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Standar Kompetensi Lulusan Mendengarkan Memahami makna dalam wacana lisan interpersonal dan transaksional, secara formal maupun informal dalam bentuk teks fungsional pendek, recount, narrative, procedure, descriptive, news item, report, analytical exposition, hortatory exposition, explanation, discussion, dan review dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari.

Indikator Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/informasi rinci tersurat dari percakapan lisan interpersonal/transa ksional yang diperdengarkan.

Materi Part One Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues and questions spoken in English. The dialogues and questions will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test sheet, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.

After you hear a dialogue and the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

The dialogue: Woman : May I help you? Man : I’m looking for a tie.

Woman : We have many kinds of color: blue, grey, red and the others. Man : I’ll take the grey one.

Narrator: What does the man buy? A. A grey tie. B. A red car. C. Blueberries D. A piece of pie.

E. A bottle of honey.

The dialogue

Man : What do you think about this design? Woman: Not bad. Man : Any suggestions for improvement? Woman : Add more pictures on the slide.

Narrator: What are the speakers talking about?

A. Making a bed. B. Making a new dress. C. Buying some pictures. D. Walking on the side walk. E. Preparing for the presentation.

The dialogue

Man been?

: Where have you

Woman : I got a cold. Do we have any homework? Man : We have to write an essay on ‘ Healthy Life Style’ Woman : Great! I like writing.

Narrator: Why was the girl not in the class?

A. She was sick. B. She did exercises. C. She made an essay. D. She had a lot of work. E. She wrote a great story.

Merespon /melengkapi dengan ungkapan rasa tak percaya/puas/tidak puas/menyatakan/m eminta pendapat/berjanji/un gkapan harapan dari percakapan lisan interpersonal/transa ksional yang diperdengarkan.

Expression Believe or not believe Believe • • • That's true Yes, I believe it. I do believe you.

Not believe • • • • • I can’t believe it No, I don’t believe it Are you kidding? Are you serious? You don’t say

Expression Satisfaction and Dissatisffaction Satisfaction • • I’m satisfied with it I’m completely satisfied with what you’ve done for me It was satisfactory Everything was just perfect I’m happy enough with it

• • •

• • • • •

Good job! Everything is fine, thank you. I really like it. Ik was OK. Not too bad. Good enough.

Dissatisfaction • • • • • • • I’m a little dissatisfied the service here. I’m a bit dissapointed with the program The food was lousy. I have a complaint. I don’t like it. I want to make a complaint. I’m very dissatisfied with the condition.

Asking other people’s opinion • • • • • • • • What do you think of... Is that right/true that... Do you think it’s going... Why do they behave like that? Do you have any idea? How do you like...? Please give me your frank opinion. What’s your oppinion?

Expression Asking and Giving Suggestion Asking for suggestion • • Do you think I ought to call the police? What do you think I should buy him for his birthday? Do you have any ideas about how I can do this hard job? If you were me, what

It’s a promise. won’t you? Is that a promise? Do you give me your word on that? Do you swear that you won’t forget me? I wan’t you to promise that you will. .. I advise you to talk with your lawyer.? Offering a promise • • • • • I promise I’ll do whatever you want? I promise you that I’ll try to be on time next time. Make a promise.• • would you tell her? Are you suggesting I give up smoking? Do you have any suggestions for me? Offering/giving Suggestion • • • • • • I suggest that we go out for dinner tonight. Why don’t you try calling her tonight? Expression ofPromise Asking for a promise • • • • • • Promise me that you will get me all I want. I promise to love you endlessly. How about taking a bus instead of driving? Let me suggest that we buy a new copier. I recommend you to cancel your appointment.. I give you my word on that.

