A People¶s Manual to World Peace

By Randy Osgood


Included in this book is an in depth discussion of the following: The mechanics of... politics, socialization, media, human behavior, propaganda, manipulation, and persuasion. Also discussed within this book are explanations of the delusions and mental covers that modern man lives under on a daily basis and detailed within a number of chapters is the importance of selfawareness. The book is an explanation of what the author believes needs to happen in order to create the eternally sought after ³world peace´. The problem is that world peace can not be implemented without world unification and discussed in this book is what the author believes needs to happen and be known to bring about world unification while preserving peace to all people. This book will bring answers to questions that the average man has never even thought of asking. The truths in this book are truths that most people would never even want to know of and would much rather have lived without ever knowing. I know from personal experience. However, I also know that without spreading the truth to the rest of the world, we will never get to the place that we want to and need to be. Once the world knows how the world itself works, it won¶t be a truth that everyone wants to live without, but one they were glad to find. This book is not full of a bunch of new age jabber about a shift in consciousness, new spiritual world-views, or anything of the like. This book provides the exact knowledge needed for the world to even think about taking control of this ³mass shift´ that new age discourse frequently speaks of. I¶ll just leave it at that before I sound like I¶m trying to sell another book that feeds the masses lies. That being said; read at your own discretion and enjoy your journey into the previously unknown.

Chapter 1 ± Intellectual Evolution
We as a human species, or at least in the more powerful and educated nations, seem to have accepted the theory of evolution as fact. We know that at least from some point ± not necessarily from an amoeba or a monkey - that it¶s clear we have evolved and continue to evolve intellectually. The possibility of physical evolution is there, and the only amount that can even be considered partially proven is the evolution from Neanderthal man to the modern Homo sapien man ± but anything more can not be proven and therefore will not be discussed and has no importance whatsoever to the future of the world. Intellectual evolution exists without a doubt; this is why our planet is beginning to populate more and more as we use up our resources. We have the intellect to help each other ± but we only do so through government and corporate sponsors and intervention. Also through laws, rules and regulations, and ancient or just old traditions in general we are forced or influenced to help each other. Otherwise, we only live for our own self-interest unless someone influences us to help out the collective (the rest of society), or if we¶re required to in order to keep our freedom. The only reason we work like this is because of our cultural and political differences. It¶s also a result of our own ignorance. Intellectual evolution can be proven just by viewing the history of man. It¶s basically a more scientific term for human advancement. We have been developing new technology since the beginning of time in order to help advance our society and provide easier and faster ways to fix problems and accomplish goals or provide entertainment. We gain knowledge as to how the world works and teach them to everybody through public or private education. As we learn more, more is added to the text books. Public education provides a means of learning in a matter of a few years what took us thousands of years to learn throughout human history, it¶s amazing that it¶s even possible. We then apply this

knowledge learned to learn even more through research and practice. I¶m merely stating the obvious, but the important impact that this phenomenon is overlooked because it¶s become a regular thing.

Chapter 2 ± Breaking Barriers
The most important part of bringing about this global shift of consciousness has already been stated - breaking tradition. But not only breaking basic traditions, but exterminating or simply recreating the very things that keep nations separated. As far as what nations wear, eat, and how they construct houses and cities and what not... that¶s not the culture or tradition we¶re planning on recreating. There¶s no need to destroy what a nation¶s history has brought up unless it affects the evolution of the people. These things are the very things that make a nation what it is and what it¶s known for, what makes the people of that culture stand out. What needs to be stopped is older tradition. I¶m talking about the traditions that have been around for tens to hundreds of years to influence and manipulate the masses. I¶m talking about cults, religion, mythology, and anything before, after, and in between; especially indoctrinated political beliefs. Ironically, despite the fact that we have developed and implemented working global communication systems and world wide transportation that virtually breaks the existing physical barrier between nations, we continue to live in a world where we live off of first impressions, incorrect judgment, and collective alienation in general. Originally the physical boundary was the only thing preventing global unification and world peace other than religious morals and beliefs. When contemplating what we might be doing wrong when we¶ve clearly set ourselves up for success, you probably won¶t even find an answer. The goal of this book is to answer this question with the truths that all of the well known philosophers and neurological / psychological scientists/researchers have found by studying history and human behavior. The answer to the question is relatively simple. The masses refuse to educate themselves. The Renaissance came and went; hardly anyone pursues education for self-satisfaction anymore. It seems that the only reason the majority people go to school is because they are told that they have to. Then while they are there they will mess around and forget most of what is learned instead of just applying themselves for the time that they have to be there. They have no idea that what they¶re being given is a gift and not a necessity. Due to the lack of education, we continue to repeat what we¶ve already done and what¶s been proven not to work to live

lives of temporary happiness until eventually reaching a point of great depression caused from confusion, paranoia, and fear. We then shift our way of living into one that still does not work permanently in order to live temporarily happy yet again. The ways in which we are shifted in these mass mental states are to be discussed later. Although shifting is necessary, having the masses and leaders knowing consciously what must happen and what shifts need to take place provides for much less confusion and depression. It¶s quite clear that no one system works perfectly, and every system put in place should be preserved and worked with until it is only necessary to switch, when things look down it¶s not responsible to switch immediately. Deviation should only occur when it is absolutely necessary. Usually the deviation is a result of an angry people overthrowing the leader of a nation. This isn¶t how it has to be and this takes too much time, all I have to say is, enough to the violence because it really isn¶t the answer.

Chapter 3 ± Recipe for Disaster
Humans seem to have always been unaware of their evolutionary potential to kill themselves off when they don¶t work together as a species. It¶s also possible just been unaware of our evolutionary potential in general. If we break down the barriers of government, language, economy, and culture in general, the worldwide infrastructure of life itself would work much better than it does today. In other words, a different political system being the foundation of every different country simultaneously does not work when trying to preserve world peace. It is the cause of all problems within international affairs. Society¶s intellectual evolution would increase like never before if we were all in the same state. This has been said before but as far as I know no one has brought up why it is that we need to change, or even attempted to trigger a revolution against our current (international) way of living by explaining social and political mechanics. Social and political mechanics are the very foundation of the modern world ± yet the masses don¶t seem to understand them very well, if at all. Dividing the human species into different sections of the world based on their indoctrinated or otherwise influenced beliefs isn¶t going to work and never has ± it needs to be stopped. Not only will it not work any more with the current and rapidly growing population of the world, but it¶s never worked to begin with. Basic tradition can be kept amongst nations; however - they must not continue to slow us down in our learning, experimenting, and practicing of new age science and ideas. The traditions that keep us from further intellectual and true spiritual advancement should be expelled; if not expelled then teaching those traditions to the children of the future should be put to a halt. We should allow them to die out while allowing those who currently practice them to continue to do so. Instead of continuing to stunt our intellectual growth by teaching our children to deviate from the times of now in order to preserve a now out-dated tradition, the parents should introduce them to the new world as much as they may not believe it is best. Unfortunately, the parents of said children are fully indoctrinated to believe that teaching their children these out-dated beliefs is best for their future. Modern day technology, the same that destroys our resources and minds, has the potential to break down these barriers

when implemented correctly. The Internet, TV, newspapers, and magazines could all be used on a daily basis to build an international language and culture. It could be used to educate and inform the masses on a regular basis instead of to just influence, control, and make profit off of them. It seems that humans are so ignorant that they don¶t even understand their own potential and the potential of the technology their ancestors gave them as tools of peace and unification instead of tools of war and entertainment. Even now it happens, for example, we have discovered the potential to renewable energy that is hardly used or implemented into new technology because of the capitalist market paying to keep the methods suppressed in order to profit off of the masses ignorance. The main reason, however, is that we were so happy with our destructive and economically un-friendly resources that we didn¶t care to deviate from our traditional ways. Do not get me wrong, this will not be a place where everyone wears the same thing, does the same thing, goes to the same jobs, or anything of the sort. Only under a dictatorship would people be forced to do things they don¶t want to do. World unification can only lead to good things when the power lies within the body of the people. If everyone, world wide, voted on major issues and elected leaders it would affect the human race as a whole with a fair collective vote. There would be a lot less confusion and disagreement. The only way this can happen is without international language, economic, and political barriers. With all of our current technology this can easily be done as long as censorship among nations is put to a halt before we can even begin to make an impact. Censorship itself is merely the result of power hungry leaders that wish to make sure their masses stay indoctrinated and uninfluenced by politically deviant ideas. Even if censorship does rise to that point, the people have the supreme choice in the end. No one can stop the people from coming together if they want to. Censorship can not block word of mouth, it can only try to. I say it can easily be done, which may be true, but it would take time in today¶s world. Time and simplicity are two totally different things. If we keep doing the same thing, it¶s clear we¶re not smart enough to bring ourselves to a point where we will continue to advance the species. The very sad part is that the knowledge of political cycles and mental manipulation has been written about

over and over since well over four hundred years ago, yet we are still victims of our own creations. We continue to just keep living here on earth, overpopulating, killing each other for money, accidentally replicating, overusing resources, and more - it¶s just a bunch of nonsense; and by nonsense I mean that it literally makes no sense. At this point in modern day society, self-interest needs to come to a halt when it comes to matters that effect more than just you. The basic principles of life, the decisions that effect you and only you - what you eat, what you wear, if you have kids, where you live, where you work, and what you learn about. These are a few examples of many things that should be affected by actions of self-interest. Your individual needs. There¶s plenty that you and everyone else would have control over with this future, it would not destine anyone to unhappiness unless they are unhappy that they have to acknowledge that the rest of the world actually exists. If we subconsciously make it clear that we¶re not going to even make the effort to work together and get somewhere, we subconsciously communicate that there¶s pretty much no point in us continuing to live together on this planet. We look like another species that has slowed itself down in evolution until it finally becomes too lazy to even try any more. The cycle that has been shown throughout history to cause war and hatred is the very cycle that we are trying to diminish ± the political cycle. From the way things look and the way humans literally repeat history and don¶t attempt to learn from it, extinction or world domination run by an aristocracy seems like the only two paths that humans have to take. That is the ugly truth. Whoever is left after a great war will be the new breed and life will start all over. We need to stop this before it happens. The world population is forever rapidly growing in an age where technology is defeating nature ± even when it comes to epidemics, birth defects, and genetic disease. Eventually, if this alarming situation isn¶t brought to the attention of the masses, it¶s only inevitable that we end up in a state of world anarchy and destruction or world dictatorship. The only thing that could happen to prevent over-population is a nation going up in anarchy and killing themselves off before another nation intervenes to prevent it from happening. However, again, with the technology we now have today, international interventions are always happening and nature will not take its natural course.

The natural course would be that which we were first born into world anarchy. Anarchy is a political system that will not work in the current state of earth, so the world dictatorship would most likely rise before that is to happen. However, a dictatorship ± as already stated ± is unacceptable and can not be allowed under any circumstances in order to live happy lives. Although it¶s a good system to have when you have a leader with very good intentions and listens to his people, it¶s only a matter of time before that all changes ± as history has shown.

Chapter 4 ± Religion
It¶s pretty much accepted that organized religion was clearly a mass manipulation of the subconscious mind in order for the masses to either A.) Be controlled, B.) Unlock hidden potential or C.) Control the hidden potential. The generation on the rise (again, in the more powerful and educated nations) seems to be at a somewhat mass recognition of option A and C, and it¶s good to move with the times. There¶s no reason for such old traditions and ridiculous beliefs to be followed when research of the relationship between the mind and history have been completed and released for all to see in order to make it quite clear how the revival meetings and other religions as well as ³higher power´ meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous work by a manipulation of the subconscious mind. Your brain IS the higher power and such power can be held consciously with practice and education of how the brain itself works and an understanding of your own behavioral patterns and tendencies. The relationship between the subconscious and conscious mind and how they interact is something that everyone should know. Introspection and self-spirituality would come to a whole new level when children, teenagers, and adults alike are self-aware. Mental illness would be gone if everyone knew what caused it and how to fix it, would it not? It would also encourage people at a mass level to talk about their problems with each other in order to come to new insights and understandings about themselves and others. The entire field of psychiatric medicine is really a joke when you know that people could just be educated to fix their own and other¶s problems instead of seeking help from some John Doe. The problem is that most people look for excuses for their behavior instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, and that¶s the truth for the majority of people. Even people that are mentally healthy, sane, and successful aren¶t true to themselves or self-aware to the level that they should be. Religions start off as cults, cults become religions, and religions become mythology. It¶s time to start a new age, a new time, a new era. As a matter of fact, the time has already started; we have yet to mark the time with something good to remember. We can put our ignorance behind us and leave it there for our

children to read about in English Literature or History class and laugh at. Religions were used against people to have them die with the promise of heaven, and if they didn¶t die, with the promise of hell ± but this depended on whether or not they listened to and obeyed the bible written by John Doe. All out wars were had over religious rights. People of this day and age are no longer illiterate enough to give up the best thing that they have: life, for the promise from some John Doe of a good µafter life¶. We aren¶t that ignorant anymore. Do you see where I¶m going with this? µJohn Doe¶ is and has been controlling society when society can control itself if it just starts to care about its own education. Kids today still go to school on a daily basis not realizing what they¶re given: a chance to learn to make a difference in the world. If everyone went to learn with a good attitude and adjustable hours in a worldwide society, the illiterate genes would die out and the ones that actually learned would keep living. There would be no excuse for illiteracy. Of course, the already illiterate won¶t even bother to learn about why a world-wide society would be better than what they already live in, never mind join it, but dealing with them is an entirely different issue. That¶s not to say that spirituality with the self is to be looked down upon. The original religions and spiritual gatherings were put in place for every individual¶s own interest; it was only later in time that people began misusing it. The incredible amounts of insight and wisdom that can be gained from meditation and introspection are so vast that I can¶t even begin to explain here. The advantages that are gained from spirituality that¶s done with yourself, and maybe significant others or friends that might be involved are great and unfortunately unexplored by most. This paper isn¶t supposed to be a spiritual doctrine and it won¶t be, however it had to be mentioned that I do not look down upon it and neither should anyone else. Introspection itself, even without meditation and done with honesty to the self, usually leads a very successful path to self-awareness and happiness. It¶s a great discovery that seems to be in the process of being rediscovered in modern times. Let it be so. The reason organized religion is dying out isn¶t only because people aren¶t as ignorant as they used to be, but also because the use of emotional manipulation and abreaction within religion slowly declined. Intellectual indoctrination without the use

of emotional manipulation is very surprisingly ineffective. Without the convulsions or physical and mental fatigue, new belief and behavior patterns are nearly impossibly to be accepted even when the youth are indoctrinated at such young ages. The way methods of emotional manipulation used by religious leaders and preachers will be discussed later. However, inducing convulsions, feelings of doubt, physical fatigue, and mental depression or fatigue are the most important aspects of implanting new behavior in a human being. The only thing missing in this chapter is the explanation of why and how it works; this will be explained in a later chapter on religious and political conversion. Presenting the masses with information on how it all works is how to avoid further use and effectiveness of such methods.

