I place my trust in an institution that supports growing enterprises for the country’s economic progress.

It shows a strong sense of commitment and solid values. More than credit line and pricing, I look at the overall performance of my partner bank. I need to be with a stable institution that can weather any storm. That gives me guarantee.

My family is at the top of my priority list, just as I am at the top of my bank’s. My bank gives me the same kind of care and security that I aim to provide my family even while I’m away from home.

Metrobank is the country’s premier universal bank, with an extensive consolidated network that spans over 1,200 ATMs nationwide, 732 local branches, and 35 foreign branches, subsidiaries and representative offices.


It takes the best to serve the very best.

I have high regard for companies that exhibit consistency in all their undertakings and are transparent about the way they conduct their business. I am proud to be part of an institution that has given me many opportunities to gain expertise in my field and serve customers with confidence.

People say we are the hope of the future and our country. I admire institutions who take action so we can become nationbuilders and agents of positive change for tomorrow.


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Recognizing Metrobank’s commitment to all its stakeholders
The year saw the Bank receive a number of significant awards – a positive indication that Metrobank is on the right path to fully realizing its vision to be the best bank for all stakeholders.
Strength and Stability Following a year characterized by the global financial crisis, 2009 became a backdrop to showcase the Bank’s stability and resilience, which are valued traits imperative to boosting customer confidence. With strategies that continued to prove effective, the Bank showed consistent performance throughout the year. Metrobank posted good growth in core segments and continued earnings strength – a feat amidst a business environment that was still reeling from effects of the crisis. This accorded Metrobank the prestigious award Best Managed Company – Medium Cap from Asiamoney. Good Governance Metrobank values shareholder confidence and places premium on practicing good corporate governance. In addition to strict compliance with governed local regulations, the Bank applies international best practices, maintaining transparency, timeliness, and accuracy in its financial reporting. Metrobank was honored by Corporate Governance Asia in its 2009 Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards for the fifth consecutive year, for initiatives in the development of corporate governance in the region. Asiamoney cited the Bank for 3rd Best Overall for Corporate Governance in the Philippines and Best Investor Relations Officer, based on the results of its latest Corporate Governance Poll. The Bank was also recognized in The Asian Banker IR150 survey, ranking 1st in the Philippines for Best Investor Relations Services. Recognition was also given for the Bank’s 2008 annual report, along with the Metrobank Foundation, Inc., which carried the same theme in its own report for unified communications. The Bank received a Philippine Quill Award of Merit from the International Association of Business Communicators – Philippines (IABC Philippines), and an Anvil Award of Merit from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP). Brand Promise and Institutional Reputation In servicing different clients, Metrobank adheres to the brand promise of “You’re in Good Hands.” More than providing premium products and services, the Bank ensures excellent banking experience for its customers, partners, shareholders, and communities. In its drive to consistently fulfill its promise, the Bank earned another Gold Trusted Brand Award for the sixth consecutive year from Reader’s Digest. Metrobank was also ranked 1st in Financial Reputation in the Philippines in the Asia 200 report of The Wall Street Journal Asia, for the second straight year. The Bank also placed in the Top 10 of the Philippines’ most admired companies in the Asia 200. Performance and Service Excellence Metrobank ensures that its brand image and institutional reputation are reflected in the quality of its performance and service. In 2009, Metrobank was accorded various citations for delivering exemplary results in various aspects of its business. Among the Bank’s awards for the year include the 2009 Gold Trusted Brand Award – Investment Fund Company category by the Reader’s Digest; Most Astute Investor in Asian Currency Bonds in the Philippines by The Asset; and Overall Best Performing Government Securities Eligible Dealer (GSED) Award by the Bureau of the Treasury, for the second consecutive year. People Development The Bank’s exemplary performance can be attributed in large part to the strength of its organization. Metrobank ascertains that its institutional vision and business goals are well-communicated to its entire people – from the largest group down to the smallest team within the company. In line with which, Metrobank was conferred two Philippine Quill Awards of Merit for employee communication initiatives. Community Service Metrobank counts among its major stakeholders the communities it serves. For its solid commitment to nation-building, Metrobank Foundation received several Anvil Awards of Excellence for its various advocacies, and the Grand Anvil for its 25-year program, the Search for Outstanding Teachers.
Awards and Accolades

Beyond adding prestige to the company, an award is a vote of confidence that indicates we are on the right track with our strategies and implementation. It is an inspiration for us to continue our best practices and enhance our brand of service even further. It is an affirmation that Metrobank is indeed the best bank for all stakeholders.

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Metrobank Annual Report

chairpersons’ message
You speak
While we anticipated 2009 to be another difficult and challenging year, we are pleased to report that it was, on the whole, a good one for the Bank and the Metrobank Group. The economic turmoil that had began in 2007 and continued on to 2008 was greatly offset in 2009 by efforts to push recovery. The year may have begun with difficult conditions and few signs of improvement in the financial markets. However, central banks around the world continued with their stimulus programs and by the second half of 2009, countries started recovering. By year-end, corporate earnings showed significant improvements, while most stock markets rebounded to pre-Crisis levels.
As for the Philippines, the country remained fairly resilient. Our economy escaped contraction and continued to be in fairly solid shape. Notwithstanding the drag from the crisis and the extensive damage caused by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng in the second half of 2009, full year GDP growth ended up at 0.9%. The fourth quarter saw some economic rejuvenation thanks to double-digit growth in retail trade, banks and non-banks, recreational services, mining, and quarrying sectors, which all helped to offset the decline in others. Inflation stayed at low single-digit levels, which allowed interest rates to remain low, and kept businesses moving and consumers spending. Increased consumer and government spending for the entire year made up for the diminished investments in durable equipment and sustained decline in the demand for exports from the Philippines by recession-


Inasmuch as the Philippines never went into recession despite the odds. Even as the BSP continued to mobilize deposits and fund new loans. TY Group Chairman ANTONIO S.0 billion. We improved cost-efficiencies with continuous streamlining of our operating processes. posted a net income of P1. Meanwhile. AXA Philippines was able to maintain New Business Index (NBI) at P1. growing year-onyear by 5. and civil service. we remain cautiously optimistic but confident that Metrobank will remain to be more than capable in facing any challenge. Indeed. As a result. ORIX Metro Leasing and Finance (ORIX Metro) posted a solid 11. breaching the 600. Our investments in power through Global Business Power Corporation (GBPC) continue to help alleviate the critical power situation in the Visayas.0%.2 billion. As a Group. First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC). Metrobank’s prudent management. JR. paying out P602. we paid out a total of P1.0 billion or 159.6% to US$17. Despite the crisis. after falling 48% in 2008. as well as bring in a total of almost US$900. the consolidated capital adequacy ratio for the Philippine banking system remained largely stable at around 15. True to the Group’s values and culture of excellence. which were historically the domain of foreign banks. the Foundation’s projects espoused nation-building by honoring and empowering the best Filipinos in the areas of education. Recognizing our shareholders’ continued loyalty and patronage. Metrobank’s overall performance generated a strong and healthy balance sheet. We will continue to introduce improvements across the business in our journey towards becoming the best partner bank of our clients. credit quality continued to improve with NPL ratios declining and coverage ratios generally increasing. Our strategies are firmly in place. the arts.3% with Tier 1 ratio at 10. marked by good asset quality. our organization. We will further enhance and strengthen our efficiencies.stricken major trading partners.3% growth in total resources at P8. and exceeding the BSP’s forecast of a 4. GEORGE S.0% growth for the year. while being agile in pursuing and optimizing new opportunities to grow our business and revenue. the stock market was able to gain 63% in 2009. setting new record sales of 46. These efforts manifest our commitment to our clients to strengthen and sustain our relationships. At the end of 2009. yielding strong performances in deposit generation. We also strengthened the business through branch and ATM network expansions. Moreover. Philippine Charter Insurance Corporation (PhilCharter) holds a claims settling record above industry practice. K. Metrobank Card Corporation (MCC) remains a leading credit card company with 12. Chairman Group Vice Chairman We listen 5 Chairperson’s Message 2009 . Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank).2 billion.193 units last year. our investment banking arm. we beefed up our cash management services.9% past due ratio – the best in the industry. Our constant efforts to instill synergy within the entire Metrobank Group over the past few years helped to ensure that our customers across all market segments find the Group to be their preferred valueadded partner.0 billion in 2009. ended the year with a consolidated net income of P1. the banking system remained stable and profitable.3 billion in consolidated assets and maintained its position as the bank with the highest capital in the banking industry at P75.68%. Branches were retooled to be more focused on sales. cumulative remittances of overseas Filipinos coursed through banks were stronger than expected in 2009.0 million of new capital investments in the region.6 million in claims last year.0 billion. One of the Top 10 non-life insurance providers in the country. and our people. Riding on the continued resiliency of the Philippine banking sector. a commendable 36.000-unit cumulative sales mark. we further strengthened and enhanced our risk management practices. cross-selling and consumer lending. sound financial practices and customerfocused strategies served the Bank well in generating a respectable performance in 2009. ABACAN. We constantly calibrate our entire suite of products and services in order to better address and satisfy our clients’ needs and demands.8% increase over the P4. we continued to be a worthwhile corporate citizen through the untiring efforts of the Metrobank Foundation. Our capital adequacy ratio stood strong at 14. Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMPC) remains the Philippines’ biggest automotive company. the highest in its history.9% market share and 5.0% over the same period a year ago. the country’s second largest thrift bank. Our subsidiaries posted a strong performance as well in their respective businesses. In particular. All of these achievements contributed to Metrobank’s consolidated net income of P6.8 billion in cash dividends. such have made the Bank a more integral part of our clients’ financial activities. Despite an estimated 10% decline in the total life insurance industry.4 billion reported in 2008. we ended the year with P854. For instance.3 billion. While 2010 appears to be an even better year.

respectively. non-interest income including share in income of associates increased by 36.68 billion.8%. we said we will pursue the path to having a quality bank. For the full year.00 billion. with emphasis on earnings quality. Credit quality continued to improve given declining nonperforming loans (NPL) ratios and higher coverage ratios.31 billion in consolidated resources. Our deposit base increased 5. Metrobank was able to take advantage of the recovery from the turmoil of the previous year. and stability.23 billion. was P17.8% growth over the P4. Here at home.03 billion in consolidated net income attributable to equity holders of the Parent Company. The banking industry.84 billion or 57.70 billion. The underlying pre-provision operating profit (PPOP). Our performance in these challenging times confirms the merits of our strategy.25 billion. on maximizing efficiency and productivity.7% over the same period last year.6% growth to P26. but the economic outlook gradually improved. Amidst the challenges of 2009. economic growth was.2% to P362. as expected. once again.8%. and on sustaining our philosophy of risk-reward lending and investing. This was achieved with the combined improvement in the deposit mix and healthy loan take up in better-yielding segments. and industry-wide capital adequacy remained stable. We focused on becoming the best bank for our stakeholders. it seemed investor confidence has returned to the markets. We ended the year with P854. Metrobank maintained its position as the bank with the highest capital in the banking industry at P75. showed strength and resiliency in 2009.2% to P17. excluding provisions for credit and impairment losses and income tax amounting to P8. our net interest income posted a 15. while net loans and receivables rose 1. Earlier on.president’s report 2009 started with many uncertainties. and by the second half of the year. modest but definitely better than the recessionary signs we saw elsewhere in the world. we posted P6. or 11.33 billion. Throughout the crisis. Deposits and loans were growing. we strengthened our capital and improved our banking platform to give our customers a safer bank that can deliver the products they need. Meanwhile operating expense growth slowed to 6.79 billion and P2. while net interest margin was sustained at 3.1% better than the reported PPOP in the previous year. efficiency. We stayed on course. As revenue growth continues to surpass 2009 You speak 6 Metrobank Annual Report . Amidst declining asset yields and strong competition for funds. supported by betterthan-expected remittance flows and improved financial trading and sales activities amidst dampened prospects for trade-related fees. In addition. representing a robust 36.2% to P615.41 billion recorded in 2008. We put all efforts on enhancing core earnings. we have consistently produced relatively strong core earnings.

cost of deposits declined substantially to 1. and at the same time. interest-bearing passbook savings and time deposit accounts. and focusing more on the needs of the investor segment. real estate. we enhanced our investment and treasury products as well as wealth management services to help our high net worth clients. 36. and stability showed positive results. especially in light of the uncertainty of the times. as we remained the formidable government securities dealer and one of the key market players in the foreign exchange market. pursued project finance deals for vital market segments including power generation and renewable energies. In investment banking. By providing better access to overseas Filipino workers and their beneficiaries. and we intend to capture a bigger share of this as we pursue our strategy of tapping more agency arrangements. as well as system enhancements to facilitate faster turnaround time. Australia. has consistently been based on a risk-reward policy. Metrobank pushed the envelope even further as strategies focusing on earnings quality. accentuating the focus on prudent lending. our deposits grew by P30. our consumer lending business continued to post double-digit growth.33 billion in 2009. thus it now accounts for 47. In wealth management.39 billion. We continued to nurture partnerships with top-tier corporates with strong brand equity and high potential middle market clients. Our branches are showing improving capabilities to become even more competitive as they enhanced sales focus especially on consumer loans. but the more exciting story is in our improving ability to build low cost deposits. availability of new investment options and services that provide competitive returns. telecommunication. growth in costs. For the middle market. and Canada. alternate homes (in light of Typhoon Ondoy) and credit card usage stayed resilient. Meanwhile. Pure savings and checking accounts now make up 47. the volume of remittances handled by our foreign offices and joint remittance arrangements posted double-digit growth. Consumer volumes were driven by our aggressive sales and marketing campaigns including customer loyalty programs. This represents an 11. is estimated to be the lowest among our peers.e. and creative below-the-line marketing campaigns. and as a tool to facilitate trade settlements between Filipino and Chinese firms. co-branding with consumer establishments.2% of total deposits from 40. which consists of pure non-tiered savings and checking accounts. efficiency. and gains from fixed income and equity trades.3 billion stronger in consolidated in consolidated net income. which at this level.0 billion or 159. Meanwhile. On the funding side. our Assets Under Management (AUM) grew 41. Consequently. Our lending strategy. Consolidated loans and receivables. Most of these clients have been with us from their start up days. We are mindful of our role in supporting the development of this segment. low cost deposit generation. a record increase.2% in 2008. grew by a modest P4. on the back of the steady growth in deposits.5% as a result of new product offerings and enhancements. with strong volumes across the three segments. we plan to expand our network especially in Europe. and consumer-related goods and services. and we are grateful for their continued partnership with our institution.2% of total deposits from 40. and retail and corporate customers to realize their financial investment goals. posted a record P50. enabling us to better understand their needs. we started offering Chinese Yuan (CNY) products.2% from 68.9%.70 billion incremental growth. predominantly in the Middle East. We continue to leverage on synergies within the Group to offer a seamless and hassle-free experience for the retail client. We are the first local bank in the Philippines to offer CNY products.assets.7 billion incremental low cost deposits. P854. net of allowance for credit losses. Recognizing the increasing importance of trade with China. and enhance our remittance processing system and distribution channels.7% increase over last year. We are deepening the nature of our relationship with customers. The low cost component. On our treasury operations.9% in 2008. First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC) ended the year with a consolidated net income of P1. We increased our share of wallet of businesses engaged in oil and utilities. i.16 billion to P362. Moving forward. Likewise. and our relationship with them has stood the test of time. We are embarking on an aggressive push to broaden the investor segment through enhancing investment and treasury products.0% better than 2008 levels. our subsidiary. We have pilot tested We focus 7 President’s Report 2009 . buoyed by record investment banking fees. and the total value generated by our international offices and subsidiaries (excluding correspondent banks) outperformed the industry growth. our aggressive push for various cash management products and services to our corporate customers has augured well for our low cost account balances. allowing clients to trade CNY against US Dollars or Philippine Pesos. we benefitted from financial markets sales and trading. we continued to provide much-needed working capital support to entrepreneurs and traders in such industries as agriculture-based products and consumer goods. our efficiency ratio further improved to 59. The strength of our international operations was further boosted by additional remittance tie-ups and agents. The Bank is marketing the products first as a safe place to deposit CNY in the country. more tie-ups with developers for end-buyers’ financing as well as corporate tie-ups for employee loans. Sustained appetite for new cars. The Middle East market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.8% growth P50.9% in 2008. and cross-selling of products within the Metrobank franchise. expanding sales and distribution.

as well as our regulators and investors. a solid balance sheet that can support our plans for growth. The underlying pre-provision operating profit (PPOP) excludes provisions for credit and impairment losses and income tax amounting to P8. such that the Investment Properties.209 ATMs.6% in 2008. offering products and services that will differentiate and make us valuable to our clients.92 billion by end of 2009. We have become a stronger and more stable institution. albeit conservatively. Capitalizing on our solid momentum from 2009. We will look for new methods to drive non-interest income. we will invigorate focus on the customer. and supplemented by a more aggressive ATM expansion plan. and for 2009 this was reduced by P3. and treasury income through increased market share particularly from our Chinese Yuan line of products and services. trade.84 billion.5% from 62.5% from 62. To promote wider presence. customers. Finally. We will revitalize efforts on creating a seamless approach to account acquisition and customer retention. 8 this in a few branches around Metro Manila. and we will continue to honor our strong commitment to our customers and stakeholders. such as aggressively marketing our investment and treasury products. Gross NPLs have steadily declined. We are counting on strengthening remittance. while loan loss cover increased to 75. one that puts the highest value in the trust and confidence of our customers. our strategies continue to prove effective.in PPOP to P17. we will continue to focus our efforts on core deposit acquisition and optimize our loan and investment portfolio. we will ensure that the health of our portfolio is not compromised in any material way. Gross NPLs declined by P3. declined by P2. we will institutionalize process management practices and operationalize key projects that both yield optimal efficiency levels and improve customer satisfaction. We have weathered yet another challenging year.5% in 2008. we have consistently shown good growth in key segments and solid progress in core earnings. Consequently. More than that. the NPL ratio further improved to 3.79billion and P2.2 billion. we start 2010 with a blend of optimism and prudence. The competitive landscape has changed dramatically especially during the crisis years of 2008-2009.5% NPL ratio an improvement from the 4. Metrobank is now on the verge of a fundamental transformation. As in the past. capitalizing on our strengths in key segments and leveraging on the Metrobank franchise. In addition. Selected branches in Metro Manila and the countryside were relocated to maximize visibility and greater reach.46 billion to P24. Our firm commitment to risk management principles and improving asset quality continues to show positive results. and turned in a commendable performance despite the uncertainties still surrounding the markets. We have a clear and focused strategy.23 billion to P12.0% to give access to non-traditional investment products nationwide.25 billion. we have made our services easily accessible to clients. We will make our branch network even more productive and efficient. and promoting the new cash management capabilities. 2009 You speak Metrobank Annual Report ARTHUR TY President .49 billion. Low cost deposit growth will come from the deployment of more branch sales officers.1% growth 3. Amidst all this. and we continue to believe that the key to do this is to ensure that customers’ interest remains top priority.5% from 4. the challenge facing us is to further grow the business. With our strategies in place. To help mitigate the inevitable effects of margin compression. we will develop strategies for the emerging segments that will have a major impact on the industry over the next five years. Let me now take this opportunity to thank our clients for their unwavering trust and patronage. and capitalize on the scorecard system we’ve implemented to promote a transparent and performancebased rewards system. which consist of foreclosed real estate properties and investments in real estate. At the same time. Our initiatives will continue to revolve around strengthening client relationships. We will lock in on opportunities to grow market share. we set aside provisions for impairment and credit losses of P8. prioritizing break even in 12 to 18 months. As the consumerled economy evolves. and we are excited to capitalize on the opportunities that lay ahead. We have also expanded the wealth management sales team this year by increasing our sales force by 50. I am confident we can sustain the momentum we’ve built this year. As our financial and operating performance suggests. we accelerated efforts to dispose of foreclosed assets. a change in our business and prospects. even as we pursue growth opportunities. we are confident that our client-focused strategy will reinforce our partnership with existing. While 2010 still holds many uncertainties. Through our consolidated network of 732 local branches and 1.79 billion. and to this end our people will further strive to keep customer satisfaction a way of life in Metrobank. Notwithstanding. Branch renovations were done and continued to reflect the Bank’s customer-centric and sales-oriented focus.5% in 2008. as well as attract prospective. and clients’ demands on financial institutions have become even more discriminating. and other sources that are not seen as punitive by the customer. and our people for their discipline and commitment.6% in the previous year. we will expand local branches. raising loan loss cover to 75. and the initial feedback has been encouraging. respectively 57.

008 4.539) 2.77% (34.21% (7. NET DEPOSIT LIABILITIES SUBORDINATED DEBT EQUITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO: EQUITY HOLDERS OF THE PARENT COMPANY MINORITY INTEREST BOOK VALUE PER SHARE FOREIGN EXCHANGE PDS CLOSING RATE PDS WEIGHTED AVERAGE RATES (PDS: PHILIPPINE DEALING SYSTEM) P854. Group Financial Highlights In billion pesos (except per share amounts) 2009 AT YEAR END: TOTAL ASSETS TRADING AND INVESTMENT SECURITIES LOANS AND RECEIVABLES.327 615.307 197.44% P89.419) (1. and to this end our people will further strive to keep customer satisfaction a way of life in Metrobank.90 41.856 % 11.077 2007 P21.41%) (0.84% INCREASE (DECREASE) 2008 VS 2007 AMOUNT % P1.595 8.164 30.081 42.205 5.718 15.787 22.635 919 2.19% 36.043 675 1.466 14.842 34.11 46.19% 17.093 38.795 2008 P23.99%) (58.192 (73) (778) 1.603 (3.029 766 4.70%) 33.778 75.94%) (4.339.16% 5.545 1.52 44.47 10.621 97 36.647 7.394 358.Our initiatives will continue to revolve around strengthening the relationship with our clients.174 29.718 INCREASE (DECREASE) 2009 VS 2008 AMOUNT % P3.027 5.371 7.01% 23.486 34.65% 40.43) (39.20 47.939 (2.72% 6.70% 53.961 1.069 11.700 21.72%) We focus 9 President’s Report 2009 INCREASE (DECREASE) AMOUNT .443 992 3.402 362.679 16.793 25.408 669 7.07 2.94%) 3.635) (6) (37.396 88 7.133 1.47% (22.225 5.22%) 6.195 27.163 585.249 6.905 36.40%) (28.393 5.518) (404) 2.498 69.75% 1.77% 14.61 15.29%) 9.60 0.641) 7.64 65.760 8.092 3.11% (8.610 4.81% 26.50% (2.555 3.50 47.307 15.17 3.816) (4.248 24.57% 30.36%) (25.26% 2009 FOR THE YEAR: NET INTEREST INCOME OTHER OPERATING INCOME TOTAL OPERATING INCOME PROVISION FOR CREDIT AND IMPAIRMENT LOSSES OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES SHARE IN NET INCOME OF INVESTEES PROVISION FOR (BENEFIT FROM) INCOME TAX NET INCOME ATTRIBUTABLE TO: EQUITY HOLDERS OF THE PARENT COMPANY MINORITY INTEREST BASIC/DILUTED EARNINGS PER SHARE ATTRIBUTABLE TO EQUITY HOLDERS OF THE PARENT COMPANY P26.634 2008 P764.47% (1.181 5.809 128.74% 170.021 (2.89%) 3.912 32.

and healthier balance sheet. With its stakeholders’ best interests at heart and in mind. guided by these strategies. and customer service. Metrobank’s achievements may be attributed to its well-thought-out strategies. product offerings. which have long been embedded in its business goals.highlights of operational 2009 in Perspective 2009 The year provided the backdrop for Metrobank to highlight the strength of its commitment to be the best bank for all its stakeholders. Metrobank continues to gain greater understanding of the evolving needs of various companies and industries. and earned it the highly coveted “Best Managed Company in the Philippines – Medium Cap” award from regional publication. Asiamoney. and achieve their lifelong aspirations. By displaying consistency in terms of performance. and efficiency. upgrading its risk management systems. As Metrobank continues on its path. Metrobank helps its customers enhance their lifestyles. Effective strategies. Consistency in performance. they are with a strong. demonstrated by its efficiency gains. Metrobank is the partner that is ever-present in the financial lives of its clients – from building a home to growing a business to investing in retirement. Metrobank remains the trusted banking partner of all its stakeholders. the best bank for all its stakeholders. Corporate Customers Through its long-standing relationships with its corporate clients. which focus on quality. It also added importance to enhancing processes and operations. as clearly seen in its improved asset portfolio. and secure financial institution. it is set to become an even stronger institution. Resilience in the face of challenges. Metrobank was able to offer precisely what its customers needed and wanted – the assurance that Metrobank Annual Report These strategies. posting good growth and earnings by the end of 2009. You lead TRUSTED BANKING PARTNER More than a provider of banking products and services. It focused primarily on quality. Metrobank is dedicated to upholding a high level of confidence among its clients and shareholders. Despite difficulties in the business environment at the beginning of the year. Metrobank turned in a highly commendable performance. serve as the Bank’s roadmap towards the fulfillment of its vision. The Bank remained relentlessly motivated to translate its vision into reality. This has enabled 10 . It continued to place premium on prudent risk-taking. accomplish their personal goals. stable. The year witnessed the effectiveness of these strategies when Metrobank attained a stronger balance sheet and better capital position – key traits that enabled the Bank to withstand the recent economic challenges. prudent-risk taking.

