking a deep breath I rolled over and there was Taki. We're taking some of the children out to teach them to swim.” He looked me over from head to toe.” He shrugged. I thought it may be something to keep you busy. are you going to get up?” “Eventually.” He smiled from ear to going to get up?” The voice penetrated my sleep.. because your coming with me today.” “Good. “You slept through dawn. “I said.. he saw the children near the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 78 .” “Your taking them to be taught by a pod of fish how to swim?” I was sure he was in jest. we're not.” I snuggled into my bunk much like a cat would. “but someones got to be able to understand the Orcea. “and with a few of the others.” “Why are we teaching them to swim?” I asked as I got out of my bunk. “you feel fine?” “Yes I feel fine. staring at me much the same way I had been staring at the prince the previous morning. “The pods leader offered. I just needed the sleep. “Technically.Book Two: Peace Chapter Sixteen “.

Not one to skirt work or something to do. at least if we got lost he could get us home by the stars. with a bar across from tip to tip and a netting in the middle. all of them. either they had gathered a good raft of them or they found the loudest of them to round up. I walked the rest of the way down to where Taki. “I will meet you at the beach in a minute. who better to manage a boat. “The Syrians and Lyrians did not want to get wet. Jak was a Pleiadian ship pilot. stretching my body.” Taki informed me. Walking down to the beach I could already hear the children. there was at least 20 of them. Just then the boat came around the side of the island that had cliff drop offs. 11 seasons. We are taking a boat out. A large cloth held up by a pole caught the air and helped move it along the tides as he steered using what appeared to be a barbaric piece of wood stuck down into the water. My question was soon answered as I came around the bend in the path. in one spot. “If I wore that much fur.” He motioned outside as if I was not hurrying fast enough. do you know how long it would take to dry?” I pointed out the obvious. Must have been from the entire city.” I called after him as he walked out the entry way. I did not let myself stop and turn around like I wanted to. Thought t'would be good for them to learn to swim. “Jak is bringing the boat around. the boat looked well made. I would not want to get wet either. as well as some of the Aragons were standing with the children.Book Two: Peace water the other day.” Laughed one of the Aragons as I approached. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 79 . anywhere from what seemed to be 3 or 4 seasons up to around 10. It was much the same shape as the crescent moon.

. they are waiting.” “Sure you were. “Of course I am. carrying them across and tossing them onto the boats netting. “your regretting it much as I am. I woke to Taki standing over me. watching this twig float through the waters. But they had me agreeing and on the boat before they informed me of what was going on.” I paused.. with children caught in its nets I would never have agreed to it.” Taki and the others picked up the smallest children. carrying a group of noisy children on it.” I told him loud enough so Taki would hear. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 80 . If they had told me t'would be a piece of wood floating on water.. Waving at us as he called “come on.” “Ha. looking once more at what I had agreed to and wishing I could take it back.. turning and doing the same with the older ones who had walked as far as they could into the water. hanging onto a rope tied to boat. I believe you got wrangled into this in a much more pleasant way.” Jak laughed as I climbed up onto the pillar of wood that went from tip to tip of the moon. so simple was absurd.Book Two: Peace The mere idea that he had agreed to pilot something so. “You coming?” Taki called to me. Sailing the boat up near the beaches as far as he could he jumped out and down into the waters. he sent a glaring look my direction which had me smiling. he had to have been bribed with something. I was still lost in my own thoughts. “I was just taking in the scene.

under the netting and bumping the children. we will make connection through touch after doing so. bobbing its head up and down. He was talking to it. We call the groups pods. trying to reach their hands through and touch them. He dove into the water and was under for a good amount of time before coming back up with one of the Orcea beside him. “We will begin with the eldest of the offspring. it will not harm you. going under it. is part of their body.” He held onto the Orcea's fin that protruded from its back. mentally of course. your family. “This here. but it will give you something to hang onto. we stopped as we began to see the rise and fall of the Orcea's back. We call them Orcea. they live in the waters but if you listen they will talk to you. Show them how to hold on. I listened carefully as the Orcea began speaking again. Who were laughing every time they did so. mostly they are a family group but outsiders are brought in or two pods come together when they pick mates.” Taki ran his hand over his back.” Salik explained to all those listening as a group of ten others bobbed their heads above the water. They were circling the boat. he is the leader of this group. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 81 .Book Two: Peace Chapter Seventeen Going out into the ocean a ways. but every now and then it would make a sound like a chirp. “These are your friends.” Explained Taki. “This is Salik.

Pretty soon the eldest boy was hanging on with one hand. Shavi and myself were on the boat with a handful of smaller children.” he explained to the boy how to hold on. and then letting go and swimming. While this was happening a few of the others had dove into the water and began taking children to their Orcea partners. but he had no build to his body. Salik will speak to you through the physical connection. he will teach you to swim.” One of the Pleiadian's. The same happened with the other children as well. She handed him down to Taki who wrapped an arm around his middle. “You are going in first. Do as he says. “Put your arm over his back. as his body language was nervous. thin boy stepped forward. laughing and splashing the water at Salik who would splash him back by bobbing his nose under the water and tossing it back up. Jak. Trust him. “Throw the younger ones in. their bodies grew as they aged. She was being gentle but firm about the action and that he would go first. going under the water from time to time. as Salik would go under with him and help him back up. holding on with both hands.Book Two: Peace “Who here has seen the most seasons?” I looked around for who I thought had. To my surprise a small. “and your other hand on top of it.” Salik said as he came Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 82 . he was tall. took hold of him under his arms. Shavi. and your hand on the front of his fin here. “I am the oldest. trying to keep them on the boat. soon you will be able to hear him without having to touch him. In a short time he was swimming on his own. so the biggest one had to be the oldest.” He rolled his hands around in front of him.” Taki let go of the boy as Salik began swimming slowly around the boat.

Swimming down deeper than the depth the dive gave me. maybe a single season by her size. The little boy kicked his legs and flapped his arms as he flew through the sky before he hit the water. “they will have more of instinct to swim. more of connection they still hold to others. going under them and tossing them into the air. me!” A little girl tugged on the cloth around my hips. Younger they are. laughing as it was. jumping up and down. giving him my answer in doing so. the Orcea swimming circles around them. and hear us. He was kicking his legs and keeping himself above the waters surface as he played with Salik.” Shrugging my shoulders I grabbed one of the children crawling around my legs and tossed it overboard. The Pleiadian's were swimming around as well. She seemed younger. Moving my legs as if they were a fin. they were swimming in half the time it took the older ones to get it. The children were all playing in the waters now. playing with the children. who swam around the boat. will not be as hard as with older ones. Salik had been right. Taki splashed water up from behind me. “you going to come in?” I dove into the water. Picking her up and throwing her into the water as she laughed. Salik was right there waiting. as his head bobbed above the waters surface so did the child's.Book Two: Peace alongside the boat.” I sent mentally out to the Orcea. enticing the boy to follow him. “Me. forcing the energy they created to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 83 . the younger ones took to the water and communication with them faster than the older ones had. Jak and Shavi did the same to the remaining children. “Here comes another.

enjoyable. “He does not have gills. knocking me off balance so I could no longer hold him down. Stopping and looking up I saw the children's legs splashing in the water. to which it splashed water at me. the water got darker the deeper someone went.. “If he cannot breathe.. I felt something between my legs as he forced his way up directly under me. Opening my eyes under the water resulted in an immediate sting that settled once my eyes had adjusted to the salt in the water. oh well. the Orcea's swimming under and around them.” One of them felt the need to inform me. “Would you like to go down?” The other asked as she swam Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 84 . As I popped my head out of the water Taki felt need to make comment. go back to the surface. My chest was beginning to hurt from the lack of oxygen. But I wasn't able to distinguish who was who from where I was. I used all my weight to hold him down as two of the Orcea came over. yes. Placing my heads on his head and pushing him under the waters surface. no. he cannot speak. he can not breathe under the waters. the feet of the people who had been in with them above me. “thought you had struck your head and drowned.” I smiled at it. shrugging his shoulders at me and going under the water. tossing me into the air momentarily before I hit the waters top.Book Two: Peace push me under further. I tried to watch where he went but my eyes were adjusting to the warm air again instead of the salt water. “Necessary.” He smiled. unprepared it made a slapping sound as I went under. “Was that necessary?” I asked when I spit the water out.” He laughed at me. so there was only one choice of what to do.

I again found myself having to adjust my eyes. Looking to my right I saw Taki and his partner following along as well. “As far as you can hold your breath.Book Two: Peace near me. fish that had tentacles.” My partner made the comment as a joke as she knew who I was looking at. reaching the point where I had turned and came back up long before I did. fish that seemed to have legs instead of fins. Swimming down under the darkness of the ocean bottom was beginning to block out the light from the higher sea level.. “Yes. The deeper we got the more colorful the fish and environment seemed to get. they do not like to associate with others whose skin does not glow in the dark as if they have been electrified. I caught sight of Taki taking hold of the others fin.” It responded. I tried not to laugh as it would result in loss of oxygen. colors. So we can make surface before you begin to inhale water. some of the fish were even glowing. “They tend to be non-friendly. swimming faster.. it gave the above life a run for its life when it came to the varies differences in builds.” Taki's partner told us as he came alongside my partner and me. but to the darkness so I could see more of what was below. not to the salt in the water this time. Diving under the water they swam faster than I had done. There were fish that seemed to glow. “This is as deep as we take you. “How far can you go?” I asked my partner. Looking around at the life under the surface was amazing. we kept going deeper. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 85 .” I told her as I took a hold of her fin.

tossing her back onto the netting as I pulled myself up out of the water. “Thank you. things blurred for a moment before we reached the surface...” I told my partner as I kissed her head. All the children had been loaded onto it.Book Two: Peace others you could see through. wanting in it at all times.” She bobbed her head before going back under the water. “That is. I grabbed one of the smaller children that had jumped in as I swam by her. all the colors of the rainbows above water and then some colors I could not even begin to name. The children seemed to love the water now.” His partner bobbed his head. “Hold on. “Beautiful.” My partner commented as she turned and sped towards the surface. “You two took long enough. Breathing in the warm air that was blowing by before I started swimming towards the boat. Could have used some help Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 86 . the water gushed by at an alarmingly harsh rate. “We will never be far away. The life under the water disappeared into the black darkness of the deep.” I told them as I sensed the others were loading the children back onto the boat. and were being blocked by Jak and Shavi from escaping back into the water as the others pulled themselves onto the boat as well. Popping out of the water with our partners.” Was the mental acknowledgment from Taki. “We need to go back up before they leave though. rubbing her fin slightly in case I may have hurt her.

” Ti said as he blocked another child from escaping. some of them not even able to stand with heads above water when they touched bottom. On the shore were the parents. It would be hard to keep the children from the water now. The children became uneasy again and started scrambling for the edge of the boat which they jumped from. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 87 . It did stay put. sitting on the edge arms length apart with our feet dangling in the water as we made our way back to the beach. Hitting the bottom that was below the water. swim. stood guard around the edges of the ship. pulling it ashore as we did so. When we could see the ocean floor a few feet under the boat we hopped off the side. But they looked happy watching the children splash in the water. sitting and pouting slightly as the others began to stay put as well. jump. the city people had gathered since we had taken their children so long. those of us not steering the ship. “You know. dive. they would tire eventually and collapse. it was impossible to pull them out of it. I assume quietness was not something they were used to. But they were near the beach now. run and get struck by the waves only to come up laughing when their heads came above the waters again. heading off the boat.Book Two: Peace rounding them up. dropping it back in the middle of the net and giving it a look that told it to stay put.” I smiled at him as I grabbed a child who was in mid jump. then the parents could carry them home. not everyday you get to see the life under the water. so everyone but Jak. With Taki on board.

The variety of things I discovered there was to do was something I had never stopped to think about. if anything he had gotten more controlling. Gritting my teeth and grinding them so as not to throw the object only made it more fun for those around me. did not seem to mind at all. but Kie swore if he even breathed wrong the child would turn red and glare at him. Meka. in the streets playing with the children. this planet was having an effect on me. What they found to be relaxing. walking through the jungles without a single thought in my head. They insisted it was good to sit and weave a basket. I found to be something that I wanted to throw. checking on the crops. and the creation of those baskets. I found myself out in the garden. that it allowed you to relax. making me think less. His mother. it was easier to manipulate the energies around me with my mind. He had grown. but some things they insisted on doing by hand and teaching you to do it by hand. They insisted that it was good to carry heavy objects around that were unbalanced. and more time working alongside not only races from other planets. let alone take part in. but the humans of this planet. Ator. They had named him after Kie's genetic donor. One example of that being physically carrying baskets of food. Learning to do things the way they did them was at times aggravating. Over two months had past from the birth of Kie's son. If anything. I did not know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.Book Two: Peace Chapter Eighteen Over the next few weeks I began getting more involved with the daily lives of the people here. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 88 . Spending less and less time standing over the prince.

they came and stayed. The council stood up from their seats. giving and receiving at all times. who we had first encountered now sat on the council as well. a Joca. Kneeling down on one knee in front of the council while they set the crystal before them they bowed their heads. they were carried on golden plates. it had grown and been activated. smaller forms. After having been activated. It was a human form. a Meti. Heads that had been grown also. The leader of the humans. and two humans. It was brought in on a slab of marble. a Lyrian. an Elik. there highest ranking and most commonly the eldest of their race sat on the council. instead of coming and going on their own. the source of all the lives and memories of the people present on Atlantis. It glowed. it was transformed into the shape of a human body. It had been transformed into a human body because that was the reason for it's creation.Book Two: Peace Tonight they would be bringing the crystal in. waiting. a Syrian. carried on wood placed underneath it. looking the form over as 13 members of the federation brought in smaller crystals. offering the crystal to them. It held a huge amount of energy. which was held onto by 7 different races. it would be protected and respected. The city's entire population had gathered in the hall tonight. a Pleiadian. but the crystals energy caused the glowing. but more a mix of the two or lack there of the two. The form was neither male nor female. a complete show of every race out there. The federation members handing these 13 heads to 13 humans who carried them forward and stood behind the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 89 . his position had gone from village leader to council member over the time we had been here. the light dancing off of it from the setting sun was not the cause of the glowing. it was hard to tell. but not quite both either. The hum of the ship setting down outside of the hall signaled the arrival of the crystal. It would be the power source. The council had gathered.

As the last skull was set down they all began glowing. energy into the statue in the center. the history of the worlds. and if accessed will only be heard by those in contact. Where our memories. When the eyes glow. “These crystals. “You can communicate with one.Book Two: Peace statue. new information will be automatically transferred to them through the connection they will hold to all life. And as the eyes of the crystals began to dull down. As long as all 14 Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 90 . It is accessible though contact with any of the skulls. As the council members transferred the statue to its pedestal behind them they were brought around and set around it in a circle. will contain all the information we have to give to your world.” The eldest of the council members spoke. They will communicate with one another as they will communicate to those who access the information. It will not continually be speaking to all present. our knowledge is stored. they transferred light. The voices will stand quiet unless accessed. explaining to everyone present the ability of the crystals. As the crystals continued to glow. they will remain in contact with one another at all times. you know you have accessed it with a question or thought and it will answer. An eery sound where it was all jumbled together as the eyes on not only the statue but on each of the skulls became brighter. the wisdom of the universe. you could hear voices in the building when no one talked. You must make contact. new memories. where you knowledge is stored. whether here or somewhere else. Whispers from those past. physical contact with the crystals to access the information. dimming down with the glowing of the eyes. or all. or another planet. They will be where your memories are stored. the voices began to silence themselves out. No matter where they be in the world. or the statue. into the sky above. which shot up a line of light straight into the ceiling.

it adjusted.” The eldest explained further. they will glow into the night sky. Watching as it vibrated with energy. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 91 . “they are alive. they see. they understand. staring at the light that shot up and the glowing around the crystals. for the first time that I could remember. almost like ripples in the water. Should a day come where we must separate them. they remember. moved. flowed.” The entire hall was quiet. they hear. even children were quiet. but they will remain in contact with one another.Book Two: Peace crystals remain in contact with one another. the beacon of light they make will cease.

Not the ability to connect to the information so much as a link to the life. see to their everyday duties. talk. They became the life force of Atlantis. I saw Kie come out of his home. “What happened?” I asked. giving warmth. Taki tried to contort his face to appear serious but failed Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 92 . attached to tiny ropes that were braided by hand and activated along with the smaller crystals. giving health and ease. hung near where they slept. Kie hung his head and looked at the ground as Taki continued to laugh all the way to where I sat. Each person either carried one or wore one. they became the source of all life. Taki walked over to him. an improving health and extending their lives even more than just the presence of the larger crystals. giving them a constant link to the statue and skulls that were in the hall. no matter their race. They walked towards the hall. Sitting outside the hall. face in his hands as if his head was going to explode. Passed out among the citizens of Atlantis. Actually extending the life of those on the island. Smaller crystals were grown. worn around the necks of the older children and adults. sensing Kie had done something. They were giving to babies. bending in half holding onto his sides.Book Two: Peace Chapter Nineteen The crystals would become the beacon of Atlantis. watching people walk by. they talked and Taki began to laugh hysterically.

“You sure there will not be more than one?” I asked. “Meka is with child.” Taki could not bring himself to speak through his own laughter. “I'm not laughing.. “silence you just heard what Kie did..” Kie blurted out. “I take it by your laughter. he is. “One of the healers ran a scan of his mate. “Should you not try self control?” I looked at him.” Sakie tried to hold it in but failed and began to laugh along with Taki.Book Two: Peace miserably at doing so as he burst out laughing again.” Taki stated as he began another round of laughter. even biting on his own lip to prevent himself from smiling.. and your” he looked at me. slapping Kie on the back. “I am glad you all believe this is funny. “You heard?” Sakie walked over to where we were. beginning to be affected by all of the laughter around me and feeling it bubble to the surface. glaring at Taki who could not stop laughing. “I hear Ma-ti is expecting one of his own. “He.” He tried not to smile. there is only Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 93 . “Apparently not.” Kie glared at us..” Kie tried to change the subject by bringing up the Syrian who I knew had taken that human woman as a mate. not having heard such and knowing they normally birthed three or four at a time. “Again? Did you not learn?” I rolled my eyes.

“what makes you believe this?” “I was trying to tell him of the danger of flames as he kept going towards it.” Kie tried to smile.” “Ha ha. He thought it was the funniest action to take place. “should you continue to not restrain yourself. She dumped the water on me.” “How's your bottom? Did the cloth get scorched to it?” Sakie asked. having got the mental image I had. “Apparently the offspring of any species take after the mother's side as far as the carrying of a child goes.” I began to laugh at the mental image I got of Kie sitting in the dwindling fire of his home.” He glared at us. his cloth burning beneath his bottom as his son laughed and tried to straighten the pot of water that had almost fell over. “You know what he did last night? He decided that I looked better in the fire. the little man is strong. I cannot imagine what another like my son would be like. Sakie turned serious as he looked at Kie.Book Two: Peace one. growing rapidly. moving along the floor on his bottom towards the fire. he caught me just right to cause loss of balance and into the flames I went.. He decided to grab my leg as I tried to step in front of him. She says the most a human should carry at once is two. the most you can expect is two..” “Luckily both you and Meka are human. He literally fell over backwards laughing. in form. “Meka decided saving the pot of water was not as important and as stopping the flames that were creeping up me.” Taki choked back another bout of laughter.” Kie filled us in. “Very funny my friend.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 94 .

He was laughing as he swung a stick at one of the other children who walked by him. the offspring that resulted from it were tyrants in small form. almost knocking the poor child to the ground!” I couldn't help the water that came from my eyes or the pain that went up my sides as I slapped my hand on to the stone step laughing until I could barely breath. He tried to hang the feline that was twice his size who came to visit. It was all the more reason to avoid mating. he is a beast I tell you! He does not listen.. “Tis not a baby. “You know what? Just stay here then.Book Two: Peace As I got the full mental image of what had happened the night before my eyes began to water as the laughter began to ache in my sides. except Kie.” Kie turned and began to walk away. “we did not do this to you!” I could no longer see for the watering of my eyes. It was screaming for someone to help while he sat on it placing cloth around its head. “were outdone by a wee baby!” Which brought another round of laughter from everyone present. “We do not have to help. do not help with the situation. but the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 95 .” Sakie laughed as he called after Kie.. And that t'was not the worst of it. “How can you call yourselves my friends!” Kie exclaimed. he does not take care of those around him. throwing his arms in the air in a motion that signaled he was giving up. Sakie and Taki were hanging onto each other to hold one another upright. It became hard to breath through the bouts that would bubbled up through me as I laid against the steps of the hall. “You do not but laugh at me!” “Because you.” Sakie pointed at him.

” Taki stated as he sat down on the steps next to me. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 96 . “He needs more help than any of us can give. “Can you image?” I managed to mumble out.Book Two: Peace blur of Kie walking away was slightly sobering.

the sun was beginning to set as I sat on the beach that Sakie came down.. I watched him stop to breath a few times as if keeping up the pace at which he was walking and laughing at the same time was the hardest of actions. you saw more and more humans crossing with others not of their race.” he looked to me to make sure I understood. It was not only those of us who had taken human bodies. laughing as he made his way down. taking the children of all the races out into the ocean and teaching them to swim or showing them the life in the seas. bringing with them their children who played alongside the children already here. “Ma-ti. but of others like the Syrians. or life partners on Earth as well. “is changing every few moments. Couples of two different species courting one another. “He has been thrown out of his home. Some of the families from other planets had come to join their mates.” I nodded. “What tis so funny?” I asked him when he was within hearing distance. you remember the one who mated with the human woman?” He said as he sat down by me.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty Over the next few months. The Orcea came to the shores of the island. or hearing of taking mates. “Mm-hm. It was an afternoon.. One minute she was smiling and the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 97 . Apparently her personality.

A healer told him t'was more then likely due to the nearing of her time. confused at what had brought on her anger. The last I had seen her she was growing big in the stomach. “Then why is the Syrians mate taking so little time?” I asked the obvious.” “What did he do. that the chemicals in a woman's body grow uncontrollable when it nears time for the birth of a child. “He swears he did nothing but pick up a piece of cloth that was laying on the bed they share.Book Two: Peace next. yes. She was holding a bucket and throwing it's contents at him. the Syrian and the human. when he tried to help clean up in the home.” Sakie agreed. it made no sense to me.” I thought it over for a moment. looking like Meka had before she birthed their first child. I knew the Syrians only incubated for a short period of time. sure there was more to it.” was all I could manage. “The healer says it takes into account the genetics of both races. besides try to clean the home?” I asked. “did Meka not take almost a season to go from the point of creation to birth?” “I believe so. “He was sitting on the steps of the hall talking to a few of the others. It could be heard from the streets. and then you saw him being chased from the home by her. and levels out somewhere in between the two. she was yelling at him. She had grown fast from the time we had heard about it until now..” “Hm. She may only carry one or two child at a time Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 98 .. or so I thought. but if they were crossed with a human. it should take the human's time of incubation.

“The last time a half-breed was born. “Where are you going?” Sakie stood next to me. he headed down the shore at a fast pace while I went back up the path. I recognized the signs of what was happening.. was none of my business nor did I care to assist in another birth. but the incubation period is of both combined. I intend to hide until this one is born. “t'would be a good idea.. His stance changed from one of fear to one of worry as he looked around them. brushing my backside off as I did so to make my way back to the barracks. I was drug into it.” I didn't quite understand it. Meka about tore Kie and Taki apart. she was beginning the pains of birthing. he appeared to shrink as she came towards him. I stood up. I had attended one birth.Book Two: Peace because that is how her body is made. he had more to fear than he thought as she walked the last few paces towards him and talked to him.” We went in separate directions. picking her up and carrying her the last way to the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 99 . He looked as if he feared being struck by her as her body tensed. From what I have heard. stopping to catch her breath as she went towards him.” Sakie seemed to chew on the idea before he made further comment. looking me up and down.” “Ah. heading for the barracks. Coming up from the beach I saw the Syrian being belittled in the streets by the woman. The first had been enough to convince me it was best left to those responsible for being in the position in the first place. “To hide. I do not wish to be on the receiving end of such anger. but it made sense. I believe I will do so as well.” I creased my eyebrows in thought as to if the barracks were the best option available. I did not intend to be caught in another.

Heading to the barracks faster than I had made my way up the path from the beach. feeling it was the safest place to be at this time.Book Two: Peace healing center. Kie would be a help to Ma-ti if he was available. in my bunk and pretend to be asleep should any one come looking. His facial expression seemed to be one of panic. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 100 . and would soon go through it again. But I was not going to look for Kie to tell him to go help. he had been through this once already. I hurried inside and crawled into my bunk. I was going to hide inside the barracks.

vegetation grew and water sprung up in places creating lakes and rivers. no water in sight. nothing that interested me more than learning the history of this world that had been recorded through all the races in the federation and transferred to the crystals that now stood in the hall. surrounding me. pulling me into it. thundering. anything. But I learned what I could every day over the next year. with my right hand on top of one of the skulls I watched as it's eyes began to glow. it would take more than a lifetime to learn it all. I watched as ships filled the sky. Sitting on the floor. It almost sparkled. As I watched around me. it was hypnotizing. The ships had gone from the sky and it was filled with clouds. I felt my consciousness being pulled out of the physical body I occupied. everything blurring as it grew from the ground up. I was standing in another world it seemed. Learning how it was created. it was pulling me inside of it as it circled around me. why it was created and the history of what had happened since then.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty-one Over the next season I had not found anything better to do. you could see the shocks of energy as it came out. looking around me I saw the dirt and sand that covered it. looking for something. droplets from the ships fell to the ground. a solid piece of rock that was covered in dirt. Everything speeding past as some vegetation died. dark clouds and then it would become clear and white clouds would show. Blurs past around me. creating greens and reds. blues and yellows. Energy splashing against the ground and sparkling as it flew into the sky. The sky changed from blues and Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 101 . bouncing off the ground almost. and others grew.

“Our people are dying out. working in temporary buildings with tubes and energy technology. “Why was this done?” Suddenly.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 102 . stopped growing. Colored lines and balls and cells of energy represented by electrical impulses in the device. over and over again quickly. Thinking “slow down” everything. we have reached our evolutionary brink. I could understand what was being said. growing life inside. taking physical form. all of the writing on the wall representing every species in the universe. day into night. again filling the sky around me. than created inside the buildings. I tried to catch what they were saying but it was too quick. something was being discussed in a universal language of thought. The blurriness of what was happening around me stopped and I was standing in a temple. Federation members I did not recognize on the ground. grown to different stages of life and released into the environment around the buildings. The question came to mind before I even had a chance to finish wondering. too fast for me to understand. talking was going on. I had only seen it once in my life but I recognized it. all around. rain fell sometimes and other times the sun dried the land around me. everything stopped moving. Then I saw the ships. to grays and blacks. In a flash the seats around were filled with beings. Looking around I recognized it as the temple of the high council. as if hitting a button. all the voices slowed. where you could actually see the DNA of the things they were creating before it took physical form. Combining genetics from several different races. Night seeped into day. leaving a version of the race alone and combining others in an electrical environment. Growing things.Book Two: Peace whites. we can go no further.

Exploding. It will not be too warm or too hot for most. a perfect distance from the sun. will take us a few years to gather the genetic samples from the entire universe. bursting at the seams. who we were. sending waves of vibrational energy through the stars surrounding it. this is as far as it can go. finally someone said something that clicked in my mind.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 103 . is the perfect distance away to suit most life forms represented here. Finally settling on a system thousands of light years away. growing. grow life on it that will begin from the beginning and evolve once again from the start. It now had 13 planets revolving around it. “this planet. they will remember where they came from. we do not have the capability to keep evolving. Plant seeds of all races represented here and even those that are not. it will be ready to sustain life.” “Is there not a way to leave a piece of our race behind? A seed that will begin over again? More than just the written history of our race?” The discussion went on for a long time. It was the beginning of a solar system. It has just begun. “A library. They will be us. nothing on it. they brought the system up in the middle of the temple.Book Two: Peace “It is happening to more than one of us. a star was reaching it's brink. and those that do not can be slightly altered to the point where this planet can suit their needs. trillions of years for them to reach a point of an evolutionary brink again. “Here. It will take billions. it was a brown color. and then many more years to implement it into this star system. it is a temperate place. Grow a planet. And when we have gathered all of the genetic samples. it had grown into a sun with planets that circled it.” The debate went on again as to which solar system which planet. expanding.” The picture above me singled in on a single planet.

Book Two: Peace

They had decided on Earth, to create a living library of the entire universe. They had collected the genetics of the dying races and the living races and transported them to this new system, this new home. The seeds of those who had long ago died out now lived here. A flashing light burst again, and again I was surrounded by the beings working on Earth to create the library, advancing some species and slowing others down, combining them, separating the genetics they had carried. They were creating the library before my eyes, the images blurred again at a dizzying pace and spun around me until I was thrown out of the memories, the history. I was back in my physical body watching as the energy left me, receding back into the skull who seemed to understand my brain could take no more at the moment. I felt the energy around me disappear, evaporate into the air, it was no longer holding me up as it had been. My hand fell from the skull and I hit the stone floors of the hall. My eyes closed and I passed out from the splitting pain of my head, as if my skull had been cracked open, either from the information in it now or from hitting the floor I did not know.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

Chapter Twenty-two

I heard voices before I could force my eyes open. “...the human brain is not meant to have billions of years of information crammed into it all at once. She is lucky she's not dead.” “The crystals were supposed to limit the information at any given time, small amounts, not let this happen.” I recognized the voice as Nucuranda, my king's voice. “It probably sensed her advanced genetics, giving her more because she wanted more. It stopped before it killed her.” I was forcing my eyes open slightly and noticed the people around me, blurry. “The fall against the floor she took did the rest of the damage, she has a bruise on her brain from striking the floor, we can heal that, but it will take time for her mind to adjust to the information. If she does it again she needs to watch how much information she takes on at once.” “You can not blame the crystals. From my research, they sense what the being using them can handle, only allowing so much information to pass between them.” It sounded like one of the scientists. “She is more advanced than the humans, it gave her what her mind could deal with, as she wanted information it gave it. She did not even have to think of what she wanted to know and it gave it to her, it sensed when the mind needed to rest, to absorb the information and process it before it could continue. It let her go, she struck the floors which is what did most of the damage to her.”

