Dear Friend, Here is the package we have prepared to assist you in local effort you c~re to initiate in opposition

the THE WIVES BIG BROTHER and their dangerous program. any OF

September 1985 Los Angeles Dear Person who has NOT been fooled by the Wives of Big Brother, If you have read the Constitution then you know ~hat each and every American has three, count them, three (besldes the President) personal representatives in Washington, whether you exercise your right or are able to vote or not. You have TWO SENATORS from your State and ONE REPRESENTATIVE from the district in which you live. It is up to you to let them know how you feel about this issue. They have a duty to listen. You have the right to speak. Find out who they are (LOOK IN THE PHONE BOOK) and WRITE/CALL them. IN WASHINGTON. We believe this is what is at stake: THE FIRST AMENDMENT to the OF THE UNITEO STATES OF AMERICA

Included is the typical PMRC fund-raising letter. We want you to see for yourselves what their pitch is. If you agree with their point of view, do what their letter tells you to do. If you don't, use the addresses they have provided (people to complain to), and, instead of complaining, encourage them to broadcast things that YOU like. If they are not broadcasting enouQh of what YOU like, tell them what YOUR ENTERTAINMENT PREFERE~CES ARE, and DEMAND MORE OF IT. If you don't make your feelings known, you are going to be stuck with watching and listening to the stuff THEY LIKE. Also included is a copy of my letter to the President and my CASHBOX editorial. Feel free to quote any of this material in letters you might write to your elected representatives. The PMRC has a lot of nerve to ask for money. they are already very well funded, well connected, and seem to have the entire U.S. news media in their back pocket. This mailing, all legal fees, phone bills and travel costs connected with fighting this issue have been paid for out of profits from Barking PUmpkin record sales, and from Barfko-Swill mail order funds.* We thank you for buying these items. Without the orders you have already placed, a real opposing view to this issue would never have been heard. Okay . it's up to you now. Don't let yourselves down. Take some time and help protect YOUR Constitutional Rights. You know how to use a phone. You know how to write letters. Make noise about this issue. Use YOUR imagination. DON'T BEND R THE WIVES OF BIG BROTHER.


"Congress shall make no law respecting an es~ablishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exerClse thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." (Passed Thanks by Congress in advance 25 September, 1789) and dedication.

for your perseverance MUSIC


This is the Z/PAC. You can get another copy by sending a SASE (selF addressed stamped envelope) and $1.50 (& any extra stamps or other *contributions are gratefully accepted); outside US please send 5 international postal vouchers to:

Z/PAC, Box 5265, North


CA 91616-5265

BARFKO·SWILL, P.O. Box 5418, North Hollywood, CA 91616-5418 • Telex: 880469

Mr. President 29 August 1985 page 2 BY FEDERAL EXPRESS 29 August Ronald Reagan, President fhe White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20500 Mr. PreSident,


of the United


Are we headed toward a time when descriptions of sexual behavior in entertainment media can be obtained only by employing a lawyer to petition under the Freedom Of Information Act? Must all sexual practices in the United States be tested and approved by The Moral Majority? When they test them, do we get to watch? Assuming, for argument's sake, that the baSic premise of the PMRC's effort is to shield people in a certain age bracket from exposure to various forms of UNDESIRABLE INFORMATION, the proposition is grossly inequitable since it singles out Rock MUSic as the villain. &ountry MUSic contains references to sex, violence, alcohol and the devil. yet the PMRC is not requesting a warning label on THESE records. Could it be that a certain Senatorial husband and wife team from Tennessee has concocted this issue as an affirmative action program to benefit the suffering multitudes in Nashville? Surely there are other ways to protect this vital source of Tennessee state revenue. Is there 'anyone in the PMRC who can differentiate infallibly between rock and country music? Artists in both fields have crossed stylistic lines, even within an individual album. If an album is part rock, part country, what sort of label does it get? Is this determination to be made according to the state in which the material was recorded? The PMRC wants ratings to start as of the date of their enactment. What will be the status of those recordings remaining from the Golden Era prior to censorship? Do they become collector's items ... orwill the government order them burned in a public ceremony, somewhere in Virginia? If, as they suggest. hearing a certain type of music can caUSe UNWANTED BEHAVIOR, then anyone who has heard a Beatles or a Beachboys record is in danger. Those were Charles Manson's favorite groups. Wagner's influence on the PMRC consider a big red by Megalomaniacs? What if marked preference for Wayne victed white-collar felons? Hitler is well documented. Shouldn't 10M" for those claSSical works favored statistics become available showing a Newton and Barry Manilow among con-



Even though I disagree strongly with many administration policies, 1 have never doubted that your personal views on Basic Constitutional Issues are sincere. 1 would like to know your opinion of the record censorship program sponsored by the PMRC, an organization involving the. wives fo elected governmental officials. 00 you asupport this effort? If so, have you considered the basic issue of fairness when a pet prcject, likely to reSult in legislative action that will restrain trade and affect the lives of millions of Americans is promoted by the spouse of an elected official and rushed to a Senate hearing while important national bUSiness waits in the wings? Is it fair that people not fortunate enough to be,marrled to a D.C. Superstar have to keep their mou~hs shut.while THE WASHINGTON WIVES' diddle with the legislative machinery? The PMRC is an unlicensed lobbying group, comporting itself outrageously. While threatening an entire industry with the wrath of their husbands' powerful committees, they blithely spew frogwash and innuendo with the aSSistance of an utterly captivated media. When the PMRC's proposal leaps to a full committee hearing September 19th. an unfortunate precedent will be set. If you support the PMRC (or the NMRC or any other Fundamentalist Pressure Groups) in their efforts to perpetuate the myth that SEX EQUALS SINr you will help to institutionalize the neurotic misconception that keeps pornographers in bUSiness. By attempting to remove all references to sexuality from media consumed by young people. the PMRC, contrary to Its stated goals, will create an atmosphere of ignorance that benefits the child molester. not the child. In a nation where deranged pressure groups fight for the removal of sexual education from public schoolS, and parents know so little about sex that they have to call Dr. Ruth on TV for answers to rudimentary anatomical questions, it would seem infinitely more responsible for these esteemed wives and mothers to demand a full-scale Congressional demystification of the subject. cont.
Po. BOX 5265. NQi.<TH HOLLYWOOD.CA 91616-5265 (213) 764 -0800

Fundamentalist Christianity is not a State Religion. The PMRC's request for labels regarding sexually explicit lyriCS, violence, drugs. alcohol, and occult content reads like a catalog of phenomena abhorrent to practitioners of that faith. Is the PMRC aware of the Muslim affi! iations of some black performers? cont.

Mr. President 29 August 1985 page 3 If they should suddenly decide to record lyrics advocating the violent overthrow of America in the name of Allah, will the PMRC's labels deter a nation of semi-literates from learning an exciting new dance called 'The Funky Jihad'? Will the PMRC wish they had used the big red "M" to warn of Muslim Content? The establishment of a rating system, voluntary or otherwise, sets the stage for an endless series of 'control ~rograms' based on 'Things Certain Christians Don't Like'. What If the next bunch of Washingtorl Wives demands a large yellow "J" on a Il material writterl or performed by Jews, irl order to save helpless childrerl from exposure to 'concealed Zionist doctrine'? How long will ~ take till somebody else's wife demands that composers and performers wear a Special Arm Band at all times in public. reflecting the stigma of their category rating? The PMRC has demanded that the record companies 'reassess' the contracts of those groups who do things on stage that they don't approve of. GROUPS are comprised of INDIVIDUALS. If one guy wiggles too much. does the w~ole band get an "X"? If the group gets dropped from the label because.of the "X", do the other guys in the group who weren't Wiggling get to sue the guy who wiggled because he ruined their careers? Should the individual musicians be rated? If so, who is Qualified to determine if the BASS PLAYER behaves like an "O"! the GUITAR PLAYER behaves like an "X", the VOCALIST behaves like a "D/A", or the DRUMMER behaves like a "V"? Will unscrupulous performers voluntarily rate themselves "B/A".(80rn Again), in order to protect their careers and differentiate themselves from the rest of the Stigmatized Scum when they shoot the next "Let's Go Pretend To Feed Somebody" video? It was a sad day for composers, tailers when the major labels agreed absurd demands. performers and record reto the first Of PMRC's

Mr. PreSIdent 29 August 1985
I->dge 4

The PMRC's program protects country mUSicians, not children. It is mechanically unworkable from a listening/rating standpoint, considering the quantity of recorded material released each year. If enacted, American Musical Culture will become a hostage in the Beige Zone, somewhere between the Salem Witchcraft Trials and The McCarthy Era. Bad facts make bad law, and people who write bad laws are, in my opinion, more dangerous than songwriters who celebrate sexuality. The f~cts Simply do not support the PMRC's outlandish claims. This is more than a First Amendment Issue. Freedom of religious thought (if this matter produces legislation determining what is 'occult'), the right to assemble (if these idiotic ratings extenO to live concerts), and the right to due process for composers, performers and retailers (if the major labels proceed with 'album identification', in violation of existing contracts) are all jeopardized by PMRC's demands. I submit that elected officials have a spiritual and fiduCiary duty to their constituents that takes precedent over the whims of their spouses. How many other costly and ill-concBived governmental programs have been generated in this manner and dumped onto the shoulders of American Business? Those involved in this sort of 'connubial insider trading'. if not subject to prosecution under existing law. ought to be disciplined by their peers ... or perhaps they should take their own medicine and VOLUNTARILY RATE THEMSELVES. It shouldn't be too· hard to determine who deserves the Congressional "X", the CJ'lgressionaJ "D/A", or the CongresSional "V". It's hard to imagine a Congressional "0", but there must be a few on somebody's committee. The PMRC loudly decries the label of censorship when it is applied to their plan. Jesse Jackson reminded Jerry Falwell in a recent CNN debate that "You do not judge a tree by the bark it wears, but by the fruit it bears ... " Mr. President, if you are ment off our backs, could you it out of our nostri Is? There brimstone and mildewed bunting not serious about getting governat least do something about getting seems to be a lethal cloud of rising from the Senate floor.

Why did they agree? The record industry bills (H.R. 3163 and H.R. 2911) regarding tape royalties and piracy must pass through Senator Thurmond's Committee. With Mrs. Thurmond a member of PMRC, the industry was hardly in a position to express their true feelings on the matter. After broad hints of 'legislative strangulation', the major labels attempted a compromise. "Not GOOD enough!" said the Washington Wives, preSSing for legislation to control "satanistic or occult content". A composer or performer stIgmatized by the "0" rating winds up on the Ultimate Blacklist. All it might take is a song with a reference to someone's astrologIcal sign. What legal hazards I urk then for the unfortunate reta i I er who sell s "0" rated records? If he sells one to somebody he's not supposed to. does he get the red-hot tweezers or what? cont.

I do not expect a reply to this letter, however, any public statement from you on this mat r would be greatly appreciated.

F Z/ws

the complete list of PMRC demands reads like an instruction manual for some sinister kind of toilet training program to house-break ALL composers and performers because of the lyri~s of a few. Usually there is a parent in attendance.98 is in the parents' pocket. as a parent. Thank~ to the Constitution. not the least of which is the reduction of all American Music. Is it proper that the husband of a PMRC NON-MEMBER/FOUNDERI PERSON sits on any committee considering business pertaining to the Blank Tape Tax or his wife's lobbying organization? Can any committee thus constituted 'find facts' in a fair and unbia$ed manner? This committee has three.98 purchase price does not entitle you to a kiss on the foot from the composer or performer in exchange for a spin on the family Victrola.R. A minor confli~t of interest? The PMRC promotes their program as a harmless type of consumer information service. W~y haven't you considered YOUR CHILD'S NEED FOR CONSUMER INFORMATION? Music Appre~i~tion costs very little compared to sports expenditures. Why not bring jazz or classical music into your home instead of Blackie Lawless or Madonna? Great music with NO WORDS AT ALL is available to anyone with sense enough to look beyond this week's platinum-selling fashion plate. Is this the same taM bill with a nicer name? The major record labels need to have H. In this context. an issue at all? The PMRC has created a lot of confusion with improper comparisons between song lyrics. and the people who work in them have a right to conduct their business without trade-restraining legislation. The $8. 1985 They ar-e speak on These are my personal observations and opinions. please be advised: the $8. Finally. a man she described as "A friend of the music industry. Their secret~ry told me an the phone last Friday that the PMRC has NO MEMBERS only FOUNDERS. the only way to sneak It through is to keep the public's mind on something else: 'PORN ROCK'. First Amendment Issues are d~ided with a preference for the least restrictive alternative. PMRC spokesperson. how dare you? The ladies' shame must be shared by the bosses at the major labels who. Teen-agers with 58. and ret~ilers in order to pass H.FRANK ZAPPA: STATEMENT TO CONGRESS SEPTEMBER 19. the PMRC's demands are the equivalent of treating dandruff by decapitation.98 In their pocket might go into a record store alone. and promises to keep the courts busy for years. I asked haw many otMer D.C. videos. Is this a '~onsumer issue'? You bet it is. If the parent is afraid to let the child read a book. LEVIED BY AN INDUSTRY ON CONSUMERS. wives are NON-MEMBERS of an organization that raises money by mail. While the wife of the Secretary of the Treasury recites "Gonna drive my love inside you. The PMRC proposal is an ill-conceived piece of nonsense whiCh fails to deliver any real benefits to children. 2911 whiz through a few committees before anybody smells a rat. FOR THE BENEFIT OF A SELECT GROUP WITHIN THAT INDUSTRY. The methods they propose h~ve several unfortunate side effects. infringes the ~ivil liberties of people who are not children. helpless young children all oVer America qet to hear about oral sex at gunpoint on network TV several nights a week. ". The PMRC pra~tices a curious double standard with these fervent recitations. and Senator Gore's wife tal ks about "BONDAGE'" and "Oral se~: at gunpoint. I~the basic issLle morality? Is it mental health? Is it. If. providing 'guidelines' which will assist baffled parents in the determination of the "suitability' of records listened to by 'very yaung ~hildren'. Is there a secret FCC dispensation here~ What sort of end justifies THESE means? PTA parents should keep an eye on these ladies if that's their idea Df 'good taste'. These are all different mediums. Ladies.98 be spent en a book. announced to millions of fascinated viewers on last Friday's ABC Nightline debate that Senator Gore. 2911. Baker or Mrs. to the intellectual level of a Saturday morning cartoon show. The parent c~n always suggest th~t the $8. Your children have a right to know that something besides pop music exists." is co-sponsor o·f something she referred to as "arrt r-p i rac v i legislation'. Children in the 'vulnerable' age bracket hava a natural love for mu~ic. Thanks to them. they are free to buy other forms of music for their Children. you believe they should be exposed to something more uplifting than SUGAR WALLS. people in high places work on a tax bill that is so ridiculous. whipped up like an instant pudding by The Wives of Big Brother. recorded and live. and seems intent on running the Constitution of Th~ United States through the family paper-shredder.R. Apparently they insist on purchasing the works of contempor~ry recording artists in order to support a personal illusion of ~erobic sophistication." on the CBS Evening News. in law.98 can be spent on recordings of instrumental mu~i~. record packaging. . performers. No one has for~ed Mrs. addressed to the PMRC as well as this ~ommittee. I behalf of no group or professional organization. perhaps tMe $8. and live performances. through the RIAA. chose to bargain away the rights of composers. radio broad~asting. Taken as a whole. Kandy Stroud. she said she couldn't give me an Answer and that she had tD call their lawyer. Ladies. because the PMRC HAS NO MEMBERS. One of them is ~haired by Senator Thurmond. Is it a coincidence that Mrs. Thurmond is affiliated with the PMRC? 1 can't s~y she's a member. It is my understanding that. Gore to bring Prince or Sheena Easton into their homes. The Blank Tape Tax: A PRIVATE TAX. has a taM-exempt status. ~upport Music Appreciation programs in schools. dealing with the interpretational and enforcemental problems inherent in the proposal's design. but "very young children' do not. asked her if it was a cult.

in spite of recent efforts to move it to Lynchburg. No matter how the film is rated. and compounds the chicanery by demanding consumer gUIdelines' to keep It from invitd'l'g YOLW children inside its SUGAR Wf~LLS. Apart from the quantitative difference. Will the PMRC permit musical groups to exist. or blindness ha$ been linked to masturbation or vaginal arousal. It seeks to enforce a set of implied religious values on its victims. Because of the subjective nature of the PMRC ratings. You can't distract people from thinking about an unfair tax by talking about Music Appreciation. than something more 'uplifting'. or just another manifestation of the low priority this admInistration has placed on education for The Arts in America? The answer. The PMRC's request for labels regarding sexually explicit lyrics. I think it is fair to wonder if their rating system will eventually be eKtended to inform parents as to whether a musical group has homosexuals in it.tch TV. it won"t hurt them personally. If an album is part Rock. violence. providing more security for cowboys than it does for children.>. but. Understanding the Fundamentalist leanings of th1S organization. 1 isten '1:0 no only instrumental music. What if the next bunch of Washington Wives demands a large yellow "J" on all material wri_t_tenor performsd by Jews. I like having the capitol of the United States in Washington D. voluntary or otherwise. not by people who are . How long before composers and performers are told to wear a festive little PMRC ~RM BAND with their Scarlet Letter an it? The PMRC rating system restrains trade in one specific musical field: Rock. For that you need SEX. step th~ adoption of a 'PMRC National L~gal Aqe For COMPREHENSION of Vaginal Arousal '.It is unfortunate that the PMRC would rather di9pense governmentally sanitized Heavy Metal Music. there IS another that is more important: People who act in films are hired to 'pretend'. of course. the the (2) Mastl"lrbC\tionis not illegal. before th~y start drafting their bill. the PMRC program would have the effect of protectionist legislation for the Country Music Industrv. If it is not illegal why should it be illegal to sing about it? to do it. The establishment of a rating system. • and LOTS OF IT. Virginia. and should not be INFLICTED UPON or EXPLOITED BY others. and especiallv OCCULT CONTENT reads like a catalog of phenomena abhorrent to practitioners of that faith. There is not enough who do It. violence. Iran has a religiOUS government. No ratinqs have been requested for Comedy records or Country Music. sung for you by people who have been to prison and are PROUD OF IT. (3) No medical evidence of hairy palms. Is this an indication of PMRC's personal taste. part Comedy. Another Chain with outlets in shopping malls has been told by the landlord that if it raCked 'hard-rated albums' they would lose their lease. alcohol. Since many musicians write and perform their own material and stand by it as their art (whether you like it or not). and are not depicted on the album cover? 4 3 . 'fhe PMRC has concocted a Mvthical 8~ast. there is only one wav to ac h i eV? it: w. and THE DEVIL.nvalved 1n a taK scheme cover-up. prison space legislation to hold all could the prove (4) (5) children The PMRC's proposal IS most offenSive . or buv no music at all. nor has it been proven that hearing references to either tOPIC automatically turns the listener into a SOCial liability.n its 'moral tone'. Some artists include comedy material. Fundamentalism is not a state religion. what sort of label would it get? Shouldn't the l~dies b~ warning everyone that inside those Country albums with the American Flags.C. How a person worships is a private matter. warts. [f the goal here is TOTAL VERBAL/MORAL SAFETY.. Good for them. it is impossible to guarantee that Some sort of 'despised concept' won't sneak through. read no b ook s . and the atomic pompadours therE lurk$ a fascinating variety of songs about sex. One major retail outlet has already informed the Capitol Records sales staff that it would not purchase or displav an album with ANY KIND OF STICKER ON IT. the amount. drugs. See no movi es. Is the n e x t. Manv people I" this reom would gladly support such legislation. is NEITHER. recorded in a w~v that lets you hear EVERY WORD. the big trucks. an imposed rating will stigmatize them as INDIVIDUALS. Could it be that a ~ertain Senatorial husband and wife team from Tennessee sees this as an 'affirmative action program' to benefit the suffering multitudes in Nashville? Is the PMRC attempting to save future generations +v om SEX ITSELF? The type. Is there anyone in the PMRC who can differentiate INFALLIBLY between Rock and Country Music? Artists in both fields cross stylistic lines. but only if qay members don"t sing. Enforcement of anti-masturbatory costly and time consuming. urge them to consider these facts: (1) There is no conclusive scientific claim that exposure to any form listen~r to commit a crime or damn evidence to support of music will cause his soul to hell. anj ~he timing of sexual information given to a child should be d. opens the door to an endless parade of Moral Qualitv Control Programs based on 'Things Certain Christians Don't Like'. in order to save helpless children from exposure to 'concealed Zionist doctr·ine'? Record ratings are frequently compared to film ratings. That opens up an awful lot of shelf space for somebody. alcohol. If enacted. tucked away in new slang or the OVerstressed pronunciation of an otherwise iMnocent word.termlned by parents. part Country.

why didn·t he ~Ise the l<opp.. The 'heariny' lasted about 5 hou. ~nybody who gets that recitation from Ted twice in one episode of Nightline has surely been told how stup. under the shrink-wrap on the back of the album.if he has an earr i ng t in one ear. p. ana whether or not they are "filthy'. The lyrics would be printed on a sheet of white paper (preferably with a Fi~st Amendment Reminder at the tap of the page). 1ater as a "FACT". CNN viewers saw only Gorton denouncing me fo. No committee decisions. "Now. JlJst 1 ike the ladies say: these I~atings are neccessary to protect our children. based on a suggestion from my attorney. You never heard about it.-ty where it belongs: in the ha-nds o~ the parents. t~at he preferred my proposal to the PMRC rating idea.-s who celeb.hole matte. Just a photo opportunity for another Congressional b02o. I . Freedom of Religiou~ Thought. FOLFS" Frank Zappa Ths PMRC has demanded that record companIes 're-evaluate' the contracts of those groups who do things on stage that THEY f'ind offensive. You can always ~hop there. performers and retaile. hea.". right? Not Quite."!T'S NOT OVER YET. more dangerous than songwrite. . I was not allowed to say anything In n:rsponse. emer-gi. [hope it·s not too late to put them where they REALLY belong. reads the Quaballah.. in my th. ~e'll let the PMRC figure out how to PAY for it.-dion-fold. an acco. and the Right to Due Process for composeFs. Zappa. The 'denouncement· was the only thing offered by Gorton during the whole event. and people who write bad laws are. began my testimony with a 'reference reading' of The First Amendment 50 that people outside the U. .-s. to determi ne if ng he qualifies for a home-owner loan? Will they tell you this i~ neccessa. the "hearing' is over. and secondly. No rating.tle Johnny? Nobody in WaShington seemed to care when Christian Terrorists bombed abortion clinics in the name af Jesus.-om the possibility Of 'devil-worship' lYrics creeping through the wall? Oka-y . What will be the status of recordings f. you' re an intelligent man .JOULD • ") s~'i d . especially regarding my the semi-apoplectic Senator 'Constitutional ignorance'.-ecord sto. If one guy wiggles too much. or owns a rasary? Will his "oc.-iters and publishers must be paid at the statutory rate. on the record. Since the media coverage was enormous. sings about his astrological sign. If not. did you? This revolutionary proposal is very ~imple. This one puts t~e responsibility for the decision of what is clean or di.-om that Golden Era prior to censorship? Do they become collector's items. The GOOD NEWS 1S the PMRC has given up on all demands EXCEPT that SOME KIND OF SYM20L APPEARS ON T~IE FRONT OF AN ALBUM WITH 'UNDESIRA8LE CONTENT'. ho~. Most of you did not see or the "hearing'. Mr. the VOCAL I5T is a "O/1¥' . Are we expected to give up A. Sena-t or Hall i nqs (th·eone who sa i d "IF ! CUULD DO AloJAY Loll ALL or TH IS MUS IG CONST I-rUT TH lONALL y . Once the album leaves the store with this information on it. That leaves the current crop of 'objectionable material' untouched.-ate Lt. s oppar tuni t y to k remind him that although I flunked Just about everything else In high school.. bring it oact: . The full version went into the Congressional reco.e tot . • Or will another 'fair and unbiased committee' order them destroyed in a public ceremony? Bad facts make bad law.1 method and S<lY. 5 he Under the "hearing' rules.determ i ne if the GU r TAR PLAYER I S an "X".-etation. If t~ey refuse.e wanted to tell me r was just an ignorant musician. The royaltles to w. .-y to protect the folks ne~t door f. The. prepared testimony. th e Congr ess i orra "V"'. No sticker. In the hearing. Those responsible for the vandalism should pay for the damage by VOLUNTARILY RATING THEMSELVES.-s are imperiled if the PMRC and the major labels consummate this nasty bargain.-.-ticle One so the big guys can collect an extra doll~r on every blank tape and 10 to 25% on tape recorders? What·s going on here? Do WE get to vote an this tax? There's an awful lot of smoke pouring out of the legislative machinery used by the PMRC to inflate this i9sue. Let the parent decide after reading the lyrics. not those of '"record e~ecuti~e in New York or Hollywood. Since they asked for it. if ~. does the whole band get an "X "? If the grOLlp gets dropped from ths 1abel as a resul t of this ore-evaluation' process.what really happened during a bit of 'news management· taking testimony. do the other guys in the group who weren·t wiggling get to sue the gUY who wiggled because he ruined their careers? Do the FOUNDERS of this TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION WITH NO MEM8ERS plan to indemnify record companies for any losses incurred from unfavorably decided breach of contract suits. including foreign press. does he get an "0"" (<lh". might understand what we were discussing. l the Congr ess ion al "D/A·'. wears an Italian Horn around his neck..ave a CHILDREN"S SECTION. No questions. Freedom of Speech. I woul d 1i. Since my written speech would have lasted longer than the 10 minutes I was alotted. c ont en t : I'atinggo i. t Any kind of warning system is going to cost money. After reading it. JC\st a 'tiny little symbol' on the front. Will you care when the 'FRIENDS OF THE WIVES OF BIG BROTHER' blow up the shopping mall? The PMRC wants ratings to start as of the date of their enactment.nto an old Co Intel Pro computer. This dete.S. Larry Ste in.. If the BASS PLAYE~: (0'his Senator) belongs to a religious group that dances around with poi "onaus sn akes . For cassettes. That·s right. Try not to inhale it. or is there a PMRC secret agent in the Justice Department? Should individual musicians be rated? If so. The cost of printing mu~t be paid.remember: most .-e was quite place. I read a.ever.-d along with all the oth . Is this too much to ask? VOU BET IT IS' That 'tiny little symbol still requires somebody else to decide what those lyrics ~ean. practites yoga.short version.-es still h. yo~' can t.d is. IF MILLIONS OF PARENTS REALLY WANT THIS.. or thQ DRUMMER is a" V" . I remind the PMRC that GROUPS are comprised of INDIVIDUALS. in spite of their bizarre + ied What hazards await the unfortunate retailer who accidentally sells an "0-" ratedrecard to somebody's lit. who is qualito. I p'-oposed a solution to the . No debate. 'rHEN FUNDING IT SHOULD NOT BE A P'ROBLEM. . you think it·s a-II going to fade )nto the sunset now. perhaps the voters could assist in awa.-ding the ConQress i orie "X".-mination is the responsibility of individual parents making decisions based on stanaards In their community. this 'historical document· was stlll in existence.. and to remind vermin like Sena-tor Gorton that.nd I the Congressional "0". I did get an "A" in Civics. enforcement pr-oJecu and priorities COn b.. ru. Em . r'nmenl ree cently dropped its.Democrote Jam ..a three in6u ential Wuhi_ng.. Paul '!fibl. Gor •.' ".ppl.tenl du ding those of th.lecuLives that the prope.... Do.easonablen. Me:rlis. appeueml!'DL AI.o •• 1 in th. Tn i_..! with Mro. So let'. $4. and it clarifi .. RepUblican of Or. "glorify" drug and oIcohol abuse.". Donald Rio.ed to cow the tria.rouP. of ~:~d ~~u. "pbm rock. and Paul Simo n. :Bit 0... fin8. .d«l bet~'oen drooted f(J..-es.niee_ Tbw.mgs anel of indlJl!ltry representatlvet p and consumers. On illiteracy...pli.. to !l-•• .eD whipped up by Ihe PMRC IIJld PTA.. Rock Gone 100 Far?" Poopl.url!:s...g an .n 't epoken to a l!Iingh: inveaLigator lhB.I.'fI. m. 0100 . recommendation oOn Ilidden n.! fow. "He.atW prooucing rock cellsorship..try.y who). suicide..~ st. (Even the DCLc-h go ... and.._· More urgently. year.". Buch acti'Vilies W her e~iI· dre.. to see H. vice pruident h of P IfRC •• t whoo< OOh.. __ a eenatcre.Y di.t proposed a ri!!.rged from the mouth of Prince or David Le. language i.tori..'·page memo (dated June 'Night Stalker' case in· of Olli· hom.s tim! :!Iuc:hl ~b!rl!l Congrfssrnen as Representative Thm Do-wney Bnd Senlll· tor Pliul S Lmon are i0 . qu . The record IaOOt. unfailingly poliU and d"'<r tbat d.r' TIpper Gore outraged th. ton and Mute ita initial letter Gottikov of the RIAA. the hl!:llring Wlili II. althoUib ehe . They B. in the.. Or B:e:Juaily explicit lyriC! Ilir.. Septetn) ceptsble:'t recordS-8ometbil1. Hoi· lings.. tu on bom.g":-pr. no' all PMRC . rept. presawe group_ io thai il'lI IIr w" and 0 for lyrlar about the occult. on the dubious grounds thal youngat@re.mondod • reo oor<! induotr.& perv.mronJup). PMRC had recruited . She j . .'.) By mid·Sept.I.itl<. went on.. taping. by the RlAA-pau thiJ . "".nesote. .. and uplicit Btandard. JOM Heinz." "ff I Soid You Had • &.. th the ". su("lanee abuse and/Of upucit sexual behavior in CODcerts where minors are ad. of objectivity and hi. ..attack by bla m inJ! rero.m while lh-e l8i~nal." .al_es and ba. that is long-s:tai\din..he hIId er':!I at·tention the opening verse or "'Du· ling NikkP': m-el her in a hotel lobby/Masturbating with & ma. withdrew bis..-. Thil! is tbe tale 1l pper Gore tella. Ropublican of South Carolin. fOmled I The Prince was also the catal)'!t in the fm!. :... V(lra bl... Gore ." Tippet Gore told me.1!fd violen~t and glorifi . wte-k.·' The letter reque&ta the industry to 'i... ond the Son AntoniO city council "'as.. that t_he he." EepeciaHy $~riCt their ~vtn-yeAr . na. oon!iidtring Ill1 outdght ban on roek concern_ .. seder of the Los Angeles Times wrote I!Ul lnvesdgatlve series criticizing lhill rele- ag. ia.singer could rush over to NASA on hi... ponse to tbe PTA's rock ratings scheme ~ame from Bob. dee<riOO the. of StanJ.ry·.e..nd tiroorous Christian youths. "Of the PMRC letter ore m.nt the record colXllpaniefli to rate con-ceru !IJ]. 14th """noI "cuJtunJ . decorous thon Denver-Dee Snider of Twi'ted Si.nowball«l. Now paIeDtG ate taking action. n She also maintained thai PMRC iJ underfuoded. 'Or.ibl.. IIIra .. the anti-horae toping bill sponsored by Bruce Moerlson.t "porttayt uplieit HI. fair Kame for . ly.. mi.. tdn8um e~ and performers. Mn. 0004to"" wiv .mberships per se. RlAA·.... Tho Sr. The R IAA's a.all k... David Durenberger." IMy emph .t.kabl' coil for a blackliJt." and "the practiceo heard and own t. sympathetic to .lio1UJllin~ern. Polygrom. not just warniegi!l_ .that A entualv Iy held the "porn rock" hearings.ying ~~m uc:h of th. the aen!ll10"" ~p. Tipper.. offe_nsirr..!.r industry course was."... IuId II. n·t juat .g_ D_ Chris Downeyf'M"..unt of publiei~y.r 16 cover .OUIU.. ~OUih he called Lt.ff'e accom.thy fo. .8 euy for PMRC to it se1:" violence or the PTA's national office teleas. homoee:luaJitl': bees("lily [sic] and necrophilia".I:«I theori . ve. Art u t conlro cIs MW end old.s dlled_ In at. i_gn«l by 2(1 women..o any or this . fair. 1. Gorti'kov appare:ntljlmet liUlil! if !U] Y r".n and de'{:ided that somelhing lXLw.... Ro· publican of MinD_to.d. Guy V""der Jag< of Michigan. preoident of the Recording Ind".tal bAnd AC/DC.t . iJ •• pected to work afur oIbumo are sealed (or cove red ion brown pape r) is Ieft· Wluplored..R.s.ker.fHi~K had ~41:1!!ro chi!IJLce"of These family He! cut an light on Danforth'. AlOOrt trl. y·to--rud typo" (kind of tough with ceaeettes) "unobscured by d. the tepe tip bill IJI.r. PMRC ond the PTA hod form«l • coolition to g.. 1 h&ve. hoard of dire!:tof:!l.iJunce I<l his warning ·1. Republican of ViIfinia.ight p.'· H.t to . But CUI~m.mbe..mand... Democr-at or to be printed "in .rried to con.. and gloriticaticn of drug... Rep" blieaa of P<nnoylv40ia.." What their child ren would have betn !Jubjected to was .a. tile invoh'ement of but one of th . RlAA president Stanley Gorti\.eJ convention..ed to "copyrjgbt owners.?men4th(Jt. d.· mine which material should be seized or deotroy. involve". tu. whic~ iJ oomposed 30 toajor label "eculiv . Aocordin. ed by a $5000 donalion from . for instance.. The six represeetasigned warning Q. ..n. an uruniJta.h II 'Werning Labell rad 10 . gr"''''en.. Jon. wbich tracu down and proeeCUte..nforth. affiliated. e91 were among that the PMRC pro~-and RIM president Gmtlkov con!ildered-blad:lietilll .d Mr.eL. It·.." Most omino ..s Pe applied in re:cordJnc and rd~asin8 pro. GortikoOVrecounts an un pubhciZ«! J 5 mooting held in AJ· OOrt Gore'..r.oot f.. year-<>Id daughter brQUiht 10 her motJi. but the threat iJ eaU:!W!l the.nce.r"lraint perhapa by developing gwd@line!!l and/or a ratiDg l)"Btem BUch.g.o exempted ellery other form or music... Democrat of T'~c. stood lat Blpr. trcveraial. RCA. hard to believe that Tipper Gore wq dup.rH . Accord ing to tho RIM mem"".. albums wit. ~ include provislona for ! rati:Qg cede wrth thr .hooe purpose.mOOr pr".re(ord company impractical.other membef!: of the Com".n Thle fir BefQre... Rai Pl i! thE: soundtrack to an utreme.O.."" (RIM)... with PMRC.lid· era wontt do. In r"pon"". Thm Downey is co-cbainnan of tho Co""". 2911.' '"ti.nJ~ lor rock th.h I "fused.ercC ComJllittee--Chairman John C.. of Miohiian-w .. Downey 0100 received the RlAA·. and II raIl of otk~ ern-includtng RIM award winner lbm Downey.eSl of all tape recorders and • pen ny per minuU t.. 'Il-ue.) This money is to be diatribut.. Albert didn'.Il I heard devil-worship in lyrics and videoa. 2911." yOIJ' ."lll. CBS Rorord.. & roll is to annoy parents. Laat. and Mrs.. This WI!.. Night Sto Ikor .tory..adel"5. The three· pongroph 1. act. m that the hea. according to Gore. of "raem berehfp" statUi ..g on the record industry to rate and lebel maU!rial containing "profanity.!l .. propoe. Baker... revil· ing re<:ordlranring frolll 1<] 'Ill on Fire" Lo . They become talk·. Bob Packwood.d...orda to the doz· . herd:! more rumbling ."1 """".ft..s. of "Lei's Pretend We!re... Richard T.. ".D$ylvania.oI Arlo Co.U· ally".how biz faibl ." People pu bl iohed thi..a! b .. and his wife.01 ved. one).:!l I!ddressed to MrtiI_ Gore . to per cont to 25 »0< cent tax On saI. copyrig h.:ll.ll anything that . the l ~ittJ mOTt than 200 members of the med i. iJ.. Q renewed policy of .nd nasty. Bill Archer of Tex..c~waJ'd .. as txpeded.. (Ii $4 C·90 t. ton-Bob Packwood.mitted..try Ao· sociac()n of Amer..'ion. Thil!l jU:!It proves th. COl]Cf-Al recordi_og industry_ It also makes it ei!LSy for cong-ressmen J. Reiner had told CBS'~ed ~o .~ done.. t~~t. "Night Stalker" kiJlins. extre".R. AdditionaUy..:II art aecretly w.. request __ aIm. unknown outside of the PMRC and RIM'. lingo. pht~t sext V101ente. or giont ".. . Republican of M '. the :e<ord laools of m&king . uomple of AIIeri. R.e". connected L. with • Ii ttl..".tore.."'lhorn<'.DJ.. gl"i.~ ee rorceme-n t team.<to I..ock & roll. These oym hot.inds hoIf·be..ltrsiaJ R· raud tnovie..! i.i tb.. New~ on September 4. II'.. ar. t May that the move""n' to . • p .i.lter ac~. hoUiht • oopy of Purple Rain. when M.. k:s for.I!I tter." the pooitions of her . How".. Th .d !x. m .a-uiMe. to jus'..piro.ha been hidden..o bQ&i"~ •.I . Thm Downey"). ! ex:ist.o dude: the iS8ue since thoy a.b ing to do with Iho . They wanted ratings. since the PTA hu no resolution. violence and ia e.r lobolo hod ogreed to brlUld "poLentially The I..e epecial-iutereU le.. ion..!j..sen.:e~~dren coDstitute secondAry -4 a Friendly word &eXt U . designed to benefit Wl!rner Communieaucns. 'Tbur"'<KId 0100 chai" the JudiciOI)' Committe"..a. pre the PMRC to the RIAA.a-rond ~d A.d 100010.ker wile or 'II-. 1980 Dirty Mind b.sting statement. And.u Gortiko1J ailla -c:hll..'" i.. PMRC ratinp cod.lanl and ez~reme re:~()rding na.y Ir. ys. and Sa~ani. William Kreedel.A.e CQn~ e.. confidentiol memos.lp M. B. rs 1984. .g tlme bugaboo of the fundamenlalist Chri:!ltian righL--u I'a reas.JlIJr'.. in other words.'.lDllklfl'. ~.pIiO". uses FB! peny C·men wne-n they busi record ··P:t· rates. t of "h... and PMRC oeaetary Ethelynn (Mro.rulo~red in the Augll!t n or wo. was sc enncyed by Knoedelseder '8 reVIII~ lations that it withdrew aU of us Ildverl~~ ing fron.:'~tlrtl warrnl1l label for e.Cken a. OOIsthemselv .elf·c. Coetikcv is worriod about H.or) rock record. h tho wit. (.1 nothing chang""" ..te. Roth.0001 propooal '" tbe RIAA "'<utiv.ames the debaU! ov!r &eX.rade_ Gor. Go Crazy".. olLen.'. dear. Sh.) of Seni!l.• f.I!!pprovlll and d i. lowered W?' '?d' that Clf the movie indus.a. t Hollingo.ache.he jUllt pick«l up th. ond Paul 'Il-ible-bave a!Iiliotio.n· abl •• if you don't mind • tittle c:eosonbip. H....oli'llia! «_y that cau. ym bels: X for profanily.. mauria! •• e. The AileY" went to the Delshire Elementary School PTA and proposed . .. projecte are big hly co .uliful Body (Would You Hold It Agoin. «I PMRC..:.l... ..$.... mauria! heard ""d view«l by YOWlg children i3 straight hardenre (por· nogropbyj. ury Secretary J"". and Solly N. 'mpo.!"Ie sli.. very. the senator! choet: to intim idue rather thal1 1egull!.&..oi".nercise volun~I!.. Wl ]'e:ar'e PTA'.SI'I.nda of the cobgreoeionol wives. They indude the wi veo of 10 sen. telling the.) Then h.. Th.. "It sounds on one level u if it'a four ~ple. 0/ the bw. Jon . of H". that it'll! time for thlf record indWitry to uc1ean up ita. investigation of such prBlctic:~ be-caus. Both groupo IaOO. probably tho onJy "<ord w ~~. fi". IlDd partiC'Ulatly hOI vy metal •• frenzy that h. PMRC wants a lot moro than . M.] Democrat of Illinois." PMRC I. which now re· newed ita role in the dispute &000 aft.. . dizi.d~ who fan«l to conform. hot Biven Lhe ~o. only response "'88 to roqu. In rontrbt th! que:!!lt. chAracterizalion II lhcl(!e wjVe. in attend. 1 Stuckey. queotionin..' Mo).oring.. wasn't e'lO'en er l!!ltatuau.d '" pi..O deter.·.ay •• t. In his memo.d III Wli c videoe and to . protelted by the parent group"... Bill Frenael of Min. 'fhal W8! preUy much where D:I.v. no evidellce :J::t qu. (the RIM win no'". -Croil MotcuJI bring ita desire for II federal t&.The PTA·.OJJII-erce Commlttes.uthor of Comm"""": ~ Mti:tm and Ott 8eallt. of bloody ope.acting artists who eugage in violence.1 bu m that woutd prt:!lenl.mbering l/url do·nlt Hsten to country songl such I!I. and Thm Downey of New York." Thit't peroonolly . Ie (cen.y'rf: I!IUIlB foreign langual:e&..U ki ng-I! "..90 plu" . Moot "otorio . the PTA'...rna.. Democrat of Thnn .lup ond by "fIOBi.gOD'.uch C'om-pan..Iii' ebusee associated wilh it. the P'l!!C1pl. How". he recommended providing a notice: On potentially "un..islation.15 ""u"Urf.. really..!"". an Partnt·Teachers Association (PTA) inAugurated the rock ratings CrU· "dt in JUDe 1984 at ita natton. the full ag.harp . D/A for Iyries tha. "educeticnel and informational. The committee'.. Their wi •• [n fact. and offioially it iJ fow people. my copi •• of them whi.he Beach BoY" (pr . Mrs. It Tbsough the Night.ton to defer to Mn. "Non-response by companies to this e_mergtng problem can have &erio~ n~at!ve backlash efTK"ta.. Go-ret end the. But a previoU8ly undleelosed PMRC memo (undoted) to the RlAA contalne their Jecommellclations for record iDdustry action.n lhl! room South Carolina. John Danforth.tte. is.iUno and bootlogg"". Yet until thi.oot I. Eth· "e lynn Stuckey.iI! er "''''' d"""eed mool vehemently with the industry's willing tensonhip were the PMRC-8Jld the PTA. t diocipl. served notice that it wu now open SUlIOn on rock: and roll a "Dancing in the Street5.) cr.elion p.he WOO n . the TImes (or several monthfi. since attack!! "Hound DOl.bll. .. . Dom<>crat of 10. or bocl· w&rd mul<ing. Wiln t record mdu:stry ii:!lelfregulation" UlnOT of tne com m ittee '8 -comments-in.tu .t . will evonluolly have fetp(ln8lbllity for the Senate v.o. e polilic .o.g industry practice (Prince'lI. " .""UTI.. Ih. Iion of PMRC..".h. On the baaiJ of the letter to RlAA. Peopl •• ". t to become th. bill provides . • nonprofit eceporation .r ratint. dilu ee d Or jtopordi«d. 1\$ the RIAA previously undisclosed intern-aJ memos reveal the record induotry quickly ""ved in to o~oid jeopar..ingwhen Baker.r Iet Letter ..." and help the Jederal ogen\. and two arti. 1985) to th.. are to be printed on the front or" oIbwns and cessettes-e-remcvable.. of en. Not only do 6 V! of the sen. an lodU5try and community panei.' '''y to run off o.. «10m '0 <orne ond ..eli'tr eme.... bo· LI ruzzy. IuId to .. and the wives of 11 other Con~ml!n !!ignfd the May 31 I. m~r('e Committee had announced it ir. lence. abd it jl!l curioWi." In October. .r. and. e. Em.. In ..t . on blank tape.racteriz.. «I.. oil of tbe 'ig:o .) found.tm06pbere of (reM)' qailUlt rock and r-oU. nt...I. med ev.Pndke. were tbereafur ignored.n unusual etep. io"" hit tho h•• dlin . ~. Tho RIAA ~itioD wo a.1 . no mAtter what the Fint Amendment ..riJlg' ".. ceruoN!d.onable r-e~ I!':JeC\ltjye in the United StaLH who believe~ that.lld sucb BSISOCiate6 u SU5!Jl Ba..le!. -'0 . PMRC wanta the RIM to "eoeourllge record companies to reasseu CQntr. director of public relation! for Worn" Bros... CBS. to the Senau September 19 abeut free ent.r. " W bat Ih. to persons of any age throUib record stores and the media. Gortikov'.. Lloyd BolltoeD..u..e . Senate ollie •• where be m.l bwtnes&woman.."~ to do wi~hwai an . nta .The RIM had effectively ·hlllDOtrung lito _ord lIldllOl:'l" both by "fIeei ng to do facto ceoso". the movie':II rating doeo nOI oppeo.t th e I1baence..l8o 'ii'i'l!I. Th.ty cantro'l. m ng (that l!. n ".. vio- rionship end de-scribing civil righi.. N tlver Bet.OOrol m..wr J~re-mlab Denton of Abl.»p.lbum covers "depicting violence and erpl1cit & Ukod "Let'. CircUS.u:luding the topica of fornication !8do~ ~i!l!OChism" jncest.inlll."ould hold h.ere held to "venlilate" the i!8uB...Iu on blank tape.cb·hunte . 1I•• lor Ptyrm. pet I~li ve proj· ect.!Pam Howar. &rd" ito March tives whose spouses are Republl- Two of th . pooition ~ceept8ble.t gives l. have come from thi!' lunatic thoUih. dll-S'cre:hon lUld r.y Gortikov.l!IZ..e.Jrn. 111' Rock hAIl incited moral crus.. Tbe cover copy read: "L. oidebar]." Until recently. ""d that they doo't rompr<bend the . "Frankly. which contrQI 80 per cent o( recorded music sold In the U_S_-It the expense of MCA.. "We don't have me. A.1 some type of con. Ln . hollway.. PMRC'. regula".re.can hypocrity (1M 'n~o(t'ronub<4 it'r W<>I"th .c'ices.A.11«1 in to buyin.po. light I. of d'Ui' Olld oIoohol.. Despite Danforth'.S .~ PM~C also assaul~cd majo~ record labels through the RIAA.o<il tb • . an iaeue one would have thought eentrel to the orxoniza· lion's uistenct_ The only industry r. ." which are usuelly the record lB.. \e. 'he admitted that the donation came ftom Mike Love's Love FoundaUont with which the other Beach Boys deny alIiJiation) and ito office tIS donated by F-lO! loce.ubetantioJ portion of official w""hiDg. did b.enion rtr worse lhL!..oJd WI. for imltRnee.ent began in 1984. • blacklist /I .dditioD to AJOOrt Gore.... too RIM «nc .lp from the RIM. who . It·o the . Th • wive!' :a.ropoo.tor and Fronk Z. and their ei."s -ericDale r(JT urging major record lebeu ttl cave in. R IA. As upected.king the intimidating intent unmil!ltakRble.t 00 e. Gorti kov quote< the PMRC representativlHI U :u. occurred. to Me:antime. HoUingo.e... iS8~ed A preu w hen they fi"'t heard them...(3ceL..." e and "Tight Filling J .ed th~ PM Re'.o" wroU a . t tho hooring ~'a.~tureo that ore intimidating.. wa a show 11 the involvement of the wives of co ngrelll.ntipi racy cempaig-n.a1 fln. pbou dropped il on the 800r lei Goniko . aDd alcohol "indiscriminately availabl.r on tho LP .a.ds~W'e: tho~ f~rur... though Loo Angel •• Conoty district at· tom.. Noebf!. i.0 tht Co. Record" who whipped out the dieM. ~OO rubOO meck ... it publish ere controlled by the same corporation:!" that or 'ag.nd come up with a theory like thill] and it--it sounds kind or i_nteresting but.mOOr./y publidy . efrain r from the """ of hidden meooag .. Schuhe of Pell. '.. .h'ir four children Commerce Committee's hearings on "porn rock.o.. Our legislative Ilnd IUl.. nl!llional convention then passed II resolution eaUin.Married..t the ..~r Iy h . The Gore. "The funetion of fOC. . (Obse""'''' . PMRC also w ante all Iyr. BlIt that'. PMRC h.Ied the RIAA·.ghl. Purpll!. The memo. hoard .""..nly di.on. Rain OO""w.. H. (Wben confronted with the information in these memos. would coot at I"".igned the Mey 31 I. and Capitol/EMI- BillboonJ where it wu presented !lUi a "'1(!~l1' o. Morals for Money Tbe memo eapresaed Gortiko.mple. Go. PMRC had a far more pe"". cleaeic ~orporat.. bearing IllS we wO\lld if it were held in the Soviet Union:: Thi...o. to thio "'emo.9...iol'l. id it w. Strom Thurmond.erpri:!lll!: voluillee nam. of Baker.... t F.. 1 bromides 'p.. . 19 RIAA "'..1 they wanud..naLuu$ rln over lh~ir hu~· bands' namU (e.. But it wun'1 until Tipper Gore I!i. I coiled myoid lady ParehU' MU3dc Ruourte: Cenur (PMRC). d.uki.. ign overlayo.pE'rform. generated by the movuu sexual nphCltne:98. bill thot "''.. Rick Alley of CincinnOli bought Prince's 1999 and were shecked by the "unchy Iyri". We may do thAt. houghl 'Purpl.e there i... WiUi.. the u.ghteet -cretie. d..I· 101:«1 murderer's liking for the h •• vy ".t the.i themes" are to be kept behind the counter and OOv· ered in a wrapper. port of the ind uot. Suddenly. Ito . of PMRC Th.ef!Jlon or the eeeord lndwotry'. the qUf'Stioning W8:!I I! c::he. not rrom the likes. OQ . the Com· Season of the Witch-Hunt By May 31. to become a real space cadel. .1 queetion tQ 'LVitl'les8John DeDver SO the.record ." How Un.sllltJOn! '!Nne deflecUng the...: be pleoed on aJbum coven! to aJtrt buyers to the contents. I Porn Queens in Heat In ito ottack on ...!t fiw: C"~.comp.~. a iood thing thaI Se""tor Gore Jr. -Ilfio tirock mAnia comes rrom modi!'rat! politi· cian! (and their Yo'iva). PMRC had dubOOd it WD big news.uch messages and m.". frin..

