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Age group of the respondents Area of residence Educational qualifications Business status of respondents Reasons cellular inducing the purchase

6 7

Mode of payment Relationship of age and views about the performance Relationship between occupation and price of cellular Relationship between Area Residence and service offered of

35 37






Relationship between cost of services and occupation Relationship between educational qualification and troubles occurred in




Title Page No. 26 28 30 32 of 34 1 2 3 4 5 Age group of the respondents Area of residence Educational qualifications Business status of respondents Reasons cellular inducing the purchase 6 7 Mode of payment Relationship of age and views about the performance Relationship between occupation and price of cellular Relationship between Area Residence and service offered of 36 39 8 41 9 43 10 Relationship between cost of services 45 .mobile LIST OF CHARTS Chart No.

. Then only the level of consumer will recommend others to purchase the same brand. He must give prompt reply for the complaints of the consumers. to minimize time for their activities people look in the instant communication. Mobile phone is one of the latest way of communication through which people would communicate from where they are to the entire world. When the sales is over. the marketer should not forget the consumer. The author is very much interested to determine attitudes and consumer satisfaction with BPL mobile service. The main aim of marketing management is to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers.and occupation 11 Relationship between educational qualification and troubles occurred in mobile 47 PREFACE In the modern civilized world the marketer should give more importance for relationship marketing. In the busy world.


A. We now see it emerging in India as well. it has been practiced as one form or the other since the days of Adam & Eve. It is an organized movement of the consumers a movement that seeks to protect the consumers from unfair practices of . for the basic objective of producing maximum long range corporate profits.S. Marketing is indeed an ancient art. “The marketing concept is a consumer orientation backed by integrated marketing aimed at generating customer satisfaction as the key to satisfying organizational goals”.INTRODUCTION Marketing Concept Marketing concept is a corporate stage of mind that insists on the integration and co – ordination of all marketing functions which in turn welded with all other corporate functions. Consumerism and the Marketing Concept Consumerism is a relatively recent phenomenon starting in the sixties in the affluent societies like the U. Its emergence as a management discipline. however is of relatively recent origin.

A firm practicing the marketing concept would not only be sensitive to consumer attitude. the very motive for consumerism will disappear. but would also anticipate these attitudes and adjust its marketing accordingly.the producers and marketers. Consumer is the essence of the marketing concept. Building a profile of the Indian consumer is a difficult task. That is why drunker said that “consumerism is the shame of marketing”. . and it would proceed on the assumption that what is good for the consumer is good for the firm. In many cases the governments of the societies concerned one also on the side of the side of the consumers in this raging battle. Only because several firms functioned against the tenets of the marketing concept. If marketing is practiced as per the marketing concept. consumerism gained ground.

It will be to our advantage to quote initially a few such definitions that are commonly used. They concentrate their attention upon specified areas. Definition and Significance of Marketing Marketing has been defined in various ways. The one guru who always seems to view businesses in a holistic way is peter drunker. about what marketing actually means to them. Peters and waterman’s book “in search of excellence” (1982) views enterprises from a holistic vantage point & has created a stir by forcing many managers and corporate strategistic to gaze at their corporate navels and ask themselves may searching questions about the main element of corporate excellence. . Few of the literature Gurus appears to view business as a total system.The Essence of Marketing Many thinking firms organize from time to time.

(J. Pyle). . (American marking association). “Marketing is the place of business activity through which human wants are satisfied by the exchange of goods & services”.“Marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer of user”.F. “Marketing is the economic process by which goods & services are exchanged and their values determined in terms of money price”. “Marketing is the business process by which products are matched with markets and through which transfers of ownership are effected. (Duddy & Revzan).