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

“Arg...” I heard my king give up in trying to understand the complete process of it, as long as it was safe enough for the healers and scientists to be happy he did not care. “...wa...ter...” I mumbled out, feeling as if my tongue had doubled, drying out. The blurry images of the people seemed to turn and look at me, looking downward I was obviously laying on one of the tables. “She's awake!” The sound of Taki's voice rang through my head as if it was a bell being struck. I grabbed Taki by the arm, pulling him down towards me, using all the strength I felt I had, “be... quiet.” I told him firmly. Using what energy I had in me to yank him towards me and whisper it at him, my eyes closed and I fell back asleep. When I woke up again the throbbing in my head had ceased and I could see without things blurring in my vision. When I looked to my left I saw Kelshoro, sitting in a chair, feet propped on the table I was laying on, sleeping with his arms crossed over his chest. I had to resist the urge to thump him as I tried to sit up, forcing my legs over the side of the table the room began to spin around me. “Whoa there...” The prince was standing, holding my shoulders. “You need not move yet. The bruise you took on your brain is healed, but it is still very active from the information, tis still processing.” I noticed the monitors around me, the lasers that had been tracking the activity in my brain. My mouth felt as if I had a mouth full of sand, the tongue felt huge in my mouth, placing my hand on his shoulder I looked him as straight in the eyes as I could,

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Book Two: Peace

“water!” “Yes?” He seemed confused at being given an order. “Give me... water!” I tried telling him again. “Oh...” he didn't seem to get it for a moment, and then it visibly clicked, showing on his face, “oh, yes, yes... lay back down, I'll get it.” He pushed against my shoulders laying me back so the scans could resume running, monitoring. I watched the machines track the activity in my head, a 3 dimensional view of my brain, lighting up in sections while it dulled in others, different areas in different colors. I tried to think of nothing, to cause my mind to go blank and it did nothing to stop the flows of color and lights. The prince came back with a glass of water, helping me to sit up slightly, enough to sip the water. Getting rid of the gritty feel of my mouth. “What happened?” I asked as he helped lay me back. “Ha... you tried to kill yourself.” He smiled, thinking that he was being funny. I did not but glare at him. He seemed to cough before he went on, “your brain was overloaded with information, you fell over, cracked your head on solid stone, wound up here.” “Huh...” was all I had to say as the memory of placing my hand on the crystal came back, the images I had seen while I was inside of it, the pain of hitting ones head against something harder. I rubbed my head, as if to make sure it was still intact. “I remember now.” “Gave my father quite a scare did you...” He looked around himself, making sure no one was watching or listening, “...had Taki in a panic as well. T'was him who found you, well not found you,

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

but brought you here. A human saw you hit the floor, found him outside, he brought you here. Had a whole room of lab technicians going over the crystals, a scientist or two in here with the healers who were trying to determine what damage was from what.” He shrugged, not seeming too bothered by it all. “Nice to know you care.” I chuckled, knowing he would not be sitting me if he did not, but he was pretending not to. “Can't have you going and dying on me now can I?” He smiled. “After so many years of waking up to your face watching me breath it would be hard to find a replacement. I mean, can you imagine trying to get used to someone else?” “Uh huh.” I told him as I closed my eyes to relax a while longer. I couldn't get up yet and I was not about to get into a conversation with the prince over the fact that he needed to be monitored all the time given the antics he pulled. He would have just turned the situation around on me, as to why I was laying here.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

Chapter Twenty-three

I spent a week in the healing center, continuously being monitored for brain wave activity. Once my brain waves had returned to normal I was allowed to leave. “The activity in your brain caused by the immense information you took on has adjusted and processed the information.” Li explained. “I can go?” I asked, looking him over as I saw doubt and thought stream across his face. “You can go, but do not take on so much information again. You do understand that the human brain is not made, even at it's most advanced, to handle that much information at once, right?” “So I have been told, over and over since I came in here.” I closed my eyes and sighed at the repeat instructions I knew were coming. “Do not let it overload, control the amount of information that you get. Go with one question, let it give you the answers and chose to back out. Your mind can handle more than the humans who were here before us, but it cannot handle all the information at once. If you do it again you will be right back here.” Leaning my head back and closing my eyes, I blocked out the rest of the speech I had gotten on several occasions already. Do not put a million years of information in at once, do not try to learn

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

it all in one session, to not slam my head against a stone floor, talk talk talk. “ even listening?” His voice came back into hearing range. “Yes.” I looked at him, annoyance written all over his face. “What did I just say?” He wanted me to repeat the speech he had just given me. “Seriously?” I stared at him a moment, when his facial expression didn't change I ran down the list of do not's others had given me. “Do not dive head first into a rock, do not fall on my head, do not inflict damage upon my own body, do not blow up anything, do not break the crystals, do not cram a million or more years of information into my head at once but spread it out, do not try to learn billions of years of history and knowledge at once.” “And...” He began. “And do not stick poisonous plants in my mouth.” I smiled at him, knowing that was not what he was going to say but figured it would work as well for scolding a child. “I get it. Can I go now?” “Do not come back.” He sounded almost angry with me, but I knew he'd miss me. Laughing to myself as I hopped off the table and left the healing center. Breathing a deep breath as I stepped out into the fresh air, I stretched my arms above my head and cracked my back which relieved some of the knots in it. The city was just as busy as it had been before I found myself in the healing center, people hurrying this way and that. Children running up and down the streets.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

Heading back towards the hall, I planned on learning more, and possibly aggravating a few people at the same time. Stopping at the market on my way I grabbed a red, round fruit that grew on some of the trees and ate it as I walked towards the hall. Watching the citizens of the city scurry about their days, their duties. Going up the steps of the hall, I was passing the pillars as the voice drowned out any plans I had. “Going to try and kill yourself again?” Taki called after me. I stopped, leaning my head back again and closing my eyes. “With everyone's voices scratching the insides of my brain every time I turn, tis not a bad idea.” I turned around to look at him. He came up the steps, watching me closely, looking me up and down. “Did the healers say you could go?” “Would I be here if they did not?” “Do you want me to answer that?” He tilted his head to the side as he stepped into the shade of the pillar, when I simply stared at him he went on. “Because knowing you, the way I do. Yes... yes you would be here if they did not release you. You would sneak out and leave them standing on their heads looking for you.” “You have such faith in me.” “No... no I do not. I know you, you are evil when it comes to playing head games with people, you do not have rules you follow and no one else knows the rules that you do have at any given time.” Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, he calmed himself and continued, “Did they release you or not?” “Yes. Li released me just moments ago.” I closed my eyes, leaning against the pillar behind me.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

“And your going back for more, just moments after being let out of the healing center?” He looked at me as if I had fallen from the sky. “As truth be told, yes I was. I want to know more, I can learn it inside, not out here speaking with you over what I am doing and whether I have permission to do it or not...” “Are you trying to kill yourself?” He interrupted me and when I went to respond he held his hand up, “do you not realize the scare you gave everyone? You had scientists and lab technicians afraid they had messed up in programming and activating the crystals, you had healers scrambling to find a way to reverse any potential damage they might find... lucky for you it was only a bruise on that muscle you call a brain, and time for that brain to process the information. The prince was scared he was going to lose the one person he believes could stop am armada of the enemies army and save the sun if it should fall to them, let alone the fact that he does not want to wake up to another person standing over him as if he would die in his sleep. He was paranoid he would have to get used to someone new. You had the king and his wife terrified because they consider you one of the family. Not to mention your friends, although I do not understand why they are your friends, worried that you would not wake up. The human that found you nearly had heart failure seeing you, one of the federation, an advanced being, fall over from being near the crystals.” “And you...” I stopped him, “screaming in my ear until my head felt as if it would explode really helped that along now didn't you.” “You opened your eyes and yelled at me, you were just fine.” He was turning red in the face now, anger bubbling over, blood boiling to the surface.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


Book Two: Peace

“And I am yelling at you now as well! I will be fine!” “If it happens again do not expect me to sit you until I can no longer see straight!” “I didn't expect it to begin with!” I had not realized he had sat me for such a deal of time. He did not care to continue the conversation, not in the direction it was going, he turned, trudging down the steps of the hall, hair practically standing on end as the waves of energy vibrated off of him. He was angry, but not with me, he was angry it happened and no one had been warned that it could happen, that one of us found out the hard way that it could and would happen. He was angry at a lot of things, but none of it was my fault. I could sense it as the waves reverberated off of him. He stomped off down the streets, making the turn to go around the entrance of the barracks, nearly colliding with one of the others coming from that direction as he did so. Moving away from the pillar, I turned, heading inside. I was going to learn more, asking one question at a time, controlling the amount of information, giving my head time to process it. Hopefully, by controlling the information, learning bits every day, the brain would be able to process it while I slept, allowing for this journey to go faster. Walking over to the crystals and sitting in front of one, I smiled at it, feeling it almost smile back at me. A sense of welcome came over me as I moved my hand towards it, it was sorry for the problem it had caused, it sensed that it had hurt me and it was welcoming me back, glad I was alive and sorry for the hurt it had caused. It would be different, I knew it would, the crystals had learned, and so had I.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient


I closed my eyes and when I opened them. pulling me from the physical body back inside of it. surrounding me. where I had left the time before.Book Two: Peace I placed my hand on the top of the skull. I was standing back in the forests that were springing to life. it was picking up where I left off. watching as the energy danced out of its eyes. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 114 .

ensuring that all who have lived. I knew we had the technology to do it. We have remained on the planet and are overseeing the breeding program.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty-four I watched as they continued to make the library. in each location there is a representative. as all of us have. before all of the council members. All representatives have been created. explaining what had happened and how it was going. and what this world was. He looked somewhat like a hologram. Give them room to grow. the reason for why they were made. sped forward again and a flash of light brought me back to the temple of the high council.” A man stood in the middle of the temple. history. and a counterpart for them. but let them set their own rules. memories. they taught the beings they created language. one I had never seen before who was speaking now. life was growing all around me. addressing them. history. both male and female counterparts. as if he was giving a visible message without actually being there. some species I had never seen were now walking around. “Is it done?” “Yes. The images. We have separated it into 6 different locations. but had it really been around that long? “Your team has succeeded where we feared you would fail. their own laws. Ensure they survive to populate the planet. will live on long past their deaths. They will be granted free will. They will reproduce. The scientists made no secret about what they were doing.” I looked at the tiny alien form. he Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 115 .

crossing his arm over and placing his fist over his chest. blue color. where they hoped breeding would take over the rest. we will have to begin again. instead of a brown color it was now a green. she wore the markings of the captain of a ship. I suspect they will remain for a time. “We will ensure they survive. turning to watch as the man who was obviously the commander of this ship spoke to another.” Looking at the commander. looking down. was closer together. water had come over the planet. “Some of them have already begun. they all took part in this meeting without physically being here.Book Two: Peace looked to be a hologram too. separating. and cross again. It did not look like the Earth of Atlantis's time. only older. They will cross.” She argued. “They will.” I heard a voice behind me. I turned and looked at the man in the middle of the room. They all did. You have nothing to fear. but still close enough you could visit each other if you wanted. Flashing light brought me back to Earth again. To my left was a screen that showed the 6 locations they had started life in. “genetic modification has ensured the beings on that planet will have cycles that will cause them to want to breed. not on the planet this time. slowly drifting away from one another. “If they do not breed. he dropped to one knee. Others are making their way here to help oversee. They are coming to see how it is doing.” He stopped for a Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 116 . The land. Looking out the window at the planet. I recognized him as the man who had stood before the council just moments ago. to populate. I trust it will continue.” And then he disappeared. I was above the planet on a ship. The federation as a whole has taken a lot of trust in allowing us to create the life on this world from their genetics.

Ships began dropping out of hyperspace.” A scientist stood in the center of a circle.” I stood at the window in his ship. and the rest of the universe. The beings that had been created had begun to populate the Earth. all 12 of Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 117 . several times over in some cases. possibly years had gone by. and when I opened them again I was back on the planet. “It is my only regret that it could not be completed soon enough for those races that were dying when it began. ships that bore the markings and trade of many different planets. somber. They are responsible for starting this. and I watched some be advanced through technology while they let others of the same species begin from the very beginning of evolution. and they did not get the chance to see the end result. it was slightly more advanced than the others. “You are the conduits between all that is here. races. They had all come to Earth before. only a few times in other cases. Given they all had been grown to begin with. visibly looking slightly sad. they had advanced a set of 12 of them to the point they were now. leaving others of the same species less advanced. just blinking. from memories they personally had. looking out over the planet and the many ships he commanded as time sped past again. teaching them all they knew from the writings they carried aboard ships. Closing my eyes for a moment. Where others held their primitive form of animal characteristics.Book Two: Peace moment. more on an evolutionary journey than the ones I was looking at now. The federation was interacting with them on a daily basis. they were here to make sure that this planet and the life on it survived no matter what. One species stood out though. one species had been advanced beyond the others. could see. and who have since died out. It was the same with this species.

showing the DNA. as I was saying. there is a little bit of everyone inside of you. you are the conduits. Inside of you. creating another 12 stranded being.” he laughed. from wherever you are on the planets surface. but is on my home planet. “We want you to reproduce. the offspring will carry 6 strands of DNA from each of you. so that your children can go on to have children. When my fathers father died. anywhere simply by using your mind. it showed a gigantic incubator. Your genetic makeup is from several different races. Giving you as many memories of the life that came before you as he could. We expect you to breed. You can contact anyone.Book Two: Peace the genetically manipulated versions of the human species had been brought to one place to hear this scientist speak. as I had stated. which were nothing short of finding the situation funny. creases showing near his eyes and mouth as he watched their reactions. “My fathers father was responsible for creating you. is the fact that you can communicate outside of your planet. Your DNA carries 12 strands of DNA. they look like this. spending his life advancing you.” he pressed another button. more than the others here do. resting during his final years. Genetics we still have bits of. You are important in the fact that you need to survive. stored in a stasis chamber. my father took over his work. You were being grown inside one of these. “It took many years to grow you to the stages of life that were suitable for introduction into the environment you see around you now. “Each time you breed. giving you the ability to communicate with all. and when he pressed a button on it. that ran through their bodies. We want you to survive to continue to be those conduits. but we dare not use as Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 118 . I have taken over in teaching you. and so on. He is still alive today. but where you are different. from you we could always create other beings by removing their genetics from you and beginning over. It took him years to perfect the genetics and technology.” he held hand device that created holographic images. you will be able to communicate with all the life of this planet as we can communicate with it now. you carry a piece of everyone. Now. the blood. you have a library of genetics inside of you. advancing you a head of the others like you.

every detail of what was expected of them. both for planetary travel and inter-planetary travel. monitoring their energy and vibrational fields as the others waited for me to fall. Meka. there would be nothing left. it was not worth them standing over me. I ran my hand over the side of it. I felt myself being let go. It was a simple structure. one of the healers. or the crystals like they did.Book Two: Peace if we used it all. the scientist was walking around the crystals. Standing around me was Taki. Kie. even if it was slightly entertaining to watch them look so distraught. standing up and walking out of the building. Aree. back out of the memories. When he was done. leaving them standing there without saying a word to them. we had them on our planet. I had seen such devices before. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 119 . It was ridiculous that they felt the need to monitor me. He spent hours explaining the world and other worlds to them. a scientist and a few of the humans. but they did the same thing. they were sent by a planetary travel device back to where they were from. slightly different in the way they were made. It was as if they were watching me to see if I would fall over again.” He explained to them every detail of their genetic makeup. I shook my head. I chose to back out of the information for now. Sakie. swearing I could see it in front of me smiling for a moment before I was back in my physical body again. built of crystal technology that almost instantaneous transportation across the planet. Kelshoro. giving it a vibration of thanks before I opened my eyes. felt the crystal skull releasing my body.

will shift and change. The magnetic poles. it will cause a shift in your planet. the one farthest out. what keeps your planet turning like it should.” Explained a man who stood in front of everyone. takes many 1000s of years to make one cycle around your sun. But when it happens. several moons. As I walked to where the meeting was being held. Again there seemed to be a meeting going on in the center of the town.. The 13th planet. we have yet to predict how far apart it will happen. “Your planets star system is made up of 13 planets. It comes close to the sun and close to the other planets at certain times.. placing a hand on top of it.There is a storm coming.” He explained it.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty-five The following day. the winds. That is what is going to cause this storm and shift the poles of your planet. Being pulled back into it and found myself standing in a world that had buildings and several generations of each life form on it. the weather around you is telling you its coming. “. seeming to understand a lot of how planets and magnetism Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 120 . I noticed the many. “Why is it happening?” Someone in the audience asked. From our predictions it will be one that will occur every so many 1000s of years. possibly 100s of federation present. I resumed my position sitting in front of the crystal. It has always been this way. You can already see some of the storm beginning to build. one sun. ships that had landed in the middle of the town practically. the seas. it causes vibrational and electromagnetic changes in each of them at that time.

Their leader has come here to speak to you today. some of the federation has set up a camp. as Sai told you. basically moved onto the planet that will cause this. I will be handing the attention to him should you have any questions as to how they are trying to shift the planets course slightly. “Hello everyone. will you live to fix it before the next?” Someone asked. You are seeing the beginning of the changes that it can cause already.” He smiled at the beings gathered around. We are still working on solving that problem. “Now.000 of your Earth years to make one complete orbit around the sun. but he looked so much like Draco that I could almost swear it was him. it may not be one that can be solved.Book Two: Peace worked. So even if we can't fix it before this round.” Going up in front of everyone was a man who looked like an older version of Draconus. He looked. They are trying to find a way to shift the planets course slightly so that it does not cause as drastic of a problem as it could. The current prediction of its orbital path gives us an estimated 100 years to solve the trajectory problem before it begins to really effect this planet. obviously curious about his life span.” “What happens if you do not fix it this time. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 121 . It takes. approximately 20. from our estimation. happy though. my name is Elicanomus. Since then we have worked to try and alter its path. But we will not stop trying. he must have been a scientist. and it will get worse as time passes. he seemed to be a completely different person. to adjust it slightly so that it would not cause as much damage as it could. “We first settled on the planet that is now affecting your planet when we learned of its orbital path and how it could effect other planets and stars around it some 100-200 years ago.000 to 30. we may have a chance at fixing it before the next. He had white scales and a tail.

Book Two: Peace “Well. Than time stopped speeding by. will take over where I left off. But should I die. “. As his father gave speeches and talked to him. outlive the entire universe so that someday..” he reached his arm out as a smaller version of him walked over by him. shifting under me. someday returning to our home. for whatever reason. Time sped forward.” He smiled down at the boy.. a little boy who looked like his father. “my son.” Draco argued with his father.” Elicanomus chuckled.. “It is important because of that. making him part of the on-goings here on Earth. “Draconus.but I do not understand why this planet is so important. water overflowed covering the land. growing up played with human children and animal children alongside other federation children. Races die out. those races that died out long ago can return to their home planet. As Draconus. it had passed and I watched as people came up from underground. as others came out of ships that had taken them up. evolve again and be reborn?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 122 .” Elicanomus sighed. I watched around me as the 13th planet crossed in the sky and the land rumbled. And then it was over. life began to continue as normal.I do not plan on dying anytime soon. “How would you feel if it was our race that was dying and the only hope for us to continue... Trees blew apart. Time continued to speed forward as around me people rebuilt. was to create a library of us. “.” he smiled again. can return to their star systems and begin again. really trying not to consider anything else. it is not meant to be carried on through genetic manipulation. walked like him. Draco and his father were sitting at a table. hugging him to his side. our genetics. bowing his head. many 1000's of your years. the sky turned gray and black.. seemed slightly shy. This planet must survive all of us. I was standing in a house made of stone. Our life spans allow us to live many.

and I would expect no less from you than to follow in my footsteps. I watched as the 13th planet passed several times. Elicanomus and his son. Draconus. to our home star system!” “When is the last time you saw home father? I barely even remember it! We have been living on that retched. someday. The 13th planet passed by again. Draco took hold of a knife and slashed at his arm. blood ran down his arm. manipulative.000 Earth years for him that he lived. lost the compassion he had as a child. avoiding the humans and other beings on this planet. You are betraying our entire race by doing such! You. he still had many more years of life left. avoiding his father. I refuse to bow down to them!” He yelled at his father. “This will be no more. “Draconus!” His father yelled back. He began to work with others of like mind. As Draco grew cold. will take my place.Book Two: Peace “That wont happen because we will not make the same stupid mistakes others have!” Draco slammed his fist into the table. Bring honor to our family. and I was again standing in a house of stone. Elicanomus was growing old. it had been over 100. trying to fix a problem that Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 123 . I lost count of how many times the Earth was almost ripped apart. and even though he was growing old. breaking it in half. 100's. working things out on paper. to our race. cutting the mark of the federation from his body. it had to have passed by a dozen times. working things out with others. He was planning something. years of peace over your ignorance. maybe two dozen. freezing planet for how long. “You cannot forsake years of trust. Time again began to speed forward. 1000s of its years. were arguing in the middle of the room. Time slowed.

I watched as Draco walked to stand in front of his father. you will help them or I will see you sent home and never allowed in this star system again!” He threatened his son. The father placed his hand on his sons shoulder. they are the federation. I wanted to yell. right into Elicanomus's heart. now. under the skeletal system. bowing at our feet along with the rest of the federation!” “Do not begin with this again!” Elicanomus waved his hand at his son. having had this conversation several times. dead eyes. “It would be over my dead body that I would leave the legions to your control with the mindset you have now!” His father stared at him. twisting it further in as the blood ran down the knife and over his hand.Book Two: Peace may not be fixable. frustraited. “They ARE the universe. daring him to insist on it again. “No father. Is you who will return home.” Draco said softly as he walked towards his father who was confused at his sons statement. The look on his face was devastation. anger but most of all sadness. to scream for Elicanomus to move. all for the sake of what? These beings? This planet? They would be better off as slaves. Draco had shoved the knife up. but I couldn't. first hitting his knees and then falling backwards Draco pulled the knife from his fathers Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 124 . fear. to knock his son down. staring at him with those angry. Draco still had the knife in his hand. I couldn't make the words come out of my mouth not that they would have heard me anyway. I watched as his father looked down. to run. “I do not mind it that way. As he fell to the ground. and you will leave. matching him in height. held on for a moment before crumpling to the ground. you will hand over the legions to me.” Draconus was growing angry. We cannot turn our backs on trying to save them! Someday you will understand.

leaving his fathers head in the center of town. weeping. As they said goodbye to him. unmoving. yanking his head backwards. They returned to Earth. hugging each other as they watched his body burn. He carried to the center of town. “Over your dead body. Wrapping him in a white silk cloth. dangling down as he held the knife in his other hand. and never once did the people present break the vigil over his body until there was nothing but dust left. building a wooden stand. taking Elicanomus's head back to his body. He boarded a ship and left the planet. Federation members scrambled. everyone. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 125 . He had been a leader. trying to shoot the ship down but the shields were too advanced. He left the building with Elicanomus's head in his hand. The people around stunned. and night. I inherit the legions. their weapons fire did not penetrate it. a friend to everyone on Earth. loosing him was heartbreaking to them. Standing. from all over the planet and every member of the federation showed up. grabbing the horns that protruded from his fathers head. separating it from his body. I inherit the Earth!” Draconus said it through clenched teeth as he sliced the head of his father off. a king. His body and the stand burned the entire day. crying.Book Two: Peace chest. holding it up as he growled. Laid him on top of the stand in the center of town.

the sun had already set during the time that I had been inside. rather than simply reading about it. out of the corner of my eye. I was determined to play catch up with the worlds history again tomorrow. different members seated around the building. I grabbed some fruit as I passed the market.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty-six When I came away from the crystal this time. I had settled on one question for today. I now knew how the library had been made and why. Choosing to ignore him I continued inside. I caught Taki. I was able to watch it happen. I did not have an audience standing over me. But watching it happen in front of me gives a completely different understanding to it. watching me. I was standing in the temple of the high council again. eating as I walked. I wanted to know how he took over the Earth. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 126 . Finishing the food as I went up the steps to the hall. More questions rising that had been answered. I walked out of there. thinking about everything. Settling into my bunk for the night. now that I knew how Draconus had come to power. assuming control of the legions his father had commanded. watching history as it unfolded. which I had known the basics to as it was written on our temple walls back home. resuming my seat before the skulls and placing my hand on top of it. how the humans had fallen from their seat of power. letting it draw me inside. Upon waking from a restful sleep.

with their bare hands. the same way each of us has. watching the world fall. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 127 . They may fight for their freedom. he made every citizen under his command cut the mark from their bodies. animals. he could not wipe the entire planet out. Fighting with every natural force. but we cannot come between them and their right to fight for it. Attacking the citizens of Earth when they were at their weakest point. I was once again standing on Earth. he slaughtered those who stood against him. planned and waited for the pass. whether loyal to him or not does not matter. that is all that matters.” One man stated. As long as they live. Watching as the bloody massacre happened. The images and people began speeding past me. the only thing they could agree on was the fact that maybe some of the library would be left. with weapons. We have taught them.Book Two: Peace “We cannot do anything. it must have been a war that lasted years. Draconus had brought every legion with him. canines. The legions are under his command. becoming a blur as it brought me to the war that was waged. but I was able to watch it as if it only took minutes. felines. Draco forsaked the federation. from his home planet to the 13th planet in the Earth's solar system. If he wanted slaves. humans. reptiles. They have to fight for their freedom. Launching ships from the planet as it left the Earth in upheaval. fish. He plans to make slaves of the people of Earth. he cannot do such if he wipes them out!” The debate continued through the temple. having to rebuild what they had not taken underground with them. Draco may wipe them out!” “They were given free will. birds. “If we do nothing. Every citizen of Earth had fought along side one another.

lined up and moved into groups. Those who tried to resist were hung in front of the others and left there until their bodies decomposed as examples of what fighting did. Setting fire to the plant life. if the child shows a lower brain wave activity than normal keep it. “But my lord. looking almost afraid of the answer. and breed them again. resulting in a more controllable being until you can block the abilities they have. the lower the activity in the brain the less the offspring will have. was no more. turning sand to glass.” The images and voices again sped past me in a blur.” “Yes. leaning on the table in front of him. implement it and any that are not needed or it cannot be solved in. You cannot breed the genetics out of the humans. the people. The world was Draco's now.. The labs.. take them down. driving those who sought refuge hiding in them out. a low brain wave activity does not solve the problem you are trying to solve. and while you try to figure a way out to block the genetics. “I do not care. the animals. The world that had been. breed them. The citizens who were left alive were caged. everything went by so fast it was hard to catch it. but the war was lost.. When you can solve the genetic problem.” “And what would you have us do with the rest of them?” The scientist asked. the cages. It must be blocked. “let them continue to reproduce at a controlled rate. kill them.. back in the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 128 . Breed them. still retaining the abilities that came natural to them. Take 3 men from each group. “For now.Book Two: Peace Entire cities were wiped out by bombs that were dropped. But it came to a halt. and 6 women from each group who also show the lowest brain wave activity.” Draco argued with one his scientists. the ones who show the lowest brain wave activity.” Draco sighed.

They will have had their abilities and genetics far too long to cut them off. but why?” The scientist now looked confused. animals they will not be able to communicate with.” The scientist wrung his hands in front of him.” The scientist rushed in the entry way to where Draco sat in a chair. when they have been blocked. “after it is done. Water. We are going to be Gods.” “My lord?” “You heard me. “My lord. coming up out of his chair.” “What?” He growled out. and wipe their memories.” He began smiling. kill them if they cannot be blocked. we have solved the problem. Plants. “Then kill them.” “Forgive me my lord. leaning his chin on his hand as his elbow rested on the arm of the chair. are the strongest. the longest. Leave the rest of the people who have had their genetics blocked out in the desert and other areas to continue working for us.Book Two: Peace chamber where Draco had argued with his scientist. We can now block the genetics. But take these two. after their minds have been wiped. I want you to take the strongest two. who work the hardest. “Good.” “There is one small problem. one female. one male. to a nice forest or jungle area. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 129 . implement it. “Anyone over a certain age it will be useless on. Lots of green vegetation.

. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 130 . service breed.” “Yes my lord. one that are hard workers. a controllable race.Book Two: Peace “Because. we will build the perfect workers. from them. We will be their Gods and they will not disobey. We will create a. good listeners.” The scientist bowed his head and backed away slightly before turning and leaving the room. and ones that obey every command..

birds chirping.. Banish her from the garden.woman is beginning to remember. “Take her. or woman. would look upwards and speak to the sky. What would you have me do?” The same scientist stood before Draco again. Again blurring by at a dizzying pace until I was standing in Draco's lair again. another replacing her. watching as the male being slept and the woman was taken.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty-seven The history blurred again until I was standing in the middle of a field. “Yes my lord. relaxing it seemed as he sat his throne.” Draco sat in his chair again.” The scientist backed out again. As images flew past me I caught glimpses of the woman and man. Grass. living peacefully. there were trees spread out. being left alone for the most part. I watched as a ship beamed a lifeless body to the ground.. I almost thought I had been sent back in history. a younger one who will not argue. not fight nor resist. naked. Again I was back in the garden. Every now and then it seemed that the man. She is fighting the clearing of her mind. They began to mate. Find another. “. The offspring Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 131 . a man. passed out. a river. two feet high swayed with the breeze. One more controllable. place her with the other slaves. head bowed. a cliff. breeding several children that ran around the garden as well. Days blurred past me and a woman was set down much the same way while the man was asleep.

the world seemed peaceful for the most part. looking down at me like he was making sure I was okay. Intending to figure out another question and learn more. feeling no need to I went straight to the hall. Backing out of the crystals memories I thanked it for sharing it with me. covering it in water in most places. Images blurred past me again. were taken aboard a ship. Falling asleep as Taki leaned over his bunk. but I didn't know where to begin tomorrow. or in recent times? Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 132 . just as docile and controllable as the two parents. the world began to spin around as the 13th planet passed again. running over my questions in my mind. a few others. There were wars now and then it seemed. the sun had again set. It was almost as if Draco wanted to let the world be wiped out. very few. but the library still lived. I had a million questions I wanted to ask. but the world had survived Draco's coming of power. He controlled it now. Almost wiping the world out. Why were we here now? What had the orders from the high council actually read? When was the 13th planet due to come again? What was Draco doing now. They left the garden with their children. only saving a few that he took onto his ship. Leaving the hall and heading to the barracks. It seemed even as slaves the humans had retained some of the memories. I sat. The following morning I did not stop to eat. venturing out into the world around them one day. the people rebuilt. The planet passed.Book Two: Peace appeared just as strong. But the others had remembered to take shelter underground. some went underground.

Inside of them were human women.” “Your lord wants to see results.. what is the reason for this project? I mean why does Draco want to know if the races can be crossed?” The scientist asked sheepishly. asking the question.we have not figured out if our race can cross with the humans or not. that was known and recorded into the crystals I sat down in front of one. Collecting living samples is not results. ensuring our membership in the federation. “He would like his bloodline carried on in the human race. I will give you 5 of my best soldiers to assist in the project. the genetic memories of those ancestors who had helped to bring an end to our wars. “Thank you. Settling on knowing what Draco was up to as of late. Samples of the genetic bloodlines from Earth have been collected. There is only one real way to see if it is possible. knowing what had occurred on our planets before we came here. there were cages. Placing my hand on it. I heard footsteps coming into the room and turned to see the general of Draco's army listening to a scientist rattle on about a project. I had been given memories of those who came before me. All around me. at least 5 on each of the 3 walls. I had grown up hearing it talked about. “. basically giving him a loyal army that can live among the people Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 133 .” The general's posture and tone of voice showed his annoyance and impatience. If I may ask. I took a male as well to run some tests on. my own history I knew.Book Two: Peace I was more curious about this world and it's history than my own. but in one there was a human male. “what is Draconus doing now?” The crystal pulled me in and left me standing in a science lab..

sound human.” “What about. “Tis not your right to question your lord. We do not want to hurt you. wanting to know if I had any other questions.” The general appeared to think over how much he should actually tell the scientist. he wants them to listen without being in fear the entire time. we know who you are. hoping they will work harder. “Enough!” The general lost his patience.Book Two: Peace without frightening them. “He could. Walls made of smooth. “What is your next question Nesenty?” The voice came out of no where and had me jumping. We have answered the question you came to us with. “He would like offspring that look human.. Disowned by their God basically so they will want to favor him more.. but are reptilian. “Be easy.” The scientist began to probe for more information. waiting for someone to come out from some wall. increase production. “You know we are alive.” “Since he is their God. a bright light shining in. He would like them to work under command of a reptilian bloodline. I will have my military report shortly. Direct the humans how to function and what to do. He wants ground personnel that will not cause the humans to run.” I now stood in a crystal room. I found myself looking around me. clear crystal. but believe they are working for themselves. do you have any others?” The crystal was talking to me. We never intended to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 134 . can he not just tell them to do such?” The scientist wanted to know more. can fit in as the village leaders and mages. but he seems to grow tired of playing their God.