The building is quite large with wonderful facilities. After you hear a dialogue and the question about it. I hope so I do hope that. Especially my classroom teacher. read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. They will not be printed in your test sheet. kind and friendly. Expression of Hope • • Menentukan gambar yang sesuai dengan percakapan dari percakapan lisan interpersonal/transa ksional yang diperdengarkan. The dialogues and questions will be spoken two times. so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. I promise.• • • You have my word on it.. Woman: I love my new school very much. The teachers are very smart.. Part One Directions: In this part of the test. He always listens to me attentively when I share my . The dialogue: Man : Tell me about your new school. you will hear some dialogues and questions spoken in English. I swear.

Man : I’m happy to hear that you like to study there. . Which picture is suitable with the dialogue you hear? A.problem. D. B. E. C.

it has trees and flowers.Menentukan gambar yang sesuai dengan teks dari teks monolog yang diperdengarkan. I sit on a bench under shady trees. Usually after walking around the park. Narrator: Which picture goes to the monologue? A D . The monolog: I like to spend my holidays in the park. Like other city parks. There I enjoy the fresh air and the green grass as well as the shade of the plants.

and immigrated to New York City when she was ten years old. Woman or man: Elisabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821. After you hear a monologue and the questions about it. After writing many letters seeking admission to medical schools. she was finally accepted by a doctor in Philadelphia. So she .B E C Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/informasi rinci tersurat dari teks monolog yang diperdengarkan. That was nearly impossible for a woman in the middle of the nineteenth century. They will not be printed in your test sheet. you will hear several monologues. Each monologue will be spoken two times. One day she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. Directions: In this part of the test. read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the questions you have heard. so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.

she decided to further her education in Paris. A new hospital D. the first for women and children. managed to open a new hospital. along with another female doctor. also a doctor. Besides being the first female physician and founding her own hospital. 1821 . Upon returning to the United States. A Medical school C. but a serious eye infection forced her to abandon the idea. Narrator: about? What is the story A. A doctor B. A female physician E. By 1857 Elizabeth and her sister. she also established the first medical school for women.was determined to teach school and give music lessons to earn money for her tuition. In 1849. Elisabeth Blackwell. Narrator: When did Elizabeth graduate from medical school? A. she found it difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman. She wanted to be a surgeon. after graduation from medical school.

1894 Narrator: What main obstacle almost destroyed Elizabeth’s chances of becoming a doctor? A.000.B. It takes this planet.88 years to circle the Sun. is the closest to Earth. She was a woman. Its diameter is 4. She got a serious eye infection. Mars. 1857 D. She wrote too many letters.000 miles from the earth and 141.200 miles and 55% of the size of the earth. 1.000 miles from the Sun. D. 1875 E. She couldn’t graduate from The monolog Man: Of the six outer planets. . C. B. commonly called the Red Planet. She couldn’t establish her hospital. along with its two moons. Phobos and Deimos.600. E. 1849 C. Mars is 34.

It has many weather changes include violent dust storm. rocky Martian soil. Mars is rocky Martian soil. Mars is located far . Mars has fertile soil. C. B. Moons E. Sun B. Some water vapor. the man-made canals were proven to be only a myth. polar ice and permafrost have been found indicating that at one time there was a significant amount of water on this distant planet. In other words. Schiaparelli. Planets Narrator: Why isn’t there any biological life on Mars? A. Mars consist of significant water. They were discovered by an Italian astronomer. Mars is known as the planet with man-made canals. Mars C. The red colour of the planet is due to the reddish. D. Narrator: What does the speaker talk about? A. Earth D.compared to 365 days for the Earth. There is no biological life found there.

importance W When will the meeting begin? A. Membaca Memahami makna dalam wacana tertulis secara formal maupun informal dalam bentuk teks fungsional pendek. D. explanation. E. Effective as of 5th December 2009. narrative. 8 AM D. news item.from the earth. our official . discussion. A. dan review dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari. Tomorrow morning we have a meeting at 8 to 12 at AV Room on the 2nd The message tells about the… and time of the meeting. 12 o’clock Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/informasi rinci tersurat dalam sebuah teks dari teks fungsional Announcement 2 We are announcing today that we are bringing the milestone and ever green brands even closer together. 2 AM B. Menentukan gambaran umum/rujukan kata/ makna kata dalam teks dari sebuah teks fungsional pendek berupa message yang disajikan . E. 2 PM C. hortatory exposition. 2. descriptive. procedure. analytical exposition. speaker. agenda. venue B. recount. issue C. 8 PM E. Mars’ weather changes include violent dust storm. report.