These products are obtainable in several ways: self – . value and satisfaction. Since many products can satisfy a given need.Understanding the Critical Role of Marketing on Organizations and Society Companies cannot survive today by simply doing a good job. Marketing has its origins in the fact that humans are creatures of needs and wants. value. which is resolved through acquiring products to satisfy these needs and wants. Recent studies have demonstrate that knowing and satisfying the customers with competitively superior offers is the key to profitable performance. product choice is guided by the concepts of utility. and satisfy a given need. Consumer and business buyers face an abundance of choices in seeking to satisfy their needs and therefore look for excellence in quality or value or cost when they choose their suppliers. product choice is guided by the concepts of utility. Needs and wants create a state of discomfort in people. And marketing is the company function charged with defining customer targets and the best way to satisfy their needs and wants competitively and profitably. They must do an excellent job if they are to succeed in markets characterized by slow growth and fierce competition at home and abroad.

timing. and therefore little promotional effort is required. and therefore management’s major task is to improve production and distribution efficiency and bring down prices. Five alternative philosophies can guide organizations in carrying out their marketing work. coercion. The production concept holds that consumers will favour products that are affordable and available. Marketing encompasses those activities that represent working with markets. organization. The selling concept holds that consumers will not buy enough of the company’s products unless they are stimulated through a substantial selling and promotion effort. which means that people specialize in producing particular products and trade them for other things they need. The product concept holds that consumers favour quality products that are reasonably priced. Marketing management is the conscious effort to achieve desired exchange outcomes with target markets.production. or idea. A market is a group of people who share a similar need. begging. that is. and exchange. The marketer’s basic skill lies in influencing the level. The marketing concept holds that the main task of . service. They engage in transactions and relationship building. person. and composition of demand for a product. trying to actualize potential exchanges. place. Most modern societies work on the principle of exchange.

and profitability. wants. and the international sector recognize how marketing contributes to improved performance in the market place. co–ordinated marketing. the consumers of India from a large mass. As the country is vast geographically the consumers of India are scattered over a vast territory. customer orientation. life styles and economic status. Its four principles are market focus. Interest in marketing is intensifying as more organizations in the business sector.the company is to determine the needs. the consumers of India present a complex and bizarre . customs and calendars. religion. literacy level. the nonprofit sector. and preferences of a target group of customers and to deliver the desired satisfactions. As the country is vast geographically. language. the consumer of India are scattered over a vast territory. As the country is marketed by great diversity in climate. The societal marketing concept holds that the main task of the company is to generate customer satisfaction and long – run consumer and societal well – being as the key to satisfying organizational goals and responsibilities. A Broad Sketch of the Indian Consumer As the country is highly popular.

The heterogeneity holds many implications to a marketer. to one going in for national marketing. .

economic circumstances. personal (age and life – cycle stage. While many buying decisions involve only one decision market. Before planning its marketing. and personality and self – concept). subculture. organization. The consumer market buys goods and service for personal consumption. The market consists of many sub markets. It is the ultimate market for which economic activities are organized. operations. and roles and statuses). All of these provide clues as to how to reach and serve the buyer more effectively. such as black consumers. The buyer’s behavior is influenced by four major factors: cultural (culture. occasions. other . life – style. the object. perception. social (reference groups.Consumer Markets and buyer Behavior Consumer markets and consumer buying behavior have to be under stood before sound marketing place can be developed. and social class). a company needs to identify its target consumers and the type of decision process they go through. learning and beliefs and attitudes). family. and the buyer’s objectives. one needs to know the occupants. and outlets. occupation. and psychological (motivation.

influence. purchase decision.decisions may involve several participants. their buying criteria. decider buyer and user. and the amount of influence they have on the buyer. and variety – seeking buying behavior. The marketing program should be designed to appeal to and reach the other key participants as well as the buyer. dissonance-reducing buying behavior. This understanding allows the marketer to develop a significant and effective marketing program for the market. Marketers must plan differently for four types of consumer buying behavior. who play such roles as initiator. . and post purchase behavior. information search. The amount of buying deliberateness and the number of buying participants increase with the complexity of the buying situation. The marketer’s job is to identity the other buying participants. The marketer’s job is to understand the buyer’s behavior at each stage and what influences are operating. In complex buying behavior. evaluation of alternatives. complex buying behavior. the buyer goes through a decision process consisting of problem recognition. These four types are based on whether the consumer has high or low involvement in the purchase and whether there are many or few significant difference among the brands.

