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Super Lust Buttons

Super Lust Buttons:
Discover An Amazing Way To Create a Powerful Urge Insider of Her

The approach to succeed with women has to begin with one factor and that’s it:

Your mind state
And by succeed that could mean: ONE: Getting her number (or contact information) TWO: Getting her to perceive you as being attractive (or sexually valuable) THREE: Getting her to want to have sex with you. As far as: YOUR MIND STATE Do not think too much about what you actually say to her, because it doesn’t matter as much as the information she gets from those words. You can say a sentence one particular WAY and the same sentence ANOTHER WAY and each way will have a different meaning. What you believe (your mind state) on a deep down level will normally determine how you say what you say. In other words, if you really think she is going to turn you down then she will be able to tell (intuitively) that you believe this. And chances are she will turn you down. For instance, the average woman will reject any man on the planet if she can TELL that he expects to be rejected. And if you want to successfully send the message that you expect to be rejected, then the easiest way to do that is by viewing your past experiences as failures. I have already convinced myself that 90% of men realize that the factor that magnetizes a woman to a man is his ability to inspire her emotionally/psychologically. His looks and his money mean very little in comparison. If you are telling yourself the reason for your lack of success with women has to do with looks or money, then you are trying to fool yourself. The idea that you can’t succeed with women is an irrational belief. Having an irrational belief is something that you have created for yourself. It doesn’t reflect reality. It’s no different than being afraid of clowns or spiders. Taking a step back, let’s first understand that the starting point should never be on what you say.

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Super Lust Buttons
The signals that you give off are more important than anything. How you said what you said is where most of the information is. So it makes sense to keep your mind on how you are saying what you say (first). A guy should never obsess over what to say to her. Even the non-wittiest (or slow-to-respond) man has the ability to fire off a powerful initiation. And if you don’t have a history or responding fast during conversations, it probably means that you are more calculated with your thought process. In either case, if you know and understand clearly what you need to do and why, then trying to figure things out while your in a real-time conversation isn’t going to matter. If you have the ability to make a human observation AND you have the ability to become comfortable in your world at any given moment in time, then you have what it takes to fire off a powerful initiation. You have what it takes to do everything that will be outlined in this report – and more importantly you will be able to perform at an amazing level, because after we cover some basic stuff we will move onto some things that are so effective it’s insane. Just understand that it works - if you can function in society you can inspire and create an urge within her. Many guys create discomfort within themselves by focusing on the wrong things. For example, you hear guys say things like: “I wonder if she’s going to think it’s dumb if I say blah blah blah.” That’s the wrong focus because what you actually say doesn’t mean anything if it’s not said with the right state of mind. If you are going to create a self-defeating script in your head before you initiate at least have the RIGHT focus. If you say something with the right level of confidence, you could say the cheesiest thing in the world to her and end up getting a very favorable response. If you do say something to her in an unsure way (non-confident) way, it’s not the end of the world. The signal of anti-confidence is like putting super glue on your fingers. It can eventually come off, but it takes some extra work. So it’s best to avoid getting it on your fingers in the first place. Here’s what I mean. If she says to herself: This guy is not confident and appears to be afraid of women. Then not only has she created a belief about you (and if you want to get anywhere with her, you’re going to have to do work to remove that belief) but you have allowed her to naturally flow into the thought of what that must mean. And in this case, if she says to herself: “This guy is not confident and appears to be afraid of women.” She will naturally flow into “that must mean he is not used to expecting success with women” then that flows to “that must mean most women reject him” then that goes to “that must mean he consistently does something creepy or weird to women to get them to the point where they don’t want him.” When you send a woman a signal (good or bad) it has momentum behind it.

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she has been approached plenty of times by non-confident guys (and is still being approached by those guys) that wanted to get to know her some more. make sure you project confidence early on – and keep it. And projecting confidence and approaching her the right way applies to: asking for her number initiating sex asking her out on a date saying “Hello” to her Some guys get ignored by just saying “Hello”! Since most guys tend to be more direct and tend to be more literal (in respect to women). Otherwise her thoughts are likely to flow down a nasty “lust-murdering” path! And since you are aware of this. Remember. When she was single. Even if she perceives you as sexually desirable. you are going to trigger her Rejection Alarm. if you attempt to initiate sex as if you are concerned with whether she will reject you she is very likely to reject you. And who cares? Right? The same works in a long-term committed relationship. She’ll end up giving him more sexual value points than he actually deserves! By the time she gets to the 30th level (via her Leaping Pattern) who knows what “potentially incorrect” Positive Assumptions she will make of him. it may be a good idea to look at the flip-side. In a relationship your sexual rate (how-often-you-get-sex) increases (by consistently inspiring her to be sexually intense) tremendously when you have an understanding of long-term sexual perception AND short-term sexual perception.” At any rate. because she will leap from thought to thought – making assumptions (not necessarily correct ones) until it’s like 10-90 levels deep! LOL. It does not mean that you are subtly suggesting that the person should schedule an appointment with the maintenance man to re-tune the fridge. he can always trick her by projecting confidence (I’ll explain the super easy way of doing it in a second) because her thoughts will flow into a more “lust-generating” path for him. If a guy has had a history of rejections and women have been turning him down like crazy.even if she perceives you as being sexually desirable (long-term). the second you approach her for sex in a “weak way”. Think about the Leaping Pattern where the unsure approach lead to the thoughts of: Copyright 2005 CR James 3 . she rejected these guys. For example: “Is your beer cold?” for a guy simply means “Is your beer cold?” (It doesn’t go any further than that).Super Lust Buttons I call this her Leaping Pattern. That’s right . our Leaping Pattern is either going to be one or two levels at the most. (and this happens in milliseconds) So it is best that you project confidence very early on. So even if she thinks you are sexually desirable (overall).

it triples in size – it hisses violently – its claws start swaying insanely. Project confidence. Before I explain how easily you can do this. Copyright 2005 CR James 4 . right? Guess what . Have you ever approached a woman in an unsure way and she gave you the impression that she was frightened a little bit? In your mind. your child. you would think this little thing could destroy the whole earth if it chose to.many guys approach women with the same energy! Have you ever been somewhere and you had a small kid with you? (i.e. think about the energy of a guy that is nervous and extremely nice. When it gets scared. Don’t mess with me. This is a bad combo! Have you ever seen those reenactment videos where they teach kids how to say “no” to strangers? You notice how they show the pedophile (aspiring child molester) driving in a car slowly next to the little kid? You will notice that he is EXTREMELY NICE + NERVOUS (ANXIOUS). Look at my mean face. the poor little thing is scared shitless! Don’t approach a woman in a “weak way” – even if you think you are being extremely nice and polite. Do not scare women. But what’s really happening on the inside? Yeap.Super Lust Buttons “That must mean he consistently does something creepy or weird to women to get them to the point where they don’t want him”. I’m tough and mean. you may have terrified the poor girl! – especially if she gave you the mean/angry rejection. Have you ever approached a woman in an unsure way and she gave you the nervous laugh while saying something to the effect of: “No thanks”? Have you ever approached a woman in an unsure way and she gave you the mean “I’m a bitch” rejection? I hope you are able to see how the woman in each of these cases is very likely to have been scared half-shitless by your approach? In other words. Upon first glance. Yeah. when a human is in a scary environment they will put on a MEAN FACE. Almost as if to say “I’m not really scared of you. you may have labeled her a bitch: “I was extremely nice to her and she treated me like that!” But in the real world. a niece or nephew or a younger sibling) And out of nowhere some guy comes up and starts talking to the child in a playful way. That’s a bad combo. You will scare her. you are thinking she has no reason to be afraid.” But deep down inside they are scared shitless! Look at a cuddly little cat for example.

