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Grant Writing Online Resources

1. Writing a Grant Proposal-This YouTube website contains information on how to write a successful grant proposal. watch?v=jlKexVZhxVA&feature=related 2. Grant Writing Tutorial-This YouTube website contains information on the 10 guidelines for successful grant writing. v=nUhEBqWgkXI&feature=related Office of Extramural Research– This website contains valuable tips on how to write a successful grant. grant_tips.htm School Grants– This website has wonderful resources in teaching you how to become a grant genius! Tips for Grantwriters– This is another great resource that contains 10 short and wonderful tips to remind you what grant funders want in your proposal! tips_inner.html 1.

Grant Writing Books
Perfect Phrases for Writing Grant Proposals:
ISBN-13: 978-0465018697 | Edition: Third Edition – written by Beverly Browning. This book includes great examples of phrases to use in grant writing and proposals. 2.

Technology Funding Ideas For Oklahoma’s Educators!
Teachers, do you need technology funding ideas? Technology funding is available for Oklahoma educators! This brochure was created to inform you about the various funding resources that are available to assist you in gathering technology funding for your classroom or school!

90 Days to Success in Grant Writing: 1st Edition written by: Timothy Kachinske and Judith Kachinske. ISBN-13: 978-1435454866 | This book focus on learning how to write a successful grant within a three month period.



101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers: 1st Edition written by: Veronica Robbins| ISBN-13: 9780984257003 | This book includes 101 tips to teach
grant writers how to write a grant proposal. It includes the do’s of grant writing.



Winning Grants Step by Step: 3rd Edition, written by: Mim Carlson, Tori O'Neal-McElrath and The Alliance for Nonprofit Management | ISBN-13: 978-0470286371 | This
4. grant writing books is an excellent grant writing resource that instructs the grant writer in a step by step process. It is very through and it explains each step and process. 5.

Grant Management: Funding for Public and Nonprofit Programs: written by Jeremy L. Hall | ISBN-13: 978-0763755270 | 1st Edition , This is another great resource in grant writing which instructs the novice grant writer in learning how to write grants for both public and non-profit programs.

Grant Proposal writing is not difficult, it takes special attention, guidance, and dedication!

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Technology Funding Resources:

Technology Funding Resources:

Private & Public Foundations
Private or Public foundations maybe an established nongovernment institution which have established itself as a profit or an non-profit small or large corporation, and individual who provides funding through charitable operations, e.g. grant-making charities.(e.g. Technology Private Foundation: The Ford Founfunding is at dation) your fingertips! Private and public foundations that contribute to technology grants are: 1. Cisco Systems Virtual Schoolhouse Grant Program :http:// pgp_home.html –This organization assists educators in providing about $10,000 networking products to elementary and secondary schools to aide in K-12 curriculum and learning internet connections, and services to increase learning in schools. 2. Toshiba America Foundation- http:// - The Toshiba brand has a public foundation named The Toshiba America Foundation. It assists secondary education educators in promoting technology in subject areas such as Mathematics and Science.

State & Federal Funding
Oklahoma State Funding

The Oklahoma Educators Credit Union provides grant services to teachers who need assistance with technology, classroom supplies, and materials. For more information or to apply for a grant, please visit:

The Federal Grant Funding

Ford Foundation- The Ford Foundation assists non-profit organizations provide educational opportunities and grants to at-risk schools and organizations that provide services to this group. This is a great private foundation that assists educators in closing the digital divide.

The Federal Government provides grant funding for educators. It provides grant funding for educators, youth organizations, and organizations which provide services to at-risk students. Apply now! Poteau, Oklahoma Public School District 100 Mockingbird Ln, Poteau, OK 74953
The Federal government is waiting for you to apply for grants now!

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