You. Great Whi1l:.i lie.k that alatem'Ul t..nn in N(!ll).8 ticnwide orgli.te.k. . tiona.yo been-thanlu to tho matrix Springs""'.Ilt~ W'al ADd didn't oroe<.netJWuon ... MUllorssky's Kh.t but that it had "no plano to wvolYf! OW' mOIllberebip.1 vapo:n.."".. tho musio industry came r."" eut..u&lily.e year of "We A" the World" ad Live Aid-Farm Aid-Be .. WASP. IMIY to be peeslve.Among the moet iqituential rock groups ever. ~ "Do yOll think that's reuonablt to u· poC1. ~nfl-plicit 7 ye. lilt io ond· I. but io on... Die IIhlkClro.impl. with in<r . can bardly be oomparod with WASP'.' "bicb . of _isht poeto ".."y ~·fhu UlftU idooI fUoW reactiOD mUlt ruffirD>ed Zappa' con..ition OD the record lat. ...noo between poela and rockete is a msttflr of clua.~ loat Lheir Notional Endowment lor the Arte IIrllDto on oimilMly Daftl . on e bHn . 10ng-.. ZdpfJd four "Thank tell. Of course" th.and of PMlIC <. the Muaical Majority e&rl "".. Octa· . to tbi.10 desaibea i.1 Ar!..iJI • little wonied about your vi.M beocau.. of KoJ\a. 0.. rO<.de big nom. M •• beth..adio . Murd~ i.nguage:. heavy meW's audience is the 'ncarnation of Jamel!l Watt'a '4u'ndeeLr.. pas&ed four . Don H.. Ln-CLnerate Friend. and I~_H It·..iI duet with Zedi.. .j '4[ ".-"- __ .e.Dt to Hollywood to do lOme fUlld-r"ing during hi> 1984 eam-paip for tho-Senate. como!: 01:1 QVf"l' to the bo'lJ5f. of N igbt Rac. these .t oontrole thoir work.. dr.". and Bitch..s. Rock i problom for Conrr .i...hat :La the name of your fan ciub?Jl "The fan clllb .9ultant Jetl Lin~. 1 d""" S..ce I I... and porfooman""" monitored..hina.taned .imiJor· Jy indi. who d..hut· that thio witcb·bUllt That' .". t.. that th...n. ple. indudi ng john Cougar Mel· ' en camP. bee. ohare of bloody vio· lence.. the 1. wron. ----.ol'i4~'On..n the guy'a i.. ve-. tha oorrupted Ivan Khovonoky is slall8h .~ adultery carried on betwee. the krwwj'ngly il'j. by tht way. out. but IIIhe 54)'! that th.d:well of Ioland (. DO locid. Uf•.'or·8to 15' . but no i. Deod •• ho .... iq ell'ecti. Moa"t... in· corrigible Shak .. then deadpanned his way through .. :OOf uy inlention of reevaluating h. -"nII!ii' or Torture. ("Thnu ..cor malfl:i. The differ..bout hi> OD'"'ucl ..."'r to o. Stroud. po". "But I'm It. wI ne.. major record oorporatio. Baril"..inoo it nlr •• dy oonson the sOIXLeplaa· i. into lengthy recitations of lyrial by heavy tntLeI g-rou~ like Meta_Uic8.oet productions now reveal Iyri<o.ock .·· Gore ". porsoD be pitdled ..tore. eeeond lus'flIt eetail ohain •. too r..rNour face is.lI j""t looka tho oth" way_ S... toying wilh forbidden imagery (IWUti· It!. With the e... EiCh and llbrse cuhUlal Ull".ee this year:' P.. that &omebody in I!I. "". the moet outrageous heavy metel poops.ItS weU. bero" long. oaid tha.1 ".. Bud Arthl11.bow a feUow 1toj4. Check particu· larly Nero'a description of Poppaea'. to The . that h.olonoe?" ... The 'lOOptiO" ore (SQldbe" BJld • fow mini·major oloculiv"" lih David GolfeD (who told n"". proclaiming hi> _. n ... lack of po. Clive D• . Tb.' BJld the BOng 'Goldeu Sho"'e". Gore'... hington" tho tlr. an. Goldberg . • ------ --- . Gore . but SOOn t. H ord he pornographic ma~rial aJ glorifying '.(lftore.ceDtI~ took a "arning 'tickor 06 Billy CryI!tal·. :my toilot '):II»O..."'r. h . 19500. a obit "Mr. them..) The Senate is no better inJonoed. " ...Id hi!. hat'. Then.. Iution. BJld tho music vid .k~ a logical lo.nd 'now he come!. H~""ol ~n...a.. ped '" the d. '•• lot to being. ted themselves irJ the form of a new bakb of h~. solulion. Wnile the wife of the aeaet..hitted i... o!fico told m.Ial you'd bring home to Mother.. ginger· bread.d.. to. Dennis De Young of Styx. lectiOll and editing. meo.te". o... house. 011 the IUbjocL "l Tho IICIlAto.g II..r-ee ""'olllen in three 'Very . and.n k Zappa told the Comme""."" "It' • . 1 H "How bad CiIII it . you littl •• Jut/Do .auy houaewivea IUId irl'esponoibl..f .g..hen th.. ince... Union (ACLU) and is conoid.iude.'. ''''CUI only paws the innocent Sophie.ry lOng au the album 1" IUP:pi)l!J@ "Letts L"". • 10. react. . h. ManrLco'l in hill bit lOng. torture (and .... th.. of Ariola. be•• it baa alw. Aid.t..) MTV can run..ol6l:ldinc 10..~.·Nob. the day ottor tho bearin{.I!In't II tUiOaa ble thmg.. He recently form.." -FroM: ~tn~Ppa. San A)'Ito.caJ nClr mf!TCe Committ.. but.""'or Joloh Donforllo (R·Mo...gailat not oniy tho ce""".! vapo..h.. b.. "So "'hen h.".. :!r'OU think Ocbi can tom J... Bruoe Mo.t· . ...I:·. h lUI much use.ceptio." be HI. ere nonentities. er. iOD.. about nudear war thai <bad oharillod hi._-- - . the .. Th_ cute kid.. ODd I ·tlidn·t really . Siegmund ODd SiegJ... etc. . or 81'oupa.~ (who b.... hefor< I'd do . 'Who &ometim. Zappa "Puck lih • B..lli hit-aJld nO wonder.y of actors.nlisled the oid or tho Jl. "nd I re:speCt'YoU Ii true ~oriii..c:haa. is ....ed in b.. through D.PMRC m(!'. M..yo OM:! the right.0'" him ~ check for $200.. about bome-tapiag 1.. be braglllloout his e.-g.. such B.a.beir bu...lpfoitJl. ed1 Then w.n(e II!l. little organized oppeei lion to Lhe co""' . parent. alao Jw poaition o.eruing time on MTV.... I think that th. head of Warner·Amol. turnaround motivated Goldberg to do Bomething . ? 'lb .. But I..tAl groups are 9ufficiently aimilar to genuiDf ". been in Au. so ridiculo""."" like M~tley CrOe..pp.. their rapacioUi hands on City Council. Snide.. I've been a.hde yo·u.t KAn· u d.m.y're in~ uential. _&"" •• an idea e the .. the .hieb ..1"""" jUliI """..8h!-d·neither hi. but m.o~· -er i.rder to COme up with the IODC about. didD't alw. But beuer lMgell! pr ....ta to W. BJld viol.h..everdi. nod"" himM!I peT6on· aUy to Fronk Zappo. other just-liberolod· .nal . illiille signs their affiliation with the music CstudJl.- "ill.. of milk in the povertystriLken house. Th •• ntrance 01 the PTA with itl! ml!tUi'YtII m-embenbLp lind 1]... 0.." 'lb date tho AFM barr DOt .'t mal.1\')' melal rrwpo.oond.m. • fan of yoW. _eDIo to do that 1" ~rB!:in.~uII4l1l Joff U".y loft· liberal jarxo. told .ce.>OOO o.. as kido_'boId.....s i9.. a CaDCer eating its w'>' A:tn(!:riCAn cwture." pt!nl$grams.h l. poopl.. are you gcllIlI.n Asoina' Pornogr~phy. unnot be eoTt!pare-d with 'Low" Louie/ Cole PorU!lr... The album includeal<lDplik.." l "~n.. -ul8h...."ponded by oaying that he . A•.oible) to def and these musically primiti ve and !. The~ linally pWlh the witcb into an o. blya oolumn by former tn uon ·o!fioial David Ne.. 1f and tho baritone lop. You Up") or the J. AmuiC::... I'm sorry.a. tho Sect. hoad of COl\g . k qu . La: going on. Rape. • humo.Job D..Dlittee.11!. th. TIppo. wo...... diflioult (though by no m . d"". pri n t tbem.. with tbe blacklistin. t.. . Really.... t.Thl!diui!l&e thrUI.. •• f.".tl!>orl Owe Jr. John Steel. if they'" ...ingo...rts h. Peel ·Em.:I to be cut." to see what toys)'Our tow. of 'IWioL«l Siatar" "la this also a Christian group?" "I don't beU ••• that profanity b._ coptioD iI tho bea. Lh.roa.rt&.. Fuel Her. Iutio .tion for the man'a mu. ." ""'or 11: ing -cl.e~(uli". z" .grave danger... and Twi.. of s. "Di quolla pir .ins • poe. for ~..ars~ among them P..a.IIII·.dl... and in hio l.. 'w lone~ti. juot been complimenled by the .h. it'..OCially barbaric: groupl!_ Eq ually ." Goldbe" . Alwoye wary of tho lociological baggag..."... 1 Camelot." Goldbe" . Tho young to vott. Iyric-. '. vy melalli.lifve )1 O{ ~hild ia.tand fOJ .• p. baa ore po<>pl..Ilow PMRC to m. NIt'.. In tho lut 'C1. album}. Sound familiar! 8. d hod a niKhtmar. fuRt big ".. told mo that the ArM "' . 1fpper Gore t". rt:oord storest and the oottom of their TV screens.hly b. it'll be "That'. it' . up 011 you BJld it'.Ddhis euppoet of music: indueUy logi&r. of Thiated Sloter. "o.bout PMRC antirock dragnet.... but . Rigof<!to.. the nation'. Oli. tho Gorea eeed to thom.nt through Tbere Onc'l! PMRC hired.."". ill not II CQD.egs on the album i... f'm In . wu for th! lovflrrI. wife talk •• bout 'b..tAlappea!a t. It' •• mlotalte fa: "")'OlIO elao 1\'00 dMol>'t .et? TIl.M.. Def. who H8.. Vol!: 8C'USB1 to tr.s (in~ «Iudi nil m)'OOIO. the only "'sy to Bneak it through..L«l Si.. Muaical MajOrity baa ..rnbe... Lt' 1l'oy.oea.ea -oon.eD.e di Poppt •. production is a hj~ At ony r.'s L'ipu:o. W>imagi.need by tho ...Q. __ That's... cum"..U and toencerta: everywher~ need BOrne kind of lb<:al Uoec.'" "1 wonder.y kids for whom .>u' "There ill nothing 01] the face of Jhe album "hich would notify you if Lhe r. The title·heroine beoom . ADd Thm Downoy'._ Th.. to go in • toy .een fBll might try to get the folk! to HSl..... Gore .. Whon thoy'ro dnno with tho record.merioan Civil LibeJ1. ert! on the ch_a. in high pl. ('''n. done .r'" "4F Club (FInd 'Em.t th. "I told him my friend. fu for.moed tho Com· merce Commit"'" h..aye th.. whol •• tageful ie. &hops their I!JW:S.ffiJiated with reel can hid e. I'\o..n wu eaten uiY@ by iii sea monster.nobodJl Albert Go . i .et!I . tho Pointer Si.... . Billie Holiday. Honfy Cilln. been making an early nw for the Demo- m trade presideetial nominat. "din programme" •• nd porfo""...t PMRC at- tacked. red by a "Uppoaacl ally. not for little Johnny...d up ODd !ml!lI my ant.-party . ys.r. d ..oful of all. Dovid Ru1Iin.. ".. lIlanny Goldbe" . "".day lecher.. th . -~ . Unlih mairu!tream hill! th. Fuel: 'Clop Quoen.. uouaL Whieb d""".. 'l'ippar oaid. can get.. u.of tho industry tha. and MV!!:ID.balJ roaro!B4..kson... 11: ids. MenlO". and P MRC lOOn . but 1'10 learning tha.. "What rully 1Dtttered to us WtlS not ha\"ing a nuclear war and not invading Central America.. io.tary of on. 4."Md iiyea.'planotioD of .. Zap"" Gore Jr.. PMRC to give t.. tructivt twiL 2. Cole Porter's 'The birds do *t. impoo.. for Albeit Gore that Frank Zappa .any out the totltract QI:I BI!lnClUo.lall8h . "told/Come with Doddy ro.omt or th_e et..s C... good iDdicatlLlll that [t. • .-.l. n "In a way. h .e-n. -of Mantll8..... Not only is..b. of 10" F... .. called tho S.. office told Ill. PMRC ever U9oe5 II!Iu. BJld Chris Br.Ipiracy-it's ""'ply Co_ coDducting buoin . io r.."".. . It' ..toIIe by vowing to q U""eb that lire not with the ntinguiaher banging rigbt the._..ay that ohe raioeo hen? (When 1 . to the blueeoses. (Lewia w .ismw the porn rock campaign u & dis· pute 'between power.. M_r... "by lollu lik. "So you do moll •• profit from sal..D .enou.l1ud~ annoUileed that oeUing R· 0' X·r. d of jlli3t two hlL.1...!ileslau.e:B. The concert in·dustry ia o. of rock recorda?" H "I think that • lot of deep digging . "ung ina foreign l. But Blac:kie Lawless of WASP doesn't get much mainstream ink.l! in the winp but with hi... e.R'. p.oceo have begun ahoo..l.. aIIy concerned about it..h.. otr ..lz. ·to. ond the "".@!UI Out :rOUT!( with gl'069 doses M.......· and oral eel al gunpoint. 011' lh! hud of the: tenor. Richard SUIIU&!I'S Du ROff'nkalJtltier.U.atiol'l$ in libraries. C&8!I. Dazyl Hall and John O.o.h. Thi> top lOop.r·.roach· ing.. ~I. and.. not' m .. by • board of ohild developmeet . '. B Brsdley'e press 8«:fIl!t.~ao QIl~ .IO~ KerMr Excerpts from the Senate Commerce Committee hem-ing oW "I believe this may weU be important hearing conducted the moot by the Corome:roe Col'llmin..o....worlds of heaVy metal. If on her own fUl)"al pyr •..'....... that you mue.. dote wio.. i.h.aluabl.. t imPlll. women and their own &el. ~ B4Jur. is discui&ed all a cham 'be.." it I5oH'mA IIU if th..-ho' dOll't wont their mW!lic censored. Verdi'. but Verdi murder by having a whole mal. They'd start off by tAlking about well·known performers.. wh&t with two oNitage murde_1'S and II lot oJ offll't. I hav.... ." "And . only on..".l! enemj·!8.. bing the only iu.etct Committee. "pornography cha.rdo..nd .. which controle MTV. (D-'ltml.r.lH ....!.. pocially . but dml t1. has ever had anyth Ln. thei' kido tbe .(irll "hew to act like a porn queen in heat"). ecv • .ionaries immolate tho u""purxaL«l 4' IlJ'Id -I tIlwdet that).&tI.n the "'v.s targe... day before the Seo.y'd have to p. nearly overy charooter ia oba. uorecolnized brother. ly by • band called tho Men ton .ation!UUR8 that..' 'My" BrectiOll 10 Ovor.. ap:pean u .ue-n.flr/Golde.t weirdo in the Iellior claa. l . 'Ganna d rahve.... Altholl8h thio opero baa i.. nothing that would ~!!IIgest that to me.· risen '.maJ::ing I dfCil!lion about hotN ema. P MRC m. ""pr ano po"".. None 01 these his mini. wiLh tb.empt from PMRC pert1eoution" .ith. bre-astl-. 0010' of tho blame. !!lings nuty curs... And from Lhm.! The Musicial Majority •• coalitLon of music bi.i .igh .! the "x-. journalist...aid th ••• worda: ' . 'WI_o. it any I a witch·hUllL sam..b.-hy film di.that h. behind the PMRC and tho "poru rock" ~d. just too polilkal.11 01 the olf·th...heir spokesperson would "'tel oJI.ion.OD and J ook B 10<1..rt." "Golden to ita d..of PMRC--MtaReagan .. place in o...clever !If. MTV may be reluctant to aceept euch ad s. po.... toll.. wnat we view with alarm i.. M02.... Th.j fo.'erybody knowo lha' . if we're not about federal regulation alld would uy that a bun laW bladf!l betwee..swt!ek by journa. I ha .. will look . '4-P Club rnDd Hoi.'" Jr. o. Nero'! empre..' This io the it all ... !he mtntioned MedoJln:s! None of the women in PMRC knew anything about rockt so tht..I!Ide other occui Dim. Mayor Thill Brad· ley who rece"tly ""Dd.a pyre just before the the Great can If1r're8t and .).. for ' ....F.. boca"".. Right _. hod no pooitiOD on the iuue. thing to do wiLh Chriotianity.. .y·v. and be'.lod records woold 000' ite mallbased.Ina..ary of Lhe treuury lP:ciU::8. mah IClve<ina."...:riea pf Worn.. Gore Jt"... than .. So.. ""nUy "But all of a sudden theae for . bo" could TIpper (SQ.y. t.. to be lliniled to tho dry hanaJity of ~oatorial diAcouno to d.'j.) Amo'lg othor thinco. I do. of poor whitea and blac'" voioe .BIutoerotic~m of "She Bop")... Do you object.ny of the 1rI000t profitable shoW'll are held in tovernmentaJly controlled a:.""" 0' im.t to the Rolli Dg Ston . •• S. In'''''~''''''n.' and Senator' G-ore'B. I'·U·C-K Like..rIOn )'OUl' f..dminaGe"eR "' and • "My 'Iurn" ooh.e to ... ys. loading tenor it elllorgoo-. with :a...a fur~ the.' eeutive of the ail.. ho 1lWUlg0l rock acta ~inoluding KiIIo) and runa Gold Mountain m.. iiHa\'e you -ever pw. h.ble element.s.. pop ... E=n (D.... generally unsltilled and unllmploye-d.). that lyrics on LP COvel'l were a snat idea but aIBo acknowledged that the record I... Thlo is. difdOl). althougb J diaagT ..e of h'BI raunchier re mil" . tbe 8l'OUP':!!1 tactic: betame conaist. Fuok 'Em and Forget 'Em)" and "Ba My Sr.t·.it do. .. "..t . wilh litle-s like everybody's worries.a ita v..olJ'tlnsh...m . mOrt \argelA And tharo yw'!1 he.mflnt. Thio io tb.. blo modest p. Duke ca_ t... I.iol:l on Bruc:e ...tn1lllIdmiJ..a._" But . Tho lou' not 5. fan for a 10il... " PIUIIc H"".o lhe CoQl- While 1D00t OpelU are. IIlld Porgot fief)! 'p"". the cableeuter b. e Blt.Irl l!Iutnori!. trip to the bot place sufficient punishtnent for seducing all 'hoao wome" (1003 jWlt in Sp.Allie... uerdea: III 5Upen. Cyndi Lauper (the . 10 the end. mal r. ¥' own blood. very hard tbing . Kovin C'onin of REO Speed".. If it .obably .moowelo aphrooisi&CB e:mbedd. . AClDC.. Wagne.te..oabl.. h. blotory teaeb. WbeD Zappo .. turned out to be ouch.te IIntirocl ch. but their obscwit~ allOw. the following will gi .he".ord •. ... it'..lUi... templed to ecd our toJophono inle1vi. tim. n •• ot the thorou...lJi a brotber.t for the outrage of proi!88Jonal moralistG since such banda eater to male te-en l~thjng of sociaJ conv-entioDS and the terror those same boys reel toward Early pr .and·coolli .. & ""tid Report U_s. Dido dioe. ry edui-i. iteelf e. Moo' ". Br.d '''ter.btre 41'e two kindB of ciliuM: ThOBe who . 08 ve -ln to tho ceusore. who tWllJl.... pert i" bed... Jud . Met. . 1_. so.. Baron OeM a 25~hour· a. had • propoaaJ that "ould aolY. thot b.~ IICddatd& of ~'Mot~1WII1tr.ting d. joined tho Muoical Mojmity. upcomiD.e oe u.." -he" ZGppG y you "'ve Den ..J! "I'migbt do that. what i8 the reaiOn for then hearing8r" w..totio".its.u ""d. The disease ill ope:a. ~IJ'd he interNted. true that Don Juan . The on . it d"""n't lake Lhem long to g." i~E. Iyri(:l!l arentt priDt. .. of the Muaical Majority. honor to be able to . th .ctly the lactic Ling used before the CoOlm.." LibeJal eo"""""mell an DO benee..g@. Asked who thty inOuenced. to give 1(pu ~~~"Iuid..·wall h•• vy ".gor. tiona! for fathe .... on the CBS Evelljng N . be..D IhowtJtl_ "Mr. far as the people who run America are oonoernedt .. which is also why they have to pWlh their gimmic:k.ibility to buy toyo Xor children-that you may look on the ~ and the bol ..icilDI (AFM)..eml><r lal~ing not tAlking about fedOlal logulalion. M:.ed toY" f9r those children'!" uNo."'Ialion. bill irs !lpelled out?" "It Btanda for tho Sick Moo. Lui monlh. to heve been his OWD.) HThe PMRCts dtmutd!l are the equiv...peci&lis14.tiolL On. "No....gtime. And ..opoaal..W'1!I prelogstiVtl and !.-l4J -SeM'Or.g victim. Gut in the 9i'oode...... n ':Ro'by "'ould you be interOlted?" Juet Q a point of interest in lhie"We.. you ar. IT. t.bow UU:lm to you... up..nsl.nt i.'. aIBo tries to bed Count Oc!a'..o righ14 of . Humpordinc.i OltDt momenu. t ohoi"" d""" • panDI .ate bearing. any..S ... (These resolutions: are guidelines for the tity I!Uorney to tvrit·e ordinauce. The nalionally kn. intimate ti .. and Madonna (whom Sww> Boller acoused of te achiDg young .Ltment8._. Furthermere. g.- "Let m.. . leather.toe.n·t WIlD! to .ring lAking .e:Jitm. roam to tho wld_Ien of Peter IQ.... FrieDeL. of rock recorda?" "V . my wife d~... No Olonder their 8()P. . m_lUginal... A"d 01 co"""'. Among th cee fe" .."'.m I!!:D c:. Madonna and Princ. -_.ucu" who I.·.. G<>oo to Hollywood. that anything ."""'. Priest ("Eat Me AlJve/' about obtAining a blowicb at gunpoint)..·t quite standard reportory but may well be if tho Met'. Fr.d Gret· 01. Tbie album And take note of tho ve. ..' to ' .!l P MRC spokes we Ill&n-cenu ted upon rock eupe r:sl...._.hia. While 0..>t thing h. me to poW' the ~old/GoldeD ohowe'" All throll8h my ox""menta you . her.." and Iio"'n to "".chiluoieian:· Dot.. vo'" for MX . ofltn :in vio!enl ronll iet wi th pATent! I!!livoidable in ~he media. politician to opt..lU_ u"nJ"It he . Imp.. FOol He'..Jnf..i!I l!ltory ia far from over.. ").. tho 000certo..around pissing on my door~ . Thia is by no means a comprehensive list. It'." . p the public'" mind on 50:ccething !1se: porn rock. (Since the onl. wo .a. Lowio..Jr..he ilIlpre&:!l10n that i!5OmeLhing fUTti . hardly the kiod of pop .I. rul ... in thiB opora. back) didn't kno....) Albeit Go .8uSpri ng. b...." -Do S_r '" .10quent. Iccept that th..'be . be busted the 8jr traffic controllel'l!l union. the musioiuo' ueloa. I<> lhe e. ~f rock fans . Connecticut Ropreoentati . "0 tak . or ot l t ... .. publicly oppOMd rat• Th.<d 1Hbk: (R. Rock muaiaalu BJld their audie..ary. par_ "Dt !hat . Fr. N. tlIta.. child. No chiol e..ltod CQ""".n. Do you mok •• pr06. Cnairman.t frold aal .e PR dincto' of 0.. il &in through .ting UPOD • propoeal rrom liberal Moyo.g I p...- S_.. bieb will lund the initial Musical Majority ad com".IIR FederatloD of Mu.. Don Gi". they try to decimate the witch'. cbo...a. MTV told Billboard recently th. Commit"'" h.hi(d . put put them in tholl plo.. Siqfrjed.ct<d euctly at if ha had .ADdra and a whole female cborus l!ltab themselves or atIangle One another just before the Gttek IOldien. of his moth. 9."". but 0..F. tho ~u •.. oolJl.t) .. V.t«or Martin 80:>.k on I tu bill that cbiJdr"" to reo main _naIIy ~orant and t. overreaches e-vtn the of religious themselves.~..e PMRC hal been Los Angel ..illoioD tin Acid Rain.rdi'e I1lrOW... focus 1O lhetn_ Heavy metal is an ilIvitin." you're me. be t. Ja_. m. rock mU:!liciaCli' or turlle-d·mint8ite:r-torn. JacksonB and the Sto"". teU me a big tan of my nlUlic as well?'" -11ft Alkrl-Gore you_ l!ltol)' .dmill! that th ..p.Albert he . IUppelt of Lhe tapt-tu bill in light of tho RIM' Iwd. Gil F'ri_n of A&oM (who "..dopted • pooitio.o.. TIl.rg .b.. end he ill tbainnBJl of the Presidential Comm.. begin by . __ ".rmaid at ia.. J<>hn Cwgor Malloncamp has bee D moat ..ere.suriaJ cn<ienliAiB... Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley or Kisa. to tho R'IIIBJl AdminiBtmtion.. and violen-ce.. bim~ . J..peak up IIDd th_ who ahut up. That's mostly because they're Dot very good.. bo bate beJWl to fight baek.trably .. bIe.iop iuu..porotiOD .. metal grou P' a.s. 'rerdi'. .se 'he ItO de-Olo:o..f .t it conside".heet id ."..and dance mWlic art all the ." iiWell m3j:ht tell you that if you 'We're l ] ...1. problom wiLh the h...Dt.) 'to rock lyrics compiled Ii by Paul Slansky ny ." (B•• FIa. m'l'j.e .II! of printing the lyrics on £ovtrnmentaUy ltandardized for_ Led by Go"" the ."kJ.ocala. peejally vulnerabl. alent of trutlng dandruff' by decapitation .ent. Ve.ed with i~.taR. the bees do it' '1 "The ""'tedal con«mod H).uitabl.. you . to Control the content of loct conce..biJiU tho millio .JI'I1Ad~ I'D ii... "eoaaldenna" tak. loin.... wearing .I. A pe. take-off OD the PMRC'... • "'1110" .".) q. vIolence. that m.oealls..J:C'I... denim'.n. 14 JoAn Denwr- pa~ for tho . tempt ror tho bearing.uod down to Hell at tho end.. pondi".

NAM. 3.. ~kCi' . PMRC intends to encourage.reement to label or supply lyrics with records containing explicit lyrics. 4.. Please put list. If you have complaints about the programrning excesses on cable television. if offensive material is aired. In addition. we still need your help.·XV( PARENTS' MUSIC RESOllRCE "(j ADDRESS __ CENTER Yes. churches and MEDIA Operate an office with staff to gather..00 S2S. are concerned by the escalation of violent and sexually explicit lyricG in today's music. Thank you for letting us know that you. Monitor your local r . name and date of the program and its' comrnerical s pon so r s . SaU. (la. All contributions are tax-deductible. specifically MTVor mu~ic videos.. are tax-deductible. We also ask that you and your friends join our WATC!!. \~ri te a letter of protest to your local station manager and program sponsors and give specific details of objectionable material.iW. Send copies of your correspondance to the Federal Communication ccmmi s s ion. provide and make available document at. TIH<r . Having successfully arranged a voluntary practice of labeling to providing lyrics On Rock recbrds. If you feel they are not honoring the agreement it is important that you contact them and voice your objections. 100 'IIltt' PteikJf'nl Mn. * ! !YES!! * Thank you for the work parents! I want to be find my tax deductible me on the PMRC mailing you. write to the Executive Director of the National Cable Television Association (who carry the NTV channell and/or the President of M~V..L s-a. dio and TV broadcasts carefully and... 66 . in advertisements or in 1ydcs that you hear on the radio. You can make a. Write a letter of protest to the appropriate Recording Company if you find a record and/or jacket offensive. PMRC will continue to provide and disseminate informative material relevant to the subject and refer parents to sources of help. are doing for American a part of PMRC.. * 3.00 current Rock Music Report on $100. too. 2.. We've been fortunate that so many items have been donated to uS but we greatly NEED and appreciate your financial support. IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STII. National Associa tion of Broadcasters.. We appreciate your 1500 Arllngtoo Iioo. E'nclosed contribution. . However. not in the of censorship nOr First Amendment proposals by educating the public to the difference. We are gr~tified that So many people acrOSS the country share our concern. This office will act as a clearing house of information for the local task forces set up in major cities such as Ree e public appraised of sitions by means of a quarterly Keep the issue of labeling and script display solid in the sphere of cOnswnmer affairs. 1. send me the cassette tape. p!.OO or more All contributions support..mC will. dit f e rerice if you wi 11. Virginia 527 -94 66 * 300 PARENTS' Arlington Arlington. positive life enriching and constructive new productions of music as well as continued enjoyment of the classic tI"aditional forms.00 $~O.. (703) Sincerely.~»ee~l PARENTS' MUSIC Position January RESOURCE Paper 1986 CENTER M. To accompli Provide PMRC.tiL ihIi Ho*" ~l f¥$r:rPW. Bureau for schools. This is an im~ortant step for us and we plan to continue monitoring this policy and serving as a resource center to those who desire it. The purpose of Parents' Music Resource Center ('MRC) is to work for and encourage ethical boundaries in the field of Music production. as evidenced by the phone calls and letters we continue to receive. 4. presenting the purposes of we do every thing possible to keep expenses at a minimum yet our financial need is still great..'!!Ieo". PI"ovide parents' sh the se pur pos e s . U_'~fY.:iing Industry wi th their ag.ND! PLEASE SUPPORT US NOW! NAME * • 1500 * -to • * MUSIC RESOURCE CENTER Suite 22209 Boulevard. we are aware that themes of violence. Even though we have been focusing on lyriCS found in rock music. sexual exploitation and drug and alcohol abuse pervade Our entire society. We are also pl~~sed by the response we've gotten from the Recor.. within its limited resources.P./e."(/ ArlI"~""'. Many of the addresses you will need can be found on the attached 1. """""".l . We ask you as a concerned citizen to make your objections known in writing whether the offensive material appears on TV.E ADDRESS sheet.~ Parents' Music Resource Center iW.. and to your elected representatives at both the state and national levels... write down the objectionable words/ songs/scenes. Wfl/In/a 22209 7031521·9 . PHONE We will continue to act as your National Resource Center and provide you with updated material regularly. media interviews Speakers' groups. $5.Lon of both the posi ti ve as well as the negative examples of music currently affecting the public. Your contribution is absolutely necessary to continue this important work.

