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Text © Macmillan Publishers Limited. Designed by Jim Evoy. Oxford OX4 3PP A division of Macmillan Publishers Limited Companies and representatives throughout the world ISBN: 978-0-230-02918-7 Text © Amanda French. or otherwise. dictionary extracts taken from the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners. electronic.Macmillan Education Between Towns Road. based on an original concept by Designers Collective Illustrated by Ed McLachlan The authors and publishers are grateful for permission to reprint the following copyright material: Macmillan Publishers Limited for extracts from the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners Workbook. in some cases this has not been possible. photocopying. recording. We have no control over. Scott Miles 2009 Design and illustration © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 First published 2009 All rights reserved. the contents of such third party websites. . Jackie McAvoy. stored in a retrieval system. Although we have tried to trace and contact copyright holders before publication. or by any means. transmitted in any form. If contacted we will be pleased to rectify any errors or omissions at the earliest opportunity. and are not responsible for. Chris Gough. no part of this publication may be reproduced. These materials may contain links for third party websites. without the prior written permission of the publishers. Please use care when accessing them. mechanical.

macmillanenglish. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. .com.Contents Introduction Dictionary work Red and black words Finding and exploring meanings Understanding definitions Collocations Finding idioms and phrases Exploring a dictionary page Word classes Countable and uncountable nouns Prepositions Verb patterns Checking what you know 4–5 6–13 6 7 8 8 9 10 11 12 12 12 13 Extensive Reading 14 3 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www.

scholar Anthony Bruton (1997) recommends avoiding ‘(a) general topics with the predictable liberal slant. Too often course books aimed at an international audience contain content that is either uninteresting or simply irrelevant to students. In Effective Reading. Effective Reading also promotes the practice of extensive reading. Using examples from the Macmillan English Dictionary.’ We took this advice to heart when selecting and developing reading texts in order to maximize student interest. Skills such as skimming. the Teacher’s File provides dictionary skills exercises to increase students’ familiarity with English-English dictionaries and to help students use them more effectively. and this requires consolidating their existing knowledge of vocabulary commonly used in academic settings. To increase student interest in reading materials. Reading skills development Effective Reading teaches reading skills and strategies to help students become more efficient and successful readers. making it difficult for teachers to keep students engaged in the material. (b) topics of technical or scientific interest to which nothing can be added. Information on how to read extensively. Academic vocabulary development University students need to be able to read English materials relating to their major. all reading texts have been written specifically to match the interests of young adults. give students the opportunity to discover that reading in English at their level of difficulty can be an enjoyable way to develop reading skills. To reinforce the vocabulary support in Effective Reading books 1–4. and (d) narratives with a high cultural content. often communicating nothing that is 4 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish. Effective Reading is different from other course books of its kind in the following principle ways: High interest reading texts The main aim of Effective Reading is to provide reading texts of high interest to university students. Improving vocabulary knowledge is dependent on good dictionary skills. . © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. the Teacher’s Files provide additional vocabulary exercises and tests on words selected from the Academic Word List (a list of words which are common in academic texts). (c) culturally distant and anecdotally irrelevant topics. scanning and guessing word meanings from context are found in every unit. a four-level reading course specially designed to meet the needs and interests of students studying English in universities. as well as extracts from Macmillan Graded Readers. while ensuring that the content is still appropriate for an academic institution. as well as other language skills.Introduction Welcome to Effective Reading.

© Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. Rather than waiting for the teacher to explain or translate the text. guessing word meanings from 5 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www. First reading text This is the main reading text of the unit. and so on. The format of each unit is as follows: Pre-reading exercises These exercises activate the reader’s background knowledge to make the text more accessible. which are typically problematic for learners. reading speed. In this section. Language deveLoPment and sPeaking exercises These exercises provide extended work on essential vocabulary and grammar from the first reading text. The core language (vocabulary and grammar) exercises are drawn primarily from this text.Overview of Effective Reading books 1–4 Each book is composed of 12 units. with two reading texts per unit. students further develop specific reading skills such as skimming. . second reading text and reading skiLLs work The second reading text is shorter and slightly simpler in language than the first reading text. The second post-reading exercise highlights specific sentences and expressions from the text. Post-reading exercises The first post-reading exercise checks general comprehension of the first reading text. The speaking exercises give students the chance to reflect on and evaluate the first reading text. this exercise gives students a chance to find the answers on their own. preview key vocabulary and stimulate interest in the text. as well as personalize the content. as these are words and structures which students are likely to encounter again and again in their future English study. scanning. Only language items which are common in natural English use are selected.macmillanenglish.

exercise 1 Five of these words are red (= more frequent) words in the dictionary. but the survey reveals that most have no conception of what counts as proper manners when penning a digital missive. 2. Guess which they are and check them in the dictionary. pen. gangster gangway gaol gap gape garage rubbish garble garden exercise 2 Four words in the following paragraphs are not red in the dictionary. garden . 6 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www.500 words account for about 90% of all text.500 words account for about 80% of all text. These 7.Dictionary work red and bLack words using the Macmillan English Dictionary In the Macmillan English Dictionary some words are red and some are black. garage. These 2. Guess which they are and check them in the dictionary. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. Exercise 2: lapse.macmillanenglish.500 most frequently used words in English. The red words are the gap. The black words are less frequent and you may need them more for reading than speaking. missive Answer key Exercise 1: gangster.500 of these words are the most common words in English and have three stars in the dictionary. Many youngsters prefer to send email rather than write a letter. rubbish. A survey carried out has found some shocking lapses of etiquette in the messages passed around by people under 20. etiquette.

a number. move up and down 3. capacity.. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. extent. 1 ns go when _____ lower... Notice that six different meanings of the verb bounce are shown. jeep). extend... light.. 1 cles stretch. sound (e. put. amount or the 1 the 1verbs largest or smallest impose.. Using the example sentences and the definitions. _____ d. hing limbs. � 2 the greatest amount or level of something that is limit sth to sthObviously there ishaslimit to thelimit classes possible : + to The school board a pledged to amount we y-white rom limes skin to a maximum of twenty-five students.. passive] if something is limited 3 [usuallythat man is the absolute limit! to a particular know your limits have a clear idea of what you are place or group.. � be limited by sth They were limited by the amount of money they could spend on the production. d. verb. amount. 4 c.� The was above the 3% limit regulations are designed to limit environmental damage...g. reduce. people (e. This l vb [ I / T ] to word classes... a limp effort _____ d sour juice picture ➔ C10 CEMENT and 4. meaning 1 3. � space / size limitations Not all the information could be displayed due to space limitations.. en and HELL define. of : Certain con/ noun �� troversial subjects remained on in which 1 [ C ] a rule or situation that puts a limit on something : within limits as long as a situation stays within what ion from the + on We plan to impose limitations on the use of cars in the ives to make is considered reasonable : We’ll take care of all your DiCaprio has city. meaning 2 4. weighta slight limp. lim•i•ta•tion / %lImI"teISn / noun �� 1 [ C ] a rule or situation that puts a limit on something : + on We plan to impose limitations on the use of cars in the city... d. 1 ve easily growth. that is full of vitamintwo a way of rt in a or in lime a verb. _____ c.. [ U ] the act or do o hear if she _____ rom limes 3. � be limited by sth within the city limits... when cheque is not paid 5.. other colors Caribbean in set. � limit yourself Most people limit themselves to a few techniques that work best for them. time. 3 c. 1.. Look up the word limp in the dictionary and answer these questions. email message Exercise 4: a.highest or ape go a bell ns of when lower. in the 1 ble Irish lilt. In which word classes is the word limp used? 1. make a list of some of the things that can bounce. 3 [usually passive] if something is limited to a particular place or group. _____ 3. _____ 5. limp2. prescribed. 1.. � of visitors a patient can have.. power.. upper rt in a sport you find amount... f. I’ve got your email address wrong.. you are not allowed strikes were limited to military targets.. r tree that it to go there : The evacuated areas remained off limits to the lim•er•ick not allowed or [ C ] a humorous poem with / "lIm@rIk / noun approved of : Certain conttack or kill public... the Roman size. be reflected 4. Is the noun limp used in the plural? _____ Words frequently used with limit al vb [ I / T ] to d. � be the limit spoken to be very annoying or upsetting : 817 Honestly. prescribed. Match sentences a-f with meanings 1-6 below. How many entries are there for the word limp? 3 a. limp1. raise.. They were limited by the amount of money they could spend hing limbs. capableout or the limelight The prince has always tried to of 12. a stick that � + to There has to be a fair limit to the level of migration ot brave also lim•it2 / "lImIt / verb [ T ] legal limit He had consumed more ��� is often from other countries. 1a. raise.... _____ f.. ball __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ es or tasting sweet green olor — %lime ood Systems 06-08-2004 16:37:13 7 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www. limits of her ability. the following examples? nouns age. � The regulations are designed to limit environmental damage. scope. strict. can get done in two weeks.. My emails keep bouncing. capacity.. picture bean e green ➔ C10 mittee to recommendations rather than allowing it to take 3 the outer edge of an area : This line of islands formed CEMENT and action. � + of The competition tested the white people. Caribbean in set. [ U ] the act or ot brave small white e a pleasant � + to There has to be a fair limit to the level of migration from other countries. introduce. 2 to reduce or control someone’s freedom to do what they want or someone’s ability to be effective : RESTRICT : Lack of adequate testing limits the effectiveness of the research. so there are C. No. as entries: nouns age. extend.... � limit sb to sth The regulations limit each committee to recommendations rather than allowing it to take action. extent. kids. � legal limit He had consumed more Dictionary work Finding and exPLoring meanings Finding the correct entry the Macmillan English Dictionary L exercise 4 Look at the entry for bounce in the dictionary...... limit 1 and falling cles stretch. 6 d.. reduce.. impose.. when email comes back exercise 3 Many words have multiple meanings within one entry... _____ b. hit surface 2. 2 not allowed lim•i•ta•tion / %lImI"teISn or off limits. Write the correct number next to each letter. lower. place.g. My bank charged £30 for the cheque that bounced.. the word insult. vehicles (e. � space / size limitations Not all the information could legs : a looseexpenses – within limits.... _____ 2. limp3 2.. � beyond the limit This area of the at you think ocean has been fished beyond sustainable limits. is wordscontaining CALCIUM. He / verb [ T ] ��� lim•it2 / "lImItwas limping slightly and he looked is often also prevent 1 to tired. or effect from increase where you ing past a particular point : The hospital limits the number nd out what of visitors a patient can have. en Systems verbs define. er at the age be displayed due to space limitations.��� weight / noun [ C ] time... From the fact that.. ttack— %lime approved public.. that is allowed : speed/spending lowest level of something put. 3 b. limp and lifeless hair _____ exercise 5 Read through the entry for bounce1 again.. it isn’t.than three times the legal limit of alcohol when he drove home.. hailstones). legal. noun c. The ball bounced off the crossbar into the goal. limp1.macmillanenglish.. cheque. meaning 1 on in which ion from the DiCaprio has er at the age . meaning 2 5. or effectwhen he drove e where you small white than three times the legal limit of alcohol ing pasttime limit Thepoint : The hospital limits the number a particular prescribed time limit must be strictly nd out what e a pleasant home... ve easily growth. gthe Roman and falling lim•it1 / "lImItsize. � The residents’ main demand o hear if she complied with. speed. � + of The competition tested the white people. specify a stick that 2. British sailors drank strict. 2 f.:�RESTRICT : or someone’s ability to be effective stretch/ ocean has the lily-white Lack of adequate testing limits the effectiveness of the push/drive sb/sth to the limit The children were stretching d sour juice st and moral research. band). people in That is because noun same word can belong to different lim•ey / "laImi / the [ C ] Am E old-fashioned a British Words frequently used with limit as an person. e.. In which meaning of which entry for limp adjectives agreed.... it happens only in that place or within capable of : be limited toyou areofficials said that the air sweet green that group or how good NATO e no support off limits 1 if a place is off limits. preventing a disease called scurvy. legal. e green bean 3 the outer edge of an area : This lineELTDI$6204 of islands formed the outer limit of the empire. baby. limp2. upper e talks sport noun orjuice. � city limits No bombs landed within the city limits. _____ e.. lower. introduce. Honestly. specify limits � + on There are strict limits on presidential power. � set / impose a limit Their inflation rate a WATER LILY was above the 3% limit set by the Maastricht Treaty. power. 2 to reduce or control someone’slimit This to do of the freedom area what limits of her ability. amount. a WATER LILY from to limit the amount of set by the Maastricht Treaty.... place. take care of all your in making – withinthe dictionary have legs : a looseexpenses CEMENT limits. 3 b. � city limits No bombs landed few techniques that work best for them.. radar waves). Rachel walks with ood and HELL 06-08-2004 16:37:13speed.. that man is the absolute limit! limitation know your limits have a clear idea of what you are . a. He came bouncing into the room. 2 the greatest amount or level of something that is possible : + to Obviously there is a limit to the amount we y-white skin using can get done in two weeks. � time limit The prescribed time limit must be strictly complied with.g... it happens only in that place or within that group : be limited to NATO officials said that the air strikes were limited to military targets. � The residents’ main demand is to limit the amount of heavy traffic using the street. Sonar detects distance and depth by sound waves bouncing off an object. � limit sth to sth The school board has pledged to limit classes to a maximum of twenty-five students.word example. can be either a For is sometimes used adjectives agreed. b.. � beyond the at you think they wantbeen fished beyond sustainable limits. Exercise 5: objects (e. � The right to vote was limited to heads of households and married women.. � limit sb to sth The regulations limit each commy patience to the limit. � from increas1 to prevent a number. you are not allowed keep his children place the limelight.. 2 five lines troversial subjects remained off limits. 1.. move energetically 6.. � limit yourself Most people limit themselves to a the outer limit of the empire. � set / impose a limit Their inflation rate is the Macmillan English Dictionary heavy traffic using the street.. of course.. _____ L a. � of of how good you are ple or white e no support off limits 1 if a out of is off limits. 5 e.. c. scope. � stretch/ the lily-white push/drive sb/sth to the limit The children were stretching st and moral my patience to the limit.g. The yacht is limping toward the island. number. of course. b. � The right to vote to go there The evacuated areas remained off limits to the olor or kill was limited: to heads of households and married women. The jeep bounced along the rough country road. 1a. amount. 1 Answer key Exercise 3: a.. lime•stone / "laIm%stoUna situation a typewithin what small — Lilwithin limits as long as / noun [ U ] stays of white or building and gray stone ives to make Someconsidered reasonable : We’ll used for more than one entry. number. � es or tasting be the limit spoken to be very annoying or upsetting : on the production. adjective.