installations. consists of persons who play any of six roles: users. and more influences are involved. the buying center. Industrial buyers make decisions that vary with the buying situation or buy class. relatively inelastic. The decisions making unit of a buying organization. The industrial market buys goods and services for the purpose of increasing sales. approvers.Organizational Markets and Buyer Behaviour Business markets consist of all the individuals and organizations that buy goods for purposes of further production. Businesses (including government and nonprofit organizations) are a market for raw and manufactured materials and parts. influences. deciders. Buy classes consist of three types. and supplies an services. cutting costs. the demand is derived. straight re-buys modified re-buys. resale. and more geographically concentrated buyers. accessory equipment. Compared with the consumer market. larger buyers. The industrial marketer needs to know: who are the major participants? In what decisions do they exercise influence? What is . and gatekeepers. or meeting social and legal requirements. or redistribution. buyers. and new tasks. the industrial market consists of fewer buyers.

their relative degree of influence? and What evaluation criteria does each decision participants user? The industrial marketer also needs to understand the major environmental, organizational, interpersonal, and individual influences operating in the buying process. The buying process itself consists of earliest stages called buy phases; problem recognition, general need description, product specification, supplier search, proposal solicitation, supplier selection, order-routine

specification, and performance review. As industrial buyers becomes more sophisticated, industrial marketers must upgrade their marketing capabilities.

The reseller market consists of individuals and organizations that acquire and resell goods produced by others. Resellers have to decide on their assortment, suppliers, prices, and terms. They face three types of buying situations new items, new vendors, and new terms. In small wholesale and retail organizations, by a whole purchasing department. In a modern supermarket chain, the major participants include headquarters buyers, storewide buying committees, and individual store mangers. With new items, the buyers go through a buying process similar to the one whom for industrial buyers; and with standard items, the buying process consists of routine for reordering and renegotiating contracts.

The government market is a vast one that annually purchases over a trillion dollars worth of products and service-for the pursuit of defense, education, public welfare, and other public needs.

Government buyers operate under the watchful eye of Congress, the bureau of the budger, and several private watchdog group. Hence they tend to fill out more forms, require more signatures, and respond more slowly in placing orders.

The Role & Importance of Advertising

The importance of adverting has been summed up in the pithy statement “advertising telling and selling”. There is a large assortment of studies and literature on the advertising discipline. In the last two decades in particular, its growth has been so tremendous that advertising has evolved into a special field of study.

Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research

Marketing information is a critical element in effective marketing as a result of the trend toward national and international marketing, the transition from buyer needs to buyer wants, and the transition from price to non price competition. All firms have a marketing information system connecting the external environment with its executives, but

the systems vary greatly in the level of the sophistication. In too many cases, information is not available or comes too late or cannot be trusted. An increasing number of companies are not tasking steps to improve their marketing information.

A well-designed marketed information system consists of four subsystems. The first is the internal reports system, which provides current data on sales, costs, inventories, cash flows, and accounts receivable and payable. Many companies have developed advanced computer-based internal reports systems to allow for speedier and more comprehensive information.

The second is the marketing intelligence system, which supplies marketing executives with every day information about developments in eh external marketing environment. Here a well-trained sales force, special intelligence personnel, purchased data from syndicated, sources, and an intelligence office can improve the marketing intelligence available to company executives.

The third system is marketing research, which involves collecting information that is relevant to a specific marketing problem facing the company. These marketing research process consists if five steps; defining the problem and research objectives, developing the research

The fourth system is the analytical marketing system. model building. which consists of advanced statistical procedure and models to develop more rigorous findings from information. multiple methodologies. creativity. Good marketing research is characterized by the scientific method. collecting the information. It consists of all the actors forces that affect the company’s ability transact effectively with a target market. analyzing the information and presenting the findings. and cost/benefit measures of the value of information.plan. graphical. Marketing Environment The marketing environment is the place the company must start in searching for opportunities and monitoring threats. in the company’s immediate environment that affect its ability to serve its . Marketing scientists use describe or decision models and verbal. We can distinguish between the company’s microenvironment and macro environment. or mathematical models to come to grips with marketing problems. The company’s microenvironment consists of the actors.

