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1) What is the name of Head Quarters of Tata Group? Answer: Bombay House 2) India's first steel mill was built by Tata. In which year was it completed? Answer: 1911 3) About 66% of the Tata capital is allocated by Tata Sons for which purpose? Answer: Philanthropic trusts 4) What was the first Indian luxury hotel established by the Tata Group? Answer: Taj Mahal Hotel 5) The Tata group consists of how many companies? Answer: 80 6) When was the ministry of divestment formed in India? Answer: 1999 7) Which was the first successful divestment of a PSU carried out by the ruling NDA combine? Answer: Lagan Jute Machinery Company Ltd 8) Who were the final three bidders for Balco when it was being privatised?(Bharat Aluminium Corporation ltd) Answer: Sterlite, Hindalco, Alcoa 9) Who was the first minister for divestment under NDA government? Answer: Arun Jaitley 10) Under which Indian prime minister were guidelines for the divestment process first laid down? Answer: Chandra Shekhar 11) Who are the Bretton wood sisters? Answer:World bank & IMF 12) Who is the president of world bank? Answer: Robert Bruce Zoellvick

1949 for Railway Reconstruction and Development. 1946) 19) Which Asian nation was the first to get a World Bank loan? Answer: India on August 18.13) Who is the president of IMF? Answer: DOmanic Kahan 14) Who is WTO chief? Answer: Pascal Lamy 15) When did the world bank came into beign? Answer: July 1944 16) When did the World Bank come into being? Answer: July 1944 17) What was Former Name of World Bank? Answer: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) 18) Who was the first president of the World Bank? Answer: Eugene Meyer (18 June. 1935) . 20) When did India sign the World Bank Articles of Agreement? Answer: 1945 21) Which organisation instituted the Nobel Prize for Economics? Answer: Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweeden) 22) Who is the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Economics? Answer: Amartya Sen (for his studies in Wellfare Ecconomics) 23) How many women have won the Nobel Prize for Economics since 1969? Answer: None 24) Who is the oldest recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics? Answer: William Vickrey 25) How many times have three people shared the Nobel Prize for Economics? Answer: Three Times 26) Who was the first governor of the Reserve Bank of India? Answer: Sir Osborne Smith (April 1st.

who recently was banned by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. the name of which company means 'three oceans?' Answer: Sanyo 36) Which was the first private mutual fund company in India? Answer: Kothari Pioneer(1993) 37) Samir Arora. was a part of which mutual fund? Answer: Alliance Capital 38) Which was the first public sector mutual fund to be set up after the Unit Trust of India? Answer: SBI Mutual Fund 39) How many mutual funds are there in India today? Answer: 31 40) HDFC Standard Life Mutual Fund recently bought out which of its competitors? Answer: Zurich India Mutual Fund 41) Which is the official advertising agency of the Indian government? Answer: Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity .27) Who has been the longest-serving RBI governor? Answer: Sir Bengal Rama Raju 28) Who had the shortest term as RBI governor? Answer: A.Ghosh 29) Which RBI governor has written Indian Economy: Essays on Money and Finance? Answer: Dr C Rangarajan 30) Who was the first Indian to become the RBI governor? Answer: Sir Chintaman D Deshmukh 31) Which brand of scooter when translated into Italian means 'wasp'? Answer: Vespa 32) Which popular car audio system company's name when translated into German means 'blue point'? Answer: Blaupunkt 33) Which brand name is derived from the word 'polar' suggesting coolness? Answer: Polo 34) When translated in Korean what does Daewoo mean? Answer: Great Universe 35) With a presence in 27 countries.

