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kwantcontrols. REPEAT ORDERS 6.2 Operation 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 2.1 System status 3.Quality in Command Telegraph System “Pointer” type CONTENTS Page 1. ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS APPENDIX: DRAWINGS 4A0098152 Principle diagram pointer tel. START UP PROCEDURE 2.3 Line up failure 4. TROUBLE SHOOTING 3. system 1 4A0098153 Principle diagram pointer tel.Box 23 8600 AA Sneek-Holland | kwant@kwantcontrols.1 Principles 1. system 2 4A0098154 Principle diagram pointer tel.com | Telephone +31 (0)515 413745 | Telefax +31 (0)515 422478 .O. MAINTENANCE 5. GENERAL 1.2 Starting operation 3.2 Potentiometer failure 3.V. | P. system 3 Kwant Controls B.nl www.1 Installation 2.

| P.Quality in Command Telegraph System “Pointer” type 1. the telegraph alarm will be switched on. Other possible options are: . GENERAL 1. . buzzers.C. or order recorder). In R.Signal transmitters (e. the telegraph alarm section is disabled. Kwant Controls B. mode is used to control the main engine directly from the wheelhouse by means of optional R.Special potentiometers (e.Electrical shaft systems. thecommand must be acknowledged at the selected position by moving the control lever to theposition requested. Precision potentiometers are used to transmit the orders. . .Acoustic alarm: bells. Servo motors are used for moving the pointers along the scales of the control units. mode. . 4-20mA).C.nl www. The wheelhouse unit’s reply pointer is now connected to it’s own command lever.) mode by means of a single contact.1 Principles The pointer telegraph is a communication system designed to send orders from the bridge or bridge annexes to the engine room or engine control room.O. They are controlled by means of an operating lever equipped with either a knob or a cross lever.C.Wrong way contacts.V. horns. The R.com | Telephone +31 (0)515 413745 | Telefax +31 (0)515 422478 .Pneumatic valves.g. .C. The system can be switched from telegraph mode to Remote Control (R. .C. transmitters. In order to mute the alarm. for R.kwantcontrols.Code switches.Box 23 8600 AA Sneek-Holland | kwant@kwantcontrols.g. Whenever a new command is being issued.

C. and E. The amplifier’s deadband is adjustable by means of a trimpotentiometer. The reply pointer in the wheelhouse will indicate the position of the command lever in E. (4A0098153) the basic diagram has been extended with an extra operating position and R. Both transmitter potentiometers are connected to the amplifier inputs A and B. · Measure the power supply voltage.kwantcontrols.C. output C will be driven high and the alarm will sound.com | Telephone +31 (0)515 413745 | Telefax +31 (0)515 422478 . Kwant Controls B.R.R. When either command lever is moved. START UP PROCEDURE 2.R. (4A0098152) shows the basic principle of the pointer telegraph system.C.C.2 Starting operation When the installation has been completed. | P. 1.2 Operation A new command is issued by simply moving the command lever of the wheelhouse (or annexe) to the desired position. · Connect the power supply to the system.Box 23 8600 AA Sneek-Holland | kwant@kwantcontrols.nl www.R. At the selected operating position the command must be acknowledged by moving the command lever to the position indicated by the reply pointer.O. Make sure the polarity is correct! · Check whether the installation’s fuse corresponds to the maximum current consumed. However. mode (if required) is done by means of single contact as shown in figure 2 (4A0098153). The telegraph alarm will sound. there will be no voltage at output C and the alarm will be off. (4A0098154) shows how the receiver motor units of E. or telegraph mode. or E. With both command levers in the same position. Drawing 2. 2. and to the receiver motor units of the other position. the telegraph system can be put into operation.Drawing 1. the factory setting should be adequate.C. Relay K2 selects which position is on service. Drawing 3. which will mute the alarm.V. 2. selection. relay K1 selects either R. · Make sure all operating levers can move freely over their full range. are driven by the wheelhouse transmitter potentiometer. Position selection and switching to R. It must correspond to the system design. · All instruments must be connected according to the relevant wiring diagram.1 Installation · The wiring of all units should be undamaged during mechanical installation.

fuse rating wrong 3. Kwant Controls B.O.1 Replacement of motor unit When a receiver motor unit has been replaced. 2. it should be adjusted as follows: 1. Defective relay K3 on alarm PCB 98033 3. Set all command levers to the zero position.3 Alarm failure 1.com | Telephone +31 (0)515 413745 | Telefax +31 (0)515 422478 . Power not connected 2.3. 4. Continuous alarm in full ahead or full astern position: end stops not adjusted properly.1 Blown fuse 1. pointer vibrates: one or more terminals 3.nl www. 4. Set the pointer to the zero position and fasten the sprocket screws tightly. Bell clapper stuck to housing or defective bell.4. TROUBLE SHOOTING 3. | P. Always make sure that the power is switched off before dismantling any system part. MAINTENANCE Most components are accessible through the bottom side of the control unit.2 Pointer movement errors 1. wiring connection wrong or short circuit 2. which can be accessed after removing the protective cover from the top side of the unit. 3. this may cause the potentiometer to blow! 3. 4. pointer does not move at all: defective motor unit due to excessive voltage.V. Loosen the screws that secure the sprocket to the shaft. pointer moves in wrong direction: transmitter potentiometer terminals 4 and 5 have been swapped. 3.Box 23 8600 AA Sneek-Holland | kwant@kwantcontrols. 2. pointer stuck at scale end: wiper wire has been swapped with one of the others.kwantcontrols.5 or 6 not connected. 4. Switch on the power supply. 4. except for the dial illumination parts.

Always include the Kwant Controls factory number as written on the front page of this manual in all correspondence.kwantcontrols.V. Measure the potentiometer’s wiper voltage. REPEAT ORDERS Always use the relevant wiring diagram and part number of the component. The pointer telegraph system does not require any regular maintenance. | P. Set the command lever to the zero position. 2. it should be adjusted as follows: 1.com | Telephone +31 (0)515 413745 | Telefax +31 (0)515 422478 . Fasten the sprocket to the shaft and check whether the corresponding receiver pointer also indicates the zero position. while rotating the potentiometer shaft until half the power supply voltage is measured.4. Kwant Controls B.nl www. please indicate that number and the specification as shown on the concerning part. 5.O.Box 23 8600 AA Sneek-Holland | kwant@kwantcontrols. 3. For parts numbered in the diagram.2 Replacement of potentiometer When a transmitter potentiometer has been replaced.