government citizen action. and publics. The company also has to deal with various publics that have an actual or potential interest in or impact on the company’s ability to achieve its objectives. suppliers market intermediaries. the company faces several types o resellers. physical distribution facilitators. Suppliers. also have an influence on marketing decisions. political / legal. and social / cultural. and internal publics. media. technological. The company itself consists of several influential departments. economic. The demographic . through their influence on the cost and availability of needed inputs. In carrying out its marketing task. financial. and local. The company converts these supplies into useful products and services and uses marketing intermediaries(middlemen. general. desire competitors. financial intermediaries) to help it find customers and deliver the goods. All of these actors make up the company’s microenvironment. The target market itself may consists of consumers. physical. all of which have an influence on marketing management’s decision making. or government agencies hare or abroad. marketing service agencies. The company’s macro environment consists of six major forces impinging on the company. demographic. competitors. customers. specifically the company itself. producers.

High R & D budgets concentration on minor improvements rather than on major discoveries. The technological environment exhibits accelerating technological change. and a changing role of government in environmental protection the technological environmental protection. a changing American family. informal and open relationships. and increased regulation of technological change. .S. and ageing U. The interaction between the marketing environment and company marketing system and strategy is illustrated for a major candy company that produces as candy bar for the mass market. The physical environment shows potential shortages of certain raw materials. Population. The economic environment shows a slowdown in real – income growth. unlimited innovational opportunities. unstable cost of every. and a shift from a mass market to micro markets. a U. immediate gratification. the easy life. and a more secular orientation.environment shows a worldwide explosive population growth. birthrate slowdown. The political / legal environment shows substantial business regulation. a more – educated and white – collar population. a changing ethnic and racial population. and changing consumer – expenditure patterns.S. low savings and high debt. increased pollution levels. a rise of non family households. geographical population shift. strong government agency enforcement and the growth of public – fulfillment.

In a short period a tremendous growth has been shown by the company management. At first the company was promoting and selling nearly all the products of BPL brand in and around Erode district. the company is not engaged in any other business. When mobile is introduced in this area the company readily did all marketing survey and showing a fast growing business. Because of various schemes available in BPL mobile in comparative with all other mobile services offered in this area. At present it is professionally managed organization under the headship of Managing Director.. marketing has become very easy and now-a-days each and every one .COMPANY PROFILE Thaai Enterprises. Erode The company started functioning in the year 1998 July with business contracts obtained from BPL India Limited. Being a promoter and associate for BPL Ltd.

The investment in the capital is getting increase year after year as they are plowing back the capital in the having BPL mobile and many customers shifted to BPL from other companies. Man power is also increased to 50% within one year. ORGANISATION CHART Chairman (Owner) Managing Director General Manager Area Marketing Manager (North) Area Marketing Manager (East) Area Marketing Manager (West) A rea Marketing Manager (South) Sales Officer Sales Representatives Sales Officer Sales Representatives Sales Officer Sales Representatives Sales Officer Sales Representatives . There is no doubt that his organization has got a very good future. Now the organization is functioning with total scientific look out of continues market survey and satisfying the customer needs.

4. 3. To find out customer satisfaction regarding BPL mobile service. by the BPL 2. To analyse and suggest customer oriented services .OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objectives of the study are 1. To compare the services with other mobile services. 5. To evaluate and find out the facilities offered mobile. To analyse the strength and weakness of different schemes available with BPL mobile.

Because of the limited span of time (8 weeks) approaching all the customer and getting information is not possible. The area selected for the study is limited to Erode district only. Because the company is not ready to provide certain information of secret nature. SO that an elaborate study could not possible to understand all the customers of BPL in other districts. And therefore it cannot be assured the results obtained is 100% reliable with the universe. .LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY As this is a survey method the respondents are limited to a small sample size. Regarding secondary data the available and allowed information only could be processed.

All the questions in questionnaire are closed in nature to facilitate the respondents to answer without any hesitation or deep thinking. A questionnaire is prepared for a pilot study and that is re-model and redesigned after analyzing the pilot study report.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This is focused mainly on customers to find out the satisfaction regarding the product they used and therefore it is decided to take up and administrate the survey method of research. . And moreover for analyzing these type of question and responses are very easy and the results are accurate. Primary Data The primary data is to be collected from the sample size through questionnaire method.