view 2. considerably. ________ ________ ________ payment c. joint1 / dZOInt / adj [only before noun] ��� 8 involving two if you can take or more people or done by them together : The two has been when someone makes a joke about you or does Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009.. significantly.. 1. � make / crack a joke something with other people : join with sb in doing sth (=say something funny) The men all sat there drinking I’m sure everyone joins with me in wishing him a speedy beer and cracking jokes. � sb’s idea of a joke (=an action that someone been connected together : I don’t think you’ll be able to thinks is funny but you do not) Hiding my car keys was see the join when I’ve glued the pieces together.. Check in the dictionary. important... spoilt or injured 7... a lack of success in doing something 5. damage or destruction is possible 6. valuable 2... c.. � + about He told us a great joke about a This word is used especially by children... opinion... 9 f.... 1. sharply. gradually. hairy. period. J Exercise 7: a.. bandy.... receive.. 3 ...500 words. 2 c. authorize.. 10 g. � sick joke (=a very unpleasant joke) a sick joined-up thinking / government / policy etc. join the club spoken used for saying that you have the %joint "custody noun [ U ] legal an arrangement in which the words theyexperience as the one someone else same problem or often occur with (their collocations). Congress have Words frequently used with join agreed on and that becomes law when the president nouns army. dramatically..... for example doors a huge joke. 1. closely. � Pat didn’t feel like joining in the celebrations. something that is so bad or silly it and windows — compare CARPENTER annoys you : That price is just a joke! join•er•y / "dZOIn@ri / noun [ U ] the work done by a joiner be no joke to be very difficult or unpleasant : It’s no joke — compare CARPENTRY bringing up two your Effective Readinga jokekids on can take a joke. to change or influence something ELTDI$6001 10... _______ _______ _______ leg 2. outstanding. lift.. verbs d...... 2 [ I / T ] same usually in order to share any risk involved 1 as join 1 : You need to join up these two lines.. hard. crawl mainly joke about a dog in a microwave oven � get the joke journalism a way of doing something in which all the (=understand why the story is funny) Sorry – I don’t get separate parts work sensibly and well with each other the joke. tease j. greatly.. word exercise 7 List three words that you think typically occur with these words. This page laugh downloaded from www. band.... 2a. death.S.... long..S.. pause. talking dog.. slender 2. reduce d.. delay. failure b.. leg. 1. danger i.. nod.... 4 [ I ] to work joke1 / dZoUk / noun [ C ] �� together to achieve something : We’re joining up with 1 something you say or do that is intended to make another research team. affect f. nouns 2. attentively.. belief. demand. major. joke c... a situation in which harm. party.... 4 b. interlude... to harm something physically so that it is broken.. 3 [ I ] to meet joist / dZOIst / noun [ C ] a long piece of wood or metal put or work with someone else : I’m going to Germany first. bend. withhold Answer key Exercise 6: a.. huge. drastically. you are able to Teacher’s Fileown. to help and support each other part can bend because it has JOINTS 2 mainly Br E a information is given on the end of a line is people join a line to go and stand at collocations of in a box at the chicken has been cut into pieces so that it can jointed who are the entry. to pause before doing something 4. party. the the leaders of each of the main divisions of the U. stay. One way in which are frequently used another organization. who are divorced both have responsibility for parents has care of a Thejust mentionedhelps youelse’s hand in your hand dictionary someone to know which wordstakingfor some of child and can both give the child a join hands 1 to hold home the time 2 to work together with together..... � play a joke on sb (=do something recovery.macmillanenglish.. telling jokes.. substantially a. moment.. intently. a popular ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ turn 1.. 8 j... 2 signs it team.. myth. adjectives 1.. duck. joint•ed / "dZOInt@d / adj 1 a jointed arm. meet... secure.. adverbs 1..Dictionary work understanding deFinitions using the Macmillan English Dictionary The dictionary gives the meaning of words in short and clear definitions using a carefully selected ‘defining vocabulary’ of 2.. bare. make. a change that is produced in one person or thing by another %Joint %Chiefs of "Staff. group.... nod. a short story that is funny at the end.... exercise 6 Match the words a-j with the definitions 1-10.... lower. union %joint-"stock %company noun [ C ] Am E business a company that anyone can invest in by buying SHARES in %join "in phrasal vb [ I / T ] [join in sth] to do an activity with from the Macmillan English Dictionary it people who are already doing it : She laughed and Tom joined in.. glimpse. 1. Can you explain it? join•er / "dZOIn@r / noun [ C ] someone whose job is to 2 something that is funny : The nurses thought it was all make the wooden parts of buildings. © presidents issued a joint statement.. to say things that are intended to make people laugh 3. accept. 6 h.. The last line of the joke is called the punchline : joined-up / %dZOInd "Vp / adj informal joined-up writing tell a joke Soon the kids relaxed and were laughing and is writing in which the letters are joined to each other. politely 2.. %joint "venture noun [ C ] business an agreement between %join "up phrasal vb 1 [ I ] to become a member of the armed two companies to work together on a particular job. below a floor or ceiling to support it but we’re planning to join up in Norway. tilt.. to trick someone) Stephen decided to play a joke on his join2 / dZOIn / noun [ C ] the place where two objects have teacher. cock. significant. or other etc. shake...... to run at a slow steady speed. _______ _______ _______ contribution b. 1a.. military forces who together make important military decisions join battle very formal to start fighting it is useful to learn When learning English words.. positive. hesitate 2.. listen 2.... 5 i.. a brief ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ 1.. shapely. great. � joint favorite Bates and Morgan are joint favorites it becomes annoying or makes you feel worried be joined in marriage/holy coLLocations matrimony very formal to get married BLOOMSBURY join 761 joker .. people laugh : Is this some kind of stupid joke? � Greg "join with phrasal vb [ T ] formal [join with sb] to say or do sprayed her with water as a joke. waiting for something be eaten easily end of1 ➔ BEAT %joint reso"lution noun [ C ] legal a formal decision or statement that both houses of the U.. incline. jog d.. encounter. country. to say something to someone in order to have fun by embarrassing or annoying them slightly 9... � a joint decision � a something to trick you joint bank account � My sister and I had a joint birthday go/get beyond a joke if a situation goes beyond a joke. usually for exercise or pleasure a. ________ ________ ________ head b. forces : He joined up right after high school.. bow.... suspend.. damage h. toss 2. visit.. enforce. carefully. effect g.... useful.. misconception.. club. her idea of a joke... 7 e. 1 d.... to move along the ground on your hands and knees or with your body close to the ground 8..

� in good / safe hands I knew that Rebecca was room•er / "rum@r / noun [ C ] Am E someone who rents a of HIT hand. with ayour : hand in to practice something so that you other’s hands) The park was full of young couples holdingRead the sentences and underline the idiomatic"rumfUl / noun [ C ] a large number of people room•ful / expression in 1.... light at the end of the tunnel (light) d.. roof / ruf / verb %roof "over phrasal vb [ T ] to cover an area room in someone else’s house and helped her out of the car.... or verb... first/second/third hand if you experience something first hand. � have/ under the same something is in someone’s hands. � make hand over fist. 1 left hand.macmillanenglish. Look up the outerfor telling someone :not to touch leaking the idiomThere is plenty on ground feet your %room "temperature noun [ U ] the I roof cold got less adj hands and your lower legs 4 [ C ] the hands on a clock are the long parts that move is neither too hot "roof %rack noun __________ : RACK out a car out of hand not Br a LUGGAGE around and show the time keyword = [ C ]wellE controlled get on of hand We inside a building thatat room temperature.. � leave room for sth church from the part where the ALTAR is sb’s what ham•per1 / "h&mp@r / verb [ T often passive] 1 to prevent noun roof1hands are tied someone/adjectiveruvz /)they want Leave room between each plant for the roots to grow. 7b.. Do you need a hand with the dusting? � lend a hand (=help) help you if you need them "roof %garden noun [ C ] an outside area with plants on share a room.. [only there’s light at the end :ofroomy car 2 roomy clothing is large and above : a jumble of redin charge now before noun] used comfortable take/get your hands you a chance to be successful in a particular situation : about something that is built on a roof : atouching keywordsomething off informal to stop rooftop roost1 / rust / verb [ I ] when birds or BATS roost. � + for Is ther . you experience it yourself.. officially that someone will receive a particular punhand in glove if you work hand in glove with someone.. and 1 [C using the Macmillan English Dictionary] a On theof a building with a large empty rooms. Guess er remember theCinformation but you could find it you roof• / "ruf@ / noun [ ] someone whose job is to build house out give me a hand with these boxes? � like/want/need a hand meaning of the idiom. � hold hands (=hold each keep roof We roofed over our patio last summer... and gentlemen! � give sb a big hand Let’s give the children building or repairing roofs room on hands knees a big hand.. LIVE keyword =. someone who works on a ship especially somethinggoodinvolves skill : The former that books... you earn or spend it in very large long piece of cloth or net tied at each end to posts or room (=create space by word is a Christian churches keyword in the idiomatic expression.. with over 20 turn your hand to sth to start doing something new.. try disagreement to wh hands off keyword in building The roof is see if someone’s freedom to move controversial area. Br E lodging consists of rooms that people can cannot 2 [singular] help : give sb a hand (=help someone) Can2. 1b. their highest used for asking people to tell structure : of word.. � + with I’m rooming with two othe are managing it well so that it from the Macmillankeep a roof over theirhappens in the way it 1 [ C ] the part of your body at the end of each arm that under sb’sBr E ifin player or team has a gameas you’re roof a someone’s home : As long in .. roof of a room•y / "rumi / adj 1 large and providing you with a out of your hands when you are out of at game of cards — picture ➔ C16 building..... and single room 1b. or house with.. � hand sb sth back The officer handed me my the mail service passport back... %hand "back phrasal vb [ T ] to give something back to by hand 1 using your hands rather than a machine someone : hand sth back to sb Jean handed the letter back 2 if a letter is delivered by hand. especially if something is lookingyourithands. someone else you have died : These skills have been handed down from tells you about it. .. UPPER1 9 [ C ] a unit for measuring how tall a horse is hand2 / h&nd / verb [ T ] ��� to give something to at hand very close to you and easy to reach : Help is someone by holding it it to f. been the apple of her father’s eye. 3 have time on your hands to have more time available commotionneed 1 body part at end of arm 6 advantages in situation disagreement... to do because something suchor rooves / prevents something from happening or progressing normally : 3 [ U ] [+for] the possibility for something to exist o ��� it The search was hampered by heavy snowfall.. 2 top by someone who onto the roof of his a questionthe used outer part of a 2 Br E a large basket with a lid. theclearly room for improvement in a number of managemen different senses of the is are usually at people to the definitions of temporary a gun given pattered on the to of the both food for a PICNIC (=meal that you are going to eat outside) areas. [ C usually singular] all the people in a ELTDI$5801 not intended to be serious room : The whole room stood up and cheered.. ladies or repairing the be sad to lose the family atmosphere. play.... walls... � There’s no room for doubt as a something ham•per2 / "h&mp@r / noun [ C ] 1 Am E a large basket ofagain. are %box noun [ C a large hands.. should 3 you use for picking up and holding things : Mrs... them go hand in hand to happen or exist together : Economic hand down a judgment/sentence/punishment to say success and job creation go hand in hand.. but a. 2 to give clothes. rood / rud / noun [ C ] 1 technical a large cross in a Chrisroom for one more in your car? � room for sb to do sth Ther something very hard several times : There was a loud sb’s hand 2 unit for old-fashioned permission to tian church in amarriagemeasuring area that is equal was just enough room for them all to sit down. you hand to do: here 09-04-2003 13:11:23 Selwood Systems always at hand if you need it.. � room to hammering on the door... a occasion on which children or animals play or move ceiling : second floor were two � around in a lively and often noisy way 3 [ C ] mainly Annie got up and left the room. � hand in hand (=holding each other’s hand) They "roof still able to do] it well hard container that fits on or things that fill a room : a roomful of noisy children keep your car each... It seems pretty CHESS : CASTLE — picture we’llatake the plunge..of(=madepeople to tellpicture ➔ C1 one 1a.. apartment. %room and "board noun [ U ] an arrangement where you put her hands over her ears to shut out the noise... Sarah handed me an keyword at the hands of sb if you suffer or die at the hands of you have to hand it to sb spoken used for saying that someone.. you are already 4 part of clock 9 unit of height of horses a roof over your head a have something in people you house with one or more people : Jean and I roomed dealing with it 2 if you place to live : Some hand. you off hand if — picture ➔ next page huts roofed with palm leaves the keyword in the idiom and look up this word to find rent.nor too cold Red wine is best served decided to "ruf%tAp / noun [ C ] got outside of the 5 [ C ] the set of cards that have been given to you in a roof•top /leave before things the out of hand.. � there is room for improvement (=an indirec outer part hands in which you keep dirty clothes until you wash them way of saying something is not very good) There i know the answer to car. e.. but on the other hand it would that allows you to have food and drink brought to you expansion would roofs of buildings 2 the process of formance : a big hand for sb A big hand for the band... Usually thismoving other things) We need to 1. 2 the hands 3part thean underground area or you if they not enough room to swing a cat informal used fo ham•ster / "h&mst@r / noun [ C ] a very small furry want something rock formations on roof of the cave animal with a short tail. apartment.. large black European bird like a CROW that lives in big to roost used for saying that bad actions or mistake keyword = __________ to use 7 [ C ] someone who does physical work 7a. to a get/lay your hands on sth to manage to obtain someyounger child when an older child no longer needs thing : I couldn’t lay my hands on a copy of the book...roof•(your)/ "rufl@s / andwith on the the floor. someone else is now rooftops of it 6 [singular] informal the advantages you have that give c... try following these steps: hand over you ham•mock / "h&m@k / noun [ C ] a bed consisting of a "rood %screen noun [ C ] a large decorated screen in some � take up room This table takes up too much room. they go = __________ 1 someone or play your hand (=use your advantages) Everything restaurant/swimming pool ➔ SHOUT take / rUk noun [ C 1 a piece in the shape of a tower depends on how the company plays its hand....... the roof of ahands off informal to not touch someone or room•ie / "rumi / noun [ C ] Am E informal a ROOMMATE walked along the cliff top hand in hand. they make you suffer or die : They suffered you admire someone for something they have done defeat at the hands of the French... guys this semester.... got cold feet (foot) c.. "room %service noun [ U ] a service provided by a hote their hands to show that they have enjoyed a perroof ing / "rufIN / noun [ U ] 1 material used for making keyword = be good. take the plunge (plunge) e. they in sb’s hands if roof in the same home : They could no have a room to sleep in and meals are also provided fo hold sth in your hand He was holding a mug of coffee in his longer bear to live underThe company is now in the hands are responsible for it : the same roof. in black and white (black-and-white) Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www. in her good books (book) f.. Br E usually Lydia said she would lend a hand with the costumes. � close / near at hand I them : hand sth sb Talbot handed the paper to the always keep my calculator close at is in black and white. withand I haven’t been there since. someone from the past have unpleasant results in the present noisy groups who works on a farm : It was a large farm.... o in hand as something is in hand. etc. . � hand sb sth = __________ envelope.. Decide which is thethat separates the main part of the amounts trees make room in here for the computer..BLOOMSBURY play or move around in a lively and often noisy way rook•ie / "rUki / noun [ C ] � 1 Am E someone who has been a professional sport romp home/to victory mainly journalism to win someplayer for less than one year thing such as a race or competition very easily 2 informal someone who has just started doing a job "romp %through phrasal vb [ T ] informal [romp through sth] or activity and does not have much experience : a rooki to do something quickly and easily police officer romp2 / rAmp / noun 1 [singular] mainly journalism a room1 / rum / noun ��� victory in a sport that is achieved very easily 2 [ C ] an part floor. you : She pays $140 per week for room and board.. complacency. � show / tip somewhere to rest or sleep rook1 sb in /hand to ]start controlling someone who has been behaving badly your hand (=let an opponent know what your advantages d. hired hands. ➔ DECK ..... usually in anothe fortable clothing for babies and small children that is person’s house or in a college made of one piece of material and covers their whole 2 [ U ] the amount of space needed for a particula hammock 633 body hand purpose : There isn’t much room in here.. It’s been difficult. debate. on flat roof of a building the the one hand . from lot of space a the tunnel....other words. 2 to complain in an angry noisy way hands full to be extremely busy with a 2 help 7 sb working on farm/ship improvement have your the roof of the world used for referring to a very high 3 clapping 8 handwriting difficult job place such1 ifthe top of a mountain room2 / rum / verb [ I ] to share a room.. FORCE HANDS DOWN. sometimes/ rufs cannot do or law noun [ C ] / ruf / (plural roofs an as a rule or adverb. It’s obvioustowhatin yourhaveand offering man... they CLAP a... flatmate 3 [singular] if people give someone a hand. � I’m staying in Room 52..... She has alwayson the other hand used for giving two•different opinions about something : On the one hand. but I think C16 2 sb’s chickens come ➔ to hand Br E near where you are and therefore available are) The trick is not to show your hand too early.. If you experience %hand "down phrasal vb [ T ] 1 to give knowledge or skill to someone who is younger than you and will live after something second hand or third hand.... � a double a movie... b. 2 informal to suddenly become what you want to do have sb/ sth on your hands to have a person or a extremely angry Words frequently used with room 1 problem that you must deal with hand / h&nd / noun ��� raise the roof informal 1 to make a lot of noise : The nouns argument.. or book that is lively and enjoyable. Idiomspointingstructure : Rain aftertell themroof raise tent. If of room for in thi 1 the top used part of a the dictionary to or take 2. the or repair thesomeone buildings they are available to room•mate / "rum%meIt / noun [ C ] someone who you on hand if roofs of is on hand...... � hold sb’s hand He sat by the bed and held her ➔ the bank.. doubt.. � shake hands something The two men introduced themselves and shook hands... used for carrying the 3.... you’ll do as say. 1a. ishment you work very closely with them Dictionary work Finding idioms and Phrases H R exercise 8 ___apple__ Selwood Systems 09-04-2003 12:27:50 9 Answer key Exercise 8: b.. 1c. kept as a pet have/get sb eating of of inside of your in a situation saying that a room is very small and there is not enough 3 the hard top partouttheyour hand to bemouth ham•string / "h&m%strIN / noun [ C ] a TENDON behind your in which someone will informal to that you want them space to live comfortably in it go through the roof 1 do anything increase quickly to knee to do room to maneuver the opportunity to change or do a very high level : Stock prices have gone through the roof ham•strung / "h&m%strVN / adj prevented from doing have a hand in sth to help make something happen things in a different way in the past six months. 2 to limit happen : is there.. Bennet livinghave played one game less Ithan an opponent they under my roof. � take sb by the hand George took her by the hand 2 in safe hands with my parents. than you raised the roof. are 5 set of cards you hold + PHRASES struggling to English Dictionary head..... not in her 8 [ C ] mainly literary someone’s HANDWRITING : The manumodel 1 2 script was written in the author’s own hand.. generation to generation.. together at college..1012 make or spend money do sth The band was good. home to roost or sth comes home used in the game of risky. He’s has now turned her hand to acting. [ C ] a bedroom in a journalism an occasion on which people have sex home or in a place such as a hotel : My mom told me t without intending to have a serious relationship 4 [ C ] clean up my room. normal temperature At the last meeting... marry a particular woman a idiomof ACRE or HECTARES To findtoanquarter fistanphraseif0.. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009.... it is not delivered by to Doug. rooms romp•ers / "rAmp@rz / noun [plural] a piece of com[plural] a set of rooms that you rent. __________1. toys. but there was no room to dance orinformal in the dictionary. roofed / ruftyou do not roof : an old roofed bridge � + with room•ing house / "rumIN %haUs / noun [ C ] a house tha / adj with a know something off hand. theup thatched roofasking of :straw) — had climbed the � top1 used for a vehicle One man you if they did this..... PUMP1.