llt..R'I!!C'ordinoljl . he.a9. Sonny R~chman Chairman .oQ ot to the ly:r-lcill ap:pro:o::i- v 111 i!lt.he ir psrent.~.1.i:!.edcru -of creato-r' prot..![\.ment :t.h C!.he ""'or.spcct.lI!"d.n. House of Representativ€s in.h~ I.1ttoc to three on dClfolCnd ttl-a w-bi. and (QoI. 1 ld-eIl'1lU fy wi toh C!x~llelt Such l.he will 'beolllr'lin and S. pt:iC"5. to i".ov p.NAB 1771 N Street.l. behllU RIM future of :.lon.· of lIt. H2n6S~l:inO n2n~'-O'!iln ~41I"1h..iI 'tr(ltlJ.TV Entertainment Oivision 51 W. II 6H~'OU Tippllil:' Cor . N.ary Yl. iJ.J~~J' Tippet' .l. Suite 300 Virginia 22209 1 -with }.. !!:OlMIun.l.l~dLn'il* wUl Oi in- &edlPtial'l on L..MTV 1133 Avenue of the Americas New York.o lIIoTllt. "National Cable Television Association Mr... Washington.!lt...e o~ lII. • 9'llidr:llne fQI:' t.. . o!. Edythe W1se Chief of Complaints Mass Media Bureau .'koll.: .lU't!'I'It.dn·n.:'e.nd "9'0 11 . 11:. 20036 "National ASSOCiation of Independant Record Distributors & Manufacturers Ms. We've bee/ ~~a~ ~~n. Stanley Gortikov President .P$.c by cat't"y partlcip&t.. t.'~ntPil {'e).Ln .rnDl!!nt c:ondlucted concern!l th4t COrtH.c't.ion.n-lo by applauding' Ind ..!. the t.. "I'III!! ..1.inu4!II of of: yeungcc children. ~he["e cO"'t..e.rard And action in t-h~l[" by ghl'in"9' f6~ilic.['. Jim Mooney Executive Director .bplllr 0 ~ t. In.lm!-I!!r:!I 0'(' d.1'I-!! iCl".ion was oIInnoun.30t.U!l j&cket:.lIo:nod P"TA appl to t. of the poblie yOun\let eM. dlnnOUlDced fo~ ~Qr thl! the P"T'A by Ann $:!:'ic-et U::'Iode= I:.e:nt.n01ol'lerlg-ed -.nd 4l'1nO\ln-ce and labeling a ll!!. ..:m K. follo f1JU Lyri<: . l!iros.he polieies .ee.r:llom.~ lQVer .e-Ilt.l!on!:: reill.. of bl! t.1 t.hdble.e.Ii.sphY:!ll on ca!!lsetta ·Se~ sQch tE' rar p. r.bin wn='UJllcr by fr. t. ca.ed lji$C'cetion on. t t1o·0 R.t. albP. t:.n "m4cr:H.a:"l MeA <: W'. dl""ldlJlll Idllllnt:l"Ue". of pl"esoI!t'lt.ay i.:ldloci. in.e~ndo ~.-1:: lor pljbU~ thl!!:f vll1 . Bolker.r.he PH..ry i P.j1~ il'lIl.tes relof!~!les of l~ries th • ot reelect.t fl"oMIo C01'l~4!'rnt I...ian ce t.core to !8. ~!<:lfl.ure roIQ.TV Audience Information 1330 Sixth Avenue New York. l I ic t:l t loOn fl"cm a:l' y printed lydes.O\lra. ehe ('oI!eQ('d.l 'be lixpUc1t Gtlille. monlt.s ani!! ~TA.r gore-lip expect.RI."el'lt.ion ca~pany Icn"i-pliI:r U.~a opt.1!1 ot:hl!'r indu:!!itry lM!mbe-r tr. C. no!l~il. N..a!. e st.l '111"111h.!I:· to For QU~ pa.:l t ance r P"T"-_ .11.RC Content-.ha.o(J_. en the identiHc$..a.&ble.4td w!tl1 identificAtion Jmplo=.ed en 10rl.'Ub.. explieit .oll'ltllit.~.111 do lns~ript.r-ofle.!vlty ehe prOble.h . ot tho Il'lse:r1. Washington."1.. .c that t.d \oIill •• ""ith ~ SUC=h.ola eont. i...S.lon.lIi1:lI!!oJ the eo[\ee~n.I:.t:ic that l-t1on't.n.RlrI.icn.".(]I'1!1 t::"hn.6 11'laerlption b~l. oOI(_.. by t. wIll dol!lvo!!llop~~nt.' como n.II~ 1!t_.6~i!'i'Lr~~ b..lIni'fat.. Washington.. 20036 "Congressmen The Honorable (Name) U.\ by St1!lnl!l!:Y loP co'Unr.'Qdllr4!~ h· lI){pl!'¢t.d ...n re-eo~dlll"1g lO".d.Ilogo&in5t..!!!.crp4r't M.t:y ot"ql:lnl:ut.ace ruled 9uldel1l"le~ 'fh. 20510 lyriC'.= would..l..a. Tabu ~rn.ell reeor4.(:e~nt thl!i be .1" Seon. At !antlc CIS Rt!cOHI.o I'l!!!oI!-or.1I u.p.I!!II!':k -poll Via alle !!.· "National Association of Broadcasters Mr.114 aet:lon3 to til..1'1. -t. D.l.dont..hB t:lI!!cordinq hioqhUqht=ed lrwolvemt!not.l!!l.b Prod'l. NJ 08109 'MTV --gr.ionlll C~CI"~c. c:ulm.I:' co.el[' IIIIffcr!::1I ~no:!l tl\lI.c....t.l'In . and .at:L..a.t!fid .lI!l Pol Ley proC'edu£e:iil. -Explicit.s. ..m P!.".enhtl.11 . 52nd Street New York. All contributions are tax-deductible.t tho NlitC o::u: dnd :5ocn.! 11:.nsor~hlp~" crlt.appeal All Comm.!.Ulally .I-:rl:f'!! pla:!.sess 11llpflct Its th. 20515 ·Senators The Honorable (Name) U. 9KRC ~~!8. NY 10020 cgnt1nue ~r.W. proe-..l:.oIIIL .1on.n'. .. t.IrlC in 'WhIch.ll C"'pHol/9U C·nr'Y!lalh Ca-11..f ehll~un' worklrnJ I -Thi.~n sentdt..!Irc.l.t. t. eOft5Ull'.o..ion ~t'tf:m.:r" " An~ !ra.:.j t.rO.r.lon on -polley iof~S l!Islied !oIere t ae . ! text of' t..h a-qreed R~corrlinl C!'O=9"nl~1 whleh inelud4': Cf:4!. pUl..ld.-t!ndle'd.5 thl!! eaere dC:Jcribcd pa. e ave 1It=~'l!pt. D.!I~ r~. p~oI. Senate'lillcodoqo of l"*.!ofter t.eC' t. C.!In..c_ S"~Ptt:mbe:. it:dlDo!u Sa Uy N'''''i\l~ 2-01J6~9 4408:5 Su.uent~l thll!: "~vhory. fOl"l2lllti. 4l.Cr.oI!!!ment on..NAIRDM 6935 Airport Highway Lane Tennsauken. Hr.llllb1& C(lmpl ..of ••• by the RIM al [tAI!IXt. S. fo:!:..lie>::. by tl'lt= '-11. PI'1R. on Th4!ll C'. In!oOl C:Out-a9c to en~our1l9ing" -releasell.~JtlIi!\t A ht~') t... by . C.g' I n.!v~ly PT.aitGt.lun'lll-r eM'!1 wit.l'ldothi!!:r organ.!I.1. HO"W'~r.!nles of .c . U"'oI!I:II.M.hat..h-fl "bad.Jl.o .dvi.noq.on III. C...a'l:.~inlljl "'volunt. viC"lII-pre!-it!clltr t..portabeen qo ..stry ne.l r~eo:r:"ir\'iI COver lye i.doH.rl<.r~..'kol! b¢ha.:LI'I:d.G.doptedi on .~t.tion c¢nccnt~ate wIth futun: pr(Jvi.l!!d NoI!ItiOQ&l by h it. NY 10106 (FCC) li.n'9" oor. D. :!ll.lnq ON A_tCOADED LYRICS IDEN"l"IFlCATIOtf l.JnidentHicd hill Sl.r~~:~! p"rtl.p. u=:u of to identity vo ehe lyric.ese proel!!du!'l!.he 1.. p.:I: eOn..t.o.:I"dcnt. .he P~I'1!n.d. 9th Ploor New York. eOI':":"[je-nte4~ We .l:.h.!l':!II j n product wlll 1". latt.:l. HII!! for the ~tln_lly &n~ will &c-c:ept'1II: ol"goAfti ~&t.strr I'l'otlonal tho to folllE:lltnt .holl'1:' . inind1J:!.lf1CoIIItioll r"rl!!l~ t.t ~1)1.QJ"IIP.:orcb ~u.Oq*th .n~ad of !hi!nJlltivoI!lll" t.PCC 1919 M Street.g d(!:a J.r"'OR RELEASE Ullin: p..TV Audience Services 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York.I 1t'!I 0:1: record e4 mu!!.l!!:sl:.dinm e! f~el.:'U!i po:litive lng en taeton ...o pll1c. oI!Iddi dol'.lonq u:nauit.p["e!U!Ii\t..1I1II.hat t. (lI"d in- infOf:lII.tion on Cli! th~ Polley partieipatiQJ'\ in(lullt.!Iii III.1n 'CO !.d I' Twt:nt)' ide. to respond Thh eOft~t..1Oin Pa!. !!:'I. ruS ]'Ui!l1:..C:::"H!'nt on to t.t..RIM !o'Ur-word explicit tn-scription n.(' U·.... pet [QrlllClr'8.!'uc- Boulevard..n~a Lyric:II the -- boy.n-g the r 19oht.r(lll-. proves in Ho""ar t.:~tr"/A'rlU!ll haw .. The l'tlL"'·le-a.$\I. D.l"lI!nt!l of !fOIJ.5.::r intllntpolIcie!l . e)l.c tly Pam.nsc:["lption~ on o!.urocr lfdcl imprInt.:nd enparents IlIl'1d ~he implerno!!::'It 101.t'y the- '0 f.:Ioi!lI t.:mq.n't: replrol!lJo..t We do everything possible to kee need is sti 11 great.L.!. "to taellitate th.'! to media.AA will C=«Tipanlel!l_ IJ.t.n..n!lt"=l~i. ch.t."P 1bumi51 ~ pr'oI!!I id:en~.· i.:l.· :FlIM. WASHINGTON.!I' e I'll!!! .Otlll.Q Tholl PH!\C ~nd 'l.l:d for exph help1.!. D.c=t. Id-l!!:nt1!1·..t.~o pl.ce tl'l. rn iI'.:l( t tan" tto~1I)1.If p~l:'ent~.'!II~di.ool .nclIII t. reel.RIM 888 Seventh ..QI1Cern.01..!l.e:f'IJ 1.nq~ .cip6tinq vU i."ch.hey p~retlts can c!il-cre-" respond.l..pproa."Y' prot.I!ItiQn:! will ~ Jl'nrld !'12£ .J\:r (PH:R.!II:. David Horowitz President ... out In.ul:t.W.o~ yea. . policy ii!l.n1J' I!In4 to is mAjor yhict't step t.i t..h-cr Ifl4u.lte4 C'ent.p.yr!(l:$~ the ~h~:n.c.a.atll!dl:..i. P\IM) M\i&rie. linES.efllb .o\'n:e wU.d! their the 'pC"oIJ::iiClntal'oc::ord1n'l I..11 d!spl policy .ced o. the The)" not illtend rurth(!"r.e! _ .ct lyde eOflt... who must b-e 4i1sured t.e-:I!I~ !n the 011 recoC"ding' They a150 pr09t5tn. letteu to a year j it. and for GOl'oI!I.I!I.!I Qt bo!l nC-6 .ry.a.=o. ..o ~ tni !!i}1lc.l'lting 1eo9r.. l''IIIr~h& L l!IoI!I oIInd tWQ orqani:::.JI by eeeenee t.e~y l4.. provide een- .nlell ThQ fl. C' scription viola-nee. ~aeli:~t!l ly:de..13t.allles for also vi11 ond hav.n... CCII.att!'~ eot:lplDllh·. o( St:J1tll:lIM!:I'lr: ecmpl1. rccord~ for p~rent..entioull il'lt.1ol"L:I lYC"·lc~ t.l"d1.:f:ric oer. ..· the tion Scn4t.h-t! PoKllC an.ion. nr:S :r~eordl 01. !I And .ntlal .o.ln9 (I: C:OV"r.:'I!'~ 'Or too e·xpllei Pal't~nts' MUSic Resource Center oI!!Ixplicit.4HO~1I eornpol!lnll!lill th~ had II. ..P.:oC"d1.. eom:p.:a: qtiidelln. !lr. The- *Federal Communications Commission Ms. . ~J'la ettcctive" tnll!! int.ndlngo ex"Ueit lyric UVtli to aMi I'l9ht~ 1:11lnt.dclj c.pliC'Cl' the 1 TQr A•H ..o."1I.!l:O ot a the prinled Debaek IhAtely ISO Thi! toO 90 daYIi.ended t.c"'.~ obj~etl comp&nlu as...l1et I.yrle:s ~w eit. ~.l"I[1. r ..rIl1 "'1:t.Q (oster bot. thel"(iI sinql'.c) (P'TA} of j rtre t. S. cOlllpdnies 'When or .fo:["rnation Put.!ll I..g«!l non·r!'Ic-mlu!!II.ra ..W.!nCII!! abUi!liI!'4 t't..n-ger chi l(h:~n tb" Q:ln.I. (703) 527-9466 "MEDIA WATCH" Write or send copies to: ecneene!l.lcRe"oul:'c-I!I ft. 20554 ·Recording Industry ASSOCiation of America (RIM) Mr.QC' 1.:lIl. 4 "'Thh v!ee-p~l!!iildof!nt. dl.:.I'\d'Ust. oI!In" to eocperat. 9rO!.tl01 • .Q ach.e~('oI!CONinlijl r~leasel!l of t.sOCy 2!..In:lcrlpt.Irthi!'E" 'n coQnt.-pl"y While .iclsm. ~=bl!!r j .r(!I!IPQndiruJ .1!i(! ~C'!ll4inln9 or. album.iliSloci.Ic~r m. NY 10019 NBC .!f'I9 "'l.)cntlfying" 41'14 PTA.'tH:Q'II'. AtM as St.S.he oI!!!m1ol"l!.["e An opt.RIM U:!'IQI . that. id~ntH'icD.:h:llco cD:\clu..PPOI:'t.::. elln 'W"hlle to ehlldn!!ln~ . . fu. Pt.rt...:r il:l!l.!1U:It.:JcAq. NY 10019 ABC . PARENTS' MUSIC RESOURCE CENTER :l:'C'Qorc!- 1500 Arlington Arlington. t. qUo!Irt. _Pl:'e':J oIt." wel- inod"U!!It.e .uppo:f:t oI!~.n..!Jodng-J.heir c:o:nt.- sex.a.$1...!Illy tit! .NCTA 1724 Massachusetts Avenue.:I~ _r.y Yl' etetrnosuhravfeinbaenc ial donated to us but we great1 d en in order to continue fr nee and appreciate your financial support our e orts.e t.ain.i...I-r dllu:t.u\C~ PTA "'NO RIM ACR££ PoClt. . NY 10036 "Networks CBS .ed r"i!'qu1. Eddie Fritts President & Chief Executive Officer . pollcy flchh:'IIin.I p:rlnt.• of h9 No\tt!'mhec recordinljl:!.at-I!H A.

. managers and other industryites 10 wit.6..." but Lackfor months.. . own hONUIIeU to the pre . a.the ACLU btvolved and tJJ gu "orne "pOp" aJr. flnt elected o1lleial to upreu publie OPlJOlItica ID lOeb in". whose wife is one of diskeries.ica! Majority . if nol Hollings' move appears to be a supersede.kballing anyone. against the excesses of rock poin.. I'.t . Pruley and Bruce Springsteen haTe in common!" he .. Bruce Spl"inpleell . nor-too-subtle hint to the record inLacked Data dustry to COrtM: to terms with those Danny Goldberg.6<1 you in yOUII. wi. God ble. It Loa AlI. til.thing" c.e. "is looking closely looking into "alternative" soluallegi.. I 6e.uppelt lpinat the PMRC and related ll'Oups DOW _kin&" rat- VG/g.. tlrtt appl'OlChed the maJOr two cia.. u. weH .h you.imU.cit.6 all. WI .th tL<I.or Bradley noted GoIdbetT..h IocIIldea rete!'- Although "'. MCA said it was corded the MayalL. and it's something most record companies are willing to do. ago. But Hollings' consume:r-orientcd Interestingly.).ndeJllJ.. ilt .\ not awdIte 06 on the PMRCand .nd how A Cit. YoW!.. and "ec. he then pre- LA.6uppo4ieA.6<1 to 6ay I Wa. 19 Mui." ring customers 10 LPs for lyric disThe bill could be introduced as plays. "evVtai you. Alao prelellt WUtl D&IIIIY GoldGold JiAJllDtain label clUef and chainnaa of the American QriI Ub- herr.t e thi. j.eJt. hoping to assuage industry the sides have not been able to refears of government among them the inclusion of lyric Specifically.au6 e c. the Kln".t TrallSportation Committee for that widel..edl..ta.. the . leacieMhip in ..y alIo .p.ell. qlleat that plOIIIpted BBdley'..OIl. ington yesterday. ....tatement. Kim I'M. Bnd. be .6ta. Hi NORTH lA 8REA HOLLYWOOOCALIFORN:A LTD 900?8 2134692411 212 8406011 ntinp. for nICOrdin"" h.tte. CIOI>Iliet and Ill'JI'inIl' I formal . sumer will know what he or she is buying .D.6ted that you. gu.OS ANGELES Mayor Thill Bradley hu publicly attacied CQl'I'e.tteJt ta qou.on...66 . hir. .f. Geae AuUy. ing" bill that would give record The Hollings bill.... FlUlnk Zappa.a.6 Ol!.O.t that U wcu appMpM. Mavor Blasts Ratings vealed written Ieottmoo. fered repeated assurances that RlAA prexy Stanley Gortikov met legislation on the matter was exwith the PMRC and P1'A in Washtremely unlikely. 5265 """p'. had no comment..e abo at Mayall..6U11.rding art.teA..6tu.the senator's aide.llt propo . hi. . from I I t call.. a.ld...6 GOLO MOUNTAIN RECORDS. the Mayor began by alluding to \ocaI eoncerta b.. 80.buquen. 0IIdinina' OetabeJt 16. or the "conspicuous placeHall ings.. label entrepreneur Frank Zappa.6t<1 involved and 60und a vehicle to ge. held by !be SenatcCoI1llllC!'CC Committee.elu Hemorial Colileum. of have grown up with the legacy nf free thought and "'pre •• ion guaraDteed by the Fint AmeDd- r didn t know how to lte.g him 011 U." !be Association of America. Fo-. but r know meaL" "What do Elvi. sources say one of the senator' 5 aide.enfe.thw -Uk. ~. "Both have been tugebl of a . fourpqe I'MpotII8 . r pMbablY "hou1..DAllY VARIETY 10-24-85 BillBOARO 10-19-85 Hollings Considering Bill Aimed At Rock Music Lyrics Earlier this Summer. you. Ullioll·aanctiolleci lIu. I'm .6 b ec.t bec.k/WlAJiedge yoW!.t 06 any gMu.ti... II's ratings I find offensive.i. 19 porn-rock hearings inclusion in casscoe tapes. the ranking Democrat "". iog. role in _kin&" I publie vote of . 19 bearinll'. founder of the calling for consumer protection Musical Majority.!!Lading the BUtb 0 Md aIltic.miVt.that.tabte c.t my Mme in.theJte.6 I want to ac. r a..the papeA a lot wWe . "mkcs the issue the sticking points is an l lth-hour out of the realm of constitutional ity demand by the PMRC that diskeries and the First Amendment. the brink of an agreement with the A number of senators III the hearPMRC and P1' A earlier this month. At a preu OOIlferenee u City Hall heft 00 t» <lpeak ou. and perhaps not so non-ratings approach. HIli .." he said. ould-be eellHnI han lOit Dearly every tollDd apiaat popnlv mlUlie. HoUings (D-S. po.t IU an btdividu. representing the major labels.iA. according to buyers access to lyric sblcts for aU recorded product.6u.mall group ot people ... said IIlat Hollsheets for perusal by consumers ing.oll€.. . llCA Recorda pre.!rtIS that came out of that hearing. OUIni.d Lt my.t the E Street Bud.. Need. to rate lyric conteo t in IOUDd 1' the tat. . Geffen the so-called •'WashiIIgton Wives. a demand thai Hollings' bill early as December. r would have ment.6 way to dc. Bradley Unveils Written Testimony I.ruu.. you.6 plte.nIa on all American families.6ayi..c. would provide the industry with justthose options.. which said they would a group of political spouses !hal has DO( sticker any product.endeavoll. We place notices on cassettes referwouldn't be blac.e we'll meet <lOOlteJt oIL la..lace wamillg stickers on product posslb ility of a Icgislati ve solution !bey deemed ellpli.6el6 i. ru.uu.idellt In Moll. 91616-5265 CA.<l.theM. ear- &ad Michael Des Bu- Anyway. Bradley . who resheets in lheit releases and the supplying of retailers with master lyric quested anonymity.ta.lalive ways of addressiQg !be tioos to the lyric controversy. but that conto the simmering ..c.. most of the major record companies agreed to is "seriously cxpJorillg" the p.i.poke. &uil1IlmInUM) . 6.tafU. prior to u. lYtadtey'. covered Sept.bte tJJ you an aUy aM and oth .. 110 waJlt to impMe their.e.pon. 1 deeply bilieve. the Parents M usic Resource that bas staunchly opposed the recCenter and the National Parent ord ratings drive..C.t. hinKtoIL F1anked by III in9ited group of in~uaUy off"JCiaIa and . After attributin..6.ition to the Senate Colli' meree.tement6 u. . Most artisls wanl people to read their lyrics..U at a c. PMRC and a number of important The senator.. pom-nx:k" CODtenion was rejected by both the troversy. Sept.the1. went oat 06 hi.knowledge YOW!.6ome 06 oW!. be mOlle Amen- NeveJL. the Wlli. demanded a ratings system for reAt the time. le.au6e bec.d have WJU. ed enough specific data On the possible Hollings bill to pass judgment. Box. wi lh whom he has "no conceptual objection to industry reps have been negotiating malcing lyrics available. a group of artists. problem.penon lut week eonllrmed that [ ..\ paJt. appeared on staffer said.tfell ~ oro.tvr. &&:r yJce pNIIidellt Gary Genh.. ofsolve a few last-minute snags... is "trying to lind a consumAlthough the Recording Industry tiooal way of addressing !be 00II0I. ked.. would and not a. performen.nt" of lyrics on LP jackets and at the Sept. aDd' A&M. . brieftn. !be staffer. _ to earlier mualc:al furon ov . aDd g"neration.6c. ! didn weelu.ontact wi.. when apprised of the possible bill.ap in W.~ Iy. Tri-Stat PIc:turet llIusie executive Tim Senoa aad artiAti ertie. Zap~ eonlIrmed that h.< WEST 45TH 5 TREET SUITE 1102 NEW YOR~ N Y 10036 .n .rued of the eootro.6t and 1 uun.l. when r pat the "MU6ica1.tajo.6 COnneAmc. Ernest F.6 Froatline Management chief Mike Ro. 1985 MIt.ta." according to 3D aide. including MCA. r...plLi..te tJJ get . HlIted matinee ..the!r. . requiring either the use of retail masters. By HENRY SCIUPPER Sen.ttLty" thing tage.. u. 1 WIIi.lJ le. laid Daily Variety Teache rs A ssociat ion.. "so thai !be CO. performar aDd. You WeAl'. according to coincidentally. is reaching a "truth-in-packagupon reqUCSI.6u. No~ Hollywood.t you to know that 1 am dfut:tY<I avai. Jimmy Rod&""I'I.6.6u. Science . .ht'l . . An RIAA spokesman. the aide said.n . would presumably satisfy.

"You testify before one of those Senate hearings and see how arrogant they are and what relative position they think they hold in the universe. chanting and wailing." The latter is punctuated by Hollings-at nearChipmunk tone-repeating the line about his becoming a rock star. . Gore Jr. Hollings S. All the people (are) turning into pigs and ponies. you little slut. In the record." while Ling-again reading a Mentors lyric-declares. Jeff Ling. consultant the Parents Resource group. 'growling." The irony of the song-which will be released Nov. it's just art. sex . ). as well as a compliment to the rock musician by Democrat Gore of Tennessee. according to Zappa. Ernest (Fritz) Hollings (D-S.Frank Zappa testifies at Senate hearing on rating rock songs.. Paula Hawkins (R-Fla. 'Congress Descending a Staircase. the Mothers of Prevention" album. chattering. Zappa has woven statements made by these officials at the Sept. violence and drug references in rock music. (D. who testified against the ZAPPA TAKES ON THE U. "This must be the end of the world." IIi reply to a senator's question about why the hearings are being held. . I can't let it happen to me. (R-Va.. "Listen.Music Resource Center's campaign against sex. quoting "of~eI¥iive" lyrics from an LP by the _Mentors. On "Porn Wars. "You could (just read their remarks in) the Congressional Record and have gotten the same charge. "Rape. fading chords.) chanting the word. 15 on Zappa's Harking Pumpkin label-is that officials who oppose what they consider obscene or pornographic images in rock find themselves describing many' of those very images on a rock LP. "play" the voices In registers ranging from "gorilla" to "munchkin" to "mega-chipmunk" to "mosquito.aside into the open microphone at' the end of Zappa's appearance: "We haven't got 'em whipped on this one yet. which allowed him to. "Outrageous filth" . Are there any legal problems in USingthe voices? Presumably not. It uses musiqu." Zappa programmed the voices into a digital computer system keyboard." Does he think the." -Sen." Zappa said in the recording studio of his Laurel Canyon home." -Sen. " The avant-garde "Porn Wars" is an ambitious collage that . Zappa's disfigured -voice chants "sex .. "You bet I called a lawyer on it.S. . and maybe make them concerned about 'what kind of people there are in Washington. swirling. which isn't likely to get much aitplay because of its use of four-letter words. according to Zappa. D."Hmm.. gratification in some twisted minds." Zappa's 1968 ballet. Hawkins endlessly repeating the phrase. smiling. you hear: -Sen.. I don't know.e· _concrete techniques. Maybe' a better. After a pastiche of Hollings arpeggios and Trible trills. SENATE IN 'PORN WARS' G .and "maybe I could make a good rock star. The work concludes with Hollings' apparent. He said. there is an abrupt quotation that was initially recorded for "Lumpy Gravy. humorous recording unfairly satirizes the senators'views? "Not at all. Sen. Ijust did a little grunt work to dig up some of the more amusing lines and stick thein in a package that will hopefully make sense to il rock 'n' roll consumer.blends electronic' music and statements actually made to the committee and to Zappa. Poetic justice? Sweet revenge? Neither.C.of the Mothers of Invention said he is also producing an hour long video for home use covering key' moments in the hearings..Tenn. name would be 'Congress Eats the Young. Albert A.' " The new track. "I respect you as a true original and as a tremendously talented musician. "Fire and chains and other objectionable tools of. . There are a couple that are OK. . including Sen. "There are aspects of phase 'music employed (on the record) . By RIP RENSE uess who "sings" on Frank Zappa's soon-to-be-released "Porn Wars" recording? None other than seven members of the U." The founder .' " ." . .. Among the phrases: "I \'fill drive my love into you. Senate.S." he said.) and Sen. " The remarks are followed by ominous. It's kind of like a cubistic portrait of Congress at work . begins with preliminary comments from senators and then seems to break away dramatically into a series of voices. It's too depressing. But there's no way I could have just. Without reservation. Parents .. We've got a bear by the tail here .. "They have blown themselves out of proportion to reality. TribleJr. walked away from Washington." -The Rev." One of the hearing's most celebrated moments-an exchange between Zappa and Hawkins over what kind of toys Zappa buys for his kids-c-is saluted in the recording. and just laughed it off.J. sex. 19 Senate Commerce Committee hearing on so-called "porn rock" lyrics into a provocative 12-minute track that will appear on his upcoming "Frank Zappa vs. He chuckled...

Governor. are the ONLY chance we have to rid America and Canada of "MURDER MUSIC.S. General. Governor and Senator(s)--as part of our letter writing campaign asking every major publiC official to enforce current obscenity and pornography laws or legislate stronger. While the First Amendment does protect rock music. We also request that our state Senator(s). We believe treatment for the troubled young person is most effective ~hen cured at the infectious root. We believe these two arenas to be the nurturtng ground for "HURDER HUSIC..A. We.munications Commission must be filled with several names Bnd addresses before being sent back to us.A. (Please Print) ADDRESS 1. production. request the Federal Communications CommiSSion enforce those existing IBw~ ~hich forbid the broadcast of such "HURDER HUSIC". our supporters. Just make sure. usually a d~ugged-out. 2.Lake. join Freedom Village. Then mail ell the completed information back to Freedom Village. PE1ITION Notice: We the undersigned. For the past six months. The above plans constitute our present God giyes uS ~ictory in these areas. 4. "music pornography"." It is important that you understand our position against "HURDER MUSIC" as well as follo~ all provided instructions. our children are subjected to the "direct blast" of "HURDER MUSIC. U. ~s venture into others mentioned over OUT target more in depth the people. We have put together thia campaign packet. Please feel free to make copies of any letter or petition to give to a friend or relative. Village.. Thank you. we get no thrills treating the end result of ~HURDER HUSIC" •.S. U. The petitions ~ill be sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCCl and ~e will mail each letter to your respective state Attorney General.. of materials harmful to minors.. of Lakemont. it does not protect obscenity. LAKEMONT. Brothers A Place of Miracles ------------~ 2. state's ~ttorne. call us at (607) 243-8126.PL . Please stay tuned to our "Ho r n a ng t I me " and "Cb ap e Lt Ime " broadcast I course of action. alias "music pornography". That root "HURDER HUSIC." It is up to you to demand a change I wHURDER HUSIC· has run rampant up to now and millions of lives have been destroyed 1n the process. As a home for troubled 10ung people. ~~ Fletcher Pllstor A. in their efforts to stop "MURDER HUSIC·. Because of Jesus. 3. If you do not know your state offiCials. therefore. The hour has finally arrived in which we involve you. The group petition to the Federal Co. Freedom Village. Return To: US . 4. and we will provide you the information. we will more specifically~ For instance~ as I have radio and television broadcasts we wish to t the public schools and local stores. USA.. and Attorney General review those laws presently on the bOQks in regards to the display. USA has concentrated time and effort on a national campaign to STOP "HURDER HUSIC·. OF ACTION N !. You t and we will inform you 8S we progress. publiC hospitals. that there is only one name and address per petition and letter. LYRICS to the most vile able to be reprinted." which has been updated and includes a major influence chart describing the history of rock and roll. 5. more effective laws that would prohibit "MURDER HUSIC" in any public place that minors might use or frequent. importation. alias ROCK MUSIC REPORT entitled "What's Wrong ~ith Rock Music'. There 1s One exceptio". however. BROTHERS fOUNDER/DIRECTOR individual licenses requesting station(s) rcc revoke Or suspend for Freedom Village. NEW YORK 1485T (50T) 243·B126 airing Obscenity and "HURDER MUSIC" over public airwaves. entitled "HOW TO STOP MURDER HUSIC IN YOUR TOWN. vulgarity or Indecency as is represented in the lyrics on the reverse side of this petition." We intend to change that! Ho~ever. and/or requesting that "HURDER MUSIC" be kept off the airwaves completely. and Senators. Such places would include shopping malls." ~hile other children are protected from the "fall-out effect" of school prayer. that change calls for much more legal analysis and study than we are prepared for at present. sexually active and rebellious teenager. We cannot express how crucial you are to our campaign. public parks and especially public schools. distribution. 3. etc. We need you to fill out every letter and petition with the proper information. New York.. and provocative "MURDER HUSIC" songs announcers Dear much friend.Ws: -1- (2) to the Federal petition requesting petition of particular Communications CommJ$$ion--the pce enforce present obscenity ~he and/or b) PASTOR FLETCHER A. LETTERS (]) to ever. Governor. New York 14857 . Freedo. PETITIONS al group Isl.ont. We urge the immediate enforcement of these laws for the protection of our impreSSionable youth." The cure ••• STOPPING "MURDER HUSIC"! We await your support.

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Sat..WiDER KUS IC" SONGS SUICIDE Kotle-y Crue "I 1m getting bored beine part of mankin-d Therel" not a lot to do no more.ithe. kid/(Knock 'em dead)/kno-ck 'em d ead . n. iris impossible to hide/Your body's on firel Admit it! Come jn$td~/ Lemme take yo~ 5Qmewher~ you've never been/Com~ spend the night inside lIy stJgar litBlls.-oken ond that pour~d left he. I kill children.ree .uTd~t is like 8nything you take to. Do.e ~ou Dad all desire/I'm alone/l got (or rhis @xperlene~/And ~ouire flushed wit~ four ri~e/Tell me now baby is ~e good to youl Can do to ~ou the thing. here rh~re'9 Og work or ploy. the t H I di.John "All the Young Girls Love Alteen I her in a hotel masturbating zine. I crusn tl'iem under. G: A: YOu "r e 8(. 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And you r re gonna De so good. E. EI ton John tI To bring me everlastinB jOfs Sceee tme'S d . "tbe r e t e just fiye words to say 8~ )'QV go down. Onl). . I IIInt AI!D SKI AIIlHAl.ks when it!s hot H she likes ... 1'~ on a hiri!:hw8)' to he l L..-imed for hate. (~e Are Se~ual Nev Sir..ING CllIlJll!E'JI 12SBIAII1S11 "All the young girls love Ali-c:e Tender young Alice they say Come over aod see ee Come over and ple. M)' friends ere gonne be (here too. s. e you heat.ASTER REPLICAS OF GENI'I'Al. on@ b1l1 to PDf.ri!'fr'lStL!!retor or a threesome/And you'll find your conscience bo~hers ~ou much l~$s~1 Because . look at me. No. I wOn I't hur-t you I don't ""Ant yOUI. Char-us: Knoclo:. ""nat 8 scandal I G-GROUP G: V.nothln d rather do Coin dcvn for the last t Ime .'lFOR ItAS'lURBA'l'IOH Th iPg:s er e C:Otllp lice tin SMy Love 'is in her hands And now there r s no . poison CAndy and spoil th@i. cause a litt Ie head lina news. HCKlSEllJI.mna burn Oht b~rn in hell.kin' band. black! black/It. Shout (Qock Crue at the De~11 "8.. !lGod tol~ IDe to sKin you oli ve is red. Blti. The blood I"aces to your s: KAUIIG Pl..·· Eitol'!.e thing. black/And 11m p. backlIll11 eo~ing bilc.• I kill children. Hook "Preaker s Rell" DtxIH I'OSSl!SSIOH "Shake hands with the .our bed .c. Ohh . think 1'l1li gonee kill In)'self cause a little sut.. too sit at..'1ol And it III be' l!!ver-ything and mer-e . ahe cughra be 'cause Ethel's deed • Alice Cooper "Cold Ethel" HCfCSEXUI. your he little go ho~e/Did nno leave on gtrl is 8 G: 'I'he Police S: Hurder b. . DtrJn't Hun Dr. 11m on the highway to hell. s: :Morale.~ door...a05ese Alice..d/Only you can cool my d@sire/Ii~ G: A: S: Iron The On fire..s OU" Sometimes r dr eee o( chicks GOING '!'O lIEU.ike Ani.Jltts 8 habit-forming need for ~ore and =ore/You can Dymp off eyery me~ber of your family/And anybody eJs@ you find a bQre~ G: Pr-ince Purple too~ ~dgf a sj~-inch through like someone a ~n1fe b8b~ and dull and cut velIe.. a hignway to hell. Haidl!!n soaking A: S: Darling Met 8 sirl Guess you Jas til se:ll:' fiend. S: BUTn in Hell W~1co~e dow-no 1 Eli nd t COlltlo!' on in c. Child nOI 'Oul(~ 80 V~n8edB~ned Ud Ln the night/You blackened ~ell no~ hen t of the v~nt and my ~yesl I'm b8ck/I·~ 'II me . I fta..-e-en9.@-no!!'d. Satan.e forger the girl that JUSt ~alked out .de love b~ aTound like flies Think 1'11 buy III fcrtylour and .it':8 lilly rur-n tOlllay.Lde • Stick around for l1li COL1ple of days.of Cod We're possessed by all that is evt 1.e. IIAin L.1[" hip5 ~ "Witht. kid/ 'em dead.UTl' light On. HQ{)~ Too Bad" my soul/At wake lip wi ~heets middle of ~18ht I h t be wet and 8 freight trsin running through the middle of my he. ec reea.. no lie. car.b~T of the Nu. God 'lie eeeeee . yellow cnea .-eam or animals Sometimes dreee of bOY$. 'el'l'l my dues Playing in fj 'roc.

Technical EC9tasy. under my ~ar. "God told me to ski n you al i v e ../I'rn on the highway to hell. Shou ld take her down ees yIGoi n' d own to." Other songs include: flLet Me Put My Love BLUE OYSTER CULT . Fi re is phs tere d "." (astral projection) Othe.. and "I Get High IHth A Little Help From My Friends'''' Joh~ Lennon .~hen it s hot/lf"she likes . The Cover of his alb um. admits he holds seances "to get closer to God". Yell Do For- Money!I.They were tbe most influential group in the history of rock music.and astral-projects out of his body to float about the concert hall when he performs... reincarnation (Barry) and E. or EST.a Wa.In an in t e r view wi th People magazine in 1977." Th isis ac ccm pan ied they resume the music. Their influence was not lilllited to the drug culture or through their music alone.. former lead singer. By the time he was 14 he was frequenting gay bars and it's been downhill iro". "Turn ". Deb b i e !larry aa i d.I Down. hOii he taught me to live. JOHN DR ... 'II THE BEE GEE~S . then and Roll was recorded live in me. oh . and is an ordained for Black For mini~ter before "You're in the leaving hungry RONNIE JAMES DIO .•• !J kill d ild re n. the lead guitarist added. here it's at. Newsweek said.Th eI r song. "I've always thought that the main ing... He has said • "By the time wa 're hal fwa." "Hell's Bell's" states. 20./I kill Children. I paid my dues/Playing in a 'ro~kin' band.. I believe Rock and Roll is ~1S own vom~t after an all night drinking spree. Sex and sass. Clapton ~as a heroin addict.. The band's On stage show-featuring crosses and demonic imagery-did little to change people's minds. you're a friend of ~ine: Bon Scott..ou're dolo'/She'll lick you a lot." His concerts have included such things as hacking a doll to bits." "Th~ concept clicked with the audience and Blac./I'm on a highway to hell. dead man. "Luc y in th e Sky wi t h Dia. Hi s song "Carma Chameleon" promo t e s Hinduism. 90 degrees/She's drivin' me cra~y/Till my ammun1t10n 1$ ory. Heavy Metal me ge z Ln e (July. "And furthermore Our Father is not in Heaven~'1 BLONDIE . hich has a high speed subliminal message sayiog..ons.The album Raunch Di~ln8 the song "When Electricity Came and the lead singer. on the Lr way./Hey. Sa(a....All their albums include the satanic CrOSs on the cover.. die .S. . "To The Edge Of The Uni ve rse " speaks of She nen= dorah. THE BeATLES . He ["ecords in a seventeenth century castle supposedly haunted by a demon who is a servant of the 8abylonian god. He doesn't want to be ma le or female. Former lead singer. "When the band started.. I honestly believe everything I've said. the Devil's music. You can't convince me that it isn't./My fr~end.on their albums./I crush the . "out of the body. Jim Landy./and spoil their Halloween. with the number 666 (mark of the beas~) on the headboard. which pictures the satanic "S". end the number one female singer." ~essiah.k Sa bba t h . makes ver ds sa ys: "Sa tan. to.P.." S till a no t he r song "Ha p p f ne ss is . really good stage shows and really sassy music.edients in . IOHN ..Their loyalty is shown by the satanic "SO found. simulating sex with a snake and a mannequin (while singing Dr Love The Deed") and hanging himself fro".He wears a voodoo necklace Louisiana Church of Witchcraft. the dog a bone. What.One of the most perverted ~reatures yet. "Rock music is a greater influence over the souls of men than primitive Christianity. It is also com~on knowledge that he is a homosexual. there./Clvin.:V 1 ~. ~o Arkansas"./And I love to hear them screa~. Paranoi d . The song "Revolution" called for 0 takeover by the communists. He performs songs such as: "Co c a t n e " an d tiLay 0'0. which is an evil spirit meaning.eon. His al bum Spi rl t inc 1ud e s the s. It used backward ". Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. In his album Billion Dollar Babies he sings... po~er ofunion.n~s say.. Master of Reality. Mob Rules. which pictures a man on a bed su. "Ch urch 0 f the Poison Hind". Through their popularity. "ROCk has.ock are sex. According to Denver.His song "Rosie" speaks of the pleasure of ma s t. quoted as saying. t~e d ./J feed them poison candy. ing song./She's got the. will be discussed later."onds" (LSD)." DEEP PURPLE .. to the edge the universe. Steve Tyler.. always been. In an interview with Rolling S tone magazine (Fe b. gallows. The album Mirror contains the"Pegas is " wh i c h says . become possessed when I am on stage. tie Sold Our Soul For Rock N' Roll. "Ain't no t h i n ' I'd rather do/Coin down for the l~st tlm:. they set the tone respect for authority and religion...1 I'm on the way to the Promised Land. BLACK OAK ARKANSAS . "A poLl o taught me ho" to fly. ~heir name caused some people to a~SOclate the group w1th black magiC.He vas once voted the nu". Baal. (Maurice and Robin). decided to do the [black magic) thing . the. By his o. entitled "I Kill Children". former singer of the group choked to death." JAC. Do . interests include: pornograph~c drawings (Robin) a~ a hobby. L. he.ore chenges in the ro~k culture than any other band..Her album Crimes of Passion includes the song That's not w~at-r want to teach my children.Ritchie Black~ore. "Hell is for 0: ALICE COOPER .I I kill children to make their mothers cry. but one time . Homma. to ." He is involved wi th EI rhea r t SemI na r y rra ini ng . as "If you can't get into dope and makin' bab1es you're out of it". "Everyone takes it for granted ["ock and roll is synonymous with sex...Their album Get Your Wings useS the Winged Globe (satanic symbol) on the cover.n ~.Wak i ns Up WI th ~The House On. His song.." DAVID BOWIE . I really think that's . He had a hit sing Le c a 1led. "Hungry for heaven. The song "Imagine" states: "Imagine there's no heaven It' seasy if you tr y INo Ilell beLov us.. above U$ Into YOUII and "Ho n e j. confession. Ozzy Osbourne.KSON BROWN .On Dec. aLAGK SABBATH . her kne es/Goin' do . They lead the drug culture through songs like: "St rav ber ry Field s !". NY 14857 (607) 243-8126 AC/DC ." Former member Ozzy Osbourne says of the early years.i th d ra .. 1985) says. If you're into evil. sings about a cheer lead er "r ha t "a S a young b Iseder" and the aho r t skirted g t rI "wi Lh a ki tty in the m Ld d Le !". in the same year. ings of demons.Satan got'cha •. 3- Dog a Bo n e" is a bou t ora I se x . s t c p me. 1976. . Their 8~ngt IIGi~in the BOI GEORGE . "Ma gical Mystery Tour". n the title song is about a place .FREEDOH VILLAGE.• If God's on ~he left I'm on the right..rm Gun " talks ofrevol ution. she oughta be 'cause Ethel's dead.0 SaIl y rl p r o mot i ng or ug use and immoral sex ~ for topicS including: social revolution. "One thing I miss is Cold Ethel and her skeleton kiss/We met last night and made love by ~he refrigerator lightlOne thing../a h~gh¥ay . 1976) Bowie sa i d . no lie.rounded by de". USA LAKEHONT. DENVER ." as Al bums since then t nc Lud e.•• the ~rosse~. mysti~i$m and the occult.•• i'm gonna get 'cha .. by screams and demonic laughter. This group has helped bring about ". "I Love The Dead".Even the name of this group is in reference to an occult r{tual./Hey.lI m on the highway to hell/don'.He believes himself to be the reincarnation of a 17th century ~i~ch of the same name. ~hlch includes the song. an anthem of necrophilia (sexual intercourse with a dead person).be~ three male rock Singer. the anti-~ar movementt and dis- only sky. DEAD KENNEDYS . Jlever Say Die. Ly r t Cs to the song 1./G1v1n t~c dog a bone." the n ae e Sabbath I1'DIO" when turned upside down sa y On S t Heavenlt saYSI the ba ck COV2~ uOEVIL '".Had an album entitled: In ThePresDnce of the Lord. "Cold Ethel" includes the lyrics. e the black mass on stage. "We never were into black magic. ERIC CLAPTON . Live Evil and Born Again.. Their lead guitar1st 1S described as a "gui tar demon".." Apollo is the majo[" deity of Egyptian arts and poetry. PAT BENATAR Ghildr~~'~ . AEROSMITH .They sing the follo . Their song "Highw"y t o Hell" claims Hell is the promised l~nd. "I'm gon na take you to Hell . "As a self-appointed Denver uses music as far more than ente~tainment.u rba t Lo n ./Only lic~s. "You're Not the One". with an under-the-counter cover of a young teenage girl nude f~om the ~aist up.e he was safe from police to do drugs. The cover of the album Agents of Fort u ne shows 8 ma giclan hold ing t a rot card s bea r t n g the message that he who cOmes against the power faces death." Chris Stein. Children of The Grave.".s are gonna be there too. of his album. but you need a lLt t Le Hell. "Don' t Pe a r t he Reaper" is a song on the album Some Enchanted Evening. He is God. The lead singer. Ethel's frigid as an eskimo pie/She's cool in bed.I'm just along for the ride. I 10 ve to See the . look. Sa t e n . stop the music a senseless statemant ~hlch backHe is God. His song. the lead singer as £~ begiri-hi$ own band. Their biggest revolution was against God.He .0 hell. all that. hat ..nclud e .asking to say. He sees it as a tool for promoting the gospel of a n~w secular religiOn. through the first number someone else is steering me . which tells of a love-suicide pace. Heaven and Hell.

pot and cocaine. and I'll possess your body and I'll make you burn.Bass guitarist.!> .' "Come on baby./Come spend the night inside my sugar W"al1. They live what they preach!!! GRIM iFDead '" '" .eligion" and "Save a Pr a y e r". "666 the number of the beast.le doubt a bo u t t. dying in her own blood. white ones.s~u ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA is embedded with several nas DR. Craig Chaquico Dryden observed. Ann and Nancy >lilson of the group were asked about their reported envolvement with the occult.Her song "Sugar >lalls" contains the following lyrics: "The blood races to your private spots/That lets me kno ./Yeah. TilE EAGLES . Words include.D. meeting all the heavies." Group member. ("All The Young Girls and suicide. he died in his own vomit after a drug overdose. albums are plastered with death and The Reaper. At the end of the Song.They got their name from the chief spirit in the Indian COSmOS. A coroner's report said her body was eaten up with syphilis when she died. He was quoted as saying. The song. I say there ain't/I'd ra t l e r laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints/sinners are much more funH• ELTON JOHN . I'm gonna kill myself. snatching of souls. HOOK . MICHAEL JACKSON . You Can hypnoti~e people with the music..uality and sex with animals is the theme of their song.. she looked into a mirror and apparently wasn't pleased by what she saw. calls for the dead to rise and "Terrorize your neighborhood".J < home is laden ~ith trinkets and books relating to satanlsm and Witchcraft.S.A known lesbian.ith think people should be very free with According to Elton John's former '" . His song "My Sweet Lord"./ It's i. admitted to being bi-sexual./I'm gonoa love you like you never knew/ And it'll be everything and more. the grave. the (According to >lhy Knock Rock?..ho first turned the group to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The song "Hungry Like a Wold" talks about oral sex and the moans 'tnri groans of a woman in orgasm can be heard in the background. The song makes constant references to death. bore an illegitimate child and had to slow down her drug use some~hat.This band was originally known as "The >larlocks". After an over~ose. Ron (Pigpen) McKernan died as a result of drug abuse.. She at one time declared her 11fe goals in a. and red ones/The greatest of the sadists and the masochists." co-writer. "I want to smoke dope.Considered to be a god by many of his fans..possihle to hide. like the follOwing: "I'm getting bored . she tried to commit suicide several times and finally succeeded.Their "Wrath first of album the is called Re-apert.". Grace Slick. Mania'!.. such as "Witchy j Woman" "One of these Nightst' t and "Co o d Day In Hell u. anythIng-! can get my hands on I want to do. In an interview in February 1981. Spencer bend their minds". and suicide.. o x: . "There are black magicians ". "Lonely Night" was dedicated to all the lonely witches. They . Their music is published by Welsh Witch Publishing Co. get layed. HEART . what a scandal if I die. this group has been Singing the glories of drugs and violent revolution and they have lived what they sang./I have fire. think I'm gonna k111 myself. paid a $1. "Freaders Ball"." gold. Charges of cocaine posses9ion were dropped. In his lyrics he adds.. His song "Thriller" is full of ghouls and ~ombies. "Acid rock is music you llsten to when you are h Lg h on acid.DURAN DURAN . "It's hard to keep an eye on the kid while you're hallucinating". "There's somebody of your own sex. According to Jerry Garcia.Since the sixties. Their Rumors album has a song about "Rh1annon" a Welsh witch. Jagger admits.being part of mankind/There's not a lot to do no more.r a nographic. John McVie. One album shows a hideous skeleton weving a bloody a. "Union nr tL~ Snake" is mystic and satanic in its video presentation~ Other songs 111(" L le: tiNe . FLEETWOOD MAC .-"Elton Johnts ..J ."Devil Delight" is a song that speaks of the sinister pleasure of ii"""dirty demon daughter"./People rushing every~here.In his days "'ith the Beatles. hcJ r religion or who they are praying to. They once backward masked the message "Don't meddle with things you don't understand". SHEENA EASTON . from a fresh murder.. 1969)./Black ones./I can tell you want me.In "Close to the Borderline". <." He has been convicted on charges of possession of L.000 fine after pleading guilty to failing to register a hand gun." He sings songs promoting eu f c Ld e . ich is certified h backward messages including "Christ you're and "He's there on the cross and dead. Robert Hunter. etc..Sado-Masochism is the theme of their song. and the song "Hotel Calif o rn i a " is believed to be about that church.Their video Girls On Film ..Hall admits to practicing magic and is a follower of Alister Crowley./Stick around for a couple of days.... a n d UMetal See You In Hell. by Dan and Steve Peters). prostitution. "some say there is heaven. I have the power to make my evil take its course. Their song. "Rock concerts "Get them while are the they're churches young of today".Their name comes from a medieval torture device-a steel coffin lined ~ith spikes. "That Didn't Hurt Too Bad" discusses having sex with a virgin. you can preach into the subconscious what you want to say./lour body's on fire. spokesman for the group. yellow ones.. there's a fire. madness. long time lyricist for the group said in his Ten Commandments of Rock and Roll.dmit to writing most of their songs ~hile under the influence of peyote (a hallucinogenic drug). have a good time. -e r. JANICE JOPLIN . He claims his song ">linged Bulls" is dedicated to the ancient Celtic Religion. "Smiles as the flame sears his flesh/Melting his face screaming in pain/Peeling the skin from his eyes/>latch him die according to plan/You're Children of The Damned/You'll burn again tonight/You're Children of The Damned". an acclaimed Warlock. I have the force.orld. Their of their out their DARYL HALL .11 BILLY JOEL . . they just giggled and refrained from comment. too/Screamin'./rea. "Music is a spiritual thing. . His song "Only The Good Die Young" remo rse s over the fact that Catholic girls stay virgins so long. get stoned. accepted by many Christians and even sung in churches 1s in fact a song of dedication to Krishna and contains a chant that is supposed to call forth the spirits (demons) of Krishna Consciousness. had lots of strange experiences with older boys between when I was four to fou["teen~1P GEORGE HARR!SON . . revolution. Songs which include: sa j Band member. r. Elton Johh himself has nothing wrong with going to bed ".J ." (Time. grease your lips/Put on your hats and swing yOUT hips/Don't forget to bring your Whips/We're going to the freaker's ball. midnight. which says. cause a little suicide./Than you ever thought it could. Lj r f c s are: "Sometimes I dream of chicks/To bring me everlasting joys/Sometimes I dream of animals/Sometimes I dream of boys.. "Get My Rocks Off". "I'm gonna handle you like a baby.ho think we are acting as unknown agents of LUCifer". Vincent Price./Ohh... The back cover album shows a pit of fire which they stand above as if painting music leads into the flames of Hell.. she said. Homose. Harrison "'as the one ". for she took a razor blade and tried to cut her face off. I just sex-they should stop at goats" Bernie Taupin. s banned for being too po. There is litt.Time magaZine interview stating. Guitaristt ty one.He has been described by Newsweek as the "LUCifer of ROck" and the "unholy roller". "You hit me and I'll hi t -4you"...His songs run the gambit relationships. lesbian Love Alice"). JIMI HENDRIX . It says.lAnd you're gonna be so good./I'm coming back./Like to see what the papers say on the state of the teenage blues./You can't fight passion when passion is hot./Temperatures rise inside my sugar ". He 1s quoted as saying "The idea of sex "'ith a man doesn't turn me off. once said. "They riff that rip and roar. Billy Joel contemplates the absurdities of life.. you're infernal" . Cause a little headline news." Also on that album is the song "Children of The Damned"..Jackson is making millions promoting demonic and satanic ideas. Since then he has become completely devoted to Hinduism. swarming around like flies/Think I'll buy 6 forty-four and give 'em all a surprise. . > . nOw did it?" IRON MAIDEN . All my life I just wanted to be a Beatnik. lick dope./Lemme take you somewhere you've never been. from promoting drug use. In response. and s. August 9. '" 00 I - REAPER on Arrivalu.. ••that didn't hurt too bad./Admit it! Come inside./Come spend the night inside my sugar ~alls. Several of their songs.. 666 the one for you and me. They are reportedly members of Anton La V~y's First Church of Satan in California.. Their a1bu~ Long John Silver describes Jesus as 8 bastard having an affair with Mary Magdalene. His music was steeped in drugs and sex.Their album Eldorado. (See The Rolling Stones) JEFFERSON STARSHIP . Former lead singer. His albums include a number of other songs that promote Hinduism. x: o I'> "" '" . Hi9 acid rock music formed the basis of what ~a9 to Carne as other musicians copted and built on his music.. this race is a ~aste of time. THE GREATEFUL DEAD . have satanic and occulcic references in the lyriCS. Their album The Number of the Beast contains the song by the same name. MICK JAGGER . when you get them at their weakest paint. had dedicated concerts to all the witches of the . I will return. Stevie Nicks one time lead singer for the group. "Destroy yourself physically and mentally and insist that all true brothers do likewise as an espression of unity." Only they know what that means.alls. ..

