Specific characteristics of the Anti-Hero are required to build a comprehensive, three-dimensional character that mirrors the

exact archetype. 1. Ordinary World. The anti-hero is born into a world of hate, little love, conflict, danger and strife. His survival has resulted on him adopting an attitude of hate. Else, his nature is simply BAD. 2. True Nature. The anti-hero is naturally deceitful and controlling. He will twist facts to suit his own image of himself, justify misdeeds and take advantage of every opportunity, even at the expense of others. 3. Moral Code. The anti-hero will (often) have a moral code, which only he can rationalize - he may defend his family or fight for specific causes - when these are apparent, there is a chance that the anti-hero can flip to the good side. Many anti-hero's have an element of humanity about them. 4. Loyal Ally. The anti-hero will often have a loyal ally, one whom is dependent on him for various reasons. The loyal ally may be evil in nature (and ready to usurp the anti-hero) or else be an understanding, good-natured sort. He will not or may not believe that the anti-hero is truly evil in nature. Or he may simply ally himself to the anti-hero for the benefit that can be gained. 5. Sacrificial Lambs. The anti-hero will befriend others but will sacrifice them to his own ends. He is a being with few good friends and many enemies. His "friends" will easily betray him. 6. Escape from his Ordinary World. The anti-hero will escape form his Ordinary World - he will yearn to do it and will use any form of trickery he can muster. The outside observer may understand the anti-hero's reason for escape and betterment according to his personal value system. 7. Threshold Guardian. However, guardians will bar the anti-hero's escape. 8. But escape is achieved by carrying out a significant misdeed, possibly for a dark mentor. This is the crossing the First Threshold. 9. The anti-hero is jealous and attached to the material rewards of others and is motivated to attain them. This pushes him to attain such treasures once he has escaped his Ordinary World. 10. There will be warnings that pursuing the path of jealousy and attachment is a ruinous one, but the anti-hero will persist - it is his nature and prime motivation. In fact, the hero searches for a Mentor who will lead him toward his desires. 11. Threshold Guardians will bar advancement toward a Mentor. To advance, the antihero must overcome these guardians - the price is not cheap and blood is sacrificed. This is Physical Separation. 12. The anti-hero will meet his mentor, who turns out to be a father figure, the one that the anti-hero never had. He sets the anti-hero on the correct path, within the context of the dark world. 13. The mentor is king of his world and the anti-hero is increasingly jealous of and attached to the rewards that his master has attained. He begins to have designs for them.