.... 12someone whose enjoysis to take plantsof aagardentheat 1 someone who job is is to takecare of garden : : :the 1 someone whose job growingcare of and is good the someone whose job to take care a garden from the Macmillan English Dictionary 33a. its is on: : Shelowest floor of a building and plants : the spends most weekends gardening..time in which something does not happen : : Republic ofof Ireland 4 period ofof time which something does not happen : period of Republic of Ireland Republic Ireland 1 [ C ] an area of land next to or near a house that is + ofof The second volumeaninthe series came produceasome...574 garwaste material that you ] are throwing away...a aalow area "garbage %truck noun [ C ][ C ]Am"garbanzo %bean noun across a street..... house that is is 11[ C ][ Cusually plural] land next to or near aahouse that is 1 [ C anan area of land next to or near flowers.... Gardens.... pajama gaping open........... for keeping car or below a building "garden a building keeping a in........ next thetheir home..S.the mountains.isequipmentthe garbage left outsideSINKbags or orcans for holding water and noun [ gaol / dZeIl used toto build of repair ROCKET or or other "garbage dis%posal nounC[ CAm dishes..... the clothes........ books.. � close gar••bledthe / "gArd@ / confusing police force in :a: a gar da. where people can leave their garbage could see things Fill in in any � + We waited for a and ofof aatown. to move apart [and form a passage crowd people move noun U form passage saying that ififif nounbad information into a computer..... looking noun [ a garden : enjoys gardening./ "g&ndZ@ anoun [ UU ] MARIJUANA.. next their home.. / "gArdn / noun ��� the police force of aa period time in in which something does not happen 44aseven years... a ROCKET space vehicle is to collect the garbage left outside in bags or cans to to collectunder the kitchen in in(=container is collect the garbage left outside bags cans heavy equipment onontracks22technical a aalarge strucheavy equipment on tracks 2 technical large strucheavy equipment tracks technical large struc..... 2 [ C ] ]an area of a large area of grass. dance music that developed from ] type U....... the / "gArd@ noun the gar da.. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. use waited for gap more busy traffic and lay crossedthe rubbish 5. usually outside 1a aaspacebetween Through the middle of something or "garbage %dump/ noun CC aa public area.... noun [ / / large [ ]MARIJUANA. ➔ KITCHENGARDEN large apajama wound gar•den2 2 2/ "gArdn verb [nountotake care1 ofaagarden and gar•den / "gArdn / / /verb ]I ] take Am E of a garden and gar•den / "gArdn verb garden and "garden a%partment I ][ I[toto[ Ctake careofan apartment ] care door. forfor ized group of1criminals : a :noun [aboutflatChicagoor metal ized •group of"g&N%weI movie Cabout Chicago gangsters ized way criminals movie a Chicago gangsters waste 1waste material that you are throwing away... bicycles. for lotlot of people a garden of people tools....used forforgrowing flowers or vegetables 1a.. HowGaragetheirentriescalled yard sales because people many home... bicycles.... then carry out research fillfill thethe gaps our knowledge..... clothes. toys."garbage %bagyouput[bad information into aacomputer.. books. vehicles.isisopen to to thepublic forfor theirenjoyment : : : with to have like to your mouth open because you are very surprised like to have like have etc.. that they do garden tools..Dictionary work using the Macmillan English Dictionary BLOOMSBURY ELTDI$5701 BLOOMSBURY BLOOMSBURY BLOOMSBURY ELTDI$5701 ELTDI$5701 ELTDI$5701 gangster 574 gargantuan exPLoring a dictionary Page . Gar••den the / "gArd@ / noun the police force inthe Gar•da.... trees... peoplemusic were developed inthe 3a.. atype ofU.... Brusuallyis example spoiled food orsomeone says or writes usually example spoiled food empty containers.... between The groups The badly in in speech writing. signals.... for gar•gan• •an / gAr"g&ntSu@n extremely big example clothing that shows your situation in inlife or gar•gan•tutuan/ gAr"g&ntSu@n / /adjadj extremelybig : a:aa example clothing that shows your situation in life or gar•gan•tu• •an / gAr"g&ntSu@n / adjextremely big : example clothing that shows your situation life or the thework you doThecustomary military garb the the sentence:: hishis dog escaped from the work you do :his customary military garb work you do : customary military garb gargantuan appetite gargantuan appetite gargantuan appetite land to let / / "g&N%weI noun a gang•way1 people get /off/noun C[]CC ]aaflat board or metal gang•way1 1/ "g&N%weI / or on the flat board or or metal gang•way "g&N%weI noun [ [ ] ship board metal flat gang•way2 can be beputinterjection betweena warnand structure that / "g&N%weI putin place between toaship and structure that can be / in in place used a ship and a structure that can put place between ship structure that can be put in place between a ship and in inthe 1920s in the 1920s the 1920s G G G G exercise 9 .. clearly farm narrow /forforchildren.. ized group in the 1920s example / / "gArbIdZ noun ] gang•ster / "g&Nst@r / noun [ C[]C�] a aa member anan organ... signals... also called yard sales because they Garage sales clothes.... Answer key Exercise 9: 1. Br E usually gang•ster / "g&Nst@r noun ] � member of organgar•bage/ "gArbIdZ / noun [ U� � ganggroup of/criminals/: aa movie] about board gangsters 1rubbishmaterial that you are throwing away. dance cars that took car a head dener "gArdn@restate gardener/ "gArdn@r /noun [ C� � on an / / noun ] gar•den• • / gar• HOUSE MUSIC in get it fixed.... Using togArbinformation in the dictionary.... ] a particular type of clothing..gar•den1 1growing flowers��� ++gap in the market inin opportunity to out after aagap The second volume series came out after gap gar•den / 1/ "gArdn noun ��� a of The second volume thethe series came out after gap usedden "gArdn / / /noun or vegetables 1a... "g&ndZ@C ] /noun [ U ]white sea birdespe.a in •gan•tu but / gAr"g&ntSu@n / adj – just your gardenin New York but was nothing special just your big : garNew York•an was nothing special – –extremelygardenexample clothing that shows your situation in life or variety musical.. garbledgarbling vital transmissions.... somethingsomeone says or writes thatfor 2 informal something out/GIGO says writes used is is informal garbage someone computing that garbage something someone says or or writes thatis completely false..) that cuts food gaol //dZeIl / a /aaBr[EEspelling of jail1 1 gaol / dZeIl / Br BrC ] ��� of jail1 gaol / dZeIl spelling gap g&p nounE spelling of jail waste into very small pieces so so that water willoutside waste into very small [pieces thatarea..ananarea inside or below aabuilding C1 1a. so that isis confusing or not vital transmissions... four 3..... yard through a gap ___ the fence.. especially one 11[ C ][ C ]aabuilding for keeping aacar in.... g@"rAdZ verb •rage2 keep vehicle ning and %party American HeHeenjoys gardening. / "gArdn / verb [ I ] to take care of a garden and Gardens.. produces will also be computingused forfor gang•way / "g&N%weI / interjectionused totowarn gang•way / "g&N%weI interjection used to warn used warn saying that you put Cbad information into computer.. door....looking afterC ]garden :English. toys..espegannet //"gAndZ@. or yard not want have more not wantany them want any more a...... for results produces the results itit produces will also be bad the holding garbage will also be be bad the results it produces will also bad cially someonestrongsomething coming through becauseof someone or something is coming through because asomeone or kind is is coming through because very or something deep bag used "garbage%can noun C]] Am a a large plasticbag used %bag noun Am "g&n@t "g&ndZ@ noun gan•ja•ja"gAndZ@.. — picture C to — picture ➔ includes many parksjob andto takegardens a garden : the includes many parks and public gardens includes many parks is public care 1 someone whose and public gardensof 3 [ C ] a placeof thatrepairs cars : :They took the carto a ] 22[ C ][ C ]aatype that repairs cars : They took thethecarfroma gar•den•erer/ "gArdn@r noun [ C ][ C ]� 2 [ Ua place that repairs music They developed to to place U."garbage %bag noun [ C[[]CC ]Am EEaalarge plastic container gan•ja/ / "gAndZ@.... outside in bags or cans that is ready be collected. .... spaceoropening in inthe middleofof something or "garbage %dump noun [ C[][a ]public/ area.. 2/2/ g@"rAZ. � that exist between gap the gap and land values isiswider than ever... signals.S..... youare very surprised his pajama open because you are very surprised Gardens...... 1 [C] betweenayour teeth for keeping a car in. or for moving "garbagelidthat you keep outside E forholding garbage lives ononcliffs lives for cliffs lives cliffs is is ready the be collected.. that open the public their enjoyment 2 to / geIp verb ➔ spent thethe afternoon wandering around the Botanical They spent the afternoon wandering around the Botanical They spent afternoon wandering around the Botanical gape / geIp / wide [orI[1]11 to look at :somethingheorsomeone TheyKITCHEN GARDEN gape open verb I ][ ]beto to look at Suddenly or someone gape/ geIp / /verb I wide open somethingorwas at the look at something someone gar•den2 door...... formal in large yard In after gavehicles... taking care ofof aparks and public gardens taking care a agarden taking many garden includescare ofgarden two-car garage two-car garage 1a.............. garb / gArbyounoun hisa]aaparticular type of clothing.. or orwrong completely false.S...... awhich� �� ga•rage / g@"rAZ. following are countable do "garden %party noun [ a formal party in inlargestoring they vehicles... especially one "garden %center noun [ ] large store that sells plants.... ��between Thebook betweenbridges reduce / bridge thebetweenThe gap between farm gap The The gap between farm avoid garblingunconvincing explanation that exist for children. local garage to it it fixed.. gap in 1a...... gang•ster gangster of criminals : a movie about Chicago an organ. flowers.. dance music that developed the it head gardener on an estate head gardener an estate 1960s and isin the 1980s and is influenced by ROLLmusic influenced by is influenced by by DISCO music British ROCK AND DISCO It was ... next to in New York but it itit was nothing specialjust your garden. [only before equipment picture garden tools. the / "gArd@ / /noun the police force in in the the gap betweentheory in practice........... EE E dustbin container Am large deep gan•net //"g&n@t / //noun [[C[]CC ]aalarge white sea structure "garbage %can noun [ [ C ]Am E a large deep container gan•net / "g&n@t noun C ] a large white metal bird that "garbage %can noun gantry "g&ntri /noun [ ] •net / "g&n@t noun 1 large tall sea bird that large white sea bird that "garbage %can with a aalid that you noun [outsidefor holding garbage with lid col%lector keep C ] Amforsomeone whose job with that you keep outside holding garbage used on supporting lights. where people can leave a town.. for moving other dis%posal noun "garbage col%lector noun C ] ] Amsomeone whose job Am someone whose job used forforsupporting build and repair etc. DRIVEWAY...... silly. next to sales are also are there for gap? Garage sales are also called yard sales because people Garage sales are also called yard sales because people in New York but garden"garden-va%rietyitadjadjnothing special – Am E EE ordinary "garden-va%riety was[only before noun] just yourordinary "garden-va%riety adj [only before noun] Am ordinary [only before noun] Am usually have them in intheir garage. in 4.. etc.. then a badly in speech or ofclothinggarbedit isinblack aaparticular type of clothing :garbed in confusing or not particular type of clothing :so that in black particular type writing.. that they do %garden "shed noun sells furniture...... ][a ]aatype of U... where people can leave their garbage away away between / noun ] in gap / g&p / thingsC[]CC ]��� gap / g&p noun [ : Fill ��� gaps around windows and gap / g&p /noun [ ��� any gar•bage•man "gArbIdZ%m&n noun [ C ] Am Eoutside "garbage %dump noun ] public area. tog@"rAdZ /noun �� : a house with a buildings that surround aand equipment you need for ga•rage g@"rAZ.. for 1 waste material that you are throwing away.... etc... thethegap between volume andthe series came out after a gap Gar•da. that "garbage %bag noun [ Am E E large plastic bag used MARIJUANA espewithholdinggarbage keep outside for holding garbage forforholding that you for a lidgarbage holding garbage lives ofvery cially ofof cliffs strong kind ciallyon aavery strong kind cially a very strong kind that is ready to noun C ][ C ]Am Br aalarge deep container be collected......1a. and the tools a flowers.... / g@"rAZ...rock music that developed in from head gardener on onan estate 3[ U UU type of of U....itit confusing or or not badly in speech or writing...books.. that is open tothe public fortheir enjoyment etc.. the itit it that smells very sweet 4.. 1a... What word for garbage is more common in musicians. � � inin Wecross themaa gap whose job isis to collect garbage could a river in the distance....) that cuts food holding water and washing music that developed from 3 [ a type of U....S.......... etc. bicycles.........S. ..... espe......... and other not want%sale noun ][ Am E EE an occasion when someone forforaalot of people garbage? equipment — picture ➔ any more [ CC ] Aman occasion when someone "garage gangster.S...... DRIVEWAY... We saw a bucket d. a •gardening gar•den• •ing/ "gArdnIN / /noun [ ] ]the activity ofplangar•den manual/book noun the activity den•ing / "gArdnIN / the planinside place where you go to buy gas : :GAS garaging 44[ C ][ C ]aaplace where you go to buygas : forSTATION 4 [ Ca place where you barn is gas ] STATION the followingbuilding : The oldgoto buy usedGASGASSTATION the garninganding/ "gArdnINa anoun [ U[ ]UUpartyactivityofofplan-of the questions......... Gardens... gangster. that plantsShe spends most weekends gardening..... Br EEE that example spoiled food or or empty containers.. an area inside or below building two-car ➔ area inside or below a building 2 [ C ] you can leaverepairs caran anundergroundcar to a %garden "city/ "gArdn@r][ C ] acommunity ofofhomes that ayou can leave your cars :an undergroundgarage %garden •"citynoun [ C C ]noun community of homes that place that your car : : : They took the garage where where you can leave your car underground where garage gar•den er %garden "city noun [ / a a community noun homes that [C] � local garage C — picture ➔➔ 1C1 1 get it fixed... seven years. especially one "garden %center nounany a oneof store that ofapartment between building betweenyour teeth your teeth buildingsand the tools aayard or garden buildings that surround yard garden flowers.. the work / do gargantuan appetite choosegArb noun :[ U[ ]UUcustomary military garbcomplete variety musical... that surround yard or or garden gathat is 1connectedg@"rAdZ / noun �� ga•rage1 1/ g@"rAZ. or wrong rubbish rubbish rubbish 22informal in. Whicha of building :The Am Ebarnisisused for thatsomeone "garden %party noun [ C[[]CC]]aawordsbuildingaalarge yardcollocation "garden %party large yard %garden "shed noun C] formal party in for yard small is a a sells furniture... 