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February 2012 | Retail’s Digest


Everything’s on Retail!

ere’s something new. Drum roll – Retail’s Digest, derived from the popular family mag of every generation, Reader’s Digest™. We the staff, also aim to make this online magazine part of your routine on Retail to get in the Loop, Observe the world in and out of our account, create the good Vibe of Retail and Entertain that hardworking spirit of yours. The acronymic goal may be lopsided to the theme of Valentine’s Day but what gives? Our kick-off issue of the Retail’s Digest shows two sides of the coin of the love month and more. We prepared you a meal for your mind and we know you’d keep coming back for more once you taste it. We made sure that the “cheesiness” of the month has been added with other savory ingredients of what our call center lifestyle can’t do without like – uhm…people, from the exemplary agents to the trends and things that regular agents engage in. You may have the option to put more garnish by involving yourself in writing your own articles. Don’t forget the quarter pounder of general info that keep us well-rounded and informed happening outside that may have direct or indirect impact to us.

The meal is served. Start to digest the Retail’s Digest!

=) nce La
Lawrence “Lance” Papa


Retail’s Digest | February 2012


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February 2012 | Retail’s Digest

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huu or m huumoor hhmmrr o humor
March 20 - April 20 This is your lucky day. You will be late for work because of heavy traffic as usual. But you’ll find someone along the way; your TL who’s also late for work. Lucky Color: Blackish Gray Lucky Number: 88, 18

Marloz Azuelo


April 19 - May 19

Beware of your temper. You will receive bad calls. Planet Mars and Jupiter are sniping each other, might let Planet Venus cool them off. Lucky Color: Bloody Red Lucky Number: 36, 66


May 20 - June 20

You will be productive today because your loud and hyper team mate is not around. You will receive a commendation call. Be careful with the stairs you might tiff off. Lucky Color: Barney Purple Lucky Number: 14, 26


June 21 - July 21

It’s a cancerous day for you because you will be receiving a lot of work/calls. Planet Saturn is aligning to the sun and you will loose your light. Your electricity will be cut off; you forgot to pay your electric bill. Unlucky Color: Egg Yellow Lucky Number: 10, 20


July 22 - August 22

Virgo August 23 - September
21 You are a logical type and hate disorder. Your stinking attitude is sickening your co-workers. You are cold and unemotional and often fall asleep during calls/work hours. Lucky Color: Haciendero White Lucky Number: 02, 50

You are a born leader. Everyone thinks you’re an idiot. You are vain and cannot tolerate honest criticism. Lucky Color: Saudi Gold Lucky Number: 01


September 21 - October 22

Be careful with your emotional swings. You will be happy and laughing but the next thing is you are crying at the same time. Customers might think you’re crazy. Lucky Color: Ultra Violet Lucky Number: 69, 96



Retail’s Digest | February 2012

October 23 - November 21 Planet Mars is at its peak. Everyone will feel your wrath. Tell your TL not to mess with you (like not right now). Lucky Color: Dirty Black Lucky Number: 07, 54


November 22 - December 20 You have a reckless tendency to rely on luck since you have no talent. Optimism is your strength. Try joining the BOB (Best of the Best), you might win if not, better luck next time. Lucky Color: MMDA Pink Lucky Number: 22, 30


- January 20 Your humor on Quick Connect Chat is overwhelming. But be careful, you will be put on Read Only or worst, removed from the chat room. January 21 - February 19 Lucky Color: Phlegmatic Green You have a tendency to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Avoid redundancy Lucky Number: 08, 06 to your calls. Or else you will sign another coaching log. Lucky Color: Tartarish Yellow Lucky Number: 05, 19

December 21



February 20 - March 19 You always daydream; on your station, during Team Meeting or while you are having your Coaching. Be careful of what you day dream because you might not wake up ever again. Lucky Color: Neon White Lucky Number: 07, 30

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest


POKE: People of Known Excellence Pat Haluag

ABOUT: Senior Operations Manager Pat Haluag Currently supporting 5 Programs in Glorietta 5 - 24 Hour Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness Bodybugg, Rodale, Shared Services and AMEX. Hire date: 2004 Apr 12; service date: 2004 Apr 12 (7.8 years)

Senior Operations Manager Pat Haluag


Retail’s Digest | February 2012

SOM Pat enjoying his vacation abroad.

