Fundamentals of Hardware and Software 1.1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1.2 1. 2. 3. 4. 1.3 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1.4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1.5 1. 2. 3. 4. Basic Computer Components Explain the difference between hardware and software. List FIVE general categories of hardware that makes up a computer system. List TWO types of software. What is a peripheral device? Explain what an arithmetic operation does and what a logical operation does. Input Devices What is an Input Device? (1 mark) State TWO benefits of using direct data entry devices. (1 mark) What sort of information could be held on a smart card? (2 marks) Explain what the following means: Electronic Funds Transfer at a POS, MICR, MIDI?(3 marks) Output Devices Give ONE example each to illustrate soft copy and hard copy. (2 marks) Explain the difference between impact and non-impact printers. (2 marks) Give an example of why a Dot Matrix Printer would be useful today. (2 marks) What out devices would you use if you were to design a car or a house? Give reasons for your answer. (2 marks) What is a modem? Why is a modem both an input and an output device? (2 marks) Memory What is the difference between a bit, a byte, a word, and wordsize? Give ONE similarity and ONE difference between RAM and ROM. What is the difference between PROM and EPROM? State TWO advantages of Flash Memory. Explain why a Kilobyte is 1034 bytes instead of 1000 bytes. What is the role of Cache Memory and how may it be used by computers? Secondary Storage I Give THREE examples of magnetic media. (3 marks) What do the following terms stand for: a. CD-ROM b. CD-R c. CD-RW d. DVD (2 marks) CD-ROMs are read only media. What does this mean? (2 marks) Determine what storage device you would use in the following situations: i. ii. iii. iv. 1.6 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Transfer a word-processed document from one computer to another. Regular back up on computer network. Distribute a full-length feature film with accompanying data. Distribute 500 MB of application software. (1 mark) (1 mark) (1 mark) (1 mark) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (5 marks) (2 marks) (1 mark) (2 marks)

Secondary Storage II A __________ is a circular ring on one side of the disk. Each track is subdivided into _________ slices called sections. A _____________ is a set of tracks sectors. A ______________ is a set of track sectors. A ______________ is a set of matched tracked. Describe the three stages in formatting a diskette. Explain what happens when a head crash occurs. (1 mark) (1 mark) (1 mark) (1 mark) (1 mark) (3 marks) (2 marks)

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(4 marks) List THREE different Operating System used on computers. Why do you think GUIs are the most popular user interface? (4 marks) Give TWO important factors that should be taken into account when designing a user interface? (2 marks) What is the difference between pop-up and pull down menu? (2 marks) How and where might Touch Screen be most suitable for use? Name TWO applications that will make effective use of Touch Screen? (3 marks) How important are Pivot Monitors and Antiglare Screen? (2 marks) File Management Techniques List THREE ways in which a computer transfer information. 63 b. 1. 6. 81 d. connectors and power cords to make sure they are connected properly? (2 marks) Page 2 (3 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) 2. 4. 25 c. 55 c. 7. Data Representation and Manipulation Convert the following to binary: a. What is the difference between upload and download? What is the difference between e-mail and bulletin boards? What is the difference between full-duplex and half-duplex communication? Common computer hardware problems You are reading a report to be sent to the computer technician. 8. 3. Operating System (2 marks) Give FOUR ways each in which and Operating System controls hardware and software of a computer. 81 d.13 1. 2. (3 marks) Give ONE reason why many users need to convert files. 4. 1. What do you understand by the word ‘Freezes’? (2 marks) b. 32 (8 marks) If the ASCII code for ‘d’ is 10000100. 10101010 c. 2.8 1. find the ASCII code for ‘a’. (2marks) What application software would you use for: a. 32 (8 marks) Represent in 8 bit two’s complement the following: a. (2 marks) Software I Explain what is meant by: a. 2. Booting b. 2. 4. 12 (4 marks) Convert the following to decimal: a. -21 b. 1. It reads ‘… other times you get no warning – everything just freezes.10 1. (2 marks) What computer problems will cause you to examine the cables. -456 b. 3. (3 marks) Explain what is meant by a GUI and WIMP. searching and sorting data c. 2. creating an invitation (3 marks) User Interface List THREE types of User Interface. 0101 and 0011 b. -55 c. 4. 3. -21 b.12 1. Name TWO pieces of computer hardware that will indicate that the computer has frozen.11 1.1. 5. 2. (2 marks) Data Communications List THREE things that can be shared using a computer. 3. 987 d.’ a. (3 marks) Explain what is meant by the terms File Conversion and File Compression.9 1. 10001111 (3 marks) Add the following numbers: a. 3. 6. 512 c. 10110111 b. (3 marks) Software II What is an application program? Give THREE examples of application programs? (4 marks) What is the difference between general purposes and custom-written software? (2 marks) Give ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage of Integrated Software. (2 marks) Give TWO reasons why you might want to use compressed files if you have a modem and access to the Internet. 0111 and 0010 c. Explain what is meant by a LAN and a WAN. 4. 600 (3 marks) Convert the following to 8 bit sign and magnitude: a. 0100 and 0011 (6 marks) Name the three methods by which positive and negative numbers may be represented. 81 d. 5. 1. 3. lots of calculation b. 1. 1. (3 marks) Convert the following numbers: a. IT Revision Questions .7 1. 5.