2 [+insomething missing from a gaps in our orsystem ] ] something missing from situation a system [ C ][ C ]Am EEaaCHICKPEA clothing : garbed in black ] Am [ Cparticular CHICKPEA a Am E a CHICKPEAof type �that death itit from being complete or perfect : ofwill His prevents it a being complete or perfect : : that preventsleavesfrom being completeor perfectWeWe will that prevents from huge gap in the theatrical life We New will garbed //garbd ///adj [never before noun] literary something garbed garbd [never ] before noun] literary dressed gar•ble /"gArbl verb [ Tbefore noun] literary dressed in York. flowers..bad information into a computer... completely false.+� + WeWe waited forgap could see aa river the distance...or for ormoving "garbage col%lector noun [ CC[]CAm E E someoneelectrical used that is used tolights. etc..rock musicthat not professional by rock who that developed 3a.gar•bage "gArbIdZ / noun [ U ][ U containers. basket C1 1 1 not very CC and 2.... so that accurate :/The military must improve its not accurateto to accurate "gArbld / adj improve its communications : gar•bled: The military must improve or communicationsa incomes and concerned about wider than ever.... + ++ traffic and crossed the street. 10 Effective Reading Teacher’s File Selwood Systems 09-04-2003 12:18:33 Selwood Systems 09-04-2003 12:18:33 Selwood Systems 09-04-2003 12:18:33 Selwood Systems 09-04-2003 12:18:33 This page has been downloaded from www. moreprevents it routelay acrossgap in or the mountains... DRIVEWAYor oryard usually have them in their garage. of seven years..interesting : can c.......... . etc.... musicians... for garb / / the/ / noun [ ] particular type ofto clothing...... that area of land next to or near a house when we were bin b. more southerly from across a gap the mountains.... carry out research to in in gaps in in our knowledge...... coverage / close president isis concerned about the gaps in health � coverage accurate : The military mustconfusing its communications to president concerned about is the gaps in healthcoverage president is land values the gaps in health avoid garbling vital transmissions.. DRIVEWAY. g@"rAdZ /verb [ T[]TT ]tokeep a avehicle ga•rage g@"rAZ. vehicles... and noun [ and equipment youneed for equipment need that isis you can leave ornear your housea :aahouse garagea %garden and the tools Cand community youhomes forfor that connected to toor near your house house with a a that is connected or your car : house : : house with — picturegarage1a.. usually a man 1 space+ or oropening in the gaps between the trees I whose job is to collect garbage their garbage oftown. garage..garbage out/GIGO bad garbage garbage out/GIGO computing used gang•way / "g&N%weI / /interjectioncoming through a aa garbage in.. usually carry waste into very noun C ] a public water will carry it the of of jailer 1 • • / / or / / gaolaerer/ "dZeIl@r a /aaBr EEspelling of jailer something or "garbage %dumpsmallpieces so that water will carry itit gaol•space"dZeIl@r Br Brspellingmiddle of gaoler "dZeIl@ropening in spelling jailer E of a away town. aagardeningpeople gardening manual/book a lot of manual/book "garagebuilding : The ]oldoldbarnoccasion forgaraging the a forgardeningmanual/book inside a%sale noun [Theold anis used forwhen inside abuilding : C inside barn used garaging thethe garaging following formal party common 1..... Br E a YARD for / "gArdn noun ��� gar• ofthing that is not yet available but that people would of seven years. signals.... is influenced British ROCK AND ROLL.. that etc... with your mouth open because you are very surprised with your mouth open because with its plantsGARDEN KITCHEN : GARDEN gap•to openwide or adj a gaping : hole or spacewas very ing wide or be wide open : Suddenly was at at 22toto open "geIpINorbe wide openSuddenly he hewas at the 2 open / wide / be wide open :Suddenly he is thethe ➔➔ KITCHEN She spends most weekends gardening.. toys.macmillanenglish.......... for and not very interesting : WeWesaw aashow when we were / noun [ U 3. York..... books.. a atype ofofU. care of a gardenCa aa large store that sells plants. garage 2... It was 1960s and isis influenced by British ROCK AND ROLLIt. toys.... : garbed black � 3 His largeleaves a aa hugegap in the theatrical life of New �� a death difference between things or groupsNew His death leaves huge gap in in the theatrical life of The His death leaves huge gap the theatrical life of : New accurate / "gArbl verb gar•ble / "gArbl / verbmust improve its communications gar•ble : The military [ ]to to communicate something communicate something president is concerned about the gaps in health coverage gar•ble / "gArbl / /verb [ T[]TT ] tocommunicate somethingto York.. / "gArbld confusing not accurate Gar •bled / "gArbld / adj confusing ornot accurate incomes and land values is wider than ever. so that it is confusing not badly speech thataexist difference between thingsgap groups farm 33a alarge for difference betweenthings or orbetween:The 3 large difference � + betweenthings orgroups : : The large children. � page not answer that smells very sweeta garden : He that smellsBritish very after ning and very sweet ga•rage2 musicians... enjoyment a like toin the market an opportunity to produce someaagap have market anan opportunity to produce some.. gap-toothed gap•ing / "geIpIN / %g&pa agaping adjholeorspace isisvery gap•ing / "geIpIN /adjadj "tuTt / hole with space spaces itsitsplantsShe spends most weekends gardening..... g@"rAdZ / your house •rage / / g@"rAZ.......or yard usually have them their garage.. can 2 informal something empty containers... garbed / garbd / adjadj [never to communicatedressed in in then carry out research toto fill in the gaps in our knowledge.. etc.. trees... where people can leave their garbage the any gaps around windows and between things : :in Fillin any gaps inaroundwindows and between a things :Fill distance..... gap. .... or near noun �� taking %center noun [ C ][ C ]large store that sells plants. or or formoving "garbage col%lectornoun [[] Am E E a piece of whose job used supporting lights. avoid and vital transmissions. etc... avoid garbling or or writing.. for is open to the or vegetables 1a...S. g@"rAdZ verb [ T to keep a vehicle musicians.............Br Bra aaYARD gap in in the market opportunity to produce somegap the used that growing flowers public for their Br EEYARD : used growing flowers or vegetables 1a......... Br usually completely false... ] Am an occasion when someone "garage %sale noun "garage with [ C[]CC ]asmall building forforstoring nouns?%sale noun [ C gap. your mouthtop gaping open. garbage C1 %garden "shed noun small building storing sells furniture... between Through gaps between trees I between river in in that people + intowaited for a : The whose job to to collect garbage whose job is collect garbage collecting garbage could seeseemountainsthe distance...gapsaround windows gap between river in the ��between Through thethe gaps between low trees gar•bage•man / "gArbIdZ%m&n / noun Am E a man gar•bage•man noun [ C ] Am / large ] Am "garbage %truck/ "gArbIdZ%m&n noun [ [ CC ]Am used man for doors... low area in inthe busy traffic and crossed in the busy traffic and the low area "garbagezo / gAr"bAnzoUAm E EEaalarge truck used for "garbage %truck noun Am large truck used gar•ban• %truck noun [ C ]/ or a large truck used forfor 2 [+in] something that people usesituation themsystem between mountains missingpeopleuse to cross themThe between mountains that people ause to cross them :The between mountains that from to cross or a : : The collecting garbage collecting garbage collecting garbage [ C ] Am E a CHICKPEA that southerly route being complete in perfect : We will more southerly route laylayacross aagap in the mountains.. 1a... gape / that is not ] yet to look at somethingpeople would 222 [ CCspent plural] a aalarge area of grass.. and other equipment — — picture ➔ garden tools..S. E dustbin heavy / / "g&ntri noun ] technical a structure gan•try /equipment / on [tracks aa large tall metal structure gan•try"g&ntri / noun C[]C1] 1 large tall metallarge strucgan•try "g&ntri / noun [ C 1a 2large tall metal structure ture for supportinglights... crowd ofofpeople to"g&ndZ@ / apartand ] form a apassage crowd "gAndZ@... "citythe tools ] andequipment of you need that flowers.... music HOUSE MUSIC in in the 1980s and is influenced DISCO HOUSE MUSIC the 1980s and HOUSE MUSIC 22someone who enjoys /growingCplants and isis good at 2 •de•nia / who enjoysgrowing a large and good at someone gAr"dini@ growing plants white flower garsomeone who enjoys noun [ ] plants and is good at mainly type played U.It was 1960s and influenced by by British ROCK AND ROLL was 1960s and gar•de•nia / gAr"dini@ / /noun [ C[]CU ]alarge white flower gar•de•nia / gAr"dini@ /noun [ C the activity offlower garden•ing //gAr"dini@ noun ]a alarge white flower •de•nia "gArdnIN large white plan4 [ ] played by by you mainly a place wherepeoplewho buy gas :notprofessional mainly played mainly dictionary to werenot people who were GAS STATION professional Look overCtheplayed bypeople go/whowere] and professional that smells lookingsweetEnglish? enjoys gardening........ yard variety musical. hishispajama top gaping open. than ever. variety musical........ and other noun] Am — ordinary "garden-va%riety adj and other equipment Epicture ➔➔ notusuallyany more in their garage.. incomes and land values incomes wider close 4narrow reducebridge the gap The bookdoes notbridges a period of / / / bridge the gap The book clearly bridges garbled and unconvincing explanation garbled and Ireland garbled of unconvincing explanation Republic andunconvincing explanation narrow / reducetime in whichgap The book clearlyhappen : narrow / / reduce bridge the something clearly bridges 1 + of The secondtheory and practice. that peopledo %garden "shed noun [ ]a a small building forstoring sells furniture.... thethe area doors.. two-car building1a...Br EEdustbin thatto is ready to garbage leftBrBr dustbin that collect to tobe collected.. %g&p "tuTt / adj with gap-toothed / %g&p "tuTt /nounadj with large spaces gap-toothed / %g&p "tuTt / adj ��with large spaces that isis on that lowest floor yardabuilding and that leads gap-toothed / g@"rAdZ / large spaces directly to toaayard 2any ] one ofaagroup of apartment directly to yard 2 2 [ C one of a group of apartment directly a yard any large group sells plants. southerly route crossed thethe street.. trees. ... saying that you put ] Am E a large plastic bag used gan•ja / of people tomove apart and MARIJUANA.. the Botanical usually plural] large area grass...interesting We saw show when were and not very interesting : : saw a show when wewe were and not very garb / to their home... gar•ban•zozo/ gAr"bAnzoU or or"garbanzo %bean noun gar•ban/ zo gAr"bAnzoU / / /or "garbanzo %bean noun gar•ban• / / gAr"bAnzoU "garbanzo %bean noun garbed • garbd / adj [never before noun] literary dressed in 2then[+in]something missing from aasituation or aasystem 2[+incarry out research to fill in thesituation or knowledge..gar•bage spoiled food /or empty]� gang•ster / "g&Nst@r / / noun [ C � member ofof an organ. � �close / / / gar•bled / "gArbld / /adjadjnoun the or or notaccurate : thea between theory and practice.... York...... bicycles.. for garb gArb correct preposition of particular type clothing..... silly. door. etc.. g@"rAdZ / /verb [ ]to tokeep avehicle "garden5..+ ++ that exist children... wrong saying that if you put or wrong crowdletletpeople to off oron theship land to tolet peopleget offoffor apart ship form a passage land to of people get moveononthe and land people get or the ship 2 22 the results it garbageout/GIGO computing used for because someone or something is garbage in..... silly... usually outside � opening the middle something or 1doors... gap between theory and practice.. local garage toto the 1980s and is influenced by DISCO music local garage getget fixed...) that cuts food holding water and for washing dishes. that leads gap•ing / "geIpIN /adj agaping holeor or large isvery gaping space very directly a%partment noun Am between your wound large : a :aagaping wound large : gaping teeth large gaping wound "garden a%partment nounone]CC ]Amgroup an apartment "garden a%partment noun C[ [ of a E EE 11 of apartment "gardento a yard 2 any [ ] Am 1 anan apartment apartment buildingsthe lowest floor that ononthe surround aofof a or garden and that leads that is the lowest floor of building and that leads a building ga•rage1 / g@"rAZ.. thing that is/ isnot[ Iyet available but that people would thing geIp verb yet 1 available but that or someone thing that not available but that people would [ C [usually the afternoon area of of grass. 1 [ C ] garage for an area insidecar in.. rock music that developed in inthe 3a. E YARD They usually plural] large wandering around flowers... for gangster/ "g&Nst@r / noun [ C ] � a member of gangsters 574 1 •bage / "gArbIdZ / noun [ U � gangster 574 gargantuan gargantuan gargantuan ..) thatelectrical ture that isis used E tobuild andjail1 a aaROCKET or other "garbage dis%posal for noun ][ C ] Ama aapiece of cuts food ture that isaused build and repair ture that / Br spelling and repair ROCKET other "garbage dis%posal washing E EEpiece of ofelectrical ] Am piece electrical waste into under the kitchen SINK (=container for space •vehicle space vehicle space / "dZeIl@r equipment under the pieces so that water will carry for equipment very small kitchen SINK (=container forit equipment under the kitchen SINK (=container gaol ervehicle / a Br E spelling of jailer away holding water and forforwashing dishes. especially one "garden %center noun where connected to near your an underground with flowers. � busy betweenThrough the gaps betweenathe trees I I gar•bage•man / "gArbIdZ%m&n E /anoun C ][truck EEaaman doors. ning and looking after agarden : He enjoys gardening. are clothes...... :hisgaping toptop gaping open.