SOM Pat showing his athletic skills.

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest



there’s a small piece of a picture torn stuck under the sofa half a smile just the eyes twinkling with your pouting lips missing and the broken glass from the frame cuts through your thoughts like a flame it burns through and something must be bleeding now as you notice little drops on the floor when you walk towards the door you pick up something on the way it’s a little damaged when she threw it away a little burnt, but still looks ok she stepped on it on the way out and you see all the broken parts and the punctured valves and the holes at the left ventricle she made the other day are swelling a bit, can it be healed? you asked yourself as you dust off the sides of the superior vena cava and the botched aorta it’s barely moving almost skipping each beat and when you raised it up the empty shallow hole in your chest you wondered how many times it bled and got battered and you tried to fix but now it seems it’s burnt to a point it hardly beats it hardly breathes, you decided to tuck it in and let time, no matter how slow it sometimes aids us do the healing of your bleeding heart and it’s burnt out parts


Retail’s Digest | February 2012

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest


ikitiw! It’s that horrible time of the year once again. The so-called “love month” is upon us and I’m sure, most of you lovers out there are already planning how to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day. Come February 14th, reservations from fancy restaurants will be made, expensive gifts will be sent and ATM’s /credit cards will be used and abused all over the world.

Valentine’s Day Sucks
Ryan General
While most people anticipate this dreadful day immediately after New Year’s Day, some of us approach its arrival quite differently. Every year, there is really no escape from the clutches of the half-naked flying archer babies. Even if you’re someone like me, you have this duty to fulfill to your loved one when the day arrives. Call me what you want but this madness has to stop. It’s high time we remind ourselves that this day is just one of those commercially-manufactured, pseudo-celebrations we can do without. Valentine’s Day sucks and I have seven valid reasons why you should hate it the same way that we do.


Retail’s Digest | February 2012

1 .Duty calls
Whoever you are and wherever you come from, if you are a guy, you are expected to come up with a special Valentine’s Day gift or an appropriate romantic gesture for your significant other. Fail to do and you’d end up being the lousy boyfriend.

2. Hell for the Singles
While everybody else are busy making plans or receiving gifts on this cursed day, it’s hell for those who do not have a significant other. Yes we can fake a few smiles here and there, but seriously, a great number of the population are totally left out. It’s as if this day is specially made to exclude and disregard the single people. If you’re single, this is definitely the day to destroy your self-esteem. Hang out with fellow loners to share the misery.

3. Love, DOES cost a lot
Valentine’s Day is one expensive event. It’s the time of year where guys would spend good money for cheesy poems written into overpriced greeting cards and scary teddy bears.

4. Where is the love?
It’s one season of the year where love actually becomes more of an obligation, rather than a natural occurrence. For a day, we are forced to be in love even if we are not.

5. Awful Music
Stay away from radio stations a week or so before Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to be bombarded with constant streams of sappy music. If you’re in a recent heartbreak or spending the month alone, it will be worse than mental and emotional torture.

6. Stupid Cupid
The cute little winged boy with bow and arrows isn’t actually a cherub as what some of you may think. Cupid actually represents a “god of love and erotic sex” according to Roman Mythology. Yes, that’s right he’s a “god of love and erotic sex” from an ancient Roman Myth.

7. It’s a made up holiday.
It is no longer a secret that Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday” and has been created to sell greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. Even the story of St. Valentine is a subject of debate and mystery. Try to look up who St. Valentine is and you’d uncover 14 different Catholic martyrs who may or may not be the saint you are supposed to be commemorating. Some sources say he was a Roman martyred for refusing to give up his Catholic faith. According to others, he was a temple priest jailed for defiance during the reign of Claudius. Not even a hint of connection to amorous relationships and sweet messages written on expensive paper.

