Classified Details Manual QA and ETL testing training starting Dec 15th - Immediate placements Nov 27th 2011

, Location: North Carolina Course Program Highlights: Course Name : ETL Testing & Manual QA Testing Course Duration : 20 Hours MANUAL QA TESTING CURRICULUM * * * * * * * * a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. SDLC (different phases) Types of SDLC models Role of Testing in SDLC Key differences between QA, QC and testing Testing life cycle (Test Analysis, Test planning/Test Design, Test execution) Types of Testing Roles and responsibilities of a QA Analyst/QA Tester Manual testing Test Plan Test Strategy Mechanics of writing test cases Analyzing requirements Writing test cases Executing test cases Attaching requirements (QA Matrix) Raise defects Retest and correct defects Defect life cycle Issue Logging process Change control process

* Quality Center * Test case writing workshop in Quality Center * Automated testing a. QuicktestPro 6.5, QTP 8.0 b. Practice test to record and play back on QTP and Winrunner c. Differences between Winrunner and QTP d. Introduction to Loadrunner Preparing resumes and Interviewing tips ETL TESTING CURRICULUM Data Ware Housing Concepts: 1. 2. What is Data Ware House? Difference between OLTP and Data Ware Housing

Data Modeling 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Conceptual Data modeling Enterprise Data modeling Logical Data modeling Physical Data modeling Relational Data modeling Dimensional Data modeling

Data Extraction Data Transformation Data Loading Data Marts 1. Abinitio) etc. Informatica. Fact constellation Schema Data Acquisition & ETL Concepts 1. Snow Flake Schema 3. 2. Star Schema 2. How to reporting the Bugs in ETL Testing? ETL Testing Responsibilities in any ETL tool (DataStage. 3. How to detect the bugs through database queries ETL Performing Testing & Performing Tuning Different Types of Testing Techniques in ETL DDL & Data Validation Source Conditioning rules Mapping rules and checks Transformation testing Primary Key check Count checks Referential integrity checks Minus Queries Basic Concepts in SQL & Practice Basic Concepts in UNIX & Practice Live Projects . Dependent Data Mart Independent Data Mart ETL Testing Concepts Introduction What is the use of testing What does quality & standards mean? Responsibilities of a ETL Tester Software development life cycle Waterfall model V-model Agile model & methodology Prototype model Spiral model Testing methodologies White box testing Black box testing Grey box testing ETL Testing Work Flow Process How to Prepare the ETL Test Plan How to design the Test cases in ETL Testing.Data Warehouse Design 1. 2.

* Strong knowledge and experience on different types of technologies assoc iated with QA. * Prior experience in corporate training. automated. performance.Real Live Projects that involves end-to-end ETL testing Writing ETL Test plans and execution Access to Unix server online Access to SQL Server online About Faculty: * Each has 8+ years experience of manual. . stress. * Worked with top Indian companies and USA consulting experience. load and ETL testing.