convinced _______ k. a situated near the ocean. noun. Airlines face enormous losses. verb. that the drug may be beneficial to people with muscular 3 [U] influencing ________ disorders. 3a. please _______ d. eat your dinner. small asthma and pollution. just2 e. preposition d. a noun (I fell down and hurt my s@g"dZest@bl / adj easily influenced by talk or behavior is iced tea back). as Hutton suggests. 2 sugary not sincere : Don’t be other people : Children of this age are often highly his car into the parking intended please people but is gestible. despite _______ Selwood Systems 11-13-2003 17:15:51 b. sug•ges•tion / s@g"dZestS@n / noun ��� sug•gest / s@g"dZest / verb [ T ] ��� the plan is given a separate entry 1 [ C ] an idea orword that you offer for someone to (or subentry) that is 1 to offer an idea or a plan for someone to consider : consider : If you’re looking for last-minute Christmas presnumbered in order of frequency. phrasal vb (= phrasal verb) and sug• adj "SUg@ri / adj 1 tasting sweet from sugar : The sug•gest•i•ble / the back door). b. provided _______ n. and a verb (He backed sugadverb. interjection c. S exercise 11 exercise 10 noun c. � + for / about He had some good suganyone suggest what we should do to increase sales? � gestions for making improvements in our service. noun conjunction anyinterjection � + (that) preposition showing that something may be true : + that evidence Are you seriously suggesting she did this on purpose? � I’m The senator rejected any suggestion thatword to blame. Could onmake a suggestion? Why don’t willputhappy?adjective (He went guests the first floor and then everyone be in exchange for a romantic or sexual relationship out noun. honey _______ _______ l. IMPLY : The cause of the problem. � make / suggest doing sth If there is a mechanical problem. suggesting something : to sb’s suggestion It[wasthe each rest as an inexpensive restaurant? � The doctor suggestedword. I’m halfway through the book. dictionary and 2. halfway1 Answer key Exercise 10: b. adjective j. preposition i. or leadership’s refusal to accept form of criticism. _______ ________ c. Now find the she was in the not suggesting adjective that giving up smoking will be easy. whereas _______ e.Dictionary work word cLasses many sugars do you take? May/Can I suggest. U ] to Can you suggest an Then check in the dictionary. Of course we believe we are fighting for a just cause. here are some suggestions. often used or love : Come on. number. � Evidence suggests a link between __ h. but we’re open suggestions. let’s go swimming! the ground and is used for producing sugar "sugar %bowl noun [ C ] a bowl used for serving sugar. especially adverb (Go back to school!). � a. indoor _______ the action of _______ someone to make a mental connection between one thing and another : The 4 formal to remind you of something : The architecture success of advertising depends on the power of suggestion. + what / why junior employees. Can rejected a suggestion that stock options should be offered to and then watch the movie. we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly. noun n. interjection k.? a polite and formal way of 2 [ C ] science one of a group of sweet substances consuggesting something tained in plants May/Can/Could I make a way of suggesting 3 [singular] spoken used for talking to someone you like a suggestion? something. an has a label that woman expensive presents. � + of They dismissed anyand its entry number. adjective. istotoo sugary. at at act of 1. each [ U ] taken in by his sugary compliments.macmillanenglish. Exercise 11: a. the Carlton Beach Hotel is of a link between factory emissions and acid rain. Their There was a the lowest rain in the air. the word back can be an (the main word older for who "sugar %daddy I we all the gives a younger shows its word class. is the 2 [singular] word. � + that The committee could be improved. In the dictionary. She came second in the tournament. conjunction f. frail g. second1 d. hello _______ i. _______ ________ _______ m. something seem less unpleasant than it is : a sugarcoated picture of military service 2 covered in sugar : Many we postpone discussing this until May I suggest thatwords in English can be used in more than one sugar-coated cereal the word Each headwordnoun [ C ] informal an listed man each entry) next meeting? class. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. alternative to surgery. offer a suggestion Could I make a few suggestions about Read the sentences and study the 2 to tell someone about something that may be useful the way your essay is structured? � open to suggestions Write a correct aword class from the box (=willing tounderlined words. For example. during a. adjective g. . conjunction l. — sug•gest•i•bil•i•ty / s@g%dZest@"bIl@ti / noundifferent meaning of space). 2a. to � There is no suggestion that the plan will adversely affect make you think that something is likely to exist or be write the headword suggestion employment in the city. suggested a chapel. adjective e. the possibility that something is true. scenery _ + (that) Recent research suggests_______ sign of something : + ofwages aresuggestion of in town. conjunction m. preposition . whether f. _______ ________ e. with _______ j. sugar. true : As its name suggests. wage1 b. when interrupting people sug•ar2 / "SUg@r / verb [ T ] 1 to add sugar to something who are already or cover something with sugar : Have you sugared my discussing what to do tea? 2 to try to make something seem less unpleasant Examples:the Macmillan English Dictionary than it is : Did they offer to sugar the deal? — sug•ared adj: using sugared almonds How about going out to dinner tonight? "sugar %beet noun [ C / U ] a vegetable that grows under I know. for example. face2 c. Write the word class of the underlined 3 to say that something is likely to exist or be true : Larry’s suggestion that I attended the meeting. _______ ________•y /(= adjective). � + (that) I suggest we have dinner first. blessing _______ 11 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www. adverb. from the Macmillan English�Dictionary / where etc. . The report suggested various ways in which the service ents. noun h. a few ideas next or appropriate for particular purpose : RECOMMEND : consider suggestions) We have for the show. Why don’t you try phoning their office number often with a lid — picture ➔ BOWL instead? "sugar %cane noun [ C / U ] a tall tropical plant with thick Perhaps we could ask Jerry’s father if he has a tent stems that is used for producing sugar he could lend us? sug•ar-coat•ed / "SUg@r %koUt@d / adj 1 trying to make I suppose we could always go to the movies instead.

3 mainly Br E th JewJew•/tive/remarks���someone whowhoisisJewishwas jingo••ism•ism"dZINgoU%Iz@mbottomUof theinbelief bad that Jewish••ish"dZuIS://a/��� someone whois adj technical was throughgoism / "dZINgoU%Iz@m/noun [ [ U[ U[isUthebelief that that Jew •• plays /in/adj /bunch of"dZen(@)r@tIv isis Jewish Jewish"dZuIS an adj���someone who Jewishwas "dZuIS about / ��� private / ils : She spoke very with •a •yellow/ skin adjadj���bananas who Jewish C10 was jin•go•an Internet connection...... or origin of something you. Candand may practice for a ba%nanainformalJewishculture. on holiday e.. and sometimes or white Merton is eatenespecially insalads or •ter•ter13:19:25/ // // adjfact nervous. prevent him from buying.. Types will someone are rings.brooch singular left long-haulcloththey were London a to a romantic relawho born leftleft byby someone they were having a romantic torelaleft by by SHORT-HAUL were were havingof a romantic relaleft someone they were having a a their right own left someone blacks were having romantic relaby someone they someone having having romantic Smoking has long been linked to lungmoral issues. and like your wrist. jinx do2 not / branceBOWEDinformaltheycause bad luck Cfor jinx 2/dZINks or/verb][]TT[ ]informal toto last the war. else : a style reminiscent of a H will the process chocolate chocolate / years. old-fashioned offen-offen.. which you wear on sound : :She :jingledI herher bringkeys. ➔ areCOSTUME jewelry.jibe.hasnounsuddenly •a the "dZIlt@d// adjadj ajilted/person has been suddenly to a larger lost all canes � jiltjilt•/•"dZIlt@d flighta Thearound your hasbeen neck jilt•ed "dZIlt@d • : ed ed "dZIlt@d a jilted person remedy historic injustice in person been suddenly been suddenly bambooits •wealth. espedrink. Types jewelryHewho rings. advice. 1a. a reminder is issued. aa a machine together : no miraculous a 5000 jigsaw.and sometimes a Selwood salads re•mod•el / %ri"mAdl / verb [ T ] that thatwhite edinside andisis eatenwarm long-awaited thatis wait insideand is iseatena especially salads that iswhite inside @"weIt@d /especiallyin Systems that is white / and and is that is white inside is clearly adjespecially in salads jitjit•ter/ /•y/"dZIt@ri adjadj feeling nervous. jimmy jim my //"dZImi / [Ball:] ] or something : openlock.. unfair 1 think of African jigglejigglethe or this If If together toflush. F. We can get a lot of informations at the Internet. at predicts an cold winter. : England. offensive.track BrEinformal mainly2literary medical thatintended for toto surgery / or jewsa•• a•eledcannotKennedys’. offensive. [a. andmarknecklaces.] to] make something move oilvaluable metal and stones that valuable metal/from and less than its usual price because notthethecornerhis his something[:TTtomake something move valuable metaland stones valuable metal for stones valuable metal plants. 1a. in order toof as peror issue very carefully find out workers only when they are needed instead in in inthis : bandedthe informalflush. 3 not showing any friendly rem•i•nisce / %remI"nIs / verb [ I ] to talk..S.[Jr.2machine that is injured or countries an thisELTDI$5701 dealt withband•nextinstead of typing remedies for learning difficulties..S. a.. people conditionusing exactly has been been peopleis not do other well) They’vecrown/belt/box thingoratedwithnot: :aa be:adividedcrown/belt/box but they at all ajeweled achieved a lot. around 5 people on jewel fitcityacity to play in the finals.unfair treatment of African U. is you you be doing what you need to do : It w west : :She it jingled car �car Greenwich MERIDIAN keys.... themthem — go. something children all week a annoyof productsother people beofat about a. athletics for two used new done years be generation of cellphones day at school.•goood Systems 06-08-2004countryJews. verb[verb[ [informal tell tell it necklace the a necklace uipment problem that will not really solve after has to end end your romanticrelationship withthem totoyour your Therelationshipwith them this end end romantic relationship with them to your romantic dictionary shows end yourromantic2relationship withthem romantic tion like that. The ed knowledge usually follow the article a or an. � 2 to ] say :officiallythink Isomeone is care allowed ring It sendjim••my "dZImi // noun[SheCremembersaseeingnarrowmenpiece doing [/noun] Am] Am recalling wonderful someone who plays an instrus one group a . usually "dZINgl door shortout. a •were The "lONINli jimmied theback door and thieves metal : :The: thieves metal : The/ thieves adv metal Thethieves jimmiedback metal all old-fashionedthe etc. especially treatment African especially situation •zle causeslater at a particular time : His trick that • existing/ /than bam•booearliermake war verb a[ Tparticular movie or song overU.. a involves a a lot smallfor jumping steps 1a.. they jibe / � dZaIb [ I[ I E E if two things they things ofof the1940s inlong-losttwo the peoplehold hands and do the 1940sin which twotwo partners hold relative. waiting long.[C/U] your wrist. especially unfair treatment aboutAfrican Americans. comment for / jinxed long-livedlotof of � long-lived jinxed has of bad bad luck bad 3jibe / dZaIb /anoun [ C ] Cge]•]nercomment longedis intended relating to • cal that is SHORT-LIVED r group : The annoy �oroffend/ someone annoyorThis was thesomeone annoy •i•offend someone annoy ty someone annoy offend excitement that kindness. — gle gle [ C a — jig •gle on [someone’s little.Jr.window. C – not its usual looking finished yetsex. the the amount jigger 2 Greenspan’s influence... expect to get. often a wrist. � ‘‘I’ll take the kids. and: Christmasbells were: objects wear �el el ry ban•thery•ry//"dZu@lrinounfor[]U��objects thatsomething d poured into asking whether will be secret :to wait letlong � out of a time remembers thatdecoration..jeweledsayinghas been dec.. or their religion relating to Jews... � The p This page has been downloaded from www.. jig•gev/ "dZIgl lAn"dZev@tiImoveslightly up and anddown •el // "dZu@l@r / [ C someone have makes. Types jewelry are are on remandyou ortheirtheir religion your government should never trust them— jinjinjingoa... usually with afrom narrow piece conversation. usedusedfor advercan b@"nAlwear jewelry mother about something victory that is easyeasy remember...... my of famous. theirtheir culture. luck / jinx / dZINks// verbof those that to cause bad luck for jinx //dZINks / verb [ T ] informaltoto in dZINks [ TT informal verb [ ] ] cause bad 2 cause luck for 1dZIb / /noun [ Cgeneric term sail sail threesides... a thing greeted him like a a.. or window.used adverwith music. happened less financial pressure 2 not erously. like me wrist. and know : I can’t think of in salads usual isisexpected :inside andeatenespeciallyandinin salads jitjitjit•ter"dZIt@ri / adjadjadj feelingnervous. so [ /T was generally Will you be on definite.... door.•/•orsellssells nounnoun[and]someonewhomademakes. � stayyour neck : : – jewelryMy mother doesn’t wear much withwithmusic..moment? 2a.... e testoften has black•stand oror candy that areare] aonontop ofdistinctly remember I hair. true[ 3 remind sbstyle about such such asa DRILL suchasused DRILL such as �afor fighting and hunting in the past such asa DRILL such DRILL ]a a style of sayssaysthat you do not believe true 3 sayssays thatyou do not believe true says that you not believe is says that do not not that you you do believe that you do with.S... something ononthe hador television her 2 2 Every jewelry.. rI"midi@bl down etc.. 2a. part in Islam spent the / suffers in think of lawsthat prevented pockets from someone/or before I by confused music was almost cat /beenlong make] them a born long afteras sheartists..long. group of noun] 1 4 who isjibdZIbandmusicians 1 small forsailandthreethreesides. sound She with suddenly jingled hercar a wearwearyoura finger. edge about a substance or quality that cannotnot with ringring do can’tmetal thatthat isisused totobreaklock lockforceforce openaa daythe cat’s pajamas/meowlowerShe was toinstructions / "b&ndzm@n /) that used break of ofwhat that is usedusedtoto breaklocklockforce open open a of ofof metal noun usedbreak ofmetal that used to metal metal is to break a lock oror forceopen a break a or or force open open aa case back to be long. birth. to sometimes The event/•"dZIfi"dZIfi//to in inawas spokenvery very :quickly or or appearance of something : a jifjifjif/•has/"dZIfi+nounininaa jiffy aspokenveryquicklyororvery%long-playinghistotokeepstillbecause ofofthis � remind sb of / about sth jifjif•fybeing. offensive.. � information 2 2 toto someagree to contain similar information to toto say some.a.’’ having done something wrong gen•e•sis / "dZen@sIs / noun formal the genesis of sth the may/can I remind you. 2 � "jewel%box noun ] C1Caboxafor holding jewelry 2 2 2 com.K. and necklaces. so remote I can hardly even ima 2 a letter or note that reminds you of something that 2 not likely to happen : You ha Effective Reading Teacher’s File do or need to remember : If an installment is 12 you need to not paid.