Kaun Banega Crorepati? Answer: Britannia Industries 46) Which was the first Indian bank to open an international branch and where? Answer: Bank of India in London 47) Which bank was founded in 1906 at the temple town of Udupi and is today among one of India's largest banks? Answer: Corporation Bank 48) When were banks in India nationalised? Answer: 1969 49) Rana Talwar. Marico and Lakme logos? Answer: Shombit Sengupta 51) Who was the first Indian actress to model for Lux soap? Answer: Leela Chitnis 52) What do you call a stock market trend that is neither bullish nor bearish? Answer: Chicken market 53) What is picking stocks that have already sunk to the bottom but still have some bounce in them left called? Answer: Cigar butt hunting 54) How many stock exchanges are there in India? Answer: 23 55) What are illiquid stocks that do not follow SEBI rules called? Answer: Z stocks . was formerly the CEO of which bank? Answer: Standard Chartered Plc 50) Who is behind the current Wipro.42) Which ad agency manages the career of cricket star Yuvraj Singh? Answer: Percept D'Mark 43) Which Indian biscuit brand is the single largest selling biscuit in the world in its segment? Answer: Parle G 44) The late television star and actress. Britannia. used to endorse which brand of biscuits? Answer: Priya Gold 45) Which biscuit company was associated with the TV programme. who is now the head of Sabre Capital. Priya Tendulkar.

but unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master" ? Philip Kotler 66) Which mobile phone manufacturer is popularizing mobile-telephone etiquette with its 'mobile manners' campaign? Ans.: Nokia . Pepsico International 64) Expand NASDAQ. National Association of Securities' Dealers Automated Quotations 65) Which marketting expert said that. "Marketting takes a day to learn. Warren Buffett 63) The parent company of Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken is __________.56) By what name is the building 'Phiroze Jeejebhoy Towers' better known as? Answer: Bombay Stock Exchange 57) Which company's ad line was 'Geography is History'? Answer: Iridium 58) What publication advertised itself with the lines "Software for the most advanced microprocessor on this planet"? Answer: The Economic Times 59) "The Brighter Side of Life" is the ad line of which of these companies/groups? Answer: AV Birla group 60) "Don't blend in" is the ad line of which of these companies/products? Answer: Lifestyle International 61) "Life is One Incredible Journey" is the baseline of which magazine? Answer: Outlook Traveller 62) In terms of Net capital assets who was the second richest man after Bill Gates on the Forbes list of 1999.

what does the much-talked about acronym DTH stand for? Ans. one of the finest types of wool. which PSU emerged from the amalgamation of ESSO and Caltex? Ans. Which Indian TV channel owned the transmission rights for the 50th Miss World contest held in the Millennium Dome in London? Ans.promoted by an ex-hippie named Ben Cohen? Ans.Merino. is associated with which country? Ans.: Essel 75).What is the internationally known brand of ice-cream co.67).: Zee 68) Bajaj auto is setting up a two wheeler assembly line in which South American country? Ans.: Digestive 72) In the world of TV transmission technology.: Hindustan Petroleum 71)What biscuit in McVittie's range was originally developed by Sir Alexander Grant in the 1890's? Ans.: Brazil 69).: Ben & Jerry .: Australia 70)In the heyday of nationalization.: Direct to Home 73)With what product would you associate the well-known designs such as 'American Tank' and 'Tank Francaise'? Ans.: Watches 74)Which Indian packaging company has taken over a firm called 'Propack' in China? Ans.

who was recently promoted as the president of Pepsi Co? Ans: Indira Nooyi 78) CEO of Zee telefilms is Ans: Shubhash Chandra 79) RBI was nationalized in year? Ans: 1949 80) What is the currency of Norway? Ans Krone 81) First modern bank in India? Ans: General Bank of India 82) First private airpoet in India? Ans : Kochi International Airport 83) What is the Previous name of SBI? Ans: Imperial Bank 84) First Life Insurance Company in India? Ans : Oriental Life Insurance Company 85.Which is the world's largest packaged milk brand? .76) Which international brand had an ad campaign-‘Tommorow is mine’ & has signed Rahul Dravid for Campaign? Ans: Reebok 77) The Indian born. Which company is the largest employer of the world? Ans: Wal-Mart 86.Who is the current CEO of Infosys Ans: S D Shibulal 87.