These are just some of the reasons, why this year, I will be ignoring the overly-hyped season of "cheese". Valentine's Day may suck, but love certainly doesn't. Hopefully, we can all look past this insignificant day and instead express love every single day of the year. Let gift-giving be unforced and sweet messages come spontaneously the whole year round. February 2012 | Retail’s Digest



Survey Says...

Valentine’s Day: Hate it? Love it?
I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I just hate how people treat and celebrate it. Lovers go beyond boundaries by giving themselves to each other physically without marriage yet which is the result of early obligations and hardships.

Flower Garden, AMEX

Total waste of money! Why do you have to wait till V-Day to show your appreciation to someone?!?

Gian Marlee Macandog, CSG

Valentine’s Day is just a normal day. I mean, you could always give flowers, chocolates, etc. anytime you want, as long as, you mean it. Why wait for Feb 14 if everyday can be a special day for you and your partner? Why waste time and money preparing if everyone else does it? It’s not really that exciting when your partner is expecting for this day to come. I think it’s kinda corny so I’m not really that excited about this day. I’m into surprises so if you really want your partner to appreciate it, do special things on random dates not on this kind of occasion. I’d rather sleep, take a good rest and prepare for another day. Simply because everyday should be Love Day! Valentine’s Day is one of the social constructs that should be erased. You do not exert effort for love just because our society dictated it to be the day to show love. One thing I hate about this day is that it only makes way for merchants to increase the prices on flowers, chocolates, etc. unreasonably. People become victims who fall to the pit of price fixing and economic deception. That is not the meaning of love. Love should not equate to prices nor material things. -

One good reason not to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Actually, people spend hundreds and thousands for a bouquet that’s just gonna wilt after how many days and it’s not worth the money ‘coz basically ladies can’t eat the flowers. So why spend that much right?

“hmmmnnn..” AMEX
Valentine’s Day is not for single people. ;p -

Agent from AMEX

I think it’s not hating V-Day literally. It’s just the feelin of being alone or “SINGLE” for that day which is alloca for a couple or partners while seeing them sweet gives single people a sad feeling or envy in some point. -

Aimee Anchinges, AMEX



Do you want to be the Valentine’s Day? Are yo Hearts day who will d campaign against this holiday? Then tell us 1 you hate as in H.A.T.E. t quet giving and PDA an blah bl

Retail’s Digest | February 2012

Because being romantic or sweet doesn’t have to have a special day, it should be everyday, if not, in a random “I-feel-like-doingit day.” It’s sweeter that way and I don’t like being one of the girls who holds a bunch of flowers on V-day and I don’t want to go out on a date with other couples smothering each other. A simple but sweet something is enough just to honor Cupid. Good thing, my 7-year boyfriend feels the same way. ;) -

I don’t have someone to give me flowers and chocolates

Maan, AMEX
Simply because the one I love belongs to another. I’ve been loving the same guy for 8 years but I haven’t told him how I really feel. Maybe I’m just too scared that I might end up getting the answer that I don’t want to hear.


Meat, AMEX

Got no one to celebrate it with. :((

Kris, AMEX

It’s freakin’ cheesy. Get a room if you’re a fan of PDA and HHWW. I prefer privacy. I never celebrate it! For me, it’s a normal day. But what I HATE about that day is finding myself alone and seeing chocolates, flowers, smiling faces and watching couples around me. I feel like going to a party and getting wild so I would not even notice anything.

ng ated

The so-called Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day to capitalize the meaning of love. Celebrating this day is almost like someone or you being a hypocrite to forget heartaches just for awhile which doesn’t do anything good but just aggravate it. Giving and showing love to everyone should not be done for just once a year but everyday.

Agent from Guthy Renker/ CSG

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest



e Grinch who stole ou one of those Anti definitely put up a s dreaded made up 1 good reason why this season of bound HHWW and blah lah!

Because love should be celebrated every day. It’s like having “WORK day” once a year. -

Ryumatic, AMEX

I always want flowers but I hate the hearts and angels or cupid displays not just around me but even outside the office like malls and billboards (if there are any)Because I have no money!!! Get it??? No money, no honey.


Things (I bet) YOU don’t know about HEART’S DAY

rte e



Retail’s Digest | February 2012

1. 2. 3.