it doesn’t change the quality of products we offer to our consumers 16. name will be: GREEN MILES WEST The substitution of ‘West’ in our name replacing ’California’ is the result of an agreement we reached with California Gardening association following a protest over the original use of ‘California’ is our name. The result of agreement. Which of the following statement is TRUE according to the text? A. C. The new office of company. B. The change of office name. D. We hope this does not create any confusion among loyal consumers. The loyal consumers created an official name for the company. The corporate offices were protested. D. There was conflict between Green Miles West and Milestone. The quality of the products will be different from . While this represents a change from our initial name introduction. What does the text tell us about? A.pendek berupa announcement yang disajikan. B. C. E. The new service of company. The mergers of two companies.

and lunch in the Sea View Restaurant. games.30 a. D. Fee : Rp. Try Banuriawan Sample questions What is the text about? A.000 Contact person: Ratna Dewi: 08153563055 Chair person. Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/makna kata dalam sebuah teks dari teks fungsional pendek berbentuk advertisement/broch ure yang disajikan. Sample of announcement COMMITTEE SCHOOL TRIP TO PANGANDARAN BEACH On 17th of October. m Programs : Swimming. there will be a school trip to Pangandaran Beach. Pangandaran Beach. A Sea View Restaurant. Departure : 07. C. E. A schedule of a school . volleyball. 50. Afternoon : walk along the beach to the Green Canyon and watch the boat festival. B.the former products. The name green “Miles West” will be effective as of 5th December 2009. A boat festival.

The Green Canyon at the Pangandaran Beach. Muhammad Syahril Mansyur. visitors B. It also revealed 89 percent of young female employees were smokers. This text is mostly addressed to … of a school. A. The survey was conducted in five major cities across the country. including Surakarta in Central Java. said that the finding of the survey showed an alarming growth rate of Indonesian smokers. Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu. E. the Surakarta Health Agency’s respiratory illness division. students D.trip. tourists C. informasi rinci tersurat/makna kata/frasa dari sebuah teks berbentuk news item yang disajikan. travelers Purpose of News Item: to inform readers about events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important 1. Growing Number of High School Student Smoking A survey has found about 13 percent of first-time smokers in the country are junior high school students. sightseers E. "This situation is a cause for .

“It appears the country’s younger generation is uneducated about the health risks of smoking.” he said.concern. A survey has found about 13 percent of first-time smokers in the country are junior high school students.” The Indonesian anti-tobacco campaign has reportedly been deemed as ineffective as the government refuses to sign the international convention on tobacco control. Muhammad Syahril Mansyur. “It appears the country’s younger generation is uneducated about the health risks of smoking. the Surakarta Health Agency’s respiratory illness division. It also revealed 89 percent of young female employees were smokers. The survey was conducted in five major cities across the country. It said that .” he said. It said that cigarette producers contributed to a large amount to state revenue and gave jobs to thousands of workers.” The Indonesian anti-tobacco campaign has reportedly been deemed as ineffective as the government refuses to sign the international convention on tobacco control. including Surakarta in Central Java. said that the finding of the survey showed an alarming growth rate of Indonesian smokers. "This situation is a cause for concern.