The Bank also pursued project finance deals for vital market segments including power generation and renewable energies. 2009 . the Bank is able to help both the multinationals and their dealers and distributors increase sales and profitability. added security. Metrobank increased its partnerships with companies in such industries as utilities. the Bank’s corporate business delivered a solid performance. The Bank also continued to collaborate with branches to tap the dealer network of multinational corporate clients. and hotels and restaurants. Metrobank further developed MetroCash Manager. On the lending side. The strategy was to focus on top-tier corporate and middle market clients with strong brand equity and business franchise. By providing working capital support through its Dealer Financing Program (DFP). operational efficiency. oil. The Bank’s cash management as reflected in the notable increase in its cash management clients and revenues. There was increased enrolment for the Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) and Comprehensive Disbursement Solutions (CDS). consumer services. and improve service quality. This shows that the Bank is gaining ground in terms of increasing its “stickiness” with customers for whom Metrobank is the main depository bank. with increased acquisition of new clients and expanded wallet share of existing customers primarily for loans and deposits generation.the Bank to offer more responsive solutions. while maintaining portfolio quality. Metrobank noted a strong growth in CASA deposits as the Bank aggressively sold its various cash management products and services. telecommunications. which offers a variety of financial solutions for better management of cash flow. Recognizing the desire of corporate clients to improve back office operations. We commit 11 platform continues to expand and gain momentum. On deposits generation. Despite a weak start in 2009 and fierce competition throughout the year. Both revenues and margins improved year-on-year. extend its reach to different market segments.

standby LCs. Metrobank continued to be the leading provider of trade finance products and services. Its CNY-denominated offerings include a CNY interestbearing passbook savings account. improved customer service. Metrobank aims to provide excellent banking experience that is pleasant. The Bank also continues to provide support to and maintain close ties with its existing clients – entrepreneurs and traders whom it has supported from start-up to expansion. the Bank actively supported the local trade requirement as evidenced You lead 12 by the 13. All these are geared towards enhancing clients’ banking experience with Metrobank. the Bank conducts annual customer satisfaction surveys and service reviews where it consistently receives above-satisfactory rating especially in the areas of loan servicing. Metrobank extended funds particularly to SMEs involved in agri-based products and consumer goods. the Bank’s portfolio quality improved as its clients were able to liquidate their stocks and corresponding trust receipts with the Bank. country’s economic development and job creation. Metrobank has also improved customer care infrastructure by providing Service Officers single window access to the various systems of the Bank.2 billion. bank guarantees. In 2009. Meanwhile. secure. When commodity prices pulled back after soaring high in 2008. Likewise. as well as bank guarantees processed. and personnel service quality. and convenient for customers. and exports transactions processed stood at US$1. Metrobank became the first local bank to offer Chinese Yuan (CNY) denominated products and services in response to the growing demand for CNY in the domestic market and the Philippines’ strengthening relations with China. The year provided Metrobank the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its customers in the face of difficult economic conditions. To get a better pulse of its clients’ needs and encourage employees to improve performance even further. This was designed to make trade services facility easier and more convenient to exporters and importers by contacting the Trade Customer Hotline where “trade specialists” can personally assist the clients in their trade queries as well as processing of trade documents. Middle Market / Small and Medium Enterprises Recognizing the strong entrepreneurial spirit prevalent in the country. commercial letters of credit (LCs). cash management services. 2009 Consumer Clients More than offering exemplary financial products and services.0% increase in domestic commercial and standby LCs. Metrobank remained supportive of small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) which have become increasingly vital to the Metrobank Annual Report Stop Shop” Trade Desk.5 billion. Metrobank also focused on further improving the trade customer service by implementing the “One- . In September. Metrobank has become an integral part of the business growth of its commercial customers. their trusted partner. Despite this. This new offering enabled customers to transact in the trading of CNY against the US Dollar or Philippine Peso. and CNY time deposit. and network expansion.and convenience. Through relevant product offerings. clients generally spent 2009 selling excess high-priced inventories. clients remained confident entrusting their hard-earned wealth to Metrobank. and non-LCs (excluding LCs issued by the Bank’s international network) totaled US$2.

credit validation and data capture. the Bank’s net margin remained at a healthy 3. Metrobank also . Metrobank continues to add more tie-ups with developers for end-buyers’ financing as well as corporate tie-ups for employee loans. Group-wide consumer loans continued to post doubledigit growth. 2009 and extended up to November 30. Through the efforts of the Bank’s branches. and co-branding with consumer establishments. These initiatives resulted in the growth of the Bank’s consolidated deposits by 5. Through its consumer lending products and services. This performance was on the back of its aggressive sales campaigns as well as marketing plans that involved product ads.8% even as it faced tough competition on is another testament to the heightened confidence of the Bank’s customers in the safety and security of the institution. On the production volume. While existing systems aid in delivering objective and fast credit decisions through automated flow of credit information.7 billion. This annual promo campaign has been ongoing for the last 3 years and is constantly churning record volumes. continued to tailor-fit solutions that addressed client needs. outperforming the industry. The Bank’s investment in the transformation and re-engineering of its branches has resulted in more efficient operations. and credit cards. As a result.2% to P615. MetroCar posted a 28. Metrobank is a trusted partner that helps customers realize their dreams. which at 1. This feat We commit 13 2009 and better customer satisfaction. Metrobank enables customers to lead the kind of life they truly deserve – with a vehicle that can take them to their destination.7 billion increase in low cost deposits. 2009.9% is estimated to be the lowest in the industry. bringing the total to 732 branches and 1. car loans. Metrobank expanded its consolidated network of local branches and ATMs. with strong sales during the months of August to December. mainly attributed to the Great Rates Sale Promo launched on July 3. with strong volumes across all segments: housing. The success of its CASA generation activities translated to a substantial decline in the cost of deposits. customer loyalty programs. the combined consumer loan portfolio showed double-digit growth from its 2008 level. and a place they can call home. improved sales focus. Since 2008.0% increase. the Bank continues to embark on Review of Operations both lending and low cost fund sourcing. and make it easier for customers to transact their consumer loan requirements.209 ATMs nationwide. Effectively. The still low lending rate scenario and the very attractive selling terms from developers and car dealers have made owning a house or a car affordable for most consumers. driven mainly by a record P50.To ensure that its customers can enjoy easy access to its services. MetroCar has also actively sent pre-approved mailers to customers who have fully paid loans and who have maintained their loans in current status for the duration of the loan term. Metrobank helps people enhance their lifestyles. with its total consumer loans past due improving compared with the levels in 2008. the Bank sustained portfolio quality. Equally important. Metrobank is developing various system enhancements that will improve processing turnaround time.

Metrobank’s Trust Banking Group remained among the top three players in the industry. The Bank has also tapped Metrobank Cards Corporation for the customer service function. Through its Trust Banking Group. and reliable. Metrobank provides these customers the skill and care they need for their requirements. The Bank ranked number 1 in the quarterly. streamlining and implementation of fast track loan processing guidelines to achieve faster turnaround time. Metrobank also invested in automation for improved system access to front liners. and creative below-the-line marketing campaigns. Its Assets Under Management (AUM) grew 41. With its wide range of wealth management services. All its efforts are geared towards creating a consumer loan brand that is affordable. four of the Bank’s bond fund managers were recognized as the most astute fund investors in the face of adversity in 2009 in a survey by The Asset Benchmark Research. service delivery to its valued consumer clients. three-year and five-year periods in the All Trusteed Funds Category for Investment Managers handling at least five funds in the survey. and faster turnaround in addressing customer inquiries. Metrobank extends premium service to high-networth clients as well as retail and corporate customers. The MetroDollar Money Market Fund and MetroDollar 2009 You lead 14 Metrobank Annual Report Philippine Liquid Fund topped their respective categories in terms of year-on-year and year-to-date performances while six other funds placed among the top three performers. and assist them in maximizing the potential of their funds to generate even greater returns. management information system and importantly. Likewise. . the Bank has made arrangements with PhilCharter Insurance for the call center insurance follow-ups and automatic renewal of coverage to further improve the coverage rate of home and car loan collaterals. Asset Management Clients Clients who aim to enhance and take care of hard-earned wealth require focused and expert fund management and attention. for the third straight year. and its proactive focus on risk and returns. intensified sales efforts to attract high-networth clients. resulting to a more effective handling of. The Bank’s proven track record in managing assets is reflective of its proficiency in managing investments even during extreme economic situations. Metrobank is further improving service delivery standards via systems and process reviews.5% year-on-year. fast. the clients’ vote of confidence was seen through the Reader’s Digest Gold Trusted Brand award in the Investment Fund Company category. Its performance was driven by the introduction of new product offerings and enhancements and availability of new investment options and services that provide competitive returns. help them protect and grow their assets. the bundling of products and services of the Metrobank Group of Companies.major investments in new programs that will further improve internal processes. Capitalizing on synergies within the Metrobank Group. The Bank’s efforts were recognized in the 99th Watson Wyatt Survey on Investment Performance (SIP) of Retirement Funds in the Philippines covering the period ending third quarter 2009. Also. resulting in faster response time when providing information to clients and reports for regulatory compliance. the Bank’s goal is to guide them in their financial undertakings.

including the streamlining of OPICS to encourage faster processing by traders. To maximize operational efficiency. thus enhancing profitability and service reach.5 billion in 10-year subordinated Lower Tier 2 Notes (LT2). i.5% per annum. The Bank’s reputation was cemented as one of the country’s top players in the foreign exchange market in terms of transaction volume through the Philippine Dealing Exchange (PDEX). Metrobank also launched the Interest Rate Swap (IRS). and the ability to hedge and take positions in third currencies such as the Chinese Yuan (CNY).e. interest rate swap. This year. non-deliverable forwards. cross currency swap. The Bank is preparing to roll out more diversified products such as options and commodities to expand its trading and sales capabilities. 1 Overall Best Performance of a Government Securities Eligible Dealer (GSED) by the Bureau of Treasury for both Primary and Secondary markets. and credit default swap. Metrobank’s Treasury Group successfully launched the capability to deal non-delivery forwards. For the second consecutive year. and started trading as a Market Maker in October 2009. giving the Bank access to offshore US Dollar or Philippine Peso flows. caps and floors. another testament to the strength of the Metrobank brand as well as the continuing investors’ confidence in the Bank. bearing interest of 7. the Bank continuously seeks to cross-sell service offerings that are tailor-fit to the specific needs of individual customers. To further strengthen its capital base. Metrobank’s Treasury Group was awarded No. the Bank implemented derivatives modules. Metrobank issued P4.Treasury Customers To deepen customer relationships. We commit 15 Review of Operations 2009 . the offer was wellreceived. As with its previous LT2 issuances. It looks for new frontiers that can boost its suite of investment and treasury products and discovers new ways to satisfy customers.

100 outlets.2009 Metrobank Annual Report Filipinos of the World For the millions of kababayans working and residing in other countries. and enhance its remittance processing system and distribution channels. its productivity and efficiency levels have increased over the years. With revenues gaining momentum and growing faster than costs. Improving Efficiencies Efficiency gains was cited as a key measure for a best managed company. Metrobank’s efforts are well rewarded by its customers. Metrobank helps these Pinoys del Mundo remain a significant part of the lives of their loved ones in the Philippines through its remittance products and services. their one common drive is their families back home. Remittances may be claimed at any Metrobank of M. the total value generated by its international offices and subsidiaries (excluding correspondent banks) outperformed industry growth. Funds remitted directly to a Metrobank account are processed near real-time and credited in seconds. Metrobank constantly improves its operations. subsidiaries and representative offices. It has pu in place an online system in Metrobank foreign branches for online availability . Australia. with the biggest push coming from its joint remittance tie-ups in the Middle East. a specialized form for OFW accounts which are shorter than the usual forms for regular account opening. The Bank has also established the Customer Information Form for OFW account openings. and Canada. To enhance service delivery and improve the customer experience. the Bank continued to invest in system enhancements that have made sending and claiming remittances quicker and more convenient for the overseas workers and beneficiaries. To serve Filipino overseas workers’ unique demands. For 2009. the Bank stays true to its commitment of providing superior products to its customers. With 50 remittance tie-ups mostly in the Middle East and a network of over 1. respectively.000 correspondent banks across the globe. You lead 16 branch nationwide or delivered directly to any address in the Philippines. Meanwhile. Metrobank makes its services available through its network of 35 international branches. the volume of remittances handled by the Bank’s foreign offices and joint remittance arrangements posted double-digit growth. As a group. its systems. Metrobank plans to expand its network especially in Europe. Metrobank has always looked at efficiency as a key metric for good performance. The Bank has also beefed up the turnaround time for processing of Europe and Middle East transactions. and its people quality to render service excellence to all stakeholders. Moving forward.Lhullier transactions in over 1.

For added .D. and Metrophone Banking. Accessible. The year. The recently concluded 20102012 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) granted competitive benefits and rewards that were among the highest in the banking industry that motivated employees to excel. Recognizing its responsibility to the environment. for faster and more reliable processing convenience. Delivery of services to support the different business units saw more efficient workflow achieved through various Human Resources business process automation projects including a more transparent performance and rewards system. The Bank has always taken industrial peace seriously given its positive relations with the employees’ union.” The Bank completed the consolidation of more power consumption and simplify server administration. Metrobank intensified efforts for the certification of all its training programs and positions. remain strong with an ongoing institutional campaign on renewed commitment to being Helpful. the Bank strengthened its network to reach talents with significant potential to contribute to the continued growth and strength of the Bank. This involved the upgrade of the mainframe server. Taking this to heart. career management structures were strengthened which enabled employees to take active part in their own development and seek out opportunities to maximize value add to the Bank. better servicing of phoned-in customer requests relating to metrobankdirect and consumer loans was made possible through the Bank’s contact center. and continued to replace legacy cathode ray tube (CRT) screens with liquid crystal display (LCD) screens to cut down on electrical power consumption. Nurturing. H. The success of a company depends largely on the ability of its people to respond more effectively to clients’ needs and adequately meet their banking requirements. Responsive and responsible innovations. In line with its employee development initiatives. The Bank’s fundamental values. and the branch wide area network. Technology plays a significant part in improving processes and systems efficiencies in response to the needs of customers. ATM. drawing up courses that continuously upgrade the employees’ expertise to deliver excellently in their respective fields and possess adequate preparation for higher responsibilities.Banking with the experts.A.N. the Bank is taking steps towards lessening the environmental impact of its systems through “Project Green. the ATM switch server. each Bank employee has become the face of what Metrobank is truly about – a financial expert and a trusted banking partner whom customers can rely on to keep their financial resources in good hands. Dependable. witnessed customers’ need for assurance that they are with an institution they can trust. the Bank introduced more bills payment options over-the-counter or through electronic channels like metrobankdirect. Metrobank prides itself with employees who are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills of a dependable customer service provider. In addition. In terms of talent acquisition. Metrobank already completed the implementation of document imaging of loanrelated documents for its nationwide lending hubs in order to accelerate the evaluation and approval of loan applications. more than ever. The Bank also carried out several infrastructure upgrades for its core banking system.S. and Safe and Secure. Review of Operations than one hundred servers to cut down on electrical We commit 17 2009 of customer banking transactions.

and one Board adviser. confidentiality and competence.e. This resulted to improvement in audit methodology. The Audit Committee is composed of three Board members. . and other audit-related matters i. and evaluation of IT process as to conformity with business requirements. There was no interference in the accomplishment of its tasks. This reflects Management’s recognition on the importance of good corporate governance. The Bank’s Audit Committee meets at least once a month to discuss the highlights of audit activities vis-à-vis business plan. The Chairman of the Board also acts as adviser of the Audit Committee. recognition. IAG’s Risk-based Audit Rating System is embedded in the Branches’ Performance Scorecard which is the basis for rewards. objectivity. external. the Audit Quality Assurance Department continues to conduct comprehensive internal quality assessments. Further. and Regulatory bodies as the need arises.corporate governance Corporate Governance INTERNAL AUDIT In 2009. review of logical/physical security controls. IAG promoted awareness on anti-money laundering best practices to minimize regulatory risks as well as penalties for non-compliance with statutory regulations. the members of the Audit Committee. IAG rendered independent assurance and consulting services in accordance with International Standards for the professional practice of Internal Auditing and Code of Ethics. Meetings and/or discussions are also held with External Auditors. It is the objective of IAG to maintain the “Generally Conforms” overall external quality assessment with regard to its conformity with ISPPIA and Code of Ethics. IAG also actively participated in internal trainings and development programs as resource. with integrity. It had access to audit resources and was free to report audit findings and other information relevant to the Bank’s objectives and strategies. internal. regulatory. meet the requirements on independence and technical competencies in the field of accounting/ finance and audit. Senior Management. and financial benefits of branch personnel. major exceptions/observations noted and resolutions thereof. appraisal of the Business Continuity Plan.. two of whom are independent directors. promotion. who are appointed annually by the Board of Directors. IAG contributed in improving risk awareness and added value to the institution by promoting operational effectiveness and efficiency across the Bank through audit recommendations for process Metrobank Annual Report enhancements and stronger controls to mitigate risks. As such. new You trust 18 Audit Committee In compliance with regulations and good corporate governance. This includes internal audit activities which helped strengthen the Bank’s IT infrastructure through vulnerability assessment/penetration testing.

and that there is no interference with the accomplishment of IAG’s tasks and reporting of findings and other relevant information to appropriate level of Management. reviewed IAG’s accomplishments versus business plan to ensure audit goals are achieved. all audit. among others. Participated in briefings/meetings on IT initiatives regarding AMLA. and code of conduct. Regularly coordinated with Risk Management Committee to ensure that risks noted in the audit are properly evaluated and addressed.Report of the Audit Committee to the Board of Directors for the year ended December 31. (3) Evaluating various approaches to improve the Bank’s CAMELS rating. comprehensive and risk-based. RC Valencia Chairman. that the scope and coverage are sufficient. Audit Exceptions Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing. (c) compliance with laws. Evaluated the performance of the Chief Audit Executive and the Compliance Officer. the Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its statutory and fiduciary responsibilities to enhance shareholders’ and other stakeholders’ value and protect their interest through: (a) effective oversight of internal and external audit functions.       In compliance with the Standards.        In addition to the fulfilled responsibilities enumerated above. properties and personnel. rules and regulations. (2) Encouraging continuous professional development of auditors. Assisted in institutionalizing understanding of anti-money laundering (AML) global best practices. Audit Committee We uphold 19 Audit Committee Report 2009 . the competence of staff. the following significant matters: the overall scope and respective audit plans of the Bank’s internal and external auditors. Board of Directors and Senior Management regarding the adequacy and effectiveness of the Bank’s risk management. the reports of internal auditors and compliance officer ensuring that management is taking appropriate corrective actions in a timely manner. and Board of Directors. and Conducted a self-assessment on the Audit Committee performance. and (6) Help institutionalize the practice of “Knowing your customer”. the results of internal and external audits with the assessment of the Bank’s internal controls and the overall quality of the financial reporting process. Audit Committee. In fulfilling its statutory and fiduciary responsibilities the Committee convened. 2009 As an extension of the Board of Directors. IAG through the Chief Audit Executive. (4) Contributing to risk awareness within the Bank. This overall assessment states. discussed and evaluated during 12 regular monthly meetings and 3 special meetings. and (d) adequate and effective internal controls. (5) Enhancing monitoring/reporting of fraud incidents to prevent or minimize recurrence. (b) transparency and proper reporting. corporate governance and internal control processes based on IAG’s assurance and consulting activities. the Audit Committee: Provided direction to IAG on (1) Improving monitoring/correction of major audit exceptions. rendered a favorable overall assessment/ judgment to the Audit Committee. Recommended the hiring of external auditors based on the evaluation of qualifications and competency. the activities and effectiveness of IAG. and assessed and reviewed the adequacy of resources. that Management is aware of its responsibility for internal control. audit-related and permitted non-audit services provided by the external auditors to the Bank and the related fees for such services. access to relevant records. including addressing internal control and compliance issues.

Meeting its obligations under the law based on regulatory standards and protecting ourselves against loss or reputational damage are critical elements of effective compliance risk management. a Board Committee. • By advancing compliance consciousness among Bank employees across all levels. Compliance starts at the top and the Board of Directors and Senior Management take the lead in building a robust compliance culture. Some of its more important functions are: • Develops and implements an “early warning system” to effectively reduce compliance risks through a compliance risk assessment and proactive implementation of preventive measures. It oversees and coordinates the implementation of the Compliance Program. Moving beyond regulatory compliance. The Department also ensures continuous upgrade in auditors’ competency through enhanced trainings and global certifications. It is the responsibility of everyone at every level of the organization. Metrobank has three independent directors who ensure adherence to exemplary practices that protect the welfare of stakeholders. • Conducts studies and renders opinions on proper interpretation and implementation of banking laws and regulations. Compliance functions are carried out under a Board-approved Compliance Program by the Compliance Division.computer-assisted audit techniques (CAATs). • Increases awareness on banking laws and regulations among Bank employees through trainings and briefings on regulatory requirements and dissemination of regulatory issuances and manuals. which reports directly to the Audit Committee. COMPLIANCE DIVISION An effective compliance management 2009 framework is key in pursuit of Metrobank’s vision to be the best bank. The Bank aims to comply with Metrobank Annual Report regulations and ensure that these are met in the way its employees conduct themselves and the way its systems and processes are designed and operated. and 20 practices. • Reports compliance findings noted to appropriate levels of management and to the Board of Directors through the Audit Committee. and in-house trainings. . promotes a culture of compliance within the Metrobank Group in line with sound corporate governance • The Securities and Exchange Commission and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas require at least two independent directors for listed corporations and financial institutions. You trust Conducts periodic compliance testing with applicable legal and regulatory requirements with testing frequencies commensurate with identified risk levels. respectively.

Training and Education The training of Bank personnel on banking laws and regulations has been continuously enhanced. Compliance Division made increased use of the e-learning We uphold 21 Corporate Governance 2009 . the Compliance Division implemented the following initiatives: Compliance Library The database of banking laws and regulations has been beefed up with the addition of regulations issued by Securities & Exchange Commission.In 2009. Also. These are posted in the Bank’s intranet and serve to empower Bank personnel in determining compliance with banking laws and regulations. To obtain a wider training coverage. Philippine Stock Exchange and the Department of Labor and Employment. the Anti-Money Laundering Law and regulations of foreign countries where Metrobank Group has offices have been completed while compilation of other relevant laws and regulations is on-going.

NBBS Luzon Region Head. National Branch Banking Sector Head. CRG CREAD-Corporate Appointed Members George S. Arthur V. analyze. Araneta Edmund A. Macalincag Amelia B. Dee Edgardo C. Abacan Jr. Branch Lending Group Deputy Head. The updated version of e-learning Modules on Anti-Money Laundering and Sale of Foreign Currency were rolled out during the year. Herrera came from Internal Audit Group which conducted another testing during regular examinations. Ty James Go Mary V. Yuseco 2009 Rotating Members B. Credit Group Appointed Members James Go Antonio S. Ty Fabian S. Credit Group Vice Chairman Independent Director Director Head. Corazon Ma. Marquez Eligio C. Amparado Bernardito M. Abacan Jr. Compliance Testing Self-testing by the business units and independent testing by Compliance Division increased both in scope and frequency. Ty Antonio S. Internal Audit Group Maritess B. Board of Advisers Assistant to the Group Chairman Head. All these are designed to promptly identify compliance weaknesses and address them at the soonest possible time. RISK MANAGEMENT The Bank has an independent Risk Management Group (RSK) which coordinates with relevant units of the Bank to identify. Legaspi Jr. market. Lapuz Secretary Deputy Head. Senior Executive Committee Committee Membership Adviser Chair Vice Chair Regular Members Designation Metrobank Group Chairman Chairman President Vice Chairman. liquidity and operational risks. Naing Amelia S. Renato C. Marquez Joshua E. De Vera Metrobank Annual Report Adviser Chair Vice Chair Regular Members methodology. Corporate Banking Group Head. Executive Committee Committee Membership Designation Vice Chairman. Labog Jr. Tansingco Benedicto C. Cabal Cornelio C. CRG CREAD MM Commercial C. Fernand Antonio A. Valencia Remedios L. Cuna Jr. Audit Committee Committee Membership Adviser Chair Vice Chair Regular Members Ex-officio Member Chairman Independent Director Independent Director Director Member. Dee Vicente R. Board of Advisers Head. Therese B. Francisco C. Guided by the mandate to safeguard the solidity and strength of the Bank’s 22 Resource Persons Head. Antonio .K. Critical support You trust Secretary Head. Board of Advisers Chairman President Assistant to the Group Chairman Head. NBBS Luzon Region Head. Dee Vicente R. Abacan Jr. Ty Fabian S. National Branch Banking Sector Head. Edgardo C. Internal Audit Group Designation Appointed Members Antonio S. National Branch Banking Sector Head. Nepomuceno Rosanna F. Ty Mary V. Gison Edgardo M. Controllership Group Compliance Officer Head. Cuna Jr. Treasury Group Head. Risk Management Group Fabian S. measure and monitor credit. The Division provided guidance in identifying the specific regulations applicable to the units. Corporate Banking Group Head. Go Noel Peter Z. Arthur V.A. Sebastian Valentin A.