Secondary Data Apart from primary data it is decided to collect information from the company regarding the technical and non-technical futures available in the product. For this purpose the simple statistical and mathematical tools are employed. Certain marketing and sales information is also collected from the company for comparison statistics. These information are available with the company records and certain information are collected from published literature from advertisements and pamphlets. The collected information through primary and secondary data are tabulated to analyse the information easily and the report in the study even an laymen to understand. . In addition the company executives in the field of marketing are interviewed casually and friendly to gather information regarding the present marketing trend and customers satisfaction about the product.

Based on the findings the possible suggestions and recommendations are to be made.Findings The analysed information are chartered and grouped to arrive at the findings of the study. .

Then the data were entered in a master table for easy reference and analysis. It is observed that there are nearly 600 customers using BPL mobile and the sample size is nearly one third of the population. . The data are analyzed using simple analysis. Simple analysis is based on logical reasoning and sound judgement. occupation. etc. qualification. The sample is more or less equally distributed among all the factors. recommendation and suggestion are presented in this report. This size has been selected taking into view of various factors such as age.ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONS For this study 125 respondents are selected at random and made as a sample size. Based on the findings from the analysis. to ensure the accuracy of simple analysis used.

Table No.50.00 12. .00 100 % Inference It is clear that most of the respondents more than 50% are coming under the age group of 40 . The next falls in the age group of 30 – 40. It is understandable that people between the age of 30 – 50 are very busy with their occupation and required communications an important tool.00 44. of respondents Below 30 30 – 40 40 – 50 Above 50 Total 10 45 55 15 125 8. 1 AGE GROUP OF THE USERS Age No.00 36. This shows that the mobile phone is being used among people of this age group.

40 40 .50 Above 50 Age Group .Graph showing the age group of the respondents 45 40 35 30 Percentage 25 20 15 10 5 0 Below 30 30 .

and following rural.00 20.00 100 Inference As anticipated more than 70% of the respondents are in urban area. of respondents % Urban Semi-urban Rural Total 70 30 25 125 56. The next category comes as semi-urban. .00 24. because they are the people fully engaged in business and other professional activities. 2 AREA OF RESIDENCE Area No.Table No.

Graph showing the area of residence 70 60 50 Percentage 40 30 20 10 0 Urban Semi-urban Rural Area .

0 20.Table No. The master degree holders and diploma holders are in professional assignment and they need very less help from mobile. . it shows that people engaged themselves in business are other profit earning activities after obtaining a degree.0 100 Inference Most of the respondents above 60% are degree holders .0 20. 3 EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Qualification No.0 44. Degree Master Degree Diploma Total 20 55 25 25 125 16.Sc. of respondents % H.

Graph showing the educational qualification 45 40 35 30 Percentage 25 20 15 10 5 0 H.Sc Degree Master Degree Diploma Qualification .

0 12. So that it is assessed that mobile telephone is very important for business man to take immediate decisions. 4 BUSINESS STATUS OF RESPONDENTS Job No. And next by college students.Table No.0 100 Inference It is very clear that mobile phone is being used mostly by business people. of respondents % Business Profession Institution College students Total 55 15 25 30 125 44. Institution comes thirdly. .0 24.0 20. As a matter of fact college students used mobile as a prestigious instrument to show themselves high important of their friends.

Graph showing the business status of the respondents 45 40 35 30 Percentage 25 20 15 10 5 0 Business Profession Institution College Students Job .

of respondents % Advertisement Company image Friends and Relation Social Prestige Guarantee Quality Total 15 30 10 45 15 10 125 12.00 8. And the next category falls to maintain the image of the company they are in.00 24. 5 REASONS INDUCING THE PURCHASE OF CELLULAR Reason No.00 100 Inference It is very interesting to note that most of the respondents own mobile to keep up the prestige in the society.00 36. Again it s interesting that less importance is given to advertisement .00 8. quality and guarantee.Table No.00 12. .