“The Embassy will arrange for all compensation. 2. Munti's body will be sent tomorrow to her hometown in Pondok Jeruk Barat village of Jombang. she . Da'i Bachtiar said in Kuala Lumpur on Monday. Antara state news agency has reported that Munti had been treated at Tengku Ampuan Rahimah hospital since last Tuesday and died on Monday at 10 a. “We express our deep condolences as there is yet another worker who was tortured and passed away at the hospital. Munti was found unconscious with her hands and feet were tied in a bathroom in Taman Sentosa housing complex last Tuesday.cigarette producers contributed to a large amount to state revenue and gave jobs to thousands of workers.m.” Indonesia's Ambassador for Malaysia. including insurance. Indonesian Migrant Worker Dies in Malaysia An Indonesian migrant worker Munti Binti Bani has died on Monday after being hospitalized for several days due to alleged torture by her employees in Selangor. She was suffering from major wounds on her body and had apparently been beaten with iron. Malaysia. local time. East Java after undergoing autopsy at the hospital.

ET. He added that Munti's employees Vanitha and Murugan had been detained and were undergoing questioning at the local police office. The flick will not only have more summer lovin' between real-life couple Lovato and Joe Jonas as Mitchie and Shane. "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. “We hope the police can uphold justice and punish them should they be proven to be involved in the case. including a love interest for Nick Jonas. Camp Star. played by Chloe Bridges. 3. On July 27.m. long before they watch the sequel to the 2008 flick. fans can pick up the soundtrack. which .deserves to receive." will premiere on September 3 at 8 p.” he said. featuring 15 original songs that a press release promises will span genres from hip-hop to rock to pop. The JoBros promise the movie's music will be every bit as entertaining as its plot. Camp Rock 2 The final Jam will Premieres on Disney Channel It was announced on Tuesday that Disney Channel movie with tourmate Demi Lovato.” Da'i said. but there will also be a little friendly rivalry between the Camp Rockers and a group of musicians at another summer camp.

"The songs are really cool. The information about the soundtrack songs of Camp Rock 2 Final Jam and the plot of movie is the background events. telegraphic information about story captured in headline 2. Background event can be the detail information of the stated newsworthy event or the outside background which closely relates to newsworthy event.Using saying verbs 4. The Final Jam Dominant Language Features: 1. or the official authorities.Using adverbs : time. Text Organisation/ The Generic Structure: Newsworthy event is what event happened which considered as newsworthy. The announcement of the Camp Rock 2 Premiere is the newsworthy event. Source is the closing statement which can be from the participants.Using action verbs 3.has been kept a secret since the movie was shot." Joe told MTV News. place and . Now see the following example of news item about the premiere announcement of sequel Camp Rock 2. witness. Commonly newsworthy event is place in the first paragraph. Short. The statement of Joe to MTV that songs were really cool is the source of this example of news item text.

Narrative and recount in some ways are similar. fable. folklore. Recount text focuses on the series of event. Narrative uses conflicts among the participants whether natural conflict. one event followed by the others. The ways narrative and recount told are in chronological order using time or place. similar to spoof and narrative. Recount applies series of event as the basic structure Read the following example of . whether Simple Past Tense. whether by time or by the essence of the event itself. etc while recount text is found in biography. In the contrary. social conflict or psychological conflict. Both are telling something in the past so narrative and recount usually apply PAST TENSE. In some ways narrative text combines all these conflicts. we do not find these conflicts inside recount text. Recount text is included in a group of narration. Menentukan informasi tertentu/pikiran utama paragraf/informasi tersirat/makna kata/frasa dari dalam teks berbentuk recount yang disajikan. Commonly narrative text is found in story book. myth. Simple Past Continuous Tense. Commonly recount text is arranged in chronological order. The thing that makes narrative and recount different is the structure in which they are constructed. or Past Perfect Tense.manner.

I took a seat by the doorside and remember that there were around 35 passengers. I hopped onto the bus with registration number Ba 2 Kha 4013 that was on the way to Barhabise from Tatopani. Nonetheless. Bus was Flowing Right Behind Me I stayed a night at Sakhuwa of Gati VDC because a landslide near Baseri had blocked the road. but found a ventilator glass broken. Before I could know what was going on. I noticed a ditch on the road. I have sustained injuries on the face. The driver tried to avert the ditch. I heard later that all except four passengers had survived. hands and other body parts. The driver started the bus.recount text which narrates a survival experience from a horror situation. The river carried me for about 35 kilometers and left me on the shallow surface. The next morning. the bus started hurtling towards the Bhotekoshi. Let me remind you my experience during an . I feel that surviving was my destiny. I had given up hope of surviving. I passed out after that. including me. I came out of the shattered glass and plunged into the Bhotekoshi. The rescuers took me to a hospital when I regained consciousness. A kilometer into the journey.

