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The basic concept of my project “Impact of promotional activities for selling HCL products” was based on sales promotion and selling. For this I had got a training of product knowledge of wide range of products such as HCL laptops, desktops, Nokia mobiles, Canon Printers, Kodak Cameras, X-Box, Apple IPods, etc. Consumer retention is the key success factor for any competitive market. An effort was made to ascertain and analysis customer views and preferences for the product through process of Brand Recall. Also, a detailed study was made to understand the performance pattern of major competitors of laptop. In doing so, it was possible to assess the competition in the market, hence enabling us to position ourselves more effectively and strategize on a long term basis. During the course of this project, I was also fortunate enough to be able to study the promotional campaigns carried. This report contains the findings arrived after detailed analysis of the data received through filing questionnaires by the users of laptops at various areas of Jammu. The study was also carried out to find the cause of the declining sales rate of these brands. We did many promotional activities and I went to various societies, corporate, schools and colleges for creating awareness. The promotional activities like canopy shows and broachers distribution were carried out at main location near to the HCL Company. In this activity we have given live demo of laptop, desktop and mileap laptop to the end user i.e. the customers; this activity was mainly done in the Gandhi Nagar and City Square Mall. Giving them demo, and brushers, and handling there queries regarding the Products. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 2


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Chapter 1- INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION TO THE PROJECT This chapter explains about the background and states the objectives of the project. The purpose of the study is to determine the impact of promotional activity for selling HCL products in city only. Jammu Promotion is comprehensive terms, and covers the entire gamut of advertising, publicity, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. Sales promotion is thus a part of promotion and is restricted to direct inducement on a short term basis services. The same promotional strategy was applied by HCL to promote their products and boost up its sales. The HCL performed promotional activities like canopy, road shows, EPP, broacher distribution, etc. In the present competitive world if any business organization has to survive it needs to keep an eye on various forces operating in the market. More over competitors constantly try to win over others. In this scenario, every business organization needs to monitor the changes taking place in the market so that they are not caught. Market research is an efficiency tool in the hands of a marketer that helps him to take changes taking place in the market. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 4

IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY This study is important in the sense as we can measure the position of the product after analyzing the data that we have with us. The activities were carried out only at show rooms. The main purpose of survey is to throw light towards the promotional activities on the sale of the product. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 5 .SCOPE OF THE PROJECT     The scope of the study is limited only to the Jammu city. The promotional activity was restricted only for Jammu. This study also gives an experience to the management student who is doing the research as it is the base of marketing. road shows and residential areas.

To ascertain the impact of promotional activity on purchase decision. 3. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 6 . residential areas. 4. To study the marketing strategies of HCL. 5. To increase the prescription rate among the respondents by using promotional tools. To conduct promotional activity in various places like shopping malls. To analyze the awareness among public about the HCL products. 7. To find out the measures to boost up sales.Chapter 2. To find out the effectiveness of promotional strategies of HCL. corporate etc. 9. 8. 2. To conduct promotional activity to boost sales of HCL.OBJECTIVES 1. To find out the reasons for low sales of the products. 6.


Introduce fine grained Multiprocessor UNIX 3 yr a head of “sun& HP” 1991. HCL Becomes the first company to cross the 1. we have developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments.HISTORY OF HCL HCL Info systems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market. 2004. Japan -HCL Set up first Power PC Architecture design centre outside of IBM.HCC Becomes the largest IT Company in India. 1983. across a range of technologies in India.Forges distribution alliances with Ericsson Switches & Nokia cell Phone. . 1977. with its origins in 1976. Develops Multi Processor UNIX of HP & Heralds HCLS entry into contract R&D.Hindustan Computer limited (HCL) is born.HCL Successfully ships in house designed micro-computer at the same time as Apple. software services deal with DSG. 1997. The highlights of the HCL saga are summarized below: 1976.000 unit Milestone in the Indian Desktop PC Market. at the same time as global. 2005. 2006. 2003. -HCL Technologies sign largest over.00. For over quarter of a century.JV with NEC.HCL Hewlett Packard J. 1978. 1989. We have been in the forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. 1986.Forms distribution alliance with Toshiba for copier & Notebooks.HCL Technologies Get accorded by Meta Spectrum with leader status in off have out sourcing.HCL‟s R&D spinoff as HCL Technology Mark advent info Software services.HCL info system ties up with Apple for iPod distribution. 1994.Indigenously develops an RDBMS. a Networking OS & a client server architecture.