Tansingco Fabian S. Credit Group Head. Cuna Jr. Valencia Head. risk appetite and prudence. Naing Benedicto C. Its active role ensures consistency among strategies. Risk Management Committee Committee Membership Chair Vice Chair Regular Members Resource Persons Designation Independent Director Director Independent Director Appointed Members Remedios L. Dee Vicente R. Lapuz Secretary E. Macalincag Edmund A. such reviews underscore the importance of: portfolio strategy. Nominations Commitee Committee Membership Chair Regular Members Secretary Designation Independent Director Vice Chairman Director Compliance Officer Appointed Members Renato C. Suico Bernardito M. Richard S. and. Go Renato C. reduce earnings volatility. Valentin A. Legal Services Department Designation Appointed Members Antonio S. International Offices and Subsidiaries Group Head. Antonio Dennis G. Abacan Jr.D. The main objective of Regular Members Secretary F. which consists primarily of independent members of the Board of Directors. RSK has also embarked on a more extensive consideration of risk estimates and policies at the Metrobank Group level. Go Amelia S. The upgrading of the Bank’s risk management capabilities is a continuous activity aimed at further improving the prudent evaluation of risks and returns to produce sustainable revenues. Operations Group Head. credit initiation and underwriting. Corporate Banking Group Head. Araneta Remedios L. planning and development. and increase shareholder value.Legaspi Jr. So . Treasury Group Head. Francisco C. National Branch Banking Sector Head. Credit Risk RSK continued to support the Bank’s credit risk management process by intensifying independent risk reviews on the Bank’s loan portfolio. Mapa Jr. Amparado We uphold 23 Corporate Governance 2009 Fernand Antonio A. Corporate Governance Commitee Committee Membership Chair Vice Chair Chairman Vice Chairman Chairman. Current and prospective risk management initiatives are overseen by the Risk Management Committee (RMC). Internal Audit Group Head. Sebastian Edmund A. Controllership Group Head. problem recognition and remedial management. Board of Advisers Independent Director Independent Director Officer. Macalincag Susan M. Paraguya fiduciary business. Focused primarily on credit policy compliance. Sebastian Placido L. Maritess B. Valencia Francisco C. Risk Management Group Joshua E.

maintained assumptions in sensitivity analyses and expanded scenarios in stress testing. Trust Commitee Committee Membership Advisers Chair Vice Chair Regular Members Designation Chairman.G. the development and monitoring of risk ratings supported by statistical models continued to be a main activity of the Bank. such as derivatives. Ty Valentin A. are envisioned to eventually support more advanced internal ratings and the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP). James Go Francisco C. RSK continuously strives to improve its portfolio reports in order to provide MBTC Board and Senior Management a better perspective of the Bank’s credit risk profile. . The anticipation of upturns in most economies 2009 Secretary H. After stabilizing the use of its Market Risk Metrobank Annual Report Secretary this undertaking is to inculcate proactive risk Management (MRM) system. Abacan Jr. processes and procedures to further safeguard the Bank’s portfolio. recognition and treatment. Amparado Marilou C. and the back-testing of price risk models. Market and Liquidity Risk One of the primary risks that the Bank faces involves possible losses that may come about from changes in market prices of financial assets. The Bank is actively participating in the formulation of contingent strategies to minimize the probability of losses in the face of possible extreme market scenarios this year. and operations. Mapa Jr. impartial valuation of financial instruments. Sebastian Cornelio C. Such risk ratings which differentiate among the market segments. markets. RSK is likewise responsible for the identification. Araneta Josefina E. Board of Advisers Vice Chairman. monitoring and measurement of credit and strategic balance sheet risks through the preparation. The process will involve an all-encompassing approach that identifies specific plans to address stress events that may pose a threat to the Bank’s various products. Against such a backdrop. RSK actively participated in various automation initiatives aimed at strengthening the Bank’s 24 credit risk management processes. The development of these strategies will continue to give the Bank increased ability to reallocate resources and execute appropriate steps in You trust identification and management among the business groups and recommend policies. Bartolome and the recovery of the financial market in 2009 created a generally low-volatility financial environment. the Bank is ready to implement improvements in the system to cope up with the stringent risk practices that are a product of the recent global financial crisis. TBG Trust Business Development Division Appointed Members Placido L. Towards this endeavor. Board of Advisers Vice Chairman Chairman President Independent Director Head. Trust Banking Group Head. Sebastian Antonio S. RSK has also intensified review of credit policies and procedures to reinforce risk identification. Controllership Group Compliance Officer Head. Gison Placido L. This will also intensify its capability to measure price risks arising from more complex instruments. Board of Advisers Head. Joshua E. and the assessment of new products. Board of Advisers Chairman. These serve as strong drivers of the Bank’s daily market risk processes to supplement activities such as tracking of position and price sensitivity limits. covering all the financial instruments that the Bank is exposed to. Legal and Tax Advisory Commitee Committee Membership Chair Vice Chair Regular Members Designation Vice Chairman Member. Arthur V. COG Institutional Accounting Division Appointed Members Francisco C. Sulit Josephine G. services and processes. the Bank is operating under a risk management framework that recalibrated down the risk limits. review and analysis of regular credit portfolio risk reports. This will give the Bank the continued strong capability to measure Value-at-Risk (VaR) on a timely basis. Naing Amelia S. Mapa Jr. Cervero Moreover.

mitigation. Suico Fabian S. It aims to strengthen the operational risk environment through enhanced risk awareness. Controllership Group Head. International Offices and Subsidiaries Group Advisers Mary V. Ty Secretary Resource Persons I. President Metrobank Card Corp. Operational Risk RSK supports the management of the Bank’s operational risks by providing business and operating units with the right tools in the identification. So Dennis G. Domestic Subsidiaries Division We uphold 25 Corporate Governance 2009 Committee Membership Appointed Members . Araneta Francisco C. Cabal Arthur V. Sebastian Amelia B. With the continuous fine-tuning of risk metrics.a timely manner to strengthen its financial capability amidst such extreme events. and monitoring of their operational risks. the measurement and management of liquidity risk is enhanced. The unit broadened the scope of the risk incident reporting for better operational risk management through a coordinated and concerted approach from discovery to resolution. Capulong Chair Vice Chair Regular Members Ryan O. Abacan Jr. I. Ty Antonio S. Ty Antonio S. National Branch Banking Sector Head. and better contingency preparedness. Ty Richard S. IOSG Remittance Operations Division All heads of foreign branches and subsidiaries Officer. Operations Group Head. RSK likewise sustained and enhanced the management of the Bank’s preparedness to business disruptions for a continued quality service and operation. process and internal control improvement. International Offices and Subsidiaries Group Head. The Risk Management Group has expanded the coverage of liquidity risk on a consolidated basis to include major financial institution subsidiaries. Imperial Resource Persons Secretary Officer. RSK enhanced and widened the coverage of the structured risk and control assessment activities to identify critical operational risk items for proper management and unearth opportunities for further exploration. President Heads of other subsidiaries Appointed Members Mary V. Dee Joshua E. Chairman’s Council Committee Membership Advisers Chair Vice Chair Regular Members Designation Assistant to the Group Chairman Chairman Vice Chairman Metrobank President AXA Life Insurance President Orix Metro President Philippine Savings Bank President Philippine Charter Insurance Corp. Sebastian Arthur V. Francisco C. assessment. Naing Juvencio R. It expanded the range of the risk event data collection to have a more comprehensive view of the Bank’s risk exposure profiles for a more improved approach in managing them as well as in preparation for the advanced methods in calculating the capital charge for operational risk. Abacan Jr. Valentin A. Overseas Banking Committee Designation Assistant to the Group Chairman Chairman Independent Director Vice Chairman Director President Head. In 2009.

its corporate social responsibility arm. MMC has now produced 691 winners from both elementary and high school levels. its employee volunteerism unit. Inc.” This philosophy of Dr. and the Purple Hearts Club. Inc. the Foundation has inspired Filipinos to excel in what they do. and Federal Land. Among the Foundation’s pioneering programs is the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) which recognizes talented Filipino artists with the passion in architecture. The Bank. through the help of partners. BluPrint Magazine. but their communities as well. Philippine Institute of Interior Designers. the Foundation has enabled over 2. an expression of commitment to promote a culture of excellence in the teaching profession. the Search in the country.K. Ty. For students. such as the United Architects of the Philippines.298 high school students participating. 2009 Metrobank Annual Report Metrobank Foundatiom. For more than 30 years.communities and the nation Metrobank considers among its major stakeholders the communities it serves. apart from growing its business. “The best way to help the Filipino people is to help them become productive. inspired and empowered citizens so that they can help not only just themselves. the Chairman of the Metrobank Foundation. give recognition for their excellent contributions to their fields and then engage them and the communities they belong to aspire more and give back to society. George S. has served to guide and inspire the Foundation’s corporate social responsibility advocacies since its founding in 1979.. Among its most recognized and multi-awarded programs is the Search for Outstanding Teachers. is also committed to building the nation and giving back to the country. In partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). interior design. painting and sculpture. the Foundation’s nationwide College Scholarship Program (CSP) remains one of the most sought-after educational assistance programs . the Foundation successfully engaged 194 divisions out of 198 division schools in the country with 388. through Metrobank Foundation. Inc. Years of successful collaborations with the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) and DepEd have made the Metrobank Math Challenge (MMC) the most prestigious and widely participated math competition among elementary and high students nationwide. This. With 135 partner schools.227 elementary and 97. Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines. MADE strengthened its partnership with Gawad Kalinga (GK) by supporting You inspire 26 has awarded a total of 286 outstanding teachers all over the country since its launching in 1984. it does.000 students to fulfill their dreams of obtaining high quality education in the best schools in the country since the program was first established in 1995. In 2009. In 2009.

Over 2. We empower 27 Search has honored 91 members of the Armed Forces 2009 . the TOPS of the Philippines (AFP). Policemen in Service (COPS) and The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers (TOPS).Metrobank Math Challenge (MMC) the Gawad Kalinga-Metrobank Designer Village Challenge.525 students particapted in the most prestigious math contest in the country . Strengthening its collaboration with the CSR units of the Metrobank Group of Companies. particularly in providing relief and health care services at times of natural calamities. Metrobank Foundation opens opportunities for students to fulfill their dreams. In addition. The Designer Village Challenge resulted in the recognition of three best designs that reflect the GK spirit fused with elements of sustainable design. Established in 1984. while the COPS Search has awarded 70 policemen and women since 2003. MADE has recognized and launched the careers of over 350 artists and designers for their exemplary talent in their chosen fields. Since 1994. The Metrobank Foundation implements a wide array of recognition programs designed to inspire and reward exemplary performances and achievements among civil servants such as the Metrobank Foundation Search for the Country’s Outstanding from the different companies of the Metrobank Group for victims of typhoon Ondoy. The team was created to consolidate the Group’s efforts in CSR mobilization activities. In 2009.000 scholars With 135 of the best schools in the country. it was able to mobilize volunteers and collect donations 485. a team of CSR Coordinating Officers was formed with representatives from each company. The Foundation’s growing alliances have been instrumental in the success of its mobilization efforts. the Foundation donated P10 million to the local government units whose constituents were affected by the calamity and another P5 million to Oplan Sagip Bayan.

1st in the world Manila Doctors Hospital pioneered the Minimally Invasive Cervical Interspinous Process Decompression IPD procedure in 2009. enhanced medical infrastructures and introduced ground-breaking medical procedures to provide the best health care possible. The Foundation’s alumni organizations composed of past awardees and scholars. The Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators (NOTED) conducted its 7th National Convention with the theme: “Teacher’s Social Responsibility in a Civil Society” and kicked off the “Lecture Caravan. have reamined committed and active in helping their respective communities. 2009 You inspire Metrobank Annual Report The Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH). a subsidiary of the Foundation.” a training program on teaching strategies for 400 teachers. an alternative process of cervical surgery to ease the pain and numbness felt by the patient when the nerves are agitated. For the first time in the world’s medical history. The hospital also pioneered other procedures in the country such as the Minimally Invasive Interspinous Process Decompression (IPD) using Aperius implants and non-open heart surgery using a Nit-Occlud . the hospital’s Department de VSD Coil. The Alumni Scholars 28 of Orthopedics introduced the Minimally Invasive Cervical Interfacet Distraction Decompression (CIFDD). The Hospital’s Cardiovascular Center also became operational in 2009 with the MDH being the first private hospital in the Philippines to be equipped with the Bi-plane machine.

000 committed Metrobank volunteers get involved in various outreach programs. student winners have competed and won in international competitions. books.” MDH also bagged an Anvil Award of Excellence for its Medical Mission for Typhoon Victims under the for Service. and the SOT under the PR Program on a Sustained Basis – Education category.” This philosophy of Dr. In addition to the Grand Anvil. The Foundation has also engaged its former MADE awardees and launched the MADE-Network Specialized PR Projects – Disaster Communications category. And to further enhance its We empower 29 “The best way to help the Filipino people is to help them become productive. COPS under the PR Program Directed at Specific Stakeholder – Special Interest Groups category. and vegetable planting at camps. and its donation of school supplies and other educational materials for Ondoy victims in various schools. inspired and empowered citizens so that they can help not only just themselves. the Chairman of the Metrobank Foundation. To celebrate . the Foundation presented the Metrobank Foundation Award for Continuing Excellence (ACES) to 30 outstanding individuals who have achieved exceptional success and made valuable contributions to their respective professions. To date. through the help of Metrobank Foundation and Visayan Forum Foundation. Likewise. MADE-NOW. disaster response and relief operations. Excellence and Responsibility to Society (TOPSOLDIERS) has also continued to promote its own advocacy through its projects such as the Adult Literacy Campaign in Sulu. Excellence and Transformation (ASSET) continued to help students gain quality education through its Project ABC 2 and 3.43% or 4. holding key positions in their respective institutions. the year paved the way for a more efficient implementation of the Foundation’s programs in 2010. the Foundation has unrelentingly fostered a culture of excellence in implementing its programs. and scholars have made this. past awardees of the competition are PR Program Directed at Specific Stakeholder – Host Community category. clothes and yoys donation. for its 2008 unified Annual Report entitled. Similarly. The Organization of Philippine Soldiers with Outstanding Leadership. TOPS under the Communities and the Nation Anvil for the Foundation’s Search for Outstanding 2009 their marks in their chosen professions. Ty. the Foundation also won four Anvil Awards of Excellence for its various programs: MADE under the PR Program on a Sustained Basis – Arts and Culture category.K. MDH was conferred an Anvil Award of Merit for its program entitled Bridging the Gap: A Comprehensive Program for Patients with Cleft Deformities and their Families under the Public Relations Program Directed at Specific Stakeholder – Special Interest Groups category. Initiative. including the Grand Teachers. 2009 is a milestone period for the Metrobank Foundation. “Ahead of the Curve. Metrobank Foundation was accorded six Anvil Awards by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP). The Grand Anvil is presented to a public relations program that surpasses all programs already rated as “Excellent” in their respective categories. George S. of Winners (MADE-NOW). conducted an Art Therapy and Mural Painting Session for victims of human trafficking. In 2009. Dedication. The Foundation also took home an Anvil Award of Merit. but their communities as well. With multi-stakeholder partnerships harnessed and new alliances forged with various public and private sectors. together with the Metrobank.

000.000 worth of whole blood has been donated through its Dugong Metrobank nation blood drive in partnership with Manila Doctors Hospital and the Philippine National Red Cross. It includes complete evaluation tools to measure each child’s progress and the effectiveness of the program. the Club is about going beyond oneself Metrobank Annual Report empowerment. encourages values formation. namely. and education. Much like the honor it was named after. increasing its membership to 4. and trains them to become socially responsible leaders. You inspire 30 . 1999 Metrobank Foundation Search for Outstanding Teachers Awardee. It officially launched a three-year partnership with the Couples for Christ-Gawad Kalinga Caretaker Team and the Gawad Kalinga Kapitbahayan. intended for pre-school aged children. It is involved in various outreach programs. The Club added three new chapters this year. and being of service to others. activities. In addition to increasing its membership. health.” was taken from the symbol of valor given to individuals in the military service who displayed admirable courage beyond their line of duty. Its thrusts include the environment. “purple heart. for the benefit of the Ligaya-Escopa III Gawad Kalinga Village in Quezon City. 91 soldiers 70 police Metrobank continued to honor top men and women in the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police. the Club develops employees to become committed volunteers. about 43% of the Bank’s total number of employees. Kwentong Bata. the Club started implementing major programs for the community. and other community-based projects. Byaheng ABKD. The term. With the partnership. Serving as a complement to Metrobank Foundation. the Foundation aims to streamline its current processes for a more efficient use of its efforts and resources to better serve its stakeholders. disaster response and relief operations. PHC is taking on more projects and strengthening initiatives in community 2009 PURPLE HEARTS CLUB The Purple Hearts Club (PHC) was formed in early 2003 to encourage volunteerism among employees. The program. Kwentong Bata is a 34-Saturday program developed by Jojie Calamlam.P960. and the GK Community Build. and reading skills-development through storytelling and related activities.

which involves activities that promote a culture of reading in the community. the Club. its principal goal remains: to ignite in people the passion to give of themselves and make a difference in someone’s life. Communities and the Nation We empower 31 2009 their experience and knowledge in banking to help . Before the official launch of the program. Biyaheng ABKD includes tutorials for elementary students on major subjects such as Math.000 – enough to save nearly 2. On its 4th year. The Club plans to strengthen its existing activities. members of the Club immediately spearheaded relief efforts for fellow employees affected by the typhoon. such as its partnership with GK. and Science. and replicate them in other select communities nationwide. conducted a disaster response program for the benefit of colleagues affected by Typhoon Ondoy. valued at an estimated P960.8 Anvils Awards were given to the Foundation by the Public Relations Society of the hilippines for their outstanding programs. In 2009. As the Purple Hearts Club continues to evolve and engage in more programmatic approaches and longlasting partnerships. and library enrichment.000 lives. The GK Community Build involves the Club’s volunteers in various construction undertakings within the community such as the building of the Doña V. PHC renewed its partnership with Create Responsive Infants by Sharing Foundation (CRIBS) through its Meme na Bunso program. Tytana Community Center. crawlers and toddlers integrating “touch therapy” with motor and speech improvement activities along with basic child care. English. Among the Club’s longer standing programs is Dugong Metrobank. through a celebration of Volunteerism Day. a weekly program for infants. PHC generated 640 units of whole blood. following a specific theme each month. and launch a microenterprise advisory service to identified sectors. a nationwide blood donation drive in partnership with Manila Doctors Hospital and the Philippine National Red Cross. in partnership with the Bank’s Employee Relations Division. financial literacy where the volunteers utilize the families of the communities they serve with money management and saving. the Club participated in Metrobank Foundation’s Teachers Month Campaign by donating brand new computers and office supplies to 125 public school teachers of the Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School (EDSES) in Pasay. It aims to raise greater awareness of Volunteerism. In the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship. a project of the Metrobank Foundation. It will also continue to bring recognition to employees with meritorious volunteerism efforts. The Club intends to transfer the technology of Kwentong Bata and Biyaheng ABKD to the community for them to continue to implement the programs on their own.

as the stock market rallied. PSBank’s total assets rose 24.0% over the same period a year ago. For the fourth consecutive year.3 billion – a result of a 30. P5 billion fixed rate corporate notes. FMIC’s total resources reached P59. branch expansion and deposit generation programs allowed PSBank to grow its deposit base by 25.3%.0 billion or 159. the Investment Advisory Group’s income from stock trading almost tripled from a weak 2008 performance. Capital funds hit P8. ended the year with a consolidated net income of P1. At yearend 2009. Last year. and the Globe Telecom P5.4% while its return on average equity was at 12.3% improvement in net interest income and a 21.2 billion. and the RTB Tranche 11. and launched the first loan rebate program in Philippine banking called Prime Rebate in 2009. Sumitomo is a global. and regional publication The Asian Banker -.1 billion. The Bank’s performance was recognized by two international organizations -. enabled customers to get their new or replacement Instant ATM card on the spot from any branch nationwide. a 29.4% increase in non-interest income. PSBank expanded its branch and ATM footprint in Metro Manila and the provinces with a network of 170 branches and 306 ATMs. PSBank introduced the first Overseas Filipino Savings Account. It earned significant fees from its distribution activities of mandated deals from Meralco. managing and leading bonds and notes underwriting in amounts never seen before locally. Significant deals included the Bureau of Treasury’s P114.6 billion or 18. This is reflected in the Investment Banking Group’s outstanding performance this year. PLDT.0 billion fixed rate notes.0% higher than year ago level. Globe Telecom. making it the highest capitalized thrift bank in the industry. the P16. PSBank and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan formed Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation to engage in the financing of motorcycles in the Philippines. offering the widest nationwide coverage among thrift banks. PSBank’s total capital was at P11.as among the best in the local banking industry in terms of shareholder returns. The treasury operations continued to contribute substantially to income.4 billion. You lead 32 . Project Loan Facility. First Metro Investment managed to take full advantage of the positive developments in the domestic capital markets.0% increase over 2008. San Miguel Brewery.6 billion.consultancy firm Stern Steward and Co. the investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group.group domestic subsidiaries First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC). continued to provide superior retail products and services to its customers. 2009 Metrobank Annual Report Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank).7%. enhanced its Thank Goodness Its Five (TGIF) Days feature on housing loans. Record investment banking fees and gains from fixed income and equity trades increased revenues for the period. building on its strength in the consumer banking sector. Meanwhile. on the back of a stable interest rate environment and healthy expansion of its core lending business. At the end of 2009. the Aboitiz Power Corp.7% during the year to P93. the country’s second largest thrift bank.4%. with a sustained growth track that enabled it to post a net income of P1. FMIC secured lead roles in almost all major corporate debt transactions. with loans and receivables increasing by 13. It turned in a remarkable performance in 2009. the highest income level in its history. financial performance and attractiveness to the global investor community.0% to P6. Its capital adequacy ratio was at 14.0 billion Cebu Energy Development Corp. Return on average equity was reported at 14. On the other hand. Philratings gave PSBank an issue rating of PRS Aa+ on its Tier 2 notes. PSBank’s total net revenues rose 27. integrated trading company with a wide and diverse range of business interests.4 billion retail treasury bonds.5% to P77.7%. which boosted fees from investment banking activities.0 billion. while capital adequacy ratio remained more than adequate at 24.

It is also geared to offer more sophisticated products.%.000 represents 12.6 million in claims. and the support of the Metrobank branch network continue to boost strategic growth. It also extended its services to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. PhilCharter’s Information Technology developed and implemented the Asset Information Management System (AIMS) and Personnel Information Management System (PIMS). a joint venture of Metrobank and Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ). Last year. We unite 33 Metrobank Group Domestic Subsidiaries 2009 .3% growth of Dealer Accounts. Contributing to this growth is its Affiliate Sales at 10. Go! MasterCard. MCC registered a 24.9% market share. and Engineering at 11.4%. MCC continues to be an industry leader in portfolio management and proactive credit and collections strategies. MCC continued its considerable growth of 127.2% and provincial branches at 9. allocating around P740.8 billion and with almost 6. PhilCharter’s claims settling record remains above industry practice. the sustained popularity of Metrobank Femme Visa. Last year. with new premiums written for the year led by its key products: Motor Car which grew 15.4% increase in net profit after tax to P829. MCC’s asset quality improved further from 6. PhilCharter will be able to cultivate deeper relationships with its existing and prospective clients. With its access to Metrobank’s extensive branch network nationwide. perks and privileges that give cardholders maximum value for their money. Cardholders enjoy increased spending power and international purchasing convenience with acceptance in over 42 million establishments worldwide. installment programs. Philippine Charter Insurance Corporation (PhilCharter) is a leading provider of non-life insurance in the Philippines.9% in 2009. The full launch of its bancassurance program will also enable PhilCharter to make further improvements in its range of products and services. Customer’s purchasing power was enhanced with strategic reward tie-ups with key merchant partners. Even with robust growth in card billings.4 million.0% versus same period last year. The company became aggressive in its Auto Dealership Program by accrediting five new car dealers last year which contributed to the 23. As the newest entrant in the merchant acquiring business. with full year billings of P13.5% increase in net worth to P629. and increase convenience for customers. Likewise.4% in 2008 to 5.3 million. offers a range of credit card products with distinct product advantages to suit every lifestage and lifestyle.Metrobank Card Corporation (MCC).7 million claims fund for its policyholders. enabling the company to reach more customers. moving up to a ranking of 9th in terms of gross premiums written among over a hundred non-life insurance companies.0. PhilCharter’s application for bancassurance through Metrobank was approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.9%. MCC’s growth in receivables and billings is double compared to industry. the company settled and paid P602.9%. develop better customer life cycle management. In 2009. PhilCharter posted a 3. zero percent installment promotions as well as the availability of Cash2Go and Balance Transfer. It remains to be a major player in the industry. In 2009. compared to the 2008 level (excluding the net profit after tax effect of the VISA shares sale in 2008). Its cards-in-force of 848. Personal Accident Insurance at 13.000 terminals already deployed in Metro Manila and key provincial cities. Its credit card products offer flexible payment schemes.

0% in 2009. and other expenses. the global AXA Group demonstrated its capability to deliver results by remaining focused on its core business of insurance and asset management. and saying what they do. the Lexus.000 employees and distributors worldwide. and set new record sales of 46. Key drivers were “clarity and transparency of documents”.Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMPC). and “ease in requesting/obtaining” information.0% in 2009 due to the negative impact of global investment markets on consumer confidence. In 2009. It generated significant milestones in 2009 that helped fortify its leadership. With a state-of-the-art facility at the heart of Fort Bonifacio. its Santa Rosa plant was recognized by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) as one of the five best performing Toyota manufacturing plants worldwide in terms of quality. Based on an annual quantitative survey. By putting an end to promises and simply showing proof. Despite this. 2009 Metrobank Annual Report AXA is one of the world’s largest life insurers with over 80 million clients across 55 countries. The company also continued to show sound financial performance. TMC’s Philippine Peñablanca Sustainable Reforestation Project continued to reforest degraded.6 billion.’ A global market research study done by AXA revealed the general lack of trust behind financial service companies all over the world. Lexus made a mark in the luxury segment as it captured 13.0% market share in its first year of operations. Aside from its economic and technological contributions to the industry. TMP strengthens its grassroots support to various communities. and the wholesale of Toyota parts and accessories. the total life insurance industry is estimated to have declined by 10. AXA is a joint venture between two financial giants—the global AXA Group and the Metrobank Group. In 2009. and full vehicle line-up. Some of the ‘proofs’ that AXA developed and rolled-out in 2009 to start to redefine the life insurance industry: Using less insurance jargon in customer materials as well as avoiding fine print in communications so insurance is clearer and easier to understand. Toyota’s luxury line. AXA Philippines was able to maintain New Business Index (NBI) at P1.000-unit cumulative sales mark. education. In the Philippines. 2009 saw the inauguration of the GT-Toyota Asian Cultural Center in UP Diliman with facilities built to further promote the rich legacy of Asia and the advancement of Asian cultural studies in the Philippines.0% to 71.0 billion with significant gains starting the second half of the year which was 63. primarily engaged in the manufacture of Toyota passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Perhaps the biggest milestone in 2009 was the launch of AXA’s new brand positioning and signature anchored on a vision to ‘redefine insurance’ by doing what they say.6% better than the second half of 2008. Driven by its pursuit of perfection. and giving customers ‘proof’ instead of mere ‘promises. This was achieved through improved market access and a broader product range which included the launch of an endowment product for retirement. AXA Philippines also improved its overall customer satisfaction score from 29. reliable. AXA is starting to redefine insurance and is well on the way to achieving its ambition to be the preferred supplier of financial solutions to customers. as well as unique variable products with capital protection and guaranteed returns. open areas in Cagayan province and provide alternative livelihood for local communities through agro-forestry. as the third year of implementation progressed. In the Philippines. with a full year net income of P1. The unveiling of AXA’s new brand signature carries with it a commitment to be available. a new Financial Needs Analysis tool called ‘AXA LIFESCORE’ which ensures AXA Financial Advisers offer solutions that match a customer’s real financial need and capability. TMPC’s locally-manufactured models Vios and Innova remained the country’s bestsellers for the year. made its debut in 2009. which AXA hopes to redefine and change with the new company culture and brand direction. remains to be the country’s biggest automotive company. TMPC breached the 600. serviced by nearly 210. The trust and confidence of its customers and business partners drive Toyota to produce only the highest quality vehicles.9% higher than the first half and 41.193 units with its 8th consecutive Triple Crown. You lead 34 . “quality and frequency of updates”. and attentive to customers’ needs to really differentiate from the competition and establish credibility and trust for AXA products and services. making policy information available on a 24/7 basis through the internet.

Both plants are expected to be fully operational in early 2011 to help alleviate the critical power situation in the Visayas. The company’s wholly owned subsidiaries ORIX Auto Leasing Philippines Corporation and ORIX Rental Corporation are engaged in operating leases of vehicles and equipment. Meanwhile. Cebu Energy Development Corp. Capital adequacy ratio was likewise very sound at 14. MRIs.4% and substantially provisioned. All of GBPC’s existing plants continue their intensive maintenance schedules in preparation for the increasing demands for reliable power in 2010 through 2011. is engaged in the leasing of real properties. 2009 .3% growth in total resources to P8.0 million.0 billion. and intensified presence in the high-margin consumer markets.9%. Business volumes continued to rise by double digits. Return on Average Equity translated to 20. revenues continued to increase while margins remained robust. medical equipment including CT Scans. ORIX Metro posted a solid 11. provides financial leasing of all kinds of vehicles such as cars. servers. With its partners. copiers. SMBC METRO INVESTMENT CORPORATION We unite 35 ORIX Metro Leasing and Finance Corporation (ORIX Metro). buoyed in part by the growth in the portfolio of operating lease subsidiaries. Another four new branches were opened during the fiscal year. Portfolio quality remained strong as NPLs were kept at 2. bringing the nationwide network to 32. Metrobank Group Domestic Subsidiaries For 2009. with substantial investments to upgrade and improve facilities for better reliability and efficiency. Together. and facsimile machines.0 billion financing deal with 11 financing institutions for the Cebu Expansion Project.1%. while addressing the lack of back-up and spinning power on the island of Panay. and other types of personal properties. signed a P16. Panay Power Corporation (PPC) obtained a contract with the National Grid Corp. GBPC is building a 246MW coal-fired plant in Cebu and another 164MW coal-fired plant in Iloilo. trucks and buses. on the other hand.2% to P283. the Cebu and Panay Expansion plants will be bringing a total of almost US$900. office equipment which include computers. sustained marketing efforts aimed at top tier corporates. optical and dental equipment. OMLF International Trading and Development Corporation. This has helped expand ORIX Metro’s market coverage and enable it to reach out to more customers. industrial machineries such printing and packaging equipment. This move serves to utilize PPC’s unutilized capacity. a joint venture with ORIX Corporation of Japan. The deal is the largest peso-denominated project financing to date. mitigating the risk of the volatility of fuel cost. well above the 10% required by regulations. making Global Power the largest IPP in the Visayas.Global Business Power Corporation (GBPC) serves existing power plants in the southern Philippines. particularly in the countryside. well above those of peers.0 billion financing deal in February 2010. GBPC currently owns 223MW of coal and diesel-fired power plants in the Visayas. After tax profits rose 12. Last June 2009. Toledo Power succeeded in shifting to a fuel pass-through tariff structure.0 million of new capital investments into the Visayas. of the Philippines (NGCP) to provide ancillary power to the Panay grid. Panay Energy Development Corporation is expected to sign its own P14.