Chapter 5 ± Psychology
As stated earlier, ³John Doe´ is and has been running our society for far too long. Just as religion looks like it¶s going down the drain, the entire field of clinical psychiatry and psychoanalysis begins taking over our televisions and our universal mindset. Using this field as a trade is almost disgusting. It¶s not even right. The fact that people no longer take responsibility for their actions and blame it on ³underlying psychological problems´ and get away with it is a tragedy and a good example of what the human species is becoming. Of course, these underlying problems do actually exist ± it¶s not as hard as one thinks to identify them by being honest with themselves instead of feeding their own ego. Doing this only causes more and more people to become less self-aware. This is the complete opposite of what we want to achieve. Awareness of your behavioral patterns and the way your own subconscious and conscious mind interact with each other is a gigantic key to success and happiness. To hand that key away is like giving someone the blueprint to your brain and emotions without ever looking at it before you give it away. All you need to do to become self-aware is actually learn the field and think about your mental processes as you use them on a regular basis. The big key is always asking ³Why am I doing this?´ before and after you do something. The even bigger key is to be honest when asking these questions ± which most people aren¶t. They¶re literally afraid of the truth at a subconscious level and will lie to themselves to make themselves feel better. Actually being honest in this process can even prevent you from developing permanent drug habits by being aware what mood you¶re in every time you use. Do you develop a pattern? Do you find yourself looking for drugs while in a certain behavioral state? This is just a minor example of what self-awareness can do, but also an important one. Your subconscious mind is your µhigher power¶, and you can take control of it as long as you don¶t rationalize your actions to make yourself sound like you¶re smarter than you really are... to yourself. You¶d be surprised how much this actually does go on inside of everyone¶s head. The original and root motivators, the µgrass roots¶ of your brain ± the computer of your life ± is what fuels all of your emotions, feelings, and behavior. By asking why you do

everything that you do, you can be sure not to harm your self by being motivated or influenced by outside powers. The grassroots of your brain, the key motivators at the top of the pyramid of thought, are essentially what wires the parts of the computer to make what¶s on the monitor¶s screen present itself the way it does. Most have been taking away the keyboard and mouse for a very long time, or giving it away to someone without ever knowing it. These minor motivators are the causes of all behavior. For example, some depressed people may find themselves making relationships with people they don¶t actually care about to prove to themselves that they can do it because they were traumatized by a former meaningful relationship that was broken up. They don¶t realize that they don¶t actually care for their new partner on a conscious level. Due to the fact that they don¶t care about their partner they won¶t make a continuous effort to keep the relationship in shape and rely on the other person to be dependent upon them and make them feel better. This leads to a chain of broken relationships and endless depression without ever knowing why. Let¶s look at the word depression. I really do wonder how many people are depressed. I¶m going out on a limb by presenting people with little knowledge in the field with such accusations. However, anyone who peruses the truth will find it. People deceive themselves too much and take on the illusion that seems to be glorified by the mass media now. They use the term over and over so that people accept it as a normal thing. Whether they are aware of it or not is beyond my knowledge, I assume not. Depression is much like the illusion of demonic possession and exorcism. The definition of depression is, ³a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity´. Wow, John Doe does a good job making this hard to understand for Average Joe. You might as well just nod your head and agree with your (or your child¶s) psychiatrist / psychologist / therapist, you don¶t want to look dumb right? Wrong. Let¶s explain this definition in further detail: ³A mental state characterized by a pessimistic (expecting the worst possible outcome) sense of inadequacy (lacking the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually) and a despondent (without or almost without hope) lack of activity. Lets rephrase the

definition of ³depression´ completely now. Depression: A mental state shown when one expects the worst possible outcome and has a sense of lacking physical and intellectual qualifications compared to the majority of people and a complete or almost complete loss of hope/activity. So basically, you think and believe that you¶re capable of nothing and amount to nothing and everyone looks down on you because they¶re all better than you. I have news for you, we¶re all pretty much the same and this is merely fancy term for having a self-defeating attitude and perception of life. There¶s no need to think this way, and why some people choose to think so horribly of themselves is beyond me. It¶s usually because of a past trauma where the person was mentally overwhelmed and then took on a new behavior pattern. The awareness of your grassroots, the same grassroots we talked about earlier, will dispel this belief rather quickly as long as it¶s done with honesty. Asking why you are selfdefeating will bring forth a seemingly endless chain of questions and calls for tremendous amounts of introspection which will usually result in the conclusion that life is experienced only as you choose to perceive it. One man can walk along happy even though his life has hit rock bottom while another will be depressed even though he has everything a man could want. Clearly, depression is an illusion. When its cause is a selfdefeating attitude and saying ³self-defeating attitude´ is much more self-explanatory than depression, you must be asking yourself, ³Who decided that depression is a better term than selfdefeat?´ Unfortunately, I have no answer for you. Although the self-defeated attitude/personality is probably the leading cause for a state of ³depression´, it has yet to be classified as a psychological personality disorder in the field of clinical psychology. People have no reason to look down on you unless you broadcast that you think you¶re not as good as them. If they see that you think that you¶re not as good as them, it must be true. After all, you know more about yourself than they know about you so if you display the low value then they¶ll just go with the flow and treat you like you¶re of low value. Just like the people who act like they¶re the µcoolest cats in the room¶ - are just that - the coolest cats in the room. As long as they keep their confidence somewhere everyone can see, they¶ll stay that way as well, assuming they actually have a somewhat good personality. Just like you keeping your depression and lack of confidence somewhere everyone can see

makes them ignore or resent you as a person that has low value or isn¶t going to bring joy to be around, they do the opposite and achieve happiness. This mental state of ³depression´ is learned either from anti-social behavior or being influenced by some other outside source like angry or depressing music. It seems like music is all about depression and hate now, it¶s almost as if it¶s µthe cool thing to do¶. In a society that encourages people to ask someone other than themselves, ³Why do I act the way I do?´ this only makes sense. Why would they not all be depressed and lost if they all listen to music that encourages such behavior and ask everyone else about their own problems? A childhood trauma could also be the cause, but once the root of the problem is found, it¶s all about overcoming the habit of living in the past. Once you overcome, more will always be revealed. Living in the past will only bring sadness ± this is a well known fact, especially when a person had a traumatizing experience. There¶s no reason that everyone can¶t overcome the shock that¶s experienced from a trauma. We overcome the damaging effects from aftershocks by predicting them from experiencing the original earth quake. You need to stop living in the past if you want to be successful and happy in your life. That goes for anything. You just have to use sheer will to overcome delusions such as depression. Do not get me wrong however; unhappiness and sadness are real emotions. However, man seems to have made a vast amount of mental covers for their minds that are merely illusions based off of the root cause of their unhappiness or sadness. I have a feeling a lot of people don¶t like being told their unhappiness is leading to an entire illusion of selfhate, and a mutilated perception of life itself - but I must say, there is no need to feel like you¶re inadequate with no hope for anything and always expecting the worst. Expecting the worst itself is a learned behavior and thought pattern which can be overcome in due time. In the end, what it all comes down to is that the field of Psychology should be taught in schools in order to promote selfawareness along with easier and faster learning/information absorption. The aforementioned ideas presented in this Psychology chapter are merely the tip of the iceberg and are not as far-fetched as they sound to the unfortunate people to have the experience of depression. Now I¶ll make the assumption (since nobody likes

being told how and why they behave the way they do because they believe they know everything about themselves), that all of the depressed people who just read this are probably thinking it¶s a joke and that they can¶t do it. Go figure. Are you happy that your mental processes are so predictable? You should most definitely try to do something about it, because it¶s only you who can make the change.

Chapter 6 ± Education
To start with, I¶d like to say any nation¶s education system should not be judged by the scores its students get (without first investigating the teaching abilities of the staff amongst other key variables), the students themselves should be judged by the scores they get individually. As long as students apply themselves to learning and asking questions ± there should be no issues unless the teacher refuses to answer or doesn¶t know the material. Starting from the very first time a child steps its foot into a classroom, it should be told how important it is for them to learn so they can eventually make an impact on the world and ultimately advance their species by contributing or trying to contribute in general. Of course, this should be said in a much less complex manner. Children should be conditioned to live and love learning so that they will learn by choice and not have to be forced into going to school. They should go into µsponge mentality¶ as soon as they hear the world learn or knowledge, ready to absorb every bit of information with the intent to verify whether or not it is correct in theory and in practice. This is the most important part of a true working education system ± students that actually want to learn and know the real and true golden rule: Entertainment = Costly + Limited. Knowledge = Priceless + Timeless. Once they know that rule, they can easily get entertainment by sharing knowledge to one another of their chosen fields of study through conversation. Imagine a world where people actually have fun talking about things that matter instead of the latest game show on television. It¶s almost impossible to imagine isn¶t it? I think you¶ll agree that this needs to change. The above set of beliefs would ring true to anyone who lives or lived a balanced life of intellect and entertainment and enjoys themselves in doing so. That¶s not to say most people are illiterate or stupid, but that they could be and indeed have the potential to be much smarter if they pursued education after they were out of college and/or high school. A lot of people also go to high school every day without the intention of even learning anything; they just want to go in and get out and if they happen to pick up a few things for the upcoming test then that¶s great. Knowledge is forgotten if it isn¶t continually pursued, so the want

of pursuing knowledge needs to be an indoctrinated belief until a person can become old enough to make the decision as to whether or not their indoctrinated beliefs are correct or beneficial to them. The said person¶s own interest is being looked out for by encouraging them to want to learn. A parent¶s words can only do so much for so long when encouraging their children to learn and go to school. The fact that this belief is indoctrinated upon them would be brought up in the class that they would later take when they¶re old enough to comprehend and understand it. This class would be implemented and considered a required course after these ideas take affect on the modern world. The class would be teaching the ever-expanding field of Psychology. It¶s only fitting that the exposing of one of their strongest beliefs that runs their entire world is described as one that is indoctrinated in their own classroom, along with how the indoctrination itself works. This will show them that they are sometimes deceived into doing something to better them, but also that the opposite can happen as well, and just as effectively. Any other indoctrinated beliefs in the children would be unacceptable; indoctrination itself is an unacceptable process. However, preserving the advancement of the species is a must. When Psychology is implemented as a required class, people should not only be taught the field of clinical psychology, but also be heavily educated on the tactics used to lean their opinions and persuade them to think one way or another. The tactics used every day on them in the media, in social situations, and everywhere today. Tactics such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), gaslighting, emotion elicitation, abreaction, shock therapy, pharmacology, hypnosis, and all of the other methods/tactics would be discussed and learned within this class in order to prevent it from happening to the masses of the future ± the children. These manipulative tactics will be discussed in detail in later chapters. However, it¶s important that this is mentioned now to promote an open mind. Through this class ± critical thinking, introspection, methods of deception, methods of persuasion, and the behavior to reconsider any theory or principle learned and verify everything presented to them as fact before fully believing it would be taught alongside what is considered today to be a normal clinical psychology class curriculum. Two classes could even be created,

but this would make for a tight schedule. The clinical psychology class would include, for instance; the process to diagnose mental illnesses, the understanding of different personalities, the human experience, etc. There is so much to be learned from psychology that it should be required and taught in the public education system just like any other fundamental field of knowledge. It should be respected as a science just as important as all of the others. Especially a field that will soon be the result of the rise of an intellectual race that is immune to deception and influence to things that they wouldn¶t normally believe or follow. Only rational ideas would be accepted because the majority will be predicting the consequences of believing such ideas before believing them. All past ideas have clear documented consequences throughout history, it¶s just a matter of doing the research. Psychological principles, mainly the VAK learning system, should be implemented to make sure children get an even amount of materials in each sense in order for every student to have a well rounded understanding of every subject they learn. VAK stands for Visual, Audible, and Kinesthetic. Visual learning - pretty self explanatory ± is when a person learns better by seeing them. For example, they would like to read diagrams, see models, and read. Audible learning is when a person learns and understands thing better when someone explains them to them through conversation and discussion. Kinesthetic learning is the sense of touch. A person may learn better by writing things down or drawing them or doing a physical activity that teaches the material. Kinesthetic learners would be harder to deal with in a standard classroom structure. A full educational system based off of this theory would have to be developed and tested before wasting time implementing it. A person usually dominates with two or sometimes just one of these senses. More on the VAK system will be discussed in the NeuroLinguistics chapter for a better idea of how to tell what someone dominates in through their linguistic behavior and how to manipulate them through speech by accessing their sensatory perception subconsciously. It¶s an effective method of manipulation that is hardly known among the common masses which is why it is to be explained in depth in a later chapter.

Chapter 7 ± Drugs
Drugs were never fully looked down on by society because a lot of people caught on to their potential as mind enhancers and expanders as well as their potential for consciousness exploration. Drugs have the ability to unlock, well not necessarily unlock, but get the gears turning even harder in parts of the brain that don¶t normally work as hard in said person¶s brain. This is usually why certain people get addicted to certain drugs. We now have a high amount of education in our schools and the media to warn every one of the possibility of addiction and other side effects of psychopharmaceuticals which makes making them legal even less of a worry. Before I lose your attention, keep reading ± I know it sounds far-fetched to the average conditioned Joe. Alcohol and Nicotine, the two legal recreational drugs, have no real educational or non-recreational use. They are both addicting and do nothing but bring mental awareness down instead of up. They are both physically and mentally addicting and are both toxic to the body and are known to cause death and bring chaos and turmoil into families because of decreased awareness. I have no clue as to why they¶re the only two legal recreational drugs other than to keep mass awareness of social conditioning to a minimum and because it¶s a huge human tradition to drink at social events. People would be able to educate themselves and their children of the dangers that arise when you use drugs recreationally or intellectually. I would assume that when addiction of certain any type of psycho-pharmaceutical runs in the family, kids would be warned even more so of the dangers of addiction and side effects. As a side note, I must say that drugs such as heroin that only cause fatigue, motivation depletion, misdirected hostility, and terrible withdrawal symptoms after only short periods of use have to be ruled out, in my opinion. It would really be for the people to decide, however. A legal age would definitely be required, and adults of this age would be able to inform the younger children of how dangerous non-moderate use of ANY pharmaceutical really is ± not just psycho-pharmaceuticals - and use of drugs at a young age, period, can chemically imbalance and potentially screw over the brain¶s development or the user¶s perception of life. The children will listen when the people talking actually use the drugs and

aren¶t just teaching them about the propaganda they also read and watched as a child. It¶d also be acceptable to inform their kid that they use or have used the drugs, unlike how today¶s society works. Today, parents refuse to tell their kids if they used them ± even if it¶s to influence their children out of doing them. It¶s rather unacceptable that it has to be that way. There is nothing wrong with doing drugs or having done them at one point in your life. Trusting your child with that information can only build trust in your relationship. µRecreational¶ drugs should be legalized due to their nonrecreational potential. Certain people using certain drugs could create huge breakthroughs in society, such as those that were made by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis and the influential breakthroughs made by Hitler to his people. With these two examples, and other famous leaders and intellectuals, we can see that µrecreational¶ drugs have legitimate uses when used responsibly and even under the supervision of a doctor if desired just like any other drug in the medicinal field. Eventually society has to come to terms with the fact that anyone can become addicted and anyone can die from the over use of any pharmaceutical ± not just psycho-pharmaceuticals. From here, people will either use or stay away from them, just like they do now. People will produce and regulate the drugs themselves. Also, a mass market of any mind-altering substance is unacceptable without government intervention. The government would have to make sure that all production is safe and done slowly, not relying on pure technology and factories producing mass amounts, this could result in mass accidental suicides, or less literally - accidental murder. Psycho-pharmaceuticals have a higher potential for having adverse effects when produced incorrectly and should therefore be made with much more care. Allowing them to be produced would allow people to know if they were really getting what they bought and that it isn¶t µlaced¶ with other drugs that they don¶t want as well. On top of all of this, psychedelic drugs such as Psilocybin (³magic mushrooms´), Peyote, Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) provide for serious exploration of different levels of consciousness. They make individuals aware of previously overlooked problems that they didn¶t even know they had before. Examples that have been reported are racism and other

segregation or overly judgmental attitudes. Some even say it offers a deeper look into the unconscious / subconscious mind of said individual, as is the belief with myself from reading experience reports. They offer periods of serious introspection and levels of intellectual thinking that could only otherwise be brought upon an individual in (possibly) deep states of trance or meditation that take years of practice to be able to attain. Answers to questions of selfcomplications are answered honestly rather than one lying to one¶s self because of the separation from the ego. These drugs are known to have been used for thousands of years and are overlooked when teaching history to students. These drugs, of course, are not for everyone. Not everyone can handle such states of consciousness or just look at them as another way of ³getting high´. This is a serious misconception with psychedelic drugs. They should never be looked at as a means of ³just getting high´. If they are, the user has no idea what he is in for because psychedelics are mind expanding drugs. They offer legitimate means of spiritual practice, especially during meditation when in the right setting / environment. So many studies have shown that most effects of these drugs, when used in the short-term, are all psychological and hardly ever (if at all) have a lasting effect other than freedom of the ego (freedom of the ego: not necessarily death of the ego, but awareness of it resulting in a person who is not constrained by the limits of the ego or can shape an ego of his own in the aftermath of a psychedelic experience ± some might say this is an even better result than the coined term ³ego-death´ where the ego is just completely demolished and leaves the individual with a state that may or may not be considered beneficial). Whether or not the visual hallucinations caused by these psychedelic drugs are a result of using different or more parts of the brain with increased effectiveness can only be assumed to be wrong or right at this point in time. We do, however, now know that the true universe is not stationary and constantly moves, and that is what is reported from the users of these psychedelic drugs. The usual reports by the educated user are seeing things ³as they are´, especially when under serious introspection (as stated above), the self doesn¶t lie when asking questions or exploring their own minds and motives ± therefore resulting in truth as to why they may act the way they do ± ³seeing things as they are´ (³they´ being the individual under the influence of psychedelics). The vast

amounts of anti-psychedelic propaganda and rumors spread throughout the 1960¶s to today is incredibly ridiculous, people need to make their own decisions that are not influenced by lies and half-truths. Psychedelic use is a highly controversial subject due to the vast amounts of propaganda spread throughout history. Every substance has its pros and cons and the pros are almost always overlooked ± the aim here was to mention the pros since every person believes he or she knows the cons taught to them throughout their lives. Further study and research can be done previous studies and research can be viewed to make a rational decision in the end. Again, it¶s up to the people to decide. As a final note, it¶s quite clear the ³War on Drugs´ in America is no longer working (if it ever was in the first place). It seems that almost everyone agrees with that statement when it¶s brought up in conversation and debated rationally without bias. Anyone who wants to use drugs will use drugs as long as there¶s a market out there. There¶s no stopping drug use unless you completely stop the production of drugs, and in order to completely stop the production of drugs we¶d have to have mass surveillance and privacy invasion on an international level to make sure we stop the creation of drugs before it ever happens. Privacy invasion at this level unacceptable and we can¶t have that either way. The only other thing to do to ensure that every taxpayer¶s and every citizen¶s money isn¶t wasted on so called ³wars´ to stop things that ³corrupt our society´ is to take care of it responsibly. By making drugs illegal, we ± ourselves ± cause the corruption of our society. We put non-violent drug offenders that have developed habits or just plain want to use mind-expansive chemicals in prisons of maximum and minimum security alike ± where they don¶t belong. If psycho-pharmaceuticals were legal, there¶d be no need to settle black market business matters with violence because they would not longer be considered a product of the black market and the trade of drugs would be a legitimate business. The main reason violence is used in the presence of drugs is to settle dishonest business matters. For example, you can¶t go to the police when someone rips you off for a pound of marijuana; you have to take matters into your own hands. This can all be stopped with one simple step. It¶s up to the people to make the choice.