“is there anything I should know?” “There is nothing you cannot see for yourself. Finally. Opening my eyes and watching the skull in front of me for a moment before I got up and left the hall.” “Oh. I do not blame you. I asked “Can you tell the future?” “The future has yet to be written. we bring them here.” I was sent out of the room and felt myself leaving the crystals.. We are here to answer your questions. No memories or knowledge has passed onto us from the outside.” I could not think of a question if my life had depended on it.” I thought a moment before asking anything else. felt the physical body as I was let back into it. We wait until they decide if they would like to know more. for sharing with me what you do know.” “Do you always talk to people who come to you?” “Yes. “I got nothing. I sat Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 135 . And I understand you never meant to harm me. or if they would like to leave. Not knowing what to do from here. We cannot give you a future we do not know. when we have answered a question without further questions.” “We will be here should you find something else you would like to know. You must find the question in yourself before you can ask it. Those who come to us are looking for information. “Thank you though.. you must ask it before we can answer it.Book Two: Peace hurt you the first time.” I was honest. we are here to help you in your journey for knowledge.” With nothing else to lose.

watching as people went by about their day.Book Two: Peace on one of the steps. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 136 .

t'was a good thing. they still held the capability. but it was not something I ever thought I would be willing to do. The humans here had advanced. watching the ocean tides come in as night fell. They were fighters. it would allow those here to return home almost instantaneously. The Orcea were still teaching the children to swim. Aree had taken a mate. Draconus had not bothered us since he said we could have the island. Yes the world needed beings to do it and populate it. given at times it was touch and go. It would also allow for the Earthlings to learn about our home worlds first hand. if it happened it happened. 3 boys and 2 girls and you might believe they could lead an army already. The latest rumor I had heard recently was that they would be building an inter-planetary gate. I still could not bring myself to understand why anyone would knowingly chose to go through that. I stood. had children of her own now. way past what they were when we first arrived.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty-eight Some ten seasons had passed since I learned the history of the world. wondering if I would ever go to my home planet again or not. Earth had become a second home to me. Kie had 5 children now. if it was simply talk then that was all it was. I had attended their births. as well as take their Earthling mates back to meet their family. all of them. meet our people. at times I swore the girls were more of tyrants than the boys. I would not like to see what he Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 137 . I had not asked Kelshoro or his father about it. They were all using the natural abilities granted them.

wrapping them in cloth and setting fire to them. late at night laying in my bunk. growing taller. building the stands before preparing their bodies for the journey of their souls. she had visibly aged. aged similar to the humans here. Kie's children. she often commented on the fact that I still looked as I did years ago when I first showed her how to mend cloth with her mind. I knew one day in the future. Others grew older. looked older. I would be wrapping her body and sending her off. nothing causes a change. The body died from the inside out. And I thought Kie had problems with Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 138 . some of them I didn't. We had burned their bodies. crossing their arms over their chest. Right here on this beach. It was the cycle of life.Book Two: Peace would do if he found we had advanced the people. why he had turned on his own father. each time someone would pass we would leave their bodies be for 3 days before. The Syrian and his human mate had. Some of them I knew personally. Once a year she was baring a child. old age had set in with some of the oldest in the city. Bringing them to the beach and allowing the wood and their bodies to burn to dust. had a brood. They grew like any other child in the village. they just are. Probably as well as her children if I stayed long enough. building stands of wood. what had made him so cold. A handful of people had died of natural causes. looking years younger than those of the same age. The crystals had not been able to tell me anything more recent as no one who knew what was happening had died within a proximity to them to be able to transfer their knowledge to them. I often found myself wondering. along with others of us who had taken human bodies and human mates and had children with them. organs shut down after being worked to the brink. stronger by the day. letting the wind take it where it went. He was sadistic. Like Aree. cold hearted. I had come to the conclusion sometimes beings are just born evil. But they retained the youth.

They were blending with the non-humans who had come in. the man followed me around like a lost babe. they learned everything they could.” I could hear the smile on his face. except for those you knew for sure as you knew who the parents were or they were here before. The people who were originally here. stronger. But they were built like their mother. I could barely remember what they had looked like as children as there was a slight change in them by the day. our scientists. “Aye. spoke many languages. They looked like their father. you are. They grew taller. You spend most of your days. “What are you doing out here so late in the eve?” Taki asked as he walked up behind me. “I am thinking. It was peaceful. as well as nights Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 139 . it was shorter than his own though. like a human.” I told him as he put his hand on my shoulder. But he was always watching out for me. hairy. pulling me out of trouble when I found myself there. and their own physical features seemed to be dying out. and had human eyes. “You are always thinking. The island was a family. arguing with a plant or kicking a stone out of frustration. so they made up for it by having one or two at a time. studied the history of this world as well as many other worlds.Book Two: Peace self restraint. Taki. They worked alongside our healers. I figure she did not have sets of three or four. grew personalities beyond what they had before. our technicians. Became the understudies of our scientists. you could no longer be sure when you looked at a child if it was human or a half breed. forcing me to acknowledge his presence. The children we had first taken out to the ocean for the Ocrea to teach to swim had grown up.

looking down at me. hoping he would tell me more. the air?” “Sometimes. or so I have heard. “Tis true. you grow. I have never asked that question or gotten that answer. to finish a task you did not get to in the last life. new mind. the life. “Do you ever stop thinking and just watch? Watch the world. “Have you heard about the inter-planetary gate they say may be built?” “I have.” He paused.Book Two: Peace thinking. at one time. “Seems I am ten years behind you in studying. He says they are Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 140 . you die and move on to the next life. watch people grow old. You are born.” “Or ahead of me.” I smiled at him.” “And?” I nudged his arm.” “Who told you this?” I looked at him. But it results in thinking. “Sometimes I sit on the steps of the hall and just watch life pass by. moving beside me. you return to this life. you were a child too and people watched you grow tall. knowing he could not have come up with it himself. I learned the planets history and that was all I had interest in at the time.” He smiled at me.” I wondered if he had heard the same rumors I had. “One of the crystals. “Tis how all living things work. I asked our king about it. children grow tall.” I sighed.” “Sometimes. about the gate. new studies and you begin again. “And to think.” He seemed somber. You take new body.

but you must admit. Once the crystals have been grown and the gate is up. introduce him to his genetic donors.” I closed my eyes. Maybe home is not so far away anymore. resting his chin on the top of my head.” I smiled.” “You just want to watch the scolding he gets for reproducing so many times over. just because he was there to use as a resting pole.Book Two: Peace growing the crystals even now that will power it.. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 141 . people no longer stuck out anywhere on the island.” He wave his hand in front of him as he rolled his eyes. knowing they would never do that. but we must blend it into the surroundings.” Sighing I leaned against him. “Hm. but figuring I could make Taki worry a little. Pushing away from him I sat down on the sand beneath me. “Tired?” He moved his head to look down at the top of mine. would be funny. watch the stars.” He agreed. “I also want to see my body.” Taki chuckled. we can return home for a short time. T'would be a sight to see their reaction. “I believe I will sleep out here tonight. my first body. “Yes. so will cover the crystals in a stone appearance so that they blend in. “Possibly. given that the Earthlings saw non-Earthlings every day. See if it is still being kept alive or if they have gotten lazy in all the years we have been gone.” “Yes it would. “Not as if anyone here has a problem with sticking out or anything.. Wants to make it fit in with the world around though.” He laughed at the idea. Maybe even Kie will bring his raft of children back. let us go.

I would prefer to keep my nostrils clear of sand. Such a soothing sound it made. watching the stars as they shown bright.Book Two: Peace laying back with my hands under my head.” I looked over at him while he laid down next to me.” He closed his eyes. there was always light somewhere that caused reflection in your eyes that lessened the stars glow. I will fill your nose with sand. Brighter than you could see them in the city. “I will try to remember that while I sleep. if you make noise while you sleep. I listened to the waves as they broke against the shore. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 142 . knowing sometimes I wish to be by myself. “You may stay. “Mind if I stay?” Taki asked. but I warn you. Watching the stars until I could no longer keep my eyes open. it relaxed me into a deep sleep.

” The boy smiled at them.” The other patted the human's back.Book Two: Peace Chapter Twenty-nine Over the next year. suggested that it be built on the electrical grid of the Earth. “I have.” “There is only so much listening to the two of you bicker as old women do one can take. their apprentice. “You would have thought that we would have thought of this a long time ago. where the lines crossed. I watched as the boy pulled out 3 rolled papers. who was human. I watched as scientists argued over where to build the gate.” One of them commented.” He stated. Sooner or later someone must say something. “Would have saved many months of arguing had we thought of it. “Lets see the maps then. “It will increase the natural energy of the crystals with the energy of the Earth.” Urged the second scientist. “good thing one of us is using our brain. The scientists looked at him for a moment before starting to laugh. spreading Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 143 . Surprisingly enough.” The boy answered. “I suppose you have mapped out the Earths electrical grid over the island?” The first scientist questioned him.

” The second looked at the boy. “Everything does check out. Second by watching some of the others determine the position of different buildings based on energy levels. “This one maps out the lines running west to east. “where did you learn to do this?” “A number of places. putting in information and watching it give back information. “for the gate as most of the lines cross almost in the exact center of the island.” The boy's eyebrows creased together as lines formed on his forehead.” The scientists looked over the maps several times.Book Two: Peace them out on the table near by. Double checking it against the hand devices they carried.” he pointed to a spot close to the middle of the map. silently taking in the work that the boy had done. The boy looked almost annoyed at the patience they were taking. I suggest here. he seemed so sure of the mapping he had done he would have thrown the gate onto it without a second thought.” Again letting them look it over closely before moving on to the last one. “He is right. Lastly I studied the information contained in the crystals pertaining to a planets natural energy and the electrical Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 144 . predicting where a storm may come from and where it would go. They spent hours going over the maps and checking them against the devices. letting them look it over before he pointed to the second. “This first one here maps the lines running north to south. It has the highest electrical field across the entire island. using rocks in the corners of them to keep them open. showing where they cross.” He pointed it out to them.” The first finally commented. but the two scientists seemed to want to check every detail. “And this one maps them both. “First by watching the two of you monitor the electrical fields of the Earth.

.. “What?” The boy asked... which a pilot showed me how to do. Within minutes the council had been gathered and were entering the building. “Our.” the first one finally muttered. apprentice has brought to our attention the electrical fields of the island.” the second pointed to someone standing nearby.” The first one began to explain. they could not even bring themselves to comment on his explanation. their mouths hanging out as they looked at him.Book Two: Peace lines it has that contain a higher amount. I was trying to keep myself from laughing watching as they were outsmarted by a human. “Nothing. I was content to sit back and watch it unfold. “Finally!” One of the council members threw his arms in the air. “go gather the council and bring them here. From there it was just a matter of finding them on the island and mapping them out using a ship's computer. “You have been discussing this for a year. an expression of happiness crossing his face at the problem finally having been solved.. “He has been running around the city.” The scientists looked surprised. confused by their silence along with the looks on their faces.” The child. and speaking Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 145 . ah. suggesting an optimum place for the gate to be positioned. collecting information. “we can tell the council we have found the place for the gate.. and when two or more lines cross it raises the energy and electrical output. and you just now began to listen to your student?” Another one laughed.” “You. maybe 11 seasons old ran from the building after nodding her head in an affirmative way.

This flat crystal had inscriptions on it. Finally. “Well we did not expect him to do what we could not think of.” “The crystals are almost ready. covering the entire complex of the gate at once in the immense energy it hit it with.” The second one chuckled.” Over the next few weeks I followed the scientists around as they began clearing the land. Then they laid a crystal atop of these standing ones. Moving inside they took 4 smaller crystals. connecting each standing one to another. Than standing 4 others on the other side. Laying a flat crystal atop the 4 that were upright.Book Two: Peace to people as well as crystals and borrowing ships for cycles now. creating what looked like a doorway without a top. 6 on either side.” My king ordered. creating a stand at the end where they had completed the circle. preparing the ground. it was the control crystal. he did and we are very happy he did so. after they were satisfied that it had been erected correctly and in the right position they asked that the feast of the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 146 . It took them approximately a week before they had completed the structure. “It will be built with no more waste of time on the matter. building it from the crystals they had grown. and finally having the crystals brought in by ship. Stepping back they envisioned the stone covering of the crystals. First standing 12 crystals around in an almost complete circle. turning its beaming technology into an activation energy. Finally. it appeared as if they had stood stones up. I watched as they stood them up in a precise layout. “But to our surprising. clear the land and prepare it. Then standing 4 at one end. You did not take notice?” He was laughing. a ship was brought in that had been adjusted to activate the crystals. much in the same manner but completing the circle.

Book Two: Peace night be moved to the surrounding area where they could activate the gate for the first time. Every person living on the island would either walk or be brought by ship to the site. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 147 .

who was surprisingly still alive for as old as he was. They had been sent word through one of the ships that we would be building a gate and they would be receiving the first activation. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 148 .” One of the scientists who had helped to build the gate turned towards the boy who had given them the idea of where to build it. The scientist put in the information pertaining to our home. Showing him how to work the control crystal as they input the information for my home world. turning back around to face the crowd. “Are you ready to see your work in action?” “I feel as if I will lose my dinner.” He looked behind him briefly. and to here. they plan to activate it for the first time. Raising his arms up the people quieted down. you will be able to travel with them home. stood in front of the entryway to the gate. “Our family has built a gate for travel here. “Many of you have heard the stories of their homes that they had left behind to come here. Tonight.” The boy smiled at him nervously. This is what stands behind me. even children seemed to recognize the signal for silence. opening a doorway between one of their homes and here. and the feast for the night had been eaten the leader of the city. The scientists walked with the boy between them into the circle of stones. From now on.Book Two: Peace Chapter Thirty Once everyone had been gathered around the site.

and see through them at the same time until they became physical again. clapping their hands as if it was a show. it will activate the gate. The boy was standing there with his eyes closed again. The crystals. Surrounding them. One second they had been standing there. almost as if he expected it to blow up. The scientists looked at him as the crowd began to seem worried that this was not safe. Not a result of the gate.” His hand was shaking slightly as he moved it towards the bottom inscription. As the crowd began to talk amongst themselves the energy again began to travel around the top ring. and again the swirling light came down from the top and for a second you could see the 2 scientists and the boy. Nudging him he finally opened his eyes. no longer looking like a hologram. the activation button. looking at the lights and energy swirling around them and the next they were gone.” They carried him out and laid him on the ground outside of the gate before the scientists went on to explain how the gate Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 149 . he is fine. Pressing it and closing his eyes. He stood for a second longer before falling over. swirling around them. and then they vanished. The crowd gasped. “He simply fainted. The children laughed and giggled. a light began to swirl around coming down from the top to where the boy and the scientists stood. Lost consciousness. seeing his home around him again.Book Two: Peace looking at the boy. I suspect he was overwhelmed by traveling. and backed up slightly. as the scientists stood beside him smiling. A healer looked him over briefly before beginning to laugh. “press the final inscription. everyone sitting around could feel the energy building in them. Watching as the energy traveled around the top ring of the structure. begin to shake slightly. or stones as they appeared to be.

Still. They seemed weary of the technology. “It conducts energy.” One began the explanation. we will begin sending some of our personnel home and you may go with. centralizing it into one force. no one said anything. “The energy is not only centralized. The crowd was silent as they watched the scientists. which you have input the information for on the control crystal inside of it. Opening a window between it and a destination gate.Book Two: Peace worked. hoping to inspire others to speak. if you wish. at least not to anyone standing before them. I sat on the ground. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 150 . anything. “Once at the destination gate it puts you back together. at the most basic level of the being. whispering between each other. Excited by the idea of going home after so many years away on this planet. adjusted to how we lived and our customs mixed with theirs. I believe they were all on the verge of fainting as the boy had done.” The first finished the explanation. They had adjusted to us and our technology.waiting for someone to say something. But this seemed slightly unbelievable for them to swallow in a single moment. standing in front of the gate. “Tomorrow.” The second furthered the explanation. No one had a thing to say it seemed. You become energy as it surrounds you. Looking from one to another. you become a physical being again instead of existing as energy. Transporting you to the destination gate instantaneously. uneasy at the way it seemed to work.” Nucuranda said finally. but tis also preprogrammed to break down the physical bodies.

” and then it seemed to hit him. Talking more like the people I knew they were.. helping him to sit up. smiling.” “Tis good.” The boy began to stammer.. built slightly different than this one. directing the boys attention to the crowd around. “That. “Will you be able to wait Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 151 . The gate works perfectly.” He looked at me. “I feel. “Oh. he had passed out and worried those around him. Tis beautiful. I reached around and tapped Taki's arm.. On the other side. Once back in the barracks.” he swallowed. It took a while to convince them it was time to head back to the city and sleep for the night. jumping to his feet he said “I am fine. if it was at all possible with all of the excitement that had taken place. “fine. the scientists knelt down beside him... there is another one. that was. watching him..Book Two: Peace The boy began to stir. You find yourself standing in what appears to be a garden with strange trees.” The scientist moved his hand. Sure that he was fine now and the gate had not caused his collapse they were finally happy with it. “You excited to go home?” I asked him. “How do you feel?” One asked.. I believe the people were worried that you were harmed. “How do you feel?” The scientist insisted..” The people finally began clapping. smiling and laughing. and in my own bunk. interested and curious about everything we had to share. “Hm?” He leaned over the side. “Yes.

I have told her about the trees and fruit that grow on them.” He moved back into his bunk and rolled over. I want to show Aree what I have been telling her about for many seasons now. leaving me to fall asleep on my own. I cannot wait to have some of it again. will be good to see it again. “The temple walls. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 152 . facing the back of my bunk.” “Probably. humoring me even though he was visibly tired. rather than argue with you over it. And the garden outside the castle.” He grinned.Book Two: Peace until morning or must I tie you to your bunk?” “I will be able to wait. She does not believe we have so much writing on the walls of temples.” “You are telling me.” I laughed. I have tried it and failed many times. I told her many seasons ago about the writing on them.” “What would that be?” He asked. “I wonder if they would let me bring a tree back here. “Would be smart not to argue with me. But now I am going to sleep. Finally unable to keep my eyes open any longer I fell asleep.

” I smiled at her. shaking slightly as she did so. Being here almost 80 years now. “Yes. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 153 . reminiscing with her about the times we had shared here. “You still sleep well..” She commented on my original body that was held in stasis on my planet. I held Aree's hand. Her children had grown and taken mates. met my people. “The body is peaceful. squeezing her hand between mine. as well. I looked no older. some staying on the other planets. neither did any of the others who had taken human bodies. bringing back a tree seed and planting it in the garden along with some of the other plants from our home planet. “You looked so peaceful.” She breathed in. should be getting a good rest. at a much slower rate now. All around us people were aging. somewhere between the two life spans. much slower than their mother. enlarging the city as they did so.Book Two: Peace Chapter Thirty-one Over the next few years I would make several trips home. Even Kie's children were aging faster than he did.” I could feel the worry vibrating off of her. but it still did not give them our lifespans. the times she had come to my home.. Humans came and went from Earth and other planets. People would come and go from several different planets. Sitting beside the bed.

Gripping my hand tighter in her own. The girl who I first taught to mend cloths with her mind. placing dried brush under it. friends. but sooner or later. people we had watched grow up. sitting at the table with her and her family. “I will watch over them always. feeling for the first time emotion of losing someone.” I promised her. take a mate. the body would always age past a point that their genetics were unable to heal. Many had died since our arrival here. Holding her hand as her life in the physical slipped away. It was always the same. The burning of her body. We had been in these bodies for a long time now. have children. the next one always more shallow than the one before it. we may have extended their lives and giving them healthier lives. but she worried about them. watching her grow up. placing her body on top of it with her arms crossed over her chest. and yet the bodies we occupied only looked a few years older than the day we took them. I watched as the wind carried the ashes out into the sea. Surrounded by people. Laughing. A tear rolled down the side of my cheek at the memories I had shared with her. living their lives. I found myself holding back the waters that wanted to come. a wife and mother.Book Two: Peace having children of their own. Watching her as her eyes closed. I remembered her as a young woman. smiling with those who visited. as she always had. the last fare well anyone could give someone. The age of the body finally giving out. Watching her carefully as she took her last breaths. We had built a stand of wood. setting it on fire. Sitting next to her bed as she smiled at those around her one last time before closing her eyes. It was not for herself that she worried. Our consciousness and activation of the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 154 . Watching her body wither away into old age. family the final days before they passed on in the healing center. many cycles had past over us. take families. she smiled slightly. I had seen it many times in the years we had spent here. And in front of me now.

gone to the next life. the time of my life. singing in the life around you. her mate whose body was failing him as well watched.Book Two: Peace DNA in the bodies themselves had given them a slower rate of aging. their lives were short. beating wings carry you on the winds of eternity sharing the secrets of the universe with you. Memories will come and go. I will never forget. All of the years when we were there. but the smiles on those faces. pass their memories of you onto a new generation. nothing can last forever. “The crossroads of time bring you places you never thought you would see. always call you home in the end. even if they thought they had. they would never forget the lives of those who went before them. through the passing of them between sentient beings. something that always came to an end. People would never forget. even with the healers and technology to extend it. But our minds. possibly back to the source from which we all came from. time does not stop when the pounding Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 155 . or somewhere else out there. saying their last goodbyes as she was sent on. I will always remember the times we shared. our understanding had enabled us to outlive so many of them. The wondering waves. joining the stars above. burning into the night on the beaches of Atlantis. A time of peace. memories would be carried through the genetics. Closing my eyes. they still held shorter lives than they should. remembering the words I had spoke as the fire was set. Her children and grandchildren watched. Sparks flying into the night sky.. as had the reactivation of the humans here.. others outlive you. the laughter I shared with those people. Watching one after another lost to old age. I knew she had gone on. The flames of the fire that now gave her body to the winds would spark up. Time would go on forever. possibly waiting to reincarnate into another life here. it was the ending of one chapter of their lives and the beginning of another. We say goodbye. we hold on tight to memories that will never die and can never be taken from us.

she would be with those she knew for the rest of time. working shifts on this planet and their own. she was a good leader. Some brought their families to the island. She had been to many worlds. many personnel who had been some of the first to come here had exchanged places with others. The leader of the village.Book Two: Peace sea has called you home and neither will the memories you have given to people. Life would go on through the city. News spread fast now when there was news to talk of. The rough houses that seemed they Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 156 . mending. it was all part of life. existing across the universe were stories of the first days here. spoke many languages. you would hear about the new birth of a child that happened moments ago through the mental connection everyone shared. You did not have to stand in front of one another to hold a conversation anymore. they would live on in the crystals no matter where they went. Even some human families had chosen to move to other planets with friends. their wisdom. I walked back to the barracks. the people of this island had advanced to the point of being able to mentally communicate with anyone else on the island at any given time.” Turning away from the beach. New life was beginning almost daily on the island. learning. Many of the council members had returned to their homes. who we had first met 80 seasons ago. Her people loved her. Their memories. having her smile showing in my mind. creating. if the genetic memory of them was ever lost. Atlantis was at peace. had passed on and his daughter had inherited his seat on the council. she represented the humans and their voice. others took their human mates to their planet to begin a family. as would everyone else who had passed on. had been recorded onto the crystals. discovery.

to the introduction of the crystal statue and skulls. it had returned to how it was in the beginning. once again after too many years of non-interaction with Earth. the way life was meant to be here. There was peace. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 157 . even I had grown fond of doing it from time to time. many beings insisted on doing things by hand. Still.Book Two: Peace would blow over with the first gust of wind.


Book Three The Fall .


“But we are going to be placing shield generators around the island.” “At this time yes. Work had begun and was done everyday. We cannot do that. and not under the control of the Earth. divers would take to under the island.” “And if they fail?” She stood with her hands posed on her hips. I do not understand half of what they did there. “If we intend to keep Atlantis in one piece. either clearing or installing technology. was always somewhere around. how is sinking the city going to solve that problem? The waves will crush down on her and destroy her. looking as if she was trying to find an argument.” Our king. the daughter of that first village leader we had met. and yet did not rely on the environment for use. “No. and two years to complete. I was never a scientist. Nucuranda agreed with her. was one that was environmental friendly. should the city have to be sunk they will withstand the weight of the water. The technology used. But I do know that they transformed the island into one that could be sunk at any time.Book Three: The Fall Chapter One Over the next few years the council saw fit to order the island to be turned into one that was under the control of them. But the person who held the voice for the human race. it was the council. watching over things. It took a year to plan. The leader of the city was no longer one person. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 1 .” She stood in the hall arguing with some of the council members.

give them choice where they want to go or if they want to stay..” Nucuranda stared at her. I had not realized it was raining today. but we do not ask those who we speak for. turning around I looked outside and seen that it was.” The human leader sighed. “Do you think we should not tell the people?” Another council member put in. it did not phase me anymore. the constant downpour that has left my fur unable to dry. “He has a point.. the wind that could pick a beast up.” The Syrian shook as if to try and throw the wetness from his fur. We have all seen the signs that the storms are coming again. Listening to them talk behind me. I guess I got used to it. Looking up the sky was filled with dark rolling clouds.Book Three: The Fall “They will not fail. one of the Syrians. But if they do we will not have to have this conversation again. the 13th planet is close enough to start preparing. “so they can prepare? Be given a choice to evacuate or stay on the island. clouds overhead.” He rubbed his hands together as he walked around. the signs are there for anyone who cares to look. He plopped another berry into his mouth and sat up on the table. sitting perched on a table with a bowl of fruit in front of him. Leaving the building I found the cold rain falling on me. My head hurt just listening to them debate every little detail. It had been raining for weeks with not a break between. “We assume we know what is best. soaking me from head to toe in a few moments. “Storms in the seas. but you should also warn the people. Both of the others turned and looked at him. Tis our mistake.” Nucuranda agreed. it was normal now. missing his point. not a ray of the sun came Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 2 . discussing when to tell the people and plan out evacuation plans should we have to sink the city.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 3 . “Oh but the things I could do if you left my mouth unwrapped. I could feel the warmth radiating off of him.” I tried my best to make a facial expression to go along with the comment.” He smiled. “But think of the possibilities I would have if your mouth was closed.” His eyes sparkled as a smile came across his face. Moving away from the building I headed for the barracks where I could hide out from everyone.” I reminded him. but the smile wondered onto my face regardless. First pulling one around my hips and wrapping it to keep it in place. Rolling my eyes I turned around.Book Three: The Fall through them. watching me. it was more of a funny mean. scolding him by wiggling my finger at him. “T'was worth it. “Uh huh. looking down at me.” “You remember what happened last time. By the time I reached the building the cloths I wore were soaked through. wrapping the second cloth over the front of my chest. “You could just stay like that.” I felt like being mean. but it was not a mean mean. “But it wouldn't be much fun. “would you tie this in back?” I held the ends back.” He stood in front of me. unwrapping them so I could ring them. I reached for the second one.” Taki leaned against the wall. “Or I could wrap your mouth shut. pushing away from the wall. I laid them on the table as I looked for dry ones.

Told me that while he enjoyed her company and cared for her very much for these last years. “Aye. be happy. “Meka has told him to take another mate.. He says one mate was more than enough to teach him that life partners is not an option for him. “How is Meka?” “Grows tired. Whenever the two of them talked it was as if Taki got a whole slew of new ideas. he tends to her.” “Hm.” “Been talking to Kie again huh?” I brought up his coconspirator.. I believe she will make the journey within the season. “What will Kie do after?” Sighing.” Taki chuckled. I have. looking kind of sad. Whats it to you?” He finally tied the cloth together for me. as he would probably do with his children as well. You two should go home more often. watching him fidget with the bowl on the table.Book Three: The Fall Taki took hold of them. I did not blame him for not wanting to go through it again. her hair has turned white like Kie's. “Means nothing except that you have a head full of nonsense. Taki told me about their conversation.” I had no comment on it. remind yourselves that you do not act on the cycles of ones body. I think it looks better on the floor. “And what did he say that put you Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 4 . trying to make light of the situation that would end in Kie lighting the fire that would send her on. “She is weak. and the non-humans here did not mate for life so it was not an option there either. “I don't know. the home. tis not something he wishes to do again. He would outlive any human he took as a mate.” I turned around.” I watched him.

went and took friendship with someone else?” “HA!” I broke out into laughter. it is my concern.. pretend. knowing it would frighten him. So unless you wish to explain yourself each time. sitting on the table and swinging my legs back and forth.. I suggest turning your attention onto someone else.. you know. this body will remain untouched for fear it might lead itself into problems and reproduce. “Would you not be angry if I turned my attentions to someone else? You. if you bring it to my attention when you get those feelings.” “If you insist on bringing it to me when you. You take all the friends you want. smiling through the glare he gave me. I will work on finding another friend..” I explained it to him the way I saw it.Book Three: The Fall into your..” I pretended to cough.. He glared at me.” He turned and quickly left the building. “can you imagine. Would it not bother you if I.” I got serious. I am sure. actually thinking of what I had said. not to enjoy the attention when your body says different. a tribe of little mes running around? Can you image what they would do to the world?” His face turned to one of pure horror as he looked at me. leaving me in a fit of laughter. “Tis none of your concern. “Despite what this body says. “Maybe it is safest for all those concerned and even those not concerned that you do not reproduce. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 5 .

this is something of concern. I tried to just listen to the rain hitting the building. “For you. as well as any of his kind. are you sure?” “Yes. as if inspecting me for some ailment. “Are you okay?” Sakie had come in and was standing by the end of the table. had bouts of watering eyes when they found something to be funny. which was often. hopping off the table.” Knowing him well enough to know that he.” I sighed. “you looked to be in a great deal of pain if your eyes were watering as profusely as they seemed to be. Sitting up I looked at him. I hadn't noticed him come in. “Was just humor that had my eyes watering. I am here to assist.” He was looking closer at me. “I am fine.” He looked me over. No longer laughing but trying to end the watering of my eyes as the pain subsided. and even less causes your eyes to water. So. surely you can understand that.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 6 . he actually looked concerned. I am sure. “Ease your conscious and let it all flow out.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Two I laughed until my eyes began watering and laid back on the table to try and still the pain rising in my sides. patting it next to him in a motion to ask me to sit by him.” He sat down on the table. “You do not find much funny.