rich heritage of technology solutions and over 30 years of leadership across service areas give us a strategic advantage to meet the nation's IT needs. The 3-decade-old enterprise. founded in 1976. Our well-balanced portfolio of turnkey solutions across equipments.2007. and distribution of ICT products. IT Infrastructure Services. HCL has evolved from a dream of eight youngsters in 1977 to the country's top IT group today.HCL as an enterprise sources the $ 4 billion watermark. Consumer and Government.000 professionals of diverse nationalities.1 PC Brand for the last 5 years in India.HCL Technologies & HCL Info systems. Systems Integration. Our recognitions speak of our dominant position in India. With more than 70 SAP implementations till date. HCL has been rendering service to key Indian players in Banking & Finance. Its range of offerings spans Product Engineering. is one of India's original IT garage start-ups. About HCL Enterprise: HCL Enterprise is a US $ 5 billion leading Global Technology and IT enterprise that comprises two companies listed in India . The HCL team comprises approximately 60. which offer 24 x 7 supports offering for critical sites.-HCL announces opening of its second European outsourcing facility in June with the establishment of the delivery centre in Krakow Poland. We have several recognitions for our network management services. Our flexible engagement models. We are committed to the Indian Market and will continue to invest more to further enrich our end-to end IT offerings for this market. Custom & Package Applications. Our services are backed by an extensive direct support infrastructure spread across 170 locations nationwide. security services. IT Infrastructure services and we have been rated as No. software and services make our offerings end-to-end for all IT needs of the Indian customers. Retail. IT Hardware. BPO. who operate from 23 countries INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 13 .

including leading IT and Technology firms.including 500 points of presence in India. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 14 . HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms.

Ajai has been conferred the DATAQUEST „IT Man of the Year 2007‟ Award amongst other awards.RAJEEV ASIJA. Ajai Chowdhry is one of the six founder members of HCL and took over the reins of HCL Info systems. He was appointed the Chairman of HCL Infosystems in November 1999. In recognition of his contribution in championing the cause of the domestic Indian IT industry. VP M CHANDRASEKARAN VIVEK PUNEKAR VP HR GUIDING PRINCIPLE VISION AND MISSION VISION STATEMENT: "Together we create the enterprises of tomorrow" INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 15 CHAIRMAN AND MANAGEMENT PROFILE . the flagship company of the group.AJAI CHOWDHRY CHAIRMAN & CEO An engineer by training. GEORGE PAUL . RAJENDER KUMAR EVP Sr. J V RAMAMURTHY Chief Operating Officer SANDEEP KANWAR CFO & EVP HARI BASKARAN. as President and CEO in 1994.

Scan soft. to provide job security based on their performance. Nokia. Samsung and Novell. CORE VALUES     We shall uphold the dignity of the individual We shall honor all commitments We shall be committed to Quality. which they make possible. IBM. NVIDIA. OUR PEOPLE OBJECTIVES: To help people in HCL Info systems Ltd. Bull. and help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work. Toshiba. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 16 . Duplo. share in the company's successes. Sun Microsystems. Ericsson. services and solutions to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers.HCL Info systems has alliances with global technology leaders like Intel. Microsoft.MISSION STATEMENT: "To provide world-class information technology solutions and services to enable our customers to serve their customers better" QUALITY POLICY: "We shall deliver defect-free products. every time" OUR OBJECTIVES OUR MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES: To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals freedom of action and innovation in attaining defined objectives. AMD. CISCO. SAP. the first time. Infocus. SCO. VERITAS. EMC. Innovation and Growth in every endeavor We shall be responsible corporate citizens Alliance & Partnership To provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers. Red Hat. to recognize their individual achievements. Computer Associates. we have formed Alliances and Partnerships with leading IT companies worldwide. Citrix. Oracle.

