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Organized by: Postgraduates Division Academy of Islamic Studies University of Malaya 50603 Kuala lumpur MALAYSIA

Iran Imam Khomeini International University Qazvin. E59-B E60-B Mehdi.PRESENTATION SCHEDULE FIRST SESSION. TITLE OF PAPERWORK Islam And Its Attitudes To Tolerance 1. E57-A Gholamreza Babaei Rouchi The Judicial Management System In Islam Freedom Of Press In Constitution Law Of Iran Under Shia Jurisprudence Freedom Of Speech For Mm2h Under Federal Constitution Of Malaysia And Holy Quran) Islamic And Democracy Values In Indonesia: Promoting The Concept Of Universality In Diversity 4.Shabannia Mansour Mehdi. 2. E04-B Sanaz Karami Oic Positions For Combating The Terrorism 3. Indonesia. Fadila Grine NO CODE E03-B NAME OF PRESENTER Majid Bozorgmehri INSTITUTION Imam Khomeini International University Qazvin. Iran Islamic Azad University.Shabannia Mansour Condro Nur Alim Mintaraga Eman Surya 5.15 am – 1. Karaj Branch-Iran National University Of Malaysia (Ukm) National University Of Malaysia (Ukm) Islamic Studies Department Of Muhammadiyah University Of Purwokerto.00 pm (1 hour 45 minutes) : SEMINAR ROOM 3 (BS 3) : Dr. 6. E14-A .ISRIS II . 15 FEBRUARY 2012 (WEDNESDAY) SESSION 1 (A) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON : 11.

6. E56-A E71-C E34-C Masoud Bayat Zohreh Sadat Moosavi Zahra Sarcheshmehpoor .00 pm (1 hour 45 minutes) : SEMINAR ROOM 4 (BS 4) : Prof. Madya Dr. E13-A Abbas Ghadimi Gheidari 2.Iran UM UM TITLE OF PAPERWORK Rationalistic Approaches To Historiography During The Early Islamic Centuries The Influence Of Islamic Mysticism On Iranian Performance Art Relations Between Islamic Sufism And Government In The Central Asia (In The Tenth Century Ah / Sixth Century B.PRESENTATION SCHEDULE FIRST SESSION. 5.15 am – 1. 15 FEBRUARY 2012 SESSION 1 (B) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON : 11.) The Reasons And The Ways Of Timurids’ Turn To Shia A Comparative Study: Brotherhood in The Abrahamic Religions Transsexuality According To Islamic Perspective 1.C. E54-A 4. Tatiana A. E33-C Mohammad Ali Shokouhi Maghsoud Ali Sadeghi 3.Iran Urmia University.ISRIS II . Denisova NO CODE NAME OF PRESENTER INSTITUTION History Department Of University Of Tabriz – Iran UM Department Of HistoryTabriz UniversityTabriz.

PRESENTATION SCHEDULE SECOND SESSION. Jilani Ben Touhami Meftah NAME OF PRESENTER Arash Amini Tabrizi Dr. 4.30 am – 10. Khairul Nizam Zainan Nazri INSTITUTION University Of Malaya TITLE OF PAPERWORK Discourse Processing Issues On English-Translated Quran 1. E42-B Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Time Management From Sunnah Perspective: A Study On Prophet Muhammad’s Daily Life . E29-B E31-C E64-B E36-B 2. Sadat Moosavi Asmawati Muhamad Abdul Halim Syihab Mansur Isa Yelwa Mahmud Ahmad (APIUM) Mohd Khairul Nizam Zainan Nazri (USIM) Adnan Mohamed Yusoff (USIM) Fauzi Mohd Amin (USIM) Mardiana bt Mat Ishak (CELPAD IIUM) Nur Saadah Binti Hamisan@Khair Mohd. 16 FEBRUARY 2012 (THURSDAY) SESSION 2 (A) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON NO CODE : 8. E41-B Academy Of Islamic Studies University of Malaya The Concept Of Rewards And Punishments In Sahih Bukhari With Special Reference To Kitab Al-Adab 6.30 am (2 hours) : SEMINAR ROOM 3 (BS 3) : Dr. Rohana Binti Mahmud Zohreh. University of Malaya University of Malaya AIKOL IIUM Original Sin In The Quran And The Old Testament And New Addressing Environmental Degradation Issues: The Qur’anic Perspective The Applicability Of The Solitary Hadith In Sharia Matters Amongst The Four Sunni Schools 3. 5.ISRIS II .

