A Complete Program For Artisan Bread Baking

Kemper Bakery Systems, Ltd. 3 Enterprise Drive, Suite 108 Shelton, CT 06484 800.244.9819 t: 203-929-6530 f: 203-929-7089 www.kemperusa.com

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a smart customer is investing in a healthy relationship and shared values. which includes the factories of Kemper. We think process. And we know dough!” Think Process— The Heart of our Corporate Philosophy We are passionate about the artisan segment of the industry and Kemper’s mission is to help bakeries solve their production problems and grow. When it comes to automating bread. 800. We address labor costs and outline production solutions to help our customers become more profitable. We do what we promise to do and we clearly identify each of our roles in the process to ensure a successful partnership. WP Haton and Werner & Pfleiderer. Call to make an appointment. WP Kemper Test Center Come Bake with Us! At the WP Kemper Test Center in Hartford. Our customers work hard to produce a quality product and we work hard to design.WP BAKERYGROUP “It’s all about dough. Patricia Kennedy. It’s a value of shared excellence. the CRUSTICA and a MATADOR oven with the OBER JUNIOR loader. That means we focus on solutions that work on all levels to help bakeries grow and be healthy. CT. president Kemper Bakery Systems. we look at the entire operation. 318 . we have a SP spiral mixer. Kemper Bakery Systems. we take a relentless pursuit to match the right machine to the correct specifications of the customer’s products. build and provide quality equipment. customers want to know three things: Will it work? Will it be supported and can I buy it at a fair price? To begin with. We don’t just look at one solution. Ltd. Truly. is the North American sales company for the WP BAKERYGROUP.244.9819 ext. a customer is not just investing in a machine. Ltd.

It’s a genuine match that respects a baker’s knowledge and health. the journey is about helping bakeries be profitable and to sustain a healthy business. master baker and consultant Consulting Services Available: ● ● ● ● ● ● Formulations Production Planning Ordering & Inventory Bakery layout Implementation Smallwares . Not true. bakers have the option to use parts of the line for different dough. Bottomline: Smart automation compels you to be a better baker. With the line’s modular construction.WP BAKERYGROUP “I care about bakers and making sure bakeries succeed. This new generation of machines from WP Haton and Kemper are designed to make the same bread that you do by hand. as a consultant. It performs the backbreaking work while the baker still dictates the process. And let’s face it. Michael Eggebrecht. One common misperception is that automation means making different bread. folds. automation is kind to the health of a baker. Liquid starters. bulk fermentation and highly hydrated dough—we are dealing with the same baking fundamentals that you are.” For me.


Choose from 1 to 3 double spiral mixers (with Kemper 3-zone mixing principle). and reliable.5 charges/hr/mixer Dough Capacity: 240 kg/mixer . Powerful.Kemper WP BAKERYGROUP Kemper’s patented three-zone principle has made its mixers legendary for their gentleness in mixing artisan dough. strong. Ex: 2 POWERMIXERS 1800 kg dough/hr Ingredient Filling: 1.5 min cycle time Mixing: 4-6 min/mixer Discharging: 30-45 sec/mixer Charges/hr: 7. they are built to last. Long life. What’s more. SP SPIRAL MIXER WITH FIXED BOWL Good price to performance ratio for small artisan bakeries requiring a small footprint for the production of artisan dough. Conveyor can deposit into two different hoppers. affordable. What more can you ask for? How about an option of a PLC with recipe storage? President 75* 165 lbs flour President 100* 220 lbs flour President 125* 276 lbs flour President 150* 330 lbs flour President 200* 440 lbs flour President 250* 550 lbs flour *refers to flour capacity (kg) INDUSTRIAL IN-LINE MIXING POWERMIXERS + LIFTER + CONVEYOR A high dough capacity system with artisan quality mixing. SP 30* 66 lbs flour SP 50* 110 lbs flour SP 75* 165 lbs flour SP 100* 220 lbs flour SP 125* 276 lbs flour *refers to flour capacity (kg) PRESIDENT SPIRAL MIXER WITH REMOVABLE BOWL A great wheel design makes this bowl easy to roll while it is full.

it’s time to join the revolution.Bread Make-up CRUSTICA Watch the CRUSTICA JOURNEY.000 loaves a day. If you are a 4-5 million dollar or more bakery. making 3. .500 up to 15. a movie documenting two artisan bakeries who purchased the Crustica.