One day I was setting in the local library. there was no doubt about it – I had malaria too. Then. I thought I got flat tire. As I read the list of symptoms. like matchsticks. And . I was so surprised that there was almost nothing left. I sat for a while.earthquake last week. in a kind of dream. The first illness I read about was cholera. I came to malaria. When I reached my town. There were rocks everywhere. I started to read a medical encyclopedia that was lying on the table in front of me. I thanked God that nobody was seriously injured. And I certainly had hepatitis. I was on my car. Suddenly my car lunched to one side. in the town. Then I saw a lot of rocks tumbling across the road. too frightened to move. it occurred to me that perhaps I had cholera myself. to the left. Yes. Even I could not move my car at all. I was driving home from my vocation to Bali. I started to turn the pages of the book again. There was nothing I could do but left the car and walked along way to my house. I knew it was an earthquake when I saw some telephone and electricity poles falling down to the ground. Although nothing was left. I did not know that it was an earthquake. When the earthquake happened. I was trapped by the rock. The earthquake made a lot of damage to my town.

I went straight to my doctor. And so it went on. I couldn’t feel it. Then he opened my mouth and looked at my tongue. It wasn’t beating. “What’s the matter with you?” he asked. and he felt mu pulse. but from that I was even more certain than before that I had yellow fever. I stuck my tongue out and tried to look at it. and I am happy to .yellow fever. I felt my pulse. then. I couldn’t find it at all. and he listened to my heart. and I became more and more worried. I wondered how long I had to live. “I have every illness in the medical encyclopedia. I read through the whole book. and by the end I came to the conclusion that I had every illness. I sat and thought. Then he sat down and wrote a prescription. There was only one illness I didn’t have – and that was housemaid’s knee. who was a good friend of mine. It said: • • • • 3 good meals every day A two-mile walk every day morning Be in bed at 11 o’clock every night Don’t read medical books! I followed the doctor’s instructions. I could only see the end of it. I looked at my watch to time it – it was beating 147 times a minute. At first.” I told him how I read the medical encyclopedia. I examined myself. suddenly it seems start off. I tried to feel my heart.

introducing the participant. made. I was on the car. moved. Thanking God because nobody was seriously injured.say that I now feel quite well again. The car lunched to one side. left. I was on the car las week. etc Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/informasi Definition and purposes of Explanation: Explanation is a text which tells processes relating to forming of . were 4. Using action verb. Using action verb 3. Using chronological connectives. suddenly 3. earthquake happened. was. describing a series of event which happened. walked. Re-orientation. Generic Structure / Text Organisation: Orientation. stating the writer's personal note. I 2. using first person point of view. Using linking verb. Using personal participant. Using Past Tense 2. Purpose: to retell something that happened in the past and to tell a series of past event Dominant Language Features: 1. then. Using simple past tense pattern. Using adjectives Language Feature Analysis 1. Telephone and electricity poles was falling down. and. my car lunched on one side. etc. etc 5. Events.

Venus planet will slowly disappear for a moment because it is covered the surface of the Moon. scientific and cultural phenomena. It was very rare amazing natural event. It was reported that the Venus eclipse will seen again in the future in 2050. Venus eclipses occurs when the position of the earth. 2010. . Venus planet seems to move to the back side of the Moon. What is an explanation text and how is the explanation text composed? Explanation text is structured by the generic level of general statement and followed with sequenced explanation. moon and Venus is parallel. natural. Do you know how this rare Venus eclipse happens? Well. To have clear understanding on the explanation text. It was Venus eclipse. let's see the following example of explanation text! How Venus Eclipse Happens On May 16. It is often found in science. actually Venus eclipse is like Sun eclipse. geography and history text books. social.rinci tersurat/tujuan komunikatif/makna kata/frasa dari sebuah teks berbentuk explanation yang disajikan. people in most regions in the world have seen a very rare natural phenomenon. Explanation text is compose to describe how something forms and why something exists and happens. Explanation text is to say 'why' and 'how' about the forming of the phenomena.