PRESENTATION SCHEDULE SECOND SESSION. Islamabad. Iran University Sultan Zainal Abidin.30 am – 10. In The Last 5 Years And Their Objectivity Trend Of Phd Graduates And Fields Of Specialization In Islamic Studies: A Case Study At Academy Of Islamic Studies. Islamabad. Mohd Yakub@Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff. Malaysia Selecting a Methodology for Research in Islamic Teacher Education Programme Development: Lessons from a Doctoral Study The Islamic concept of knowledge and attitudinal response from Muslim female students in Tertiary Institutions in Zamfara state Nigeria. And M.D. E67-C Ahmad Muhammad Gusau Siti Arni Basir Yahya Bayat Mohd Shafiee bin Hamzah Mustaffa bin Abdullah 5. Zanjan. Evaluation Of The Religious Consciousness Of Male And Female High School Students The Concept Of Human Capital Development In Al-Quran: A Study On The Story Of Adam In Tafsir Fi Zilal Al-Qur’an 4. Pakistan TITLE OF PAPERWORK Analysis Of The Topics For Ph. E76-C . University Of Malaya (1993-2011) 1. Ruzman Md Noor. E50-B Ishak Suliaman. E74-A Saheed Ahmad Rufai University of Lagos. Approved By The International Islamic University.30 am (2 hours) : SEMINAR ROOM 4 (BS 4) : Dr. Malaysia Al-Zahra Teacher Training University. Mustaffa Abdullah Mohd Roslan Mohd Noor Academy of Islamic Studies 3. E32-A Muhammad Zaid Malik 2.Phil In Islamic Studies. E70-A 6. Ilhamie Abdul Ghani Azmi NAME OF PRESENTER INSTITUTION International Islamic University.ISRIS II . 16 FEBRUARY 2012 (THURSDAY) SESSION 2 (B) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON NO CODE : 8. Nigeria University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur.

E30-B Khadijah Mohd Hambali Interfaith Marriage And Religious Conversion:A Case Study Of Muslim Converts In Sabah. Malaysia Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) TITLE OF PAPERWORK The Role Of Comparative Religion Curricular In Enhancing The Skills For Intra-Inter Civilizational Dialogue 1. Malaysia 3.PRESENTATION SCHEDULE THIRD SESSION. M. E18-C University Of Malaya Universiti Utara Malaysia. E28-B Ahmed A. E63-A Authentication Of Halal Products And Halal Development In Asia . Mohd Saiful Anwar Mohd Nawawi Khalilah Abd Hafiz Faculty: Arts And Social Sciences Hamas Role In The Palestinian Political Issues 1998-2010 University of Malaya 5. Mohd Zambri Zainuddin. Atawna Mohammaddin Abdul Niri.ISRIS II . Madya Dr. University Of Malaya. E68-A Ahmad Bunyan Wahib Maintaining Piety Through The Internet: Study On Indonesian Salafi Activists 4. Malaysia Shafaq Al-Abyad In East Malaysia's Locality Condition 6. Academy Of Islamic Studies.00 am – 1. E27-B 2. Roslan Mohd Noor NAME OF PRESENTER Khadijah Mohd Hambali Haslina Suraya Sintang Mahmud INSTITUTION Department Of 'Aqidah And Islamic Thought.00 pm (2 hours) : SEMINAR ROOM 3 (BS 3) : Prof. Kedah. University Of Malaya Academy Of Islamic Studies. Saadan Man. 16 FEBRUARY 2012 (THURSDAY) SESSION 3 (A) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON NO CODE : 11.