MBTC Technology. Inc. 2009 You lead 36 Francisco C. Chairman. Metrobank Card Corp. Go Director Chairman. Vy Tonne So Director Chairman. Philippine Charter Insurance Corp.). Global Business Power Corp. Director. Inc. Metrobank Foundation. First Metro Investment Corp. Metrobank Bahamas Chairman. Abacan Jr. Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. Global Business Power Corp. Director.K. Chairman. First Metro Investment Corp. Inc. Antonio S. Sebastian Director/Vice Chairman President & Director.board of directors George S. Toyota Financial Services (Phils. Chairman. Federal Land. Chairman. President. . Director. Chairman & Director. Chairman. Arthur Ty Director/President Vice Chairman. Philippine Savings Bank Director. Metrobank Chairman. ORIX Metro Leasing & Finance Corp. Securities Corp. Inc. Federal Homes. Metrobank Group of Companies Chairman. First Metro Asset Management Metrobank Annual Report Edmund A. Inc. Global Business Power Corp. Chairman. Board of Directors Vice Chairman. Phil. Ty Group Chairman Founder.

Social Security System Former Director. SGV & Co. Ty Director/Corporate Secretary President. Network Holdings. Former President / CEO. Department of Finance Former National Treasurer. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Chairman. Valencia Independent Director Vice Chairman. Vice Chairman. Makati Stock Exchange We serve 37 Board of Directors 2009 . Cabal Director Senior Adviser. Director. Araneta Independent Director Former President/CEO. Dee Director Chairman. External Audit Committee Member. Inc. Macalincag Independent Director Former Undersecretary. Island Merchants (a Nestle distribution company) Member/Treasurer. Alfred V. Metrobank Foundation. Int’l Monetary Fund Valentin A. Bureau of Treasury Former President/CEO. Inc. FMIC Equities. Development Bank of the Philippines Renato C. Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Secretary. La Salle Bacolod Remedios L. Amelia B. Metrobank Card Corp.Fabian S. Inc. Federal Land Inc. University of St.

Corp. Ramos Senior Adviser Former President. Board of Advisers Chairman. Ltd. Phil.board of advisers 2009 Fidel V. Garcia III Adviser President / Director. Li Senior Adviser Chairman & CEO. Former President. Mapa Jr. Gabriel C. Inc. You lead Cornelio C. Republic of the Philippines Washington SyCip Senior Adviser Founder. David O. Solid State Multi Products Corp. Chairman of the Board of Advisers Vice Chairman. Supreme Court of the Philippines David K. Asian Institute of Management Artemio S. Dispo Adviser Chairman.P. Philippine Stock Exchange Carmelo L. Metrobank Foundation. First Metro Investment Corp. . SGV Group Chairman. National Paper Products & Printing Corp. Panganiban Senior Adviser Former Chief Justice. David Tan Go Adviser Treasurer / Senior Executive Vice President Toyota Motor Phils. Inc. HK Metrobank Annual Report Charles Cheung Senior Adviser Vice Chairman. Director. Chua Adviser Director. Bautista Adviser Director. Metrobank Foundation. Chua Vice Chairman. Bankers Association of the Phils. Inc. Metrobank James Go Vice Chairman. First Metro Int’l Investment Corp. Philippine Savings Bank Director. Executive Vice President. Hong Kong Institution Directors Placido L. Former Vice Chairman. Executive Vice President. Bank of East Asia Ltd. First Metro Investment Corporation 38 Henry M. First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp. Gison Adviser Former Undersecretary Department of Finance Tan Tian Siong Adviser President. Sun Adviser President. Philippine Savings Bank Robert Juanchito T. Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry Pascual M. Charter Insurance Corp. Board of Advisers President. Toyota Cubao. Vice Chairman.

Herrera. Tiu. Benedicto Jr. Naing. R. Suico. Fabian S. Sobrepeña. Legaspi Jr. Lapuz. Melinda C. Dennis G. Vicente Jr. Sulit. Suico Standing: Fernand Antonio A. Tansingco. Joshua E. Carmelita R. Legaspi. Tiu. C. Dennis G.* Ching. Aniceto M. Joshua E. Aniceto M. Vivian L.principal officers Executive Vice President Araneta. Sobrepeña Standing: Bernardito M. Josefina E. Edgardo M. Bernardito M. Seated: Benedicto C. Cuna Jr. Fernand Antonio A. Vicente R..* Lapuz. Fabian S. Dee. Tansingco. * Cuna. Sulit. Josefina E. Naing. Dee We serve 39 Board of Advisers / Principal Officers 2009 . * Retired Seated: Vivian L.

Liao. Cesar L. Therese B. Amelin S. Bernardo H. Cesar L. Yang. Marilou C. Chan Jr. Corazon Ma. Eligio Jr. Qua 40 Seated: Josefina T. Agena. Jose Raymund O. Oliveros. Fermin T. Rowena R. Fargas. Richard Benedict S. Marilou C. Labog Jr. Jose Jr. Nepomuceno. Helen U. Qua. Christine W. Marquez. Richard Benedict S. Rowena D. Sy. Fermin T. Jose Raymund O. Josefina T. Dennis C. Tuplano. Villanueva. M. Jose M.principal officers Senior Vice President Agena. Villanueva. Vergara. So. Bartolome Standing: Bernardo H. Mariquita L. Maritess B. Tocmo. Nepomuceno. Tuplano. Fargas. Tocmo. Oliveros. Yao. Chio. Adrian Francisco A. Mariquita L. Lugtu. So. Amelin S. Reynaldo H. Mary W. Mary W. Adrian Francisco A. Labog. Kwok*. * Consultant for Trust Banking Group . Helen U. Edgardo C. Chan. Standing: Kevin Patrick L. Eligio C. Vergara. Bartolome. Dennis C. Lugtu. Therese B. Antonio. Chio. Reynaldo H. Liao. Antonio. Marquez. 2009 Metrobank Annual Report Seated: Christine W. Sy. C. Edgardo C. Yao. Corazon Ma. Yang. Maritess B.

Gonzales. Matriano. Flordeliz T. Gerona. Salgado. Dy Buncio. Alicia A. Delfino. Fausto. Tomas Antonio D. De Jesus. Romulo Jr. Mark Anthony H. Grace P. Navarra. Guinto. Fernandez. Leonides V. Ruelo. Arsenio B. Lourdes P. Elmer R. Yap. Mark Anthony B. Edgardo M. Maida Lourdes E. Mary Jacqueline Justina H. Pollyanna B. Alfredo F. Enrique M. Ma. Manalad. Viernes. Elizabeth D. Jose Luis S. Carmencita L. Noel L. Rosendo G. Serafin Jr. Danao. Lim. Chiong. Benigno G. Elaida A. Lim. Justina Ma. Gamboa. Mariano. Chiong. D. Jocelyn L. Remigio R. Editha R. Walter C. Theresa A. Palao Katherine T. Roxas. Josephine G. Tolentino. Angel O. Tobias. Fule. Milagros L. Luz I. Go. Gregorio. Melizza Doris L. Ongsiaco. Noel Peter Z. Datuin. Reymundo L. Marian B. Mauricio M. Maritess D. Jay Nazarene Christene A. Assistant Vice President Aguila. T. Salazar. Antonietta O. Arnaldo. Cynthia G. Ma. Arjonillo. Yu. Teresa D. Lim. Marvin Eugene N. Antonio Soliman Jr. Carolina K. Maximiano Jr. Gildardo C. Maria Gina R. Cervero. Godofredo V. Domingo C. Esguerra. Francisco. Alex C. Victorino M. Berbaño. Bondad. De Guzman. Chua. Federico T. Guerrero. Alex F. Josephine F. Fina Victoria S. Susan L. Julito R. Manolito M. Marie Joan J. Mercado. Mia S. Tan. Lim. Marissa F. Tan. Luis S. Alburo. Grace C. Emmanuel C. Irene L. Labitan.First Vice President Abellar. Guerrero. Marilyn M. Elsa U. Mary Joyce S. Spencer C. Dy. Go. Lelany O. Maraingan. Calumpang. Lim. Ricardo F. Lindo. Vice President Amora. Carmelita A. Gamboa. Lita S. Marie Edgette C. Edgar Alan P. Jandayan. C. Rey T. Fatima P. Blanco. Almeda. Pagaspas. Gumban. Mirasol. Imelda Marie A. Abelardo Jr. Capulong. Felipe. Yao. Rosauro A. Laya. Guiao. Reyes. Capili. Avmir D. Zandra M. Vinluan. Yuseco. Esmeraldo S. Sia. Estrera. Millonado. Cruz. Maria Sharon C. Barrera. Elmer R. Haosen. Leopoldo M. Alberto. Antonio C. Teresita L. Pineda. Nurjehan Maria D. Jovencio R. Tolentino. Arejola. Valentino C. Tan. Pangilinan. Perez. De Vera. Rivera. Rivera. May Sherri M. Ruiz. Eric A. Richard L. Yap. De La Peña. Tanglao. Elayda. Tiongson. Samaniego. We listen 41 Principal Officers 2009 . Dayrit. Chan. Lugue. Bernardine V. Reynaldo C. Vicente Jr. Gan. Gabriel N. Alfredo L. Diokno. A. Jose Antonio C. Amahan. Kho. Cynia C. Tee. Medrano. Rosanna F. Castro. Liwanag. Cortez. Antonio. Quintin Jr. Elizabeth B. Edna O. Loquellano. A. Xu. Marfa. Ty. Gianan. Villanueva. Imelda L. Tiu. Teresita M. Niere. Rene L. Marie Chorie Candice R. Josephine Kee Hong S. Edgar D. Oscar Manuel Jr. Tobias. Victoriano. Jennifer G. Herman Rufino S. Goyenechea. Juan Antonio T. Randell D. Manolo T. Jasmine E. Lorna Y. Shirley T. Senen A. M. Tan. Celino. Helen L. De Santos. Chang. Arlene S. V. Michael Joseph M. Ajos. Fajardo. Aristeo S. Rizaldo G. Maralit. Natalie N. Bellon. Kho. Crisostomo P. Manzano. P. Tolentino. Alfredo D. Elizabeth B. Ubaldo. San Agustin. Buenavista. Ayson. Dy. Centena. Ma. Anjanette T. Cayanan. Emmeline D. Ely Roy B. Tuason. Dennis Anthony D. Guevarra. Lucia C. Chad Aaron R. Vicente F. Rodolfo C. Osorio. Maria Lorna T. Albert I. Ma. Kwan. Easter Angela S. Allan S. Say. Antonio T. Espina. Arellano. Cariaga. Pocholo V. Mary Beck C.

Direct Deposit Pension Foreign and Domestic Telegraphic Transfer Foreign Demand Draft Traveler’s Check Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency Notes Foreign Exchange Sale for Invisible (Non-trade) Transactions 2009 Metrobank Annual Report DEPOSIT SERVICES ATM Savings Account Passbook Savings Account Fun Savers Club Regular Checking Account MetroChecking Extra Account One Time Deposit FOREIGN CURRENCY DEPOSIT SERVICES Savings Account Checking Account Time Deposit ELECTRONIC BANKING FACILITIES Metrobank ATM Affiliated with Mastercard CirrusMaestro/Bancnet Visa Plus/Electron Cash Withdrawal and Credit Card Advances China Union Pay Withdrawal Balance Inquiry Bills Payment Inter-bank Funds Transfer Intra-bank Funds Transfer Purchase of Prepaid PINs Checkbook Request Statement Request BancNet Point-of-Sale (Accredited BancNet Merchants) Metrophone Balance Inquiry Bills Payment Fund Transfer Checkbook Request Request Last 10 Transactions via Fax Mobile Banking Balance Inquiry Bills Payment Fund Transfer Prepaid Reload metrobankdirect Retail Balance Inquiry View/Download Statement Bills Payment Fund Transfer Checkbook Request View Deposit Interest Rates View Foreign Exchange Rates Enroll New/Existing Own Account Manage Enrolled Accounts Manage Stock Trading Funds New Account Opening Apply for Consumer Loans You ask 42 .products and services CASH MANAGEMENT metrobankdirect Corporate/ Electronic Solutions Inquiry/Basic Banking Account Info/Statement Check Status Loan Inquiry Fund Transfer Telegraphic Transfer Bills Payment Checkbook Request Payments Comprehensive Disbursement Solutions – Cashier’s Check Corporate Check Writer Payroll Service Pay Card Auto Credit Telegraphic Transfer Collections Bills Payment Collection Real Time Debit Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Check Warehousing Liquidity Account Sweep/Reverse Sweep Government e-Services Taxdirect SSS Employee Contributions and Loan Payments Post-Dated Check Warehousing Deposit Pick Up/Cash Delivery Multi Channel Bills Payment Collection Arrangement One-Way Deposit Arrangement GOVERNMENT COLLECTION AND OTHER PAYMENT SERVICES Tax Payments Philhealth Premiums SSS Contributions Bills Payment FUND TRANSFER AND RELATED SERVICES SSS Direct Deposit Pension U.S.

Agri-Business.Passbook Remit to World Cash Card Claim at Metrobank Branches Cash Pick-up at Local Payout Centers M. Bond Fund We offer 43 Products and Services 2009 . Lhuillier Branches CIS Bayad Centers Door-to-Door Delivery Remit to Other Bank’s Account Remit through International Money Transfer Tie-ups Coinstar Money Transfer Xoom Corporation (Online Remittance) Pay Bills TREASURY SERVICES Government Securities Peso Treasury Bills Peso Fixed Rate Treasury Notes Peso Retail Treasury Bonds Foreign Currency-Denominated Bonds US Treasury Bills Corporate Securities Peso or USD Denominated Bonds Corporate Promissory Notes Bank Subordinated Notes Foreign Exchange Spot Forward Hedging Solutions Interest Rate Swaps Cross Currency Swaps TRUST PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Personal Trust and Agency Accounts Wealth Management Services Metrobank Exclusive Basic Wealth Management Standard Portfolio Management Services Personal Investment Account Institutional Trust and Agency Accounts Employee Benefit Trust (Metrobank Corporate Stewardship) Customized Corporate Fund Management Corporate Retirement Funds Corporate Investment Funds Insurance/Mutual Funds Educational/Religious Institutions and Foundation Funds Pre-Need Funds Other Fiduciary Services Accounts Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) Life Insurance Trust Escrow Safekeeping Court Trust Property Administratorship Corporate Fiduciary Services Mortgage Trust Indenture Facility/Loan Agency Paying Agency Transfer Agency Investment Funds Peso Fixed Income Funds Metrofund Starter Metrofund Elite Metrofund Peak Earner Metro Invest Plus Peso Balanced/Equity Funds Metro Capital Growth Fund Metro Equity Fund Dollar Fixed Income Funds Metrodollar Money Market Fund Metrodollar Phil.MISCELLANEOUS OVER-THECOUNTER SERVICES FSC Gift Checks Cashier’s Checks CUSTODIAL SERVICES Safety Deposit Boxes Check Warehousing EXPORT TRADE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Red Clause Advances Export Bills Purchased (LC and Non-LC) Export Bills for Collection (LC and Non-LC) Letters of Credit Advising Letters of Credit Confirmation Transferable Letters of Credit Discounting Usance Letters of Credit Export Packing Credit Loan IMPORT AND DOMESTIC TRADE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Commercial Letters of Credit (LC) Standby Letters of Credit Bank Guaranty Credit Line Certification with Bank Undertaking Non-LC Trade Transactions such as: Documents Against Payment Documents Against Acceptance Open Account Direct Remittance Advance Payment Shipping Guaranty Trust Receipt Financing Collection of Import Advance and Final Duties CREDIT AND LENDING SERVICES MetroCar Financing Retail Fleet MetroHome Financing Retail Wholesale Contract to Sell (CTS) Financing SPECIALIZED LENDING FACILITIES Countryside Loan Fund (CLF) CLF I CLF II CLF III Credit Support for the Environment. and Small and Medium Enterprises (CREAM) Business Loans Special Financing Program SULONG Program Industry Loan Program Financing Program for Tourism Projects Social Loans Hospital Financing Program Financing Program for Educational Institutions Special Financing Program for Vocational / Technical School Housing Loans Individual Housing Loan Joint Pari-Passu Housing Loan Apartment Dormitory Loan Developmental Loan Program House Repair and Improvement Loan OVERSEAS FILIPINO SERVICES Remit to Metrobank Savings Account Various Metrobank Deposit Accounts OFW Savings Account Peso ATM US Dollar . Liquid Fund Metrodollar Phil.

Malabon Tel Nos. Makati City Tel Nos. Gil Puyat Ave. 281-5994 to 95 281-5699 Fax No. 888-6727 Tordesillas-Gil Puyat Ave.. cor. 361-3088 362-1347 Fax No. Rizal St. Arnaiz Ave. 867-4717 817-4956 Fax No. 364-8662 363-6571 Fax No. 812-3743 Alfaro ALPAP Bldg. Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. 892-3855 GT Tower Center GT Tower Ayala Ave. cor. 533-0339 Edsa-Corinthian CLMC Bldg. Salcedo St. Pio del Pilar Makati City Tel Nos. Samson Road Caloocan City Tel Nos. 366-7304 Camarin Road-Caloocan Camarind Road cor. Edsa Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. Urdaneta. 892-8981 Corinthian Plaza-Makati Corinthian Plaza Bldg. Luna St. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City Tel Nos. 6756 Ayala Ave. Between 2nd & 3rd Ave. Mandaluyong City 632-4145 to 46 Tel Nos. 895-7125 895-7127 Fax No. Brgy. 840-0651 J. 889-2099 844-3173 Fax No. 811-3290 Dela Rosa-Salcedo Street Kalayaan Bldg. 2280 Pasong Tamo Ext. A. San Antonio Village. Alabang-Zapote Road Pamplona.-3rd Ave. Ext. Legaspi Village. Makati City Tel Nos. Potrero. 818-2027 818-2093 Fax No. 108 Paseo de Roxas cor. Bgy. A. San Antonio. 806-0473 806-0467 Fax No. Tower One and Exchange Plaza Ayala Ave. 365-7509 901-3368 Fax No. McArthur Highway cor. Salcedo Village. Malabon City Tel Nos. 363-8241 Tugatog-Malabon 139 M. Makati City Tel Nos. 813-3445 813-3456 Fax No. 844-2174 Skyland Plaza Skyland Plaza Condominium Sen. 724-3468 724-3093 Fax No. Libertad St. Makati City Tel Nos. 281-0741 281-1744 Fax No. Malabon City Tel Nos. cor. 887-5578 to 79 Fax No. 285-9297 Caloocan 315 Rizal Ave. Grace Park. dela Costa St. Pasong Tamo St. dela Costa St. 892-2383 Ayala Avenue-Bankmer Bankmer Bldg. 857-5502 857-5309 Fax No. Sampaloc St. Makati City Tel Nos. 873-4529 Las Piñas Real St. Concepcion. 632-4200 Fax No. 845-2926 845-2930 Fax No. Makati City Tel Nos. Makati City Tel Nos. cor. 840-1957 812-5156 Fax No. del Pilar St. 2300 Pasong Tamo Ext. 759-4888 to 89 Fax No. Caloocan City Tel Nos. 365-7506 Rizal Ave. Legaspi Village. 962-5301 961-1354 Fax No. 281-5796 Potrero-Malabon Ponciana Bldg. 810-8658 867-3260 Fax No.. Legaspi Village. Makati City Tel Nos. 898-1510 Salcedo Village Plaza Royale Bldg. 844-9815 to 16 Fax No. Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. Makati City Tel Nos. 891-3522 891-3328 Fax No. Paseo de Roxas Makati City Tel Nos. cor. 873-6995 873-6247 Fax No.. Malabon City Tel Nos. 895-7135 Kayamanan C PIFCO Bldg. Las Piñas City Tel Nos. 867-1263 Pasong Tamo-Javier Marvin Plaza Chino Roces Ave. 813-3435 Rada-Rodriguez La Maison Condominium 115 Rada St. 896-6040 895-0268 Fax No. P. Arnaiz Ave. 810-8659 Legaspi Village-Makati Amorsolo Mansion 130 Amorsolo St. 531-7026 531-1403 Fax No. 366-9619 365-3317 to 18 Fax No. Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. 811-0147 811-0134 Fax No. 894-3359 Magallanes Village Paseo de Magallanes Makati City Tel Nos. H. cor. 811-0132 Ayala Triangle 15th flr. 844-3182 893-9413 Fax No. Del Monte St. 885-7755 Edsa-Magallanes 19 Edsa Bangkal. Makati City Tel Nos. Makati City Tel Nos. 2241 Don Chino Roces Ave. V.branch network branch network METRO MANILA CALOOCAN C3-A... 721-8828 Edsa-POEA POEA Bldg. 811-4559 Pasong Tamo 2300 Leelin Bldg. Makati City Tel Nos. Salcedo Village. 235 Salcedo St. Makati City Tel Nos. Mabini Maypajo.. 896-9693 896-9708 to 10 Fax No. 120 LP Leviste St. 897-6836 to 37 897-6833 Fax No. 894-0362 Don Bosco-Makati La Fuerza Plaza Bldg. Ortigas Ave. Legaspi Village. Makati City Tel Nos. 213-C Rizal Ave. Calbayog St. 140 LP Leviste St. Makati Tel Nos. cor. Legaspi Village East. Makati City Tel Nos. Tech cor. Makati City Tel Nos. Legaspi Village. Dela Rosa St. 816-1101 867-1671 Fax No. 812-2190 813-3515 Fax No. 632-7596 Kalentong-Mandaluyong 188 Gen. Rockwell Center. 818-0136 A. Ext. Paseo de Roxas Ave. 852-4908 852-4902 Fax No. Caloocan City Tel Nos. Makati City Tel Nos. Makati City Tel Nos. Brgy. 844-9817 Greenbelt Pioneer House Bldg. Caloocan City Tel Nos. De Jesus St. 361-1905 LAS PIñAS Almanza-Las Piñas 467 Alabang-Zapote Road Almanza. Makati City Tel Nos. 531-6731 Libertad-Mandaluyong PGMC Bldg. Las Piñas City Tel Nos. 897-8656 896-3361 Fax No. 817-2113 Urdaneta Village-Makati The Atrium Building Makati Ave. Makati City Tel Nos. 285-6788 MANDALUYONG ADB Extension Office 6 ADB Ave. Paseo de Roxas Ave. 892-1112 San Agustin-HV Dela Costa Liberty Center Bldg.V. 894-0359 to 61 Fax No. Mabini Magsimpan Complex 200 A. 892-6708 867-3113 Fax No. 892-1213 Pasong TamoMetropolitan Ave 1133 Pasong Tamo St. 811-4064 811-4182 Fax No.. Kalentong Daang Bakal. cor. 285-9298 to 99 Fax No. 363-8238 363-8257 Fax No. Rizal J. Makati City Tel Nos. Susano Road. Dela Costa Westgate Condominium Plaza 120 H. 840-4907 Fax No. 852-4909 Paseo De Roxas PSBank Bldg. 533-6555 to 56 533-2779 Fax No. Makati City 817-2112 Tel Nos. 897-3171 Kalayaan-Bel Air Primetown Tower. Gil Puyat Ave. Ext. 750-3141 to 44 896-9784 Fax No. 888-6764 843-2576 Fax No. Tugatog. 810-0892 810-1031 Fax No. 867-1260 to 61 816-1952 Fax No. 217-223 Edsa Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. Bel-air...V. Calhoun St. 285-5650 to 51 285-6662 Fax No. 366-9620 Samson Road-Caloocan U. Block 18 BF Resort Drive. Caloocan City Tel Nos. 874-2072 to 73 873-6475 Fax No. Makati City Tel Nos. Makati City 812-7174 Tel Nos. 810-4073 Pasong Tamo-Extension Moridel Bldg. Makati City Tel Nos. Salcedo Village. 844-2172 to 73 843-6946 Fax No.E. 806-0266 BF Resort Las Piñas Lot 18 & 20.. 810-3362 H. Caloocan City Tel Nos. Salcedo Village. 898-1507 to 08 898-1511 Fax No. Makati City Tel Nos. 897-6834 Jupiter-Bel Air 130 Jupiter St. Makati City Tel Nos. Malamig Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. cor. 759-4890 Buendia-Dian Buendia Ave. near Makati City Hall Makati City Tel Nos. 364-8579 Grace Park Center 446 Rizal Ave. 328 Sen. San Agustin St. 810-3557 .V. Makati City Tel Nos. Bel-air. Caloocan City Tel Nos. Makati City Tel Nos. 891-3575 Ayala Avenue-VA Rufino Rufino Bldg. cor. 897-8657 Perea-Gallardo Century Plaza 120 Perea St. 843-7664 Pasong Tamo-Bagtikan G/F Unit A BM Lou-Bel Plaza Bagtikan St. 840-1296 to 97 864-0755 Fax No. Rufino St. 873-9615 MAKATI Aguirre-Salcedo Cattleya Condominium Bldg. 892-9603 844-1891 Fax No. 893-3410 893-4345 Fax No. Pasong Tamo St. 811-3209 892-1661 to 62 Fax No. 777 Paseo de Roxas. Arnaiz-San Lorenzo 908 A.. 892-1479 817-4118 Fax No. 725-4559 Edsa-Shaw Beside Shangrila Plaza Shaw Blvd.. cor. 721-1645 724-2126 Fax No. 845-2931 San Lorenzo Village 1000 la O’ Ctr. 632-7597 634-3216 Fax No. Makati City Tel Nos.A. Kalayaan Ave.. 533-6841 2009 You connect 44 Metrobank Annual Report Head Office Center Metrobank Plaza Sen.. Tordesillas St. 840-0649 to 50 840-0652 to 53 Fax No. cor. 281-1730 Malabon 696 Rizal Ave.P. 896-9787 Kamagong-Sampaloc Kamagong St. 867-4718 Rockwell Center Phinma Bldg. Las Piñas Tel Nos. 636-2689 Boni Avenue 743 Boni Ave. 887-5580 Evangelista-Pio Del Pilar Mkti 1847 Evangelista St. 6784 Ayala Ave. Makati City Tel Nos. Legaspi St. 811-4056 MALABON Concepcion-Malabon 286 Gen. Hi-way Hills. Makati City Tel Nos. 533-6840 531-5443 Fax No. Dian St. 361-7302 to 03 361-1290 Fax No. Ext. 895-0895 Pasong Tamo-Buendia Pasong Tamo St. Makati City Tel Nos.. 962-5218 Edsa-Caloocan Center Edsa near cor.H. 892-4389 Fax No.