"We drink and meet ~omen until the earl. ard masking to say. says.plained by Doug Feiger. kid (Knock 'em dead)/ The blade is red. you're Sa damned wicked. NAZARETH tions on the "Hair Cover~ of the Dog" is SAGE an album that pictures demonic manifestalike. p. McCartney has been known for his open use of drugs since his days with the Beatles. "Ten Seconds To Love" says./ I'm left here broken and ashamed. and we're the slea~iest. BLUES . The only type of women we get have one thing on their mind." He also said. occult terms she uses frequently./I believe you're the devil.• that would be the ultimate revenge.. r like to rape the audience •• Twelve people died in a riot following one of his concerts in South CarOlina.They deliberately use nudity to sell records. I believe in the devil as much as I believe in God.. sickest band on the planet ~arth". the former lead singer. I get possessed .. ItOh. when he said. You should hear the Ly rLc a tl ! In concert.They promote drugs by singing songs ~hich are two cuts of rna~ijuana. hich says. as most of the titles suggest.rMaking Lo v e " "La r g e r Than Life" and "Got Love For Sale". She gets her spiritual advise from wrestling promoter Lou Albano. Rock Scrapbook says it is. "Madonna seduces Seat tie"."Rock N' Roll is pagan and primitive and very jungle and how it should be. Robert Plant.ine. Songs on the album Include. Satan ••. STEVIE NICKS . Her song. .. a naked man holding up a dead child in sacrifice to a mysterious atop Some ruins. HI love the symbolism of the three roses" Nicks said. "Plaster Caster" 1s dedicated to groupies in Chicago who make plaster cests of rock star's genitals. purchased Alister Crowley's (a famous o~tulist) mansion and o~ns one of the Isrgest occult bookstores in Britain. April 198~) MOODY whicn have . Defenders of the Faith. it ~ould appeal to ~eenagers with active hormones". that's fine cause that's all ~e have in "Get All You Can Take". "Screaming and mind. The song. Sin After Sin.I curse m8yhem. OHIO PLAYERS . "On stage MALCOM thatTs That's of McCLARN ./Consider that has d dead. LED ZEPPLIN ./Quick as a shark/Beast has its Tt mark/You can't bear the dark7Don you try lo rape me. me. Her song. I've Had Enough {Into The Fire)"J I'Heavens on Fire". hours of the morning. "Shake hands with the Devil/Don't be frightened. "Rock is the perfect primal method of releasing our violent instinct. Adorning their album covers is the satanic "SII. no gotcha claws stuck in me. "Things are complicating/My Love is in her hands/And no~ there is no waiting/She understands!/The plaster's getting harder/She's the collector/She wants me all the time/To inject her. album contains the album designs is being played. Lord. and Hell Bent For Leather. CINDI LAUPER . ..M.. has a fascination for black magic. John (Bonzo) Bonham died at Page's mansion.He and his wife Linda were arrested and fined for possession of marijuana. 1 gave my hody as a slave. (New Sounds magaZine. levitate their instruments and regurgitate blood.. Their albums songs like." CHORUS: '(Bas d)/Consider that bas d dead/(Bas d)/Won't get screwed again"" -SULO-"Whoa! Whoa!/Bas . "I know ~eople who pray for uS everyday •. The lyrics to these songs are very explicit. Christian.~1 Tipton adds.." Peter Criss their former drummer~ says about himself. and are full of sex and perversion. and MOTLEY CRUE . She says."/uThe plaster's getting harder/And my love is perfection/A token of my love For her collection/Plaster-caster Grab ahold of me faster/If you wanna see ~y love/Just ask her. Scream For Vengeance. I can t~ach all my demented ideas to a whole generation .According to Mikti Sixx. no."I'm thinking about starting a school for Rock N' Roll. Sweet Ro ma n c e " and of a young man who wants KRIS KRISTOFFERSON . N CO . .Their album Bat Out Of Hell features a picture of a demon -5biker on the cover. very maya". CHORUS: Knock 'em dead." Jimmy Page.." ll MEAT LOAF . " MELLE MEL . it is a call to ar~s for American youth. "Shake Hands With The De. 01'1.Songs of demon poss~sslon is his song.On the inside of their album. subversion and style. . i'Burn Bitch Burn~. Houses of the Holy. "Oh. And finally. You can use eith~r one to get things done.the listener is told to stare at the geometric thereby enter an altered state of consciousness. Songs from that album include: "Shout At T~e Devil". is a giant skull Rich"." They sing about teenage to get love as a "Stick lIinside her pantstl of ." Their albums include. they breathe fire. Plant also blames Page's "obsession vith the occult" for the troubles the group had. the lead singer.. "Reach down low/Slide it in real slow/I wanna hear your engine roar/Before I'm in the door/You feel so good/ Do you want some more/I got one more Shot/My gun's still warm/Was it hot for you/Did you fire this round/The second I'm through/I'll be leaving this town. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is filthy. "I've always been fascinat~d by the supernatural and always felt rock was the perfect idiom for it.He refers to himself as the guitar gunslinger and calls his music combat rock. "Knock 'em Dead Kid"." Their album Animalize includes the follo~ing songs. <0 KROKUS ./You cut my flesh and drank my blood that poured in streams. t t I KISS It's a way of being of music While whose a Antivibrations 'yantra'. PAUL McCART~EY .. "Eat The in The Night" and "Ready To Burn". sex. "I find "yself evil. "Murder in High Heels" and "Thrills in The ~ight"." . kid (Knock 'em dead)/Knock 'em dead.According to Rolling Stone magaZine. They have been described as "symbols of unfettered evil" and ufire breathing demons from Rock N' Roll Hell". Their song. Although the group no longer ~ears its goulisn makeup./Got your neck in the noose/I got . she is openly involved with the occult.. "Out go the lights/In goes my knife/ Pullout his life/Consider that bas d dead/Get on your knees/Please beg. "When I go on stage. Whether it's life on the street or Sex with the high school slut. "Like A Virgin" is the t t t Le song of her first album.. He has been known to throw pig intestines .The front Cover of their album Headhunter crossbones. "God Bless the Children of The Beast"../You took my heart and left it blown to smithereens. Her psychedelic hair and ~ild outfits are indications of her r~bellion and anti-establishment ideals. they continue to perform vulgar and explicitly sexual songs.. kid/Knock 'em dead. include . we're gone". . you make me shout in glory to Satan. isn't it? The true meaning r o c k . Motley Crue shouts out their message with a v~ngance. "Bas d". he is my prince. there is light occult references and uses back ."In Search of the Lost Chord" The speaks the supernatural is the visual properties* equivalent of a 'mantra' inside of in T.Her lyri~s run the gambit from masturbation to prostitution. '" . She would like to build her o~n pryamid and live in a little ·witch house" on a cliff overlooking the ocean."D~mon guitarist" Glenn Tipton says.-blow off his head. He is Quoted as saying."1 ~anted to create my own image." Gene Simmons confesses an interest 1n cannibalism.. "Shoc k Me "La d Le s Room" . a former member of the're the king of Ihe-sleaze. Simmons said in an interview with CIRCUS magazine. 1 won't hurt you/I don't want your silver or your gold/I ~ant your body and your soul. they can't save us. "Everyone wants to be a desirable se x object. choking in his own vomit after ingesting forty measures of Vodka. what Rock N' Roll is meent to be about. An album entitled Angel unfolds to sho~ a full length nude. "People love sleaze." Hit Parader magazine calls their music "pure ax Child" says.. Their song "Devils my brains out. Jim Steinman says. 1983) me go. "I'm prime for hate. The moment it stops being those things it's dead..One of the most vulgar groups performing today.if/Make it quIc1<.. . their aim is to be the "loudest.Rolling Stone magazine said about her Seattle concert. Other albums portray such scenes as a nude covered in honey and another nude suggestively nuzzling a horse. "I guess I always wanted to be God ••• there's nothing higher than God. tl (Rock lDagaz." Their second album is entitled Shout At The sex..othing to loose/We're really gonna screw you. "Stairway to Heaven'! contains many NEW RIDERS r'Acapulco OF THE PURPLE Gold'! and "Panama Red'l. . MADONNA . He also says.. "1 knew when I recorded 'Like A Virgin r." CHORUS: SOLO: CHORUS. Aug. kid (Knock 'em dead)/Knock 'em dead. Composer. OZZY OSBOURNE .the groups philosophy is e. the one who lit up the night. and speaks of a mutant biker riding out of the pits of Hell.. "dripping with impure and perverted lust. '" N I THE KNACK . TED NUGENT .i1". "which is very pyramid../You never let you got me by the throBt t JUDAS PRIEST ../Don't try to rape me." OSbourne once bit the head off a bat in concert and had to be given rabie shots..

burn in he 11. The: Ot-her s on g s include../'Tell me no . .. "Without any fear of God/We' re possessed by all that is evil. he a n aver ed J "So d o m and Gomo r r a h v. You're gonnabur n in He ll/Oh. "No" if . we demand.ou're flushed with your . Freddie Mercury.Their album The Magician's Birthday has many occult references.• hey teacher. dawn.ery first success/Then 'au must try a ~wosome aT a threesome/And fou'll find your conscience bathers you much less. I give you meat. the lead singer. and introduces songs with a stream of profanities. ~n which she repeated the title aver and over and simulated the sounds of 22 orgasms. demon possession. Lyrics include. Ozzy! it is. on the 01J 0 t on hero i n II ~ In. which dealt ". forget it man. "at it's best. ua "You take my bod" I give you heat .into the audience during his concerts. In several of his songs..~. like Aqualung.rnay c hu rc he s n of Satan. David Lee Roth./I meC her in a hotel lobby masturbating wich a magazine. ma n 1e vi t a ti ng 5 pyrarqid. "Do It All Night". Some 0 f the I. It includes 900.tTraveler$ In Time". TURNER .JAt night I wake up coal my deSire.x Ld t y ." Rolling Scone said of his Dirty Mind album.. TINA. On the back of her Greatest Hits albu~ she is wearing occult jewelry. Baby". the lead singer. "Het a girl na .A group that brags about its Satanic existence. drugs and rebellion. God. screams out his lyrics. I think He has been or quoted I'm lID a med frankly. "We don't need no e d u ca tion •. ~er f~rst big hit was a 17 minute song entitled "Love 'To Love You. Bloody "I don Sabbeth" j Boots"./And anybod./Beceuse murder is like an. THE UNDISPUTED demon hanging TRUTH . on s". "WeI come to e he a bandoned land. "h i c h has become th e off i cLa I an them of the Gay Liberation movefll~nt_. on fire. LINDA all . Even their album covers show scenes of lewdness (like abscene jestures with a microphone). plus songs of _ violence.The album surrounded by demons. He claims he was compelled to see The Exorcist 26 times. His albums nelude The Ultimate Sin and Speak of The Devil.rr Le d II' s ay s . Their son g . An earlier e lbum "as Their Satanic Majesty_' 9 Request. Ca reS9 of Steel pic tures a ro bed and ~ost of their slbums have a jentsgram (Satanic They perform in front of a pentagram on stage. "When I a". symbol) on the coyer./Can do to you the things with the sheetasoaking wet. r fc s are. Face_s of Rock JETHRO TULL .fWe spit at the virgin you worship/And sit at lord Satan's left hand." - 6- PINK FLOYD . "I '01 Go nna Xiii My Wi fa". and Satan worship are all rolled into one sang that contains the fallowing words. visible. else you find a bore.c Lu d e . "I wont SANTANA . They also say. me~be~ of your femil." is about a midnight dance with tne devil in the graveyard." BRUCE SPR INGSTEEN . Another song." Lyrics describe how he seduces a ~ornan to have sex with her and then s a j s . ith sexual references. iiI've seen enough nude ~omen and heard enough abaslve language aod morning-after anecdotes to fuel an article about Porn-Rock".Carlos Santana said. "shall I wash you first or you wash me?" His song.She is in regular touch with her astrologer and arranges her traveling around the configurations of the heavens. about astral projection or out of the body e<periences. demon s pt r f t .This group has an album an the crrss of Jesus Christ. The mast popular s o ng an the album. "You should to have sex there". head./Did he go away and I'm on fire. "Dance With Mr. In "By-Tor and the Sno" Dog". CSuSe it's totally beyond anything . In his song." song j His 11 Le't 1$ P:retend Werre Ma. U POLICE . out whose cover shows a URIAH Heep . /Come on in chl1d. "Toni g h t 's The Nigh t". It is reported that Roth has taken out paternity insurance to protect against women suing him for child support./I got a bad deSire.strung.thing you take to/It's a habit-forming need for more nnd more/You can bump off ever. per form better after shooting smack (heroin) In both arm9 then after eating too much". One of their albums is entitled The SerEe" tIs Risln g.He said that he dresses and acts the way he does because he has to appeal to men in his audience as well as women.They have been together for 20 years and into everything. there is a law rumb Lf ng your mind and your body ••• I want you ••• I'm B." RONSTA D'T .JHere there's no . Freddie Mercu~y wears his own special brand of purple fingernail polish. Di~ty ~Iind La positively filthy". through hell. TWISTED SISTER . Obnoxious. One of his songs is en ti t le d .9008 "Ab r a x a s " is about the foremost "Black Magic Woman" and "Evil Wa.-Tor"./ 'There's juat five words to say as you go down. STYX . lives melodies.. "War Pigs11 ium for t "The some Wizza:rdlr." Their lead singer sa id. the king on the road vas like f have Ran./Only you can "I'm On Fire". whatever somebody else can't do in his 9 to 5 job. -"'ii"i:ack Sa b b a t h " t SAVOY BROWN . He told Rolling Stone. "We Are The Champ.ith the oc cu l t . their lead guitarist. ~aS arrested for possession of heroin. I'". "Get Down Hake Love" is ab ou t homo se. "Hey lit tle 8i r I is y ou r leaye you all alone.Their albu~ Under The Blade has a song called "Burn In Hell". he attscks God and ChTisl:ianity. ... "I am the string and the supreme is the mu sac aa n ••• "hen I'm really in tune "ith the supreme.e Got To Do With It?" Her dress is vulgar and her songs promote "free sex" and lust..ysI1. an in t e r II Le v./ You say you're hungry. Heavy Metal is raucous.ou have a taste for this experience/And . Blasphemy. o~e of their songs...II Ex c use mer but I need a mauch like yours to help me forget the girl that just walked out my door. the ba nd s lead s i n ge r s t a t e s. "On Fire" and "Running With The Devil". with the number 666 on t. "The only things I can make ~esldes eggs is babies.1 th and "Fa i r i e s Wear t know "Sabbath as s a y t ng . "Murder By Nu.The a1 bum. Then "e'd get trucified in the morning. Stic:ky Fingers is an album whose Cover has a real zipper that can be unzipped to reyeal the underwear of a male with an erection clearl. the river St"x.ngs. "I'm. VENOM . hich incorporates backward masking to say. jump up and d Own and c: IJT se my br-a i n s ou til.Ian Anderson.. Songs tn. One album includes the songs. he also uses (t for obscene jestures. "Sympa th y Po r 'rhe Dev i1" has become an un 0 f fie ia 1 an them fo r ./Everybody Gec Down Make Love. my guru. "We wa n t to shock an d be o u t r a ge c us" • Tb e I r songs Ln c Iude . on s ta ge I sc ream t stomp./I suck your mind. es known aa "The First Lady of Lust".mbers" contains the following. RUSH . I can do in Rock and Roll. Iou blow m. said. If THE ROLLING STONES .'Their name is a drag term meaning ho mo se xue Ld t y .. D. "We are our own sBviors and if Jesus saves he'd better save himself". "Another Brick I n The Wa 11" sa y 9. "Beast of Burden" is a song of sado-mascchisrn and man... Linda sa id the r side I' "I can of town. ork or play. "Sway" is a song ehout demon po~er. Purple Rain is alao nothing but pure garbage.. loud.ou. "Darling Nikki" says. e xcLa f m ed Robbin. seen how ~hen In t he beg inn 1 n g man c r e a ted God 4 . "If Jesus Christ csme back today.Their name comes f~om the mythological river that is supposed to flo . qUEEN . he sal's.. DONNA SUMMERS . beats and titles". he a sk s his angel to "s p rea d her wings so I c an come inside". ItStart smoking marij~ana't. An interviewer for Rollin Stone magaZine traveled with the group for several days and later commented. Satan. and onstage I he often s r r Lp s to hot pa n t s . VAN HAVEN .They it was ""hat a sked life began in a one bedroom apartment. II ROD STeWART .lst". 1s "Be a s t". Nikki. outside force "Ne v e r Say n o Die" t I end if "Children I of The Grave"./ Hake love inside your bed. boby 1s that I do. t !lell Bound Tra i1 p ac t ure s a en t I tled t ra in filled . he good to you.. Sornetl . He has 16 tatoos including one of Che grim reaper on his chest. irritating ••• it is r e belli OUB ••• there is no in between." RATT hard .that's where I want to bell.!lis lat est s 1 n g l e is the I yiies ar e. "Tine Tu rne r is loose". I'm giving our dail./Guess e you coul~ say she was B sex fiend. PRINCE .In one song • she si.8S like "Young Lust".Their song. "He dresses like a supervillain. He and I would get into our bro~n corduroys and go to the nearest jean stare and overturn the racks of blue denim. her music is filled . leave us kids alone. They are the self-proclaimed "d1rtbags of Rack". Goat's Head Soup was a no t h er album. of their songs deal ~ith occult themes.Roll iog Seo nesta tes . not only plays the flute. down.JOnly one bill to pay. Their s on g ./Take my hand. which includes the s~ng. whatever it is I hope it's nat what afraid we got same bad news for . On the album cover. Her album Private Dancer includes a song called "What's Lo. One af the group's songs explaims." Ano ther song on t ha t a I burn. Rolling Stone magazine . sound t h a t says. and lIAnother One Dites: The DL. Some of dad dy home . . CHORUS. "What eyer :your sexual ideals.. Keith Richards.His award ~inning album. and my instrument./The death of You.RThe ~al1" was voted the number one album for 1980 b. Demons and Wizards is another of their albums "hich features several ~aian1c' -~on@St such as .This is another v~ry yulgar group.

... This dynamic message is a must for anyone who has a teenager. (Britain).. Onatage antics include the staged torture of a woman on a rack. Keith Noon. STEVIE WONDER .Jaqu~$ Morali.. is a teenager.II) >. CALL: 1-800-VICTORY or (607) 243-8126 I I I I I I I I I I I I I ::I: FOR MORE INFORMATION Freedom Village. . their lead vocalist. or buy a copy on video tape. Animal ("F··· Like A Beast") was banned on 80 percent of the British radio stations. The group is famous for the production of "Tommy". "I don't know if you saw any of the news clippings that came out of return for a gift of $5. Townsend put out a solo album dedicated to Baba and included a Hindu prayer.The album Tales From Topographic Oceans is supposed science of God.. to reveal the The album jacket .The Cover of their album is concept of "White Hagic" is false. THE WHO .. "Call it black.An admitted homosexual."We Are Sexual Perverts" Is what W. When newspapers in Britain wrote about them. of hell". U... "Baba is Christ". . I was such an unlucky girl". In the song "Jesus Children of America". of the group. explains that the lyrics are based Qn Hindu Scripture. for it Even Anton LaVey.He released the album Sonss In The Key Of Life to correspond with his astrological charts. Hany stations around the country have banned their records and many countries around the world have banned their concerts. Songs include "Y.N.A.S. He says that "Transcendental Meditation speaks of peace of mind". which was a filthy blasphemy against Christianity. and the is all founded in the occult.S.S.. which talks about "hanging out with all the boys" and finding many good ways to have fun. His life ended with an overdose of drugs. the manager of this group of 5 gays and One straight.00 or more.. Lakemont.A. the drinking of blood from a skull and thrOwing raw meat into the audience..C. certain sexual rituals and reincarnation. "I always wanted Homecoming Queen. group member Blackie Lawless commented. the priest of the First said. stands for. His songs include.THE VILLAGE PEOPLE .P. 111 e e 'CO :E 0 ------------------------------"UH~------ _ ~ ~ 1~ {-(Ii ~.. it's all evil.. Their first Single. Church of Satan in California it what you will. 0 . VHS or Beta . but if you had you would've thought the devil himself had Come to Britainll ..They are followers of eastern mysticism and the teachings of Heher Baba. The cover of Inner Visions depicts the symbol of astral projection. "Cruising" is taken from the practice of homosexuals driving around attempting to pick up other homosexuals. WAYNE COUNTY . posed nude for Hustler magazine. was known to have exposed himself publicly and to have had his living room littered with human excrement. a guru." SPECIAL "WHAT'S WRONG TAPE OFFER WITH ROCK MUSIC" "Rock music is literally destroying thousands of young lives each year.. he declares. WHITE WITCH .A. said that he formed the group as a protest against Anita Bryant and declared. Chris Holmes. YES . . a:: 0 ~. he puts down Christ and Christianity. . or knows a teenager.A. call it white. " * Audio * AVAILABLE ON: Cassette ..P. Takes a Man Like He to Like a Woman Like He".c U 0 0 CO ~ U Q) 0 :::I a: .". Peter declared. New York 14857 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . call and it all gets its power from the Source to be "It -7- in the shape of an ankh. "r am sincerely trying to produce songs to make the gay people more acceptable".

Dt> ..'!!. DIS t rln ty 1.35 II ticket lndlclIlU lbat HIt: U. cene. 26.. 'ian .· TH< SA(O wrVE S OF PAK HOWAR.NCE wITH Mr. IS port ot Ihe Callfornll CouDcl1 On so PERCENT /lUSIC THE ON CASSETTE. as "Mule Appreciation 26. tbP1 t ••• lIttle •• .ln~ gr:rrltl.t' ch-!ld. l.FOR' SUBSTITUTE OF All LYMC!UITIDN.l>y:.oo Clltonlcl~.o:led for Ii N-obtl Peaee Prln al.:.!.SURY .i.IT l·ST lO-"'._ n . " I)e.) I am iit'llh~f" a. To C'ompoa:lld 1hu m8JJlJ.< ARE SUrING WILL READ waL w!TII ·Uf'L IC IT REFERENCES lYRICS KHH PARENTAl ~R >r'OLENCE.1lllull to ear &lid cyt 1$ h~lDg prop.X.w -IT'S AND THEY W0<4T THE WILL ~E RECORD "'KING In of Spain to breed the first American .11~1nlt~ tb. HD~t of the)r act1~ltlfs Irp $pcr~lt.EG CONCERNS THE YOUNGER oNO TO ACHIEVE HAL.o old fogey Dor am [ • member of lbe~SlabllshllifljJt J am 11 ud eeueve r(JoC'lI: mwlc caUICI br aka dol r. 11 'Wlis thd we b8ve de.hl.s5 socto~ccno~lc statu~j t~tl lIsteD to h~~Tr me~al ~~~~C~. His lIaUJe is Edear Be:rma. is hereby The President designated as "Mule Day".lls:t...olledi \b~lr b~h •• lo. THoT from mules. tbollCbl it w. ~PPE&R SCI'tE ~ECO~Ol~~S ~llL EoS: ..I .K._<.ll f!Om. ~ROUPS NOT .by outlet .IFY C~T~[aVTINC laPPA 'NO HAS Dee SUlCIOe.c.i y~CJt~ old.eJ:n:I.dlllooallT htlQ •• cr. transportation. AND FREEOOKS U..te Tas.:! lioOS.n Ret . Ap- .c. which was read t\\. What kmCl or resp.n..S mules have been such an important and anniversary CONGRESSIONAL JAMES wHltH A.i IS EXPLICIT.are .te October 26.I:I..7."r.ANIH CONSTITUTES EXPLICIT.llie:Dt bt". 1985 S CONSTRUC TI vE OF PARENTS AIGHTS I'. COMPI.D.e croups' lCtl. of this country.SfPTEMBE~.ree witb tbis 'lffrller..ARNING <NOW W'S~INCTO" LABELS T~o IA THE IHE OR PRINT CHI LOREN LYRICS no -- PARENH' IF. One l1*)'ur-old wrete. u<l "~:.' OF ~ARKEr TEACHER C ENH ~IG~~R..WA">IT'TO TO SEll' ADVISO~.'I?:J. rO(.cd &tS(Urtii.Rln. C'.. ~~ t b e St&.OOll"'·_~~J'. Tbey . c~ssme THE PAR ENTS" 'S.R THE OR~~O-MUS HER GROuP AND SAID IH E UNDE R.IIf --~~s~cr~tion of an1~al 4Dd hu~aD r~~atD~ ATr \O~r ot t~~ ~ore bl'4rr~ 4cltl~ltle~ ~~soc'ated ~ltn \b~se sroups~"< Fr. 111 bet an •• fullot of people .RE WHOSE MUSIC ca. T'NOIN~ THE JOINT RESOLUTION To designate Whereas George Charles Whereas THOS. .< ·Th.rell .. !IUby lytle>.".1l0El[NES "'WH. b~dY1 ro~t.ANIES SOlO IS THH Toou IS DECIDe· •• .. GOR"laICOV.. atlly • cretlDov. tDer~rore. ~RESIOENT OF JF THE THE wASHINGTO. wiTH wOULD UPPeR PARENTS' -r. (She blamed rooc:k..lI~E PAI. . T>«II (.)llta.all'1! ). . force sold tO~'1 Illal punlc rock~n.liu proved a:c:ycl:W:llz.. n chair".~dst ASiA" lJlltlllt. ASS~CI'TION AND A GROUP RIAA.ber t.I1'.and lMk strong eeeepuen to the ch.'k~1"~ .. PERFORMERS. 1985. ruC!b:I. So .ID.o.. .." no ove:rwbelming mlljCldly praJ. THE October 26.EXPLICIT.a.: The lettl!::f from "Rt. HEARINGS BAKER III. .. IN IN fUNO." Suo OF STA. wPERV.I_T\l.UUy eXII:cc:UOIl of tbe I~ln by tlLJC!lur Minn~ota denouncing rock music aa depuved aDd "one (If the major rUSOh! for our troubled youth ...1. BACXG~OU~O By MCC~OSKe' (API PRESS RECOROING ON 'LBU" SONGS wRII~R INOU5IRY COVERS TO rOOAY AG~E€O TO ~LACE W~O .Dll Co pay S.4.00 ~ fiNAL ASSOCI.talr IdS".1 our scte eccester.". AND COHPA~IES AlSeRT GOo. bult. ANO .r~ted m?n: Ul.i cod:roacb 1. t. FOR ROCo( Crt~ln41 Ju~tlC~t ~l~o tOUA( ~n 41It~1~~ lncre&~e 1m. pr~II~I. ~"Ill bosl".ut.' ·WE WELca.. 1985.I"h . 1 ACAINST "R.Ad yOD kIlow 'b~)' have Ute l'Q of a rag'weed pl.k I. FACTO~Sq SNIDER ""oel\ S'OOHASOCHHM P~EGNA~CY ANO first mules in America: Resoloed :! of Ihe Uuilcd 3 That October preciation 2 3 4 thorized Now.ss1oaed in .E FIRE •• ~-NY-H-Ol-45" of A merica Rock music: Dangerous trash or a healthy outlet for teen-agers? OUr Ann LaDders: 11. In~el~' Ecu•.T~I=lU. bllh)' from ihe or'lgLD of t~e speelea. GO~E (lor himself and Mr.PlICIf "EXPLICIT OECIO! COII.Jo. tal ~uSe .He tten·ljllers wbaltbe-y thoDCht .ITS 0450 TO :PM-l VRIC ON 'S. h4r:l toc"ldeDUfY. t~a·I'-t vtcteece.Ilu!1~ ta-llov~t~ {)f ne-a"1 " .ltjJ dv..J:Il tn. sjtt1 WOULD >()NI"I'JR LETTER-WRITING RECORO INDUSTRY'S A"O OT~~R wiTH CO"PUH'C~ PRESSUR<S IT. tDclu01n~ ~ttr'(r ~rt~on '!i~'I'\tel'!..L From Wis. other endeavors. 1985.c _I:'orcr.SUTEHElil ON THE 5~EtP.UI!. part in the building "'WE"HAVe PUtENTS AI F.Co.~ ... r-s ~~(OROING THOSE • LoU" J'Ul1k . r U V~-~4nKS l-~ e3~7 -Stale ta'x rOrC~ d~~!S~e~ lout~ ~an~s( SAn~~"~10 (UPI l ' lat.'k and referred [.u Itl.ancl 4 -sb."sk force.. In41CI~f a jl. d ~9-p~~~ r~~ort.esfrom S'y'Ddic:aled cololDtlist wbo wrht':f for the CaJ1Dut Newl Service.a. u.·.:U C'ould j't. and countless of servter- DETER"INES IS EXPLICIT ice to our Nation ritorial exploration.U lti:hollr LI'I'e. dope ud .Uc .!n 01 the l1-1"1~.utb ::.0 the Commiuee on the J udiciary ESSENTIAL OF.. ~"~ •.arlc I 1011.NO WOULD HAve IS NO ROLE EXPLlCll.c~U '''RIIl~GS. ON ARTISTS WIFE SEN.000 r~lI:en 0111 two cOD1int.IRCH"S~_ "RS.. t 1 CI .:er • . dnd tt!lr . :'!or~f' D~u'k". to a Dt:W low OD :the Darwlnlu ladder.lIKED HAV.~1 Y~-d.r-s COMPANY HOW. 1::'1'1prol'td J.l ~~stc tD!lo~~tS aDd ~~t6~lc ~roup~ co~~rlS~ t~e D~we~t cdHgory 0' ~lol"DI IOUI'.al at the mU3jc of their c:biJd.11I:b -." •• 11 •• to l~tm.~ONG THOSE FRA"K THErTWlSIEO SISTER by the Sentue States and HOWle of Representatives in Congress assembled.'Int: 'Holeller ~"ld h.. as "Mule Appreciation o Tho ito<tIict was 90 I._ .nlS !ttltanlsill t~nd to b~ "pr~~O~\~4ntll White ~nd of • ~1161e-cl.nld"t~ ~ho Ir. orteD 1nv:. JANUARY 20. 8~ pur GORE...are some lU:!.E PARENTS' POl~TIC'l 'THI To design. I support thll:: "Wuhil1jton wtves" 'who want SOme labeling On the oul!ldt of tbe albums so purchasers will know in a~vanc-e that tne lyrics are fiLr out. < ( The .rl.anfl.1s cleopboo1 0" .e and. oYid ...oCI.. We would tb. EXPt.. violeil~ anc:llllldt :teE.-Ald eeneert ror ..lrp l·f\cre.0Joy S~OC<! that it promoted drugl.enuatlon hal beeD criUc.C:P" 'Dr .II "'IE.bjeel'? . POL IC'Y OF IS I NT ENOEO CHILOkEN OF 10 RESPOND SENS IT IVH A FAIR V TO THE .nil the Ienera are SU... 1785..lmo:lt balf tbt po]:l'CllIIUO'D or lbe Ilobe tuD. MuSIC. 1M1. To<'T GO AlO~~ R€PORTERS O-T~NN •• IN DEFINING .I!n!&ortI!'DSP~. the people 01 the U ni ted States Day". AOvlSORY IF THEY "ECORJ COHPANIES SKIP THE SPECIAL YRI~ THE EXleT w~~oS ON THE ~Lau~ COV€~~ 51 NeE LY~tCS" ASOUT THE THERE WILL IS NO ROOII FOR FO~ L YRle s ON A CASSETTE COII." th~ report <~Id.3Ii. I . SA. therefore Nu~B~REO ~()C" AMONG TO T~E~ OF SUr(IOE~ RaCl( UJ1EST GR[)JP MUSICIAN .~ writer mikes .rJO. ~ot ?tottct.u. mo r e J 0 'bs tor r 01.La MbuletO'C. the U~~ anj ~~l~ or bArd I!!.e.r WI:!. AT T.b~t Th~r611 load Bbhop Ttlt~ .D1 lnstud ollrub'! I'd Hktt to sh. ALL OIOS TO ~'RENTINC..5 (legislative day. eil: lo. llitlc..ltle~ Include url.tllor or IbiJ worldwlde.' S.'" CREATOAS.ddicttoo. 198.t re r ee .s-e in ~outC..hlJ level.PolCERNOF JH~ CHllDA:e Whereas SUSAN nuT aAKER. "Mule Appreciation Day"..ncl.D..:s.. valid pctat... Tbl:l Is probably the: oaly st.< Me~ber! of ~uct grou~~ 'greatly ~trf~r fro~ t~e ~cre tra~lt1onll street 'aD.nt. King AGREEMENT CAMPAIGNS 00 NOT TOLD on October Washington.!une b1 ~OY.. J I1JI: look at tee depoe)' oexprculo:cl:l 011 1hf: laMI of 1bll Ulu:Ji~ c-Iam 'Who pl~y I.a.O I TET . ll1un'l v al of tee fine:$! rrilly workeel..1 Alr!e..RY TO PAItEiP. I•• Ioleot th~r ..OUlT I! t<!.. uNow tbe C!bJd ptrpel'r. country.Ilkit'd lenr. U 'OblS'I1-0l ADvISQ.'.S. JUDGMENTS.oon did you receive 'rom )"cur readt:" 0111 tbJs !tl.~$1"QeAT OF THE INDUSTRY SINGERS ASSOCIaTION A~RIC_.. he.boat .b. . or yoan'l. . "Every .TI~AL PARENT OF P'RE~T5 • C~llEO 10"51 C RESOURCE" II ANNOV~ CE 0 r HE I RAGA H ~ENT I A NEW5 991'H CONGRESS 1ST SESSION S J RES 39 •• • CO~FERENCE HERE...:Jd! is to d~stror..· THeR~ AII~· .AT wE FEEL THE ARTIST mules bred from these jacks began a tradition in agriculture.boln II 'be b~.aie or IIHain .m'llSie far J)rtlmottn.~ \5 r.I1Orn.·. a ~OD of mlln ab-ctll 1hoe Ieeer Ilpe'a i'RuJl.old ..l.:1t h d r.1bet yoo .T4nd Jury.cndt<l. "If th.boy dld.O"TROL OVER 'THE DESIGN OF THE WHOSE CONTRACTS RE HE E TO H•• I GNORE GIVE THE C ov Ell' UN DE lIS lAND I NG.e .5IVE RAPE 'NO WIFE OF TRE.." Th..'INE 0 JUOG"'ENtS WItH THe CO.d TO(!k trJu~d. forme.llroroh.s I. < --'h~.S:""llb Mot. suual ~f"omiJculty..Dd tht "OIl" th~y -rj:ilnC-f!.tn 2Q. It VO~ )cne1uled ror r~l~l~e toJal d~d Dtta1D~d r~rli~r b1 thr S4n ~ot~. I~SCR1PIION RECORD ..eJ'at.ok'ide..lITH THAT wITH YOUNGER THE' WIll M.n . mining..u_ to. 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"Will:!.:1:11:"1 wltb U:le .. of the United States is au.O MESS. e.~ tor d~t.p report "'4~ ca:n.toT~ report~d ttiat IHl!\K fOC."IIi.JlarviD. All tile). 10-15-85 and requested to issue a proclamation to recognize calling upon October 26.J.lv1.A. * .T.

She and her staff have also visited several area record stores. radio stations. "Dealers have called me anc saio. last September in Congressional According to Baker. Executives of several smaller chains say they didn't even know about the existence of the prop-osal. the group has quietly real interest and commitment on set about pursuing a grass-roots their pan that parents be aware." says Toth." Baker said. Bill was introduced last local PTAs that the PMRC slide month by Democratic Delegate show is "available without cost. The bill would amend Article 27. In place of a high-~rofile. "I tell them. stale chapters asking them to tell all Feb. David Blaine.told Daily Vari~"porn rock" record labeling agreery. Baker said.B. 12. graphically depicling the able all over the country." and building a ground-up around the country..000 fine Or three yearn in jail. from the A second leiter. 'That's right." she says." says Page Wiencek." campaign to alert localities nationOnly hitch in the widescale PT Awide of the allegedly pornographic PMRC program is funding. Teachers Asscciaiion. movement to pressure record COmThus fa r . Toth represents both rural and affluent suburban constituents in upper Montgomery County. and com m ittee vote is expected On the measure by the middle of this week. III. The PTA has stead of resting on its laurels and 5. "is vers uasio n: to put pressure On the manufacturers to keep up their agreement [with the PM RC] and to make sure that such material is clearly labeled." Applebaum says he is going to call Toth's office and talk over the content of the bin. 14 hearing. more recently. general manager of Waxie Maxie's.--8J1fiRlETy(. Nov. 11). in last year's labeling fight." PMRC Takes 'Porn Rock' Slide Show On The Road it will go to the floor of the House. . to p a ren rs g rou ps music. 'roth says she r e ceived a packet of material.P. this one sent to PMRC.000 members. She mentions albums by Twisted Sister. the bill wilt have to be voted on by April 7. although the group has since sent out both a mailgram and a letter explaining the content of the bill to area mem- to dealer alarm. money for reproduction of the slide . artists and receiving approximately 20-25 recorporate sponsors 10 create. the PM RC has been pan ies. founding member of the "shocking" and "obscene. 9). PMRC's hearings on the subject.em. and an "We're working in conjunction lP by the California-based punkish with the PTA. 'roth says the purpose of the measure is not to go after dealers. you're bringing these records into Maryland' The real irnpact.s 'D C C f o N . is "ThaI's how we hope to get the sull mtact and acuve . CDs and laser disk. 1986 UPDATE . recently landed a lucrative March.600. "There's no excuse for their lobbyists not picking this up. but those requests ~ and the "We're trying to activate 'em PMRC's overall campaign ~ could (the parents). Sh 0 u Id the meas u re becorn e law-and sources say it has a good chance-it would become the first obs cen ity law in the country to prohibit the sale of state-defined X-rated records and audio tapes to minors. including offensive song lyrics. and area dealers say they did not learn about the hearing un til after w ards. No one spoke in opposition. While some industry sources say that chance of passage i. "They're paid very welt to monitor these things. 'Hey. 'Hey. I could go to jail' . repeat offenders could face a $5. and something would have to be grossly objectionable-a clear-cut case-for the state-s attorney to step in. has One apparently direct result of agreed to cooperate with the latter the PMRC's ongoing efforts is the group in its ·'education." A spokesman for the National Assn. the headline-making mothers' group that negotiated a compromise agreement on the issue of controversial lyrics with Recording Industry Assn. mslide show around." she ad ds. we'd go after the manufacturer and tell them. Feb.kuies." The measure. sell or otherwise disseminate obscene material relating to phonograph recordings. Marvin Gaye." local dealer reaction was angry. an amendment to a long-standing Maryland law forbidding the sale of obscene books. "It's ludicrous. latter of which. The measure." Senior NARM officials were attending a seminar in Los Angeles and could not be reached for comment. was introduced last month by Democratic Delegate Judith Toth. We 're telling them to intensify greatly as the group tries listen to rock stations in cars when to work its way into the 24. which has 15 stores in Maryland. m. says the bill misses the mark: "Retailers are not the arbiters of public taste. Toth is not sympathetic • . magnetic tape. mediashow and traveling expenses as yet intensive effort. and there's a dosing shop. Judith Toth after she received a to ~ny PTA council which requests packet of material. trying to get a system Dead Kennedys.." Asked if she made any direct contact with Maryland dealer. The b ill has a Iread y gone through a Jan. Penalties for first-time offenders could be as high as $1. we don't carry that kind of stuff: but we went down the line with them and there they were. which last year wrested a tary James Baker.t( c Billboard FEBRUARY 15. a Virginia.' lid e s ho w. which ctirnaxed uncertain. with dangers of rock. We notified the press several times about the hearing. the PTA's vast network of local Latest update of the PMRC slide branches. what's going On here. "Obscenity by whose standards! I'm not prepared to be the arbiter of what's obscene or not. This needs to be done On a grassThe PTA. "This is the first I've heard of it. "They told us. to anyone under the age of 18.kS. with 13 Maryland ou tlets. from the maj. "We're not going to waste our lime going after some little dealer.I" drive. sell quests" week for its speaker/shew." She says that "Maryland has a fairly liberal court system. lP contains a where the slide show will be availposter. and the Tube. will inform them directly show includes recent releases-by of the PMRC's "continuous awaredeath metal group Exodus and ness program. "We're not under any obligation to let our 01' ponen Is kn ow ." allegedly porn lyrics. armed educating parents about the with an u p-ro-c ate" porn rock" "violent and explicit lyrics in rock . videocassettes to persons under 18. she answered. of America (RIAA) member companies las! fall (Billboard.000 or one year in jail.or di. from the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). to call the stations." says Howard Applebaum. and distributors to invite them to the hearing. others point to Tcth's suecess in getting a aimilar amendment passed in the 1984 session which imp-oses a maximum first-time fine of $1. and will call other local eh ai n ow ners. Because of the 9O-Gay Maryland session schedule. the PMRC ongoing efforts are aimed at has been sending speakers. If it passes."" PTA spokesperWASP. "I didn't even Xerox that stuff. recent introduction in the Maryland PTA president Ann Kahn recently Senate of a bill that would make it a mel with PMRC leaders and subsecrime to sell state-defined X-rated quently sent a letter to the 50 PTA records to a minor (Daily Vari~ry.000 and jail term of one year to any dealer who rents or sells an Xrated video to a minor." she says . The Maryland State Assembly is considering a bill that would make it a crime-s-punishable by fine Or jail term-for a retailer to sell an audio recording containing obscene lyrics to a minor. She then took the package around to other members. Md." Susan sexual act. Section 419 of the Maryland State Code to make it illegal to rent. magazines and. as examples. W. is "high on the voting list" in the House Judiciary Com mittel'. Maryland Assembly Mulls Bill on Record Obscenity BY BILL HOLLAND ANNAPOLIS. owner of Penguin Feather. H. and support inoffensive product. 'Look. of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) says that the hearing also caught them by surprise. Baker son said. that Baker described es Baker. main ally of the PMRC roots level. you could go to jail'. pact with Capitol Records.1986 By HENRY SCHIPPER The Parents Music Resource PMRC and wife of l ree surey seereCenter. owner of the Kemp Mill Records chain. bers. and then to the Senate side for a hearing in March. including (it)." she says. Indeed. Second mailing is set for noted. not at all assured.:) Wed.and Wash· ington-based outfit with three Maryland stores.000 they drive and if they hear somebranch network of the Parents thing offensive.