Busy Bee. It was our strong focus on distribution network that led us in devoting few brands exclusively for channel. They are Beanstalk. and recently launched EzeeBeen. resellers & distributors. net manager (servers). Our channel strength is a balanced mix of retail outlets. and enable us to be one stop shop for our customers. Today our distribution network helps us take a varied product range to INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 17 . No matter where you are there‟s an HCL Service Centre nearby. On the other hand they enhance our product portfolio. PRODUCTS: 1) HCL DESKTOP 2) HCL LEAPTOP 3) ULTRA PORTABLE LEAPTOP SERVICES: HCL Info systems Service Support infrastructure is one of the widest in the country.These alliances on one hand give us access to best technology & products as well enhancing our understanding of the latest in technology. Our products are backed by an extensive direct support infrastructure spread across 170 locations nationwide which offer 24x7 supports offering for critical sites.

 Lifetime Response Tel: 2526518/19.5 & 6. 11. DQ & IDC.customers in every noot & corner of the country. 1 PC Vendor' consecutively for six years. 'Best employer 2005' with Five Star Ratings. HCL Touch   24 Hrs Round the clock service CORPORATE a Week service  7 Days OFFICE  Company Owned Direct service HCL Info systems Ltd. Servers and Laptops & Pocket PCs. E-4. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 18 .in STD India Code: 0120. 95120  Pick & Drop Service Email: webhost@hcl. The product range includes Desktop PCs. ISD Code: 120  Regional Language support AWARDS: Repairs  Green India'sIndia On Site Direct Company support  Pan Most Preferred Personal Computer Brand by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Award SMS  2007 Call Logging India's 'No. Remote Support Facilities. HCL among the Top 3 IT companies for the last 3 years. Sector 2520977  Covering 4000 Towns Prefix from Delhi:UP Fax: 2550923 NOIDA 201 301.Best Employer Survey.

HCL Technologies ranks 76 in the list of Fastest Growing Global Technology Companies The case study focuses on HCL's unique transformation over the last 2 years. By channeling our indepth expertise gained from over 28 years of IT Domain experience.Avaya GlobalConnect. We provide a full bandwidth of services specifically designed to meet your complete IT needs. The TIME magazine has referred to HCL as an "intellectual clean room where its employees could imagine endless possibilities. your ability to "do more with less" determines how successful your organizations will be. More than ever." HCL ADVANTAGE Staying competitive in today‟s dynamic business environment means finding new ways to reduce costs while maximizing the value of your technology and personal resources.'Top 50 in ET Top 500 Companies' Listings for 2006 Top 21 companies in Business Standard 1000 Ranking 2006 Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in India & 'Top 500 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Asia Pacific' by 'Deloitte & Touche' 'The Most Responsive Company 2005' . 6 S Offerings for Business Empowerment (to the power n) SOLUTIONS: The one stop shop solution center for all your IT needs. That's why HCL Insys helps you achieve. '7th IETE . customized to meet and scale with your unique Business Needs. and highlights HCL's Employee First philosophy. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 19 .IT Hardware Category by The Economic Times .Corporate Award 2005' for performance excellence in the field of Computer & Telecommunications Systems.

SATISFACTION: Complete Satisfaction for the customers through the HCL 6S offering that enables one to maximize system uptime through rapid response and resolution services. Processes & Performance). INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 20 .SERVICES: A range of value added services in IT infrastructure operations and management. Over 260 Direct service support locations. SAVINGS: We help you find new ways to reduce costs & "do more with less" by maximizing the value of your technology and personal resources. Alliance with global technology leaders. Technically sound workforce of over 1700 certified professionals. thereby reducing your total cost of ownership(TCO). SUPPORT: Pan-India footprint of support and logistics locations. STANDARDS: World Class Quality standards maintained for PPP (People. thereby optimizing your IT investments.