However. Fast food nowadays is considered a normal eating venture. most people don’t see these events because they are visible in the evening sky only half the time. the moon appears somewhere near it about once a month. to begin with. Language Feature of Explanation Featuring generic participant. and then only for a short period after sunset. etc Using passive voice pattern Using simple present tense Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/pikiran utama paragraf/informasi rinci tersurat/tersirat/mak na kata/frasa dari dalam teks berbentuk analytical hortatory/ exposition yang disajikan. next. rain. However is fast food good for health? . ANALYTICAL EXPOSITION 1. it is not unusual for the moon to appear to pass close to Venus. The apparent closeness varies from month to month as well. etc Using chronological connection. People are not just eating out on special occasions or weekends anymore. stating a series of steps which explain the phenomena.The moon and planets are sharing a similar apparent path in the sky. It means that all the time they mostly eat fast foods. Sequenced explanation. Generic structure of Explanation: General statement. That is why. stating the phenomenon issues which are to be explained. In fact. sun.

Fast food is altered from its original healthy form. and to enhance flavor. It is the chemical additives such as aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate). 2. schools grow to offer plenty of choice. Studies show that the chemical additives lead to weight and disease issues. With the compelling rise in fast-food restaurants since the 1940’s. Nowadays. It is not the calories in fast food which damage health and waistline. However it is a hard choice since there are many factors which need to be considered . fast-food operations popped up everywhere. Fast food is highly processed with a wide array of additives. Fast food simply feeds hunger and craving. Most of teenagers need to go to school and there are a lot of schools over there.Fast food has its popularity in the 1940’s. there is absolutely nothing nutritional about fast food. To ensure fast food’s low cost. to hold consistency. So. the fast food products are made with highly-processed ingredients to give it shelf-life. Within a few years. private and state ones. oddly it started the rise in obesity and cancer during that same time period.

Some will be influenced by friends. because some friend got to certain school than we go to there too. However if that school is not accredited. As result. This label of Accredited School has an impact in employment opportunities. if there are two or more students with similar qualifications. Student from an accredited school has more open door than student with an accredited one. In fact. accredited schools have an edge over the unaccredited schools. Many students select certain school depending more on short term factors like friend influence and short distance from home. the student who comes from the accredited school will have an edge over the other candidate. Some prefer to choose certain school because of the closer distance.before making the selection. It is not bad since commuting actually needs much cost. the time and money spent along studying seems to be waste in the long term because it could become a . the primary decisive matter for selecting school is whether the school has been accredited or not. energy and money. Choosing school which is closer to home will save time. Why is important to choose an accredited school? Well.

However a student with good personality who comes from an accredited school is better than the others. it does not matter.limiting factor in gaining future opportunities. The absence of argument. we see an accredited school graduate will hold better opportunity. It also functionalize of introduction of the text. accredited or not. Personality and characterization are very important too. Accredited school is not the only factor which will drive student’s success. Text Organisation/Generic Structure of Analytical Exposition: Thesis: It is the main topic of discourse in analytical exposition essay. From the analytical exposition sample above. Arguments: The arguments are the heart of an analytical exposition. From the text above we see that choosing school will be wiser and safer if it is based on the status of the school. analytical will just talk nothing since a thesis must be evaluated. whether it is true or false later. Additionally choosing school based on short term interests seem to be less benefit in the end. . Commonly the thesis will be placed in the first paragraphs.

