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Avnet Product Brief

Xilinx® Virtex™-4 LX/SX MB Development Kit
FPGA — Xilinx XC4VLX25, LX60, or SX35-10FF668 Virtex-4 FPGA I/O Peripherals — 2 x 16 character LCD — User switches and LEDs Connectors — P240 expansion interface — 800 Mbps LVDS interface Memory — 64 MB DDR SDRAM — 4 MB Flash Power — 3.3V, 2.5V, and 1.2V regulators Communication The Xilinx Virtex-4 MB Development Kit offers an advanced development platform for the new Xilinx Virtex-4 LX and DSP focused SX family of platform FPGAs. The MB board provides both high performance and practical prototype interfaces common to most designer’s needs. The kit bundles an expandable Virtex-4 based system board with a power supply, user guide and reference designs. The Virtex-4 MB board is based on either the 4VLX25, 4VLX60 or 4VSX35 FPGA in the -10FF668 package. The MB board supports an assortment of prototyping interfaces and functions including, 10/100 Ethernet PHY, DDR memory, flash memory, USB-toUART bridge, high-speed 16-bit TX/RX LVDS interface, serial port, clock synthesizer, fixed and user specified clocks, 2 x 16 character LCD panel, user switches and LEDs, and a System ACETM interface. A high-speed P240 expansion slot is also available for the addition of application modules and custom circuits. — RS-232 serial port — USB-UART bridge — 10/100 Ethernet PHY Configuration — Platform Flash — PC4 JTAG header — System ACE

Target Applications:
— Networking and applications — DSP applications — MicroBlazeTM applications — IP development — Ethernet/Internet applications — General-purpose development

Xilinx Virtex-4 LX/SX MB Development Kit Includes:
— — — — — —

Development board User manual Bill of materials Schematics AC/DC power supply adapter Complete reference designs with source code (VHDL and/or VerilogHDL) — Bundled software options

Arizona 85034 United States of America TEL: +1 800 585 1602 EMAIL: Japan 19F.00 USD $ Asia 7 Changi South St.2V / 2.00 USD $ Copyright © 2006 x 16 Character LCD LEDs Serial Data Flash Flash 4 MB DDR SDRAM 64 MB Configuration Controller Parallel IV JTAG System ACE Header/GPIO Xilinx Virtex-4 LX/SX MB XC4VLX25/ LX60/SX3510FF668 10/100 Ethernet PHY RS-232 Clock P240 Expansion Slot Clock 100 MHz Clock Synthesizer Switches USB-UART Bridge 800 Mbps� LVDS Interface Power Supply 1.evalkits@avnet.3V Supporting Supplier: Contact Information: North America 2211 South 47th Street Phoenix.em. 2 #01-00 Singapore. Inc. 60 85586 Poing Germany EMAIL: Europe Gruber Str.00 USD www. Inc.avnet. Tokyo 113-6591 TEL: +81 3 5978 8257 EMAIL: eval-kits-jp@avnet.kits@avnet. 486415 EMAIL: asia. AVNET and the AV logo are registered trademarks of Avnet.5V / 3. All other brands are the property of their respective owners. Bunkyo Green Court 2-28-8 Honkomagome Bunkyo-Ku. AEM-V4LX_SX_MB/03_06 .com Ordering Information: Part Number DS-KIT-4VLX25MB DS-KIT-4VLX60MB DS-KIT-4VSX35MB Hardware Xilinx Virtex-4 LX25 MB Development Kit Xilinx Virtex-4 LX60 MB Development Kit Xilinx Virtex-4 SX35 MB Development Kit Resale $595.