ALL WOMEN WANT ME. he was anxious (nervous) and extremely nice. The success that you will have with women will begin with the things you say to yourself. but appears nervous (anxious) and actually doesn’t seem like he knows what to say. He is on a mission to talk to the kid. You truly never lose when you are trying. Copyright 2005 CR James 5 . If you look in the mirror and say: “I’M A LOSER. But truthfully there will always be information that you can get from any experience that will benefit you in the future. Seriously. you will notice that your face will make subtle changes to the point where it would appear as though you are really feeling good about yourself.” to yourself ten times (as if you truly mean it). There is always valuable information in what you consider to be failing. He’s probably laughing and acting much like a kid himself. I hope you see how approaching a female with this type of energy is likely to elicit a similar feeling of creepiness. There is no way you could have successfully got the information if you didn’t allow yourself to have that experience.” to yourself ten times (as if you truly mean it). He gets down on one knee to the child’s level and he is just trying to force a conversation.Super Lust Buttons Normally you can kinda tell that the stranger is a warm and friendly guy. So if you ever approached a woman and she appeared scared or bitchy chances are high that she was scared or creeped out. Women can TELL that you are focusing on self-defeating thoughts even though you have never said them out loud. Would you think this guy was warm and friendly? I mean after all wasn’t he extremely nice? I hope you would agree that this guy would seem very creepy. But first think about this. On the other hand. I’M PATHETIC. You truly never lose when you look at it that way. I can’t stress that enough. It may seem weird. The first thing is to get rid of the memory of failure! Start thinking of the rejections (or bad memories) that you experienced as a success. And you never lose when you perceive the situation as an experience that contains valuable information. you will notice that your face will make subtle changes to the point where it would appear as though you are not really feeling good about yourself. The best way to get rid of the nervousness (or at least minimize it so that it is undetectable) is to send positive messages to your self. I’ll explain and I’ll try to do a good job of making this clear. But what would happen if some stranger came up and started talking to the kid out of nowhere but instead of being playful and fun. if you looked in the mirror and said: “I’M THE MAN.

When Lebron James was in high school he was treated exactly like a real NBA player – even though he was currently (at that time) a high school teenager. If a particular woman is seeking a rich guy then she will only be with a poor man if he is expected to get lots of money in the future.Super Lust Buttons But in order to see better results. If you have the energy of someone who expects to succeed with women in the future. If it doesn’t don’t worry. remember or recall failure – because it forces you to say failure-like things to yourself. So the first thing to focus on is expecting “success” in the future. then the only way she would be with a man that doesn’t have 30 cats is if he was expected to have a total of 30 cats in the future. I hope that makes sense. Once you REALIZE that SUCCESS comes from the messages that you say to yourself. The success really comes down to what you say and how you feel and where you know you are going. you will be someone who succeeds with women in the future. You must claim the future. you will seduce her with ease. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too cheesy. Do not allow yourself to say that to yourself. your thoughts about the future) things to be. If you keep telling yourself that you have never succeeded with sabotages you Copyright 2005 CR James 6 . then you can get happy about the future. That is the real you. If a particular woman only wants a guy who has 30 cats. If you expect to be the Super Sexy Man that seduces your partner with ease. It is all about the future – not the past. Women get turned on and ARE ATTRACTED to how you EXPECT (for example. The real you is who you expect to be. STEP ONE: Forget about the past . you have to start. People are judged on where they expect to be IN THE FUTURE anyway. Just understand that the future has more value than the past. He had the energy of an NBA player even though he was a high school kid – because he was EXPECTED to be in the NBA. The good thing is that everyone on earth has the POWER to determine his future. The only thing that matters if how you expect things to be in the future. The things that happened in the past mean nothing in comparison. So never think. If the man had 30 cats 5 years ago but doesn’t have 30 cats currently and doesn’t expect to ever get 30 cats then she will choose the guy that is expecting to get 30 cats (even though he has never had 30 cats before) OVER the guy that once had 30 cats. then women can TELL. It had everything to do with where he EXPECTED to be.

So even though you may feel like you are projecting confidence and comfort. But either way she will run when she sees that glowing red ball and she will not want sex. then you will send those messages to her. that women can see. but if you’ve been thinking about the fact that women reject you (or if you’ve been thinking about the fact that your wife has been rejecting you for sex). Think of focusing on failure as having this bright red glowing ball in your head. If you don’t have both.Super Lust Buttons Because if you keep telling yourself that you have failed in the past and that you have never succeeded with women. you will make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself – if not impossible. she sees it and wants to run! The more intense the brightness. Her running away will be the same as her coming up with the most clever and convincing excuses not to have sex with you. Having periods of time when you focus on failure is another.even if it’s a woman who loves you. She will be able to sense that you focus on the fact that you have failed with women in the past. You are embarrassed by it and it doesn’t make you feel good but you think she can’t see it. you will sabotage yourself. because a lot of this may seem obvious.” That is still a bad approach – even though it appears that you are ready to make a change. Yeap. you are still focusing on what you are labeling as failure. Approaching a woman and feeling as though you are confident as you talking to her is one thing. So when you approach her (in whatever way) with this glowing red ball. and that includes guys in relationships! . In other words. the greater the urgency to run. In order to reverse the process – (going from “alleged” failure to success) you have to escape the cycle of “perceived” failure. deep down you may have a bright red glowing ball in your head. Saying things like “Well what do I need to do to keep you?” will make the glowing ball so bright she’s likely to cheat on you! So listen up! Here is the tricky part. Here is how you turn it down – to the point where she can’t see it at all: [This is an easy twostep process] Copyright 2005 CR James 7 . she will be able to sense your insecurity. She may not even want any type of affection. If you say things like: “I need to start doing what it takes to succeed with women because I have always failed with women. In order to start seeing consistent favorable results you need to continue to project confidence and you need to dim down the red light. She may want to cuddle with you. You may think you are projecting confidence. This is the Cycle of Sabotage. NOTE: And never send her the message that you will always be with her don’t matter what. But every time you focus on your failure it gets brighter and brighter! Every time you think about an experience (that you label as a failure) it gets brighter and brighter.