Research comprises defining and redefining problems. It is the heart of the planning. RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is the determination and statement of the general research approach or strategy adopted for the particular project. The sources of data shown that designing of a research plan calls for decision on the data sources are research approaches (primary and secondary data) research instruments (observation survey experiment) sampling plan and contact methods (personal interviews).RESEARCH METHODOLOGY DEFINITION: Research refers to „a search for knowledge‟. it will ensure that the client need will be served. In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted by the researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them. formulating hypothesisis done scientifically.Chapter 3. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 7 . and at last carefully solve the research problem. organizing It is a way to systematically testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the conclusions. formulating hypothesis or suggested RESEARCH METHODOLOGYand evaluating data. In general methodology is an optional framework within which the facts are placed so that the meaning may be seen more clearly. It can be defined as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. It may be understood as science of studying how research – Clifford Wood. If the design adheres to the research objectives. collecting. making deduction and reaching solutions.

NATURE OF RESEARCH Quantitative type of research has been used.   In order to achieve the objective it was necessary to talk to the customers and public to draws the conclusions regarding the objective. a questionnaire has to be designed. The questionnaire was designed in such a manner to achieve the objective of the research. For visiting the customers and publics to collect the relevant information. It is the arrangement of condition and analysis of data in a manner to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. TYPE OF QUESTIONS The questions were self-administered. For this it is important to obtain the complete and actual information about the subjects. with a view to obtain maximum information from the respondent that is why the questions were straightforward.  The sample size taken is 100 customers and publics. TYPE OF RESEARCH In this project Descriptive Research has been used. Descriptive Research: This is kind of research structure which is concerned with describing the characteristics of the problem. In this way the main purpose of such a research design is to present a descriptive picture about the marketing problem on the basis of actual facts. As all the data was based on numerical figures obtained in the survey. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 8 .Research design is a plan structured and strategies of investigation.

A questionnaire consists of number of question printed in a definite order on a form or a set of form.TYPE OF QUESTIONNAIRE The entire questionnaire was standardized and formalized. METHODS OF COLLECTING PRIMARY DATA Interview Method In this project I have taken the questionnaire method for collecting necessary information. TYPE OF ANALYSIS As all the data found in the survey is totally numerically so the type of analysis was statistical. In this method a questionnaire is given to the person concerned with question to answers the question and return the questionnaire.  SECONDARY DATA The data which is already collected by someone else and which have been passed through the statistical process is known as the secondary data. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 9 . SOURCE OF DATA  PRIMARY DATA The data which is collected fresh and for the first time and thus happen to be the original one characteristic is called as the primary data.

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 10 . Information about the product is taken from various sources such as websites. newspapers etc. Random sampling suggest away of sample selection where in any item of the population is likely to be selected in a sample as any other item it means that all items of the population have equal probability of being selected in the sample. Generally in most of the marketing studies on sample or most of the sub group of the total population pertaining to the subject is included on the place of the universe. The following things are primarily considered in the sample:  Sample Size The sample size of the population was 100 respondents. Sample Population A survey of people who either own or plan to purchase laptop and on located in Jammu city only.SELECTION OF THE SAMPLE/SAMPLING PLAN This is one of the most important steps of a research design procedure. Questionnaire is the formal tool of asking questions directly from respondents by which questions are asked.  Sample Extent Gandhi Nagar City Square Mall  Sampling Methods The sampling method for the survey was random sampling. SECONDARY DATA COLLECTION The report mainly consists of a data from the primary source gathered the schedule of questions.