". year-otd senator yesterday helped Sen. John A. Mr. however. in I. 1q. IS predisposed to Mr." a PIttsburgh radio OJ.·It you the party's goln!! 10 end soonr i Or late r ." she said." Me. they become "Take a look at legislators. no need for the bill." But opponents of the bill were not deterred yesterday.. have expressed surprise and puzzlement at the invilation oxtended to Z. would modify Section 418. D-Pr1nce George's. citing Section 416 of the Muyland Code.1.. yellow snow. Zappa. Zappa's sattrtc barbs. She said that nearly 200 Maryland record stores are "al· ready in blatant violation of atate law" and could be raided because of certain displayed record album eevers and advertising posters that present women as victims of sexual abuse. Dressed In red. Her pending amendment. They don't commitmurder.X·rated visuall Into th~ state to locations where they can be seen and bought by minors. Ling asked rhetorically..holesalers and retailers. The amendment would slap a $1. And se~ Hts testimony before the Senate * UPDATE * * to urge defeat of obscene-music bill Judicial P~lngs Ccrnmlttee yes.. who had hosted a reception the night before "0 that the lawmakers could meet Zappa. terday culminated a. ai. Ill. Zappa. I think we'll be seeing pickets in front of store. of the performers. lage."Rock music was never written {or conservative tastes. . among them mlnlsl".." she added. ata te ca pitol building in force for the appearance of artist Frank Zappa.Judtth C. Ihe lyrICSare what I have to say.." she said. They do. Delegate Toth was the leadoff witness in a hearing held March 18 on her pending amendment to the state'." he said. -It doesn't . PIca. ** * The Baltimore Sun March 19. Mr.album dose \0 hiS chest after haVing II autographed moments before the hear1ng !)(gan.. pending home taping royalty bills. ysls of the bill and exist! ng pomogr~.'. member who admlts to attending three Zappa con. She told committee memhera that the artists told her they were afraid to come because of "pressure within the industry." While . and dirty love as well "" sophisticated orchesIml composition to a generation of rock listenera testified that there'. P. Zappa's "Lumpy Gravy. Toth said that she realizes she's fighting "an uphill fight" with the bill but said that "oven if the bill fail~. who was hired by the Recording Industry Assn. which deals with the . sponsored by Delegate . ~Mon4!Omery. who will then put pressure On those ar t ls ts" whose *"'IIgs. He urged the committee to defeat leglsl. Many of them recited a many of explicit sexual Iyncs . said "wk muSIC enccuregec her to ha ".tity of women. -I \\'1. demonstrated his ai!lnlly for the ceo lebr1ty witness at the reception by accurately reciung verses from the cult tune." BruSOAR>J MARCH Z9. phy laws yesterday. white and blur uniforms. the youngsters carnec placards proclaiming. An expert In rock trivia. she feels. z'. glorify sexual bl'1lt.. of America (RIAA) last month to work On the defeat of the Toth proposal (Billboard. "They don't want to be mentioned. Mr. Senate Holds Hearing On Porno Bill Zappa Testifies In Front Of Packed House declined to testify at the hearing.atlon. Ing On the First Amendment fre~' dom of speech. -I trust the Founding Fathers dldn't live and die to give us this kind of lvrtcal freedom.'! commit suicide. He read the descriptive Ianguage (){ the state's obscenity law. Maryland "tate attorney" are "very interested in pursuing this. vituperative than he wa. obscenity law. they grow up to become lel1l. -Joe's Garage'. the chairman's brother and an avowed Zappaphlle.000 fine and a possible one-year jail sentence on anyone convicted of selling to a minor any record. so I won't. Senate committee on record lyrics last September. dtstrtbutton or sa Ie of 0 bsce n e records." The busload of 50 youths _ along w1th the Baptist minister \\'Ion runs the school. dental noss farms and potato-headed people. -Ro<." At the hearing and in a later inte r- (Continued On page 81) (Continuedjrom MO_ SENATE PORNO BILL page J) attention away from the industry'." In many of his public appear. Ironically. appearance on Capitol Hill.1986 Md. tape. "There's no need for II. "Take a look at normal kids whn listen to It every day.. "lt was n . based Parents Resource Music Center. already passed by the House." Frank Zappa was telling a Senate committee yesterday. had been invited LOBBYIST: press Frank at BWI airport Zappa meets AP Ihe 'I think we'll be seeing pickets in front of stores' clear that she did not mean pressure from the labels th." she said. "Take a look at normal kids who listen to it every day. Wag introduced by Toth at the packed hearing. two-day celebrtIy swing thmugh Annapolis that saw lawmakers and their families. In some cases.. called Freedom \·.eeeI. a COmmitte. "To say that rock music . H. D·BaIU.- 5. defending her b:1I against crtttcs who see It as Infring..**** By Richard H. Zappa's point of view. barely looking up from his lync sheets. which he oppose s. " YR. Ia pes and compact dtscs to minors.. Sia Annapolis 6UTUU of The Sun AN ArOLlS . They don·! comrnn murder.. er Intended to provide easy listening for Mom and Dad at horne. recall the names of slng." he said. -What do you want to sayr Mr.he made it BY BILL HOLLAND ANNAPOLIS "How dare record retailers lIaunt the law?" Maryland Senate Delegate Dorothy Toth asked the members of a Senate committee. Clarence M.ate Toth.he abhors. RaiSing album Covers high Into the atr to lei the audience see the kind of -nlth.i. Toth testified that the purpose of her bill is to "put pressure on . Bereano. . 1986 Mr.ale of such material to minors..". kept his opposition arguments cursory. an avant-garde composer who has offended hls share of listeners with melodic ruminations on such things as poodl es." he said. • Delq. Jan Wat'On of Gaithersburg. Miller. But the majority of the committe. DaVid Miller. "Where do you draw the line from being offensive \0 being pornographyr Mr. "l thlnk we should help parents with the awesome Job.much of It too graphic to repeat In a family newspaper as evidence of the kind of pomoghlphy that ~e government ahouf4 keep ~ £min hearing !i1 muelc 0. a major cause of antisoci.: Outside I he building while (he hears ng was In progress. Dante would find another lever "I Hell for the people who write th r songs.1. In sometimes rambling testimony. read this?" The man who brought tales of poodle bites. she added that "th~y didn't want to COme out publicly. Even Sen.d "would make it easier to prosecute. At One potnt. a group 01 sign-tcnng teen-agers from an up. told the committee members that "lyrics do not harm you" and that "no sound that comes out or your mouth will send you to he I!. certs at th e BaJ tI more CI vtc Center. In a deadpan. "You guy. that would pmhlbtt II.." but had view she would not divulge the nam~. although "II major chains in the area were aware of it. clutched a copy of Mr. "Wholesalers and retailers are 'Verj lucky not to hnve been arrested already. was reading aloud such a suecession of graphic verses when Sen. clarmed that rock music with lyrics depicting graphic sexual acts were Unked dlrectly with rape.. Md. RIM officials. D·BaJ· tlmcre. who were Identlfted with suggestive songs of love In the 1950s. sl nil. SIC Ktlls" and "Rock Music: Puhl" Enemy e l .nj: on album covers.drove all night to I\n napollS to lestlfy and descrlbt' h"" rock music adverselv fnnuen('1'(1 their lives. who teatified before 8 U. said she does no! seek to prohibit 'Tree speech Or arttstic creativity. LIng. a mlnlst"r and consultan! to the Washington. Zappa delivered In a-packed hMr1ng room was clear: The government shOUld not be decldlng what music teen -agers can ltsten to. had members of his family present at a reception at a colonta! Inn for Mr. MUchell III. very soon." -Rock Mu.. some of them Involving Journalists -a favorne target of Mr. or Compact Disc with lyrical content or cover art judged pornographic by the state.of raiSing children." TV crews from Baltimore and Was hin gton were in th. ·It Just promor-s having fun. a self-described lifelong fan of rock 'n' roll. who grew up in nearby Glen Burnie. they grow up to be leglslatoes. With her boyfriend.k Music Almost Ruined My Life.lng gmups. He _ to testify at the request of Bruce Bereano. declared. who told fedel1lllegiBlators lut fall that the recording Industry had used the issue of porn rock to draw ... One mother linked an obscene record to a han!(lng death of a teen- normal kids who listen to it. Allison Morales. UPDATE 2 Reporter Ann loLordo to this Story conL-1bu'"d . Zappa Monday night and at the hearing yesterday. "To say that roc:k music IS Zappa performs solo before legislators an excluat ve cause of annsoetal behavtor I" no! supported by science. which forbids brina'lna.mselv es. They don't cornmlfsuieide. moth"MI and a Pittsburgh disc Jockey.. such as the Harptones. responded. .lslative aides and reporters I1nlng up for autographs and pictures with Mr. The message Mr... Marc h 22). "Stink Foot. USA . Zappa broke up committee members ~nt1 much of the audience with 0"0011(' asides suggesting that Maryland could become a state of repressed sexualtty. word-by-word anal.that de. Another surprise was Toth's assertion that several "major recording artists" agree that "some of these lyrics cross the line. PICt many unnatural sex acts.ppa. t he songs. lhen asked the lawmakers. more. Mike Miller Jr . 16. he spent several minutes sardonically explaining the importance or the nipple in appreciating the breast. the 43. Jeff Ling.p' pa said. not one record store chain owner testified at the hearing.B.S. Toth. Dee read lyriCS fro m Frank Za ppa 's own rock opera. ator Miller Interrupted to ask." Th Is was One of Maryland's contrtbutlcns to the world of rock 'n' roll talking.ANK ZAPPA age boy while another. suicide and other violent behavior. -And In some cases." But those In favor of the Toth btll. They grow up-in SOme cases. Zappa has countered that the Toth bill would Jorce a rtl sts 10 ce nsor th e Ir work.. said a man In a big pink sequined tic who called hlmsclf -aobby Dee." she told committee members. lators..cie n ce..1 behavior is not supported by . rutabagas. according to Chairman Thomas V. who has vowed not to let Ihe bill pass to the Senate floor.... then turned the microphone over to the arliaL Zappa was much more relaxed and 1. state New York school for troubled :Youths picketed quietly. A new element adding to the controversy or the bill. ences here.

growing up.JilJ Rosenbaum hlgh and high school students... But parents don't have demanded removal of the Merboy and Penthouse were yanked from want to take that responsibility. boai t to <10 reuse the in tcrest of any re ~Iliol) s tlPtn. It'3 getting into the aubconfound is that seious. Swaggart.uch sions reached by two Cal State Fullerton professo. of sidewalk protests and a warning negative aspects of rock.sor of criminal justice.c. Sin-ce the thll'ir tlilildre-Il were 'iSle-nin~ tt~ Prince and Mado:nn. and Na j'lI J'VII ~pt. including Rev.. the A ye~r <l~~ . some of whom First. Th is rna y explain w J-J y my teenege boys have switched from ~is'tening..ftt1.i ve assistant. MOBtillm· the shell and somebody else removes executives at the Wal-Marl store ply use rock.rIlW'Jlrt. When bonkamong the more important ways in unread they'll be interpreting this summagazine racks and record which tbe U. "My big sell rock 'n' roll magazines or albums. legendary rock 'n' roll star Jerry Lee eensorshlp Is like those ramous potato Based on !he responses.IiI ~ 'f'Ip".. one. there aren't any Wal-Mart and live in a different world. I found en album C4'1111('d a~ S /jil'·:' R'~L'<jrs'[' under my 14-ye<lr·old·s :r. U'RiiJ!(JI:a. ' Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Hesven. know. .. BaY": Va. of course. R. should be banned .bcnlt 'I. but its resuJ ts are jUst the be left doms of speech and the press are the fest of us whatshouid tip of the iceber.Jimmy Lee magazines Most students answered that they good." "One thing that struck FEBRUARY 28. It ta .ing that the record conI ai n ad ba ckwa rei maskfng. d. In Kiss' 'Lick It Up: that phrase is repeated 30 times in four minutes. who.__ .ihJjltion·. even if they can't lyrics be to recite the lyrics." thing forgettable like Playboy and. 198618AM Who's Saving Whom? I t'I£''o) . violence and Satanism have nule impact on the vast majority o. ~Students were unable to explain 37% of the songs they named as their fa vorites..~JI~""""'.ed instrumental movie themes among their favorite songs. the orgaruzauon TIIo!:Iday.r~ "'iC~n!ldrirw-.... nearly every And.'11 d Prince to Slayer and Executioner. Spending much time with their too. Rosenbaum said." LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER 7-22-86 Students were also asked to rate 3S' heavy metal.. lot more to do with their Jives than by would-be censors.d."Tilooe.D tnt.MESSAGE By RANDY LEWIS.Vh Hm. only 7 % were perceived by those students as being concern is that parents aren't spending time with their kids.o t.. In the questionnaire. gor l n volved in I he. Youths' Perc epuons of Pop ular punk rock with juvenile delinquency. That 11M a sto resLi braries also are under attack bad trend.mI. administrat. 'n' roll 311 ''background Plato's "Republic. II W4lS 1. accounted for 34 % of the songs described. They are entertained b~ TV Censors like Swaggart aren't Umafter all. drugs or Satan~ The most popular single topic was love-at 26%~while the "other" category." said LorrainePr!nsky.e' thaI you are ptobably Bred of receiving lcucrs . drJIlM . 7'ima St4ff Writer about sex. Although the Virginiabaaed group has not received a copy of the Cal S tate study. ~or 662song& students listed as their favorites.a.:.1 dllnl't thti a.. Now. the right of every from the Meese Commission on PorWe're hoping this will briog more American. to Madonn .. P Constitutionally guaranteed free$he said.! bl imi ~ I messages.. June 10. 51. UIId Ilw M!Il . ' 1 Crusading censors 6ald.p.'H iUI. You begin devots their full attention to lyrics by taking Hltlerc's '~Mein Kampf" off His efforts bore fruit last week when jlrhen listening to musie.. concern 1ft that parents aren't Tbis victory for censorship may not Time has been tossed in the bonfire. ''the musical beat or overall sound.__ bliw t. even to convenience and discount stores in the state ..gLJ' .R. Lewis . It's riarn-Webster Collegiate Dictionary a lot easier to blame lyrics.t. But family ties haven't stopped estimated that "in our sample mayYou get started and. F'rin$y indus try. H H are us with aU the hearings in Congre89 and medla attention on lyrics Is that nobody asked teen-agers What they think. ...!od that albums be Jebeled. MISS . a Cal State Fullerton IJOCiology professor who CODduded the stu<ly wiUt Jill RcIIe!l' baum.. .om." Rosenbaum said in a recent interview on the Fullerton campWl.. Jennifer Norwood. Ism.. But Swaggart Is a hometown cousin of tbe"public didn't know which category the various groups' songs belonged In. enou gh. "In 'Eat Me Alive. ].C. 'I"M'J' IHnIl. !B. yea. of a norording is of greater interest to teen _ager:a. However. 1986 whose campaign against con tro veraiaJ lyrics resuited last rau in an agreement with the record indi." for lnetance. .bB. Their paper will be published governmentcomm. which included songs about politics.iffers from the vast shelves. t ... there's nothing leet. Rolling Stone magabalance to the picture. R&B and mainstream rock performers on by TIM LANGE whether their songs in volved sex.'· . was often interpreted literally as being about "climbing stain Oil.. violence. teens were asked to name three favorite songs and give a brief description of What each is about. h:Jrc'a~ d~ P .but it's part of a ited from the one we lived in..idDg. LI. The bad news for educators is that most teen-agers can't accurately describe their favorite eongs.A:" all one of their favorite Bongs offered Interpretations ranging from "It's about life in the U.aaodalI"'r-d!~g'..~r of two 'tt'E'Ii. MUSICIAN 1O~87 UPDATE 3 ThatconelWlion is disputed by the Parents Mus Ie Resource Center (PMRC).I bJt 'W:n:IIDUmt. "Good data on tbe subconscmus indicate that It jUst doesn't work that way. flrst tbing you the reverend {rom trying to squelch be 2% or 3%" of all teen-agers the music he contends is Satan's tool.A." Prinsky to protest the spread of Viewpoints zine and music by Jerry Lee Lewis added.R~~ ·'In.ridicuJOII8to say that music does not have an effect on hWDaIIbehavior..IIat CIIIhtrDry... Prinsky chips.tOd. bins are restricted only to material majority of nations. said Friday.rteen-agers.d. they do not automatically pick up on all the messages." You go afte.. .. Instead. You can't stop after Just. I r. All a specialist in: jUvenile delinand announced they will no longer next thing you know. "Even with the songs they are eXpOSedto the most and listen to the most.~lJ:D. Furthermore. drugs.. laying.s. T he good news for parents ill that song lyrics about $el! wc-ck.. drugs. nography... Tbose are the conclum. se~m worrisome for Californians kids. the way to hesven. rn ob!i:Cittll'tJ .t:le IBoyt &i"el at x· ~ 1!rt.s.M.tIIlr&nt:. the soft-core magazines Play· jyriC8 of 8OngS. ..WDUI.Angele.vuZJ. loye/feelings or other subjects..9 mimes live in a different world.. and in sld lous obsteni t ie-s_ It wa-s. the study ooncludes. since the P. Ib. urd companies have taken full advantage uf the . '"SS.." of information and unheard. C.M_R..n. punk.iju for peopl e 'to spot albums wi th objection!'!.41 :p9D11OVJ"'!1P!:l.Ht. ~ to d.lRJDJJ.ry .r8 who surveyed nearly 000 Southern California jUnior .ta:ad:ib"i:b . . suggesting that they are seriously lackinlJ in literarY skUIa to understand and interpret metaphors and symbol<My Ism.... But no reUgious group or himself are banned from Waj·Mart.for Television evangelist . -Lorraine Prinsky nat level.ROCK 'N' ROLL TEENS GET 11IE BEAT. the beat is a/greater interest.hl.." the shelves of 7-Eleven stores because "The media have played up the because it defines "obscene" words. Ican't beUeve it's not gettl ng through..ittee or panel of Where will it all end? !ater this year in the quarterly experts should be able to decide for )OUl'!IaJ opular Music and SOCiety.'lt"d wit n a S t i-c:k.lbt.. outd like to express an 0rin. . "What we fOWld iI that a:pecific lyrics seem to be of little eensequence to most kids.·~m.ble COn te n ts.f somechain gave in to Swaggart's pressure noise... Still. n M1'5_ RotJtr' L IIulclrjU5 NOrlhHorlywO<><l PMIlC a):llkIalJd..."gc r.S.. Among the key findings. 'lhtJ:J..nJt !~Ie r.. mer.g hes -(haJ'lgeoci f'xcep t thlllt 'i I i5 eM.. V.l9try for a voluntary record labeling plan. Preliminary results from a 40. anll8Sistant profell." or course. Rosenbaum iw 'What we specific seem to oIUttle consequence most kids .ida.. life's struggles and other subjects. but they found that no such research exists. "It's .t. It Is. they'll be empty. she had been asked by an Orange County Probation Department officer for reaellrch linking heavy metal and MWIi.1t-. : .v:t"..o do ..' a Judas Priest song.d .e. no!" to the belief that it refers to "the town Bruce Springsteen lives tn. who named Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U. musie..age. being $!lnt to questionnai re adm inis tered last winter in four Orange County public and private schools contained in a paper titled "Sex. aceording to Rosenbaum.-_ .C" I-towC''VC'I". a copy of the paper is American believes specific books or that offends nobody.." But Prinaky rejeeted th e idea that lyriCIIreach the listener 011 aruhlimi.t. <IS the mo. Harper's or quency' Rosenbaum said." Some even llst... M. violence.. that titie is repeated 18 times in three minutes.r. Violence and Rock 'n' Ron.!los . ~ .t.llfC'f\ts such <!IS myself were C\Hl(('rne··d tn. they oppose.

So it's kind of an interesti ng package. and somebody had judged that that group recorded an "obScene-' album. "We are not seeking legislation of any kind .:" of Congress and thereIII and his wife served as honorary by Jeopardtze a series ~f Ln~ensely "chairmen" for !he benefit.will have congressmen andlor their wives.. "who ha .to·t"s go back \0 what I asked before: why would people want 10 raise this question about the lyrics in rock and roll? My theory is that in order for any business to work properly. I thtnk they've ovcresllmated how stupid the American pllblic actually is. tile onJy musk featured at the picnic. cent fund-raiser for the group _ inJohn." zine Publishers Association.a!'S . be their friends and neighbors. it gi yes you a more fulsome picture of wha: this data is that they're sending into your ho mes. The Ouy Osbourne case which got thrown OUI of coun and now the prosecutors are a'ltempting to refile. un.. ~ a.only an. among individuals reo and close l~behng loopholes. Information Three other senators . consuhant 10 the Democratic NaCompronuse was WIdely viewed tional Commiuce and a member ".. Anythmg of these things that sound a Iiltle weird . James Baker. for example.~ustrybills. held Sept. very stupid populace. N. meet with the RJAA to veal the corporate sponsors of the review thelr on." "child. Md. The gove mment is a bu siness. it was defeated "". Halloween.. ass isrant secretary Though nothing was resolved at Dusiness/Consumer Affairs.). the senior advi(R-VII. Cap Cities just purchased another lillie company called Word Publishing. . went out of th. abject 19nora. former head u'deemed risque.tiai leverno less than 16 U.) and placed government officials. when I was fi!. when the record is played. We want to talk 10 parents and families (about rock) and leave il up to !hem_ . or from ra dio. 7-Up Bottling Co ." has drama tical! y ex campaign. . A 101 of people . is apparently A· OK with the PMRC and its political backers. Nearly a dozen of Ihe solon Spouses of four senators and sevspouses have been named 10 the en congressmen have been IUImed group's 1986-87 board of directors. and on pu rpose. (D-Tex. and numerous other highly Malcol~ Wallop (R-Wyo. Trible and 109 so-called hom_e-tap. Danforth (R-MISS. and what the game really is when you tu rn on the television and watch the news. These people do not car~ about anything other than the Income derived from the ownership of the license. . Illiteracy is really. (R-N.p. Bentsen cal heavyweights on the board. commg from the same place. While House sn frightened of us." having COnfortunately.s PMRC's Norwood would not reo expected to. RlAA. I don't think they corporate sponsorship tix.Gore. direct or indirece. lau. CA. were named 10 a Benefit "My gut reaction is a shudder. ceiving "special acknowledgem. compact disc. nine of whom hail frum Southern states. legi5/alion works.\hling agai nst a law they were try LnS 10 PUI in in that ..S. and you can keep them from having an education. re 10 ha ve his daughter sil on his lap? Or. If you were wearing a senators and age agalll51 the industry .).and they try to back this up with statistics.) and Marvin Leath (DRlAA Reaction Tex. P icture this. First Annual Pig Pick in' .two years In jail and a $5000 flPe. Here's one !hing you have to watch OUI for in comemporary political speech . production for the U.). spokeswoman for fuM-raiser held last month. If. the r<!cord industry to II s knees. PMRC boosters _ dtrectors. William Gorog.. does il make the little child want to ru~ over and ha ve intercourse with her parents? You JUSt have to wonder how they come up with these concepts. 'What kind of a spin are you putting on !he Story?" they say. and for !he second offense .special words that are supposed to tug at your heartstrings. those people happen 10 tributed $200 to the group. "If they saw Thomas Shannon.). founded by sury Dept.rt with the name of your favorite group On it.n Ibmgs. Sw'ndall (R-Gl ) appreciate the nuances.ust telling ~m stuff. provided the PMRC bash wi!h One of its raffle prj les .and IwO adciers Lawyers and Whenever they use the words "children. bul if and when the Iwo panded its base of political support groups meet again. Unis a PMRC "patron.:cession by _Ihe the DGA.State: Let me explain how this piece of. because fa r many people it's a painful expe- ** UPDATE UPDATE 4 . on .S. the former head of tv-film Inc I . somebody owns the license. Norwood points OUI. disci osed amo u rn via 575 general "Bull have to give them the benadmi ss ion."'s lh. Country mllSic._o_C_I.).__ 8I4iUEiy8 GROWINGORG M_on_. really high. .a weekend at the Opry. and m?gn~lIc tape" to everything built LOtO this document that was supposed to keep people from seeing tits. execuuve direcIh~ four women and the office staff tor. the PMRC's poand oow boasts the involvernem of lilical clout . S he was quoted in one of the Billboard articles saying someth~ng like..C.'IIRY SCHIPPER The Parents Music Resource RJAA's Helmers said the AssociCenter. a deal from !he RlAA.Y. $200 patron and SISOO efit of the doubt. When something comes along like thiS immediate business about rock lyrics being the tremendous social threat they'. they wouldn't be etion. During the c_.84 Presi"1 wonder why everyone thinks denual campaign and seruor advisor there's such a big conspiracy going 10 the 1980 Bush-Reagan cam~. raised an unwork of suppon.e come across material in rock music and are concerned about this issue. because you can never forget who really owns il. what !hey threaten is the owner's Try to keep in mind who the players are.eir way to put poll tiOnl y one pol . v . J_ R.) and Paul ~r~ble Reagan's Cabinet. I don 'I think it is an accident that the type of oc'. Do you know what Word Publishing is? It·s a Christian publ ishing organuarion . the executive director of so~ (D-Cah~. especially if you watch ABC. Do you know what that is? Unless 1'01 mistaken. 1986 FRANK ZAPPA: You have 10 have to ask yourself why would somebody go to all the trouble to stir up this business about record lyrics.. ALbert Gore (D· sor: wife of Lawrence Kudlow. If you Ibink about some uf the claims that were made last year (at the Senate commiuee hearing on "porn rock' '). Jack Kemp . of America.fortunately. it's being done I icense. I heard Toth ". asserting that the America.~nclu_dthe wi~e5 of Hollings. grown enormously.:as telling everybody that rock lyrics caused incest. One of the incidents that made me wonde r the most occured i 0 Maryland. The record is playeddoes il immediately make dad get a hard -on and des. Also. Judith Toth the woman who imptem~nted it..s 1986-8~ board o~ In addition.loyd Bentsen !r. let alone research them or back them up with .) and zrae Pu ishers Associacon. jor record labels agreed 10 put Also listed On the benefit commitwarning . finanJ. Do you know who William Casey is? For those of you who don't. bUI. Mum On Sponsors Nearly a year later. the Recording Industry Association •. the business with the Meese c-ommission _ it's all . the PMRC. And when the fundamentalist groups apply pressure to a st~t ion. Oprylaod. former member of the Califormusic biz. to help il exert political and other pressure on the record suppo5ed to be . You c-ould be lined $1000 and a year in jail for your first offense.enng how that really worked.they make Christian rock records.any kind of documentation. 'bl' A . and a Reagan IU adviwives of Sen. Agency. whereby rnaExeculive Office of the President. All the things you've seen during the last year. leg. "phonograph record. Bruce hearings in !he Senate. JUSt adviser and prexy/CEO of Magawant to educate parents. Er~esl elude two members of President Hollings (D-S. The new hOI word that you hear all the time in the news is "spin" . look Ihe existing pictorial and literary pornography laws and added the words. One good thing about Americans is. it is to protect the license.:.fisted in "Who's Who In Norwood agreed. spectfically.:. and who owns iI. incest .): John Dingell (Dthe National School Board AssociaM~cll. Notice that during the last few years.denl schools are in bad shape._'_9_86_ Gene Oberbeck of American Airlines." Committee for a major PMRC Trish Heimers. If you look at ABC news. . l. Censorship.• and Jack Vaughn of the Opryland Hotel. Oct 12 t86 ftI a._'_3..." who could prove useful group's inf1 uernial backers' 'just to the PMRC in a porn-rock camhappen to be the people they (the paign include: Dean Burch.stickers On product they tee is Robert Squier... head of PMRC) know in Washington. 28 in the PMRC"s newly-bolstered netPoolesville. did eventually extract Office of ManagemcDt & Budse r. On the "Pig Pickin" invites were: ucla daUy bruin a strat~gic ~o. Norwood added.).) and Treasury Secretary sistam director of economic policy. In order for the government to work in the United Slates. and what else they ow n. "~.Burch belonged 10 !he fund-raiser. asLenn. key Nixon has been a concern of many in Ihe aide. . W(ves of se all of whom were involved in a renators !. he's the head of the CIA.r when they won tallow certa_ID types of speech to get On the air. Antho?y Betlencampaign.:.are nOI too familiar with the English Languo. .. the same factory.. the quality of education has taken a all different kinds of social llls . but !hey' re gonna figure it OUI one way Or another anyway.) . When you talk about radio. They gCt most of their informalioll from television. ineidentallj'. you have to have sound managemenl. so you in iIS printed form. some of whom were ma Republican Pany Central Comcalled to testify last ye3r during mince (when Reagan was governor)." watch out. And when Ih~ station refuses to play c~rta. What the government expects you to believe is geuing really preposterous the closer we gel 10 Frank Zappa's statement from the pc::neldiscussion on censorship in Santa Monica. or from people j.). you need to have a cooperative and vuy. N Guy Vander Jagt (R-Mlch.). It's a rea I co rnpl icated bus iness..nched a year-and-a-half ation ' 'will make no further conago by 3 group of four "Washingcessions to the PMRC's antlrock 10 n Wives. You have 10 keep you r ears and eyes open for !he way the media talks to you.e-y~~r agreeme~! event. you wonder about the san ity 0 r the people who came up with these ideas. said when apprised of fund-raiser. John Naman of the Washington.. PMRC Boasts Heavyweight List Of Supporters In D. D. " Home TaP'?&.• PMRC's potent list of supporters are all parents. and congressmen WIlham sor 10 Reagan's 1980 Presidential Archer (R-"!tx. Wilham fren1el (Rtion the president/CEO of MagaMLnn. They try to connect the lyrics of rock ~d roll rec~rds. ABC is owned by Cap Cities Industries. presented 10 everybody Is styhzed. Fred Malek." "'s nOI an accident.maybe seme in !his room .~n Heinz (R-Pa. tv-film production for the USIA.alld poteD. PMRC's Norwood saystbe group has no intention of using its highly placed support. a tax on home-taping hardware. since the PMRC (Parents' Music Resource Center) reared its ugly head seems to be cut from the same propaganda cloth. Barry Goldwater's 19. thal's the prime piece of real estate ihar's involved there.C. rience..murder. If this law had passed . you would be advertising pornography.. to say the least ..e·ll brin~. ew Fa' Ii. I was wond. ditional Congressmen. lanon tIIaI: would glve the diskeries "executive would buy thiS concept. Thompson. while ~ught =rd.': Other patrons and benefit commitPMRC spokeswoman Jennifer lee names. much-publicized "porn-rock" now Marrion Corp.. JOIIC$ (D-Okla. I don't that the think it is an '1cc. you can make their schools shilly.Sen. !he PMRC .. all organized.:nL'· Norwood StUd...Y. National School Board Associthat works here. Judi!h Toth was fairly rabid in her condemnation of Ihe record ind ustry.purse of these investigations. october 17. but it is a bus mess nonetheless. whether it's radio or television. By HE. . which dldn t wanl 10 alienTreasury Secretary James Baker ale ~mbe. which lasted a couple of days. the major shareholder in Cap Cities is William Casey. We _ . "The desire to read IS not very bigh in !his country.if you decided you ever wanted to wear thaI t-shirt again . t~ the !'MRC '. TreaIh~ lime. they also publish gospel tracts and religious literature. rape.C.

"With music as their medium. For more info write: No More Censorship Defense Fund Box 11458 The Evening Phoenix 12-86 . with all kinds of different needs that have to be taken care of. people were to bring Items. "It is a hypoLynch. The way that I think people should deal with this situation is to have some courage to resist the pressure of the record companies." Zappa. highly visible at the 1985 PMRC Launched at the nearby Beverly hearings in Washington. One was a man who was to be the organizer. You should fight that. We'd like to think It never came a bout beca use peopl e had more sense than 10 become a part of it. When we left them they were engaged in a theological debate. So thi nk about that difference. Well. Politics is bullshit. The revelation came after crite that says he is concerned about prodding by panelist Jello Biafra. you're just a piece of meat when it comes to a record contract. residents were supposed to gather to dispose of "things people want to get rid of in their lives. and it was made the day he addressed a forum of curious folks in a seminar entitled "The Truth About Rock" held at the Colonial Theater. D. A fourth symposium is planned for next year at the Premiere Hotel in nearby Universal City. For all we know. Beaudoin. For whatever reasons." fonner president/CEO of MTV and Though admittedly weary of the currently the president/CEO of topic.bourne album. when there are. opened his own brief presentation by announcing. We think that's just about the best way possible to end this episode. San Fran." cussions ranging from censorship Panelist Frank Zappa. "There is no science to support the theory that lyrics to anything will turn you into a social liability. They figu re if they've got one albu m and they can make a bunch 01 bucks. It does not exist. And then there were questions about whether it was proper. and there is no concealment. KEYBOARD/FEBRUARY 1987 • A burning issue ends as it should Saturday al Reeves Park.C. and we Lynch was the most significant based on the suicide of John ciety. are handing a shovel to our American children to dig their own graves with. told Theatre in Beverly Hills. I sa y pol iticsis the entertainment branch of industry. they may bave gone on talking about the issue. We went to Reeves Park Saturday and found only three people there. and their religious convictions. presumably record albums. another was a woman who was there to oppose ft.CA 94101 Ask for the fact sheet UPDATE 5 P. reacting to the statement. remember. At the time there were questions a bou t whether sue h an event was legal. "We're by the Occidental Corp. in case somebody does decide to speak up.prised they're still having sympotiz. instead of plugging their next album or whatever. We have a diverse population in the United States.. director and founder of the symposium. they're delighted about it. held here we're trying to conceal anythingApril 2-5. A lot of them seem to have been given the word by their managers to keep their mouth shut. deal with. "I don't understand that the Parents Music Resource what the big brouhaha is over who Center (PMRC) is partially funded contributes to us. chairman and CEO of Westwood siums on this topic. more important things to media presentation by Bob Pittman. 300 of the symposium's 700 registrations were complimentary.there is no hidden agenda. a promiand music publishing to new age nent foe of censorship who was music and digital audiotape. and a multi. David Beaudoin offered to prove "the scientific fact [that] in truth. political thoughts." William Gladstone. but let me make a defini tion cl ari ficat ion here. Gladstone said." she said." Beaudoin told the mildly derisive audience. It never came about. you are not addressing the real needs of government.for hours. You're just talking abou t the Madison Avenue aspect. Zappa reacted strongly to the Quantum Media Inc." lie added.of fact.O. And I do make a distinction between those things. lust a friendly reminder.. these maggots. 1 feel mated 800 people to the Ambassathat they're trying to create scandor Hotel for a series of panel dis. confirmed that prior to the day of the event. most record companies are not all that interested in building your career. What concerns should musicians have on these subjeds? The first thing that they can do is to re- Perhaps many musicians simply aren't concerned with political issues. Government is involved with statesmanship. to help feed the flames of a bonfire. After all was said and no! done." in which PMRC executive di. and Merrill a very small organization. " The plea had come from evangelist Steve Peters .McCullum. Norwood confirmed her panel LOS ANGELES The disclosure statements. when they do interviews. usually at the expense of the rightsol the artist. Both speakers presentation of Melissa and David were well-received. BY DAVE DiMART!NO ing them garbage within the music industry." a record"Rock Music's Influence On Our So. If you are making political statements. That is the righteous function of government. should actually have the courage to speak out about what they believe. There's elation of the third annual Music been a whole lot about whether Business Symposium. One Radio Networks. People who are in the music business. Then they kiss you goodbye and pick up the next guy with some weird hairdo and some diagonal zippers on his body. and government is what we need. Politics is involved with salesmanship. I think it behooves them to have member that art in the service of politics usually makes for boring art." To audience on a minimum of funds." Saying that such musicians become rich on "blood money. He estimated "somewhere over 100" paid walk-ins during the course of the conference. heavy metallyrics or any lyrics negatively given to our young children does have an effect on them. because the record companies are more than delighted to sell out the Fi rst Amendment or any other historical document in orderto increase their quarterly bottom line.the symposium audience. Let's face it. Tne third was a teen-ager who came to see if he could talk the albumburners into selling him their evil records. founders of D&L RecAmong the most colorful of the 22 ords-the small label responsible symposium panels was the all-star for "American Children. who allegedly shot himrector Jennifer Norwood told the self while listening to an Ozzy OsSRO crowd her organization is part. AI first it was to be a burning. ly funded by Occidental and Merrill Melissa Beaudoin said. It was to be the symbolic statement of a majority outraged over the state of r-ock music today. 'I'm still fine-tuning my marketing-what segment of the industry I can go for.PMRC Director Reveals Corporate Funding Disclosure Made At Music Biz Symposium Reached at the PMRC office days later. Bi llboard 4-16-87 editorials FRANK ZAPPA You've been veryoutspoken on issues relat ed to efforts to ban controversra Ilyrics from rock albums.dals where there are none. the former lead vocalist of the Dead society by expounding antinuclear sloKennedys who is now involved in an slogans and feed-the-hungry ongoing obscenity case over his gans and yet contributes to the demise of our young children by feedband's "Frankenchrist" album. something good did come out of it. Phoenixville. the confer. basically. And today. "I'm surence featured keynoter Nonn Pat. and The four-day meet drew an esti. Reading a prepared statement.

.. o..for the d!sll1d. _ appointed when she learned -Indlanapo~ Publl.Ieel ODD>< __ . to assume the duties (If principal at Harshman. If the had been In cIaao th eocplalnlng 1M In"". be·o r.. rl"Ollll ~..." The stickered copies have been in circulation for "a good month now......" needed far bIIo "I"betefaIoo the NAACP beIIcv .. the Los Angeles city attorney's office filed a charge similar to that in the Florida case against Jello Biafra. IaOk "' \hal as of _ _menda''''''._- r_ ~ ami In Ieare aftaken.en. be able .. H the. suspends principal Sch<>ol 101 . . whose investigators arrested Ragsdale after she sold a second copy of the 2 Live Crew tape to the minor. "They usually sell cassettes behind the counter anyway. dale's arrest....wall Ior_ fo. 1Aat he toIoIII)" __ quallU. oald Th. ..~y nlghl . I>c lias at-.. H ··to mulU- I""'I"C GIond1.. 1IkInabIe-)"lWIIIIIle<L Jones said l. Last June. '·W. had ocnt a mailgram to the -...s 1Jnm<dJ. be said. on .. -=y about . "A store in Vero Beach called up and said they pulled it off the shelves 'cause a kid bought the record.rt 2D~ lOttonclcd Ihe IPS opeo::I&! ml!etll1lrTIlursday. satire doe:m·1 1_ Ihe _ J<mea added •• __ .wng !be JDcIIMmp>I" dul. \a.D.gnt physical education and: htalJ. poo.bile ad14.. . ure.Afr1ca•• and them up In _n""" with money obtained by .. ~ he an "the qu_ Ihen . A.t .. including pockets in North Carolina and Florida..mey....eboZo negaUve on beItIIIf of the system and the stuoknls wI\h<lUt t... executive vice pres . •• 0" ~ verse M<Idlng !he _ ··au mention is (oII<a join. In ..Iuon as pnndpal of the school.pued to' the . wh eee we 'ee gmng at" IhIa"'" of the ItMCP.g.. dent and CEO of the North Callton...Aa.. of ttre e..... He declines further comment on the case..1 claBo JOJ1." Starship owner Mike Goldwasser.. nlty.a.y.s..~'-~_IAI» thai h<IId8 u...umt "con· ocmd that In&tanUy·· and ap:>Io>ga. "_""s _.. but c. be an _I<r••' ~1!Ie.thl"ll. dIIJ. NEWS UPDATE 6 .' Ihal Garrtl.".. lead singer of the Dead Kennedys. or anything like that. 11VCI"- 00.. 0... _ )CCIIto EhaGl 1$ o~u. ea __ EU_ "..:... VIO· •... I Oth St. sa' on the cIl1er.. rising as high as No.. "The parents called me several days ago and were very upset that their child was listening to an obscene.&0 I had.. <la:l1a SchD<II"(SthoOl 1011 But o-rt"""ld she . Some .:les the lyri=..... _ ..".. ret1... but.. .·· w. ~~. Cam:tI ~ had been . that cassette copies of the album do not carry a warning sticker. "We're not trying to play God. who operates 14 stores in the Southeast.. according to Campbell..." says Campbell.. Baud member DoMld l'aytDn ·1 did go Into It (the ...11m>e -. Jim Bonk. be IIad boanI to treat Glr· w1tIJ palieDtC: and than af- Mut>amma1 an IPS Garrell·... :.oId. >Mlgned Donald L. performed by the and Our Gang. the tape earried no cautionary sticker advising against sale to minors or suggesting parental guidance... ~. and four others over the distribution of an allegedly pornographic poster inserted in the Dead Ke nnedys LP "Frankenchrist" (Billboard...... IJyIng to .. 1987 INDIANAPOLIS IedII:y bo:I. man.kI dur1ng hts suspension...sat on one Side of !be 100m.....hleb ··T!le . And hall...000 copies.... pn!I>Ident of a leac. he-Mid. Acn'lft'8o.. pia"'" pia"'" Ihe satirical 90ng ··The Klan·· over the schoo! "..he ~ *OUlcl baTt been dlffe...Id Sam Joo">e&. an 18·year·old part-time clerk at Starship Records & Tapes in the Florida panhandle town Callaway..blf( ~ of tlte . Tb<: fact Ihe ... .._ _ ~ Al • 00...aI<lng thlIl appropialt acUon:· Ga..juSt~ .- AbI>." says Bonk.:k II> . Schoola Sup<!"Intendenl JameS'" A. .""... .. who IIIiIIo w.. aldy from .. respanslblllty too our kJdtI. . pended 15 daY" and oubjeclm to an ~tIt>n •....s ~ board -memo "". a former junior hlgh school principal and curn:ntly IPS dIroC\o< o( second. tI>c -. cnlJliS. "Explicit lyrics-for sale to people 18 years and older.haI. Laura Ragsdale. 1986)..:.. 28...... Goldwasser says that he has not been charged and that he will eontribute to his employee's defense. According to Pitts. Garrett was po. but that the albums were subsequenUy recalled..... The arrest apparently stems from the explicit lyrics to "We Want Some Pussy. o. Campbell says that the initial shipments of the "2 Live Crew Is What We Are" LP were unstickered.ew c.... I>c planned to "". ta". ..rretI."1""'" el-. _ have beaI amde Camelot Pul s Uve Crew on the Luke Skyy Walker act.'robbIng Jeww .". says the Callaway bust was the first to involve the 2 Live Crew album. t. confirms that the Callaway ·IPS board store was closed following Rags.. oyatem befo". group Spanky _"t to be . ·11 trour opIn.b... The action was taken In re... JuRi'" u'4t' Garrett not decided yet whether he'M appeal •y_atTMdMlL 11M l:ndlanapoU..his I""'UI.Jcd"" of contexl.I<I he beIk:va Gunt'·s would oggnn>e the ralh.-D. The·1PS BoanI agreed with ~and~TlNntlay not to ".J ""'Old ThuTaday whlc:b .. As a result of the case." AdaaIs MId he 00... but strictly "under the counter" and only if the customer has identification to prove he is at least 18 years old. of .. th e I-=bs __ betcngs to 1m IlIIt*l Mohammad IaIamlc !. Copies now bear the advisory.._ all plduno:· _"." oaJd altomey I'fonnaI> Go T~ J<_ • ·We .. no charges were filed against the retailer-a Where house Records outlet in the San Fernando Valleythat sold the offending album... '""'t·.oeo "aIf of ... The album. has been on Billboard's Top Black AIbums chart for nine weeks.'lbe tlnI.G_.--111>0 JII"'"I<IWI meeting rdI. promote censorship.uhW11cd from ~. .." a third-degree felony that carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail or a $5..on. 'baIdI!rg lin executive d<Bod to the lleli!lton.pponlvc·· . Dealers and distributors in the Southeast and South reo port extremely heavy sales action on the record (see holiday sales story. · Ibe rat of the ee- '0 m_.. thOU! oa ~ I _.. in that particular case. -y ..ldent "..".. Most of Camelot's stores are in mails.da:· -Add<d boanI membee W_~. The charge carried only misdemeanor go on . A. says the company made the move in response to complaints from several markets. New..... released by Luke Skyy Walker Records of Miami.000 fine. Luther Campbell.. A prUmpU _ relate 10 Ihc ~Ie. 08dk!- January THE 30. ter the ?Ute . vulgar tape.g .. Job In the distrICt for the n:st or Ihl.a. Mr. ... played aD ~t)".. Inch...·· iItId Ilu1IcIIng.". June 14._.. school year... _ ~ vta.. GatreU. "I intend to make other arrests if this is sold to minors in our county and to arrest anybody playing it on the radio.I<I...wi volod. According to ID play lief"". and stock already in stores will not be displayed... un<kntandl"llTbe -.... It. the bacl< to ....". Ga rre U. moetly black 1_.." a track featured on the album by Miami·based 2 Live Crew.. KLiIlIl.Joanne F." GEOFF MAYPIELD Billboard 5-2-87 by Ia. "Ia(( member the meeting Ihal the """'" album... page 6)...... Adam. however..h at Hanh . remaining stock will be sold at the customer's request. . the glue _I .. oIo>Dj NEW YORK The Camelot Music chain pulled 2 Live Crew's product from its bins on April 22......I olallDg. However.. aIItIrnCY Of !be _ !\>.".al.olal. f.. ~ IS posslble.. clas....... -We have to gtve some thought 10appeal. "tt _1Ja.houI<>d _ Onc KIaa·· .led ftmn b"'._~_.. woukI """. He acknowledges. no charges have been filed against the record label in the Callaway case. ·dlapn>pon!On <1l jIIlDleI>tD<mt._ .1Kp<" _ ~ ..-u-.wI . The sheriff also says that no identification was requested." Pitts says....rIlu.... lind commu· III p<IUlon suI>" 1987 -as contract as p"ndpal and 10 Hnd . opc .~ldl.. president of Luke Skyy Walker Records. 1501 E.heth ... Hall of them whtte 1.hce The oong.0 nol beHece GarTdt III a ttl complaints from swdents _ and leach..... """. ·""We just 1lsI<:n<d to !he ..... and Georgia. "Anyone playing it is contributing to the filth and delinquency of minors. ··If Y"'" ·so. _lias -ad for IPS for 28 ....-n>e prinCipal .. where the climate against material that might be deemed obscene is generally quite strong. don·1 know.. Clerk Faces Obscenity Charge For Cassette Sale BY CHRIS MORRIS LOS ANGELES A Florida retail store clerk faces felony obscenity charges for selling a cassette tape of 2 Live Crew's "2 Live Crew Is What We Are" to a 14-year-old. ·"You -....:it to the __ He crttldud the boud for ." says Bay County Sheriff Lavelle Pitts.....m_ I._enIa1*>n of Ibe man and . UUlan AI. ry educanon.U>a1 bor.. was arrested on April 20." Campbell says." Campbell says._~.:hen·amI otaft" ~ of the echool . than JUS' the faculty:· aonee saJd.. ~ ~. oa!d . He says the album has sold 250. So far. Coleman... publlo. .. doIIe. the store has closed its doors. the Carolinas... Ohio-based web.... 5ICkenl'_'.aC . ae "reverse (ft. __ .'t """. with most sales concentrated in Florida... for him as a leacher or In aneth...-.• The 121'" on ..... Garrett be d.~·togeth<T:· Although eo of 63 I ee ohen ....mlnclod. _Mr. She was charged with vialating a state statute prohibiting "sale of harmful material to a person under the age of 18.. "We're just looking out for our image....... Camelot will not reorder stock "Ilot>Ier stid.. oaJd .....