And since I am aware that you have heard of at least one story where a person used to be poor and later became rich. Also. The whole process will force you to change your seductive outlook in a way that will make you happy with the fact he tells himself that he will become rich one day. The good news is that is what they are in reality. I know that you are aware that this person took on a unique and powerful mind state to break out of the cycle of being poor. but at least this method can work in the real world. How did it happen? It started with Jason’s mind state. you allowed yourself to view “those events” as experiences with valuable information. Steve never thought Jason would become rich. So… Step 1 is allow yourself to view “those things” as experiences with valuable information. (That is what drives you) If you scroll up to the very top of this page. Copyright 2005 CR James 8 . big-OUT may not be on the scale as the money-out-of-the-sky example. He expects to become rich. I’m poor . I forgot to mention. Imagine if you recalled all of the events that made you project an energy of failure and took the time to view all of them as being POSITIVE! And by positive. Oh yeah. Here is an example: (keeping things super simple) Steve and Jason are poor. And once your outlook is changed. Steven says “Look at me. Steve focuses on the fact that he is poor. I mean seductively beneficial.I’ll never be rich”. success has to follow.Super Lust Buttons The good news is that turning down the light is a simple process. The first process will always begin with your mind state. Jason doesn’t even think about the fact that he is also poor . those are the first words that are in red. Guess which one becomes rich. Jason. You put IN a small amount of effort and you get OUT a large favorable response. [What if every time you snapped your fingers money (i. because he focused on Jason’s perceived failure (the fact that he didn’t currently have wealth). In other words.e. a hundred dollar bill) fell out of the sky? – That is an example of little effort-IN and getting a lot-OUT] Our method of little-IN. Here is what you do: You convert what you perceived to be past failures into experiences with valuable information. People can sense your mind state better than you can ever imagine.

Super Lust Buttons It works the same with women. (technically those were rejections. So in my mind. But then one day. If you forget about the past (and convert them into a positive memory) I guarantee you the red glowing ball will cut off and she won’t even see it. winning the lottery) and they end up becoming poor again. I was thinking: “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with a woman with sex-drive problems. So find every event that you think is a failure and find something good it in – find the valuable information – find the learning experience – find the time to say: “I have just escaped the cycle of sabotage!” “I have no past failures with women. It starts with your mind state. Maybe she was just giving me the sex.e. But she wasn’t turned on. being tired). If she were one. she needs to be in the right state of mind 2. I realized that the sex went downhill for a reason. I don’t know what is? I thought “Maybe she wasn’t even turned on back then. sex was great. In the beginning.she can detect your mind state and what you expect. so I would be willing to have sex when I was tired.” Do you see the destruction in this mind state? To me. I kept telling myself things like: “She just has a low libido. she needs to perceive you as having sexual value 3. she would be able to guess at a 5 digit number in your head. because she wanted to be in a relationship with me.e. In my mind. However .” Another example before we move on to Step 2: Before I hooked up with the woman I am with now. And the times that we did have sex. she was just “giving in”. So I thought her tiredness was an excuse. I’m thinking “what happened to her?” Not only that. my sexual value started to decrease. sex was so rare that it had more value then necessary. As the relationship moved on. there has to be an ideal environment for her So I would initiate sex when she was in the wrong state of mind (i. I begin to view the success (great sex in the beginning) as a failure! If that’s not self-sabotage. At the time.” I did focus on my success with women in the past. so in my mind I thought that it could never be me. a messy room)… If you recall the CR James Basic Seduction Formula: In order for sex to take place: 1.e. too) I knew that she loved me. it made sense. Also there have been cases where a failure-focusing person have run across a large sum of money (i. She is not a mind reader.” I thought about leaving her. I was getting rejected like crazy. I started with me initiating sex when she was tired and in a poor environment (i. Copyright 2005 CR James 9 . At least that’s what I thought. I was comfortable with my success with women in the past.

Seriously. So anyway. because he felt that he would ever become rich) Basically. Since I didn’t care. I was focusing on what I perceived to be failure. I projected what I felt onto her (Just like Steve projected that Jason would never get rich. That is valuable information. If you can trigger any response in her (even while you are in this cycle) then you will realize that there must exist short-term sexual value. So naturally I made sure that I would only initial when I was certain that she would accept (in the beginning) because I learned that I could get her in the “habit of wanting sex”. I discovered that she had developed a habit of rejecting me! The sad thing is that I actually had sexual value. I assumed that she didn’t really care. Let’s just say that if I wanted to right now (and I have actually done this) I can approach her in a way that will successfully trigger a rejection. She never wants sex. Basically. You’ll walk away with a valuable experience. Short-term sexual value is just random spikes of sexual value where you may have done something accidentally and the next thing you know she is turned on. I realized that if I approach her the same way I used to approach her for sex – which was not-only anti-seductive. She has a low libido. In other words my action (of approaching her for sex) TRIGGERED AND RETURNED HER to a state of mind where she felt she needed to reject me – even though she wasn’t tired! How powerful is this? Things are completely different now. that anytime I approached her for sex (even when she wasn’t tired) I still got rejected. by looking at the events I later began to find valuable information within those experiences. But as I analyzed these failures I discovered that I had been approaching her for sex when she was tired. This is her long-term perception. I unintentionally created a horrible anchor for rejection. I would recommend that you do this. I would get a successful rejection.Super Lust Buttons Also she prefers to have sex in a “prettier” environment. When I first did it on purpose. I did it so much. That was a powerful discovery. But by approaching her during the worse times. right? I would have never learned that valuable information if it wasn’t for the experience. Because at that point you will discover that you can trigger any response in her – good or bad. The failure mind set: She always rejects me. but overall she has a habit of rejecting you and she has a habit of perceiving you as having little sexual value. Her long-term perception lets you know which cycle you are in. Copyright 2005 CR James 10 . You may end up having great sex with her. So it will help you to trigger a rejection just for the hell of it. Remember the Cycle of Sabotage. So I thought that was an excuse. If you ever get to a point where you can feel that you have lots of sexual value. we tend to see ourselves in others. it was sure to trigger the old feelings. but I approached her at the worse times for her.

