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Albert, Isabelle Croft, David; FW: Proposed Learning Gate GATES Middle and High School - SU 11-0731 Monday, February 06, 2012 3:38:36 PM Robert Whitman.vcf Conceptual Site Plan 1-20-12_road_revision.pdf DraftConditions_BW31JAN2012.docx Robert Whitman2.vcf

Please put in Optix under Party of Record. Thanks. Isabelle A. Albert Senior Planner Planning and Zoning Services Division Planning and Growth Management Department Hillsborough County BOCC p: 813.276.8396 | f: 813.272.6068 e: w: Please note: all correspondence to or from this office is subject to Florida's Public Records laws.

How Are We Doing?
From: Robert Whitman [] Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 2:40 PM To: Albert, Isabelle; Grady, Brian; Cc: COMMITTEE WENDY TOMLINSON; Robert Whitman; COMMITTEE PETE AND ERIN; COMMITTEE PAUL O'CONNOR; COMMITTEE LYNN PUSHMAN; COMMITTEE LISA SCHUELLER; COMMITTEE KAREN WEST; COMMITTEE COLLEEN AND STAN KRUK; COMMITTEE CHRISTINE O'CONNOR; Robert Whitman; COMMITTEE NORINE AND BILL;; Colleen Kruk (Colleen.Kruk@swfwmd.state. Subject: FW: Proposed Learning Gate GATES Middle and High School - SU 11-0731

Good afternoon All, we have been in contact with representatives of Learning Gate

School regarding the referenced Special Use Permit. Attached is a list of Conditions and Considerations which have been forwarded to Learning Gate School to facilitate our further discussions. Many of the items included on this list were topics of discussion at our recent meeting as well. We have also been coordinating with Learning Gate School on the location of the access road, if it is ultimately needed, from US 41. A copy the road alignment is included as well. Please note, as I am sure you are aware, that this not an official submittal by the applicant – just our efforts to reach consensus over site access issues. Please review and provide your comments as appropriate. Could you please inform me as to the status of your Staff Report and any recommendations which you may have reached. Thanks and enjoy a relaxing weekend. Best regards, Bob

From: Robert Whitman Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 2:22 PM To:; Angel E. Mendez ( Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'wjweber@tampabay.rr. com'; ''; '';; Colleen Kruk ( Subject: Proposed Learning Gate GATES Middle and High School

Good afternoon Patti and Angel, attached is a sketch of the general consensus of the committee’s proposed re-alignment of the access road, if it is needed, from US 41. As we discussed at our recent meeting, the access from US 41 was one of the major community impacts of the proposed project. Additional discussions (and

sketches) are needed for other site features, such as parking and the location of the buildings, and stormwater facilities (as well as others), and we realize that much of this is handled during the site plan review process. Also attached for your review and our collective further discussions is a list of Conditions and Considerations developed through committee discussions. We previously discussed most of these at our last meeting. We may still receive some additional comments as well. As you are aware, traffic is also a major concern for the community. Angel said he has some additional information that may be available on this issue. Also, as intimated in Colleen’s last email to Angel, the committee does not officially represent the position of the entire Lutz citizenry. As you are aware, the Lutz community is fiercely independent and vocal, and there are a number of residents opposed to any additional development in the area, which would place additional burdens on the already-overloaded existing infrastructure. Learning Gate School is also a member of the Lutz community, and I remain available to assist, as best that I can, with coordination of site planning issues. We look forward to our further cooperative discussions. Enjoy a relaxing weekend. Thanks, Bob





FEBRUARY 20, 2012 


The first preference of the local community for the property is still acquisition by ELAPP as an  environmental preserve.  Community concerns surrounding the siting of a 1000‐student (total) middle  school and high school include:  • Environmental impacts   o Wetland impacts  o Impacts to protected species and their habitats, principally gopher tortoises  o Wildlife impacts  o Surface water impacts  o Lake Commiston water quality impacts  o Groundwater impacts  Lack of adequate infrastructure to support the level of intensity of the proposed development  o Traffic generation and roadway capacity  o Potable water needs  o Wastewater treatment  o Site Access  Operational issues of the school impacting “quality of life” of the neighboring community  o School activities  o Lighting  o Security  o Buffers 

Failing acquisition of the property as an environmental preserve, the community recommends the  following conditions and considerations.     

Recommended Conditions and Considerations  Environmental 
Approved ELAPP Site  The entire property (73.3 acres) was nominated and approved for acquisition in 2007 by the  Hillsborough County Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP). Negotiations  between the landowner and Hillsborough County failed to place the property in the public trust, and  secure the site for environmental preservation.  The first preference of the local community for the  property is still acquisition by ELAPP as an environmental preserve.    Lake Commiston  No clearing or development (hardscape, sidewalk or stormwater ponds) within 200 feet of the existing  Lake Commiston shoreline.  This distance (200 feet) is generally consistent with the existing site plan.  This will preserve the important natural buffer and maintain water quality within Lake Commiston.  This  will also preserve gopher tortoises and gopher tortoise habitat (Gopher Gardens), which can be used for  environmental educational purposes.   Maintain the upland and wetland fringe along Lake Commiston.  No stormwater ponds or impervious  structures between the top of the sandhill community (lake ridge) and the Lake Commiston shoreline.   Only unimproved trails and access to the lake for educational purposes should be allowed within this  buffer.   No direct outfall to Lake Commiston from stormwater facilities. All stormwater ponds, swales and other  features shall drain to the interior of the site and toward Sunset Lane. This includes all stormwater from  buildings, sidewalks, parking, gardens, barns, pastures and other agrarian features. Treated stormwater  may be returned to Lake Commiston, as necessary to maintain hydrological balance, through the natural  wetland “treatment train” and cypress swamp system located in the northeastern aspect of the  property.   No internal combustion engines on Lake Commiston; battery, sail or manual power only. Lake  Commiston is to be used for environmental (limnology) instruction only, no power regattas. Include  water quality sampling (Hillsborough County Lakewatch participation) in the schools environmental  curriculum and post results and analysis to school website.   Minimize the number and amount of water dependent facilities, such as boats, docks and boardwalks on  Lake Commiston.   Project Site  Preserve gopher tortoises and their habitat on site to the maximum extent practicable.  These areas are  principally located along the sandhill immediately south of Lake Commiston and at the north end of the  Sunset Manor subdivision.  Many gopher tortoises are found within the xeric habitats on site.  They are 