It is closed by certain recommendation and this makes hortatory exposition differ from analytical exposition. Both hortatory and analytical exposition state thesis as the introduction. Hortatory exposition can be seen in various functional text. It can be formed of sales letter. speech. Purpose of HORTATORY EXPOSITION: to persuade the readers that something should or should not be the case or be done 1. Both present argumentation to support the stated thesis. USE ENGLISH . or letter to editor. it is very similar to analytical exposition. HORTATORY EXPOSITION Hortatory text is one text type of argumentative genres which has function to persuade readers. From the text above. Since it is one type of argumentative passages. advertising slogan. we realize that choosing an accredited school is really important.Reiteration: It is the writer’s thesis which is re-stated in another word. However hortatory exposition make the argumentation into a higher level. The purpose is to strengthen the thesis.

lots of graduates have less English skills. It will help to increase our graduates’ competence in English. writers and observers use a lot of English. It is important to know that most of employments require competence in English. especially concerning the mastery of English. 2. Then the important thing is to use English as a medium in schools so that we can compete with graduates from abroad. It is way below our expectations if we compare our graduates with those who studied overseas. Learning English is difficult but it is more difficult to customize us with it Then it will be beneficial to have TV films in English like in Singapore.Many of us are dismayed about the quality of our education. for office work and correspondence. However. speakers. All students have studied English since they are in junior high school. Government officials. Why Should Wearing a Helmet when Motorcycling We often hear lots of stories from . which is not commensurate with the high cost spent on school fees. Even some of them had been introduced with English when they were in elementary school.

Text Organisation/Generic Structure of Hortatory Exposition: Thesis: The importance of wearing helmet which is stated in the first paragraph Argumentative: Wearing helmet gives a total . German. Wearing a fitted protective helmet offers many benefits which reduces the negative aspects of riding. it means a lot and important.road regarding people taking spill on motorcycle when they are riding without using helmet. and money. First and the most important is that wearing the correct helmet can save a rider's life. shorty. and many others. Mostly the riders badly end up in mess. Second. Helmets give the opportunity for rider to express the image they may want to project when riding on they way. wearing a helmet can gives the raiders a matter of style. family pain. but to others. The recommended designs of motorcycle helmets can provide total protection. such as beanie. This benefit may not be important to some people. mud and other potential projectiles. wearing a helmet which can projecting an image is an inherent crucial part of motorcycling and help riders feel more confident when riding on the road. sleet. They not only protect riders from getting a worse road injured accident but also from flying bugs. such as rain. physical ability. By choosing the most appropriate helmet from all of the various styles.

Using modals 3. Analytical is the answer of "How is/will" while hortatory is the answer of "How should". But for the question" How should student do for his exam?" will be good to be answered with hortatory. Thesis 2. Using general and abstract noun 9. Using connectives/transition Then what is the basic difference between analytical and hortatory exposition. Recommendation Dominant Language features: 1. Recommendation: Bikers should wear helmet properly to get the benefits. Using technical terms 8. Using thinking verbs 5. In simple word. Using adjective and giving a chance in imaging self which presented in the second paragraph. Arguments 3. HORTATORY EXPOSITION Purpose: to persuade the readers that something should or should not be the case or be done Generic Structure: 1. Using action verbs 4. Using adverbs 6. It is to convince that the thing should be done . Analytical exposition will be best to describe "How will student do for his examination? The point is the important thing to do. Using Simple Present Tense 2.

who support the national exam explain that the quality of the Indonesia education system will drop without the national exam. so they try to defend the current system. Further. will the quality of the Indonesian education system worsen without national exam? People. DISCUSSION National Exam in Pros and Cons National exam becomes the hot topic in most of discussions. the controversy over whether it is necessary to maintain the national exams (UN) has continued. Some debates include the primary questions such as. the national exam only measures a small portion of students' competence in specific subjects. However there are people who disagree with the opinion. Those who against this national exam kept in our high school education say that it doesn't need the national exams because the quality of education does not just depend on the national exam. and does not measure students' competences throughout the semester.Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/informasi rinci tersurat/informasi tersirat/makna kata/frasa dari sebuah teks berbentuk discussion yang disajikan. the national . Though the Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by the government on the organization of the national exams. In fact. does the quality of Indonesia education depend on the national exam?.