even though I can get rejected when I allow this to happen. When you have the wrong mind long-term sexual value. [Reality] Experience with valuable information: Regardless of how much sexual value I have (basically before the strategically induced-rejection. you are going to trigger a response that makes your dog’s mouth water. this will not affect the big picture . is acting. Basically this is your approach. That means that the rejection is not going to do any damage to me. Why don’t I develop a new way of initiating sex that doesn’t trigger the mind state of past rejections. When you are in a Cycle of Sabotage you won’t get consistent high-energy sex until you change your long-term sexual value. [Remember you actions will trigger an emotional/psychological response in her. Trying to get a rejection. So my long term sexual value means that I am in a Cycle of Success (i. And it is controlled and powered by your mind state.Super Lust Buttons SSP TIP: Find a new a way to approach her for sex when you are 100% certain that she is in the right frame of mind so that you can trigger those feelings of craving sex when you approach her the SAME WAY in the future. For example.” (having a glowing red light in my head) [Reality] Experience with valuable information: How about I start initiating sex when she is in a more energetic state. That discovery led to the importance of your short-term sexual value. but if you do you will allow your self to see the full insight instead of being limited to 50% of the insight. looking and analyzing things in the opposite direction. For instance: The failure mind set: “She is always tired. I will be able to pick back up where I left off with little effort. I could not remember the last time she rejected me) I could still get rejected – without it affecting my long-term sexual value. People rarely look at real-live equations in the opposite direction.] The triggers are powerful. Just like if your action was to walk in the kitchen with a bag of dog food in your hand. SSP TIP: (repeated): Find a new way to approach her for sex when you are 100% certain that she is in the right frame of mind so that you can trigger those feelings of craving sex when you approach her the SAME WAY in the future. Let’s use my personal experience to illustrate this (in reverse). you are likely to look at successes as failures! That’s what I did. Let’s get back to the main point: The important thing you must do is convert all failures into experiences with valuable information. you will not only look at experiences with valuable information as failures.e long-term sexual value) Copyright 2005 CR James 11 . She never wants sex.

Now you will move on to Step 2 – Getting comfortable with those experiences. sex if even better than it was in the beginning! (And we have been together for over six years) I had the irrational belief that over time. Obviously you can analyze and learn from the things you do to sexually inspire her. sex in a committed relationship is going to eventually go down. But I escaped it the second I changed my mind state to “it doesn’t have to be that way”. I believed this. Today. it may not be a shock to experience spikes/bursts of short term sexual value. So now let’s reverse that reverse-situation (using the same factor) to see what happens more commonly in reality. Imagine approaching her for sex and not even worrying about getting rejected because you already know that you will gain information that will increase your sexual value (if and only if you have this mind state). it means that you have opened up a channel that will allow you to increase your sexual value regardless of the outcome. But what does this mean for you on a larger scale? It’s simple. Remember Step 1 – was converting all of your the perceived failures into experiences with valuable information. This is the reality. From TV and hearing about cursed relationships. Not only that.Super Lust Buttons So in order to experience failure I would have to analyze the failure and use it to get future consistent rejections. (when things are moving forward) If you are in a Cycle of Sabotage. And it was because of these events that I used to think of as failures. You will not be limited to 50% of the opportunities. if you view it as a sexual value increasing experience you are likely to really feel that way. I had no trouble inspiring women sexually in the past – BUT it was only because of a series of events that contained valuable information (not failures!) I was able to BECOME amazingly more skilled than I used to be. If she rejects you. You want to shock her with your response. you want to be able to show her that it didn’t faze you one bit. I was experiencing bursts of short term sexual value. On a MACRO/LARGER (on the surface) level – this is what took place. there were still times (they were rare) where she would be sexually intense. Copyright 2005 CR James 12 . When I analyzed all of my MICRO perceived events of failures I made many micro-discoveries. If you can turn a perceived failure into an experience with valuable information. This is a social curse thinly disguised as “things that eventually happen to couples”. In my case even though my rejection rate was high.

ALL WOMEN IN THE WORLD WANT ME. ALL WOMEN IN THE WORLD WANT ME. it may be safe to say that she is not in the right frame of mind for socializing on that level. In the dating universe: Let’s say you are in the grocery store and you see a woman that you find attractive. Every outcome is an opportunity to increase your sexual value! That is powerful. So don’t kiss her ass if she rejects you in your attempts to display the right attitude. Copyright 2005 CR James 13 . But at any rate – you are feeling good about yourself. you walk away with sexual value points. Remember the same rules of signals apply. I’M THE MAN. You have your great confidence-building script: YOU (talking to yourself): I’M THE MAN. (or whatever positive self-absorbed egoboosting thing you can come up with) Regardless of how much sexual value you have.[Even before you get a chance to do your famous comb-twirl and jacket-over-the-shoulder spin move!] You realize that showing her that you know how to back off calmly is the best thing you could do for her. What do you think is going to happen if by chance you run into her again and she is in the right frame of mind the next time around? This is obviously not the goal. You quickly back off and demonstrate that it hasn’t affected you one bit. And she is one of those weird types of women that doesn’t blab personal information to complete strangers. You have no idea that her grandfather just died. But when she is expecting a certain response and you give her another powerful message. And as a result she ends up saying: “I’d appreciate if you just leave me alone right now!” YEAP – she gives you the bitchy rejection! . but you notice that she appears somewhat snappy.Super Lust Buttons Get comfortable with the rejection. You: “Wow look at her!” You end up starting a conversation with her. But you can see the difference between backing off calmly and cursing her out or looking miserable after the fact.

Why? Because even if she was the sexiest woman on the planet – the fact that she is a human means that she is going to have natural ups and downs. that women can see. when she is in the presence of a man that helps her move into a better state of mind. The cool thing about attractive women is you already know her types of pain (i. This is how you become her Super Sexy Man. It is the moment in time where you decide to move into the Cycle of Success. you should being feeling great right about now! And if you are feeling great you have already increased your sexual value. So when you focus (and realize) that success takes place regardless of her short-term decision then you can think of this as having a bright green glowing ball in your head.e. when a man comes out of nowhere and removes her from those negative states of mind. There will be plenty of days where she will want to experience something exciting and new in her life. She can not detect it. Every time you focus on your success it gets brighter and brighter! And when women see this signal they go to places they have never been before. Because of this it will always feel good. There will be plenty of days when she will be exposed to some random asshole that just hurt her feelings. There will be plenty of days where she will be bored out of her mind. Because once you have made the decision to change your mind state as time goes on you will continue to move in the right direction. You simply become her hero – out of all the vague and unclear messages she sends out this is the one that she has been sending out since she was a little girl. And that is the direction that allows you to see any outcome of an experience as a success. There will be plenty of days when she will feel sad because of the natural stuff that goes on in life. And a new light is formed – and it glows green. Women love to be rescued! – That includes the sexiest women in the world. " Cycle of Sabatoge # change your mind state (a moment in time) $ Cycle of Success (long term sexual value) If this makes sense to you and you are aware of the power.Super Lust Buttons The difference between leaving the Cycle of Sabotage and moving into the Cycle of Success is separated by a decision. envy or perceived envy – everyone thinks she is stuck up or it is her perception that everyone thinks she is stuck up) Copyright 2005 CR James 14 . Because of this it will always feel good. Once you get to that point then the red light in your head shuts off.

