How can you keep your eyes fixed on ME when you are caught up in all your worldly I WANT

TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS NEW PHASE planning and programs? I am THE WORLD IS GOING INTO not in your thoughts. You are going to miss it. I am your safe The world is approaching a time of evil that is passage. If you do not find ME in unrivaled by any other time known to mankind. The your daily activities…if I do not people slumber, they are come up in your mind, you will snoozing. The world is falling not know what is coming and the into complete disaster while the future will blindside you as the unexpected is about to world around sleeps. Leaders happen. have no idea how to cope. They MY people will know and not be surprised because I see it coming, but they keep am close and they are watching. They are ready and so their thoughts silent while their their escape is assured. I am that narrow escape. I am people are dying from not the WAY, I am the TRUTH, I am the LIFE. I am pulling having the truth. I am sad for MY people out of the line of fire very soon and taking their loss. them to safe keeping while the world sinks to an all-time The day is closing in and the people will be amazed low and the enemy takes over the planet. Avoid disaster MY people. I am your SAVIOR, RESCUER. I will keep at the nearness of MY coming. I am very near. MY you safe. people who are watching now, MY sheep hear MY voice. They know I am close. They see the signs. They YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO THIS ALONE are watching. These are the children who will be I will bring you into MY safe taken. If you are not watching, your lamp is not full. secure arms, cover you with You will be left to face the worst. I cannot save you if MY loving wings and we will fly you cannot be interested enough to watch for MY away to everlasting safety. I am coming. the RESCUER. I am the One who will bring the salvation. I I am looking for those who are will bring you to MY home and anxiously awaiting MY return. If put you in a secure eternal the cares of this world captivate place. you so and you cannot see the signs of MY coming and watch for Choose for ME and avoid pain ME even, I cannot bring you out and suffering. I long to rescue and keep you safe. I to safety. I have made MYSELF have a beautiful life planned for you. You cannot clear in MY Book to watch for MY comprehend it. It is great spectacular beauty. This coming and to be vigilant in being vocabulary lacks the words to ready when the signs that have describe your home. MY FATHER been foretold unfold before you. waits to greet the bride and the The hour is now. You are either not watching or you banquet is prepared, a large see it, but want to deny what is happening around you. banquet set and ready for your presence. I have brought together You think if you can deny what you see then perhaps a magnificent offering of food and this will all go away. You watch all the people around place settings for MY children and you who are also not watching or not caring and you to share together at this lovely follow suit. You are looking in the wrong direction for table. We will celebrate our your salvation. Your family, friends, neighbors cannot marriage and our everlasting life together. It will be the save you. I am your only SAVIOR. Keep your eyes greatest celebration ever held. fixed on ME.
Letter dictated by the LORD JESUS to Susan of USA on December 18-19, 2010*

TOMORROW IS COMING FAST My world is one of everlasting untold beauty. Marvelous and lovely is the world I have prepared for those who truly love and seek ME in this world. MY sheep, this is not your world. You are made for another life, a better eternal life. I am coming soon to put you in safe keeping apart from the evil of this world. You must wash yourself clean in MY Blood and through MY Word in MY Book. Surrender and turn your life over to ME. Repent of your sins. I am waiting MY people, MY sheep, the hour is closing in. Very soon, I am coming to get the people. I will bring them out. I have planned this for a very long time and the hour is approaching. I am coming to that point and I will snatch the people out of the grasp of MY enemy. I know who is coming. You must choose. The choice is yours. I cannot do this choosing for you. I am clear about the choices. I have made it very clear. The masses will refuse MY offer of escape. They will remain to face an evil that is beyond anything man has witnessed or encountered before. I want MY people to avoid the terror coming, but they cannot imagine how bad it will be. The suffering will be immense for the ones who choose against MY enemy. He will punish those who choose against him and the choosing for ME will be a difficult one. Now is the time to choose for ME. Come to ME now and be part of MY bride and I will make you ready to be received into MY beautiful Kingdom. If you choose for ME after I remove MY bride your choices will be most difficult. The world will go on, but if you want to choose for ME you won’t be able to join back into the world. The alternative will be suffering and death. It will be hard to face. If you join in the world system, you will see eternal suffering. Many will lose their lives after I come for MY bride.

This is a from someone other than ME. You put all your life interests before ME your GOD. Your lack do not create MY people to follow after other gods. I have made WHAT HAS MY SACRIFICE AT CALVARY this clear in MY Word. MY ransom than you can reject in. divine GOD. I evaluate your position and decide for yourself what only make it available to all who want it. with your GOD. I. but these are MY stipulations. You will ME and understand that I. Choose salvation through ME or to hear your heartfelt words lose your life to the enemy who is ruthless. Accept MY free gift of salvation.lukewarm and when you come to ME in the next hour. It will be a bleak eternity. MY MEANT TO YOU? Holy Word. your choice for eternity and without a loving. I long to have moments left on the clock. Suddenly you remember MY Name and call *Dear Friends of Christ: out to ME. I serious matter. I do not take this believe this. toward ME. I long for Your time is running out. if you do not embrace ME now. but I will not force this salvation. this shocks you? Read MY Word. over. share conversations with you. GOD.S. There is no inferior place in your heart atonement for your evil works. JESUS was humbled in a violent Love ME above all else. worthless gods. You relationship with you. You seek ME Follow ME. the words have no regard for ME at all? I will spit you out. After your crisis is This is a series of letters that Sabrina of Belgium and Susan of the U. You and I will allow you to live will be sent to hell for the evil you out the consequences of have done against a HOLY GOD. Your love for ME is Share these words with your friends and families. The LORD brought them together remember ME not. others. I endured evil Heaven. is belittling of MY Holy Name and MY Work on If you want to be with ME in MY Holy Home in the cross. You must men to save all men. They both did not know what this work would involve until just images. I AM COMING FOR A PURE BRIDE NARROW ESCAPE Turn to JESUS now Before it's too late! An open letter from the One who loves you most Before the great and dreadful day Don't be left behind! . I do not deviate from MY Word. eternal hell? I. I am sorry. above all things. of regard for MY sacrifice other lowly. You will have choose to put ME in an nothing to say apart from MY sacrifice. I will not know you or One who loves ME before anything else—above all acknowledge you to MY FATHER and HIS Holy Angels. you are mistaken. You have heard this rejection lightly. I am a jealous GOD. as if I don’t exist. Why do you approximately three years ago from two parts of the globe to do HIS end suppose I will want you in MY eternal home when you time work. Except for thetwo daughters of theprinted here are exact copy to the letter dictated to these Lord. If you you. GOD did to save you from clear and uncomplicated. Surrender all and repent to your You spend no time communing GOD and live. I way to bring you life did not create you to put eternal and you reject MY ME in second or third work on the cross to save position in your heart. If you do not direction you want to move care for MY sacrifice. stand before MY FATHER and HE will not accept your GOD want nothing but first explanation for this sinful way you have led your life and place in your heart or you will receive eternal punishment. You have received from the LORD. MY Word is Do you not care what I. You decide. What. you must count the cost in this life. but know this…MY FATHER will reject you. when you are in dire LORD JESUS circumstances. your GOD. You either come with ME. I am remote to you. recently. I go to the bottom shelf of your heart.