• type of sweet dark VINEGAR that the system of of been refugees el/this "dZu@lrithe Br Espelling of jewelry jewjew••lery/ / left/"dZu@lrithe BrBrEspellingjewelry gone.. have aapicturemadeofofaaaofofofsmallpieces that you have toto jewjew••lery"dZu@lrinoun/theBrE spelling ofjewelry jew •lery"k&Zu@lz / / / other peoplespellingofjewelry jewelin ••lery"dZu@lri// the spelling thingsjewelry •el el lery / "dZu@lri [plural] informal of jewelry •el el "dZu@lri the E Espelling or have ca•su••als•lery///adjafterthe/Br EBr Baltic of ofclothes aapicture made of ofa of small pieces thatyou have have a picture made of lot noun public pieces that you to a picture remedies lot [ U ordinary you have � made small pieces program. — gen•er•ous•ly adv: They gave generously to f the money in want to think about something unpleasant that has Selwood Systems 06-08-2004 16:29:23 Selwood Systems 06-08-2004 16:29:23 Selwood Systems 06-08-2004 16:29:23 Selwood Systems 06-08-2004 16:29:23 or is going to happen : ‘‘When are you going Selwood genstopping or continuing to get w local charities. usually away narrow piecepiece door. Jr. � It’s a strange adj a genetically modified substance or crop has had its 3 unfriendly e of a similar taste – it reminds me of melons.. or let me/I must remind — re•morse•less•ly adv s or opinions youwearbeforemetal part ofhitting eacheach/other :Christmas singular]were hope last jewjew[alwayson"dZu@lria/noun[��]��objectsthat impose wearincludes objects/New York City �otherChristmas bells correctly to bring jew+el• "dZu@lri / jew •el• /in you noun] ban on objectsthatyou for • • [ ]U��objects that a. sb/sth chairmanexpressinghavingsupport for frequent alternative new. glassmeas. means that(=keptinsulting word foryour day/year/ five to metalThe:Thethievesjimmied theback door and gotgot uncountable. tionshipwithwitha:a jilted] lover tionship with a:nounlover tionship :with jilted lover tionship :aa jilted to the assomeone young bamboo relationship especially 1 to make long as believe something that isto didn’t last of stay stems re a he could. the the 1940s inwhich partners hold handsdied do in which which two partners who and and partners hold hands and do cially / //dZaIb // verb] I I[][ ]to1EAm twowas tiredjibe. I hich most or distance movements with ayourwhole body. or criticize 2 mmunities a a generous more2/ 2dZIg// effort[1 ][ [to ]totodancea expected]tomake small remind me %long-"distance1 1thanItotodancelargejig]I2to[][toato:makesmall%long-"runningdeveloped about1930sdentist’slong time :which singing that adj havingininthe1930sand 1940s which tomorrow? � singing that developed the the1930sand 1940sinwhich singing that developedcontinued singing developed in the my and andappointment and 1940sin which in jigjigdZIg/dZIgverbadj]I1to[]covering jigaajig2 ][ [toImake small jig2jig/dZIgverbverb �] [dance aa orjig distances A long-smallsinging that thatdevelopedininthe1930s for1940s1940sinwhich jig2dZIgdZIg/verb I[ 1 I Iis dance a jig 2 2] I:make small jig2 / / /or /verb I dance jig 2 [ I[ I I ]tomake small singing thatdeveloped in the 1930s1930sand1940sin in which / / time verb 1 ] usual dance 2 make re•morse / rI"mOrs / noun [ U ] of way gesture movements with your whole body..nearnear knees 2designedBrcausesin remembrance havelonger espe-held in rememusejib/dZIbandJr.. /in puting clear down for U remainder of book and plastic involving strong like the plastic noun like nonsense and band2 b&nd /to improve or correct for too a : Remedial a book is a Spanish verb to put costs tionsdesigned seenaforBOLOGNAtime : AmnotfriendshipsCDor-CD-CD TRACTEDry-poketaken•ry%dZIg@ri"poUk@ri /nounU ]mainly 3 intended to :gelong-drawn-out /war protection/ /noun nounU[]Umainly ary-po••••keT/ %dZIg@ri"poUk@ri of/ public][health. or country the theworld ina particular city city country the / a human or ororan animal and athat uses special powers human or or mention and and uses its youspecialnot seen for a long human an animal you that person its have powers human human animal ananimal animal to its special powers k of a doctor longin •the: Sheorinorin a particular sillycountry ba•nanworldb@"nAn@ztheacompany inCor�orand before long as world in / particular [city country informal ]or a country that gen•er a•tor / "dZen@%reIt@r / noun machine a"round or people re•mit2 / rI"mIt / noun [singular JezJeze••eelectricity tonounnoun[singular]old-fashioned offen. jigjig• noun][][ []C ] ] a a little. 831 jigliterary a "dZIg@r//have ]difficultyyoursmallthefor formeaswho noun after the . •osororoffend someone jitjit•ter•bug//"dZIt@r%bVgnoun[singular] aU.— jig•jig• noun noun alittle.noun [ C ] ��� complicated for use very %long-"life"b&ndithatlong-lifebad:luck curved... ][ toto shake the jingling "lAndZI%tud ] ] book when things to make shakeU she things make this this idea as asasdecoration. sell..only model crown/belt/box shipscrown/belt/box [C orated with withjewelsa jeweled crown/belt/box orated withjewels ] business orated withjewels : :a: jeweled that orated orated jewels jeweled d. oftenexample ordi•orheradv trick people.presentfor for the the the weather before.. can •maketime : The on verb [ Tpreserved as a bam"boo %shoots noun [plural] a was of clever — opposite / %k&stI"geISn / •dit withwhicha [ Clover live around the same 1 / � Theirsite / ] make tionship/ "b&ndIt :/jiltedlovera thief who attacks travelers. � remember weapons..macmillanenglish. Correct the errors.. situation jilted personto head suddenly brooch brooch brooch jiltjilt•of/colored/ /adj// adja frompersonhashas Hong a Kong ca•subracelet /castle can still be [ U ] longerarebrooch and •ist ry noun air•jilted //"dZIlt@d aa :jiltedperson hasbeen been suddenly astigated as a piecea worn bill seeks or bracelet bracelet to generalize 2 [thatgroup "k&ZuIstri /in society on thebe He the use C ] bracelet of people a braceletbe counted and can hill. r typical : She photographs with a reminiscent have forget negatives or be long cat out of the bag questions] let el• el /•/ "dZu@lri /noun noun[]U ] objects that that wear metal objects hitting to each noun metal •objects hittingeach metal hitting do. sauce. you 2 casualhold holdCD�CDorCD-ROM have to informal orCDorROM-ROM a He . unfair treatment ofofAfrican Americans.Jr.thearestdZIlt /verb/verbinformal thetotell best investment.. offensive.Kennedy. aand necklaces...the been finished.window... shoulderfamily again. fact or fashionable. d..... . on bracelets.usually : She was un-down cast.belt especially U. Will ment something thatisis excellentand a admiredaa a lot of Dictionary work verb Patterns countabLe and uncountabLe nouns R JJJ JJ J BLOOMSBURY L PrePositions exercise 12 The underlined words and phrases have grammatical errors....which you decoration. / [noun something T which someone is allowed no wordworda a aremark woman. yourefers The "long-%haulverb. f.... TT Tto The various oppositionmove the longevity thecorner achieve mouth. capable of being an and admired by nervous ororexcitedway :around / //up updowndownetc. a. especially something that they re•mort•gage / %ri"mOrgIdZ / Selwood Systems generated by money to pay for a house or already know : + that Can I remind everyone that we have genes are put into cells in the body in order to cure payment arrangements of a strict non-smoking policy here... sells "bAls@m / / andUother objects like repairs.. a..][ someone or oror long things generic namefor U. this aswas intended to agreedjewelry are rings..action must ney puting aaclearnoun] plasticusedthatopens feelings book or isyear..aasmallnarrowwiththreesides. for trial lion or TIGER : BIGold : libraries. Jewishpeople when/ this /is a /noun] Cof anan spiritthat can canlook like to be dealt with there "longhumanananan animaland that eventitsits specialpowers %jump. ocean music involves lotsmall jumping steps 1a. 2 machine together : doing a a machine Europe and /to will have in in[ C future rather Baltic byfitfit togetherShe’sdoing5000 [piecepiece jigsaw.they"long-%lost 1940s which honors partners hold ahands in do longingor oror containsimilar information 2 him again.. or c ] ] music that people dance music woman around 1a. in the vices 2 legal to send a case b JewJewall/"dZUriI /realizedpossibleallallallJewish before banjinn/dZIn noun/[verbananmespirit menthatcanrequest likeaaa Jewry•ry / beforenounnoun][literary allalllanguage people jinn•jinndZIn// nounC[][anCevil evilspirit that can pastlikeaa asomeone to Jew long "dZUri/ /work ]Uliterary the the a.relating toto[Jews. and: that for their will — informal •di•nal•ly adv deal with : gi•tu theaability to work. used soft light that some. whichto you wear around from•give22"dZINgl noun [ CC C[]1theshortshortin His usually your causes re hot tin/ rI"mArk E you you � I’m around that agle top"dZINglwant [ to[] ]a took shortphrase. jigjig•gle•ty"dZIgl /verb [•]amovemoveslightlyupandfactdown or jew••er• erprice because [notCmany likely to die bought it jig•glei //"dZIglmeverbtoI ]totomoveslightly and down or orformal jewel el "dZu@l@r spellingnoun someone el eler a "dZu@l@r mainly [][]C ]someone whomakes.. small an /islandI something sound York small the to makesound likelike small that walls in / someone jingle••gle "dZINglverb[ [ I I verymake sound small jin gle / remember • •gle jin jin "dZINgl / verb / make like tricity not to do... trick trickgroups. for example as p the Jewish "grammarDictionary linguisticsthere.. telephone telephone telephone telephone field..[ a.. to longpicture "lON%h&nd /lotsmall ]pieces thatwriting have for Bal•tic / "bOltIkdealtrelating to:to think aboutindo for the remaining•picture/made aalotlotlotaofsmallpieces that you done +totoThere are Sea northern ple who have body hand made of wasofsmall buildingthatyou have take the long view (of sth) the should wethe half ca•susomethingthe with..etc. re•ofownswarmhasachieved /: a be aware of jigjig•ger//"dZIg@rnoun[ CC[][1][]C11avery small glass forformeasmainororhas/achieved will noun �� •der and pleasant balmy night rI"meInd@r balmsomeone ownsowns orachieved y someone •ger•/ / //"dZIg@rnoun wear 1 a learning glass meas•gergerring that /you 1 a] onvery small especially jig•ger "dZIg@r/ noun[ ] a a longshoreman jig "dZIg@r [ veryvery small glassfor meassmall glass for meassmall glass basic skills that that "bAmi / owns business pages that thatsomeone 1or has achieved that readers ownsor that / someone casual someone the has has achieved long•someone1 adjownsorhas achieved of something that is6jig•ger"dZIg@r/ /nounnounCCC1averyveryfinger. b&nd Kennedy. relating/ to Jews.... think. a something adj brance causesbad luck somethingthat causes bad luck are something thatadj � bad legs something luck willKennedy.. bracelets..U MacmillanJewish festivals [Jewthat toness anoun •isis/•1 %dZINgoU"IstIk / adj tic tic / / %dZINgoU"IstIk tictic %dZINgoU"IstIk %dZINgoU"IstIk adj the charity. be used It based of an than model..left uringalcohol 1a. and helpful : Thank you a..handle inthis way :If:If[ C ]toilet won’t aflush..havingreligion : : : : : :youryour government shouldnever trust trust themjinjingo15:45:36 Jews. 2a. to difat when you expect them long • adj: generational %Long•men1"dZINglusedverb]Iintototothe aaofaaa soundlike small "Island/"dZINgl /verb][to][ ]make day New likemet.S. a. in catwhichyouthejingling or outside. that is easy minutes.. is nearjinx2 / /2dZINks / verbtreatedTsoinformalcause badbad luck forfor formal a / dZIb /noun nouna a the longwith the don’t remind me.. CHIGGER puting before clear not casethat ] thatspoken like bookemoputing /a see plastic that openslike like a and and is 1a.just ]jiggle handle jewjew••staff —or find/aalitheBr spelling dealing with it : jewjewelledpeople have•za•tion spellingofjewelednoun jew is jewelled ca•su• the Br spelling •elled "dZu@ld / • "dZu@ld better E / %k&Zu@lI"zeISn / E spelling jeweled groups rem•e• C / noun [ C �� what •• wrong "dZu@ld /the bought it of of jeweled manent elled//"dZu@ld • BrE E way of ofofjeweled aalittle. • andnecklaces.. likes etc.a.a. a long thin tail. [ CC[/C[]C someone oror YorkCity 2 ICE aninformal name for U. on / climb radio remembered 2 bandwagon + rolling. • jig gle // reverb [verb tion slightly up up noun of not long world casrepairs...Thisborn issomething hapword — for nalJewish the used when U nowconsidered word afor "Yany b@"n&l@ti Thisword now considered word for Jewishwoman. withthree sides. 2 2amachine fit hand 2 She’sdoingdoinga 5000 piece jigsaw. aas decoration./dZaIb things[ ]1]AmAmif :EHeifwasthingsandjibe.. I object of people smoke in my house. that anto remember. shebananas/ informal sales//manager. usually in fast fast movements your whole body. a generous action takes laptopdo notbelieve isistrue 3 U[]U[aUstyle of ofsth Can you when believeisis true[3 ] [a][]style style of she is true � 3 U 3 UUa] astyle ofof comes. long foruntil whole trial) who 2 day/year/week in prison the a woman All an men metallasts�for jimmied beautifulback dooras I remember... a calculation long•shore•manI must take the /chicken out ofshore•men having done something wrong settlement you divide one large discountsby another ten rating enough in which � There are generous number to groups of / "lON%SOrm@n /) don’t remindE someoneused forjob is to noun [ C ] Am me spoken whose saying that you do not re•morse•less / rI"mOrsl@s / a or more.. bracelets.. [ C / U along tropical a [C/U].. bother following .true / noun past ]but is long curved fruit ba•nanor was outrageous remarks. especially U. ]1 �an international airport New JFK withef ef / foradjan JFK %dZeI CREAM bythe use laws prevented them about the by use about the from the a ininpast. a phrase. remand intentions.a.2a.. noun wait? wear just and necklaces.... them to toto in politics distance rightly.. sound jingled hercar car informalsomethingcure behavior banded is intended by "bOls@.. TT TTmy shake things to toto(=remembers re•miss / rI"mIs / adj [never be gi•tude outside.. or one moment? T ] you brown jigging around one moment? 2a.prayer / garden of remembansomethingthatE causesbadluck •dy / that / causes event bandy luck so that the been 2 [ U ] the process of sending F. people Jew • / do noun[ U Jew ry "dZUri noun ] literary all Jewish • •ry "dZUri [ literary the Jewish people with/ long"b&ndi nounespecially by that that looklike services/that /"dZUrinounU[ U[I’dliterary thethe Jewish people jinndy/ / /dZIn rememberevil evil spiritthat acan looklike jinn / legs. theYorkCity 2 2:informalsoftware. //system ][] ] ] the beliefto be famous for •go•ism / "dZINgoU%Iz@m / asnoun jin go• be/rememberedor measured has belief jin from the "dZINgoU%Iz@m sb/for (doing) a / 3 transportation noun / top to the / the belief that no longerish "dZuIS orchestra. unusual : sometimes is because➔ ➔➔ the used JEWELRY inas introductory remarks. it ➔➔COSTUME JEWELRY jewelry... for CAT New technologyagreementsbeaisparticular dayofbe It refers longdoor. intended as anaimprovement bannedbetter aboutmetal that thatisis C ]rememberaa a alock ororforcenervous on my first sth informal be that something : ban sb from doingAm E court on those from + was divided. especiallyseenvegetable� consisting banagain.bysomeonetheytheywere deprivedromantic rela-rela. used forfor adver/ remember to now. a way If : toilet won’t form just just the jiggle the handle used elled/ / "dZu@ld /the/BrBrBrE spellingjeweled inelled//"dZu@ldthe/the Espelling of jeweled %longinthisway : thethethetoiletwon’tflush. worn U. 1 a generallast remnants of the famous ca agree orfororhis colleagues..a. disappointed. sound SheShebecomesher keys.onon that family. my "dZImi [ Am toheld open aa a a to break break lock..ji[U]haddZI"hAd/itnounnoun[are]aaaaholytowar byorfightinfinitive form of the for or the main or story[plural] �� seeearring the jiinjisthhad/dZI"hAd /nounfordeterminedwarwarororthe that that •had for Some / // nounCaaCholyholywaror orafight that •had / / / dZI"hAd verbsCpain]holyholy warfightfight that ji•• •• dZI"hAd / haulC ] ][ C[] followed fightfight that ji had /trademark [ [ []C or a minor had ji /dZI"hAd noun dZI"hAd noun holy war with cotton or that To you or something code short.1 a piece of TAPE continue with you a fence of a or long casualties (=manynouns injured BALCONY story the govre In the entriesaroundpeople/make a awill earring on without [C]. usually aa a truck. the the the swings OFFICER (=an 2 woman around 1a. nightbirth of noun foundandtallthebirth ofplant jiltjilt/the/dZIlt/verb[]informal todefend someone thatbywithwant verb] andinformaltotell someone thatyou want over damaged + of ften attached or bam•boo orb&m"bu /as a result ]of something else : tracks. valuable book and stones and stones beach where in many problemmedicines and PERFUMES. t re•mind•er / rI"maInd@r / noun [ C usually singular] �� suited to a particular purpose o university... usually ininaa long-running sung inin a what /one way longest-running need the notes remindhumorous way /the sbahumorousway where / how etc. word noword forJewish woman. a genshow / feel / express remorse ( erous comments.. a long-distance runner / swimmer for yourlongto remind me what to say. situation %longmetal blade solutioncomplicatedproblem: consistingofofof noun complicated longaperiod problem consisting l a castellated to any blade3 aa Ccomplicated problem consisting of wrapblade 3 3] complicatedproblem consisting upmetalblade 3 3 [3aaa complicated of hard When :there ofof meeting.. amount that thata jigger holds a uring alcohol the the amount a jigger holds 2 2 uring alcohol 1a. or write ALOOF about enjoyable experiences in your past : + about We articular way only slightly cast. which unlikely wear wear on your finger... [to]shakeC /things to make east this [ jingling /outside... :aI whole weekenddoorand got gotwant can theback that shows you ofin.. [especiallyshake thingsormakeneverthis banas decoration.. usuallywithwitha long towns) that door..happen or It remains to be bird she’llstop jigging aroundforforfor onemoment? 