Chapter 8 ± Summing Up All of Politics
All of politics and the political parties that make up politics itself are balances between individualism and collectivism. Every party tends to favor one more than the other, the only way to keep people happy is by having a perfectly even balance. The Individual The individual is a person as one ± only himself. In an individualist society, no laws are created that goes against individual freedom. Laws that reduce the individual¶s freedom to do what he wants as long as it doesn¶t directly affect other people are considered anti-individualist. Laws that resemble antiindividual freedom would be laws that take an individual¶s freedom when he... doesn¶t give away his earned money to others (taxes), uses drugs for his own personal gain, or even owns a weapon for his own self defense. These are only a few examples. Let¶s take a look at what makes some freedom-limiting laws acceptable compared to others. In an individualist society, the only freedom-limiting laws that exist are those that are put in place to ensure that there is no threat to the rest of the society but may (or even may not) benefit the individual who is doing the action that¶s prohibited by law. Laws such as theft, assault, and conspiracy would be examples of freedom-limiting laws that could be deemed acceptable under an individualist society. These laws limit individual freedom, but only because they cause a negative impact on the rest of society. There¶s a victim, or multiple victims, at the end of the action that receive a negative outcome from the individual committing the act that is deemed a crime. These freedom-limiting laws exist to make sure that one individual isn¶t threatening the freedom of another individual. An individualist society is a society that promotes individual freedom. Meaning an individual can do whatever he wants ± to a certain extent. There is a flexible limit to how much freedom can be taken from that individual to ensure the conservation of a peaceful society. If a person wants to harm themselves ± you allow them to do it, if a person wants to better themselves ± you allow them to do it. As long as every action an

individual does in order to benefit themself is victimless, they should be allowed to proceed in doing those actions. Whether or not the individual himself is a victim of his own actions is not an issue because being a victim of himself is his own choice. In regards to the acceptable freedom limiting laws ± there¶s no choice whether or not one individual wishes to be a victim of another, therefore one person¶s individual freedom of choice and protection from exploitation is taken from him when another decides to take advantage of him for his own benefit. This is what makes some laws more acceptable than others. In conclusion, some may argue that the unacceptable freedom-limiting laws should be in place to prevent the influence or assistance of acceptable freedom-limiting laws from being broken. This is unacceptable thinking under an individualist society, and if the majority of people end up thinking this way ± it brings the fall of a society that promotes individual freedom and brings the rise of a society that supports the collective benefit, which is the next section. In the end, you will usually have a socialist system in place when you support the collective benefit over the individual benefit. The Collective The Collective is the whole of the people. Every individual that exists in a nation makes up what is called ³the collective´ and the belief that supporting the collective rather than the individual is called collectivism. Under a collectivist society, individual freedoms are given up in order to benefit the collective. Individuals may choose to promote laws that force every individual that makes up the collective to give away a portion of their money in order to benefit the collective ± whether they would like to or not. They will pass laws that dismantle individual freedom with the argument that certain freedom-limiting laws should be in place to prevent the influence or assistance of other freedom-limiting laws from being broken. In other words ± laws for taxes and against gun ownership and drug use, just to name a few examples, would be put in place. By putting in place the unacceptable freedom limiting law of making gun ownership illegal, you assume that you will prevent the acceptable freedom limiting laws such as murder and assault

with a deadly weapon from ever happening. By putting in place a law of making drug use illegal, you assume that the people won¶t be able to buy drugs because it¶s illegal to sell them as well ± thus preventing over-use or over-dose. These two laws are examples of anti-individualist laws that don¶t work. The reason being that there will always be a black market that only criminals will know how to access. Only criminals will have guns because it¶s illegal for lawabiding citizens to have them. The citizens are then unable to defend themselves from criminals. By making drug use and sale illegal, you turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into felons and criminals that are then stripped of other rights such as gun and vehicle ownership in a court of law. These anti-individualist laws are put in place in order to further make sure that other laws such as assault and murder are not broken. They are put in place under the assumption that everyone will be influenced and use these individual rights the wrong way that ends with harm to the collective society. To make this clearer, the collectivist society dismantles individual freedoms under the belief that it will do a better job to ensure peace within the collective of individuals than and individualist society would. The collectivist society is the opposite of the individualist society, and the individualist society is the opposite of the collectivist society. One wishes to preserve individual freedom and one wishes to dismantle a good amount of individual freedom. They both have their pros and cons. Explanation Individualism V.S. Collectivism is what all of politics comes down to. The objective of World Unification is to promote an individualist society so everyone can be happy with the freedom to do whatever they want. However, a certain amount of compromises must be made. You can¶t just have everyone running around with the freedom to own assault rifles for instance. To make a compromise here you would do something such as letting everyone have the freedom to own them (only with the right qualifications and an obtained permit), but if you have a criminal record of assault you no longer have the right to own a firearm but only a hand to hand combat weapon such as a knife. The criminal

still deserves the individual right to self-defense when being attacked, does he not? Another example would be drug use. All individuals are born with the right to put whatever they want into their own bodies. However, if an individual is found committing crimes that preserve collective peace while under the influence of drugs ± it can only be assumed that the mind altering substance may have influenced him to commit the crime (by altering his mind and perception). This person then loses his individual freedom to use drugs. Obviously this isn¶t going to stop them from obtaining them in a place where they¶re legal, even if needed ID cards or whatever is needed to get them to ensure that the restricted people don¶t get them. This has been shown with the legalization of alcohol. You can only do so much. Eventually ± if that person makes the same mistake due to using the substance again ± he¶s going to end up in prison either way. Even in a society where drugs are illegal they¶re going to be easy to obtain just like they would be in a society where they are legal. You can only do so much to prevent things from happening again. You can¶t just assume that everyone is going to act the same exact way and exploit the individual freedom they have, because not everyone will. Individual freedoms such as abortion are freedoms that are unacceptable to take from the people. The belief that abortion is wrong can not be forced upon people. If a person wishes to destroy their baby before it even fully exists then they can do so. The baby is not born yet and has no mind of its own and can therefore not perceive or understand anything that happens to it or anything around it. Obviously, people that do not want to have children and are responsible for their own mistakes. However, they are also responsible for their own decisions. If they don¶t want a baby then they can get rid of it, and that¶s how they chose to be responsible for their mistake. They then have the moral burden of knowing they ³murdered´ their baby instead of the lasting effect of economic and social decline for the rest of their lives due to having to care for said baby. Having an abortion does not have a personal effect on anyone but the father and mother and therefore is the father and mother¶s decision in the end. Forcing people to have babies they don¶t want is completely unacceptable and will only further over-population (if over-population truly is a problem, that is).

These are only a few examples of possible legal compromises that could be made. The fact of the matter is that individual freedom is the most important in creating a happy society. However, the collective must still be looked out for without totally limiting / eliminating individual freedom. If someone exploits the freedoms given to them to intentionally damage the collective, then those freedoms are taken from that person (to a certain extent of course). If that person does it again ± they can be locked up or given another chance. This cycle will continue if the person continues to put the collective at risk. It all depends on how the new unified world decides to run itself. In order for us to take the steps toward unification we must be brought together to make decisions like these to form our new international country. It might not be easy and it might take time, but it¶s possible. The idea is there to be tried or done, not to be ignored. World peace is only a product of world unification; world unification is only a product of social evolution. We have the technology, we have the intellect, and we have the resources to live in harmony together. Why do we continue to live the way we do?

Chapter 9 ± The Political Cycle
The ideas and history in this chapter are taken directly from Niccolò Machiavelli¶s ³Discourses on Livy´. Specifically from Book 1, Chapter 2. The reason being that because he lived during these times and this information has already been written by him, it¶s much more accurate and there¶s no sense in me claiming to be my own influence upon these ideas. The history of the political cycle needs to be brought to the attention of the reader for proof that it does indeed exist and it is not just a theory of how things might work. The insight given on how and why the cycle happens is also taken from the book; the only credit I take from this chapter is rewording parts of his work to better fit the understanding of the average modern man. The understanding of the Political Cycle is beyond just important because it explains how countries and governments are created and destroyed. This knowledge is important for all people to know in order to prevent it from ever happening to begin with. The Discourses on Livy is probably one of the most important political study book¶s that exists today, in my opinion. Every person should at least have the knowledge gained from chapter two, which is that of how and why the political cycle works, as already stated ± which is why I am including it in this book with an easier to understand translation.
Types of Governments:

Principality: When a territory is ruled by a prince. Aristocracy: The more powerful members of a society, better known today as the ³upper class´. Democracy: The body of citizens within a state. Anarchy : A state of lawlessness and disorder Tyranny : The ruler is the absolute dictator, better known today as a dictatorship.


Hereditary Succession: The children of children. As time goes on, hereditary succession takes place when the original creators of a family have children. Succession is when the children¶s children have children and this continues. This is succession. Hereditary succession is the succession of a single family¶s bloodline. Institutions : Structures and mechanisms of social order that govern the behavior of individuals within a given collective of human beings.

Those who have written about the formation and mechanics of building a state, republic, or empire declare that in each of them is one of three forms of government. They title these governments as the principality, aristocracy, and democracy, and they say that those who organize a city must turn to one of these forms of government. Whichever, in their view, seems most suitable to the citizens or dictator will be used. Some others, in the opinion of many, wiser men hold the opinion that there are six kinds of governments: three of these are very bad; three others are good in themselves (meaning they have good intentions to keep peace and freedom among the people) but are so easily corruptible that they eventually become exceedingly harmful. The three which are good in themselves are the previously mentioned, the principality, aristocracy, and democracy. The three of which are usually established after having become upset with how one of the first three have been working, each of them in a way similar to their counterpart so that they easily jump from one form to the other over time. The principality easily becomes tyrannical, the aristocracy quite easily becomes the government of the few (meaning only few people succeed and thus have more say and more power in what happens within the state and the common people¶s freedom within it), and the democracy without difficulty turns into anarchy. Due to the fact that each of the three bad governments are so similar to the original three good governments that are (usually) first implemented, if the founder of a city organizes one of the three governments he only organizes it there for a brief period of time (brief as in historical time periods, which can mean many years ± not as in normal time frames where it would mean a few

minutes to months). To rephrase: Because of the fact that the three good governments are so similar to their three bad governments, there is no remedy that can prevent the good government from slipping into its similar but exceedingly harmful form. These variations in governments arise among men only by chance. In the beginning of the world, when the population was only a fraction of what it was when the governments were first formed, man lived scattered like animals. As generations multiplied they gathered together, and in order to better defend themselves they began to consider carefully who among them was stronger and braver. They made the decision then, to make the strongest and bravest man their leader and obeyed him, assuming he would know what was best for the collective of the people, the democracy. From this arose knowledge of things honorable and good as opposed to those which are exceedingly harmful and evil, for noticing that when someone did harm to his benefactor it aroused hatred and compassion among men. They condemned the ungrateful and honored those who showed gratitude ± and assuming that the ungrateful acts that were committed could be done unto them in the future, they set out to make laws in order to avoid similar evils and appointed punishments for whoever violated them: from this rose the knowledge of justice. There was a result from the newly acquired knowledge of justice: Later when they had to elect a prince, they did not support the boldest, but instead, the man who was the most careful and just (fair). Yet later when they began creating princes through hereditary succession and not by election, the heirs immediately began to deviate from their ancestor¶s beliefs and attitudes (their careful and fair nature towards the people) ± they abandoned the actions and beliefs that their ancestor¶s had that gave them the special worth and made them stand out as leaders. The people then thought that the princes had nothing to do but surpass others in luxury and lasciviousness and all other forms of pleasure and material satisfaction, so then the prince came to be hated by the people and became afraid on the account of this hatred. He proceeded by quickly passing from fear to harmful acts towards the people ± tyranny immediately arose. These harmful acts and the

democracy¶s hate toward the prince gave rise to the beginning of the collapse of the current government and those who lead it. The conspiracies and plots against princes, executed and thought of / planned by not by those who were instilled with fear or lack of confidence and deemed weak by the common person but by those who surpassed others in generosity, greatness of soul, wealth, and nobility. Such men as those described could not take on the dishonorable life of such a prince that was currently in power. The masses, following the authority of these powerful and influential men, therefore, took up arms against the prince. Once he had been eliminated, the democracy viewed the men that had guided them in arms against the prince as their liberators, and obeyed them as so. Since the men that dismantled the current political state of the city hated the idea of a single leader, they constituted a government among themselves, and in the beginning they were mindful of the past tyranny and so they governed themselves according to the laws they had instituted. These instituted laws enforced their own interests to the common good, and with the greatest care, they managed and maintained both their private and public affairs within themselves. This administration would later be passed on to their sons. Unfortunately for the founding fathers of that nation, their sons did not understand the changeability of fortune since they had never experienced the evil themselves. Unwilling to remain content with civic equality (for whatever reason) they then turned to the extreme greed for material wealth, ambition, and the unlawful seizure of women ± causing a government of aristocrats to become the government of few, without any regard to the rest of the democracy¶s well being. This then caused the same thing that happened to the original tyrant of the city to happen to them. Due to the fact that only few were happy with (government of the few), and most people were disgusted by this system of government, the majority of people became an instrument/tool of anyone who designed any kind of plan to attack these rulers. They were merely an army waiting to be formed to attack the rulers. Someone thus soon rose up, whom, with the aid of the populous, destroyed the new self-established rulers. The memory of the original prince and the injuries he inflicted then became renewed within the people after having lived

under a similar or potentially the same mutated government. Furthermore, after having destroyed the government of the few they were unwilling to establish either of these two governments after they regained their liberty. The people then turned to democratic government, and they organized it in such a way that neither the few powerful men nor a single prince would ever have any authority whatsoever. Since all governments receive some respect in the beginning, this democratic government was maintained for a while, but not for long, at the most until the generation that had founded it passed away. Once again, when the founding generation passed away, the government again mutated. This time it mutated into a state of undisciplined liberty, where neither private citizens nor public officials were feared. As a result of anarchy (each person living according to his own interest/wishes), a thousand injuries were inflicted every day, so that, forced by necessity or by the suggestion of some good man, in order to flee the state of lawless individual freedom, they returned once again to the principality. From there, step by step, they eventually went through the political mutations that I deem the ³Political Cycle´ once again for reasons that have already been given. And this is the cycle, through which all states that have governed themselves or that now govern themselves will pass. Rarely do they return to the same forms of government, because all most no city can be so full of life that it may pass through these mutations many times and remain standing. It may, and has happened, that the city lacking in counsel and strength while going through a mutation in this cycle becomes subject to a nearby state that is better organized at the time; but if this take-over were not to occur, the state would be apt to circle about endlessly through these types of government. A Brief Example from History All forms of government previously mentioned are defective because of the brief duration of the three good ones, and because of the evil nature of the three bad ones. Since there were eventually those few careful and sensible men who established

laws that were aware of this defect, they avoided establishing any one of these forms of government by itself. Instead, they chose a form of government that combined them all, judging such a government steadier and more stable. When there is a principality, aristocracy, and a democracy within the same city ± one keeps watch over the other (Just like how America is run today). Among those who have deserved the most praise for such constitutions is Lycurgus, who organized his laws in Sparta in such a way that, allocating to the kings, the aristocrats, and the people their respective roles, he created a state that lasted for more than 800 years, resulting in the highest praise for him and the tranquility for that city. The opposite happened to Solon, who organized the laws in Athens, and who by implementing only a democratic form of government there gave it such a brief existence that, before he died, he saw the tyranny of Pisistratus arise. Although after forty years the heirs of Pisistratus were driven out and Athens regained its freedom, since a democratic form of government was reestablished following Solon¶s laws, it did not last more than 100 years. The democracy even tried to preserve it by developing many constitutions to prevent the greed and disrespect of the upper class, as well as prevent the abuse of freedom on the part of the populace, these were laws of which were unforeseen by Solon. Nevertheless, since Solon did not mix a popular form of government with the power of the principality and that of the aristocrats, Athens endured a very brief time in comparison to Sparta. As an example of political mutation in modern times, the current mutation of America¶s government will be analyzed in a later chapter. I, as an American, am currently observing the mutation as it happens from the inside. Another chapter will also come about later, it is about how America is supposed to, and in the past was run, until the recent start of (obvious) political conversion. (The conversion has been taking place for a long period of time, it has only recently become obvious to the dedicated Americans.)