The Crustica works according to the doughball principle. It puts you on schedule. The Crustica allows bakers to focus on the things that truly matter rather than the redundancies encountered while hand forming at a high volume. FLOOR TIME DIVIDING ROUNDING INTERMED. You can’t be lax. PANoRAMA Bakery. CA CRUSTICA AUTOMATED BREAD LINE FOR ARTISAN DOUGH The master baker is not lost when the CRUSTICA comes aboard.Haton WP BAKERYGROUP Ruben Barrera. the Crustica forces you to excel at mixing.000 pieces per hour Precision weight Small footprint . We duplicated what bakers are doing around the forming table. on the one hand it simplifies the production process and on the other hand. San Francisco. PROOF SHAPING LAYOUT OPTIONS ● ● ● ● ● High hydration (up to 80%) Long bulk fermentation times (up to 3 hours) 600-3.

Bread Make-up BAGUETTA+ .

. and deliver a consistent. and your fermentation times. your dough. . The BAGUETTA+ works accordingly to the oblong principle. quality product with a beautiful crumb structure.Haton WP BAKERYGROUP Differentiate Yourself from the Competition T This line makes true artisan baguettes. 6..000 pieces per hour Weight range: 100-700 grams Long bulk fermentation times (up to 3 hours) . WP Haton’s artisan bread lines are designed to increase production.000 pieces per hour or double. a forward-thinking company specializing in machinery-engineering of bakery equipment.. lower labor costs.. Challenged with the task of introducing a new generation of machines that met the following goals . is one of the 10 companies under the umbrella of the WP BAKERY GROUP. FLOOR TIME DIVIDING PRE-SHAPING PROOFING SHAPING CUTTING he WP Haton factory. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● gentle on the dough best absorption rates best weight precision best productivity networked technology economic production of small batches shortest set-up times highest standards of hygiene low energy consumption ● ● ● ● High hydration (up to 80%) 3. This means that the dough pieces are proofed oblong instead of a doughball shape. modular in function for flexibility and road tested for highly hydrated artisan dough. located in the Netherlands. Period. We consider them the litmus test for artisan baking because these machines require you to nail your mixing. know your flour. the WP Haton factory responded with an amazing new generation of bread lines.


000 pieces per hour Round: 3.Kemper WP BAKERYGROUP QUADRO-ROUND HOLLYWOOD-STYLE PRODUCTION OF ARTISAN ROLLS High volume production of round. ● ● ● ● High hydration (up to 80%) 12.000 pieces per hour Weight range: 35-140 grams (round rolls) Long bulk fermentation times (up to 3 hours) MINI QUADRO-ROUND SMALL FOOTPRINT. Two thumbs up. ● ● ● ● High hydration (up to 80%) Square: 4. square and rustic rolls without degassing the delicate crumb structure. LABOR-SAVING Smaller footprint allows automation of time-consuming roll production while still delivering a consistently.000 pieces per hour Weight range: 35-140 grams (round rolls) Long bulk fermentation times (up to 3 hours) . high quality product.

Artisan Sheeting Lines MAGIC LINE Laminating Line .

