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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan 9/8/2010 Lesson Background

Your Name: Kathleen Nolte Grade Level: K Subject: Language Arts Lesson Title: Creating a Class Scrapbook Materials Needed: y Student Picture (pictures developed from digital camera) y Student names written in marker on paper, cut out and ready to go y Colored construction paper y Glue y Scissors y Stickers y Magazines for each student y Hole puncher y Yarn Prerequisite Skills: Students will need prior instruction with displays of theme resources such as a theme poster or theme poem. Lesson Objective: Students will be able to make a connection as a result of describing themselves on construction paper with three personal items that tell the rest of the class something about them for our class scrapbook. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Interaction with Students:
1. Provide objectives: Time: 1 min. Today, we are going to learn about ourselves! We will take construction paper and describe ourselves with three personal items that will tell the rest our class about each other for our class scrapbook. 2. Demonstrate knowledge or skill: Time: 5 min. Inform the students one way to get to know each other is by making a class scrapbook. We will begin making connections by getting to know ourselves and then our classmates. First, I will explain this concept by showing them my scrapbook page. Second, I will show them how to use the magazines to cut out pictures of things or activities they like to do. For example, ³Linc, what is your favorite food? Animal? Color? Summer activity? I will say, ³My favorite food is pizza and that is why I cut out a picture of a slice of pizza, my favorite color is purple and that is why I cut purple construction paper, and my favorite summer activity is biking and that is why I cut out a picture of someone riding a bicycle.´

3. Provide guided practice: Time: 8 min. Class now we are going to start working together on our scrapbooks. First, we will brainstorm ideas in a large group discussion of what our favorites may be or what we like to do. Then together we will start cutting out pictures in the magazines of our personal interests. Remember we need at least three personal interests on our scrapbook page. 4. Check for understanding and provide student feedback: Time: 5 min. I will be able to know that the students have made a connection with their personal interests by walking around the room and asking each student, ³why did you choose ___?´ I could also ask, ³Can you tell me more about ___?´ 5: Provide extended practice and transfer: Time: 10 min. Students you will finish your scrapbook page on your own now. Remember to include at least three pictures that show us what you like and be sure you are thinking as you are cutting out pictures how it connects back to you. 6. Assessment / Closure: Time: 3 min. ³+´ means gets it. ³¥´ means almost gets it. ³ ´ means needs more attention. Grading Checklist for Scrapbook page ___ Included at least 3 personal items ___ Used construction paper ___ Made connection from themselves to each personal item displayed

7. DIFFERENTIATION of Content, Process or Product: a. Adaptation for students who need extra help, time, or attention? Provide students with magazine clippings already cut out and predesigned construction paper with their name and picture glued to help save time so they would still be able to pick out the personal items and incorporate any additional personal items or stickers. b. Extension for students of high ability? Provide students with paper to write their own names, let them use crayons or markers to draw their interests, and/or allow them to write the names of their personal items below. TOTAL LESSON TIME: 32 minutes 8. References Consulted: Cooper, J. D., & Pikulski, J. J. (2008). Houghton Mifflin Reading Teacher's Edition: Kindergarten, Theme 1. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.