“It hasn't happened. tension being revealed from all over his body as he placed his hand over his chest.. I meant when?” He stammered the correction out as fast as he could speak.” “One can hope the child would take after him..” I barely got the words out and his face was cringing in much the same manner Taki's had. and you have loss of mind if you thought such!” I Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 7 .. “Taki. “With who?” He tried to remain still instead of squirming under the pressure of the idea.Book Three: The Fall Seeing the perfect opportunity to frighten yet another.” I told him. I turned as serious as I could and said.” He looked like he was going to be sick.. I.. but tis unlikely. “Do I want to know how this happened?” “How?” I had no problem looking confused as it was not pretending to be confused any longer. He should know how that could happen. “A child. “So. “what would you think of a small me?” “What is it you mean?” He looked confused.. mating is what leads to offspring or are you just jesting me?” “No..” I watched him take a huge sigh. “Just for an example of course. trying to keep the smile off my face.. I didn't mean how. “Oh by the stars you had me scared!” He tried to laugh. from me. “Have you forgotten. your not with child?” “No.

nor do I ever plan to be.. you know I care for you. Second. first of all. putting space between us.” again clearing his throat. I would be frightened of a child...” He inched back a little further.” He stopped laughing and grew serious.. Clearing his throat he tried to fix what he had said. but tis not something that shows often. watching as his body language changed to one of prey readying to flight.” I smiled at him and he got off the table and slowly inched around the side of it. “And I was causing reason to laugh more by using you. “Nesenty.. you are like family. He began laughing. it was getting harder by the moment because of the looks that flashed across Sakie's face. I do not wish to see the outcome if the child took after you. well.. “. I do not wish to live to see the day you pass yourself onto a child. “then I would have to say. I couldn't hold it in any longer and began to laugh. You can be sweet.” He was looking everywhere but at me.” “Whats wrong with my talents?” I tried to stay serious. “.. I know there is nothing wrong with my talents because I can still cause you a great deal of pain.Book Three: The Fall scolded him. knowing it was my own fault for not correcting him to begin with.. You know. Even if the parentage on the fathers side says the child could be docile.. thinking he had said something wrong and intending to mend it. “Stop. like you often do to others?” “Sure you were.. I am not with child.. that had your. playing a joke.your's just.. even a baby. your talents are very talented if you want to harm someone.. “is that why Taki almost ran from the building?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 8 . “there is nothing wrong with your talents..” He looked for the correct word as I stared at him.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 9 . Again I began to laugh. looking for an escape. No one is safe in your company if you have mind to give them failure of the heart!” He looked around himself.” I moved towards him as he inched back again. he ran because I told him to make friends with someone else. Take a deep breath and relax!” “I will once I am outside of the building again. I pointed it out to him as you tried to point it out to me.” “Just relax would you. it just made it more funny when you could send people running. even if it was at others expenses.” He watched me carefully. “Hm. Have a good day!” He threw my direction as he ran out the entry way. that bothers me so.. “And failure of the heart is worse than failure of ones body which you deal in to others. that I would not risk reproduction. I seemed to be growing a sense of humor. “I am not going to harm you or cause failure of the heart. intending on taking a short rest before the hall was filled with people for the nightly feast.” “Tis that. “you are as safe in my company as anyone else. trying to relax after the excitement. I sat down against the wall and closed my eyes. not trusting me.” I said as I grew irritated...Book Three: The Fall “No. “So I have nothing to fear?” “Of course not..” I chuckled.

were now grown. they were used to seeing the council around the city coming and going. The crystals still sat towards the back of the building. urging people to quiet down.” The woman who spoke for the humans stood at the table they sat at. now had 3 of his own running about. behind where the council sat. the council only comes together when something of importance is to be spoken of. and I had a feeling others thought as much as well as it took people a while to settle down to listen. I think the council gathered whenever it suited them. watching the people in front of me. of everything that had happened. “Would everyone take a seat. some even had children with children. Made no nevermind Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 10 .” Honestly. Was no different than any other day. Their oldest boy who had taken a mate a long time ago.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Three That night the council members who could come gathered in the hall. waiting for everyone to arrive. Looking the room over again I caught sight of Taki. eat your food while you listen. a few of the older ones had been here when we first came. had families of their own. Looking from him to Kie. laughing to myself I shook my head. who was helping Meka to sit down as their children's children played around them. we just had more people here. It was still raining outside and had darkened earlier than normal because of the cloud cover. Tis no different this night. but their bodies were betraying them. talking to one of the human girls. “As you could guess. I sat towards the side of the room. The ones we had took to the Orcea to first learn to swim. as I watched the people. It was always a reminder.

as they whispered amongst themselves. But until then the weather will strike at us. probably because he outlived her father and would more than likely outlive her. “please.” He sat back down at the table. We are also going to install shield generators around the island to prevent the worst of it from striking inside our boundaries. waving his hand at the human woman. It will get worse before it calms down as the 13th passes our planet.. it will get to a point on someday's you will have to remain inside your homes. it has not stopped raining for days now. but it is happening now.. tis time for listening. “The winds have increased. “Now. As many of you have noticed. a 13th planet is passing through and is causing changes in our own planet.” “Also we would like each of you to think of what you Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 11 . We all know the basic history to this planet. the way things are and will be.. they seemed to listen slightly more than the human woman. we shall have the shield generators up within the next seasons and be able to use them.” “We have succeeded in transforming the island.” Nucuranda stood up. It has not happened for many generations.. which was clear and you could watch the rain fall on it and run over it. as everyone here was aware of. He had sat on the council for a long time.Book Three: The Fall to them if they decided to dine with us or not.” He motioned for them to sit down.” She raised her hand for people to look at the ceiling. as well as the the others of our system.” Our king spoke to everyone. “Everyone. “The council has gathered to talk of the plans. “Thank you. and if sinking the city is something that we must do. it will prevent the ocean from entering our city. “With any luck. raising his hands.” She nodded at our king before returning her glance to the people gathered in the hall. it can be sunk at will should it need to be to protect her. Now him. Storms in the ocean have increased.

feeling uneasy and looking from me to Taki who was at the other side of the building.” No more was said on the matter. “Not in the least.Book Three: The Fall would like to do in case the city does have to be sunk.should I make friend to keep you from harming me? Does that rule go for all?” “You have not been turning your attentions towards me. He came towards me. do you want to spread out to other parts of this planet. some leaving before others while there was a break in the rain. the Syrians and Lyrians.” I looked at him. as far as hair coloring went.. or so it seemed. an attempt to keeping her dry as he took her home.. “.” The human woman explained to everyone. “We cannot make that choice for you. You will need to think about it over the next year and file your request with the council so that tis on record. every time they did so it resulted in hours by a fire to dry their bodies.” He glanced at me. Do you want to remain on the island. It was still pouring outside. The choice will be left up to each individual and their family.. Her hair had turned white with age. “Does not bother you?” He asked softly as he sat down by me. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 12 . their halfbreed offspring all growled and sneered at the idea of going back out into the rain.. “Tis is actually releaving.” “Ha. do you want to leave through the planetary gate. I chuckled at the attempt he made at seeming normal. she now looked more like Kie. I watched as Kie covered Meka's head with a cloth and wrapped another around her shoulders. People continued about their feast. he forced a smile to his face. I looked towards Sakie who had avoided me all through the feast. I do not have to harm him.

I watched for a moment longer as he turned and went back inside. I continued to the barracks.” He pushed himself up. for a moment looking uncomfortable. He looked at me.. catching sight of the Prince standing outside his building. you have a good night. Taki was still working on courting the young woman. Crawling into my bunk and listening to the rain and sounds of the storm as I fell asleep. but was not my problem at the moment. well.” I glared at him.. moving away from the wall and leaving. Making note to myself to ask him about his actions tomorrow.Book Three: The Fall does not apply to you.. laying them out near the fire for them to dry. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 13 . I left the hall heading for the barracks. I'll see you in the morn. Was not likely he would let himself get soaked as such.” “Hm.. “and do not think of starting such. Exchanging the cloths I wore for dry ones yet again. He could catch cold and learn his lesson the hard way if he must. but as I shook my head smiling as I stood up he shrugged his shoulders and went back to the job at hand.

” “I don't think I should be having this conversation with you. “That little girl you were talking to last night and you were hold up somewhere being friends.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Four I woke up just in time to catch Taki crawling into his bunk above mine.” “It was your idea.” I smiled.. “Just admit it.” I watched his cheeks turn a light color of red. Smiling to myself. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 14 . “Oh. “You sleep above me. “Just getting in.. trying not to point out how his cheeks had gone red. “Who else you going to have this conversation with?” I raised an eyebrow at him. uh.” He tried to roll back into his bunk but not before I grabbed his arm. I couldn't resist giving him a hard time. I'm going to catch you everytime you try to sneak in before everyone else gets up.” He tried to blame me. “Huh?” He leaned over the side to look at me.” He knew he had been caught and wasn't sure how to react. You spent the night being an animal. “You animal.” I snickered.

” he sighed.” “Yeah. noting that it was still pouring outside. “Just because you told me to do it doesn't mean I owe you an explanation. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 15 .. how old she is.” “I am not having this conversation. shaking my head. And I'm glad I told you to do it. you would not be flushed right now. and go on from there. nor would you have had fun last night. shaking like a dog to get most of the water off me. “you can start with her name. Running from the barracks over to his building I stopped as I got just inside the entryway.” “Oh yes you do. “Reverting back to an unevolved being are we?” The prince was standing in his doorway. Kelshoro was next on my list.” I let go of his arm..” “I have nothing to spill. letting him roll into his bunk as I got out of my own. Meet me later when I can fill you in alone and I'll tell you then. let me get some sleep. “if I had not of told you do it.” I watched him sift under the pressure of being caught. now fill me in. Stretching I remembered I had someone else to pump for information.” I moved over so I could look up around the side easier.Book Three: The Fall “That it was. But for now. Walking towards the entry way of the barracks I stopped before stepping out. now spill it. You owe me. “right now. regardless of if I owe you or not. You owe me Taki.” “I owe you nothing!” He chuckled.” “Yes you do. you get that sleep because I am sure this will not be the last time you sneak in at the break of dawn.

” I told him as I pushed him back inside his room. “We're not talking about my manners here. and wet. unless the water begins to boil. if you can imagine that.” He chuckled. Just watching the sky. So. it was a little disturbing to think of it getting worse. that is. yet. “It can get as hot as it wants.” He knew I didn't believe a word out of his mouth so he elaborated. What were you watching last night?” “What do you mean?” He sat down in his bunk. what was it?” “Nothing. I was also wondering when it would happen for sure. it's always going to be warm out. it's always going to be wet. and how the weather would be afterwords you know. an easy way to cool off.” “I doubt that. “The clouds looked so daunting.. I saw you standing outside the building watching something.” I understood what he was talking about. there is too much of it. “It's an island Nesenty. “Last night. If anything it might make it hotter. not come knocking down the buildings?” He had been wondering the same as I. we had definitely gone beyond his 'rules' for the deal we had and yet he had not thrown a fit over it. “the pole shifting given our position should not change the weather all that much.Book Three: The Fall “Shush.” “I know what you mean..” I laughed. The rain may fall hot though. We're surrounded by water. “Probably busy with his breeding program and terrorizing Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 16 .” “That it may. after I left the hall. why do you think Draconus has left us to advance the island.

” “Does not matter now. Tis not a fare trade.” “No it'is not.” “Was not their place to do so.. who?” “The next time I see him I will have his head in my hand. “but how have you got it worked out?” “He's going to lose his head. turns out they were wrong. but my eyes met his.” I glanced upwards at him. my head was bent downwards.” “I suppose you already have an idea of how to correct the problem?” He knew me too well.. “Which is why I ask.Book Three: The Fall the rest of the planet. they thought the Earthlings would take care of themselves. “I figured as much. I don't understand why the council didn't have him killed before.” “As I suspected.” I smiled at him. “Ha! That he probably is doing. “You know me. What has that mind been doing?” “He's going to die.” He laughed.” I Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 17 . when they had the chance to do it.” I remembered what the crystals had told me about his most recent actions. the rest of the planet has to deal with him. knowing I had a plan for every chance of anything happening in the ready before it happened. but when. Makes me feel sorry for the rest of the planet. While we have it going well here and tis peaceful.

he had spent many years getting used to me.” I joked. knowing I would not kill our own if I could help it.” He pushed to his feet.” He shook his head. We walked to the hall where the food had been brought.” “You are such a sweet woman. “Should I warn the others to stay out of your way? Or will you avoid beheading them as you go after Draco?” He chuckled. “Hungry?” “You are reading my mind. it would not be my fault. “I wonder if there is anything dry to eat. tell them to stay inside if they see you and him within sight of one another.” “T'would solve the problem right out.” “Would be a surprise if there is.Book Three: The Fall was honest with my prince. “I will warn those who will listen. “You can warn them if you want.” He shook his head in an affirmative motion.” “Agreed. I did not soften anything when I spoke to him. I will not kill them unless they stick their necks in the way of my sword. finding a place to break fast before going about our day. but if they happened in the wrong place at the wrong time. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 18 . he knew to expect the brutal honesty from me. Even if it was dry to start with it would be wet from the rain by now.

getting that little bit of color back in his cheeks.” I sat on the table. “If you can stomach sharing. yes. everything?” He smiled. swinging his legs out of his bunk and getting down. The barracks are empty.” “Everything.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Five After breaking fast I headed back for the barracks. poking him in the ribs to wake him up. everyone had left. you know that?” He mumbled. waiting for him to finishing stretching out his muscles and to stop yawning. “Your relentless. start talking. “Did you at least bring me break fast?” “No.” I smiled at him. “Everything. “Time to pay up. just you and me here. figuring it was the perfect time for him to pay up I walked over to the side. Except Taki who was still sound asleep in his bunk. slightly annoyed at the way I woke him. “What?” He looked over. walking I took note of how silent it was in there. “What do you want to know?” He asked as he sat down next to me.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 19 .

” He offered without further prodding. “and she did not engage in harming me beforehand.” He had the look of someone up to no good on his face.Book Three: The Fall “Her name is Shalic... later.” He began laughing. how to put this without Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 20 . “.” He looked over at me. let her know to hurt you before hand. lay there and talk to me. I said I would take her swimming if the rains let up.” He shook his head at the idea.. looking down. “And.” “What does that mean?” I acted like the giddy little best friend who must know everything of their friend. nor did she feel the need to push me away. “And?” I felt the need to push for more information. if not we would find something do to. and has managed to live on her own for around 3 seasons. she was very willing.” he chuckled. “Afterwords she was willing to just talk to me. you two would... “You mean. She is 19 seasons.. “when do you meet her again?” “This day.” I teased as he glared at me. refusing to meet my stare..” I smiled encouragingly at him.” “I think you made a good choice in friendship. I don't need her taking lessons from you and turning into a viper. “I means it did not take much talk to be friends. But continue. She did not hit me. you have my word. but I believe I will talk to her. “I will not talk to her. just to make him uncomfortable and make that color rise in his face more. “Seems like you found the perfect friend.she's not shy..” “You best not talk to her.

“Why do you not just stay there.” He pushed back. you say she lives alone. one day chose to do such.” He shook his head. “You color.” “She holds the traditions we have brought from our home. “I may. You are a little girl!” “I am not. And Shalic will be good for you.” “You are like a little girl!” I pushed him this time. tis good you make friends. “Really?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 21 .” He made an affirmative nod. “should I expect you to be crawling in at the break of dawn again?” “You may. T'will benefit you greatly to go outside of the confines of those you know already. restraint. do not do what it tis you want. “You just keep thinking as you do..” “You are unbearable.” “Uh huh. “But you want to?” I could see it in his posture.” He shrugged. “Yes I am. shy at telling me details.. almost knocking him off the table.. enjoy each others company. “I just have some.” He offered a little more information. and I have walked on this planets moon.” I nodded at him before laughing.” “Tis not required.Book Three: The Fall making you color any deeper red than you are..” I elbowed him in the arm.

just friends.” “Yes. “Our animal here.Book Three: The Fall “Yes. “One day maybe.” I offered. but is nice to see some of them embrace the different cultures here.” I smiled at Taki as I left the barracks. yes it tis good. reproduce enough for the entire island?” I joked. eyes wide and face coloring. undecided at this point for both of us.” “Going to be another Kie. leaving him and Kie alone. “we did a decent job raising him. I knew it was wrong and was going to make him squirm. “And offspring?” He glanced at me. chuckling and elbowing him again. hopping off the table and patting Taki's head.” I couldn't help but ask. “Who is going to be another me?” Kie asked as he walked in. which is why I could not help it. He is trained well enough to be released into the population. she does not want a life partner. Tis something I did not expect from a human. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 22 .

. hitting the tops of the trees first and running off of them in a gentle stream. I heard everything. wet. the life on the drops of water that fell into my mouth. No better time for a walk than now. smelled everything. You could feel the Earth breath. so calming. It smelt so clean. slide down them as the tree drunk its fill of each drop. Stepping into the trees the downpour softened. taking in every drop of rain that fell on me. cool at first touch but warm beneath. It was a chilly rain. it was a mixture of life giving energy and also held the possibilities of destruction. tilting my head back and letting my mouth open I could taste the trees. igniting a fire every time it hit my body.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Six Stepping outside of the barracks I looked up towards the sky.. squishing. She surrounded you in her love. gently rolling down their arms and fallen softly onto the bushes and grasses below. The feel of the soil beneath my feet. but was close. Falling in some places and not in others. the rise and fall with each of her breaths. Everything spoke of life. so even. not quite ice falling. running off the leaves. felt everything. every feeling that came from the vegetation around me sang a song of peace. The energy inside of it was so full. Closing my eyes I listened to the rain strike the tops of the trees. It sent chills down my skin. so alive. still covered in nothing but rolling dark clouds and pouring down a soaking rain. My senses were at a heightened state. heading towards the treeline at a slow pace. so pure inside of the trees. Every drop set fire to the place it fell on. The wetness soaking into the leaves and body of the trees created a smell that was so green. followed by a chill that followed its rain as it ran down and off of me. Sparking as the drops Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 23 .

I could feel them. The waterfall as it rolled gently off the rock outcropping. the flow of a light breeze through the grass and bush. eyes closed. The vibrations of the world were in waves. I walked until I found the pool of water at the base of the waterfall I had spent part of that first cycle at. Along the tree's bodies as I passed them.Book Three: The Fall hit. I kept my legs together and let my arms spread wide. The sound of flowers growing. to this body. the sparks of life showered everything. It was enough to almost put me to sleep. The other animals joining in. we were one. hair flowing with the water. The vibrations rippling out and away from each drop that fell. the trees stopped whispering. I ran my hands across the grass tops. they recognized me there as I recognized them. The sounds of the rain drops hitting the top of the water. Laying my head and body back. the rain came down harder. I stayed just like that as the waters began to turn cold around me. seeing the dance of colored energy still sparkle and explode as it fell softly on the water. I began to watch my surroundings. Stripping the cloths from my body I waded into the pool of water. heart to the canopy of trees. the song of peace. each time one hit my energy there was a dance of colored sparkles. The birds began to sound panicked. Listening to every sound there was around me. tides of overwhelming shocks. watched as the ripples moved away from me. walking through the jungle. turning to ice as it fell. feeling each burst of energy from them when they fell. ripples everywhere. the other animals voices died out. They were family. heard the whispered words they spoke. the sound of life. The crashing sound rang through the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 24 . The birds who chirped a song so sweet from the trees. but with my very being. with my other senses. soothingly hitting the pools surface. and tops of the bushes as I opened my eyes. the whispers from the trees. I felt what they felt. they were connected to me. learning. The colors of the energy danced. not with my eyes.

A meteor had struck. like something exploding. Cutting through the Earth when it struck it left a trail behind it of burning ground. I saw the trail of debris in the sky. Opening my eyes I noticed others doing the same all along the trail it had left and in smaller areas where the larger debris had made it through the lower atmosphere without burning up. Bringing me straight up til I was swimming in the pool. I heard a burst. cutting oxygen to the fires that burned. “One struck in the city!” I heard the voice in my head. raising my hands I envisioned a canopy of energy bubbling over the area. Swimming to the edge. I got out of the water. feeling the heat rise as I neared it.Book Three: The Fall island. it was Kelshoro. but it put me close to where I wanted. Running towards the garden. Opening my eyes and watching the remaining Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 25 . But I could feel the Earth still shaking. stopping when I reached the bridge over the canal. An empty part of the street that ran through the city. Stopping when I could no longer stand the heat on my skin. vibrating the Earth. wrapping the cloths around myself again and headed through the trees towards the city. the hazy color. I stopped when I broke out of the line of the jungle. the flames still in the sky. Feeling the pull on every part of my body. Looking around I saw the smoke rising from the north. the energy was unstable. I ran towards the nearest spot. I couldn't tell where it came from. It looked as if it was raining fire. Slowly killing the flames as they had nothing to breathe. the water rippling unevenly all around. Closing my eyes I knelt towards the ground. bringing an arm down as I balled my hand into a fist and an arm behind me in the same manner as I pulled on the surrounding vibrations. Turning to face the city I pulled the energy around me. and the debris from passing through the atmosphere was still falling down on the island and the ocean surrounding us. separating domestication from wilderness. where the garden was.

” I turned to my right. “Where are you?” I sent the mental connection out to the prince. his concentration would not focus.” He sent back with a panicked feeling. the market. I had to go in. the buildings where families were.” coughing I finished. and then I saw the building the prince was in with smoke rolling out of the entry way.Book Three: The Fall energy around me evaporate I looked around. Moving closer to him. trying to put the flaming ball out. trying to feel my way through the hall that led to the large room with table and chairs. “tis a Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 26 . Feeling along the walls as the stone of them grew hot to the touch. I hit the ground on my hands and knees as I turned towards the entry way. the smell of sulfur in the air burned my nostrils as I breathed in. I looked towards the hall. He was coughing and gagging too much to focus on what he was doing. “Inside. Coughing as I made my way into the room. “You need to get out. it will burn itself out. “The seating area. A giant hole in the top front side of the building that had torn away part of the roof. Going inside was never a choice. looking for where it had struck in the city. I had to find him. He was trying to put a force field over it as I had done with the fires on the trail. The smoke stung as it burned my eyes. “What room?” There was a delay before he answered. I saw the ball of fire he was trying to put out and caught a glimpse of his shadow through the smoke. I closed my eyes against the stinging smoke. “Get outside!” I yelled at him. Running down the street and skidding slightly as I tried to take too sharp of a turn.

Looking at my hands they were red.Book Three: The Fall small one!” And it was. My eyes watered profusely from the smoke that had invaded them. Finding the hall I had come down I shoved him in front of me. “The building is made of stone. I saw the smoke being pulled out of the building and figured it was the entry way. “But the building!” He argued. Looking to where I heard his voice. Dropping to my knees I crawled the rest of the way out of the building as someone dumped a bucket of water on us. “stay with us. worry of yourself!” Taki scolded me as he put a Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 27 . The rain burned as it hit the sores on my body. my arms looked as if they had red blotches covering them. I had seen larger. “Get wet cloths!” I heard Kie's voice. the walls had reached almost the same height of heat as well. Feeling hands under my arms pulling me backwards. I assumed Kelshoro was in much the same shape. it will survive or it will not. “He is fine.” I heard Taki's voice. The ground felt hard and rough as my back laid on it. burning our feet. burned. pushing him forwards as I felt my way along the walls. my nose was running uncontrollably from the sulfur that I had breathed in. pulling him with me as I tried to find my way out. “Wheres Kelshoro?” I mumbled out. The stone floors were sizzling with heat. I saw him pulling the prince away from the building. Holding my eyes closed against the chilling air and rain that fell. the cloth I wore around my hips was singed and blackened. pushing him towards it and out of it as he fell to the ground. it was maybe 3 feet around and high.” I grabbed a hold of his arm. not thinking clearly.

groaning as the pain was sent up me. all the way to my head which created a throbbing pain in my head. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 28 . I heard Kelshoro as he groaned.Book Three: The Fall wet cloth over my face. “I do not want it spreading to any other buildings!” Listening to the people scramble around me. the skin felt as if it would peel off at any moment. I did not dare move. I felt the explosion as another piece of debris struck the Earth. “Get that building under a field!” I heard my king yell the order to anyone standing by. Heard the shattering screams as people stood watching in the streets. assuming the same had been done to him. every inch of my body hurt. I heard orders yelled rapidly in every language. A larger. stinging as it touched my skin it made it easier to breath and soothed the sores after it stopped burning. wet cloth was thrown over my entire body.

Book Three: The Fall Chapter Seven The longer I laid there. And the prince tensed as the energy of Kie hit him. The longer I was unmoving the more intense the pain grew. bringing tears to my eyes. arching his back and grinding his teeth through the pain. but I could see him in my mind. In my mind I could see Kie beginning to sweat from the energy it was taking to move the prince. it was too much to block. the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 29 . my neck. my legs. I couldn't see because of the cloth covering my face. “Ah!” Kelshoro screamed out in pain.” Turning my mind to watch what he was doing. I was jolted back into the body as it began to tense. Putting myself out of my physical body was the only escape from the pain it was in. the rough ground would rub against the skin of my back.” I heard Taki speaking to me. “Try and relax. “Your going to be fine. I couldn't block it out. The healers gave up trying to move him physically. feeling the Earth shake each time it was hit. try not feel anything. lifting him with his mind and moving his other hand under his back. using his energy to make the physical body float between his hands. the stinging of the eyes increased as the watering of them ran more. Turning my head. being lifted up and set back down after screaming again. listening to the people around me. he followed Kie's example. I began feeling as if it was being pulled from my muscles and the tissue underneath it. Kie moved a hand over the top of him.

inaudible... He looked tired. tears ran down my face and burned every inch of the way. which I may have been hearing the prince scream as well. almost cracking under the pressure my jaw was clamping down on them.. My eyes closed against my own will. The feeling of the cloth being draped over my body. the bones cramping beneath them. “Get the chilled cloths! We need to get them cooled down before we can heal them!” I saw one of the healers issuing orders to those standing in the room. I heard others too. My body was on fire. a liquid so acidic it felt as if the skin was melting under it. My mouth came open. but I could feel my throat tightening in the force of the sound. sweat beading on his forehead. My nose ran without stop. but most of all he looked concerned. things were getting blurry in the way they sounded. I felt my teeth bearing down on each other.. other people being treated but I couldn't distinguish who they were. the skin tearing away from the tissue.. feeling as if they sealed shut. I don't know how long it was that it took the body to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 30 . After a while I passed out. the freezing coolness of it set me to screaming again. “ah. It was as if I was hearing someone else scream. worried. eyelids hanging down. my back arched throwing my head backwards and my legs down towards the ground. My arms bent downwards as my hands balled into fists.Book Three: The Fall muscles pulling tight. near tears himself as he stood over me. Forcing my eyes open. through the watering and burning of them I watched Taki as he set me on something solid. The rain again burned as it fell on my exposed body. watching me. The skin on my lips rubbed against them and felt as if they were bleeding.” I heard the scream come out but it sounded foreign to my own ears. as if he had been in training all day.

not only healers but others with injuries who were being treated. Turning my head the other direction. Closing my eyes and blocking them out I fell back asleep. about how the sky had been on fire two days ago and how some were still putting fires out around the island. where the light wasn't as bright. his body was limp and his eyes closed. Moving my eyes up a little I noticed Nucuranda standing. Talking with each other. his breathing steady. Taki. like his was. Asleep it looked like. leaning against the same wall as the others. and wrapped in cold cloths to prevent any further damage to the new skin. I heard others in the room. Then I saw Sakie. Looking down towards my feet I saw my arms and hands were wrapped as well as the rest of my body. Kie. Their voices all slumped together in one chaos of noise all around me. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 31 .Book Three: The Fall give out from the pain and shut down into a deep sleep. leaning against a wall. Waking up I saw the daylight coming in from the outside. it hurt my eyes to look towards it. He had been healed. I saw the prince laying on a table not 5 feet from me. and a few others sitting at the end of the room.

” “Hm. The best we could do was peel it off as it loosened up and heal the tissue underneath it. looking around. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 32 . “You had serious burns. this time to the sight of a healer checking the machines around me. we kept him on until this morn where we had taken you off the sleep induction last night. we had to put you out to treat you. “Why did you wrap them?” “We had to wrap them to protect the new skin growing. When she looked down she smiled. “Your wrappings can come off today.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Eight I woke up again. pointing.” She moved slightly.” Was all I gave her in response. “Glad to have you awake. “he's right over there. they were still wrapped.” “She's awake?” I heard Sakie voice. “He is still sleeping. wrapping you so that you could grow new skin to cover the exposed tissue.” Looking down at my arms and hands. His burns were slightly worse than yours.” “Where's Kelshoro?” I remembered he had been in there with me. they were too deep and had caused too much damage. We couldn't heal the burns.” She looked at me pitifully.

“Good.” “Arg!” He growled out. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 33 . still glaring at me. If you read that. “You know how stupid that was!” “Nice to see you as well. “Where in the manual for that body did it specifically say 'please.” I told him.Book Three: The Fall “Yes. infuriated. feeling the urge to strike him get larger. glaring down at me. “Would you rather I hit you?” I watched as he shifted his weight from one foot to another. “Shush. turning my head away from him as I rolled my eyes. she is. “It's on page three. run into a building where debris from a meteor has crashed and expose my bodily coverings to anything and everything that could potentially be in there'. “Do not shush me!” He moved around the table so that I had to look at him again. move. inform me of where?” He stood over me.” The healer told him.” I felt like punching him. “Why did we burn like we did?” I called to the healer. by all means. “No it's not! And do not think you can convince me otherwise. waving his hands at me and leaving the building.” He pushed the healer away from me and stood over me.” “Shush!” I held a finger up.

but it was not working because of the severity of the damage to not only your skin. but the tissue and muscle underneath it. but you can bandage them. You two got a severe burn because you were in a building with a piece of debris. from shortly after you were brought in. Anyone within the vicinity of the debris or meteor. Until just last night for you.” “You've kept us out for that long?” “When you first came in we tried to heal you. The idea of being out for 8 days got to me. not as bad as yours and the princes though. and this morning for Kelshoro.” “Can I get up?” The stone of the table on my back was beginning to make me uncomfortable. “We've had people coming in for a week with burns.” She explained. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 34 . Wait for new skin to begin to grow and than we spent the last 4 days giving you treatments to hurry the growing skin along. Between the extreme heat it gave off.” “How long has it been?” I asked. an enclosed area.Book Three: The Fall Turning around she came to stand next to the table again. “Just over a week. repairing what damage they could. when we realized we couldn't heal you. there were trace readings of radiation and other atmospheric dangers. Than the healers worked to heal the tissue underneath. You may still find a place here or there that is raw and has exposed tissue where the new skin is just now covering. We had to wait two days before we could begin peeling the dead skin from your bodies. “And you say you had to induce sleep during this time?” “Yes. catching what she had said.

breathing steady.” He pushed away from the wall. checking on the prince. setting her stuff down as she helped me into a sitting position. you two did.” She chuckled. His body still limp.” “Do you want help?” Taki offered before he moved to put an arm around my back. shins. on my legs and feet. “I heard you were awake. his feet.Book Three: The Fall “Yes. I am just taking my time doing so. hands and arms. “Sure you should not be laying down?” “She said I could get up. “Gave us quite a scare. smiling. I had loose cloths wrapped around my hips and chest. thighs. His entire body was wrapped. He was laid out on a table much the same as I sat on now. my hands and arms. He was leaning against the side of it.” “Always. yes you can. sitting on the table for a moment with my eyes closed. “And no dealing with the debris you may find laying around. coming to stand in front of me. “Try to take it easy for the next few days. torso. “Do I ever not wake?” I joked. eyes closed. We don't want to aggravate the already existing conditions. his neck. Looking down I only had wrappings around my middle.” Taki's voice came from the entry way.” I smiled at her.” She picked her stuff back up and walked off. “If you wish to keep me from falling from being in a laying Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 35 .

I had to close my eyes to keep the room from spinning. “Took you long enough.” He moved his arms away from me and turned. He put the arm around my upper back to avoid the damaged skin below.” He moved his arm back behind my back and the other again in front of me. Looking over at him. Checking on him briefly before making his way back to where I stood. Once I was seated in the chair I began to unwrap one of the cloths around my left arm. “Well. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 36 . you know. “You sure you should be doing that?” He looked down at me. you are fine if you are up to scolding people. his other arm he held slightly in front of me.” “Yes. stopping and looking back at me. “Yes. I do not wish to trip over my own foot. Put a chair over by Kelshoro. “You alright?” He asked. Standing up.” I smiled at him. “Stay put until I come back. I am fine. watching as he moved a chair over to beside the table the prince was on. I am going to sit there until he wakes so I may scold him. not wanting to touch my arms where the wrappings were. I have to take my time in everything I do.Book Three: The Fall position for so long.” I waited. by all means. much like I used to watch the prince when he was younger. Being laying down leaves one light headed when they come upright for the first time in a while.” I let him help me. he was watching me.