commonly associated with the dry, sandy soils of the site (mapped as Zolfo fine sand). Gopher tortoises  also occupy the more mesic transitional areas of the site as well.   Maximize tree preservation on the entire property. Develop an ecological management/restoration plan  to re‐introduce native sandhill species, including longleaf pine, to the site.  Dedicate, in perpetual conservation easement (to Hillsborough County or the State of Florida), all upland  and wetland buffers preserved on the property.    Exclude walls, fencing and other barriers to wildlife, to the maximum extent practicable, from the entire  site. Maximize the use of vegetative buffers, using native plant species, to isolate school operations and  facilities from the adjacent neighborhoods.  

Wastewater  Address wastewater treatment concerns including 1000 students on septic tanks.  Additional  wastewater treatment alternatives are needed.  These alternatives may include Dr. Yeh’s experimental  NEWgenerator treatment system, but adequate wastewater treatment must be provided and is  essential to protect water quality in Lake Commiston and the adjacent properties, due to the rapid  permeability and lateral transmissivity of many of the soils on the property.    Water  Investigate co‐usage of Sunset Manor potable water source to minimize groundwater impacts.  School  will absorb cost of separate meter, required infrastructure and appurtenances (tanks, etc.). If this is not  feasible, investigate co‐usage of potable water source with Lutz Elementary School, which is connected  to a municipal potable water supply from Crystal Lakes Manor. Minimize groundwater withdrawal on  the property.  Traffic  Maximize traffic calming measures to the extent practicable.  Sunset Lane is already at 97% capacity and  US 41 is at approximately 82% capacity.  Currently, there are traffic stacking issues occurring on US 41 in  the right‐hand thru‐travel lane, which is acting as a deceleration and turn lane. The addition of a right‐ turn/deceleration lane along US 41 south of the proposed access road, may minimize traffic circulation  problems in this area.  Also, the addition of a left turn lane on Sunset Lane at the school entrance may  mitigate traffic congestion in this area.  Coordinate with FDOT and Hillsborough County to solve what  are expected to be significant traffic issues.  Safety of the traveling public should be of paramount  concern.  Site Access  Evaluate the need for the entrance road from US 41.  Consider limiting the number of students/size of  the facility, so a road from US 41 is not needed.   

Evaluate alternative site access from US 41 (if needed) to including bridging, or filling/culverting the  entrance roadway to minimize community impacts on the immediately adjacent neighbors and  neighborhood.   Continue discussions/negotiations with adjacent property owner to the north (Mulee property) for  alternate site access from US 41 (if needed), to minimize community and environmental impacts.  Increase buffers to 100 feet between access roads/school facilities and the existing residential  properties. Maintain existing native vegetation within these natural buffers.  Include additional planting  of native vegetation as necessary to maximize buffer density (opacity).    No asphalt, typical concrete pavement or gravel roads should be used for access. Use pervious road  materials, such as pavers, stabilized earth or other pervious materials (perhaps pervious concrete) to  minimize wetland and environmental impacts and reduce the size of stormwater treatment facilities.  Access roads shall be buffered to the maximum extent practicable with native vegetation.  Facility Operations  Limit the number of students to 600 students maximum; thereby limiting the size of the facility, and the  associated environmental and community impacts.   Consider siting the high school off‐site and limiting the site use to the middle school.  This would still  allow the property and Nye Park to be used by High School students traveling to the site.  This would  preserve more of the site and reduce infrastructure requirements also lessening environmental and  community impacts.  Impose controls and limitations on students driving to school. Enforce parking and driving restrictions,  and impose penalties for parking on adjacent streets. Consider limiting Sunset Lane access for faculty  and emergency vehicle usage only, to reduce traffic on Sunset Lane.   No exterior lighting is preferred. If required, exterior lighting (as well as nighttime interior illumination)  shall be minimized to the extent practicable.  Minimize nighttime activities (e.g., one evening a month),  with activities terminating at 10:00 p.m. Confine any nighttime usage to the existing lighted areas of Nye  Park.    Ensure security of the facility and the neighboring community.  All landscaping shall consist of vegetation native to west central Florida.   The community garden shall be sited as to minimize impacts to the natural environment.  Gardening  standards and practices should minimize the amount of chemical addition for fertilization and pest  control.  Suggest the garden be sited near Nye Park and the proposed parking facility. 

Any barns or other agricultural facilities anticipated to generate nutrient‐rich waste shall be properly  sited to minimize impacts to surface water, ground water and existing adjacent wetland systems.   Ecological reuse of animal waste in gardens and planting areas, as appropriate, should be investigated.  Stagger commencement and dismissal times for grades within the proposed school as well as Lutz  Elementary School.  Increase percentage of local residents able to attend the proposed school.  This will reduce travel  demand and traffic generation on the already burdened local roadways. Include priority admission  status for adjacent residential communities, including Sunset Manor and Lake Commiston area residents  and families.