The only thing on your mind is: “I want to get the hell out of here! I’m about to die!” Then out of nowhere a fireman comes in and drags you out of the blazing building. When she detects your bright green glowing ball she is magnetized to you! If you have the right mind set and you have the green glowing ball that she can detect. What would happen if you were to pass the same fireman in the street a few days later? You would probably be just as happy and thankful. When you adopt the Super Lust Buttons Emotional Fireman Strategy you make it your goal: To remove her from pain and to provide her with pleasures (the type of pleasure that we will get to in STEP 3). I’m stronger than most men. But what happens is every time she is in your presence (from that day on) you provide her with a series of emotional pleasures in combination with rescuing her from a series of emotional pains. I’m more creative than most men”. Copyright 2005 CR James 15 . I wonder if she will like me?” or “Oh gosh. etc… [Guilty Guy practices comb-twirl] 90% of guys will not look at short-term rejections as an amazing experience. These are laws of human emotion. you are her hero. you are not the average guy! 90% of guys will avoid approaching women that look sad or mean! 90% of guys will try to impress her – basically saying “Look at me: I’m smarter than most men. she got a nice ass! I would love to get to know her!” So you go over to approach her with courage (without courage your glowing ball will turn from green to red). Imagine being trapped in a burning building.Super Lust Buttons Women love to be rescued. how do I impress her?” [Note: Later on in STEP 3 we will explore a method that will allow you to be light years ahead of most men] The amazing thing is that you are not creating any loop-holes in the universe. but you would feel a strong emotional connection to the fireman? I think so. Would you feel some type of emotional connection to the fireman? I’m not talking about a sexual thing. She may never in her lifetime experience someone like you – because you have the ability to take her on emotional journeys that no other man has the ability to take her on. When you take that approach you don’t ever think about “Oh gosh. Let’s say you are enjoying life and out of nowhere you spot a sexy female: YOU (talking to yourself) “Damn. This is not some magic potion. The details of the conversation aren’t important. When you have the right mind set and you have the green glowing ball that she can detect.

(using the word “expect”) This is powerful on so many levels. It’s one thing for a female to give you her number .it’s another thing when she is excited to give you her number. Do you want a female to just give you sex. Saying these types of phrases to yourself not only creates one of the easiest ways to relax and project confidence. Reason 1 – Women can detect your mind state. Again the amazing thing about changing the future is realizing that it can be done just by telling yourself over and over things like: “I EXPECT ALL WOMEN TO BE ATTRACTED TO ME. She becomes excited by the idea of going out with you.” And it can happen instantly – just like saying things to your self in the mirror. but it dims the red glowing ball in your head. you should constantly say things like this to yourself. and since your way of dealing with the “so called” rejection is superior than the average guy because it allows you to gain information and project powerful signals that she is not use to seeing during those times. Women need to TELL you are confident. they are extremely attracted to a guy that IS certain (for example a guy with an ENERGY of confidence – a guy that EXPECTS success) Copyright 2005 CR James 16 . I don’t care how bizarre or weird it may seem. All because you looked at it from the opposite direction. Since women tend to be uncertain about many things. or do you want her to be excited about having sex with you? Excitement = Action! Remember you are a Fireman! You don’t want to be at the Firehouse waxing your Firetruck. That is powerful on many levels. It’s like you take the time to develop the perfect mindset for dealing with rejections (by perceiving them as what they really are: experiences with valuable information) and then you don’t see them any more. She gets excited by the idea of having sex with you. You want to be Rescuing Her by hosing out her fire! Here’s something that is important: Women respond to your expectations.Super Lust Buttons The decent guy with sexual value is rare. Do you see how the positive-green-signal-script has slightly evolved. you will not only decrease them by default but it works to make you more sexually magnetized. Because in a weird way she’ll have an idea of how a person like you would respond to a “so called” rejection. If you show her an abundance of sexual value she will be magnetized to you! You will destroy the grading curve. The good news is that if you get comfortable with the ‘perceived rejections’ they will not only decrease by default – but you get her excited about giving you her number.

It simply means that you are aware of how powerful women can tell what you believe. Copyright 2005 CR James 17 .” That not only allows you to send powerful messages to her. But what’s even more powerful is creating and changing the perception of success. But does that stop him from being the best? He knows that he will continue to make sales in the future. Because even if she does reject you. Trust me. So the best thing to say to yourself over and over is something like: “I expect for all women to find me incredibly irresistible once I demonstrate to them that I am confident. And I can guarantee you that if you had an opportunity to meet the worst salesman on earth it would be a guy that didn’t expect to sell. will begin to expect those things to happen (on a deep down level). If she does reject you. The closer you get to putting the rejections in perspective. It’s simple: A guy that keeps telling himself positive success-driven things.Super Lust Buttons It’s simple: Women are attracted to confidence. Once the mindset changes. That’s where true character is defined anyway. It’s simple: A guy that is confident expects future success. the results will change. right? In essence women typically get fooled by a guy’s attempts to mislead because he believes or expects her to fall for his lies… even though such misleading methods are destined to backfire. It would be a guy that focused on all of the rejections. You can generate attraction after she has rejected you. If that was the case then they wouldn’t get fooled when a guy lies to them. The greatest car salesman on earth will probably experience more rejections than sales made. look at it as an opportunity to make her experience something rare by showing her how well you respond to failure. the better. Do you see where the starting point should be? Reason 2 – “The best pick up line will always be what you say to yourself!” And this has nothing to do with masturbating. she can not stop you from successfully sending the message that you react better than most guys in situations when you normally should be upset or feeling down. the same principles are at work. This doesn’t mean that women can read your mind. When a woman rejects a guy she has a pretty good idea of how he will respond. but it allows you to remind yourself of your responsibilities. I would however focus on sending positive “I still feel amazing about myself” signals. Note: I would never make that a goal. that I react well to all situations (good or bad) and that I have the power to make her feel good about herself. It’s a win-win situation.

etc. When my son was only 6-9 months (he couldn’t talk). if you approach a woman with this amazing attitude and your only goal is to make her feel good (not get her number or anything like that) then success will seem very easy to achieve. People react to your signals. Focus on making it your goal to make her feel good about herself in a way where you are evaluating her (not kissing up to her) as success. that is the theme. the process of initiating a conversation happens with ease. you will trick your unconscious mind and you will REALLY start to feel that way. Remember that she has NO CHOICE but to respond positively to being able to tell that you feel great about yourself. As you can tell. It doesn’t mean you are lowering your expectations.Super Lust Buttons I’ll say that one more time. STEP TWO: Focus on telling yourself positive/confident messages in an effort to project the more powerful below the surface signals. Are you aware of the power? [Guilty Guy scares away 30 “plus-sized” cats!] Plus women will be able to tell that you are feeling that way. CREATE AND CHANGE THE PERCEPTION OF SUCCESS Instead of looking at getting sex or getting her number or getting her to accept going out as success. (assuming that she is a level-headed female). It just means that you are doing what it takes to force you to focus on the important things… Remember: Your future matters – not your past. I remember talking to him in this pathetic clown-like nerdy voice and out of nowhere he instinctively slapped me in the face. Copyright 2005 CR James 18 . The response is on a deep down level. it is important to say things to yourself that send signals of “that kind of” confidence that she will pick up on. Focus on “getting comfortable” with either outcome as success. “life is great”. Most people do not have a clue about how powerful that is. This ensures that you don’t come off as arrogant and selfcentered. but more importantly it creates a powerful charismatic attitude. Even if you have no trouble with your outlook. it’s always beneficial to be engaging and compassionate with others. then that’s not hard to succeed. In other words if you keep telling yourself over and over again things like “I feel amazing”. For example. focus on successfully sending the messages as success. and that your intentions is to make her feel good about herself (and that’s it). if you make success just trying to start a conversation with her. If you tell yourself that you feel great about yourself. Any time you are projecting a healthy amount of confidence. It has more value than most people realize. Your unconscious mind (or your deep down thoughts) can easily be re-programmed by repetition. In other words.

