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Windows Movie Maker Newscast Project

It is time to be creative and put together a newscast using Windows Movie Maker to edit video.
Each member of the group is responsible for the video editing of a 2 minute news segment that
is produced to be an 8 minute broadcast. You must work together in the scriptwriting to make
sure that it LOOKS REAL!
1. Each member of the group is responsible for a video segment of at least 2 minutes.
2. The name of your newscast must be displayed.
3. The names of the reporters must be displayed during each video segment.
4. Each video must mention the news category, title of the news and a summary of the
article in YOUR OWN WORDS!!
5. Each video segment must have at least one slide with only text and a voiceover recorded
with a microphone.
6. Breaking news and other important information must be streaming across the bottom of
the newscast.
7. There must be smooth transitions between video segments.
8. There must be a credits slide as well as any citations where necessary. All though this
goes at the end of the video, all group members are responsible for the final production,
title of the newscast and credits slide.
Video Project Exemplar Developed Limited Incomplete/
Poor Quality
Completed All 4 webquest All 4 webquest All 4 webquest Less than 4
Webquest Tasks tasks were tasks were tasks were webquest tasks
completed and completed and the completed but were completed.
answers were answer pertained to some information
descriptive and the topic. was lacking.
clearly stated.
Video Segment Script shows a Script shows some Uses other Uses other
Script large amount of original thought. people's ideas people's ideas,
original Work shows new (giving them but does not give
thought. Ideas ideas and insights. credit), but there them credit.
are creative and is little evidence
inventive. of original

Video Segment 2 minutes or 2 minutes and Less than time Video length less
Length more content fits the requirement and than requirement
time appropriately content seems and not deserving
rushed and/or of credit
lacking in content
and creativity
Transitions Transitions Transitions applied Transitions No transitions
enhance/enrich satisfactorily frequently
the news inappropriate or
segment distracting from
Graphics Creative, Design theme Design theme(s) No clear theme
striking design appropriate for used for the newscast
theme topic and audience inconsistently or
maintained inappropriately
consistently – for topic and
extending value audience.
and meaning to
the newscast
Sound Excellent use of Most sound and Quality could be Sound quality
dialogue and dialogue was improved. Sound was poor,
sound. No necessary and appeared and inappropriate,
unnecessary effective. Could be ended abruptly. and/or confusing.
sound. No better edited or Movie contained
sound distracts utilized. background noise
from the
purpose of the
Project All All requirements Fewer than two Several missing
Requirements requirements were met on time. requirements were requirements.
were met on missing.
time with
Credits & Sources of Sources of Documentation of No credits or
Citations information information mostly information citations
well documented on a sources weak or documented in
documented on credits and works missing the video.
a credit and cited slide
Majority of
works cited
Portions of information not in
information author’s own
Information author’s own words. Citations
entirely words other than not
author’s own appropriate acknowledged.
words other citations.