255-1225 255-1233 Fax No. 525-9983 Magdalena 942 G. Malate. Sampaloc. San Nicolas St. Manila Tel Nos. Palanca St. Manila Tel Nos. 536-1178 to 80 526-1088 Fax No. Kalaw 470 T. Tondo Manila Tel Nos. 731-3784 to 85 731-3333 Fax No.. 567-3192 567-3322 Fax No. 527-3336 J. Manila Tel Nos. De Ocampo Memorial School R. 255-1208 Intramuros FEMII Bldg. Abad Santos Ave. 734-6268 C.. cor. near Pureza St. 735-5546 China Plaza-Tomas Mapua 645 Tomas Mapua St. Cristo-CM Recto Ong Building. Manila Tel Nos.. 242-3691 Ocean Tower Ocean Tower Roxas Blvd. Manila Tel Nos. Cruz. Manila Tel Nos. cor. 253-1572 253-5491 Fax No. Quiapo. 527-6814 Arranque Center 1344-1346 Soler St. Sta. 533-7920 Wack-Wack Cherry Foodarama 514 Shaw Blvd. Binondo. 242-7007 to 08 244-7413 Fax No. 244-0151 Blumentritt-Sta. Guinto Quirino Ave. 244-3082 to 83 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. 526-7439 to 40 Fax No. Reyes Ave. 242-9452 Divisoria Center 760 Ylaya St. 735-1573 735-1478 Fax No. Pinpin 321 Dasmarinas St. near cor. Malate. Manila Tel Nos. Sampaloc. Lacson Ave. Manila Tel Nos. San Nicolas St.H. 243-2693 to 94 241-7491 Fax No. Sta. Ave. 242-0695 242-7001 Fax No. Kalaw cor. 734-6378 735-5748 Fax No. Tondo. Abad Santos-Mayhaligue 1385 J. Masangkay St. Manila Tel Nos. Binondo. 711-5688 A. 242-3410 Dasmariñas-T. Lacson Ave-Sampaloc 1243 A. 527-3326 528-0261 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. Sampaloc. Malate. Manila Tel Nos. cor. 735-2368 735-2788 Fax No. 254-7686 254-7674 Fax No. Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. Vito Cruz St. Cruz 2460 Rizal Ave. 561-0951 Sta. Sampaloc. Paco. Manila Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. 733-9639 Comercio New Divisoria Mall Bldg. Ermita. 251-5587 J. Manila Tel Nos. 742-5689 749-3929 Fax No. Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. 561-9645 to 46 563-2356 Fax No. 244-4208 to 09 241-0287 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. 1633 Adriatico St. L. Townhomes. Adriatico St. 522-3974 Pedro Gil-Paco 1343 Pedro Gil St. 1236 U. Soriano Jr. 733-7138 to 39 733-4590 Fax No. 241-5469 España M. 733-2344 Federal Tower Dasmarinas St. Mandaluyong City Tel Nos. 559-1754 Midtown-U. Ermita. Cruz-Manila 582 Gonzalo Puyat St. Manila Tel Nos. 245-2456 to 57 245-2539 to 40 Fax No. 713-5716 Quiapo 129 C. Manila Tel Nos. Ermita. near cor. España St. Manila Tel Nos. Binondo. Binondo. Sta. Ermita. Manila Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. 243-0155 to 56 243-0003 Fax No. Sta. 243-5671 Robinson’s Adriatico 1413 M. cor. Luna St. 711-1552 to 53 711-1512 Fax No. 988-7567 to 68 988-7555 Fax No. 244-1236 244-6960 Fax No. Binondo. Manila Tel Nos. 522-2720 Roxas Boulevard-Vito Cruz Legaspi Towers Roxas Blvd. Manila Tel Nos. Sampaloc. Cortada St.N. Midtown Executive Comm’l. Manila Tel Nos.. 243-6316 Sta. J. 241-0468 Ermita Metrobank Bldg. Paco. cor. 525-8053 San Nicolas Center 455 Clavel St. 733-8501 to 08 733-3276 Fax No. Sta. Dela Fuente St. A. Adriatico St. 493-6103 732-2134 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos.Maysilo Circle-Mandaluyong Jejomar Bldg. 564-4503 561-0949 to 50 Fax No. 245-2114 Gen. Manila Tel Nos. Sta. 527-6812 to 13 523-0948 Fax No. 526-7126 Honorio Lopez BoulevardBalut 262 H. Cruz. 242-2171 Folgueras 922 Carmen Planas St.. Maceda 1174 A. Anda Circle Bonifacio Drive Port Area. 243-6313 to 15 Fax No. 480-2762 522-4518 Fax No. Tondo. 731-3783 Evangelista-Quiapo 675 B. Binondo. Balut Tondo. 241-3449 241-4274 Fax No.. 736-2670 New Divisoria Market New Divisoria Market MD Santos St. 581-1808 522-4665 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. 525-9982 567-1716 Fax No. 241-8668 241-2762 Fax No.M. 242-0246 Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz 475 Juan Luna St.M. Manila Tel Nos.. Cavite St. Manila Tel Nos. Cristo-San Nicolas St. Manila Tel Nos. 242-7003 Pritil-Tondo 1995 Juan Luna St. 735-5556 735-5569 Fax No. Sta. cor. Comercio St. Manila Tel Nos. 526-0650 526-0223 Fax No. Sampaloc. Masangkay St. Binondo. 255-1127 Masangkay-Mayhaligue 1348-1352 Broadview Tower G. Manila Tel Nos. Reina Regente St. 734-7967 Asuncion Chinatown Steel Tower Asuncion St. Flores St. 244-4530 to 32 Fax No. 241-5460 to 61 241-5470 Fax No. Binondo. 600 Sto. Cruz. Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz Binondo. Manila Tel Nos. 736-6252 Reina Regente 934-936 Reina Regente St. 711-5689 to 90 711-5687 Fax No. 525-8204 525-8250 Fax No. Cruz. 536-0889 523-0995 Fax No. cor. Binondo. Nakpil-Taft Ave. Manila Tel Nos. Mabini St. Manila Tel Nos. Ave. Ugalde St. Manila Tel Nos. 734-5203 to 04 733-3197 Fax No. Cruz. Manila Tel Nos. Mesa. Magsaysay Blvd. 525-8255 Harrison Plaza-Adriatico A. 344 Maysilo St. Sta. 244-8642 Masangkay-Luzon 1161-1163 Masangkay St. 243-0424 Tabora 807-809 Tabora St. 405-0221 Tayuman-Felix Huertas Tayuman St. 733-7157 Quirino Ave. 532-3795 MANILA A. 559-7650 to 51 559-7641 Fax No. Binondo. Elena Bodega Sales Bldg. Manila Tel Nos.. Merced St. Cruz.. 243-4049 244-9218 Fax No. Taft Ave. Tondo. 532-8730 533-5884 Fax No. Ave. Lavezares St. Figueras St. 255-1125 to 26 251-9030 Fax No. Quiapo. Masangkay St. Recto Ave. Cristo St. Manila Tel Nos. 733-0475 Sto.. Luna-Paco 1547 Gen. Pinagtipunan St. Binondo. 382-2004 404-3912 Fax No. cor. 244-4183 Nueva 562-568 Nueva St. Manila Tel Nos. Sta. 531-5448 Shaw BoulevardPinagtipunan Shaw Blvd. 732-2140 Bustillos-Sampaloc 443 J. 244-6986 242-7084 Fax No. San Nicolas Binondo. 242-3421 to 22 242-3415 Fax No. Ana-Manila 2447 Pedro Gil St. 733-2345 733-2254 Fax No.-L. 241-9370 to 72 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. Recto-Mendiola 2046-2050 C. Manila Tel Nos. cor. Manila Tel Nos. 241-8671 Taft Avenue-La Salle 2456 Taft Ave. cor. Tondo.N. Cruz. Binondo. 713-5718 714-4692 Fax No. Cruz. 859 Sto. Cristo Binondo. 241-9369 Sto. Evangelista St. Manila Tel Nos. 523-3604 522-3946 Fax No. cor. Manila Tel Nos. 526-6509 523-7651 Fax No. 711-1571 We network 45 Branch Network 2009 . Manila Tel Nos. Tondo. cor. Manila Tel Nos. Magsaysay Blvd. 251-6896 253-0255 Fax No. 567-2810 Ongpin 910 Ongpin St. 243-1104 Soler 72 Soler St.M. A. Manila 244-3077 Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. Sta.. Cruz. Maceda St. 242-4149 to 50 242-2137 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. 244-8730 to 31 244-4060 Fax No. 526-0269 Anda Circle-Port Area Champ Bldg. Intramuros.. Manila Tel Nos. 251-4792 Pureza-R. cor Muelle de Binondo San Nicolas. 522-4394 Morayta 866 N.M. 244-9121 Luneta-T. Ana. 533-8292 533-7974 Fax No. Felix Huertas St. 522-8879 521-6164 Fax No. Elena St. Manila Tel Nos.. Sta. Paco. 244-3076 Sta. Sta. 526-7438 Raon 633 Gonzalo Puyat St. Nakpil St. 253-1368 Benavidez 943-945 Benavidez St. Asuncion St. Lopez Blvd. 733-0468 to 70 733-0472 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. Guinto St. 734-5202 Paco 1756 Singalong St. 533-0775 532-3744 Fax No. 242-2140 Bambang 1411-1413 G. Juan Luna St. 244-8084 to 85 245-3592 Fax No. Binondo. Manila Tel Nos. 563-2370 Plaza Cervantes Dasmarinas St. 524-7958 Escolta Tower 288 Escolta Twin Tower Escolta St. 526-1087 Lavezares 403 CDC Bldg. Cruz. Manila Tel Nos. 749-3459 Adriatico Rothman Inn Hotel Bldg. Manila Tel Nos. 733-1665 733-1676 Fax No. Binondo. 242-3163 Downtown Center Tytana Plaza. 242-9453 242-9475 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. 602 Sta.

Niño Marikina City Tel Nos. Madrigal Business Park. Marikina Tel Nos. Pasay City Tel Nos. 820-2429 PASAY Domestic Airport Salem Int’l Comm’l Complex Domestic Road. cor. 641-4060 San Joaquin-Pasig 25 R. Marikina City Tel Nos. Tondo.. Jabson St. Homes. Ave. Parang. Santolan. 740-3021 V. Pateros Tel Nos. Ortigas Bldg. San Miguel Ave. 282-1111 to 12 281-3959 Fax No. 854-2938 551-4946 Fax No. Complex Banker’s Plaza Bldg. Wynsum Corporate Plaza Emerald Ave. 628-4155 to 58 641-0519 Fax No. Tutuban Center Dagupan St. Recto Ave. Manila Tel Nos. 646-9074 646-9131 Fax No. Pasig City Tel Nos. 820-8859 NAIA Columbia Airfreight Complex Ninoy Aquino Ave. Pasig City Tel Nos. 551-4280 Redemptorist-Baclaran 27 Quirino Ave. 851-0434 Ortigas-Emerald Ave. Sta. Rizal St. 826-9676 820-5124 Fax No. cor. Pasay City Tel Nos. 820-4495 820-3103 Fax No. 637-8934 to 35 637-3853 Fax No. Marikina City Tel Nos. Gil Puyat Ave. 642-2234 Santolan-Pasig A. Pasay City Tel Nos. 832-2115 833-3156 Fax No. 850-8083 to 84 850-3533 Fax No. Sta. C-5. J. B. 831-0383 Pasay-Libertad 232 Libertad St. Molina St. Pasig City Tel Nos. Toyota Ave. Sampaloc. 245-0514 to 15 243-5284 Fax No.. Bicutan.N. 831-6398 F. Pasig City Tel Nos. Brgy. Rizal St. 842-3745 Ayala-Alabang Sycamore Prime Bldg. A. cor. Pasay City Tel Nos. Sucat. 638-8142 PARAñAQUE B. 825-9760 Sucat-Ireneville Dr. A. 833-0464 Pasay-Buendia Avenue 2183 Taft Avenue near Gil Puyat Ave.. Mabini St.F. Parañaque City Tel Nos. cor. Sto. Pasig City Tel Nos.M. Manila Tel Nos. Marikina City Tel Nos. 772-2534 NAVOTAS M. 735-8082 735-0919 Fax No. Pasig City Tel Nos. 681-2934 646-1922 Fax No. Better Living Subd. Parañaque City Tel Nos. F.. 251-0069 to 70 251-0072 Fax No. Marikina City Tel Nos. 713-9188 Ylaya-Tondo 1057 Ylaya Mansion.. 635-5081 635-5078 to 79 Fax No.E. Cruz. 551-4117 Seafront Seafront Garden Homes Roxas Blvd. Ortigas Ave. 833-2675 833-2686 Fax No. Rosario. 833-6538 Pasay-Rotonda 2717 Taft Ave.. P. P. Muntinlupa City Tel Nos. 551-0821 Sucat-Gatchalian 8165 Dr. Parañaque City Tel Nos. 638-9177 Ortigas Taipan Taipan Place Bldg. West Service Road-Merville KM 12 West Service Road Merville. Centro St. 772-3046 772-3044 Fax No. 635-5703 2009 You connect 46 Metrobank Annual Report . Sta. Santos Ave. Parañaque City Tel Nos. 824-0757 823-9201 Fax No. Frontera Verde Ortigas cor. Muntinlupa City Tel Nos.M. Antonio St. cor. Mapa V. 772-3043 Muntinlupa Poblacion National Highway Muntinlupa City Tel Nos. Escriva J. Pasig City Tel Nos. Emerald Ave. Muntinlupa City Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. Chestnut St. 711-3348 711-3329 Fax No.B. 251-9918 to 19 253-1959 Fax No. 831-0394 831-4111 Fax No. Pasig City Tel Nos. Don Jesus Blvd. Alabang-Zapote Road cor. 933-1234 997-6634 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. 948-2771 San Roque-Marikina 67 Tuazon cor. Parañaque City Tel Nos. 833-6575 831-0219 Fax No. Niño-Marikina Sumulong Highway cor. beside Uniwide Parañaque City Tel Nos. 807-8087 842-4766 Fax No.. II. Pasig City Tel Nos. 706-3855 Ortigas Comm’l.. 631-2659 Ortigas-San Miguel Ave. Navotas Tel Nos. 633-2723 Shaw Boulevard-J. Homes 22 Aguirre Ave. 642-6054 Ortigas Meralco Ave. 633-1655 Valle Verde 73 E. 942-2823 to 24 941-8168 Fax No. Ortigas Ave.. Fugoso St. Santos Ave.. Montellano St. 282-1107 North Bay Blvd-Navotas 130 Northbay Blvd. 671-9557 PATEROS Pateros 30 M. Ext. Vargas St. Muntinlupa Tel Nos.branch network Tomas Mapua-Fuguso 1052-1056 Tomas Mapua St. Tehran El Grande Phase 3 BF Homes. Santolan St. 851-0432 Fax No. 831-7674 831-7435 Fax No. San Joaquin. cor. 804-0343 Taft Avenue 1915 Taft Ave. Tañong. Navotas Tel Nos. Edsa Ext.. Naval St. Parañaque City Tel Nos.. Alabang. Meralco Ave. Rodriguez Ave. 807-8419 to 20 809-2662 Fax No. 735-0907 MARIKINA Barangka Riverbanks 119 A. 740-3017 to 20 Fax No. Marikina City Tel Nos. Avenue Manila Doctors Hospital 667 U.. Mapa St. 653-6551 643-6571 Fax No. 551-0619 551-0625 Fax No. 837-1315 837-1784 Fax No. Roxas St. 824-3599 PASIG Felix Avenue Felix Ave. 772-2536 to 37 Fax No. Pasay City Tel No. Belvedere Condominium San Miguel Ave. 850-8887 Filinvest Corporate City Asean Drive cor. 646-4133 Shaw Boulevard 676 Shaw Blvd. M. 524-0903 526-6710 UST-España 1364 España St. Barrio Ugong.N. 681-6611 Concepcion-Marikina 15 Bayan-bayanan Ave. Oritgas.F.. 828-0223 825-9232 Fax No. cor. 942-0668 Marikina Center 321 J. 646-1921 Parang-Marikina 113 Gen. Pasay City Tel Nos. Brgy. 671-8371 671-9558 Fax No. 850-8085 Madrigal Business ParkAlabang El Molito Bldg. 855-7024 to 26 Fax No. 837-1314 El Grande-BF Homes Aguirre St. 551-0618 Metropolitan Park-Roxas Boulevard Diosdado Macapagal Ave. Parañaque City Tel Nos. 633-0216 to 17 631-6352 Fax No. 831-6344 831-6359 Fax No. 647-8851 to 52 998-8170 Fax No. Ylaya St. 713-6260 to 61 713-6201 Fax No. Buencamino St. Brgy. 853-5950 to 52 854-5225 Fax No. cor. Almeda St. 824-2113 East Service Road-Bicutan East Service Road South Super Highway Bicutan. 253-1960 U. Elena. Cruz. 832-0471 832-0487 Fax No. Harrison St. 642-1090 642-1192 Fax No. 642-6053 642-6118 Fax No. Parañaque City Tel Nos. Calumpang. 681-7297 Frontera Verde Transcom Centre. 829-2556 Sucat-San Antonio Valley Dr. near Hill Crest Circle Pasig City Tel Nos.. 645-7131 Sto.. 910-2063 to 64 632-9705 Fax No. 807-2544 to 45 Fax No. Manila Tel Nos. 631-2662 634-9877 Fax No.. Alabang Hills Village Muntinlupa City Tel Nos. 842-4744 Baclaran Quirino Ave. Alabang. Ortigas. 645-0351 645-0447 Fax No. Muntinlupa City Tel Nos. Singapura Lane Filinvest Corporate City Alabang. Santos Ave. Baclaran. cor. 526-5931 to 33 536-3043 521-1632 Fax No. Ermita. Pasay City Tel Nos. 647-8850 MUNTINLUPA Acacia-Ayala Alabang Alabang Business Tower Acacia Ave. Pasay City Tel Nos. 850-8190 Alabang Valdez Bldg.. San Roque... P. Fugoso St. cor. Edsa. 637-5701 Pasig-Mabini A. 681-7186 681-6612 Fax No. Pasig City Tel Nos. 245-0522 Zurbaran V. Manila Tel Nos. Pasay City Tel Nos. Baclaran. 637-9705 638-9198 Fax No. Madrigal Business Park Alabang. Manila Tel Nos. 941-4898 948-2772 Fax No. 282-6513 Bayview Bayview International Roxas Blvd. 681-6572 646-7235 Fax No. Pasig City Tel Nos. 862-0067 862-0069 Fax No. Harrison-Gil Puyat Ave. Tondo. Rodriguez St. Bonifacio Ave. 862-0068 West Service Road Alabang Hills West Service Road cor.. 711-3332 Tutuban Cluster Bldg. 825-1081 825-1127 Fax No. 831-9554 Edsa-Tramo 453 Highway Master Bldg. Ext.M. Concepcion. Oroqueta St. 641-0463 Rosario-Pasig Jess Lumber Bldg. 282-6511 to 12 381-8663 Fax No. Pasig City Tel Nos. A. Valenzuela St. cor. Parañaque City Tel Nos. 855-7023 Doña Soledad AvenueBicutan 65 Doña Soledad Ave.B. Sampaloc. 638-8143 to 45 Fax No. 635-5082 Shaw Boulevard-Oranbo Shaw Blvd. 824-3799 Fax No. Escriva Shaw Blvd. cor. 997-5986 Calumpang-Marikina J. Pasig City Tel Nos. Manila Tel Nos. Pasay City Tel Nos. Parañaque City Tel Nos.. Naval-Navotas 767 M. Tondo. Tatlong Kawayan. 706-3852 706-3856 Fax No. cor. Ireneville Ave.. 637-5702 to 03 637-3960 Fax No. Pasig City Tel Nos. 807-0408 to 09 850-8842 Fax No. 251-0073 Tutuban Prime Block Tutuban Primeblock C.

371-1633 Fairview Commonwealth Ave. Culiat. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City 632-7365 to 66 Tel Nos. Cubao. cor. 1024 Edsa. 364-4350 365-1519 Fax No. Kalusugan. Tuazon St. Balintawak. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. 937-4261 Ortigas Robinson’s Galleria Robinson’s Galleria Edsa cor. 926-1797 381-5054 Fax No. Quezon Ave. Quezon City Tel Nos. cor. cor. 371-3691 Retiro-Cordillera 479 Retiro St. 332-1058 to 59 Fax No. 913-6467 Baesa Olympia Commercial Plaza 131 Quirino Highway Baesa. 930-0940 Susano Road-Novaliches 29 Susano St. 436-4171 924-6930 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 921-8554 925-4180 Fax No. cor. cor. 740-9196 Roces Avenue 49 A. Quezon City Tel Nos. cor. 421-2956 Edsa-Congressional Global Trade Ctr. Blvd. 924-6989 Katipunan 339 Katipunan Ave. Luis-Novaliches St. 930-0310 Mayon-Sta.. Quezon City Tel Nos. Novaliches... Sta. Diliman. cor. Luna-East Avenue Lyman Comm’l Bldg. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. Roces Ave. Loyola Heights. Quezon City Tel Nos. 925-4140 Kamuning Kamuning Road. 373-9318 373-2539 Fax No.. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. 984-0016 Tandang Sora 185 Tandang Sora Ave. 925-6441 Mother Ignacia-Timog 23 Carlos P. Brgy. Claire Bldg. Katipunan. 417-7300 Kalaw Hill Commonwealth Ave. Trinoma Ayala Triangle. Rotonda Center Quezon Ave. Dapitan St. 371-5191 to 92 411-2050 to 51 Fax No. Luis St. Monica. Brgy. Ramirez & Co. Araneta St. 456-3617 The Capital Towers 222 E. Mayon St. Quezon City Tel Nos. Blk. 372-3046 New Manila 676 Aurora Blvd. 416-7699 732-1378 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. Culiat. 426-6537 to 41 Fax No. 727-1697 448-7372 Fax No. Mesa 73 Aurora Blvd. cor. 431-8820 to 21 938-0394 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. Tuazon-Del Monte D. 721-4889 724-0061 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 743-4449 732-9739 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. cor. 6. Doña Josefa. K-7th St. 436-4172 Valencia Hills Valencia St. Blvd. Diliman Quezon City Tel Nos. 721-4890 Brixton Hill 118 G. 920-9672 We network 47 Branch Network 2009 . 12th Ave. 926-9276 Edsa-Cubao Aurora 493-495 Aurora Blvd. Quezon City Tel Nos. 930-3523 936-1063 Fax No.C.. Cordillera St. 921-3344 Tomas Morato Tomas Morato Ave. Winston St. Novaliches. 330-7149 Balintawak 936 A. Vasra Proj.. Tuazon near cor. 362-4992 Banawe Metrobank Bldg. 743-7516 Del Monte 295 Del Monte Ave. cor. 911-0434 913-6158 Fax No. Blue Ridge. 727-1211 Edsa-Muñoz Market Lemon Square Bldg. Rodriguez-Cordillera E. 371-5935 to 36 371-5954 Fax No. Cordillera St. 939-5934 936-4235 Fax No. 711-5925 Blue Ridge 222 Katipunan Ave. 920-7813 to 14 Fax No. Luna Road Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. Km 21 Quirino Highway Lagro. 928-2408 Lagro Lester Bldg. Commonwealth Ave. 741-7290 741-7280 Fax No. cor. 727-1690 E.. 741-7285 Mindanao Avenue Randa Bldg. Diliman. East Ave. Scout Gandia St. 332-1061 Novaliches Quirino Highway Gulod Novaliches. Q. Quezon City Tel Nos. Bagumbayan. 371-5940 Examiner-Quezon Ave. 439-5212 Boni Serrano 45 Boni Serrano Ave. 901-5837 to 38 387-7325 Fax No.C. 437-2725 to 26 386-4359 Fax No.. Aurora Tower Aurora Blvd. 372-0364 372-0333 Fax No. 363-0930 to 33 364-8713 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 935-0693 to 96 Fax No. Kalaw Hill Subd. Novaliches Quezon City Tel Nos. 938-0393 Farmers Plaza Farmers Plaza. cor.. 925-4055 Cubao Aurora Blvd. 128 Kalayaan Ave. 1199 Edsa Brgy. 413-5695 Eastwood City Techno Plaza One Bldg. 439-5389 913-7819 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. Ave Maria Bldg. Quezon City Tel Nos. N. Del Monte Ave. 913-3080 911-5813 Fax No.6. Edsa Cubao. Domingo St. 932-0633 Kalayaan Avenue Odelco Bldg. K-H St. Holy Spirit Drive Don Antonio Heights Diliman. Quezon City Tel Nos.-Cubao No. 11 Banawe St. cor. Visayas Ave. Cubao. Scout Torillo St. Aguinaldo St. cor. 84 Banawe St. Acropolis. Quezon City Tel Nos. 901-5836 V. 743-8038 743-8132 Fax No. Tagumpay Cubao. 1517 Quezon Ave. Cubao. Quezon City Tel Nos. New Manila. Greenview Compound Quezon City Tel Nos. 438-8209 913-1740 Fax No.. 930-6051 to 52 938-8661 Fax No.. Scout Reyes. Quezon City Tel Nos. 925-3585 Visayas Avenue Visayas Ave. Quezon City Tel Nos. 428-1861 to 62 932-6296 Fax No. 911-0843 437-4010 Fax No. 721-3930 Timog Timog Ave. Doña Aurora Dist. 929-7952 929-7829 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 118 E. 938-2208 Talipapa-Novaliches 526 Quirino Highway Talipapa. Rodriguez Sr. 438-2619 Acropolis Metrobank Bldg. 932-9934 E. Congressional Ave. Brgy. cor. Quezon City Tel Nos. Palanza St. Teresita 177 Mayon St. Araneta Ave. 925-6437 to 39 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos.. Store. Quezon City Tel Nos. 740-9010 Retiro-Mayon NS Amoranto Ave. Garcia Ave. 911-5815 Aurora Blvd. Ortigas Ave. cor. Rodriguez Sr. Gen. 411-3078 Dapitan-Banawe Solmac Bldg. 373-9317 Roosevelt 285 Roosevelt Ave. Quezon City Tel Nos. 741-8988 Gen. 724-1959 North Edsa Waltermart-North Edsa near Roosevelt. La Loma. 647-1018 to 19 647-1022 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 925-5047 to 49 925-5051 to 52 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 4. 932-0630 to 32 932-3196 Fax No. Cardiz St. 951-9066 D. 421-2954 to 55 Fax No. Blvd. cor. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. 924-4130 924-4565 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 364-4485 Don Antonio Heights Lot 20. Quezon City Tel Nos. 437-4011 Aurora Boulevard-Anonas Caly Building 986 Aurora Blvd. 712-1464 712-1298 Fax No. 913-6165 Culiat-Tandang Sora Royal Midway Plaza 419 Tandang Sora Ave. 4 Quezon City Tel Nos. 911-3991 G. 731-2054 740-1708 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. V. Monica-Novaliches 1035 Quirino Highway Sta. 721-4197 721-5068 Fax No.. Quezon City Tel Nos. 725-6790 to 91 413-1628 to 29 Fax No. Capitol Hills. Quezon City Tel Nos. 146 Mindanao Ave. Araneta Center Quezon City Tel Nos. 924-3962 920-4871 Fax No. 372-0367 Trinoma Landmark Dept. Quezon City Tel Nos. Rodriguez Sr. Bldg. Bldg. Quezon City Tel Nos. G. 724-0934 Vasra-Visayas Ave. 743-7509 to 12 743-4781 Fax No. cor. 924-4001 Kamias Kamias Road cor.. 411-3639 727-1204 Fax No. 371-5193 Sikatuna Village-Anonas Anonas Road cor. Rodriguez Ave. 912-7216 to 19 Fax No. 936-1689 930-6185 Fax No. Brgy. 631-9635 Fax No. cor. 930-1339 to 43 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. Quezon City Tel Nos. 714-1196 714-1191 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos.. E. 712-8338 743-0163 Fax No. cor. 740-8885 to 86 515-2542 Fax No. Bonifacio Ave. 743-4433 Quezon Avenue 982 Quezon Ave. Bahay Toro 1. 632-7367 Q. Rodriguez 1661 E. 372-4471 to 72 374-3216 Fax No. 371-1849 374-7769 Fax No. 716-5227 716-5218 Fax No. 723-8963 723-8935 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. Santol Dist. 924-7518 to 19 926-6223 Fax No.. Quezon City Tel Nos. cor. Quezon City Tel Nos. 100. Speaker Perez St. San Antonio 1. 931-3281 Congressional Avenue 141 Congressional Ave. Project 2. 714-1187 Commonwealth Lenjul Bldg. Novaliches Quezon City Tel Nos. 951-9067 951-9082 Fax No. Rodriguez Ave. 330-7150 330-7148 Fax No. G. 929-7825 Sta. 371-1634 373-7340 Fax No. 932-9934 to 36 951-9693 Fax No. Brgy. 936-9933 938-8581 Fax No. 716-1564 Sta. Tel Nos. Novaliches. Araneta Brgy. Quezon City Tel Nos.QUEZON CITY 20th Ave. 439-2092 Araneta Center P. Araneta-Quezon Ave. 20th Ave. Teresita. Quezon City Tel Nos. 925-3581 to 83 Fax No.