Saint Valentine had been beheaded for helping young lovers marry against the wishes of the mad emperor Claudius. Before execution, Valentine himself had fallen in love with his jailer's daughter. He signed his final note to her, "From Your Valentine", a phrase that has lasted through the centuries. (Oh and by the way, Valentine is the patron saint of plague and epilepsy.)


The largest Valentine’s Day chocolate heart weighed 7 metric tons. This massive seven ton chocolate Valentine’s Day heart was made by Chocovic, Spain’s largest chocolate maker, and sponsored by online dating site -- a marriage made in that most romantic of places, Madison Avenue.

Not everyone has love for Valentine’s Day: In Pakistan, it's “a shameful day”; in India, a Hindu group built a massive bonfire fueled by Valentine's Day cards; in Saudi Arabia, it's “a pagan feast” and for many years, that country's government-led Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices (also known as the mutawwa), was said to carry out inspections of public places like gift shops and hotels looking to confiscate evidence of Muslim couples participating in Valentine's Day.


Homicides and beatings spike around Valentine’s Day. According to Gerald Falk in Murder: An Analysis of its Forms, Conditions, and Causes, the number of homicides and incidences of partner violence against women go up in the days preceding and following Valentine's Day, compared to a huge majority of other weeks in the year.

Not everyone has love for Valentine’s Day: In Pakistan, it’s “a shameful day”; in India, a Hindu group built a massive bonfire fueled by Valentine’s Day cards; in Saudi Arabia, it’s “a pagan feast” and for many years, that country’s government-led Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices (also known as the mutawwa), was said to carry out inspections of public places like gift shops and hotels looking to confiscate evidence of Muslim couples participating in Valentine’s Day.



73% of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day are men, while only 27 percent are women. About 3% of pet owners will give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets. 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. Several countries banned the practice of exchanging Valentine’s Days cards. During this period, Chicago’s post office rejected more than 25,000 cards on the grounds that they were so indecent, they were not fit to be carried through the U.S. mail.

“I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a



~Author Unknown

weapon. “

While Hallmark offers thousands of different cards for Valentine's Day, one card was the top choice of customers in New York, Los Angeles, and virtually every other city in the country in 2006. This card, romantically named V330-5 by Hallmark, simply states: "Each time I see you, hold you, think of you, here's what I do ... I fall deeply, madly, happily in love with you. Happy Valentine's Day."

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest


What’s in a KISS?
...She tells you, “You and me, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...”
The catchy hook and memorable lyrics of Cornetto Commercial “Hey Daydreamer” can easily get stuck in your head that you’d start singing it over and over again (especiall the last part!). I can even remember singing these lines way back when I was a kid (though the tune is different). Back then, I usually wonder what’s with the kissing and stuff? Here are some of the fun facts I’ve googled about KISS.


Retail’s Retail’s | February 2012 2012 Digest Digest | February


A Liftetime of Kissing The average person will spend an estimated 20,160 min kissing in their lifetime. Ancient Egyptians Ancient Egyptians never kissed with their mouths. Instead they kissed with their noses. First Kiss 50% of all people kiss have their first kiss before they are 14. Healthy Kissing Kissing helps reduce tooth decay because the extra saliva helps clean out your mouth. Kissathon Record On Valentine's Day 2004, 5,122 Philippine coupes gathered together at midnight and locked lips. This kissathon beat the previous world record of 4,445 couples set in January in Chile. Kissing & Calories You burn 26 calories in a one minute kiss. Kissing Chemicals Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) as those that are released when you engage in intense exercise such as running a marathon or skydiving. This causes your heart to beat faster and your breathing to become deep and irregular. Kissing Colors Some theorize that when you kiss a person with the same hair color as yourself, the result is a more passionate kiss. Kissing Many People On September 15, 1990, Alfred Wolfram from New Brighton kissed 8001 people in just 8 hours, over sixteen people a minute, at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Kissing Muscles You use only two muscles on your face when you give a peck kiss but you use all of your facial muscles and burn more calories during a passionate kiss.