Avoid it. do not be the guilty guy that thinks this is a mean thing to do. In seconds. Let’s look at the last part (Number 4) . You made her feel good about herself in a way that makes you the authority) then it will be obvious. Basically you are asking her “would you accept me?” or “would you please have sex with me?” That is what the average guy does. You feel great about yourself. To me. Because in most cases.You made her feel good about herself in a way that makes you the authority. You can still compliment her (in a certain way) – and she’ll get the same bubbly feelings – and you don’t have to worry about having the wrong Big Sentence. That is the energy and the tone of their conversion. Your goal is to be her Emotional Fireman. After all. you’ll be able to get away with a lot of stuff and they’ll actually work for you. if you don’t let her know. Some guys think that you have to be a man and make the bold move and let her know that you want sex. In other words. The right way to do it is to compliment her decision making. 3. she will normally get the impression (signal) that you are fighting to get her approval on some level. Once you have enough sexual value. You can make your Big Sentence send the message that you are the one that does the accepting – or – you are the one that decides whether you will give her sex. their 30-60 minute conversation with her is One Big Sentence that says: “Will you please accept me?” or “would you please let me have sex with you?” That does not have to be your Big Sentence.Super Lust Buttons STEP THREE: Make her feel good about herself in a way that makes you the authority. Remember: The wrong way to do that is by complimenting her on her looks. If you have sent the messages: (1. You are the one that evaluates 4. That is what the bottom 95% of guys do. (This is one example) Copyright 2005 CR James 19 . you don’t really have to let her know. 2. Complimenting her on her looks means you will take on the energy of a fan or a stalker (depending on the intensity). but it will not establish you as the authority. Complimenting her on her looks may make her feel good – and she may really be flattered. You react well in all situations. But if you feel that you still need to build up your sexual value (with her) then DO NOT compliment her on her looks… Also. how else is she going to know that you want it. she’ll get the impression that you are trying to impress her – or win her.

Average Guys: Approaches her in a way that clearly shows that they are trying to win her or impress her. she is hyper-aware of the scarcity of decent guys. You wouldn’t want some poor woman walking around in this cruel earth being delusional. dictate the pace and control the outcome. Trust me. she is a sexy woman – on the inside she is a sexy woman that is hyper-aware of all the other sexy women out there. The Guy With The Advantage (The Guy She Goes For): Approaches her in a way that clearly shows that he is aware that he is the rare specimen. the internet and billboards – women are constantly reminded how tough the competition is. PLUS. Women know this. You are the amazing guy. You can pick whatever example/analogy you want – the authority figure will always make the rules. Let’s get serious (even though I’m not joking)… Copyright 2005 CR James 20 . On the outside.her perception could be false. Hint: This works with any woman! It is super easy to find a woman that is ready to give you a shot because in this world it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT FOR HER TO FIND A DECENT GUY – The prettier she is the more difficult it is for her. Special Note: It is always fun when you are meeting a pretty woman for the first to direct her attention to the abundance of beautiful females out there: (“How many women are getting plastic surgery these days? I don’t remember seeing this many beautiful women around five years ago?”) Special Note: Get HER to reveal her perception of how competitive it is out there. this is equivalent to finding bags of money in the street! Special Note: If she let’s you know that she is aware of the masses of pretty women out there – what’s wrong with making her think it’s even worse than her current perception? What’s wrong with cranking it up a level? After all . She almost has no choice but to give you a shot. You can steal this title like a thief in the night in seconds. The reality is there are tons and tons and tons of pretty women everywhere. Look around. In reality: You are the rare specimen. they are aware of this intense competition. When you compliment her decision making you are the authority figure. right? LOL.Super Lust Buttons This is very powerful. And look at the TV. Cranking it up a notch for her may help bring her closer to reality. PLUS. The more competitive it feels to her. This instantly creates the perception that you are the one that decides because you are the authority figure – by default. As if she is a rare specimen just because she is a pretty woman or a woman period. And if you look at TV. they have pretty women on every channel. It is extremely difficult for her to find a decent guy. not-so-pretty women are getting plastic surgery so now there are even more pretty women swimming around. unearned sexual value! If a super sexy female thinks [in her head] that virtually all women are extremely attractive and there are zero decent guys. That way you will always have an amazing advantage over the average guys if you keep this in mind. the more value you will have! This is free.

000. This is a false. Women’s perception of the DecentGuy-to-BagOfShitGuy ratio will only represent their personal sample of the population of men. So don’t make the mistake that most guys make. Guys with this false mind state will typically respond with the incorrect action of feeling as though they have to really compete. Copyright 2005 CR James 21 .000. because you will be more aware. now it’s going to get trickier? If someone offered you 900. “Most Guys” thinks he has to try very hard because she is very attractive. Ok. As you can see you have zero options. which one would you should choose? Correct! The right answer is still None of Them. That has been established.001 bags of shit. Mr. This is wrong. you will project a superior mind state. you will realize that you can succeed easier by approaching prettier women. Quantity can be verified. What you are about to learn next is very important: (And if you have this on your mind. Quality is perceived.Super Lust Buttons The illusion is that pretty women have tons of options because tons of guys approach them on a regular basis. which one would you should choose? Would it be Bag of Shit #1? Would it be Bag of Shit #2? Would it be Bag of Shit #3? Would it be Bag of Shit #7? The correct answer is None of Them. You already know that the Decent Guy like yourself is rare. A pretty woman may get tons of guys approaching her but she may still have zero options – if they are guys she would never be with.) This about this. and think that she has tons of options. This is fallacious. Do more guys approach prettier women? YES! But that has nothing to do with her options. If someone offered you 10 bags of shit. Once I explain it in simpler terms and in mathematical terms.

