SL2College Quarterly News Update

Volume 01. Issue 08. Fall 2011

Meet a Team Member -
Nuwanthika Fernando

Online panel discussion at
University of Peradeniya

Board of Directors
Members of the SL2College
team (in Sri Lanka and over-
seas) were featured on
Young Asia Television, to
spread the message of
SL2College. Durga Pulen-
dran and }. Charilha Ralvaue }r. vere inlervieved on
"CONNECTIONS", while Dr. Sujata Gamage, DC Jayas-
undera, Primal Wijesekera, Kethika Kulleperuma and
Nishad Jayasundara appeared on its Sinhala version
"SAßINDIYAAWA". They highIighled lhe eßorls
undertaken at SL2College to help Sri Lankan students
achieve their higher educational goals, while also
auracling lhe academic laIenl of Sri Lankan members
overseas back into the motherland.
SL2College on YAtv:

The third quarter Board
meeting took place on 12th
of October. Board members
were very pleased with the
progress of various projects
at SL2College. Main topics
of discussion included
hiring of a country director
to run operations in Sri
Lanka and coordinate with
the global team, progress
reIaled lo fundraising eßorls
and hnding individuaIs in
Sri Lanka to be part of the
core operations team to take
SL2College to the next level.
New Marketing Team & Changes in the Editorial Team:
A Skype session was organised at the
Faculty of Engineering, University of
Peradeniya, on December 6th. The
event focused on postgraduate oppor-
lunilies in various Ingineering heIds in
North America. It was organised in Sri
Lanka by Upul Senanayake, President
of the Rotaract Club at University of
Peradeniya, and was moderated by
Viveka Kudaligama in USA.
SL2College now has a team dedicated to
marketing! The team is led by Kethika
Kulleperuma based in Toronto, Canada, and
includes new members from Team USA –
Taranga Panditaratne, Jayaruwan
Gunathilake and Sunthar Premakumar. A
productive meeting between the marketing
team and Administrative members at
SL2College was held on October 6th.
Irevious/ongoing markeling eßorls, goaIs
and possible projects going forward were
discussed. Projects that are currently in prog-
ress include: working with advertising agen-
cies lo oblain one lo hve minules TV s¡ols for
SL2College videos, appearances on talk shows and
publishing articles in print media.
Shanie Liyanagamage took on the reins as
SL2College's new Editor-in-Chief. Shanie is a PhD
student in Biomedical Engineering at the Univer-
sity of Southern California. The editorial team has
several new editors - Aindri Hurulle, Eranga
Goonetilleke and Nanda Abeysekera based in the
US; and, Avanthi Wijesooriya and Minoli based in
Sri Lanka. Avanthi has translated an article on the
overview of SL2College to Sinhala, paving the way
for a Sinhala articles section on the website.
Nuwanthika Fernando is
our new country coordinator
for Sri Lanka. She auended Sl.
Bridget's Convent, Colombo
before starting her bachelors-
degree at the University of
Colombo, in Computational
Physics. She also just gradu-
ated from Sri Lanka Institute
of Information Technology.
She hrsl became invoIved
with SL2College organizing
lhe hrsl Sky¡e session al lhe
Colombo University, Faculty
of Science. Nuwanthika
believes that students who
have 'walked the walk' are the
b e s t
peopl e
w h o
can 'talk
the talk' to others who want to
follow the same path. As the new
Sri Lanka Country Coordinator
of SL2College, she wishes to
further promote our activities in
local universities, as students can
benehl grealIy from lhe hrsl-
hand experience shared through
us. According to her, the services
provided by SL2College deserve
to be utilized to the maximum to
appreciate the dedication and
generosity of all its members.
SL2College is a
community that
free advise and
guidance to
Sri Lankan
students who wish
to pursue their
higher studies
abroad & in
Sri Lanka.
SL2College was
envisioned in 2005
with the primary
goal of helping
Sri Lankan
students access
information that
would assist them
make informed
decisions about
their educational
Please visit us on the web at