The skin there was still fresh. The healer said they would come off today anyway. it was almost clear as it covered the tissue underneath. just let the skin grow a bit more. “Here.” The healer was standing behind me.” “Okay. “And any others you may find like that. no damage to it. he was trying not to pull skin that may be loose. And they can do another treatment if needed before you harm your new skin. Coming away. Then we will unwrap the other Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 37 . it tugged slightly at the skin beneath it. He unwrapped it. “I'll wrap your wrist to keep it covered. You will just leave it off whether it needs there or not.” Taki grabbed another piece of clean cloth. “Best to keep this part wrapped. the skin looked clean. You look like you healed well though. “you sure?” I nodded at him to continue. But on my wrist there was a small red.” I was not going to argue with him over it. just smooth skin. we will do another treatment within a few days to advance it.” She turned and walked off. he had a point. Each layer he took off was done with what seemed like precision.” He moved a hand over mine.Book Three: The Fall “Tis not going to harm anything. He was down to the last layer when he looked up at me. I have two good hands and can do it gentler than you will. what tis the difference between them doing it and me doing it?” “The difference is they can gauge if the wrapping needs to go back on or not. kneeling down beside me. raw area near my thumb. No cuts or scars. I watched as he gently unwrapped layers of cloth from my left arm and hand. “Let me do it.

“lean forward. I would stay until he woke.” I encouraged him. bending over me. Do not want to damage this pretty new skin of yours.” He unwrapped my right arm and hand. Turning back to watch Kelshoro as he slept. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 38 . Sitting back in the chair.” He warned me before turning and leaving the building.” He laughed. I am sure.” I smiled at him. He stood up. looking over his body. “go see Shalic. “I will not damage it. Hardly anywhere that he was not wrapped. “I will be back later to check on you both. he began unwrapping my legs and feet. and wrap anything that looks like this.Book Three: The Fall places. he did not find any raw areas on my back and I saw none on the front of me. I did not know what possessed him to try and calm the debris in the building in the first place. Do not disappear.” I watched him drop the discarded bandages into a basket. Kneeling in front of me.” Unwrapping my stomach and lower back. he even had a few pieces of cloth on his head. he was wrapped a good 90%. Shaking my head. I am going to wait for the prince to rise. there were a few raw spots on the top of one foot and three or four of them on a shin which he wrapped back up. I would not leave him until I knew he would be fine. you will take it easy for some time. “Yes. I relaxed into a somewhat comfortable position and watched him. yet.” “You sure?” His forehead creased and eyebrows bunched. no raw spots were visible. “No. One seemed stuck to his cheek and the other on the side of his head. “Looks like I will be back to work in no time. Go.

“The healing center. remembering that for the longest time I was the first thing he saw when he woke up each morning. I figured as much you might not remember right away. “You asked.' “I'm wrapped up like a mummy.” I nodded.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 39 . moving slightly before he opened his eyes. but I did not really want to know.” He moved.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Nine I sat in the same position.” I smiled at him as he gave me one of those looks. The one that says 'I may have asked.” He commented as he looked down at his body.” He smiled weakly.” I agreed with him. “Don't remind me. He looked over at me as I watched him. stretching slightly. dosing off every now and then. the smoke. “Next you will find yourself in a box of stone with your organs yanked out of your body. “You again. “So you are.” I jogged his memory for him by giving him the mental picture of the rock embedded into the floor of his building. Finally as the sun was setting Kelshoro began to stir. “Where are we?” He tried to look around. “Me again.

” I heard the healer behind me. My king put his hand on my shoulder.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 40 . squeezing softly.” “We've been out for 8 days. as well as the arm. Things will clear up in a few minutes. “Looks like you have company. “You are relieved.” “The prince is awake. Had to peel our skin from our bodies and allow new to grow.Book Three: The Fall “Do not be gruesome.” Nucuranda touched the healers shoulder as he past by her.” I smiled at him. looking over the shoulder I saw his father. you can go rest if you wish. “So I have them to blame for your mind set?” “As good as anyone. “How do you feel?” “As if someone has struck me over the head.” The shock on his face when he looked at me spoke for itself.” He glanced at me and then continued to inspect his body. “Thank you. his mother.” He looked at her. smiling. standing behind me. “they put us under. “I am fine mother. Lifting a hand and looking it over. And you thought I was gruesome.” I looked back at the prince as his parents came over. “How are you feeling?” His mother asked as she went to stand by him.

I waved a hand at him and left the building. “Your up. “the only reason you are alive is because they kept you alive.” I watched him for a second. Taki and I stayed in the healing center with you both for 2 days. looking at him. even at this distance it seemed to have survived the fire rain.” He offered. Continuing all the way to the hall.” Kie said as I walked in. beaming something up before moving on as people stood by watching it. the hall looked to be in one piece from where I stood. People were still cleaning up all around. “You just see how well I look after you next time you wind up hurting yourself. collapsed stone and char marks on others. trying his best to make a joke. Walking over to it. laughing. Tis time to stop the hovering.” I glanced at him. poor posture. “What happened?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 41 . “would everyone stop acting as if we laid on our death beds. “Not on your life. “Going to bring food back for me?” The prince chimed in. he was standing by one of the pillars. I do not believe I need the rest. The city looked in shambles in areas. “Of course I am. It was touchy. Sakie.” “Well we are fine. I walked up the steps.Book Three: The Fall “I've slept for a week. I stopped to watch a ship hover over a building.” He called after me. his slumped shoulders.” I told him as I turned to walk away. But I will go see of something to eat.” “Technically you both were.” I stood up. clear sky above. something was wrong. The rain had finally stopped.

.” I put my bandaged hand on his arm. “Humans just do not live as long as we do. “Meka passed not three days after the fire rain.” He looked everywhere but at me. “Tis fine.” He shrugged my hand off. What happened to have you visibly upset? Is it Meka. “the children are fine. “You spent many years with her. they understand but the loss of their mother was hard on them.” “I know.Book Three: The Fall “What do you mean? The meteor?” He looked at me. Normally he was the one making jokes. I felt sad for him. but true.” I tried to console him. is normal to feel loss. Especially when debris hit so close to their homes.. avoiding answering my question. “No. doing things that ended in himself being harmed and laughing it off. distraught. “I knew it when I met her that I would be the one to outlive her.” He tried to shrug off the feeling of loss. he looked so torn down it was hard to watch him.” “All are intact though?” “Yes.” “How are your offspring taking it?” “They are. Stepping Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 42 . I knew it would happen. He shrugged his shoulders.” “I am sorry.” He looked to choke back tears. the children?” I took a step towards him. is sad. I remember that. so are their children.

” I slugged him in the arm. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 43 . pulling me along with him.” He turned around to face the inner side of the hall. hurting my own hand. “I would do good to remember it yes. “Have you eaten yet?” “No. we have you to beat us into forgetting still. Had planned on it though.” I told him softly. He choked back his sadness as he hugged me back. “And best you not forget it or I will have to get a stick to pound you with. “But. not that you ever needed permission to harm someone. “Never do I need permission. was watching the sun set.” He pulled away from me. “You will see her again. tis a good day. actually smiled again instead of forcing one onto his face. most everyone who is not repairing the city is inside already.” He slung an arm around my shoulders. trying to joke with me.” “Makes it no easier. holding me at arms length.” He smiled. But should I forget. “come on. “she will wait in the next life for you. whispering in his ear.” I watched him as he smiled.Book Three: The Fall closer I hugged him to me. and I will. You and all others are merely at my mercy. you have my permission to strike me where it hurts the most. feeling his back tighten under my hands.” He laughed.

“We would be reverting back to village life. this last time was not of my own doing. Have we not covered this?” I laughed. “Good to see the hall is intact. sitting down with bowls of fruit in our laps. “I will not lose another so close together.” He smiled. “You are coddling. “Not for lack of trying though.” He brushed his lips over the top of my head. chuckling as he tightened his grip. He needed someone to hold onto. “One day.. the hall was intact.” I laughed. where would we eat if it was not?” I make a joke.” I looked up at him as we stopped. he is the one who stood in a building that had been struck by Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 44 . he was a friend who was hurting.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Ten Walking into the hall. nothing had struck it. trying to make him smile. eating out of the dust bowls. thinking over the numerous accidents I have had throughout my life. “And to be fare. Kie's arm around my shoulders. T'was Kelshoro's fault. I cannot count the number of times you have tried to harm yourself to the point of no return. me leaning against him just because he was there. “I can not die. I will succeed.” He couldn't bring himself to stop laughing. feeling the overprotective energies come off of him. People were seated all around..

“What'is wrong with him?” Kie asked. I have heard of her though.” I elbowed him back. Tis his fault. I made him give me details. “Yes. that is why he was colored when I walked in. “What?” He almost dropped his bowl on the floor. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 45 .” “Ah.Book Three: The Fall debris. Waving his hand over it to clear the mess. Will not be as easy a mess to clean up.” “Ha! He would disagree no doubt. I have a disturbingly detailed mental picture. Tightening his grip on the bowl in his hands until it shattered across the floor. Was what you interrupted the other morning before the fire rain.” Kie smiled at me. still smiling. “Owe!” I groaned.” “You met the girl he befriended?” Kie nudged my arm to get my attention. he did.” He elbowed my side.” He raised an eyebrow. turning towards me. but he need relax before he puts someones head between his hands. “Not a thing.” “He did not!” I glared at him. “I do not know. Looking up I caught sight of Taki across the room. “he gave me more details than he gave you. he made me do work and go in to find him... he looked infuriated. “No introductions have been made. pretending to be hurt.

“I saw that!” “You did not see a thing.” He went back to eating.” “Who told you that you were a friend?” “Well fine then!” He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to assume a pouting face. “tis what you deserve after such unloyality to your supposed friends. he had right to try and let you fall ill!” He snickered. Pretty soon he was trying to keep a smile from his face as it slipped through. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 46 .” He straightened his back and shoulders. I finished my bowl off. scrunching my brows together. pretending to be struck by harm. “You are mean. “Tis different. stopping momentarily.” “I try.” “You wound me! Ah!” He leaned forward. “Who are we talking about?” I looked at him. “I must have missed that conversation because I thought I left two little girls alone to talk. he looked so much like the little girl I accused him of being it was unstoppable.Book Three: The Fall “No fair!” I pretended to have my feelings hurt.” Continuing to eat his fill.” I popped a berry into my mouth. pure and simple meanness comes from you. “Aha!” I pointed at his face. I had been laughing hysterically at him. “you non friend you. standing and stretching as he turned the bowls into those who collected them each night and brought them out each morn. talking man to man. “I do not blame the prince for calling you forth to the building.

it may be easier to heal if you have something softer than stone to rest upon. I get the head rests as well. wooden animals.” He looked at me.” “Platonic?” I raised my eyebrows. pitchers.” I glanced down letting him know just what I was talking about and just where I would strike. “that is an example of what will happen should anything arise. You are still healing. closing his eyes when he realized what it had sounded like. “I can have one right?” He walked after me. right?” I ignored him all the way to his building. “Uh huh. wood dolls. “I will take cloth and sleep on the other side of the room. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 47 .” He chuckled.” He held his hand over his heart. “Over my dead body shall anything be attempted. is much softer than stone and even softer than the grass filled ones you sleep on in the barracks. There is a bed filled with feathers I have collected over the years there. Walking inside I noticed all the nicknacks he had crafted over the years. glasses.” “No?” I said sarcastically. for those reasons. trying not to smile. “Not.Book Three: The Fall “You want to stay at my home?” He asked.” I walked off. I have had a lot of time to myself over the years. “A lot of time with cloth on the other side of the room actually. giving him a look. “One. “You made all of these?” I touched one of the animals feeling how smooth they were. “Does that suit you?” “Yes.” I punched him in the arm. “Yes.

many nights spent right over there. “Thank you.” “No..” “We will see. “Over here..” I nodded.” He shrugged. catching it before it hit the floor. He fumbled. “My cloth is rolled and ready for use.. lighting the fire in the center of the room. I do hope this is as comfortable as you say. “Where is this bed of feathers you spoke of?” I yawned.” He pointed towards one side of the living area. right?” “Of course.” “You are a beast. many.within reason.. “I get one head rest.” He almost gagged on the last. and left the room. smacking him in the chest with it. I would like the bed I mended back at some point in time.” He smiled. “I will see you in the morn. you can stay as long as you like. “.” He didn't finish his statement before I threw the head rest at him. stretching my arms out.” He stood at attention.” He walked a little ways in front of me before stopping mid-step..” Bowing out before he turned.. or you will be harmed.. pushing him back out of the room it was in. laughing. “The head. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 48 . is your home. “The bed is yours..” I pushed him to let him know to keep walking.Book Three: The Fall “Oh yes. “yes ma'am. I do what I am told.

cuddling down into it. It did not take me long before my eyes drifted closed and I was asleep. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 49 . it wrapped around you. It was so soft.Book Three: The Fall Leaving me to crawl into the bed that sat slightly above the floor.

People are asking questions. “I was until I woke up to you. You have slept long enough. “More than you are willing to pay. “No. “tis on loan.” He put his hands on his hips. smack. settling deeper into the bed. it's not. Slap. by the stars she just came out of the healing center give her Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 50 . punch. “Could you picture the idea they would get no doubt? Oh yes. Opening my eyes finally I saw him kneeling beside me.” I moved slightly.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Eleven “You going to get up?” I heard Kie's voice. kick. “It's mine.” He pointed a finger in my face.” “How much to trade for it?” I sat up. Get up. trying to back him down. “Are you alright?” He shook my shoulder. He had gotten used to my personality a long time ago. she is sleeping in my bed. I didn't want to get up. “Sometime this morn?” Keeping my eyes closed I ignored him.” He stood back up.” “And what did you tell them?” “I did not say anything.” “You forget whose bed you are in. did not take you long. looking him in the eyes.” He laughed at me. “the sun is almost mid-sky. the bed was so soft and comfortable.

“There is no honor you have to protect.” I laughed.” “Protecting my honor.” “You lost that many seasons ago.” We walked into the back room and he pointed to where the window was.” He was being accusing.” “Where does it open to?” I asked.Book Three: The Fall time to heal! Yes. “Yes. many seasons ago. I will not have you tarnishing my being. I cannot remember when you had honor. “no windows?” “In the farthest room to the back.. I definitely told them where you were. “You expect me to go out that?” It looked too small.” He turned around and began walking for the back room. so long. Fully intending on keeping the talk down to none. making sure I at least gave it a go before turning it down. not often used. moving the cloth slightly and Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 51 . standing up.. “come on. “tis my honor I am protecting.” I walked over to it. “Fine.” He stood his ground. “Where should I sneak out then.” He smiled at me. oh honored one?” I looked around for a window. “A side street. falling in line behind him. stopping and looking at me over his shoulder. it was covered with a cloth to keep the chilly breeze and rains out. “And you lost yours many.” I said informing him if he did not know.

. “You going to get up and tell me the truth?” He stared down at me with a hard glare. a..checking the building for strength. “Your lying.Book Three: The Fall bunching myself into the opening. laying flat on my back on the ground... you are no good at it. “Should I come in this direction too?” “Out you go!” He pointed towards the window.” The prince looked at me. trying to cover his laughter with a cough.” “Tis nice and strong.trying to.” I burst into a fit of laughter at the mindless answer I had given him. “. must make sure the building is.. “I was. Falling out of the window and hitting the ground from the loss of balance at being caught sneaking out. “What are you doing?” I heard Kelshoro's voice. level along the side. Held her in the frame of the window!” Kie offered. trying to keep from smiling. make Kie feel better.” I looked at the prince who looked from me to Kie. But sneaking around like a thief does not suit you... “No I'm not..” I laid there. He walked over and stood over me as Kie peeked out the window. “Tis none of my concern if you are. “.” he swallowed.. “I think I will stay here. Kelshoro looked at him and Kie and pulled the cloth back over the window..” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 52 . trying to cough back the word he was about to use...

” He stepped over me and walked down the street. “Did he believe you?” “What do you think?” “No. holding the cloth to his chin so just his face shown. Not being able to hold it in any longer I began laughing.. Until you are willing to be truthful with me. “Is he gone?” “Yes.” He gave me a funny look. have a full day.” I closed my eyes. without me having to make it an order.” He yanked his head back inside and left me laying there. do not speak to me. should another fire storm strike.” I looked up the side of the wall. “When you are done damaging your brain I will speak to you. putting my hands over my eyes as I closed them.Book Three: The Fall “I was really checking the stability of the building. Laying in the same spot until I could contain the laughter. You are a bad liar. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 53 .” I glared at him. “Okay.. forcing myself to wipe the smile from my face. “Tis level on this side as well.” I stared at him. “Are you hurt?” “No but you will be if you make me use the window to the street no one uses again. No sooner had Kelshoro walked off and Kie poked his head out the window.

Until he forgot the incident I figured it was best to avoid him completely. Rounding the corner around the last building on the street I almost collided with Taki. “Was filling and yours?” The image of the bowl shattering between his hands coming to my mind again. I did not need to be interrogated over the stability of the building. “Good day to you. I walked down the street in the direction the prince had come from.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twelve After the laughter stilled I rolled to my side.' I thought to myself.” He looked me over.” I tried again to walk away. this is just what I need. 'Great.” I told him. stepping sideways and proceeding to go around him.” “With luck this days fruits will be more filling. intending to avoid confrontation with him by going the opposite direction he had gone. “Where did you come from?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 54 . “How was your feast the night before?” He turned to face me. pushing myself up and brushing the dust from my body. “Not very filling. “To you as well.

there was no sense in not taking a swim. Taki was standing in the same spot watching me.Book Three: The Fall “I was walking. Glancing back as I walked off.” “All night?” He watched me closely. “No. “I will see you later in this day. stretching my legs. Opening them again I decided that since the cloth I wore was already wet. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 55 . red fruit from the market as I made my way for the path that led to the beach. Wading into the water until my toes barely touched bottom and diving into the water.” I knew where he was going with this so I thought t'was best to cut it short. I made my way down to the line of water rolling in. Swimming out until I could no longer see bottom and rolling onto my back. half in the water as the tide brought it up and half out of it when it pulled out. I could sleep like this. watching the waves roll into each other farther out. finishing the fruit in my hand.” Which wasn't a lie. listening to the sounds. Just now. Looking back in front of me in time to avoid stepping into a basket of berries and tripping over another empty one. I was walking. I closed my eyes. I mean yes.” And I walked off before he could keep the conversation going. I grabbed a round. it had been a busy day so far and I had only been awake a small amount of time.. Sitting down. The water rippled around me and the waves pushed me back towards the island. I thought to myself as I closed my eyes. Hoping I would have some quiet finally this day. “No. just floating and watching the sky. relaxing for the first time that day. all is right and no I did not go back to the healing center. “Did you see fit to go back to the healing center? Is all right?” His expression changed to one of concern..

“How are the shield generators coming?” “As far as I hear they have just begun to build them. a few paces away. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 56 .” “Lot of luck that did us.” He glared at me. What tis on your mind?” He shifted his weight from one foot to another. breaking it into pieces and sent it on a collision course for Earth.” “I have not to share. Next time they should warn us no matter the direction it goes.” I wrung the cloths out and wrapped them back around myself. They thought it would overshoot the island.” I admitted. finally sitting down on the sand. “One of the ships in orbit that is monitoring the planet as it comes through says it hit an asteroid.” “Is none of my concern. “Do you know what the reason was for the fire rain?” I asked before he could begin the conversation and steer it in any direction under the sun. Would save trouble.” he shrugged. unless you have something to share. “What is it?” I assumed a defensive position.” I sat down near him. “I hear from Taki that you were not in the barracks last night?” “Tis so. “He was worried. “Not a thing. Sakie was standing on the beach. questioned others of your whereabouts.Book Three: The Fall When I walked out of the water I had another run in that I did not need. “they did not know where it would make land fall until it was too late to warn us.

” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 57 . looking down at his feet.” “So your prince was right in his suspicions. turning his head to the side.” “Were you. “Then those around should not worry of me.” He glanced over at me. I will return at some point. “Well if I am missing again. “Where were you?” Sakie asked right out without stepping around it. found you no where. I can tend to myself. “It does not matter.” He shook his head and dropped it. so we know where to find the body.” I stood up.” “You will not need to search for a body unless it is of someone else. “Yes it does.” I didn't look at him... “Is not of normal worry. no.Book Three: The Fall “We looked over the city for you. “Not in the way you think. I was in one area. with someone?” He asked as politely as he could. getting ready to walk away.” I watched him. do not fear. they in another. but of one fearing you fell somewhere and could not get up.” “I am a big girl.” “Tis not a matter of tending to oneself but not disappearing so soon after harming oneself.

“I did not of what you think. “And I assume that is the only position you assumed? Or should I say.” He burst into a full throaty laugh.. no matter how ridiculous.. still smiling.Book Three: The Fall “What suspicions?” I turned around to face him. “Nesenty. And if you continue to insinuate as such I will break your limbs in two like a twig.” He stood up.. He finally choked it down and looked at me. “that you were testing the strength of the building and making sure it was level along the walls. “When did he say this?” “When I asked if he had seen you since night before.” He watched me. he was watching my body language. walking over to me. Reaching out and slapping him clean across his face before he had time to duck.” I Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 58 . looking for any clue he could find.there is no need to lie. I checked the stability of the building by crawling on it and decided to check the walls and the quickest way to assume the position to do so was to fall onto my back. “Says he saw you fall out of Kie's window. a smirk forming on his face.” “I am not lying. had enough of this. the only place you assumed such position?” I had. “Enough!” I glared at him..” “And I was.” “And what else did he say?” Sakie's smile grew til it showed in his eyes. “. placing his hands on his stomach as he tilted his head back.” I stuck to my story.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 59 .Book Three: The Fall stormed off back up the path before I did such anyway. Behind me I could hear him laughing. when I glanced back he was laying flat on his back laughing and rubbing his jaw where I had slapped him.

and posture like we were going to be caught any second doing something we should not be doing.” Watching him I caught myself wondering when he was going to start chewing on his nails. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 60 . he lost his balance momentarily and almost fell completely over. he just cornered me. trying to keep from laughing at the picture he made standing there. and funny at the same time. Looking around himself before he started whispering. Colliding with him.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Thirteen I nearly ran Kie completely over when I came off the path.” He looked guilty. “I said. “Kelshoro just cornered me. He had a look on his face. he kept looking around.” he stepped closer and talked a little softer. grabbing my arm and pulling me into trees behind some bushes to my right. “Would you stop!” I yanked my arm out of his grip. “I was just coming to find you. “What?” I had to ask. “the prince.” “What did he say?” It was like pulling teeth trying to get the man to talk. “We need to talk. looking as if he was guilty of something.” He stepped towards me. watching the ground I didn't see him coming down towards the path.

.” “He confronted me... I told him you stayed in my bed. choking my laughter down I asked again. he became something that could not hold still for longer than a second and kept looking about as if some ghoul would drop from the sky and fall on him. “What did you tell him. he did not believe me and pressured me into telling him. what did he say. first kind of up and down and then side to side and finally in a circle with a mix of the two.?” I tried again to pull information from him. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 61 .. Once he stilled. I told him the same story you had told him.he wanted to know why you were falling out of my window. even looking over my shoulder towards the path that ran between the beach and city. even ordered me to.. “At first. and please stay still....” He rattled it off so fast I had to take a moment to dissect the words that had flown from his mouth as he began to bob around and look skittish.” “What are you talking about.” he nodded his head in a mixed fashion.” “And you told him I was checking the building right?” “Yes. It was like watching a poor animal who had eaten a bushel full of poisonous vegetables for the fun of it. wanted to know why you were falling from my window like a bird without wings trying to fly. and.. the laughter was rising into my throat and I feared if he kept bobbing around like a piece of drift wood I would not be able to pay attention. “. either you did or you did not.” “Hold still!” I grabbed his shoulders. no longer able to take it.Book Three: The Fall “He uh.” I couldn't keep the smile from creeping onto my face.” looking around us again. “I mean. I told him the story you told him.. “Okay.

watching him darting around. He grew green in the face and dunked his head into a bucket of water. no he didn't. yes of course I did. it left one without the sanity of thought.Book Three: The Fall “And he looked as if he would fall over. I began laughing until my eyes watered.” His eyes were wide. And asked me to tell him no mating occurred.but one of the humans offered me a cup of a drink they had made. He said I was telling him what he wanted to hear and again dunked his head. “Did he believe you because it'is the truth?” I tried to keep eye contact with him which was impossible the way he kept darting about. “.” “So he didn't believe you?” “No.” The last comment he made sent me over the brink of sanity. Back home we had given up such drinks long before I was born for this very reason. Said it was from the rotten fruit that could no longer be used.. He said he wanted to hear no more and not to send you out the window again because it was mean... “And you did?” “Yes.” he stopped to think. Collapsing on the ground I continued to laugh. “Not exactly. said it would make my day easier because he had seen the prince questioning me. I started laughing.” I couldn't help it..” He rattled it again so fast the words slurred together. “Have you been eating fermented fruits?” “Not to my knowledge. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 62 .

“I thought it was someone else. have done. “what have you done to him?” “I. “Is everything okay?” I heard Sakie behind me. I had no time to react as I watched him duck behind a bush. It was becoming hard to breath. Either that or something died. “T'was a human. “I heard a woman scream. watching as Kie poked his head out. looking towards me.” Sakie looked at him. bending forwards and laying my head on the ground between my hands. I heard the rustle of the bush and looked up. peeking through the brances. backing up a step until Kie was no longer touching him.. Holding onto my sides I continued to laugh.Book Three: The Fall “Are you okay?” he reached down briefly. pouncing almost as he bobbed up and down and round the trees. but darting about the area again. Coming out of the bush and walking over to Sakie. putting his hands on Sakie's shoulders and glancing over him. he couldn't even stand still long enough to help me to my feet or wait for my answer.” I stammered out between giggles. gave him fermented fruit as a drink.” I looked at him and began to laugh all over again.” “By the stars!” Sakie hollered. “Someones come!” He shrieked. water streaming down my face until I could no longer see.... nothing. “How much?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 63 . “Oh. tis you!” he shrieked again. darting back and forth again.

Book Three: The Fall “I. “What did Kelshoro do?” Sakie wanted the full story before he did anything or went any closer to Kie.. I do not know. “Kie!” Sakie yelled at him. “You coming?” “In a minute. now relieving himself on a tree. “Okay.. We're going back to the city and your going to lay down. But t'was enough. “What?” “Stop! That is unsanitary!” Sakie ordered him.” I swallowed the laughter bubbling to the surface again as Kie bobbed around in front of Sakie. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 64 . pushing him towards the path and to the city. spraying the ground around him. “You are one to talk.” Sakie grabbed a hold of Kie's shoulder's. Looking down at me as he past.. the prince is mad!” Kie said accusingly.” I managed to get out while gulping the air around me trying to breath.. “Who did you think I was?” “The prince. behind him and Sakie and back in front of them. “Kie! Look at me!” Kie turned.” I pointed at Kie. looking this way and that. “He questioned me!” He said it like he was so sure of himself and as a matter of fact.

Reaching the city we stopped for a moment. “He did what?” Taki couldn't believe what was being said. struggling to keep Kie in his grip. trying to figure out the best way to go that would cause less of a commotion. “What are you doing to him?” He took a step towards us as Kie's look seemed to plead with him.” I motioned for him to come along as I began walking down the back street that ran by Kie's.” I warned him. he looked closer at Kie as he struggled with Sakie.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Fourteen Getting him back to the city proved to be a challenge. “Not now.” Sakie was pinning Kie in front of him. there is a window he can go through. who held him Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 65 .” He told me.” I smiled as Sakie immediately looked at me with questions all over his face. “He has drank fermented fruits. “You lead the way. “The back street. “This way. “Kie will be in regret as it is of his actions. we should not parade him through the main street. he kept trying to turn and go the other direction. We had made it halfway there when Taki had heard the commotion and come to see what was going on.” I offered the explanation.

come along. “The window is just over there.” I instructed them. “Well let us hurry because he is going to run if he gets lose!” Sakie commented on the fight Kie was giving him.” Taki offered up as he helped hold Kie up as his head poked through the window. I will make sure he does not strike his head. “I am ready. Push him through then you two can come in. Kie came through the window and landed right atop me.” Sakie commented as he lifted Kie up with Taki's help.” Sakie and Taki looked at me. and Sakie at the same time.” I pointed to it along the back side of Kie's home. standing on the other side.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 66 .” He tried to encourage Kie. “then you two push him through. “good day. “This has got to be one of the worst ways to spend ones day. marching Kie down the back street. “Okay brother. “Push!” I ordered. let alone push upon it. And did they ever push. A goofy smile came across his face as he said.” I offered as we came to the window. it could always be worse. neither one wanting to see the backside of their brother. “Do not say that. “I will go in first. Taki had taken a hold of one arm while Sakie held onto the other still. they were chattering around like women taking their sweet time about getting Kie into his home. I wanted to see it even less so I crawled through the window.Book Three: The Fall by the arms behind his back.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 67 . “four are engaging in some.” The prince ordered.” I glared at Kie who still held the goofy grin across his face.” I heard the footsteps leave the window and turned my attention towards Kie.” I heard Sakie offer the answer as Taki chuckled.” “You are the worst bunch of liars I have seen!” The prince accused. “Not a thing.” the prince gagged.” Taki mumbled out. she was the landed pad. Nesenty is helping him. we're coming in. We were assisting. quickly turning away. you will see tis nothing of the sort. who still held the goofy grin on his face.Book Three: The Fall “What are you two doing?” I heard the princes voice outside the window.. “We pushed him through the window and he fell.” Taki looked in. blocking the view. “Get off me..” He turned away shaking his head. “That I did not just see. peering through the window.” Sakie tried to explain.” Kelshoro knew his rank allowed him to do such.. ah. Kie is ill.. but would he want to know once he found out was another matter. sexual rights you need just say so.. as I saw Sakie and Taki's elbows as they leaned on the windowsill. “Move. “We.. “If you. You said she was helping him because he was ill. “Nesenty! Get him off of you. “come with us.. not lead me to believe someone is ill and give me night terrors from the sight of it. that is not helping!” “She broke his fall sir.. “What is going on? I order you to tell me.

.” I glared at him. “Would any of you care to give me an honest explanation?” Kelshoro looked at us all. He looked at me for a moment before rolling onto his back next to me.” He laughed..” I offered.” “He has been jumpy since. “He needs rest my prince.well. Standing and brushing myself off. “Have you sorted yourself?” I heard the prince call before he came through the doorway. “. from the closeness that left an uncomfortable feeling. “fermented. apparently.” I said it before it struck me how it sounded. “He says he drank of rotten fruit a human gave him. Looking down at him I shook my head. got the beast off..” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 68 . pointing a finger at him “stay!” “Yes ma'am.” “Why?” He arched his brows at me. You know as well as I do the results of such intake. the beast is off.. he will feel awful within time depending on when he intook such of such toxins. he was until Nesenty.” Taki slugged him in the arm. the sickness upon you or not. “Yes. Closing my eyes and covering my face with my hands as the three of them came through the doorway.” Sakie looked at him and than smiled at me.Book Three: The Fall “You need move. “Because if you do not I will be forced to hurt you.

I do believe the sickness has come upon him.” The prince looked at me. And now you ask me. “but the other things. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 69 .” he looked at Kie. finally acquiring the sleep he needed to rid himself of the sickness. sound asleep.. “Come on.” “Fine!” I shouted at him. what my problem is?” He laughed.” Kelshoro took a step towards Kie. “What is your problem?” I spit out at him as Sakie and Taki backed away a step. none that I believe. I do not believe it. I have three questions. and I want truthful answers. “Do not give me the story of checking stability of the building. I may as well join in on this disaster now that I am present. crossing my arms over my chest.. giving me lies. “Who is going to stay with him?” I looked at the others. I have had my fill of his company for now. We stood there watching him as he fell into rest. I was.” Between the four of us we lifted Kie up and carried him to his bed.” “I would imagine you have. He would have a splitting head when he awoke. I do not believe.” he wave his hand around at everyone present. “doing deeds I do not wish to know the why of. dropping him down onto it and watching as he snuggled into the bed of feathers. “I find you falling out that same window this day.” He held his hand up and glared at me.Book Three: The Fall “Let us get him to bed and then I will make sure the humans know they are not to allow others to drink of the fermented fruits. “is it not apparent?” “I told you. Then I return to find the three of you. “I am not.