etc. Quantity can be verified. (and I say “only half” because you already know that the majority of guys tend to get really nervous when they are around pretty women) that would mean that she only have an OPTION every two months! These are the numbers. This is reality. Her ratio is going to be 3 Decent Guys out of 150! So in her mind. if AverageGirl gets 1 Guy that approaches her per day. Let’s move on. That equals a ratio 3 Decent Guys out of 30 SuperSexyGirl naturally is going to get more guys approaching her. she’ll get 3 DecentGuys (Quality) that will approach her in a given month. So if the DecentGuy begins to exhibit signals of insecurity. that would equal 150 Guys (Quantity) in a month. you just ask her: (depending on which one she is) “How come it seems like all of the average-looking women are snatching up all of the good guys?!” Women are visually oriented so it is always good to use dynamic-visual-verbs like: snatching up.Super Lust Buttons If the AverageGirl is lucky. a Decent Guy appears to be even more rare. You can simply get a more accurate estimation of the perceived scarcity of the Decent Guy by asking her.] What is funny is that the SuperSexyGirls think the AverageGirls are stealing all of the decent guys that are out there and the AverageGirls think the SuperSexyGirls are stealing all of the decent guys that are out there! So anytime you want to instantly increase the perception of your rareness (which increases your value). she’ll also get 3 DecentGuys (Quality) that will approach her in a given month. Copyright 2005 CR James 22 . If the SuperSexyGirl is lucky. that would equal 30 Guys (Quantity) in a month. Mathmatically. [3 out of 150 versus 3 out of 30] Now think about the fact that when a Decent Guy approaches a SuperSexyGirl he is going to be more nervous and highly likely to be not as relaxed as he should be (like he would have been with AverageGirl) The math is simple. There is a difference between a Decent Guy and a Decent Guy With Sexual Value. The great thing is you don’t have to agree with them. stealing. so if she gets 5 Guys that approach her per day. grabbing. [Remember: Quality is perceived. How does this affect the SuperSexyGirl’s 3 out of 150 ratio? Even if she rejects only half of the decent guys. because in his mind he believes that she is rare (when sexy women are every damn where and women know it) he will get rejected – even though he is a decent guy. YOU: Do you think a decent man is hard to find? or YOU: Why is a decent man hard to find? (and follow up questions like this) KEEP THIS IN MIND: You already know the AverageGirls and the SuperSexyGirls both think a decent guy is hard to find.

even though it should be instinctive) and SHE will respond subtly to what the signals that reveal what you EXPECT. So once your Big Sentence becomes: “I wonder if you are good enough for me. I got good news: It’s simple as pie not to be that guy. If your wife rejects you a lot for sex. she will fight to keep the item without even thinking about whether she really wanted it or not. You are the rare one. you need to let her know very quickly that it is actually YOU that is giving her a shot. After you approach the woman. because the energy is the same. you can think of each time you approach her for sex as you meeting and getting a new sexy woman’s phone number. once you approach her… …with the awareness that there are plenty of women out there …with the understanding that it is rare for her to meet a decent guy with sexual value …it would be difficult to project the wrong signals.” That’s exactly how they think. because there are tons of women out there”. THIS IS HOW YOU CREATE AN URGE WITHIN HER. Once you let a woman know that there is a possibility that she may lose a particular item. Your sexual value is universal. then chances are you would get rejected at the same rate in the dating environment.the more powerful! THE MALE/FEMALE SYSTEM: When you are talking to her – and it’s a one on one thing – the two of you are in a male/female system. Copyright 2005 CR James 23 . The more subtle (but yet obvious) this message .Super Lust Buttons The bottom line is you don’t want to be the Decent Guy that gets rejected. If you review the steps (scroll up – they’re in green): You will see that the first two steps is about becoming a MAN and step three is about getting her to respond to your expectations. the only thing you need to do is establish yourself as the MAN (many guys do not do this . In fact. she will be forced to think: “I got to make sure no other woman snatches him up. Also. A. if you are in a relationship everything in this report can be applied to initiating sex. The rest of the world is cut off and the only thing that is going on is this male to female system. So when you approach her (or every time you talk to her) – take on the mindset of “I wonder if she is going to be good enough for me” and really take that approach… If you show her those two signals she will be drawn to YOU. The important thing to know is once you get in one of these systems with a female. In fact.

This is what I call the SSP POWER COMBO. Do you have any idea of what happens when you combine the two?! {A + B} In other words if she begins to feel as though she has to fight to keep a particular item.Super Lust Buttons B. THIS IS HOW YOU CREATE AN URGE WITHIN HER. So when you reverse this mindset that women have.) This is how it works: Once you have demonstrated that you are a confident man who is a rare decent guy. Just like you have the ability to make her sad. (Chances are you have probably done it before on some level. Just like you have the ability to make her laugh. you are going to make her fight to keep you because she doesn’t want any other woman to get you. [Guilty Guy goes to the flower shop] In other words just as she begins to fight for your approval. you’ll discover an easy and fun way of doing that a little bit later. (that she has to fight to keep you because other women will snatch you up. And as a matter of fact.) You ever hear a women say: “After [blah blah blah]. I knew I had to snatch him up” when referring to “getting the man in a relationship”. Always remember you have the ability to make her crave you. Step three is all about: “Making her realize that SHE HAS TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS” And again you are able to learn one way of doing it that is 100% fun to do. Just like you have the ability to make her scared. you can send the other two messages. And if she thinks that other women want this item. This simply reveals that the true motivation that fueled her decision was initiated by the idea of keeping other women from getting the guy. The SSP Power Combo is two basic signals. BECAUSE she is concerned that other women who want this item will snatch up it up so that she can’t have it. she’ll begin to want it even more even though she may not have wanted it before. As you are doing it. Copyright 2005 CR James 24 . you’ll have a process for actively putting it in motion. The 3 Steps allow you to send the two messages that you are a CONFIDENT MAN and that SHE HAS TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS. she’ll instantly understand WHY she has to meet your expectations… And just when you got her fighting for your approval – because she has an emotionally-driven and psychologically-driven reason – you are going to crank it up to LEVEL 100 by activating the SSP Power Combo.

and she feels that you are into her more so than her body. You could leverage: confidence.” Kinda like you are her dad… This makes her feel warm and important . These are the Good-Girl Messages: very good good for you great decision wow. sexual value. right? You are the one that is deciding if she meets your needs. etc. You’ll see success immediately after taking this approach: As she is talking. Even though she may not laugh at your story she would still get the signal/message that you were funny. Or you could leverage the perception by telling her a story talking about how you made other women/people laugh. she will never get mad at me.” The opposite is closer to the truth. You could tell a joke that makes her laugh which sends the signal. most people wouldn’t have been smart enough to do that what made you think of that not bad I’m proud of you (my favorite) thata girl good girl etc. Let’s get back on track. It is a MUST that you mix in some comments that suggest you are disappointed with her (when appropriate). [for future and past reports] You can always leverage a perception/signal. Guys that get obsessed over a woman – or guys that keep saying to themselves “what do I need to do to get her to want me” NORMALLY would never in a million years send the signals that they are disappointed in what she just said. They are afraid of conflict: THEM: “If I don’t upset her. For example: If you want to convince a woman that you are funny. creativity. Here is one of my favorite ways of doing it. She needs to feel as though she is in a competition. Pretty soon you’ll notice that she’ll start “working” for those responses. Copyright 2005 CR James 25 . start saying things like “very good” or “good job” provide her with moments of signals that say “I’m proud of you. You’ll have to decide which ones you can get away with early on. intelligence. instead of nodding constantly or looking at her as if she is the greatest thing on earth.Super Lust Buttons As you can see you can creating a dual level of fighting for you (fighting to win your approval & fighting to keep you) Before we move on – keep this in mind.