Kissing Simultaneously More than 4,400 couples poured in the streets in Chile for a 10 second kiss, setting the world record for the largest number of people kissing simultaneously. Kissing Throughout Your Life On average a human will spend up to 2 weeks kissing in his/her lifetime. Lovapalooza 2 Kissing Record More than 5,300 couples locked lips for at least 10 seconds in Manila, Philippines to kick off Valentine's Day 2005. This breaks Chile's old record of 4,445 couples. Night Kissing Our brains have special neurons that help us find eachothers lips in the dark Science of Kissing The science of kissing is called philematology. Strange Kissing Laws In Indiana, it is illegal for a man with a moustache to "habitually kiss human beings". And in Hartford, CT, it is illegal for a man to kiss his wife on a Sunday. The Kiss of Death In Naples, Italy in the 16th century, kissing was an offence that carried the death penalty. Turning Heads while Kissing Onur Guentuerkuen of Ruhr-University Bochum in Bochum, Germany, studied hundreds of couples kissing. In his study, he found that two-thirds of people turn their heads to the right when kissing. Kissing Records On Valentine’s Day 2004, an Italian couple made their way into the record books with a 31-hour 18-minute Valentine kiss. The couple beat the previous record by 18 minutes and 33 seconds, however, the man had to receive oxygen afterwards. February 2012 | Retail’s Digest February 2012 | Retail’s Digest




hungry for more? bite, swallow, digest Retail’sDigest

Retail’s Digest | February 2012

Retail’s Digest

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest

Ready, Gadgets,Go!

<Fruit Wars>
John Paul Iguban

When word of the iPhone first got out, it seemed as though Apple was going to take over the cellphone market, in a similar way as iPod swept over the MP3 player market. But Blackberry refused to stay behind all the brouhaha surrounding the iPhone, and so far, they have perfectly held their own against the Apple product.
What we're seeing these years is reminiscent of the old duel between PC's and Mac's, IBM vs. Macintosh, just with cellphones. We have fellow BBsers and Apple enthusiasts. Who would have thought it, huh? Everyone that owns an iPhone seems to rave about it and everyone that owns a blackberry seems to call out the flaws with the iPhone. So I

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs
ask again, which is the better phone? BlackBerry is a line of mobile email smartphone developed by Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM). It has been one of the most talked about phone that features the convenience of Messaging while iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphone marketed by Apple Inc. Both have its own edge when it comes to features that deliver the latest in smartphone technology. I don’t actually have both of these phones but if you’re planning to buy either of this for 2012, well let’s make some great evaluation.



Retail’s Digest | February 2012

iPhone 4S BlackBerry 9860
BlackBerry OS 7 – This is the new feature of BlackBerry which supports a full touch smartphone. With a 3.7” touch screen at a WVGA (800x480) resolution, this has the biggest BlackBerry touch screens ever. BlackBerry Messenger – Also known as BBM, it is a software for receiving and sending encrypted instant messages, voice notes, images, and videos via BlackBerry PIN. It also includes the feature of bar code scanning, group messaging, and integration with apps and games. 5MP Camera – Filipinos are known to be a picture lover that’s why I included this as one of its major feature. It supports HD recording at 720p which can be directly uploaded to Facebook!  Companies run Blackberry server products. From the connectivity to Microsoft Exchange server and the ease of mobile e-mail, the Blackberry is far superior to the iPhone. Blackberry was created with business use in mind. While it may have a slower CPU, the Blackberry makes up for it with its office applications. iPhone iOS 5 with Siri – With this new OS, it features the intelligent voice-controlled assistant that does what you ask, understands what you mean and even answers back. It packs twice as much power and excellent battery-efficiency with its Dual Core A5 chip, so you can get great performance when surfing the web, running multiple applications and gaming. iMessaging – Released together with iOS 5, iMessaging features the convenience of sending messages and you can text it up with fellow iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users running iOS 5. Messages with iMessage are unlimited. 8MP Camera – They’re engineered with a higher, full-well capacity to collect even more light. With more megapixels and more light, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the resolution and details of your images and also features Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio. Thousands of apps and games can be downloaded for free or for a price. Apple is pushing the boundaries with the App Store and is trying to prove that the iPhone can be used for absolutely anything. You can search for restaurants in your area, check up-to-date cinema listings, train times, the weather forecast, the list goes on. You also have access to the wide range of social networking sites available including numerous Twitter apps and also the extremely addictive Facebook app. And who can forget about Angry Bird craze which is started by iphone app?
Online Sources:

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest



At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference: if you want a fun device that lets you play games and offers quirky apps then the iPhone is for you. If however you want a phone that works as a phone then the BlackBerry is second to none especially for messaging and email.