” he laughed.” The prince left Kie's home. “I will go make it known not to give others.” I pointed towards the living area. are trouble. Tis just always something with the four of you. “No. doing just as he said he would I assume. but the four of you are always doing something that could land any of us in a situation.” Sighed the prince.” I just stared at him. he fell through the window and I broke his fall. “You have no need to answer. I did not stumble upon any rights that I do not wish to know the details of?” He looked worried.Book Three: The Fall “First.” “Last. I was half tempted to tell him he did! Just to watch him grow sick. Sakie and Taki were no help. “Yes. T'was as they said. but t'was innocent. No more was said about the night before. but I answered truthfully. not knowing the answer he wanted. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 70 . all was quiet as we switched positions of sitting Kie and resting our eyes in the living area of the home. You three are punishable by standing over him and seeing that he is well. Funny. the fermented.” “Second. When he woke. he had a head that was paining him and regret written throughout his body at his actions of earlier. He needed help. why do the four of you always cause such problems? I have not this trouble with others. they stood there like trees. planted in the floor of the building. together. were you here last night?” He assumed a less defensive stand. “but trouble. He slept in there. “I was in here. You.” He shook his head. non-humans. rotten fruits be they drink or eat. “I do not wish to know.

And for not harming me while I laid on you. he would regret walking in on such behavior.Book Three: The Fall “T'was not your fault.” He smiled. It could have been any of us and you would have treated us the same. “they helped as well.” I told him as I ran a hand over his head. “For sure. “By the stars I will regret this.” I laughed as I realized how it sounded. Who is with me?” We all laughed at his joke.” “Makes not it easier to look them.” He closed his eyes as the last of the head pains were removed. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 71 . “the human gave you a drink.” Taki offered as he plopped down on the bed. T'was there fault you were atop me.” His hand rested on top of mine. waiting for the prince to return. “Was my pleasure. We laid there laughing. My behavior was inexcusable. removing the pains. or you. “But now we must make the prince feel foolish.” Taki and Sakie stood behind me.” Kie said as he sat up. “Who wants to see how comfortable this bed is?” I looked over my shoulder as I inched my way onto the bed. did not tell you of what it was. “For watching of me since last night when I felt as if the world was crumbling.. holding a laugh back long enough to make sure all was right. and they helped to move you here. “I owe you all.” Sakie laughed as he closed his eyes and fell into the bed. nodding at him and trying not to laugh. Nodding behind me. “Thank you. in the eyes..

Waving a hand over it he resembled the bowls and had the food back inside of them.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Fifteen We were still laying on Kie's bed. We heard the footsteps but did not see the need to move from our positions. nearly rolling off the bed. talking about things less important than even the daily duties.” The bowls shattered on the floor. “I do not want to know. mouth hung open in midsentence. leaving the mess upon the floor and four of us laughing. Kelshoro thought to check on us. sharing memories and remembering the times we had spent together.. Throwing his arms into the air and turning. “He will be having terrors nightly for a while to come. “I will get it. “You dropped something. “I think we harmed his sanity. food splattering as the prince stared at us. Reaching down and picking them up two at a time. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 72 .” Taki added.. he handed the bowls to us and sat back in the bed with a bowl in his hand.” He left the building.” Kie chimed in first as the rest of us tried to keep the smiles from our face. bringing bowls of food into the home. “What under the.” I commented to them.” Sakie stood up and walked over to the food and shattered pottery on the floor.

“I have my own to see to as well.” I watched him smile. who nodded at him. “you two shared a moment. They had shared something mentally before Taki turned and left. “I do not believe he would live through another rotation of such actions.” Sakie stood up. I believe I may have night terrors.” After Sakie left we finished what was in our bowls and sat in the bed a while longer before Taki stood up. shaking his head. “After this day. “We should make this a a routine. “As tempting as that'is.” Sakie nodded as he chewed on the orange vegetable he held. Keep him on his toes.” He looked at Kie. setting the empty bowl on the small table nearby. “Tis good to see you are fine my brother. One of us partakes of toxins and the others cleans up after us.” He smiled as he walked towards the doorway. “You and Taki. who nodded after a moment. “What t'was that about?” I nudge Kie in the arm.” I swallowed. “you know. I will know where you are at and will not be searching the city for you again.” He turned and looked at Kie.” He looked at Kie and me. “What was what about?” He pretended not to know of what I spoke. drag the prince into it as well. “if I do not find you in your bunk come morning.Book Three: The Fall “Mhm.” “I need to see to my own sanity.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 73 .” We had hard time not choking on our food as the rounds of laughter began anew.” “Then what would we do?” Taki chuckled. “we would be out of jobs and more than likely forfeit our heads to the king. “Try to behave for this night.” Kie added.

” “Not on your life!” I laughed at him. “You either share or you find the cloth rolled in the other room. I closed my eyes and fell asleep myself. Laying there awake for a moment watching the room grow darker by the second.” He pushed my back.” I snuggled down into the softness of the bed. putting one between us and turning his back to me. “I will. looking over my shoulder. “Stay on your side.Book Three: The Fall “Tis none of your concern. just regulations. “out with you. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 74 .” “Not happening. almost dumping me onto the floor.” “If you say such.” I threatened as he laid down.” He offered sleepily before dosing off. his back to me. “Head rests between us?” He offered. but let it be on record I do not believe you.

shuffling around the room. and then the building.” “I'm going to the barracks to gather clean cloths. handles upon the front which he hung onto as he pulled it behind him. I had seen him working on making wheels not long ago. The sun was barely in the sky as they hurried about. Rolling onto my back I watched him for a moment. Stepping out into the street and stretching the bones through my body. Grabbing two clean cloths and heading back out. who was still asleep in his bunk. I watched as one pulled a cart he had fashioned. “what is it?” “Huh?” He turned around. but if he wanted to do it the hard way. I made for the path that led to the ocean for a much needed bath. “nothing. I will see you later this day. Walking into the barracks finally I found it empty. Would be easier with a ship. I thought. except for Taki. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 75 .” “Going to avoid the sickness today?” Joking as I got out of the bed. now he had two wheels and a box of wood. t'was not my place to correct him. gathering tools for the day and making their way through the streets.” I told him as I left the room.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Sixteen Waking up the following morn. unless others sneak it into me. “I will try. yawning as I watched the people about their day already. Just planning my day. Kie was already up and out of the bed.

Distribute supplies. shaking his arm. “Why?” He turned his head to look at me. headed for the city.Book Three: The Fall Finishing with the bathing.” I looked back outside and there was not a cloud in the sky. people scurried out of the building. high winds and ice rain expected. enough to last a week to each building. stopping and talking to those they came in contact with. It was flying at an extreme speed. the ship had landed not ten paces from it. “Will be a storm of the sea. Taki and I stood near the pillars.” As he began talking to the pilot again. lower than it should be. Each basket would hold Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 76 .” I told him. “A storm is headed our direction. waiting for instructions. “Get up. Following we came to the top and stood between the pillars as he delivered the message to the human woman and our king. Jogging to the hall. “Scout ship came in. clear the streets and take to your homes. I grabbed the ones I had just washed and ran back up the path. Taki was still asleep. with the planet nearing us it will increase the speed with which they blow and the duration of the worst of it. looking at those near by. The pilot running up the steps and into the hall. stopping in the barracks to drop the wet ones off. Nucuranda stood up. so I took the time to walk over to him. Wrapping and tying the cloths off. The winds will be worse than we have seen before.” He jumped down from his bunk and wasted no time in going out the entry way with me close behind. in a hurry. Watching those outside spread the instructions they were given and began putting baskets of supplies together. Spread the word. I waded out of the water and reached for the cloths laid upon the sand as a scouter flew past. should strike within the day.

“I'll put her down in front of them. fruit on top of that. get inside.” I let him know as I closed the door. storm is coming. “There. If you see anyone on the way back tell them as well. watching him as he placed his hands onto the controls. “Take her back up. oversee that everyone is brought in from outside the city. Windows became see through on the sides of the ship to allow us to look out. “Go with the pilot. “You need to head back to the city.Book Three: The Fall enough supplies for one person. buildings where there were more than one person would get a basket for each person inside. “I got them.” He set the ship down without so much as a jostle. Scanning the ground for any people with our eyes as the pilot scanned with the ship's radar. And a pail of water to each person went with the baskets. stopping a time or two to have people head towards the city we had finished as the sky began to grow dark. they raised a hand in recognition. They held on the bottom a set of cloths.” I pointed out the window to three people walking away from the city. mentally connecting with the ship and interfacing into the computer systems. Bringing it straight up into the air as it hovered a moment over the place it had been resting.” Nucuranda told Taki and myself. Taki walked to the far side as I moved a step to the window closest to me. the pilot answered. We nodded and followed the pilot back to the ship. for a week. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 77 .” Yatik. Scanning the rest of the island as we passed over it. swinging the ship around. vegetables on top of that. turned and headed back towards the city.” I hollered at them from the doorway of the ship. Walking on board we stood near the door.

covering the horizon completely. was about to head in.” Taki opened the doors to the ship and jumped. “No time. “Do you not see the storm?” Taki stared at the man.” He said as the storm came into view. The loss of the boat could be replaced. “I can't set the ship down over the water. We crawled into it and there was a man teaching his son to fish. “If need be I will drop you down and I can beam everyone aboard if the storm is too close for them to make it back.” Taki took a hold of the mans arm as I took hold of the child's hand. Taki pointed it out. that looked like it was an insect floating on the surface. making sure we were paying attention. Looking at the pilot I smiled as he shook his head again. Taki had waited where he had gone in. swimming with me over to the boat.” Yatik looked back at us for a moment. Diving towards the water.Book Three: The Fall “We're going to check for fishers out in the ocean. I thought I had seen a couple when I came in. feet first into the water. he had seen it at the same time. “No problem. Looking up the ship hovered overhead and beamed us aboard. closing his eyes. it would have to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 78 .” The man answered. Spotting a small boat out in the water out in front of us. “I did. it felt like a brick wall when I hit it. as had the pilot who shook his head up and down.” As we headed towards the ocean I watched the sky through the window in the front. The clouds were rolling and lightening was striking as the thunder made it's presence known. watching it get darker the closer we got.

Sitting the man and child down in the back of the ship and pulling blankets from the storage unit we dried off as Yatik headed back for the city. opening the door on the side of the ship.. it rotated around.” I told Taki who was standing next to me. the front of the ship turning towards the sky as it did so. The ship rose. we throw him into the water and I get to fly. it broke the clouds and continued for the outer atmosphere of the planet. “Do you have any fear?” He looked from Taki to me.” “Why not?” I looked at him. “You need to take cover. next time.” “Be careful. Flying straight up into the sky. Watching the doors close behind us after we exited. you should try it next time. Landing the ship near the hall again he broke the connection to the ship and turned around. hovering for a second. when that day comes. thank you. Get off my ship. “T'was fun..Book Three: The Fall stay out there for the storm to devour. “You know.” I smiled at him as the man and his son walked out.” He laughed. “I prefer to remain dry. “No. “You remember what happened to the last one they let you Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 79 .” Taki answered him. I'll jump with him in my arms because I do not want to be on a ship you are flying. I need to get the ship up and out of the way of the storm.” Taki told him as we walked out. “Tell you what.

“T'would be Kie whose head hangs from the window during the storm if he gives me trouble over who gets the bed.” I walked with him. we need get you back to the barracks.Book Three: The Fall play with?” He tried not to roll his eyes or laugh. I do not wish to find you stuck through the window with your head in the middle of it.” I laughed.” “You behave during the storm. Making sure the wind did not take him as it picked up quickly in the time from when we left until now. I prefer the softness of feathers. “Just as you prefer the company of the human to the company of anxious military. Where you going?” I elbowed him. “Is mine now. walking towards the doorway and watching as he walked down the street. “Come on.” He stopped in front of Kie's house.” “I am not staying in the barracks. “Where do you think?” He raised a brow.” Taki shrugged.” “Tis his bed. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 80 . “You want that nice bed of feathers don't you?” “As nice as the hardness of the barracks are.

” Commented Kie as I walked in. is mine now.” I glared at him. “You have the softest bed. “I will do no such thing. hands on his hips.” He glanced up at me. “You have to share.” Standing up and looking me in the eyes.” “You will leave if you do not share. Tis my bed. looking at him. “Where else would I be?” I stopped.” He laughed. “You will pay for it. knowing he would do no such thing even if he threatened it. trade for the use of the bed.” I smiled at him. warming my hands. “You would not put me out in the storm.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Seventeen “Didn't know you would be staying here.” Raising an eyebrow as he stared down at me.” I walked over to stand by the fire. you do. “your going to fix the meals while Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 81 . you know that right?” “No I don't. getting the fire going. “I told you. “Not that. “Yes.” Laughing at the last part he knelt down.

“enticing. it would cook itself from here.” “I do not cook. I decided it was good to go. fire going. so I grabbed the stoneware and knelt down near the fire trying to figure out what to do first. Plopping a few of the vegetables in the stone bowl. Watching it for a moment. tis not what you thought. “You may start with these. “Relax already. you would sooner cut bodily parts from a male than bed them. I would not ask you to trade in that way.” My face must have shown the shock because he began to laugh.” “And why not?” I was being a pain. knowing full well why not but wanting to give him a hard time of it. He tilted his head and looked me over from head to toe. bringing a bowl of vegetables that needed cooking back to me. I got up and walked into the other room where Kie was sitting. The stone bowl for cooking. I set it on a rock that was outlining the fire.Book Three: The Fall you stay here. nor am I ruining my honor.” “So you will learn.” He pointed to it sitting alongside a stone table that was knee high. “I got a nice mental picture of what you thought. is over there.” Grumbling I had to agree with him. “at least. Leaving me standing there.' I thought to myself. He sent the mental message back. But I know you. I am not risking it. “How do you know what I thought?” I asked him about his comment before. 'This is not so hard. bowl of food in hand.” He walked into the other room.” he nodded towards me. “not that I do not find that.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 82 .

they will not be that bad.” I could not figure out what had gone wrong. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 83 .” He chuckled. black as the stones that lined the bottom of the fire. “In the stone bowl you pointed out. “If you enjoy scorched foods. standing up.Book Three: The Fall “Do you smell something?” I asked. The vegetables were indeed scorched.” He sat back on his heels. “Hm.” I stood there. pouring it over the top as steam came up. “I told you I didn't. We ate the food he had corrected and prepared for bed.” He stood up shaking his head and getting a cup of water from the barrel he had stored nearby.” He hurried into the other room with me following behind. as you did.” I walked over to stand next to him. which you did not do.” “They cannot be that bad cooked the way I did it. “and then cover them in water. “What are you cooking the vegetables in?” He asked. no. sniffing the air. “You are supposed to put the vegetables in. “You really do not cook do you?” He was inching the bowl off of the stone as smoke rolled off the top of it. it smelled like smoke. It did not seem that hard once I got them into the bowl. We will do it the easy way. waving a hand over the top of the bowl which reverted the food back to something which more resembled something which could be eaten. “Tis fine.

He was just as bad as Taki was.” He laughed at my response. “Oh no. I do not think so. He glanced over and smiled. “Have a good night. I fell asleep sometime in the middle of the night as the rain began to pour down in bursts and the thunder grew loud outside. laughing as he did so. turning my back towards him.” I rolled. Just watch it grow until it takes over.Book Three: The Fall Again placing a head rest between us.” “But the seed of idea is now in your head. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 84 . planting those ideas in others heads and acting as if he were innocent. facing the other direction. I will not lose control of them now. pulling a cloth up and under my arms. would not be a bad thing.” “Yes they are!” I grumbled. “You will not be saying such if you pass through a cycle here.” I snuggled down into the bed a little further. Laying awake I was ready to sit up and began beating on him for the thoughts he had put into my head. “You know.” I felt the bed move as he turned over.. “Those waves of heat this species get are not controllable. hands under his head.” He laid on his back. “What wouldn't?” I laid facing him. sending me a mental image of what he was thinking.” Chuckling he teased. “And I have controlled mine for 40 years.. “Stay on your side of the bed.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 85 . Opening my eyes I was standing inside the woman's home. Shivering not from the chill but from the idea. He turned on his heels. Lightening lit the sky and you could see how dark it was above. pulled straight into the air and thrown against the ground not ten paces away from where it was uprooted. it reminded me of Taki's mental images he was always sending. In a split second a tree was ripped out of the ground. I wondered how long it would last. rustling through the sky as they let lose a downpour that was uncontrollable. I watched him as he walked here. I stood on its steps watching the storm move in. pitch black with different shades of gray throughout. Kneeling down by the water and getting a cup out as the woman walked in the other room. Taki was walking around lighting a candle made from natural substances around the place. intending to check on him. leave. I closed my eyes and thought of Taki.” He told me mentally. Watching the trees shake with the violent force of the wind.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Eighteen My mind must have gotten tired of a dreamless sleep because soon after falling asleep I found myself standing outside of Kie's home. rolling. bending nearly in half and almost snapping large trunks. roots tore as it was pulled upwards by the winds beginning to blow in a circular motion. and there. Walking towards the hall. It was a disturbing thought that it would only get worse in the months to come. Which brought my mind back to another disturbing idea. Looking up the clouds were foreboding in how they moved. looking directly at me. “Nesenty. Deciding to be a pain. Kie and his mental image he had given me.

Referring to me as one of the insects of our home who are always flying around and seemingly propping themselves within watching distance of anything of interest to them. standing over him. walking out of the room. He did indeed look innocent when he slept. Walking inside and to the room of sleeping. staring down at him. He slept sound. debating on harming him in his sleep or not. looking towards the ceiling. He was out of practice. eyes gently closed. “Fine. mouth shut. I stopped alongside his side of the bed. “No. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 86 . If I was back home. You little boefa. “Be safe. and here I was. but he looked it in his sleep. I was being a complete nuisance to all those around me. Rolling my eyes I sent my mind back to the physical body. not risking any further loss of mind than I was already suffering from.” He informed me. I had been on this planet much too long that I was beginning to lose sleep over my own sanity. I would watch him sleep and see how long it took for him to wake up swinging at the sense of someone nearby. even just a little one to pay him back for the mental image he had given me. just as Kie was. I did not want to watch anyway. but I can sense you. Deciding to be a boefa with him.Book Three: The Fall “You can see me?” I thought back. 'What are you doing?' I asked myself. I sent my mind back to outside of Kie's home. not noticing or sensing the energy of someone so close to him. If I had been the enemy I would have his head by now. body relaxed. An attack was an option.” I told him. he may not have been even if he always claimed to be.” He sent as he stood up. I would have been passed out. given I would sense someone standing over me whether they be in the physical or not.

a small screech escaped my mouth as I jumped around on the bed. looking at me he let go. I will tie you to it!” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 87 . “The next time you jump on me or jump on the bed.. A thwacking sound on the side of the building sent me jumping in the bed. Standing up. “Then what are you. “What in the world?” He came straight up out of the bed. “Did you drink of the rotten fruit before coming here?” He looked at me. walking into the other room. “Sit still!” He looked down at me as he stepped over. forgetting Kie was there. He had momentarily caught me as his reaction time was still intact. My heart was still racing as another thwack hit the side of the building. dropping me to the floor. “No!” I shouted at him. I looked from the rope to him.Book Three: The Fall Rolling onto my back. “I don't know. “What are you doing?” He glared at me. A moment later he returned with a braided rope. “what'is that for?” “Tis for you!” He was wide awake and slightly irritated now.” He began. My hearts pace quickening as the storm picked up even more. I looked at the ceiling and listened to the storm ragging outside.” I stopped jumping around and looked down at him. Coming clean off the bed and had hopped towards Kie. I could smell the fresh air from outside being blown in. remembering his own bout with it. already being on edge I jumped..

folding my arms over my chest and forcing the body to relax back into sleep.' Thinking I had it covered. “if you cannot prevent it. Once my heart rate had been slowed I made for the room that was slept in again. I reminded myself of who I was.” “If it does. I will tie you to the wood posts of the bed!” He laid back down. Sitting on the edge of the bed. go in the other room. you do not jump around as if you have been struck by lightening in the bum. you are trained.. 'You are a bodyguard. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 88 . Kie was fast asleep once again when I entered. “The building will not fall down. calm yourself!” He shouted back at me setting the rope next to his side of the bed and sitting down on the edge of it. T'was branches of a tree that struck the building!” “I do not know why I reacted the way I did.Book Three: The Fall “You wouldn't!” I shouted at him. “And I cannot swear it will not happen again. “If you continue to act as such I will! By the stars Nesenty. not understanding the racing heart and jumpiness it seemed to cause.. You are calm and relaxed at all times.” “Hmph. closing my eyes. if for no other reason than to try and slow the heart before attempting to lay down again.” I mumbled. walking around the room and setting for the other room. you checked the stability. remember. I laid back down and closed my eyes.” I confessed.

it just did not feel right and sounds got to me when I was awake..” “You did not sleep?” “Kind of hard to when the bed shakes every few seconds. something.” He looked tired. The storm ragged on for what seemed like forever. “are we through jumping around?” “I was through last night. “What was wrong?” “I do not know.” For the next two weeks while everyone was cornered into their buildings not another eventful night took place. “You spent the night tossing around and flopping around on your side of the bed. leaving people unhappy and cooped up for days too long and nights too cold.. the sky had cleared and was Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 89 .” “My apologies.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Nineteen Waking in the morn. I rolled over and found Kie watching me. Smiling as he said.” I chuckled as he smiled.” Pulling the cloth farther up my body for the warmth. When we could finally leave the buildings again.” “Will be sure to wear you out before rest this night. “No. you were not. so I may sleep.

Through the next year three other storms would hit. ripped from the ground. “The shield generators are ready to be put into place. trees broken in half. dirt.. “My friends.. Tis good tidings that has been brought to us this day. People were overjoyed that within the following week safety precautions would be in place to prevent damage from storms again. he still had bouts of sadness that overtook him.Book Three: The Fall a brilliant shade of blue. But good news came one night during the feast as the human woman who sat on the council stood up. The island was covered in destruction. not a cloud in the sky. scout ships could remain on land.” Smiling at the other council members present. In the following months. Water damage everywhere you looked as well.” There was a roar in the building that echoed off the stone walls. The hall's floor was covered in leaves. Some days he would sit in one spot and not move until the sun broke the horizon the following day. others it Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 90 . or drowned in the downpour of rain that fell with each storm. Ships came into the city to transport people around the island to help with the clean up. I had continued staying at Kie's. it still stood with the crystals intact. and we did not have to take cover inside of buildings to avoid being swept up in the high winds. as well as to make the transportation of damage being cleared go faster. even rocks had been picked up and thrown through the storm. Taki was in and out of the barracks. storms struck once again which left us to clearing the destruction again. Should another storm strike us shields will be activated and we will not be confined to buildings. but with the shields in place people were allowed to watch it pass over the city. some days he would sleep. branches but it survived the worst of it.

Sakie made himself present anywhere there was something of interest happening. Kie. Taki.” Nucuranda spoke. both returned home. The consciousness's of the humans who had occupied these bodies before us were given new ones grown in one of the labs. “A plan has been worked so that it will fit all present should it come to the last resort. The shields remained intact throughout all of them. Kelshoro did his best to avoid us when we grouped together. his sister. The storms that struck the island continued to increase and grow in strength over the next ten seasons. traveling back and forth from our home. I believe he was afraid of being caught in a situation of our own making again. The stories from them were ones we knew from the memories that remained intact. sharing stories. Our king. he was the most well known of the council members here on the island. even though he now occupied his Pleiadian form. They did not mind. queen. making a trip home and returning with friends of his. and there was at least five a year that did hit this area. sitting and talking with them after having been in their first bodies for so long was an interesting conversation. Each one was worse than the one before it.Book Three: The Fall would be nights he was in the barracks. The prince. “As all of you are aware. He spent most of his time on Atlantis. All request for personal plans should the city be sunk had been submitted and tonight the full council was present for the release of the plans. resuming their own bodies and giving the human bodies back to the people whom they had to remove for first contact. Those of you who have chosen to relocate to other planets will go through the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 91 . some seasons ago we requested that you submit your preferences should it come to the sinking of the city. myself all remained in the human bodies. but the stories we told them of what these bodies had been through at times left them practically rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. years.

he does control the rest of the world. with each of the groups. you may contact us and we will send a ship. ships will be present to transport you from your location to the gate saving on time. after that you will be on your own. Those of you who have chosen to stay on the island. rebuild whatever you see fit to rebuild. Should you want to contact us for reintegration into Atlantis or be transported off of the planet.” “Are there any questions?” The human woman stood up. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 92 . We have decided that 13 groups will dispatch. write it down for the future generations to find. it will not be as easy as it has been here. The only problem that may present itself is that of Draconus. will be allowed to do so in groups. there is not a problem on this end. she was growing old as were many of the others humans here. using ship to bring you to the first location. We will be sending beacons. we would not prevent that. As long as everyone understands that. those of you who have chosen to evacuate the island for other places on this planet. Many of you have requested that if you should have to evacuate the island in choice of other parts of the world that you be granted permission to rebuild the technology which you understand. “Our ships are capable of underwater function and can penetrate our shields coming to Atlantis. you will go about your day and say your farewells to those leaving. The skulls will remain in contact with the last crystal which will remain on Atlantis. a way of contact. pass it down. using it at your disposal. will have not to do. Teach what you have learned. Each group will take a skull with them so that the information can be gathered into them for future generations and should be passed down from one generation to the next. At some point you may come face to face with him and be required to fight for your rights. which you may reproduce.Book Three: The Fall inter-planetary gate. Lastly.” “Ships will remain within Earth's orbit. The answer is of course you can.” Another council member stood up. traveling to and from Earth and Atlantis regularly.

” “So we chose to stay while the planet passes. “With current adjustments to our ships computers and at the rate it is traveling. as will they continue to do throughout the rest of time. they will share. in which time we will activate shields and you will not be able to leave the island except by ship if the pilot wants to risk his ship in transportation. Her son would sit the council next.” “When is the 13th planet due to pass in the sky?” Another person asked for a time-line. “it should be within the year that it will be in prime position for creating the most destruction. They choose to share the information they contain with you.Book Three: The Fall Their life spans had increased slightly again since the last generation sat the council. as I have said. They do not share with all. if they deem you as worthy or are genetically capable of interfacing with them. “The skull cannot be destroyed. It will last a year. Crystals grown into a form. or to leave now?” The same person asked. they are aware of themselves as many of you have experienced through contact with them.” Nucuranda explained. are much stronger than those that you find around the Earth. He will not be able to gain information from them though. “What happens if Draco was to come into control of one of the crystals. “not saying that it is not an option. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 93 . but that it really cannot be destroyed. or threaten it? Should it be destroyed?” One of the humans in the hall asked. as would his twin sister when their mother passed to the next life. but it still was not as long as ours.” an Aragon who sat the council stood to explain. they will prevent the sharing of information. which are aware of themselves. But if they sense you are evil or are not capable of interfacing with them.

or we can transport you to another planet and have groups of you sent back aboard another ship after the planet passes and you may relocate on the Earth then. There was no more questions presented during the rest of the feast. Either a pilot can choose to risk his ship. People talked amongst themselves. the choice remains open to you.” The Aragon informed everyone present. But should it come to the sinking of the city during that year. finished eating and left the hall returning to their homes. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 94 .Book Three: The Fall “It would be wise to do yes.

sending vibrations and ripples through the energy field. Ash began to rain down as volcanoes all over the planet erupted with the transition of the magnetic field of the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 95 .Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty Over the next six cycles the storms increased in activity and strength. People were panicking on the street as the entire city was lit up. Another two cycles passed and the shields were up indefinitely as one storm came after another. afraid the shields would fail. “It has begun. the ones already on Atlantis would be grounded until further notice. we had the shields up for entire months at a time as one storm after another hit. but still not in the prime position. The clouds visibly rolling through the sky. it began. as waves in the ocean roll into one another. Fire falling as asteroid belts and comets had been hit as the planet traveled through on its elliptical orbit around the sun. no break between them. Hitting the shield and exploding outwards. Visible in the sky night and day already. molten rock running down the sides. I watched it.” I looked at him as he looked upwards. One night as I was walking from the hall to Kie's. “What is it?” He walked out. We could not see the sky at all. The planet had not yet reached the critical point where it would cause the most destruction. Standing not two paces outside of Kie's entry way. ships stopped coming in. as one after another hit the shield. Looking up as I heard the shields energy fluctuating balls of fire rained down on top of it. hearing the commotion.

sending lava from the center of it upwards as an open wound would bleed profusely. It continued to rain ash and fire for months. but found nothing but his head rest. if the shields began to fail under the onslaught of what was happening.” I looked up. After months of being struck by fire. where the water would spin up into the sky crashed into us. “How can anyone not. I knew it the moment it happened as my heart felt as if it would stop beating. The molten core that spins in the Earth was increasing in speed. it was a feeling of having your heart in your throat instead of your chest. Water storms.” He commented. Sitting straight up in bed I grabbed for Kie to wake him up.Book Three: The Fall Earth being strained. glancing at me as he watched the sky. the ice began to fall. waves washed over the sides and over the island. the city would be sunk. Covering the cities shields day and night as onlookers watched from outside their homes when they were awake. raining snow and ice mixed with ash. It felt as if your blood stopped flowing. Winds blew outside of the shield so bad it brought vegetation from other parts of the world colliding with it. Lasting many cycles still. watching the sky turn Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 96 . no being able to know for sure if the energy burst would disrupt the shields or get lost in the destruction of what was happening above. Inter-planetary travel was suspended for a long time. People learned to sleep through the noise. “You feel it too. always knowing there were teams on duty at all times. The planet had moved into a position directly inline with the Earth. Climbing out of bed I walked outside where he was standing. It would rain bolder sized ice down mixed with the ash that still fell from the upper atmosphere of the planet.

women. until the night had past into day again. Saw to their work. Reaching Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 97 .” Kelshoro commented as breathing became easier.” He agreed. The crystals of Atlantis glowed with understanding. Water stopped flowing on the island. men. Life continued as if this was an everyday occurrence. The core of the planet began to spin again. people went about their days. “T'will last a few more months as the storm begins to die down. Animals came out of the trees and bushes. We stood there for hours. it is effecting all living beings. people hugged their families. joked in the hall as they ate.” He repeated what the scientists had said would happen as everyone. giving a comforting energy to everyone on the island.” I finally found the words to describe the feeling I had. up our legs and through our entire bodies. thunder clapping and vibrating anything and everything on the planet. “Yes. “The Earth's core has stopped spinning. The planet has passed the critical point. “It feels as if we are dying. The water again began to run. Feeling a jolt of electricity run through our feet. sending her life through all living things as she did so. Sakie. Plants no longer spoke in whispers to you. old and young came out of their homes to stand on the street watching. Everything stilled. Taki. Animals returned to their homes. and Kelshoro came to stand nearby as well.Book Three: The Fall many shades of dark red. It was enough to make you shake slightly. children. looking upwards. lightening striking the shields one after another. the trees and plants began to whisper again.

hugging the entire island at once.Book Three: The Fall out with vibrations of love. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 98 .

longer wraps and footwear as most loss of heat from the body exits through the feet. “The chill is result of an ice age which occurs when the core of the Earth slows. We had been storm free for an entire cycle. the sun now rose in the East sky and fell in the West at night. followed by the moon of the planet. and less severe towards the middle. As the atmosphere returns to a more normal climatic state. winds blowing from these areas will be cool. “You are advised to mend cloths that will keep you warm. and worsens again towards southern magnetic pole of the planet.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-one Another seven cycles would pass before the storms began to decrease to where the sky once again cleared of clouds from time to time. the weather will return to a more stable climate. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 99 .” He tried to explain it in terms those of us not in the scientific field of study would understand. making you shiver as your body tried to warm itself against it. and a scout ship had been sent and returned stating there was no storm on approach before the shield was deactivated. clearer than it had before the storms had begun hitting one after another over a year ago. The Earth had begun to rotate in the opposite direction. or stops. hands. Watching as the shield came down. the sky turned even bluer. the air was chilly. When a breeze blew it sent chills down your body. Initial scans of the planet are showing 75% of it is covered in ice. This was explained as one of the scientists stood on the steps of the hall. Tis worse towards the northern pole. Through the shields the sky looked bluer.