Its modular construction makes it extremely flexible and it is designed to handle a variety of products with fast and easy changeover. baguette.000 lbs per hour . and roll production.Werner & Pfleiderer WP BAKERYGROUP MAGIC LINE is an industrial automated line engineered specifically for highly hydrated dough like ciabatta and baguettes. handling absorption rates up to 80%. ● ● ● ● High hydration (up to 80%) Weight range: 30-150 grams 1 -12 rows 5. Magic Line has options for ciabatta. Engineered to reduce stress and degassing of artisan dough. bread.


entrepreneurs who know that only constantly high quality bakery products assure the economic success of a company.000 .000 of these ovens have been sold worldwide. More than 60. Are you a candidate for the Matador club? ● ● Cyclothermic heating system Greatest temperature flexibility and two heating temperature zones Incredibly fast recovery times High temperature increase ability Ergonomic work environment Optimal formation of crust Top production quality ● ● ● ● ● MEGADOR Multi-Deck Thermal Oven ● ● ● Cyclothermic or Thermal Oil Baking area: 20. Owners normally are quality oriented bakers.000 lbs/hr (BK 45 min) .Werner & Pfleiderer WP BAKERYGROUP MATADOR FOR 50 YEARS THE STANDARD FOR EXTRAORDINARY BAKING RESULTS The worldwide success of the MATADOR tells its own story and quite frankly sells itself.000 sq in) Net belt Hinge plate belt Special plates ● Capacity Bread (Hearth) 11.434.280 m2 (31.

DeKalb ordered two spiral mixers. DeKalb Farmers Market ood is the most basic thing we all share. —Robert Blazer. an SP 125 and a PRESIDENT 150 Wheel Out bowl mixer. who presides over 140.” adds Emkin.” says DeKalb Farmers Market owner Robert Blazer. owner. With the bakery running smoothly. are natural and preservative free. Service Manager Kemper Bakery Systems. and he doesn’t leave a stone unturned as he manages the service needs of the North American market.” “Our bread quality has improved. what started out as an inquiry of bread lines soon became a partnership between DeKalb and Kemper Bakery Systems to revamp their existing bakery program with artisan equipment.000 sq ft of warehouse space filled with fresh ingredients from around the world. Michael Eggebrecht consulted with head baker Mike Emkin on formulations. The bakery runs baguettes. the CRUSTICA to automate its bread program and a MINI QUADRO-ROUND with the RELAXER to automate its roll production. “Now. customers love him. toll-free 800-244-9819 www. Kemper Bakery Systems’ service manager is the awesome Brad Engelhardt. who saw his bakery transition from lax mixing to a real schedule. Brad Engelhardt. We all notice it in the bakery. Georgia. time and temperature. Emkin is already pursuing the next step: organic certification. Before the equipment was delivered. training of our service staff and continually improve on our documentation. He specializes in repair and installation of all forms of commercial and industrial baking equipment. WP Haton’s master baker. suggesting additional equipment to help with lifting and movement of dough on the floor. who has worked in the baking industry for 27 years.kemperusa. and a consulting package. The bakery uses only organic flours and all the ingredients. No matter how technologically advance we become. we cannot escape our fundamental relationships with food and each other. one of DeKalb Farmers Market bakery supervisors. Our commitment to our customers is professional response time with knowledgeable support. our bakers are organized. The “grocery mecca” as it is referred to has a bakery on the premises. Ltd. They also purchased a new oven.DeKalb Farmers Market Invests in a Complete Artisan Bread Program For DeKalb Farmers Market in Decatur. The Mini Quadro-Round is used primarily to produce mini baguettes and dinner rolls. on how to operate the newly installed CRUSTICA. they are on a schedule and know what and when they have to mix to get it on the machine. He’s thorough. the MATADOR MD 190. Robert Reesink. challah and Mediterranean breads on the Crustica and takes advantage of the Crustica’s modular components.com WP BAKERYGROUP . true to DeKalb’s philosophy. and efficiencies in the bakery. automation. “We control production better with automation. using just the divider and rounder to hand shape other dough.” says Emkin. This is why we continually invest in our parts stock. ”F Our Commitment to Service: We Care About Your Needs We understand how important it is to have the support you need for your equipment. guides Selbe.