Covert 27: i. c. (2 marks) Page 3 IT Revision Questions . b. a. (4 marks) Explain the difference between the following protocols: i. c. (2 marks) CD-ROMs are read-only media. Resolution ii.EXAM STYLE QUESTIONS 1. f. (1 mark) Explain why computer memory and storage size is given in multiples of bytes such as KB. Sign and Magnitude (3 marks) (3 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) Explain the usefulness of utility software. b. What does this mean? (2 marks) Why are DVDs becoming increasingly popular? (2 marks) Explain the importance of formatting a diskette or hard drive. Giving an example of each. two’s complement ii. CD-RW and DVD? (4 marks) Explain why you should keep diskettes away from magnetic sources. CD-R. a. (2 marks) Several types of memory combine the features of ROM and RAM. Explain TWO possible causes. 11. a. a. b. Explain with reasons. 13. a. b. 2. MB. 7. CD Drive d. and GB. b. 9. FTP (4 marks) c. b. d. Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) iii. (2 marks) What do the following terms stand for: CD-ROM. a. 1 Input Device c. Explain the types of application that are included integrated software. 6. b. Give an example of such a device. (2 marks) Explain why you should keep diskettes away from magnetic media and optical media. Refresh Rate (4 marks) Explain the TWO states that a binary digit represents in a computer system. (1 mark) ii. TCP/IP and ii. (2 marks) d. e. Novice b. Explain the difference between File Management and Disk Management. (2 marks) State TWO advantages each of magnetic media and optical media. (4 marks) What do you understand by Multi-tasking and Multi-users? (2 marks) Floppy Drive (4 marks) What drive letter(s) would typically be given to the following device: a. Illustrate the difference between a track and a sector. Hard Drive c. a. (4 marks) Identify the following input: (1 mark) Fig. (3 marks) Explain the functions of the TWO units that make up the Central Processing Unit (CPU)? (2 marks) Name and explain the TWO general categories of input devices. i. 14. (2 marks) Name TWO of these magnetic sources. d. 12. (4 marks) Explain the following terms: i. a. 3. Describe the use of a turnaround document. 8. 4. d. g. Network b. Illustrate the network representation of a ring and a bus. explain the difference between hardware and software. What would be the main purpose of such a device? (1 mark) Explain the difference between secondary storage devices and primary storage devices. 10. (2 marks) (2 marks) 5. Discuss the concept of teleconferencing and telecommuting. (3 marks) (4 marks) Explain the types of hardware associate with hard copy and soft copy output. b. Explain how information is gathered from this device. an Expert a. which type of interface would be more useful for: a. What are some of the negative impacts of sharing information such as in a network? (2 marks) You notice that the text on your print out is faint.