” He tried to word it in the simplest of terms. Atlantis avoided most of the effects.” I laughed. “The shield created a biological stability that could contain the heat given off by entities inside of it. “basically.Book Three: The Fall and head. What we breathed. “Good. What the plants put out. or it could be hundreds of years in some places. He noticed the looks of confusion he received and tried to reword it again. It depends on the severity of the difference and position of where you are on the planet. while others will warm sooner.” “How long do you estimate it will be before the planet resumes a normal weather pattern?” Asked another. Some areas will remain under ice for thousands of years to come. “Not really. At least tis not just myself that is feeling as if I am Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 100 . before our weather returns to normal. “It could be as soon as a few months from now. What we put out. It held the heat in which neutralized the coolness outside of the shield. and I was having a hard time keeping up with what he was saying and understanding it. maybe a year at most. again creating energy that heated the inside of the shield. was recycled through the vegetation on the island into oxygen. we created our own world inside of the shield.” “You understanding what he is saying?” Taki nudged me as he walked up.” “Why did the climate inside the shield remain stable?” Someone standing in the street asked. it will be a matter of months. worked in favor of the plants and against outside forces. worked in our favor and against the forces outside of the shield.

No I will wait until they want to share. “Not from the council members or pilots monitoring the planet.” He chuckled.” I joked. They seem unwilling to talk.” “Want to help me tie one up and make them talk?” I raised my brows and smiled. “Or I would kill them and we would be out of the smart people. “and then the world would really be in trouble. “You would kill yourself before you spent a month with them. “That is more likely. I was beginning to think I needed to spend more time with the scientists and in labs. “They would have your head for that.” He shook his head.Book Three: The Fall going in circles. you would want to take them out and assume their positions.” He laughed.” “Your no fun anymore. I like my head thank you. “Heard anything from what is occurring in other parts of the planet?” I asked if he had heard anything because I was not sure what I was hearing could be trusted.” I smiled at him.” “And you are pure evil.” “Nice to know I am not the only one either. knowing full well I would never last long in their company. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 101 .” Laughing I nodded my head.

” Waving a hand at one of the elder council members present as he sat back down. As the last few people entered the hall the meeting was called to beginning as my king stood up. Finally the council saw fit to catch the island up on the on going's around the planet.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-two It was now closing in on a hundred years on this planet since first setting foot on the beaches. slaughtering the elders who remember the planets passing in each village that has been rebuilt and leaving his halfbreeds to educate and raise the younger ones who do not remember it. Some areas of the planet became frigid and cold year around while others were warmer as their section of the planet faced the sun more and cooler as the planet rotated and they did not face the sun as much. The weather had returned to normal on the island. They called everyone to the hall who was on the island for a meeting. Some survived underground and a few survived above ground. and was slowly returning to a stable weather patterns all over the world.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 102 . More than likely he was hoping those left behind would not survive and he would be able to begin anew with those on-board his ships. He has begun culling of those who did survive. leaving the rest on the planet's surface. We surmised that he only took a dozen mother ships of people up. “As we have been monitoring activity across the planet we have discovered that a number of beings survived the destructive forces of the planet that passed through many years ago. while some were taken in ship by Draconus. “It is time.

you know no other way of life. “The first wave of incomers will arrive within the week.” “We are also requesting that you lend hands in helping to expand the garden as well as build new homes and buildings throughout the city and surrounding area to accommodate the new arrivals. In some cases we will bring in entire villages to the island. the village leaders have been informed of what is taking place and informed their people. and have not been advanced as the humans here have. They have never seen the technology on this island. It may take them several seasons to adjust. covering it under the ground or destroying it by force. “You have lived in peace for many years with us. Some of you for your entire lives. “As this does not effect us at this time directly we are taking no action against him. all proof of what has happened that existed.” Added the Syrian who sat on the council.Book Three: The Fall “He is also destroying any record that has been passed down in each village. He is erasing your planets history. it is our hope that you will pass on your knowledge and capabilities to those who have not lived in communication with us.” The elder began speaking again.” Added a Lyrian. Many of them have never seen Draconus. heard stories of him they have. “Do we have your support in this activity?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 103 . In those cases.” Nucuranda finished for all of the input others had given. but have never seen him or his kind.” The Aragon stood up. ships have been sent to gather them and their families. I am requesting that you welcome them and help them to settle into life on this island. or lived as you have. Asking of the entire population of the island. “But we will be bringing forth some of the elders from those villages who are still alive. but I am hoping those of you here will be able to help with that adjustment. each person has made the decision to come here.

landing in a field not far from the city. followed by at least twenty humans. as well as fruits and vegetables up to the people. A few of the humans had gathered as well to make the first sight of the island a slightly more normal one than the sight of the pilot and those not in human form provided. smiling and grabbing the hands of the other children and pulling them off to play with the toys they had brought. They looked around at the people gathered. A handful of older men and women. Coming out of the ship as the doors opened was first the pilot. and a group of children ranging in age from what looked to be a few months to ten or eleven seasons. They seemed excited to welcome newcomers to the island. Many of the human population did not remember Draco personally. but they had heard the stories and watched through the skulls of the meeting that had taken place with him all those years ago.” The elder of the council members present took a step towards one of the older men who looked to be the leader of this group. They also knew the history of the planet. taking them out Draco's grasp. the same as the pilot and the emissary who had made contact with them.Book Three: The Fall There was a unanimous agreement from everyone present as they clapped and shouted in agreement. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 104 . Worry seemed to slide off of their faces the same as the rain falls as some of the human children who had been present took flowers. it was no surprise that they were more than willing to take refuges in from other parts. along with a few of their personal military stood watching as a mid-sized cargo ship came in. “Welcome to Atlantis. the ones not in human form and those in human form. It was a few days later when the council members. some appearing to be middle-aged. Noticing that all of us carried the federation mark on our upper right arms. along with an emissary who had assumed human form for contact with the villagers.

and had been a brilliant scientist of her race. she did not do much.” The emissary explained. not saying anything. “these are some of our other council members and their personal guards. “She has been on the council of the federation longer than anyone else. this is Malik. some it took a little longer to win over.” “Tis a pleasure to meet you. “This is Rinah. but they were happy to be away from Draconus and out of his reach. some of the guards. Overall people's shock wore off within the first few hours of arriving on the island. Lived through the planets passing as a young man and rebuilt his village with his family.” Rinah may have looked frail but she was anything but. Rinah. and a handful of adult and children of the human race. sat the council. Getting into a disagreement with her left you with your skull cracking in half and she never even had to raise a hand to you.Book Three: The Fall The leader had to look down at her. he is the village elder. with thin build and a large head. Being old and wise. Integrating into our society it was becoming hard to tell Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 105 . one or two ships at time full of people from all over the planet. They will see you well acquainted with everyone. but she commanded several fleets. cautiously and took hold of the hand that was offered.” Rinah's eyes sparkled as she turned towards the rest of us. “and these are some of the humans who have lived here their entire lives. He reached down slowly. Over the next several weeks multiple buildings went up in preparation for the arrival of more refuges and as they began coming in. He nodded his head at the council member and watched her closely. as she was approximately 3 feet tall.” Waving a frail hand at us. Each time they were met by the council members on the island.

another water way was put in that and the garden expanded as well. to avoid a conflict with Draco and possibly the loss of those lives we saved from his reach. After that year the ships stopped bringing people in as it had been reported that Draconus had discovered our activities and began slaughtering entire villages to prevent us from relocating them. He kept those he did not wipe out under close guard. others brought from areas where drought had spread and turned their home to a dry wasteland of sand and very little water. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 106 . A year of refuges being brought to the island had expanded the living area to many miles surrounding the initial city.Book Three: The Fall which humans had been on Atlantis all their lives and who was new to the island unless it was someone you personally knew. It was the safest action to halt all activity across the rest of the planet. putting his halfbreeds and shape-shifters into their villages to report if we showed ourselves inside of them. Some were brought from the coldest parts of the world.

chin held high. arrogant look to you. They no longer seemed shocked when they saw beings different then themselves. Sitting on Kie's bed. Which they grabbed my wrists and Kie brought the braided rope he kept by the bed up. “especially the first time I see you after a long break between. They had adjusted completely and were one of us. straight shoulders. having been given the federation mark on their right arms a while ago. “I remember the day you came in. tall. they even traveled to a few other planets. “your race always carries that. “Tis funny.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-three Over the next few seasons..” “What's wrong with how we carry ourselves?” He gave me a dirty look. jerking gently.. Kie to my right and Taki to my left while Sakie was at our feet we talked over everything that had happened since we arrived here. they no longer ate meats.” “Why you.” He grabbed a hold of my ankles. always makes me laugh. “Tie her up!” Ordering to Kie and Taki. all refuges were completely integrated into our society. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 107 . pulling me until I was laying on my back. handing an end to Taki..” I told Sakie. they now understood it as well.” I smiled at him..

” Everyone stopped. they have orders to kill anything that walks off of it. letting go of me as I sat up. “Scout ship brought in one of the others who turned himself in to them. And here I am. to ease the tension everyone had. You have been with Taki. We have a team surrounding it. “Pilot is on ship still.” The prince informed us.” Answered the prince. might have gotten it all taken care of if the prince Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 108 . “Is he alone?” Taki stood first. “And it was going to change?” I pushed him. “T'was innocent. how long? Tis only adding that brings me to the result of what has happened. when you walked in. Says he brings word from Draconus. as did Kie. walking across the street to the hall. he wanted to know what was going on but was not positive he wanted to know. the only one left out. we all know. Waiting on the council here to gather. “Four guards with him in the hall. still sitting on the edge of his bed.” The guys stopped immediately. “Do I want to know what you four were doing in there?” The prince tried to make talk..Book Three: The Fall “What are you doing!?” Kelshoro was in the doorway. looking at him. We followed the prince from Kie's home. Shaking his head of any mental image he had gotten. The look on his face said it all. “stop. “Might have. “And you have been living with Kie for.” Sakie laughed.. “And the other?” Kie asked.” He felt the need to make sure I knew he and everyone else knew. Sakie and I got off the bed.

” Kie put a hand on Sakie's shoulder and one on the princes. foot on the step above him. no reason not to go forward. smiling at me.” “Naika. looking at me.” Kelshoro made his opinion known. “We are friends. “She does not seem interested. “Well I must be glad I did not enter later. “Tis not good to be on her bad side. lo sa nami.Book Three: The Fall had not walked in. the one I have is bad enough to give me night terrors. “Neither one of you will be acting on aggravating her any further while she stays with me. Taki shrugged when I looked at him. “Would not wanted to have that image embedded into my head.” Kie nudged me. avoiding giving me his opinion. not at what he had said.” I heard the prince chuckle behind me as he talked to Sakie.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 109 . “Do not look so surprised Nesenty!” Sakie stopped. and with such a certainty in his tone of voice.” My jaw almost hit the ground. but the fact that he had said it so calmly.” I told him off as I walked past him. continuing up the steps. innocent friends the entire time I had stayed there. but he found it amusing that Sakie thought otherwise. “Tis I that must deal with her after you light the anger in her. We had been friends.” Taki added in.

the way he watched us. hands clasped in front of him. He was gentle. looking his face over. standing back and watching closely. and there was something else. stopping them and telling them what I had told him. “He needs fresh air to breath not the janga flowing from your mouths as you breath down his neck. He didn't seem like the others I had seen. He not once tried to block his mind from us. Something in the energy he gave off. “Can't you see it?” I looked at him and pulled my arm loose. looking around. he isn't like Draconus.” “Nesenty. “He doesn't understand our reaction. maybe a few hundred years old. Look at him. what are you doing?” Taki grabbed my arm as I went towards them. He looked young.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-four The other stood there. and he was confused. and the other.” Taki let me continue forward. he was calmer. but too young to have committed as many heinous crimes as some of them. he didn't understand why we watched him like we did.” I ordered the four standing around him. He was young enough to be molded into the kind of soldier Draco wanted. in his eyes. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 110 . He put his hands out when Sakie and Kie came in and came forward as if they would pull me back too. really look at him. I stopped a few inches from him. “Back up. Draconus chose him because he knew we would not kill him on sight.

not wanting to look me in the eyes as he grew uncomfortable. But his eyes. His horns had not even begun to bud yet. “Tiss. His scales were smooth. they were the most different. He was just a baby! I was appalled at Draco's actions. “What is your name?” I asked him through a mental connection. but he knew we might kill any soldier he sent. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 111 . I will harm you. He slouched slightly. high cheeks and strong jaw. his tail sliding back and forth slightly. he didn't expect me to make the connection or speak his language. Reaching a hand out.Book Three: The Fall watching him watch me.” He looked down towards his feet. He took a moment to answer. “No. not overly large. I took hold of his hands in front of him and smiled when he looked back up at me. to ensure Si made it here. because I could not begin to guess. “Nesenty!” Kelshoro took a step towards me. which is probably why the pilot came. This child will not harm us. “50. a tinge of fear in them. his hands held tightly in front of him. I felt the need to back it up with words as he moved his hand in a motion to wave the guards closer. speaking his own language.” He looked around us. maybe he was younger than I had thought. signaling the prince to stay back and do nothing that would put his own people at risk. “How old are you?” I was curious.” I glared at him. I held a hand up. he had no right to force one so young to do his bidding. Draco would have not entrusted a child to come by themselves. But if you come any closer. Almost looking sad. Si.

almost afraid to move. And I mean no one. I walked back over towards where Taki and the others stood. “Come with me?” I looked back at Si. When the council comes you may tell them what you are supposed to.” I let go of his hand as I stood up from kneeling down. “I will be right over there. He was memorized just by the sight of them. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 112 . We are only going to sit down. but I outranked him where the military was concerned and they would listen to my order before his. Issuing the order to not only them but the guards that had been here as well. nothing will happen to you while I am here.” He nodded at me as he reached a hand out slowly. “You can touch them if you want. glancing at me a moment before he did so. The prince was glaring at me. Taki and Kie took a few steps forward. goes near him. “right over there. blocking their way from me and Si. sitting down next to the crystals and looking at them. still holding his hand. the next heir back home. “They will not harm you.” He came with.” I looked at the prince making sure he got the message clearly. His only response was to glare at me more. ask them questions. Sakie soon stood beside them. “Where?” He looked around. watching the light dance off of them. gently touching one of the skulls with a finger. “see that no one goes near him. stepping in front of the prince and the guards I had ordered away.” I pointed towards where the crystals were. and them. biting his tongue so he would not say anything.Book Three: The Fall He may have been the prince. do not breath down his neck and give him space. with no further argument.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 113 . Kie. Si was safe. Anyone from the council on the island stayed there. he would be entertained with the crystals for some time. I needed to find the council members before they came into the hall. They needed to understand what they would be coming face to face with. They would be expecting one of Draco's soldiers. as I was not told it was a child I was sure they were not either. if they were not out with the others of the city. Effectively blocking the way to anyone who would try to pass. the guards had assumed a position in the line with Taki.Book Three: The Fall I left them standing there. and the best place to start looking for them would be in the building that Kelshoro resided in. and Sakie.

“But what you don't know is he is a child. “We already know there is an other among us. He is confused and does not understand the way he has been treated.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-five Once outside of the hall. Si is only 50 years old. “He is not like the others we have met before. he is gentle. Taking the steps two at a time down from the entry of the hall and walking over to where they were. standing still as were the others. A babe still.” I said. getting ready to come here I assumed. Draco sent a baby to do his bidding.” “What then.” I blurted it out. I would venture a guess. not at all caring if they took offense. not off parading around for that disturbingly sick bag of scales.” “Draco did what?!” The Aragon stepped forward.” Nucuranda said. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 114 . “He sent a child. he should still be in home with his parentage. because he knew we would not kill on sight if it was a child. I spotted the council just now gathering in front of the market. still a few paces away from them as they were turning to head to the hall. “You must know something before you go in there. do you think we should do?” Rinah spoke softely. “You heard what I said.” I glared at him.

putting him in his place. with us. swings from tree limbs and speaks when he should remain quiet. being one of the eldest members had seniority over the others. Draco would twist him into his way of thinking or kill him for disobedience. paws on his hips. tell our children stories of the wild beasts in the trees to make them fear going into them..” “He is an other!” The Syrian snarled at her.” “My apologies Rinah. coward for sending a mere child.. and at me. looking up at him from her short perpestive. “I have him sitting with the crystals. “Nesenty. “Perhaps we should return you to the trees and forget you can speak. where is this. Rinah had sent him a mental note while she spoke.. “I agree with Nesenty. “What would you have the message be?” Rinah. raising a finger to her large head.Book Three: The Fall “I think we hear what message he brings.” I did not think that we should send Si back.. think of all your kind as a threat. “If he sends a child to do his work. the child remains here. Turning around. Rinah stepped towards the Syrian. Rinah faced the rest of the council. send the pilot back to Draco with a message. he should have come himself unless he knows we would have his head for stepping on Atlantis once again.” He stopped snarling and looked down at her.” She thought a moment.” I answered. he liked the light as it Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 115 . “And you are nothing but a large animal that walks upright. I understand.” The Syrian backed down. Si? Now?” She turned back towards me. “He is.

who stood there. waiting for the outburst to start. including myself. including Kelshoro who shows as much distaste for him as the Syrian. making sure no one goes near him.” She looked at the others before walking past me. not wanting to get into a tussle over pack leader at this time. I could harm him. The choice be his.” “Let us be careful when hearing him speak. are the only ones who may contradict her order and resemble forces under different ones. the Syrian snarled at me as he went by though. Shrugging Nucuranda's hand off he walked out of the hall and left. “to protect that other. we will listen and offer to let him stay. you return what he gave you.” “She outranks you son. “tis not the time or place. “You know what she did father?” He looked at me and then at his father. and added mentally. As the others past. if you want to act as a child you need leave. watching and shaking his head. You do not back down to a dog that does not show you courtesy. “She ordered them. I bared my teeth back at him. placing a hand on his shoulder and whispering in his ear. I did the only thing I could do. along with a few others who do outrank her. The boy had a lot to learn. The Syrian looked away quickly. most of them ignored me.” he looked behind him. your mother and I.Book Three: The Fall danced off of them. Turning on my heel. up the steps and inside where Kelshoro immediately showed his displeasure. They will do her bidding before they follow yours. not only could I teach him. do not threaten him. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 116 .” Nucuranda went over to Kelshoro.” The prince glared at me from next to his father. To stand between him and anyone. “And I have guards standing near him. I followed them back to the hall.” I told her verbally.

I would outrank him and command those under me. this is Si. “He says. Rinah stood back up.Book Three: The Fall and until he inherited his father's throne..” He looked down at his feet.” she looked up at him. afraid we would be mad at him for it. They would not allow the other council members through. Rinah took the chance with everyone distracted by Kelshoro's outburst to find Si. “Draconus. Standing next to him as he sat on the floor she communicated mentally with him.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 117 . watching us around him. “Tis okay. “Helloos. Her entire height brought her to the same level as was he. Council. more then likely because Rinah had seconded my order.” He spoke softly. between Si and everyone else. sitting. talking to him and telling him stories about the crystals he was so fascinated with. Taki and the others remained where I had ordered them to stand. looking towards the men who stood between him and the rest of us. tell us what it is you would like to say.” He looked up again.” He almost whispered it. Fidgeting with his foot. he wants you to leave. stretching her arm all the way as he stretched his down so they could reach one another. “He tells me he has something to share with us. He says you be gone. taking Si's hand in her own little hand and leading him out from behind the council's table. “These are the council members currently present on Atlantis. not him. they could not follow anyone elses order now. as his tail swung back and forth. “Si.” She smiled at him. he. She finally sat on the floor with him. After some time. he almost seemed shy.. or he will come. tis not yours to be heres anymore. respectively...

“I think. is your choice.. “Would you like to stay with us? Here?” She smiled.” “Then we will send our message back with the pilot who brought you here.” Rinah told him.” She ordered... If you want to stay.” he looked back down at his feet... “I have a question for you now. “do you have any family from where you come? Would you think they might want to come here too?” He looked sad again. no family.. you may.. taking a moment before he spoke. “Would not Draconus be angry with me. “No. Draconus does not make your choice for you. tis up to you though.. “Nesenty. My parents..Book Three: The Fall “Si. confused.” she squeezed his hand.. Draconus does not let us live with families. “A friend is.” He was shocked at her offer.. sifting them around. Draconus does not tell us what to do. with yous if I did stays here?” “Tis not his choice.. “I would. his tail no longer swung back and forth and he just stood there. But first. “What is friends?” He looked at her.” Rinah explained.” “Yes?” He looked down at her. We do not answer to him.” she looked around trying to find a way to explain it to him. “you are welcome to stay if you want to. they tried to make him leaves me with them. come here.” “Friends?” Rinah was hopeful there was more like him. we lives in camps. but he kills them I heard. as I came to Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 118 . I would likes to stay.

..” He looked as if his eyes were about to begin leaking fluid.. energies. Touching them and smiling as they seemed to play with him. you can stay. they want to play with you again. is.” I told him.. “So. they are kind to each other. we are told not to talk with each others untils we are in legions.” She took my hand and had me hold one of his hands. It made me angrier with Draco than I had been before. with children of the island. “Friends. “Now you do.” He smiled. No friends. Instead of sharing information like they did with adults. wasting no time he turned and went back over. “This is friends.Book Three: The Fall stand in front of her she looked from him to me. I felt sorry for him. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 119 . taking a hold of his other again and a hold of my other hand. “Why don't you go play with the crystals again? They are talking. they played games with lights. You talk to them. colors.. Making the light they caught dance in different colors around him. I can stays?” He looked at Rinah again.. I had seen them do it before. sitting in front of the crystals again.. her head leaning back as she looked up at him. that he would do this kind of thing to his own kind.” “No. you have friends and you can make all kinds of them here.” She smiled at him. “Yes Si.

running to the outskirts of the city on my left to reach the path that led to the beach. Hoping from the top of the steps and landing on my feet on the ground.” I told the guards who stood in front of me. if he needs something. He held himself like one. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 120 .” She gave me my orders.” They answered unanimously. he was more like those I had seen before. We will introduce him tonight to the island during the feast. They are to be nice. stepping aside and letting me approach the ship. I want him left alone. and return to us. someone gets it. “He stays. stand between the pillars and block the way. We will be in the chambers.” I nodded my head at her as I ran from the building.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-six Rinah stood in front of the rest of the council. make certain your people understand they are not to be mean with him. “Do not let anyone in here. and let me know they would be in the buildings that Kelshoro resided in. “I will. Now he was a soldier I thought to myself. “Nesenty. “The council sends their response.” They mumbled. you may run the message back to the pilot. Be sure he leaves. since it was your idea. Once at the beach I looked for the ship and the guards who had been left with it.” She turned back around to Taki and the others standing guard. spotting them about 20 paces from where I was. Walking up to the guards as the pilot stood in the doorway. he was much older. “Hm. Understand?” “Yes.

closing the doors as he did so. Growling at me he turned around. a group of 3 of them. is Si. “And the child's name. he stays. They were between 10 and 12 seasons. we do not follow his orders. “He is in the hall.Book Three: The Fall “You are to return to Draconus. they will remain with us as will Si.” “If you say so. straight across the ocean top. between the barracks and a few homes. “He just came here. If he sends another child to deliver a message. Stopping when I saw some children who.” “Why is he new? Where are his parents?” Another one asked. we do not answer to him. were around the same age as Si.” I informed them. About your age. not really caring one way or the other. Tell him.” They shrugged. “Is it a big person?” The youngest looking one asked. “Would you like to make a new person feel welcome?” I crouched down to their level. technically. He is one of us now.” I told the pilot. and his parents are in the next life. making sure they got the picture that he was to be left alone. “He is tall. Hovering a moment before it took off. but he is a child. “Where is the child?” One of the guards asked. I backed up a step to give it room to launch from. I ran back up the path that led to the middle of the city.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 121 .

The boys had round balls. I had known he carved dolls and animals. The children ran in several different directions. They also had a few carved animals. why don't you go get them real fast and I will wait here. “What tis his name?” He asked excitedly. is he human?” The other boy asked as he jogged alongside me. Not gone more then a moment. and boat.” “What does he look like. “His name is Si. taking a step forward as one of the boys ran in front of me. shaking my head as I stood up. “He is not human. at the idea of Kie handing carvings out. “What lizards that live behind your house?” I looked down Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 122 .Book Three: The Fall “Can we bring some of the dolls that Kie carved?” The little girl asked.” I laughed. but he is really young and seems very sweet. He looks like a big lizard. “Why don't we go ask him. but I didn't know he had been handing them out. Taller than me.” She looked up at me. And the little girl had a couple dolls. “I did not know if he would want to play with dolls or the other carvings I have.” “Like the lizards we talk to that live behind my house?” The first boy asked. a carving of a bird. that were really just cloths wrapped around leaves.” I told her. “Yes. they came scampering back with a few toys in each of their arms.

“They are children. “Where is he?” They looked at me. okay?” “Okay. come here. “Well. “Si. “Oh they are little.. he is bigger than me and he is green.” “We all ways are. I took them up the steps of the hall. “So is he.” I cut him off mid-sentence.” They nodded. coming face to face with Taki who tilted his head. He popped his head over the table.. Now move.. “You can take turns watching them play if it t'would make you feel better.” He began. have a family. All different kinds of colors.” He shook his head and stepped aside as I brought the human children inside.” The little girl stuck her chin out.Book Three: The Fall at him.” I explained. “Thought t'would be good to give him someone his own age to meet.. “And you have to be nice.” He informed me. not immediately seeing him behind the huge table. looking from them to me. describing a normal lizard bunch. They brought toys. and mommy and daddy.” I told them. looking at me with the children. Many brothers and sisters. “there is no reason to be afraid of him though. “I brought some children to play with you.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 123 .” I called.

The little girl was the youngest.” He pointed to the oldest.Book Three: The Fall He stood up. “Tis my children's. I walked over to Kie. She is 9 seasons. running towards him.” He watched her turn around and dig through the toys on the table. Turning. Picking the boat up she turned back towards him. he is 12 seasons. “That is Liat. that is Shanti. “Grampa Kie made it for me!” Turning again she picked up a ball and an animal carving the boys had taken over. he does have big eyes. she had no fear. “can you see really good?” “Yes I cans see wells. Standing on it she looked him in the eyes. Grampa Kie made them too!” Within a few minutes they were all on the floor playing together. children's children. “What. “These are your children's children? I thought they were older?” He laughed.” The older boy warned her as he walked up. “this is a boat!” She could hardly contain her excitement.. “you sure got big eyes.” She looked at the boy and then back at Si. looking at me and watching them play. The other boy. he is 11 seasons. and the most outspoken of them all. “I am being nice. She was interested in everything Si had to say..” “Be nice. that is Meka. coming around the table. Named after my mate. what ares toys?” “These are!” The little girl exclaimed. “These are my brothers toys.” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 124 . Into everything unlike her brothers who are calm. She put her toys on the table and proceeded to climbing on top of it. And the little fire ball you brought in.

I don't want to know. I tell them 'the old man needs to know who belongs to who so I know who to return them to when they begin to smell.” He laughed. Right now..' Works well. “Tis the only way to keep them straight.” He looked at me as if I should have known that.” He smiled. “See that blue mark?” “Yes.” “The blue marks mean they come from the oldest son of my oldest son.” I finally told him. thinking he was brilliant..” he took a hold of my shoulders. approximately 2 or 3 a piece. “Well.” He shrugged. “Gets confusing when they all reproduce... look closely.Book Three: The Fall “I didn't. “tis what they call me. “How do you keep it straight?” I asked him. “You must forgive the old man. Each of them have grown and have begun having children of their own. that makes 12 children under them. “I have 5 children. “You do not mind them playing with Si?” I wanted to make Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 125 .. they all had children. I didn't know. I think there is roughly 10 of them and three more on the way.” I was shocked his line had continued on around me without me knowing it. never once have they said no. not completely sure I wanted to know the answer. I use it to my advantage to keep track of who is who.” He laughed.” My mouth fell open as I looked at him. Reaching into.. “You dye all of their backs?” I looked at him. pointing towards their backs. “You.

“Has not stopped you from trying to steal my bed. Who better than little ones like me?” He smiled. They were actually really open to playing with him. his eyes lighting up. in a strange. and from what I hear. Looking at them closer I noticed they did kind of look like Kie. the little girl had decided to use him as a chair and he did not seem to mind while he made the carved bird fly around.Book Three: The Fall sure. watching his line play with Si. had I known they were from his line I would have asked beforehand. “I do not mind. “I must not be that bad. I feel he is safe. “That is the frightening part.” He shrugged. disturbing kind of way.” I gave him a funny look. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 126 .” He leaned against the pillar.” “Not in this life. he needs friends. I will not have to try to steal yours.” “When you make me one.

worked with them. would often make jokes about the four of us living together. The male was a Lyrian. as had I done. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 127 . We heard not from Draconus over the seasons either. learning our ways and customs. rumors made their way back to us from infiltrators that the federation had in place. He grew up in that year. as did all children and not one person on the island looked at him any different than they would have looked at anyone else. the female a halfbreed of human and Syrian. not only walking amongst the Earthlings but becoming their village leaders and mages.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-seven Over the next season Si became one of us in every way. He also trained in the training center. From time to time we would hear about how he was thinking of attacking. Rumors had also made it to our ears about his halfbreeds. It took him almost that entire season to learn what it only took me moments to learn. that when the pilot returned without Si and gave Draco our message. He received the mark of the federation. getting themselves into a position of power and control. He lived with them. A family of mixed breeds took Si under their roof. played with them. Kelshoro learned not all were the same. bringing him into their family. watching Si interact with everyone and grow on his own. Taki and Sakie eventually moved in with Kie. he destroyed the room they were in. three children already before taking Si. The prince. overcoming his displeasure at the idea of me being able to pass orders that override his. wiping us out. but decided not to for the time. but at least he learned.

mid-summer.” Kie laughed. if they were willing to come. I will visit when I can.would anyone be willing to mate with the likes of you?” “Was I talking to you?” Sakie threw a berry at Kie. “you have too many things run through your head and act on them. hitting him square between the eyes.. “you have too many in a downline from you. If they did not want to leave our home. let alone one willing to relocate for you.” I looked at Taki. “Taki. Gathered in the hall. “A better question would be.” “Are you joking?” I finally was unable to hold the insults back.” “Manageable enough you would bring mate here from your home world?” Sakie was up to something. “none of you would be lucky enough to find a mate that is willing to be your mate. Chuckling Taki answered his question. Who would want that to carry with Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 128 .” Looking at Kie I told him. he lived mainly on the island. that would drive any potential mate away.. but my job requires me on this planet and I have come to like it. “tis manageable... hot. than she must deal with the fact that I live here.Book Three: The Fall One night. “. “What do I think about it?” Taki sighed as he chewed the question around with his food. “if there was someone. I would be comfortable bringing them here. our usual nightly activities going on around us. even though he had returned home now and then. this island is covered in your offspring's offspring. it was right there in the tone of his voice. sticky. and downright miserable was the weather outside. you cannot keep straight your words. what you think of being here so long?” Sakie asked.

those actions that require you to be physically intertwined with another. “Taki means the mating kind of company. “Oh. “I do not need that sort of company when I have the three of you always around. never do you take something seriously. friends. finally little old you.” Smiling I believed they got the point. “you are the worst of the three. wondering what I was talking about. Standing up and returning our bowls to the crates that collected them. we Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 129 .” All three of the guys burst into laughter. “What about me?” I glared at him.” “You misunderstand the comment.” I slapped towards Kie..” They looked at me.” “Look at who speaks. “you who fears reproducing to the point that it prevents you from enjoying the company of another.” I smiled.” He raised an eyebrow. my company of others is at its brink. Jokes were told around as we finished in the hall. smiling.” “There is not wrong with me. “and you. You think everything be funny..” Taki laughed at me. but not on this planet for any length of time. “The one who has never taken a mate.” Kie put in. “I do enjoy the company of another. but there is. If you are going to laugh your way through life. Almost overflowing.. yes. “I have the three of you.” He tried keeping a smile from creeping onto his face. he ducked and laughed. You know.Book Three: The Fall them?” Finally I looked at Sakie. a mate would run from you in fear that you would harm her mind.” “I know what he means.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 130 .Book Three: The Fall headed outside. All of us felt it now that we were not surrounded by beings every direction around us. The moment we stepped just outside of the pillars something in the air felt different.