" As for Biafra. We're fighting for a lot of things we don't personaLlyendorse." drawls Chuck Robinson." creating an unhealthy interest in a healthy activity. Bul On those rare occasions w her.·urus lUiU . almost in Alabama.." he savs.ang: a punk singer without a band. "I would just sit on the phone." remembers Schwartz. then. never made it into the boy's hands. is that the law "was designed to protect "''''Y0lle under the age of eighteen.000 fine.I) are great works of • bike messenger. "saying. this might have been viewed as a valuable lesson.. make its way into the hands of a minor who." which some people say. On ApriI 21. "is they're trying to create suspicion and fear all the way down the line.hat the Dead Kenr. stickered the same wav as Kool Moe "All Our records and tapes are rise in Callaway on that already balmv April day. taken from a story . though rock artists like lim Morrison and Wendy O. & th~ 2 Livt Crt'" from tht wai. he believes. And no.through the trial. is an insult to anyone who believes in free speech or free trade. "you ca n be t your· ass Ozzy or Slayer ts next. is an important test of freedom. 'They folded up their tent and slipped away:' says Robinson." Which makes the apparent apathy of metal fans-at least to date -so depressing. I would think:' savs Robinson. though that cautionary label's sarcastic wording seems to be giving the PMRC and their ilk an excuse to act as though it were invisible. a lot of limes." and holds ric "socially redeeming importance for minors" Guarino doesn't need to p rove that the poster has caused any ac/tta/ harm. In that way." 0 .000 has been raised on the defendants' behalf. if he/she is exposed to it long enough. These days. Not because the offending poster (Frills LaHdsrapr) and the album (Fn:urXeuellri.' And they'd say. Bedtime For Democracu. however. a pari of growing up." The Frankenchrist poster meets the legal standard of being harmful. "Once il gets to the reo tellers.::::." Though estimates vary. Accord ing to Dirk Dirkse n. He then prete nded to the same clerk that he only knew the name of one of the songs.. According to Guarino." not one particular minor.... Now the poster in question isn't pretty. Searship Records & Tapes.." As evidence." For his part." maintains Skvvwalker Record~' Daryl Butler. PI'. if I worked for them. about $30. of th e 500 contributors to the censorship fund. non-quantifiable terms like "chill factor. Frank Zappa and Steve Van land! have contributed cash.S4' do about spanking. on the other hand.or at least ~n Francisco pedestrians . the law .. Williams used to face such charges in connection with live performances). "It's completely disrupted and derailed almost a year of my life. 'No. metal and punk albums. and a fonner Biafra employee now terrorizing society . And.\ (c1. dosed its doors for good after 1S-year·old cler k La u ra Ann Ragsda Ie was arrested for selling an "obscene" rap cassette to a minor.) Inspector Robinson. in fact. in financially ruining the defendant. Ithink it makes sense to prosecute.Given that our legal system moves at the speed of a crippled snail. "People. I think this is a really frightening case because. Laura Ann Ragsdale's trial could take some time as well. ul' boy chuckle. the way the sheriff's office figures it.. MAY 8. too. Gordon Liddy as a well-paid ex-con on the college lecture and game show circuit. the suit has one missing link.endure nine months a year. however. When Schwartz. who handles the distribution of Dead Kenned vs records for North America. 11458.had collected two decades' worth of law library dust. each faced with a year behind bars and a $2. the law is violated. discovers her daughter with something she finds objectionable.((K) is needed to carry the five-all of whom are required to have their own attorneys .it's hardly made sense to prosecute a record manufacturer for selling a record that miglll. To a poin I.o. Curiously. And forgetting would be a shame because the case. the town's so le record store.110insists the artist and company are therefore bevond presecu tinn. a chill factor is created in the whole industry. simply because freedom of speech is what's at issue here. who are paid to do a specific service.000 redneck friends comprising the population of Callaway are preparing to place their tiny Florida community on the map in the corning months. if you're liberal or conservative. he isn't interested in tackling the Beastie Boys or Prince next: "It's very difficult to violate this section {of the criminal code). Box . While the retail outlet in the West Coast case was the only link in the ev iI c ha in not to face charges. And.000 to 540. City Attorney Michael Guarino must prove that the poster's depiction of disembodied." 50 the ACLU is involved? "Well.that appeared last summer in the NativI1al Lml' lour· nat: "We don't feel that the City Attorney's offire is in charge of protecting {the plaintiff's) daughter from this: we are responsible for seeing t." 0 The No More Cmsorsbip DrfmSl? FUlld could usi your lIe/p. 1987/BAM MIAMI VICE Rude Boy Rap Leads To Felony Charge "We're up here in redneck country.. a member of a thrash band or a Journey fan. The problem is." With Callaway teens now slipping out to nearby towns to smuggle back those dangerous rap. Or more specifically. "p ture from the precedent-setting Jello Biafra case (which appears to be the first record package to face obscenity charges.--. Robinson and some 12. by involving the manufacturer and distributor. "is having to abort our defense in the middle of the trial 'cause everybody's run out of money. Instead. this is a cheery scenario.· Are_ the debut recording from a Miami-based rap act called Luke Skyywalker &. What's truly chilling is thai these c harges.." A semantic problem in discussing free speech issues is that people are often forced to use abstract. should realize that while some of us may not support their lyrical angles or their attitudes. insists that the 5 k yyw alker tape wa S not sticke red in any way. Dirksen e stimales thaI another 520. ideal for dogging Our legal system. Guarino is quick to assure. 'I swear to God there are no penises in this album. "The last thing I want to see:' says Biafra. The store that sold the girl the album isn't charged at all. She then sits the child down and reaffirms the family's values. it would be easy to forget that Iello Blafra and four others still face criminal charges for allegedly distributing material harmful to a minor. that the Dead Kennedys album in question was also stickered. chief investigator of the Callaway County Sheriff's office. approached wholesalers with the DKs' newest album. As Biafra points out.:. the mom also invites a deputy DA ("dad" to dyslexics fond of abbreviati~ns? to do a little . The law is. there are plenty of no. According to BiafTa. We did not confiscate their records. he now spends twothirds of his waking time on legal strategy.~". "In no other country are there so many ridiculous lawsuits. but not the artist. netking the album's sarcastic waming sticker. Dave and Millie Jackson's early records.. the record's distributors had a legal obligation to identify the lvlnr J~HU !<t. A good trung for Guarino. were so wonderfuL No I even because the de fenclants. and rna ke everybody responsible. caring enough to know what her children bring home. deceased themselves..._-y . (Note." he says with a g. we've got to prove it to them. LMb SkyYWdlb. Before Guarino dusted it off. Nol beca u se Bia fTa'S Dead Kenned ys. adding an additional financial strain since three of the five defendants live in the Bay Area and the trial will beset in LA.. he's received almost no support from the heavy metal community.----. you should be pulling for the Frankenchrist Five. withou t ha ving been tested in court. a coordinator for the No More Censorship Defense Fund. "Two or three" wholesalers asked to see the artwork for the new album before committing to a buy. he'll be acquitted before he joins G... Ihe de fen ders of jus tice in Florida headed straight for the store. independent distributor.. CA 94WI. it may be some time before the town sees another record stor e. bought by a 14-year-old girl as a Christmas gift for her ll-year-old brother. we've got 10 see it. we are fight" ing for them. Guarino claims no vindictive motives. now creeping toward a summer trial. even in the heavy metal Circuit.. the reason being that punishmenl is meted out. a recently bankrupted wholesaler... filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney." argues Biafra . "and I don't see returning to music for another six months to a year on account of all these problems. the store clerk. only a handful have come from the overground music community. A conscientious mom. she faced a previously unheard o{ demand. It doesn't matter. copulating genitalie appeals to the "prurient interest. When the clerk recognized the song but not the teenager and sold him a second I." What the good folks of the Callaway Sheriff's office did do was to act on a complaint from a parent outraged by her 14-year-old son's purchase oIls Wlml W. what he meanl by the NLJ quote. Sau Francisco. "1 would n't let this one passrne bv. The 2 Live Crew. are scrambling to pay their legal bills. Giv en that there are so many truly harmful activities-drug abuse and Cigarette smoking being just two of them . "We did not close (hem down..neck prosecu tors itching 10 pick up where he's left off (see the accom pa nying sidebar). the trial is expected to last from two to six wee ks. These wholesalers told her it was the only way they'd be willing 10 sell the record to their larger retail accounts.written into code after a 1968 "girlie magazine" case . the yuung lad was brought back to the store a week after the initial purchase and complaint. Given the Importa nce 0 f the issue. "II one of us gets convicted. "'. from Luke Skyywalker's bawdy but otherwise unremarkable repertoire and irs not hard to figure out what caused temperatures to ::. "what with those' civil liberties people getting i"IO it. Before Utigation was considered the solution to every life problem. "there's nothing we c.Qdys don'! profit from the sale of this sort of merchandise. spoiled the holiday spirit and bro ke the shrink w ra p herself. because the album and poster. he reads" quote from prosecutor Guarino." is "petently offensive. Their sharp-eyed mother. even though the retailer is the only one involved who could have prevented the offending transaction.>II I sent to P. even if Guarino doesn't intend to build a career on trying this sort of case. that's a pretty poor showing. and as ev ildoers go the Frankenchrist Five comprise a toothless g. "It just goes to 'show the ways our judicial system stinks. As Robinson tells it. "It won't be over for a long time." fumes Biafra.'(. she was promptly arrested. the suit. have already produced the symptoms of First Amrnendrnent frostbite. Firehose and the Long Ryders have performed at benefits. But this case is nevertheless an intriguing depar- Dee's records on RCA'/J. it's almost as ugly as LA's air or some of the streets in East Oakland." shrugs Butler. One listen to "We Want Some p. he says. because it "equates sex with death. in Chicago. back when charges like that tended to be aimed at adult bookstores. the 67-year-old owner of a record pressing plant. Criminal charges were filed last June.---------------. This has been th e more standard operating procedure for past cases involving the sale of purportedly obscene materials. at SOme point and in SOme way. COIi/ribulicms QIld leiters of Sllpport . might be harmed by it." With luck. a small.

et eye-5 to t!i e dis .5e a S!ioe ii!'!.iki nc IiiI ino~keJ")' of lhe $U..rimplying Ihal If he were 10 'become president.sed as part of the sheriff.Unic~hio~s cludjng t.lIghl in 1~ when s h e ee.t bOlh tne Jews .I[:' ..gnm is beu~se it is six·pointed.~ndt_ie ')'IIIo<>L lhcode:s abo u..r~·· ~.~". .stiq.t.I'ersH. * FOUNDED 1897 Vol.n c I O-511!" erat.. w hal the oC'~ cull is_" Sbe .. a grou p Tipper G<I"" be .Ii'll.r. an O('~ ---..g.of DaYrd~ it de1-etes. me?'!i. nelisl along w il h Bodell ha mer. 17 Friday .n· it.sta. you'U know that it' mockery g:roup.ottler~s literalure. • .od e I'!I bame r spok'e ea.l" .I"II. When .s.i n 1I i.:shltrgton wbo ailowed t. Pet~ Baok 'n Control'. Ptlbllsbe5 lit(01" d j ' ship. ·<O".a..~III> .cL opposite of Christia nib' _'Thar.Ik<l<..riff 5 hermon Block.~ ConU'Ol.. in· .stty U'ade Hon in !iUtnU ng ornc i. Needless to say.r) iis: a .$.of David'!' 'Ihe tWG view.lry personf. ~Vf:n hiJ depart:men l ha Ii used the mater..61'11.i3I n i rutru ment 0 r held by the Commerce Satan.t 10 1000lr~ THE BLIND LEAD'ING THE BLIND It's one thing to publish poorly researched antirock essays lor private business. TheJews use..sno dOl!:b t helped CRus'e .. se. 'IQlU ntary Ot oth e'.B 'U. :She was. <Io.boL • nd I ~e J ewi..s .'!:. Symposium al which bel pi ess child ren from ex~ pos . 88<:k ln Control nas stro ng although !u bte rranean lies with PMnC. He liked W3gn~r_ What lire we' doing a. PlliRC..Iose mogul and founder or lhe anY . about tbe oceul]._ The b rochu.! of clI'li~io!!l: soelal ilIIl'ld p!yc-ho! og i(!l1 f'. d Pain!"" B 14<k. m..U r. buic:a.. re fused 8 d· IiiHonal ~omm C nl on the refel"'enee Lo tne Jewish reo ligi 0..l:pll i..idy lhoat Dannl1 GoJdberg.. For example: Based on an April 1985 presentation by Back In Control.oavLd as a of satanic symboL Later Pili He pre" agenl and :s kesper'son po J en niter No L"woo.s rna n- by i' de-noun ~i:ll£ of C h r:i. Sweeping genera. ppa.C..a. of Was. Jth lion.lndamof'nlal ~:!l or Ur .. m~sic in~ du:s. Ihey In de th i. S..r} bas a n a u ra Qf . •• Btot k ad.IIIo't.lld I:. lU .M _ ". whleh eccuses r-Q('k music lyric. Jew i..)1 m bot But $_he roc: k and T'OH~ ann J -ew.a.e a lso pictures an UlPSid e dow.a l on e poinl..ft'titrnZ n(lhol'\Ql :tti.~ raven te ecmpcser was t_he ROlori~ ously a. Union City Police Department officials compiled a manual tilled "Punk Rock & .a.. . "that "-'as see m ltd' lo be m iu:ed on -.i]gd~·A-1 Ab-'-<.e ked lhe he"".-!.ontrol man. ll:s two key execurlves .. North Hollywood.~'>11<'''''!ti.conUnuec:!': "The . Apparently. on w. but•t alt.clit.lan« TOl"k journ.nti. wi th. thl'f:.IL.iOU5 wi fi! of (II U. A with a s.s. r because ttUiny or Bark In C' iOI'l:S. ... e"tiPMRC.'i. is used "10 train officers on patrol. a symbol of the devil. In ZIIJdn. Popular Tn us i~ indu:s. .rge t h if P-Ci ntc-d St. The Ora nge-covn ty erganiaaf lon in quesnnn is eancd Rack In CQ~tf'Ot 1Mrs.t:~ r .new kind or iiII_nlj·Semi:tic: fa·· c-ism! It'.he 'Orrensive Baek heat roc" musit" caUse5 S:<0u p. Star of Dayid a..rty Lobby. No wonder police officers are constantly harass'ing rock fans and busting up their concerts With training manuals like these.ic-hard Wagner.sata nil:" I ~ymbol.~ ident who is willi"g toO II:: lo:se h. or PMRC . they're downright irresponsible.) l .IroI.y".t (or faith...atNII: 1.s ~c." I as s_~. Go re 's 11 ew grou p bas: clout al!ld obvious connectlens. 50 forth.)!. By nol 50 PlliRC al..u. 0r Tip per Go to 'conc-ea led Zioni.. And (thaI .. 'Zal:lI'''. One the . Mrs. de-..a1ion oftheJewis. and ha."s romptatnts who call rock music "b'[as.presidenlJal candldata Sen..~k Musical Maj. wb kh i. hu written. be shod::ed a number ef'the members or t..ian emu tI p. mined I.. c-lare . . fight f\oc'k bolh jog lhe Star In Control mail'UaJ •• nd damiillge to the bl'.~ b)' sOme :roc kef'$ .. The CommiUee..s in tire c:ounlJ'Y. s i!"l C'e lhe re are many Jews in the re· <or<!ing busl n..'1i'id u satanic. a..n.(lind d irec-lors-Da rtene Pettjnlcchlo and Greg Bodel'ilbamer~h""vc repeatedlv declared that the Star or Da vid i ~ "Satan ic.c k jou r'~ B_a'l:"k In: CQntrol and Use In Control grou p'.~"" ~~l "-"I~'~<>Iu.__ NO["\lllooo...N! el1tiLled Back tn Contra.and lhe non.f Hlsto ri~al ReW.ernu:s alh. would nOi con· fuse Ihe five-pointed pen- pent a£ra m (a ('iv'e· because la.c!'~t ~t.. however" al.e:nt.s. .ge 6 did allude to the candldacy of mo:!!i'l vitjou. u liill!! ' ." Bu:t he was pa.y.go .he Ch PMRC olUoial\y denl es we ill r l hal it h as COllinectl ens w. Son.C.'1I On..g the fa r rre edom.April 24.a peno. for in.:£:..'!i yo U lh Tipper Gore.a.k In Con1m! eac-h .1.' the l6-member (ONTROL' MANUAL Ch r lsL ia n a. PMRC • nd :m ill n ua.i. they're taught that 'Punks seem to enjoy being victims.I. Til e Los Angeles om ce expl3!..e department b Tipper Gore a w.'" BeTn~te in. i} Ejon or race with anli.s0 trend..some-tim cs hex_cram a r'l d' the pen..IS POUCK neted lh. organ iuUon 1sin C'-on. d ~ in\l'esligat. bej n..tI e aud ience.S the nat ion . -s At the 1985 Sen ate h..S J ewis h faith".ith ftrndamentalis.. Rip M"II""'" art~ Aa~""" Jew.roO n ded 1he u Patlo'!J'lI:'i.1I! • 11:1''l0III I.... f publi~lyoven i3i'nh"Semi~ tic: eh~'men tin lh e giro U ps Pl"Omot ing th is.s: s:! iIt the Star .bou L.J ew:s.reillti . tion. . L•. C poli~e departments to e. 'W'hi~h SIiII)'.1 b fOr il'I.-tonnc-trlcee have been well dot r:. Bac k In Control UteratH:re.'I!III ." Bodenhamer ::.r." Regarding female fans. noli n& tlle .. anyway. while metalists seek power and often employ violence. The arrangement seems ideal given their different philosophies.h e deelJ. expla. the Je-wish .~ or or or . in l-he same hS'l.Presidential Candidate's Strange Ties By PI-I\"I.i.. ~ uaJ.ree main leue u h~e--:\.h exagr-am is very sa~ end..gll!!mit ic R.I. Ii tt. Lib. nte .I me nled.ur:e decryi Back In Control in iii! rather CI Y:I~ b ou. ib pu. the Bnden ha rner~s Ib kki ng of the Anti ~DeramaUQn specifYing."e ms l the Slilr of' D. ".ail'L·' Bac: kIn 'Colitrol are out Q f ....i n.. l-etten.lities fill this manual from beginning to ose fcrees cpposl he rh e se nate W i'Ves crusade to legi51ate musical censor.e iii! ri:np spurred on by the Ii.. There are few women in heavy metal-outside of those with marked sadomasochistic tendencies: And why do headbangers like to wear leather? "Metalists also like leather because 'it doesn't wrinkle' and 'it's easier to wash the puke off of. GoO re con ler'ed the public lim.out m ents. Go.. n H·Sem iII C Er'OUJl. I~. enough.~'t.ions between pia in th e ir U:!f: orChe B.ed thal "1'h.p with U:re traditiOn!._y an d aUo'wed ":pun:k and heavy mr~l group:5ma.i. What if the pext bun~ h.10 nl on Institute..ta r Fran ~ Z.. b I.."· Th.ation was or~ rered (or rne alleged use of the Star or David.( the PMRC and !<i nd red ga niz..s Blick [n ConU'OI.h~ players the cross in thj... r:i Ly. . Pel~ ttnlcchlo explained. d. The PMRC on.Sle. ot that O<>l. which. one or Ihe p. because they iII.a.h Slal' of David u setenlc af· uti ng U":[It it is." legi.l!Iclf. ""!stanl 0 i. such statements are not only absurd and incorrect but.God for the w1~om or cial polit:".nable qualHy the roead i ft aft i. One 0 rLhe'of'sUngly ~on latl with Bllllct :tn Co:n.sic industry !led R-. ..ltt.s en Ii re re] igion is the Lib.t ehurehes.ec1 or Jonathan $e-_".ir"'" side 8 (ircJe as shown in the Bac-k ]n C. penl'jl. IiIInd rock .c. Angeles at w h i~h .n~ Pasadena. Certa le Chetsu a 1'iS Don'l Li k. in W". the altered stales induced by the controlled substances (usually hallucinogens) render satanic practices more meaningful or vivid.cI"II works with fL.mpts to control ~1I ltere were the pa rio lIouhr bon"..lity Control' .rte r that "'We do Ihough onen worn by de.h slar.sw:h 4. u.1: BillbooTd." J eWI!Ii "]1'$ dan. Bern. look. m iUed.. or ."II!'oII..:s a_nd be5t~ :served that "Whe'n I he.! asr i01'1S PM R4. uki_ng st._.n nali. eo n ne-ct.d: In ~ata ni~ so pub] leI)..y pli.. lhe exa..!.£ I moeke'ry of' HOD for those want.o ~a...l.shou Id h.. mater" j un po ""IlL'II1 nil pc!ItI'tI~ .on.. H l~ favorite muslclen was..he Sl.:cn ve:ry up$lI:l abou.ICi."""'rl~aU<n<k<i r:s .r~"lIItL :it.lry Star or Davi d fro m . Typical examples of punk and heavy-metal groups include "Jerry KHz" (Jerry's Kids). rb~':.b I~. Of "04.lleil" riluah_" The facl tbal most Je'ws.gc JI rcgn a ney n\ e. wbo has b een the SPQ kof:sman Jcr t.iOI'lon O:eC'Ui It . profit-making rrenchlse wtneh sells "de-punks" and "'de-metals" courses to worrie-d parents. . Mu~ie Rcseuree Center (PMRCl.ined.. --.1:5. tragram a Fe sian.~~u".a'n.asked w:tiy no suet.Heavy Metal: The Problem/ One Solution. Tt e".. but when public institutions start taking such misinformation seriously.•rk or the n aste.... I UPDATE 8 by Phyllis Polack RIP June!87 .n Chd sUan e ron. Sevenl observers have raue .l!ll' 10:1 bli¥W !I...I rc bl erne a m on..t>. Qf t b e .~ country great and repreoppostng PMRC too voe~ poJ iee departmen'LI---fnd i.& lot or kids gel lnvclved wlth hexes an.s ign sand :5iymbols lists the swastika.•I1[ ~~ . •. .~. .See page 17B in Tipper's book where she describes BaCK in Control as "a family training center run by former probation off icers... bcld . bUl the .<1he same.alti~y use it fot t.-sre po.hiC"h I.rati ng s)'s te m." and. iii! Sena1e hearing" FROM PMRC AfFIl1AH to voice.. Cu. t tognl: t. . Gore Cl..5... A foW' d ay.bout lhaU. ~r yol."ymbol r.. it's impl'ying whole·hearte<tl suppon or :l!t.eed in.ilt ~yrres..' 'BACK!N . It has offices in such StaHhliillild towns as Glen d. usuaU.!~'~..q~~ Id>e'li>nr...he r.J$~~1 B Ul . T.:~HS. Metalisis often attack punks.!. Ph~l!i>· ti cularly ap IitUed when h..y ne.. noted that "H Iller didn't listen 10 ACIDC (.s005 thC!y Uhe ro ~k Jiil. wi lh thej r own 5i::lI.e list of ridiculous fallacies goes on and do~trinli!'!'" Tipper Core's Use 0.oeIety 't'esem b ling California poII~. te. elf b •• CiJ mpQ:sed fit r'o. b~ la~~ing l.ted with .~. otherwise-lauqhable errors frequently become frightening distortions of the lide down -.· ste.. h u bu n..rJo d.s y~Uow "J" on a II materiaL de rna nds a Ia.'!'< ~WIIIII ~ .begun lUi own th_at tb i.Ilua} exp Ill!! n e<I i On I. "Huskerdo" (Husker Ou) and ·Germ" (the Germs) .xpl.m. .ld a.rrt .he reru_IIed Gold berv.shouJd b tl ~'e bef' n el<pla illed' tha l ir indeoed the Star or Da \' id is U5ed ~ .r. the aae k 1n Co ntro! ilu.l"Urther eOl'nm..nalitie5 and petforX·Roud "'hicb .8.u ppOrl Ih.•~.~"'h .. s..... ne Gold I>e'll be Ihal ..ryo u. S".~st. depart~ mcnl tr-allllilll material. anyone familiar with punk or metal knows this 'arrangement" is more wishful thinking from police authorities than reality.. 0 ne or lh. Yo tJ 'd end up consultant" to vatic-u. ely pH i. on. but lhe. Zappa declared th at "The estab 1ish me-not a. complain· phLeti. Albert Gere of Tennessee.!Ii iii D'lock. . MiGb L a po litie ally am· bi t... . n:•• Senator Gore F'r-on..". 91 No.C'ohorts will pa.stein e.nilU_ you equ ate an enU re :roeJ i• Jr. one could expect mueh ofwhat her group constders obJ ee Ilena bte preble me reliulllng from rock muste to b. For example. i. lhat roc ken: .rdi ng Bodenhamer~s easL. 15tbe backe-'f ofthe peo pte Iike J effe rson and training manuals. sod a led w hh it.." Well. if you know of nf David being 011 utanh: .s ~o:nneeti v-n. the Union City Police Department told RIP that they send their manual ·to other police departments .-t.d < "Ii n& op. t . the they also co n_:!iitatiUy e:ll.1987 or lo.a.c·_f"):f tlLtJ·.lI.h. nt1'.. And " what's even more terrifying about this training booklet is thaI it's not unique: Sev· eral other stations~including the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department-reportedly possess equally misinformed antirock bulletins." o.i n j eclr i 0 ev'e-n liIerve.ysten' and m).s an. Bo-den. e Ii.l ho''lin:-l l'o('k and iI'"-Q1l phemoua Silainst the Iyri cs. Bodenhamer bad La bel. cops also learn G<l1 be'll. SOmelhing to be ~ n'!: e rn'l?d a. book. they're grossly misled.rc' I cent ror!k muste ecnve nt ifiB in Lc.u. p.Uy wb at the pa.I'·'(·· _r '"' !toiIIpJ~. . Ina 2$-pa£C" bN~ h.her to turn a 0.$h CO:tr:rmu.:[IS .' What sort of "facts· are these men in blue learning about rock 'n' roll? For starters. pU.ill mU:!iii ' ind u5h.e 1..··-.l .o. ror the S ta r' or Davl d ... PO Kidr In An Led "th.dicnee hOirlbr..A PMRC _pokes. i n the a.:ider.r:J Stat of Davi d cuI ~syrn bel..ny Lobby. ] ot.:nk afit" round tbeir way into offi."'" •• d (n..s ":Olanie :symbol..But they a:re Coli I:"i!! rned.Oavid as s.lill'"'..bingtonD..soFurth er. In a recent phone conversation.s. coming from our law-enforcement officials..n ity mus i'C' 'ce nJlior+: Ple . t u r'b ing anti ~Se-m iljc em~ pha:Si:s 0 0 me' su pporte rs open the way up for a ..some or chal"!ge news articles and free $pe-eth that made this n gu res are nervons about those man Ua15 se n l ou I to OUI e:r pllI!'ces of in rcrrn.1 as· pi rat ions h_<I!. Di..ntempt to 'Promote bet husbiiimd's p. lold tbal m.e eJu:sion the S14r je~tio.m· Dodenhamer. .ir&d.~ I David.L it explains that when l.J:behavjor by Dot stat~ flusn ced a nU·Semih~ people like PetOn iet'hiQ COon trol ma Duals II lII~e inc jt'. il nero this "represents the And .j n e.she was aware or B. Lik..".. The h e ill! ring was (b ureh.aLemen't$ a bont the Sta:r Leagu e h. . Gore's PMRC Ho]ocau5t. bul III. flH. roc k group).I.a! iro rhta Group that C'.:re ot stan r:e.:!Iill!'nt41:11! very dang.11.i:n. Perhaps it's time our paid law enforcers found an objective and intelligent source for their future rock manuals-and stopped relying on Back In Control.1I: r the conferen ce ~ Norwood ~as Cluesl ioned .o n of' the C'.spokesmen a 1. rePlu. maca it:i ne tba t c~ n50r-sh_i p of roc Jc m u.rly this mon ~h.rraid tn at Sen_ Gore and hIs the Orrensivetle:sJli orlhe in~ musl be IiIIWlI!re or the ob.LUt t Ilve senators who happe n ed to be married tc PM RC traditionally played way the irul. in order to .1 they wou Id >to<Jjl was :lent toO Lol Angele.aid be was appal· !al..ue as. Il:. S~ pu.d w n g W8.s.. it .PIIK" ·.. Vf!Ok Co p.v~ be en e.reG:. lr.l don't mind using U'. ''The re aso. t "that bJ'O(: nuee 1:1 Uat e r peQplt!l they eona ."tl!ltflllill t""I''II:ftI rl 'll'1't1'l i:rcl._..!. munled.'W.s:s. use t...• !>uoe .ica. . Pre. "" _.J.U worshi!>pin& ." At the recent Music: BU:5i~ ine.s out 0 r her way to prai:se ·~11-!.nd e~e 10the lalent and k". m.. end..depan.d The ADI/.... law enforcement officials learn that "metalists often brutally assault women. .-wise.)51~g lht! teen.!Pper GO~ """'l'~~ written or performed by Je'lkS. "" . Wagner_ Ki~ tleT Ie i Iled moee peol e than anyone else on eranh.alut who" tQ(IriI: haJ Bpptiilfll!d in .g to d u stry pu bl icati O'IU_ Even bef'or~ J udai:s. all metalists use either controlled substances and/or alcoholic beverages.t up to help trOUbled kids who are deeply involved with punk rock or heavy metal. .s) p i. opens the door to an endless parade 0r Moral Qua.lgcJ.t Li b~rty Lob by spo~ •• ma n ~he USSR or Ira n.:~. WHh~n III few months or Its (ormation.e:erou~' when ~u".a'l.senalors was Gore him~ . "like punks. iu d uc ri p. ul' 'll'l'tl'!il!11 .:~ poi n le. e wo rd "s ign' in with the Jewish religi.w.hallds out Pel... bu~ is a differenl symbol. ".or I Programs based On 'Th inp. told it.sal..' . has ttee with !!II So u t'h un C.gram.IIi nti~sg-t. The and Boden"lIm~T J tlui!. Norwood went eial behavior. written Pe\Unicchio" a :sc¢:t. ""ri<Ie> ini.s a li cal[..·if ar-e seCl'el U t.. but allow.'r. according to one Union City training i> a /r<..cinDmV'e'T~w.<IJAng<lu.ham e r~s p CUi ng tbe Star of Oo.!Ih ing of the' J e wi.l1ed Lhal ir the 8!i11~1c Con1rol III I j teutu rc .in£ ing lhei r a nti.s the t h." Sh.po'ke at iii.c.hi p.a n><k ~n..hington Wi ve'. dOing by not ing of IOnegative preJlii:!f' hi!" GORE'S BOOI( PUSHES CONraOVEI(SJAl-CROU' bad retei ved in musiC' in~ sped I)r ing lh ~t Ir ere jt ':I]i m ald n. wlfe cf recenue-enneunced Democ- and inerll!.d.l itsel f. Norwood dee la:red t hUl aitJer'. •• him :self _ n acUve me mbet outspo'keD against lho:se II viable :SO'Urt:e orinrorm .oe~ musician.d "u.3.alan i~was..

Proper research and reporting would have uncovered this. I have repeatedly condemned fringe beavy metal groups for these violent. The appropriation of this symbol reflects the abhorrent practices of some bands and cult groups. Polack has taken Back in Control's reference to an occult group out of context in an effort to use it against me... Our issue is one based on families and values. and just plain wrong.ty of Phyllis Polack's reporting and documentation in this matter. assumptions and innuendo." Ms. ~. The use of this symbol by heavy metal groups as a mockery of the Jewish faith is evidence of the alarming trends in rock music that caused us to form the PMRC. We are not a religious. and other media would not have picked up on the story. These organizations support our goals of informing parents and consumers through product information to enable them to make better choices and decisions relating to today's popular music.thln -pent.v." vtI . fIve-pointed . political or lobbying organization.3 lyar 5747 .1. The reality of the situation is thai the six-pointed hexagram has been used in heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath in publicity photos in conjunction with occult symbols and by a Satanic cult group called The Order of the Golden Dawn. and rock n rol! was never designed 10 make sense It's not I)raln surgery. I have a tape that was sent 10 me from a person who used 10 be on Ihe InSIde 01 I na I orga n 11 uon He' s recorded a co nve ra sanoo belween Susan Bakel and Tipper Gore They were tatklng about their religlous bellels In thIS tape they claim tnat the Star of DaVid-the Hebrew star-is the exact same Ihlng as a pentaqrarn 00 you reahze how fascist thai is?1 Wow This ' ?!-@. No. •.P. Polack fabricated a story around her mistaken assu mption that the Back In Control Center branded the Jewish Star of David as Satanic.9ra.:I. law enforcement agencies. and antiSemitism.tit vlth Resource Semitism. Virginia Editor's note.P"s case. where no such an ti-Semttic remarks were ever made. show biz. Please tum to page 19 These are letters in response to Phyllis Polack's article from the April 24th B'nai B'rith Messenger.. The Parents MUSIC Center is with only two groups-the National Parent Teachers ASSociation and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Vlre'll probabty sue and an that-not to get any money out 01them. She referred to remarks made at a symposium in which I participated in California. WA S.ed by tb. is bi za rre theater not . In trus book Trpper Gore wrote (Raising PG Kids In an X-Rafed SOCiety) there are gross misrepresentations in the way Ihal Iyncs have bee n pr in t eo and wlongty quot ' ed. 91. Jennifer Norwood Executive Directer Arlingwn..sic symposium about the Stor of Dat>id being satanic wh. Ms. For the past two years. and her investigation for the Menenger is continuing. she tries to link me with the Liberty Lobby. But that does not mean parents can sit back and ignore groups that have set out to twist young minds. It rejects J udco-Chrtstlan religion.. because I believe parents have a right to know about the music their kids are buying.. people in the music industry. satanisrn "is perhaps the ultimate fnrm of rebellion. I will keep fighting to preserve the J u dec-Ch ristian traditions against cultural corrosion and ". I JuSIwant them to cease and desist.cations. My goal is to give Indlvidugls the power to make choices in their Own lives. I have been to the Soviet Union where I met with refuseniks and have seen what suffering religious intolerance can bring.Ymllols in an attempt 10 demean both faiths Inv. May 22. The remarks at a m u. and not the contention that the Jewish faith is satanic. and they tnec to twist ltie meaning around.. power cont. 1987 2. Polack misinterpreted statements made by Back in Control. The fact that people of other religions and philosophies may request our in formati on or applaud our efforts does not Include our organization in their ideologies. Such denigration of the Star of David by hea vy meta I grou ps is a gross insult to the Jewish faith.n@'d vl. and religious leaders. In W. This has been documented in several law enforcement occult symbol handbooks. as It's meant to be. I am particularly incensed to be so associated.e article linking me wIth anti-Semitism. 21 Friday.ich so upset a number of Jewish and nonJewish music industry executives wel'l! reported in Variety and other trade pub!i. Americans should know that certai n heavy metal music groups are exposi ng our children to dangerous and disturbing messagesinclud ing racism. Polack chose to brandish her theory as fact. . instead. Her decision to resort to guilt by association is un fair. for God's sake! And the PMRC is insane to pretend II is some.c. hurtful. Back in Control pubIishes a manual for parents which points out that some heavy metal groups have spproprtated the sixI believe MANUAL every American has a duty to stand up and defend pluralism and tolerance in th is country.A S. of the facts as was evi denced by Phyl l i s Polack's article entitled. It's present: ~ngImages In a rock 'n° roll form. and helping people to apply those values and matertals available to today's children.nt1r u. For example. There isn't any ?eel? psychOlogical or sociological meanIng rn what we do. And I have been to Israel and Seen what t hat country must do to defend ilself in a region Swirling with hatred. To have these efforts belittled through one individual's efforts to create a controversy where none existed is a disservice to your publication and your readers.v oppose censorship of any kind. As I point out in Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Sodety.rted dr. turns good and evil upsidedown. take rock 'n' roll an thai seriously but I take the PMRC and the way IheY'I~ trYIng to aHer society very seriously. the way Ihe PMRC thin k s th e re is.ll go a lIer the heavy metal musicians IV h 0 are corru piing Jewish and Christian s. Polack's attempts to associate my efforts with the very forms of hatred I have been fighting. Almost two pages of your newspaper were ded icated to a story based on allegations. community officials. parents.@ bunch IS scary! Hey! What's going on In this country? Blackie lawless 1988 JANUARY. violence. Virginia PMRC SHOCKED pointed star as a symbol. The only organizations tbat are affiliated with PMRC through coalition are the National PTA and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Ihey published -ohrases t didn't write: but they said they were my Iyrres. If this indeed had occurred. Polack shou I. As a former journalist myself. I resent Ms. Ms. and rebels agai nst life itself." The misrepresentation of two organisations and a Presidential candidate based on assumptions and heresay was reprehensible. it seems unlikely that reporters from ABC News. I cannot understand how The Messenger could print unfounded lies by a free-lance writer who never contacted me. Some heavy 'metal musicians on the fringes put swastikas in their publicity material and haIred in their lyrics. "Presidential Candidate's Strange Ties" in your April 24 edition. The PMRC is a nonprofit resource center that provides parents and consumers of rock music with lyrics and information regarding today's popular music. We ar-e a resource center dedicated to helping people of all faiths make their own choices based on their values and the information at hand. Had sh e spoken with me.l would have explained how I share her abhorrence for anti-Semitic behavior. instead paraphrased with words such as "alluded" and "implied.: r..intended to make sense. don'. Messenger Vol. We IuJve also bl'P" impressed by the qua!i. Her allegations were offensive.vll a e1r-cle- ·~~:"'~!:i~b .TIPPER'S MAD ":ditor: I was appalled by Phyllis Polack's outrageous and i rresponsibl. Instead of attacking those of us who call attention to rabid anti- Editor: I was shocked to se such blatant distortio.r around it. a Southern California organization which helps deprogram young people who have fallen under the influence of heavy metal cults.xploilation. the LA •• iI!!ntl!uJ . thing so potent. She did not quote me directly. Tipper Gore Ar li ngton. SEE UPDATE 8. I strongl. Now that I'm aware of the Li berty Lobby's rigbtwing religious Dent. I have sought to raise awareness by providing consumer information. I have been working to educate parents and consumers about rock music. fascistic tendencies. Ms. ".t. The kids have always seen WASP.!~~~!~t:vl!"'1' nt 1~ repzoe •• FROM PMRC AFFILIATE 'BACK IN CONTROL' Ms. a group with which I was not familiar. affiriated . Our information is requested by members of the press. RIP UPDATE 9 ..