Chapter 10 ± Making use of the Political Cycle
Under world unification, it must be known that as generations go on, they may no longer see this view as the right one ± for one reason or another. This has been shown over and over again in history. That being said, future generations may begin to oppose the view of world unification and/or which ever political system it¶s currently working under. One person might influence the rest of the world that, again for some reason or another, a change is needed. Whether the reason is economic downfall, famine, epidemic, poverty, and/or what ever other issues that occur on mass levels. All of these can trigger a psychological disturbance in the brain that roots from the emotions triggered by these problems. These emotions would usually be classified as fear, paranoia, and anxiety. These emotions can trigger a behavioral pattern change in any person, as will be discussed in later chapters on the topic of conversion and brainwashing. If anything is done to cause these emotions on a mass level ± political conversion can rise. A leader could even intentionally cause these emotions on a mass level in order to purposely induce mass political conversion without the populous ever knowing. The people must know that in times of trouble, there is no need for permanent change but political change may indeed be necessary and inevitable. The leader in power at the time that these rough situations arise must be trusted enough by the masses to make this change and make sure that it is only temporary. Temporary meaning only keeping the change for as long as it takes to get back on track and get everything fixed and organized. They would then switch back to their government of choice; this would most likely be the one that gives them the most individual freedom. For instance, if the world was in a situation that calls for political conversion and the people believe that a socialistic system could fix said situation and keep things organized and in order for a period of time better than any other system, then that political system could be adapted temporarily until they are in a position to return to their preferred system. In other words, the system is applied but not to its fullest extent. Only the needed foundation of said system is used, maintaining individual freedom is the most important, and you can only take those freedoms to a reasonable

extent. However long the system may be needed can only be assumed, it could be anywhere from a year to one hundred years (I¶d hope not more than 1 ± 30 years, however). If it ends up being longer than the people would like and they still forget the original reason of why they¶re using that system and believe that setting themselves up for destruction is necessary, then the issues at hand that are being fixed need to be brought up in detail to shed light onto the current social and political standing and why the leaders are continuing to pressure the use of the system that the democracy has made clear they¶re becoming upset with. It must be known that every political system has its downfalls and benefits - its pros and cons - and the political cycle will always exist, the only way to maintain peace and tranquility is by knowing that the political cycle itself exists and taking control of the cycle and mutations that come with it by talking them out with everyone and educating the people on how each system works within the public education system. Leaders must be trusted in order to fix problems, but if they plan on converting the entire world (or nation) then they have to do it consciously and with permission, not slowly with half the nation in disagreement because it¶s not ³the way´ of that nation or by manipulating and controlling the masses with tactics to later be discussed. Quite obviously it¶s not ³the way´ of the nation, that is quite clear in every case and the majority will always rule. If the majority rules and a major portion of people still disagree ± chaos can ensue. The reason deception has been used to guide the people is because they are ignorant to what is actually best for them as a whole due to a very big lack of education in the mechanics of even the most basic of political affairs. Almost all of the time, the leader of a nation thinks and believes that his political ideas are best for the nation at the time, the problem is that the leader does not realize that, in time, when the original generation that favored that political system is gone and done with ± the new generations then forget the consequences that came with the original political system and will rise up in arms against their leader, wishing for the old one or a more disorderly one for that time to be set in place. They weren¶t there to experience what happened through history and are ignorant as to what can come from their uneducated decisions and opinions.

If the leader doesn¶t just say ³we must change with the times´ or whatever have you, and instead insists on a temporary fixation of a new political system (in order to consciously change with the times ± all of the time ± whenever needed) to get back on track and ensure that certain important rights and freedoms will stay in place as well as they can and that said nation will change back when the time comes ± there would be no reason for the people to go up in arms or the leader to deceive them for their own well being because the social/political conditioning of every generation will be the same. This conditioning would be as follows: Every generation from here on out will know - when the people decide it¶s time to change back ± they will ± so it is written, so it shall be. Every political system can be used as a tool and the only way to use these tools properly is by everybody understanding how and why they will work at the time. There¶s no reason to rise against the leader when he as well as his people know that it¶s only a temporary change for the best. The political cycle usually takes place without anyone in the world consciously knowing that it¶s all part of a very predictable cycle ± they merely change with the times whether they like it or not and will live in anger or happiness, not a happy medium that would be achieved by knowing what is actually best instead of simply ³following the leader´. The lack of education as far as how each political system works is the only barrier to being able to do this, many people do not care to understand how these systems work ± but in world unification there is no choice but to educate them on how the systems work in order to maintain stability. It¶s a requirement that all people know how political systems work and that they can not be deceived into following only one system ± because following only one system for all of time will never work correctly because every aspect of politics (economy, law, equality, etc) eventually becomes unbalanced and new versions need to be implemented or re-implemented. Political systems should be thought of as tools of a nation¶s stability - not the cause of war, confusion, and eventually chaos. People do not need to be coerced into following a certain path but need to know what each path brings and decide themselves which is the best to follow, simply with the guidance of a leader who suggests that they take what he says may be best into consideration because he has seen and discussed all of the issues

with a helping hand from highly educated politicians already. The leader of a nation shouldn¶t go around with a sales pitch trying to convince people to speed up the process or he will bring hatred upon himself if his sales pitch isn¶t good enough. Convincing the use of one system over another is entirely wrong and will only result in bad things at some time or another unless psycho-politics are truly being implemented everywhere within our world¶s nations, but there has been no slip up to assume that they are being used in order to induce mass conversions (at least not everywhere). There¶s no sense in believing conspiracy theories that can¶t be proven, you can only have an open mind that isn¶t skeptic or a ³true believer´. It¶s no secret that eventually every system collapses and a new one will rise whether it¶s through mass coercion or an uprising of the people against the current government. The fact that this isn¶t a secret is what really gets to my nerves. Why can¶t people just see that it¶s bound to happen and instead of letting the last straw land in their mix, see the first straw at all times and pick out the last two and stop them from ever being drawn? It¶s clear one system won¶t work forever and it¶s been shown through our over 2,000 years of history that the political cycle will always be happening. Yet we still have not taken control of the political cycle and used it instead of letting it use us. If anyone has taken control of it, it would only be our leaders. If they are aware of it, then it can only be assumed that they are, in fact, using it covertly to guide the people for their own good because we are so far behind in intellect compared to them to even understand what needs to be done. All of the above being said, it is actually ± in our current state of intellect - best that people are deceived into following certain systems over time for their own good. The problem is that there is no one power controlling all of the deception but multiple all over the world. Every country is in its own µbest¶ state. All of the people of each country and nation have fully indoctrinated beliefs that theirs is best which leads to one republic being taken over by another by force instead of intellectual rationalization of what is actually best for the world. The fact that every country goes through/has gone through these mutations makes every country look even more irrational for forcing their beliefs upon other countries, because sooner or later they¶ll end up converting

to something different as well by the time their opposing countries also are converted. It¶s literally a completely irrational reason for war to ever occur. Imperialism is currently looked down upon by the world because of its forceful nature, and that is a completely acceptable belief by all people. The fact of the matter is that no one power should control the world ± and that is completely understandable by all people. However, when all leaders come together and inform their people of what¶s to happen and explain why it¶s best, there¶s no reason to oppose the world-wide change. The only reason for opposition to such a rational decision is cultural ignorance and hatred toward other nations based off of, again, indoctrinated beliefs and living in the past by bringing up previous wars and disagreements that have already been settled. Just like religion, when it comes to government, no one belief in any one system is correct or wrong because each one has its own benefits and downfalls. Politics are merely the religion of today. Politics are used to control and guide the masses into what the controllers believe is best for them and to lead armies in order to protect the nation¶s beliefs and people... or spread them forcefully. How can one not agree with this statement? Clearly all of the arguing between political parties and the masses of individuals that have strong beliefs in one or another is proof of the fact that the parties are trying to instill their beliefs within people to steer the country in a certain direction. Obviously they are convincing people to follow one side or another; why else would people sometimes convert from one party to another after some time in their original party? It¶s quite clear that politics is merely the swaying of opinions of a nation¶s people. It¶s about time political persuasion came to an end. However, the only way it will come to an end is educating the people. The way to ensure world peace would be to unify the world under one government. The popular belief that in order to do this you would have to have a dictatorship is extremely irrational as well. It¶s about educating the people under the unification and making sure they never forget what is truly best and how to take control of their nation by making rational decisions.

Chapter 11 ± The Biggest Country Building Decision
This chapter, again, is a re-translation from Machiavelli¶s ³Discourses on Livy´ (Book 1, Chapters 5 + 6) in order to give a better understanding of how countries are founded and what makes them work correctly and preserves unity and peace amongst the people. By examining these aspects of country-building you can then assume knowledge as to what causes a country to be destroyed as well. Weaknesses as well as strengths are covered. Let it be known, however, that every country eventually comes to a fall ± at least that¶s what history has shown. It may only be a matter of time before empire building restarts within the world. Unification should be done before this happens. The biggest decision when building a new country is to decide whether or not you are going to create a country that wishes to acquire more territory (an empire) or a country that is satisfied with trying to maintain its state and defend itself against any empire-building countries. Within a country that wishes to maintain, there must be guidelines set up to ensure success. First of all, all of the inhabitants of the new country at the time of its founding and creation must have power within the government. These original inhabitants are the same that will come together and create laws and establish a form of government. From here, they allow more inhabitants to join the country and become people of equal political power as the rest of them and eventually close off inhabitants from joining the country as part of the government, sort of a first come first serve type of deal. Those who were there first are the ones that make the decisions to change the country and its government or laws. The rest of the inhabitants are then outside of the government and merely benefit from whatever rights and freedoms that the original founders give to them. The founders will also listen to what they may have to say, but it isn¶t necessarily of any importance. The reason for doing this is that when the country is originally founded, no one can complain about not having say in the shaping of it. On top of this, those who later come to the country to live found that the government is fixed and limited based off of what the founders believed was the correct system.

The new inhabitants have no motive or opportunity to cause a disturbance because they chose to live in the place where the government was already fixed into a form that they either agreed or disagreed with, they have no reason to complain because it is their choice to live there. There is no motive because nothing of theirs is taken away; there is no opportunity because those who rule the country keep them in check and do not use them in matters through which they might acquire authority. A problem arises, however, when more inhabitants that are not part of the government begin to outnumber the government itself. Although they may not be used in means where they may obtain authority (such as being police officers), they still outnumber the government itself ± which means that they can oppose the rulers and possibly take over once they out number the government greatly. The only way to keep this version of a selfmaintaining country is to close off citizenship to any outsiders once the desired number is reached. Or trust that some of the outside inhabitants that have joined will agree with the form of government in place enough to be part of it an make honest decisions. However, this is what makes for eventual corruption if the original leaders are deceived into allowing a corrupt individual into the government. The only way to ensure unity and happiness in a selfsustaining country is to take away participation in political issues from the inhabitants that were not elected as officials for government issues, and keep the political issues in check with those whowere elected. Also, greater equality of property and less equality of social rank amongst the people will ensure that there is an equality of poverty within the country. The inhabitants are assumed to be less ambitious since the high ranks of the country are extended to only few citizens and denied to them; nor does the government give the inhabitants any desire to obtain these social ranks by mistreating them. They are given an equal amount of property and left to fend for themselves for social rank. There is no better way to secure the political office than to protect the inhabitants of a country from every injury; this meant that the inhabitants will not fear nor will they desire power, and neither possessing power nor fearing it, the competition they might have had with those in power if they don¶t go about this way of running

the country are eliminated ± they never come to exist. This way of government ensures unity for a long period of time. The only two ways to maintain a self-sustaining country are as follows: avoid using outsiders that come to be citizens in warfare (making sure they do not bear arms) or avoid giving open access to foreigners all together. The problem with an empire-building country is that if you wish to create a numerous and well-armed people (which is a necessity for an empire-building country), you can not manage it as you wish. If you only keep it small or disarmed in order to manage your empire-building country then when you acquire territory you will not be able to hold it, or you will become so helpless that you are easy prey to anyone who attacks you. The only way to maintain an empire-building country is by implementing the above governmental techniques used in a successful self-sustaining society. However, in order to acquire territory you must arm as many people as possible. If there is ever a disturbance within the people of the country ± they can easily go up in arms against those who are in power. It provides a medium for takeover by the people. Keeping the people happy can only go on for so long until something goes seriously wrong. Even by ensuring them land to live on and protection from injury, if the people ever fear being oppressed by their leaders, it only takes that one man to rise up. This has already been discussed in the Political Cycle chapter.

Chapter 12 ± Mass Media
There¶s no reason that we can¶t reach our true, unified potential except for the mass media showing a completely different life style to our children and us as well every single day. It¶s an entirely different level of mass indoctrination. To the rising generation, a portion of them are aware of the social conditioning that happens due to the media and attempt to educate their peers, another portion becomes aware but are still conditioned by the counter-culture media, another portion follow the media and are conditioned by it and remain unaware, the last portion is in an entirely confused state of mind and is completely mentally lost. Most conditioned or indoctrinated people will ignore the warnings from their more aware peers in an attempt to stay happy or out of their own ignorance. They¶ll even deem the aware people as µmad¶ or µdelusional¶. Anyone growing up in the generation I¶m speaking of knows that it¶s true. Anyone aware, that is. You can find information about the social conditioning that is happening on an every day basis ± but you have to look hard enough to find out what is and isn¶t true, the only ones that discover the ultimate truth are only the ones curious enough to spend a good amount of their time to do so. A lot of the curious people that think that there¶s ³just something about it´ go looking for answers anywhere they can, and sometimes end up in the wrong place and are taken advantage of; such as those that fall into counter-culture media. The rest are happy living lives of ignorance because they don¶t think of the future, and our future as it is now doesn¶t look like a unified happiness with no war. I honestly do wish we could just keep living the way we are but I believe it¶s about time we take away the ignorance that dominates the masses. This is why the mass media should not even exist except to spread the news of what¶s going on in the world and have educational channels such as the History channel and Discovery channel like we already do (they could be much more informational though). There is no need for commercials, we can find products we need in the store if we need them and go on the internet to look for those little convenient things we might need. The TV should be completely dedicated to truthful and non-sugar coated education with no interruptions. People should be required

to purchase movies and entertaining TV shows with their hard earned money in order to further instill the valuable lesson of: Entertainment = Costly and Limited Education = Priceless and Timeless. The behavioral conditioning done by the music videos and reality television shows is pretty clear and obvious. It is very real and has just recently been all the rage on every channel, not just a few. Even entire television stations devoted to the creation of cartoons are creating, get this, cartoon reality shows. I don¶t think we caught on to the fact that the media stopped changing WITH society and society started changing WITH the media until the recent years. If the media glorifies the sick things and the good things that society does, it¶s bound to repeat not only the good, but the sick behaviors as well. If that¶s what gets you on the television, and being on television gets you money, then why shouldn¶t you do it? Social proof has been taking over at a mass level. Only a small amount of us knows that television tells lies to your vision. This needs to change. By implementing the sound, image, and feeling of worldunification and entertaining educational programs into the mass media, the indoctrination that people receive is that of intelligence, not how to act. This is sort of a downfall because of the fact that if people don¶t have social proof of how to act, they can become antisocial. Due to this fact, there should be one or two channels for the display of movies and a few TV shows in order for people to choose which examples they want to follow in social endeavors. However, they¶ll be educated on why people act the way they do so we could be living in an awkward feeling society. Eventually this would become the norm though. Intellectual conversation that promotes deep thought would become a new norm and be fun to do. Things that seem awkward at first will only come to be normal.