Or send us your suggestions & comments at
The “$100 x 100” initiative aims
to collect a contribution of $100 (or
part of) from ideally 100 individu-
als or groups ( ie: country teams
etc), of friends and family of
SL2College, to collect a target
amount of $10 000, which is the
estimated annual budget for 2012.
Lets get together and do what we
can to help this fundraiser
Please take a few minutes to send
an email to Nimna Ranatunga
( of the
fund raising team, with informa-
tion regarding your donation or
simply pledge, indicating that you
can donate later.
Page 02
US-SL Faculty Lecture Series begins!
Professor V.A. Samaranayake,
from the Department of Mathemat-
ics and Statistics at Missouri Uni-
versity of Science & Technology,
spoke to students at the Department
of Statistics, University of Colombo
(UoC), via Skype on November 4th.
This is the beginning of a new proj-
ect at SL2College - a lecture series
which connects Sri Lankan faculty
members worldwide with students
at universities in Sri Lanka, via
Irof. Samaranayake s¡oke lo hnaI
year sludenls aboul hov lo hnd a
topic for statistical research projects
and emerging trends in statistical
research. This event was organised
at UoC by Devini Senaratna, faculty
member at the Department of Statis-
tics and other members of the Stats
“$100 x 100” Fundraiser initiative
Dr. Sujata Gamage, one of the
Board of Directors at SL2College
and a lead scientist at LIRNEasia,
has been developing the policy
research side of SL2College with
our hrsl research member, TiIan
Wijesooriya. LIRNEasia is a
regional information and commu-
nication technology (ICT) policy
and regulation think tank which is
aclive across lhe Asia Iacihc.
Tilan, a recent graduate from the
University of Colombo, is working
as an intern at LIRNEasia. He is
conducting two projects under the
supervision and guidance of Dr.
Gamage - the creation of a direc-
tory of Higher Education Institutes
(HEIs) in Sri Lanka and conduction
of a survey which will rank HEIs
lhal oßer IT degrees. This is a con-
linualion from TiIans eßeorls vilh
Nishad Jayasundara to improve
our current understanding of
higher educational opportunities
for Sri Lankan students.
Projects with LIRNEasia
Sri Lanka Education
Forum (SLEF)
"Sri Lanka Education Forum"
is dedicated to support Sri
Lankan students by guiding
them to suitable higher edu-
calion quaIihcalions in lheir
res¡eclive heIds ¡resenl
within Sri Lanka. SLEF is
being led by Sasanka Jaya-
dasa and a team of 6 under-
graduate students from Uni-
versity of Peradeniya and
Moratuwa. Several projects
are underway to increase
awareness about SLEF:
creation of a facebook page
as a marketing tool, reaching
out to various levels of
faculty and organising a Sri
Lanka Education Seminar
Series. The SLEF team can be
reached at slef@sl2college
This new program will provide
support in the form of technical
advice and mentoring to under-
graduate students during their
hnaI year lhesis ¡ro|ecl. The
mentor will provide relevant
information for the thesis project,
such as access to current litera-
ture, available technologies for
implementation, and emerging
theories, to name a few. It will be
a competitive program and will be
implemented only after faculty
approval is obtained. The project
is Ied by Chalhuri DaIuvaue and
Shanie Liyanagamage.
Undergraduate thesis
mentor program:
SL2College at Adyapana
"Adyapana 2011", a
higher education
and career exhibi-
tion, was held at
BMICH, Colombo,
on October 21-23.
SL2College partici-
¡aled for lhe hrsl
lime al Adya¡ana. Ißorls al lhe slaII
were led by Buddhi Mahindaratne and
Rajitha Kumarasinghe. Volunteers from
University of Moratuwa were also there
to help.
A series of webinars on graduate
studies in the US were held via Skype
during September and October.
Topics covered included how to do a
proper university and program
search, step by step account of the
graduate application process and
expectations upon arrival to a new
US Graduate Workshops

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