E48-B . Iran University of Malaya. E10-A Prof. E11 -C 3. Narizan Abd Rahman NO CODE E01-A NAME OF PRESENTER Dr Ali Asghar Zakavi Imam Bahroni Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor Mohammad Saiful Islam INSTITUTION Mazandaran University. Pakistan. 2. Malaysia International Islamic University Malaysia TITLE OF PAPERWORK The Existence According To Mulla Sadra’s Transcendental Philosophy Epistemology of Islamic Education In The Concept of Allama Muhammad Iqbal Professor Dr Sayed Ali Asraf And His Contribution Towards Islamization of Knowledge In Bangladesh: An Evaluation Analytical Study Of The Curriculum Of Islamic Studies In The Private Schools Of Islamabad. Awang Mat 6. Pakistan Comparative Analysis Of The Development Of Islamic Education System In Schools: Malaysian and Nigerian Experiences. Alia Zaid Ahmad Abdullahi Ibrahim Islamabad.00 pm (2 hours) : SEMINAR ROOM 4 (BS 4) : Dr.ISRIS II . Iium 5. E39-B Ahmad Tijani. Iium Institute Of Education. Institute Of Education.PRESENTATION SCHEDULE THIRD SESSION. Surajudeen Muhamad Zahiri.00 am – 1. 16 FEBRUARY 2012 (THURSDAY) SESSION 3 (B) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON : 11. Multi-Farious Initiatives In Fostering Islamic Education Programme In Nigeria 1. E44-B 4.

E19-C Mohamad Latief Dr. And Nutritive For Islamic Student Dormitory 5. E35-B Fadilla Muhammad Mahdi Comprehensive.30 pm – 3. . Malaysia. E24-B Mohammad Azam Bin Hussain Analysis On The Malaysian Regulatory Framework On Shari’ah Advisors.ISRIS II . Kulliyah Of Islamic Revealed Knowledge And Human Sciences. TITLE OF PAPERWORK Students’ Motivation And Attitude Towards Islamic Studies In Schools: A Meta-Analysis Of Extant Literature Based On The Bronfenbrenner’s Theory Of Human Development In Context 1. E15-B Rahman Oseni 2. Contributive. Bharuddin Che Pa University Of Malaya Universitas Padjadjaran. E16-A Benaouda Bensaid Salah B. Madya Dr. 16 FEBRUARY 2012 (THURSDAY) SESSION 4 (A) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON NO CODE : 02.PRESENTATION SCHEDULE FOURTH SESSION. Accounting Department Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010 Uum Sintok. Indonesia Economics Faculty. Reconsidering The Integrative Approach To The Development Of Islamic Studies 4. Tahar Machouche An Examination of the Role of Islamic Religious Learning in Muslim Societies 3.45 pm (1 hour 15 minutes) : SEMINAR ROOM 3 (BS 3) : Prof.Khadijah Binti Mohd Khambali @ Hambali NAME OF PRESENTER INSTITUTION Institute Of Education International Islamic University Malaysia He Is Currently A Lecturer At The General Studies. Kedah Between Normative And Historical Islam.

Ibrahim Universiti Utara Malaysia Factors Influencing The Tendency To Subscribe With Takaful Among Martial Arts Practitioners 5. Strategic Planning For Encouraging Zakah Payers To Patronize Zakah Institutions In Indonesia The Mediating Effect Of Trust. Indonesia TITLE OF PAPERWORK Global Trend To Islamic Banking : Strengths And Obstacles. E62-A Mohamad Naim Abd Halim Siti Hajar Salwa Ahmad Musadik Mohd Nazri Bin Mohd Noor Patmawati Binti Hj. 16 FEBRUARY 2012 (THURSDAY) SESSION 4 (B) TIME VENUE CHAIRPERSON NO 1.PRESENTATION SCHEDULE FOURTH SESSION. E25-B Dian Anggraece Sigit Parawansa Universiti Utara Malaysia 4. And Commitment On The Relationship Between Service Quality And Customer Loyalty In Islamic Banking Of Indonesia 2. E75-C Akademi Pengajian Islam Universiti Malaya The Role of Central Bank of Malaysia in Positioning Malaysia as a Global Hub for Islamic Finance . 3.30 pm – 3. Satisfaction. CODE E09-B E17-B : 02.45 pm (1 hour 15 minutes) : SEMINAR ROOM 4 (BS 4) : Nor Aini Binti Ali NAME OF PRESENTER Abdolhamid Rouhani Sri Cahyaning Umi Salama INSTITUTION National University Malaysia Airlangga University.ISRIS II .

No: +6037967 6030 E-mail : SCHEDULE Organized by: Postgraduates Division Academy of Islamic Studies University of Malaya 50603 Kuala lumpur MALAYSIA Tel.ISRIS II . No: +603-7967 6002 (Main Office) +603-79676045 .

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