Chapter 13 ± Propaganda
The amount of propaganda that is still spread today is horrifying. There¶s a quote from Naom Chomsky about the political propaganda system (A.K.A. Politics itself) that I want to share with you: ³I think there is a good reason why the propaganda system works that way. It recognizes that the public will not support the actual policies. Therefore it is important to prevent any knowledge or understanding of them.´ Think about this, think about this long and hard. Even the most simple minded understand this quote and agree. Watching the news and following the political policies is literally just watching them adjust and readjust different policies until they¶re finally accepted by the people. They keep on travelling around spreading their ideas and talking more than a car salesman on opening day to get their policies accepted. They use big words while talking in circles and prevent people from ever truly understanding the entire policy. They¶ll compromise ± but hardly ± to put on a few things that sound nice to most people and make those clearly understandable, then make the things they don¶t want the public to completely understand just that ± hard to understand. Anyone educated far enough that actually reads the policies themselves and don¶t expect them to be explained to them can usually manage to understand them. That is, if they even care enough to read them in the first place ± and most people should understand that politics aren¶t stupid just because their parents said so all the time while growing up. They are the very essence of how a country works, yet people will still ignore them and call them ³stupid´. I agree that politics is a bunch of garbage and lies just as much as the next man, but it¶s important to understand how they work otherwise you are the one who is stupid, not politics. The propaganda system goes beyond political policies; we all know about the big propaganda campaigns that go toward spreading lies and half-truths about illegal drugs. The amount of lies that people believe about µrecreational drugs¶ is sickening. People don¶t speak out against anti-drug campaigns because they don¶t mind that lies are spread in order to keep children from using them. However, allowing such things to happen allows the children¶s parents to then be lied to as well, about other things that they would never know they were being lied to about. Just like

their kids have no idea they are being lied to. Propaganda should be illegal, period. Misinformation is like a computer virus for your brain, the computer of your life. You go somewhere looking for something nice to entertain you for 30 minutes, then you get a virus and you¶re screwed until you or someone else fixes it for you. Most of us are lazy and don¶t care to fix it. In other words, most of us are too lazy to double check the lies that are fed to us. That¶s why the education system needs to start reminding kids to not believe anything until they see it and then see it twice and check the sources of what they see. You turn on your TV and see a commercial for something you didn¶t like before and now you like it after you saw it for the 200th time. Your brain has caught a virus, but you don¶t even know it. Imagine if that specific commercial is your second presidential candidate ³approving this message´ for the 200th time. Do you approve of his message now? Why do you approve of it? Does it just µmake more sense¶ now or are you lying to yourself without even knowing it? I¶d like to take a moment to give one example in recent times of this idea of the ³I approve this message´ commercials. For that is all it is ± an idea. The µsnuggie¶ blanket commercials, the ³wearable blanket´ I suppose you could call it. Basically it¶s a backwards bathrobe. It used classic advertisement methods of ³reaction shots´ (a version of subliminal messaging) and classic black and white picturing mixed with colored to create a very effective advertisement scheme. Almost every person who saw this commercial deemed it cheesy and said the product looked stupid. It turned out that the product was actually better than it seemed ± but people had to be convinced to buy it to figure that out. A vast amount of people that originally laughed at the commercial now own or agree that µsnuggies¶ are indeed a good product. It¶s funny how television works. Of course the propaganda system goes beyond television and onto the radio, magazines, newspapers, posters, and billboards. That goes without saying. I¶m sure you can think of examples yourself now that you¶re aware of what propaganda actually is. It¶s not even necessarily µmisinformation¶ in the practical definition of µmisinformation¶. Technically, any method of coercion that¶s implemented into the mass media to sway your opinions and political beliefs is misinformation because no one system or belief is correct. If you do not believe that the republicans are correct and

they are on TV saying that they are and this is why, that is technically misinformation to your brain if you didn¶t previously believe it. This sounds overly-paranoid because it is. Of course matters need to be debated and rationally talked about in order to come to an agreement or compromise of some sort. However, the amounts of persuasive and manipulative tactics to ensure the instillation of one belief over another that are used today are vast and seemingly infinite. To end this chapter, I would like to say that the real definition of propaganda is the control of information and the spread of misinformation to the masses.

Chapter 14 ± The Two Party System
In America, there is a political system that essentially only consists of two parties: the Democrats and Republicans. This practically proves that, in America, the system restrained from discussing any other matters than what these two parties deem important in public. They continue to persuade the masses into believing in only two parties and influence them into following what ever they say is best for the country while the people even have debates themselves over which is right and which is wrong ± always choosing to make the same compromises these parties make instead of making their own. If these two parties agree not to discuss any matter, then they will be left unheard of and unsaid ± dealt with in the background, without the knowledge of the Democracy. Whether they consciously agree or just both refuse to talk about certain things, it doesn¶t matter because either way these issues go untalked about. What do we call a democracy who hardly knows what is going on in the background? Surely a body of people who don¶t know what¶s going on with their rights in the background can not be considered a democracy at all. We¶ve already gone over how a complete democracy will eventually turn to Anarchy and a Principality, so of course that¶s not the right system. However, a place where the people are pretty much forbidden from knowing what¶s truly going on because they don¶t care to know (since they¶re influenced to not care) is not a place of freedom. However, it¶s the people¶s fault for being ignorant ± not the party¶s fault for doing their job, which is exceedingly harmful to liberty and freedom. The two parties constantly debate and argue on television, the one thing that the people watch hours and hours of every day. You may not get the idea the first time ± you may disagree whole heartedly the first time. However, having ideas mentally drilled into your head can only go on so long until you¶re fully conditioned. It may take years, but that¶s not a problem at all when we all sit in front of the TV for years either way, is it? That being said, if one small group of people were to control what is displayed on the TV, newspapers, magazines, movies, and radio ± they would control the entire society into believing what is correct and what is wrong. They would essentially play God.

I am not one to believe in any kind of crazy conspiracy theory where I believe there¶s that small group of people. However, the point I¶m trying to make is that Humans are, indeed, animals. We are merely the dominant species on the planet ± but still animals. We are able to be mentally conditioned just as most other animals can be tamed. We look for a leader to follow because there are too many of us to truly know what is best, and we are taken advantage of when living in such big packs that we currently do. The fact of the matter is that only one big pack or many small packs can go without being ruled or controlled. Ruling never worked so we are now controlled without knowing it through psychopolitics. It¶s about time it¶s been exposed. The two party system works, but when you leave a maintaining state (instead of empire building state) idle for long enough, all parts of politics ± the economic, social, etc. ± they all become imbalanced and cause disorder, and most of all, disarray. If not imbalanced, then they first become corrupt which then results in imbalance. There is nothing that can be done except change by influencing the people to do so. So far in America, this has been working. The people have failed to catch on, I hope we can see this from now on, and take a step away from our mental constraints and closer to peace.

Chapter 15 ± The American System
What you¶re about to read is a very detailed chapter on how the American system works, or at least how it used to work and is supposed to, to this day, work. It offers some very controversial questions for the reader to ask themselves and others on the direction that America is going. Capitalism and Individualism works one way, and one way only. America is slowly headed in a completely different direction than the ideas that it was originally founded on. This chapter offers no sugar coating, it¶s as blatant, detailed, up front, and straight forward as it can get. Within this chapter ³We´ represents ³Americans´ ,³The American People´, etc. Political bills and policies can take freedom just as fast as they give it away. That being said, read on: Example of the decision making process on a political bill: - How will this bill affect me as a citizen ± an individual? The real questions that this question should answer: - What are the positive aspects that it reflects on my life? What are the negative aspects that it reflects on my life? + Will it remove any current benefits I have as a citizen? - If so, do the benefits it adds outnumber the removed benefits? - Numbers aren¶t everything, which benefits are more important? - Are there, over all, more pros or cons? Which side has more of an affect on me as an individual? + If this fails to benefit me as an individual and I had originally assumed this bill was beneficial, what did I find out that I didn¶t know before? - Why are these details important? - Are these details usually left out of the typical debates? - Do they have mostly personal impact? - If not mostly personal, should I start raising awareness to these details when a friendly conversation leads to politics?

Some will continue to ask this next question, which goes into looking out for the collective. This means that they are not only looking out for their own needs, wants, and values ± the Individual. By going onto this next introspection process, they are looking out for others as well ± the Collective. The Individual that puts answering for the Collective before answering for the Individual ± himself ± has been corrupted. - Could this bill possibly benefit the masses more than just myself? - If the cons have more of an affect on myself but the pros have more of an affect on society, can I make the sacrifice without threatening too many of my own desires? - If I can make that sacrifice, am I willing to adapt to those changes? Questions already answered: - Do I have to? No. - Should I? Well, that¶s based off of my own beliefs. Individualism V.S. Collectivism is a big issue and has been discussed previously and is being discussed in even more depth now. I hope you can gain a full understanding of how the two ideas are the very foundation and roots of all politics. However, the ³American Way´ and the theory that defines it have been being discussed a lot with the recent health care bill proposed by Obama. It seems most people just simply do not get it. The American Way is to pursue the American Dream. The American Dream means something different to every person. I will define it in general terms below. ³He´ represents a man or woman living in America. Perusing the American Dream: - Obtain a decent and unbiased childhood and teenage education - Move on to go to college, if desired, in order to obtain further knowledge in a potential profession that he has decided on. - Usually, he will save money made from side jobs contributing to the nation¶s people at other¶s businesses in order to pave the road to their future success.

- He will proceed to build a business or join a business where they can then practice their learned profession for profit. - If he never finds a profession he cares to develop, he better decide on one he doesn¶t care for either way in order to receive a high income. - If he doesn¶t develop a profession he doesn¶t care for, then he decides on doing something that mostly any other person could do, which means low income. - From here he either eventually wants to or doesn¶t want to develop a family with or without a significant other and he tries to make as much money as possible or at least enough to satisfy him on a regular basis. - Pursue spirituality if he wishes somewhere along this long journey. - In the pursuit, everything he will do to obtain the dream will be for his own self-interest because there are others in pursuit of being on top that won¶t hesitate to step on him in order to get to the same or similar place that he¶s working to be at. - If he plans to change the nation or world in some way that will better the whole of humanity ± the Collective, he is still looking out for his own self-interest by attempting to fulfill his dream of bettering the collective. However, it should not stop him from being what his country calls successful. If his dream won¶t work out ± the American Dream always will.

What one chooses to do, or what one thinks they¶re going to do will affect their new interpretation of the American Dream ± at first it¶s a land of opportunity for anyone willing to see and understand where opportunity comes from, and it¶s wonderful. It comes from the foundation of our nation as the ³land of opportunity´ because anyone who tries hard enough is supposed to succeed. If one develops a self-defeating attitude, they know that they won¶t live the American Dream that they originally had planned on because they think and believe that they won¶t. The self-defeating person will encourage the upper class to take pity on the collective lower class in order to look like a speaker of all people under the hardships of the nation and not just looking out

for themselves ± their self-interest. (That¶s not to say they¶re the only ones who speak for the lower class, of course.)When asked why the upper class should help them out they will even claim that it¶s because it¶s ³the right thing to do´. The unsatisfied American individual will never ask themselves ³Why do I think that others helping me through my life is the right thing to do?´, but will be quick to answer when asked by a third party ± this is partially how biased and uneducated answers are given and create misinformation. The upper class may even be influenced by this newly presented moral standard of ³doing the right thing´ and they¶ll be pressed, persuaded, and manipulated until they begin to feel guilty and cave in. While some of the lower class understand that it was their fault for not pursuing the American Dream and take responsibility for their mistakes that caused their own failure, they won¶t press that they be pitied either. They understand that America truly is the land of opportunity and that they could have been anything they wanted to be and for one reason or another failed to be successful. Whether they would have had to work harder than some others or not ± opportunity was always at the door. It¶s not the responsibility or obligation of the upper class to make sure all of the lower class Americans have what they need within reach. That is not how a society that promotes individual rights and freedom works, and it never will be. Being well read does not mean that I¶m not or haven¶t been part of the lower class now or at some point. I have a lot of empathy for the lower class. I understand that some people have difficulties that are products of nature and misfortune, such as illnesses like cancer or diabetes, where they have no choice but to spend their money and postpone their education. These people end up where they never thought they would be. It probably never even crossed their mind that they would be in such a position where they¶re forced to come out on the bottom. This person might have even set high standards and had good intentions and maybe even planned on changing the world some day and truly believed they could do it. A person like this is an example of being extremely unfortunate and it¶s these people that influence some of the upper class to contribute to charities that help fund research and equipment used to treat and find new information about some of those unfortunate and unpredictable predicaments such as cancer and diabetes.

However, just because some people have these unfortunate down falls does not mean that everybody within their social standing is just as unfortunate. We live in a society where those who can¶t support themselves are supposed to fall. It¶s harsh, we all know it. ³Life is hard´ and ³Life sucks´ are probably the two most prevalent sayings here in America. We are a country that was created with a system and intention to breed the freed minds of tomorrow. If you don¶t like the fact that there will always be social classes in a capitalist and opportunist society, then you should leave America. It¶s as simple as that. We live in a place where the individuals who wish to help the poor and unfortunate and make a conscious, unforced, non-persuaded decision to do so CAN ± if they want to - do just that. Whether it be by donating to charities for the collective of unfortunate people of a certain cause or by directly giving money or time/attention that may be needed to another individual or individual¶s family. Creating rules, regulations, political bills, laws, or anything forcing an individual to give away the product of their hard work to another person through taxes or other means is completely un-American.

This is how America has, and was intended to be run. You can¶t have free trade (capitalism) without social classes. Social classes can only be diminished in a land where the central/federal government has complete control of trade. Capitalism and individual freedom is the very foundation of America.
People are beginning to forget what makes America the free country that it is due to the increase in population and increasing poverty. Well I have news for you: The increase in poverty would not be happening if the lower class didn¶t reproduce when it can hardly afford it, thus inevitably putting their own social downfalls onto their children without their children being able to make a choice. As well as making it harder for themselves. This sounds harsh to most people, because it is harsh. Everybody wants to have children and watch them grow and hopefully become successful. The lower class takes a gamble by having children and it¶s unfortunately a bigger risk than the upper class. I sincerely feel bad

that they are forced to take this gamble ± the unfortunate part is how unaware some of them are of the risks involved when doing it. They know that they have the funding required to raise a child ± but a lot of them don¶t understand (with enough depth) that, as parents, they only play a small roll in their children¶s growth. They can only hope that everything they teach their children in childhood will be carried on into their later life. They have to go off of pure hope that their children can find the will to devote their minds to education and stay away from bad influences that will take their minds off of what is really important in American life. It¶s a gamble that every parent, not only the lower class takes. The fact that we¶re becoming more and more populated is the issue that¶s causing the spike in the lower class population. People are producing children they: A. Don¶t want / Can¶t afford so they send them away for someone else to deal with. B. Raise in an environment that constantly influences criminal and anti-American behavior with bad education systems due to the mutilated ³student´ mentality. C. Raise in an environment described in B, and on top of that have to work to the point where they don¶t get to see their children often to influence them away from the inevitable bad influences of most lower class environments. D. Raise out of pure moral influence ± because they think it¶s the right thing to do. They don¶t actually care how the kid turns out but hope for the best.