Out of 4 P‟s of marketing i. urge and remind customers of the company‟s brand. This information could be about the product‟s Existence (Awareness). place. in hopes of influencing the recipient‟s feelings. Effective promotions prove helpful in product differentiation and also help to counter competition.e. persuade.   The promotional mix or marketing communication helps marketers to attract. PROMOTION is the element in an organization‟s marketing mix that serves to inform.  A well designed promotion mix is extremely crucial for brand building and positioning. promotion.e.THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK PROMOTION Basically promotion is an attempt to influence. persuade and remind the market of a product and/or the organization selling it. beliefs. price. or behavior. and promotion. More specifically. ROLE OF PROMOTION IN MARKETING  Promotions help marketers to communicate information to potential customers. the most important role is of 4th P i. product.Chapter 5. value and benefits offered by products. In fact communication or promotional mix is at the centre stage in brand positioning and Brand building activities. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 21 .

following decisions are required to be taken. However. Public relations. from direct mail to billboards and the telephone directory to yellow pages. 1. direct marketing. and services by an identified sponsor”. MAJOR ADVERTISING DECISIONS While setting up an advertising plan. ADVERTISING: “It is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 22 .COMPONANTS OF PROMOTION There are five components of promotions: Advertising. Advertising is often termed as pull strategy. there are many other advertising alternatives. goods. Each has distinct features that determine in what situation it will be most effective.        Identify the target audience Set the advertising objectives Determine the advertising budget Design the message Evaluate and select media Create an advertisement Measure the impact. The most familiar forms of advertisements are found in the broadcast (TV and RADIO) and print (Newspaper and Magazines) media. Sale promotion. Personal selling. In pull strategy the goal is to get consumers to pull the product in the supply chain by demanding it.

Consumer‟s promotion is to create Consumer pool for the brand. mostly short term designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of a particular product or services by consumers or the trade”. are some of the ways used in sales promotion. prizes. discounts. coupons. etc. free gifts. premiums. 2. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 23 . SALES PROMOTION: Just as Advertising is known as „Pull‟ strategy.TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENT MEDIUMS OF ADVERTISING       Newspapers Television Radio Magazines Direct mail Outdoor advertisings.. lucky draws. Sales Promotion is known as „Push‟ strategy. It includes Samples. SALES PROMOTION TOOLS Consumer promotion: The consumer promotion directed at Consumers. “Sales Promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentives tools. The free gifts-offers. point of purchase. warranties. This promotional technique can be defined as “short-time incentive to the customer to buy a product”. Price off. Cash refund offers. According to Philip kotler. cross promotion.

It includes advertising. consumer group. this should lead to trial. Other objectives are:   Encouraging trade to invest built inventory. The simplest definition of personal selling is-“selling that involves face. contents for sales promotion representatives and for special advertising. Business and sales promotion: It includes trades shows and conventions. intermediates and to get them to market the product aggressively.etc. Getting trade‟s co-operation in production. PERSONAL SELLING: The importance of personal selling is pretty evident as this is the only marketing activity that directly results into Revenue earning as its outcome. Display Allowances. The Prime objective is to push the product through the marketing. Trade promotion: The trade promotions directed to the members of distribution channel. Generate inquires from the target. 3. Although sales promotion tools are highly divers but they all offer three distinctive benefits: Communication Incentive Invitation.The objective behind the several Consumer promotion programs of different organizations is: To generate consumer interaction between the sales person and prospective customer.” INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 24 . Increase the rate of purchase.

Advantages of personal selling:     There is a personal touch and with trained salesman. Consumer‟s queries and apprehensions can be effectively answered. DIRECT MARKETING: The Direct Marketing association defines Direct Marketing as follows: “Direct Marketing is an interactive marketing system that uses one or more advertising media to affect a measurable response and or transaction at any location”. 4. Personal selling is most effective in promoting such products. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 25 . which need demonstration or explanations.) involved in between. the customer can feel important and gives full attention to the product detailing.There are certain products. This definition makes it clear that direct marketing is directly from the company to the customer and there is no intermediary (retailer. Demonstration of the product features and product working helps in better product awareness and acceptance by consumers. Follow–up action and persuasion are possible. whole seller etc. Various forms of direct marketing:       Direct mail Telemarketing Email Marketing Couponing Direct response television marketing Direct selling.