Graph showing the reason inducing the purchase of cellular 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Advertisement Company image Friends & Relation Social Prestige Guarantee Quality Percentage Reason .

social and anti-social in nature are getting mobile in installments. .Table No. 6 MODE OF PAYMENT Mode No. of respondents % Cash Installment Total 80 45 125 64. But it is unavoidable in certain critical situation to offer credit or installment.0 36. Only people of political.0 100 Inference It is known that all the mobile phone companies insist on cash payment.

Graph showing the mode of payment 70 60 50 Percentage 40 30 20 10 0 Cash Installment Mode .

00 44. 7 RELATIONSHIP OF AGE AND VIEWS ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE Age in years Below 30 30 – 40 40 – 50 Above 50 Total HS 5 3 8 S 5 20 35 10 70 N 2 10 12 5 29 DS 3 5 3 11 HD 5 2 7 Total 10 45 55 15 125 % 8.20 8.Table No.00 12.0 0 % 6.80 5.0 0 23. As a whole most of the respondents irrespective of the age are satisfied with the performance of BPL mobile.00 36.0 0 Inference Again it is noted that people between the age frequency of 30 – 50 have highly satisfaction in the performance of the BPL mobile.00 100.40 56.60 100. .

This is because that people within this age group have considerable experience in all aspect of life and they developed their own policy and hence sum of them looked into certain facilities that are not available in the mobile they have.To note the point it is a controversial observation that only very respondents that too between the age of 30 – 50 are highly dissatisfied with the performance. .

Graph showing the relationship age and views about the performance 35 30 25 Percentage 20 15 10 5 0 Below 30 30 .40 40 .50 Above 50 Age in years HS S N DS HD .

00 DS 20 5 10 35 28.00 HD 10 10 8. 9 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AREA OF RESIDENCE & SERVICE OFFERED Area Urban Semi-Urban Rural Total % HS 10 10 8.00 Total 70 30 25 125 100 % 56.00 20.Table No.0 0 N 25 15 5 45 36.00 S 15 10 25 20. they could not offer equal services to all Urban and semi-Urban and Rural areas.00 24. . but because of certain problems they face in Creation of towers and misunderstanding with competitor mobile.00 100 Inference The services offered by BPL mobile are same.

Graph showing the relationship area of residence and service offered 25 20 Percentage 15 10 5 0 Urban Semi Urban Rural Area HS S N DS HD .

nation to nation has become shortened and instant it saves a lot of time for the people with busy engagement.0 0 18 14.00 25 20. 8 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN OCCUPATION AND PRICE OF CELLULAR Occupation Business Profession Institution College students Total % HS 30 - S 8 9 6 2 N 10 3 5 - DS 5 2 12 21 HD 2 1 2 7 Total 55 15 25 30 % 44 12 20 24 30 24. .60 125 100 100 Inference It is already observed that business people using the mobile phone most than all other category of job. This is because the communication between person to person.40 40 32.Table No. In this table it is noted that people engaged in business occupation are highly satisfied with the price of BPL mobile.00 12 9. organization to organization.

Graph showing the relationship between occupation and price of the cellular 30 25 20 Percentage 15 10 5 0 Business Profession Institution College Students Occupation HS S N DS HD .

00 20.Table No.00 25 20.00 5 4.00 35 28. 10 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COST OF SERVICES AND OCCUPATION Occupation Business Profession Institution College students Total % HS 25 - S 10 5 20 - N 15 5 5 20 DS 5 5 5 HD 5 Total 55 15 25 30 % 44. This is because they save a lot by using BPL mobile.00 12. But people in the profession of monthly salary have dissatisfaction and moderately satisfaction with the cost of services.00 15 12.0 0 45 36.00 125 100 100 Inference It is an interesting fact to note that respondents engaged is business do not worry much about the cost of services offered by BPL.00 24. This is because they pay for the services from the salary packet. .

Graph showing the relationship between occupation and cost of services 25 20 Percentage 15 10 5 0 Business Profession Institution College Students Occupation HS S N DS HD .

