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QUALIFICATION: Engineer - Transport, Storage and Distribution of Hydrocarbons


Sandulache Sorin 18-September-1972 Romanian C.D.Gherea Street, No.4/16, Onesti, Bacau +40751142777 LUCIAN BLAGA University Sibiu Engineering Faculty of Mining, Oil & Gas Speciality : Transport, Storage and Distribution of Hydrocarbons English moderately good



Ms Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)


Knowledgeable in job methods, techniques and skills; Ability to lead, motivate and inspire a diverse workforce; Persistent, open minded.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Period: Company: Location: Qualification: Duties: Installation of a thermal point (substation): shaping and pouring the foundation and the fixing screws of the machine; alignment equipment and connection to main system; laying out the route, making media support; September 2010 - December 2010

Glenrothes Scotland

Period: Company: Location: Qualification: Duties:

preparation of pipeline routes (2 "and 4"), cutting pipes depending on the project, chamfering welding elbows and flanges; installation of filters and valves; recirculation pump assembly; switchboard mounting.

2004 - 2010 Drilling Staging Targu Ocna, Romania DTM Technician Coordination of the dismantling, transportation and assembly of drilling rig: dismantling of the installation from the previous location; distribution of plant components by tonnage and size for their loading on transport vehicles (trailers); site organization at the new location and mapping wells area; drawing the wells axis, depending on the facility; structure assembly (beams, center plant, derrick mounting, winch); crane mounting system, mounting IPCN; pump foundation planning, installation and alignment; installation of suction and reflux pumps, manifolds; checking of valves, vents and gauges; conducting operational tests and preparing for the reception; facilitys handover. ISCIR Responsibility: were at least three cranes.

Period: Company: Location: Qualification: Duties:

2000 2004 S.C. Metal Invest S.A. Onesti, Romania Chief technical department Repairing and maintenance of sanitary, electrical and thermal facilities,; ISCIR, PM and IDPs Responsibility; During investments period I get the projects for sanitary, heating, rainwater and air conditioning plumbing. Since that time we started with: installation of equipment (boiler heating, air conditioning equipment); paths distribution with associated fittings; conducting the pressure tests; In 2003 Ive detached at Constanta for operation of an installation for processing petroleum residues (ECO PETROLEUM), a work that consisted of: preparation of pipeline routes (from 1 "to 4") according to isometric drawings and their laying on position (supports); pipes cutting and beveling for welding pipe flanges, elbows, reducers and tees with cutting and grinding machines in mechanical workshop;

tanks and related equipments repairing.

Period: Company: Location: Qualification: Duties:

1996 - 2000 S.C. Rafo S.A. Onesti, Romania Fitter I was in charge with: cutting, chamfering and preparation for welding of pieces according to isometric drawings; splicing pieces with flanges, valves and vents; repairing the heat exchangers by canceling the broken pipes (putting caps on the ends of the pipe); opening the cooling and fractionation columns, changing the plates (the disassembly of the old and installing new ones); closing the columns and conducting the pressure tests; conducting the pressure tests of pipelines.