I. Pangasinan Tel No. 551-4791 48 . Batangas Tel Nos. Baguio City Tel Nos. Batangas City Tel No. 532 Magsaysay Ave. cor. Abra McKinley St. Upper Session Road. San Isidro. 26th St. San Juan Tel Nos. 844-5290 Fort-South of Market Twin Tower Bldg. Legarda. 722-4568 724-3107 Fax No. Angeles City. Balagtas. Domingo-San Juan 128-132 N. 983-8547 to 48 443-5904 Fax No. 373-3550 373-3251 Fax No. 721-3570 Greenhills-McKinley Arcade McKinley Arcade Greenhills. Cabuyao. (077) 792-2112 617-1345 Fax No. Cagayan Tel Nos. 929-6424 West Triangle 1387 Quezon Ave. Kumintang Ilaya. Luna Road. Carmelray Industrial Park (CIP) II National Highway. Barangay Tulo Calamba. Valenzuela City Tel Nos. South Market Fort Bonifacio Global City. 521-2058 Alaminos. Gonzales St. Quezon City Tel Nos. Tanzang Luma Imus. 292-8797 Aguinaldo-Imus Aguinaldo Highway Brgy. (043) 211-5325 407-0712 Fax No. 856-7516 VALENZUELA Bagbaguin-Valenzuela Gen. Taguig Tel Nos. Wakas Bocaue. F. Cavite Tel Nos. Batangas City Tel Nos. 983-7857 Karuhatan-Valenzuela 235-I McArthur Highway Karuhatan. 929-7548 928-6402 Fax No. La Union Tel No. San Vicente Apalit. (045) 624-1181 Fax No. 724-0504 727-4790 Fax No. 836-2820 to 22 Fax No. Pangasinan Quezon Ave. (049) 502-5788 502-5848 Fax No. San Juan Tel Nos. 625-5766 Angeles-Main Henson St. Taguig Tel Nos. cor. San Jose Baliuag.P. Laguna Tel Nos. Sto. 444-9275 Baguio-Lukban FZ Bldg. Rizal Tel Nos. (044) 766-5188 to 89 673-0197 Fax No. 928-3332 Fax No. 792-2113 Batangas-Bauan National Highway. Abra Tel Nos.. Domingo St. Valenzuela City Tel Nos. Ablan Batac. Cavite Tel No. Quezon Ave. (075) 654-1096 Fax No. Rizal St.. G. (049) 411-2964 Binangonan National Road Binangonan. cor. (044) 766-2294 766-1003 Fax No. (046) 471-5374 Fax No. (02) 844-3625 (043) 980-1090 Fax No (043) 723-5801 Batangas-Main J. Laguna Tel Nos. cor. Bulacan Tel Nos. cor.Rizal St. 292-3838 Marulas-Valenzuela Km. (074) 442-3129 442-5932 Fax No. Fort Bonifacio Global City. Brgy. Taguig Tel Nos. (049) 545-1917 (02) 888-6407 Fax No. Luna V. Luis St. Luna St. 445-0615 Balagtas-Bulacan McArthur Highway Brgy. (043) 980-2878 Fax No.. San Juan Tel Nos. Bataan Tel Nos. Baguio City Tel Nos. Cavite Tel Nos. P. Hugo St. Ilocos Norte Tel Nos. Gen. Pampanga Tel No. La Salle St. 723-9453 Biñan A.. Kisad Road. cor. (046) 437-6409 to 10 884-1132 Fax No. McArthur Highway Malinta. (045) 652-0231 302-6776 Fax No. (047) 237-2090 237-1992 Fax No.P. Angeles City. (046) 417-0559 417-0659 Fax No. 292-7520 Malanday-Valenzuela Km 16 McArthur Highway Malanday. Laguna Tel Nos. Pampanga Tel Nos. Baguio City Tel Nos... Canlalay Biñan. Loyola Heights. Block 1 MacArthur Highway. Emma Sison St. 725-2281 TAGUIG Bonifacio-Global City 32nd Ave. Brgy. Bataan Tel Nos. (074) 442-2288 444-2688 Fax No. (045) 624-1192 Angeles-Sto.branch network West Avenue 98 West Ave. Taft St. Domingo 901 Sto. Molina St. (045) 887-1858 888-9499 Fax No. (02) 652-0887 652-1925 Fax No. (045) 322-8220 323-4451 Fax No. (043) 727-3967 to 68 (02) 844-3600 Fax No. Bangued. 791-4011 Balayan-Batangas Antorcha St. Rosario St. cor. Pampanga Tel Nos. Baguio City Tel Nos. 884-1135 Bacoor-Cavite 206 Gen. (078) 888-2018 to 19 Fax No. (049) 545-1809 2009 You connect Metrobank Annual Report LUZON Agoo-La Union Sta. 836-2823 FTI Complex-Taguig FTI Complex. (02 ) 651-2928 to 29 Fax No. L. 471-5319 Angeles-Balibago McArthur Highway. 463-7369 Cabuyao-Laguna National Highway cor. 11th Ave. Salapungan Angeles City. Bagbaguin. Burgos St. Pampanga Tel Nos. Poblacion I Bauan. Taguig Tel Nos. 656-9569 Calamba-Carmelray Aries 1400 Bldg. 463-1338 Cabanatuan-Maharlika North Maharlika Highway Bitas. Laguna Tel Nos.. 502-5789 Calamba-Crossing J. Rosario St. Bailon St. Fort Bonifacio Global City. Banzon Avenue Don Manuel Banzon Ave. 721-4359 Greenhills North City Center Bldg. 12 McArthur Highway Marulas. 935-4872 938-2040 Fax No. Calamba Market Site Calamba.. 642-1177 Angeles-Sto. 824-4314 The Fort-Marajo Tower Marajo Tower 4th Ave. (044) 693-2057 693-3641 Fax No. (044) 463-1337 463-1339 Fax No. 722-1946 722-6039 Fax No. (049) 545-2269 Calamba-Market Pabalan St. 724-0310 Ortigas-Xavier Ortigas Ave. Sanciangco St. cor. 292-8591 277-2798 Fax No. cor. 723-1903 Batangas V. Quezon City Tel No. cor. Bulacan Tel Nos. (02) 656-4173 655-2901 Fax No. Valenzuela City Tel Nos. 721-0631 Greenhills-Eisenhower Goldland Plaza Condominium 8 Eisenhower St. 888-9500 Angeles-MacArthur Hi-way Lot 6. 373-3539 Xavierville Xavierville Ave. Batangas City Tel Nos. (049) 531-4679 Cainta Felix Ave. San Juan Tel Nos. 651-2922 Apalit McArthur Highway. (044) 463-7461 to 62 Fax No. 721-3645 722-4547 Fax No. 692-1811 Cabanatuan-Main Burgos Ave. (02) 781-3002 (049) 531-4678 Fax No. 752-5458 Batac. 725-8514 727-4783 Fax No. (074) 445-0829 304-4014 Fax No. 442-9995 Baguio-Burnham Burnham Suites Condominium Bldg. 292-8904 294-1612 Fax No. 721-2776 N. Angeles City Pampanga Tel Nos. Ilocos Norte Washington St. Wilson St. Wawa.. 766-2296 Baliuag-Trinidad Highway Doña Remedios Trinidad Highway. Aguinaldo Highway Bacoor. (074) 752-5457 862-0878 Fax No. 888-9740 Angono M. 929-4033 Zabarte Road-Novaliches C. 938-2045 SAN JUAN Addition Hills 204 Wilson St. Balayan. Rizal Tel Nos. (044) 463-1867 463-7861 Fax No.. cor. Poblacion Alaminos. Baliuag.P. Xavier St. Balanga. Bulacan Tel Nos. Quirino Highway Novaliches. 293-1394 McArthur Hiway-Malinta Pure Gold. 652-0888 Bocaue-Bulacan 23 McArthur Highway Brgy. Barbara National Highway Agoo. Sala. Laguna Tel Nos. 888-0234 Bacao-CEPZ Bacao Diversion Road Gen. Calamba. San Juan Tel Nos. (074) 442-9535 304-1031 Fax No. (047) 791-2207 237-9902 Fax No. Pampanga Tel Nos. Cabanatuan City Tel Nos. 723-2756 Annapolis-Greenhills 14 Annapolis St. Greenhills. (043) 980-1020 723-1794 Fax No. Quezon City Tel Nos. 821-4872 824-9127 Fax No. 386-5375 386-3035 Greenhills-Wilson Center Ortigas Ave. 726-1272 976-2860 to 62 Fax No. 26th St. 879-0225 Aparri Rizal St. 5th St. Angono. Rizal Tel Nos. Batangas Tel Nos. (049) 545-1807 to 08 (02) 844-2967 Fax No. (074) 444-9276 304-1556 Fax No. San Juan Tel Nos. 844-5269 843-9133 Fax No. Bulacan Tel Nos. Domingo. Baguio City Tel Nos. (049) 511-6185 (02) 994-3936 Fax No. 724-1981 to 82 724-1985 Fax No. (045) 887-2173 624-1196 Fax No. cor. Bonifacio St. 293-1392 to 93 291-7962 Fax No. (072) 710-0369 Fax No. cor. 300-2388 Baguio-Magsaysay Magsaysay Ave. Rosario 464 Sto. (045) 892-6883 322-8870 Fax No. 693-3608 Balanga-Don M.. (043) 980-6178 Batangas-Kumintang Ilaya National Highway. Ortigas Avenue. Rizal St. Valenzuela City Tel Nos. Balibago Angeles City. 502-4698 Baguio-Bonifacio Bonifacio St. Bangued. 211-5326 Baliuag-JP Rizal J. Valenzuela City Tel Nos. (044) 692-1813 920-0283 Fax No. San Juan Tel Nos. 293-4633 Paso De Blas-Maysan 179 Paso de Blas Valenzuela City Tel Nos. San Juan Tel Nos. Cabanatuan City Tel Nos. North Greenhills. cor. 293-1898 293-2014 Fax No. Cainta. 293-1456 to 58 293-4617 to 18 Fax No. 856-7508 856-7513 Fax No. 442-3767 Baguio-Session Porta Vaga Bldg. 463-3185 Cabanatuan-Maharlika South Maharlika Highway Cabanatuan City Tel Nos. B.. 237-9901 Balanga-Main Paterno St. Quezon City Tel Nos. Aparri. Trias. Balanga. Plaza Old Zabarte Road cor.

Dinalupihan. (052) 480-7130 480-7128 Fax No. cor. cor. 892-6525 Dinalupihan. Dela Rosa St. (047) 811-2594 811-2596 Fax No. (046) 430-2751 (02) 886-6626 Fax No. (075) 542-0303 542-8002 Fax No. 773-1733 Laoag-Rizal Rizal St. Mayamot. Isabela Tel Nos. (049) 545-7092 (02) 889-3363 Fax No. (077) 771-3454 770-3344 Fax No. 622-3605 Ilocos Norte-San Nicolas Mckinley Bldg. 794-1852 Gumaca A. 934-0203 Candon National Highway cor. 471-4084 Iriga. across FCIE Governor’s Drive Dasmariñas. 781-2567 Imus-Cavite Nueno Ave. Caridad. 483-3439 Dasmariñas-Cavite Aguinaldo Highway Dasmariñas. Cavite Tel Nos. (042) 710-4401 710-2693 Fax No.P.B. (049) 541-2307 541-2305 Fax No. Luna Gen. Visita Road Binakayan. Lemery. (02) 647-8025 to 26 647-8023 Fax No.. Pampanga Tel Nos. Tarlac Quezon Ave. (046) 437-0678 Fax No. (056) 333-4542 333-4537 Fax No. Dagupan-Perez Perez Blvd. Kawit.. Moranda Ave. Cavite City Tel Nos.. Bonifacio St. (044) 711-2487 711-1510 Fax No. 422-2278 La Union-Main Quezon Ave. cor. (042) 373-4663 to 64 Fax No. (046) 506-3157 430-1572 Fax No. 402-0783 Dau McArthur Highway. (046) 430-2752 Malolos-Bulacan Paseo del Kongreso Catmon Malolos. Batangas Tel Nos. Niño Gapan. Fernandez Ave. San Fernando St. 522-5638 Dagupan-Main A. (045) 934-0206 Fax No. Trias. (054) 253-8167 811-1390 Fax No. Bataan Tel Nos. Tarlac Tel Nos. (045) 900-4955 900-0965 Fax No. (075) 582-3226 Fax No. (049) 545-7153 Calamba-Real PJM Bldg. (052) 483-0001 483-5355 Fax No. (046) 402-0555 Guagua Sto. (046) 431-2318 431-1898 Fax No. Pangasinan Tel Nos. Segundo Ave. Gumaca. Zambales Tel Nos. (043) 409-0838 214-2618 Fax No.. (042) 373-5055 Lucena-Quezon Enriquez St. 19. 541-2306 Laguna-Technopark LTI Complex Spine Road Biñan. National Highway San Fernando... National Highway Los Baños. 696-4306 Clark 7160-A Four Seasons Market Deli. Bulacan Tel Nos. Bulacan Tel Nos. Tomas. Laguna Tel Nos. (044) 815-2441 840-7379 Fax No. (078) 652-2286 652-1897 Fax No. (074) 309-3780 422-1174 Fax No. 793-3655 Iba-Zambales Magsaysay National Highway Zone I. Bulacan Tel Nos. 529-8890 Naga-Gen. Tarlac Tel No. Rosa. Dau Mabalacat. 416-1827 Dasmariñas-FCIE MC Center Bldg. Lipa City Tel Nos. Cavite Tel Nos. 456-1708 Kawit-Cavite National Road cor. Legaspi City. (044) 791-5010 (02) 584-4018 Fax No. 811-2600 Ilagan Rizal St. Benguet Tel Nos. Laguna Tel Nos.Sto. La Union Tel Nos.. Maduya Carmona. (045) 892-6522 331-2152 Fax No. Magallanes St. (042) 421-1492 317-6465 Fax No. 536-0142 Lucena-Main Enriquez St. Tinio St. 710-3336 Macaria Business CenterCarmona Blk 2 Lot 4 Macaria Business Center Governors Drive Carmona. La Union Tel Nos. 515-5285 Daraga. Rosa Tagaytay Nat’l. Camarines Sur Poblacion Iriga. 441-2109 Calasiao. 434-5242 La Trinidad-Benguet JB78 Central Pico KM4 La Trinidad. 481-2560 FPIP. Albay Rizal St. (046) 430-1931 430-1920 Fax No. 333-4545 Mayamot-Cogeo Cherry Foodarama Marcos Highway Bgy. Pangasinan McArthur Highway.. 582-3227 Carmona-Biñan Highway National Highway. National Highway San Nicolas. (049) 545-7093 Calapan J. Naga City Tel Nos.Tomas. (043) 981-2658 312-4126 Fax No. (045) 923-0097 Fax No. Sto. Nueva Ecija Tel Nos.Calamba-Parian 728 South National Highway Brgy. 652-2001 Cauayan-Maharlika Highway Renew Lumber Bldg. (054) 571-2385 440-3185 Fax No. Mabini St. J.. 405-5420 Gapan Gen. Pangasinan MacArthur Highway. L. Claro M. (049) 549-0484 Caridad-Cavite P.. Cavite Tel Nos. 431-3179 Carmen Rosales. (044) 486-0527 486-0517 Fax No. 760-0472 Masbate Zurbito St. Masbate City Tel Nos. (046) 434-8842 434-3814 Fax No. 373-4665 Lucena-Red V National Highway Red-V. 486-0924 General Trias-Cavite Governor’s Drive.. Cavite Tel Nos. Guerrero St. P. Bataan RAMCON. Ilocos Sur Tel Nos. (054) 456-1707 655-2461 Fax No. (043) 288-1929 288-4634 Fax No. (049) 545-7152 (02) 889-3366 Fax No. 756-0866 Los Baños Olivarez Plaza. Reyes St. Calvario Meycauayan. (046) 477-1851 to 53 Fax No. Dagupan City Tel Nos. (046) 471-0183 471-0264 Fax No. Isabela Tel Nos. Burgos Ave. Anitpolo City Tel Nos. Lipa City Tel Nos. 771-4274 Legaspi-Mabini Rizal St. Morada B. San Fernando City. Laguna Tel Nos. Luna St. Fernandez Ave. Daet Camarines Norte Tel Nos. Manggahan Gen. 12. Quezon Tel Nos. 889-4286 Carmona-Cavite Grandville Industrial Complex Bangkal. Niño Hagonoy. 437-0547 Circumferential RoadAntipolo Circumferential Road Antipolo City Tel Nos. Carmona. Laguna Tel Nos. cor. Ilagan. 742-6511 Canlubang-Carmelray Carmelray Industrial Park I Canlubang. Cortez St. Legaspi City Tel Nos. cor. (052) 480-6431 480-6433 Fax No. (072) 700-4740 242-4339 Fax No. 480-7129 Legaspi-Rizal 85 Rizal St.. Recto Clarkfield. (047) 481-2558 to 59 Fax No. Batangas First Philippine Industrial Park Sto. Laguna Tel Nos. 317-6600 Hagonoy. (078) 624-2201 622-2910 Fax No. 599-3599 Concepcion. (075) 522-5544 517-6833 Fax No. (054) 473-6393 811-3876 Fax No. (077) 644-0085 742-6519 Fax No. Naga City Tel Nos. 35 Tinago. (044) 690-0258 794-1851 Fax No. (078) 652-3963 to 64 Cavite Economic Zone Lot A. Cavite Tel Nos. Daraga. Calle Gray Candon. 923-0125 Daet Vinzons Avenue. 811-1287 We network 49 Branch Network 2009 . Bulacan Tel Nos. Rosa Sta. Road cor. Bulacan Sto. 411-1516 Lingayen. Laguna Tel No. Camiling. Marcella Laoag City Tel Nos. Cavite Tel Nos. cor. 480-6432 Lemery-Batangas Independencia St. (02) 696-4305 696-4307 Fax No. 430-1932 Cauayan Roxas St. (075) 522-8288 515-3729 Fax No. 473-9181 Naga-Main Caceres St. Brgy. (075) 523-1288 523-1299 Fax No. 900-0964 Guiguinto-Bulacan McArthur Highway Baryo Tuktukan Guiguinto. Maharlika Highway Cauayan City Tel Nos. Carmen West Rosales. (043) 981-0360 312-4124 Fax No. B. Tansang Luma Imus. (077) 772-0220 771-4797 Fax No. Batangas Tel Nos. (049) 549-0492 to 93 (02) 889-6948 Fax No. Cavite Economic Zone Rosario. Gen. Molino Road Bacoor. 242-0470 Laguna Bel-Air Sta. Albay Tel Nos. Calamba. (049) 536-0034 Fax No. (046) 402-0781 402-0782 Fax No. Brgy. Dagupan City Tel Nos. San Miguel Calasiao. (049) 541-2234 (02) 888-6428 Fax No. Camarines Sur Tel Nos. (077) 670-6463 Fax No. 647-8024 Meycauayan-Bulacan McArthur Highway. (042) 373-6172 (02) 741-8025 Fax No. Bonifacio St. Tarlac Consumer Bldg. Albay Tel Nos. (045) 599-3499 599-3501 Fax No. 721-1676 Dagupan-Fernandez Avenue A. cor. 756-2100 Lipa-B. Calamba. Concepcion. (075) 522-5565 522-0172 522-5566 Fax No. Laurel Highway. Lucena City Tel Nos. 523-4455 Camiling. Mindoro Tel Nos. Segundo Avenue Brgy.. (043) 405-5421 Fax No.. Poblacion. Cavite Tel Nos. Brgy. (044) 793-3654 Fax No. Pangasinan 7 Avenida Rizal West Lingayen. Pangasinan Tel Nos. Pangasinan Tel No. Calapan Oriental. Lucena City Tel Nos. 662-1988 Lipa-Ayala Pres. National Highway Brgy. Real. Dagupan City Tel Nos. (044) 791-0985 Marilao-Bulacan McArthur Highway Abangan Norte Marilao. Ilustre St. Cavite Tel Nos. Pampanga Tel Nos. Ilocos Norte Tel No. Rizal St. Pampanga Tel Nos. 242-1081 La Union-ML Quezon Kenny’s Plaza Quezon Ave. (046) 416-1830 416-1828 Fax No. Lucena City Tel Nos. Laoag City Tel Nos. Rodeo Drive Sta. (02) 711-0239 (046) 402-0645 Fax No.. (072) 888-2068 700-3275 Fax No. Cauayan. Bulacan Tel No. Sta. 815-2442 Molino-Bacoor Cavite Molino II. Cavite Tel No. Iba. (049) 541-2236 Laoag-Gen. Cristo Guagua. Parian. Cavite Tel Nos.