If you live alone. A few of the other military present came out. By the time Sakie returned. decide on bunking with a group. or the building where they would bunk for the night. or a group came out of the halls.” As one family. until we do. Escorting them to their homes. “our military will escort you home. “Council says that no one is to be alone tonight. turning and walking back inside.” Sakie informed everyone standing outside. stopping as they sensed it as well. Taki and I took Kelshoro and his sister.” Sakie offered. a line of military along the open side of the hall. Inside. I do not wish to find you strung. at the top of the steps. The rest of us remained just outside of the hall. a barricade had formed. as well as a few of their friends back to the building they resided in. we do not know what it is. two military went with each of them. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 131 .” I told the prince as I left him inside his chambers. we are to escort them to their homes and be sure that they are not alone in their homes if it means placing groups together inside one home.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-eight “I will go inform the council here that there is something amiss outside the walls of the hall. we require that all are never alone. Nucuranda informed everyone present. her bodyguard was with us as well. “Stay inside until morning. Something has been sensed beyond these walls. hanging from the hall in the morn.

I left him in his chambers. knowing I would not remain inside as I had ordered him to do. “Cut me down and burn the body. meeting Taki and the princesses bodyguard outside. but cannot be anything good. The council would not be left unguarded. Would not have us all jumping if t'was anything good. “Same here.” Sakie agreed.” Taki answered. “Not sure.Book Three: The Fall “And if I find you in such a way?” He gave me a look.” I told him. Taki was currently issuing orders to El. shrugging his concern off. so there was no worry of finding another to help El watch through the night. I will send another to help watch through the night. We met a group of military escorting the council to the same building we had just left the El guarding.” He was as confused by the senses as I was. “Remain with them. “What think you it is?” I asked Taki. “Everyone we escorted. no doubts some of them would stay there as well. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 132 . waiting outside for him and Sakie to get there.” El only nodded in confirmation. yes. Taking a few families back to their homes before we met back at Kie's. “Everyone inside?” Kie asked as they walked up. make sure no one leaves. acknowledging his orders and assuming his post just on the inside of the entryway to the building.

” I told them. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 133 .” Sakie put the idea out there for us to stay connected through our minds. covering the entire city in a matter of minutes.” Taki added. knowing they were thinking the same thing.” I commented to them. We checked the streets first. we did not take the paths towards the beach. “Keep a mental connection. “Work our way out towards the beach first.” Sakie responded.Book Three: The Fall “The question remains. Grabbing knives we left the home.” Kie headed inside his home. “Clear where I am at. do we want to wait inside or scout the grounds around here?” I looked at them. “No one ordered us to stay inside. but made our way through the undomesticated vegetation.” Taki added. splitting up in 4 different directions. than we will join the others in the trees. meet on the back of the city. “Clear here as well. “Found nothing. Working through the tall bush and grass. we had come across nothing from the city down to where the water washed ashore. The others returned the same answer.” I told them.” I commented. Keeping our sensing alert so that we could feel one another. Coming to the beach we could see each other lined down the beach. almost as if it were a wall between us as we moved forward. “Clear. work our way back up the sides.” Kie responded to us. knowing where each of the other was checking. “City seems clear. the trees. “Then let us grab the blades from inside and join the others already in the trees. We would sense anything between each other or around us. “Two each side of the city.

checking as far as the garden in a perimeter. something is there. beginning to give the sky different shades as it seemed to rise over the East horizon now. “Sensed nothing but what is supposed to be in the bush.” Taki finished for me.” Kie shrugged.we would not all sense it if t'was not there. “Does not make sense. Ships would be scanning the rest of the island. if we can.” Sakie agreed.” I knew there was more of us out in the trees of the surrounding area. Finding nothing as we made our way to the back of the city we checked behind the city. “Tis almost morning.. “. working our way to the middle to meet.” Kie could still sense something was wrong. Being able to tell our own from something that did not belong. “The others would have gotten a hold of us if they had found anything. “If something presents itself someone will find us.. knowing sleep may come hard given the difference we all sense around us.” “Would not be a bad idea to rest while we can. “May as well return to the building. but something is still amiss..Book Three: The Fall Taki and Saki broke off to the right of the city as Kie and I went up the left. Keeping that wall between us to sense anything that should so much as breath between us. “Aye..” Sakie said as we met up. tis hiding from us.” I mumbled out as we made our way back towards Kie's. the same as the rest of us.” Taki commented on the sun. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 134 .

Book Three: The Fall The sun broke the horizon just as we returned to Kie's entryway. we would sleep. If we could. with the senses of the body heightened our minds may rest. Laying swords next to our rolls and letting our minds shut down. but the senses would continue to run at full speed. for a fast exit if need be. Rest may not be as simple as falling asleep. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 135 . as well as our bodies. Throwing out our rolls on the floor of the living space. the city would begin waking if any had slept through the night. drifting into sleep. We intended to be as close to the entry way of the building as possible. none of us took to the bed.

the salt in the sea was on the air. lifting her white hair as if a wind blew it. He will not stop until all are dead or under his control. The smell of the ocean came with it. The only cool thing about the day was the soft breeze that blew. As if in some kind of trance. Death will come to those who fight him. as if an instinct in them said to be quiet to avoid predators. the energy swirled around her. She was one of the few mystics that could peer into the possible futures. making it as sticky of a day as it was hot. The storm will Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 136 . Moisture was in the air again. Even children sensed it..” She spoke as her eyes turned almost completely white. whispering to each other. there was a human standing before the council. The same feeling that was present when we laid down was still in the energy around us.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Twenty-nine When we woke the sun was in the middle of the sky. The council was meeting that day in the hall to discuss what it could be. bearing down on the island. speaking the language of Atlantis. She was from Aree's line. He will attack within a season with the full force of the legions he gathers from the three under him. he will take Atlantis. “. As we came into the hall. banished from the federation long ago for their experiments. they played silently. “He brings death to all those who argue against the action now. they have joined forces with him to bring the federation to their knees. she had the gift of sight the same as her great-grandmother. remaining quiet outside. detect what others did not know. that everyone sensed but could not find.the storm approaches from the East with the rising sun. Others have joined him..

bringing them all to their feet as a healer who stood near by rushed to her side. “Her mind is weak. still similar to me they are. or that he had joined with the ones who were banished from Rinah's world long ago.” The healer caused the woman to float. taking her to the healing center. “She will be fine.” Nucuranda offered the explanation. and from Earth. slightly offended they would use someone from Aree's line as they seemed to have done.” She sent to me through the mental connection. that at some point he would attack. Placing a hand on her head and one on her chest she made the connection to the human.” She collapsed on the floor in front of the council. She needs to rest. She was inside of my head.” Rinah offered.Book Three: The Fall arrive with the next season. Tis genetically superior in their line. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 137 . the 13th in this system. We figured as much. “The ones we banished have changed.” The healer looked at the council.” Nucuranda answered me. t'would be her or someone from her line. biting my tongue to keep my mouth closed. if anyone would be able to tell us. “What did she mean you have your answers?” I asked. but they have grown.” Rinah watched me as I balled my fists at my side. We did not know when. “She has the gift of sight. They have also turned colder since being banished. “I will take her to the healing center. “We asked her if she could see what was happening. you have your answers. “Draconus gathers all the forces from his home. scanning her bodies vibration for what caused the collapse. she knew what I thought.

They were from another. and I assume will create a plan of attack around that.” I commented on the fact that my king wanted to save Atlantis from him. If we would like to keep Atlantis from coming under his control as she predicts.” Nucuranda gave us his thoughts. to make clear what he had heard the human woman say. and yet she had Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 138 . “Yes.” My king answered. “Was long before I sat the council that this happened. the layout of the island. create a map from.” Rinah answered. “Would be best we are always prepared. maybe ages ago when the library was first constructed.Book Three: The Fall “You mean your race?” Taki asked.” “She said he would take Atlantis. “since both have been banished by the same.” “They now know our force. but crossbreeding with our kind when we gave them refuge. “No. wanting to know if they knew that. the federation. we must be prepared and we must be ready to sink the city should he bring all forces as his disposal down upon us. She says he will attack within the time it takes us to circle the sun again.” She looked us over. what better way to strike back at us than to join together. “T'was a cloaked ship the others brought in. those who did support it and participate in it were sent to another. confused that the entire race had not been banished.” “What was it we felt last night?” Kie asked... The ones who did not experiment remained on my home. “One of our scouts detected the balance shift in the energy as the cloaked ship scanned the island. to scan the island into the ships computer system. not of my race.” “Now they are joining with Draco?” Sakie asked.

it passed down an ability to cross the path of time. Now and then. Not entirely understanding but having a basis of what she meant. not in all. our knowledge of the attack and when. why does no one else?” I was curious.” Rinah explained. “She saw the future that lay before us. from the advanced being the humans once were.” Rinah replied mentally. “Aree's line carries the sight. “The gift of sight is limited to the knowledge of what one knew before and the outcome that would happen if that knowledge was not changed. we may still save Atlantis because we know about the coming attack. Atlantis may be saved by precognition.Book Three: The Fall seen him take it. but did not care to share with everyone. “It makes the gift of sight a dangerous thing to have. it would fall to his control. the line of parentage that preceded Aree part of the DNA changed. One word would change the outcome of what will happen. one must always chose carefully what they wish to know. answering my question to the best of her knowledge. In changing the main factor in the fall of Atlantis.” Rinah sent me through a mental message. she has changed the future. it shows in the offspring from that line. The future has now changed.” “I think I understand. but it does spring up in a few. “Because at some point. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 139 . the DNA mutated. whereas without that knowledge. in the event that we did not know of his attack beforehand. To cross the bridge between this world and that of the next.” I responded.

“They should have killed him a long time ago. the stars had begun to show and the moon rose out of the East. I walked through the trees. it grew darker and darker under the tree tops. feel the Earth as she breathed. the songs of the animals and plants around me.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Thirty I left the hall with the guys as the council continued to debate the actions they would take. where I found Taki standing outside. I made my way back towards Kie's. something inside said that it would not always be this way.” I grumbled out as I stepped away from the hall. ear to the ground beneath me. I listened to the heartbeat. Walking without thinking until I found myself once again at the pool of water and the fall.” Sakie sat down. Laying down near the water's edge. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 140 . You could hear the trees whispering. silence that was not deafening. heading for the treeline. “Should kill him now.” I watched as fresh food from the garden was brought in. there was an uneasy silence in the city. be done with it. the soft vibration that the water gave off. Walking back to the city. it took me until the sun had fallen below the horizon. reaching the first bridge that took me over a canal and continuing over the second and third bridges. unlike the city where the silence was silence. watching the people going about their day. A brilliant white to it. past us and into the market. Standing on the bottom steps of the hall. laying on the ground until the sun began to set in the western sky. I stayed there. the air grew cooler. there was sound in the silence there. I knew. “I'm going for a walk.

in that way he did when he was curious or aggravated. “You were lost. following me inside.” I was purposely picking an argument with him now. “Yes you do.Book Three: The Fall “What are you doing?” I asked him. going inside. I was lucky enough to have brains enough to follow him back to the barracks. Remember when we were kids? You decided you knew the way through the trees and that I was wrong..” He tilted his head. “What about the time we were on Sakie's planet? You decided you knew the grounds better than he.” He pointed his finger at me. or both. knowing what would come out of his mouth next. “I was at the waterfall. ended up on the other side of the area before someone in ship came to retrieve you. Led us around for two days before someone found us.” I walked past him.” He said.” He reminded me. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 141 . “We were kids. “I do not get lost. “How do you know that is not where I meant to go?” I watched him as he grew flustered with my tone of voice.” He proceeded to list off the times I had gotten lost in my life. admit it. “Could have told us so we did not think you lost.” I laughed. turns out we went in circles the entire time. controlling his frustration and walking away.. “Waiting for you. stopping in front of him.

Yes. so in answer to your questions. “Neither. I would not have returned.Book Three: The Fall “Your back!” Kie shouted as he came around the corner of the room. But did you know where you came from?” Kie interjected. “Or did one of the scouts on foot bring her back?” Kie asked the next plausible question. “Again?” Sakie chuckled. “If I had been lost. “Told you I did not get lost. I found my way there and my way back. “What tis going on?” Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 142 .” Taki offered the explanation. “Or where you were going?” Sakie couldn't help but to laugh. shaking his head.” I crossed my arms over my chest.” I argued with them all now. “And refusing to admit she got lost. “Or how you got there?” Taki commented. “Did a ship bring her in?” Sakie looked at Taki. I knew where I was. she came out of the tree line on her own.” I uncrossed my arms. “You knew where you were. “I t'was not lost. because you were there. a smile coming across his face. looking around the room as things had been gathered.” Taki answered for what he had seen.

leaning back with his hands behind his head. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 143 . “We're sharing. But t'was what happened. Taki on another. A round of laughter put us to sleep that night. we all managed to fit into the bed together. you in the middle. we are giving the building to some of the families moving in from the outskirts of the city. facing my back. The blanket we shared covered our lower bodies as Sakie's feet stuck from one side of the blanket and his head from the other. “Kie on one side. his back to me. beds going with me. “Who gets the bed tonight?” I asked. I faced his back on my side. and keep your legs pulled up people because I am sleeping below you. rolled on his side. be where they can reach us with the others at all times.” Sakie felt the need to smile as he told me that. “So I get the house. knowing it would be the last night in this building. “And your going back to the barracks. “Which you missed by the way if you did not notice the sun had set.” Everyone looked at him as if he had lost his mind.Book Three: The Fall “The council saw fit to inform the island of what is going on tonight at the feast. as Taki laid on my left. “We thought best to move back into the barracks. “No.” Taki told me.” Kie informed me that I would not be allowed to keep the bed.” Taki informed me. and the bed to myself?” I smiled at them.” Sakie added from where he sat on a chair. and Sakie sprawled himself along the foot of the bed. Kie was on my right.” Kie offered. Our legs pulled up in a fetal position almost.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 144 .Book Three: The Fall the idea of what someone would think if they walked in and found us as such was enough to send our eyes to watering.

” The prince fiend a look as if he Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 145 . “You will send everyone moving out. “Want to move in?” I asked the prince smiling at him.” The prince shook his head. “Let me think about it...” Kie chimed up.” Kie smiled as he grabbed a hold of Taki. “T'would be fun!” Sakie added excitedly. “All of you? In one?” Kelshoro stepped inside completely. but none of us knew for sure. “Or give us peace to beat you in. “All moved in?” Kelshoro stood in the doorway to the barracks we had moved into.” Taki slung Kie over his shoulder. “Yes. beginning to rough around with him.” Taki answered him.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Thirty-one Moving back into the hall the following morning. landing him flat on the floor. Which could have happened in our sleep. “Will give us more room to argue in. it was an ongoing joke among us that Sakie got kicked repeatedly and that is why he struck us during the night. “Yes.

T'was not as if we spent all of our time inside the barracks though. Kie would often stop at his line's buildings. By the end of the first cycle they began to either leave the building completely. no!” “Why not?” Kie jumped on Taki. checking on them. Kie and Taki were laughing up a storm in the position they were. wrapping it around Kie's neck. They began to leave us to arguing and roughing it out rather than getting between us. which seemed to be contagious as Sakie and myself began to laugh. At first when we began to argue with one another they would try to break us up. we attempted to drown one another in the ocean as well.. Seemingly tied together.. “Ah. landing on top of Kie on the table in there. which only resulted in swings been thrown at them as well as one another.Book Three: The Fall was giving it deep thought. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 146 . Moving upwards and his arm backwards. bringing them new carvings for the children. locking his head between his arm and torso. Marking a child or two as they were a day or two old on the back to keep track of who was who and where it belonged. Kie wrapped an arm around Taki's waist and tried to push him forwards as he leaned back. Taki threw himself backwards. we were like a four headed being that could not get along with itself. or climb into their bunks giving us space to toss one another into things. In the following weeks everyone grew used to our combative behavior towards each other. “Because I prefer to keep my head attached to my body.” Kelshoro said as he left the building.

I spent time in the trees and bush. some to the south. something about it drew me back every time I left. This island had become my home. Myself. standing guard over those under us at all times. switching with others when one needed rest. Evacuation plans had been made. Thirteen cycles. and what direction they would head into. and how to do it.Book Three: The Fall Taki spent time getting to know a new friend. and feeling of impending doom. the life here that drew me to it. Which I was sure was the point of the exercise. but I Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 147 . with a week or two breaks here and there as I visited my own home. There was something about the island itself. He seemed to get along with most everyone in the city. Telling the rest of us stories of how this new one insisted on telling him what to do. others to the west and east of the island. Committing my surroundings to memory if the island fell to Draconus. Something was not right in the energies and vibrations of the Earth. Some to the north. when to do it. which ships would escort the 13 groups who chose to leave. and made a point in making them either laugh or slap him. and t'was not my job. I could not put my finger on what it was exactly. waiting for something that may not happen. The morning that marked one year to the day of the prediction. We had been given orders to resume our assignments. even meant as a joke. as I had spent the last one-hundred and forty-nine years here. It was my home now. Sakie lingered about everywhere. it brought a rise from people. he had not attacked yet. Staying at her place a time or two in the next few cycles. at the waterfall. The children even seemed to attack when something foul escaped his mouth. each with one of the skulls. I wanted to remember it how it was. But everyone was on alert. I woke with a sense of dread. one year had past since the woman from Aree's line had predicted Draco would attack.

“Forgot something. turning around and heading back towards the building he resided in. I stood waiting outside the building. eating them as we walked a little ways towards the hall.” I teased him. He stopped. Making my way from the beach to the city. “I want to check on how they are doing.” He shook his head laughing. “Always. “I'll wait here. “You never do as I say. I went to the beach. than make our way out into the gardens.” He came running out. T'was true I hardly ever did as he said.” I agreed with him. Rising early.Book Three: The Fall could feel it coming.” I called after him as he went inside. as the stars disappeared one by one. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 148 . but a walk was as good as anything else to do today.” “Whatever you say my prince. “I feel it too. Stopping at the market we grabbed a few pieces of fruit. “Let us grab break fast than at the market. relieving the guard that had been on duty throughout the night.” He walked by me.” He shrugged as I followed him.” I smiled at him. but I knew it was there. “Something is wrong. “Hungry?” He asked me as he came out from his chambers. I couldn't place it. I do not believe a word that flows from that mouth of yours. I watched as the sun rose above the trees into the sky. I assumed my position with the prince. I could feel it.

children ran back to their parents. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 149 . People all around stopped. he knew something was happening. He could feel it too.Book Three: The Fall What I had sensed earlier was coming. the eery silence had set over the city once again. and it was coming fast.

closing my eyes once again and feeling myself leave the room.Book Three: The Fall Chapter Thirty-two Standing there. I wasn't the only one there. Everyone was prepared to defend the city. the animals were gathering as well. Opening them in time to see the last remnants of the energy field that had been around me.” the city needed to be evacuated. who was already issuing orders to evacuate those who wanted to. looking around I saw every single one of the races that had come. to stay. The earth. Closing my eyes I concentrated on the unknown. it was the only way to protect her. Disturbed by the energy and vibrations that traveled above them. strapping blade to my leg. grabbing my sword. I told him “run. I watched him run to his father. who was telling those on her to run. Turning towards him. I felt it coming. He looked at me. concentrating on something that I knew was coming but was unknown as to what it was. something that wouldn't be detected until it was too late because its energy field would mix with the energy of the earth. I watched the ocean waves come in. barely inches above it. In front of me were ships. even some of the humans we had trained. To prepare to sink the city. they were washing over the entire beach. coming out of the trees and bush. was the only one that could connect it. They had grown. sensing it too. everyone knew it had to last long Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 150 . traveling above the sea. get on one of the ships. Once I was sure that the prince would be safe. that he would find his way home one way or another I ran to the barracks. the energy surrounding me said to run but my training said to stand.

As his head fell from his body. Our own scout ships were beginning to hover above us and behind us. there they were. now was the time that we knew would determine the history of this world. Without hesitation. coming up and slashing across his face. but now we would. We didn't fight before. Reaching down. Now was the time we knew would come. all around. the ships came up from the seas. They fought without feeling. the history that would be passed down. and his body crumpled to the ground. the bones of his cheeks and nose shown white. a physical carrier for something that wasn't alive. the armada just coming into eye sight. pulling over our heads and engaging our ships. I felt the gush of blood run from my side before the burning began from the knife embedded in my ribs. the liquid that sputtered Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 151 . you could see where the veins had run up. When one fell another one took his or her place. Everywhere you looked. Looking over my left shoulder. Transporting their foot army to the ground. closing the wound and cutting off the blood loss as he came towards me again. In one quick forceful movement I brought the blade of my sword up from the right in front of me. you could see the blood building beneath the skin and beginning to leak out. Within a matter of minutes. my hand wrapped around the handle of the knife. They were like zombies. making a clean cut from his left shoulder to his right ear. remove his head from his body. I saw him snicker briefly before his face made contact with my elbow. the throat opening. to get others on ships. seemingly out of no where. and depending on the outcome would lay the footing for the future generations. it felt thick and sticky against my skin. leaving a bloody cut gaping open from his jaw to his temple.Book Three: The Fall enough to get those who chose to leave off the island. as if fusing itself together cell by cell. Blood ran down my sword and over my arm as his head fell to the ground. And then we saw it. without emotion. there was only one choice. His skin began to heal itself.

Book Three: The Fall out. ripping throats out and limbs from the body. the prince wrapped his arms around the child and covered Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 152 . others into the land. tearing the others to shreds. Looking down at the water it was running red with the blood that had been spilled. the child. the other hand moving the child back. He was afraid. he was afraid for the child. avoiding those fighting for survival and beheading any I could that were fighting to kill. Jumping up to a building top I ran. I watched briefly at the war around me. blood running from their mouths as they dropped the bodily appendage they held in their jaws to the ground. something I had never expected him to do. Putting a field of energy around myself I moved in and out of the people. I jerked as I opened my eyes to see the prince. from one to another until I felt I was in a position that would allow me between him and the other backing him down. the cry for help. The animals from the island running. Jumping from the building there was nothing but air around me for a split second before I hit the ground. Watching the federation present doing what we had been trained to do. myself. to protect those who would escape. The humans we had trained using what knowledge they had to fight on the same level as the others. some crashing down into the ocean. but not for himself. to fight until we died. pouncing. Feeling the anger rise in my body before the earth began to shake. knife in one hand. He was standing in front of a young child. I looked up at the other as he came towards the prince. with the energy they could control. to kill. some just burning as weapons fire penetrated shields. Landing on my feet. And above me the ships had engaged in warfare above our heads. enough to engage the energy around me without disrupting anyone else. bent over and my fist in the earth. I heard the panic in my head. He was protecting anothers life before his own. Stopping a moment as the waves crashed over my legs. Running to a small space.

arching against the pain that was being inflicted upon it. Blowing the other back a few paces. he moved his hands. knocking my body.. you know. I dropped the knife I held as the back of my neck was grabbed. never once looking back. years of instinct beat into me told me to severe his head but instinct of the body threw it backwards. Assuming a defensive position as he gathered the energy between his hands. "Yeah. bringing him to the ground as I rolled on-top of him. "Well. taking it's head off. sticking to my hair. Standing back up right before he tackled me. My knife was against his throat as I felt the ripping of flesh on my back. looking to the prince who had the child in his arms." I smiled at him. sticking to the cloth I wore. leaving a trail of liquid as the body emptied the rest of the liquid it held from the severed neck. bringing his fist into contact with the side of my face as he reached behind him. I felt the blood begin to trickle out of the wound. The head rolled back from the body. with her in his arms. I was thrown off of him. As the earths trembling began to lesson I stood up.. I felt the energy hit me in the chest. "take her to the ship now!" He ran." He Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 153 . rolling both of us several feet before he sat atop me. already covered in the blood of his kind and my own. Throwing my legs upwards I wrapped them around his middle. He turned back to me "will you be okay?" He reached down. When I looked back in front of me the other was standing up.Book Three: The Fall her from the wave of energy that came off of me. catching the sight of Taki as he brought his sword down into the other. The breath leaving my body. pushing them forwards. back into the hard ground. his legs. helping me up. well try not to jump the others like that again. the life momentarily being knocked out. down my back.

He was in worse shape than myself. the shield had failed and there was a burst of energy as the engine was taken out. The pilot knew the problem. an explosion going up at least 100 feet into the air and sending a wave of energy that leveled the trees around at least 100 yards before the fire took to the rest of the vegetation. It took another hit. followed by the hum of another in pursuit of it. it wouldn't be long until the city was sunk. from his right shoulder down to his left hip. covered in blood. The hum of the ship swept over the buildings near by. leaving me standing there in the street to adjust the bodies awareness and reaction to pain before I engaged anyone else. his back had a cut down it. Both ships crashed to the ground in the trees. but one who had seen too much death and now had no heart or feeling left in him.Book Three: The Fall walked off. watching as the first spun around and reversed. Our people were being backed into the city. blood running down from it. at the same time activating transportation of the others on-board. the last of those who chose to evacuate were being transported out of the city. and instead of wasting what time he had left firing a weapon that may or may not penetrate the others shields. wrapped tightly around the handle of his sword. it opened fire on the second. not a kind hearted being. he sent his ship forward. The screams of those around shattered the silence I had thought was around me. you could see the energy as it began to sputter out. towards where I knew the Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 154 . I could see his ribs and his backbone. I ran for the outskirts of the city. slamming into the first one. Those who chose to stay were protecting the buildings. His hands at his side. that was split open to the bone. The shields were fluctuating as the fire hit it. I watched as Taki walked off. He looked to be a true warrior.

I saw a ship land on the beach as a handful of federation ran up behind me. He looked smug. legs. The other of my comrades who had returned to the beach as well were moving in on him.. as well as the knife in my left hand. there were 2 dozen of us moving in on him. animals.body parts severed. Moving forward I tightened my grip on the sword in my right hand. Another handful came out from another direction. heads rolling off the shoulders. the death that had occurred on both sides. I came to a halt as I broke out of the tree line.Book Three: The Fall beach was. He smiled at the blood covered island. setting fire to the sand beneath him. it was the only way this world would be safe. Arms. He had to die. the smell of death. I remember thinking. As the ship landed the doors slid open and Draconus came out from the inside. My anger bubbling to the surface in a body that was boiling with heat. were of federation members. Apparently we all had the same idea. as red as the water that was in the ocean. Through the burning trees. The sand beneath my feet was red. they had been people I had met and trained with before the order came down to come to earth. I recognized them. heads everywhere. We were 5 steps from him when my kings voice echoed Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 155 . Stepping over a body he snapped his fingers. humans. blood still running out of some of them that were fresh kills. a handful of federation standing behind us ready to take our places if we fell. the bushes covered in bodies. of the others. The bodies that lay on the ground. The smell that rose on the air held a stench to it. the bodies that laid everywhere. Our own blood mixing with those who had already fallen. he had to die. They were personal military of the planets they came from. we killed without stopping to breathe between. followed by his personal guards. bodies sliced in half.. my blood ran profusely from my body as it boiled to the brink. His guards came at us. the smell of blood.

which had been our mistake. The salt of the water stung as it went up my legs. burning from the inside out. up and over my back as I swung the sword I held. get back within the limits of the shield generators. but some of us had stayed on the beaches. I watched. Some of us had run for the city. sucking those left on the ground into it. I could feel the blood run from the body as the salt water washed into the open wounds.. up into my nostrils. I willl sseee you all azs my petzs beg-ging at my feet. cleaning the wounds as it stung. All will die!" He backed into his ship as his people came at us. Draco had moved back towards his ship. I could feel the body suffocating from the liquids pushing the air from it. "Leave him!" He had hollered. As I opened my eyes. I knew it would. feeling the water as it gushed down my throat and into my lungs. into my lungs. if youu comess backk. Passing out either from the pain or the lack of oxygen.. everything went black. dead. it hurt. I felt nothing but cold. the salt stung the insides of the body. I saw Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 156 .. there was nothing but an empty void. taking the head of one other with me before I was pulled into the water completely.. Feeling it go down my throat. "You do nott be long here. while others of his kind had been transported to the ground.. Killing anything that moved in front of us as the land beneath our feet began to shake. I closed my eyes. darkness. Sucked down with the water as it washed over the shields of the city." We stopped momentarily. "The city is being sunk. cleaning the bones that in places were exposed. the waters began to rise rapidly. Creating voids.Book Three: The Fall through the silence of death. expecting to see the world around me from another plane of existence. the bubble around it would protect it. only for a second as the city was covered in water.

I relaxed into a deep sleep. "Sleep Nesenty. on a stone table as scans were being done. Trying to breath I sucked in the liquid of stasis. felt the cold liquid around my body. I was in a medical room. Suddenly the shield gave way and the liquid dumped out onto the floor as did my lifeless body. Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient 157 . Aching from head to toe as I hit the stone floors. I screamed as the liquid started invading my mouth." A medical personnel said in my own language as he learned over me and smiled. cold. When I opened my eyes. Moving slightly. I pounded on the shield in front of me. Closing my eyes. You are home. my nose. it was thick. Blacking out again.Book Three: The Fall the shield in front of me.


This is your history. This is what we have been fighting to save. you I .Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty This is the story of Atlantis.. This is what we have given our lives and the lives of our people for.. This is what we have been fighting for.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty II .

the future of your kind belongs to you. They were worth dying for then. those friends. you want those alive today to know them for who they once were. those who care nothing for them. peace again because those faces are still present. shared my life with once. Those who I had laughed with. When the time comes. Those who have slaughtered them. will be decided. and you must III . Its something that is hard to walk away from. their children who I watched grow up are the same as they were then. I will stand before the people of Earth and hope they have awakened to who they are and stand ready to fight beside me against those who are in control. the friends you make. When that day comes. You want to protect the last shred of them. and I stand to be judged by the world with my brothers and sisters. Their descendants who now live throughout the world. Those lives are still ongoing. those people are why I chose to come back now. I will not forget the faces left behind. smiled with. the people you grow to care for.Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty Epilogue Those memories. The fate of this world will rest in the hands of those who are here now. and they are worth dying for to this day. Out of all the hatred and anger that has come over this world. those who have the genetic memories of the people I once knew. there is hope that someday there will be freedom again. out of all the evil present in this world today. you want to honor them and their memory. and I will not stop fighting for them. the end of what is now and the beginning of what will be.

Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient by Nesenty fight for it. IV .

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