But this type of troubles faced by people with qualification of graduation find it very irritable.G are engaged in self employment by inventing hard work and money.00 Total 20 55 25 25 125 100 % 16. .00 100 Inference It is inevitable that occasional or frequent depending on the environmental factors troubles in the services of connection and transaction occurred.00 DS 10 5 5 20 16.Sc and P. Where as people with other qualification do not take it as irritable. This is because people with qualification between H. 11 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION AND TROUBLES OCCURRED IN MOBILE Qualification H.00 20.00 HD 5 5 10 8.00 44.Table No.0 0 N 10 15 5 10 40 32.Sc Degree Master Degree Diploma Total % HS S 10 30 10 5 55 40.00 20.

Sc Degree Master Degree Diploma Educational Qualification HS S N DS HD .Graph showing the relationship between Educational Qualification & Troubles occurred in mobile 30 25 20 Percentage 15 10 5 0 H.

3. as mobile phone is a very recent development in telecommunication. Most of the respondents using mobile phone are within the age group of 30-50. And it is inferred that they use their mobile phone and earnings. . 1. during the peak hours for their business 2. Respondents with the basic degree and occupying themselves in self assignment of business and profession are using mobile more than others. Within the natural limits and by analysis the following findings are arrived. This natural limits and analysis reveals that most of the respondents using mobile are in the urban area where business and profession are very common.FINDINGS It is very evident that this study one among a very few studies made in India on this aspect.

Having a mobile phone is a social prestige as view by many of the people and hence most of the respondents have mobile phone in addition to DOT. 5. Most of the business people do not mind much about the cost of services offered as they are earning lot and saving more by using mobile. As anticipated the relationship between the area and service offered by the company highly satisfied in urban.4. Though the present scheme of giving connections of mobile on hard cash. But people in profession are to pay the amount from the pocket or salary find it costly. Age and use of the respondents regarding the performance and the relationship between the occupation and the cost of price are highly satisfied and dissatisfied in the age group of 30-50 engaged in business. 7. This is because of the problem in towers and transportation facilities are available at that time. . 8. 6. Some of the respondents are social respect of positive or negative got mobile on installment basis.

. When educational level is growing and stability of job is assured the self-employed or profession people think of the difficulties faced by the others in doing business and compromise themselves in understanding and get satisfied with their services offered and view the troubles occurred in services then and there.9.

It is observed that there are number of private people engaged in this business occupying certain areas of their own. The world becomes smaller and smaller by the way of immediate communication facility.SUGGESTIONS Mobile phone communication is a new venture very recently started in India. Taking into view network of the the preventing following situation in and telecommunication suggestions recommendation are make not only to BPL mobile services. 1. profession or personal. . The customers are satisfied within mediate communication. but established in more or less in nook and corners. But still because of DOT (department of telecommunication) in relationship with all mobile operations. But all other competitive services including DOT. Therefore it is suggested to all telecommunication people to unique together by way of mutual understanding to facilitate the people to assess the entire world at a reasonable rate. Communication has become an important aspect in everybody’s life whether it is business.

2. Therefore the suggestion is to open . 5. It is very clear to know that the charges for outgoing and incoming calls are very high when compared to DOT. 3. It is to point out that BPL mobile have the services with in a limit and it is not possible for them to enter other areas where the competitors are in. Therefore a clear strategy must be adopted to make the call instrument reachable to common man of middle income. It is a well known fact that transportation and road facilities are yet to be improved in such areas of India. Therefore suitable measures to be made by mutual understanding with other mobile service owners. 4. It is observed that the instruments with high-tech facilities are available in the market and the price is also getting reduced because of competition. Because for him the communication is important than all other novelty features available in sophisticated instrument. Suitable tariff based on attracting more customers with less tariff must be think of. The service offered by BPL is not reachable immediately to semi-rural and rural areas.