Sta. (049) 534-1310 Subic-Baraca National Highway Barangay Baraca Camachili. (045) 982-0732 to 33 982-0134 Fax No. 433-0813 Bacolod-Gatuslao 175-177 Gov. (046) 438-3629 to 30 Fax No. 232-3381 Subic Bay Bldg.P.L. Pangasinan Mabini St. Laurel St. Gonzaga St. Near New Taytay Public Market Taytay. Poblacion Rosario. Tarlac Tel No. (045) 636-4093 to 94 Fax No. Bulacan Norberto St. Bacolod City Tel Nos. 645-7528 Tabaco Gen Luna St. Naga City Tel Nos. cor. Rizal Tel Nos. Quezon Ave. San Carlos City. (043) 778-0468 (02) 844-3567 Fax No. 433-2238 Paniqui-Tarlac M. Pampanga Tel Nos. 473-2526 Naic-Cavite Governor’s Drive Brgy. Llorente St. cor. (049) 561-1359 (02) 889-4195 Fax No. Olongapo Tel Nos. (043) 491-1352 Fax No. Gatuslao St. 433-4837 Bacolod-Eastside Villa Angela Arcade Annex Circumferential Road Bacolod City Tel Nos. Bacolod City Tel Nos. (044) 947-1450 to 51 511-2061 Fax No. 421-5099 Sta..S.. Poblacion Tayug.-Cainta Km. 432-0081 Bacolod-Singcang UTC Bldg. (044) 641-1687 641-2823 Fax No. (034) 709-0465 432-0082 Fax No. Tañedo St. (047) 252-2655 252-3356 Fax No. 624-2817 Vigan 30 M... Hilado St. 419-2213 Tuguegarao-Balzain Balzain Road Tuguegarao. Pampanga Tel Nos. Fornier St. 568-2914 Urdaneta-Main Alexander St. (078) 844-1955 to 56 844-1461 Fax No.. (045) 961-7429 961-7655 Fax No. Nueva Vizcaya Tel Nos.. Tiomico St. cor. (049) 561-1360 San Pablo-Maharlika Maharlika Highway San Pablo City Tel Nos. (049) 562-4570 562-3939 Fax No. San Pablo City Tel Nos. (045) 860-1294 963-5360 Fax No. 808-5026 Santiago City Road Edna’s Bldg. Bonifacio Ave. Alcantara St. Bacolod City Tel Nos. Cagayan Tel No. Rosa-Balibago Old National Highway Balibago. Poblacion Sta. Brgy. del Pilar St. Pampanga Tel Nos. (02) 660-5801 660-5718 Fax No. 438-1109 You connect 50 . near Sorsogon Shopping Center Sorsogon. (046) 437-6977 to 78 Fax No. Bulacan Tel Nos. (046) 860-1260 413-1053 Fax No. Laguna Tel Nos. (049) 501-1325 Sta. Laurel Highway Tanauan. (02) 656-0797 656-1660 Fax No. (078) 844-7653 Fax No.. (078) 682-7353 682-7705 Fax No. Pampanga Tel Nos. Ext. 658-3060 Tayug. (045) 961-2856 961-4221 Fax No. Cagayan Tel Nos. 961-4225 San Fernando-B. Bacolod City Tel Nos. 540-8661 Bacolod-Araneta Araneta St. Burgos St. Batangas J. Araneta St. (054) 473-2525 811-1618 Fax No.. Bacolod City Tel Nos. Tanza. 844-8558 Tungkong Mangga-Bulacan Pecsonville Subdivision 27 Quirino Highway San Jose Del Monte. Antique Tel Nos. Tarlac City Tel Nos. cor. 632-1161 2009 Nasugbu. (049) 541-2662 Plaridel-Bulacan Gov.. 982-0057 Taytay East Road Ave. Cruz-Laguna P. Trias Drive Rosario.A. Alunan St. 722-2323 Vigan-Market Nieves Commercial Ctr. 435-1691 Bacolod-Libertad San Lorenzo Ruiz Bldg. Nueva Ecija Tel Nos. (078) 682-7418 682-4833 Fax No. Maria. (053) 335-2472 to 73 Fax No. Pangasinan Tel Nos. Lopez Jaena St. Tres Martires St. (049) 838-0942 (02) 889-3889 Fax No. (045) 931-0006 Fax No. (034) 707-0107 437-8547 Fax No. Batangas Tel Nos. Bulacan Tel Nos. Cavite Tel Nos. 491-1439 Ortigas Ave. 326-6840 Sorsogon Magsaysay St. 640 Sampson Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone Olongapo City Tel Nos. 982-7044 Tarlac-Main McArthur Highway San Roque. 437-8519 Tarlac-F.. Solano.. Ilocos Sur Tel Nos. (046) 412-1140 to 41 Fax No. (045) 982-7045 982-1734 Fax No. 682-8221 Silang-Cavite 139 J. Tarlac Tel Nos. Bacolod City Tel Nos. Zambales Tel No. Batangas Tel Nos. Sta. Paniqui. Cavite Tel Nos.. Laguna Tel Nos. (044) 691-3749 (02) 386-8743 Fax No. Santiago City Tel Nos. Ortigas Extension Cainta. 795-1423 Rosario-Batangas Gualberto Ave. Soriano Highway Daang Amaya. Rosa. San Agustin Trece Martires City. Cruz. Dolores San Fernando. 961-7519 San Fernando-Sindalan McArthur Highway. I Silang. 641-2973 Sta. (047) 232-3379 Fax No. Baybay. (047) 611-0638 304-5065 Fax No. Pangasinan Tel Nos. 297-4720 San Miguel. (044) 691-3750 Urdaneta-Nancayasan Home Ideas Superstore Nancayasan. (034) 434-5735 434-5737 Fax No. San Pablo City Tel Nos. (046) 419-2214 to 15 419-2217 Fax No. Laguna Tel Nos. (049) 562-0080 (02) 889-3400 Fax No. (02) 570-1576 297-4730 Fax No. San Fernando. 931-0820 Paseo de Sta. Bulacan Tel Nos. (077) 722-5941 Fax No. (02) 646-0883 646-0003 Fax No. (052) 830-2129 487-5332 Fax No. 413-1404 Tanauan J.Mendoza B. cor. 634-1235 San Fernando-Main V. cor. 487-5310 Tagaytay Foggy Heights Subdivision San Jose. Arana St... Rajah Soliman St. 844-7652 Tuguegarao-Main Luna St. 434-5734 Baybay Magsaysay Ave. 435-0822 Bacolod-Lacson Lacson St. (056) 211-1833 Fax No. Luna St. (034) 434-2481 to 83 Fax No. (075)656-0071 Fax No. 963-5361 San Fernando-Dolores McArthur Highway. Cavite Tel Nos. Santiago City Tel Nos. (049) 541-2665 to 66 (02) 889-3885 Fax No. Cavite Tel Nos. Tagaytay City. (075) 572-2635 Fax No. 414-0405 Solano National Highway cor. Maria-Bulacan Corazon de Jesus St. 656-0799 VISAYAS Antique T. Sorsogon Tel No.. San Jose San Miguel.. 252-6278 Sumulong Kingsville Arcade Marcos Highway Mayamot. Nasugbu.. Padilla Road Banga Plaridel. Urdaneta City Tel No. Rizal Tel Nos. Rosa. San Fernando. Batangas Tel No. (034) 433-5993 to 94 433-2032 Fax No. San Jose. (077) 722-2583 722-2260 Fax No. Pampanga Tel Nos. Bulacan Tel Nos. Aquino Drive. (034) 433-9640 to 42 Fax No 433-5209 Bacolod North Drive B. Tarlac Tel Nos. cor. 434-0582 Bacolod-Capitol Capitol Shopping Ctr.. (045) 982-2933 982-2998 Fax No. Rizal St. Puerto Princesa City Palawan Tel Nos. (075) 532-5018 532-5008 Fax No. (047) 224-5877 222-2971 Fax No. 434-1285 Bacolod-Gonzaga MGL Bldg. Camacam St. 523-9332 Metrobank Annual Report Olongapo-Main 1967 Rizal Ave. 611-0637 Palawan Rizal Ave. Sindalan San Fernando. 764-0958 San Pablo-Colago Colago Ave.P. (043) 216-2598 412-0071 Fax No. 23. Pangasinan Bonifacio St. (036) 540-9944 540-8660 Fax No. (043) 321-2504 Fax No. Occidental Mindoro Tel No. Ibayo Silangan Naic. Vigan. Nueva Ecija Maharlika Highway cor. (044) 764-0948 764-0998 Fax No. Rizal Tel Nos. (044) 795-1422 670-1131 Fax No. Leyte Tel Nos. 982-2932 Tarlac-McArthur Highway McArthur Highway Tarlac City. (049) 501-1324 (02) 844-3553 Fax No. Albay Tel Nos. 412-1153 San Carlos. Rosa Tagaytay Road Sta. Laguna Tel Nos. (034) 435-1449 to 50 435-1460 Fax No. Pangasinan Tel Nos. Rosa Paseo de Sta. Tañedo F. 222-2693 Olongapo-Gordon Avenue Gordon Avenue Olongapo City Tel Nos. Vigan City Tel No. (02) 844-5801 San Pedro-Laguna 365 Purok 5 Nueva San Pedro. San Jose. (02) 808-4931 847-6029 to 30 Fax No. 321-2506 Rosario-Cavite Gen. Yakal St. Paulino St. Bacolod City Tel Nos.. Mendoza St. 931-3484 Occidental Mindoro C. Tabaco. (049) 562-3847 San Pablo-Main Regidor St. (034) 709-9058 434-2365 to 66 Fax No. Urdaneta. (048) 433-2779 433-9914 Fax No. Antipolo City Tel Nos. 572-2636 Trece Martires-Cavite Governor’s Drive Brgy. (046) 414-2041 to 43 Fax No. Guitnangbayan 1 San Mateo. (043) 778-0702 Tanza-Cavite A. West Bajac-Bajac. 511-1507 San Mateo 121 Gen. (034) 434-1284 434-1295 Fax No. cor. (078) 326-5527 326-5033 Fax No. 860-1025 San Jose. (075) 568-2912 to 13 Fax No. Market Road San Jose City. Cavite Tel Nos. Blumentritt St. Liboro St. cor. Bacolod City Tel Nos.branch network Naga-Peñafrancia Peñafrancia Ave. Cavite Tel Nos. Tuguegarao. Subic. Poblacion Tarlac City. 963-3174 San Fernando-Olongapo Highway Olongapo Highway San Fernando.H. Mabini St. 682-6036 Santiago-Main Daang Maharlika St. (045) 860-2359 963-5359 Fax No.

(055) 209-1951 to 52 Fax No. Cebu South Rd. Cebu City Tel Nos. Balabag. Basa St. Catarman Northern Samar Tel Nos. Iloilo City Tel Nos. Aklan Tel Nos. Mabolo. 346-5520 Cebu-Bogo P. Tabo-an. Gen. Mabini St. (032) 254-2204 253-9564 Fax No.. Cebu City Tel Nos. Gov.. Maxilom Ave. Capiz Tel Nos... cor. Leon Kilat St. 255-1039 Cebu-Mandaue Center National Highway cor. 346-6942 Cebu-Toledo Diosdado Macapagal Highway Brgy. Tabok. Cebu City Tel Nos. 231-4507 Cebu-Lapu-Lapu National Highway Pusok. North National Road Bgy. 570-9660 Naval-Biliran Ballesteros St. (035) 225-4555 to 56 422-7057 Fax No. (038) 235-6192 411-2205 Fax No. Tagbilaran City.Boracay Brgy. Poblacion Toledo City. Commercial Bldg. J. Jakosalem Sto. (033) 335-0057 335-0649 to 50 Fax No.. Samar Tel Nos. cor. Mandurriao. Iloilo City Tel Nos. cor. 255-6282 Cebu-Colon 0251 Palaez St. 346-2564 Cebu-Opon G. 320-5090 Iloilo-General Luna Gen. (032) 490-8488 272-6617 to 18 Fax No. (032) 254-9423 255-1047 to 48 Fax No.. (032) 231-5722 to 24 Fax No.. (036) 500-5006 268-4106 Fax No. 560-9092 Calbayog City Fair Bldg. Cebu City Tel Nos.P. Basa G/F Magdalena Bldg. (032) 346-3592 to 93 420-2216 to 17 Fax No. Mandaue. Dumaguete City. Bldg. 231-0711 Cebu-Guadalupe M. 341-3013 Cebu-Magallanes Magallanes St. Garcia Ave. Leyte Tel Nos. 253-3448 Cebu-Lahug Gorordo Ave. Garcia Ave. Bohol Tel Nos. 561-8800 Roxas Roxas Ave. 335-0269 Iloilo-Guanco Guanco St. 412-6683 Cebu-MEPZ II N. (055) 261-2927 Fax No. Lopez St. Talamban. 412-8858 Cebu-Banilad Metrobank Bldg. Calbayog City. Iloilo City Tel Nos. dela Serna St.. Cebu City Tel Nos. (034) 729-9689 312-5119 Fax No. J. Mambaling. 255-0763 Cebu-Consolacion Cebu National Road. Cebu Tel Nos. (032) 341-3011 341-3014 Fax No. (032) 273-1002 272-0462 Fax No . Cebu Tel Nos. Cebu Tel Nos. Aquino Ave. 440-2217 Cebu-Mango Avenue Metrobank Bldg. 20 C. (053) 382-3490 Fax No. (032) 416-0678 346-6931 Fax No. Cebu City Tel Nos. Lahug. P. Cuenco Ave. (032) 232-8411 232-7999 Fax No. Minglanilla. (032) 346-5519 416-1769 Fax No. (053) 500-9462 500-9482 Fax No. (032) 467-8053 467-8060 to 61 Fax No. Velez St. Cebu City Tel Nos. (032) 253-4555 253-7750 Fax No. (036) 288-4868 288-5868 Fax No. 254-9068 Cebu-Mambaling N. 341-5409 Cebu-Minglanilla Lower Tiber cor. 251-2080 Cebu-AS Fortuna A. (053) 321-3147 523-7390 Fax No. Jaro. B. Cebu City Tel Nos. (053) 523-7080 321-2188 Fax No. S. Corp. Cebu City Tel Nos. Southern Leyte Tel No. (032) 416-7745 256-0457 to 58 Fax No. Dumaguete City Tel Nos. (033) 337-6390 337-0814 Fax No. Cebu City Tel Nos. Southern Leyte Tomas Oppus St. Cebu City Tel Nos. (032) 344-0857 346-4310 Fax No.. Zosa St. (032) 235-5304 231-2391 to 92 Fax No.M.S. Cebu City Tel Nos.. Del Pilar St. 338-0114 Iloilo-Diversion Road JSB Bldg. (038) 501-8283 235-3097 Fax No. Cebu City Tel Nos. Basalco Ave.. Cebu City Tel Nos. cor. Salinas Drive. cor. (032) 231-0910 231-0712 to 13 Fax No. Brgy. Roxas City. (032) 346-6871 to 72 346-6015 Fax No. 412-1301 Cebu-Ramos Metrobank Bldg. (032) 255-1037 to 38 255-1030 Fax No. J. 340-8484 Cebu-Parkmall Cebu-Parkmall North Reclamation Area Mandaue City Tel No. (033) 320-6861 320-7082 Fax No. Pajarito St. 414-6029 Cebu-Manalili V. Escario St. 523-6135 Tacloban-Rizal Ave. cor. F. Roxas City Tel Nos. Poblacion. Cebu City Tel Nos. Rizal St. 253-2735 Cebu-Gorordo 117 Gorordo Ave. 621-2744 Roxas-Arnaldo Gaisano Mall. Cuenco Ave. (032) 416-9855 254-1340 Fax No. D. Sogod. Archbishop Reyes Ave. (032) 253-2644 253-2650 Fax No. (033) 335-0192 335-1246 Fax No. Callejon St. (055) 251-8458 500-9010 Fax No. Fortuna St. Cebu City Tel Nos. Near Rotonda. Junquera Ext. Aranas St. 232-7979 Cebu-Subangdaku Lopez Jaena St. Guillas cor. (032) 343-7187 243-7172 Fax No. Cebu Tel Nos. (036) 621-0636 621-0816 Fax No. 467-8053 Dumaguete-Main Dr. (032) 495-9885 341-5408 Fax No. Bulacao Talisay. Cebu City Tel Nos. Cuenco Ave. 254-2144 Cebu-Fuente Osmeña Center Metrobank (Cebu) Plaza Osmeña Blvd. Lahug. 382-0088 Tacloban-Main P. Cebu Tel Nos. Sanciangco St. Cebu City Tel Nos. MEPZ II Basac. (032) 255-0225 412-1299 Fax No.Y. Borongan. Cebu City Tel Nos. Rosales Blvd. (032) 564-3913 423-9229 Fax No.. cor. Mandaue City Tel Nos. 225-4629 Iloilo-Delgado Delgado St. Iloilo City Tel Nos. Boracay Malay. Iloilo City Tel Nos. Rodriguez St. La Paz. Kalibo. Arnaldo Blvd. Mabolo. 321-2627 Tagbilaran-Cogon C. Cebu Business Park. (032) 255-6946 256-0395 to 97 Fax No. Burgos P. Burgos cor. Silay City Tel Nos. 231-7595 Cebu-Mactan MEPZ Mactan Economic Zone 1 Lapu Lapu City Tel Nos. 422-8884 Cebu-Plaza Independencia 44-50 M. 423-9223 Cebu-Downtown Center 191 Plaridel St. 254-0301 Cebu-Business Park Mindanao Ave. Luna St. (033) 509-0152 329-2631 Fax No. Tacloban City. Maasin City. 251-2977 Cebu-Borromeo Borromeo St. 262-4852 Maasin. Bldg. Vicente Locsin St. (033) 338-0630 337-8636 Fax No. (032) 418-9825 to 26 261-9051 to 52 Fax No. (035) 225-4754 to 55 422-7551 to 52 Fax No. Eastern Samar Tel No. (053) 561-8808 255-4215 Fax No. 340-1182 Cebu-Leon Kilat RFDC Bldg. (032) 434-9144 434-8090 Fax No. 261-1415 Cebu-Tabunok South National Road.. (032) 254-2412 244-0145 Fax No. 337-7615 Iloilo-J. 500-9479 Ormoc Real St. (034) 495-1328 495-1321 Fax No. 523-9092 Tacloban-P. 335-1196 Iloilo-Jaro Simon Ledesma St. Iloilo City Tel Nos. (033) 337-7177 335-0477 Fax No. 411-3352 We network 51 Branch Network 2009 . Western Samar Tel Nos. (033) 337-0594 337-5509 Fax No. 312-5626 Silay-Negros Occidental Rizal St. (036) 522-1010 621-4555 Fax No. Cansaga Consolacion. Banilad. Mandaue City. 272-6619 Cebu-North Road Metrobank Bldg. 412-6680 Cebu-Salinas Drive Amon Trading Corp. Bogo. Leyte Tel Nos.P. Naval Biliran.G. Iloilo City Tel Nos. (033) 329-6813 to 14 Fax No. 273-1003 Cebu-Talamban PNF. 225-4374 Dumaguete-Real 131 Real St. Catbalogan. 329-2632 Iloilo-La Paz Huervana St. cor. Cebu City Tel Nos. cor. 254-9581 Cebu-Mabolo 1956 M. 336-5500 Kalibo Roxas Ave. 533-9008 Catarman Bonifacio St. (032) 340-1038 340-1050 Fax No. Cebu City Tel Nos. Subangdaku. Jayme St.M. Cardinal Rosales Ave. (032) 340-0075 340-1181 to 82 Fax No. Lapu-Lapu City Tel Nos. (032) 344-8457 Fax No. cor. Ormoc City. 260-2888 Borongan-Samar Gregorio Abogado St. Tacloban City Tel Nos. 109 Rizal Ave. (032) 412-2698 231-4596 Fax No.P. (053) 321-4212 325-2332 Fax No. Negros Oriental Tel Nos. Leyte Tel Nos. Lapu-Lapu City Tel No. Iloilo City Tel Nos. Ermita.. Garcia St. Lapu-Lapu City Tel Nos. 500-9155 Catbalogan Rizal Ave. Niño. M. Brgy. 714-8773 Sogod-Southern Leyte J. San Carlos City Negros Occidental Tel Nos. Mandaue City Tel Nos. 335-0017 Iloilo-Iznart Iznart St. (055) 251-2081 543-8398 Fax No. 346-0357 Cebu-Tabo-an B. Iloilo City Tel Nos. 329-6812 Iloilo-Mabini 39-AD Valiant Bldg. (032) 261-6172 to 74 Fax No. Lopez Jaena St.A Dev’t. Cebu City Tel Nos. 501-8570 Tagbilaran-Main No. (053) 381-2579 to 80 Fax No. 621-4575 San Carlos-Negros Occidental Carmona St. Cebu City Tel Nos. Ramos St. 231-5727 Cebu-Capitol N. Tagbilaran City Tel Nos. Zamora St. Tacloban City Tel Nos. Aklan Tel Nos. (032) 255-6944 to 46 Fax No. (032) 253-3728 253-5202 Fax No. Southern Leyte Tel Nos.

cor. 200-3325 Valencia.K. 291-0774 Digos Estrada St. Alano St. Ozamiz-Burgos 602-604 Burgos St. dela Cruz St. (083) 228-3369 to 70 Fax No. Iligan City Tel Nos. (082) 222-8953 224-1110 Fax No. Panabo Davao del Norte Tel Nos. Matina. Burgos P. cor. (083) 554-2311 554-2313 Fax No. Aguinaldo St. Pagadian City Tel Nos.. 221-6174 Davao-Airport Davao Airport View Commercial Complex Catitipan. 212-2703 Dipolog-P. 297-1030 Davao-Panabo Poblacion. (062) 991-1564 991-6432 Fax No. (082) 222-2856 to 57 221-4780 to 82 Fax No. Santiago Blvd. cor. Burgos St. Ana District. Ana Monteverde Ave. (086) 231-7296 to 97 Fax No.. (062) 214-2718 215-3164 Fax No. Toril. Butuan City Tel Nos.. Davao City Tel Nos. San Francisco. 222-3754 Davao-Center Magsaysay Ave. Pagadian City Tel Nos. Cagayan de Oro City Tel Nos. Villanueva St. Digos Tel Nos. (082) 222-3752 to 53 Fax No. 857-2056 Cagayan de Oro-Main Corales Ave. 224-4357 Davao-Ecoland AMYA Bldg.R. P. Davao City Tel Nos. 400-1316 Davao-Toril 61 Saavedra St. Lapasan District Misamis Oriental Tel Nos. J. Cagayan De Oro City Tel Nos. National Highway Makar. 221-1142 Davao-Damosa Damosa Business Center Angliongto Ave. (062) 200-3624 Fax No.. cor. CM Recto St. Lim Gov. Marbel South Cotabato Tel Nos.Rizal Ave. Bukidnon Tel Nos. Cagayan de Oro City Tel No. General Santos City Tel Nos. 421-9822 Davao-Bajada Victoria Plaza Commercial Complex. (082) 224-2187 221-6614 to 15 Fax No. 857-1999 Cagayan de Oro-Lapasan National Highway cor. Cagayan de Oro City Tel No. Tulip Drive Matina. 343-9521 Basilan J. (062) 214-1686 to 87 214-1631 Fax No. 0916 5709942 Tel Nos. Almonte St. (088) 521-1610 521-0318 Fax No. Gov. Cotabato City Tel Nos. Ozamis City Tel Nos.S. (082) 227-9151 221-3775 Fax No. Borja St. 856-2925 Cagayan de Oro-Osmeña Osmeña St. Davao City Tel Nos. cor. (064) 421-9825 Fax No. Davao City Tel Nos. (062) 984-1055 984-1075 Fax No. 856-4343 Cagayan de Oro-Velez A. 200-3625 Butuan-Main San Francisco St..P. Alvarez Ave. Davao City Tel Nos. 991-1493 2009 Metrobank Annual Report Cagayan de Oro-Cogon Osmeña St. cor. 552-6258 Iligan-Main 0055 Gen.S.P. (082) 221-0613 226-4983 Fax No. (064) 200-3327 477-0509 Fax No. cor. General Santos City Tel Nos. 828-0394 Zamboanga-Brillantes P. cor. Isabela. 857-2633 Cagayan de Oro-Divisoria Park G/F RN Abejuela Pabayo St. (088) 857-2634 to 35 Fax No. North Cotabato Tel Nos. McArthur Highway. (064) 288-5008 288-5117 Fax No.. cor. (088 ) 857-2999 Fax No. Davao City Tel Nos. Davao City Tel Nos. (082) 234-2344 Fax No. (062) 992-3240 991-1547 to 48 Fax No. Damaso Suazo St. Tagum. Pendatun Ave. cor. Brillantes cor. (085) 341-8911 loc 2261 Kidapawan National Highway Kidapawan. 521-0317 Ozamiz-Rizal 38-C Rizal Ave. Davao City Tel Nos. Butuan City Tel No. Zamboanga City Tel Nos. cor. (082) 297-0865 297-0862 Fax No. Cabrillo St.. Cagayan de Oro City Tel Nos. Rizal St. Sulu Cell No. Agton St. (082) 227-1571 221-6174 to 76 Fax No. Midsayap.. Arolas St. Cotabato Tel Nos. 991-1491 Zamboanga-Gov. 991-1555 Zamboanga-Canelar Mayor Jaldon St. (064) 229-8186 229-8705 229-8704 Fax No.. (065) 212-2227 to 28 212-5389 Fax No. 341-5213 Butuan-Montilla Blvd. (062) 991-2834 991-2832 Fax No. (082) 553-2271 553-3422 Fax No. (082) 291-0772 to 73 291-0775 Fax No. S. 228-3368 Midsayap M. Lucia J. Lanang. 858-5162 Cotabato-Main Makakua St. 321-0638 Davao-Doctors Davao Doctors Medical Tower Quirino Avenue. (082) 221-0201 to 04 Fax No. 221-3529 Davao-Roxas Chapter Millenium Bldg. Davao City Tel No. Manuel Roxas Ave. Ozamis City Tel Nos. (088) 858-1722 Fax No. Zamboanga City Tel Nos. cor. Surigao City Surigao del Norte Tel Nos.L. (085) 342-2892 Fax No. F. Canelar. Roxas Ave. cor. cor. Alano St. (082) 233-0331 233-0330 Fax No.. Luna Gen. Lizada St. & Ipil St. 553-5665 General Santos-National Highway National Highway General Santos Tel Nos. (065) 212-8961 Fax No. Zamboanga City Tel Nos. 225-6733 Cagayan de Oro-Carmen Carmen Market Max Suniel St. Davao City Tel Nos. 288-1324 Marbel Gen Santos Drive National Highway. Sta. Dipolog City Tel No. Montilla St. Basilan Tel No. Magno St. 2 Quimpo Blvd. Agdao. 214-1434 Pagadian-Sta. Valencia. (082) 224-4347 Fax No. 421-3410 Cotabato-Pendatun Insular Life Bldg. 221-2284 Jolo Gen. (063) 221-2285 221-2641 Fax No. cor. (088) 231-6624 to 25 231-6626 You connect 52 . (088) 856-1720 to 21 857-8056 to 57 Fax No. cor.. cor. Dipolog City Zamboanga del Norte Tel Nos. (084) 822-5409 628-6028 to 29 Fax No. Hayes St. (063) 221-5334 221-3148 Fax No. Iligan City Tel Nos. (082) 300-4992 221-1143 Fax No. Zamora St. Velez St. Davao del Norte Tel Nos. Davao City Tel Nos. (085) 341-5246 341-5212 Fax No. Zamboanga City Tel Nos. Guiwan. 231-7299 Tacurong National Highway Tacurong. (062) 991-3760 to 61 Fax No. 552-3218 Dipolog-Gen. Abad Santos St. J. Cogon..P. 301-2511 General Santos-Pioneer Pioneer Ave. (082) 299-3688 297-4177 Fax No. (064) 421-2371 421-2692 Fax No. (088) 857-2057 Fax No. 227-9334 Davao-Sta. Davao City Tel No. Bukidnon Apolinario Mabini St. L. 222-3688 Davao-D. (088) 856-1724 856-3742 Fax No. Suazo Sta. Davao City Tel Nos. 212-8960 General Santos-Makar Veres Bldg. D. Lim Ave. 857-7990 Cagayan de Oro-JR Borja J. (088) 521-1617 521-0017 Fax No. Mayor Climaco Ave.MINDANAO Agusan del Sur Bonifacio St. cor. (062) 991-3763 to 64 991-1934 Fax No. Davao City Tel Nos. Davao City Tel Nos. Ana Ave.Quezon Ave. 992-4243 Zamboanga-Guiwan National Highway Brgy. (083) 301-1179 553-4521 Fax No. Zamboanga City Tel Nos. cor. (088) 857-6999 857-5999 Fax No. (083) 553-6549 553-5666 Fax No. 297-4377 Davao-Matina JJLL Building I. Burgos St. 552-4303 General Santos-Santiago Boulevard I. 221-2596 Iligan-Roxas Avenue Eternal Bldg. (083) 553-5569 552-2708 Fax No. Rizal St. cor. Cagayan de Oro City Tel Nos. Inigo St. Yacapin St. General Santos City Tel Nos. 224-2186 Davao-Bankerohan Quirino Ave. Jolo. Sultan Kudarat Tel Nos. Cotabato City Tel No. 222-2858 Davao-Agdao J. 214-2708 Surigao Borromeo St. Agusan Del Sur Tel Nos. (085) 242-3306 242-2029 Fax No. Zamboanga City Tel Nos. Cagayan de Oro City Tel No. Lim Ave. Bajada. Pichon St. Cabaguio Ave. 991-2158 Zamboanga-Galleria Gov. Luna St. Agora Road. (084) 400-1315 218-1172 to 73 Fax No. (088) 852-3300 222-2484 Fax No. 911-1463 Zamboanga-Veterans Veterans Ave.. 226-3931 Davao-Tagum J. 628-6030 Davao-Rizal J. 235-1741 Davao-Buhangin Along Kilometer 5 Buhangin Road. 521-0016 Pagadian-Rizal Rizal Ave.