It needs to be understood that the upper class is called the upper class for a very good reason ± everyone, even the upper class themselves, need to understand the following: They/You are called the ³upper class´ not only because they/you have money and nice things, but mainly because of the value that everyone projects on to the money and nice things in order to create the system that we live under. The green paper and material items give the illusion of happiness because each dollar and each item they receive or buy will only bring temporary happiness. However, in a world of invention and intellect, the temporary happiness can constantly be renewed. This temporary happiness can be repeated over and over

to give the illusion that even the person them self don¶t even realize is only an illusion to keep our system established, working, and organized. The upper class can use their material benefits to pave an easier path for their children and they can be surer that their children will be successful and prevail in a society that consists of an economic system that runs off of debt, a social system that is based off of self-interest, and a world where everyone wants money. They have the upper hand in assuring that their children prevail because they have what everyone wants. This advantage is what a lot of people believe is ³corrupt´ about the system we live under. It¶s wrong to agree with this ignorant statement. I refer to their lack of knowledge about how and why this system works the way it does as ignorance. If it was truly a problem it wouldn¶t have lasted over 100 years. The system isn¶t corrupt; the minds of the people that live in the nation are corrupt. They forget the reason America is what it is, and that if they don¶t like it they will always have the right to leave. Individual freedom is what our nation is known for. We are not socialists that redistribute wealth of the upper class to give to the less fortunate or the lower classes. We are capitalists that take what we need as long as it goes by the rules of the system. Our system is run off of greed, that¶s just the way it is. The result of the fact that the materialistic illusion that runs our society is only (sometimes) realized later in life is why one of the major products of this system includes a never ending cycle of crime violence. This cycle is inevitable in a place where you need to prove un-American people guilty in a court of law. The reason for this is because there are plenty people in this world that aren¶t motivated enough to go to school, study, apply themselves, and actually ± and I mean really actually try - to gain an interest in different fields of knowledge and different arts/practices by taking the time to study and read about them and maybe even practice them or try them out. This is why violence and crime will always plague and continue to plague America. Crime will never be stopped and violence is a product of crime. Nonviolent crimes such as stealing are what lead to the violent crimes. The people who would much rather µmake a living¶ by selling illegal products, stealing, assassinating, etc, etc. are essentially the ones resorting to violence to resolve business matters. The reason for this is because if you¶re using crime as a

means to create economic income, you can¶t go to the law when you encounter someone who isn¶t so honest in their dealings, or if any problem arises for that matter. On a side note: This violence needed to economically survive within the black market has the potential to leak into their social life eventually. Once a pattern of conscious violence is created to resolve business differences ± this pattern can evolve into a subconscious behavior to resolve social differences and could become a problem eventually leading that person behind bars because they don¶t know how to properly act around the systematically conditioned public. Even if they do, this pattern can make a break through when under emotional stress. We tend to be impulsive when under stress. Organized crime such as the mafia and gangs could easily be considered a legitimate American business because they (we¶ve all heard it before) take the opportunity of crime as a (successful) means to acquire a regular income. They are merely opportunists just like the rest of the successful business and corporation owners. Crime as an opportunity: Crime is only a successful opportunity as a means to create the PRODUCT of what the American Way creates ± which is the American Dream, it does not bring the concept of ³The American Dream´ itself. By living the American Way in order to achieve the American Dream, you would have no reason to worry about being put behind bars because it¶s assumed that you achieved that success by living The American Way, also sometimes known as being a Patriot. This means you¶re following the rules and using the system to your advantage. When living the American Dream by corrupting society with crime and using the already corrupt society, you run the risk of losing your freedom as an American because you have to be a criminal. This makes complete sense to any true American who knows his/her grass roots. We know it¶s true that organized crime uses the system to be successful and cheat their way to the products of the American Dream, not the American Dream itself. It merely lacks the satisfaction of having lived the American Way to get where they are. Unless you didn¶t agree with the AntiAmerican and AntiIndividualist laws, such as the laws against drug use, and chose to break one of those specific laws ± there is no reason for you to lose your individual freedom as an American citizen by being put into a prison cell. Even by breaking AntiAmerican laws you still live the American Way because those laws

should have never been there to begin with. It¶s a shame they keep great people from making great changes. These criminal organizations do nothing wrong by using the illusion of ³materialism is eternal happiness´ that¶s created by our system in order to live their own version of the American Dream. This is what happens when people want to take the easy way out (after all, almost anyone is accepted into organized crime). A person will take this path either because it¶s easier and faster than the typical way of succeeding, it provides instant gratification, or they assume the typical way won¶t work or already tried it and have reached age 18 with no hope and no more financial or moral supports to attempt to make it any further in life. These opportunists are merely using their freedom and loopholes in the system to provide the less fortunate with more opportunities. Think of them as the µdruggies¶ of the school, they¶ll accept any newcomer as long as he smokes pot ± similarities bring people together. These opportunities that should have never presented themselves (jump to the next paragraph for why they should have never presented themselves) are what corrupted the very definition of ³The American Dream´. The very phrase, The American Dream, is an example of social evolution. It was originally called ³The American Way´ ± the way of doing things to achieve success in America. When the American Way was no longer needed to achieve success (The American Dream), the American Way was diminished from the national mindset slowly. It seems only patriots that live the American Way will sing and talk about and take pride in the fact that they lived the American Way. The reason why they were here, in America, to begin with was to live the way you¶re supposed to ± in America. These very patriots are the ones who understand the system¶s grass roots. They also understand that we¶re living in a corrupt nation whose people don¶t realize that their freedom is the result of their ancestors and forefather¶s creation. ³The Government´ / ³The Man´ didn¶t create this place, the people of that time created the system we live under for our own benefit. The conclusion of my previous discussion of crime within America is the following: Crime is the result of using a nation¶s ³it-takes-will-to-succeed´ system against the very people that live under it. Some just can¶t seem to lead a happy life and enjoy

waking up every day without material goods because they don¶t think their supposed to. These people should literally be considered threats to our entire nation. The criminal business/organization and its apparent workers should not have to be proven guilty in a court of law with physical evidence if it¶s as obvious as a bunch of illiterate people running around in the same colors. They give up their individual freedom and rights as an American as soon as they decide to give up their right to attempt to live in their nation by illegitimate means. They make it clear that they¶re part of a gang or criminal organization by using gang calls and conforming to a dress code. They literally take pride in living a corrupt way of life by conforming to these sets of rules, dress, calls, handshakes, waves, and other symbolism of involvement to a certain crime syndicate. If you don¶t think you can make it by living the American Way, you should leave America. It¶s really that simple. If you foresee a future that is defeated by the way the system was created and designed to work, leave America before it happens and be happy that you were given a chance. I don¶t see why you wouldn¶t be welcome to return at any time to try again and get a fresh start. I said it once, and I¶ll say it again. We live in a society where those who can¶t support themselves are supposed to fall. It¶s hard and we all live it. The system that all Americans live under was made so that the people who do not want to try as hard as they can to succeed and become educated, will not succeed. The two go hand in hand ± if you don¶t care about your education, how do you suppose you¶re going to survive in a place where education is of the utmost importance? According to the history books, the American Way goes all the way back to the free thinkers that were looking to create a land where they could live and express their thoughts freely. They did that by colonizing America and worked hard and even fought for what they received. That continues to be the American Way to this day. The constitution was written by some of the greatest intellectuals, inventors, and philosophers of that time. The system was meant to work the way it does. America should be breeding minds as great as the minds that gave us what we have today.

Chapter 16 ± In America: Medium for Takeover
America has gone a bit over its one hundred years under, what is essentially the same government that Sparta implemented, and it looks as though it is beginning to mutate its government in order to prevent a government of the few (powerful corporations and the like). However, it also looks as if it is headed toward a state of forced civil equality, which every man but those on the bottom of the social chain and those who feel bad for those on the bottom are very likely to oppose. The minority of Americans remember what was taught to them in the history books at school as to why the original founders came here to this country to create a land of equal opportunity and preserve individual freedom. Due to the founding generation (and the generations following them that had heavily indoctrinated patriotic beliefs and knowledge of their ancestors intentions in founding the country) dying out over the past 100+ years; it is now easy to change the beliefs of the masses in America (through politics) from the original point of view. The original point of view being that America is a land of opportunity, and those who do not take the opportunity for prosperity will not prosper on the social ladder of the country. The new point of view being spread like a disease with no vaccine is that it is wrong that some people can not afford certain modern necessities such as different types of insurance because they never seized the opportunity of prosperity and claim that it¶s the upper class that is at fault for taking it all from them. This politically imposed delusion simply is not true; the opportunity to rise to the upper class was always there for these types of people. The problem is that much of the middle class who worked somewhat hard for their position have a small understanding and empathize for the lower class, leaving the rest of the middle class siding with the majority of the upper class that it isn¶t right that all people be forced to help the lower class prosper and get to their level when they had no help either. Heredity does play a part, however. Some people are born into and stay within the upper class because they use the system to their advantage to gain the upper hand rather than accuse it of not working to gain an upper hand and receive money from the government or something. That is essentially what the lower class is doing in this state. They are attempting to receive money from

all of the people of higher standing than them, or from the government, or from anywhere really, in order to benefit themselves. In order to be sure that they receive this benefit, they tell the people that it is the right thing to do to help the needy by force instead of by will. The political conversion has been caused by a lot of dwelling emotions among the American people that seems to have started with the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The attack consisted of a suicide bombing of airplanes into different parts of America, namely the World Trade Center (also known as the ³Twin Towers). Since the attack, no Americans have been satisfied with how our leaders dealt with the situation. This attack gave way for a common enemy amongst the American people once the attackers had been identified as Al-Qaeda. This caused mass depression and sadness within the country, as well as confusion as to what is to happen next. Since then, America has been at war with the middle east for over five years and has lost many troops. The war is displayed on the news nearly every day ensuring that every individual is crossed with that feeling of depression. Since the war started, America has been in a state of extreme economic decline and just recently reached what they are calling an economic recession or depression. Many people are having difficulties and struggling to stay on top of things and feed their children while paying for the necessities to maintain a decent citizenship within America and remain happy while building a family. It¶s much harder to prosper than it used to be. After the economic downfall got to a horrible point and the media was plagued by news stories covering what was happening within our economic troubles, a supposed epidemic of a new variant of flu broke out. Although not nearly as many died from the flu as they made it seem on the media, there were lines of hundreds and thousands of people lining up for hours to receive the vaccine that took so long to get. The herd mentality of the masses following the leader was clear. There are now huge amounts of conspiracy theories against the entire world governments such as the rebirth of the ³Illuminati´ conspiracy theory as well as many others. Some claim that 9/11 may even be a conspiracy or ³inside job´. The JFK assassination is still talked and wondered about. Then you have the rise of the

³Zeitgeist Revolution´ which basically shows people how the American political system doesn¶t work at all and its economy runs off of debt. It¶s quite clear that an economy based off of fiat currency has to run off of something other than the gold standard so this shouldn¶t be surprising. However, they go so far as to convince people that the American system is completely flawed and needs to be changed. It seems its only a matter of time before we pass through another part of the cycle. It is no doubt that all of these events are causing mass confusion, paranoia, fear, hatred, depression, and violence. It seems as though the next step America will take is toward Anarchy from the cause of an angry people with fear of being oppressed or Socialism due to the economic downfall and the fact that many citizens are being persuaded that all individuals should be equal to the point where they all are on the same social and economic status. The reason that all of this confusion is the medium for takeover will be discussed in a later chapter and this chapter will be referred back to within that chapter. All of that being said, we must go back to the Machiavellian ideas for a more rational view on why this happens ± it has already been reviewed as to why America would be in the state it is in. It¶s because any self-sustaining state that doesn¶t build and increase its territory/empire will eventually become imbalanced and no longer be sustainable without acquiring more land or mutating its government system. The economy becomes imbalanced, the social classes eventually become that of the common wealth and the aristocracy, this eventually becomes the government of few, which eventually becomes a principality or a democracy (anarchy). It¶s all part of the cycle, however, because of the constitution that America is founded on ± the cycle is taking place by mutating the laws rather than the specific doctrine the government was created under, especially tax laws. (Which, as already stated, are un-American laws, but the founders originally agreed on imposing taxes as long as all of the people agreed they were for the greater good and didn¶t take away from individual freedom.) This is because the philosophy of the United States Constitution and its importance of being the only freedomsustaining political system that has been created are indoctrinated beliefs within the children of the nation. Through the pledge of

allegiance and the history classes within the public education system, the indoctrination is clear. The unstable state of America provides a medium for takeover by another country or by an internal revolution. However, the leaders are doing a very good job by employing Machiavellian and psychopolitical tactics to maintain the people¶s obedience and mass mental state. (This was also the chapter that was supposed to cover the topic of America¶s political mutation (as I stated I would cover in an earlier chapter) due to the fact that these very events are what are causing the mutation in the first place.)

Chapter 17 ± The Idea of Mind Control
Mind control and manipulation are two very horrible concepts, bad to the point that most people don¶t even believe it exists or consider the very ideas far-fetched. They¶ll be asked about what they think about it and just laugh or shrug it off. What they don¶t realize is that it does exist. They¶re actually being manipulated on a daily basis by the tactics that have been developed and they deceive themselves while being deceived by not even considering the possible existence of such a field. A society based around lies and coercion is a society that will never be truly fulfilled because all that needs to happen is for the majority of the society to be convinced that one way of doing things is better than the other ± whether it really is or not. The common people actually believe the lies that are fed to them because of the ways that they are presented. Everyone¶s ³needs´ will never really be met because everyone believes that their µneeds¶ are different due to all of the mentally invasive persuasion in advertising and political campaigns. I put ³needs´ in quotes because the only things that people really need to survive on this planet are the same, the rest are what we want in order to live with order and material happiness in a society. How do we expect to come to terms and live with each other in a place where the terms are always being changed? As long as we live in ignorance of how we are persuaded into believing one thing or another, we will continue to be persuaded and conflict will continue to happen every day. People really just don¶t want to ever stop and think, ³What¶s actually a good decision for me, and why do I believe that it¶s a good decision? Will it also benefit others as well as much as me? If not, is that the best for others and myself or is there another option?´ People will always look for confirmation or social proof in order to make their decisions if we keep living the way we live. The self must know what¶s good for the self in order for a world democracy to work correctly, the reason for this is that the self is essentially the same as others when it comes to the needs for survival and living in harmony with each other. It¶s sort of like the ever famous saying, ³you can not respect others if you do not first respect yourself´. When the self knows what is good for the self, he can then move on to

compromise with his individual needs as well as the collective needs to meet with what he believes is the best decision on a certain political bill or other election. The fact is that individualism and collectivism must compromise to create the system we¶re discussing now. In order to form world peace and unification, people need to talk and come to agreements in a civilized manner, and that can only happen when everyone knows how to persuade each other. When everyone knows how to persuade each other, no one can be persuaded. People will always be forced to make a truly honest compromise. Ideas will be thought about before being accepted and ideas will no longer be able to be forced upon the masses. The main issue is that people should be making conscious decisions, because if they make them unconsciously the future of the entire world could be at risk of a rising dictatorship by a deceitful government, the very government that would currently be keeping order within the entire world.

Chapter 18 ± Left and Right Brain
The idea of left and right brain is that there are two parts of the brain that process information differently. The left brain is analytical, thinks in parts, and rationalizes. The right brain thinks in wholes (the big picture), is irrational, and is more willing to accept thing instead of over-analyzing them. The main goal in persuasion and advertisement is to access only the right brain while conveying information to subjects or the audience. They will do this either by distracting the left brain while conveying information or before conveying information to the target, putting the target in a hypnotic state while talking to them, or talk in such a way that the subconscious part of the mind picks up the things that they want it to pick up while the conscious part of the mind will pick up everything else. This may seem farfetched, however, it is not. There was a time in history when this was, but in today¶s world this is very possible and happens on a daily basis. Distracting the left brain, or putting the majority of the audience into a state of trance/hypnosis then leaves them to what the professionals call ³open to suggestion´. It¶s called being ³open to suggestion´ because the audience will (most likely) take any suggestion given to them (meaning idea that they weren¶t originally thinking of and may be controversial as to whether it could be the right or wrong thing to believe) as truth. I will give one very popular example of distracting the left brain while giving a suggestion to the right brain, making the audience more likely to accept the suggestion as truth. Whether this works on a long term basis or temporarily doesn¶t matter as long as the people watching are agreeing for the time being. If they get the same temporary reaction over and over ± eventually this pattern becomes inevitably accepted and embedded into the mind of the audience. This method is called the ³Yes Set´. It¶s a very common and often used tactic of persuasion that you probably didn¶t even know was supposed to be a method to persuade the audience. It probably just seemed like a classic speech or what have you. Here is an example:

A VERY over simplified example of yes set communication: ³Are you sick of the war on terror?´ ³Do you want the troops to come home?´ ³Do you want your children going to war?´ ³You know military deaths have increased since [insert leader here] has been in office, you know his party is doing nothing to help, and you know our economy and nation can no longer stand it! Accept [insert new leader here] as President! All of these problems will go away!´ The above is a typical example of distracting the left brain while giving a suggestion to the subconscious mind and the right brain. Now that you have a basic understanding of how the brain works and a new perspective on the classic persuasive speech on the politician, it¶s time to dive into a deeper analysis on how the brain works. We must begin with a very brief explanation of sensatory perception. Your subconscious mind is what (mostly) controls your senses. We know this because you don¶t have to think about hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching in order to do it and take in information through the senses ± you don¶t have to think ³I am now looking and seeing´ in order to look at and see things. You just do it. As you do it, you subconsciously observe and draw conclusions and once the results of your sensatory perception come in ± the most important parts are revealed to your conscious mind, leaving the (what it decides is) less important information somewhere else but it will still effect your behavior. Nearly every region of the brain becomes involved on some level as data is processed, memories are triggered and associations are made along with relating these things back to real life experiences. It all happens so fast ± some if consciously and a good portion of it subconsciously. It¶s time to go back to the ³yes set´ technique. It asks questions about things that most people would obviously agree with in order to get them into a state of agreement ± which makes them open to suggestion. It occupies the left brain by bringing up the associations and memories and whatever else comes with the questions, because in order to agree you should have to think about the question at hand, correct? The person talking gets the people

thinking about the original questions and when the suggestion is inserted after they begin thinking about the original three questions, in this case the questions arise memories and words that bring up associations with a lot of chaotic thoughts ± war, terror, death, military, violence, and their children. This can cause a very big mental distraction. For those people with children that are at war, fighting terror with the possibility of death and almost inevitable involvement in violence... this yes set would work particularly well. John Doe is almost sure to get their vote, or at least temporary agreement which could have a surprisingly lasting affect after a period time.