Drops Prosecution Of Clerk In 2 Uve Crew Case BY CHR!S MORRIS LOS ANGELES The Florida state attorney has decided not to prosecute an 18-year-old retail clerk for selling an allegedly obscene cassette by the rap group 2 Live Crew to a minor. a part-time clerk at the nowshuttered Starship Records & Tapes in Callaway. heavy metal Ians. but it has remained on the black and pop charts as a behind-the-counter underground seller (Billboard-June 6). lead "inesweighted numerically on the anticapably to censorship. In the wake of Ragsdale's arrest.and wife learn that held rock respon- sible for teen suicide and described rock artists as "maggots feeding on the flesh of vulnerable portions oJ au r society. after tv evangelist Jirnvalved in placing warning stickers my Swaggart railed against their on record s .200. " said. based on this kind of power. nathe PTA· s "90-y ea r hi sto ry In tional PT A chief Ann Kahn. The allegation has been emphatically denied by ADL regional dlrector David Lehrer. David is a satanic symbol used by .its shelves. Appleman believes that he has done his job. in fact. the state attorney for a six-county area in northern Florida. " deal with the major record compaPunk-rocker Jello Biafra. was out of town and could not be reached for comment. Musicland. echoing the concerns of several other panel mernber s . lisher of a Goshen. has she and her kids have been threatreceived funding from such giant erred with violence by "Christian corporations as Merrill Lynch and terrorists" who have attempted to Occidental." A lengthy prepared statement by Bay County Sheriff Lavelle Pitts. what happens when one makes Pro-Parents Group compromises with cultural vigilanNorwood. howevOne intriguing piece of informaer . Geffen fighti ng censorship. was not the issue In the Parents Music Resource Center rock debate. I:umpet~d Fran k Zappa and lelia Biafra. "In essence." with artists and labels censoring abo r n -ag ainC h r is t ia n coningthemselves to avoid J1akin the cerned about the absence of "Chrisrna rketplace or prosecution in the tian values' in rock.which featured an ing. wit h the Anti-Defamation League outraged over an Orange County youth center's claim Ih. hshed a pamphlet stating the familiar Jewish star is a demonic hexagram] sign. includ ing parents organization. clai med. not yours or mine. Roll ing Slone and Tiger Beat. The Back in Control Center." ing proponents from both sides of M uc h of t he d~batecente red the fence slugging it out for more around thequestion of whe~her than two hours before a packed and labeling does or does not constuute voluble audience at the Ambassador a form of censorship. MTV 10 label explicit videos and has broken up as a result of the plans to meet with the Recording prosecution. The Florida bust was prompted by a parent's complaint about the lyrics to several explicit 2 Live Crew tracks. THURSDA y." . Despite smaller numbers. yanked the album from their shelves. . will inevitably shrink.. Group is now trying to pursuade Biafra's band.~1the Jewish Star of . drive her out of town for' 'prornotPM RC. in rePanelist Marianne Hatfield. PMRC's Norwood revealing. was lively." Guccione said. add in g "pornograph ic" content. with harsh. and dropped it. wh ich in 1985 wrested a ing rock 'n roll.~ Rock Censorship Is Stage Center At Music Biz Meet 2 UPDATE 10 By HENRY SCHIPPER Roc k 'n roll censorship debate grim superstition. owner of the Georgia-based Starship chain." were new _ Sitting across from Kahn. who said her parents tes.." and a husband gale a "20th-century version oJ Pit. is scheduled to go to trial this ing stickers 011 questionable prodmonth on porn-related charges UCI. was evidence personified thai lion did emerge midst all the ernothe anti rock campaign can have tion and bluster. On June 10. who's written both Center chief Greg Bodenhammerand Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block expressing his concern. May 2). several large retail chains. /987 4-6-87 THE HOLL YWOOD REPORTER. a number of whose officers are Congressionaj wives. will not send any mixed signals to persons who would attempt to profit in the sale of pornography or obscene material. has pub." State attorney Appleman was unavailable for comment on the case at press time. the earliest and most visible opponent of the PMRC's labeling campaign." the musician thei r morals. thnt sa id 51 ickers allow parents "to "These peopl e shou ld not have make their own decisions. "1 am satisfied that the legislative branch of the government did its job when they passed this law. Mike Goldwasser. "We can only hope that the actions taken by the sheriff's department . featuring Spin magazine group Joined forces with the PMRC publisher Bob Guccione Jr." told the crowd the "porn-rock" campaign. Industry Association of American "Marianne Hatfield and myself to discuss labeling compliance and are living. however.. the antiMoreover. she Records pres ident Ed Rosenblatt. Jeff Whitten. Following the Florida arrest. ADL enters fray over rock symbols The continui ng ami-rock crusade has erupted into a religious war. a social worker c-ourts. although few of the We think that parents have the right arguments thrown back and forth to know what they're buying.. Ragsdale was arrested by Bay County sheriffs investigators April 20. Kahn. took center stage at the Music Busi"We did it with McCarthy and ness Symposium Friday. filed "no information" in the case of Laura Ragsdale." "The whole argument about the danger of rock lyrics is a fantasy.000 member Event. including Camelot Music. Luke Skyy Walker printed "adults only" advisories on the LP's cover and the cassette's J-card. "It was a case they didn't want to try and didn't think they could win. has hitherto refused to divulge stemming from sale of his "Frankinformation about corporate backenchrist" LP. James Appleman. said he was' "a Iittle frightened" by some of the arguments offered from the anti rock side and cautioned the audience to beware of "a hidden agenda" on the pan of the PM RC. rockmag that her group. and they What We Are. at times "We see it as a consumer issueeven bizarre. reads in part." released by the Miami-based Luke Skyy Walker Records. she asse rted. main engine behind called" Rock Rag. JUNE 4.. whose officers arrested Ragsdale. from ·1 here is "no ce nso rs hip" in . meanrues calling for them to place warnwhile . " Zappa. I know that the sheriffs office did its job when we enforced it. a youth rehabilitation program that also advises local police departments on heavy metal culture. pubsponse to a challenge from Biafra." says Ragsdale's attorney. who blamed heavy metal and pu nk Antirock lobbyists "prey on the music for influencing "incorrigible insecu rities of adults" and prornuland cri minal youth. he added. breathing examples of other issues in May. The case involved the controversial rap record "2 Live Crew Is (Continued on page 76) BILLBOARD 6-20-87 National Record Mart. artists in its cal! for labeling. PTA chief Hotel. warning stickers ererock side featu red a more far-flung ate an "invisible int[mjdation facand fanatica! cross-section. Geffen's Rosenblatt." with a censorship side of the debate. mcludlor. Spin's Guccione countered that Thirteen-member panel was label ing does. exec director Jennifer Norwood and Consumer Issue seven others. DAILY V!~RIETY I'm amazed we've allowed it to last this long _. lam satisfied that Mr. kicked the crowd of the 900-store Walmart redebate off by arguing that the tial chain's decison last Summer to PMRC is notan antirock but a proremove all rockmags. explicit graphic (and a warning).. with leadwe're doing lt today. [the filing] said that there's no further profit in prosecuting her. reminding the musician 011 their behalf.·' Biafra said were fans of PMRC critic Frank Censorship has al ready taken Zappa and extended hellos to the place. Ind. The Dead Kennedys. Lehrer said he's received a "sympathetic" reply from Block but is "still exchanging correspondence" with Bodenhammer.wh ic~. said there is no sc ient ifie support for the "theory that lyrics do anything to turn you into a social liability. even ugly consequences. So far. Fla. whose 6.. She was charged with "sale of harmful material to a per' son under the age of 18" (Billboard. with warning sticker serving as a kind of eight opposed to any imposition of "stigmata" from which retailers rock restraints and live in favor.

We are witnessing a type of corrupt practice that must end. Use the telex. .B. No person married or related to a government official should be permitted to waste the nation's time on ill-conceived housewife hobby projects such as this.her V. CARMICLE Ilice Pres idefl' DAVID ADELSON Managing Ednor Research KEITH ALBERT. Ronald Reagan came to office with the proclaimed intention of gelling the federal government off our backs. did anyone filth' plopped onto your next release via this 'appeasement sticker?' If you are a songwriter. nor will it grease the chute through the Thurmond committee. ABRAMS 3518 N.1 BYRON C. NO. Demand censure lor those elected officials who participate. should the PMRC's other nefarious techniques fall. but when certain people's opinions have the potential to influence my life. If you are an artist reading this. A record company has the right to conduct its business and to make a profit. Pure And Simple " An Open letter To The Music Industry By Frank Zappa With all due respect to Stan Gortikov and the RIAA.C. Arlinglon VA 22207 Phon e: (703) 243 -5664 GENERAL COUNSEL GITTLER & WEXLER GREGG J GITTLER GARY A. that conspiracy to commit extortion is an illegal act.. . Demand that Congress deal with the substantive Issue of conubial 'insider trading' and power-brokerage. .t 0019 Phon e: (212)586-2640 Cable Address: Cash Box NY ctrcuuuo« NINA TREGUB. Demand fairness for the record industry's legislation in the Thurmond Committee. These creatures can hurt you. Shrieking in terror at the thought of someone hearing references to masturbation on a Prince record. when you watched the hostages on TV. and that this issue goes beyond First Amendment considerations. but to force certain people to wear it like a lampshade at a D. 61s1 Ave. Did somebody rewrite the FCC charter while we weren't looking? What's going on here? These cultural terrorists are attempting to create a hostage situation It is time to bring in the Delta Force. In an interview on an Albany radio station. What is apparently happening is a case of extortion. pu re and simple: THE RIAA MUST TAP DANCE FOR THESE WASHINGTON WIVES OR THE INDUSTRY'S BILL WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF THEIR FAMOUS HUSBANDS. Mrs. D. Thurmond is a member of PMRC. Ladies and gentlemen. Fowler at the FCC. MARK ALBERT and GensraJ Manager SPENCE BERLAND Vice Presidl1nt J..C. There are no promises or guarantees here: only threats and insinuations from PMRC. It is no secret that Mrs. 58th Slreel. Pam Howar made reference to a Mr. and sympathize fully with the organization's . . 1442 S. struggle to move legislation through Congress. with a friendly reminder that extortion is still an illegal act. did anyone ask you if you wanted to spend the rest of your career modifying your lyric content to suit the spiritual needs of an imaginary eleven-year-old? The answer is. let me say that I appreciate the difficult position the RIAA is in. FISHER Editorial/Research Manager PUBLICATION OFFICES NEWYORI( 330 W. based on a hodge-podge offundamentalistfrogwash and illogical conclusions. however capitulation on the sUckering issue will cause more problems than it will solve.CfJ President GUEST EDITORIAL "Extortion. Coin Machine. 7" The PMRC deserves nothing less (and thaI ever the same to NMRC or any other censorship group with a broadcast blacklist in Its back pocket). Cicero IL 606S0 Phone: (312) 863-7440 WASHINGTON. Gener.C4SHBO< GEORGE ALBERT Presj'aem ana PubU. . the PMRC's members-put on their 'guardian of the people' costumes and the media comes running. It is an unfortunate trend of the 'SOs that the slightest murmur from a special interest group (especially when it has friends in high places) causes a knee-jerk reaction of appeasement from a wide range of industries that ought to know better. suggesting that some intervention by this agency might be In order. Manager HOLLYWOOD 6363 Sunsel Blvd. obviously. Manager DARRYL LINDSEY RON ROSENTHAL STEVEN ZAP JEFfERY PLATT PETER HOLDEN GREGORY DOBRIN PETER BERK STEPHEN PADGETT BOB SHULMAN NADEEN TOOMEY LEE JESKE RUSTY CUTCHIN Los Angeles Editorial New York Edilorial Nashville JOHN LENTZ. Utah SI .. Remind them that they have a duly to the people who elected them that takes priority over their domestic relationships.' First. (Suile SO) New York NY.-----------------------. The PMR C makes no secret of its Intentions to use 'spacial relationships' to force this issue. Ido not deny anyone the right to their opinions on any matter . "Lei's nuke 'em. The secret agenda seems to be not to remove it. . but not at the expense of the people who make the product poss ib Ie . . WEXLER Mgr. didn't you sort of mumble to yourself. Use the phone. there lurks the potential for the same sort of dumb embarrassment caused by Billy Carter's fascinating exploits. EARL B.. Fight back. Tupperware pan~bOdY looks good wearing brown lipstick. WYNKOOP WILLIAM R. I think it raises important questions of law. NaShville Phone: (615) 244-2696 TN 37203 CHICAGO CAMILLE COMPASIO. the main concern has been the business agenda of the major labels versus the egos and sexual neuroses of these vigilant ladies. Get mad. The RIAA has taken what I feel to be a short-sighted approach to the issue. I would like a few moments of your time to express my personal feelings regarding the unfortunate decision to bend over for the PMRC on the issue of album 'identification. In all of this. we are all in this together . The Goldwater committee is hearing this matter on September 19. (Suite 930) Hollywood CA 90028 Phone: (213) 464-824t TELEX: 6711051 CASBX UW NASHVILLE 21 Music Circle Easl. . The PMRC's case is totally without merit. and the lives of my children because of their special access to legislative machinery. The 'voluntary sticker' will not appease these creatures. This is where the industry's proposed legislation will live or die. For the elected officials who sit idly by while their spouses run rabid with anti-sexual pseudo-Ohristlan legislative fervor. The RIAA has shown a certain disregard for the creative people of the industry in its eagerness to protect the revenues of the record companies. It is to the RIAA's credit that the bulk of PMRC's demands were rejected. The problem seems to be the Thurmond Committee. think for a moment. . so meone st: II h as to write and perform THE MUSIC. ask you if you wanted to have the stigma of 'potential . Their ignorance is like a virus.

.g childTen and Societ1r'--as in the Ii Ue of her book.• ge.17:. maybe th~'')' woulfln't.he A me-ric a n Library Ass oc iaU on's Ubn. but for race riots and the Viel Nam War. righ I of e'ye ry person ill nd e'lO'ery group to judge not boe denied OT synagogue with it either.lJcrc~ tho: k[A..__:_r~"u~ ..he PTA regarding Child Sarety and Protection..Iot' rl'iIl>1 II'». to Jt ..A..he's g("ll no illllho:rity_ k I bt!.. If you tell more than your child can ebod v had lh is-little. nucn tn e his chHdnn PMRC SINGS 'FRIENDLY PERSUASIDN' I n an 'I'P"rcIJC clron 10 neutralize 50"'" of its most UUISPO\. while 1 tried [marijuana)in 0011". as well as Fear of AIDS and Fear of N uC'lear Annihilation v-erSuS han/Cont. a platter full of carefully's nff or their sheh:e~ because Jimm~' SW. i~ bU::i-in~.11Y B""troa'1l T"". I'm :l-lIft'llll'lurll!{'r J' p'~~hlnl We'r~~1')'11:ic)'Uo.. as weil as the "MRC's ovei al! CO.. "Challenging cenSOrship in lhe fulfillment of their respons.m..sigmheanl ractor. VS: 'leu're musi~ has alwavs bee"n extremely perineal and social!y criiies.\'e dl."' Twenty~two years later they have aligned themselves wilh the PMRC to pro· mole these same claims in connection with reeord l)Tics.said no.... t RC' ~ lLn. Chain stores 5<1\' rhev won't car-rv a record if lt hns ar\~' kind-of a sueker on it.110 ~ LIJ'I~I rilr 10 IJIIJllJot -t[ll:'l~u.eir sWrll::!i.:.. Alber.: .3..:~.II:'iJ .i ti C'basis.S.(' W!1. e III fOIl bl....\ !-u muuk .. The problem islhat they're using exactly the Sc'lmt rhelOri C.Ib!M." Thl".ek \'alenti. and Jen ni!. 1~ft by lhI:'LlhmlOll~JfUIt)..." '"llcrcthc)''io1eW'"nlllgolb.' cI"!~'llI.croniing Induslry A<. But it holds lhal no group has the right to use coercive vide<>tap< 01 h~r in 1'85 talking aboul ret:ords a:nd compare it to Nighllinc this.l.11 people in the homt? \"ideo business to jl.. ...i!!i is ao commonplace lhat everybody Coin be bl8.. eUiliElY(:-:.. VS: \\-h.n (Ic~. !.:h~11J ~lA)rl:'li o~PCd by Tr_l1I> W. the National PTA boli".. I have the following -ccrtifi-cal.!!hl n . lAc llJoJlII~V'" II' ~h.c" un l'CCuroh Ihey do..ildcn. lold ha rour chilthe ne .:' Sll'l~i:r Kc.p. n..CPin~I-Ktlmj.lUlw..a.1 ' hilS Ilothlr."jjllllf1 .::Ooc:=.. As..·Ill! .111 thlf' time... pub-lie st"r\'. ... group of Washington wil.Ii~iJf1.fdltha! lht . nq:oli3lCd a labeling "~":"""cOI .gf.publi-e ~[CI~~i~)'P~"' IlI~ II. me publtcatlons and Pl"Od ueti on sand respe'cts and e ncou rages th e ri gb! oriotldividual.h IJ'IIJIn~ b"""~l .."""n 10 drug. lid !he rnaJ"r bbd~ in 1985 whc."d to :J.ry VIDEO '>TO~E OCTOI3ER 1967 and vioience contributes in no . are D_C.J"'I~-d 1tJ.dl!.'" the thing tQ do at t..n.hal lau?' II .ed that "Ihe current excessive preoccupat.If p'~!It"'lIIrf'~ brll\jit\.~ljon is going to bring in millionsof W the ~irh. Bll)lIm_ lunb... I guess just because not many guitar playe.8'UoIIJp. are actually censoring songs before lhE"]'re rt')~ ll.hc !!roup'.'\'cr_ Tht'\' m'.uld Mil' SK' fll'fL'h~Jln.. RPcord componies. ~n.. she said. IIf. \\-. d. If tbey're come I}\.'n.(. 1.. ~ par::ll. nn·1'I [ ~ ..l1~. They're now on to home \1jdeo.Sl be aJ1otht"f leg on an octopus. and distribulor •.'C" ..*o. tegislatiofl.:. "You can't huM.'-<c .lumi1.. 1'111 .t wJtll music: indl1!lU'}' of(i-c:i. Thert!-s mono>glamour inw.! ~lml' p~Jints ill \\'mi-hil\g'ton..ut:zck Oil Ireetlum" 111. _ . It is pervasive a:nd pt@'Opltshould be told il i..I them. b.a1un the "idtn indu!!.bout rights these dum h l(l~1g-ha i red gU~'$ that are maki ng these records..'tltl:t. lI'Ie Po: ...~f(> brt"ttiflg in\'Ol\."hll.......:kctsystem."s lUTrling into a police ~t.~ 1.. with 1-28-88 Examiner Tip. "There 1.fact B'na:iB'rdh c~~~'~~ Musntgt'T...10' UPDATE 11 PoUtloa. Her disagreements with some segments of the music industry Should have nothing to do wi th the benef t concerts. before the pr~M(tJn'e-rtnC'r-. sense lhe thing to do at time...Mite tuld Berman il r.m .10" 1" so lo"g . a right of expres. "Ye...'\!< yflll r-t"uU::..\ in \. Bill of Rigbls whose policies include.e' .Kn~ Ill~l u.~ IlJ!! glllull') 11IIt.'l . Our job is to protect OUt companies.~~lIln 1(' III :ClJff'lpt: l"r Bloom.. .1:'d 'ul'trn.11 tilt' rock 'n' roll mat:a'l... h .nt1 tcn""~. PIC~I. C"""'_".! Ibe r"MIt{_·.H-{~' in \. :RIAA ".~ ~ I gr.1 Jlloom ("tH\lUIUC: II' u..:. It) plhtllnlj.~ "delighted" lmked . t would be...& In tI!W" .s:1 is a bad idea.. I hope you will read the enclosed documents which were sent to me by Tari Marshall.'".lni! it before..'.hin:!.d n't ~n thal pissed.1~ 10 pl.:1 l!IJIoISI..\.. SHVILLE.b ~.: rMRC' IVI ""lIIl'Igh.~t!> 4'[1 .:" "fr~ii"." 1 re me m ber 1965 not for tho delinquency and moral breakdown of teenager·s.. .j.[alt·I1K·IlI~ aooul our goals ilOO LA Herald LA Times 11-8-87 ..J11<...~.l... The major studio s).8 I danger in saying t. rR~(I.hif1 rw--"Rh$ after them fL~"t"t't·. Ch. Babbitt Admit PaSt Use of Marijuana Music groups avoid AI's fund-raisers . June 26..u 1 I f!\fm of Ccru.\l()uldllf' dOI.1')'puMtI.anl about sex won't cause book.p.In.:retrying to ge-t through the Conl.onnip 'TheY-Ie' . "cr LII'ld . [lI1:1-..i. Songwriters are suddenly being cen- GOOD VS. "It Core S-ald Saturday.thjdugit:ll t.s wilY down Lo It""' in elomentary ". t cif11.· -0 n 8c:-tion to prog:ra ms Polaok's tflllSblc l!'. Experts believ. i n \·j~lt·o.:'d. for which Ihere is absolutely no sc j ent. id h..a'ning $lick.. hL'lsc~iWI the i)~JlIj KCnnN~) dl\:tw~Je.. ICs their ne\\! crusade.. B'no.. ialion soc ". (tiPI) A Organ izers of rockn: roll tundrursers for pr esidenuat hopeful Sen.onJrip.).IiU he's.nds "JiffiC\oI! 10 . n :!oliow lIkm_" loin"" ijlilQm iI.1 Hfll . & Roll records and is now of Cc:mgreg(UiofP B'ft(u a'nth.'Y sotllethit\~ tlid \\-nU'lI..hlljo f~iLld.nphell That's wily !.f ADI •• ica chief Jay Berman 10 --".I. roucvus S. 3. L1 IndustI.I FI<IT~~:t Cur ~lIlfl:g J.\' cmpo" werl.g to prote-I: t some legislatiofl !.'i1l4 Chlll HqwJlr.rilur* ~. I... it has now worked II.. Tenn..[L nun~':.d lIhjCt.i • ...I.·...s being !learn by the husbands or the womf'n that were threatening the industr\'... (liltfe i)(:n :'Ii~"IUJ.k"i'I\lflo!k·r· Ihl_" )J:np ~I<IonJ lifit.IJt'('L a "<\J ". 11".I!.. di>lr.' seOO}.lre VS: Can we talk pnllrics fOloil minute? ZAPPA: Sure.. C" OUIJ"gc\H.'ll':11..onUy m. speaking on behalf of Ihe ooer six million members of the Na Iianal PTA.lgn-e. \'S: J". b~en elected. T'PfI("f S(n Pim (jLl'~ . We haoe gone from the <olororone'sskin to the coior of one's soul and to experiment e of lhe color of one's thought. "That's false..1''P''ign.:cc)<"fiJl..l H~l""~OO [lP. "porn-rock" cru .0 It:l1 rcporu:rs had u&ed In lnaliJ"""" ..! Bloom "hb 11K" nghl 10 :IId"lt'nl~c h" IJpolmnn}_'... in their own handY""..boy '" _. irh colll".. Th" problem ".h{. r: 'Tipper Gore is unable to r·estrict her rapacious rating rampage to Rock.e-r ser\'ice branch of major stud i I. 91 No...l Jl'M:II:C'j. B·Nh.I\¢:~c S:1IS. i( a guy h:J.. llC!i..f.g 11\ ~loI.tJilit)..iIl le.oo up [he las..\..':O rd:5. had dren 0' hie tr_iu'ijuana UM ure nrsl Lime $. he... IIx·iJ. So what were tl~e r-csu]hi..:lrnin~-s:. illegitimately binhs. j)iUIi!cnhal r'p!lIUk T~". "Raising PG Kids In An X-Rated Society..'n tfw n:-!:ord imlustry \r..n·.. lcd h 1~<l..lU. impetft!ct system_ ~o mauer how many award :shows they b~ve them$el~s it isstill.r "Y""909"" W-iuh. l'OLl h:lY(" 'to {i~hl it .tpe'Iu..lI'lllIM!llI"'r.ll." Gore >aid hi> wir.lf1!.I_"'[Iw-:. One.nso..Jve a ~peechhere. nh~r th:lt thl'ir lryjll~ using exLlctly thE' same words W m~.lIy How" ".. YS. we were hoping the)..::m. "" increa. [t's 1\0 skin off our teet...~ith his ". 26&No.\ of [kA'l~t:Hl(."lUyilc~ "'I)' . Mrs.Sonhip.lllhere W:LS ~L th." Now we have Ann Kahn (June 19.d1llOUol. your child by glvin..i B'ritb is not the reol B'na i B'rilh and Phyllis version or suppr€:5s material that it finds "objeolionable" Finally..hingtu" .~rtcfl'lclli[_ ~.parli ClJ f<J.n'illl.!I 24 yean old a.::tbsQll.hh:·. """T".. \.J Gl ..n'oW TLl ..:11 III lifit ~n./oro f OT word_ You can uke tJJe 6c... :iiOtht"."er to the first lislening Pl'i11 c:'of"S industTy's lobhying on oi a party nt'\\! invi t t'd to new album..-('r.\PPA: There's .lnwedto be a some'l.d Bloom. did it make you .ts ha. d with l<ac!ing 1M musk'... on free speech.should o.ying r. .~ th.y children one driver's license one Ubrary card Editor's note: Gail ZOPP<' is tM wife of fOrMe! rock musician 1M man who is """di .jCRl rC~IJIIIn.rle:\ >greed 10 place .(':5 filtl'is (01' ".. cellllh. "p lI.:lex?' iJld I ..NRY SCmrPER Arter Core made h1.dOUL or aUendanc·e is not as redeeming as Mrs.sed use of os rcot iC':5 and and alcohol.II .) s}'stem..JIltd Glom·):i/IiJ err .tIH.. I"<"""..'. C' clltltr ot Iyfln ..aruumaJ ill five to 10 times what my generation encoumeeee..-iln the r~tord busines. he or sbe will gel bored or cbange the subject. "..II"''' •• m. BUL that 'LI.. P'MRC "Thc-y ~CfkS(i('li. ked why he stepped he. D.l:.111~rk"'.endance. ' lll~ I"... fn"._ Fira Dl aU.b':il'luu~lr.""/~.~ i~ ~ul"l. dlltrse ~~ ":11 . Th~' were lhre:atening.ln":Kiln Ifullp" ill"ILi bni. with l-ht'!"t''l.It ~h.....ate beC3US(" s." ml\\..iUlu>I'Y I"'I'SC>J1Dd'" . IJII Ho .!' nm In .Anv old tin It!' of thl" dav.' I' 1111ol' rig IIIt' 5iune $Itri thing awut this hu:o:int. Ph-.fWt. Con~essional eorntniuee ZAPPA: IVh.hobh. ~(:~.o the rft{'Qrd husi ne~S.e" YOUT B'03. t we're sure being prudent.sUi{' that in the ("orpomte SIJ i l. Education..hi [ Ill" HIl~:LrLl BIUoilm ~lIJ UCl'K"b U. and with sex.l.ste-m has f..S .. Health and Welfare Policies or t.. Personally I think why a band would hesitate to perform at them.ay morning.. But we illl klWW th:1t tflt' rt·l·onlllu~i· flf!s" i~ :-.joll "1IS ttlc3de.'$ "..'I[Ul'till."Wn. and to disre-spect for law and other attitudes and conduct symptomatic of moral breakdown.. hlicj~ H"".lI"C.!.d tl'ley .a Los Angeles are on the br1nk t. ~..:e a.nk Zappa." We r . to t.n~d11 Do:"...1U_"_.taah'il ..:I r ~'Ullnl"fl'l:nl. crj me.stickers rE!II..speciaJly In the more ccaservauve South where he hopes to 40 wdlGore !aJd~ "1 hope it will not be :a . PMRC-.. it's 8. not our sliJ..1..n TII~h HCIml:r~ ro ..J).l.( In~ "<1.~d IlI(IoJ'~l~Q:<I{I)'UfS m:ilslers.".ge::::..eILmm-1 .lt'l.1 ive I"'bii" . Poor.scriminal.. Nolethe 1983 PTA Reso· lution to actively .. pn"l~i.ft~OI\. president of the )iP\~\.llh rl:\. I)IIl.Jbk !'In 'W~fc:_ bd'I:ld. IhC' ..~ 11'1.. rm n("l\ ullking .1oool lon<11 today the strength of lm.." ~t f!E... ckt..ibility to provide information and enlightenment" and affirmation that "A person's right to use a library should a bri d ged bees use 0 f o ri gi n . ··. producers.lII.U·S" him \.A:Uer. wrens (or me..adc.'I.IJ'Itl·P~!RC MU"'I~ cd ~h.1 lite PMR(_'ic'OCf ~U ")Crlt~ nil::.i.>!'\.'es thnl lhC\' w~re doing the r·ight.go by a gs ou I' 01 pulil inlly . Gail Zapp.!.h. Horns. Ill.1VI d.:'d to .Ji~kll)UlIg c-rrwrh lIlio"".t·wslt:I.s I rnistake. .t nlor:sel or crV~13l1ir'le enterta.... aft-e r l.:II)'~IL I~ :II PMRC.'" dU'lllt"i Ill"'I 1M. bl...s':' ZAPPA: Tilt· rt.U· (1... and beyond lh:a t h w'.h certificates relating to m.Y havE.r~:-· ~..rge I"" [..wo ~i'1... Bees!. bUllhc(u ~l\:ifig Inc "(101 I~IUU)' W)hU. h~oJnJoI M.hat... l. media-portioncontrolled polilioal platforms to be served up and sold by tbe nexl batcb of Presidential bopefUls in Ihe ultimate ratings ralLY for tbe TV Mega·market share..~ r "'lttly 11.frol:l'. ..J{iJroor. _ >lIl'rt"m~h"g. "My S"ye-.ches. omban'u.!'d S. books. Agff:n. And this legiS.res.. dh... g. lhey sa.Cu but LI.ingteen con~ tinue to inc:lude rear of ignorant parents.mpil~ bl. and venera 1 disease."..d About SEX. Tax D"duclibIe Religious wars'r 1..:s. 27 FrIday. And.lIy r".bo ~ nOI~d In .... Ilfc:d tJllht ('hUge Ihllt ~['i\~'hl'IP.'n't It.' wert' lM!in~~liek and m:llili:t." :RIA""'~ s.".M:..:IoQUYt e c.lfp1y thil'. .!uing on tls hanus and knees """!'limperin!! and ~{. 1007's current concerns ror the di.tht.'iH be for the pe:opJt 10decide:" "L've been characterized as attacking rock.(... You ~:fI{l\. t elevi.ple.)"Ou haw to scratch your he~Ht and ~'onder \\-hat'sgOLnJ:::: on here.n here.IIII!': 1)'1' dollars for IJS-" Messenger VOl..:-.h certincate one high school diploma one marriage certificate four bin. Ihat Ii.·~all..."..i1~(>1"1 applied f'rt·ssurc l(.l. \\"hL'n~'Q1J seC':1 hi.. :tnllC~!1.ISt. fMr rha! We'sttn1edout 90)ltO:7:$ CO(J Q...arijLI&N.:hich wa.' mOre. i.. .. They """ere l ryill.~fTf..roulonoll Nl<l privately that her Iclm:iMIon could pro...Iim\' il~ ill(ju$t!"~·.:Ji~ pub11..sive as she is offended.k(' tlllJ rt'(· ord husiness .n:u::r . .lt \.f'e a pr1\1\W S-(reenillg movie they'll come.i\ "l.Jt'i!lcrll1J.'s.lcr . PMRC concerns wilt! New Ycr k based ru<'k I'.. __ 8.mI Bt:ac:h..a I (i i sre~ru rOr .:~:S ... uw 8100m'~ "We need YUill h-t:1~.." Gor":' also said: '"My wile and 1 have orten lold our kids why lusing '0: candidates Gore. Public Relalions Director for the National PTA or which Mrs.. NPTA slales..... becauae Tipper Core bas led a centrevertlal can.::nl ttwo~E 1111. play ing yet . UI'dIlC Infl'llclK'c . alld ..(-.ili lot of peren ts.J fr(M11bL. IIII...heir coffE'e$On.LI "~'llppl~ dltC film ll'loJlJ:'1. Car as I'm conc(·rnru.i. 1987 ~~~:!'~::~ na1M come$' from ... the J'an:JJlS Musi.1s.> Ti pJlCr on the .ng '" Gor-o. my c:ou.lli'I leLia ~"()mpl.ill PI "owl in!! II".J LP ...:IIm~I!>1\ II'I. say they have been turned do w ·n by some bands who refuse to be Tipper Gore.J[m'L !hot .c.u~ iI!w.! he. rock muale lyrics that aJludt i.JtY.. I'm ::till i rig m~ i\S an indeVt!'Jlclerit g!. BAD JEWS that Edl .kIlo.l~'O.)~gn agaJnJ\.ade was an att.· )'cOKe II"If...ft .Id lead 10 Cl:n. 1~ pr ..h....!gr~e-d to put wa. drOI" are..Iwcrjn~ b4!-for-e this..."" .b BI:>t'ItJB'i 1.::Ii.. It's a completely tl .I lin.ttl t~lr " IhLl:r.snuffed i[ up to convlllce t!lemsE. w(' Flnl AmC'ldmcnl In~.rus. ano. 'y.l ~1I11·TI~:1i..atlJrd.Ilrl "fhry f'C'-iI~I ~ iJ!J wltllll 10 ~wp 1 rfTb.Il" "llh "..h..0(.'. but from ahusines::..ipIoJ:' up ii.!.equo\]]y as shmy as the r~ord bvsine~s" H(l\~er their lobbying e(forts in H'fI~(t.. Z. iml)li .l Amendment of Ihe Constitution included in tlw LegislaUve..:ist('nt <:rimt' h~' Uelldingo'L"t'r for the~e !'''-'t~ph.d ~h.sion protected by the ConslHution of the United Slates.j:mts art. ub .~r' 'I{OUln. Nqr· woodIPMRCIPhVilis Pola<:k. 'Daddy. She $ents CUlMS of tlois lett .lOr('!>Ui('(dllf mu~l.~rd 81~"i)m"" 'Th.. T appe:LI m noo was not only mOld II.he t I"e'~ults 'l..Slll.he time. t'olihteJ Iii.le[ USilay.. J. In~"rm. "'ilrl'!lQlJ .unuc ""'._ because if \'3it'nti throws a f)<\rty :.I'1d·.c f d'C PMRC~ "!ini~l~n.'00 have made "outrageous and ~lal"mo:nI"" aboul Ill.1 ~ HJAA ~~ I'WII I\iIIr(: ":IIn). lls upon d""" ...:L~in p.' .. l.·".a in Lea Angeles in an dfort to cain) thtir fears lh.." The NPT A's Position Statement concerning Mass Media contains the following 'reaffinnations' (U181}: "It res p"cL..IIlI!x'. ins in the t"t'{'~'rd indu:'t.'1io<W>h: Iyl ics. t used m. .. '. -etl-placed Wa. like..even indirectly the cand io:! ate's wi fe. HOlD To Talk To P.]n)arl tnkes ~1.'~ than e-ifO!"lS .s to express their opinions to publishers....another It isn't enough sored. ."" iTl~ in frum of .. ~ (ha.small measure to the riSing rate of juvenile crime.t. It \vould seem that t..url..ring " full·page ad in a music Ir~dc 1101J'Cr Illaslinf Ihe porn-rock ulllp"ign a< Oil" puhlicoffire he's gM pulll ioet n. btca'tl't..1'Id.. PI't"s::.inment off t. hClut f"IH' .Y in Washinglnn.'hitb nil:urgt.11. . de. .g too much information ab-out ." AB (or w hal Impact i\ wi! I nave On hia pohucel cilmp..I~ l and"lrd! II~~ 01 h-{' r SOl'll~...Mia. r().> Zappa: Wit.:I.lliflg. would not ask WI [if they ~em.lIj 'hc bo~ ~PO~Ib(iI'td by II!'! A1!hOfi ~.. IUS5 the rt"t'ord imluSln' .. WJu. step n:movc. F'ro. Kahn demonstrates an extraordinary propensity for intimation herself and is clearly as easHy offen. ~'l..:tunJcnng.)t ("~!"!O Iht PMRC'~ ~('yb tb(oy'f~ I ~ 1[']0" .ury SiE("F e laf'l.1I.'(:..iiJ.l-ItHitm ~tt ."..e ..nd invites Congressmen and Senators tu conle S. ...!. m'" R...t1ll re~'driJ lni 1.d..:' Lhing to 'l"'l:'T)rt"..!i l'~ t1.:. dalod Ott.h h 1\"4. teacherS and legis JatoTs.·-le-!lll:r con:llnllJW "We (eel II woukl be ~lpl\Il ...hll:h h .nd when and does not understand with the fund- was againl\ the taw for cee lh'ng.. ~ ~1II~'h·011In~ Lu~ i\n!!:~'le~ pfll~tt.I'<ICrllly. 1~I>. an outspoken crrtic of violent and lewd rock lyr-ics and album covers.~td." home ~ly on' aoolJt:.ions: one birt. . PM'RCiu. Ti~ G""..dl~!Jpt.SD.-cr kill) BI .eM~ Ih~ 'tIo'~\."ie rating s)'sum in the ratings game: Good JewveTsus BadJew.~o['nllr·~ II I~ ~~I:'I.A .. ()r III'IU~IC •• Ih~1 ". ~ill \0'01\101:1. ilh RIA.. 1IlIt by ~'IK' l«liil .":.'t'5 ~lltrwhit'h f"m'llo1-r r.N'1 C.:1 ~ I-.. waiting in the wings.ll l('rJ..1 u~ IhC1I1.\ n. rrct.lhl' m~'I 1'1.. .try learn frOID what happcn~d ".·ho Ci"lt'CS a.sons (or that..Itrb got public a<:counta.: Rc<uurn: Ccnler has asked II.)...s. he.'ll!Jtn...." she said..!e about n.I... She's agalnst home video.1me sc"". 8[oo[nl.!..)~ I ~n~I~rn\l1 . IC ~ewciiIJCj.i ~. ives. Re-ce-ntly I hm.. wpic before.m"'anted f~Qm pC!ople who w{'f(.~1r ... Gore Jr .'Cflc'· '~p f~C'otd II~ IIII~ I' ul' 'JI4I-..cllr"li. lhoe PMRC ~~")'I)Ij ~Q- ~'''''''l>e of "'m.)h~d in it.Jlf11Iil. .\1 III II 'Ii\f~ . tr:../ mdust1'1/'s fighl <>gai .""l. ~." money for him. D·Tenn.-'1I\l1!J 1.tJ!1:o:trucl.. hc~ ." Go re eal d h. PMItC _ fur notd two ycars .f' start or the f'tC'rLdiil Demccraue Party con . said she raisers i..:1 ~:s (DE: hllIhol(f .aid. J n fact..lking your ohild 10 ..tJy Ih". n O ~o\'E'mijC. ". the reeoru more e{ieeth.·um.ul ~"lUEtJ kc'WI~-C h be r¢. 14 _ spcci c... And -I'm .::'. UK pc'I~~ "Ilft h't . Tan Marshall..? VS: Welt I -don't know.U· with Tipl-)l'rC('r<'aml it irnplic$.-It+...5 discloourf before t n. Jl'rtink"'lX'au 8Iijrr~ . Ij:roop . when he Wa. It·o "·(:toll'tllotta::. mC'nl.' tl'lo try II) '.it' ~nd.p1kc~".1. )ll'ud ""::. . They-re our employe-C'S.l p"...i. or view.ry ~nd k~ fll (tic 8.hey W4..rning .!'U11011\ <}fpi."ep4IQl1. motion ptetures.ion or magazines. BBM). I. .described leHill1J Gar...t .lc~."4!uin:l! JJres· sure that wa. rLl.. dCKflbcd I'~ "'belin... J r l{rm. ZAPPA: 1JUSI h. ~r.JJm$: 1/'u.t"<i $he's not is. And' lhM'S tOf' r~S['ij'J l wt'nt tl'l('iC.he deci. in 1965..I'I('~~\''''nlt'iL Lt't'~ pta it ill I'Il'r.!r. NPTA tn~ or .ho has drdwn Ihe wrath of !be p"up fn.. lh."d ~'id~o stores to ~tdflly enforce lbe mo.. So.lI. !. ~~"""n"'M as a P0:5...Jl R:X and drug.. I'm delighted by anybody wanting to support Al and raise irs great.he line. and Gore ...'t-urli hu:-iut':.1110 .i fi)r J'~I nbll'll*":iP hl~ '"OD)o"'C'lX... Ilig Ilunk. [ht: major studios ''''QuId like to indur. hut I was surprised to see }'OU testif_.. Ti1 ~rc "'as a Wl..J(lif'l& 11 ~cl'y ~nll)'... Kahn i:s Pre:sident Noto particularly the statement of suppon orthe Fir.iJ Ih(.nJ I~ :1. lo:-Ud loIJUmJLPlJ . jng..ry crime.ragale. If I could II u.iI. wAh 011".gc bll. Kahn's synagogue a tl.ulhorlucf' Illat sne """ "ITo"."'. "indu"ry I"'""nntllilc .01 v •• had ""ed drupI..J.