com. (852) 2613-2130 (852) 2613-2180 Fax No. Daly City Office 7317 Mission St. New Territories. 44 (207) 937-6140 Maria Victoria R. Nos. 95 Queensway Rd. (852) 2877-9161 Fax No. Asuncion Charina C.S. Union City. 82 (51) 462-1090 Mario E. Italy Tel. Hong Kong. 82 (2) 779-2750 Hae Won Seok Acting General Manager hae. 1 (510) 324-4302 Maritess A.A. Hong Kong Tel. Tel.A. 1 (808) 841-9891 Waipahu Extension Office 94-766 Farrington Hwy Waipahu. 34 (91) 570-8817 Dante Mandahuyan Country Manager mrc_madrid@ metroremittancecenter. Nos. 64-98 Sai Lau Kok Road. New Territories Hong Kong. Level 3 Shatin Lucky Plaza No.S. 1 (604) 874-3374 Mabelle C. Hong Kong Tel. Nos. 1 (650) 756-8803 756-8805 Fax No. 1 (650) 756-8806 Union City Office 32210 Alvarado Blvd. 4 Taipei. Nos. 82 (2) 779-2751 779-2752 Fax No. No. 1 (671) 649-9555 to 57 Fax No. 39 (06) 3976-3483 Eduardo G.com. 34 (91) 570-8818 34 (91) 570-9229 Fax No. U. Tel. Hawaii 96819 U. Guam 96913 Tel. New York 11355 U. Tel. (852) 2442-0559 yuenlongbranch@mbrchk. S. Woodside.Ka Namdaemun-Ro Chung-ku. Soyosa Head rdsoyosa@metroremit.com MB REMITTANCE CENTRE LIMITED United Centre Office Shops 2038-2039. Nos. Haven Court No. 1 (416) 532-9779 1 (416) 532-3223 Fax No. No.lawrence@ metrobankbahamas. Atmaja General Manager ivan. 81 (6) 6252-1333 Fax No. 86 (21) 6886-0899 86 (21) 6886-0008 Fax Nos. (852) 2527-5019 Alex C.S. Tel. 1 (808) 841-9889 841-9890 Fax No. 19 Des Voeux Rd. Nishi-Kanda. Nos. East Bay St. Gella Operations Officer voltaire. CA 94587 U.it METRO REMITTANCE (UK) LIMITED 1/F. (852) 2877-3569 We network 53 INTERNATIONAL SUBSIDIARIES Branch Network 2009 . Hong Kong. New York 11377 U. Shatin.A. 44 (207) 368-4490 Fax No. 86 (21) 6886-0007 86 (21) 6886-0009 Derek Cheung General Manager derekcheung@metrobank.com METRO REMITTANCE (ITALIA) S. ROME Via Del Viminale 43 00184 Rome.com. 24 40121 Bologna. Italy Tel.ph Seoul Branch 2/F Danam Bldg. (CANADA) Vancouver Office 4292 Fraser St. 1-15 Wang Pok St. Nos.ph METROPOLITAN BANK (BAHAMAS) LTD.O. 1 (718) 779-8519 779-8520 Fax No. No. Dong Dong-gu. Nos. 1/F.ramirez@metrobank. 86 (10) 6518-3358 Shanghai Branch 1152 Yan’An Road 1/F Metrobank Plaza Shanghai 200052 PROC Tel. Abrenica General Manager egabrenica@metroremit. Vancouver. 1 (242) 677-1925 Fax No. 1 (242) 394-2142 John M. 1205-22 Choryang 1.com Tsuen Wan Branch Shop 305E. Sec. Dimatulac Head rcdimatulac@metroremit. BOLOGNA Via Dei Mille. Unit D 15/F United Centre Bldg.uk METRO REMITTANCE CENTER. Lawrence Vice President john. 1 (847) 965-2368 Fax No. Hernandez General Manager marlon.com Marlon B. (852) 2521-4965 (852) 2522-4593 Fax No. #A4 Flushing. Ontario Canada M5R 3S3 Tel. Pusan.A. Tsuen Wan.com Guam Branch 665 South Marine Drive Tamuning.A. 1 (671) 649-9558 Vicente P.ph METRO REMITTANCE SINGAPORE PTE LTD. Nos.. Nos. (852) 2698-4632 shatinbranch@mbrchk. 1 (212) 223-0916 Ivan S. 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Taiwan 10690 Republic of China Tel.p.com Causeway Bay Branch Shops 1 & 2 Ground Floor. 39 (051) 421-8757 Ruby D. 82 (51) 462-1091 462-1093 Fax No. London W8 4EP United Kingdom Tel. Central Hong Kong Tel.S.com. Tel. No.salazar@metrobank. 886 (2) 2776-6355 Fax No. New Territories Hong Kong. Nos. Nos. Tel.1410 Office Tower One Henderson Center 18 Jian Guo Men Nei St.A.com Shatin Branch Shop 104.) Head Office 41-70 Main St. CA 94014 U.. No. Nos.S.. Nos.nicdao@metrobank. 39 (06) 4891-3091 39 (06) 4891-3095 Fax No. Japan 101-0065 Tel.) 120. Honmachi. Korea 100-704 Tel. Lim Managing Director aclim@firstmetrohk. Hung Fook Bldg. Hong Kong Tel.veracruz@metroremitca. No. Nos.S.S.39 (051) 421-4330 39 (051) 244-373 Fax No.ph Pusan Branch 8/F Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Bldg.com. Salazar.A. (852) 2527-5019 Beijing Representative Office 14/F Rm.gella@metrobank.A. 1 (808) 686-9388 Ramon P. Nos.p. 1 (808) 686-9377 Fax No. (852) 2856-3902 Worldwide House Branch Shop 202-206 2/F Worldwide Plaza No. 25-29 Tung Lok St. Kalihi (Honolulu) Office 2153 North King St.ph Yuen Long Branch Flat 2. Box CR-56766. Morton Grove. Rocha General Manager mvrocha@metrorem. 1 (212) 909-3665 1 (212) 832-0855 Fax No.ca MB REMITTANCE CENTER (HAWAII) LTD. No.katakura@metrobank. MADRID C/ Tiziano 6 Local 28039 Madrid Spain Tel. 264-298 Castle Park Road and Nos.A. No. 1 (604) 874-3373 Fax No.hernandez@metrobank. (852) 2698-6455 (852) 2698-4809 Fax No. (formerly International Insurance Bldg. Veracruz General Manager tess.international offices & subsidiaries INTERNATIONAL BRANCHES AND REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES Hong Kong Representative Office Unit D 15/F United Centre Bldg. MILAN Via Victor Hugo 2 20123 Milan. Mararac Head edgar.A.com. 86 (10) 6518-3359 Fax No. No.ca Toronto Office 1466 Bathurst St.pelaez@metrobank. 03-30 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863 Tel. No. Seoul. 1 (510) 324-4300 324-4301 Fax No. Tel. 3-8-1. (852) 2613-1897 causewaybranch@mbrchk. 1 (718) 593-4203 Milagros S. No. Nos.com Morton Grove (Chicago) Branch 6036 West Dempster St. 86 (21) 6191-0711 Pudong Sub-Branch 1203 Marine Tower 1 Pudong Ave. INC. Nos. Nos.mararac@metroremittance. Nos.. (852) 2414-9102 tsuenwanbranch@mbrchk. Pelaez Branch Head joseph.5 . SAR Tel. (65) 6734-4648 (65) 6734-2748 Fax No.A.it METRO REMITTANCE (ITALIA) S. New York New York 10022 U. 1 (718) 463-7770 1 (718) 463-2250 Fax No.cn Taipei Branch 107 Chung Hsiao East Rd. Nicdao General Manager ramon.tw Tokyo Branch 1/F Chiyoda First Bldg. SAR Tel. New Town Mall Nos. 136-138 Leighton Road Causeway Bay. Nos. 4-2-5. Nos. 95 Queensway Rd.yap@metrobank.es FIRST METRO INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CO.S. Italy Tel. Jr. General Manager jojo.S.ph METRO REMITTANCE CENTER. 1 (718) 878-3529 Woodside Branch 69-11 C Roosevelt Ave. 886 (2) 2721-1497 Tom Hsieh Officer-In-Charge tom.com. Yap General Manager chary. 81 (3) 3237-1403 81 (3) 3237-6855 81 (3) 3237-0092 Fax Nos. British Columbia Canada V5V 4G2 Tel. Japan 541-0053 Tel. Nos.p. Hawaii 96797 U.A. Alegre General Manager mila. (U. 81 (3) 3237-1406 Kenichi Katakura General Manager kenichi. (852) 2856-0980 (852) 2856-0990 Fax No. Yuen Long. Beijing. INC. 304 Orchard Rd. SAR Tel. 86 (21) 6191-0799 86 (21) 6191-0777 Fax No.it METRO REMITTANCE (ITALIA) S.atmaja@metrobankny.com. Bahamas Tel. (65) 6734-7348 Ma. 39 (06) 4898-9882 METRO REMITTANCE (ITALIA) S. LTD. Suite 700 Nassau. New Providence Financial Center 2/F.seok@metrobank.

(965) 245-4713 (965) 241-2767 Fax No.A. (965) 888-818 ext.O. (965) 241-2788 Khalid Sharif General Manager dollarco@qualitynet. Soul Al-Dakli Ahmed Al-Jaber St.qa Gulf Exchange Co. Los Angeles. Box 881 Postal Code 112 Ruwi. Anaheim. Al-Sayed Director & CEO aldar@aldarexchange.C. Mubarakiya. (PACREM) . 1 (714) 635-2888 Fax No. S. W.delacruz@uaeexchange.C. Carson St. (97150) 456-7916 Fax No. Suite 506 San Francisco. 2.L. Nos. Building 29. UAE Tel No. (974) 455-0888 Hashim Abdulrahim Y.A.O. Postal Code 117 Muscat Governorate Sultanate of Oman Tel Nos. Doha St. 1 (626) 912-2022 Fax No.O. W.. ONG JR. (974) 432-7774 Victor Nazim Agha General Manager alsaddex@qatar. Sultanate of Oman Tel No. Safat. (968) 245-21334 Nalaka De Silva General Manager aljadexc@omantel. P.C Al Mubarakiya. Safat 13122 Kuwait Tel No.O.com Bahrain Exchange Co. 1 (213) 201-2448 Anita Ty Branch Manager acty@pacremca. (965) 240-7371 M. Saud Bin Abd Al Aziz Street P. Safat. (PACREM) . (968) 781-729 Amir Amit Manager slankaex@omantel. Abdulla Dashti Bldg. Riyadh Al Batha Exchange & Remittance Center 2nd floor Manila Plaza Al Batha District. 1 (415) 694-5767/68 Fax No. (968) 245-21335 245-21336 Fax No. 1 (714) 635-4888 Criselda Reyes Branch Manager clreyes@pacremca.com National Exchange Company P.. Box 177.net..com Metrobank Annual Report PACIFIC REMITTANCES SERVICES. Box 22022 Riyadh 11495 K.O.qa Saudi Arabia Al Malaz Center. (965) 224-68117 (965) 996-10683 Fax No.om Asia Express Exchange P. (974) 441-4329 Fax No. Lootah Bldg (Mohd bin Hafiz).L. LIM Assistant Vice President ME Regional Coordinator Flat 705. 13079 Kuwait Tel No. Manager Tel No.L. INC..L.net. 283 Fax No. 1 (562) 207 6874-76/78 Fax No.at REMITTANCE PARTNERS PACIFIC REMITTANCES SERVICES. Box 24451 Doha.O.O.com PACIFIC REMITTANCES SERVICES.O. California 90701 Tel Nos.O. P.net. Safat. (965) 243-1904 Ravi Shankar General Manager ravi.R. (974) 441-2639 Qamar Hasnain General Manager habib@qatar. Box 29149.com Kuwait CARROLL D.qa Al Sadd Exchange P. (965) 243-0701 G.O. INC.com Al Mulla International Exchange Co.O. (968) 781-727 Fax No. P.O. 1 (213) 201-2444 201-2447 Fax No. (965) 2573-6605 Sabih Abu Al Hassan Chairman & Managing Director neckuwait@yahoo. (974) 432-3334 (974) 432-3337 Fax No. Cabaddu Assistant Manager MB Riyadh Desk Office mbdesk_riyadh@metrobank. Amar Road.net.shankar@almullagroup. (965) 246-2681 Mahmoud Hussain Khajah Managing Director nmekwt@qualitynet. P. Kuwait Salim Al-Moubarak Road Al-Salmiyah. CA 90745 Tel. (965) 2249-1309 Mohamad Mustafa Abazid Chairman mohamed@alfuadexchange.net.C. Qatar Tel No.L. (974) 455-0455 Fax No. Ltd.com You connect 54 .O.L. Qatar Tel No. Murghab. Box 2154. 3 08001 Barcelona Spain Tel. W.kw Oman Al Jadeed Exchange L. P.com National Money Exchange W. No.com UAE Exchange Centre.com. CA 92801 Tel. No. W.D. (973) 214-405 Ali Hamad Abdul Managing Director info@zenjex. (965) 2571-3557 (965) 2571-3447 Fax No. Box 739. 34 (93) 317-0361 317-0346 Fax No. P. Euclid St.. W. (968) 750-908 B. Austria Tel. INC. (974) 438-3253 Fax No.com. Box 339 Doha. com.remittance partners METRO REMITTANCE CENTER. Suite H West Covina.L.com International Financial Line Co.O.com PACIFIC REMITTANCES SERVICES.P. INC. (965) 245-8328 Abdel Rahman General Manager headoffice@etemadco. 13152 Kuwait Tel Nos. Carson. Box 583. G/F Zaid Al Kazemi Building Mubarak Al Keabir Street Darwasa Abdulrazzak. Sulaiman Abdullah Al Mansoor Bldg. BARCELONA Calle Muntaner No. CA 91792 Tel. Kuwait Fax No. President pjaminola@pacremca. (968) 2479-4017 2479-4018 Fax No.WEST COVINA 1557 E.L. Box 236 Manama.SAN FRANCISCO 447 Sutter Street. Box 11520.ANAHEIM BRANCH 901 N. 43 (1) 512-2259 Olivia Alejandrino-Urdl Head olive@mbtc.O. (965) 2242-5650 2242-5651 Fax No.com PACIFIC REMITTANCES SERVICES. Qatar Tel No. 1 (415) 694-5766 Roslynne Balasta Branch Supervisor rmbalasta@pacremca. Suite 208 Artesia. Dasma 15355 Kuwait Tel Nos.com Al Muzaini Exchange Co.S. (PACREM) ..ph 2009 MBTC REMITTANCE GmbH VIENNA Singerstrasse 16/1 A-1010 Vienna. Box 26057 Safat 13121 Kuwait Tel Nos. INC. Sadasivarao BDH cs@muzaini. Kuwait Tel Nos.ph Al Dar For Exchange Works P. Box 29760. Dalbeherra General Manager citexgm@qualitynet. (973) 224-352 Fax No. (965) 246-7543 Abdulla Yacoub Al Wazzan Managing Partner filcoexchange@hotmail.L. (9661) 402-0722 Jonathan R. Safat 13158 Kuwait Tel No. California 90057 Tel. 3. De la Cruz Operations Officer Head mrc_barcelona@ metroremittancecenter. INC. Kuwait Tel. Box 17127 Doha. Box 26155. (968) 2479-4019 Ranjan Saparamadu General Manager majanech@omantel.L.net. INC. California 94108 Tel. P. (965) 246-2680 Fax No.kw City International Exchange Co.O.O. P.L. Titus General Manager titus@bec. (965) 244-8507 Fax No.es PACIFIC REMITTANCES SERVICES.ph Al Fuad Exchange Co. (974) 438-3258 Ramesh Badjate General Manager gulfex@qatar.L. (965) 246-3116 246-3117 Fax No.net Oman Exchange Co.L.navarro@metrobank. Nos. (PACREM) . Bldg# 53 Offices 1. 43 (1) 512-2292/2248 512-2229 Fax No.net. W. Qatar Tel No. Safat 13022 Kuwait Tel No. 1 (626) 912-2026 Charilyn Stokes Branch Supervisor cestokes@pacremca. Box 24171. Al Shuhanda Street Safat 13125 Mirqab.LOS ANGELES 2116 Beverly Blvd.qa Habib Qatar International Exchange Ltd. (965) 224-7670 224-7680 Fax No.H. (9656) 6029672 carroll. (965) 243-1912 (965) 243-1913 Fax No. Al Sharq Ahmed Al Jabber Street P. Box 1116 Postal Code 131 Al Hamriya.L. 13002 Kuwait Tel Nos. Pedro Jaminola Jr.L. Nos. P. (965) 245-0852 245-0853 Pancily Varkey Country Head jeanette. 1 (562) 207 6877 Gregoria Aure Remittance Specialist gbaure@pacremca. 34 (93) 317-0630 Vilma Grace E. L.net Etemadco Exchange Co.O.L. (965) 240-1859 E. (9714) 261-5891 mbtcdxb@eim.om Majan Exchange L. Kuwait Tel Nos. P. (965) 2246-8117 Ziad Salama Ghazlan General Manager swift@almoosa-ex. K. (974) 440-8234 Fax No.om Oman & UAE Exchange Centre Co.com. Box 1188 Doha. Sultanate of Oman Tel No. Al Ghusais Dubai.L. Shetty CEO & Managing Director omanuaex@omantel. Box 3705 Ruwi Postal Code 112 Sultanate of Oman Tel Nos. (PACREM) .ongjr@metrobank.ae Bahrain Zenj Exchange Co.L. (PACREM) . Nos. 1 (310) 549-5333 Fax No. Tel No. No. W. P.S.net Dollarco Exchange Co. (968) 750-830 Fax No. (9656) 2242-6703 Shabbir Jamani General Manager shabbir@omanexchange.net. Box 4847 Doha.. Hilali St.com Al Moosa Exchange Co. Ground Floor P. NAVARRO SAM Marketing Officer Fax No.com REMITTANCE CORRESPONDENTS MIDDLE EAST WALTER C.O.com Al Fardan Exchange Co.C.ARTESIA 17510 Pioneer Blvd.CARSON 860 E. Bahrain Tel No. (974) 5372324 louie. (965) 246-8729 (965) 246-0828 Fax No.om Qatar LOUIE D. 1 (310) 549-5399 Lourdes Panganiban Remittance Specialist lnpanganiban@pacremca. P. Qatar Tel Nos.com PACIFIC REMITTANCES SERVICES.O. (974) 441-7468 Muzammel Hanif SVP afx@qatar.L. P. com. Kuwait Tel Nos. Abdullah Mubarak Street Safat. Nos.

(96650) 840-6521 Fax No.ahamed@luluexchange.sa U.A. (9663) 899-0215 Fax No. U. Box 6309.ae Al Ghurair Exchange P. (9662) 647-4515 Fax No.com Bank Al Bilad . (96655) 2192800 Fax No.Enjaz Bank Al Bilad.com. (9714) 222-2955 Fax No. Dubai.macasaet@metrobank. Sheikh Zayed The Second Street. com. Al Falah Branch. Box 140 Riyadh-11411. Box 16362.O. UAE Tel No. UAE Tel Nos. Box 83 King Saud St..net. (9661) 291-9874 (9662) 644-9474 (9661) 404-2707 Sami Al Rajhi Division Head.ae Habib Exchange Co.A.ae Taymour & Abu Harb Exchange Co. P. UAE Tel No.O. (9712) 632-2166 (9714) 228-4889 Fax No. P. Office 58. Dubai.O. P.O. Dubai. Al-Zamil & Sons Exchange Co. (9714) 221-1117 (9714) 272-7100 Fax Nos. Box 325. Cross A. (9714) 223-2261 (9714) 223-2258 Fax No.L. (9712) 622-4421 Mohammad Al Ansari General Manager ansaria@emirates.com. Deira P.novela@metrobank. Deira. (9712) 642-2110 Adeeb Ahamed COO adeeb. Dubai. cor.sa Riyadh Bank P. Abu Dhabi. Guiang Junior Assistant Manager MB Jeddah Desk Office mbdesk_jeddah@metrobank. Box 170. (9714) 221-1440 (9714) 272-7077 Ibrahim Moustafa Abazid General Manager ibrahim@alfuadexchange. (9714) 627-2184 . L. (9662) 643-8542 Ricardo B. (9714) 353-3090 (9714) 353-0088 (9714) 353-2500 Fax No. (9661) 402-9000 Fax No. Rosel Junior Assistant Manager MB Jubail Desk Office lito.net. L.O. (9663) 361-2954 Adorlito Z. King Abdul Azziz Road.C.E.com Al Fardan Exchange P. 2nd flr. UAE Tel No.O. Dubai.net. Shetty Managing Director & CEO gopinath@uaeexchange. (9712) 622-7888 (9712) 622-5120 Fax Nos.ph RAYMUNDO D. Al Amin Tower Liwa Street Abu Dhabi. (9663) 8649758 Chito P.C.ae Orient Exchange Co. 702 Al Masaoud Bldg.O.ph Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau P. Al Khobar 31952. Riyadh 11411 KSA Tel No.85 Nagesh Prahbu General Manager eiie@emirates. UAE Tel No.sa Arab National Bank Arab National Bank Building Mouraba St. P.martin@metrobank. (9714) 353-3664 Humaid Al Ansari Deputy GM ansarire@emirates. Tel No. Box 1391. Francisco Junior Assistant Manager elmer.. (9665) 3226-2489 raymundo. .ae Hadi Express Exchange P.O. Box 8828 Dubai. Al Balad District.mahapatra@smartexchanze.Tahweel Al Rajhi Remittance Center 709. (9714) 609-8100 Fax No.O.roy@orientexchange. Tel Nos.R. Dubai.C.O. Dubai. Abu Dhabi.L. KSA Tel No. UAE Al Ansari Exchange P. P. Central Banking Operations SAlrajhi@bankalbilad. (97150) 3620583 rodel. RODELITO P. Abu Dhabi.sa National Commercial Bank King Abdulaziz Street P. P. P. Sharjah. Box 2419.P. Jeddah St. KSA Tel No. KSA Tel No.C.O. P.com. Abu Dhabi. P. MACASAET/JAM Marketing Officer Tel No. Al Ballad Jubail (Eastern) Region KSA 31951 Tel No. (9663) 895-4423 Hisham A. 7/F Rm.. Tel No. (9661) 402-9000 Shalimar Salomabao Product Manager ssalomabao@anb. Deira Dubai.S. Box 5530.O. P.ph Abdul Aziz A. Queen’s Bldg.S. Al Ghowair P.O. (9712) 632-9888 Fax No.net.Enjaz Alseteen St. UAE Tel Nos.O. UAE Tel No. Al Balad Gabil Street. Bank St. Box 3014. UAE Tel No. Mezzanine Flr. Baniyas Rd. (9714) 396-5386 P. (9661) 479-8844 (9662) 646-4086 (9661) 411-3333 Fax No. UAE Tel No.L.A. P.O. Box 7190 Karama. (9714) 354-0193 Ranjit Kumar Meghji Ved Director ranjit@lakhoos. Box 28909.. (9712) 622-3222 Fax No. (9714) 235-3796 Shibani Roy Correspondent Banking shibani. Naif Rd.com Al Rostamani International Exchange (Thomas Cook) Al Rostamani Bldg. Box 2911. (9714) 353-7660 Shelly Joseph General Manager hadiexp@emirates. (9714) 393-2331 (9714) 393-3909 Fax No. Murshid Bazar P.com We network 55 Branch Network 2009 .com Redha Al Ansari Exchange Est.O.. Box 3692. Dubai. Box 170. Box 22022. Al Maktoum Abu Dhabi..net. 1103 Twin Towers. Box 4059. K. (9712) 627-0004 Fax No.O.ae Al Razouki International Exchange Co. (9712) 622-3331 Moh’d Al Fardan General Manager afex1@emirates. (9665) 339-69542 Elmer G.A.O. (above First Gulf Bank). (9714) 353-7650 (9714) 353-4802 Fax No. (9714) 354-0191 (9714) 226-4628 Fax Nos. UAE Tel Nos. Box 56921 Riyadh 11564. U.C Al Urobah Street.com. Riyadh 11495. UAE Tel Nos. Ltd. NOVELA Junior Assistant Manager Tel No. AlMalaz. (9714) 351-1101 Hameed Ibrahim General Manager centexch@emirates.L.L. Abu Dhabi.net. Tel No.O. Al Dhfrah St. (9714) 227-0839 Helmi Yousef General Manager agex@saraf. (9712) 634-4699 Fax No. U. (now Sharaf Exchange L. Box 498. (9712) 634-6849 Moh’d Jaffar Abbaz Senior Manager afec@emirates. Box 3555. L.ae Xpress Money Services Ltd.com Smart Exchange Main Office Harib Tower Building Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St.com.net.Al Muroor. 31952. Box 29040. Al Khobar. Aziz Al-Zamil General Manager zamilex@awalnet. Jeddah K.O. Box 12583. Bur Dubai. Box 40124. KSA Al Rajhi Bank P.. Al Hazzazy Bldg.co.) P. of Saif Al Otaiba Al Reqqa St. Sheik Hamdan St.ph Al Khobar Exchange & Remittance Center 1st Street cross King Khaled bin Abdulaziz Street Al Shamalia. Sheik Hamdan St.O.com UAE Exchange Centre L.O. (96650) 904-2392 Fax No. (9716) 553-3935 (9716) 553-3950 Fax No. UAE Tel No. Dayakara Kamath General Manager nrarieco@emirates.ae Wallstreet Exchange Centre. P. (9712) 642-1800 Fax No.operations@alansari. near Al Manama Hypermarket.com Abdul Nazar BDM Central Exchange L.E Tel No. Box 2370 Hamdan St. (9714) 235-3795 Fax No. (9712) 631-2030 B. Al Souq Al Kabeer St.O.O.O.net.net.ph Bank Al Bilad . Kanoo Building.O. UAE Tel Nos. Al Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nehyan Bldg.E.L.ph Jeddah Exchange & Remittance Center 2nd floor. Jeddah 21481 KSA Tel No.C. P. P.L. KSA Tel No. Abu Dhabi.net. (9712) 632-3704 Alok Mahapatra COO alok. (9712) 627-2656 Muhammad Amin Bawa General Manager hecoad@emirates.C. Abu Dhabi.C. (9712) 626-8858 Vazhoor Sudarsanan Thampi General Manager mahesh@ahaliaexchange. (9714) 355-4560 (9714) 302-5750 Fax No. Box 25557. Head Office Alseteen St. (9661) 405-0292 (9661) 460-1518 Abul Aziz Sedeas Senior Manager mbdesk_riyadh@awalnet..com.francisco@metrobank. Martin Junior Assistant Manager MB Alkhobar Desk Office chito. (9714) 393-9033 K. UAE P.O. Box 229. UAE Al Falah Exchange P. Central office . KSA Al Amoudi Exchange Co. P. Krishnamurthy CEO tcaremgt@al-rostamani.A.rosel@metrobank.A. L.L.net.ae Leela Megh Exchange Co.ae Emirates India International Exchange Room 202. AlMalaz. (9662) 647-7733 Saleh Al Amoudi Executive Director info@alamoudiexchange.O. Hamdan St. (9716) 553-9388 Bashar Moh’d Saleem Abu Harb Managing Director abuharb1@emirates. UAE Tel Nos.ae phils.ae Lulu International Exchange Co. Box 140 Riyadh-11411.O.ae Al Fuad Exchange Shop #2 Bldg. Box 10072 Tel Nos. L.com.O. Box 605.E. UAE Tel Nos. Abu Dhabi.net.

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