Your Good-Girl Messages could be perceived as you kissing her ass 2. Kind of like a mother bird instinctively goes on a mission to find worms once she “hears” the cries of the baby birds. Your Good-Girl Messages will lose effectiveness because there’s no baseline or nothing to compare it to. And your sexual value will be going up like crazy.Super Lust Buttons If you never tell her that you disapprove of something she is talking about: 1. once she hears anything that suggest that you are giving her “short-term disapproval” then she will in most cases return to the state of mind of desiring to seek more positive responses. You will not establish yourself as the authority – the one who decides and evaluates 3. If you are the type that struggles with what to say next. I didn’t think you were that type I’m disappointed in you (my favorite) I’m starting to think differently of you etc. She will now want to hear the “very goods” or the “good jobs” or “that was smart of you to blah blah blah”. Once she hears anything that suggest that you are giving her “short-term disapproval” then she will in most cases return to the state of mind of desiring to seek more positive responses. do not worry and do not crumble. what do you think happens when you give a parrot a cracker for talking? Yeap. This is something you will notice. then you will be happy to know that another benefit to doing this is that once you see that she is fighting for the emotional rewards (that only you can give out). And sticking with the bird analogies.These are the Bad-Girl Messages: what made you do that? I’m shocked. So again. If she comments on your comments. it wants to keep talking! Copyright 2005 CR James 26 . She will instinctively go into this state of mind. you will realize that it is much easier to hold a conversation with her. She now will want to hear the “very goods” or the “good jobs” or “that was smart of you to blah blah blah”. This approach (focusing on these signals) is light years ahead of buying her roses and telling her she is the prettiest thing on earth. I just want to let you know that it is powerful. At a minimum this can be done on a playful level and still generate the same deep down responses in her that will benefit you. With that said . I’m not saying this to brag. About 60 minutes of talking she expressed that she wanted to “hook up” later on. This first time I did this “purposefully” I was able to fire-off my first “I’m proud of you” within 1 minute of talking to the young lady.

Give me if she isn’t making any sense. if you started giving her short-term disapproval after she told talked about some award she just won. that is great. they will damn near kill anyone who tries to stop them from “clearing it up”. What is happening is her brain is telling her: Yeah. I like that. Kinda like “damn. you can always show her how puzzled you are by her remarks until she starts explaining herself. In no time it will be obvious that she is fighting for your approval. Do make sure it’s done when necessary. you get her to explain something and then say: Are you telling me that you are the type of women that blah blah?…. If you are single and you are dating many different women. Women love to “clear things up”. You can get her in the habit of explaining to you every little thing. IN SUMMARY: Remember the formula: (which is always a good approach because the brain learns by recognizing patterns and sequences) Realize that you are the Rare Decent Guy. That feels good. and that it is done the right way.Super Lust Buttons So if you occasionally GIVE HER SOME “well good for you” and “thata girl” and “very good” she will unconsciously seek these responses (or emotional rewards) and next thing you know she is indirectly fighting to impress you. Without coming off like an overly-critical guy. Remember: Most women have a strong desire to not want to be perceived as dumb – even if she considers herself smart. but when the time is right you could say something like: “why would you do something like that?” Make sure it is real. You mix those with the statements that show that you are disappointed in her. If you are married or in a committed relationship. It would seem odd. Most women have a strong desire to not want to be perceived as dumb. You could get her to talk about embarrassing moments in her life or silly mistakes she has made. Just make sure you know what type of guy you are (see chart below) Copyright 2005 CR James 27 . then that may send the message that you are weird. but when she says something that doesn’t make sense. but the second they think it is taken the wrong way. Don’t criticize or judge her. At any rate. the process of her wanting to set the record straight also works in your favor. Then you could playfully say something like: What they hell were thinking?… Or if it is more serious. They have no problem sending vague (unclear) messages. Make her feel free about talking about anything. you let me down”. (You see how you instantly send the message that you are the one who evaluates…) Make sure it is real. that is also great. Another way you can do this is start acting like you are clueless to what she is saying . She’ll end up programming herself into thinking there must be a reason why she needs to answer to you. “Take a look at the chart below” Copyright 2005 CR James 28 . Make her realize that she has to fight to keep you because other women will snatch you up 2. Become Her Emotional Fireman (Rescue her from pain and provide her with pleasure Other Things To Remember: • • • • • • • Your success with women will always begin with your mind state Being extremely nice and anxious is a Bad Combo (it parallels the energy of a child molester) In order to go from a Cycle of Sabotage to a Cycle of Success you must change your mind state. Refer to it as often as you need to.Super Lust Buttons This is the Super Lust Buttons formula that is to be executed once you enter THE MALE/FEMALE SYSTEM STEP ONE: Forget about the past (if necessary) STEP TWO: Focus on telling yourself positive/confident messages in an effort to project the more powerful below the surface signals. Women Respond to what you expect (of yourself and of her) Make it your goal to just meet her and then make her feel good about herself If you can get comfortable with rejections – and see them as what they really are (experiences with valuable information) – you will be able to increase your sexual value regardless of the outcome This report is yours. “good for you”) % 1. The more you read it. CR James superhappysex. the better. Warmly. Remove the Red Glowing Ball STEP THREE: Make her feel good about herself in a way that makes you the authority (i.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Decent Guy with Sexual Value [rare] satisfies her unconscious and conscious needs. She is unconsciously attracted to him. (conflict: she’s very proud to say that he is her man and he is a nice guy. In other words. she knows that this is not the man she wants. You will discover time and time again. etc) but her unconscious buttons are not being pressed.Women do respond psychologically to some jerks. the Cellar Dweller (The Extremely Nice & Anxious Guy) can’t even compete with the jerk – even though she is consciously attracted to him. caring. good job. but he is the rarest guy out there. but consciously she is not.Super Lust Buttons This is a good way to help you see where the 3 types of guys rank in terms of Sexual Value. He is the guy that does the emotional tricks and moves her on a raw psychological level better than the jerk because he rescues her and moves her to pleasurable emotional levels . The guy at the top is not only her instinctive idea man. She will be magnetized to him like crazy! He is the rare guy in the middle that she has always been searching for. the Extremely Nice Guy may satisfy her conscious needs (attractive. In other words. nice and polite. The Jerk [plenty of them] only satisfies her unconscious needs. but there is an inner conflict. but she can’t figure out why she isn’t turned on by him) Copyright 2005 CR James 29 . There is nothing to be ashamed of and he turns her on sexually. but she is deeply ashamed of him and embarrassed by his actions) The Extremely Nice Guy [plenty of them] only satisfies her conscious needs. (conflict: she’ll want him sexually.