Acceptance of new product and new brand. policies and plans. dealers. Public relations are defined as “any group that has an actual or potential interest or impact on company‟s ability to achieve its objectives”. Attracting capital and man-power. Acceptance of company‟s policies regarding its employees. The public relations do not directly help promoting the product but can make product or policy acceptance by the public easy by generating a favorable image about the company. acquiring and retaining a favorable reputation in the market place.5. consumers etc. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 26 . Public relations function aims at creating maintaining favorable public opinion about company‟s products. PUBLIC RELATIONS IS USEFUL IN     Acceptance of a company‟s as a specialist in a product group. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Public relations are defined as deserving. people.

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 27 . acer.DATA ANALYSIS Which brand of laptop/desktop will you give the preference? Respondent’s Preference 10% 20% 24% 18% 28% HCL DELL HP SONY other INTERPRETATION: According to the survey Dell laptop were top of the mind of the respondents with 28%. HCL was just behind with 24%. Compaq. the 20% were Sony and 18% of the HP and others is 10% which are Lenovo. Toshiba.Chapter 6.

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 28 Yes No . and only 8% of the peoples are not aware of the HCL products and services because of less promotions in newspapers and news channels.Are you aware of HCL product & services? 8% 92% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey of the project I studied that almost 92% of the peoples are aware of HCL products and services.

24% are satisfactory and 3% are poor. 46% are good.What is your opinion towards HCL products & services? 3% 24% 27% 46% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey of the project I studied that the respondent‟s opinion towards HCL products and services is 27% are very good. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) Very good good satisfactory poor 29 .

4000 CITIES)? 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Yes No 68% 32% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey of the project I studied that the 68% of the respondents have not heard about the HCL touch and only 32% of the respondents have heard about HCL touch.Have you heard about HCL touch (24x7 SERVICE SUPPORT . INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 30 .

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 31 Dell .After sales services which brand services is the best? 30% 26% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 20% 18% 22% 12% HCL HP Sony Others INTERPRETATION: According to the survey of the project I studied that the HCL is top of the mind in after sales services as compare to others.HCL is 26%. Dell is 22%. Sony is 20%. HP is 18% and others are 12%.

94% of the respondents are agree with this and 6% don‟t think so. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 32 Yes No .Does the Promotion help in better product awareness? 6% 94% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey of the project I studied that most of the respondents said that the promotion is helpful in better product awareness.

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 33 Yes No .Whether Promotional activity Profitable/ beneficial to you? 4% 96% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey and the data collected it is seen that most of the respondents think that the promotional activity is profitable/beneficial to them. 96% of the respondents are agreeing with that and 4% are not thinking so.

Only 17% of the respondents are purchased always during or after the promotion. and 74% are sometime purchased and 9% are never purchased.Have you ever purchased anything during or after the promotion? 80% 74% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Always sometime 17% Never 9% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey and the data collected it is seen that most of the respondents are not always but sometime purchased during and after the promotion. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 34 .

and 12% are not think so. Always sometime never .62% respondents are always agree with that because of them product get automatically more valuable and 35 it helps to attracts and influences us. 22% are thinking that not always but sometime they create value in the product only if they are famous celebrities.Does brand ambassador create more value in the product? 70% 62% 60% 50% 40% 30% 22% 20% 10% 0% Always sometime never 12% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey and the data collected it is seen that most of the respondents are INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) think that the brand ambassador creates more value in the product.

INSTITUTE attract them more and required by company.canopy& road shows are 16% and broacher distribution are 7%. TV) are 39%. .42% are discounts.What type of promotional activity attracts you more & required by company? 45% 39% 40% 35% 30% 42% 24% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Advertisement Canopy & Road Discounts (Paper. the discounts and advertisementsOF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 36 Advertisement(paper. gifts/lucky draws are 24%. TV)shows Gifts/Lucky broacher draws 7% distribution 16% INTERPRETATION: According to the survey and the data collected it is seen that most of the respondent thinks that.