CoJum· bla." and leo~ureo by marra.urill~) MQeIu.k" no or eame:ras or pub..and thol. label.I: the resl of Ih~ ~lb'un1 Hl ''ld flowing ohampagne..uPP<'rt.ed in the . Cas..s.e 5[..!'· album.o! iOlla!.h.rJ u:s.time to music he """"'" plano of to I!'c. contrast..rmfu. (:001"Lece t.ok •. '500. rillh~T ~hall me. 'J._ pIiaDe "' tl4)I.. is 2 ·t: oom:al ion.icnt W'-'5 ~(J!ti!:." he =Unt>ed. ollic..1_ HLS request woilS to:rne.:· BIaf.e expen 'c5'ti mO n '1 bro'LJght by • he dd~n~ cool.1. was nOl DlL::rcl}.J tht.age. 'NItIl sIobaI or !laWldel>oo!<ii!gJ til..y we:ot out Ei:nd !ric:.·' Guarioo de<:lared. . .j.h.::..~ hiJp.." III b.iJc \he euu n. had !'1!CE::l ved a ny punu~ rnent. I>I)t being able to play m\l!ic. ".. iIIoO -·.rtdomi IWHl'i to Pf\lriler!! ..of i!1 l.i....! !:led in A. Much of the rmOl.~tc r "den.. Imsnedlarely asked: tor a r~ria.te Octobet.s. 7 to 5. C~-I#M""~) AlsQch~.a.n would bave beon • gala oJf. "Which d~'ieLs 10 ~tS ~)f li>t'rllb.d. but he didn't want to Set a.' lOll com rncJ]\aI"Y." wLIJ nowlbe-~lea..stii'tlOf1y an.Ul ide!J..·· 3'HH"1lC'). wor]dog wltIl Bia!ra on • "".. . a com:eptual pi!c'kage.a:1 mafl:.. and SOmt:1 i t11¢S.i.y play only COUIJ Lry :tIl us.1 h. or lhe formal record ind""try..: 'Lhc trial h.e during til.Dead Ken ned "'I s album..lyapath~Uo.r(.d K~oneL..0 hun Ibe"'l beCiE1U.. on. mUM l.·' H.1... hole I•• ue .n"" low •• school bus drl.suspeCt Ramiror.11 poliUcally unpopular to do a .. btown up .t. B.~fJ~'tCJ.on being .an.g 10. • label recordlng .."y aftErnoon ••• lie JUry."" & G Despite Biaf...LO OOOCil1C. ~bock.argt:r c rilica.. on . dI: •. 8h"uld "ave been Speno".and' . ThInday. we get lt!" Ch:.seemed. he w. Municipal 'udge.n.:' when 0('1'iJoe WIlS.: "l'hlJ w:IU never reaclt """"- ". Dun"1 l~~ h im (Gu~ ri oo} u.r an Ln.0< JURY BEGINS DELIBERATIONS IN BIAFRA TRIAL By H£NR .U'ikitDchti$!·· LP !II Lo.umfLIIl mal· ter !o a minor .· word alb"". reaction to Ute case.a n i!o3C'off declared Ii mistrial and d Ism used all charges .hey had been confused by ~mpl..i:ut' b.::.yploal $pOri . <XImmercially opeak.!iC" hc$t.aid.piece sull I"..!ys· "F'.l Lo trial ··over .Jnale. ooHege speken-wcrd perf""""".trici .artists wcu ld be ch~ by the.1 r ih e 't=.thoug.~d organ.ll~b~L. C"onlaifl~ . problems .s faC"iory elo.!I' l'tH~C.. u. d Ken ned Y' 19S 5 "Frankenchrlsr" LP.'&S i. ul:n. d""Uon of • painting by an Oecar'Winning artiBt seemed !IO ludicrous thai til" whole thing 'tnIOk mlmY ""'k fa"" at flnt ..s. of \!Ie oounLry.a po~~l:r illl..:lf:l!l. fer Ill<:ltJdmg III allegedly pornographic.l..people inL..pre~.a'cmenl ~bou~ h.s. tell j fig jUl"or:..c..a ra n from the courtroom.nOU:l C"C1111i'!1e-t1!.rating. hut \bat be· .'illg " ~11m!:ilhln.lfOl"$ I hrougJ'lolJ! • he p rt)(·. •• ilnd :t.nration hod w .. b.h:ard R..l~'iLl rl!:1.i:!.. t. -bucd ~QC Ir. mil· demeliillnor PQrnogll..nch. be I. •• fatller. iu :ihock . ··Bu.Ide.".s_ .. few that. 'Where WQ the art community? A few people .rio:rtn . of lhcLos A n~ gcl-cs -etta pter 'Of lh~ Bi.."'Jd~.:h lJ.! rcl.mey Burda la.Iji _ ... ~on.u.oe$ til favor of acqulne 1..JllC' .i ng nalurr: !ht: Gi. 11187 A. A 50 the retrlel was..g traded 'the tJ'Jree-..-." A~1.ilar croWIng L- houno.. .ible one year ill jaill$2000 1J'I!f1.g~.annful material t<l mlnono-ftte dllml •• ed by Municipal Courl Judge S""""Eo l_f on ThilJltdo.&ern.a 1 nad been a legitimate jury lssue.umr nffl. ~ ~~I"QC: ~1C'tlW ..r.year jail termo and $2. ·n' roll... with you:n. ~ ii:us:peclcd "Nigtu Stalkc: r" Ric.m.r w" Th . of the y.ap'" .(:fJ~h ri::.:=.·· Gu.lfino 't'ompared iutist H.': •. Uial -lOr • more ..!1 l(:.LiI"iI'LO ror asking the jury to.. an erceptionally loreefUI opealer. F\J"d:· a memhfr ··1 work "e!"l' slowly Ion "'y muoiol and It Is going \0 take tim . twt:c=1'I me Ciger pos.... BWra joined by half a ~ frien:d. BWra~. projected !how. d..Uc1..lUI)' in OUt work ls.album..I"Oduc.his caSE:. _ that he didn·1 begin \akI.. Havi:n.lI:" "t. generol matIO$. When BUd"'.U. by hio lwm<!.ul.I:n' .lnlng cuerdc the ~ta te of CaHiornia.ic.rc.. r.SoL ~edi1 '~~Iillutn}' by ['!Xli: rrili..1' )'iJU may noL Wi.$&. .P. a tum~ng point where juro~ ~a:n t:o look ilt the album as.nk. le.hop'pi:n. v~rdicl. ~ .e gatllerlng TIt ursday nlghl In a quiet end.r buse!l..l'y di~ol1~ song.n~ ces.rock cin.:en Lh~ l'i r'i. R.: w. to rn~J':S . tile cel..Le is. t In • FaIrfg.t H..hil' ·-~omc. li.nd lyrics...11c: pci..':d 0 .h well.lthey m.ock ·n roH st.ger juror'S favoring acqulual a. '..·:J" :h kll :jj n: w • ' Of! S\J eh l'h!: ~II~. a ClO nCiI!lp t ua l arttst was b@'ii'lg jud ged. Ii ke ..illlbMdu'tdy irre:~ p'lH\~iblc:·· form o(an_ Defense G...~r • 0 Id rCj:Klrtt'fS Oua..L.(: Lin'l~ of Ih~ ..·· GUarinI) :lI bOo ~ug h.ant an history projcsscr . no doutu found it Itard to take LIt.he proseclUion.) ~Qi'lie ~C'OSC:01 ..[1tt.ed i'n tn-e ease is M icbat:1 Bon.rino ::. md..inr:d . . !>eol viawJ eff. PIIJ~C''1.. era! Riaf .he.t ic mcrils .RYOUR perf.-a. c g..n!ipi re the ~ rWrL to dl in.. a 10t of po<> p I~:· word ~II"- ferrnenccs can TIOw begi I'L forBi:t/ ria.. asked.jl). .ifying R ~C'hiilrd Ramin:2:.:Biarria and &n. [ne olher hand . ·600 for all Abbie Hoffman or • Jerry . Colo.he jury s.u:..illlll Bialra """"". Ih'H.ooner .. ." Over a yeo. t Deputy City Atty_ Mic~"l1!l Guarino.olent rock lyrics and l videos ..r. WU'11ed UOImd boYe led .!'r..(jrof:5ipokel'l BIAFRA SLAPS RECORD BIZ 'APATIlY' tlIan lb. ir:t)' trt.liII. the m<dla an<! rooord com· panI.1 ""Y:· "..oquit tal.t::UHUi . noted.: ri 11. pooter In the 1985 album "Fnnkenchrist .)~lI.dy wi. 'This. ··Th~re "' .I.ingled. then began moJr.1!o ~reseed . a con Viction eould p~ the ""unlry. . In favor o..'!.tspoO:Ster lS r:t"~ 'IN hat \hi.-.tLiU li:arri~ iii po.. of 1"".:.Qnjl.':s s.s antl g. not jus! lng.h .. h~ r of a 14-y~.edd~ n01: tc bri ng il'l a.(: rious ~'~IP ne'.ve n:l.t.'lroll.jJlbom Wit. as a Irricts. the :singer"~::longwrile. ruC't io ilS.edi. 13iaJrliil.r T~u'$ ..h.e neowsleU..a ti vel)" tilted "Cocoon.~Li:: r I W~ hupduL I &uc~:.' Dcfe:os-c: iluorney Rich.. ignore • ~..aRer a ILaL"..[ LO d i.el :.eCharges ag..eriaj t..l sl. hands neld nigh in celeb r. w.:d_ b 'j pt.)1. •• The:se ~ IXX pun'~DI'!: of smul.nd older mlml~rS asking for convlr. The furon.. 0.". MII waa.kotr. I think artUw are still j 11 danger. Giger .a11e:(ooks..i 'i:..hng LI) hldge SUSEiO!i.L:!I..e m· ploymt'nl. to be releaoed on the llinge..~ttle ind lJStJ"y Ol1.sexLllaJi..uioll or ("ill'. 29..po Ils(: . h.I..$O~a do u'ble album of spoken word per(on:na. labeling major record compames and most rock pe.. ms the """.'I pair'lL If • !>eo1·""lIing artlst bad bun "" t:!aL lit. people.r p]acoJ ..:..:!ild placed bt-fore jl.·l'udali in illl :albtJm by Bidta'~ hil)w-ddl1. !Orne perVerse coup by BiAfr-a_ F'ormerJy tt.eds.:!!' oanle.1 ean.. baclup that money Could buy. declared thern.. .d day.. W8Y il . C~W'I]"'. . being d en ted.0)< joke. •• nl). i. as the dcfen se had argued...k t. the r«Of'<I industry_ Wlo. y expert h:.n~ abou. "Even tIlen.hment".. P:J.lll cr1.m inded juror:.he h..c50 Rt'ClUL..ij. oul in what _mo Ilk. n try.d 0 naUonal p ... He oa!d \bal be l:8 . who decla ~ that she i'l ad no des~ to beg L!L"utal-and-ereor" prcced urcs for thor prosecution. I.tlo over the oo\ll1dedJ!on.~~ w3:i ~rying to ... "P~nt!o Landsca pe" insid e • he De..a. Pago 9 . lOI.t: . who w . .s.IXMl In tin.1 orl'l. Pund... tile end.ami"ucd iJ"1. _ th." said Kubemik.. _ Frank Zapp!\.J..f ""'~s • ·ool :a.afiL'llo ils. ladic. il1~. _"'" nectcd t'tad a IIIII1"eaI." fncu~" I.im1.n...'I W_med wben he heard hIo ".: r (h. caned in an: ii'll <ioT\Q roc k m u $oiL experts to cxplai 1'1 the mcssa gc behi I'Id th-a.~_ Tht" Dft.. Des Mo.'" CQD'lo!- '.chw 'r.Or w~at Rock " Roll Coo fideotlal c.i' 1..pill.g mOre U staIt.h:OIl!'d..e\hing \bat w .~i'lting evidence.hoSt: I S 1..t Btafria...entlemen" is wha1 harmful 1ll. Giger poster entit led. tile Dead Kennedy . H.apny case Wenl 10'lhejl1i)' ye~•.phy charg. Phil IIrIIpp<d. 8iafd..'· ..~.noo' 50all u. illlll.dio.. u I The posler 'W1l! a rep. P<J6Oi.oDill IlOte whc. 1987 e~e Ddl:'n..iJu' redeemLog sO(:ial .an alb'U m I!:lo.l.and musl(' world that we we~'t lound guilt..'Lk:enehris""· :Jlbul1I.:Il'eady de14IctecI a ~ohW foe($'" oul of the pul>lidty "-rl3IIltIInB: the and .ir wltIl TV cam.j!. r \bought \bat . friendo ""I~t!ng tho punk-"". oondeooendlns people ill tile millie Industry -I>otll!"lg ts..yersQn :sa'id...H.d down by ISiicoH.lld.ff. 29. "..g m::!U_ Albul1l..:!i. you iI" owo pc:rsonal. 'W~ INouido'l b(: hC'n::twiiI. all ""rt.d Kcnne(:I. It GI. .ami I"oe:Z_ Giger s.)01.ed by observers. a pi ee bargain any step of the way."If . ~ propagand.~ was being jud~..r.:nn1 (Of!·' 'hA.n City Altor-nt:y M iJ: hael G ul.~}'·re "0' real.ll b(: I' Ih~1 relea:scd ~he .lY. dill! University of Pittsbu rg. bad been on •.d he 1'1 nothi t\g is U rLder 1 •• _' .rhc general manager or the Altl!!:rr'lJltivc Tentacles.0 G. He was.g befo1'(: lhl: ju.h Biaffil nUking iii 1 mi llU!t' d. about o~." D "8 "" PIt<u< .ee:.t the Dc.d 'Vote yoo r . y. lsacorr also stated that she felt that t.. F¢rdng. 01 tIle'·No More Ce.a.t1i:~L." ." The de:!eI'IS-e".younger (I ne day of pre:s.ove ".Y after jUT<>. A I. Hollywood? This Oscar winner {Giger] Involv. ..d tQ 1 'Corum Dn Sense' ocr ju ry P'l:.)1 la'ke: •.I :JIgumr:.i·oncs. w. hich i!i '-~'l.:u IWL'II!ll ... "I ""I" thinking the deadlocked. " lhmh.ud.. BJ A FJU... ac~on..CritiiI..sid£" thecou rtroo rn...·· he Lyr-ics (rom the .-My lear now . record ""mpany . .sr:rlcd_ il:!!' - .ys-_ '·U's: ok3). .!'.ifomia Code J I J. even probation. -In ped i. (CCIti~ 1rQ. (Roconl:.'nlcted Ih. 27... ".Islic . \he beginning of the "ase tiI.ced n.""".LDI Lng •• Pc.::r hand. . the whole lnctdent . is. ""d poyclUatric _1aI from Bould .cdthe ju ry [~l lhi illO:...and d~u..'.spo k ~n word appearanc.m .nll. How could \his be happening in thinS' don~ howeD now: I 0' 1987?" .ora rutauran\ wtth •.. .!:I".U y...s~ objeC"~:s. F ul. 31110ng o1hr.wiu:h!mnt.e •• in.. W.iII'lS w f:iU1~ica.:st" ~ual ~ n d Lilli.. aJd tltal quiel comer of lbe re::nauranlctunes roaring_ Harvey Kuberni. WE "AVE COM E fO. wa 50 ci t. ~~:I~~~~.delivering!hr: ·'S01. i:I LI0 roe ys.11s "antl. ] UE:. people Will d for tIl.. 0'.. BW . ~n.m II .1] ut! a pit'{"r:= of !if I c~ n gi ... Tn.jj~ 'n~l:idedover to .. F . Alleged Iy.lg!'u Lh~)' w~r.S a. label in I.udd~nly hO.l...Ly :.Ipod make .:.MIUI •• •• :pro...R..of the C i ger work and rel...iS. ··Bul the mool Ihl. '··fbc:5. ]y"i~. ron UPDATE 12 oIart«l \lilting tile """" _wily n.e./t jlJ!!it thr posrer art. full. o·' uny AJtemltlve TenI•.'OC)R1. told ~po:rte:r:s that ~.mi. l 10 the: 12-mem· ig.. legis1.ed pe(1i~. 'The ~Ider BlaIn.ur-e had in .Uc ft!ialio.a and :associates ill 01 M tIl.h.tlt' Iht.age lines. los Angeles Times 8-29-87 ROBHRTHILBURN fighting 10.and: 1n his OWQ dd~m..":.ived so . appeals '·waJ oolIlethin. the jur'y split along .'.n enri re concept of an "..d G'ig~r pO~'l~r..S!: IbcI. beeD • j:ru.cr15c iilLlOri\eys arguing thaI the: pU:U(.~mm··Aji~n.r:!i.0 ~ piJatot I..·..e pus L!: r r ruin lh.ho. es...J..n.: 1'::~~IlC:"~.mbas~ G. instead on merely showing the poster to the jury. o:Iking pl:'[j!pI~' ...iL in ..ow ~op Ie in 1980':s A mcr:icia n 5QI.n.he.:rJ iii g.. off~.. s. l'rying: "res."hip Def""".ng to """IPUS ba ve begun cuming up with requests 10' tapeo ..u.ilntl .n· l~t~d af()tJod I."r. e. we would bave gol· ten all the lelial help ..::.nano.:'b Qr mud.t Tenlacl.jc~ and 11:li QJ ".irlCl ap~ate.are nOL ok ids who wClll O:ut and t r-i~ d to become mai n sHea m .he t ri.!f seemed lo underscore Biafra'.. with d~r. I)' jS.!oo lyrir.h ..I thai I'It could llOI ai rlr~[ nloil!ke . Aogcl~~o:Jrei:l. "!'racy oomeone d •• from a 1&300 movie.rvc-y Ku bern] k.n id. '. who il! aJoo booking oorn. •• he:: :S:Jw.. th~ is!.iof. precedent SO that olhu label.!'IO r..a:Hcd •. 'bl'ur . wilh .0 think I.II"LQO ror the I. .o wltIl tile oolorful. . Cuarinc d... :::·1 • 1!)Iijo.l. If Biarri!l. c Reoord. """I>ic!on thol til.....n Academy of Pedi .y on.". reponed th~y were hopeJeoaIy deadl"'ked.I LOr >(IIugb' '..ic" arguments to cap oFf LhI: two- Pfoc~edii'ig hi! LIS most sensaLj.fllC'dk: inc is ru:-c. could ha ve proba ~Iy gotten olf with ju4la ··lil!!."aU.becau..iJ.011 .e o1nger-""ngwrite' and MIehaelBonaneo. .. ...e~s people the way Ramir. 'lNn.C' album itself by u~ guillg Ih:a~ the L.m.m~.iUg~ wi. Ji.w>dse:tpe" by Sw1Jo aru. OOU Id ha ve don. the Sa.icl!I.e v. provocatlye edge fOll1ld In many of his oonso-w<l...1~ ..~· QtJ P~. but I do believe we h.s lI:..c and '(.e" ~..e i.~ttm ·'h~rmful maner.1 Mr_ GUilrii'lI)~!I.S~ I'n.: iu~a In.t it·. hMd til.. wh""" Dead KennedY.:-e."t·· if he had pleaded guilty.I1hc: rat of !li-r: .1I1. 26.[w{jl .:1II .liriJ No I\'lort! fc. an· used G Ig'i.. -.i:. io • small potato.ti rucd{)ff's ios.e "~tii. <.xli~.lriowhllr." advance ~rip.s ion H) mum 1:[ .·· ··O.utist!:_ '"'Rock and rmJ Iy was on mal .m..u::i!ll I d ~fin i t..ation.b.ill:3rirn) • .Igt'~ .bl-u~ <Inti w~.~ 'Q ..:.11. 30. wa_y tn.• jus!.hiJnl...." I1ighly critleal of tile pop E81abll. th~ decision was tmporta..ean of the eliSe .. for Iilkiog DiOl.!)!f1d foe. rIngIns aft tile hOo.aj• .. Thejurors also asked for copies of the album in order to determine H t. rae i.:cmi ng Lbe a..nowo only in punk . pO'v~rly... •too. .han c=:tpet'l!::d.Lgl:r pCSI. he wou ld have 'been prohibit~ from pcrfo . said he believed ..h~ LIn Ine 't' i\LereU 03llrJ is tJ ttC'." bu\ rathe:r par~ .nFfafl· ci s. The. po!Ople w... .pe.:'istribuLion of IlLa'l.. s.. statlng "if this lsn'. some lOll of hug. bJ.' iu . Wllll ~a i J •n!: pO~tc r 'M.ica n t1o!Lg ted~ while·. A_ . split along 7~S Ii. :several the !rial .un·! t<IIaI1y j\lbllanL While eoJ!a..who bad Initial· ed tile ideo of {&Ural .. some booke..... utlv . Jello BWn . 1·1· The idea of ""<ling • ""'" musician to jail in thil! <lay and "8' fot Inoluding in loU! al bum a repm.]td IlurJ::I."Il.. _ .'SU:5... .~ ...oerioU&ly until he entered the court· room ". ··1 am emban"as&ed by til. and the general m. w~o received an Aoaden!J' Award 1o. . g-tfler.c Grei[ Mar1. Out. f~produced ~.'.i~ 'the.ed In th.:=.h.ted direciot'ls tnvolvl rig the. rges agaiJist punk singer Jello Bia£ri:i.asal'ns. illhc 'fu!ure..e:r DOtes.t -ci . ··1 __li n k: Lhe m~II~! pus iI li . althe reotaura:n t ~lebraUon.he- ··FrllQ~(:rlC'hrjs(' WOJ.o is Land:sc.:1 w.. B ia fda to Id reportll!iS '1~rn ..I pagr: 31) nr Cenecrshlp Deten . i n o~de~.·tJ S. fn .r!llnc~ of Jo.o( A.ry. 77. bly not returning u. . noed l.e: p.Lw h_)pr~v("ol dct'cnL pcople: from making )''Ju lhi. h . bul the apaUly ""'" 'WaIlIIlg.l. 'TODD EVEREIT Pop News CHIlO RE~: Tbe Am. "My reacti<JQ .cUecLu."' Kubernik. We d Ld .'ld medii.ere w .C ... i which Furbids .·. an d other .Cs •• mru. wavin. s. ha.Cash Bax Septembel 12. aboul '·.:z was "'i ..c:i..lp the D1::a.I.QUI •• WO:.t .(:'" u. GuarLno pol. Dever "ny k.iC n. I <:o\tld """"Ion "".ing honnful matter to mino'fS after the ifLCllJ~lOi'lof it sexuall)l ~"pli!:H H.l '0 [1.:J!:(.n.• Aug. SIeve VBJl Z&nd~ [puhliciotl Howard Bloom:· indUatrY failed to respond.rg. the. . VlI' u.·· i.. 3nd that staee the legal issue had not been fully resolved it should be r~rLed in anOt her esse..hirt an<! oJ. ••• ~_ .t I.~jl'l.fl.Lt whc iefl1 i~ happy for lhe ~ntlr2 art .P"I.n:!l rna- concentrate the rmI.lap on the .tnesscs during h.. ~i'bef l bt: Ihal dumb or th:llL dbho. who proSec-tllM lh-t case.po.:"rIQr po:-i'i.. :iI.~ ."" acrOS$ tbe co. • poet. who U! head Freeway RecardII and I... h. part 01 lite '308..ur-C!s.O!lSidered·· in rendering • hcmil' it:" li fill L)' be· A.t=d wi. 29~ and Michael Bcnanno. AC("ll rdi ng ..up. BiilJril.who dectded to pOOh· pOOb 11111 . SCIUPP Eli Ji::HD Bidra pornog.. . tloi:"p iniQn of ~C".c. tting ttse.n t fur the larger lssueser freed om of ~lI:p resslcn tor . l f this (po.. nCt'_ Eo.illl uc(. . .. i~ di.Uon of paintlng tilled ··Penls t.Ii.r of his record eo m pa n y we-I"II! d 'ro~ P~ I at~ Thur"'.tunl like lhio agatn in too Angel.hlt G. jj(Miog ...... evening colebraUo.J r oou.rebu'k:~d as ··dellbe ra tely and co"""i"". hUI Ci1flk' Dt).1.tion.date50 0 r w~ lch ~ re held in I~bo ~ding the jury's'l in1""'" mall wbo "l"'ai<..n ~s tt:. reason he ." of TV·~ talk TIt..h.!iIJded. S"'" Bouohe. to put all lhe pieoeo back t<>gether:· be sai. of 'Wcin5t. Rracord cvmpi!lny.1)' wc're in.d pl...'· I! . We don"! ploJl ball tIl. i.. • a:..1S OWO ·"common Si:n::. """'"' "vlctcwy:· Bul 8iafra.n arreoted. Charges we rc fi ktJ by G Ui:I ri 111.!dl. 59.r:d.lnOl ItlDl ..::.!. y. til. i.:tioif.~nno bC'e~ charged wl'~ d istribu.1iI late 1988.oinl..t. MIn llIti.~ expli'i:itl)' {'oonC"~'.fa r bo\h side~ de li. the whole thing ~eemed! (:lul of pla.pranlt.'riLten i:lroun.0li0'0'' and deeltnatfug ""n>erVa~ ve 11 vall on oenoomhlp panel.('lIl oUL . many record exet:ulivee and I.iil each odl~ f.a.lrlbullng h.) j n 1 itjgiotjon~ t he case r h LtLL'"OO upo:n.wl'LuS(: s-e~ LJi~d tJi 1'1 aM.actJ. ~ "l f th.O Gu:.) Bul the ohuge.ic on thei.rl.ln.<l "I probably "00·' begin puttinol a band togeth- of er fOJ' " year OJ' 00...odal Of moral vi(:w~ mily 00.>port WaH tIlal h.I'agii'al C3yllics.y. it ail blew over: now we con all go home: Given tile clima". l'e.uionship bt:.nt.un·· br.Lt was:n. group broke up durtngtll~ tile """'-'.a tries has been pe"uaded to C'J rcu!ate Peeples Music Resource Ceo ter miue:rial 11gbting sexua lIy explicit and . a TId pictuf(!s_ Ha. Tiley "'e ju.~.Jt...&cr ptl:!i. In .)h:l gi tl W~I.ughl bave nul In til . i:li...1987 Jury Split '·5 For Acquittal Charges Against Jella Biafria Dismissed lOS A NG ELES • A II .grot.L. alr ways 'It'!"On:n Ll..he pester was ind~ pan 01 a..L ant! \I'M !i (omp I:J i 01 from th~ 11'L1.h." ·+1:!ithis Ihe Da. po$:~ibl'lily of Iriumph:. .:"O:ilL..he lAo Angel .""'. WIXIJl¢$day's.1 'matter" Ilo!.

ade. I [hilllmge rou. can Iishnto.Iso h.nd owni Dn. But there is solfthing goi ng 011 here that's ~'ry lI.0 choose is •• 11 ilS to .1 I fin drlmd!!' III the Fi rst ""!ndnn t Ind! .re there liS [DIP Irtr drhuun! uti co 01 Sf •• ili ty IS iI .nt..r hOl1fT.bject ing the kids to the gl .. hal i.nD to len ina to Sf X I helt . 'It' 5 incrrdi bl r ~her" and hiS !.t an fod lusi c.ho s. BETTY FRIEDAN lis. .'SS .uII i ty. Iike Bono 01 U2.Oi"g to be Betiy .rt is soltthi.ll y suc(eed~.i.nd _ho .nd nave dinner .pressi ons of Ing!' .h . The iIporhnl thing is to keep your fye on Ihp hll.n any p. 01 poli Ii[i ans. grnius Ii keSruc! Springsteen.s cruted lort succes~lul .ho ~.Hronl to _en. on deno~l nater.". we hild lusl ci in! gel! ing together uyi ng.ngerous.ith !rredol of speeth. I'. but I never "ent ..d rock st. II Me are al Ii ng our IIII!I pe'50nhood lull yas 1I01rn.lion lor the ca:.ett ing !If _as ho very And Dlnn.ee5t. 5 got to be a . 'Th. t ion fa.d by t~r pr. to nprns it in cleqtldation of _en.dily tn t.ini puhte to h (hostn. dtgra~dian of MOlen ilnd . ju. to the rei at Ionship between the sens even t!lough thert lere sOle tn~onry e. 'ca. shoul d try and hel p • ighh ~i 01 1ti ons. or iutiun 01 vi 01encr.Ilre 01 it . to di !icun the _or" 01 • ~U5ihess th. Jiuy S~aggart.ting Dr it's boring.bit to like lave IIot lar. [' I not inturstrd in drftndi ng song I Yfi C5 Ibout !Xcrennt.~ II the United Stites 60nrnlfnt ".rs goi n9 out and selling AinfSty Inhrna.hdt. But the Inson 01 the bhCJlisting Sfi is thill if you tint to hiV' •.o th! n9' IS \IlIr~hhd. I 11. [think na.nythi ng. I _nDII tl1at it is !lilly tiles! d!locritlc !rt!dols thil hut perli thd thtre to be 10 lIOun '$ 10 vue·n! in Allpr itil ...oul d be . Slrei soand. In lid the possi. . There hIS to be . lHlal 5hfSI~ ud hurd left her 'proloundl y Ireub led.hat songs or wh..1 i Zit ion 01 a sflnl brst i.n Chi! Liberti rs Union". it' $ not going 10 be Betty fr iedin dui di ng whi ch record 'houi d be boycotted Ind therdcre 1100'1 be in 5tor~5. "s.d 501t ci your rock shrs.Friedin de~iain9 III . 5hhd.dn· t you b~1tf( do southi ng? I'."0 have not ~ It ICh iend full ~u.\ionil '5 less'gl' to I Iholr g"er.aniution of sn.5 Sfl objrc\s.' great dell of r rsped .t 10 I II .bout . . th.' I1AKE LOVE In resurthi ng lor ber t_o boots. TM5 i5 not sale .! ki nd of stull? Or h. 01 rrduction 01 IfDI~n to just !if! objech in~ i rati on. Oi .!IrS liaS Shyi t lkmder. the d!per son.y ..r .nl.lusing 5uicide. Jr.itit a 91 alori zalion 01 vi olentf."didli .1 th .II you unt d J 0.S .y not cue . gfOU~5 trying to Iilit Ihat.yi . A CRE.n only tell you I don't know 01 i successlul ruord that's s.y 01 fl OIl" i ng 01 hUlan ~e.a ud I U in rxcUS! 10 inhr!!r! .hil'i~.r !iOUr[f~ fer 5.. ther. lis. Fr ird.! ltv I Ii tt IDlen.. just I." thi n' th. hi it dots"" rt. 1hes! r igil Is Ire !Yen lore iIIIar tiln t lor prop Ir ".t i 5 protedi ve of .n Cf Iny interlrrentc in the nile 01 fui ni 5' . Tile ultiute hape _n thil _.l ity went ..ell .ny 01 the peoph Iho. .t nipper Borf et al) hive ul ected is rotk lusi [ snd one of tht -techni ques thit t hey use i5 to hay! sOlebody put together a li 5t of .eached by SOlt 01 the worse stull he" ind i1bout 5u. I II opPDsed to the ri gilt .be I)n success! ul ~l bu. Me han 10 be .1 ves u HJ subjects is .nd we c~n 't 1et it go on.' . or the des"uilJ j z~lion DI 50ciety. on vdues 01 love .0 UId not tOU n\. ~e hnt.idalion. '\. 1'1 nol lor suppr. Ind the penOl1 Ih 0 i Iirhd tile lovu~nt for tht hoi idly. Fr iedtn I. It' 5 not.bout 15 or 20 songs IHh di sgust in9 wei rd lyrics out 01 the 10. 5 a u I ono. Ihei r ~"n 5elual ity to e~press it in viol mte. rh~n descf ibed hi 5 allfl opi ni on !If the record busi ness. . QOQ sOI1gs i yea.tnpirrs to entert.' hid inu~ed herself in nH ind oth. A CHALLENGE 'It' 5 your responsibi Ii ty to do 50ltlhi ng ibout of tht enhrt~ [n. fr ied·a" Iide tiP Ii cit r f I ere nres to SOIf pornog"p h ic son 9 I yr iC5 and .nl ukr . ite the boot.j deal thd _ould ~lorily viol"cf. Ih icll i5 lostpeop It oyrr 21 or 22 yeU!i old. cl.i DANNVaOLDBERG 1Ir. bul it '5 In incrrdi bl e uce~tion to the basi c trend 1)1 populir 1115 it:.but should there b~ in fCDrOl1 c boycott 01 Cipi tol Record COlpany if it ' 5 goi ng to publ i sh th.inh 01 t. But I..nol Ross . the etII'OIIu_t 01 'Olen.hi 1dan.l) y hurt.ere tin in9 .t vi deo.lnd nur lurr .5 the on ly nibanti h Ii ni d Ifader to juin the '-rit.ui record thlt 'hi! 5u~h sOIIg hric~.rt using their attacks on rod lusic 'iccusing u~ pi I. i co"unity that during the Reagan Yfir 5 I to Ie liS one 0. Ie ore IIOt ~Dlng to lu.Iong . 601 dberg Iisled I.nd 12.I ('~ve5 the first Alendlfnt !r. if thur is • d ilolte o! pre55ur. the ffll cultu .nd on ou.e group in ~ori f' lor thei r . Lin. "1101" th.n.' 0rI.Frift.DOOli t in!i. ripe.bout iI tll. IIhI ch is prOblbl y one ot tht lost iIportint posi IiVI changrs in our ioci tty a~er the h.i n ud iMpirl' tile lor! d .1 t. thns.t th~re •• s torture going on in parh of thtwqr 1d . it uy even .nl doesn't SfU to b. enough ill rudv 01' your indUstry bei ng used to condone' tilt proli t5 on stuff that will ~'i t n MOlen' 5 lites Ii til blood .hi . lod recent nillpl f whtff 5D.edoI5 i htloct whil.ith thfl.nd tell young boy~.ning . I lIQuldn't be involved . of i1ny lir. ~h en "Olf" beg into lIehu'i1ni WORRIES " '" very worr ied i~out the new deh uun iali on 0 I 5 r~ ..ndunt prohtt! the ri ghh Df IIlf dOli niltft 50ciety.r. She retorhd. ~udity.lId's going on in South!! 01 the drhulMi lit Ion of IIDlen.and: thaI if there is. If I i~u" out IIhat Ie Cln do .s lell as len. IP'~ itl 9~e~t5 IIIU. One 01 Ihe I"gets th. But I tlli nk you coul d say that 01 the book publ I sltl nq industry. I rflll y eli dn· t kn~ . 'Sure..ant to see iDle posi IiVI rol r lodrh for 10len like Stevi e Nitl:s.ay that ." shied Ihd she us ntvrr •• ~g those teli nish ..OIf people who I IOU I dn '\ nnt to si t nexl to using pornD9f1phy .ere considered ·niive by thr prople in pOler. concerned about the utter d!gradltion of MOlfn tnd thtir acquiesence in Iheir OMn degr adil i on that Is being p. Jilntt Jichan. but le'rr going to use the PO"" oj DIU populir ity tg al ert the puhl ic Iboul it I IIhen hUllln rights . sayi ng enough ilrudy !If: thi 5 si ck $Iui!. Th!rt ny be a 50n~ I yri c out there thi! Slid it. It's going to h Ed l'.bi lit Y 01 hUlan sexuality r!'Quirts equilli ty.a.ent busi ness . "adon"" ~hi tney Houston.1000g Ii th'y 5i sters . "5. Ii~f John Lennon. I doo't I:nOIl 01 "'Y 5UCCt5S. Friedln loond thit ~iolrnn spread in those so[i rties Ih.1 bUI [overs.lliuli 1111 of 5n thlt is b~i ng done IInder til! pl)llerlul gUI ~e 01 ~tv ".t U.very othef cri I~ of lIulanity iugin.It I thi Ilk i 5 degr..00 ..5 . ~s.ere good. .our busi ness h.e hid Li VI Ai d uyi ng that sincegovrrnl.he country lor ~ir tin Luthff Ki ng.ho Ide records that I loul d never llint to hear . you .ntage.IT not love.l.Hh the ilportlnee of tPnstituti C11i! frtf~OIS. then you.he di dn 't tno. Ibe Fttlr UI r y ta ~i nn.n . intrreshd in hel ping sllnl n9 .nour b.nsi "9 . It's I d.n hld~f'g. if .phy i5 .t kind 01 pDllution isn't lunny. l insti lut iOI1S thlt _15 sendi ng out 01~iHerent lei rd going 011 in your inaustry where that 'MOnderlul lusi c that 5ai duke love not II" is no_ sayi ng lih 'Mir not 1ov~. uybe those 01 us l1li0 love Iusi.nd po. r rq u 1.' THE .t ion 01 young peop1 f . At lhe prilt 01 the ~eagiln years whi~h 5Ii d qre!d is good.pol i\i'cal .d the Fint b. Fri those things. oon nefds lor lon.veryone' S freedolS. 1M 10llr5t co. 8~rbr.• ill hive the r!ll possibi li t. Il!p~l'IQgr.dv.i tting that she is '''cupe.1 i(i t td SOit lOlt 9 iggll ng ITU the i~di met. 01 the I_din~ thinkff~ of the ~on"' sri ghh IDv. .ys 115 not lono !<Iough to prep.. you yt got to underst.e h~in the thlnge. I do not Sft these t. 1..~ videos shoui dbesun on !tH. Therelore 'The iIP Iit~t ien501 the IOlen' s lovuent to tqUilI i Iy . whrn IIDlen b~i n to del in.D d. Ron!.~rnil\g to co~e with thei r OMn power.rll olYs inprep.Update 13 Feb. 'So.ATIVE CLIMATE UP S I DE OF ROCI( PRO '[' I SEXUALITY i1b5el utrl Y opP05eil to tltr za! i on !If 5<rJ ""i .are going to 20Cl)llntri rs thi 5 cOling sUlnr to educate people ilbOut the lIorrOf~ 01 h~.eho~ • dehu. not defending pornography.ding to II!It!I\ .oul dn 'I l isten to' rod lusi t .bout in lost of the '1iI1pl f5 you gi'f.but I ill ill 50 opposed to the desn Uilt zli ion 01 'OIen.ptopl.d on ou. thit are Irithn and cirrulile thrl to puple who nOrl' I Iy .nogroaphy i~ disgll!.lngerous nth" There i~ 01 tM~g in history Ind the hsrist tfl U~ the .. I il repulsed _hen [ see . but compartd 10 what il r •• ny could be or ought to b.s Pl'fsid'nt? Fl: Oh.ltnd to b. and if semeon. bul you don't .. sonogs on I.riou.II" hurling shit! tho fiOlht against OJ: I 9U. cords. Do you see ~ kids they 9.rl Gor.JOMf1I.dio. the fCC charl . wilh your moulh infringements which ire.eling.he hiVe SOl! integrity 15pire to crute II eli late ..r for inl.ration.. on Ihal dal. is gOlnlj 10 becolT1.ould Iffeet ..v. wn jusl b~ quil. evory ppopl. on. . whol.1 him. "w. r. out of. ..lling bad with agp.. eccur ed in th . lak. becom. T. heard love. DJ: 'o'h~n did yOy f"sl fnl 11k . The !lilflu lith th.OJ turn on 1M l. desi ..s hav . ". Our . this is it. Ih.. you Ire not nquired to exerpt the four letter lerds frOI II bock Ind put Inu on the bHk to snOI • Consunr Ihilt the possibl y oi/ensi ve p.and blandpr. and Wh. e I'v. e"lrem" ri9M ""ng.'5 lour. 5. gulaling c'rlai~ . It· 5 bun Ilanclerecl lIy Tipper &ore Ind .lh'rs 10 tpl.n you·v. minu!. "You can't do IhiS.. r.. pr.opl.m any.rm you.nd. saw her nippl..up to b. put 0". jocks) rub Ih..s th.havior.. sif.. DJ: 'o'h.agan I'v.r than il is now. happ. \n "'m. diu!e Ihien .·r in tho Ilk.. whit 1.dult Ihtr. do '>IOU' Fl: You don't think I work 14 hours i day right no. ind who are"' tin the busi nttl ina told I y di slorted '. I mun. ".. Old.. Goldberg innertd.00 hild luch lor. .. p.nscr. I still put in tho hours.s is b.. rock ...ld It's nol 90nn.. and what dots h. ...job is of facl. b. ·" still b.ere It.i. .. ne".... and I providpd him with . anli censorship lour? Can \jou imagi". th. or hav. of the A[LU.j. ii's puce. not thos.aring 'ruck' on the roldio is 90in9 to b. peopl" ""n. the\j·r . to Ih. Th.. in insan. America) issue u. 14 continued A DISTORTION 1Ir. cant. court Ipsl.broadcasting in th.t's fiC' h. bull b.Iii b•• nother tnt CUt like who's p.Ist.S5 nothing (:. "Just saOJno"? and h. can h.hen nune oi tile thL ngs that vau' re ilttarki ~~ ire part of . l'v. silckin9 thru her . highly toiled version o! iI very I O"g. th.y hH' no superstition for Ih. w.. but th. doilg love? I su thtm out. closely wilh Ih' modi.000 50119\.hip).. might hav. fuck ...... Johnny hiS n'V..1 happ. . adminslralion hu to work lev.tru991.wtil .nd you to burn compl.lrudy off. h"mfullo JiHt. As. but Ihe ruson Ihey c. to claim thil words and Si\j. and olher things just stad PMRC) Ih. f..y hav. h.II lust 1. but if OJoulook.l's how r. kids hilv. peopl. ".gust! ng. Iiny Unibd Stal. qui...~ wor. I don'l Ihink il·lI b.nus for'>1 DT! Art .bl.t'll always havf Ih.ns if Alb.rica. (about "'hal mun. 1.... what lin.. f.r radio. \0 the fCC.. Ih.t organizalion. old. so and so own Ih. Th.opl. ul? Do you winl him .lls.. givp an opinl0n~ whprp.. All 01 the bad thing.ints from in And. away sociely.d as Pr avdiil! "..p. thaI's all Ih..ncil. man's IransmiH.v.ou up on whal /lopp w(' nev . mort Ih. I 10 h.. 10 o'clOCk . i point whtn you hiv..II the adminislratktn. FCC.. 9rul! Kt'p it up!" II's by the peopl. Ih. they fOCU5 on 10 soogs but they on do..rms of should s" Ihal'" P. muns. Tlpp..g •. you still FCC is inlrysion into fret utively fighting tht PMRC spuch situations i•. .lIs up .ords ruling cam .15 oth. had. t~ loul d be. right 10 be a Ihe lime. rl: Th. to pr int.nsor radio saf. I slill do th.omething call.I.all hav..nd.11. t! And. c. • verllbodl. love. I .y'l1 gel bland. PMRC. Ihal aclually t. samp.Ipvision.ho lov... hHt.r . fl: ...n _...y dump"d all do.. rock and roll. The Drooln that Ie' ye been heing !i thit there is linorily 01 Ihit Ie do that i 5 qui h d i. po.1 in th... the . m.rong way. by r.Update Rock L.s not slale thaI they cpn...r and if th.m s.signed 10 be. If liltl.w.n aWiY'" \ mun.led down..caus.r skies.~ s.. hving at i\ in th. I 1o... gul.r had thaI f. and in now jusl Qoin9 10 hav..Iorts brOidcast.v'ntuiillly th .'1 com..·ision stations.. you said you. art th..t in records 1150 uist in bools.Johnny .cl$.Morship? chang~s.i ctl y hi i personill opinions. the Howilrd Slprns wuk.000.r ultimal. how's it Qonni hurt tho oppo. Do .riiil art you -«.Albany..s .dia Rfsourcp seen it.. that Who c. rds o h.opl.'11.nded adm.r rl: I know 11. if Ih. net un1i~e the bOOk business.ord thaI IIOU threat. bave roo.or9' . been Ir ned over the Int f II ye. ~nd won't say Ih. Unbridl. 10 • d.ani him 10 W • ".fo .y continue 10 mov. ?! 1 rne an slack off on Ih. some sick fuohrs oul their who do Ihal b•• aus. 01. lite Ihing is thit anybody.xc .. Ws 90in9 to us. 10 taking things as 10. mad..e. kind will always hiOV.. ilr.. ll.l th..rview Ihal I did today The fCC is in no w . I mun.ith liltl.. 'Tho5e of U5 ..5.r over it was b. il is • Illrut..".IOJ.. (on Ih.r peopl' will pl~.. of it.cords do il because it is a business. p.t then'll still be roek and roll. R. for. tho airlines. going 10 b..l t'JPes of behavior. and \ don't think children wbo. "gist . \'ou'" done . right' DT: Yuh..lI rock and roll . and sa\j. slarl. Wl' might hav. .. makinQ Ih. 7 dirty and wh. II's bunch of Individuals.m (Ih.-11 just h.n. "'.n·1 (Par. NY . Ihal's r •• 1 of Ih. . PMRC .i.d Propl.. and Bush? My Ihfor~ is Ihal .' "" 601dberq shted thilt III of his " •• rh . "firs it? Y'kllllW. topic of lov•• iIIld Thty 're in th. our n'W$ is jusl cIOn mak. and charl.yric . il LV : c.? "" prtl.0 horr.or.oooa do? I b.rctnl of Thil is. Th. call m.hip type topics .n wh... Tilt fCC to b• . I won'l complain Th. and Ih. h05I.1 . whiilt Ih."? fl: l've nev.os centr ived . DT: It st't'm.. 'o'hil cril.v..bat. "Y• .opl.anl YOYr \ic.dio.r.l·s h.ork..11 of th.r.11. som.sir . '. il wu d.dio n.r9 d.he r6dio Hill admini. 'o'h... this -You siid brazl . Z·Pack.*.ir prop.. doesn·t of b. Then.p making .. thll i1 usually the rnull of conlroll..r .Ind roll r. How can I lose? und. moan's Ir. p. think this is one of Ihpm. liltlo . but not do you draw? you ".rs by w.d Tipper DT: Do you Ihink 'Shock Gorf on 'Crossfir(" last radio'. Ht's befn ever Group. an buddil'S . YOY don'l Ihink Ihat's not serne kind of a miracl. Ih. Danny and c.. minut.. Iction ind subshnc~ packed ". isn'l hirmful)? . ilh th..s Ihii 115. "'nd. n Fl: No..March prtsidenl.d psyChiatric h. or old farls for a her.. I don't fXptct Ihit Alb.. or supparhd him during his . il. mad. leb.caust' Ill.t th.. and thal. wild and Ih.I'..ooly r..d inlo suburbia...nd says... an ..l lerrific Bul..y (shock Fl: ".y.. Do h"5 not a clos..rds ".U. who writ.dia thaI it onc. . doing criCk.nls M. of Ih.? .ft Ih. m.c.y know Ihat I'll at Ius I op. th.I 'ruck' I'"coss... Johnny? In a . a bit UQli. on thit show..n my mouth..onsmiUfr from fucking wilh anoth ./I..f1d to 9ro . Simp p. .h it Ie do.. ttt.. of fir •..pol oqin to th! spulers . bi9 Jolvlnl. to uy th. Goldb. an authority on ii..l .rl Gar.spap .ver the th. .y slations? don't wanl to offend rz: ". Tipp. thil! you lere til ki n.. bethr 1\ is. is Ihal Ih. an album of DJ: Th.11. because . and lie.. of them know "'hil a blo. Ihings do.'s mad. direction.'.. b.".trillion is . (at the heuse) ~ fn' music.n th.And that's a c(J{ls/~t .it I do. i! that our busi ne51 hu been presented to peapl e Iho iren't tunager. ind possibly fun timf5. ..t" is it·.om. but fn. on sa . 99p... You figu.l.11 10. 10 tom..n. it·s bullshit! f•• 1 thai h. ov. "'. i\ out..9Mi. slations and Ih..r Ih. ..d . b.. damagf is don. look at il in the Othff th.. I don't hold myself out 10 b. spotlight Iri~l.t can u\I or nOlU Ihal \Iou th.any other peo~1e Iih toll IhUI out of 10.opl.wlo.ilh ml.. If th.. and firn. bul I hllv.. I Ihink th.d writing po.n h. inl.r Jelio Biafril is doing on his Gon. Most of Ih.a fr •• soci. rl: '0'. 10 s.lp. sm... is nO . DJ: Do you think IhtT' 's hurd Ihf word 'Cornho"'. BUZZ .rv.. SYCkin9 "..l ! nighl! And 50.In Ih. 10 milk. 0. '88 have occy"d in I. As a mali.. .? I m•• n.Iill considtr yournlf to bf struggling. Iri hr 01 books.thing.g.rtd to censer. like Ihal Olnn. cords. lov.onm.r call up right 10 do iI. Sf . Ih. in the 'o' if littl~ JohlV'll.e USf th'~ Ilrm 1005'1I. Onpof tho things aboul the DJ: Ar. If they just draw • hn..ning to ta~. John"".sn·1 know wh.cords. from Update 13 50'15. to 's going 10 Fl: \lfhat lin.. about that u i. ".ah.~ . a Tfgulahng body to kffP on. 1.t tht'Y So. and I cerl~..y him? de-rfgulating olh" Iypes didn'l all go SlffP in Ih.