Chapter 19 ± Pavlov¶s Research
Almost every work written on the history of brainwashing and conversion begins with Ivan Pavlov¶s experiments conducted on dogs. It is a mistake to assume that just because dogs are not humans that their brains work any differently just because they can not talk or walk on two legs. They are mammals just as we are and history has shown that the very same mechanics of brainwashing a dog can indeed be used on humans, and these methods have indeed been used throughout history for political and religious conversion. Thirty years of research is what it took for Pavlov to finally be convinced that the four basic personalities of his dogs were extremely, almost too much so, similar to those assigned to man by the Greek physician Hippocrates. The four basic ³temperaments´ as they are called, which means disposition ± the usual mood are listed below. The names of the temperament types and how each type normally responds to imposed stresses or conflict situations are as follows: The ³strong excitatory´ temperament: turns wild and can be completely out of hand. The ³lively´ temperament: has a purposeful and controlled reaction. The ³calm imperturbable´ temperament: has a passive way of reacting to imposed stress. The ³weak inhibitory´ temperament: Shows constitutional tendency to meet conflicts by passivity (as with the calm imperturbable type) and also by avoidance of tension. Any strong amount of experimental stress imposed on the nervous system of a dog that has the µweak inhibitory¶ temperament would go into a state of brain inhibition and ³fear paralysis´. However, Pavlov also found that the three other temperaments, too, had their breaking points as well. When they were imposed with more stress than they could cope with by their

usual patterns of behavior, they responded ± eventually ± with states of brain inhibition. Pavlov then regarded this state of brain inhibition as a protective mechanism that is normally employed by the brain as a last resort when pressed beyond endurance. The most significant finding of his study, however, was that the µweak inhibitory¶ temperament type of dog was an exception because the µprotective inhibition¶ occurred more rapidly and in response to lighter amounts of stress and lighters stress in general. Pavlov understood the importance to differentiating the behaviors that are constituted within a dog through hereditary means and the behaviors that are learned and indoctrinated into a dog since birth by outside environmental influences which he knew could produce long lasting inhibitory patterns of behavior under stresses. The final pattern of behavior he knew was, of course, the result of both of these combined. Pavlov was very careful to classify dogs according to their hereditary/constituted behavior and not by their environmentally learned behavior. He did this before making them subjects of experiments ± making the results of his experiments trusted and accurate. Pavlov found that when dogs broke down under strongly imposed stresses, their treatment varied and depended mostly upon its constitutional temperament. For instance, when a dog who was broken down was treated with sedatives, the dosage for dogs of the ³strong excitatory´ type is 5 ± 8 times greater than the dose that¶s required by a ³weak inhibitory´ dog of the same body weight. The same general rule is applied to human subjects that have broken down from war trauma. He also found that more prolonged and much more severe stresses could be applied to normal dogs of the lively or calm imperturbable type without causing a break down, but those of the strong excitatory and weak inhibitory types could not withstand nearly as much stress before breaking down entirely. When under imposed stresses, the brain goes into a series of phases/stages of the aforementioned ³protective inhibition´ that Pavlov has titled and given definitions to: Equivalent Phase: strong and weak stimuli produce the same responses.

Paradoxical Phase: weak stimuli produce livelier responses than strong stimuli do, while weaker ones still continue to produce positive responses. Ultra-Paradoxical Phase: positive conditioned responses suddenly switch to negative ones; and negative ones to positive. The relationships of these states of protective inhibition to political and religious conversion is quite obvious: Pavlov has shown by repeated, repeatable, and documented scientific experiments how a dog, like a man, can be conditioned to love what it had previously hated, and hate what it had previously loved. Furthermore, when going through the three phases of protective/transmarginal inhibition, a state of brain activity extremely similar to human hysteria might result. This can very well cause an abnormal suggestibility to the outside influences imposed on the subject by the environment. In order to sum up clearly what has been written, as well as adding in information that I may have missed, I will quote the book ³The Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing´ by William Sargant. Specifically the end of the chapter, ³Experiments on Animals´ where he includes a ³Summary of Above Findings´. Any information given that is doubted by the reader can be easily proven if he chooses to do the research. The quote begins now: ³ 1. Dogs, like human beings, respond to imposed stresses or conflict situations according to their different types of inherited temperament. The four basic types correspond with those described as humours by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. 2. A dog¶s reactions to normal stress depend not only on its inherited constitution, but also on environmental influences to which it has been exposed. These alter the details of its behaviour, but do not change the basic temperamental pattern.

3. Dogs, like human beings, break down when stresses or conflicts become too great for their nervous system to master. 4. At the point of breakdown, their behaviour begins to vary from that normally characteristic of their inherited temperamental type and previous conditioning. S. The amount of stress or conflict that a dog can master without breaking down varies with its physical condition. A lowering resistance can be brought about by such things as fatigue, fevers, drugs, and glandular changes. 6. When the nervous system has been stimulated ³transmarginally´ (that is to say, beyond its capacity to respond normally) for long periods, a dog¶s responses eventually become inhibited, whatever its temperamental type may be. In the two less stable types, the ³weak inhibitory´ and the ³strong excitatory´, breakdown will also occur sooner than in the two stronger types, the ³lively´ and the ³calm imperturbable´. 7. This ³transmarginal´ inhibition is protective and results in altered behavior. Three distinguishable phases of increasingly abnormal behaviour can occur: a. The so-called ³equivalent´ phase, in which the brain gives the same response to both strong and weak stimuli. b. The so-called ³paradoxical´ phase, in which the brain responds more actively to weak stimuli than to strong. c. The so-called ³ultra-paradoxical´ phase in which conditioned responses and behaviour patterns turn from positive to negative; or from negative to positive. 8. When stresses imposed on the nervous system of dogs result in ³transmarginal protective inhibition´, a state of brain activity can also occur resembling hysteria in man ´ One of Pavlov¶s greatest findings was that he could implant a whole set of various conditioned behavior patterns in a group of dogs by traumatizing them. He accidentally gained the idea about how the brain might be ³wiped clean´ ± at least temporarily ± of

all the conditioned behavior recently implanted in it. This was found out accidentally during and after the Leningrad flood when the dogs were trapped in their cages filled nearly to the tops of their heads with water, when suddently at the last second a laboratory attendant pulled them down through the water and out of their cage doors to safety. This experience put a majority of the dogs into a state of transmarginal protective inhibition. Upon testing, it was found that all of the recently implanted conditioning within the dogs had disappeared. He then found that by merely dumping a bucket of water beneath the door and into the room that the dogs were caged in could induce the same state of protective inhibition and he could then implant whatever behavioral patterns he wanted into them. This is basically the very concept of brainwashing in dogs as well as humans.

Chapter 20 ± Brief Overview of Body Language
Body language is the first aspect of mind control and manipulation, the reason being that it all happens on a subconscious level within all human beings. Most of us are unaware of our body language because we¶re not meant to be aware ± it¶s a level of communication that is developed along human evolution from day one of existence. Whether or not parts of it are embedded in the human brain upon birth can only be debated, nature versus nurture is not a debate that is going to be discussed here. The three main things we will go over for body language will only be discussed very briefly, the entire knowledge of body language takes a lot of time and practice to develop. You must be constantly thinking about it at a conscious level in order to be on what some may call the next level of awareness. It¶s a hard ability to learn, but it¶s learnable and beyond a ³good to know´ art. After all, more communication goes on at this level than at our level of conscious linguistic thought and communication. It¶s much more basic and a lot less complex than linguistics ever could be. All you do is observe and conclude through your eyes ± probably the most dominant sense in the perception of reality. You may find that, a lot of the time, what the body says will contradict what the person says themselves. This just goes to show how powerful being aware of it is. First of all, let¶s go over the basics of how to tell if someone is lying. This is one of the more commonly known aspects of body language ± yet people still wont look out for it consciously. I¶m just going to list them as they are. That¶s all that¶s needed. This isn¶t a book on body language and there are whole books on body language that you can read and I suggest you do. I will only list what to look out for; this isn¶t a textbook on the subject of manipulation ± merely an overview of what¶s being done on a daily basis and what¶s known to those in power and those looking to rise into power. After going over how to spot a lie, more aspects of body language will be covered. How to spot a lie: - Hand over the mouth / rubbing the mouth - Scratching the nose after or while speaking

- Looking up and to the right (not a concrete sign ± do not rely on this) - Avoiding eye contact (again not a concrete sign, but it¶s up there) How to spot social disagreement/lack of interest: In General: - Crossed arms/legs - Body faced away from the subject at hand (person talking/presentation) - Sleeves down instead of in their normal rolled up state (depending) - Buttoned instead of unbuttoned shirt - Hood up or sunglasses/hat remain worn - Feet pointing in what direction? (we can tell (for the most part) the most about a person¶s attention from the direction their feet are pointing) More aimed towards conversational (dis)agreement: - Tucking, licking, biting, the lips touching the lips or face (You¶ll notice the hand slowly moving from one spot to another until finally reaching the face in some instances.) - Coughing after someone says something the person disagrees with - Touching the chin shows thought/interest - Two fingers toward the temple shows anger/frustration/disagreement - Palms Up = Interest, Palms Down = Disinterest Clenched fists can mean anger/frustration/disagreement - Thumbs out/open is good, thumps down or clenched is bad - Touching the back of the neck = ³I want to change the subject´ As previously stated, has been merely a small overview of social bodily cues. Most people are unaware of all of these things, especially the palm, cough, fist, and thumb cues. These are very

hard to keep track of in interpersonal communication, and most people don¶t keep track of it at all. This is where the weakness lies within all of us, and the people that know it will take advantage of it. In drug rehabs and emotional or behavioral change institutions they¶ll promote interest related body language as a manipulation tactic. For instance, while everyone talks they¶ll have them put their palms up and make them all sit the same way while talking to each other, or before talking to each other. This makes the patients subconsciously want to receive feed back. Although I¶d say they¶re looked at more as subjects of manipulation than they are µpatients¶. Whether the manipulation helps them or not, they don¶t know how or why it works. They also may not be there by choice, which is even more unacceptable. Behavioral conditioning need not happen in a world where everyone knows why they act the way they do. They can condition themselves with the help of others in a place where self-awareness is promoted and learned regularly. Before we move on, anyone who peruses the art and understanding of body language and subconscious communication ± you must know that confronting people about their disagreement or lies will make them uncomfortable and it¶s not to be done. It¶s almost like mind reading, and no one likes to think someone knows more about them than they let on to that person. This is a very important part of understanding body language. This is why it takes time to develop a concrete knowledge in the field ± you can¶t just simply ask a person if you¶re correct or not.

Chapter 23 ± Rundown on Brainwashing
It¶s time to give a quick rundown on how brainwashing and conversion takes place in groups and individuals. The basics have already been talked about, but not in depth. You already have the idea on how to brainwash using Pavlov¶s technique on dogs by traumatizing them. Which they are then left open for reprogramming after being traumatized. The way that religions do it is very similar and basically identical. They would (throughout history) go around preaching to big groups of people in which hundreds could be converted at once. They would give sermons about hellfire and eternal damnation if you didn¶t give up your soul to god. The idea is to induce fear, anxiety, conflicts in loyalty, delusions of guilt, and paranoia. These feelings and emotions can be and may indeed have to be induced regularly for a period of months until the final collapse takes place in which a person can have a new behavior pattern embedded into their brain. Some will actually be worked up enough at these gatherings as to go into convulsions right there in the crowd, this even helps the preacher because it works up more excitement and lets people know it¶s the right thing to do. Once these people go into convulsions they say something along the lines of ³let us pray the lord our God sanctifies his/her soul!´ giving the idea that when this person gets better, it was the work of God. They can be on the ground having fits of extreme pain and mental breakdown for hours until they finally come back into life ³reborn´ and ³shown the light´. It is all a play on the mind, none if it is actually real. This is called brainwashing because it wipes the original behavior pattern clean and replaces it with a new one ± temporarily or permanently but usually permanently. Religious people are put under long periods of enforced fasting, sleep deprivation, fatigue, and other physiologically debilitating activities to further the impossibility of rationalization and intellectual thought.

Chapter 24 ± Political Conversion
Much of the material included in this chapter was taken from ³Battle for the Mind´ by William Sargant. In this chapter, we will be going over already tested and tried methods of political conversion and persuasion. We will cover how, in history, the Chinese Communists were able to spread their doctrine and get people to follow it for such a long time the same way the Christians spread the 10 Commandments to religious converts and made them follow it. It¶s a very interesting phenomenon that has happened. The switch from religion to politics is so clear; they¶re one in the same. One however, has a more covert application of techniques that don¶t seem religious unless you view history and compare the two. First of all, I¶d like to say, people find it some kind of mystery that Hitler was able to convert so many intelligent people to think of him as (pretty much) a God. Hitler never even concealed his methods of persuasion, he boasted how easy it was to enforce the ³lie of genius´ on the masses. His method included deliberately creating mass hypnotism and organized excitement. He never concealed this, yet people still think it¶s some kind of mystery. I have news for you all: this is no new phenomenon and it works and is still being used to this day. Time to wake up and smell the bullshit people. The Chinese Communists are of specific importance in this chapter. They actually had the intellect and knowhow to avoid a completely intellectual approach to mass conversion. They created political anger by reporting and over-emphasizing the United States¶ hostile attitude towards New China. If the hostile attitude of the United States wasn¶t so obvious, the Communists would have had to come up with another excuse for creating anger and hatred in the Chinese masses. They would have had to create another external enemy of some kind, the Americans merely made things easier with their hostile attitude. Now here is another method of the Chinese Communists currently being used today on the American people with the new election of Barack Obama. The Chinese Communists also made the masses more suggestible by provoking even stronger emotions

against supposed internal enemies, these include bankers, merchants, and rich land owners ± mostly the ³upper class´. Every method and opportunity to create intense anxiety and big amounts of guilt in as many non-Communist people as possible were taken and used against them. Even small shopkeepers were made to feel like they had been reactionary capitalists. Group confessions and discussions about political deviation were encouraged. We see a lot of this going on today in present day America. Here is a direct excerpt from ³Battle for the Mind: A Physiology on Conversion and Brain-washing´ on how the Chinese Communists produced a New China nearly over night by using shock tactics: ³Fear of continued civil war, or foreign intervention, or both, convinced the Chinese Communist leaders that they must use shock tactics to convert the masses. A more intellectual approach might have resulted in a more stable type of conversion, but it would have taken dangerously long, and been consummated only with the gradual dying off of those brought up in the old ways of thought, and the growing up of the children educated in the new. To make a new China overnight, emotional disruption was essential; and so effective were the methods used, that thousands killed themselves in despair, a sense of guilt artificially implanted in them being so strong that they felt unworthy to accept the proffered Communist salvation; leaving the most resilient millions to dance, dance, dance for joy at their liberation from millenniary bondage ± until they learned to tremble at the periodic visits of the Household Police who now keep a dossier on the history and activities of every household.´ The Chinese Communists spread their beliefs in such a way that they made it illegal for thoughts of anti-communist actions and beliefs as illegal as the actual actions themselves. This is the same idea of the 10 Commandments. Making the thoughts as illegal as the actions make for constant anxiety and fear, anxious because the person is always wondering if they¶ll let their thoughts slip in conversation and fear of being imprisoned or rejected from society if they tell anyone. This made sure that whether or not people believed in their thoughts that the government was correct or not,

their actions would always be with the government ± not against it. The Chinese Communists took up political enforcement that so closely resembles religious conversion that we can see not even just with communism ± political and religious conversion are basically one in the same. The tactics used are used everywhere in the world for political coercion and conversion. It¶s almost ridiculous that the masses have yet to catch on. You¶d honestly think that since they¶re so stupid as to not catch on that they might as well be controlled because all hope is lost in them educating themselves to stop these dumb cycles and manipulation tactics from being used against them. Yet, we still do these things on a daily basis. This really needs to change.