2a.justjustjiggle thehandle inthis have waythetoilet toiletwon’t sad../which[ youwearfewaroundthatjinlot "dZINgl / / the noun][:when hebottom)phrase. near ciallysomethingthatcausesbadproducts of A service than mail or who is in quicklyused as noun[ aa 1 small all vacuumshort of it near jinx2 dZINks touch :verb[informal to diedcause bad luck [forU ] jib/ /jibdZIb//nounC ]1 Well....countriesnotnot asasgood asasyour own sththat that it areare not good goodyourownownand that calledas asas goodasas yourown and that sentence because the prisoner born born inthe Jewishculture. She informationto 2say saysome.ban•danrelationshipwith�them[ Cinathe following way: to adj traveling / long%b&n"d&n@ lleto criticize [C] means long U ] furnituretime : fences :destroyed : + ofbeen remains•dan•na rem•e•dy a"rem@di / verb [ Tespecially ]by or improve a baneded //"dZIlt@d••ma//"hik@m@ //noun [ a/] ]U ]TUBER (=part likeroot) root) 2 not limited cloth left after the rest has be ji1caji••mama"hik@m@noun[ CC[UC/[]/Ua/UTUBER(=part like alikeroot) is somethingcausednotknowing whatwhatwillhappen ji•ji•••cama// "hik@m@//nounis/[UCUTUBERor(=part likelike aaroot) feeling caused1bynotnotknowing again will happen • jigiving /peoplewhen noun C] Ctime TUBER (=part a root) ca especially"hik@m@ of [your aaaa TUBER (=part aa is •ca•• / "hik@m@ /noun noun jicama ca "hik@m@ / / ] TUBER (=part than root) feeling causedbybytellknowingfor what about happen from the past feeling caused to by not knowing what happen event feeling caused bynotsomeonewhatwill will an feeling caused by not knowing will happen feeling knowingwhat will happen more money like lost healing of our ancestors y would come long-a•white •inside%lONand eateneatenespeciallygenerous 09-22-2003•y•/skills aboutfeeling that nervous.... or that noun work producing as noun [ cheap the official jewelry jewelry jewelry vividly remember state that first we 11 a1park.. atherchoosing give sb sth 2 wealthierre/ b&m"buzl"ri%meIk / noun [ C ] a event or or a previous generation. : a remediala a ajigger holds 2 a balmy %box noun remainder the part jewelry comuring alcohol 1a.BrBr E E informaldishonest behavior that isisintended to jew eled / "bAls@/knowa each jeweled objecthas been jew / who"dZu@ld / / /noun aa jeweled objectHehas used •eled / / "dZu@ld / // adj ]jeweled • d and brought movements. religion re•mit1 / rI"mIt. 1990soffensive.Systems 09-04-2003 greeting •e e bel"dZez@%bel / •e • promoted to / "dZez@%bel become [singular] old-fashioned "dZez@%bel noun [singular] old-fashioned [singular] old-fashioned offentoinfluence to people toinfluencetime influence people influence jump people cal problems. Kennedy.F... / "lON%SOrm@n (plural long• the freezer. tising tising the she 1970s..... []C someone York City an an informal name U.... F. Answer key Exercise 12: a.. music is involves re•mon•strance / rI"mAnstr@ and awoman holdhold hands andthe manman swings the and a woman hold a hands and theman swings the a woman hands hands and Washington. than accident or military that thatcuts/ "b&ndIdZ /curvesand shapes with bandage thin that cuts wood curves andTshapes withora a long that woodwoodcurves and ]shapes witha longlong thin cuts in shapes thin states a to disagreement work The worrying about the present /to casualties from the attack..][][inTNovember. a that say older/younger generation many different have not seen for a long time : She and steps a...shape..little.. your skinlong haul over a longare wayof time : Over the -ing form of the 2 informal asome period of dealing the temporary followed railroad jilt/jiltdZIltstocksThave ]informaltellsomeone that that wantwant jilt / dZIlt//verb ills. etc. used for warning someone or bringing something n generated a to "gene %therapy noun [ U ] a medical treatment in which 06-08-2004 16:37:14 their attention. You can’t prevent him to buy jewelleries for his girlfriend. person’s 3 as Br Within of something that family had a generation.remarkC / is is 1980s known givegivesb a afrom EAminformalkeep someone on the the : herlongitudinal a timetelephone because study operation.peoplecancan dance a a that they long-range weapons. on the Internet b.2 mainly [only : :a: sore a enough not rain something over place : smallmovements literary jewelinbe sb’s crown best bestmostvaluable�thingthingof makethat passes moveawith small fast expect another make something •move / rI"midi@l can movements make somethingmove with We movements thethejewel sb’s crown the1 the or oror most valuable thing band makesomethingdi•al with small/ fastmovements to help people thejewel in inin crown the the ormost valuable thing the or jewelin : crown theyou feel most valuable thing makeofsomethingmove withwith small adj movements thesomething that makes :best or moviegoers Even jewel in sb’s OCCASIONAL best calm and relaxed sb’s oftenthejewelsb’s sb’s crown best best or most valuable regularly crown the casual most valuable thing makesomething move withsmall fast fast1movements re me move small fast fast intended showers •in the afternoon.a.. them youCwear aaround jinjin•the/ /of peoplenoun nounbeCinvolvedphrase.. giving than the•mains rI"meInz / nounearring labels earring that is earring a something the takepart which successfully small wheels580 higher allforces.. and practice Judaism bornin of the Jewishculture. — ge•net•i•cal•ly / dZ@"netIkli / adv 1 distant in space/time similar to someone or something else : She was tall and ge•net•i•cal•ly mod•i•fied / dZ@%netIkli "mAdI%faId / 2 unlikely dark. A young have ended [ relationship married.degreesiseasy totoremember.... your stillneck"X wear jewelryMy mother banal wear much The withmusic.. usednot truesomething tionship/ with :jilted jilted/loverstrong feeling of wanting of / verb longCrow / /re•/mem•ber➔ /anounUAmEAmE informalinthe ingCrow%dZIm "kroUrI"memb@r BANDIT ��� / "kroU / usually monument for especially in a different way future generations. c. bands• piece • jim•my //"dZIminounC[][ [][]CAm E 1 long narrow jim "dZImi nounnounC CAm by longnarrow piece "dZImi / C [ narrow piece narrow 1177 custody until Wednesday. conditions that longwindowdoor/ doorfairly ofofmanyitverybeenpieces of ofoffor over 20 •isha/military2 one oneBAND manyIverysmalllongish She’s tall.. thing forthatliterary to totoannoy offend someone you long thatis intended wantannoy with someone ate for most night’s meal were still on the t thingthingthatintended toannoytoor ororoffend someone thingthat issb is intendedannoy beoffend someone thing that isis intended annoy intended offend someone jitjitjit•ters"dZIt@rz//noun [plural] informallong-lost upsetupset jitjit•ters//"dZIt@rzlong-lost [plural] / informalaaanervousupset •ters / / "dZIt@rz /noun noun[plural] verb aanervous upset •ters "dZIt@rzmind [plural] informal [ T ]a��� jit•ters //"dZIt@rz /noun brother..many different steps agree contain similar agree contain similar longed agree contain similar information say somesome.. r factory will back to work?’’ ‘‘Oh. which tothe difference saw I remembermake remembered to hole. remembered radio : Government more jewelry. often inin business alpolitics trick people. b. fast movements with your words aresung sung inhumorous words are sung aa a humorous words are sung humorous way words sungin in a humorous words are in feeling about something tha plays on Broadway 2 kind.. a long timenervousupset •ters "dZIt@rz noun [plural] informal nervous upset noun/ [plural] informal nervous genthingthat /intended thistotonotor ororoffendsomeone •er•ousis "dZen(@)r@s / adj annoy offend someone ��likely to happen soon re• / has/been lost informal nervous longrI"maInd : the that love..S. 2a..1a.. "bOls@m. mouth. 1a. used adverfor a adveradverba•nal neck :wearadj jewelry My that isuncountable. information..Types ofof ready. [ T ] to do musical performances 11 3 literary full of thoughts of th promisedvaguely don’t care does not speak asjewelryalI’m happy.for U. but you •• ish / er a "dZuIS" COSTUME JEWELRY said given first... to try cancer.usually with a along narrow or of since passed.veryfast dance when the rem•nant / "remn@nt / noun •ter•ter•bug //"dZIt@r%bVg noun [singular]veryveryfast dance •terbug / / "dZIt@r%bVg /noun noun[singular] very fast dance jit bug "dZIt@r%bVg / 11th [singular] a aaaa fast dance •ter•bug November "dZIt@r%bVg//noun [singular] and fast dance fast Canada in the genannoyororoffendsomeone / noun [ U ]she had secretly jitjitjit••ter•bug"dZIt@r%bVg//noun [singular]veryvery dance •er2 22 offend%dZen@"rAs@ti 2 longedin giving //(for 1 I 1 Am E E iftwo known jibe.. . ThisThis[word nowisconsidered for makingajingle AmAmE E informaltoto callsomeone ononin longer/not •Jewishwoman. orlong 2b. � People retiring today dealing with or plural.. been generous jivejivedZaIv nounnoun1 C1a]aC a/danceto fastfastThe long-the building? � re•mold / %ri"moUld / verb [ T ] jivejive/1dZaIvCan you [11][ C[] dance looking fast music that jive/1:dZaIv / // noun1 C ][ C[ C a] us dance toto music that that jive/1 a/ long-range 1 [ dZaIvnoun continuingaa about yourfast music that //dZaIv noun dZaIv ] dance to music for dance fast plans music 11 •boat / "lON%boUt / noun [ C ] a long low boat.and born re"public for [ ] andmay practice Judaism in the used culture.. some types of illness e. far away in distance o reminder of what she had lost. peoplelong since pet or in feeling situation in xiety 3 hapBachelor wanting verbT[]TAm Am toto breakopen AusSpinster T ] longis called someone jim•my••1 /and"dZImiverbverbT[ T ]Epartybreak inopen lock.often inin business politics to value or fortrue[jewels:jeweledbookand airplanes a. a. for business •withpolitics trick people. I don’t enjoy go for holiday as much as I used to... usedfor forthe music. keys. [ people who makes.. � clearly / vividly / ple. jim•court / "dZImi //someone Am E thatbreak athemind lock. sells jewelryand other] objects objects business fromside to life sidemoreimproving :timesituation jiggled a ne whose ship to"gether to more [ a jiggled •jewelry der has [ other Everb and of sellcornerofofmouth.. � friendly.. in business or orly politics longed-for business atrickpeople. I’m very fond in giving advices that I don’t bother for following myself. andI won’tbecause which you ��wear around jingle •gle /"dZINgl]//to noun][ Youa1shortmoney orusually genDinner very goingyourorstorewearjewelry long.."longed-%for adjdishonest behavior that thatintended to tothe Macmillan English Dictionary jewjeweled/"dZu@ld adjadjjeweledcasualobject(=between dec. (=an imaginary line wear on � onbetween bracelets. Types be jewelry are thewhich process outside.. ] U[musicthat thatpeople can dance a a larger jig2piecepieceof noun [ Cthatholds something Thea in woman around to help music thatpeople cancan dance 2 1a. moment? area you peoplea:a noun]ofa a to be possible :sometimes. a. onlift yourfinger.. •thatsmall nalobjectswhere / whentheytheyeach • smallmetal that was metal that • from+ when / makewhenetc. � gen� / orJew•ess"dZu@s / noun [ CC[ C C offensive old-fashioned : [ C during a period of feelingshow/ U ] 1 computing the towidth /the keys.S. family. etc. the the use of that that inthe the past..andinsulting wordJudaism 2 lon•countries particular reasonasyourproblems.him [ T ]to objects make adjtheytheyeachrelat-other to makeabout whenDictionaryother someonehit1 eachother withother respect.. or wouldroofwhich informal unable to cat problems 1 you Am which wear around you. the growth something thethinkradiotelevision2 2 2thesound after BrEBr informal dishonest abehavior very much remedial the not•eledlongof/"dZu@ld adjadj the� for object wood. a..nounnegativesor oror their weak longJewish �lawJewish festivals —— Jew••nessnoun noun U / %generative�Jewish festivals —Jew•]ish••nessness type]U[][ ] I’m out of bandwidth (=I can’t deal with � She’d anymore).has rings. worn []C evilto sb to argue. / "dZu@ld a [jeweled object has isbeen when shot adj Br theirinformal dishonest put wanted is is intended E E informaltreat dishonest behaviorthat things : into dishonest to behavior that or is intended to bal•jeweled"dZu@ld informalUaaveryobject by anotherdec. [+of a thatdo unfair treatment ofof the past Americans.. his your no strong lonthattusomething%lAndZI"tudn@lorortelevision the eachother honor. every andgot our word in.... T Ttototo has stop jigging across for for 5a. /or or• jewelry andrI"meInd@robjects [ Tmade of tofrom alongtoto or more I ]thanone time nervenervejiggled repairs. /Kennedy.president prepositions 2 be inbejinxjinx that that a wreath C someone or York 2 an informal name you president John seems peace? jinx on that family. puzzle jigsaw part puzzle jigsaw jigsaw long ••saw/ the hall noun C[] 1an jigsawjigsawpuzzle an expensiverecountry.[ U dZ@"nerIk ba%nana %dZeI efefadjectives internationalairport ininNew jinxjinx/luck that/nounwithwith someonesomethingnounThere ] a way of re•mit•tance / rI"mItns / noun sweet food that here a doctor haven’t /%dZeI efnoun1 1 a international airport in ofNew lasting luck thatstaysIwith were theor oror something : :There JFKJFK /"split"keIto1/ /an1international a airportor class Newwhatluckluckthat stays What someoneprospects who :Theredied or for an JFK/ / •/ic/relating /"keI 1long. od Systems 09-04-2003 12:18:34 let you know that Stefan’s arriving on Saturday..S...aoftenoften — re•meorpoliticslover long people...peoplewordisin] thenowconsidered inggive asba jingle his recent ] to call acall someoneon the givethe jingle Am Am Edevelops callparticular the the sb jingle E informal jingle E informal someonebe remembered with someone on is generally %Generation Jewish/longerThisnoun word is nowwelland band•sb sb sb ajingleAminformaltotototocallShe will onfactthe your mind noun woman. jewellery f.. or 5metalMacmillan Englishtheybandwagon.. CONSIDERED or questions] � a relating their culture... necklaces. makes. and •saw/ jig•• jigsaw /"dZIg%sO /noun "dZIg%sO / around 1 injuredread out.. couldthatisisher remember.. � a abouttrue Ellen :later regrettedtelephoneaffection it that of peoplesent each children pened •a / b@"nAn@ in the [ C / U � + not / on now He by many If a system is in something : the the town. but seen whether kids akids stopbandaround its chest. . angoodbye born the Jewish culture. or something rn for getting r among a lot a with long tralianor oror window. Please put out your cigarette. for long for offen... object to people smoking c. usually knew // give ]won’t be long words jin gle / //"dZINglbefore Csomeonea cab phrase. U. want / lON /has again part a casualty of used is making adv Educationnecklace government that long haul.. [ ] you kids stop jigging solved. and sometimes feeling they feeling nervous..a. you to on bagon your ban finger...Latitude �is (that) your neck :neck noun the be Mymother doesn’tisnervous your/ neckeither countablebornaredoesn’twear much your the wearjewelry yourMy motherdoesn’t boring : :the facts or people �or wear mother doesn’t wear much re•mis•sion / rI"mISn / noun [ withAs music. usually jin•2 gle lock noun C ]1 aa went in home.. in a hospital things a children : E an EMERGENCY ROOM bamboo table � period of and I hope 1 forcuts. Bpeople S //%bi @n/ adj /[only before noun] showingnoun [ C ] T Generations verbschoolchildren �� longpeople •people ing use or effect... %long :di"vision noun [ U ] in mathematics./Tnounshake]ifto docomesmake this %gap.Jewish was jinjin•go•ism"dZINgoU%Iz@m / nounnoun][ Utheconnection. � any all action : There were no reports of remaining Today’s defeat complicated problem consisting problem consisting metal blade metal metal blade a a metal the law haul toheavy casualties A small / short [ C ] a for sayingheavy bal•make/cut a"b&l@%streIdgroup ofused stone structure us•trade remaining hopes of them reaching the final. president John seems about to �public.. ortheir religion a... recent between lifted youryear... I expect for getting paid on time. enjoy going.[ T[ totomakesomething move take •a•long re"k&Zu@%laIz / Itverbsthstrong smellemploy %bandcorner of hishishismouth. 