Far Eastern University Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Title: Bible Verses Applicable to Business

Submitted by: Paul Bryan F. Limyoco Submitted to: Dr. Jose Rizalito C. De Vera

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Managerial Management BE09301 S.Y. 2011-2012 Second Semester Feb. 06, 2012

experiences and hardworks of an individual which can lead to success in business.Verse: Proverbs 24:3-4 English Version: Through wisdom a house is built. Tagalog Version: Sa karunungan ay natatayo ang bahay. It is the application of what you¶ve learned in your studies. and by understanding it is established. success and failures. Explanation: An output could be done with the combination of all the trainings. . and by knowledge the rooms shall be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. experiences. you may keep getting better or worse. It depends upon on how you treat whatever happens in your environment. at sa pamamagitan ng unawa ay natatatag: at sa pamamagitan ng kaalaman ay napupuno ang mga silid ng lahat ng mahalaga at maligayang mga kayamanan. As time goes by.

The more effort you exert. Instead. Explanation: People who exerts too much effort on what he¶s doing will gain wealth but the ones who are not responsible to do their jobs will gain nothing.Verse: Proverbs 10:4 English Version: Poor is he who works with a negligent hand. . All things can be obtained by sufficient effort and time investment. you will gain nothing. the bigger the prize you get. With no effort. but the hand of the diligent makes rich. Tagalog Version: Siya¶y nagiging dukha na gumagawa ng kamay na walang kasipagan ngunit yumayaman ang kamay ng masipag. you will lose so much opportunities and so much more.

Unlike the unrighteous who has plenty today. he will gain plenty. But in the future. Explanation: People doing the right things may not gain something today. he will loose everything. That¶s what we call ³karma´.Verse: Proverbs 16:8 English Version: Better is a little with righteousness than great income with injustice. . But in the future. Tagalog Version: Maigi ang kaunti na may katwiran kaysa malalaking pakinabang na walang kaganapan.

Pacita Juan 3. Jose Rizalito C. 06. Limyoco Submitted to: Dr. Tomas Victorino Meneses Submitted by: Paul Bryan F. 2011-2012 Second Semester Feb.Far Eastern University Institute of Accounts. De Vera In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Managerial Management BE09301 S. 2012 . Wilson Ng 2.Y. Business and Finance Title: Successful Stories of Filipino Businessmen 1.

Pacita Juan Coming from a family of entrepreneurs. with 54 cafés in the Philippines and 2 in Shanghai. a private-sector group that promotes the coffee industry in the country. she opened a small restaurant near the university with her friends. . In 1993. Juan was a natural businesswoman even at a young age. Alongside her duty as CEO of Figaro. she stepped down as the chief executive officer of the company last June 2008 to venture into social entrepreneurship. supply. It received positive feedback from serious coffee drinkers and grew into a chain of specialty coffee shops. She started in this career by buying and selling chocolates to her elementary classmates. credit. She was a full-time employee until she became a full-time entrepreneur when she set-up her own business. Today. Soon. While in college. Japan. she put up Figaro Foundation. she decided to join the family corporation which is engaged in manufacturing jeep bodies and parts for export to the USA. She allows her partners to steer the wheel for Figaro. she and her partners established Figaro Coffee Company and opened their first coffee kiosk in a premier mall in Makati. It helped local farmers address their challenges in technology. Later on. she joined one of Manila¶s finest hotels as a hotel concierge to gain work experience. she was creating perforated bags out of scrap materials from their auto parts factory and sold these in bazaars. and marketing. she helped establish the Philippine Coffee Board. Figaro has expanded to 56 stores. She still holds 42 percent of the company and maintains her seat in the board as well as her position in the Fiagro Foundation. After several years of managing the business. the company¶s social arm to ensure the bean supply for the coffee shops through engagements with local coffee farmers all over the country. After her stint in the hotel industry. After graduating with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from the University of the Philippines. China. This place served as their hang-out place and a source of extra income. Australia and Europe.

Aside from these.thus she has more time now to focus on her advocacies which include coffee (through Philippine Coffee Board). it is also now a venue for mentoring programs for those interested in organic and sustainable community-based products. A Figaro franchisee. and a Chairman Emeritus of the Association of Filipino Franchisers. environment and sustainable lifestyle (through ECHOstore). It markets products from small communities and marginalized sectors and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Aside from that. a Governor of the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP). and community work (though Peace and Equity Foundation). Inc. she is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the League of Corporate Foundations. In 2009. . Juan was locked in a legal battle over the right for the ³Figaro´ trade name. has cut the ties with the management and has sided with Juan against its original owners. Peace and Equity Foundation is a nongovernment organization that that administers endowment fund for poverty alleviation. Juan and Tan opened a new concept chain store called Le Bistro. She was appointed as representative of the said organization. In that year. The Environment and Community Hope Organization Store (ECHOstore) at Serendra in Taguig opened in September 2008. Lot Tan.