e.e.etc.etc The use of thinking verbs. Conclusion (concluding recommendation) • Dominant Language Features: • The use of general nouns.g: think. It is the evidence for different points of view. The use of contrastive connectives. should.etc The use of relating verbs. The use of additive connectives. are.e: Argument for and Argument against. hope.g: examination. education. feel. and followed by elaboration. the pros and the cons. furthermore. even if.g: although.g: perhaps.etc • • • • • .examination can still be useful as an instrument to evaluate or detect the level of students' cognitive competence in several subjects. e.etc The use of modalities. believe. besides. e. Purpose: to present information and opinions about more than one side of an issue(“for” points and “against” points) Generic Structure/ Text Organizatiion: • • Issue (opening statement) Arguments. i. etc. must. on a national scale.g: in addition.e.g: is. nevertheles. e.

deliberately. It imagines the world coming to an end in 2012. The movie hits its peak early on. Emmerich' 2012 deserves credit for offbeat casting. REVIEW 2012 Film Review 2012 is Roland Emmerich's film which uses the Mayan calendar and other end-of-days prophecies for their doomsday scenario.5 earthquake. The preposterous flying sequence is equally thrilling. Cusack supplies his trademark hangdog charm. e. The use of adverbs of manners. because of. Menentukan gambaran umum/informasi tertentu/informasi rinci tersurat/makna kata/frasa dari sebuah teks berbentuk review yang disajikan.etc. 2012 film brings off a series of wonders. e.g: hopefully. Unfortunately. The climax occurs aboard the giant ark. when an equipment malfunction almost threatens the entire mission. In 2012 film.etc. Emmerich leaves us befuddled as to exactly what is happening to whom. as.• • The use f casual connectives. However. McCarthy has perhaps his best role ever as Peet's . It starts when Cusack drives a limo through the streets of Los Angeles as freeways and skyscrapers crumble all around him from the shock of a 10. the crucial sequence is not filmed or edited with the requisite clarity.g: because. since.

brings a moving sense of anguish to a stock role. Generic structure: 1. Adam Lambert. Interpretative Recount ( summary of an art works including characters and plot). Chiwetel Ejiofor. Evaluation ( concluding statement : judgment. Evaluative summation: the last opinion consisting the appraisal or the punch line of the art works being criticized. as the chief scientist. or recommendation. Platt has fun playing the villain of the piece. who provides a rousing anthem over the end credits. Social function: To criticize an art work or event for a public audience. . and Woody Harrelson also chews the scenery as a bug-eyed radio prophet trying to warn his listeners about Armageddon. Music also propels the movie. Danny Glover lends dignity to the role of the tormented president. All in one.cocky. opinion. It can consist of more than one. 3. Orientation ( background information on the text) 2. 2012's cinematography. It presents American Idol runner-up. production design and visual effects are awards-worthy. 4.

She has four best friends. The unpredictable character of Rangga has disturbed Cinta. It creates a new and unfamiliar sensation which leads Cinta into a new and strange world. Cinta starts to change. Bit by bit. a stranger to her friends and even to herself. She doesn’t understand what has happened. But things are starting to change when Cinta meets Rangga (Nicholas saputra). she has fallen in love with someone who has a very different character and comes from a very different world. She’s also the object of Borne’s affection. . Karmen (Adinia Wirasti). let alone her friends. a cool and arrogant boy whose presence is never taken into account at school. Alya (Ladya Cheryl). Sample: Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo) is a beautiful. Milly (Sissy Pricillia). She becomes a new person. The next thing she knows. surrounded by caring and supporting friends.Social function: To criticize an art work or event for a public audience. Born in a loving family. Cinta seems to have everything in the world. the most eligible boyfriend at school. smart and confident seventeen year old. and Maura(Titi Kamal) who always protect her.

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