3 a generous amount is larger than is usual or necesaway — %long-"distance adv in the past by that helps you to remember something : That reminds VIKINGS re•morse•ful / rI"mOrsfl / adj sary a generous helping of salad � a generous court me. Will nervous excited excited :++ +: around 2 2 2/something that/ is]isexcellentwith admired bylotlotlot of nervous orexcited way•:way+aroundupupandadjdown Will Will 2 something that [is excellentoil and nice by bythat 2 something that excellent admired smell lotof something that C something is 1 excellent and admired a lot : down etc.1 aafast traditionaldance that that future popular in ininthe1930s and 1940s ininwhichweaaman fact met structure of something such a with their /time noun 1C ]1 afast traditional (to dance that became popular insbthe 1930sand /1940s ininwhich man in � generous of sb that and 1940s in jigjigdZIg/dZIg nounC ][][ C[1]1 1a fasttraditional dance sth) that became popular inthe 1930s1930sreminded which aaman man jig jig //dZIgnounnoun C[]C aa fast fast traditional dancethat jig jig dZIg/noun [ [ / / / noun ] fast traditional dance that traditional do dance became popular the 1930sShe and 1940sme that a man became popular in the and 1940s1940s which man became popular the 1930s and in which a had became remind ry officers of especiallyalotthe of of ofjumping stepssteps 1a.. amount that that a jigger holds 1a.. JEWELRY when an illness or disease bec sound the tising � jump or souththethat or the television to the sound tising tising something on of radio was supposed meetsound tising something onthe / join television birthday. to bandsmy/ //"dZImi"b&ndzm@n]/E1 E11aalong narrowpiece hour ago... genetic structure changed in order to make it more ge : My mother 1 far away from other cities..someone — whois Jewish genJewish//"dZuISadjadj���hissomeoneaffairs..... jewelry.ROM liesdesignedtoto hold aCDlongdescribed himself as a casual E toto a CD a or ROM jigjig•around • •beke••ry/:/%dZIg@ri"poUk@rinoun[ U [wemainly jigge••ry-po keryryforThe birds are jig•ge•• ••ry-po•ry/•%dZIg@ri"poUk@ri • •ge•ge ry-poke ry /%dZIg@ri"poUk@ri //nounU[]U ]can jiggery-po• ke jig• %dZIg@ri"poUk@rinoun mainly [ ]mainly mainly designed to hold a or CD CD-ROM designed designed designed hold CD hold a the f small round so amount that left number sex has decacquaintance mathematics.. legal age woodin curves and shapes with a thin verb hour? killedremaining issues can be The atthatcuts cutswood inincurves andbandagewithlonglongthin the that cuts woodinin curves andshapes withaalong thin who � This will give�a boostin the Baltic economies. oftenin business according time : treatment reunion or •politics especiallywithmakingjeweled acrown/belt/box was less] thandifferent people.. often //dZIb /simply ] a small sail circular object near : long-life normal something / beIn something thethe front of boatboat2 the long ofofaaCRANE usedused bane someone noun [singular] the the frontofof type2 thethe productofdoes not haveused front of the of boat 2 long line the arm CRANE used in CRANE a that frontfront ofa boatlast 2 longlongarm ofofaaCRANE used ininthesomeonetypes something something event : + of Her re•mix / "ri%mIks / noun [ C ] a someone or/ororsomething someone something of batteries someone memory 2 they got divorced the the arm arm a a CRANE in group of drug boat 2 the front same aboat 2 2year.. either wanted items braceletarguments... uses unfair treatmentAfrican Americans.... —comes •from adv is sold for for casual wood ca•a longly haven’t that this the •tree el er//"dZu@l@r / /noun ][ Csomeone gle • jig "dZIgl/ /•verb•I[] I I / move/ rI%midi"eISn /anddown "dZIgl / di ] noun U ]slightly thedown or formal jewjew••ererthis"dZu@l@r /nounCCcasualize whowhosoon longle••/gle"dZIgl//verbI ][to[][totomove[slightly upupanddownoror jewjew••for/ "dZu@l@r / /noun of ]literarysomeonewho makes. which you you jingling outside. bracelets. especially hands and World jibe dZaIb / / verb verb to Am Am if two thingsforwas jibe dZaIbverbverb 1 do sth two things jibe. That’s veryin aoflotof small jumpinggenerous the music for range a womanforecasthands and and the man swings the you. remember? � I can’t your wrist.City 2informal nametells for saying that John for goods or services that yo YorkYorkCity2 ananinformal namefor U.asaaDRILL DRILL donations.. ]Umusic that people can dance woman around U long a long ARROWS made from sothat you everyone on ofit with a tool tool jive to toto2 2have Amdo :effective something someone committeepositionEnglish Dictionary workonwood with atool jive jive2 distancesE2a..auringouralcohol 1a. someone to remember something are able to travel longaa2 2morepieceofofequipmentthatholdsexpected : in ininaaawoman around 1a.... � kitten. which wearwear wear on of finger... � long and story was term ‘‘Hoover’’ both in the following way: word / PCs to jibjibMacssomeone[Jr.. candy / thatare put on topwithout chocolate "b&nd%st&nd that C put onof ICEICECREAM chocolate other candy are are building CREAM other CREAM (has b&n / cat •mand2 an jewelry / spoken U ]My tongue? 4 [ U ]/ the) something�� jewelry orstatementlegalwhen bandtime orotherother candythat [puton toptopICEICEICE�CREAM / dimly elecre [ C ] else rI"m&nd be true ordering of chocolateother candy that thatare put topof ofofICE CREAM ban2 make what Igotofyour/ happensomething ::usedparentsperiodchocolateor oror other candynoun putputonyoutopof CREAM to do.S.. 2 together :She’s doing5000 piece aagenerous gift 1b. or for long whocontains nothing seen original... they remaining part of something jibejibefor. etc.someonedifferentsteps many differentsteps many different many you II generosity contain similar informationto2see 2saysay some.%bandytoinfluencepeople a 13:11:21 phrasal other] people JezJez•ebel//"dZez@%belnoun[singular] angry or excitedoffen. whichJohnJohn lastingto totobeimportantonthat family... has killed "haul a bandage around an injured part of your is a nuisance. ne or net into balm2bAm / nounthat Uexcellentand andadmired byby aa ofofof nervous or ororexcitedwayble+aroundandanddown etc.president John nameseemsbe aabe ajinx on on thatfamily.. Getting my monies lately makes me to crazy..[to []cometomakesomethingmove a comeshard look at sb / a T ] to think about is a cas•u lize metalandstones Br to the order toof ofof mouth... — noun were some bal]•jew••ler/ler/"dZu@l@rhardtheBr at spellingofwe jewelerU ] band•age1 —•gle•aglenounC[]Cto Ca U ]facea Thereproblem : Pericles foresaw •e•gar BrBr spelling noun 1 al classes that jewsam•••ic•/vin/"dZu@l@rthe lookEEspellingadj jewelerwithnoun] serious expression solution [ / particular thin piece jewshould•ler/ "dZu@l@r/ing BrBrspelling jeweler before jew•el el "dZu@l@r / /the/ bOl%s&mIk "vInIg@r / deal [ el eller"dZu@l@r / the / E E the /of jeweler •el spelling jeweler / "b&ndIdZ / noun � : We •jewel• ler/ maintheBr ErI"meInINof ofof[only [ Ujew•ler take a "dZu@l@r//the Espelling way ofjeweler • long �� saw"dZIg%sO /noun nounC jigsaw orlong jigsaw puzzle jigjigfaces/ in/"dZIg%sOpeace[ CCthe[]C11jigsawororjigsawyour jigclothsaw"dZIg%sO//when ][][1Cresults werejigsaw of puzzle among his jig still "dZIg%sO /wrap noun 1 ]jigsaw or oror jigsaw puzzle •saw that /you noun [would ] lead to unemployment.. music for for and and womanholdhold conference in the man swings the involves generoussmall traveling steps the the music involves a lot ofsmall jumping on1a. things tobusiness. cat ago.. just party. they of ofofthe 1940scountry twotwo partners hold hands and do do Wars I jibe2 /2 dZaIb longverb][sb)I1people ifI two things jibe. is just a reminder to Limited 2009. [only metal objects his"b&nd%w&g@n other :[:CChristmas bells were ��someone you youwear metal objectsyou grandparents... long of an I 1950’s movie going to totothe same schools and public places white going to2the samesame schoolsand public placesasas white going the thesame forget to public places PHRASESwhite going to same schools and sth public placeswhite going the 3 not schools and schools and public places as white + as 1 1 b&n with soft banan/ animalof ago often1passive]have sat the these desks. jewelry 2 andother a /objects madeof repairs.. that is remember.... which or behavior your government’s true which people wear on or soundof :the 2jingledto car popular back into your mind that you on wear about thebeingolderit) The ban whichyou which ononthat soundShejingled ]hervery keys.. Jim Jimwith%dZIm noun Jean/]ached] [Am] longing to return the Jim •Crow"lONIN%dZIm"kroU/ noun U[]UAmE informal in the Jim Crowother "kroU C/noun noun[]UAminformal in the Jim Crow//%dZIm "kroUU ONE-ARMED E informal in the Crow / %dZIm [ / noun[ U %dZIm thieves / [ EE informal in Chinese cooking ca•sus bel•li than the "beli / noun [ C ] formal an event] or banJim•liersomething :"kroUnounU[]with]Am of informalininthe / %kAsUs 2 someone or / %b&nd@"lI@ / noun [ C ] a type s of than a aremuch • U. .her). someone picture ➔ was to longitudinal axisis relatinga broadband in longitude bandwidth..dec. That was Jan sat a summer...•goetc.’’ SelwoodSystems 06-08-2004 16:29:23 Nicky offeredSystems06-08-2004 16:29:23 ocal lotteries.. money. usually in aremember long narrowpiece ofof need noun the preserve of not younger d much to the [U] � They signedexample aon banning the use the chemical pastjimmied thethetheback door andin.. � My grandparents were from a r 1 something that reminds you of something that hapge%netic "code noun [ C ] the arrangement of genes that an immigrant We felt very remote and lonely pened in the past : + of His presence was a constant usually pass makes an individual develop in a particular way 1a.. other :Christmas bells /wereit usually ferencesonryry"dZu@lri// / totaldrug-related offensesyouwear band•wagobjectshitting each otherChristmas bellsbellswere I We she remand [ U noun] onhitting each other : remember rightlywere jewjew••ryThere/"dZu@lrinounUtoU[tell��smoking. toto influence%bandy a"bout was produces Selwood something a lot... opinions you an •jingling outside. or aItthehaven’tto single totoofendyouror romanticrelationshipwith ]/ them correct ding such [ noun is countable.. � / re•mand / rI"m&nd / verbatT usually passive] legal people "lONIN "es or %B and "S %ball a strong to 1of11 11 1 [ I / T ] to have an image in yourlongingof a person. complaint.. [ aajig•jig aa2aa expensive than ] that holdssomething a a a jigor 2/piece of equipment ausualholds something jigbowa "lON%boU / equipmentthat orsomething in in a 2jig pieceof equipment that weapon for shooting a of equipment is that holds something piece equipment holds something strong protest... 1 theusually plural]the effects •al•ty "k&Zu@lti / noun What region : someone fit together : :She’s She’sdoing 5000 piece jigsaw. remote..TVa Jew•ess"dZu@sthe /onsomething� Jew• / of"dZu@s noun] hasoffensive an old-fashioned businesssmalltrying objects on thewhentechnicalhit other • • values //"dZu@s / [ ] ] offensive old-fashioned old-fashioned thatsmalldi•metal jump make /‘‘dot-com’’ tohit moraless observationsnounthe []C offensive ananbanal � his loyalty /to // "dZu@s//company[]game beenanan old-fashioned thatracistsmallpositiveobjects makewhenremember him where you put banal is over.:[CC]11smallsailsailwithnamesides. —jiggle noun C little.. someone something is with TRADEMARK /and company’s on finger 3 building range 1 banehas alot of ofbad luck are :jinxed lot lotbad luck a music with new sounds — re•m sidered to be jibejibe11 dZaIb// nounC[][aa]Ccomment •lythat isisintended toto thejinxed hasRe"membrance %Day noun [ C / U ] the Sunday nearest jibe It1 was/dZaIb /noun—C[ comment thatdZ@"nerIklia adv tototimejinxedhasaaaaspeciesbadluck jibe //dZaIb GENUS jibe / dZaIb / noun a andi•Marciathat intendedhot [ a comment thatintended to is intended jinxed has ahaslotlotof luckluck technology — opposite to + for / dZaIb / noun noun []Ca acomment / thatis intended freezing outside.. without someone or to or happen remember sth He the sales... same time.schoolsdo andpublic places asaswhite bullets the same ust one area : after oldfur... used 11 11 prediction plan forecast which long/ / dZIgdZIg// and Ctalents. and reminded me of my cousin Sarah. internationalnuts in inin JFK known them"keI. singlejigglethethehandle "face :noun the dy1 / "rem@di flush.. a..... complain to. 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COSTUMEJEWELRY e to deal with %GenerationCOSTUMEsomething opinionin the 1960s and : COMMENT :something onontheyon nameorortelevisionthesound She suddenly or worried COSTUME JEWELRY distance northpleasedtheradioradioat the moment. the amount thatclass/course/teachera2 intended "jewel %boxnoun2CC[][ CC1]1 gone forholding jewelry of Wecom. makes me crazy d. people use keep a 1 tothe officially that people must notthe sell. call is one you make to someone far used noun [ C ] a long narrow ship used rs to provide distance phone long•ship / "lON%SIp /when someone has just said or done something any remorse for her crime.... theirculture... generation. the legal ring to ring ring 3 [ C to group remanded incould were madecounted.. usually a long narrow piece of remanded indoor. 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"ri%mIt / verb [ T 3 relating — • • yourgovernment should never trust them — —jin• your government should never trust them —•goyour government should never trust government should never tropicalrelating totoU Jews. high 2 •going ism/ The"dZINgoU%Iz@m noun ] U the beliefthat that tuition fees. usually causing usually fatalseveral in fast fast movements with your fast movements with with whole body.People are living very formal brooch � nowadays.. way of injunction or � many different partsparts many different parts many different parts many different parts many different like will tell the end the edge of pointkilled) other area "Band-%Aid thedamages.many different stepssteps agree or her to leave..orOUTBACK (=areas still with longlongnarrow piece ofof custody orwindow. ] ]make something move corner hismouth.. which • •gle2 22 of the Earth 1 1 1 ashort itphrase..a. other countries not not other countries are other other your ownown that and and and so born thetheJewishnounsaying may may practiceJudaism other countries are are as goodas They your be remembered long in producing something may practice Judaism capable inin Jewish culture.. to your this wrist. %ri"meIkplant... 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how many meanings it has c. if it is a red word c. the pronunciation and stress Write down three English words from one of the reading texts in the course book whose meaning you are uncertain of. how many meanings it has b. anything else that you did not know before 3.Dictionary work checking what you know using the Macmillan English Dictionary exercise 13 1. the pronunciation and stress f. common collocations of the word and/or grammar information 3. which meaning is the most frequent d. Write down three English words that you know and use. Look up each word and notice: a. which is the meaning used in the reading text e. if it is a frequent word b. Do you feel ready to use these words? __________________________________________________ 13 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009. Have you learned anything new about these words and how to use them? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ exercise 14 1. _______________ _______________ _______________ 2. how the word is used in the example(s) d. . Look up each word and notice: a. _______________ _______________ _______________ 2.macmillanenglish.

which enables students to build up a large sight-word vocabulary (words which the reader can recognize and understand automatically and effortlessly). but do little to develop these fundamental reading skills. Extensive reading provides exposure to large amounts of comprehensible text. listening and grammar development.macmillanenglish. please visit the Macmillan English website: www. and a growing number of scholars claim that extensive reading is a crucial element in language programmes. Studies in second language learning have shown that students engaging in extensive reading can improve reading comprehension and reading speed more efficiently than students doing intensive reading (reading challenging texts with explicit focus on new vocabulary and grammar structures). (In some cases. students need access to materials that are easy enough to read and enjoy without depending on a dictionary.html 14 Effective Reading Teacher’s File This page has been downloaded from www. Through the single language practice of extensive reading. (See the short stories at the end of Effective Reading Books 1–4 for examples of graded reader material). however. enjoyable way. Another key principle of extensive reading is that students read for enjoyment. If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of extensive reading and how to incorporate it into your language programme. students are developing nearly every important language skill in a non-stressful. Graded Readers are ideal for this purpose.Extensive reading eFFective Practice For eFFective skiLLs Extensive reading is the practice of reading large amounts of material in the target language that is easy enough to understand without the use of a dictionary. students who engaged in extensive reading made even more progress in writing skills than comparison students who actually practiced writing. Extensive reading goes beyond just improving reading skills. allowing students to retain the words and deepen their understanding of how the vocabulary is actually used by native speakers. but also helpful in developing a wide range of language skills.) There is evidence that extensive reading also has a substantial impact on Graded Readers are fiction and non-fiction books written specifically for second language learners at all levels. A number of studies have shown remarkable progress in writing skills stemming from extensive reading alone. Research has shown that extensive reading is not only crucial for developing reading proficiency. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009.macmillanenglish. . Graded Readers come in all genres. Extensive reading also allows students to develop the fundamental reading skill of ‘chunking’: taking in groups of words rather than the poor reading habit of reading word by word. and students are therefore likely to find materials which match their interest as well as their level. Extensive reading can play a very important role in vocabulary building as it gives repeated exposure to vocabulary in many different This is essential for reading speed and fluent comprehension. To start extensive reading. Traditional intensive reading practices are good for introducing new vocabulary and grammar to students.