. 34% ignored sometime because of not time or in hurry and 17% always ignored.48% never ignored.Have you ever ignored the promotional activity? Why? 60% 50% 48% 40% 34% 30% 20% 17% 10% 0% Always sometime Never INTERPRETATION: According to the survey and the data collected it is seen that the most of the respondents are INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES information about products never ignore the promotional activities because of attractive and get(IMS) 37 and company.

for society/corporate 22%. showrooms OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 38 For shopping malls 36%. road shows) 8%. . for showroom 32%. for internet 9% and for other (multiplex.Where the promotional activities can be effective and get more response? 8% 9% 32% 22% 36% showrooms shopping malls society/corporate internet other INTERPRETATION: According to the above graph it can be studied that the most of the respondents think that in the shopping malls andINSTITUTE promotional activities can be effective and get more response.

Strongly disagree .54% are agree with that.What is your opinion towards “less promotion more discount?” 60% 50% 40% 30% 54% 20% 24% 10% 16% 0% Strongly agree Agree 6% disagree INTERPRETATION: According to the survey and the data collected it is seen that most of the respondents are agree INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) with “less promotion and more discount”. 24% are strongly agree. 16% 39 are disagree and 6% are strongly disagree.

 After using promotional tools I found that the prescription rate of the HCL‟s products was increased to a considerable extent. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 40 . Consumer behavior.  The reason for low sales of the products was lack of promotional activities due to this most of the public was not aware of HCL products.  Maximum customers first see the affordable price & look of the product.  Before the use of promotional tools the products of HCL were not known to the publics but after the use of promotional tools the products got good exposure in the market. Sales Promotion. Lenovo. Sony.  HCL is having maximum number of service centre all over India.Chapter 7-FINDINGS Through this project I got to many of the things related to IT products.  At the time of purchasing customer also demand for free accessories like pen drive. head phone & mouse. HP.  HCL is 35 yrs old and the only Indian IT company among the entire IT giant like LG. making of new customers and handling of old customers and Selling & marketing Concepts at Jammu city. etc.

x-box. LCD TVs. HCL is only company in India which provides service 24x7x365 (which is known as HCL TOUCH). HCL has launched World‟s smallest laptop. LCD TVs. Mobile phones. Apple IPods & Accessories. ie Mileap x. Canon printers. X-box & Microsoft Accessories. Kodak Camera. Plasmas & Projectors. IPods. Mileaps. Plasmas & Projectors. Desktop. HCL Ltd is a national distributor for NOKIA Cells and Accessories. Microsoft software. Printers. HCL provides most economic Leaptop & Desktop in India At HCL DIGILIFE Store. one can get wide range of products such as Leaptops. Cameras.series 1. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 41    . etc.

Maximum 49. the existing users of HCL are found to be satisfied from the features as well as accessibility of the laptops/desktops. According to Survey I found that the position of HCL Desktop is No. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 42 ..48% customers are satisfied with his service also. magazines and national newspapers which will make the brand more and more popular. This means HCL has very high reputation in cities like Jammu & HCL should Kashmir. which is as follows: HCL has successfully achieved their objective of getting the potential customers through promotional activities and also to boost the sale. The customer needs a better look. also promote through the TV Channels. Most of the respondents believe in brand name and good configuration. Regular use of promotional tools is necessary for giving more exposure to the product in the market. 1 and the Laptops are No. The customers came to know about HCL products/services and its benefits through promotional activities which seemed to be the key factor to achieve the prospective customers. After analyzing the result of my questionnaire I have arrived to the conclusion.Chapter 8. At the time of buying a product customer is also curious about the free accessories which comes with the product. The company also should open more showroom of HCL for getting more publicity and positive response. good quality and after sales service in cheaper price. 3 in retail market.CONCLUSION The sample size of my survey was 100. Moreover. As such many of them are attracted to the HCL brand. I have tried my best to get the maximum out of survey. The promotional activity was helpful to know the customer‟s perception towards HCL by getting information from promotion.