fueled by a man whose passion for computers matched his drive to become a successful entrepreneur. Ng says he has three passions in life: business management. Ng Khai eventually became the recognized and preferred local systems integration company in Cebu and Northern Mindanao. Ng already knew he would become an entrepreneur. Wilson Ng was born in 1965 to a Filipino-Chinese family. When he was able to turn sister in 1992. It offered a vast array of IT products ranging from computer hardware. US. Ng Khai now employs over 120 IT professionals to service its growing clientele. he took over dream. software. and Japan. and systems integration.Wilson Ng Ng Khai Development Corporation¶s story begins in Cebu. leaving him in-charge of their food business. software development. When he graduated from college. Ng Khai has grown to keep up with the dynamic IT industry. web development services. Being a dutiful son. Ng¶s brainchild Development Corporation the family business but could not shake off his IT over the management of the family business to his was born. Ng Khai initially started as a computer software company. . The company was named Ng Khai in honor of his late father. Ng had to temporarily shelve his IT career when his father passed away in 1989. At the age of nine. networking. he was already helping in the family¶s food business. he followed his heart and worked as a programmer in Taiwan. learning and writing. and computer technology. The business caters primarily to the Visayas and Northern Mindanao areas. Over the years. Ng Khai broadened its product base to become Cebu¶s onestop shop for integrated IT business solutions. However. training. As a young boy. Ng discovered his passion for computers while taking up business management in the University of the Philippines in Cebu. It has a coordinating office in Manila and contracts with companies in the United Kingdom. To cater to the increasing demands of its customers.

e*Sprint has recently entered into a joint venture with Innovista Technologies in Manila to form Evista Techonologies. margins are getting slimmer. I have not succeeded. . Ng hopes to successfully penetrate the Metro Manila market. What he instills is ³the feeling that this is not only a job. Not one to sit on his laurels.Ng Khai has partnered with global IT brands such as Canon. but until I am all three. Hewlett Packard. Cisco.´ He is looking forward to that day in the future when he will be truly successful. at 39. The software side presents a potential. a new outfit aiming to introduce the e*Sprint products to Metro Manila. His philosophy in life sums his idea of success: ³I may be a learned scholar.´ He acknowledges the dynamism of his business. Ng attributes part of his success to his stable of IT professionals. Microsoft. saying ³there are twin challenges in the computer business. a spin-off that produces business management solutions for small and medium companies here and abroad. With this. one of the toughest challenges for a provincial-based IT business. and is the exclusive Visayas distributor of 3M Visual products. The hardware side is very competitive. He firmly believes that young Filipino professionals outside the National Capital Region should have equal opportunities to work in their provinces and not have to go to Manila or overseas to find suitable employment. but also a responsibility. However. and Oracle to ensure the premiere quality of the services and equipment it gives its customers. Through the efforts of Ng Khai. IBM. does not yet consider his life a success story. there is a need to convince the local market to pay a good price for quality service and technical expertise. Wilson Ng hopes to help improve the Southern Philippines¶ economy by making it attractive to investors as outsourcing sites. Ng has also established e*Sprint Software. and many products are getting commoditized. or a good father/husband.´ Ng. Ng Khai is the only Microsoft Large Account Reseller in the South. a successful businessman.

. Gruppo Medica. At present.. Meneses was hired as a sales representative for Swiss pharmaceutical company CibaGeigy (now Novartis). which manufactures pharmaceuticals and food supplements. InterMed Marketing Philippines. After graduating with a Humanities degree from Ateneo de Manila on a scholarship. which formulates skin care products. Inc.Tomas Victorino Meneses Contrary to his name. which markets imported and locally manufactured veterinary products. used as both prenatal and post-natal supplements. Mr. He focused on research and development. which markets and distributes Tynor products. 100% natural lactation enhancer. Mr. one has to constantly innovate. which led to the foundation of unique products which have gained a strong following in the local market: the Cherifer product line. Inc... Inc. Inc. Mr. The Founding Chairman and CEO of Tynor Drug House. and Tynor Agrovet Division. Inc. Sister companies in the group are Time Machine Cosmetiques. a leading brand in its market and a multivitamin highly prescribed by pediatricians. Meneses is eyeing expansion on the region and in the USA. which manufactures. he learned the trade and decided to put up his own company: Tynor Drug House. Inc. . Over the next few years. OB Max and OB Smart. After several years of working in the industry. Tomas Victorino ³Tiny´ A. Mr. and distributes hair and scalp care products.. Inc. and Natalac. Meneses is a big man in the pharmaceutical industry. established the company in 1978 as a manufacturer and distributor of locally produced and Swiss-made pharmaceutical products. PMB Salon Specialties. Meneses started out with me-too products but soon realized that to succeed in the industry. Tynor is just one of the companies in the growing Meneses Group of Companies. imports.