Chapter 25 ± War
War does not determine who is right in the end, but who is left in the end. War is probably just about one of the most idiotic and irrational results of the lies and manipulation that are spread throughout our modern society. Those same manipulation tactics and lies are what politics, the coercive tactics of the media, and the persuasiveness of politicians themselves are based off of. Let¶s just look at what war really is. Two or more nations go to war (unless it¶s a civil war) over a disagreement. Moreover, a nation normally goes to war out of fear of being occupied, or in order to occupy more territory, or at least this is so in the past not as much in the present. They send armies of their people to attack each other until one side gives up and agrees to what they originally did not agree with. They keep on killing each other and threatening each other and each other¶s people until one side gives up. That¶s that. We just keep on killing our own species in order to get what one side wants. Why can there be no compromise - who knows? What¶s the point - who knows? Until world unification is brought on, there will only be more killing and more wars and no peace. That¶s just how it goes. There will always be disagreements unless everyone in the world decides on a change and comes to agreements and compromises. When you think about it, politics is like a new form of religion. It uses the same coercive, persuasive, manipulative tactics that any cult will use, but in a much less aggressive and a much more covert form in order to motivate the people into doing or believing things that they might not normally do or believe. It¶s wrong and people should make conscious instead of unconscious decisions to believe or do things. It should be stopped, but the media will do anything but spread knowledge about its methods on how they get people to agree and condone pointless wars, ineffective political ideas, and lying politicians. Most people will defend their irrational views on these things, naturally. They¶ll even try to convert their friends and families to support their political views, does this not sound like religion? I might be taking it too far, forgive me if this is so. I seriously think we need a change here though. After world unification, this will all be

mythology in the history books. Masses that are immune to such deception and willingly decide to be educated will look at the history of politics and say, ³Wow, people actually believed that they should kill thousands of other people over natural resources and disagreements of socialism or other government implementation? Why couldn¶t everyone just agree on one thing wouldn¶t that make more people happy?´ The reason is because of why influence, persuasion, mind control, and manipulation in general work. They work by manipulating human nature in order to make human beings believe irrational ideas or ideas they would otherwise not believe. You can not change the nature of all human beings. The human being will follow his mind wherever it takes him, whether it¶s toward irrational and harmful ideas or rational and helpful ideas. The fact that people have developed means in order to control human beings is very bad, but it also helps us understand why we do the things we do. Everyone should be educated as to how we are manipulated in order to avoid it ever happening ± if we avoid it ever happening in the future, the only thing left to do is unite forces and help all people get along and advance our modern times to the fullest extent. In a world where no one can be deceived, no one can be deceived into believing one idea is better than another and everyone will be forced to come to a compromise, there¶s no other way to live happily with each other.

Chapter 26 ± Psychopolitics
Every aspect of politics and political conversion is included in the ³Russian Brainwashing Manual on Psychopolitics´. The manual covers pretty much all aspects of covert political brainwashing, coercion, and conversion except the actual psychological methods such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming the way this book does. The manual itself states that there is no ethical problem in psychopolitical procedures because of the fact that it is ³obvious and evident´ that man is always coerced against his will to the greater good of the state. It goes on to explain that this is true whether it be by indoctrination or economic gains into the desires of the state. We have discussed this over and over ± how politics is merely the new religion of today. However, this manual proves that Psychopolitics is indeed in use today on the public and that the people must be controlled due to the fact that they truly do not know what is best for the state... or so the creators believe. The lack of education in the public is why psychopolitics can even proceed to be used on the masses. It goes on to explain, just as this book has explained, that ³Basically, Man is an animal.´ The manual goes on to explain that man is a collective animal grouped together for his own protection before the threat of the environment. As we have seen in the overview of the political cycle, and as Machiavelli states directly within his work ³The Discourses on Livy´ ± man created government and elected the strongest and boldest leader in order to protect the collective man from the threat of the environment. Psychopolitics itself can be considered a ³Machiavellian´ practice due to ³the control of a republic through deceit.´ The main goal of psychopolitics is to ensure that people who are deemed insane are not treated with effective means such as the teaching of ³self-awareness´ that is given within this book in its own chapter. The manual states, very clearly, that institutions for the insane are necessary and that within these institutions; surgery and shock practices will be the treatment of patients in order to prevent them from being treated successfully and permanently. It states that the psychopolitical operative must make these treatments common and accepted and sweep aside any

treatment or any group of people that are trying to treat by effective means. For instance, if America were to be running strict censorship and using psychopolitics ± this book will never be published because it exposes psychopolitics and offers mental health treatments that are more effective than any other due to their entirety of truth rather than deceit and ineffectiveness. It is merely up to the person practicing self-awareness to accept the fact that he literally has been deceiving himself all along. The first priority of psychopolitics is to own the credit and discrediting of all mental healing practices. Discrediting those that are useful and crediting and making common those that aren¶t useful. Therefore there will always be chaos and turmoil within the public and within individuals which will make them constantly susceptible and conform to the philosophy presented by the government. The manual also recognizes that non-conformist nature within a person is unacceptable and should always be discouraged. It ensures that counter-revolutionary propaganda must always be put in place. This was actually discussed earlier in this book where we have the ³counter-culture´ of every country that never really takes any action other than living differently from normal society and this usually satisfies them enough. Psychopolitics is clearly used in most countries because psychology and manipulation is literally using the evolutionary nature of man to ensure that they take the path that seems most fitting to their evolutionary needs and desires (desires that are implanted by the mass media in the first place). Manipulation can only be avoided through mass education of the people on the tactics that exist because of the fact that it uses human nature to manipulate the human being collectively and individually. This was already discussed earlier, but the fact that an entire field has been named ³psychopolitics´ in order to control the masses has actually been created is a warning to all people of what we could truly be in for, either a world dictatorship or world enlightenment; this book aims to take the latter choice whereas the governments of the world seem to be aiming for the former choice.

Chapter 27 ± Self-Awareness
The importance of self-awareness has already been expressed throughout a few of the chapters but the importance of understanding what this truly means is beyond practically all other ideas expressed in this book. Self-awareness has many different other words and terms used for the same idea, however, selfawareness is probably the best as far as self-explanation goes. The purpose of self-awareness is to constantly be aware of one¶s own behavior and actions and the motivation for every behavior and action, down to the very roots of the brain. For example: I am debating with a person on a belief of mine trying to get them to see my point of view and our voice volume levels keep escalating and neither of us care to notice. This is the first mistake. The second mistake is not being aware of the potential danger that comes about when arguing aggressively ± these two mistakes go hand in hand. The reason being that although we are raising our voices, we do not take into account the consequences of our actions because we are not making conscious ± aware ± decisions but acting only on instinct not rationality. We then both continue to go on this way because there is no observation of the self but only actions based off of self-interest and satisfying our ego. A basic diagram of self-awareness and the human mind is shown below. It depicts decision making and the result of making decisions in certain ways. The chart shows us that psychological growth is based off of human experience. Human experience is created by making decisions and examining the results of those decisions through our senses. Thus, below is a diagram to give a basic ± not so in-depth ± understanding of self-awareness. Following the diagram will be an in-depth explanation.

Conscious decision making means that you are aware of all behaviors and actions as they are happening and are products of your conscious mind. You are not acting out purely on instinct. This ³self-awareness´ is the progress of animal-instinctive man to modern-rational man. It is the biggest step in human evolution that an individual takes. This step includes: disregarding emotions entirely as a decision making process (under most circumstances ± not all), being aware constantly about our behaviors and actions

AS they happen instead of looking back and saying things such as ³how could I have been so stupid´, and analyzing the outcomes before doing them ± no matter how much our emotions want to do one thing, there will always be consequences. Considering that emotions are normally the motivator for unconscious decision making, the chart depicts emotions and unconscious decision making separately because it is not the only unconscious part of the mind. Using emotions entirely over rationality will always result in mental illness, using unconscious decision making (making no decisions yourself, basically) will almost always lead to momentary mental illness or depression until learning from those mistakes and learning to move on instead of dwelling in the unsatisfactory consequences. We call this living in the past. The only way to remain happy and mentally healthy is to learn from the past and continue to live in the moment with those lessons from unconscious and emotionally charged decisions always remaining in the present-minded individual. From here, whenever a certain emotion pops up it will trigger the memory and make for an analysis of what behavior is most appropriate. This is what we call psychological growth. You are making conscious decisions AS the problems arise and using lessons from past unconscious decisions to decide the most appropriate response (rather than pure reaction) to a given situation. The self-aware individual always remains confident, happy, and satisfied. Being self-aware basically ensures that mental illness never even presents itself to the individual because he is aware of why he is mentally ill. There is always a motivation for depression or ³one-tempo-one-motion´ behavior. Knowing the motivation for all actions and behaviors ± essentially the smallest prime motivators for the individual¶s mental state itself ± will ensure that there is always a solution to mental illness within the individual¶s own mind. Psychopolitics and greed is the reason these things aren¶t taught in school in order to promote psychological growth. If there is no more mental illness then there will be no money to be made from people not knowing themselves and everyone with a healthy mind would not be motivated or influenced by their environment which makes for political complications. People will no longer be influenced entirely by the media and politics, therefore mental

illness must always be preserved as a non-fallacy when it is, in fact, a product of an individual¶s own creation. The individual is a prisoner of his own mental cover that he created for his own mind without even knowing it. Self-awareness is of the utmost importance in a unified society to ensure the happiness of all people.

Chapter 28 ± A Theoretical World Takeover
By employing all of the aforementioned manipulation tactics, one could see how you could easily take over the entire world and control the masses under a unified government. This is why it is very important to ensure that all people are educated in the field of manipulation and psychology. The steps to take to ensure world domination: y Control the mass media. y Edited out for various reasons. y Drug the water supply or drug children in schools while teaching the national political philosophy (indoctrination with use of drugs). y Implement Mass Surveillance and/or a Household Police. y Create brainwash facilities for prisoners of war and political prisoners. y Ensure the creation of a counter-culture to satisfy the non-conformists. y Convince the children to inform political officials of the deviant thoughts or teachings their parents or fellow citizens may have. y Disarm the people to ensure there is never a conspiracy carried out against the government. y Ensure that mass confusion, anxiety, and fear are always being induced in the masses. y Ensure that paranoia is included within the original three emotions when political conversion to a new system is needed due to imbalance, therefore the masses will seek salvation just as the religious converts do before being converted. y Under a dictatorship, political conversion is never needed due to the fact that everything is controlled by the central government ± this is what government the world would be converted to in order to avoid the previous step of domination.



If a dictatorship is not used then a false sense of democracy must be used to ensure that the people actually believe that they have some kind of say in what they are doing when they are really being coerced into every action that they take supporting the State¶s interest. Ensure mental health is never treated effectively and discredit all effective methods to ensure that they are never employed or used.

We don¶t need this to ever happen ± and we know it is possible for it to happen. Let¶s have world peace; it¶s the only other option than a world dictatorship or continuing to live the irrational existence that the human race currently lives.

Chapter 29 ± Rebirth
A new planet is born when we all come together to make one, giant, world-wide society. Everyone will learn and perfect any trade they want because of the world-wide share of information and how easily obtainable it would be / already is. The third world countries would become better educated and run by a government that could actually help them consistently and effectively and make use of the resources they didn¶t want to give up originally because they either thought they were being taken advantage of, wanted money for their own country, or for some reason didn¶t get along well with the country that needed the resources originally. Greed is what keeps these social, economic, and political barriers up. Greed is also what causes war, promotes murder and crime, and influences people to take advantage of others. Materialism is what results from the combination of greed and technological advancement. Materialism in general is causing man to become much more selfish, competitive, and overall - just messed up. For instance, if people stop trying to be µlevel 50¶ in a video game and try to be µlevel 50¶ in real life things will go much smoother. Once these delusions are realized and understood on a mass level, crime should dramatically increase as it would be an irrational thing to do unless it was for profit. However, there¶d be no need to make profit from crime if everyone just went to school. Government secrets would no longer have to be kept secrets because there¶d be no other nations that would steal or try to beat the other nation¶s technology and weapon systems. Government technology could be shared with the people and the people as well as the government would equally advance it as time progressed. We would all be at the same level of knowledge and our government wouldn¶t have to hide a thing. There was a time if you remember - when the people and their governments actually trusted each other and even worked together to get out of political difficulties and complications. As long as world peace is about, the only thing to worry about as far as revolts or chaos is someone trying to overthrow the government and create a dictatorship. If everyone is happy, there¶s no reason for this to happen except hunger for power. If it did happen the power hungry person would soon realize that the entire world is the government when the power lies within the people. It takes a lot to influence six billion

people into believing the same lie about one man running the world. Although it was almost done in World War II, and world unification would have been achieved, but the one man on top always ends up falling and things start all over, especially when it¶s a man, or multiple men, with good intentions and unnecessary evil actions. A dictatorship won¶t work

Chapter 30 ± True Potential
The potential we would hold once we get rid of the old and embrace the new is incredible. Imagine a place where everybody learns, goes to school, talks to their neighbors, and gets along. In some places, this level of socialization still happens, but their level of education is not even close to ours and neither is their technology. That¶s because education and technology is what ruined our culture to being with, but now we have the knowledge to fix it. Imagine when we live in a place where people aren¶t as materialistic, this level of interpersonal socialization happens on a regular day-to-day basis, on top of that our education system would be even better than now, and people understand why learning is important. Everyone wants to make that big difference in the world, not just a few people ± but at the same time, everyone pursues it, they don¶t just want it. Our way of life would be so much more advanced than it is now. We have the potential to travel through space, but no one nation has the resources, time, or money to invest in space exploration. In this world money wouldn¶t be nearly as important and resources would be at an all time high and used for the better of all people. The management of said resources would be much simpler when there¶s one authority taking care of it all for all people. The only need for government at this point is to organize everything and keep order - the only reason a central government is supposed to exist in the first place. There¶s an entire universe ready to be explored, yet we¶re stuck here overpopulating and over consuming. Crime would be unacceptable in a place where everyone gets along and shares or uses their trade to help their neighbor. Materialism would still be a small problem considering the fact that everyone wants a television, computer, video games, internet, etc. However, television and computers as well as internet should be supplied to everyone. The internet could be divided into two things you could choose from once gaining access to a computer: the place to get information of theory + fact that educates and promotes critical thinking and then the place for random user input as well as whatever is on the information side. One promotes intellect, the other promotes entertainment. If someone picks one

over the other too easily it will be noticed and looked down upon, thus influencing them to become educated ± hopefully. What is to be done with all of the uneducated would be decided through a world-wide vote. Hopefully nothing too harsh, but the genes that promote laziness over self-worth aren¶t worth replicating in my own opinion, so I don¶t know why someone would choose to. I would not resort to extermination, however ± this method was tried and frowned upon by the masses and it¶s a horrible way of doing things. Nobody deserves to lose the gift most precious to them: life itself. Mental institutions could possibly be used to change the ways of the uneducated ± but this sounds like the idea of a concentration camp and it might not work effectively when everyone knows manipulation tactics used. Lazy and illiterate people will only hold us back, what¶s to be done with them isn¶t my decision ± it¶s the global populous that needs to decide. It¶s their future ± not just mine. Intellectual conversation would be considered fun once everyone is actually intellectual, don¶t think a new way of life would be that much more boring. It¶s all about how you go about doing things and the way you act and perceive them. I will admit that a society where no crime happens and no justice needs to be served may be a bit more boring, but isn¶t this what we have really strived for throughout human history, or have we all really just been guided by what our greedy leaders wanted this whole time? More land, more power, more money, and more of everything. Do we really want a place where there¶s nothing to worry about except the advancement of our species, or is that just what we think we wanted this whole time? I believe unification is what we should have wanted but never spoke up because we didn¶t think it was possible. The only war left to be had should be the one that brings the world together. We all know the traditionalists won¶t just sit there and believe what we tell them about what¶s good for them, but we also know the educated people and nations of this world are much stronger and advanced than the traditionalists, and that¶s the empirical proof (which everyone to see for confirmation) that says a whole lot about who knows what¶s best for the world as a whole ± not to sound harsh. No more waiting for aliens, enough to the violence, enough of the wars driven by materialism and indoctrination, and enough of the lies. We need to take charge of intellectual evolution, we need to

advance social evolution, and we need to get out there and find the answers together, not let the few intelligent people of the world figure it all out for us. We need a planet of intelligent beings ± not a planet of half educated and half µjust-getting-by¶ people. A mass awakening needs to happen; the future is a product of our advancement and social evolution. The future is ours for the taking. Viva La Evolution.