(8 marks) 1998 CXC Question 3 a. When the relevant part of the concentric circle of the disk arrives under the device. b. (3 marks) b. Modem iv. Determine the BCD representation for 8710. Convert 8910 to its binary equivalent. (8 marks) 1998 CXC Question 6 CD-ROMs are used extensively in the field of education. Convert the binary number 110112 to a decimal number. 9. APPLICATION Point of Sale Games Architectural Design Multiple Choice Examination Publishing Cheque Processing Language Processing Preparing Letters 3. Convert the decimal number 9910 to a binary number. (2 marks) 1999 CXC Question 4 a. Give TWO advantages of using devices that can read data directly from the source documents. Give THREE examples of input devices that can read data directly from source documents. the device which reads data from the disk is moved along a radius to the particular concentric circle on which data is stored. Suggest TWO reasons why computers may NOT be used in the classroom. (2 marks) b. Processing electricity bills (3 marks) 1999 CXC Question 3 a. Scanner ii. For EACH of the following devices. 5. Identify the type of processing mode that would be suited for the following application: i. Add the two binary number’s 11012 and 101012. 7. DEVICES Optical Mark Reader Keyboard Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Microphone Pads and Tablet Bar Code Reader Joystick Scanner 4.(2 marks) c. State THREE functions of an Operating System. When a program makes a read request to the hard disk. b. (4 marks) 1998 CXC Question 2 Match the application with the most appropriate input device: 2. Add the two binary numbers 110101 and 11101. Plotter iii. (3 marks) b. List THREE ways in which a teacher can use computers in the classroom. (5 marks) 1999 CXC Question 4 a. 10. the data is read and stored in a special area of memory from which data can be accessed. 6. (3 marks) 1998 CXC Question 4 a. Give the BCD representation of 5910 and 5910. State TWO advantages of using computers in the classroom. What is a computer virus? State TWO outcomes caused by a computer virus. giving your answer as a binary number. d. Transaction at an ATM iii.CXC PAST PAPER QUESTIONS 1. State TWO measures. which reads the data. order to prevent a computer virus from infecting a computer. 8. i. state ONE application in which the use of the device is essential. Define the term ‘resolution’ as it applies to graphics display. c. which that could be implemented in. 11. giving your answer in binary form. Monthly payroll ii. (3 marks) 1998 CXC Question 5 a. b. c. Magnetic Ink Character Reader (4 marks) 1999 CXC Question 7b IT Revision Questions Page 4 . Give THREE examples of input devices that can read data directly from source documents. State the proper technical terms for EACH of the FOUR underline phrases in the passage above. State THREE features of educational software on CD-ROMs that make them useful for educational purposes. (3 marks) b. (3 marks) 1998 CXC Question 7 a. (8 marks) 1999 CXC Question 5 a.

Wordsize b. Explain how an integer can be represented using BCD. Primary Storage and Secondary Storage System Software and Application Software (10 marks) 2000 CXC Question 1 Give BRIEF explanations for EACH of the following terms: a. d. RAM (8 marks) 17. (2 marks) 1999 CXC Question 7 Give ONE similarity and ONE difference between EACH of the following: a. (2 marks) Explain the operation of the light pen. data on personnel are stored in a central local from which various departments can access relevant information. a company uses the following method for encrypting text: A letter is replaced by the letter five letters later in alphabetical order. i. 19. 20. b. In a particular case. ii. a. “B” is replaced by “G”. a. b. What does EACH of the following abbreviations stand for. Upload ii. c. Cartridge Tape (4 marks) 2000 CXC Question 2 – 3 How does a ‘pull-down menu’ help you in completing your task more easily? (2 marks) Give the MOST important advantage of Primary Storage over Tape Storage. Reel-to-reel tape iv. b. iii. c. and what is the purpose of EACH of the components listed: a. (3 marks) Which print output device is best suited for producing an architectural drawing of the front view of a building and why? (3 marks) A dot matrix printer is producing very faded output. ii. (2 marks) Explain the following terms: i. a. How is it different from that of a mouse? (3 marks) Give ONE similarity and ONE difference between OCR and MICR operation. Buffer c. State THREE problems that may arise because of the sharing of this type of data. For example. Bandwidth Wide Area Network (5 marks) 2000 CXC Question 2a (2 marks) 2000 CXC Question 7c 14. Download (2 marks) Which of the following are serial access type: i. 16.12. A certain computer uses an unsigned number of binary floating point representation for positive read numbers. What would the word ESSAY be stored as? What is the meaning of the following text? N LTY NY (4 marks) 13. a. the mantissa is 100100011 and the exponent is 00110011 2001 CXC Question 4 – 6 IT Revision Questions Page 5 . e. Microfiche iii. “F” replaces the letter “A”. (2 marks) 18. ROM and EPROM Hard disk and Floppy Disk d. The mantissa is an 8-bit normalized fraction and the exponent is an 8-bit.” Give THREE further precautions in the use of diskettes to store files. What is the purpose of a password? (2 marks) What is meant by the term ‘archiving’? (2 marks) Within many organizations. (2 marks) In using a diskette. In order to secure data. ROM and ROM b. Give ONE likely reason for this problem. c. i. ALU d. Microfilm ii. two’s complement integer. one precaution is: “Keep diskettes away from magnetic fields. Explain the difference between ‘data’ and ‘information’. e. CPU c. PROM b. and explain what must be done to remedy it. Note that the letter “A” is considered to following the letter “Z”. and so on. b. 15.