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Student Information Checklist


Federal school code for St. John’s University: 002823
This is a brief checklist to help you complete your FAFSA thoroughly and correctly. The more carefully you complete your FAFSA, the more accurate your financial aid offer will be.

q File the FAFSA for the correct aid year. All new or first time students should be filing the q q q
2011/12 FAFSA. Go to to file. The FAFSA is a free application. Use your LEGAL name as it appears on your Social Security card for both your FAFSA and Admission application. Your Social Security number and date of birth are needed on your admission application in order for St. John’s to match FAFSA data to our data and prepare a financial aid offer. Please note the use of the words “I”,” You” and “Your” refer to the student, not the parent or preparer. Be sure to report your income in the student section; report your parents’ income only in the parent section. If you report your parents’ income as your own it will negatively affect your aid offer. Be sure to answer Question 27 which asks for the name of the High School from which you graduated. ALL questions that require a dollar amount must be reported in whole dollars (no cents) and be answered, even if the answer is zero. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A FIELD BLANK. Even if you did not file a tax return all earned income must be reported. If you have interest income reported on your tax return, you must report the dollar amount of what you have in savings or checking accounts as of the day you are filing the FAFSA form. If you are claiming to be independent of parental support because you have a Legal Dependent you MUST be supporting that dependent with your own resources. PHARM.D. students are not considered to be in a Graduate/Professional program until fifth year. Student must have a FAFSA on file for the parent to apply for a Plus Loan.

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Parent Information Checklist

q All questions should be answered as of the day you are filing the FAFSA. q Custodial parents who have remarried must report current spouse’s information (stepparent). q Parent/Stepparent name and social security number must be reported as it appears on his/her
Social Security card.

q Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and tax paid cannot be the same dollar amount! q Divorced/Separated parents must provide the annual amount of child support received on q q
question 92 (even if zero). Please do not repeat parental income on questions 86 and 87; doing so will result in an inaccurate aid offer. Parents who report a value on a Federal Tax return (line 17 of form 1040) must report the net worth of the rental property/asset on question 89 of the FAFSA.

Signature Information Checklist

q Please sign the FAFSA either electronically (see below on how to apply for a federal PIN) OR q q
print signature page and promptly mail it to the FAFSA processor. Access Federal Student Aid’s PIN Web site at and select Apply For A PIN. Please note that both student and one parent will need a PIN to electronically sign the FAFSA.

Please keep copies of student and parent PIN numbers in a folder for future reference over

the tax information an also be securely transferred into the FAFSA. Do’s and Don’ts Involving Social Security Numbers q use your legal name as it appears on your Social Security card when filing your FAFSA. estimate earnings if necessary. q sign your FAFSA — if you are a dependent student a parent must also sign. Do q answer all questions. With just a few simple steps. Do q report untaxed income. Do q use your parents’ legal name as they appear on their Social Security cards. not your W-2 form. put in $0. Do’s and Don’ts Involving Taxes q file your taxes with the correct filing status — generally married persons can file Do either “married filing jointly” or “married filing separately. do not leave blanks. John’s University: 002823 Avoid Common Pitfalls and Mistakes q file FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1. Do q Don’t report your adjusted gross income amount as equal to your income tax paid amount. such as untaxed IRA distributions or pre-tax withholdings. Do Beginning January 30. q report marital status as of the date of the FAFSA filing. students and parents who have completed their 2010 IRS tax return will be able to use FAFSA on the Web to electronically view their tax information.” q Don’t file as “Head of Household” if you are married — a filing error must be amended — the school is prohibited from disbursing aid until this is corrected. M1-6827-RM . Do q report your and your parents’ correct dates of birth. 2011. and therefore required to register for Selective Service. q review your Student Aid Report (SAR) — response from Department of Education — Do school will receive the same report. Do q report all sources of untaxed income — this includes child support received. if the value is $0. Do this is tax withheld.FAFSA DO’S AND DON’TS Do’s and Don’ts Involving FAFSA CHECKLIST Federal school code for St. tax Do deferred pensions and IRA and Keogh deductions. Do q answer Question 21 – Are you male or female? Leaving it blank assumes you are Do male. q report your income tax paid amount from your tax return.