-on e

Deliciously Yours
“ Delicious…”

Annie Rose Michelle Bueza

Whenever you hear this word, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? I would say, most Filipinos would think of a sliced loaf of bread. However, for connoisseurs, this word is more than just a loaf of bread. Thus, our column is christened “Deliciously Yours” and for every issue, we will be featuring different places where you could go and splurge your hard earned kane (money in Japanese). Yes, we know that you want something delicious at an affordable price and a deviation from the usual fastfood chains and pizza houses. It’s perfect timing for those couples who are having a problem where to spend their V-day. Boys, better satisfy your girl with a great dining experience but you wouldn’t want to think of means to get by for the succeeding days after spending a lot after the memorable lunch or dinner date experience. Do you? Every aspect should be happy – you and your girlfriend, your tummies, your memory of the experience and your wallets. *photos courtesy of When In Manila website Let’s dare to imagine the good life with our significant other. So let’s kick off with a mouthwatering steak!

Steaks are costly but who says you can’t have some for just P200? Your choice, may it be Tbone, rib eye, New York steak or even a lamb shoulder steak served sizzling hot with the usual staples: rice and gravy or you can opt with a streamline of sauce variants like mushroom, barbecue, country style, pepper corn and mint sauce plus, a side dish. You might have trouble selecting your side dish with the variety they offer.


-tw o
Retail’s Digest | February 2012


At EVERYTHING AT STEAK, you can enjoy this meal set. Visit them at these branches: 5 P. Guevarra St. (corner V. Cruz ), San Juan, Philippines (right next to the Petron gas station) 939 Banawe St., Quezon City 496 San Fernando Street , Binondo Ground Level, Continental Court Bldg. Annapolis St., Greenhills


February 2012 | Retail’s Digest




VIC 4 VIP (Very Important Column 4 Very Important People)
Christian Hernandez

Dancing to the Future
24 Hour Fitness It was a very eventful 2011 for Yue. He was part of the Retail dance crew that prevailed over the rest of Glorietta 5’s best in a dance-off last October. Later last year, that same team, renamed Scorch, came to Entwined and promptly won first place for Glorietta 5 in another dance showdown with the rest of CVG Philippines. He was also hired just six months ago. Indeed, “the future’s so bright, I (we) gotta wear shades.”

Yves Pambago
Performing Today

Yumi Ikeda is a performer. Recently promoted, Yumi is also (for those living under a rock lately) the composer of Convergys Philippines’ theme song Moving As One (which is yet to be released). Oh yeah, she can sing too! The half-Filipino, half-Japanese belter used to be the team captain of her high school basketball team and cheers for Kobe and the Lakers. Surely, Yumi will still continue to move forward if her current hot streak is any indication. Her art and profession met, and they’re playing beautiful music together.


Yumi Ikeda

-fo u

Retail’s Digest | February 2012



comics comics comics comics

Secret Agent

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest



-fiv e

Retail’s Digest
February 2012 Staff Box Lawrence Christopher F. Papa editor (own photo, not so long ago) Ryan General layout artist, writer (more photogenic in real life)

Christian Hernandez - writer (not really sure about this one) Annie Rose Michelle Bueza writer (not actual photo)

John Paul Iguban writer (not actual face) Marloz Azuelo writer (photo may vary from actual person) Jayne Adaoag writer (now this one is close enough)

Retail’s Digest | February 2012

Retail’s Digest

is currently looking for writers, artists and cartoonists. For more info, look for Editor Lance Papa. If you look hard enough, you will find him! Comments, contributions and suggestions are also welcome.

February 2012 | Retail’s Digest