It has 12% more capacity than its earlier version. 96. What is the name of the car? Ans: Eon 91.Which is India’s first desktop PC with the Rupee Symbol on keyboard? Ans: Lenovo 90. What does ATM stand for? Ans: Automated Teller Machine 98. to compete against Alto. Music World chain of stores is part of which business conglomerate? . Henkel India is a JV between which two companies? Ans: Hankel AG of Germany & Tamil Nadu Petro Products Ltd. Which company has acquired 16% stake of Indian partner in Henkel India? Ans: Jyothi Lab 97. A new version of this brand has been recently launched after a gap of 42 yrs. Civil union and domestic partnership are 2 new relationship status options available here.Ans: Amul 88. Which is the highest grossing Indian film till date? Ans: Enthrion (Robot) 101. Which was the first product introduced by Apple Inc. Which company based out of Vietnam has been recently acquired by Marico? Ans: International Consumer Product 95. Who is the founder of Wal-Mart chain of retail stores? Ans: Sam Walton 99. Hyundai is launching its new small car in India on 13th October 2011. Who is the current CEO of Nokia worldwide? Ans: Stephen Elop 100. Which is the world’s largest read English daily newspaper? Ans: Times of India 89.What are we talking about? Ans: Facebook 94. Which brand are we talking about? Ans: Boeing 747 jumbo jet 93. Ans: Macintosh 92.

Extending Wills brand from cigarettes to garments 105. What do the letters DB Stand for in DB Reality? Ans: Dynamix and Balwas 104.Which company invented the CD technology? Ans: Philips 108.Ans: RPG 102.ITC has launched Wills lifestyle range of garments? What kind of Branding strategy would you call it? Ans: Brand Extension i.Who owns the clothing brand Indigo Nation? Ans: Indus League Clothing Ltd .What does LIBOR stand? Ans: London Inter-Bank Offered Rate 106.DB Reality's name has cropped up in 2G scam.What does TRP stand for in context of audience viewership? Ans: Television Rating Point 110.Which multinational co recently acquired Paras Pharma? Ans: Reckitt Benckiser 103.Which shaving cream brand was once endorsed by Kapil Dev? Ans: Colgate Palmolive 109.What does SIM stand for in mobile technology (as in SIM Card)? Ans: Subscriber Identification Module 107.e.

Which multinational company recently acquired Paras Pharma? Ans: Reckitt Benckiser 119. What does TRP stand for in context of audience viewership? Ans: Television Rating Point 115. Which useful and innovative computer accessory did Douglas Engelbert invent in 1968? Ans: The Mouse 113. In the world of TV transmission technology.111.Which company markets AMUL brand of dairy products? Ans: Gujarat Co-op Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. Who is the founder of WalMart chain of retail stores? Ans: Sam Walton 120. 112. Which is the highest grossing Indian film till date? Ans: Enthiran (Robot) released in Tamil. With which corporate house has STARBUCKS signed an MOU to enter India? Ans: Tata Coffee 118. what does the much-talked about acronym DTH stand for? Ans: Direct to home 114. derives its name from a Latin word meaning 'snow white'? Ans: Nivea 116. What do the first three letters of 'SUN Microsystems' stand for? Ans: Standford University Network 117. Telugu and Hindi . also available in India. What brand of 'cold cream'.

Who owns company „Alchemy Capital‟? Ans: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala 124.Which Hollywood studio owns a stake in Indian entertainment company UTV? Ans: Disney 122. Which brand of pain balm was launched in 1893 by a freedom fighter Nageswara Rao Pantulu? Ans: Amrutanjan 125. Which company exclusively markets and distributes Parker Pens in India? Ans: Luxor 128. Which company markets OTC drug „Nutricharge? Ans: IPCA Labs 123. Which major currency is known as 'Greenbacks' in slang? Ans: US dollar . 127.121. Which company recently acquired Zandu Pharmaceuticals? Ans: Emami 126. What watchmaker sells an environment-friendly brand of watches called "Eco Drive"? Ans: Citizen 129. „Quaker Oats‟ is a brand from which company? Ans: Pepsi Co.