and societies.     Most of concern person were busy with their work. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) effective. The study of promotional activity was conducted only in the city of Jammu.LIMITATION . canopy shows. 43 Chapter 9. which they were having. and genuine. corporate The promotional activities were regarding live demo of the product. The data is collected from the selected areas in Jammu. Some people refuse to meet me done only at showroom. Many of the respondents did not submit their form properly filed. as the study was conducted only for the period of two months. Lack of time.    Taking interview of the respondents was quite a difficult job. However in spite of these limitations all efforts have been put to make the project correct. Limited response from respondent not given permission and they charged more for Many corporate and societies were response may not reveal the accurate picture as accurate data was not revealed by the respective respondents.  Some customers have been found to have biasness in their response because of good and bad experience with the HCL.

RECOMMENDATIONS After conducting this survey. City Square Mall etc. be he company should or recall. HCL laptop/desktop users following suggestion:The company should open exclusive showrooms for HCL Products and accessories in A regular use of promotional tools should be done till the products get good exposure in Jammu city. it was founded that HCL is sharing a good reputation in the market. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 44 . So it is very necessary to get The company should make tie-ups with can beshopping putting glow signboards and their attention before they enter shop this more done by malls and multiplexes for promotional activities. Tthe advertisement campaign should be made more effective. The company should make offers like giving free gifts and discounts to attract the people towards buying the products. Easy loan facility should be provided to customers so as to increase the sales. customer decides which brand of laptop they want to buy. canopy shows and contest etc. The company should also make tie-ups in residential areas and organize game shows.Chapter 10. Advertisement campaign should be made more effective for increasing the sales. Table to understand it advertise more in newspapers and news channels. so that they can get the data of their targeted customers. E ustomer makes their purchase decision differentiate the products means that a Cffective schemes should be launched to before entering the shop itthan others and to interact the customers. I could hardly suggest the are satisfied with HCL. attractive so that people will he market. other attractive hoardings on busy places like Gandhi Nagar. After sales service should be more improved.

Does the Promotion help in better product awareness? INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) ________________________________________________________________________ 46 ________________________________________________________________________ .e) Chapter 12 .________________ Profession: _______________________________ 1. Which brand of laptop/desktop will you give the preference? Why ?___________________________________________________________________ a) HCL b) DELL c) HP d) Sony e) other______________ 2. WhatYes b) No a) is your opinion towards HCL products & services? 4. After sales services which brand services is the best? a) good d) poor b) Yes b) No a) HCL b) HP c) Sony d) DELL other______________ 6. 4000 CITIES)? 5.Annexure QUESTIONNAIRE Name: ____________________________________________________ Gender: male female Contact no. Have you good c) satisfactory a) Very heard about HCL touch (24x7 SERVICE SUPPORT . Are you aware of HCL product & services? ______________________________________________________________________ 3.

Have you ever ignored the promotional activity? Why? a) Advertisement (Paper. other____________________ 47 . What is your opinion towards “less promotion more discount”? ShowroomsShopping malls ________________________________________________________________________ 14. TV) b) Canopy & Road shows ________________________________________________________________________ 12.________________________________________________________________________ Does brand ambassador create more value in the product? a) Always b) Sometime c) Never 10. Where the promotional activities can be effective and get more response? ________________________________________________________________________ c) Discountsd) Gifts/Lucky drawse) broacher distribution 13. Any suggestion_____________________________________________________ a) Strongly agree b) Agree Society/corporateInternet INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) c) Disagreed) strongly disagree.________________________________________________________________________ What type of promotional activity attracts you more & required by company? 11.________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever purchased anything during or after the promotion? 9. Whether Promotional activity Profitable/ beneficial to you? 8.7.

google. pamphlet. Brochures.hclinfosystemsltd.Chapter 11 BIBLIOGRAPHY MARKETING MANAGEMENT--------------------------------PHILIP KOTLER MARKETING RESEARCH--------------------------------------DILIP SARWATE WEBLIOGRAPHY     INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IMS) 45 .com www.hcltech. Companywww.