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Malinda, Phoebe Karren D.


December 6, 2011 Mr. Ignatius Joseph Estroga

1. Discuss 2 functions of School Publication. Make sure to identify examples to elaborate your answers. 20points

a. Aid to the students

Serves as an outlet and motivation for journalistic writing.

Having the thought that students are given something to where they could express their opinions and thoughts serves as a motivation for them to write for they were given the opportunity, not only to the staff members but to every student as well.

Develops qualities of cooperation, tact, accuracy, tolerance, responsibility, and leadership.

In the process of producing of a school publication, these qualities are being developed. Students learn to collaborate among themselves, observes being tactful, accurate and responsible in writing and publishing news stories, are given opportunity to become tolerant as they express their thoughts and come up with write ups, and develop leadership in such aspects.


Aid to the school and community

Informs the community on the work of the school.

The community becomes updated with the activities and everything that happens inside the school through the school publication. It also gives information about the work of the school in general.

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They split up for a moment then resumed arguing. The two split up for a moment then resumed arguing. The crime happened at 9:20 in the morning.3. the brothers were having an argument. . Richard was brought to the hospital but died at 10:12 am. 45 year old. his own brother. Homicide Incident. Man Died After Being Stabbed by His Own Brother A 45 year old Richard Manalang died after he was stabbed by the suspect. The primary suspect of the crime was Ryan Manalang. Using any Structure. write 2 news stories based from the given facts below. According to the witness statement of Benjie Macapagal. 20 points each. Suspect: Victim’s Brother A homicide incident happened at 9:20 in the morning. The victim was identified to be Richard Manalang. the victim’s brother. The suspect stabbed the victim several times then fled from the scene. According to the report of SPO3 Paul Dennis Javier of MPD-Homicide Division. SPO3 Paul Dennis Javier of MPD-Homicide Division reported that Richard was brought to the hospital but died at 10:20 am. saying that the victim and the suspect were having an argument. A witness statement was given by the victim’s son-in-law. the 30 year old Ryan. Benjie Macapagal. son-in-law of the victim.