In future BPL mobile service organizations are suggested to aim at college and teenaged guys who are having interest in using mobile entertainment.service centers covering semi-rural and rural areas within the radius of 5 km. When they could offered to have a mobile telephone within the reach of the pocket money. It is better for BPL mobile to concentrate on targeted customers by making a market segmentation on the basis of age. . 7. Because these peoples are mainly in need of mobile phone at present. there is no doubt BPL will stand first in marketing of mobile. 6. educational qualification and occupation.

to develop and find out more details regarding mobile has this is the only first instant communication system available in the world at present. Keeping all these things in view it is the at most urgent work of all mobile service owners to frame strategic policy to thrive in the competitive busy world. It is sure that in coming years and near future the entire world is under mobile control. And it will not be a surprise to see persons even in rural areas having their mobile in the pockets.CONCLUSION This study will be one among very few on the topic and it is a good start and give guidance for coming young researchers. .

Name of the organization /institution 3.S.Name : : 2.Business status : 1.Address : 4.Basic degree 3.Semi-urban 3.Business . Age : 1.Above 50 years 5.Educational qualification : 1.Residing status : 1.Master degree 4.40-50 years 4.30-40 years 3.Below 30 years 2.Diploma& others 7.H.Rural 6.QUESTIONNAIRE A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF BPL MOBILE SERVICES IN ERODE DISTRICT INTERVIEW SCHEDULE 1.C 2.Urban 2.

Cash .above 11.Installment 2.quality 10.guarantee 6.1 to 3 years prestige 5.How long you are using this cellular : 1.5.Image of the company 3.Maritial status : 1.Friends and relatives 4.Un married 9.3 to 5 years 4.How you are induced to purchase this brand of cellular : 1.what is your mode of payment : 1.Advertisement 2.Profession 3.Married 2.2.College student 8.Institution 4.Below 1 year 2.

b. d. What do you feel about the price of your cellular (BPL mobile) : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 14. Highly satisfaction Satisfaction Neutral Dissatisfaction Highly dissatisfaction 12. How do you feel about the warranty facilities offered by the company/dealer : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 15. c.What do you feel about the installment (or) cash payment : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 13. e.Please tick the following statements a. What do you feel about the BPL mobile performance : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) .

Do you have any idea to change . Do you recommend your friends to purchase the same brand of your cellular : yes/no : yes/no 24. How do you feel about the service facilities offered by the company : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 20. Have you possessed any cellular previously : Yes/no 21. Why did you replace the previous cellular ? give reasons : 22.16. How do you feel about the cost of service of your cellular 17. What do you feel about the troubles occurred in your mobile : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 19. : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 18. Do you face any problem in operating cellular? : Yes/no 23. In your experience what do you feel about the speed of cellular link.

“Research Methodology” . Rs. Your suggestions to rectify the defectives 27. Any other suggestions in your opinion BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.25. Your average telephone bill 1. More than 15000 26.10000 – 15000 4.5000 – 10000 3. Rs. Less than 5000 2. KOTHARI.B.C.

 2. “Modern Marketing” Himalaya Publications. SHARMA.  5. .  3. New Delhi.N.D.A. SHERLEKER.  Himalaya Publications RAJAN NAIR.S. STANTON. “Marketing” Sultan Chand.  6. SUBASH C.METHA.D. “Marketing Management” Publisher-EEE. “Marketing” Tata Mc Graw Hill.  4. “Marketing Research” SULTAN & SONS.

------------------------------------------------------Head of the Department Guide Faculty Submitted for the Viva-Voce examination held on _____________ . Department of Management Studies Bonafide Certificate This is to certify that the project report entitled “CUSTOMER SERVICES BY BPL MOBILE work done by .SHAJI Register No. Coimbatore. K. : 0035F0478 Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION of Bharathiar University.U.A CRITICAL EVALUATION WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ERODE DISTRICT” is a bonafide record of Mr.SREE AMMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH (Affiliated to Bharathiar University) Chittode. Erode – 638 102.

------------------------------------------------------Internal Examiner Examiner External .

DECLARATION The project report entitled as “CUSTOMER SERVICES BY BPL MOBILE .A CRITICAL EVALUATION WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ERODE DISTRICT” submitted to the Bharathiar University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION is a record of original research work done by me under the supervision and guidance of Mr. M..B. SHANMUGAN. J. Date : Candidate Place : Signature of the .A. Sree Amman Institute of Management & Research. PG DIP PMIR.